The New Magical Me.

It was the third time this summer that this had happened. His uncle had business friends over and Harry found himself kicked out of the house without any money and unable to get back in until tomorrow. He walked up the street, heading to the place he had found his first night out. It was a nice teen club, had free admission, and he got to be just plain Harry there. It was nice in a lot of ways. Besides, it was open all night and he could sleep in a booth if he had to. He nodded at the doorman, who smiled as he opened the door for him. He was almost feeling like a regular. He waved at a few of the kids he knew but saw one of his new friends was grimacing at the person talking to him at the bar. He headed that way to save him since the guy couldn't possibly be his father. He was the wrong race and his face was all wrong. Something in the man touched off a spark of panic within Harry but he was used to it, thinking it was his usual reaction to strangers these days. When you were being hunted, being paranoid was a good thing. He grinned at his friend as he hugged him. "Hey, Steve."

"Harry," the boy said, relief obvious in his voice. "Um, Sergio, this is Harry. He's one of the new regulars here. Sergio was going on about history."

"I find history fascinating," Harry said, grinning at the other man. "It's not my favorite subject but when it's interesting I absorb it like a sponge. What part of history?"

"The ancient times," Steve told him. "Let me get you some juice, Harry. I'll be right back." He nearly ran off.

Harry took his seat and continued to smile at the man. His inner death eater warning system wasn't going off so he was a normal human, just a creepy one. "Which part of the ancient times? I've always been fascinated by the end of the Roman Empire."

The man looked him over, then slowly smiled. "I know you."

Harry shrugged. "As long as you don't have a tattoo on your arm, I don't care," he pointed out. "I'm usually a nice guy."

Sergio laughed. "I'm sure you are, Mr. Potter. I am very sure you are." He bowed to him. "I was telling him how some literary sources were based on truth."

"Really? Which one?" The bartender put a glass in front of Harry but he waved off Sergio's money. "Thank you," Harry told him, nodding at an empty booth back in a dark corner. "Come on, let's talk about this. Since you know who I am, I should probably find out why you know."

Sergio followed the boy, measuring him against his standards. This could be the one. He sat across from him, hands clearly in sight on the table top. "I am a vampire, Mr. Potter. From the line of Dracul."

Harry swallowed. "Oh, shit," he hissed. Sergio laughed. "Is there anything I can say that will get me not eaten?"

Sergio shrugged. "I was out looking for new childer, not for dinner."

Harry relaxed, sure he wasn't on that list. If the man knew who he was then he wouldn't want him. A childe with a bounty on his head and people trying to kill him wasn't worth the effort in his book. "I've learned something about your kind, but our studies differed from the book. Can you really turn into a wolf?"

Sergio nodded, liking this young man more and more. "I can. It's not hard. At first, you are weak and there is much to learn. As time goes on everything gets easier but it is harder to fight the urge to feed indiscriminately. As of this moment, I am looking for someone to carry on the line because we anchor part of this world in it's normal axis by being around. So it was told to me by the line's founding father, Dracul himself."

"You're a direct childe?" Harry asked. "I don't mean to be rude, but this is rather fascinating and I can use it on a paper later this year for school."

Sergio smiled at him. "I do not mind. It is not often I find anyone willing to talk to me after I admit what I am."

"I'd make a horrible vampire," Harry told him. "Since you said you're not looking for dinner, I assume that you're safe enough and that I can reach my wand if I have to."

Sergio looked impressed. "You do listen. Plus, you reasoned."

"Plus, I'm saving you from eating Steve, who's had a crappy few months," Harry put in, sipping his juice. He grimaced and put it aside. "The spigot was mixed again. Someone got orange juice into the grape." He clasped his hands on the table. "So, are you a direct childe?"

"Grandchilde," Sergio corrected. "My sire was living with him for most of my young life. She was most impressed with him. The book diverged from history to make it sell better. They always want to see the good guy win."

"Hmm. So is Lucy or Mina your Sire?"

"Mina. Unfortunately, Lucy did die. Mistress Mina died nearly sixty years ago in an accident." He leaned closer. "If it makes you feel better, you can put your wand on the table, or even have it in your hand." Harry smiled and pulled it out from under his shirt and put it under his hands. "Thank you. You smelled of fear before but now it is easing."

"I'd imagine you get a lot of that, being what you are," Harry offered.

Sergio nodded. "It's true. I do smell a lot of fear, and I am most tired of it." He relaxed, going back to his measuring process. "I think you are wrong, you would make a good vampire, Harry Potter."

"I'd make a terrible one if only because people already want to kill me and a lot of people watch my every move."

"Hmm. True, but with my kind, it is not that hard to camouflage it."

"You can go into the sunlight?"

"If I have fed, I can spend some time in moderate sunshine. Nothing like what we had today, but a foggy day, or even an overcast one is no problem for a few hours as long as I have fed and am in good health. The other traits were also true. I can talk to the wolves, the rats, the insects, the very air comes at my command."

"Beats being able to talk to snakes," Harry offered. Someone coughed and he looked over as Steve walked closer. "Hey. Feeling better?"

"Much. Harry, did you want to dance?" He saw Harry's look at Sergio then the shrug and the acceptance. He got Harry onto the floor and leaned closer. "What's with him?"

"He's an interesting old guy and I'm pumping him for information for a school paper," Harry said with a grin. "It'll definitely get me a great grade."

Steve relaxed. "He's creepy and nasty. He's giving me chills."

Harry shifted closer, hugging his friend for a second without stopping their dance. "There, feel better?" Steve grinned at him. "He probably creeps out a lot of people. I'm sure he's harmless at the moment." The music stopped and Harry glanced back but Sergio was gone from the table. He frowned a bit but shrugged it off. He had more than enough to research now. Little did he know he was being examined from the bar. By the time he was good and sweaty, Steve was having to head home and Sergio was back at the table. Harry went back to his former seat and put his wand back under his hands. "Did you go out for a snack?"

"Yes, there was a tasty mugger down the street waiting on some of the children," he said nonchalantly. "You get used to the rabble if you don't feed on everyone."

"Can you tell the difference in people?"

"Each person tastes a bit different. The same as their sweat does."

"I wouldn't know," Harry said honestly. Sergio looked stunned. "I don't have much chance. People watch me like I'm the Holy Grail in a human form."

"Ah. Pity. You should try that some day. Even I have more fun than that."

"So I read," Harry quipped. Sergio chuckled warmly. "So, can I pump you for more information for future papers?"

"If you wish. It is nice having neither a groupie nor a paranoid person."

"Sergio, you're probably the only person here who is more a target than I am."

"Hmm. Good point." He snapped his fingers and the bartender brought Harry a new glass of juice. "On me."

Harry tasted a few drops of it and smiled. "Nice try. What's in this one?"

"Something to keep you calm. I noticed you had a stalker outside." He nodded at the glass. "I will not harm you. You have my word. It is not to drug you."

"I still don't want to have my concentration broken. Especially with a stalker." He pushed the glass aside and got comfortable on the vinyl bench seat. "So. How do you make a living?"

Sergio laughed loudly. "You find that there are always ways. Not only do I have groupies, as I spoke of, but the family itself has money. Dracul was very wealthy and he pilfered even more from his aristocrats before he put them to death on the stakes." He brushed back some of his dark hair. "You are most amusing, Mr. Potter. If I had known this, I would have searched you out before now."

"How did you hear about me?" Harry asked.

"One hears things in the darker parts of the city. Many of your enemy's compatriots go where I do for their pleasure. They complain of you often."

Harry sighed, shaking his head. "If I were a vampire, I could easily eliminate that whole threat without making myself sick over it."

"I still have a conscious, it is simply more loose and less strict about the boundaries. You figure out where your limits are as my sort. The other type I hear is most bad about their lack of tact and boundaries."

"Yeah, that's what we got taught too," Harry agreed dryly. He looked over as the door opened. "Shit. It would be Lucius. He can't even keep the sneer off his face long enough to go undercover."

"If you will let me, I will escort you to safety." Harry opened his mouth. "I promise to pull the fire alarm on our way past."

"Deal," Harry agreed. A possible death was always preferable to a certain and painful one, and he still trusted Sergio. They snuck out through the emergency exit by the bathrooms and Sergio did indeed pull the alarm on the door. Not the fire alarm but it still created a rush for the door. Lucius would find himself bereft of victims tonight. Harry followed him down the street to a hotel and up to his room. "That was close."

"Very. That man is very dangerous."

"His son is equally as annoying," Harry told him, sitting down. "Draco, his son, is an annoying prat with no morals, no sense, and who thinks he's God."

"Ah. A fitting minion. It's always much more fun to break one such as them." He sat down on the bed, looking his future childe over. "Harry, I must ask, why are you not afraid?"

"Why should I be? You said you're not going to eat me. You promised I'd be safe. Besides, I consider you a nicer death than Lucius."

"That is a good point, I try very hard to make all my kills pleasant for my food sources. I don't like the taste of fear." He waved a hand. "Sleep." Harry fell asleep and he smirked at him. "You will stay safe for a very long time, as will everyone else," he assured the boy as he moved him to the bed.


Harry woke up and looked around. The room seemed...different. He sat up and grabbed his head, feeling very light headed. "What happened?" He noticed the vampire was watching him and quickly patted himself down. His wand was where he had put it earlier. Something was still off. It was like he could feel Sergio more now. Like he was some sort of heat and light source. He checked his pulse. "You bastard!" he breathed, staring at him in shock.

"Before you react, let me give you my reasons," Sergio said calmly. "This way, you will win and survive. The world will continue as it always have been. You will be strong and powerful for centuries to come." He handed Harry a glass. "Drink, it will make your head quit hurting."

Harry sniffed the glass, disgusted by the tang of the blood. "Eww."

"Drink!" Sergio ordered. Harry found himself drinking, he couldn't disobey him. Sergio gave him a fatherly smile. "Very good, Harry. You are now of the line of Dracul. A select and important line of vampires that was meant to rule the world, or to be the power behind much of it." He sat beside his childe, stroking down his arm. Harry flinched away from him. "Fine, if you wish to be that way, you may." He shifted over some. "We are not like other vampires, Harry. We do not have a demon in us. We are blessed by darkness. Our founding father's dark communion blessed us with our abilities, not some paltry demon that overrides you. You are special, powerful even among the darkest of the dark. Voldemort has nothing on you anymore. You can walk up to him and eat him whenever you want, nothing he can do will harm you."

"Not even the Cruciatus? Not the Imperio?"

"You are now immune from all coercion spells and charms. The pain charm works by flowing through moving blood, that is how it reaches the entire body. He can get a part of you maybe, but not all of you. Never again will you suffer." He nudged him. "Besides, you cannot die by that paltry killing curse, and you did keep your magic."

Harry pulled his wand. "Wingardium Leviosa," Harry cast, watching as the glass floated off the bed. He put it carefully back down. "What's the bad?"

"You will always hunger. You need not kill, Harry," he said gently, giving him another of those warm smile. "You may feed a little at a time. You may taint those who help you to make sure that they serve your interests or to make them stronger. You may rule the world if you want."

"Doing that means that people will know. I'll be killed on sight when I try to return to school."

"There are shieldings I can show you," Sergio promised. He handed over a large book. "This is for you, Harry. It is a summary of what we can and cannot do. It is our bible if the phrase is appropriate. Learn it by heart and pass it on when you, too, are tired of life." Harry looked stunned. "The line must continue if the world is to go on. We anchor some of the darker magics by being so blessed." He tipped the boy's chin up to close his mouth. "You can hide yourself if you so desire. You can have as many childer as you desire, and you will desire them, Harry Potter. Learn our book." He stood up. "The room is paid for today. There is blood in the bathroom. You have my blessings and my... my wishes for a happy and content life."

"Wait! I'd rather learn from you," Harry said quickly. "If you're going to meet the daylight, at least meet tomorrow's to teach me." He got to his knees and reached out. "Don't leave me like my parents did, at the mercy of some people who don't like me."

Sergio nodded. "I will not then. There is much we have to go over. It is just past dawn. At ten or so, call your aunt and tell her you will be home tonight." He sat back down beside the younger vampire.

"If I do that, they'll bloody well change the locks," Harry said coolly. "If I show up after dinner, they'll complain that I couldn't do the work they don't want to do, but they won't bother about feeding me."

"Good! See, you are already thinking," Sergio said proudly. "Now, this is how you cast our version of a compulsion," he said, leaning closer.


Harry walked into the back door of the house and watched as his aunt flinched. "Sorry I'm late," he announced. "Traffic."

"Where were you all day?" Vernon said angrily. "You didn't do your chores."

Harry looked him in the eyes. "I don't have chores."

"You don't have any more chores. And about time too," Vernon said as he shook it off. "You're not good enough to clean up after us! I say you should be in your room and stay there."

Harry nodded. "All right." He went up to his room and sat down, pulling out the books and his bags and unshrinking them. He noticed Hedwig was crowded against the back of her cage. "Don't do that," he sighed. "I'm not mean, I'm not like those others." He held out a finger, letting her see it was him. She slowly came forward. "I promise not to be mean to you, Hedwig. You were my first friend." He smiled. "I tell you what, you can even go see Ron for a bit, how about that?" She hooted quietly at him, bobbing her head up and down. "Good girl, let me write out a note."

"Don't you dare send her while there's still light!" Petunia yelled as she pushed open the door. "God only knows what the neighbors think."

Harry looked at her and shrugged. "That's fine. I have to write the note anyway, Aunt Petunia. Can I have a steak, very rare, just barely browned on the outside?" he asked, setting the compulsion on her too. "Maybe twice a day? I'll stay up here until it's time for me to go and you can shove it under the door."

She nodded. "See that you do stay up here." She slammed the door and locked it, leaving him alone in there with his owl and his books.

He shrugged, guessing it had worked. Making her barely cook it would get him the blood he was craving, but it wouldn't set off any thoughts in her head. Having her give it to him raw would probably be bad, someone would notice. He heard Dudley moving around in his room and snickered. "He's in for a big surprise the next time he tries me," Harry whispered as he wrote out the note to Ron telling him he was fine and everything was normal and average here. He suggested they meet at the Leaky two days before going back, that he'd be getting a room and Ron was to come have a sleepover with him, then he wrapped the new copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula into the paper and gave the whole thing to Hedwig. He noticed it was dusk so it would probably be fine. He let her out the window and watched her fly away. He and Sergio had made some plans earlier to help him camouflage himself for as long as possible. Now he only had to figure out who he wanted as his second. He would get lonely if someone didn't know and he couldn't trust Ron not to tell anyone. For that matter, Ron might stake him.

Harry sat on his bed and mused that he was taking this whole vampire thing very well. He had expected to have hysterics, like Ron would; but no, he was perfectly fine with it. Maybe it was part of the disease. That's how he thought about it - he had a fatal disease that was contagious under the right circumstances. Because as soon as anyone knew about it, he would be dead. He was sure Snape would take great joy in staking him. That left the next part of his problem. When Hedwig came back, he'd have to send a few notes to the school.


Hagrid opened up his letter and frowned at it.

Dear Hagrid,

Don't be alarmed, nothing bad is happening, but I have something to tell you that will upset you. This summer, due to working like a slave for my aunt in the garden, I got a bad case of sun poisoning, that's like a horrible sunburn that makes you ill. The doctors my *dear* uncle relented and took me to said I couldn't be outside for at least the next month and a half, which would mean I couldn't attend your class for three weeks. Since I know this year will be full of things I'll need for my NEWTs, I know I'll never catch up so I've decided to drop your class. But don't worry, I'm still going to be friends with you and I'm still going to come down for tea all the time once I can go out in the sun. It's just that I can't right now or I'll end up back in the hospital with blood poisoning of some sort or another. I've written a letter to the Headmaster and Madam Sprout, but I wanted to write you personally and explain it better to you so you wouldn't be disappointed.

I'll see you when we get in.



Hagrid sniffled as he folded the letter back up. "Somethin's got to be done about his aunt and uncle," he told his dog. "They're cruel and mean to him. But don't you worry, Harry'll come right down and pet you some more as soon as he's all better." He scratched a floppy ear, making his dog happy, and sipped his tea. He could understand and it was very nice of Harry to tell him personally.

He hoped the boy got better. He would be so upset if he couldn't fly.


Harry got the room, as promised, and sat up there waiting on Ron to get in. He nearly jumped when Ron knocked. "Enter?" Ron walked in, trademark grin on his face. "Ron!" he said, jumping up to hug him.

"Harry, you're icy," Ron complained, pushing him back. He frowned and checked Harry's throat. "Harry," he said, backing away.

"Stop. Close the door," he ordered. "Let me explain before you panic." Ron did so but didn't move any closer. Harry cleared his throat. "I'm sorry I used the compulsion on you but I have to keep this secret, Ron. I'm still me. I'm not like the ones we studied in class." He pointed at a chair. "Go ahead and sit. Grab your wand if you want." He sat on the bed again, facing his friend.

Ron looked at the chair then slowly sat down, his wand in his hand. "What happened?"

"My uncle had a business dinner and kicked me out so he wouldn't have to explain me," Harry said bitterly. "I met him at the club I went to."

"You're like the book, aren't you?" Ron asked. Harry nodded. "You're really like that? I thought the text...."

"The text is about the other sort of us, Ron."

"Not us, Harry. I'm not like that."

"Which is a problem," Harry sighed, giving him a hurt look. "I just want to talk, I'd never change you against your will, Ron. As my Sire put it, I've still got a moral code, it's simply a bit more broad."

"Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, I had a few pints earlier off a nice witch who wanted in my panties. She's fine too," he said with a grin. "I don't need to do it fully, Ron."

Ron slowly relaxed. This was Harry. Harry couldn't hurt him, he wouldn't hurt him after all they'd been through. "So why did you want to see me?"

"To explain this to you somewhere safe to you. You're closer to the door and I'm not moving off this bed if you want to take a run for it. But I figured being on the train would mean someone wanting some fame and a lot of publicity would try to stake me." Ron nodded, agreeing with that. He was even grinning. "I've got a few startling things to share. I can go outside for a few hours, as long as I've fed. I did drop Herbology and Magical Creatures just in case though." Ron nodded, that made sense. "The book was right up to a point. That last chase and die thing didn't actually happen. Apparently he's like my great-grandfather." Ron's mouth opened. "Sergio said he was his grandfather so I guess it's cool. I'm not sure if he's alive or not. If I suddenly receive a letter or visitor I'll let you know so you can protect everyone."


"Mina sired Sergio, Sergio sired me."

"Oh." Ron's eyebrows shifted up, then down, then up again. "This is really weird, Harry."

"I know, Ron, but think about how much easier it will be to defeat Voldie now." Ron's mouth opened again. "The Cruciatus doesn't work on me. The Imperius doesn't work on me. The Killing Curse doesn't work on me." Ron burst out in giggles. "Plus, since I only need about a pint a day right now, I can feed off the remaining minions of his for a good, long time without having to touch anyone else."

"Sounds positive at least. What about Dumble? And McGonagall? They'll sense something."

"Did you?" Ron shook his head. "That's because there's a shield in place around me. Unless they're touching me, I'm perfectly normal to them."

"So then the only problem is...."

"Two things. I don't think it will work on Snape for some reason," Harry admitted dryly. "Maybe because he watches me so closely." He took a deep breath. "The other is what I need to do about you, Ron. I don't really want to be staked and I don't want to cause a panic." He looked at his friend, who looked like he wanted to run. "I'm leaving it up to you, Ron. I can do nothing and trust you. I can taint you, like Vlad did Mina and make you stronger and more aware of me, but you wouldn't turn. If you died, you might turn, but I don't know about that yet. I haven't gotten that far in the book." Ron nodded once. "Or I could turn you, have my best buddy beside me in the upcoming fight. We can kick some ass together and live a very long time. The fourth option is to do one or two and then find someone who is willing to fight beside me and be turned so I'm not so lonely. Sergio died after being alive just over three hundred years. Forty of them without company and he walked out into the sunlight the day after he returned me to the house."

"What about my family?" Ron nearly whispered.

Harry snorted. "I like your family, Ron. I'd be really pissed if something happened to your family. Even Percy." Ron looked stunned. "I know, you expected me to say you'd have to hurt them in a permanent manner. I'm not like that. I'm sure your mother would banish us, but I think she'd get over it when she saw we weren't killing anything."

"You really want me?" Ron asked.

Harry nodded. "Ron, I'm going to be by myself for a very long time if I don't make someone quickly." He leaned closer, resting on his knees. "You and I get on well and I know you'd make a really crafty vamp. I'm sure we could do all sorts of things that would shock and amaze people. Personally, I'd rather have an equal as a childe instead of a minion that I got to have fun with."

"By having fun, you mean..." He swallowed. "Carnally?"

Harry nodded. "That too probably. The book said it was an option and that I'd still enjoy it. Not that I've had so much." He grinned. "I'm leaving it up to you. You have the room next door." He picked up the room key and tossed it over. "I'm doing a minor shopping run tomorrow. Clothes, sweets, books and the like."

"You still eat candy?"

"I have the worst sweet tooth now," Harry admitted, slumping some. "It's a good thing I can't get cavities." He brightened up. "Oh, there's an even bigger plus than all that. Not only did I get to keep all my magic, I got stronger," he shared.

Ron shook his head. "No way! You were already stronger than everyone else."

"Yeah, but now I'm stronger. The magic comes out brighter and more powerfully. I tried a banishing spell on Dudley and it made him crash into a wall."

"I'm sure he enjoyed that," Ron said with a mean grin. "Almost as nice as his tongue growing on him." He shook himself, realizing he was liking this Harry. "Harry...."

"It's strange to me too, Ron. Whatever you decide is fine, but if you lead an attack on me I'm leaving and hiding from you. " Ron nodded and grabbed the room key. "Go ahead and settle in for the night. I'll be up for hours yet," Harry quipped. Ron grimaced at him. "Sorry, couldn't resist. I really don't do the full night thing yet. I do mid-afternoon to really early in the morning."

"That'll play merry hell with your classes," Ron snorted. He suddenly giggled. "I can't wait to see Snape's face when he realizes you're more scary than he is now." He headed to his room, going to think. He even resisted the urge to call his mother for advice. That would get a mob coming after Harry and then he would leave. He would miss Harry. He curled up around his pillow and stared out the window. "At least this Harry is like the old one, only a bit more mean," he muttered. "I can stand this Harry. He's still like the old one." Someone knocked on his door. "Yeah, Harry?"

Harry stuck his head in. "One last thing to think about that I realized I forgot. You know that whole possession part to the other sort?" Ron nodded, looking upset. He hadn't wanted to think about that. "That's not eligible with us. Ours was from the communion." He winked and closed the door, locking it for Ron from the inside.

Ron uncurled a little. "No demon? Then how do they change?" He grabbed his copy of the book and opened it to the beginning. He had skipped over part of the boring stuff, and since he didn't remember a communion he guessed it was in there. He found it quickly enough and slowly got more and more amazed. "For love?" he asked. "I hope I never get hit like that."


Ron tapped on Harry's door and walked in before he could answer. Since he was asleep there was a good chance he wouldn't be getting an answer anyway. He closed the door, leaning against it while he considered his friend. He looked like he was asleep. Not in the least bit dead. He even looked like he was breathing. Usually by now, Harry had jumped up and looked around in a panic, but he guessed this new thing gave Harry some extra senses or something. Ron fought down the bad urge he was feeling to do something about this in a permanent way. His wand wasn't big enough to be used as a stake and if he had to cut off Harry's head and stake him he'd be dead long before then. He was so confused! What should he do? Harry would probably wait for an answer but he didn't have anyone to talk to, to get advice from. If he told Hermione, she'd make a stake and force it into his hand. If he owled the Headmaster or McGonagall they'd be waiting on them and try to get him as soon as he got off the train. He sighed. He wished this hadn't happened to Harry. If it had been anyone else, he'd be talking to Harry about this.

"If you try to stake me, I'm turning you into a minion," Harry mumbled.

"I wasn't even thinking about it. I was wishing it was anyone else. Usually I'd talk to you about this sort of thing," Ron grumbled.

Harry opened an eye. "Go talk to the twins."

"They'll call mum and you'll be hunted."

"Fine, we'll go talk to the twins together," Harry said as he stood up. "If there were more devious creatures I've never met them. They'll help you figure it out." He put on his shoes and his robe, grabbed his wand, sunglasses, and money pouch, then followed Ron out the door. "We'll be back in a few, Tom," he called, waving at him.

"Sure thing, Harry," Tom called back, smiling at their backs. They were such happy and well-behaved students.

"Harry, doesn't the sun bother you?" Ron hissed as they walked through the entry to Diagon.

"Only my eyes. Like I said, if I feed well enough, it's nothing to do a few hours. That's why I won't have to quit the team." He opened the door to the twin's shop. "Hi, Gred," he said with a grin.

"I'm Forge, Harry." The twin in question looked over Harry, then nodded. "Fred!" Fred came trotting out of the lab. "Take Ron and talk to him. I want Harry."

"Only if you've got something you *really* want to talk about. Ron needs the both of you to help him with something," Harry offered.

"Uh-huh, and some of us can tell what. How sensitive are you to sunlight, Harry?"

Harry took off his sunglasses and folded them, putting them into his pocket. "Just enough to be annoying. Anything other than full sun is okay for a bit as long as I have at least a pint a day. How did you know?"

"You're pale, you're not sweating, and you're different somehow."

"Plus, Ron's nervous," the other twin added. "There's only a few things that would make you bring Ron to us to talk to him about. Having a plan and trying to keep him out of it."

"Or talk him into it," the first put in.

"Hmm. That too. Or that he's in some serious trouble that you can't help him out of."

Harry held up a hand. "Busted. Would you like to hear the whole story? I'm actually part of a literary clan." Both twins looked at him. "Yes, as in that ancient book. There's different types." He glanced around the store. "Can we move this somewhere less public?"

"Into the lab, both of you," the one who had come out of there said, pointing the way. Ron gave him a grateful look as he walked past him. He stopped Harry. "What do you want from Ron?"

"Companionship? Someone who understands? I'm not going to force him." He walked in but stayed away from Ron because he was still jumpy. The door closed and Fred did the silencing and anti-eavesdropping charms quickly. "Okay, to start, yes, I'm turned. No, I don't have a demon." Fred opened his mouth and Harry shook his head. "Bram Stoker got some things right, up until the big chase back to Transylvania. He's my great-grandsire." Harry looked at the table to make sure it was clear then hopped up to sit on it. "I gave Ron some options. Doing nothing, tainting him like Mina originally was, changing him, or one or two and finding another companion to help me in the upcoming battles and our really long lives."

"And I'm damn confused," Ron admitted. "It sounds great, but...." He shrugged.

"The but is that you'll have to kill," Fred said gently.

"I don't," Harry offered. "If I'm sick, injured, or seriously in a bad spot, I can. Usually I need one to two pints a day to be okay. I've been doing a few very rare steaks a day to meet those needs." He looked at Ron, then back at Fred. "I'm also impervious to all the unforgivables. I'm faster, stronger, and think at a higher rate than most humans." He grinned at Ron. "And I'll even let you use me as a topic for defense papers."

Ron nodded. "Thanks, Harry. I'll probably need it." He looked at Fred again. "Now you know what I've been doing all night." He handed over the book but Fred put it aside. "You've read it?"

"A few years back while we were sick. Dad got us a copy." Fred crossed his arms. "Harry, even if you turned Ron he won't be the fighter you are. He'll still be mostly Ron if I take it right." Harry nodded. "Then why him?"

"Because I'm going to live a very long time and you guys, while also living really long times, still will die sooner than I probably will. My sire lived to be just over three hundred. His sire, Mina, was fifty years or so older than him. The book was moved to the writer's time for broader appeal, the same as the ending was changed to suit their tastes. The founding father of our line has lived since about the end of the Holy Roman Empire and I'm not sure if he's alive or not. He left the castle after Mina had her accident and my sire thinks that if he is alive, he's searching for her reincarnation." He shrugged. "Compared to the normal wizarding lifeline of maybe a hundred to a hundred-and-a-half, that's nothing. There are older ones, just not of my sort."

"See, he'll be miserable without someone who understands," Ron pointed out. "And I want, so very much, but I'm scared and I'm confused."

"Which is why I brought him to you," Harry said as he slid off the table. "So now I'm going to leave him with you while I go feed my sweet tooth and get a steak. If you need me, I'll be back in my room in a bit, Ron. Please, no ambushes. I don't want to run away today. I want to finish my nap after a snack." He walked out, heading outside. He quickly put on his sunglasses and went to fulfill his errands and then go back to sleep.

Ron looked at his big brother. "I'm stuck," he pointed out.

"So I can see. It's tempting." He looked back at George. "Did you know there were different sorts?"

George shook his head. "Not really. I thought maybe the author had made a typical muggle mistake, but then again their myths have been in every culture."

"Which means Bill is really the one you should be talking to," Fred offered, "but he'd lock you up and then kill your buddy." He crossed his arms. "What about us?"

"Harry said he'd trash anyone who touched you," Ron said quickly. "Including me."

"That's one worry out of the way," George put in from behind the counter. "How accurate was the book, Ron?"

"He said up until the chase back to the ancient home. He's offered me Mina's spot." He shrugged. "I don't know."

"I'd take a long time to think about this."

"He said he's shielded."

"He is," George agreed. "It's only through careful observation over the last week or so that we've seen the difference in him." Ron looked confused. "He left home about a week ago. He's been staying in a nearby motel." Ron nodded, hanging his head. He looked at his twin. "He wanted him warned."

"I'd want to be warned too," Fred put in. "This could be disastrous. Think about mum and dad."

"Think about Percy," George put in smugly.

"Only if I can eat him," Ron noted dryly. "What about Bill and Charlie?"

"Bill'll go through the roof," the twins predicted in unison. They looked at each other and shook their heads. "We really need to tell the rest of the family."

"Ginny can't keep a secret to save her life," Ron reminded him.

"I heard that," Ginny called from somewhere in the bowels of the store.

"How long has she been here?" Ron hissed.

"Two days," George told him. "She and mum had a fight over her and bras." He looked smug. "She's been studying back in a charmed room." He looked that way. "Ginny, go back to your homework, before we call dad in for lunch." She squeaked and her footsteps hurried off.

"Usually you'd be busier," Ron pointed out.

"We were earlier in the week," Fred said with a shrug. "We will be again tomorrow. After lunch is a more busy time. No one else wants to get up this early." He patted Ron on the back. "We should at least tell dad. He's level headed. He's unflappable."

"He'll die or kill him," Ron countered. "Then we're all screwed."

The twins both nodded. "I guess it's us then," George offered. He and Fred shared a long look then shook their heads, no agreement. "Personally, I'd go for option one or two."

"Personally, I'd go for option four, with one and someone like Malfoy. He's sneaky and devious enough to pull it off and he hasn't been seen yet in the alley for school shopping."

Ron beamed. "That'd just make him a bigger prat."

"It would," George agreed. "But Harry could keep him in line."

"Yeah, maybe," Ron admitted, looking at the book. He hung his head and moaned. "What if I like it?"

"Then we'll hide your state from mum."

"I knew as soon as I hugged him. He was ice cold and the room was overly hot."

"So you only hug her in the winter," Fred shrugged, but he was grinning. "Or you use heating charms."

"Yeah, maybe," Ron agreed, leaning against a table. Fred moved him away from a few beakers and gave him a hug. "What do I do?" he moaned.

"Go talk to mum," the twins said in unison.

"She's my main sticking point," George offered. "She'll know, no matter what."

Fred nodded. "She's really perceptive for being so old."

Ron grinned. "Thanks. I'll be right back." He grabbed the book and headed for the floo, sending himself home. "Mum?" he called.

"In the kitchen," she called back. He walked that way. "Did something happen?" she asked, looking worried as she turned to look at him. She saw the book in his hand and gave it a curious look as he put it in front of her. "I saw you reading it earlier this summer. What's wrong?"

"Mum, sit," he encouraged. She did so. "Mum, did you know there was actually more than one sort of vampire?" She nodded. "You did?" She nodded again. "How?"

"I met Wilhelmina Murray. Why?"

Ron sighed, taking the seat next to her. "One of the kids I know was turned by their line. They told me so I wouldn't freak out on the train."

She patted his hand. "Who?"

He shook his head. "I promised, mum. I won't tell because it'd be bad if he got staked."

"Ron, there's only so many males you know," she pointed out. "I can count most of them on both hands."

He nodded. "True, you can, and you'll probably cop to it before I leave but I don't know. He told me and said he trusts me not to hurt him. He's eating steaks, mum, not people. He's not killing."

"That was a hallmark of the line," she agreed. "Demon?"

"None in their line. It's from the communion."

"Ah." She smiled. "That's what I always thought but then again, I didn't want to be turned that bad so I didn't ask too many questions."

"How did you meet Mina?"

"She was cruising to add to the line and I happened to be in the same bar," she noted dully. "Your father about had a fit. That is one thing he won't stand, is a vampire around him." Ron went a bit more pale. "They offered to turn you?" Ron nodded quickly, looking at the table. "Neville or Harry?" she asked gently. He looked at her but didn't say anything. "It doesn't really matter, Ron, if you go over your father will disown you."

"Mum, I could help so much more like that. I might even get over my fear of spiders," he offered. She gave him a hug. "He offered to taint me, like Mina was originally."

"Yes, but you start to crave it, Ron. That's why she went over. I wonder what happened to her?"

"He said she died about sixty years ago. Some sort of accident."

"Hmm. I wonder how long that was after I met her?" Ron looked confused. "I was barely fifteen, Ron."

"Oh. The math still doesn't work out, mum."

"Dear, I'm nearly seventy-five," she pointed out.

"I thought you were closer to fifty."

"Witches keep well, Ron. Ginny was a menopause baby," she sighed, shaking her head. "Quite a surprise too." She gave him a short hug. "What else did he offer?"

"To do nothing and trust me, to taint me, to turn me, or to do one of the first two but find someone else so he doesn't get lonely."

"Poor Harry," she said. Ron looked shocked and she smiled. "It was rather obvious. Neville would have been bouncing around about being so special. How is he?"

"Finding a steak and sweets." She laughed. "Seriously. He's been eating steaks."

"Ron, I can't tell you what to do. You're nearly an adult now, son. I know what I would do." He looked hopeful so she shared it. "In your shoes, with the war and all that, I might go for it. Harry would take care of you. You'd never be lonely. You'd have to watch the rest of us grow old and die, and then to watch your nieces and nephews do the same. You'd have to do some hiding and the like." She tapped the top of the book. "What about sunlight?"

