imaginings] Thank you Vo and a bunny for you.
Friday, March 25, 2011 6:41 PM
From:  "J"

Thank you for the wonderful update to your stories.

I have had a nice few days reading them.

Your crossover Xanders however spawn a bunny I am passing to you.

"Holds out small black bunny with red eyes and fangs.  Small note attached "Does not do well with other pets."

What would have happen if Willow's spell summoned a different alternate Xander and this one decided to stay?

Twin Xanders!  Oh the chaos, the pranks and the revenge!  Is evil infectious?
Will Xander's evil twin really going to take over the world, or settle for something smaller like a small country?  And why some family/friends/beings and people find out, it is very, very, very bad to mess with family.


Lex walked over to where Xander was stretched out on the couch of their new apartment.  The bruising on the side of his jaw stuck out vividly on the pale skin.

Reaching down he brushed the slightly damp hair off his twins forehead.

Groggy brown eyes blinked open up at him.


Yeah Xander it's only me, doc said to check on ya every couple of hours because of the concussion.

Xander nodded with a winch, at the nausea and pain the small motion caused.


Lex gave his twin a small wolfish grin.

Taken care of, go back to sleep Xan.

Lex watched from his seat on the arm of the couch as he drifted off.

Anthony Harris would never hit Xander again.  He had made sure of that personally.  Even if Sunnydale PD was confident, they would never be able to trace Harris's disappearance back to them.  After all a  crematoria was an excellent way to dispose of evidence.


From: "J"

Thanks Vo,

I keep getting little scenes pop into my head of Lex stalking potential playmates and Xander dragging him out by the ear.

"No, no, no!"

"Buuutttt Xannnnn"

'No!"  Glaring at his twin. "You are not going to bring that" waving in the general direction of the petite asian decent woman sitting in the corner of the night club.  The woman's presents was pinging hard on his self preservation insincts as bad news, deadly and dangerous.

"The last one kept trying to drag me into bed with the two of you.  Hell, bro I'm still freaking that even in maximum prision the crazy b.. erm, witch is sending me presents!"

Lex smirked "Well she does have tastes."

Xander glared at is twin but had to smirk at the truth of the statement.  After all it not often one is given a gold membership to Godiva chocolate of the month club for life.

Sending his twin a side glance Lex drawled.

"Ok no nookie with Miss hot and dangerous over there."  Nodding his head towards bar.  "How about the yummy red head in the suit?"

Looking over at the bar Xander took in the leith figure of an older man dressed in a business suit and sun glasses talking to the establishments owner.

Shaking his head, Xander made a shooing motion with his hand as he made his way back onto the dance floor.

The man still came off as dangerous but not nearly as bad as some that had come courting him or have caught his bro's tastes.

"Maybe this one won't try to keep him, why they all seem to want to take care of him he would never know."

Bopping to the music Xander keep and eye on Lex as he slinked his way up his potential playmate.

Thank goddess they were only in Miami for a few more days, hopfully there would be less drama at their next stop after all how much trouble could Lex get into at Disney World?


"Faramir of Sylum"

*wakes the neighbors by bursting into cackles*  Ooooooo, someone please play
with this poor demented bunny :)  *feeds the bunny and gives it a biiig
basket of goodies to give anyone who while type for it*



I'd love to see this, there aren't enough dark Xander's out there.