Draco was walking down the stairs when the door was knocked on so he got there first, shooing away the house elf. No one they didn't know would ever think of walking up to his front door and knocking, unless it was a reporter - in which case he often got to have fun ranting at them and making them fear for their very lives. He opened the door and looked at the bland man standing there. "Professor Lupin," he said in greeting, letting him come in. "If you stop Potter's sense of humor, we'll put you up for a few days and you can visit. If not, take him with you," he said as he shut the door. "Harry! Visitor!" he yelled, heading for his study.

Harry trotted down the stairs, then paused and smiled. "Came to see if you were right?"

"Not really, but it's a thought," Remus Lupin admitted with a smile. "I more came to check up on you. Molly and Arthur said you were feeling better." He opened his arms and Harry came down to hug him. "What are you doing to Draco now, Harry?"

Harry beamed at him. "Having fun," he said innocently. "Burning some excess energy that I used to use in training." Remus laughed and gave him a back pat. "So, why else did you show up today?"

"I thought I'd check up on you and look in on Ron for his big brothers."

"Did you finally find Bill?"

"We did. He was out in the Forbidden Forest knocking things down to try and control his temper. A lot like you did when you were in your depression," he said with a tweak for Harry's nose. "That and I brought some papers for you." He winked. "Do you have somewhere we can sit down and look them over?"

"Sure. We can commandeer Draco's study or the dining room." He led the way to Draco's study. "He has papers for me to look over, wanna help?" he said, bending down to kiss Draco's cheek. "I'll be nice later and let you get a head start."

Draco pulled him down to hold him still so he could look at him. "Either you quit bouncing or I'm going to put you and your dog out in the dog house you built yesterday," he said quietly, making sure Harry got the point. "I have things to do for the Malfoy estate, so I'll help you later. Go find Hermione." Harry nodded and kissed him on the nose before getting up and going to find her.

"He used to use it all training," Remus pointed out.

Draco nodded, looking at him. "I remember, but that doesn't mean he can't adapt to a quieter life."

"Then give him something to do. Surely you could use someone to sort things or catalog things. It's boring and that tends to wear him out."

"Good point," Draco said with a smile. "Thank you, I think I'll have him do an inventory of the libraries." He chuckled evilly, making the other man shudder, which he adored of course. "Ron," he called. "Professor Lupin's here."

Ron walked in and gave him a hug. "Thank you for calming him down," he said quietly.

"You're welcome. It'll be okay soon enough. Remember, he never got to have an idea about what he wanted to be when he grew up." Ron sighed and nodded. "So help him figure it out. Send him to that new career guy, the one who's helping the extra aurors find new jobs."

"That's a wonderful idea," Ron said happily. He smiled at Draco. "Why have I been in male form for a month now?"

"Because your schedule has thinned out some," Draco told him. "You'll get a month in each phase it seems." He smirked before getting pounced. "Yes, I am wonderful. A month in each state means that we each get what we want." He patted Ron on the butt. "Now get off so I can do some work I've been putting off so I could play with Harry."

"Sure." Ron walked the former professor into the dining room and went to stalk Harry. He had taken too long to find Hermione. He found him waiting outside their door. "What's going on?"

"She's in the baths, her back hurts," Harry told him. Then he shrugged. "I guess it's normal with all the extra weight running around her middle."

"I'm not fat," Hermione yelled.

"No, you're not," Harry called back. "It's all the baby and you'll end up more slender afterwards, just a bit of extra skin from the stretching," he agreed. She waddled out of their bedroom and he hugged her. "Remus is here."

"I heard you the first time," she said with some exasperation. "Let me get dressed, Harry, while you introduce him to Snickers."

"That's a wonderful idea!" Harry said happily, going to do that. His dog was napping in the sun but was more than happy to get up and be played with, even by this new person who smelled like a dog. "This is Snickers, Ron and Draco found him for me. Isn't he great? He keeps me sane."

"It was the last time I was did a good deed," Draco said dryly as he walked in. He handed over a ball. "Here, play fetch." Harry tossed the ball out, watching as his dog ran out into the hallway to get it, and to pounce the house elf for a treat, they always had treats. He sat down with a groan. "I'm tired."

"Being a good guy is often like that," Remus agreed with a smile. He could get to like this Draco Malfoy. He was a lot different than the little shit he had taught so many years ago. "It's all the ethical decisions."