"He said he can go out for a bit as long as he's eaten. He said the rest was right up until the chase." He put his head down. "I'm really tempted, mum. I want to be with Harry and to help Harry, but I know I'm not what he's hoping for. Company, yes, fighter beside him, no. I'm not that devious and I doubt this is going to cure that. I'm too much a Gryff for that."

"Son, you could almost have been a Hufflepuff in your earlier years," she pointed out.

Ron giggled. "That's a funny picture, a vampire Hufflepuff."

She laughed as well, shaking her head. "You do have a funny mind, son. " She gave him another kiss on the cheek. "I wouldn't tell your father. I would think about it. Even sharing a bit would help you and help protect you, but you start to crave the change, son. Harry would always know where you were and he might be able to manipulate you a bit."

"Mum, he used a coercion on me to keep me from running when I figured it out. I'm already vulnerable that way." He looked out the window and shivered. "Would it really help me?"

"Well, yes and no," she said honestly. "You'd be in more danger, but you'd be better able to handle it. You would be faster, stronger, and tougher, plus a bit smarter. You would also have some bad vulnerabilities, including the school nurse. If you do, I ask that you wait until the end of your schooling. I want you to graduate first, Ron." He nodded quickly. "Unless you're injured and it's the only way to save you, I want you to graduate."

"Harry's worked it out so he can still take classes, just not Herbology and Magical Creatures."

She looked impressed. "Good for him. That with the shielding will help hide his problem until someone else finds out about it. I will make you promise to watch Harry to see what he goes through while you consider it." Ron nodded. "And if he wants to turn someone else, try to pick someone in danger, someone who'll gladly tell him yes."

"Harry doesn't want to turn the unwilling," Harry said as he appeared behind them from the mist that had been seeping in through the door. "Sorry. Ron, our rooms were invaded by reporters."

Ron snorted. "Wonderful. What about school?"

Harry looked sheepish. "Well, to be honest, the Ministry can't tell when I'm doing magic anymore," he admitted. "It's part of the whole 'magic flows through your blood, turning you into a big signal tower' thing. It goes along with the resistence to the unforgivables." He played with a bit of his hair. "I'm sorry if I upset you, Molly."

"Nonsense. It's Arthur you have to watch out for," she said firmly. "I met your grandsire once."

"She snuck out and went to a bar," Ron shared.

"Wow. I never thought you were that cool," Harry said with a grin. "So?"

"He'll have to wait until he graduates unless it's life and death, then you have my permission if you have his," she said firmly. She stood up, looking at Harry. "Also, if you taint him, he'll start to crave the change."

"That was noted in the instruction manual," Harry admitted. "It said it'd get worse over time but it would give him some of the attributes and I'd be able to find him if he was in trouble."

"It'd also let you control him," Molly told him. Harry nodded. "Skipped that part?"

"On purpose. I'm not like that, not even now." He looked at her. "How noticeable is it?"

"You're not wearing your glasses," she pointed out.

"I don't need them. I was going to tell everyone I got contacts."

"That's an excellent idea," Molly agreed. "I do wish you'd give him that long and turn someone else to be your minion."

"Oh, no, Molly, I want Ron to be my childe, not my minion. I'd ruin Ron and I don't want that. I want Ron to be my buddy for a really long time."

She saw how honest he was and gave him a hug. "That's fine, Harry, and I understand that. First try a minion though, someone you can control. Someone that you can test things out on so you get them out of your system before you get Ron." Ron made a protesting noise. "Ron, with your luck, it'll be before a month is out," she reminded him.

"And it'll probably be from a battle," Harry agreed, grinning at Ron. "In which case, I'll gladly get you and we'll think about Hermione."

Ron nodded. "Yeah, she'd be the sort to stake herself."

"Ron, I was thinking you were," Harry told her. "She'd want to do experiments on us."

"I can see that," Ron agreed, mentally wincing at the pictures his vivid imagination came up with about what she'd do to them. "Please, not her, Harry. I could almost stand Malfoy easier."

"That's an idea," Harry offered. "He'd be beside us in the fight that way. His devious nature would come up with some kick-ass plans." He had been thinking about this since the twins had mentioned him and Draco would make up for all his lacking spots as a vampire. Draco was ruthless where Harry wasn't and he could do the mean things that Harry would be squeamish about for a while longer.

"Yeah, but he's insufferable. Think about what he'd be like if he was nearly immortal."

"Ron, as the sire, I have control over all my childer. The only person who has it over me is Vlad and he's somewhere. No one's even sure if he's alive." He wasn't going to say anything but he felt that Draco would make a perfect vampire, even better than Ron would. Draco had all the qualities he wanted in a childe and then some, plus he was hot. Harry could definitely see spending a very long time breaking that boy's body.

"Point," Molly agreed. "And the rumors state that he's being held in his house without visitors and that many bad things have been happening there."

Ron and Harry shared a look. "He has advantages," Ron pointed out. "Of course, I might get jealous."

"Then you'd offer and your father would get upset. At least give me enough time to get him used to the idea, Ron."

Ron grinned at her. "Sure, mum, I don't want dad mad at me." He stood up and gave her a hug. "Thanks for the talk."

"You're welcome. I'm always here, son, remember that. Even if you turn out like some hideous creature. Harry, please, try to wait on Ron. I want him to graduate."

"I want to graduate too," Harry pointed out. "I'm going to do my best to do that." He winked and smoked back up, heading out the door and across the land. He knew, basically, where the Malfoys were so he followed the heavy, dark magic feelings. He floated around the outside of the house, not touching the shields. His ancient enemy was in there and he didn't want to alert him to his presence yet. That would ruin so many plans. He found Draco's room easily enough and saw the boy curled up in the corner, crying. So he found a crack and floated inside, materializing next to him. "Draco," he whispered. Draco quickly wiped his face and glared at him. He squatted down. "Draco. Do you need saved?"

Draco shook his head. "They'll relent," he said firmly. He frowned and looked at the door. "Are you a torment from my father?"

"Feel me, Draco, know what I am," he said in his hypnotic voice. Draco reached out and touched him, then drew back quickly and rubbed his hand. "Do you want saved?" he asked.

Draco glared at him. "To be like you?" He looked out the window and shrank more. "I knew you were a torment!" he said angrily.

Harry grinned. "No, I'm simply a literary vampire." He took off his sunglasses. "You know me, Draco, you know everything about me." He sat down and got comfortable. "I need a good lieutenant to take down the idiots downstairs. I wouldn't trust someone I haven't turned anymore. I need someone with your crafty mind and devious nature."

"What about Weasley?"

"His mother wants him to wait until after graduation but he knows. Granger doesn't." Draco sneered. "Think, Draco, what would she do first?"

Draco laughed loudly. "Oh, you're in trouble."

Harry shushed him. "I know. It's only noticeable if you touch me though." He grinned. "I'm serious. I can float out of here again and leave you alone or I can take you with me after I turn you. Otherwise, you'll have to fight all by yourself in the halls." He leaned closer. "I can make it so they can't touch you ever again," he hissed, touching a bruise that showed up so well on Draco's pale skin.

"And in return?" he asked automatically.

"You would be mine, Draco. My childe. My creation. I'd have some control but you know I'm reasonable most of the time. I'd expect you to help me plan battles and to help Ron and I train."

"Not Granger?"

"I doubt she's going to go for the bigger ones this time. The more minor, one-on-one battles are a lot different than the final battle I'm picturing."

"You could pick them off one by one," Draco suggested.

"I could," Harry agreed. "I was going to thin the packs when I wanted human blood. Most of the time I can get by with a few very rare steaks a day."

"You don't have to kill?" he asked, looking stunned.

Harry grinned. "I'm of the line of Dracul, Draco. I don't have to kill unless I want to kill or I need that much food. Killing a whole person would be like eating Ron's weight at a school feast for me."

"Oh." He looked at his hands. "I didn't want to kill or rape. That's why I'm up here."

"I have no doubt that you have the rage in you but I've always doubted you could do it coldly, in a calculated fashion unless you were in danger." He leaned even closer. "I haven't killed yet, Draco. My morals are mostly intact and have simply broadened a bit. If you want, I can do this. We can go to school. I took about four hours to wake up, you'd take a bit longer."

"My parents would notice."

"So write a suicide note," Harry said with a shrug. "Or an escape note and hide under the bed or somewhere else." He pulled his wand. "Accio Draco's wand," he hissed. It popped into the space above his hand and Harry caught it, looking it over. He handed it to Draco, handle first. "Here. If you want, I'll do it. Both Ron and his mother suggested you and that's good enough for me. We can even snark at each other in the halls."

"What about hiding?"

"I've got shields. It's noticeable when you're closer."

"You need a heating charm," Draco said. He stiffened. "Someone's coming." Harry shrank down then turned into a rat and hid behind Draco. Draco glared at the person who opened the door, hiding his wand. "What?" he demanded. "When am I going to get free of this mess so I can go back to school?"

The man laughed. "You'll go back when our Master is good and ready, boy. Are you ready to be reasonable yet?" Draco sneered at him. "Fine, it's your body. Your father said you have one more hour, then he'll see you downstairs."

Draco tried to show how much he wasn't scared but he knew he hadn't succeeded when the man laughed as he closed the door. "Potter?" Harry came out and turned back. "I want to die now. I don't care if I come back."

"I'll bring you back, Draco. I promise," Harry told him, patting him on the hand. "Shift closer to me. I'll need to bite you and feed you." Draco shifted closer until they were hugging each other then Harry let his fangs down and he latched onto Draco's shoulder, sucking hard. Draco moaned and Harry opened up a spot on his neck. He waited until Draco had drank to start sucking again, feeling the rush as the connection was brought together. He left enough so that Draco could move himself before he died and pulled back. "Draco, go to your hiding spot," he hissed. "Go now, you've only got moments before you fade."

Draco looked at his desk. "I should write a note." Harry smirked and winked. "Don't egg them on, they're thinking about attacking the station."

"Over their dead bodies," Harry told him. Draco grabbed his chest. "Move yourself, now." Draco flicked his wand and apparated off. Harry stood up and wrote out a note. He fogged up and floated off, finding where Draco was so he could come back after dark.

When Lucius came an hour later, he found the note with his name on it and nothing else. No son, no enemy that the Dark Lord had said was up here. Nothing but the note. He flipped it open.

Sorry, I had to steal your son. I needed him more than your side did. Potter.

He crumpled it in his hand and went down to show it to his Lord, the one who had put the wards around his house.


Harry went back to Draco's house that night and found it empty. He found Draco in his treehouse and floated in to sit beside him. Draco groaned as he woke up. "Drink, it'll help your head," he said as he handed over the mug of blood.

"No elegant crystal wine glass?" Draco asked as he sat up, holding his head.

"I didn't have one on me," Harry pointed out. "This travels better. I can put it into a bag and carry it with me." He watched as Draco drank then taught the boy his traveling technique. "Come on, we're at the Leaky and you'll barely have enough time to do your shopping tomorrow."

"I don't know my books," Draco said quietly, looking around. "They're not here?" Harry shook his head. "Good." His face took on a frightening look and Draco climbed down, running across the lawn. He slammed open the back door and walked into his father's study, finding everything he had ever wanted in one room. "Help me, Potter. We'll need some of these."

"Sure," Harry agreed as he came down the chimney. He settled and turned back. "I love doing that," he said happily. He pulled his wand. "The Ministry can't feel us," he told him. "We're immune from all unforgivables. We're also stronger."

Draco smirked. "That's excellent. My father has an emergency switch around here somewhere. Something that packs all his books into a single case and shrinks it, but also adds his traveling kit and all the other supplies he's prepared."

"Hmm. An interesting switch. I'd like one of those." Harry found the traces. "Feel the power in this point," he suggested. "Is that it?"

Draco felt it and nodded, saying the charm he had been taught since he was six. The room was awash in a whirlwind as things came together. Draco sneered as the box appeared at his feet, bending to pick it up. "Now all I need is my list."

"We'll have the same classes except one, you can fudge it and order all the other books," Harry pointed out. "Grab some clothes for tomorrow."

"Yes, sire." Draco grimaced and noticed Harry was beaming. "Is that instinctive?"

"Within our clan, yeah," Harry told him. He nudged him. "The best thing is, if we feed well enough, we don't have to give up playing quidditch. We can be in the sun for a few hours at a time. Longer if it's shady or overcast."

Draco nodded. "Excellent. I was willing to give it up but it's nice to know that I'll have a normal life."

"Outside of Herbology. You'll have to come up with your own excuse."

"Security reasons. I won't go out of the building because my father could conceivably get me on the grounds." He went up to pack his things, adding the box to his trunk. He floated it down and let Harry show him how to travel with it. Together they went back to his room at the Leaky, where Ron was waiting on them. "Weasley," he sneered.

"Leave him alone," Harry said patiently. "I can reinforce lessons with spankings and things."

"Spankings?" Draco scoffed. "That isn't the way to train someone, Potter. You need paddles, straps, whips, things like that. Things that cause real pain. Not a spanking."

Harry smirked at him. "I was thinking a good, hard, long spanking and an unremovable cockring. That do it for you?" Draco swallowed and nodded quickly. "Good. Ron may or may not be joining us sometime in the next year. I left it up to him. You'll treat him with the respect of your equal. You can verbally fence but no more attacking each other in the halls." He nodded at the rug. "Put your trunk down. The shops are still open and so is the bank."

"Then I'm heading there," Draco said, nodding at Harry. "That all right with you?"

"Sure. Just remember not to feed until I can teach you how to make them not remember and not get sick." Draco shrugged. "I mean it," Harry called after him as Draco walked out. He flopped down onto the bed. "I have a problem childe," he said. Ron giggled and pounced him to pummel him playfully. "Ron!"

Ron grinned. "Yup, that's me." He worked on making Harry give in, it was his favorite torture and made him feel much more normal.


Draco walked into the bank and pulled out his keyring to put on the desk. "I need to remove an equal amount from each of these to put into my own vault," he ordered, putting his hidden vault's key onto the table as well.

"And you are?" the goblin asked.

"Draco Malfoy."

The goblin checked his book, then the keys. He pulled a form over. "How much from each?"

"Say ten thousand? That's not a lot and they won't miss it." The goblin nodded and wrote out the form to do so. "I also need to visit my vault so I can do my school shopping."

"Very well." The goblin handed his key to another so Draco could go downstairs and the goblin sent the form with a messenger. They'd do that after closing.

Draco walked into the vault that held his allowance and the money he'd previously stolen off his parents, nodding at the wealth gathered there. He grabbed a bag out of the cart and shoved it until it was full, then let the door close. He climbed back in and headed back to the surface, stopping at the first one's counter. "How long?"

"It will be moved tonight," the goblin told him.

Draco nodded his thanks and left to go on a shopping trip like he had always wanted. His first stop was at the bookstore, giving the clerk a haughty look. "I need the seventh year Hogwarts books for Potions, Arithmancy, Runes, Astronomy, Transfiguration, and Charms."

"No Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology?" the clerk asked dryly.

"Only if they're reference texts," Draco sneered. "Why would *I* want to get muddy."

"Yeah, I'm sure you've never been muddy in your life," the wizard said snidely as he went to gather the books for him. He came back and handed the stack over. "Anything else?"

"Do you have anything on vampires? Special vampires, not the demonic ones."

"Two reference books back in the dark arts section and one in the literary," the clerk said, looking him over.

"It's for my paper." He headed back to the dark arts section and pulled down all the books he had always wanted, including the two on other forms of vampires. He did check the literary section and found a few copies of Dracula, but he figured his sire had one of those. He checked out and accepted the weightless bag, then went clothes shopping. He paused when he saw the time, heading instead to get his herbs and paper supplies first. Madam Malkin would stay open a bit longer for him. She had last year after all.


Harry and Draco walked into the school, both of them heaving a sigh of relief that it hadn't stopped them. Harry nodded Draco to go up to see the Headmaster while Harry and Ron went into the Great Hall.

Draco peeled off and went in search of the old man, finding his head of house first. "Sir, I need to see Dumbledore."

"Can it not wait, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape asked archly.

"If you want to see my father walk in and drag me out to kill me on the front lawn, of course it can," he said snidely. Snape glared at him so Draco moved his shirt aside to show an old bruise. "I had to be saved by Potter. Do you know how embarrassing that was?"

"Fine. I'll send him up to his office. The current password is Tangleberry Sherbert." Draco nodded and headed in that direction while Snape watched his back recede. Something was definitely wrong with the boy. Something that wasn't panic or fear. He'd have to watch him. He went to find the Headmaster in the staff lounge, nodding him outside. "Mr. Malfoy is up in your office waiting on you." Dumbledore looked interested. "He showed me a bruise and said Potter had to rescue him."

"Wonderful," Dumbledore said happily. "I suppose he wants to be protected?"

"I would assume so," Snape agreed.

"Good. I'll go up and see him quickly. You hold the fort." He hurried off, going to talk to the boy. He had expected Lucius to do something that dumb with the most recent rumors. He hadn't known how Harry had known but he was glad the boy had brought Draco to their side, even nominally. He walked into his office and saw Draco sitting down. "Good evening, Draco." He paused to look at the boy. "You look pale, would you like the nurse?"

"No, it's from being locked in my room for the last few months," Draco admitted. He shifted, wringing his hands in his lap in a fine bit of acting if he did say so himself. "I can't leave the school without protection," he said quietly, glancing at the Headmaster. "My father was barely defeated. He ran instead of facing off with Potter."

"I assure you, the grounds are safe, my boy."

Draco snorted. "My father knows ways around the wards. He was talking about how to get into the extra dungeons without you knowing. He has ways past your shields and he has ways of taking me off the grounds. He has spies around here."

"Do you wish to switch rooms?"

Draco shook his head. "If any of my classmates try to take me I can handle them. I cannot hold my own against a full fledged death eater however." He stared the older man down. "I want to withdraw from Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. I'll even consent to adding on an extra class somewhere else."

"Of course." Dumbledore pause. "Madam Sprout will start to think it's her. First Harry and his sun poisoning and now you and your problems. She's never had such a high dropout rate." He considered it. "If you keep Herbology, there's another way out to the greenhouses. I can get you and Harry out there without exposing you to the dangers of being outside. Would that suit you?"

Draco nodded. Herbology was generally an easy class. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." He stood up. "Now, let's go eat, shall we?" Dumbledore suggested. "I'll have your schedule changed and send a map to both of you about how to use that entrance. I do hope you and Harry won't fight in it?"

"I have no intention of fighting Potter at the moment. He saved me from a fate worse than death." Draco stood up and walked out. It was true, this was much better than what he thought being dead would be. He walked in and took his rightful spot, glaring at the other Slytherins. "Whoever wants to help my father, get it out of your system now. I'm in the mood to kill someone."

A few flinched away from him but no one made any move toward him.


Dumbledore stopped Harry outside the Great Hall. "Harry, with Mr. Malfoy's problems I've found a way for you both to get to Herbology. Would you go?"

"I'd be delighted to go," Harry agreed. "You know if there was any way, I'd go to that and to Hagrid's classes, Headmaster."

"I know, Harry, and he's sure you'll be visiting him soon."

"I was planning on going down at dusk tomorrow, before dinner."

"Good," he said happily, patting Harry on the shoulder. Thankfully his robe and clothes insulated his skin so it didn't seem so cold. "Are you feeling all right?"

"A bit chilled. I walked through a ghost's trail I think," Harry admitted, smiling at him. "I'd better head up. I'm really tired. The rescue took a lot out of me." He waved and headed up to his tower. Though he decided to sit up for a bit, waiting on a house elf to come in and check the room. Fortunately, it was Dobby. He waved him over but Dobby shook his head. "I'm not one of the mean ones," he said gently. "You know I'd never hurt you."

Dobby shifted closer. "You no attack Dobby?"

"No more than I would anyone else in this school, Dobby. I only eat steaks." Dobby's ears perked up. "I eat about two to three steaks a day, very rare, barely browned on the outside so no one knows. Can you keep my secret?"

"Dobby keep all Harry Potter's secrets," he agreed, moving closer. He touched Harry's arm. "Harry Potter is not evil now?"

Harry grinned. "No, I'm not going to be evil. It was an accident. I'm of the line of...." He stopped and considered it. "Let's just say I'm an unusual vampire, all right, Dobby?"

Dobby nodded. "Dobby protect Harry Potter's secrets and feed him three steaks a night, barely brown and bleeding. You need the off-flow too? The juice?"

"No, that's okay, use it to make gravy for the others," he said happily. "You can even bring them at normal meal times if that's easier, I wouldn't mind in the least. Dobby, there's one other thing. I had to help someone else in the school and I need you to cover for him too." Dobby frowned. "And you're to tell me if he gets into trouble or starts being too obvious, got it?" Dobby nodded, stepping closer so Harry could tell him the name. "I need you to help Draco. I know you don't like him but his father treated him worse than even you." He tweaked the edge of Dobby's ear, earning a sad look. "Sorry, did that bother you?"

"Misters Malfoy was bad to his son?"

"Mister Malfoy nearly killed Draco for not being like him."

"Then Dobby protect and tell you if he's in trouble," Dobby agreed. "Dobby gets steaks now?"

"I'm fine for now but you should probably get Draco some." Dobby nodded and took off. Harry sat back and relaxed, smiling at his good work.

"Harry?" Hermione asked.

Harry winced before clearing his expression and looking back at her. "You're still up, Hermione?"

"I came to check on you. What's going on?"

He grimaced. "There's a lot you don't know about what happened this summer, Hermione. Things like I had to rescue Draco yesterday." She groaned. "His father was going to torture him until he died because he couldn't rape and kill on command." She came over to sit across from him. "I'm looking out for him because his parents cleared out instead of facing me."

"You mean you and Ron," she corrected. He shook his head. "No?"

"No, I left Ron back at the Leaky fixing things for my return." He crossed his feet. "Some things changed over the summer, Hermione, and it's going to get worse before it gets fully better. Trust me when I say that I adore you like my sister, but because of that I'm not going to let you into the battle this year." She started to open her mouth. "It'll be a real battle, Herm, not a one-on-one like we've had before. More like what happened at the Ministry, only with more people on each side. You said you never wanted to do that again so we're going to have you doing research and some of the planning. Got it?" She nodded firmly. "Good girl. Thank you." He blew a kiss as he stood up. "I'll see you in the morning. I'm going to go to bed." He headed up his stairs, listening to her thoughts. He could hear them for some reason. She wasn't convinced that something hadn't happened that he was trying to spare her the knowledge of. He might have to erase that conversation later. He went up to his room and into the bed, climbing in and getting undressed. Dobby popped in and handed him a plate and Harry beamed because he had followed his orders exactly. "Thank you," he whispered. Dobby nodded and took off, going back to his usual duties, letting Harry feed in peace.

Ron looked over at him. "I still say that's disgusting," he whispered.

Harry snorted, chewing the bite in his mouth. "You volunteering to be a steak?"

"No," Ron admitted with a grin. "Everything settled?"

"Yup. Plus, I told Hermione that she can't help us fight this year because it'll be a real battle."

"Good enough," Ron agreed. "When you have to mind-whammy her, I'll hold her still." He winked and flipped onto his other side. "Night, Harry."

"Night, Ron. Sleep well. I've got Herbology tomorrow I think."


"Secret passage. Dumbledore remembered it earlier to help Draco so he wouldn't be exposed to extra danger." He ripped another piece off and chewed it. "Human does taste better."

"Of course it does. Cows are lower creatures."

"Yeah, but they're handy," Harry pointed out.

"What are you talking about?" Neville asked quietly.

"Because of my sun poisoning, I was found to be a bit anemic while they did the tests," Harry responded. "Every once in a while I crave blood. So I'm eating really rare steak, a lot of really rare steak."

Neville opened his footboard curtain. "Really?" Harry nodded, eating another bite. "Wow. And the human comment?"

"I also chew on Ron occasionally when he pounces me. He tastes very good."

Neville grinned. "It's got to be all the sweets." He waved. "Good night, Harry, Ron."

"Night," they said together, watching as he closed himself back in. Then they shared a look and Harry went back to eating his dinner.


The next morning Ron dragged Harry out of bed and down to breakfast before he was really awake. It surprised him that a steak was waiting on him but then again the elves liked him. Maybe it was an offering since he could see Draco eating some with some fried eggs. That looked really good to him so he did the same, stunning Ron. "What?" he asked before digging in, this time even using the utensils.

"You eat eggs?"

"It looked really good," Harry told him.

McGonagall came down from the head table, handing Harry his schedule personally. "Steak?"

Harry nodded, finishing the bite in his mouth. "I was found to be really anemic when they treated me for my sun poisoning."

"Oh, you poor thing," she said, patting him on the head. "You eat as much steak and eggs as you need."

"It's better than when he bit me while we were roughhousing," Ron told her.

She laughed. "If he's that bad, perhaps a potion?"

"I'm doing a lot better, but I'm still kinda off-center, Professor. Don't worry, I've got my instructions memorized."

"How did you get steak at your Aunt's house?" Hermione asked as she dug into her french toast.

"I bought some and cooked it while they were asleep," Harry lied.

"Good thinking," Ron congratulated, taking his schedule from the pile being handed down. "Ooh, double Charms this afternoon," he said with a grin.

Harry looked at his schedule, comparing it to Ron's. "Great. All but Potions and Care of Magical Creatures together." He grinned at the professor's back as she walked away. "We'll have to set up a time to look at various plans tonight."

"I'll find a way to get news to our new helper," Ron told him.

"New helper?" Hermione asked, looking faintly upset.

Harry leaned closer. "We've got someone who's very sneaky to help us with the planning end." He sat up again and dug into his breakfast, stuffing himself as fast as he could. It took a lot longer to eat steak than it did eggs and toast. When Ron stood up, Harry finished up his last few bites and followed him, using the map to get out to Herbology. The tunnel came out in the shady back of Greenhouse Four, allowing him to slip inside. It was convenient that their class would be in this one. He waved at Hagrid, bringing him over. "Dumbledore found a tunnel," he told him.

"I heard. If mine was inside, I'd have worked on it too," he said sadly, giving Harry a hug. "You're cold."

"I'm fine, it's just the stuff with my blood. They found out I'm anemic as well so I'm eating a lot of steak these days," Harry told him. "I'm always cold because of it."

"Hmm. Poor thing." He ruffled Harry's hair. "You get better. Fang wants ta play with you."

"I'll be down tonight at tea time if that's okay."

"Sure," Hagrid said happily. "You have a good day and I'll see you this afternoon." He went back to his area as the other students filed in.

Madam Sprout smiled as she walked in. "I see you found the tunnel all right." Harry nodded. "Good boy. What sort of gardening were you doing this summer?"

"Edging, weeding, cutting some of the grass by hand," he said, rattling off what he had actually done before he was turned. "My aunt's that picky about her grass because people might see that it was done mechanically."

"No wonder you burned so bad," she snorted. She patted him on the cheek. "Oh, you're freezing."

"I'm anemic as well. It seems to happen when I'm low. I just ate a steak though."

"Good boy, Mr. Potter. Five points for taking such good care of yourself. Now find a table please." He went to do so. She looked around, noticing Mr. Malfoy running their way. "Harry, on your way back, show him the tunnel. I don't think he found it."

"Sure." He looked over as Draco ran inside. "Didn't you get the map?"

"Yes, but I couldn't find the entrance."

"Mr. Potter will show you on the way back since you'll both be using it," Madam Sprout said firmly. "Find a spot and park it." Draco did so, shoving one of the Slytherins out of the way. She frowned at him for acting like normal. "Today, we will be working with the younger student's mandrake plants to learn more advanced uses for them. Find your earmuffs and gloves now."

Harry grabbed a pair of earmuffs before all that was left was the pink ones. He looked silly in pink.


On the way back to the school through the tunnel, Harry stopped Draco. "How are you feeling?" he asked quietly.

"Fine. The steak did it well enough." He touched Harry's cheek. "You need to learn how to do warming charms." He lifted his wand. "Thermanis." Harry moaned as the warm air flowed around him. "Five minutes every few hours should be enough."

"That's great thinking, Draco. Thank you. I knew you were a good match." He waited while he warmed then let it dissolve. "Come on, we'd better head to class."

"Why bother?" Draco asked.

"Because otherwise people start to ask questions and then people come hunting with sharp pointy things and blades." Harry paused. "Speaking of which, I need you to come look at some plans and the clan book. Tonight?"


"After curfew, Malfoy. We'll be up anyway."

"Fine. Where?"

"Room of Requirement." Harry trotted on, heading to Charms. "Later."

"Fine," Draco grumbled, going down to his Runes class. His sire had a point, being staked would be bad. He was just starting to have fun. So Draco amused himself through the review by making up ways of making excuses for not being normal.


Draco took the heavy leather book as soon as Harry walked in. "What is this thing?"

"It's like our clan's bible." He put the book on top of the bible. "That's the literary version, though I have it on good authority that the chase back to the old country didn't happen."

Draco looked at the book, then at him. "Muggle?"

Harry beamed. "Not only muggle, but he updated the story by two hundred years and added a happy ending to suit his audience. Other than those, I was told it was very factual. That's how I told Ron." He locked the door as soon as Ron walked in. "Good, now down to business. Draco, you'll need to learn everything in there and I don't know everything in there so we'll have to share it."

"Fine," Draco sighed, sitting down in a comfortable chair to read. He started at the beginning, the family history. "For love?" he snorted.

"For the love of his wife, he turned his back on God and took a dark communion," Harry said quietly. "When Mina died sixty years back, he left and we're not sure if the founding father is dead or not."

"What is he in relation to me?" Draco asked as he turned the page. "Can I get the history from the muggle book?"

"Most of it," Harry relented. "The next chapter has fascination spells." He considered it. "Vlad would have been my great-grandsire. That would make him your great-great grandsire I think, right?" Draco looked up and nodded. "Anyway, he's been around since the later part of the Holy Roman Empire crumbled. During the Ottoman expansion." Ron shivered. "What's wrong?"

"There's a breeze," Ron said, wrapping his arms around himself.

Harry grabbed at the magic he could sense, and found Draco behind him with his wand. "Stealing, Hermione?"

"You're lying, Harry, and I wanted to know why," she told him.

"Fine." He vamped out, making her squeal and back away. "Feel better?"


"Nope, not me. That's how Harry saved Draco though." He waved a hand. "We were trying to spare you the knowledge, Hermione."

"We were trying to spare us the guilt," Harry retorted. "She'd guilt trip us to death for each steak we eat."

"The steaks. You're anemic because you need blood," she said, glaring at them. "Put the wands down or I report you."

Harry sighed and looked at her. "Hermione, forget," he said, entrancing her. She shook her head and he stepped closer, grabbing her by the arms. "Forget," he ordered again. She whimpered but he could see it wasn't working. "Shit, I'm still too new to this. Sergio could do this so much better."

"You were turned by someone named Sergio?" Draco asked.

Harry looked at him and nodded, letting Hermione go. The door was locked by his hand and only he could unlock it. "I met him at a club while I was kicked out one night. He said he'd keep me safe when your father walked in looking for me." He held out his arms. "This was his idea of safe."

"Well, technically, you will be safe from most anything the bigger prat can throw your way," Ron pointed out. He suddenly grinned. "Can we go find him? I want to see the look on his face the first time he tries to Crucio you and you yawn in his face."

Draco laughed. "Oh, I'd kill to have a camera there."

"You'll kill anyway," Hermione said sharply.

"Sleep!" Draco ordered. She fell down and snored. "Well," he said proudly.

"It's because you have a stronger personality," Harry said with a shrug. "It still won't work on me."

"No, but it would work on Weasley," he smirked.

"And if you touch Ron, I've got the unremovable cockring in my trunk," Harry retorted. Draco shivered.

Ron stepped forward. "Malfoy, deal with it, all right? In a year or so I may be where you're standing. If you're a good boy and do what Harry says you might even miss my turning. If not, we're going to tie you down and fuck you raw. According to the books, we can do that." Draco started to look interested again. "Not until next year," Ron said, backing away from him. "I'm not that amoral yet."

"The book says sires get first rights," Harry said smugly. Draco looked stunned. "It's a power hierarchy, Malfoy. I changed you so I have power over you. Some day, you'll have a minion or childe of your own and you can do the same to them. Now, sit and read the book." Draco sat down and started on the second chapter. "Thank you."

"I want to know all these rules before anything happens," Draco said grimly. He glanced at Granger. "She's not snoring."

Ron walked over and nudged her awake. "Hi, Hermione. Feel better?"

"Plonker," she swore as she sat up. "What did you do to me?"

"A simple sleep command. It's very helpful in the face of a tantrum," Harry said calmly, staring her down. Someone knocked on the door. "If you say a word, I will change you," he warned. He opened the door, looking at the nurse. "Yes, Madam Pomfrey?"

"Mr. Potter, it was reported that you're so anemic you're biting people?"

Harry blushed and shrugged. "Every now and again. I'm doing really well with the steak thing, Madam Pomfrey." She grimaced. "It's okay, really. I'm having less cravings already."

"Yes, but some students are complaining because you're getting steak each meal," she pointed out, stepping inside and closing the door. She pulled her wand. "Hold still."

"No," Harry said, shaking his head and backing away. "I don't want examined. I'm doing all right on my own."

She glared at him. "You know I'd never hurt you, Mr. Potter. I've taken care of you many times." Her face lit up. "You've grown a phobia of healers?" Harry nodded quickly. "No wonder. Having to go to muggle doctors must be wretched." She gave him a quick pat. "I understand. I'm sure your friends will help you quite a lot," she told him. "Whenever you can drag yourself upstairs, come see me. Especially if you start feeling faint again. I'll authorize your diet if it's helping." She hurried out and Ron locked the door this time.

"Thank Merlin," Ron sighed, looking at Harry. "Did you already figure that part out?"

"I hadn't, but Sergio came up with the anemia." He looked at Draco. "I wish he was still around."

"Did you stake him?"

"No, he was lonely and depressed so he walked out into the daylight the day after we met." He shrugged at Draco's incredulous look. "His sire was gone, his grandsire was missing. He told me all I needed to know, handed me the book, then dropped me off at home and had one last wild night before meeting the sun. He made the papers that night for being set on fire." He sat himself down. "Hermione, you can believe me or not. I'm not going to eat anyone unless it's necessary or if it's Ron and he wants to be turned."

"Malfoy," she started.

"I get enough from the steaks as well," Draco told her. "I'm assuming a person would be more filling?"

Harry nodded. "I took two pints off someone a few times and found myself stuffed full."

"Which was little enough that she was fine afterwards, right, Harry?" Ron prompted.

"Yeah, just fine. She wobbled out, ate some food, and felt a lot better for the shagging." He looked at Draco, noticing the surprise. "Did you know we could have groupies? Sergio said he was ducking his. I'm guessing they want to be turned or they want to be fed off of."

"That's convenient," Draco noted, going back to his reading. "Granger, you're the only person I'd consider eating at the moment. Simply because it would make you less annoying."

Up in the office, Dumbledore turned off his listening aid, frowning at what he had heard. Why would Mr. Malfoy even consider sleeping with Ms. Granger in such a manner? It would only be a temporary mood lifter.


Professor Snape watched as the Gryffindors walked into their seventh year class. Something was very different about Potter. He saw the glance at Malfoy and had to hold in his sneer. The boy was checking on his rescue, how sweet. He glanced at Malfoy himself and noticed he was looking very attractive, if a bit otherworldly and fey. It must have been from the torture. He looked at Granger, who was slumped in her seat looking miserable. Not her usual first day attitude at all. He focused on Potter again, noticing he also looked a bit otherworldly without his glasses.

One of his Slytherins also noticed the lack of spectacles. "Decided to go blind for fashion, Potter?" she called.

Harry looked at her and shook his head. "Contact lenses. They're surprisingly comfortable." He gave Snape an attentive look, hands on the table in front of him and looking interested, for once.

"This is not the place to discuss such things. Ten points from Gryffindor," he said, watching Potter. He didn't react at all. He paced back to the front of the class and looked at them. "This year, we will be doing your NEWT lessons. It is exponentially harder than your OWL lessons. This year will also contain....dangerous potions," he purred. "You will follow all lessons exactly and you will give your full attention to everything you do." He lifted his chin. "This year, you will be learning some deadly potions. If this bothers you, leave. Now." No one even shifted. "Since you have decided to take your lives into your own hands, we shall begin with the simplest of the group." He pointed his wand at the board. "Do that, now." Everyone bent to copy the information for their notes and he watched Potter. Something was definitely odd about him. Something that needed watching.


That night, Ron drug Hermione to the meeting and forced her inside before locking the door himself. "What's for tonight?" he asked eagerly.

"I have some questions," Draco offered. Harry nodded, taking his usual seat. "If the book is accurate, what about the changing?"

"It's very fun," Harry told him. "I love to travel as fog. You go slower, but you see a lot more." He grinned. "The only thing Sergio told me was that you had to equal out your mass. That's why my fog form is so vast."

"But you turned into a single rat at my house," Draco reminded him.

Harry nodded, leaning forward a bit. "I changed into my animagus form and then over. That reduced my mass."

"You're an animagus?" Draco asked. Harry nodded. "It stayed with you?" Harry nodded again. "Is there any magic we can't do?"

"Draco, we two are the only anchors to some of the dark magics in the world," Harry told him. "It's from the power of the communion he took. You could probably still go for it if you haven't already." Draco perked up a bit. "Also, having one is really handy at times. I chased Mrs. Norris last year."

"Harry's a silver Siamese cat," Ron snickered. "It was really cute."

"What are you?" Draco asked him.

"I'm a hyena. Probably because I only fight when I'm in a pack and I have a sense of humor."

Hermione glared at him from her seat. "You're an arse is more like it, Ronald Weasley."

Harry sighed and stood up. "Hermione, look at me." She did so. "Repeat after me," he said hypnotically. "Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are normal wizards."

"Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are normal wizards," she said dully. She shook her head. "What did you do?"

"Nothing." He grinned. "Draco?" Draco stepped closer, letting Harry whisper in his ear. They were in this together and while they were still weak individually, they had enough power to each lay a compulsion on her.

Draco stepped forward. "Granger, you will not speak of this knowledge you have. You may not tell anyone what you know about the three of us." She whimpered. "No one may know what we are, you are guarding our secret up to losing your life."

"Hey," Ron complained. "That's not necessary."

"It is," Harry told him. "She'd go straight to McGonagall as soon as she could. We'd have to run and then it'd be a lot harder to defeat Voldie."

"It would," Draco agreed. He looked at Hermione again. "You may not share this information in any manner with anyone in this school."

"Yes, Draco," she said dully. He let her go and she glared at him. "Not going to turn me into Renfield?"

"That's a real syndrome, did you know that?" Harry asked, turning back to the book. He patted Draco on the back. "Come on, let's finish our reading. Then we'll make plans to go on our first hunt."

"Why don't you hunt down his parents?" Ron asked.

Harry beamed at him. "What a very good idea," he purred.

"I'd have to kill them," Draco pointed out.

Harry gave him a smug look. "I can do one better. Tell me, how is the Dark Lord doing? Feeling paranoid?" Draco nodded. "Excellent." He looked at Ron. "Guard me, I'm lowering my shields." He sat down and closed his eyes, gripping his wand tightly.

"Huh?" Draco asked.

"Harry's taking Occulmencary because he's connected to the Dark Lord," Hermione said primly.

"Ah!" Draco nodded and smirked. "So lowering his shields would attract him and make him want to try his mind, at which point Harry can sneak in and influence him instead. Brilliant of him. It must come from being turned." He sat down to do some more reading. This was really fascinating stuff.

In Harry's mind, he pictured himself bouncing Voldemort's head around like he was juggling a soccer ball. He had felt the other wizard take the bait. He left that picture running in a loop while he extended himself into the other wizard's mind. This was so much easier now. He easily breeched the shields and entered as stealthily as possible. He saw that he was staring at his group as they mingled. Well, good timing as well. They were trying to regroup. "You want to kill Lucius for failing you," he whispered into the other wizard's mind. He sounded like a speaking conscience, he knew he did. "You want to kill Lucius because he failed to bring you his son and he humiliated you by losing his son in his own house to Harry Potter."

"Potter," Voldemort hissed. The Death Eaters stopped to look at him. He saw Narcissa and his anger flared, showing Harry that she was the real power in the family.

"Going to a second husband is too good for her," he whispered into the demented mind. "She failed you because she couldn't control her son or her husband. She's failed you because she hasn't bred for the group. How can you trust someone like her? Kill her, put her out of your mind."

Voldemort raised his wand and flicked it at Lucius once he found him. "Crucio." He stood up. "He failed me. He failed to bring his son in and he failed to keep his house pure. Potter must have learned how to get into his house from someone in the family directly and we know the son didn't contact anyone. Yet, Lucius went to retrieve him during the holiday and didn't bring him back." He looked at Narcissa, who looked very scared. "You failed to do anything. You failed to control him, to control your son. You're not even fit to breed for the glory of Our honor. You have failed me for the last time."

"No, I may yet be pregnant," she said quickly.

"It would be no better than the one you have already borne." He flicked his wand in her direction and people scattered away from her. "Avada Kedavra." He looked at Lucius and did the same to him. "Have them dumped on the school's grounds. Maybe their son will find them," he said cruelly, smirking at the rest. They hurried to do as he had ordered, like proper minions.

Harry put one last thought into his mind. "Potter is watching you," he whispered. "He is always watching you. Every moment of every day, he is watching and waiting for you to appear weak." Then he withdrew and grinned at Draco. The voice in his head had stopped as soon as the Dark Lord had moved to strike down Lucius so his shields were quickly put back up. "Problem solved," he announced. "They're being dropped onto the grounds." Draco smirked at him. "Also, did you know that the Dark Lord was engaging in breeding? Those men of appropriate and good bloodlines have been handed second wives from good bloodlines, but not from the group, and the wives like your mother, who have barren husbands, have been given second husbands from within the group. Your mother was screwing Greg's dad."

Draco grimaced. "Eww."

"Maybe you should tell Dumbledore everything you heard," Ron suggested. "Say that you fought him off and you overheard this in his mind."

"Another excellent idea. Did you already taint him?" Draco asked.

Harry stood up and pulled Draco to his feet, biting him hard on the neck. Draco howled in pain and went limp. "Quit picking on Ron. Now." Draco gave him a hurt look and Harry pulled Draco's pants down, bending him over the chair. He undid his own pants and summoned some oil, then drove himself into his childe's body. "You will respect me and you will respect Ron," he ordered.

"Yes, sire," Draco groaned, pushing back against him. "Thank you for correcting me."

"I had better not have to do it again," Harry ordered as he summoned the cockring and put it onto his childe's disobedient body. Then he pulled back and panted until he calmed down. "Once your behavior has improved, I'll remove it." He pulled back up his pants and sat down again.

"Wow," Ron breathed, still staring at Draco's body. He looked at Harry. "Is that normal?"

"I told him what his punishment would be," Harry pointed out with a slight grin.

Hermione swallowed. "Harry, that's not right."

"Shut up, Granger," Draco said angrily. "I provoked him and he retaliated, that's the way it's supposed to work."

Harry looked at him. "If you had asked, I would have rewarded you instead," he offered. "I'm usually good about rewarding my people. Just ask my teammates."

Draco sat down on Harry's lap. "I'm not used to being the bottom," he admitted quietly.

Harry patted him on the back. "Draco, I've never been on the bottom." Draco looked stunned. "I'm watched like I'm the holy grail or another sacred artifact. The fact that I'm not a virgin is a miracle in itself." Draco nodded. "Did you only bottom as a punishment?"

"I was weaker."

"Ah." Harry gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Then I'm sorry. Next time you want to know, ask and I'll do whatever your mind can come up with. There is no restriction on what I can do to you or have you do to me." Draco and he locked gazes and suddenly he was in Draco's mind, seeing everything that he had wanted. He shivered as he pulled back, but he was smiling. "Most of that is probably doable." He gave him a short kiss. "Go back to your reading and if you're good, I'll reward you in an hour." Draco got up and pulled up his pants, going back to his own chair.

"You raped him," Hermione said angrily.

"I didn't say no," Draco reminded her dryly. "Therefore he had my consent." He glanced at her. "As my sire, he has the right to any part of my body, Granger. Even if he wanted to pull out my liver and eat it for dinner. He has the right to torture, correct, and to please me at his whim. As a good childe, I get rewarded. Harry was correct in enforcing the boundaries he had set up. That is proper training behavior. If you had trained your cat, you'd know that."

"Her cat still paws through my trunk because Scabbers once hid in there and some of the stench stayed," Ron said dryly. "Do you, um, want a pain potion or anything?"

"No, I'm fine," Draco announced. "Feeling odd, but fine." He turned the page and went onto the next charm. "Harry, can't we do this one to test it out?" he asked, handing over the book.

Harry looked at it, then grinned. "Do you really want someone like Renfield?"

"Well, no. I assume that Mrs. Norris hunts all the bugs in the castle, but it'd be nice to have a minion to do things for us." He gave a pointed look at Hermione. Harry shook his head and Draco sighed. "Fine. Can we make me one later?"

"Once we graduate, you can make a careful harem, or you can bring some of the other sort to you and use them before tossing them away," Harry promised. "As long as you're careful, subtle, and discreet. Remember, we can and will be hunted. Even me and especially you because of what we were."

"Good point," Draco agreed. His whole face lit up as he smiled. "I can bring some of my future minions and have the other sort of vamps turn them?" Harry nodded. "I'll have to think about that."

"Since your parents are dead, are you going to go home after school?" Ron asked.

Draco shook his head. "I don't want to live there. I'll pack up the personal affects over the winter holidays." He looked at Harry. "What about bloodlines? I know my parents had some of my seed stored in case something happened to me."

Harry grinned. "Sergio told me it was rare that it happened, but it was technically possible for us to impregnate someone early on after we were turned. Our sperm doesn't feed off our blood and we won't ever make more, but whatever we had when we were turned we have until it's gone."

"So that means one, possibly two, encounters," Draco said thoughtfully. "Did you?"

"I admit I screwed a few witches," Harry offered. "I also had Sergio once." Draco looked interested. "We had an hour to spare so he gave me a quick sex ed lesson."

"Oh." Draco smirked at him. "So we might have little Harry's running around some day?"

"Anything's possible," Harry agreed.

"There are ways around infertile couples," Ron offered. "I overheard mum gossiping about a friend of theirs who had to go in for that. He wasn't making any little soldiers."

"Good," Harry said happily. "Some day, I'll have to think about that."

"I'll have to provide at least one heir to carry on the bloodline," Draco said. "I'll pick mothers and cede the house to them until their children are adults." He turned back to the book. "The stored sperm should be enough. There's eight vials."

"That's fine, as long as you leave them a parent to take care of them," Harry offered, smiling at him. "I know how fanatical some of the purer bloodlines are about carrying on. I overheard Pansy and Millicent going over fertility charms for this upcoming spring." Draco nodded.

"Harry, I had a thought. When you're ready to move on, how are you going to change yourself?" Ron asked. "You're famous enough that you've had pinups and people everywhere know what you look like."

"Possibly some dye and some makeup until I decide what I want to look like," Harry said with a shrug. He stood up. "I'm going to write out what I saw in Voldie's mind for Dumbledore. You guys behave." Some paper and a quill appeared on the desk and he smiled. "Thank you, room." He sat down to write out everything he had seen then rang the bell on the table for a house elf. Sunny showed up, giving him a hopeful look. "Hi, Sunny," he said, giving her a pat on the head between the ears. "Thank you for coming. Would you please take this to Dumbledore?"

"Yous need food?" she asked. "We's feed yous so yous not eat us."

"No, I'm not really hungry," Harry assured her.

"I am," Draco announced. She nodded and took the letter, heading off. "They're feeding us so we don't eat them?" he asked dryly. Harry nodded. "Good job."

"I'd never attack a house elf and I told Dobby that but I guess he's still scared of me."

"He has good right to be scared of you," Hermione spat. She stood up. "Let me out."

"You go when we do," Harry told her. "Sit." She glared at him. "Fine, summon a book and sit," he ordered. She summoned a book and sat. "Thank you." He and Draco shared a look, then he and Ron shared one, all of them shaking their heads.


Two nights later, Harry took Draco on his first hunt. It was hours after everyone had gone to sleep and they had made sure that the Headmaster and their heads of houses were also asleep before they left. They came together on the roof of the castle, the one where Harry and Ron had once sent off one of Hagrid's friends, and fogged up to travel that way. They passed over Hogsmeade and all the tempting targets there. They headed for the house of a Death Eater who had hurt Draco. Vincent Crabbe Senior's house to be exact. They had planned out their attack before so they knew what was going to happen. Crabbe had his 'second wife' locked in a nice suite. His wife was out of town this week according to his son, who Draco had gotten information from. They found him happily boinking his pliant mistress and appeared behind him. She started to say something but Harry waved his hand and knocked her out.

"Hell, you usually wait until after I'm done for that," Crabbe Senior said in disgust, but he didn't stop. At least he didn't until Draco grabbed him and hoisted him up. "You!" he sneered. That's when he noticed he wasn't touching the ground. "What...what are you!" he shouted, struggling to get free.

"He's what I am," Harry said in a near-purr of contentment. "He's what I made him. So much better than your master wanted to make him." He struck lightening quick, taking one side of Crabbe's neck as Draco took the other. Together they fed off the arrogant man, draining him down to having only a few pints in his body. He would live for a bit longer, but not to the morning. They carefully cleaned him and hid the marks, then laid him back down with his mistress. If she had been complaining or been under the Imperius, they would have freed her but it looked like she was there of her own free will.

Draco wiped the girl's hand across the remains of the spilled blood, then positioned it so she looked like she was cuddling up to him. He waved a hand. "Beautiful?"

"Very artistic," Harry said, adjusting her leg so it was curled around Crabbe Senior's leg, straddling it at the knee. "There, perfect," he decided. He broke the lock spell, leaving the door open. Then they headed downstairs to place an anonymous floo call to the hospital. They fogged up and headed back, going back to their rooftop. Where they shagged like bunnies until nearly dawn.


Draco looked up as Crabbe Junior sat down at the table, looking very upset. "What happened?" he grunted between bites.

"They found my father nearly dead last night of some unknown illness and his mistress stunned," he announced. "He died this morning." Draco nodded and went on eating. "How can you be so cold, Malfoy?" he demanded, glaring at his former best friend.

"Because your father was responsible for at least half the bruises on my body," he said coldly. "He always was my father's favorite instrument of torture when he didn't feel like doing it himself." Crabbe hopped up and ran away, silently crying. "Whatever."

Snape stormed down. "What did you say to him?" he demanded.

"I told him the truth. I'm not sorry his father's dead." Draco took one last bite then stood up. "Why? Does it bother you that I hate the people who hurt me?"

Snape shivered and backed away from him. "Go back to the dorms and stay in your rooms the rest of the day."

"Crabbe would have went there to hide," Goyle said quietly. Snape glared at him and he flinched. "I'm sorry, Professor, but he would have. He liked his father." He looked at Draco. "It's good to know you haven't had a personality switch." He stood up and walked off, going to comfort his friend.

"You will see me before class, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco stepped closer. "If I had wanted to talk about the people who took instruments to my body, I would have already." He picked up his books and left.

Snape stared after him. "Something is wrong with him," he muttered.

"He seems like normal to me," Pansy said snidely. Snape glared at her. "Sorry, sir," she said quickly, swallowing once he had moved on.

Professor Snape went back to his seat and sat there staring at the students. He noticed Ms. Granger was still not babbling about anything. She was reading a book on vampires if the cover was to be believed. Something for Defense obviously. Weasley and Potter were talking like normal, though Potter did look like he was glowing in the faint light. Something in his mind tried to surface but nothing broke the still waters of his mind. Something odd was going on and he wasn't sure what it was, but he would find out.


Harry stopped Draco in the halls. "He suspects."

"Leave him to me," Draco muttered. "Get your hands off, Potter. Do not grope me like you know me," he sneered louder, covering up their conversation. He broke free of the hand on his arm and stomped off. He noticed Granger's book and sneered at her. "Light bedtime reading?" he taunted as he walked past her to reach his seat in Arithmancy.

"Yes," she said firmly.

He used what he had learned last night, projecting his voice into her head. "It won't work, mudblood. Everyone thinks it's for a Defense paper. Your reputation as a booknerd proceeds you." The teacher walked in and he broke it off, giving him his usual insolent stare. This hadn't changed him much, now he had proof that he was a higher being in the order of the universe, thereby justifying his former attitudes and beliefs. He was more normal than Potter was. He considered his housemates. None of them would make good minions. Sure, he'd had a few fantasies in the back of his mind about some of them, but it wasn't anything he couldn't find from someone else. None of them met up to his exacting standards of what a minion, and especially those for a childe, should be. Now Granger, she met up and exceeded both of them if he disregarded her heritage, but she'd be a pain. That eliminated her. Weasley might make an interesting one, but Potter had made it clear that Ron was his. He'd love to help Harry break Ron. That insolent streak and his temper would make it a fiery taming and one he at least wanted to watch. He got hard thinking about it and smirked at his daydreams as the teacher went back over last year's final exam. Let her think that he was hard from the thought of the numbers, it'd get him a higher grade.


Harry looked at his team, smiling at them. "Hi, guys. How's things?" He counted noses. "Okay, let's get this stuff settled quickly so we can run a scrimmage."

"Harry, are you all right?" Ginny asked. "You seem odd. Like you're picking up Malfoy manners or something."

Harry chuckled, shaking his head and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Not in the least. It's the stress I'm always under, Ginny. I'm sorry if I'm a bit short with you." He looked at the rest of the team. "Anyone else need an apology?" They shook their heads. "Good. Then let's get the admin stuff done. Does anyone else want the captain's position?" No one raised their hands. "Then I guess I keep it?" They nodded. "Okay. When should we hold tryouts for our backups and next year's team?"

"I vote next week," Ginny put in. "That way we have a chance to warm up as a team before we face them down. We won't look bad against them that way."

"Good idea. Any dissent?" Harry asked. Everyone shook their heads, and Ron was grinning at him. "Done. Ron, release the balls. Everyone else, up into position. Beaters, run interference; chasers, practice passing and scoring against Ron. I'm going to fly about and watch while I tease the snitch." That got some laughs and everyone headed up, some of them chatting about how it was nice that Harry had settled right in this year. Last year he had nearly chatted them to death before practices. Harry flew up above the group, watching as they worked out. The snitch was the practice version and he could easily catch it. It was twice as slow and brighter than the game one. He cheered when Ron made a really good save. He was in top form it seemed. The next two shots he missed and the third he dove for, but he fell. Harry zipped down to check on him, frowning at his best friend. "Ron? Ron, wake up," he ordered.

"I'll get the nurse," Ginny said, flying for the school.

Harry checked Ron over, noticing the broken bones. Ron had fractured six of his vertebrae. He would be paralyzed if the nurse couldn't fix them. Madam Pomfrey came running. "He hurt his back," he said as he got out of her way. "He hasn't woken but he groaned at me when I first landed. He was up by the middle goal."

Madam Pomfrey checked him over, then cast a charm to keep him flat while she moved him. She looked at Harry. "Call practice off and then call his mother for me, Mr. Potter. We'll need her consent for something of this nature." Harry nodded but it was Ginny who went to call her mother.

Harry waved at the rest of the group as he followed the nurse up to the infirmary. Molly showed up a few minutes later. "He dove for a shot and fell," he said, running his hands through his hair. "He broke some of his vertebrae."

Molly gave him a gentle pat on the back and a knowing look. He shook his head. She sighed and nodded then went in to look after her son.

Harry pulled a stool in for her and hopped up to sit on the next bed over, both of them waiting on Ron to wake up while Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape readied the healing potion.


Draco found Harry in the infirmary that night and handed him a sandwich. French bread and their usual steak. "Eat," he said at the disgusted look.

"I might have to," Harry said quietly, taking the sandwich. "How is Granger?"

"She's fretting but Madam Pomfrey wouldn't let her in. She's taking a short nap by the way." Molly woke up and looked at them. "I brought him dinner."

"Thank you, Draco." She looked at Harry. "Will you?"

"If it spares Ron, I'll gladly do so," Harry said gently. Ron moaned in pain as his bones shifted again, knitting together some more. "I don't want him to be hurt." He handed back the sandwich and slid off the bed, coming over to touch Ron's arm. "Hey, Ron, we're here. Everyone but Hermione because they won't let her in."

"Harry?" Ron moaned, opening his eyes. Harry gave him a smile and brushed some of his hair around. "Make it stop, Harry, please?"

"If Madam Pomfrey can't fix it, I will," Harry promised. He looked back at Draco. "I need to know if we have healing spells."

"I checked, we have one but it's only for those tainted." Draco unwrapped the sandwich and started to eat. Molly frowned at him. "Sorry, I'm hungry today for some reason."

"You were still so young when you ate that much. It stretched your stomach," Harry told him. He looked at Draco. "Is there a blood potion?" Draco nodded, taking another bite. "Can we make it?"

"It's not hard, nor expensive," Draco said between bites. "I'm really hungry tonight."

"Did you feed anyone?" Molly asked.

Draco blushed and shrugged, finishing off the sandwich.

"Draco!" Harry hissed.

"I tainted Granger a little so she'd be under better control."

"Then that's why you're eating so much today. It'll be fine." Harry grinned at him. "I was trying to avoid that, but thank you. A light one? Nothing that will make her eat bugs?" Draco shook his head, looking disgusted. "That's fine. How's the potion look?"

"There's one that should be better," Draco offered. "I'll get everything and make some." He headed down to the dungeons to find that potion and steal the ingredients he didn't have.

Harry looked at Ron. "And you were worried," he snorted. Ron gave him a weak laugh and a weaker smile. "You rest, Ron. Let's see what Madam Pomfrey can do for you first." Ron nodded briefly and closed his eyes as soon as his mother had fed him the next dose of pain killers. Harry went to wake up the school nurse. "Madam Pomfrey?" he called. She started, suddenly wide awake. "Ron woke up for a second so we gave him his next dose of pain killer."

"That's fine, Mr. Potter. You could go upstairs."

"I'm not leaving Ron, not until he's healed," he said firmly, making it a command.

"Fine. Try to get some sleep at least then." She made a note on Ron's chart then went to check on her other patients.

Harry went back to his vigil, checking Ron for himself. "He's healing most of the way."

"Will you?" Molly asked. Harry nodded. "Thank you, Harry."

"You know I'd do anything for Ron, Molly. The same as I would for Ginny. Though, I'm not offering her unless it's a necessity." Molly nodded, giving him a slight smile. "Where is Arthur?"

"He's tied up and can't get back until tomorrow. They had him and a few other Ministers at that meeting in France. Fudge wouldn't even tell him until the meeting was done today. He called a bit ago and said he'd be back in the morning."

"That's fine, Molly. I'll be in class by then to spare him."

"Thank you, Harry. It's clear you're still very polite and considerate." Madam Pomfrey walked over to them. "Is he healing?"

"He's healing a lot but I can't be sure he won't have pains," Madam Pomfrey told her. She looked at Harry then did the check charm on him, frowning at her results. "That's odd, it worked on everyone else."

Harry grinned. "It's probably the shielding charms I was working on earlier," he explained. "I was working on stealth sneaking around without an invisibility cloak."

"That explains why you don't have a heartbeat," she said happily. "Good job. Anyone looking for living intruders would pass right over you. How hard is it to apply?"

"Hellishly so," he admitted. She swatted him. "Thanks. It wears off in a few hours but I'll have a bit of dizziness if I take it down. I'm going to try and keep it on for as long as possible since we had those bodies dumped here."

"That's fine, Mr. Potter. I'm glad you've gotten over some of your phobia of healers."

"Mostly because they're not treating me," Harry told her.

She laughed and patted him on the cheek. "I understand. Though I did notice you're still fairly anemic by our standards. Do you want another steak?"

"No, I'm full," he told her. "It'll be fine."

She nodded. "At least yours wasn't the same sort of cause as Mr. Malfoy's. That poor boy, his injuries are making him the same way." She hurried off.

"I think Draco got her once too often," he whispered as soon as she was out of hearing range. Molly snorted. He shrugged as he looked at her. "It's an explanation."

"Yes, it is, and a good one, Harry," Molly assured him. She stroked down Ron's arm, making him moan. "I wish he would have been more careful."

"His broom didn't turn as fast as he did," Harry told her. "I've fallen too, it's just how he fell."

She nodded, understanding that, but it was her son. "Thank you, Harry."

"You're welcome, Molly. Why don't you nap? I'll be up for a few more hours." She nodded and put her head down next to Ron's hand, quickly dozing off. Harry was still sitting up when Arthur walked in so he waved him over and put a finger against his lips. "Shh. Ron's dosed and Molly just drifted off," he whispered, pulling Arthur away. "Ron twisted wrong as he fell and broke seven of his vertebrae badly. He's on a sleeping potion because the bone mender is really strong and it hurts him. Molly's been sleeping for about an hour now. I'll leave you two alone so you can watch over them." Arthur nodded and gave him a smile. "Good night, Mr. Weasley." He walked off, waving at the nurse that he was going. She gave him a smile and waved back. He headed up to his room and found Draco curled up on his bed. "Hey," he said as he crawled in. Draco pulled the curtains and made them all-but invisible to the others. "What's wrong?"

"Snape suspects something. I heard him talking to himself," Draco told him, sitting up. "Does it feel odd to you to be tired now?"

"It does," Harry agreed. "Can you make him ignore us?"

"I can, but what about in class?"

"Then how about putting on something to make sure he sees us as normal?"

"He's got a really strong mind," Draco pointed out.

"We build strength by feeding, Draco. A slight compulsion, like 'they're normal and nothing's wrong with them' shouldn't be too hard to slip into his mind right after lunch. Maybe before Potions next time since it's right after lunch?"

"Maybe," Draco admitted, thinking about it. "The blood potion is easy enough. It's a fifth year level potion. This one makes fake blood but it's supposed to be for transfusions."

"Good. Will we have to chill it or anything?"

"Maybe. I couldn't figure that out." He shrugged. "We'll figure that part out later. I've got a batch started and it should be ready for lessons tomorrow night." He grinned, sliding closer. "Can I have a reward?"

"You can always have a reward when you're good and you ask," Harry promised, flipping Draco underneath him and kissing him hard. "What sort of reward would you like?"

"I'd like one that makes me howl and itch to have fur," Draco smirked.

"Deal. I could use some tension relief myself." He winked and bent down to tease his childe, making them both very happy.


Ron looked up as Harry walked in, giving him a grimace. "I ache," he told him before Harry could ask how he was doing. "I really ache. Madam Pomfrey said I might always ache."

Harry gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "I think I found a cure for that." He waved the nurse over. "I found this earlier when I was looking up his type of injury," he explained.

She looked at he had made, then slowly shook her head. "It's very strong, Harry." Ron tried to shrug but winced instead. "It would finish mending everything though. It could also knock him into a coma for a few weeks as well while his body recuperates." She looked at them. "I will suggest it to your mother after I look it up in my books." She left them alone, marveling at how much nicer Ron was since Harry had come in and kissed him.

Harry leaned down close to Ron's ear, looking like he was whispering to his lover. "If I turn you now, you'll stay in this state," he told him. "You'll come back to this state after each injury." He pulled back, getting an understanding look. "I don't want you in pain for a long time," he said normally.

"Neither do I," Ron agreed, giving him another faint smile. "What does that one do?"

"It checks each bone and sets it to the human optimum. It's an ancient spell and not used any longer because of fears of 'improving' the humans it's used on. In your case, it'd heal all of them and strengthen any prior breaks."

"Which would be nice, but a few weeks of recuperation?"

"Yeah, it takes all the energy from your own body." Harry winked at him. "I can taint you," he offered. "That would solve both problems."

"Harry, I'd eat the nastiest potion ever, or even eat Percy's cooking, to get out of this bed. A little bite or two of you is nothing."

Harry looked at the nurse. "I'm pulling the curtains for a few minutes," he called. She waved a hand that it was fine. Harry sealed them in and then let his fangs extend. "It's the same procedure, only with less," he instructed. Then he leaned down and bit Ron on the upper pectoral, making him moan. He pulled back and made a cut on his upper forearm, letting Ron suck on it. When he pulled back, his face was back to normal and he could feel Ron's taint had taken hold. Ron was just as much in his mind as Draco was, only it was somehow lesser. He poured some water into Ron's drinking glass and handed it to him along with his handkerchief so Ron could clean up. As soon as Harry was satisfied, he opened the curtains and found Dumbledore had come in but was over by the desk. He and Ron shared a look, that had been close.

"Boys," Dumbledore said, smiling at them. He noticed a spot of blood that had dripped off Ron's mouth onto his chest. "You're bleeding?"

Ron blotted the spot. "I bit my lip a while back while trying to move," he covered. He wetted the handkerchief again and blotted at it. "Harry was helping me clean up." The nurse came over. "I bit my lip."

"You do that often when you're in pain," she pointed out. She got him another shirt and helped him into it, taking the other to put into the laundry. When she came back, Ron was looking much happier with life. "Are you feeling better?"

"I do," Ron admitted. "Maybe it's because Harry's here." He grinned at his best friend ever. Then at the Headmaster. "You came all the way up here to visit me?"

"I think it's time for someone to have a nap," Madam Pomfrey said, shooing the Headmaster out. Harry helped her settle Ron back into a comfortable position and she left him there. "Harry's been such a sweet dear to him since he's been up here."

"So I can tell," Dumbledore agreed. "Is there any hope of him getting better?"

"Actually there might be. Harry was researching Ron's condition to see what help he would need in the future and he found an old healing spell. It's fairly complicated, takes three casters, but it was let go because it might improve the human form a bit. It checks each bone and sets it more firmly into the normal human average." She handed it to him. "Headmaster, I'd like to put some sort of summoning device out onto the pitch. Maybe just a bell they can ring that would also ring in here. If I hadn't been heading back from the library it would have taken me much longer to get to young Mr. Weasley and it could have been much worse."

"We looked at the possibility before but we didn't think it was practical," he admitted, handing it back. "If you want, we can try it but you'll probably get some pranks."

"Then make pranking with it an expelling offense," Harry said as he moved past them. "I'm going to duck down to the kitchen to get an apple or something, be right back." He hurried off before anyone could question why he was hungry. Draco had put the potion into this collapsible apple shape. The celluloid that made up the outer skin quickly deteriorated once the bag was punctured. It cleaned itself up and didn't leave much of a trace. The blood potion tasted a bit off but otherwise it was fine. He wasn't really hungry but he was willing to eat so he wouldn't feel like he should be claiming and breaking in Ron. The house elf that saw him got him one of the apples and handed it over, giving him a smile. They weren't quite as scared of him this week as they were last week. It was a good thing they were keeping the secrets. He bit into the apple and sucked it dry within moments, the watched as the outer casing dissolved in the nearest trashcan. He ducked into a bathroom to clean himself up and to blow himself off, ignoring the others in the bathroom.

"Potter, the Ravenclaws have this bathroom," one of them called.

"Shut up or I'm using your image," he called back. The boys made disgusted noises and left him alone. They understood of course, they were all young men, but that doesn't mean that they had to like it.


Draco walked into the infirmary late that night, looking over Ron's body. The spell had been cast after dinner and Ron was still napping. Harry was pacing upstairs and wanted to wait until tomorrow but Draco wanted to see what a tainted person felt like. Amazingly enough, he could barely feel him. He felt like a human, but more so. Like he had stronger magic maybe, or that he was radiating somehow. He didn't feel like Harry did to him, nothing like the feeling that came over him whenever he came near another vampire. Not even like the one out in the woods that was cowering in fear after having run into him last night while he was wandering. Draco did feel a protective urge toward him, and he understood that was from the taint, but it felt confusing. He had never felt protective toward anyone and now he had two people he felt that way towards. Maybe he shouldn't have a childe of his own. This caring thing was very odd and confusing. The next thing he knew he might feel like spoiling them with gifts and that would certainly ruin his reputation. He felt Harry come in and looked at him. "He feels stronger."

"Good." Harry slipped up next to Ron's other side, touching him gently on the side of the face. "They're so fragile, Draco. I never realized how fragile they were until I wasn't one."

"They heal, just like we do," Draco pointed out. Harry looked at him. "They do it slower but they do heal."

"If Ron hadn't had good care, he'd be paralyzed. If I had done this then, he'd be like that permanently."

Draco shuddered. He couldn't imagine spending eternity not at his peak performance. He settled himself at the knowing look his sire was giving him. "Now what?"

"The three big problems: Snape, Dumbledore, and Hermione."

Draco nodded. "I suggested that Snape ignore us earlier. I'm not sure if it took or not."

"I saw. I also heard." He winked. "Did you know that Hufflepuffs hugged each night before bed?" Draco chuckled, shaking his head. "They do." He looked down as he felt Ron wake. "Morning."