"It's not that, it's more that everyone wants me to save them. I'm not a knight in shining armor."

Remus saw Harry's eyes light up with unholy glee and watched as the wand flicked at Draco, then winced as the armor appeared on him. "Are you sure of that?" he asked, starting to laugh.

"Potter," Draco groaned, forcing himself to stand up and get his mate for that. He knocked him down and tickled him until he screamed and begged for mercy, and the extra weight and protection helped him get there faster because Harry couldn't retaliate. "I didn't need the extra clothing," he said, making Harry look at him. "Get me out of this bloody walking soup can." Harry gave him a begging look. "Or else I can't have sex for a very long time."

Ron walked in and paused to look at them. "Harry, he doesn't look good in that sort of armor, it's heavy and you have to have help taking a tinkle. Put him in chainmail." Draco got up and Ron giggled, running *long* before Draco could catch him.

Vincent walked Hermione in and helped her to a chair before looking at his best friend and employer. "Trying out a new kink?"

"It's self protection from the rampaging madman!" Draco said stiffly, going to find his wand so he could get out of this mess. How did the Ancients wear these contraptions all day for months on end during wars? And some had learned to sleep in them! He came up with a devious plan to get Harry's wand away from him and lock it into the safe. That would show him! He summoned it from wherever Potter had left it this time and locked it in the safe drawer in his desk. Harry didn't even know it was there. Then he got himself free and sat down to look over the monthly budget and bank statements. Something wasn't right and he wasn't sure what.

Harry patted his back pocket, then frowned at the study. "I'll get you for that later," he muttered, then he smiled at his Uncle. "So, what's up?"

"I have these papers from the Ministry. They said they wanted me to give them to you so you wouldn't hurt them again." He pulled them out of a deep inside pocket and handed them over. "The good one is that we've gotten Sirius cleared. Having Pettigrew show up brought about a call for a new trial and we got to reasonable doubt at the very least. The bad one is a charge form for some reason."

"Probably from the auror's training where we dropped out," Harry muttered as he found that one. "Hold on, these are legal charges!" he said, handing them to Hermione. "They want to charge me for hurting people who were trying to kill me during the battle."

"We'll see about that," she said firmly. She read through them. "I think I know what this is, the rest of those people who thought you needed help, Harry. Trying to prove it again." She grimaced and stood up. "I'll handle this with the attorney I'm interning under. This is not right." She went to make a call through the floo, bringing all of her outrage into it.

Remus smiled at Vincent. "What are you going to do when she screams at the baby the first time?" he asked. Vincent looked worried. "All mothers do it at least once. Even Molly. She used to holler at Charlie because he wouldn't let her sleep."

Vincent sat down in his wife's seat. "I guess I'll calm her down or take the baby from her," he said quietly, glancing at the doorway. "I'm sure she won't be that bad, Professor."

"I'm not a professor anymore, Vincent. Don't worry about it." He patted the big man's hand. "You take very good care of Harry and Ron so you can call me by my given name, Remus." Vincent smiled at him. "Of course, if you could calm Harry down, we'd be most thankful, but his father used to have these bouts as well. As a matter of fact, Harry was conceived during one."

"Ron takes stuff so that doesn't happen to us," Harry informed him. "Draco said we can't have any kids for a long time." He got comfortable. "Which is really nice because when we do, we'll have to straighten up and I won't be able to jump Ron and Draco whenever and wherever I wanted to, plus we'd have to plan things out more carefully, no more sudden trips into London." He smiled at Vincent. "He did say we'd occasionally babysit so we knew what to do when we finally had to produce heirs."

"You'll get your chance the first time Herm and I want to snuggle," Vincent said firmly. "That way the baby won't wake us up afterward."

Harry beamed. "I'd enjoy that." He looked at Remus. "My dad had bouncy moods?"

"All the time, usually when he was ignoring something," Remus agreed. "The one time he missed Lily's birthday he bounced for weeks until he figured out how to make it up to her." He put a hand on Harry's shoulder, holding him still. "What's worrying you?"

"I honestly don't know, but I feel like something's missing still, or maybe that something's not finished," Harry admitted quietly, glancing at the door. "Like almost everything's in place but our lives are a puzzle and that last piece is missing and no one can find it to complete the stupid thing."