Ron looked up at the window. "No it's not, not even for you."

"It's probably more like afternoon for us," Harry agreed, brushing some of Ron's hair down again. "How do you feel?"

"Amazing. I'm not in pain." He sat up and stretched, only wincing a bit and that was from the pain of his butt being asleep. "Wow." Harry grinned. "Maybe I can get out soon."

"Probably not for another two days," Draco pointed out. He pushed Ron back down. "She's coming." Ron pushed himself into a sitting position and looked at the nurse as she walked in, already scowling at Draco. "I heard he was in here and I wanted to see what the spell was," Draco covered.

"Draco's not being a problem, but Ron's much better," he told her.

She smiled at Ron. "That is an amazing spell, young man. Let me check you over." Both vampires got out of her way so they wouldn't be read by accident. She gave Ron a hug. "You are much better. Maybe a day more, just to make sure everything's all right." She smiled at the two young men. "Go back to bed, both of you. Enough gawking." She shooed them out then tucked Ron back in. "You go back to sleep. You can try walking around tomorrow and probably make it to dinner the next night." He nodded, giving her his most trusting look. "Good boy, Mr. Weasley." She handed him a piece of candycane leftover from last year and went back to her desk to make notes about his miraculous recovery. Professor McGonagall would be so pleased when she heard.


McGonagall stopped Harry and Draco from leaving her room by grabbing them by the shoulders and pulling them forcefully back inside. Then she kicked the door shut and looked at them. "What is going on?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know what you mean, Professor. I haven't been doing anything."

"That is my point. You two haven't been fighting, you haven't been snapping at each other, you haven't even been giving each other dirty looks. Why not?"

"He pulled me out of my torture, woman." Harry hit him on the arm, making him wince. "Fine, I'll be more polite. That...episode always sets off my temper."

"With good reason," Harry offered. "If it had been me, I'd be more than a bit pissed at the world." He looked back at McGonagall. "Ron and I are doing our best to protect him."

"His parents are dead," McGonagall pointed out.

"Yes, but they weren't the reason he was being tortured," Harry retorted. "The bigger prat said so, that's why, and he's still living unfortunately." She looked stunned and he went on. "Furthermore, Draco and I are both wearing concealing and protection charms that make us look like we're dead so no one figures out which one is us and tries to take us. We thought it was sensible." She nodded, looking more calm. "I'm sorry if it bugs you, Professor, but I'm just being myself."

"Fine. Harry, the Headmaster would like to see you about your earlier observations."

Harry shrugged. "That's fine. Can it be after practice?"

"We have the field tonight," Draco said coldly.

Harry smirked at him. "Turn-about's fair play. We were going to spy on your group tonight since you're been watching ours." He looked at the teacher again. "Anything else?"

"I wasn't aware that there were spells of that nature," she said quietly.

"I found them in my father's dark arts library," Draco told her. He smirked at her. "When we found out they had run, I hit the emergency exit switch and packed his escape kit for my own use, just in case." He strolled out, heading to his next class.

"I see." She looked at Harry. "Fine, you may go."

"Thank you, Professor. I'd better hurry, I have Potions." He jogged out and down the sets of stairs until he joined the rest of the class as they walked inside. Snape glared at him, he could feel it. "I was held up by Professor McGonagall, sir," he explained.

"Sit, Potter." Harry sat and looked attentive. Snape looked around his classroom and noticed that Granger didn't look excited and she wasn't trying to talk to Potter about what McGonagall had said. Something was wrong there and it still wouldn't come to him. He was getting angry at his lack of recall and he took it out on the students, deducting fifty points from Potter as soon as he screwed up something minor. He would figure it out yet. He knew he would. Otherwise he would go insane trying to figure it out.


Ron joined them that night for their every-other-night lessons, eager to see if he could do anything. Harry was sitting in the corner under his ball of warmth. Draco was reading more in their book. Ron sat down beside Draco and gave him a look. "Can I read it now?"


"The first few chapters. I doubt he could pull most of it off," he said with a grin for Ron. "But I'm all for him knowing what he'll be asking for some day."

"Aren't you supposed to be with the Headmaster?" Ron asked as he took the book to flip through.

"Just warming up first." Harry came out from his warmed corner and waved. "Lock the door after me, Draco. I'll get back in my usual way."

Draco stood up and let him go, locking the door after him. "Do you feel different?"

"Some," Ron admitted. "I feel like I can sense you and Harry." He grinned at Draco. "Think this is a pairing that'll give Merlin nightmares wherever he's sleeping?"

"Definitely," Draco agreed smugly. He strolled closer. "So, no other differences?"

Ron beamed at him. "I'm saving that for Harry. Not that I don't feel it for you as well, but I wanted him to be first since he's the one who did it and all."

"Hmm. I can wait," Draco admitted. "I'm sure it will be very...exciting." He gave Ron a steamy look and Ron swallowed. "You'd be surprised how much better it feels on this side."

"I bet," Ron squeaked. He cleared his throat. "You want me too?"

"I think Harry might be persuaded to share," he agreed. "Does that bother you?"

Ron shook his head. "Not with the way I'm feeling."

Draco gave him a light kiss. "That's normal for us. It's in chapter three."

Ron flipped back to chapter three and started to go over the parts on those with a taint. "Wow," he said finally. "I never knew it was so much." He looked at Draco, who nodded. "But you were a monster before in the sack from what we've heard and Harry used to spend most of each night in the bathroom as was."

"I know," Draco said smugly, heading over to warm himself.

"Did you know some people are wondering if you were made impotent while you were tortured?" Ron asked. Draco spluttered. "Some of the girls were gossiping in front of me earlier and wondering why you hadn't slept with anybody yet this year. There was that idea and then the one that some things were cut off. Oh, some kids thought you were tortured because your dad found you in bed with a muggle."

"Not hardly," Draco said dryly. "Should I go out and have a good shag or three you think?"

Ron shrugged. "Maybe a quickie in the bathroom and point out that you're being careful because you don't know who's a spy."

"I know just the girl for that too. Padma," he purred.

"Pavarti's pretty," Ron offered.

"Hmm. But a smart woman is better than a brave one in my book, Weasley." He came out once he felt warm to the touch. Ron checked him and shook his head. "No?"

"Not even close. You're this side of tonight's pudding." Draco went back into the warming corner and stood there some more. It would have to be perfect while he seduced the lovely woman.


Harry tapped on Dumbledore's door and then walked in. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Sit, my boy," he said happily. "Did you need anything? Some fruit perhaps?"

Harry held in his shock. Did he know? "No, thank you. I had the room of requirement give me a bit of a snack earlier. What did you need to know?"

"Why was he able to get into your mind?"

"I was checking my shields and they still go down whenever I'm concentrating on them. All he got from me was the picture I put up in the front of my mind. Me bouncing his head on my knee like I would a soccer ball. He let more slip because he felt very paranoid."

"I see." Dumbledore leaned forward. "Harry, are you feeling all right? You're sweating."

"Which is odd," Harry said, looking at himself. He shrugged. "I've been a bit tired because of all the time I spent at Ron's side, nothing more. I'm fine."

"Good." He sat back again. "Now then. You got all this from a brief glimpse?"

"I kinda snuck over to his shields and got a peek," Harry admitted. "He was starting to feel like he was being watched. He was hearing voices too."

Dumbledore nodded and made a note of that. "That's actually a good thing. How long was he in there?"

"Maybe five minutes. My shields are at full strength if you wanted to test them."

"No, I don't think it's a problem at the moment. Though I would like to have Severus test you. He's better at attacks than I am." He gave the boy a slight smile. "Breeding?"

"I'm guessing he's building his future army and the people he'll replace the rest of us with." He shrugged. "Not a clue otherwise. I doubt it's for fun. I do remember that Narcissa Malfoy was sleeping with Greg Goyle's father. He was looking at her while he was trying to get me. I even felt him Crucio Lucius. That's when I pulled back and forced him out."

"You didn't share their deaths with him?" Harry shook his head. "Are you sure?"

"I saw what he was going to do and I know he was going to do it, but nothing further." He leaned forward. "Really, Headmaster, I've been warned about sharing deaths. Even Snape warned me of that. I don't need tainted any more than I already am."

"No, I'm sure you don't." He patted Harry's hand and gave him a genuine smile. "Go back to your studying, Harry. Oh, one last thing," he said as Harry stood up. "What is wrong with Ms. Granger?"

"I think she had a run-in with a vampire and he compelled her not to talk about it. She's been trying to drop hints but Ron and I did some of the checks you're supposed to be able to do. She's perfectly fine, just a bit upset."

Dumbledore nodded. "That's to be expected. London is a very dangerous place for the adventurous. As long as she's fine we'll leave her be. I'm sure you and Mr. Weasley are helping her get over that trauma."

"With every fiber of our being. We both want Hermione to be normal. She didn't look very happy when I told her I wouldn't let her fight in the big battle either. I really want the old Hermione to come back, sir." He walked out, heading back to the room. Did he or didn't he know or suspect something? Harry still wasn't sure. He made it to the right hall and changed to his cat form, sneaking behind a statue. He paused there, watching the hall. There was someone hiding at the other end. Eventually, Filch came out of hiding and Harry smirked. "Nice try, Snape," he meowed, then he fogged up and slid into the room through the hinge-side crack in the doorframe. He materialized and looked at Draco. "Snape was waiting down the hall pretending to be Filch."

Ron looked at him. "What are you two going to do?"

"I really wish my great-grandsire was here," Harry sighed. "I feel like I need a mentor sometimes." He sat down. "Dumbledore asked me if I wanted a snack of fruit." Draco looked at him in alarm and Harry shrugged. "I thought it was odd too, but I don't know why." They had to cover up their meanings, there was a new painting in the room and they were both wary. "He also asked about Hermione and I told him about her vampire encounter this summer and how she was compelled not to tell anyone about it. How she had been dropping hints." Draco nodded, his face going firm. "He wanted to make sure she'd be all right."

Ron groaned. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

"No, it was a fine idea. There wasn't anything else that could happen without bringing a lot more attention," Harry said quietly. Ron gave him a hopeless look. "C'mere, Ron." Ron came over and sat on Harry's lap since it had been patted, looking a little bit odd. Harry pulled his head down and kissed him. "There, how's that make it feel?"

"Like I should be running and screaming," Ron said dryly. "You need to brush your teeth." Harry looked embarrassed. "Don't worry, I'm used to it by now. You're a lot more touchy-feely since this summer. That club incident really did you good." Harry gave him a light pinch. "So, since I get to be Mina now, can we go visit the movies and the zoo to see the wolves?"

"I always wanted to know if the buildings were real," Harry admitted. "As for wolves, I'm sure we can arrange that." He and Draco both shifted, letting Ron pet them.

"Harry, your animagus form has really nice hair," Ron said out loud, but he was grinning at them. "A little coarse but so very soft as a mass. It's really thick too."

Harry changed back, letting Ron pet his chest for him. "Thanks." Draco changed back as well, giving them a hungry look. "Ron, would you like a snack?" he asked.

Ron leaned down. "I now know why mum said it was addictive and you crave going all the way," he whispered. He stole a kiss and sat back. "I'm not really hungry but I'll gladly watch you two eat. So go ahead."

Draco moaned as Harry kissed him. His sire always brought extra-special feelings to the top of his body. "May I?" he begged.

"Go ahead," Harry agreed, tipping his neck to the side. Draco sank his fangs into the skin there and sucked for a few minutes, then pulled back. He rolled onto his back, intoxicated by the feelings. "Is it good?" he asked.

"Very," Draco assured him. "There is nothing like it in the world." Harry looked sad. "If the great-grandsire is around, I'm sure we'll find him, Harry. After the war and all that." He looked at his sire. "That's what we'll do after the war, we'll go find him and have him show us what wasn't in the book."

Harry nodded, resting his head on Draco's chest. "That sounds nice." He held out a hand and Ron came over to cuddle him. "Did you two play nicely?"

"He wouldn't let me play, he said he was waiting for you first," Draco said, starting to pout.

"Soon, my childe, soon," Harry quietly promised. "We'll play with him together soon." Ron shivered and scrunched himself into a ball against Harry's stomach. "As long as Ron agrees."

"Ron agrees, he's just waiting for you, Harry."

Harry blew a kiss. "Soon, Ron. I promise."

"Okay." Ron closed his eyes, trusting Harry to take care of him and to control Draco's libido.

Draco stroked down Harry's arm. "Ron said he heard rumors about why I'm not making my way through the student body sexually."

"As long as you're careful and don't let on," Harry told him as he lifted his head up to look at his childe. "Don't do anything like lifting Goyle off the floor or being overly cold, but be careful and your usual self." Draco beamed at him. "I'm a nice guy until you piss me off, Draco. That's the only side you ever saw of me before, but Ron knows me better than that. I like doing nice things. It makes me feel good." He closed his eyes. "I really am tired."

"I think someone laid a sleep charm on the room," Draco pointed out.

"Hmm. We'll have to do something about that," Harry pointed out. He pulled his wand and Draco pulled his and together they stood up to face the door. Draco even nicely opened it for whomever was outside. "Ah, Snape," he said, looking at Draco. "Something wrong, Professor?"

"You are not right," Snape said as he walked in and slammed the door closed behind him. "What is going on?"

"Draco agreed to help me plan my assaults for getting him free," Harry told him. He smiled at Draco and ran a finger up Draco's arm. "Plus, I find myself fascinated by his strength. He's very strong." Draco shivered.

Snape pulled Draco away from you. "You lech. Can you not find someone who isn't ingratiated to you, Potter?" he spat.

"He's not doing it because of that," Draco assured him. "I came to him." A small lie but it would save problems later. "Harry's not forcing me, nor is he asking me to put out for him. He just suggested I get a good few shags in the bathroom as a matter of fact. We're moving quite slowly into an agreeable relationship." Snape looked at him in shock. "What?" he demanded. "I am allowed to be nice sometimes and I figured out long ago that I was attracted to Harry, that's why I kept picking on him. Weasley is just an added benefit of the package deal."

Ron looked up at him. "Thanks, Malfoy. Glad to know I'm a benefit." He stood up and carefully stretched. "Harry, I think it's time for bed."

"It's only ten," Draco told him. "Snape here laid a sleep spell."

"Then we need a bedroom along with the study," Ron told him. "I'm knackered."

"Curl up on the couch, Ron, we'll wake you when we leave." Ron gave him a short kiss and did so, using his robe as a blanket. "Was there anything else, Professor Snape?"

"You've done something to Granger."

"No, she had a run-in with a vampire this summer and she's brooding over it," Harry corrected. "We're researching to help bring her out in our spare time." He felt a tingle go up his spine and his eyes widened. "Draco?"

"I felt," Draco admitted. He looked at Snape. "Sleep." Snape fell down, already asleep. "Ron, we're going out for a moment. Hold the fort and lock the door." He led the way out, changing forms as he ran because the wolf form was faster. They ran outside and saw a man walking into the forest. He yipped and ran after him, getting in front of him, Harry not far behind. He changed back. "Great-great-grandsire," he said in awe.

Harry changed back. "It's a good thing only Mrs. Norris saw us," Harry pointed out. He smiled at the man. "Great-grandsire," he said happily, giving him a strong hug. "You do still live. Sergio wasn't sure."

"You are odd," Vlad told him, looking him over. He moved the dark hair to look at the scar on Harry's forehead, then he looked Draco over. "Why did my grandchilde turn you, boy?"

"Because he was lonely and I was the best he found," Harry said honestly. "That and he thought it would be useful to me in the future. This is Draco Malfoy, my childe." He looked back at the castle. "Ron's guarding the family books." He looked again, seeing the stunned look on his great-grandsire's face. "What?" he asked hesitantly. "Did I break a rule?"

"No." Vlad gave him a stroke down the cheek. "You have broken no rules, my offspring. Not yet anyway. Have you finished the book?"

"I'm in chapter ten and Draco's in chapter five. I know I bent a few, but it was necessary to hide ourselves in plain sight."

"I see. May we talk inside?"

"The school keeps out all who aren't attending," Draco told him. "Let me get everything and grab Ron. We'll go to the Shrieking Shack." He hurried off, changing into fog as soon as he was out of the forest.

"He is very strong willed for a childe."

Harry gave him a sheepish grin. "I'm giving him his head for now. He's wonderful at this and he makes up for the areas I lack. He's got much more cunning than I do."

"I see." Vlad looked the boy over. "Where is this shack?"

"Follow me," Harry said, misting up and floating off, his founding father behind him. He floated in through a broken window and settled himself on the old bed. Vlad appeared but was standing. "Sit, it's about all there is around here."

Vlad sniffed the air. "A were?"

"My uncle," Harry told him. "When he was a student here he used to confine himself to this place. It's why the place is considered haunted." He moved back on the bed. "Sit, please. There are so many things Sergio didn't tell me."

"All he told me was that you had been brought across," he said dryly as he sat down. Draco floated in and landed beside Harry, though not as easily. He landed on his side, the books curled in his arms. "I see you have found the literary source."

"Sergio let on that you were real," Harry admitted. "Ron?"

"Coming through the tunnels in your cloak," Draco told him. Harry nodded and they both looked at the older vampire. "So, do we measure up?"

Vlad laughed. "You each have qualities that make you good candidates. I'm not so sure about one such as Mr. Potter being comfortable with the life."

"I am. I'm using it offensively at the moment," Harry told him.

By the time Ron got there, they had shared all of their current goals and ideas, getting permission for most of them and Vlad's promise of letters to teach them the more advanced things. Ron came panting in. "Hi," he said, shaking the count's hand. "Ron Weasley."

"Another one?" he asked Harry.

Harry bit his lip. "Ron's my best friend ever. I offered it to him first so I wouldn't be alone. Sergio died the day after I was turned because he was lonely for Mina's company." Vlad hissed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't mention her in your presence." He looked down at his hands.

"No, that is not why I am upset," Vlad assured him. He touched Ron's hand. "You were ill?"

"I was. Harry tainted me so I'd come through it all right."

Vlad nodded. "An admirable trait. You will be loyal to the family?"

"I've always been loyal to Harry," Ron agreed, taking his spot behind Harry's back. "Harry's my best friend and I follow him into battles all the time. He wanted me with him so he wouldn't be lonely."

"I understand," Vlad agreed. "Many times I wished for someone to share my eternal torment." He looked at Draco. "And yourself?"

"Harry saved me from my father and Voldemort torturing me."

"Him I have heard of," Vlad admitted dryly. He looked at Harry. "You still fight him?"

"I want the fucker dead," Harry said bluntly. "We're going to use all this stuff against him."

"A few death eaters at a time," Draco added.

Ron laughed nervously. "It could be a full battle so I suppose it's not worse."

Harry beamed at him. "I wanted to turn one of the higher death eaters into an assassin for our side but great-grandsire said I couldn't."

"You may call me by name, childe," Vlad assured him. "It would please me to know you better."

"It'd make our lives a hell of a lot easier too," Ron pointed out. "Harry, Snape was starting to wake up when Draco left. He *may* have seen his tail." Draco grimaced. "I know Mrs. Norris did because she was running to find Filch."

"Who are these people?" Vlad asked.

"Snape is our Potions professor," Harry explained. "He's a master of the Dark Arts because he's lived in them in the past. Mrs. Norris is the caretaker's pet cat and she likes to tattle on us to Filch, her owner." Vlad looked confused. "You know who I am but not what we are?" he guessed.

"Indeed," Vlad agreed. "I thought you were simply a warrior for the light."

"No," Harry said with a self-conscious chuckle. "I've never really been one of those. Reluctant hero definitely but never a warrior for the light. Voldemort made me his enemy and I fight back." He shrugged. "We're all wizards though."

Vlad stood up, looking at him, then at Draco, then at Ron. "It cannot be!" he said finally.

"Unless you're going to kill us, it is," Ron pointed out. Draco kicked at him. "Sorry." He put his head down on Harry's shoulder, forehead on his shoulder, and closed his eyes. "I'm going to go back to my nap now."

"How can it be?" Vlad asked. "That is not supposed to happen." He looked at Harry. "Did Sergio know?"

Harry nodded. "He knew who I was, who and what my mortal enemy was, knew about my wand, and protected me from a death eater finding me before turning me."

"That foolish boy," Vlad spat. He calmed himself. "In the past, all wizards and witches have known us on sight. We cannot shield from them."

"We have been," Draco pointed out. "In the past, were those other witches and wizards?"

"No," Vlad admitted, sitting down again. "They were not. Did you keep your magic?" The boys nodded. "Then that may help you greatly."

"It's made us stronger," Harry told him. "I do things much more forcefully now. I have to fight for the magic to not run away with whatever I'm doing."

"That would be why I was warned never to turn one of you. Sergio did not listen when I warned him thusly." He waved a hand. "Now it has come to pass. What will you do with your new knowledge and strengths?"

"I'm going to defeat Voldemort, settle down into a hidden life and enjoy the hell out of it," Harry told him.

Vlad smiled. "Then I have no qualms about you being of my line. Most of you yearn for the spotlight, the fame and fortunes that can be yours with the right use of ability."

"I have that and I hate it," Harry said with a negligent shrug. "I'd rather retire somewhere and write all the time or something like that." Vlad laughed. "Not a good idea?"

"A very good idea. Most of the vampire literature out there lacks form and substance. It is more about the people than the vampires."

"I'm sure we could do some wonderful hunting pieces," Draco said smoothly. "Do I also meet up to your standards?"

"You are still very young yet," Vlad cautioned.

"He's only a few weeks younger than I am," Harry told him.

"Really?" Vlad looked stunned. "For being so young, you have settled in remarkably well."

"Yeah, but Draco does compulsions better."

"I fear that's because he likes using them and he does so often." He touched Draco's forehead, making him wince. "You must live anonymously if you wish to live, young Draco. Childe of my blood, you will get us all hunted if you do not hide what you are and live cautiously."

"He's always been a mouthy brat," Ron offered. "Everyone says he's acting normally, except for not shagging half the school already." He lifted his head. "Harry, I ache."

"Once he claims you that will end," Vlad assured him. "I'm sure he wants to make it special. If you are in contact with him and he is touching you, it lessens. That is why my Mina asked to fully be brought across, because the ache got to be too much when we were apart." Ron nodded. "Wait for it to become special."

"After the first game, Ron. I promise," Harry vowed. "We'll celebrate and you'll feel better."


"If you taint him farther it will help but it will also make him stronger when he comes across," Vlad warned. "It could confuse him greatly to be so strong. It will also make the change take less time."

"Mine took about five hours," Draco offered.

"Yours was on the spur of the moment?" Vlad asked. Harry nodded. "I understand. He is a very good vampire if he would learn caution." He looked at both boys. "What problems have you had? You have said you bent a few rules already?"

"So far, we've got a Headmaster that might know something, a teacher who's trying to figure out what's wrong, and a best friend who we've had to compel a few times already. Oh, Draco, leave Madam Pomfrey alone. The shielding excuse should work."

"Fine," he sighed, slumping a little bit. "I just wanted her to quit hounding me to check my injuries."

"That's fine, that's what a sire is for," Harry reminded him. Draco looked stunned. "Didn't think about that?" Draco shook his head. "Then let me remind you of this. Sires are your parents, that's why we're called sires. We shield and protect you like a good parent would. So you leave Madam Pomfrey to me. Got it?" Draco nodded quickly, glancing at Vlad. "Right?" he asked, looking at the older vampire.

"Exactly." He kissed Harry gently. "Now I know why people follow you." He stood up. "I will let you get back to your studies. For now, I will look upon this Granger witch. I will also listen to your teachers and Headmaster to see if they know anything. For now, I shall take a room in town and you may come see me whenever you need. Then, this summer after you are free, we shall travel to the new home. The last was bombed during the world wars," he said with a hand wave and a small smirkish smile. "Would that suit you?"

Harry nodded. "That'd be great. Especially if you could make Hermione forget it all. I liked Hermione before all this, but now she's a danger to us and we're too young to do much compelling. Even Draco can't make it stick for more than a minor compulsion."

"I will definitely look her over," he agreed. He bowed to them. "I will see you in three days. Be at ease and protect your line, Harry. Draco, heed my warning. Also, leave your brother be until your sire says so. He is most bewitching, but sires always have first right." Harry swallowed and he laughed. "You are safe, Harry, I do not wish that service from you. While you are charming and sweet, I only touch my Mina in her many forms." He turned and left, heading outside and fading into the night.

Harry shrugged, waking Ron. "Ready to go back?"

"I'm tired," Ron pointed out.

"Then I'll carry you up the tunnel," Harry promised. "Draco, get the books. Come on, Ron." He shifted, pulling Ron into his arms as he stood up. This vampire strength thing was really nice sometimes. Draco looked impressed. "I like doing this stuff," he said with a grin and a wink. "After the first game and then we'll see when you can be brought in, Draco. Let me debauch him first." He carried Ron back to the school and woke him up there so they could sneak back up to their rooms. Draco had the book tonight since he had to head in another direction, but Harry knew he wouldn't get caught with it. When he finally got Ron tucked in and settled in himself, Draco again joined him, book in hand. "Problems?"

"Crabbe was going through my things," he said quietly, handing it back. "We need a secure hiding spot for that."

"We need to shrink it and put it into a locket," Harry decided. Draco looked impressed. "I'll work on that." He gave him a kiss. "Did you want to stay?"

"Sure. Why not? At least until dawn." He curled up next to his sire's body, getting comfortable. He heard footsteps and swiftly turned into fog, floating up to hide in the roof part of the curtains as the side was opened.

"What's wrong, Neville?" Harry asked quietly.

"I heard a strange voice," he said sleepily. "Are you okay?"

Harry grinned. "Just fine, I'm sorry I woke you. I was reading."

"Oh. Okay then." He grinned at him. "Any good?" he asked, nodding at the book.

Harry shook his head. "Vampire tale for a defense paper. Comparing the different myths."

"Cool. Can I have a look once it's done?"

"Sure. I'll make a special copy of the paper for you, Neville."

"Thanks, Harry. Have a good night." He closed the curtain and went to the bathroom.

When he returned back to his bed, Draco floated back down and became solid, giving Harry a look. "We need our own room," he whispered.

Harry kissed him and nodded. "Working on it." He flipped onto his side, taking sire's rights without any protest.


Harry looked out across the pitch. It was not that bright and he wasn't feeling off yet. Hopefully it would be a shorter game instead of an all day one. If it was, both seekers were going to have to retire and send out alternates. He glanced back at his team, noticing the nerves they were having as they fussed with their uniforms. "Stop it," he ordered. They looked at him. "It's the same team we faced last year and we beat them by nearly two hundred points. This year should be just as easy, and hopefully a shorter game." Ron blushed. "We've done it before and we can do it again. This is nothing compared to what we've overcome this year in Ron's injuries alone." Ron blushed brighter. He wasn't allowed to play but he was waiting with them. He heard the whistle and mounted up, flying out first. His team trailed behind him and Ron stood on the platform, watching as they lined up for the toss-up. Harry and Draco faced each other and nodded cordially but refused to shake hands. The Slytherins caught the toss-up but his people knew their game better and soon had possession of it again.

It seemed to go on for hours but Harry knew it had only been a little over an hour because he was barely itching in the sunlight. What little of him that was uncovered was itching worse, but most of him was barely itching. So when he saw the snitch he took off after it like it would save his life. He could hear the students screaming and glanced back, noticing Draco was behind him and looking a bit more red. They'd have to look into sunscreen before their next match. He looked ahead and followed the snitch, catching it before Draco fully caught up with him. "Ha!" he shouted, showing it off. Madam Hooch blew the whistle and the crowd went nuts, cheering and stomping. Harry grinned lasciviously at Draco. "Not tonight, dear, we're going to have a long headache with Ron." He winked as he flew past.

"As long as you don't cut me off," Draco said as he passed him.

Harry stopped to look at him, shaking his head. "I don't do that, Draco. Just give us two days. I'll have Ron ready for you too by then." Draco leered and they both joined their teams on the ground, shaking hands this time since this would be their last game against each other. They hurried into the changing area, Harry going immediately to the showers to cool down. He felt overheated, like he was about to burst into flames. He guessed he knew his limits now. He looked over as Dean walked in to join him. "Great game," he praised. "Excellent team work."

"Harry, I wanted to ask you privately," Dean said, glancing behind him then at Harry again. "Are you sleeping with Malfoy?"

"Not at the moment," Harry said honestly. Dean grimaced. "Sorry." He shrugged. "I like him and I'm sure that it might happen but I don't know what's really going on at the moment. You know how fickle he can be."

Dean nodded. "I understand, Harry, and I want you to know that I support you." He patted Harry on the back. "Man, you're really warm today."

"It's the sun, I'm still having bad reactions to it."

"Harry, you could have let our backup do it," Dean said angrily.

Harry shook his head. "It's symbolic. It's the last time I'll play against Draco, ever." Dean nodded and gave him a hug. "Thanks. How did you guess?"

"You and he shared a few long looks since school started. Neville thought it was because of the rescuing thing but I wasn't so sure."

"Well, I did go after him because of that," Harry admitted. "We're slowly learning about each other, Dean. Don't worry about it."

"Thanks for being honest," Ron said from the entry to the showers. "Ready to move on?"

"Not yet. The water feels good after being outside for so long."

Ron nodded, coming in to take his own shower. "That's fine. The usual party won't start for a few more minutes."

Harry sent his thought directly to Ron's mind. "After the party, we'll have a celebration of our own." Ron spluttered like he had inhaled at the wrong time while cleaning his face, giving him a look. Harry simply grinned and turned so his back got more of the water.


Harry looked over as Ron came back down the stairs later that night, noticing how nervous he was. He gave him a smile and Ron relaxed. Harry noticed there were only a few people in the room so he stood up and stretched. "Ron, would you help me look something up?" he asked.

"Sure. Library?" Ron asked, following him out the door.

"No, but we do need a safe place to hide some books," Harry told him. "Someone found their roommates going through their trunk." He put a hand on Ron's back, leading him to the Room of Requirement. They hadn't passed anyone on their way in and no one was bothering to follow them. He could tell. He paced back and forth while thinking up the perfect room for his Ron seduction. As soon as the door appeared, he opened it, letting Ron inside. He found Draco waiting on them. "I thought I said two days."

"Goyle tried to attack me," Draco said with a shrug. "He thinks I lost on purpose." He stood up, showing that he only had on a short, silky black robe. "I can watch if you want."

Ron laughed nervously. "I'm not sure I'm ready to go that in-depth yet," he admitted. "I'm kinda looking forward to a one-on-one kind of thing."

Draco strolled over and gave him a deep kiss, which Harry pinched him for. "Then I'll pull in a screen and read behind it until you are ready," he offered. Ron nodded quickly so Draco had the room give him a screen and a chair, which he did use as he said he would.

Harry turned Ron around, giving him a long, slow kiss. "Sorry about that, but Draco is part of who I am now," he explained.

"I understand that," Ron agreed, giving him a smile. He felt a cold chill and looked around. "Fog," he said, pointing it out.

Harry sighed. "Vlad, I'm trying to break my new Ron toy in," he said dryly. His great-grandsire appeared, already laughing. "Gee, thanks."

"I was coming to check on your old friend. I have convinced your Headmaster and Potions master that there is nothing unusual going on with you. Where is she?"

"I'll show you," Draco offered, coming out from behind the screen. He saw the appreciative look his body received and blushed. "Thank you, Father."

"You are welcome, childe of my line." Vlad touched Draco on the ear, making him grin.

Ron coughed. "Does that mean he's going to share me too?" he asked Harry.

Harry gave him a kiss. "It is his right to request that any childe of his line serve him that way, but I'm sure you're not in that category yet." He gave Vlad a pointed look.

"No, young one, I would never take Harry's fun from him. Children are a sacred obligation." He pinched Draco's ear. "However, sometimes you do seek me out. With us, many things are much different. That was a very good game, boys." He led Draco off,

Harry smiled at Ron. "Finally?"

"Finally," Ron agreed, grinning at him. "I really won't mind?"

"Ron, there's a hunger in us that's not just for the feeding," Harry explained, pulling Ron into his arms. "Can you feel it?" he asked seductively. "That lust that calls out to be used and touched?"

Ron swallowed but he nodded. He could feel it. He had wanted Harry before he had been tainted but now it was like some sort of warming fire within him that was provoking him to do strange and odd things. Something that was begging him to do anything that Harry asked because it would be excellent. And he decided that the voice probably knew what it was about because he had wanted Harry for a while now, this was just a more intense version of the desire he had felt before. He stepped closer, putting his arms awkwardly around Harry's chest so he could pull him closer. "Kiss?" he pleaded.

"I like kissing," Harry agreed, starting gently before he devoured his future childe's mouth. They kissed for a bit, slowly stroking each other's backs, then the hands started to roam a bit more, making Ron pull back panting. "Relax," he whispered, taking Ron's shirt off for him and tossing it aside. The pants were next and Ron looked delicious. He could feel the blood moving below his pale flesh but that wasn't what was drawing him. He stole another kiss, then took the time to explore Ron's body.

"Harry, clothes," Ron complained.

Harry lifted Ron up and tossed him onto the bed. "Mine or the rest of yours?" he asked with a small smirk.


"I like being dressed, Ron, at least for now. Let me have my fun then you can undress me." He bent to taste the sweetness that was Ron's body, not missing an inch. Ron's boxers were ripped off so Harry could taste the flesh waiting under it, making Ron arch up against him. "Easy," he whispered, moving farther back. Ron shifted so Harry flipped him over to get the back of him. Long tongue drags and shallow nips were inflaming Ron higher until he was nearly keening with need. Harry pulled back and let Ron watch him as he took off his shirt, slowly undoing each button.

Ron slid to his knees to help, taking the opportunity given to him. He wanted this. "You're chilly," he pointed out.

"I didn't want to hide with you, Ron. You have to know all of it," Harry said quietly, staring into his eyes. Ron nodded, still looking up as he bent to kiss Harry's unmoving chest. Harry moaned, making Ron smirk. "More, please?"

"I should toss you onto the bed and attack you," Ron said as he finished off Harry's clothes. He watched as his lover stepped out of them. "Hmm. Is that sweet?"

"No, they're a bit salty, more like light crackers," Harry quipped.

"Then I should probably get to like salty stuff, huh?" Ron asked, bending to taste Harry's essence for the first time. He moaned as the flavor flowed across his tongue. "I could really get to like this."

"That's good." Harry pushed him back and climbed onto the bed beside him, stroking Ron's stomach. "I like it that you like this." He felt Draco come back but didn't say anything. "Would you like some more?"