"Ah." Remus nodded. "Then you're worried about what you'll do now because a life of leisure was never something you could do. You're probably worried about Ron's future as well because he's another who likes to work for a living."

"He could do charity work," Vincent suggested. "It's real hard sometimes but you don't get paid for it."

"But I want to show off my first real paycheck and all that stuff," Harry admitted, frowning at his knees. "I want to be able to cash it and take Ron and Draco out to dinner with it some night, but I'm not really trained to do anything."

"Then go work for the Ministry," Vincent sighed. "Plenty of people there don't have a clue about what they're doing, Harry."

"Maybe," Harry sighed. "I guess I'll figure it out."

"There's someone helping the extra aurors now that they're downsizing. Maybe you should call her and see if she's got anything for you," Remus suggested gently. "You fought as much as some of them."

"Maybe, but wouldn't that be the equivalent of pushing my weight and fame around? I'm not an auror and I couldn't handle the training because of the way they treated me," Harry reminded him. "I don't think it'd look right."

"Perhaps, but you could always ask," Remus suggested.

Ron walked in with a small piece of paper. "The person doing the job counseling is open to everyone, but aurors have first pick," Ron told him. "You're going in tomorrow. We're going together, so work on a skills list. They said so." Harry smiled at him. "That means you can't bounce around anymore, right?" Harry nodded. "Good." He gave Remus a look. "Draco's out of his armor now, fortunately, so I'm going to help him for a bit. The budget isn't adding up right."

"Is my salary listed?" Vincent asked. "Last month's had to be adjusted because of it."

"I'll make sure that's not it," Ron said with a grin and a back pat. "Your wife's cussing out someone over the fire. You might want to calm her down."

"The doctor said I couldn't do that anymore," Vincent complained.

"Then give her a backrub," Remus suggested. "Ron's mother got one every night from her sixth month on. And ask her about that," he said with a knowing look. "Sometimes doctors get a bit hyper for no reason."

"Good idea," Vincent said happily. "I'll go do that now." He stood up and walked off, going to help his wife calm down, before her heart burst from all the stress. He sat behind her and started working on her shoulders, making her moan and lean back against him. "You're upsetting my very pregnant wife," he pointed out grimly. "I should hurt you for that."

"What?" the man on the other side shouted.

"You heard me," Vincent snorted.

"She called me!"

"Yay. You're the one doing awful things." He sneered, doing his boss proud. "Otherwise she wouldn't be on a crusade to see you like Fudge, broken and begging for mercy." He cut the connection. "Would you like more?" he asked, moving over to stroke their baby. "I can always give wonderful massages. I got used to it from sports."

"I think I would," she agreed with a smile. "I can rally the troops later." She snuggled back against him, letting him work on her constantly aching legs. "Thank you, Vinnie."

He grinned. "You know I like touching you in every way," he teased. "This way's nearly as good as the old way." He gave her a gentle kiss. "Now relax and let my fingers do the magic." She nodded, looking very content.


Harry trudged out of the second office he had been sent to, looking a bit more dispirited. "What's wrong?" Ron asked, reading the pamphlets he had been given. He noticed Harry wasn't carrying anything. "He didn't think you could do anything?"

"He said I'm too smart and weak for menial labor and too energetic and strong-willed for office work," Harry sighed, leaning against Ron's side. "Let's go home."

"Sure. You can tell me all about it once we're there," Ron soothed, shooting a glare at the office. "I'm sure you can do lots of things, Harry. You tutored very well. You could teach little kids," he suggested as they exited the building rented for this office.

"Ron, I don't like little kids. I'd either end up with a classroom full of Dudley's or a classroom full of kids like the twins." He shuddered. "That's just a disturbing thought, me teaching a bunch of little hellions."

"Okay, so what about tutoring?"

"I don't know," Harry sighed. He brushed his hair off his forehead. "I just want a nap right now. He said he wanted to give me a personality test, but that I might take offense at it because of all this current crap and that mental health warrant attempt. I told him it'd be fine but he didn't seem to think that I knew if I was sane or not."

Ron gave him a kiss on the cheek. "We'll figure it out, Harry. Trust me we will." He got Harry into his car and got in to drive. "Home?"

"Yeah, home. I want a nap."