Ron pushed Harry onto his back and straddled him, grinning down at him. "I think I can manage that." He bent to do to Harry what had been done to him. Harry moaned and wiggled under him, obviously enjoying it by the way he was leaking. Ron took a long lick, looking up at his future sire. "Do you want me to do more?"

"Later," Harry moaned. "I want something else first." He flipped Ron onto his back, bending to lick and tease him again, making him wiggle and moan like he was being invaded already. Harry summoned the oil over and carefully used a bit with just a single finger while he sucked. Ron arched up and screamed, coming hard in Harry's mouth. It was thoughtfully shared with it's former owner and then Harry went back to his stretching. He would be very gentle with Ron this time. With Draco he could go all out and he knew his childe could take it, but Ron was still human and therefore fragile. Harry didn't want to break him, physically, so he slowly stretched him until Ron pulled away and pushed him onto his back, forcing himself down onto Harry's hard cock.

"Merlin," Ron sighed, eyes squeezed tightly shut. "I've wanted this. Since last year I've dreamed of this." He looked down at Harry, who was stroking up his arms. "I'm really doing this, aren't I?" In response, Harry pushed up a bit, making him shiver. "I am."

"You are," Harry agreed with a grin. "Regretting it?"

"Only if you don't let me enjoy it. Shh." He gave him a kiss and wiggled to get closer to the trim hips. When he figured he couldn't get any deeper, he looked at him again. "Is there another one where you reach further into me?"

"Next time, Ron. Enjoy this one for the gentle first time it is," Harry prompted. "Next time I'll slam into you and make you beg. This time I want to hear you sing in joy." He shifted and Ron giggled nervously, starting to shift. "Up and down," Harry prompted, helping by lifting on the slim waist. Ron clenched as he moved up and then groaned on the way down. "Like that. This time is slow and gentle, next time I'll screw you into the bed and make you howl."

"I want to do that anyway," Ron confessed, working himself harder now. "Please?"

"Go ahead," Harry said with a grin. "I soundproofed the room." Ron let himself go, taking it all and enjoying it. Eventually though, Harry had enough of this nice and gentle stuff. He gently pulled Ron off and laid him on his stomach, switching position to do what he wanted. "Just lay there," he whispered in Ron's ear. "You'll like this."

"I know I will," Ron said, shivering when Harry reinserted himself. "Oh, Harry, Merlin," he whispered, going up to his knees to participate better. This was what he had wanted. "More!" he demanded. He pushed back and swatted at the hands holding his shoulders. "More, dammit."

"Fine," Harry agreed, working harder. Ron's panting and thrashing picked up, making Harry speed up even more. He was going full-out and Ron was enjoying it. Then Ron tipped his head back and screamed, coming again and then going limp. Harry had to fight not to bite him. He wanted to feed so *bad*! He wanted to make Ron his and only his. He wanted....

Ron pulled off and went onto his back, letting Harry have him that way to finish off. "Do it, I'm not afraid," he begged. "This was what I was meant to be."

Harry gave in, striking hard at Ron's throat. His lover moaned and wiggled under him as Harry sucked.

"Feed him, you twit!" Draco demanded.

Harry pulled back and glared at him. "I know." He opened his neck and put it near Ron's bluish lips. "Sip, love."

"Harry," Ron moaned, lapping at the blood. He slowly got stronger, sucking it down now as it flowed into his mouth. He pulled back and whimpered, staying limp. "How long?"

"Not long," Harry soothed, pulling out to hold him. "Just a few minutes hopefully."

"Good." Ron patted him on the head. "I knew you were going to feed me. I wasn't worried." He glanced at Draco. "Pervert."

Draco grinned, laying on Ron's other side. "Most of the time. It is pleasant to watch other people get some, it gives me hope that the sire will jump me." He looked at Harry, who raised an eyebrow. "May I finish him?"

"Yes," Ron agreed. He tipped his head to the other side and eyed Harry's neck, pulling him closer to suck as Draco sucked on him. That's how he died, and how he woke up again a while later. He looked around the room, noticing that everything was brighter. There were smells. There were sounds, lots of sounds. There was that nagging feeling in his stomach that seemed to be growing by the second. "Food?" he said with a yawn.

"I sent Draco out to get you a death eater," Harry whispered, pointing at her. "Your first food should always be human."

Ron stood up and wobbled over to her, striking without any finesse. The girl whined but went limp for him and tipped her head off even more to the side. He pulled back when he was full and looked back at his sire and brother. "Am I supposed to share? I'm full."

"We'll gladly share," Harry agreed, coming over to take some for himself too. Draco took her own time, kneeling to bite her on the thigh. She moaned and moved so they had easier access, slowly dying on them. Harry pulled back and wiped his mouth off. "I do feel better after eating human."

"There's those muggle blood banks," Draco suggested.

"Yeah, but people need those. If we can find one that has an overstocking problem then I'm all for it," Harry agreed to ease the hurt look. "After all, humans often need blood during surgeries and if they don't get it then they die and more of them die off."

"Less herd population," Ron told him. He licked his lips as he looked at Harry. He could feel that his own morals were a bit more loose at the moment. He glanced at Draco. "Did he take you your first night?"

"I didn't want to scare him," Harry said with a grin for Draco.

"Pity. I'm getting some more now," Ron said smugly, pouncing his sire.

"Ask, Ron," Harry said firmly.

Ron looked at him and battled his lashes. "Please?" he begged.

"That's good enough for me," Harry said with a grin, pushing Ron onto the bed. "Draco, pull up a chair and watch. He'd better get used to it."

"Besides, then I'll get to watch you two," he said, leaning over to nip at Harry's neck. "Is this an open offer?"

"You only have to ask, either of you," Harry reminded them. "I'm open to that stuff."

"I nearly jumped him in Transfiguration last week," Draco shared. "I doubt McGonagall would have been impressed."

"Oh, I don't know. I think she'd be very impressed when I would have put you onto your back and fucked you so hard you made kitten noises again," Harry said with a wink for him. He looked down at Ron. "Feeding from the sire is a special and rare thing, Ron."

Ron nodded. "I noticed Draco doesn't get to eat off you whenever he wants." He nipped him again. "I'm not trying to feed."

"Good." Harry parted Ron's legs and pushed back inside, making him howl. Now he could go all out from the start and Ron would want it that way. It was almost a need with them to do this hard and strong. The touching stuff was for foreplay. Ron's breath hitched and Harry grinned down at him. "Hold it," he urged, going faster. Ron whimpered and finally came again, just as loudly as before. Then Ron pushed him onto his back and climbed back on top to finish him off. "Oh, Ron," Harry groaned, grabbing him to pull him closer. "I'm so glad."

"So am I," Ron assured him, squeezing just right. Harry went off and relaxed, patting him gently. "Wow."

"Tell me about it. I didn't have that planned at all," Harry pointed out, looking over at Draco, who was pouting. He felt himself slip free and shifted them slightly, letting Draco stare at Ron's used hole. "Brace yourself," he whispered, holding Ron tight.

Draco smirked at the invitation and took it, sliding into the still-warm spot with gleeful abandon. Ron shook between them but he was liking it from the noises he was making. "I knew you'd be a good choice," Draco told him. "That fire inside you will make you so fun to play with." Ron arched back and pushed back some. "Ooh, good. You want to play." He pulled Ron over to a clear spot on the bed and laid him out on his stomach, keeping him there so he had complete control of the depth. He had a lot more experience in this than Harry did and Ron was going to learn quickly how best to please their sire if he had his way. He felt himself be breached by a finger and shoved backwards. "Give me a minute, Harry."

Harry nipped him on the shoulder. "You look stunning like that," he whispered in his first childe's ear. He slipped inside the prepared hole. "You are still mine, Draco, and so is Ron. From now on, you ask him."

"I will," Draco promised, going back to being the pleasure of both of them. This was the way he had imagined the afterlife, being the plaything to something nice. He loved this. What Harry lacked in technique, he made up for in desire and Ron was so pliant it was great. Just what he had wanted. He came with a soft mewl of pleasure and let Harry finish himself off. "Thank you," he whispered.

"You're very welcome," Harry promised. He grinned over Draco's shoulder at Ron. "I told you you'd like it when it was both of us."

Ron looked at him, flipping over to show he hadn't gotten off yet. "Please, sire, Harry? Just one last one? Then we'll sleep together?"

"Of course." Harry leaned down, licking the hard cock. He was going to spoil his childer, he knew, but he did desire them. Ron's hands were put onto the blankets by Draco so he couldn't grab Harry's head. Ron came, ripping the sheets, pushing up into the heavenly cavity of a mouth. "How's that?" he asked, stroking Ron's stomach.

"Are you sure I'm not just dead and in heaven?" Ron panted.

Draco shrugged. "I've often thought the same thing." He helped pull Ron up against the pillows and under the covers, letting Harry pick his side first. "What about the body?"

Harry looked at the book, grabbing his wand to summon it over. When it was there, he flipped to the back, then pointed his wand at the body. "Dissolusio." It dissolved, becoming ashes on the carpet. "A very handy thing but you can only do it once a day." He snuggled in, wrapping his arms as far around both of them as possible. "We should sleep. Classes start in five hours."

"It's Sunday, Harry, there aren't any classes," Ron pointed out dryly. Harry shrugged. "Oh, our classes?" Harry nodded. "Fine. I'm all for that. Can I get some new clothes now?"

"I think that would be for the best," Draco agreed, stroking Ron's stomach. "I never knew you had muscles." He looked at them. "Those baggy sweaters have to go, both of you need wardrobe help."

"We'll be photographed if we leave the school," Ron pointed out. "Magical pictures can capture vampires."

Draco pinched Ron on the nose. "That's what catalogs are for."

"And tailors," Harry agreed. "Tomorrow, Draco. I wore myself out."

"You sleep, Harry," Ron soothed, shifting to get more cuddled. When Harry was snoring, he looked at him. "He's not feeling well?"

"I eat nearly twice as much as him," Draco offered. "I'm also often told I'm too brash and open about such things." He and Ron both looked toward the door. "Hi, Vlad," he said with a smile. "You remember Ron?"

"I do," Vlad said with some fondness. "Sex?"

"I could feel that he wanted it," Ron said, feeling like he should be blushing. His body just didn't have the blood anymore. "Vlad, what can we do to make sure Harry eats enough? I worry about him."

"As you should. His past has taught him subsistence living. He needs to let go and do one very large feeding to get over that. You both could do one of those too."

"But we feel full after only a few pints."

Vlad sat down in the chair Draco had been in at the foot of the bed. "That is true. It is also very handy, but if you push past that you will find a gorging need that will come out and steer you toward the nearest food source." He looked back at the pile of ashes. "He learned that already?"

"He skipped ahead," Draco said, glancing at Harry. His snoring was quieter.

"Sleep, Harry, I will protect them," Vlad whispered. Harry nuzzled Ron's chest and stayed asleep. "Within the next few days, I will need you to plan an assault on a group, Draco. I know your skills lie in that area."

"I'm great at chess," Ron told him.

"Then Harry truly does seek people who can help him and cling to those."

"We were friends before he found out I was useful," Ron countered.

"Easy, childe, I meant that not the way it sounded. Harry picked you because he has feelings for you. Much as I did my Mina back in time immemorial. We are an emotional lot and it is very soothing to us to have those who love us near us. While you are both equal in your status, your sire sees Draco as his helpmate because he fills in places where young Harry is weak. In you, Harry sees a consort. Helpmates are still sexual partners but consorts are a spouse."

"So I'm the mistress?" Draco asked.

Vlad nodded. "Basically. Does that bother you?"

Draco considered it. "Not really, that means I can pick and choose who else to have sex with to maintain my reputation and Harry shouldn't mind."

Ron pinched him lightly, grinning at him. "I don't think Harry would care one way or the other, Draco. After all, he's sharing both of us." He looked down at the Count. "We're both mistresses for him?"

Vlad looked at him. "You could say that. I would still say you're more a consort and Draco is like the Three Sisters are for me."

"Which suits me just fine," Draco pointed out dryly. That would mean he could have his own harem and Harry really wouldn't mind. Even the most skilled people could be his. He didn't usually like virgins but he made a few exceptions. Harry and Ron being the second and third ones. He looked at their founding father again. "Would you stay and train us tomorrow?"

"I would be delighted, Draco. From the book you can learn many things but not everything. A few days of work should be perfect since you seem to master the basics so easily."

"I have the feeling that I'm going to be your crappiest student," Ron admitted. "I don't usually pick up on things fast."

"No, but you *see*," Vlad said proudly. "My boy made an excellent choice in both of you."

"I have a question," Draco admitted. Vlad nodded for him to go on. "Harry's offered me the chance to top him. He's never had anyone that way before."

Vlad sighed. "The body will go back to what it was when it died. That means he will always be unready that way."

"Since I was having sex, does that mean I'll always be open?" Ron asked.

"Perhaps a bit stretched," Vlad agreed with a smile. "Relax, it will be as it is." He stood up. "Also, that blood potion you have been sucking down? Stop taking it. It is not the nourishment you need. I suspect that is Harry's main problem."

"They had been eating steaks," Ron offered.

"Cow is a substitute but it will still leave you weak and disoriented at times. Stick to the human. There are ways around emptying blood banks and the like." He winked at them. "Behave, I shall see you when you awaken. Come to me in that shack place." He fogged up and drifted out through the fireplace in the corner.

"Wow," Ron whispered.

"Definitely," Draco agreed, snuggling in himself. He'd never admit it but he liked being held while he slept, it made him feel safer than sleeping alone. Like that person would defend him if something should attack. "Earlier we went to deal with Hermione. The knowledge is buried deep in her mind but it's still there. She's very resistant for some reason. Snape and Dumbledore both see all of us as normal. We shouldn't have many more problems once we figure out the feeding stuff." He closed his eyes. "You guys wore me out."

"Don't you mean Vlad wore you out?" Ron asked. Draco looked up at him. He smirked. "I can smell it on you. Not that I mind."

"Good. I offered, he said he'd never ask." He put his head back down. "Night."

"Shouldn't we say 'day' instead?" Ron asked.

"Philosophical questions come after you turn thirty," Draco said firmly. "Once the fun has worn off."

"Okay." Ron laid there and basked in this newness until he drifted off to sleep.


Hermione snuck into Harry's room and grabbed one of his copies of Dracula, the book. Then she casually walked up to the owlry. It was after breakfast and lots of kids were sending their families owls today. She put a quick note into the book asking that the recipient read it because it was important. Then she wrapped the book up and sent it off with one of the school owls.

"Fly fast," she whispered. "We're all in trouble." One of the other kids looked at her but she shrugged. "Letter to my family," she lied.

It had gone to a member of her family, but not her immediate family.


Harry, Ron, and Draco walked down the halls Monday morning, looking very confident and sure of themselves. They weren't exactly a group but Malfoy was right behind Harry and Ron, who were chatting about something inconsequential. Mostly they were using code about finding themselves a hidden room. Draco was behind them sneering at them for show. Harry felt it when Draco was pulled out of the flow of students but he didn't think anything of it. Even if it was one of Draco's housemates they'd be getting the surprise of their lives if they tried something on him. Vlad's teachings last night had been very popular. They had gotten everything he wanted them to know almost immediately, even Ron - even though Ron still couldn't pull a compulsion to save his own life. Then they had went hunting.

Harry had insisted that they hunt somewhere far away from the school, and Vlad had agreed that it was more prudent that way. They had traveled to London and had found a large club. That is how Vlad had taught them the easier way to get a few pints off the average person and not have them know. They had drained a few pints off most of the club last night. Harry was not only full, he was sated for the first time in a very long time. Vlad had told him he should probably do something like that once a month since his needs were so stretched by having two childer so early in his life. It had been a nice hunt; they had danced with a lot of very pretty boys and girls. And with each other of course. Ron could really move to a bass beat.

"I still say there's hidden room off the common room," Ron pointed out as they walked into Defense. It was an easy class now for the both of them. "I'd like to look tonight."

"Sure, but I'm guessing it's a back way up to the head boy or girls' room," Harry offered.

The teacher looked at them and cleared his throat. They gave him a look and shrugged, taking their seats. "Thank you." He looked around the student mass. "It has been told to me that some of you have had run-ins with supernatural creatures over the summer so I would like to do a quick review of defensive strategies. Just in case any of them come this way."

Hermione raised her hand. "Are there reports of them coming this way, professor?" She tried not to sound too hopeful, that would get her mind touched again. She had been warned. But if there were reports then they'd be watching the student body closer.

"There are," he offered. "There's supposed to be a small fairy invasion of the area this spring. There's also supposed to be a vampire roaming in the woods." He noticed Hermione's hand going up. "Yes, Ms. Granger?" he asked patiently.

"Professor, is it true that there are more than one species of vampires?"

He looked stunned. "Did your other teacher tell you that?" She shook her head. He sighed and scratched the back of his. "Well, technically, and this is a very special case mind you. Technically there are two other forms of vampires. One of them, well, it's a myth only as far as I know." She nodded and he noticed the class looked very interested. "Supposedly the muggle Stoker knew the vampire he was writing about. Somehow he knew the family. It is a single family and it is not numerous. They are very secretive and not known for being sighted. The last authenticated sighting was nearly a hundred years ago and that was of Mina Harker. She would have been nearly one-hundred-thirty-five at the time if the book had the correct timeline. Since she was a muggle, that's the sort of thing to prove it so. I have seen the report but I doubt it's validity because of some of the things said in it." He glanced around again. "The other sort is also from mythology but more common. It is said that some vampires were psychic ones, ones that drained minds instead of bodies. It has been thought by most wizards who care to consider it that if there was such a thing it was a witch or wizard with ligimens skills. Possibly some odd muggle who had the same skills but was a squib." He shrugged. "Nothing is known about them and if someone ever found definitive proof, half the world would laugh at them and the other half would break down his door trying to hire them." He looked at Miss Granger again. "Does that answer your questions?"

"Very well, thank you," she said quietly, staring at him.

He nodded, going on with his lecture, but he stopped her after class. "Miss Granger, the Headmaster has told me that you had a near-fatal vampire attack yourself this summer. Is that why you asked?" Her mouth seemed to lock up and he gave her a fatherly smile. "Your friends pointed out that you could not speak of it because of the compulsion. If it turns out that it is a vampire in the woods, I will make sure you do not fall prey to it again and I will also make sure it cannot call you out to it." He gave her a shoulder squeeze. "I believe the creature is a minion, nothing more. Nothing powerful enough to harm you. It is also of the sort that we generally discuss." He saw the fear in her eyes. "Yours wasn't like that, was he?" he asked. She shook her head, it didn't break the compulsion, she had been compelled not to speak about it. "Was it a male?" She nodded. "Did you see Vlad himself perhaps?" She whimpered and clutched her books tighter to her chest. "I'm sure he's decided to move on. That family is said to shy away from wizards. Feel very lucky that your nature drove him off."

She wanted to tell him so bad but she simply couldn't. She gave him a 'help me' look. He had to know that there were two of them in the castle. He had to deal with it since Dumbledore hadn't twigged to it already. She whimpered.

"I know, and I'm researching ways to get you past the compulsion, my dear. It is not going to come after you again. Vlad hates dealing with us and you are now safe."

Ron stuck his head in. "Even if he wanted to come for her, I doubt he would," he said with a grin. "She's not Mina."

"No, she's not," the Professor agreed, smiling at Hermione. "You managed to get past an end to your life just by being a witch. Feel lucky and try not to dwell on it." She gave him another look then glanced at Ron. He blinked and frowned. "What?" She did it again.

Ron sighed as he walked in. "He warped her mind a bit I'm afraid," he said sadly, patting her on the back. She pulled away from him. "Harry's anemic and she swears he's one. Him and Malfoy both."

The professor shook his head. "That couldn't be. You and Harry sit in the light every class." He patted Hermione on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it. We're working on it and you'll be able to tell everyone everything soon," he promised.

Ron led her away and silently contacted his brother about his fibs. Draco was just up the hall and Harry was somewhere near Divination. Draco gave him a look as he went past. Ron escorted her to her next class then left her there to dash off to Divination. He barely made it in time and told Harry what he had come up with off the top of his head.

Harry nudged him and grinned. "Don't worry. You did really good helping her."

"The other one knows too."

"I'm sure he'll deal with it since his class is later today." Harry contacted his other childe, making him mutter about tests and privacy. So Harry gave him the next answer, plucking it out of his mind. They quickly discussed a plan and Draco agreed to implement it. Harry disengaged with a bit of trouble but he was getting better at it. Draco might have a small headache but he'd be fine in a moment. Ron looked at Harry and Harry winked, telling him it was okay.

Professor Trelawny leaned down next to Ron's ear. "Do not flirt in my class. Seeing is hampered by such strong emotions. You live in the same room, do so then." She walked on, going to chastise another student for giving Lavender a longing look.

Harry, who had heard, chuckled quietly. He was watching Ron. Vlad had sworn that Ron was a seer of some sort. So far he appeared to be normal.


Harry looked up as the younger students started to babble about the creature they had seen earlier. Apparently the fourth year class had seen evidence of the vampire that was supposed to be living in the woods. One of their creatures had come running out with bite marks on its neck. He and Ron shared a look but they went back to their dinners.

"Hey, Harry, are you and Ron going to look for the vampire?" Neville asked excitedly. "The teachers are supposed to be putting out watches of the senior students."

"We'll take the time around curfew," Ron told him. "Or at least I will." Harry nodded that he would too. "That way we can make sure all the little kids are inside." Ginny looked at him and he glared at her. "Don't even consider it, Ginny, you're not hunting this thing down. Mum would be very upset if you got eaten or turned." He felt Harry's amused laugh in his head and apologized but Harry told him he was right so it was okay. "I mean it, as a Prefect I can give you detention with Filch and I will if you try anything like that."

"Fine, Ron," she said, rolling her eyes. "I'm not like that, I'm not the wannabe hero in the family."

"He's a fine hero," Harry said firmly. "He didn't have to help but he did because he knew I needed it. Without even questioning or taking orders to go away I might add."

"Sorry, Harry. Geez, you're uptight today."

"Ginny, the vampire attacked during the daytime, of course he is," Pavarti Patil pointed out. "He'll be expected to guard the whole house." She smiled at them. "You know, we should reward you guys more often."

Ron chuckled. "I don't need rewards to protect you guys. It'd be a horrible thing if Ginny or you were turned. You'd make our lives a living hell."

Pavarti looked shocked but Ginny burst out in giggles. "Are you saying we'd be *mean*, Ron?"

"Hell yeah," he said firmly. "You two and Lavender would be hellish vampires. All us boys would have to watch out for each other."

"True," Pavarti agreed, giving Ron a sultry look. "I'm sure I'd pick a few minions quickly from those that I know would be ...generous with their attentions."

"I don't think Ron should be mentioned around vampires. He'd stake himself," Neville said loyally. "He's spent too much time fighting the dark already and he'd hate the life. He'd never get to play quidditch again."

"Funny," Harry said dryly, grinning at Neville. "Besides, I think Ron would make an excellent vampire. Think about all he could do *to* the dark with those sort of skills."

"You-Know-Who would never see it coming," Hermione agreed, looking at Ron. She looked at his plate and saw the meat, then back at him. "Hungry?"

"Feeling a bit dizzy so I'm taking on Harry's diet. It's supposed to be great for building muscle," Ron told her. "Professor McGonagall authorized it for two weeks."

"Our food bills must be atrocious," Ginny told them. "Harry has to eat steak or he get sick. Ron's eating it to get bigger. Malfoy's sucking it down because of his thing." She waved a hand. "Why don't you guys just start buying cows for the house elves to slaughter?"

"Then they could donate them to the school," Neville agreed, grinning at Ginny.

"Eww," Pansy shouted, getting away from her table. "Draco, you're ice cold!" she complained loudly. "Keep your clammy hands away from me."

Draco glared at her. "Shut up." He stood up. "I'm like this because of what happened to me. Do not say another word about it," he warned. He could feel Harry and Ron watching and calmed himself. He would not eat her in the middle of the Great Hall, she'd taste funny and he'd be killed. He grabbed his plate and bag and left, going to find somewhere more agreeable to eat.

Ron leaned closer to Harry. "I've always wanted to smack her, can I take a nibble?"

"If you're very careful," Harry whispered back. "No telltales." Ron nodded, going back to his dinner.

Dumbledore stood up and cleared his throat, holding up a hand. "Undoubtedly you have heard about the fourth year's discoveries earlier today. Undoubtedly some of you are fearing for your lives and some of you are wanting to go after this creature. You may not," he said firmly.

Harry stood up. "Sir, the idea was proposed among us that you set out groups of seventh years after dark to patrol the halls. If we work in shifts that shouldn't be a problem. Ron and I are more than willing to take curfew and the surrounding two hours." The younger students nodded and chatted that that was a good idea and they'd be safe. Dumbledore looked at him. "Ron and I can both assure to get all the younger members of our house inside. Within an hour after curfew everything closes anyway so Filch and the teachers who routinely patrol the halls shouldn't have a problem. Though I would make it voluntary for those who have other duties and excessive homework."

"We have discussed that idea and it is very close to what we plan on." He nodded at the groups then at the teachers. "In our infinite wisdom, the patrolers would be voluntary and would also have to be in the NEWT level Defense class. As such, the teacher will give anyone who asks to be put on a few extra lessons in handling them." He looked around again, staring particularly hard at Harry. "We do not want any students to hunt this creature down. The professors are handling that job ourselves." Harry sat back down. "If you would like to volunteer, then please see your head of house after dinner and you will be put out tomorrow night. As for tonight, I'm afraid I'll have to call it a night in the towers."

"That's not fair," one of the third years called. "I've got a paper due and I need the library."

Ron stood up. "Harry and I can take tonight, Headmaster," he said firmly. "It's not like we don't know enough defense to save ourselves."

Dumbledore looked at him, then at the defense teacher, who nodded. "Very well. You and Mr. Potter will have tonight. That means the students may go from their houses to any teacher's room or to the library. That will cut down the area you'll have to roam on your own. In later patrols, a student or a group if there is enough, from each house will have the duty." He sat down and nodded at Ron for his valiant offer. "Do you think they'll be sneaking out tonight?" he whispered to McGonagall.

She shook her head. "I think they'll be keeping Miss Granger from getting some of her own back." She noticed Snape's look at he and shrugged. "You hadn't heard?"

"I had," he assured her. "I don't know why she was spared however."

"It is suspicious," Dumbledore agreed, "but we haven't seen any odd behavior from the girl that is inconsistent with being under a compulsion not to speak of the matter. She has not acted against anyone."

The Defense teacher leaned closer to McGonagall. "She came up to me after class, after I had done the review you suggested, headmaster." Dumbledore nodded. "I believe she was approached by a most unusual vampire, one who was turned against her because of her magical abilities. There are some who will not deal with us." Snape snorted. "While I don't believe the rumors about that book being true any more than you do, it is a rather strong compulsion. Two or three months old by now. She could not speak a word about it still. She did indicate that it was a male one and that he did not feed off her, which leads me to believe that some of the regular vampires may be bothered by us as well, which is founded in the literature."

"While that may be true, that would have to have been a very strong vampire for the compulsion to last two months," McGonagall put in. "Why didn't they simply make her forget?"

"I believe that her mind is very strong, as it is usually among those who are geniuses or near-geniuses. Professor Snape strikes me as one who that sort of memory block would not work on as well. As do you, Professor McGonagall."

"You flatter me," she said, "but that does not describe me. I have been shown to be open to the influence of memory charms."

"I am not," Snape told them. The Defense teacher nodded for him to go on. "If his supposition is true, then it would explain Ms. Granger. She probably would not be susceptible to them either. While not of my area, the girl is rather intelligent in her own ways."

"I've told Miss Granger that I would definitely shield her if the creature in the woods should try to summon her. I've got a wonderful charm for that you know."

"Please use it on the other patrollers," Dumbledore suggested. He watched Harry and Ron eat their steaks and then looked at McGonagall. "I got your note about authorizing Mr. Weasley's dietary change. Was there a reason?"

"He was feeling a bit light headed and Madam Pomfrey did say he was a bit anemic as well. He told me he's been working out with Harry in the Room of Requirement to gain muscle mass and endurance. I thought it kind since he seems to be losing weight."

"I had noticed that he looked a bit less substantial," Madam Sprout offered from the Headmaster's other side.

"I believe I heard them joking about donating some cows to the school," the defense teacher put in.

"I'm sure our farms are good enough," Dumbledore told him. He looked at Professor McGonagall. "Minerva, please make sure Harry comes to see me before going to bed for the night."

"Of course," she agreed. "They've been good as gold this year," she added. "Even Malfoy hasn't been bothering them."

Madam Sprout leaned around the headmaster. "I heard a rumor that he and Harry were seeing each other. They're supposed to be feeling out the relationship." Snape groaned.

"That would be a boost to interhouse relations," Dumbledore note. His teachers laughed and went back to their meals. Something very odd was going on with Harry. He looked over at Madam Pomfrey, who had joined them since she didn't have any patients. "Have you looked at Mr. Potter recently?"

"Headmaster, I do very well to get within feet of him," she told him. "He's still got that phobia of healers from all the time he's spent with us." He nodded. "But I have looked at his anemia via blood sample I had Miss Weasley obtain for me. It's a pernicious bit. It's lessening this week than last, but it's still there a touch. I'd hazard a guess that his...dietary problems from his youth have made him hit a few late growth spurts and he's in the middle of one right now. Perhaps it will only be muscle building but the boy needs his protein now more than ever." She looked at Minerva. "I checked Ron's as well. He's been working himself sick and that's what his is. A few weeks of good protein should cure his. Mr. Malfoy's has been lessening as well."

"Excellent." Dumbledore gave her a smile. "You prove yet again that I had a flash of brilliance when I saw your application." She blushed and giggled like a young maiden. "I'll try to get Harry over his phobia."

"It will have to be handled by him, Albus. Phobias are individual things and do not respond to logical thought and especially not to external prodding to get over them. Not unless the victim of it is willing to push past it at the same time. I'm afraid that if you do, you'll spark off panic attacks."

"Which would worry the younger students," Madam Sprout added. "They all know that Harry screaming in pain or grabbing his head isn't good. The older ones have thoughtfully told the younger about that sort of thing."

Draco Malfoy came rushing in and right up to the head table. "There's a student lying out front," he told them. "One of the third years from Ravenclaw." He looked at Madam Pomfrey. "She has holes on her neck." She, the defense teacher, Professors Flitwick and Snape hurried out.

"Did you see anything?" Dumbledore asked. Draco shook his head. "How did you find her?"

"I finished dinner above the library, overlooking the pitch. I saw her as I was coming back down to put my plates into the kitchen. She was prominently displayed on the sidewalk."

"Thank you, Mr. Malfoy. I'll ask you to stay so that you can talk with the people patrolling the halls tonight."

"I'll volunteer," Draco offered. Dumbledore blinked a few times. "I do know about the things. I can also scare the little ones from going out of the school to try for themselves. Potter and whomever else he volunteered can't."

"In this case a bit of fear inspiring might be a good thing," Madam Sprout said gently, touching the headmaster's arm. "It could well save most of my children, Albus. You know they'll not listen to Harry and Ron."

"That's fine, I'll accept it for tonight," Dumbledore decided. "Come to my office after dinner and we'll set you out routes."

Draco nodded, going back to his table to spread the news among the stupid there. He felt a questioning touch to his mind and glared at the Gryffindor table. How dare he think he had done that! Ron's gentle touch soothed him and pointed out that Harry had only wanted to know what had happened. They both knew Draco had more sense than that. He sent back that he'd talk to them on patrol. He looked down at the shocked faces, going back to giving orders to his housemates.


Harry stopped Draco on the way toward the front door. "I know."

Draco nodded. "I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions."

"That's fine. Was it...." He glanced at the three of them. Draco shook his head. "Are you sure?"

"Very. She had a stink about her when I checked her. Like the dead earth."

"Fine. Then we've got a whole new problem," Ron pointed out. "Plus the older ones."

"The older one I found a solution to," Draco said happily, starting on his walk again. They followed. "Meet me later by the kitchens." They nodded and split off, going their various ways. He felt himself grabbed by Snape and pulled into an alcove, and mentally thanked Merlin that he had remembered his heating charm. "Yes, Professor?"

"You checked her?"

"I did," he told him. "I was taught to give a full report and it didn't take much time. How is she?"

"She'll live," Snape admitted. "How did you know she smelled?"

Draco shrugged. "There was this stench of mildew and earth. It wasn't on her?" He shook his head. "Then it must have been on the wind. I don't know any more than I told the table."

"Fine. You will see me after your patrol. I want to know why you are so...chummy with Potter and Weasley."

Draco leaned closer. "I thought we had already had this out." That's when he realized that Snape's memory of that event had been erased. "Or maybe that was me trying to figure out how to explain it to you," he admitted quietly, glancing down as he thought quickly. Ron gave him the idea. He looked back up. "You know Potter needs a more devious mind and I found out many years ago that Weasley holds a small fascination for me. I'm exploring one while I deal with the other."

"The rumors say you are with Mr. Potter."

"Well, I've come to *respect* him for what he's done with almost no skills, but he's got a crush on me, not the other way around, Professor." It was just different enough that he could dismiss the earlier memory if it came back as coming from this one or the rumors he had heard. "I need to get on with my walk."

"Go." He watched the boy go, staring at his back. He now felt odd and he didn't know why. This would take some figuring out. He went back to his office and considered all the options. This was one riddle he could not figure out.


Harry and Ron snuck down to meet Draco, finding him in front of a statue, leaning nonchalantly as he looked around. They came out from under the invisibility cloak and looked around themselves. "Well?" Ron asked, nearly bouncing.

"I found this late last year and nearly forgot about it," Draco said. "Snape's asleep," he said at the looks Harry was giving the halls. He stood up. "I checked on it again earlier and found it still open and unused. Of course, it's not perfect but it should be fine with some cleaning. The statue locks into place and only the person in the room, the ones the locks are set for, can open it."

"And Dumbledore," Ron pointed out.

Draco shrugged. "I'm not worried about him. Is he really going to get onto Harry about needing a space to think up wicked plans for the war?" he asked with a small smirk. He tapped the base of the statue and the statue opened, showing a small two-room suite. "In we go," he prompted. He noticed Weasley's careful look around. "Any spiders now run from you, Ron."

"Good point," he agreed with a grin. He stepped inside and the torches on the wall lit. He smiled and nodded. "We could use this well."

Harry walked around the area. "It's big enough for one, but I think we could squeeze in here." Someone knocked on the statue and he looked at Draco, who shrugged and looked outside. "Dumbledore or Snape?"

"Dumbledore," he said dryly, opening the doorway again. "Headmaster."

"I overheard you desiring a space of your own?" he asked.

Harry nodded. "It's not fair that we're taking up the Room of Requirement all the time, Headmaster. Think about it, other kids could use the space too. " He glanced around. "I need somewhere I can study quietly and doing so in the common room of Gryffindor is inviting one of the little kids to pick up my books."

"Plus, Draco is helping us plan things," Ron put in. "I don't like it, but it's the best idea we've had so far and Draco does need something with more security since some of his house mates have been going through his things and trying to beat him up."

"Indeed?" he asked Draco, who gave a curt nod. "Why did you not report them?"

"How would you prove it? How would you stop them from later action?" Draco asked, finding the better question. "Telling on bullies let's them know you're afraid."

"That is true," Dumbledore admitted, looking around again. "Strangely enough, this room was hidden down here for a reason. This room belonged to the only vampire we've ever had in this school." He pointed at the marks on the walls that looked like small arrowholes. "It was refitted so they could be killed if they turned." He looked at the boys. "There are other rooms that are safer. Come with me." He led them further down into the dungeons. "Harry, you and Ron may not let on that you know this is down here." He bypassed the Slytherin doorway and turned down another two hallways, stopping in front of a small painting. "This doorway is so secret only Severus knows of it. It is as secure as the last one. Not even I have the key to this one usually. I retrieved it on my way down from Severus' desk. The poor man went to bed a bit early tonight I think." He opened the door and smiled as the boys walked inside. "Even if you fall asleep in here, it would be easier to use," he pointed out. "There's a window. There's a nice bookshelf. There's also two student beds." He handed Draco the key. "I understand your needs. The Ministry has gotten a few death threats against us for hiding you already this year. It was suggested that we remove you from your house at the first sign of problems."

"Wow," Ron said, coming out of the bedroom area. "We've even got a bathroom."

Dumbledore looked at Harry. "I do not want you living down here," he ordered.

"It might be safer if we did," Harry told him. "That third year's friends stopped us to glare at us for giving her ideas."

"Yeah, she, um, thought she could handle it since Harry had done more than that by the end of his first year," Ron admitted. "She wanted to take Harry's place at the end of the year."

"Which is why we were looking for spaces to hide our books," Harry finished. "I'm really worried about Ginny, she didn't listen when Ron told her she couldn't go after it either. We're being a bad influence and we were already trying to hide."

"It's that stupid Gryffindor bravery. It seems to suck your brains out sometimes," Draco snorted. Ron pounced him, rolling around hitting each other on the floor.

Dumbledore sighed. "I understand your concerns. Boys, would you mind?"

"Yes," Draco said, trapping Ron under him. "I will have your ass as a trophy," he sneered.

Ron felt himself get hard but shrugged. "You've said that before and the best you did was trying to spank me in the halls, Malfoy."

"Guys, if you keep it up, I'm going to have to join in," Harry warned. "Then both your butts are *my* trophies."

Dumbledore laughed. "I see." He looked down at the pair playing on the floor. "When did this development occur?"

"Harry's got a crush on Draco and he has a crush on me," Ron told him. "And I have one on Harry. It's mostly a mess, sir."

"We're also working on that out of sight," Harry agreed. "Both houses would attack us if they knew."

"That is an excellent point," Dumbledore agreed. He handed Harry the key. "There is another way down here and I'll show it to you if you want."

"Can we add another bed?" Ron asked. "Just in case we want to live down here? It's a nicer room than ours upstairs and this way Neville can't get into our defense texts."

"We'll see," Dumbledore told him. He led Harry and Ron out, showing them the moving portion of the wall. "This comes out the other side down the hall from Professor McGonagall's classroom and I have alerted her that you will be using it from time to time." They nodded. "Thank you for trying to keep the younger students out of it. I wish you luck straightening out your personal matters." He left them there.

Ron walked back into the room, closing it behind Harry as soon as he walked in. "How do we set the locks?"

"This way," Draco said, coming over to do so. "Say something"

"Harry Potter," Harry said. The lock chimed.

"Ron Weasley." The lock chimed again.

"Draco Malfoy." The lock buzzed. "Am I already on it?" The lock chimed. "There, all set." He looked around and went to close the curtains first. "The first thing we should do is get the stuff out of the Room of Requirement." They nodded. "Then move some personal belongings, like those books, down here." They nodded again. "Am in charge of this operation?"

"I hate moving things," Harry told him. "I was going to go hunting the vampire."

"I'll move our things, Harry. Draco, you get yours, and we shouldn't have anything in the Room."

"I think I left some papers up there," Draco admitted. "I'll head there first." They nodded and went to their assorted tasks, Harry going out the window and crawling down the wall. Their window was on the West tower and he really enjoyed this hanging off the wall thing. Almost as much as he enjoyed being fog. He sensed another's presence and fogged up, floating down and across the grounds before he could be seen. The Defense teacher may have seen him but it was a foggy night with a lot of ground cover. He turned back once he was safely in the woods and glanced around. "Here, vampy, vampy, vampy," he called softly. He heard movement and went in that direction, scaring the shit out of the remaining members of Gryffindor who were guarding the fallen ones. "Go get help!" Harry ordered, bending to look at Ginny first. She was still living but fairly drained. He looked at the rest of them. "Didn't we lock the door?" They nodded, looking scared to death. "Then how did you get out?"

"The Fat Lady understood," one of Ginny's yearmates whispered. Harry's glare made her flinch. "We just wanted to help!"

"By dying?" Someone clapped and Harry spun, glaring at the vampire. "Lockhart," he sneered, advancing on him. "You go through me, sweetheart, not the little kids."

"Such a brave young man," he said, smirking at him. He started to go to game face and then jumped back, pointing and babbling. Harry raised an eyebrow. "You're...."

"Fucking mad, yeah," Harry agreed, crossing his arms. "Now, you're going to leave or I'm going to kill your ass. Stakes are really easy to find in the woods." Lockhart screamed and ran away. Harry went back to the students, noticing Hagrid was coming their way. "Get the nurse, Hagrid, I scared off Lockhart. He's the vampire."

"Oh, dear," Hagrid said. "Should I pick them up?"

"Yeah, let's do that," Harry agreed, helping him gather up the students to carry inside and herding the rest. "Is that all of you?"

"Dennis Creevy," the crying girl offered.

"Dirt. Do you have anything that smells like him?" Harry asked. One girl nodded and took off her shirt. "Okay. Fang? Hagrid, he can still smell, right?"

"He's a right good scent dog," Hagrid agreed. "You find the boy. Fang, go with him." Fang whined. "We've got to find the student and Harry'll need help."

"Never mind," Harry said. "I think I can hear him." He handed the jacket back and took off running like the wind into the woods. He could hear the boy crying in fear and knew where he was. There was a pond out this way, by Aragog's den. He found the boy and hissed at the spiders, making them back off. "Come on," he said, lifting the boy to his feet and marching him out of the woods.

"Harry, your eyes," Dennis stammered.

Harry controlled his temper and his fangs and red eyes went away. "It's a trick of the light," he said, bordering on compulsing him.

"Sure it was," Dennis agreed. "That's why some pictures have red eyes in them, it's a reflection of the flash." He followed Harry's nudges to his back. "Am I in trouble?"

"If you have to ask, the answer is yes," Harry told him. "And I'd hate to be in your shoes. All the things I've done no one else could or would. You lot were doing something that the teachers were supposed to be doing." He pushed the boy out of the woods and up toward the castle, taking him directly to the infirmary. "He was by the spiders and that pond," he said as he turned him over to Hagrid. "The headmaster?" he said, glancing around. He caught Ron's eye and walked over there. "How is she?"

"Pretty weak," Ron whispered. "Can you?" Harry looked at him. So Ron pulled him into the bathroom and closed the door, soundproofing it. "You'll do it for me but not for her?" he demanded. "She could die!"

"Ron, I promised to do it only when I wanted a childe," Harry said quietly, glancing at the picture. It was of flowers. He zapped it frozen too then turned back to look at his childe, who was getting really pissed. "Do you remember why you had to wait?"

"Because I would have stayed that way," Ron agreed, glaring at him.

"Well, the same thing will happen to her. Lockhart fed her some of his. If she dies, she could go either way." Ron shuddered. "It's not what I want either, especially not for Ginny. I like Ginny, you know that." He stepped closer and took Ron to hold. "I would if I knew it would save her, Ron, but our blood potion will do more for her at the moment. If we make her come over on our side then there could be long-ranging consequences. Turning you might get the Ministry up in arms if your dad pressed his case." He stroked the shaking back. "I know, you're worried and it seemed like an easy answer. In this case, it's not. We're not losing Ginny." He pulled back and wiped the blood tears off Ron's face. "Clean up and we'll go back to wait for her to wake up." Ron nodded, cleaning himself up in the sink. "You know I would if it would help, Ron," he reminded him.

"I know, Harry. Ginny is like your little sister." He gave him a smile. "Kick me if I have doubts, okay?"

"Anytime," Harry agreed, stopping him from opening the door. "I only want what's best for us and for this little family we have, Ron. Ginny would make a great addition but it's not for her. She'd die. A little by little each day."

Ron hung his head. "I know. I don't want to face it though."

Harry tipped his face up. "Reality sucks," he pointed out with a small grin. "Remember, I want to help you and your family. That's why I'm turning over our portion of the blood bags." Ron brightened. "Now, come on." They walked out into chaos. "Madam Pomfrey?" Harry called. She looked at him. "Draco, Ron, and I were making blood potion to set a trap for the vampire Lockhart. It's in the kitchen. It's in small containers but there should be a lot of it left."

"Bless you, Harry." She went to summon a house elf, noticing it looked to Harry, who nodded. As soon as the tub of bags was brought up she started to feed them into the student's bodies. "This will help so much, even though it is chilled," she told him. She cast a warming charm on the tub and each bag as it came out.

The Headmaster, McGonagall, and Snape all looked at them. "Explanations, now," Snape ordered.

"I went to do another turn in the halls," Harry said, clasping his hands behind his back. He felt Ron move to his sister's side again. "I know how the younger Gryffindors can be, Professor, and I figured one would do something dumb because I've had to in the past." He glanced at the filled beds, then back at the headmasters. "I heard someone crying so I headed that way. I found the unconscious students on the ground, a few more trying to guard them. I checked Ginny Weasley and ordered one of the students to get help. They went for Hagrid because he was closer."

"Then Lockhart showed up again," one of the awake students butted in. "Harry stomped over there like some avenging angel and drove him off by sneering at him so we could get away." She sniffled. "On the way out, we admitted we were still missing someone when he asked so he went back in for Dennis Creevy." She pointed at the boy crying in his brother's arms. "He saved him too."

"It was lucky you were going out anyway," Snape pointed out. McGonagall nudged him and he glared at her. "It is a bit convenient."

"Sir, I sit in the sunlight in Defense, you can ask the teacher if you want," Harry pointed out. "Plus, the last game was in the daytime. The vampire was Lockhart and he's got at least some of his memories back because he responded to his name."

"Very well, I will alert the Ministry," Dumbledore offered. He looked at Harry, then at Ginny and Ron, then at the rest of them. "That was a very nice save but fairly dangerous, Harry."

"Sir, we just had a talk about my life influencing them," Harry said, stepping closer. "I think this proves it. I had my wand, and I have a clue. These kids don't yet. May we have that room for ours?"

"You may," Dumbledore agreed. "If only so such incidences do not happen again." He patted Harry on the cheek. "I understand your worry, Harry, you did not make them want to go out and do this. It is a typical thing that most Gryffindors would do. Even without you having been here."

Harry shook his head and looked at the awake students. "How many of you wanted fame and glory from this like what I get?" he asked. They all raised their hands and Ron hissed. "See?"

"I will accept your voluntary move from the tower, Mr. Potter. I understand you do not want this to happen again."

"I'd like nothing better than to never have had this sort of thing," he said honestly. "These kids nearly died because they wanted to be me and the only thing I can do is to blame myself and the bastard who keeps making me fight him." He turned and hit a pole, denting it and hurting his hand.

"Harry!" Ron said warmly. "They would have done it even if you hadn't volunteered to look after them. We're Gryffindors. We do things like this. You're just the example of what they can be." He came over and held Harry's hand. "They're young and dumb. They wanted the things that you so casually throw away," he said gently. "Even if we hadn't been here at this time and if none of that crap had happened, they'd still be brave little Gryffindors who would want to help. Now we can help teach them better. You saved them, feel really lucky."

"I do," Harry admitted, resting his head on Ron's shoulder. "But I still feel guilty."

"They would have done it anyway," Snape noted, turning and leaving. He came back a few minutes later. "Headmaster, did you take a key from my desk?" The headmaster pointed at the boys. "Very well then. I'll expect them to behave properly."

"Them and the other one," Dumbledore sighed. "He has not been telling us that his housemates have been targeting him." Snape stiffened. "I'm sure they're adult enough to handle it. Besides, I trust these two to watch over him, even if he doesn't like it." He saw the anger. "I'll have an extra room added on for him then?" Snape nodded and stormed out. "Boys, I thank you for volunteering a solution. I won't make you do further patrols." They nodded. "Be safe and be careful." They nodded again and he walked out.

"I am sorry that they took your example and turned it around so," McGonagall said quietly. "I understand your reasons and support them. It is very generous to give up everything in the house for the sake of saving the younger ones more pain."

"Am I still a Prefect?" Ron asked. She nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." She went to chew a few of the students out, quite loudly at that.

Ron led Harry over so they could wait by Ginny's side. She already looked much better. She was normally colored and her cheeks were rosy again. Ron touched her. "She's warm."

"You're not," Ginny grumped, opening her eyes to look at him. Then she looked around. "Lockhart?"

"Ran off," Harry told her, giving her a hug. "I should tell your mother and hold you down while she busts your butt," he whispered. "I'm just thankful that you're living."

"I'm a hearty wench, Harry, you know that," Ginny said, pushing him back. She noticed McGonagall was standing at the foot of her bed. "Oops?"

"We're going to leave you with her. I'll tell mum you're fine," Ron told her, leading Harry away. McGonagall would chew Ginny harder because she knew the dangers of how she had risked herself. He walked Harry downstairs, finding the hidden passage since it was open. They came out the other side and knocked on the door. "Ron Weasley," he said. The door opened, letting them in. He saw Draco look up and smile. "Don't. Ginny and a bunch of the Gryff fifth years went out to hunt Lockhart."

"It's *Lockhart*?" Draco asked, looking stunned. "He's our scary vampire?"

"Yup, he's the scary vampire," Harry agreed dryly. "I scared him off. Ginny was nearly sucked dead. So were a few others."

"They're really damn lucky Harry found them," Ron agreed. He smiled at Harry. "I do understand, Harry. I really do."

Harry gave him a kiss. "I know you do now that you've had a chance to think about it, Ron. At the time all I could see was that I was hurting you." He got pulled down into Ron's lap. "We still have to call your mother."

"Oh, yeah," Ron agreed, nodding. "By the way, Draco, you're getting your own room courtesy of Snape throwing a fit." He grinned at the disgruntled look. "That doesn't mean you can't come *visit* us all the time though." Draco did smirk at that. "Now up, I've got to call mum and dad so they can come and beat my little sister." They had a fireplace and there was some floo powder next to it. "Hey, cool."

"I brought down my supply," Draco said, going back to his reading. "Too bad you couldn't kill him."

"Yeah," Harry agreed, getting comfortable by the fireplace. "Have we set up the warming spot yet?" Draco pointed at a chair near the window that had a glow around it. "Thanks. Ginny noticed I was cold." He looked over as Ron called out his mother's name.

"Molly Weasley," Ron called. He got comfortable as soon as his mother's head appeared. "Mum, sit. You're not going to like this one in the least."

"Ron, what happened?" she asked.

"Have you heard about us having a vampire in the woods?" Harry asked, looking over at her. She shook her head. "We did. He ran off because I made him wet himself."

"Ron?" Molly asked.

"No, mum, I wasn't faster than the sixth years this time," he said honestly. She gasped. "Ginny's fine. She was drained pretty far but some blood potion did the trick."

Draco looked at Harry. "Really?"

Harry nodded. "I gave her all of it. I figured we wouldn't need it anymore." He shrugged. "Sorry to not consult you, there were three kids who needed it."

"That's fine," Draco agreed. "At least it didn't get wasted."

"Who else is there?" Molly asked. "That doesn't look like the common room."

"It's not," Ron said with a grin. "Harry and I made a case for being a bad influence on the house so we got given our own room and Draco Malfoy's got his own off ours. We're presently all studying at the moment."

"Oh, dear," she said, shaking her head. "Step back."

"I'm not sure if this one is set up that way," Harry said quickly.

"I can force the connection through," she told him. "Move, Ron. I want to have a talk with your sister myself." Harry helped Ron move and both parents came out of the fire. "Where is she?" She looked around. "This is very nice."

"The only bad part is that it's down in the dungeons," Ron said with a shrug. "But we've got a secret entrance back to the main hallway."

"Good." She kissed his cheek and pulled back to look at him. He blinked and gave a minute shrug. "You wait up and I'll be right back to get what really happened."

"Boys," Arthur said with a nod as he was towed out of the room. "That was very wise of them."

"It was," Molly agreed. "I know the younger students can be dense, but to try and match Harry would kill most of them." She led him up and into the infirmary, going right to her daughter's side.

Arthur hugged her. "Now you know why this family doesn't do vampires," he said gently.

"Yeah, it stung when Lockhart bit me," Ginny agreed, giving him a squeeze. "Mum?"

She hugged her too. "At least you're fine. Not many students could survive that. But from now on, young lady...."

"I'm leaving the heroics to Ron. I only followed them to try and keep them out of trouble," Ginny told her. Someone further down the room snorted. "I am good in defense, mother, and I did know what I was doing, but he surprised me and tried to get me from behind."

"Young lady, that is not for *you* to do," Molly said sharply. "Leave the creatures to those who are actually trained to do so! You're only half trained as is and I will not visit this room again this year!"

"Yes, mum," Ginny said weakly. "I'm sorry, mum. Harry saved us."

"Of course he did. Harry's often said we're like his family," Arthur agreed. He gave her another hug. "I'm just glad you're fine, poppet. You could have died and I don't want that."

"I'm sorry, daddy. I was trying to help," Ginny sniffled. Her parents hugged her between them, comforting her. She felt bad enough and didn't really need a good chewing out.


Molly sent her husband home and went to talk to Ron and Harry, tapping gently on the door. Ron opened it and smiled, letting her inside. "What happened?"

"We got carried away during sex," Harry admitted sheepishly. "He agreed."

"I did, I begged," Ron admitted, giving her a pitiful look. "I'm really very happy though."

She kissed him on the cheek. "Why are you so warm?"

"Warming spells," Draco said, pointing at the chair. He looked over at her. "Mrs. Weasley, I've been told I have you to thank for my current predicament. Thank you." She gave him a funny look. "I get to run wild, partially, I get to have a lot of very good sex, and I get to make your son's life miserable for eternity, what more could I want?" he asked with a grin. His whole face changed when Harry sent something to the desk he was working on with his wand. "Sorry, sire." He gave Molly a little smile. "Sorry."

"That's all right, Draco. Those are mostly very good reasons for being happy with your current situation." She walked over and gave him a hug. "You need the warming chair, young man." She kissed him on the cheek. "Can you still eat cookies?"

"I have never had a bigger sweet craving," Ron told her. "I sent money to the twins yesterday to get me more chocolate frogs."

Molly smiled. "Then I'll make you some cookies, dear." She walked over and hugged Harry. "I'm not upset with you, Harry. Ron is very irresistible. And if he's anything like his father then he's not only so very cute after a long afternoon together, but he's also very cuddly and begs quite well." He nodded. "Then I don't blame you for not waiting. As long as you try to finish out the year." She gave her son another hug. "Your father's waiting. I'll pop around soon or we'll talk during the holidays."

"Dad?" Ron asked.

She shook her head. "Not yet, Ron. Later." He nodded, letting her leave. She would have to bring up the subject to Arthur eventually and this presented an opportunity. Ginny could be tainted. She flooed home from the visitor floo, landing in her living room. She found Arthur sitting in a chair in the dark staring out the window. "Arthur?"

"We nearly lost her to one of those things and I can't help thinking that she might be tainted," he admitted tiredly. He took her hand and pulled her closer, cuddling her by putting his head against her stomach and his arms around her hips. "Molly, what are we going to do about this?"

"We have to accept our children, Arthur, even if they're turned into creatures of the night." She stroked through his hair. "I know it's hard, Arthur. With your brother being killed by one and all that, you have a legitimate hatred, but we may have to put it aside for Ginny or even Ron's sake." He looked up at her. "I have no doubt Lockhart will come back. The school is easily picked upon that way. Besides, doing it out in the world he would starve because he'd never manage to kill anything." She turned, sitting on his lap to hold him. "If it happens, it does, and we'll have to deal with it."

"She is, isn't she?"

"I think so, yes. I didn't ask Poppy but I believe she was tainted. Plus, we know Ron will be on the front lines if he comes back." He nodded, putting his head onto her shoulder. "Even if they are, they will not be coming for us."

"But they'll be killers, Molly, just like the Death Eaters."

"No, Arthur, not necessarily. There are mentions in their textbooks that some have managed to not kill. They feed off volunteers and those deluded little muggles who want to be like them. There's supposed to be a whole underground for such things. Besides, even if they did kill, I'd expect our kids to be putting people out of their misery. Those who are in long-term pain or who are wasting away from a disease. Or even go after the Death Eaters." He nodded, giving her an extra squeeze before releasing him. "Arthur, I don't want to worry you but I did see Ron and he was looking a bit pale as well." She kissed him before he could say anything. "He swears it's nothing but Lockhart was the king of memory charms. He's fine and Harry is paying extra attention to him to make sure he stays that way."

"That's why you went back to talk to him?" She nodded. "How long has this been going on?"

She caressed the side of his face. "Just after school started," she admitted.

"Has he been turned?"

"He was warm when I touched him."

Arthur relaxed. "I don't want to have to stake my son."

"And you won't. Ron and I had a graphic talk, short but very graphic, and he's said that he will not be coming here and he will banish himself from the family if he has to." Arthur looked hurt. "Yes, love, because I told him you had a problem with vampires." She gave him a light kiss. "He's very sure he'll never come after any of us and Harry can help him if he does get turned. I'm not sure how much it would take."

"What about his injury?"

"I think that the taint helped him get better faster, helped the healing spell somehow." Arthur went limp under her. "I don't want you to worry about him, Arthur. He is still our son and he will not attack us."

"Is he the one who said he'd be attacking Death Eaters?" She nodded. "That's a nice plan but they'll eventually run out."

"He's also the one who found out about the underground and not needing to kill," she said gently. "Just in case."

"Oh." He gave her as hard of a hug as he could. "I'd have to see for myself, Molly, you know that."

"I do, love, but I want you to think about it. Harry thinks whichever one got him, and he doesn't think it's Lockhart for some reason, may come back for Ron. He's very strong you know. He's also got that craftiness that runs in your side of the family."

"Yes, but Ron's got morals. He'd make a bad vampire, nearly as bad as Percy would. Bill and the twins would make better ones," he offered.

She smiled, giving him another kiss. "They definitely would, my love, but Ron promised he wouldn't curse the world that way for eternity."

He laughed and nodded. "Thank you, I need that."

"You're welcome, Arthur." She gave him a gentle pat. "He doesn't want to upset you so he asked me to explain it to you so you wouldn't go to stake him."

"I'll try to hold myself back. He could beat me in a fight anyway," Arthur pointed out.

"That's very true and I don't want you hurt," she whispered, giving him a squeeze this time. "Enough of this, let's go up to bed. We've got a long day tomorrow." He nodded and she squealed as he picked her up. "I'm not that light, put me down!" she ordered.

"You're like a feather, Molly. You always have been." He gave her a kiss once they were in the bedroom, kicking the door shut. Some habits die hard, even when your kids were all out of the house.


Hermione got permission to go for an interview at the Ministry so she got to take a long weekend out on the town. Her interview was conducted late Friday afternoon and she spent the night at the Leaky. Fortunately, she had planned ahead and managed to track down the recipient of the book she had sent. So here she stood, on his doorstep. She rang the small buzzer and smiled when he opened the door. "Percy."

"Hermione," he said, smiling and letting her in. "I heard you had an interview yesterday. How did it go?"

"Better than I expected. They said I'm on the short track for the new position." She sat down and looked at him. "Did you get the book?"

He smiled and nodded. "Yes, though I read it when I was younger. Father got it for the twins while they had some sort of illness and I was bored. He used it as a way to show that they're all bad of course." He sat across from her. "I've heard something about the one in the woods."

"Lockhart," she agreed grimly. "Unfortunately, I'm dealing with a different issue." Her mouth locked up and she gave him a look.

He sighed. "You?" She nodded. "Compulsion?" She nodded again. Then she gave a significant glance at an older family photo on his table. "My family?"

Her jaw unlocked. "Ginny went out with the crew to get Lockhart." Her jaw locked up again and she sighed, leaning down to hold her head.

He pulled his wand, flicking it at her. "Sententia dissero partis." He leaned closer as her thoughts became audible, telling him everything. At the end, she was limp and he was very angry. So angry he wasn't sure he had ever been in such a state before. He stood up and paced the small space, thinking hard. "We'll have to do something about this."

"I don't know what," she offered. "Hey, it's gone."

"You're not speaking of the subject directly. Undoubtedly if you were you'd lock up again." He turned to face her. "Is Ron?" She nodded. "Is Harry?" She nodded again. "Draco?" She shuddered and nodded. "I'll consider him the strongest then. Harry's the sire?" She nodded again. "How?"

"Clubbing. He said he was kicked out one night."

"Those stupid bloody muggles probably didn't see a thing wrong with him either." He sat down again, taking a few deep breaths. "We shall have to do something about this."

"The war?"

He shuddered. "I don't know, Hermione." He took her hand to pat. "I'm going to go to the Ministry with this. They'll have to check it out. That is the proper channel," he pointed out when she looked shocked.

"Headmaster?" she suggested. "We *need* him, Percy. Only he can kill the Dark Lord."

"Be that as it may, he is an abomination!" he said firmly. "He must be dealt with. We can keep him in a cage or something until then if we have to." Someone else rang his bell so he went to answer it. "Harry, what a surprise. And in sunlight? How charming of you to read that section too."

Harry walked in, pushing Percy back. "There's shit she didn't know, Percy, and you'll let me explain it or I'm going to have to wipe your mind." Percy looked shocked. "Sit."

"No, I believe I'll stand."

"Fine, then you'd better hear me." He locked and blocked the door off. "The very fact of the matter is, Draco consented because it saved his life."

"He should have lost it!"

"Why? So I lose? Draco is my planner, Percy!" Harry said hotly. Percy looked affronted. "Who makes the plans for the Order? No one there has any experience in the matter, not even Kingsley."

"That I will agree with," Percy said dryly. "So, you turned him to *save* him?"

"No, I bloody well turned him so I'd have someone to be there for me. I didn't ask for this."

"You could have met the sun."

"No, actually, I can't," Harry told him. "All new ones have a compulsion on them to live for a year."

"Ron?" Hermione asked.

"He asked," he told her. "I told him first. The same way you told Percy." He looked back at Percy, glaring at the man. "If you try to go against my family, I will have to act and I don't want to. I promised Ron that all of you would be safe from us. Draco upheld that. Even Ginny, who was tainted by Lockhart, has upheld that."

"My mother...."

"What makes you think I didn't tell her?" Harry asked, snorting at his look of shock. "I told her after I told Ron, because Ron went to her for advice. I offered him the choice, Percy. There will be no more turnings. I can promise you that I won't turn anyone unless they beg and they know what they're getting into. Ron and I almost came to blows because I wouldn't turn Ginny because she was so close to death." Percy went a little pale. "The facts of the matter also bear repeating. Ron *asked*. Draco *agreed*. I was the only one who didn't have a choice, I was ambushed while someone was trying to get me away from Draco's father."

"You had him killed," Percy breathed.

"I admit I've been in and out of his head to fuck with it, yeah. That's how the Order's getting their information. That's also how we've been feeding, on them. And another thing, I don't have to kill to eat. Neither do the other ones in the family line. We can do a few pints a night from different people and they'd never know. They ask for it too. Now, if you've got something to say, say it now. Because the moment you step anywhere near my childer I'm going to have to deal with you. Or Ron will have to deal with you. Or Draco will have to deal with you. Or, if you're really lucky, Vlad will deal with you. He has much more finesse than I do." Someone clapped as they came down the chimney. "Good job, Ron," Harry said happily, grinning as the smoke coalesced. "Very nice job."

"Thanks," Ron said, grinning back. He walked over to Percy and pushed him against the wall. "You will not tell anyone," he said, working a small compulsion. "Not mum, not dad, not anyone."

"Those don't work on me," Percy said, blinking at him.

Ron looked at Harry. "I thought I finally had it right when I convinced Ginny she was never stepping foot into the forest again without a teacher."

"You did, but Vlad said some strong minds can get past that." He looked at Hermione, who groaned and put her head down. Then he looked at Percy. "Percy, if you come for us before the end of the war, we'll have to deal with you. Otherwise you risk everything your world holds dear. I can promise that we'll be gone shortly afterward. I can also promise a much less pleasant visit later on if you start shit." He nodded at Ron to let his big brother go. "If you would start thinking instead of reacting to an old bias you'd see I'm not a danger to you or to the world in general."

"You are," Hermione shouted, standing up so she could face them. "Like the entire sixth year, Harry!"

"Hermione, some of them cited you too," Ron said coldly. "We've *all* done shit to make us get noticed that way. As many of those kids wanted to be you and I as wanted to be Harry. Get off your high horse." He looked at his big brother again. "I swear, you and everyone else is safe from me. I'll tell Dad myself. I'll tell Bill myself." Percy spluttered, Bill hated vampires because he had been attacked by one as a youth in the same incident that had taken out one of their uncles. "Now hear me, Percy Weasley, I will not let you try for any part of my family. The new or the old. We're still the good guys, no matter what you think. No matter that you think we'll be taking over as the evil of the day."

"Such a beautiful speech," Percy said bitterly. "Did your demon think that up."

"We don't have one of those," Harry told him. "Ours is from the communion." He shrugged at the dirty look. "It's true. Our family's book says so. We can both pass possession tests. Ask Hermione, she tried to do one." Percy glanced at her and she nodded. "See?" He shrugged. "The ball is in your court, Percy. I know what will happen if and when you decide to tell."

Ron groaned and grabbed his head. "What is that?"

"That is a vision," Percy said. "They are not part of the gifts."

"No, but we've been told he is a seer." Harry stroked Ron's back, making him calm down. "What did you see?"

"Dad. Death Eaters. Kidnapings at the Ministry." Ron pushed the heels of his hands into his eyes. "They're surrounding him and they're in....Mercia." He looked up. "We've got to go."

"Granted," Harry agreed. He looked at Percy. "You will both stay in this house and contact no one except to note that there was a kidnaping. Do you understand?" he asked. Percy dumbly nodded, that one had worked on him. "What's the fastest way to get there, Ron?"

"To fly," Hermione said. "It's in the midlands. Save Arthur and the others, then we'll kick your asses."

"Yay," Harry told her. He and Ron both fogged up and traveled as fast as the wind would let them. Fortunately it was blowing in that direction. There was only one body on the ground when they got there, and she was under the cruciatus. They were in time. He felt Draco coming in and looked over at him. "West," he ordered. "Ron, east."

"Deal," Draco agreed, becoming corporeal. He saw the stunned looks and vamped out, letting his fangs extend. "I loathe you creatures," he told the one nearest him, pulling him over to eat him.

Harry and Ron did about the same thing, only they had done it with less discussion. There had only been about ten death eaters at this gathering and none of the major ones. So they were done fairly quickly. Harry and Ron both left one alive and Draco gave them a funny look. "To give information," Ron said with a shrug. He walked over to the prisoners, going to his father first. He made sure his fangs and everything were back in. "Dad?" Arthur looked at him and shuddered. "Sorry, dad. Let me get you free." He sliced the rope and let him go, moving onto the next one. When he was done, he turned to face his father. "I know you're not happy, but I'm satisfied," he said quietly. "And I'll stay away until you say otherwise." He walked away, going to cuddle Draco. Outing Harry would be bad.

Harry coughed. "Hermione and Percy are trapped in his house. We'll talk when you're calm and not in shock," he told him, taking Draco and Ron in hand and leaving with them.

Arthur sat down and started to cry. "Ron," he moaned. One of his coworkers came over and patted him but he shrugged them off. "No." He looked up at her. "I've got to deal with this."

"Arthur, if you stake any of them then Harry can't kill the Dark Lord," she reminded him.

"I don't care!" he said warmly. "Should I leave my son like that!"

She shrugged. "I don't know. Try talking with him. They didn't attack us and Harry looked to have everything in hand. Ron didn't kill all of his. Neither did Harry."

Arthur slumped. "Did you know before this?"

"No. But there was some speculation when it was seen that Potter had left his house early this year. Someone went to check on his family and found that they had forgotten he existed." She patted him on the back. "Make a fire and call your wife after the aurors." She went to check on her fellow potential victims, getting the injured ones bandaged.

Arthur did that, looking at his wife after the first auror got there. "You knew," he said. She nodded. "Who?"



"That's what I'm not so sure about. After his back injury, that's all I know. Harry offered, so he'd have someone there with him. I did tell Ron he had to make his own decision and he had to base it on reality, not on the book."

"They're like the one you met?" he asked. She nodded, swallowing. "Ginny?"

"Harry said Lockhart tainted her. It's likely she won't change when she dies." She looked miserable. "Harry promised to leave our family alone, even Percy."

"Ron said he and Hermione are locked in his house."

"I'm not surprised, you infected Percy with your need to kill them all," she reminded him. "It's probably for their own safety. Hermione is very vulnerable."

"If you say so. We'll be talking."

She nodded. "Yes, we will be, Arthur. Because our son is still our son. And he won't be coming home again until you tell him otherwise." Her head disappeared.

Arthur looked around at the carnage and shuddered. "I'm not sure I want him home," he whispered, going to make his own report. "What do you need from me?"

"The names of the vampires who helped you," the auror said.

Arthur shook his head. "I can't."

"Do you know?" Arthur gave him a helpless look. "Is it a compulsion?"

Arthur shook his head. "No," he said sadly. "They didn't even try with me." He walked away, going to grab the portkey back to the Ministry so he could fill out the paperwork and think before going home. He needed to think before he faced his wife.


Molly looked at the blank fireplace and sighed, tossing some more powder into the fire. "Bill Weasley." His head popped up and he was smiling until he saw her face. "Can you come home for an hour? It's important, Bill, and I want you to know before anyone else can tell you."

"Is someone dead?"

"Not exactly, but there's some things that are going to make you very unhappy, son. Please?"

"Sure, mum, give me ten." His head disappeared.

Molly went to make herself a soothing cup of laced tea and sat at the table to drink it. Bill came in five minutes later and sat next to her, patting her on the hand. She handed him the other cup and put the bottle next to it. "You'll want a bit," she told him.

"What happened?" he asked, not touching the bottle or the tea.

"Have you gotten any news recently?" Bill shook his head. "This has apparently been the year of the vampire, son." He went pale. "No one's really dead." She took another sip. "Ginny went out to help face down the one in the forest. She was bitten and tainted. Harry said she'll be fine he thinks."

Bill poured himself a large shot and drank just that. "How would Harry Potter know about vampires?" he asked.

"Because he was attacked at a club," she said, finishing her tea and taking his, making it heavily laced before taking a sip. "He's of the Dracula line." Bill blinked a few times. "Yes, they're real, son. I met Mistress Mina once." She took another sip. "And now your brother's best friend and his consorts have met the line's founder."

"Consorts?" Bill took a deep breath. "Ron?"

She nodded. "And Draco Malfoy. He offered and Ron agreed to making a thoughtful choice. He held out, he considered it. Then he took the offer after nearly dying on the pitch from a bad fall."

Bill poured himself another shot. "Dad?"

"Ron and Harry just went to save him. He had been stolen from the Ministry in a surprise attack. Apparently they did it the vampire way instead of the wizarding way."

"Do they still have magic?" Molly nodded. "Then why didn't they keep it quiet?"

"Because, son, all hell is about to break loose. Hermione knew, but she's been forcibly kept quiet about it so Harry could finish out the war." Bill poured another shot. "They're being helpful, taking out those sort." She waved her cup around. "Hermione told Percy. And you know how he is." Bill nodded before downing the shot. "I think that's enough."

"I'm drowning the urge to kill my baby brother," Bill pointed out, putting his elbows on the table so he could rest his head on top of his fists. "When did dad find out?"

"Today." She finished her second cup of tea. "They're trying to finish the school year."

"Then they were really dumb," Bill said warmly, looking at her. "Didn't his sire teach him anything?"

"Harry's sire died the day after turning him. He walked out to meet the sun because his own sire had died. I know he's met Vlad, Ron's latest letter said so. He's gone somewhere. Ron said Austria I think." She looked miserable. "I didn't want you to find out through the paper."

"Thanks for that at least," he snorted. He grabbed the bottle and upended it, taking big gulps for a few swallows. Then he put it down and recapped it, floating it to the counter out of both their reaches. "I need to talk to Ron."

"He's probably back at the school packing," Molly said sadly. "I wanted him to graduate before making his choice but nearly dying made him do it sooner."

"It would me too," Bill assured her, patting her on the hand. His father walked in and he shrugged. "Hi, dad."

"Bill." He hugged him. "Did she tell you?"

"She didn't want me to learn it in the papers," Bill offered.

"I wish she had told me," Arthur said.

"I tried, Arthur, but I wanted to ease you into it." She gave him a dead look. "I'm sorry."

He grabbed her, holding her tight. "Don't be, Molly. You know my prejudices better than I do." He sat down beside her. "What are we going to do?"

"I want to see Ron for myself."

Draco Malfoy jumped over the half-door in his wolf form then changed back to a human. "Sorry, had to get away. Your son's presently weeping like there's no tomorrow and I can't stand that." He looked at Arthur, then at Bill. "Harry said that you could come up and meet them on the grounds. Ginny's out of the infirmary and fine. Her taint's mellowing with each day. Ron's miserable and Harry's trying to comfort him." He crossed his arms. "Now all we have to do is to deal with Granger and your wayward son. Do you have a preference?"

"Percy won't turn away from this," Bill told him. "I was nearly killed as a young boy by one and our favorite uncle was killed. Percy barely remembers it and he's hot on the subject of killing all of you." He held out a hand and Draco held out his. Bill shuddered. "You're clammy."

"Sorry, I didn't take the time to use the warming charms." He looked at Arthur again. "Harry also wanted you to know that we're disappearing after the war. We're slowly breaking them up and doing the hard work for you. Once Harry's killed Voldemort then we'll leave for good." He saw the shudders. "I have no fear from the man. Not any longer. Harry saved me from a horrible and painful death. Now I'm more than satisfied and I can do anything we want." He looked at Bill again. "Give Ron an hour to calm himself please." Then he turned into the wolf and jumped back over the half-door, heading back to the school. He had just gotten done listening in at the Ministry. It was a secret among some of the higher ups and everyone else had been memory charmed. No one was telling anyone at the school. It was thought to be too risky. If they ate a few students it was worth it apparently. Not that he wanted many of them, but they'd have to do something about Lockhart before it got around that they were responsible. He floated back into their room and nearly floated back out again when he saw the visitor.

"Do land, Malfoy," Snape said grimly. Draco reformed and glared at him. "I am not here to harm you. I was sent with a potion for Weasley and figured it out on my own."

"We were trying to avoid any of you knowing," Harry offered from his seat. "Molly and Arthur?"

"They and Bill are fine." Draco sat on Ron's other side.

"Bill's here?"

"And smelled like liquor."

"I have no doubt," Snape said, looking over them. "What shall we do with you?"

Harry leaned forward. "I haven't nibbled on a student and neither have Ron or Draco. We're going to get Lockhart. We're going to finish this war. Then we're going to leave. We'd like to finish our last year because Ron's mum wants him to."

"You have been discreet so far," Snape admitted, getting comfortable. "What are your plans?"

"Surviving Percy and Hermione," Ron told him. "Finishing the fight with a bit of style. Then we're leaving the country and going somewhere else."

"There is nowhere that Mr. Potter is not known."

"No, but I can always change my looks," Harry reminded him. "Even with some muggle plastic surgery if possible."

"Your scar would come back," Draco reminded him. "So would anything else you changed."

Harry nodded at that wisdom. "Then maybe some magical ones?"

"Probably won't work either, Harry. You're stuck with hair dye and cosmetics," Ron said, giving him a playful nudge. "Maybe you could go goth. You are pale enough."

"Let's be serious for a moment, shall we?" Snape suggested. "Mr. Malfoy?" Draco looked at him. "When?"

"During the save. That's how Harry was getting me out of the house. It was either that or my father was going to make me the entertainment for the rest of the meeting."

Snape nodded. "I understand. Dying would be preferable."

"I offered to turn him and I didn't forcefeed him the blood," Harry said coolly.

"I have no doubt of that. Mr. Malfoy often latches onto ideas without much thought."

"This is much nicer than the fate that awaited me for however long I lasted," Draco countered. "I like this existence. Harry's very nice and gentle with me. He uses positive reinforcement for corrections." He groaned as Ron nudged him and whispered in his ear. "Sir, we do have one small thing I need to ask you." Snape waved his wand indulgently. "The tubes of sperm my parents set aside. Someone will need to use them. I'll be ceding my house to any offspring. I wish you to look after them."

Snape considered it. "That is a reasonable request. I will consider it."

"Even if I am staked, I am nearly the last in the family line and I doubt the other will be able to do anything with her life." Snape nodded, briefly closing his eyes as if saying a silent prayer. "Thank you." He looked at Ron. "Do you have any other surprises?"

"We had to lock Hermione and Percy together. She managed to find a way around the compulsions we laid to not tell anyone."

"She sent Percy a copy of the book," Ron added.

"Both of them would be more able to withstand the mental magic you possess," Snape agreed.

"Even Vlad couldn't make it stick on Hermione," Harry said bitterly. "I didn't want her to know, she followed me when I first met Draco and Ron upstairs."

"Has the Headmaster twigged to it?" Draco asked. "We've had indications of both yes and no."

"I have no idea what goes on in that man's mind," Snape admitted. "He has not shared the information with me."

"The Ministry's not telling him either," Draco told him.

"Good." He looked over as door was knocked on. "One of you get that."

Ron stood up and went to answer it, letting in McGonagall. "Hi," he said. She pulled him closer and hugged him. "Dad's fine."

"I heard, young man. Harry?" He waved. "Mr. Malfoy?" He waved too. "Professor Snape?"

"Not in the least," he said firmly. "I just found out the hard way, by walking in and noticing things."

"Hmm." She led Ron back to the couch and forced him to sit down. "As of this moment, the Defense teacher and we know. Dumbledore is not being told. It's thought he has enough to worry about at the moment."

"We're not so sure he doesn't know," Harry offered. "He's done some crazy things and we're not sure of anything."

"That is the Headmaster's nature," she pointed out dryly, pulling a chair over for herself. "That was really very dumb."

"It was a spur of the moment decision," Harry said, looking at Draco.

"You didn't have to follow my lead," Draco pointed out. "No one there would have said anything to you two."

"What did you do?" Snape asked.

"My new idiot brother started off the fight with the kidnapers by eating one of them," Ron told him. Snape swatted at Draco. "So right now I'm waiting to see if my father's going to disown me and if Bill's going to try and stake me."

"You can live through a staking," Harry offered. "It'll hurt like hell and you'll be really injured."

"The anemia?" McGonagall asked. The boys nodded. "Those charms?" They nodded again. "The steaks?"

"It's better than the blood potion," Ron told her. "That was making us sick."

"We don't have to kill," Harry told her. "We live on a couple of pints a day and our victims aren't any wiser."

"True," she agreed. "Ronald, Magical Creatures?"

"That'll be my sun for that day," he said with a shrug. "As long as I've fed, I can do that. Harry played his first game that way."

"So did Mr. Malfoy," Snape pointed out. "I had wondered why he was so red."

"Because it was damn hot," Draco told him.

"Harry spent the next thirty minutes under the shower," Ron told him.

"I'm glad to see it wasn't only me," Draco said, looking over at Harry. "We've got to do something about that. I've got a game next weekend."

"There is something," Snape admitted. He gave them all a look. "How long did you expect to hide this?"

"We were going really well until this attack and the Hermione thing," Ron told him.

"True, they were. I had no idea in the least," McGonagall pointed out. She looked over as someone rang a doorbell. "There's a bell?"

"It's the statue's nose," Ron told her. "Inside, like you're picking it."

"Which means that's the headmaster," Harry finished. He stood up and went to answer it, letting in the man they expected. Dumbledore pressed something against Harry's forehead, making him frown. "We're this way from the communion, no demon."

"Thankfully I knew that, I was making sure what sort you were," Dumbledore told him. He walked over and took Harry's spot, hugging Ron. "Your father called and said he'd be up tomorrow." Ron nodded, looking upset. "Apparently he's talking to Percy and Ms. Granger."

Harry looked at Dumbledore. "You've met someone before," he said.

"I have," Dumbledore agreed, smiling at him. "I had thought I was correct, then you covered for it, and you've done an amazing job covering to date. Even Poppy doesn't realize."

"The charm explanation," Draco said smugly.

"Perhaps you should come up with a charm that actually does that," Dumbledore suggested. "After the war and after you're safely away." The boys nodded. "After you graduate." He looked at the two teachers. "You are handling this?" They nodded. "Good. Harry, was it truly Lockhart?"

"Lock, stock, and icky gold jacket," Harry said bitterly. "I'm going to get him yet."

"Oooh, me," Ron pleaded. "For that rockslide." Everyone looked at him. "I damn near got buried because of the man. He nearly kept Fawkes from helping Harry too."

"Some of us have other reasons for wanting to get that man," Snape muttered. He looked at the headmaster. "You're too calm."

"Harry has agreed to any demands I could make. He will not eat the students. He will not leave before the war is done. He will not come back after he is gone unless we call for him."

"He will not eat the teachers," McGonagall said sourly. "How nice of you to remember us in there," she noted.

"I'd never eat you," Ron promised. "You're a very good teacher and I enjoyed your class a lot." He looked at the headmaster. "I would like to be able to see my family if they agree."

"I meant at the school, Mr. Weasley. You will not do what Lockhart is doing and stalk us."

"No, had no want of that idea," Harry told him. Dumbledore frowned, then looked at Draco. Then back at Harry. "Yes, I'm their sire, not the other way around. If I stay, they stay."

"I understand. You were doing admirably until Ms. Granger decided to send off that book. Also, please keep your founding father out of the school."

"He was here?" Snape asked loudly.

Draco nodded. "Someone had to teach Weasley. He wasn't picking it up from the book."

Ron looked at him. "For that, I'm hogging Harry tonight and you can snog your own ass."

Draco pouted at him. "I was joking."

"Boys," Harry sighed, looking at the ceiling. He looked at McGonagall. "Do you have any training ideas outside of a good, hard spanking and an unremovable cock ring?"

She nodded. "Chain him to the wall and make him watch while wearing it."

"That's a really good idea," Harry said, looking at the younger vampires. They both scooted over to nuzzle him. "Boys. Visitors. And Ginny's coming. I can feel her."

"Fuck," Ron muttered, getting off him. "She has always had bad timing. She used to walk in on me when I was doing myself." He got up and went to answer the door. "Dad's fine, he's coming up tomorrow."

"I heard. The same as mum just pulled me home for a talk." She looked at Harry. "I'm not good enough?"

"No, I didn't because there was a greater chance of you becoming like Lockhart, Ginny."

"Besides, we figured you'd hate it enough to get past the 'thou shalt not kill thyself' commandment built into every new vampire," Draco added.

"How very Biblical of you," Ron snorted. He found himself draped across Harry's lap and being spanked. "Oww! I'm sorry!" Ron complained. Harry let him go, and Ron frowned at him while he rubbed his rear. "Meanie."

"I can find wall chains," Harry said as he went back to the couch. "Draco?"

"Sorry," he mumbled.


"Sorry," he said, a bit more firmly. He looked at Ginny. "Would you *really* want to be this way for eternity?"

She shook her head, smiling now. "No, I'd hate it if Harry spanked me on a regular basis."

"See, I made a good decision getting you our blood packs," Harry told her. "You'd be miserable as one of us, always complaining that you're cold and such." He looked at the teachers again. "So?"

"We can live with those terms. Please get Lockhart and make him very sorry," Dumbledore said. "No more charming the teachers. No more charming the students." He looked at Ginny. "You, no more running outside to fight."

"Yes, Headmaster," she said quietly, staring at him with her impossibly big eyes.

"I can firm up that compulsion, Ron, if you want."

"No, I think that's okay. She'll really hate to upset mum and dad when she dies." Ginny shuddered and hugged him. "You know I love you, Ginny, but you're a stubborn bitch at times. Learn your limits. You're not Charlie."

"Yes, big brother." She looked up at him. "Do the twins know?" He nodded. "That you've already gone across?"

"I think they see it as a foregone conclusion," Harry told her.

"I can speak, right?" Ron asked. Harry waved a hand. "What he said. We went to talk to them first, while I was really confused." She touched his neck. "Still chilly," he said with a grin.

"But I thought you were fine after the accident."

"I was, but I got a bit carried away while shagging Harry and begged him. He tainted me after my accident so I'd fully heal, but nothing more."

"Oh. That's more than I wanted to know, Ron. I didn't want to know that you could still shag. Really, that's a disgusting mental picture up with the ones where I used to walk in and catch you trying to figure out what all that sex stuff was about." She shuddered. "It's actually above the time I did that to Percy and it was accidental." She looked at Harry. "Do you keep him in line?"

"Most of the time. I'm very lenient," Harry said with a grin.

"Hmm. Maybe a strap would help with those two together."

"Actually, they're very pretty together," Harry told her. "Draco and Ron look very nice together and it's one of my favorite things to do when I'm ignoring my homework."

"Eww," she said, walking out and slamming the door.

"Good job," Draco told him. He looked at Ron and patted his lap. "To prove that we can get along? Before the cockring comes back out?" Ron hurried over and sat in his lap. "See, visually pleasing, sire."

"Very visually pleasing," Harry agreed. He started to move closer but McGonagall coughed. "Sorry, Professor. My moral code is wider but not quite that wide at the moment."

"Well said," Dumbledore offered as he stood up. "I'm going to go back to office and wash that sight out of my eyes. Severus? Minerva?"

"Coming," she agreed, taking his hand to help her rise. She looked at Severus, who hadn't moved. "You wanted to watch?"

"I need to speak to them about a potion for sunburns," he said.

"Oh, yes," Dumbledore said, smiling at them. "Does this enhance your flying?" They shrugged. "If it does, I'll have to ask you to leave your teams."

"Considering we can only be outside for up to two hours, isn't that a hindrance?" Ron asked.

"Good point." Dumbledore and McGonagall walked out, leaving them alone.

"Yo won't mind if a steal a kiss, correct, Professor?" Harry asked as he slid back over to steal a few kisses.

"On the contrary, I do mind, Mr. Potter. It's good to know that your father's libido was passed down to you as well as his problematic hair and bad eyesight." He looked at them. "There is a sunscreen and I can make it. You will buy the ingredients." They nodded. "Good. It is only to be used during games. It is much too strong to be wasted for a single class."

"I'm the only one with Magical Creatures," Ron pointed out. "Oh, shit, Hagrid."

Harry groaned. "We'll have to tell him before we disappear."

"I'm sure he'll be heartbroken," Snape put in, "but there are other important considerations. Magic? Or have you been compulsing your teachers all year?"

"Kept it," they said together. He looked impressed.

"Stronger than before," Ron said proudly. "Even if I do have problems with compulsions."

Snape rolled his eyes. "Fine. I'll leave you to your carnality. Mr. Potter, I will require some of your hair in return."

"Pubic or head?" he asked.

"Head," Snape said, glaring at him. "I have no desire to touch that part of you." Harry gave him a look and he shivered, then quickly escaped.

"I didn't know he liked ass-fucking gay boys," Ron said, kissing Harry this time. "That's very interesting."

"Isn't it though?" Harry asked, pouncing him.

"Hey, where's mine?" Draco asked, getting the back of Ron, which he took advantage of. "May I?" he asked as a formality. It was wiggled and he dove in to get what he really wanted. Kissing was for sappy people.


Arthur Weasley looked up as his youngest son walked up to where he was standing by the lake. "Son, you knew I'd be disappointed."

"That's why I went to mum to think, dad."

"I see." He looked at him. "When were you going to tell me?"

"Mum said she'd start the idea flowing and I was going to personally tell you over the holidays, so I could apparate out quickly if I needed to." Arthur grimaced and nodded. "I know how you feel, Dad, really, but I'm not the devil. I'm not even close. I'm not even a demon. I'm a fairly normal guy with some incredible powers who happens to only be living part of the time."

"Only partially living," Arthur corrected. He turned to face his son fully. "I'm still not happy with you."

"That's why I said I'd leave until you were ready, dad. I don't want to disappoint you but I'm happy this way. I'm useful and more fun. People like me more, especially the ones who don't know. Everyone except Hermione and she's presently still crying according to Ginny."

He nodded. "I would be too if I was her. She's had a crush on you."

"Really? Even though she knew I liked blokes?" His father nodded. "Huh. I always thought she was smarter than that." He sat down and looked at his father. "We could have done this earlier so you'd be more comfortable."

"Then it's true, you can go out in the sun?"

"For a few hours at a time," Ron agreed. He noticed Hagrid coming their way. "He doesn't know."

"I'm not telling anyone, son," Arthur said miserably. "They'd try to hurt you and I'd miss you." He gave Hagrid a look. "How has he been in class?"

"Good. 'Though, some of the animals haven't been takin' to him recently." He looked at Ron. "Aragog said somethin' interestin' 'bout Harry."

"You'd have to ask Harry, Hagrid. I only give information on him to the family." Hagrid looked hurt. "Hagrid, this time it's really important and Harry said to tell you to ask him yourself because he didn't want you to hear it from me or anyone else. I'm sorry if I was callus a moment ago."

"That's all right, Ron," he said, patting him. "Cor, you're like ice." He paused and patted him again. "Ron?"


"I see." He frowned. "Since the animals started?"

"And the odd thing is, I haven't touched them. They can sense it, nothing more, Hagrid. I get more than enough without touching a student and without touching one of your friends."

Hagrid nodded. "I can see that." He wiped at his eyes. "I'm sorry, Ron."

"I'm not, not really. This is kinda fun and it's really neat, and I get to shag Harry all the time now."

"You turned Harry?" Hagrid asked.

"Other way around," Harry said as he appeared. He shrugged at Hagrid's shocked look. "I got ambushed in a club. I gave Ron the option of not coming over to be with me."

"Then you love him?" Hagrid asked.

"I kinda do," Harry agreed. "At the very least, I'm really fond of him and we're still very close friends, who have now brought our relationship one step farther." He looked at Ron. "That's a direct quote from Ginny by the way, she was trying to talk to Hermione. I just strengthened her 'can't talk about it' compulsion, again."

"You're the one...." Hagrid stared. Harry nodded. "Did you nibble her?"

"No," Harry snorted. "We've got stuff for that. Ron and I are still digesting where we had to eat some death eaters yesterday to save Ron's dad." He shrugged. "Sorry."

"That's all right, Harry, it was bound to come out."

"The twins figured it out first if it's any consolation."

"It isn't actually," Arthur told him. "They knew?" He nodded. "They didn't say anything."

"When Harry offered me the choices he brought me to them to talk first and then I went to mum, dad. They knew he was different since he wasn't sweating and it was really hot that day."

Hagrid looked at Harry. "You lied to me."

"True, but I did it to protect you," Harry told him. "I figured you'd be the first to catch it. I haven't lied to you since then."

"The anemia?"

"Technically, we are considered anemic. The vampire virus explodes our red blood cells and we have to have blood to replace them," Ron told him. "The steak is the best non-living source."

Hagrid nodded. "I can see that. Are you droppin' out?" Ron shook his head. "But we're outside."

"And I've been there since I got turned, which was right after our first game, Hagrid. A bit of sun is okay for us."

Hagrid sighed. "I'll be seein' you both later tonight for tea."

"Yes, Hagrid," they agreed.

"Good. Does Dumbledore know?" They nodded. "Good, you can't keep somethin' like that from him." He went back to his cabin.

"You'll have to compel him too," Arthur said quietly. "One to not tell."

"He won't," Harry assured him. "He knows it's important that I finish this war out and then we'll be gone. The rumors can spread however they want at that time and you can do whatever sort of control or spin you want on them. I'll leave you two alone, I was just getting away from Hermione." He changed into a wolf and trotted off, going to lay in the shade and watch the woods. Lockhart was out there somewhere and he wasn't sure where.

"At least you're being careful and good," Arthur admitted.

"As Harry's sire put it, our moral codes are just a bit more broad now," Ron said with a weak grin.

"And if you've suddenly besieged by a hunger you can't slake. What about us?"

"Harry said he'd kill the vampire who touched you guys, including us. That's why we were having so much problems with the Percy issue." Arthur nodded. "Draco was all for stripping his mind bare and sending him home. I wanted to try something firm, yet gentle but I wasn't sure what yet, and Harry wanted to compel him. What did you do to him?"

"I pointed out that if he went after you now, everyone he loved was going to die a horrible and painful death at the Dark Lord's hands. He and Hermione both agreed to give you a year and a bit, until the end of the war, and then you're fair game."

"I can accept that," Ron agreed. "It'll give Percy a purpose that isn't paperwork." His father gave him a look. "It's not like he's got a woman."

"I believe he's focusing in Hermione. They're sending each other owls to buff up their knowledge." He sat beside his son. "Ron, I worry, I'm a father."

"And I agree, you probably should," Ron told him firmly. "If I were my son, I'd have locked my butt up a few years back, after that whole chess incident in my first year. I'd have been demanding that I get resorted, or that Harry be resorted if I couldn't. I'd make sure that Harry and I never came into contact again. Hell I might have put an article in the paper about how Harry had nearly gotten two other first years killed." He snorted. "Trust me, looking from your side of this you've been *very* understanding, dad. I can't fault you for not liking this turn. But I like it. I'm safer now. I'm stronger, faster, and more powerful. I will never have to take an order that I don't like because Harry won't make me unless it's really bad." He had a sudden flash of him standing on a grave bursting into flames. He groaned and clutched his head. "I hate those. It can be changed though. I'll have to remember that."

Arthur awkwardly patted him on the back. "It's an odd talent but it does crop up now and then in the family," he soothed. "Burning up?" Ron looked at him and nodded. "I'm sure there will be moments when you'll not want to go on. Remember why you did this during those, son, and weigh the choice again." He stood up. "You're coming home for the holidays."

"Not if it's going to make things weird."

"Son, that was an order and you will take it."

"Yes, dad," he said with a small grin. "Thank you. Who haven't you told?"

"Charlie." He shrugged. "He couldn't come up until today. I'm sure he's home by now if you wanted to float over."

"No, he'll attack me if he hasn't had time to calm down," Ron pointed out. "I'll see him later. Tell him to come over when he's calm if he wants."

"You're not turning Ginny, correct?"

"Only if it's the only way to save her life. That's a direct Harry quote."

"Good, you're much too young for children." He gave him a gentle swipe through the hair. "You behave Ron, as much as possible."

"I don't have to kill, dad, I only do it once a month and we try to pick on the death eaters and the worst of society. Otherwise I'm good with a few pints and everything is fine. I'm still basically Ron, only a more open and sexual Ron."

Arthur looked reassured as he gave Ron a smile and walked off. He headed home, finding Charlie in a rage. "Stop it," he said, ending the fit. "Do not yell around your mother, it's disrespectful and she's having a bad enough time as is." He sat down and poured himself some tea. "Brandy?"

"Already in there," she promised. "How is he?"

"Mostly, just like he used to be, only more open, a bit more cold now and then, and he seems happy with his new life."

"Wonderful," Charlie said bitterly. "Ron likes being a vampire, I'm sure most of them do."

"He offered to talk to you later after you've calmed down," Arthur told him. "He's in a different room." He looked at his wife. "He told Hagrid while I was there. The poor man was fairly upset."

"Of course he was, he considers himself Harry's uncle." She gasped. "Remus."

"I'm leaving that to Harry," Arthur said firmly. "We both should." He softened. "I'm glad Sirius isn't here to see this. He'd be very upset with Harry and Ron."

Charlie looked at him, mouth open. His mother reached over and closed it for him, snapping him out of it. "Dad, I thought you hated vampires."

"I do," Arthur agreed, sipping his tea. "But your sister was bitten and tainted. She'll be fine eventually," he said at the hurt look. "Harry took care of her when he found her in the forest, getting her help and giving up the blood potion they had stored for her." Charlie slumped a little. "Charlie, I don't like this, but Ron is still my son, the same as you are. I don't like what you do because it's so dangerous and I've decided to feel that same way about Ron. As soon as the war is over, Percy and Hermione are going to start hunting them. It's dangerous being him but I can't love Ron any less because he made a rash decision in the heat of the moment." Molly blushed. "I heard," he told her. "I had no idea he was into boys."

"Ron liked boys before this?" Charlie asked. His parents nodded. "Why didn't I see this the last time I saw him?"

"Because he was still figuring such things out," Molly told him. "And the time after that, Harry wasn't here."

"Potter?" His mother nodded. "My brother is boinking Harry Potter?"

"And then some," Arthur agreed, taking a longer sip. His cup was refilled for him. "Thank you, son."

"You need it more than I do. I've got a gallon of scotch and a few pints of homebrew sitting back at my camp." His mother frowned. "I don't get it often, but when I do I buy in bulk, mam."

His mother looked up, saying a quick prayer for strength. "I suppose that's why you don't do it often." She poured herself more tea. "We'll have to stop this soon."

"The end of the weekend is soon enough," Arthur assured her. "I'll have a hangover on Monday but it will keep people away from me."

"I doubt they'd come anywhere near you," Charlie pointed out. "You're probably seen as very delicate at this moment. One child attacked, one turned."

Arthur nodded. "Probably."


When Charlie got back to his camp, he went to talk to his boss. "I'm going to get plastered," he said when he entered the office. His boss looked up at him like he was a stranger. "My family has just gotten some horrible things done to it and I'm getting very drunk."

"Eat something first and make sure you've got something for your head in the morning." Charlie nodded, he would do that because he was the original bastard when he had a hangover. "What happened?" Charlie swallowed. "C'mon, you can tell me," he said with a friendly smile.

Charlie went with a partial truth. "There's a vampire by the school my family goes to." The boss winced. "My sister and most of her house went out to take him on. She was bitten and tainted, but not turned. By all rights, she should have but some very quick thinking saved her. That and my father was kidnaped from work recently. A few vampires attacked the kidnapers and then left before the aurors got there."

"Tough breaks, kid. Is your dad okay?" Charlie nodded. "Then go swallow whatever you want. You wanna use the floo to call your big brother?"

"He got told first, I was the last to know this time." He waved. "I'm going to lay down now. It's easier to be drunk when you're laying down." He went back to his small room, basically a wood-sided tent because they migrated with the dragons. There he found an extra bottle of good scotch waiting on him with a card from Bill. He sat down to read it, then opened that first. It'd go down easier.


Monday came and went, as did most of the rest of the week. On Thursday, Ron got an owl from his brothers. He opened it and had to wince at the brightness of the thing inside. He had yet to have his morning blood and this was just a bit too bright for him. He pulled out the letter, smiling at the curly and ornate handwriting. "It's like a heat source," he told Harry quietly. "There're three in here." He pulled the shiny things out and handed one to Harry, then put one in the envelope, sending Draco a thought about what he had. He put it under his shirt, sticking it onto his chest, and immediately felt warm. "Wow."

"Very, how long can we wear these?" Harry asked.

"Whichever one sent it said that it'd last for a month and that they're able to be worn around the clock if we want." He felt Draco moving closer and looked up at the familiar sneer. He sneered back, playing along. He could feel the lust coming off his brother. "Did you want to look at the twin's new thing too?"

"No, I came to get something so I could eat," Draco announced, stealing the syrup. "Ours seems to be missing."

"Take it and go," Harry said with an absent hand-wave. He felt Draco's irritation so he looked up at him. "You're still here?" Draco glared at him and Harry stood up, subtly passing him the envelope. "Did you need something else, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Yes, I need something so I'm not bored," he said.

"Hmm. Ron, can we make him not bored?"

"I sure can," Ron said happily. He looked at Draco. "Would you like to be not bored before or after Herbology?"

"Before," Draco sneered, going back to his table with the syrup. He sat down and pulled out the envelope, looking inside at the shiny thing. He put it into his palm and stuck it to his stomach and nearly moaned in delight. Damn, he was fully warm. It was wonderful.

Greg Goyle leaned closer, touching him on the hand. "Are you feeling better?"

"I just got a new medicine," Draco told him. "Why?"

"You're warm and you haven't been warm in days, Draco," he said quietly, staring him down. "I know," he whispered. Draco shrugged. "I know it all, Malfoy."

"Good. Then would you like to help in my little duel later?" Greg shook his head. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," Goyle said calmly. "I'm not saying anything." He went back his breakfast, taking some of the needed syrup for himself. He let it go when Draco snatched it, giving him a sideways look. "It was kinda obvious after that attack."

"What attack?" Pansy asked.

Goyle looked at her. "There was an attack on the Ministry and the people were quickly found." He coughed. "Someone searched Draco's house for clues about meeting spots. I was telling him what I had heard."

"Hmm. Interesting." She smiled at Draco. "Are you feeling better yet?" Draco nodded. "Then can I have a few minutes of your time?" He leered at her and she grinned back. "Please?"

"As soon as I eat," he told her. She went back to her own breakfast. He looked at Goyle. "After Herbology." The big boy nodded, looking down at his food. "I'm not mad. I'm astounded but not mad," he said quietly. Greg smiled at him and dug back into his waffles.


Draco had just gotten done with Pansy and now went to get his drug of choice, Ron. Ron understood his need to be tossed against the wall. Harry was great, but not for outside of the bedroom. He ran into Ron in the tunnels and smirked, dropping his books. "We've got five minutes."

"Pansy wasn't enough?"

Draco shook his head. "No." He lowered his pants and turned around but Ron flipped him back and pinned him to the wall, stealing a kiss. "Ron," he complained.

"You'll get yours," he promised, going down on his brother of the night. Draco's eyes rolled back into his head and Ron laughed, then suddenly flipped Draco around and spit onto his fingers, using them to lube Draco up. With one quick motion he was standing and embedded into his chosen partner this morning and Draco was going to get messy from the dirty walls.

Harry strolled past, grinning at Ron. "Was he naughty?" he asked, stopping to suck on Draco to hurry him up. Draco moaned and came and Harry stood up, sharing it with Ron. "There, now get dressed."

"Merlin, can't I have an afterglow?" Draco complained but he was already pulling up his pants.

"You're the one who waited by going after Pansy first," Harry pointed out. "Besides, you left the tunnel door cracked open. I shooed Goyle away from it."

"He told me at breakfast that he had figured all this out."

"Wonderful," Ron sighed, grabbing his own books and handing Draco his. "We'll deal."

"I was going to make an announcement tonight at dinner," Harry told them. "A minor working." They looked impressed. "I don't think anyone would tell the press, but I can't be too sure of that. Better to be safe than sorry." They came out the other end and had to run to the end of the greenhouses because they had switched. This one had dangerous plants. He let Ron go in first, watching how the plants reacted. He sent a mental note to Draco to watch out for one of them that was trying to come at them and the one that was shying away. They picked spots on the other side of the room, at a long table. Draco was down with Goyle and Harry and Ron were up with Hermione and Neville. "Good morning," Harry told them.

"Cut the crap," Neville said, glancing around for the teacher. "Something odd is going on, Harry, and I want to know what."

Harry looked at him. "Neville, the only thing going on in our lives that's odd is something that could hurt you quite a lot if you knew," he said gently.

"Like you and Malfoy shagging and passing notes?" Neville asked.

Harry sighed as he leaned on the table. "Neville. I've had a small fascination for that one for about a year now. He, however, seems to like Ron better. So we're figuring that out."

"In your private room?" Neville asked. Harry grinned. "Oh, Harry, you've got better taste than that. Look out, poisonous spines." Ron grabbed the plant and carefully tied that limb out of the way. He wouldn't mention that it had hit Harry's back and that nothing would be happening because of it. "So, what's he like?" he asked, leaning closer.

"Neville, if you don't stop, I'm going to be sick and leave," Hermione told him.

"Really? And what if we brought up letters from one of my older brothers?" Ron asked with a grin. Hermione gave a pointed look at her gardening stake.

"Ron, don't pick on her over Percy, they suit each other," Harry said gently. "Neville, I never kiss and tell. That way no one else wants a taste." Neville laughed and hit him on the shoulder. "Ow. Mean bastard." Neville laughed some more.

"You three are so different," Lavender noted. "Before this summer, you three were so close and tight it was like looking at a mirror image some days. Was this about the attack, Hermione?"

"Yes," she said, looking at Harry and Ron, "it was."

"Such things can often change a person," Harry said with a shrug. "Each compulsion changes the victim's mind a little."

"We would love for things to be the way they were, but sometimes things happen and you have to move on," Ron added. He looked at Hermione. "If there had been a way we could have helped, we would have." She growled. "Really. If there had been any way around the compulsions, we would have done it."

"Speaking of vampires, I heard Lockhart was spotted in town last night," Neville shared.

"I guess that means we're on hall patrol tonight," Ron said, looking at Harry, whose eyes had narrowed a bit. "Remember, I want to stake him in thanks for nearly getting me buried by the rockfall."

"Sure, Ron, you can have the final staking," Harry agreed with a grin. He saw Draco looking up at them and looked back, making him turn away. He swatted at the plant trying to cuddle up to his back. "Get off me," he complained. Ron got him untangled and he relaxed a bit. "Thank you." He looked at Hermione. "Ron's right, if there had been any way around the compulsion, we would have done it. We miss you, Hermione, the real you that you used to be."

"I'm sure someone will get me free of it some day," she said, shutting up when the teacher came in. "We'll discuss this later."

"Fine," Harry agreed, listening to Madam Sprout. Even when the voice in the back of his head came forward to chew him a new one. He continued to look attentive as he defended his actions, pointing at that all the extra people knowing wasn't his fault. Vlad made a valid case that it was. Harry agreed that he would fix it, all of it, and Vlad decided that would be an excellent idea. Harry's idea got some laughter but Vlad said he didn't think it could work, so Harry put it aside and apologized again for being so open. Even though he hadn't *told* anyone, they had found out. Then he pushed the mental voice out with a plea for the time to think. Harry sent a mental message to Draco first, he had more experience with charms, then to Ron, who just gave him a look and a little shrug. Harry looked down at Draco, who was scowling at his plants like usual. Maybe he had an idea? Harry shared his idea and Draco gave a small shiver. He got a glare back so he went back to his work.


"It might work," Draco said as they walked back to the main school. "Doing it to the paper would be easier than each person."

"What about my family?" Ron asked.

"I leave that up to you," Harry told him. "As long as they can't talk about it. Vlad said he'd stake all of us if we didn't fix this."

"But that's not fair! We didn't tell anyone, they figured it out!" Ron complained.

"Yeah, but our secrecy is our continued life, Ron. Even his." He opened the other end. "It's Thursday, we've got to have it ready by Sunday." He walked away. He went to the library, skipping class but the librarian only looked at him for a moment before letting him into the restricted section. Apparently it had gotten all over the school now. At least to the staff. He found the book he needed by casting a locator charm and pulled it down to look at it back there. It might work, but it would be very draining and they'd have to deal with weight issues.

"Not if you charm the whole roll of paper," Draco said as he appeared behind Harry. He gave him a kiss on the neck then sat down. "I'm sorry, I do believe in Ron's interpretation but I understand. The fact that Goyle could get me killed had never crossed my mind before." Harry handed him the book and Draco flipped back to the index, holding the page. He found a different one and handed it back. "It's a darker one but it will work faster and better and won't erase more memories if they see more than one copy."

"The whole roll?" Draco nodded. Harry considered the spell. "I can see that," he said finally, starting to copy it down. "What about Ron's family?"

"Give them the option," Draco decided. "This, like our compulsions won't work as well on the very smart or the incredibly stupid."

"That leaves about five percent of the population," Harry said quietly.

Draco nodded. "How many of them know?" He tapped the book. "If we *each* cast it then it should thin down those numbers to the truly resistant. Plus, anyone we warn."

"Molly, Arthur, the twins," Harry said firmly.

"Snape won't be caught, he's immune from them I think," Draco pointed out. "Percy probably has a reminder handily stored in case we do something of this nature. He'll tell Granger if she does get hit."

"What about lack of distribution?"

Draco smirked. "Leave that to me." He gave his sire another kiss.

"There will be no such activities back there, gentlemen," Madam Pince called back.

"Sorry," Harry told her. He finished copying the spell and had Draco check it for accuracy. They couldn't blunder this time. He would not lose his childer over something like this. They went to their next class, which they had together, and mentally planned the assault, Harry giving Ron extra help with the charm.

Ron pointed out that they were stronger than the average wizard and that the charm had been meant for a weaker dark wizard to use on his minions. That was about the only point in their favor but it was a cheering thought.


Draco looked at the editor. "Yes, I know. It's an odd move, but I'm pissing off my family's friends more by being generous," he said smugly. "What do you think pissed them off more? Me existing or me pissing away the money my father gave them access to?"

The editor laughed. "That's so true. All right, every home, apartment, even every student gets a copy of the paper Monday morning. Did you need any special stories?"

"No, just run a line at the bottom that this complimentary copy is in thanks to an heir pissing off his family. No names." He stood up. "Fair enough?"

"Very decent of you, Mr. Malfoy." He shook his hand. "I hope you get much joy from this minor point of rebellion."

Draco shrugged. "I'm already pleased. They're calling for my head again." He walked out, heading to get Harry his sweets. While he was there, he felt a sudden craving for some sweets of his own and purchased a big bag of them.


Sunday night found the three vampires, and Ginny, standing around the production floor of the Daily Prophet. They had unanticipated one problem.

"Which roll?" Ron asked, looking at all the parchment.

"All of them," Ginny decided. Harry looked at her. "Since you can't be sure, you might as well."

"Can we lay it on the room?" Ron asked Draco.

Draco considered it. "I don't see why not. That would add extra protection. Harry, did you send the letters?"

"No, I did personal visits last night. Molly and Arthur are both thinking about not reading it. The twins won't read it. The rest of the family will." He looked at Ron. "I told your brothers they should be working for the underground since they're so good at coming up with adaptive devices. Fred threatened to stake me."

"That would be bending their genius for something other than pleasure," Ron said with a grin for his sire. "I'm sure they were outraged by it." He looked back at the dozing workers. "Okay, now what?"

"Now, we circle the room," Draco prompted. "Each of you take a compass point." They moved into position, Ron making Ginny take the North point. They each looked at their copy of the charms.

"This won't work," Ron announced. "Nothing's in my section. Only a few machines."

"We'll try it and if it doesn't work then we'll move onto doing the rolls," Harry said firmly. "Ready, one two three...."

They cast the charm together, watching as the smoke it produced floated over everything. It stuck in the machines. It got sucked into the center of the rolls. They were really tired afterwards. Harry and Draco still forced themselves to start doing the rolls of paper while Ron got the sleeping workers ready for them to nibble from. They'd never know. As soon as he had them ready, he called Harry over first. He noticed Ginny nearly drooling. "You, no blood," he ordered, pointing at her and making her go over to help Draco. "Don't even think about it, young lady, or I will tell mum and have her spank you. Not even Harry spankings for you."

"Sorry," she said, giving him a sheepish look. "I don't know what that was."

"It's the taint, Ginny," Draco assured her. He gave her a pat on the back and she smiled up at him, that's when he struck. "You will remember nothing of tonight or of this charm. You will remember going to bed and having a very restful night."

"I had good dreams of you," Ginny agreed sleepily.

"Now sleep, Ginny. Sleep for me." She fell asleep in his arms and he handed her to Ron, who gave him a grateful nod and a short kiss before putting her aside. Draco strolled over to get himself a snack, picking the fat one. He was really hungry.

"We'll go to the club this week," Harry promised. Draco grinned at him and gave up on his meal. "How many more do we have to do?"

"Sixteen rolls each, unless they've got a space aiding charm," Draco told him. "And I think I see tomorrow's run," he said, heading to a pile of papers. It was listed as tomorrow's papers so he did those specially. The charm soaked into them and he got a devious look. "The ink," he called. He and Harry went to charm that. The ink held it beautifully and Ron helped add it a second time to make it stronger. There were only four barrels of it. They gathered Ginny and left, heading for the school and their rooms. They found Vlad waiting on them. "Hi, sire," Draco said, giving him a short hug, which wasn't returned. "We worked it out."

"You also were the cause of the endangerment," Vlad told him. "I have talked to some of the people who saw it." He looked at Harry. "You followed suit though."

"And we just managed to fix it all," Ron said as he came back from dropping off Ginny.

"If your plan works."

Ron looked at him. "What did you expect? I do still love my family, founding father. No matter that it's not the vampire way. My family is very important to me." He walked into the bedroom and slammed the door.

"Ron, come back," Harry called. "Great-grandsire, stop it," he snapped. "I will not have Ron's family hurt either. They're as important to me as they are to him. Whether or not you like it. They took me in so I could find out what normal people were like." Draco muttered something so Harry glared at him. "You had something to add?"

"No, sire," Draco said, looking at the floor.

"Ring, now," Harry ordered. Draco nodded and did it, putting it on and sitting down. Harry looked at the older vampire again. "What the hell did you expect without having anyone here full time to help us? By the way, the headmaster can feel you when you come in and he told us to get you off the school's grounds."

Vlad looked stunned. "You wish me to leave?"

"No, I wish I had a real sire," Harry spat. "One who was here all the time, to help us through things like this. Yes, we did something dumb, we're seventeen! This is why sires shouldn't leave their children!"

"Sergio was very impulsive and very hurt when Mina died," Vlad said calmly.

"I'm sure he was. But he made me and he had a responsibility to me too. Instead he took a long walk in the park in the middle of the afternoon!" Harry shouted. "How in the hell am I supposed to know what I'm doing?"

Vlad looked at his young charge. "You were doing all right until your refusal to harm Hermione to stop her and that fight."

"Hermione has stood by us for the last six years. She's put her life in danger for me, Vlad. She didn't have to but she did. She's nearly died because of it. A number of times. The same way Ron has." He sat down and looked at the older man. "As for the fight, I explained what happened. It was an instinctive reaction. We were outside it was daylight, it was helping us. I thought most of them couldn't see us but a few did. They then told their superiors who then memory charmed the lower sort so they didn't have to know that they're national hero is like this." Draco pulled him closer to hold him. "I'm letting them all down because I can be as big of a bastard as my enemy, Vlad."

"You could, but you are not. You have compassion, it shows because you are unwilling to harm those who would thwart you." He sat down beside Harry and cupped his cheek. "I must correct you sometimes, Harry, as you have said I am the only other one. I may not always be here either. Then you must get out of these sort of things on your own."

"We had been planning to start with the school," Draco pointed out. "Harry, did we lay what we wanted them to forget?"

"I did," Harry told him. He looked at him. "Go make sure, Draco. You're better at dark magic anyway." He gave him a kiss. "If you get it all, then I'll reward you and forget your impertinence earlier." Draco nodded, fogging up and flying out against the wind to do that. He sent back a message as he flew over the Forbidden Forest. "Ron, Lockhart's skulking in the woods," he called, standing up. "Sorry, but this take precedence. You can chew us a new one tomorrow." He and Ron hurried out the window, floating to the ground then going to wolf form to chase down their prey.

Vlad watched them go. "That is much easier for them than it is for me," he told himself, looking pleased.

"That's because they had animal forms before any of this happened," an older male voice said from behind him.

Vlad looked back, seeing the white haired gentleman. "Hello."

"Good evening. Didn't I ask the boys to make you wait off campus?"

"I was, as Harry put it, chewing them a new one over their problems." He turned to face the older gentleman. "I will not come onto this hallowed ground again, but this time it was necessary. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they have been found out about by a great many people."

"Do you believe that or are you just saying it for my benefit? I heard you earlier."

"I believe that they believe it," Vlad admitted. "With age comes experience and forethought. Harry was correct, Sergio should never have left him alone."

"I wouldn't have let him come here."

"No, but he could have stayed in town and helped him from there. It was very irresponsible of him." He turned back to look, smiling at the howling going on. "Ah, they have caught him. They bring him back as a prize." He turned to look but the headmaster was gone. "Hmm. An odd man. I have met such like him in the past. Fortunately I do not need a minion at this time because he would be excellent at it." He turned to watch his childer drag the odious weak being out of the forest by that hideously bright jacket. "Whoever thought up lamme should be eaten," he decided, fogging up and heading back to the Shrieking Shack to watch over them for a bit longer. He would see if their plan worked.


The next morning, masses of papers appeared, dropping one in front of everyone. Ron made sure Ginny and Hermione read theirs. Draco made sure Goyle read his, though he could only hope he passed the IQ requirement for it to work on him.

After everyone had happily read their free copies of the paper, the Headmaster noticed something happening. Most everyone had been talking about Lockhart's capture. Now everyone was talking like it was a normal morning and nothing extraordinary had happened. He looked down at Severus, he was sure he was immune from this problem and saw him look back. "Are you all right, Severus? You look rather pale."

"I believe I'll take a headache tonic before class," he said, standing up. "Should I get you one as well?" He swayed and Dumbledore rushed over to take him up to the infirmary. "What happened?"

"I don't know, I was hoping you'd be able to answer that question."

"It's like someone's trying to make my head go blank," Snape complained, one hand on his forehead. "I hadn't even looked in Potter's direction this morning."

"I think it had something to do with the paper." He left him in the infirmary then went to pull Harry, Ron, and Draco out of class and up to his office. "What did you do?" he asked.

"Vlad made us fix it, sir," Ron admitted, glancing at Harry.

"And the papers?"

"Mass compulsion," Draco said smugly.

"Do you realize that you've now erased all knowledge of vampires from everyone who read today's papers?" All three of them winced. "I believe it was a little strong, boys."

"Yet very effective," Harry pointed out. Dumbledore frowned at him. "They can always relearn it and my childer aren't in danger and we're not in danger from Vlad anymore."

"No, you are not," Vlad agreed as he floated in through the chimney.

"Didn't I ask you not to come onto school grounds?" Dumbledore asked.

"I was going to praise them and then leave quickly," he promised. He smiled at his family. "Very nicely done. Next time, only hit it once with the spell." He smiled and hugged each of them. "I will see you at the end of your school year. Behave and be good." He glanced back at the headmaster. "Him I can do nothing about, nor the gloomy man upstairs. So lay low and come see me once we are done."

"Where will you be?" Ron asked.

"Go to London, I will be in the house," he said with a wink and a tweak for Ron's nose. "You behave and control your temper." He looked at Draco, brushing some of his hair out of the way. "You behave and learn discretion." He hugged Harry. "You continue to hold them in line and spank them often so they know not to step out of bounds. I am happy with everything except that battle." He left, heading back up the fireplace.

"Go to class," Dumbledore ordered. "And later we will discuss your plans for a final battle."

"Okay," Harry said with a shrug. "Tell us when they're all together again."

"Give us some way to know Snape," Ron added. "He'd taste bad." He followed Harry out, Draco behind him. Draco pinched him on the butt. "Do you ever think about anything else?" he complained.

"No," Draco told him.

Ron turned and pressed him against the wall, kissing him hard.

"I don't want to see that," Dumbledore called.

"Lunch, then rooms." He continued down to follow Harry to Divination.

Draco smirked. That satisfied him. He felt something appear on his body and looked down at himself, then felt Harry's mental touch caressing his mind. "Ummm, positive reinforcement, gotta love it." He went to his own class and Professor Flitwick gave him an odd look. He simply gave him a satisfied look as he took his seat.

"See that you are on time in the future," Professor Flitwick ordered.

"Sorry, sir, the headmaster wanted us."

"Is that why you're looking so sated?"

"No, that was in his stairwell," Draco said. He felt Harry's mental slap and laughed back, asking if that was all he got for teasing the professor.

"Out of my class, Mr. Malfoy, and I want three feet by tomorrow on appropriate conduct within school grounds."

"Fine," Draco agreed, going to the library for the copy of the Code of Conduct. He'd never actually seen it and wanted to know how many rules he had broken.

He missed doing them all by three. He'd have to try harder.


The next weekend, news came that Voldemort was planning on a big shinding out in the woods sometime during the week. Harry looked at his childer, raising an eyebrow. "Hungry?"

"Very," Ron agreed, smirking at him. "Can we? I've always wanted to know what he was like."

"He's slimy and snakey," Harry told him. "I doubt he'd taste very good." He looked at Draco, who looked like he was about to bounce around. "You're in an odd mood."

"I want to eat Lastrange if she's there," Draco begged. "Please?"

"Sure," Harry agreed. "Just let me hit her once or twice."

"Agreed," Draco purred. He shifted to the floor and crawled to Harry, nuzzling his crotch. "May I please be pleasured?"

Harry smiled at him. "Right this instant?" Draco nodded. "Instead of making plans to torture?"

"That's very unlike you," Ron pointed out, but he was grinning at Harry as well. "I can go for that."

Harry smiled at his troublesome duo. "Fine. Into the *big* bed."

"What if I wanted something...special?" Draco asked. "Like to fulfill my fantasy about Goyle, only with you."

"You wanted Goyle that way?" Ron asked.

"No," Harry said, reaching down to stroke through Draco's hair. "Goyle had very big hands and Draco wanted that part of him."

"Huh?" Ron asked.

"Should we show him, Draco?" Draco nodded, letting Harry pull him up and into the bedroom. "Lay on your stomach, pet. We'll go all out today." Draco stripped and laid down on his stomach with his legs spread as wide as they could be, his butt raised up a bit. "Ron, get him a pillow. Get me the lube. I'll need a little, but I don't think he wants a lot."

"No," Draco said, shaking his head. He accepted both pillows, one for his head and one for his hips. "Please, sire?"

"I'm coming, Draco."

"Mm, whisper that at the end?"

"Of course."

"He's in his own little world," Ron said in amazement, sitting down to watch.

"Draco wasn't used to being on the bottom but he's found he likes his place now," Harry said, slicking up a finger and putting it into the waiting spot. Draco moaned. Someone knocked on the door. "Get rid of them, Ron."

"Yes, Harry." He walked out, closing the door behind him. It was Professor Snape. "Sir. Draco's rather busy at the moment."

Snape looked at him. "Yes, I suppose he is. Not joining in?"

"No, I think he wanted that to be between him and the sire." He let him in. "Harry did say I was to send whoever it was away but I'm supposing you had a really good reason?"

"I do," Snape admitted, letting him close the door behind him. "First, I want you to know how to tell me apart." He held up a small charm, like for a charm bracelet. "I'll have this on a cord around my neck."

"Got it. One silver clover," Ron agreed, nodding. "And the other?"

"Did one of you try to compulse me?"

"No, sir, we didn't," Ron said honestly. They hadn't tried to just get him. Snape looked down his nose at him.

Harry opened the door. "What is wrong, Ron?"

"He wanted to let us know how to tell it was him and wondered if we had been the ones who gave him the headache."

Harry walked out, his arm slightly glinting in the muted light. "No, sir, we never tried to compel you since that first attempt at the beginning of school," Harry said honestly.

Snape's mouth worked as he stared at Harry's arm. "You are disgusting."

"You interrupted," Harry pointed out. "What charm?"

"A silver three-leaf clover," Ron told him. Professor Snape walked out and slammed the door behind him. "Huh." He followed Harry back into the room, watching as he started working his way into the pliant body again. Draco was moaning and pushing back, making his little kitten noises that he did when he was really pleased about something. He sucked in a breath himself when Harry got his whole hand in there and it made a sucking noise. In some ways he wanted to wince, but in others he thought it looked like something he'd like to try some day. Definitely not today though. He heard the floo go off and went to run whoever it was off. "Mum," he said loudly enough that Harry kicked the door closed. "What's wrong?"

"I wanted you to know that I didn't read the paper, Ron. Everyone but I and the twins did. It didn't work on Percy in the least." He nodded. "Are you all right?"

"I was watching Harry and Draco go at it."

She smiled. "Then I'll expect a visit this weekend son, even this way." He nodded. "You behave and be careful."

"I usually am, mum."

"Good boy. Tell me how your last game went." Her head disappeared, making him grin.

He walked back into the bedroom and noticed Harry was sweating as he was working to get deeper. "Can't go in?"

"Trying," Harry told him. "Draco, can Ron help?"

"Just you, sire, please," Draco begged.

"That's fine, I was thinking maybe you'd like to suck on something."

"I could go for that," Draco agreed. Ron stripped and lifted Draco up onto all fours, which let Harry through, and sat underneath him, stretching himself out. "Do your worst," he taunted. Draco dove down and Ron's eyes closed. He liked Draco doing that. He was very good. He felt a finger entering him and shifted some to let him have better access. Then he felt himself being stretched more. "Preparing me for later?"

"Oh, yes," Draco agreed, going back to his sucking. He looked back at Harry, who winked at him as he worked deeper. He moaned and he drew in a breath to moan. "Oh, sire," he panted. He was still working on Ron though. He would get to feel this. Ron kept his eyes closed and Draco took advantage of it, working his way most of the way inside before Ron could open his eyes. He leered at him as he pushed that extra bit. "Does it burn?" he whispered.

"It does, like the sun when we go out to watch the sunset," Ron moaned, tossing his head back. He was fully open to Draco now, doing whatever he wanted.

Harry leaned down, getting past his elbow now. "My pretty boys, always young and slutty." Draco blew a kiss as he worked further inside. "Wrist only, Draco," he ordered. "Any deeper is my right." Draco shivered and nodded, going back to sucking Ron off while he worked his way up his wrist. Ron panted and clawed at the sheets, his fangs extending. "Ron, would you like more?" Harry asked. Ron nodded, giving him a begging look. "Draco, move faster. Ball your hand up." This technique had been in the clan diary under usual sexual practices among the minions. Harry pushed ahead, feeling like he was king of both of them. Ron's bellow of coming rang around the room as Draco groaned, wetting the bed down. "Ooh, did I hit the wrong spot?" he teased. "You'll have to clean that up before it sets."

"I will," Draco said, nearly crying to get more. "Please, Harry, sire!" he begged.

"It's coming, Draco. Calm down," Harry soothed, stroking up and down his back. "Shh. Just relax, it's coming and then I will be inside you. Ron too." Draco nodded, giving him a frantic look over his shoulder. Harry pushed in that last little bit and Draco came, going limp. "So pretty," Harry said, leaning down to nip at Draco's back. "So very pretty." He pulled out and stuck himself in, coming quickly in the open hole. Draco murmured pleasant things at him. "Should I let Ron do that too, Draco? Would you like him like you had him?"

Draco purred and nuzzled Ron's crotch, bringing it back up. "More?" he asked.

"Yeah, I want more," Ron agreed, shifting around. "Where can I get up to?" Harry drew a line on his arm as he put on a light coating of oil. "Only to there?"

"Your bodies are mine, Ron, and only I can say how they're invaded." Ron whimpered. "Did you like that?" Ron moaned as he kissed him. "Get permission first then dive in."

"May I?" Ron asked hoarsely. Draco nodded so Ron started working his hand in.

"You're bigger," Draco said, going limp under him. Ron grinned at him as he got all the way inside, squishing around in there. "I like that."

"Then all you have to do is ask while we have the time," Harry promised, giving him a short kiss. "Which is better?"

"His hand is bigger, I like that, but you got all the way up there," Draco said, sounding very satisfied. He put his head on Harry's stomach, watching some of what Ron was doing. "May he go deeper?"

"Not today, Draco. Maybe when I'm feeling very generous you'll have more of him and of me." Draco gave him a worshipful look. "Relax. Ron, how hard are you?"

"I could build the castle," Ron said, his voice a little breathy. "Can I come now?"

"In him," Harry instructed. Ron pushed forward, catching himself inside and working himself off inside the tight body. He groaned as he came, making Draco groan as well. "Very pretty, Ron. Very pretty, Draco."

"Sire, may I try that on you sometime?" Draco pleaded.

Harry smiled at him. "We'll see, poppet. We'll see." He stroked through his hair. "Would you like to clean up the bed and have a bath?" Draco nodded. "Good boy, Draco. Ron, help him."

"Yes, sire," Ron said, helping Draco up and taking the bed duties for him. Together they sat in the bath, cuddling and nuzzling closely. "I liked it," Ron told Draco.

"I think Harry will too," Draco agreed.

"Harry's really tight," Ron reminded him.

"I know, but we can fix that," Draco said with a smug little look. Harry came in and looked at them. "For whenever you agree?"

"If I agree," Harry agreed. "If you do something so spectacular that I agree to bottom for you both, or just one of you." They gave him adoring looks. "Ready to get out and take a nap?"

"No, ready for more," Ron said, grabbing him. "That quick healing stuff works wonders when you're unstretching." He nibbled on Harry's collarbone, letting Draco take his other side. Together they got Harry ready for them, and he wasn't complaining now. It was too bad it was only their dicks, but it was more than enough. Ron plunged up in there first, making Harry moan, then Draco took his place. They passed their sire back and forth, getting him harder and hotter each time they passed him. Ron finally came then Draco grabbed Harry for his own, coming quickly as well. They lay cuddled together, Harry resting on both of them. "We need a woman sometimes," Ron murmured into Harry's hair. Draco looked at him. "I'm going to miss breasts."

"So we'll pick one up for pleasure now and again," Draco said with a shrug. "We don't need a woman to be a childe with us."

"I thought about it, but I got really bored when I had sex with a girl," Harry offered. They stroked him more. "If you want to pick one up, Ron, you can do that."

"I've recently noticed how much spunk a certain young Weasley has," Draco noted casually, playing with some of the bubbles.

"I can kill you," Ron said with a fond smile.

"Draco, no family. That would be nasty and sickening to some of us."

"I was joking," he pointed out, pouting when Harry looked at him. "I do have some sense of humor."

"Fine, as long as it is a joke," Ron told him, getting comfortable again, this time on top of Harry's chest. "Do we have a plan yet?"

"Yes, we do," Harry said smugly, patting both his boys gently.


Harry looked up from the tree he was leaning on, giving the thing walking his way an impudent look. "Did you think I'd miss this?" he asked.

"Crucio!" Voldemort hissed. Harry continued to give him a very bland and bored look. "Why do you not scream!" he shouted.

"Because you're boring. It's always the same curses over and over again," Harry said, stalking toward him. He could see the fear growing. "Going to try the killing curse now? That would be your usual next move."

"Yes, I should," Voldemort said, backing away. "Instead I think I should get some reinforcements. Death Eaters, to me!" he shouted. No one came. He looked around and went running that way, finding only Draco standing in the middle of the carnage, wiping his mouth no less. "You?" he asked.

Draco nodded. "Yes, me. Though these aren't *all* mine. Some of them are his," he said, pointing at where Ron was lounging in Voldemort's throne, one leg casually tossed over the arm. Ron grinned and waved. "You see, the pure bloods did win." He smiled as Harry walked in, getting on his knees to hug him around the middle. "I've been good, may I have a reward?" he pleaded.

"You and Ron both deserve many rewards," Harry agreed, nearly cooing at him. He could see the amusement in his childe's eyes but didn't smile at him. He looked at the shocked and amazed Dark Lord. "What? I only touch him with his permission, when he's good. Positive reinforcement works *so* much better, Tom. You should have figured that out when people started to defect." He waved a hand at Snape, who was the only one standing. "Pity and all that."

"You will pay!" Voldemort yelled, raising his wand.

"You will not harm him," Harry said, compelling him to put the wand down. Voldemort looked scared as he did so, one hand fighting to keep the other up. "The only person you will ever harm again is yourself."

"Can I sip, just to try?" Ron asked.

"Sure, go ahead," Harry said, smiling at him. He looked at Draco. "Would you like to try some too?"


"I know, my precious blond one, I know. But it must be done. One way or another." Harry got free and walked over, waiting while Ron tasted it and made a face. "Snake?"

"Nastiest shit I've ever had, even worse than the potion." He grabbed Draco, kissing him hard to get a different taste in his mouth. He finally went down on him to get it out of his mouth, using natural mouth wash.

"How dare you!" Voldemort shouted, picking up his wand again but he found he could not cast anything. He started to panic, nearly sobbing now while Potter stood right in front of him, giving him an expectant look. "What did you do to me!"

"Something I've been meaning to do to you, Tom, I'm starting you on the path to ruin."

"Can you not stop them?" Snape asked. Harry smirked at him and he shivered, stepping back. He relaxed when the beast looked at the Dark Lord again.

"Come on, Tom, let's have one last duel for old time's sake. What do you think?"

"No, I want you to die!" he said, trying to cast against him. "Die, Avada Kedavra!" Green light came out and Harry yawned but nothing else, blocking it with the back of his hand. The Dark Lord fell to his knees, looking at this obvious God. "What are you?" Harry let his fangs extend and his eyes turned red. "No. Not that! Please!"

"Tom, I'd never *change* you," Harry promised. "I loathe you the way you are." He lifted the man up, holding him off the ground. "Boys, enough showing for now. Please me visually later." Ron pulled off and tucked Draco back into his pants before they both came over to help. "See, Tom, positive reinforcement." He let him go, dropping him onto the ground. "What should we do with him?"

"Turn into rats and bite him multiple times?" Draco asked.

Ron's face brightened. "We can turn into wolves and chase his ass down until something or someone kills him."

"You animals!" he spat.

Harry pulled his wand. "We could do this the wizarding way."

"We could," Draco agreed. "No one ever registers us." He looked at Ron, who shrugged. "You just want to play chase through the woods. Hunt Snape." He saw Ron's look of glee and the man apparated off, going to find an auror or three to protect him. "Hurry up, he'll be bringing back help."

"An end to an era," Harry sighed. "Avada...."

"Wait, how did you not die?" Tom demanded.

"Easy. It's really hard to kill those who are already dead," Ron scoffed. "Vampires, mate, nothing more than three of the four holding down a corner of the dark magic. And you pissed us off." He stared to cry and Ron looked at Harry. "Can we hurry up so I can have sex?"

"Yes, I want to try that fisting thing again," Draco agreed. "With your permission of course, sire."

"Sure," Harry agreed, shrugging and casting the curse. "Avada Kedavra." The dark lord fell into a faint but didn't die. "Hmm. Looks like Ron's idea wins." Voldemort made a grab for his wand and did himself before they could hunt him like a common animal. "Feels like our work's done."

"We should probably rip him up a bit," Draco pointed out, grinning gleefully. "Just to make a point?"

"You really love the carnage, don't you?" Harry asked fondly. Draco nodded. "Fine, make him artistic but hurry up. We'll have visitors soon and telling them what happened won't be fun." He watched as Ron and Draco each took an arm and heaved, then heaved again twice more before the limbs came off. Harry dipped his wandtip into the blood and wrote something on the chest that had been exposed when the shirt had ripped. Then he stepped back and looked at Draco. "Come on, let's go."

"Just one more," Ron said. "For all those witches and wizards he hurt." He pulled a very generic throwing knife and cut the man's parts off, but left them in his pants. "There." He wiped the blade off on the pants, then stood up and put it away. "I'm done, let's go have sex." They fogged up and flew off, heading back to their room, which they locked against even the headmaster, hanging out a sign that said they had very bad exhaustion and would like to sleep for a few days please. Ron pounced Harry and Draco pounced Ron so it was a happy group in the middle of the rug in front of the fireplace.

Snape appeared with the proper authorities, pointing at the mess of bodies. "See, I told you Potter had been here." They gave him a look but walked around to check on people.

The lead one found the message. "He was here." He brought the other two over. "See, I did kill him, now leave me alone and never come near me again, Potter," he read aloud. "Huh. Sounds like someone's disgruntled." They looked at the limbs. "How did he do that?"

"Probably some sort of pulling curse or something dark like that since he's had certain people's help," one of the aurors said, looking at Snape. "What were you doing here, Professor?"

"I spied for Dumbledore."

"Ah!" He nodded. "Good job on that, sir. Please go back to the school and have a small drink, we'll come get a full statement tomorrow." Snape slumped and went off. "Think he was right, that Potter's some sort of monster?"

"Eh, who cares," the lead auror told him. "He killed this one." He kicked at the bulge in the pants, watching as the other severed limbs fell out. "Hmm. Looks like they got him back for the rapes too." He clapped his hands. "Call in the crew, and let the big boss call the press. We've got bodies to clean up."

"Sir, what's the significance of these marks on his neck?" the youngest auror asked, looking at the nearest dead body.

The aurors both looked and then shrugged. "As long as it's not contagious, we don't have to deal with it," the lead one told him. "Just make sure that you note in your report that you saw such things." The young guy nodded, going to mark parts for them. He was youngest, he got the nastiest of jobs.

When someone later showed up who still remembered what vampires were, they noted the marks but didn't put it into their report. Why would they put something in there that would get them questioned by people who had been mind-wiped by that paper.


Dumbledore knocked on the trio's door, bringing Ron out to open it for him. For a vampire, he was very generously built, as his nude body showed. "I've come to talk to you three?"

"Has my mum jumped you yet about me graduating?"

"She has indeed," Dumbledore said as he closed the door. "Are the others up?"

"Harry, it's the headmaster," he called.

Draco came to the doorway, also naked, but with drips of come down his stomach and chest, some of it still rather runny. "He's still asleep, Ron." He looked at the headmaster. "Can't this wait? We just barely got done celebrating."

"Two hours?" Ron begged. "Please?"

"Fine," Dumbledore agreed. "The short of it is, so I don't have to come back down here and witness more of that," he said, waving at Draco's body, "is that Ron's mother has asked that you be allowed to finish out the year and then leave. Please, stay away from Professor Snape, boys. He's rather scared of you at the moment."

"Some of us have class with him," Draco pointed out.

"Well, now you don't," Dumbledore told him. He headed for the door. "Lock it behind me, I saw your sister wandering around, Ronald." He closed the door and left them to do whatever they wanted to do.

Ron looked at Draco. "Nice. Very pretty decorations," he leered, forgetting all about the door in his quest to lick his brother in insanity clean.

Ginny walked in about an hour later with their tray of steaks. "Guys, I brought cow," she called. Harry came to the doorway naked and she blushed a bright red. "Sorry, Harry. Though I must say I pictured you as being a bit more tight and smaller." She hurried out, slamming the door behind herself.

"Charming my sister will not make me want her as my *sister*, Harry," Ron complained from the bed.

Harry shrugged. "She looked. I didn't pose or anything." He went to pounce Draco this time, letting Ron have his backside. "This is my sort of celebration," he said, leering down at Draco. "Ready for more?"


The End.