"You can nap on the way," Ron reminded him, starting the engine and pulling out into the street. He flipped on the radio to hum along with as he drove. He was much more careful than either of his husbands. "Harry, what's that?" Ron asked, pointing at a vehicle ahead of them. He'd never seen one of those before.

Harry peered out the front window. "A motorcycle. Why?" he asked as he leaned back again.

"Just wondering. It looks like something Draco would like."

"They're very dangerous, Ron. Very, very dangerous. We don't want to lose him."

"Yeah, I guess," Ron agreed, pushing it to the back of his mind for now. They could check out the safety factor later, Harry could be a bit overprotective. After all, he was the guy who had chained Hermione to her bed after she had fainted the first time. He glanced at Harry, seeing him asleep, and smiled sadly. "We'll have to do something about that," he decided, considering his options. He would have Draco help him plan. He was more muscle than a planner, more like Vincent. Maybe he would even get Hermione into the act. She would help Harry as long as he didn't try to pat her stomach again.


Draco looked up as Ron walked into his study and shut the door. "Something exciting suggested?"

"They wouldn't give Harry anything." Draco groaned and dropped his pen, leaning back. "They didn't really want to talk to him. Shuffled him to a different office and all that rot." He sat down in Draco's lap, making him grunt. "I did get some wonderful ideas, but some of them might be a bit hard with me changing. I have my stuff in my jacket pocket. Now, how do we help Harry?"

"First, we'll send his forms in with a made-up name, see if anything changes," Draco promised, stroking his back. "Then when they ask, we'll tell them the truth. Either that or you're going to have to ask your Father for a favor, Ron."

"Dad doesn't know many people."

"No, but he does have a few odd research topics floating about on his desk. He could easily assign Harry to do those. He could do them here and still work, but not have to deal with people, which he doesn't like."

"I might suggest that," Ron agreed, giving him another kiss. "Thank you, Draco."

"You know I love solving problems. Would you like me to call your Father for you?" Ron nodded, giving him a begging look. "That's fine." He patted Ron on the butt. "Slide off and put Harry to bed."

"I think he's out in the backyard with Snickers by now. That's where he was heading, to lay in the sun with him." Ron slid off his lap and went to check on Harry and Hermione. She was watching him. "Any luck?"

"A bit," she admitted. "The aurors admitted in front of their counsel that they were trying to kill him to save their reputation, so he couldn't put it around that they tried to use him and make sure he died." She looked at him. "It was an accidental admission, but it is on record." She shrugged. "We'll have to wait and see."

"When does he have to do something?"

"Next week is the deposition, that's basically a lot of inane questions being tossed at him that he has to answer. After that, we're set for a court date in three months." She sighed and stroked her stomach. "I wish I could sit second-chair."

"You'll be there, Hermione, that's what's important to Harry, you know that." He kissed her on the cheek. "Draco's going to ask my father about some of those research things he's got floating around." She looked stunned. "He thinks it's about the perfect solution."

"It might be. Harry wouldn't want to deal with a lot of people, he shies away from shopping now." She squeezed Ron's hand. "We'll manage. Harry's getting back closer to normal. What did they say?"

"They shuffled offices and told him he couldn't really do anything." Ron grimaced at her hurt look. "Too weak to do menial labor and too willful to do office work."

"That bites," she decided, walking in to talk with Draco. He always had a plan. She smiled when she saw Arthur Weasley's head. "Hello, Mr. Weasley."

"Hermione," he said happily. "How is the baby? Do we know what it is yet?"

"I think it's a boy, but we're waiting for the official pronouncement," she said with a smile for him. "Draco, do you need to know about the deposition today?"

"Only if you think it'd help," he offered.

"They slipped and admitted they were trying to kill him to save their reputation and so the stupid idiots couldn't be told on. This is going to be a media circus of the highest pitch. There was already a request for an interview through the lawyer's office." Draco and Arthur both grimaced. "Harry's deposition is next week, then the trial's in another three. It would only help if he was gainfully employed or at least searching hard."

Arthur groaned. "I wish I had control over that, but I really don't."

"You do so," Draco snorted. "There's that historical look at changelings on your desk, I know for a fact that there is." Arthur frowned at him and Draco gave him his best shark's smile. "I was informed that whomever did it might want to talk to Ron, just in case I wanted to kill them first."

Arthur laughed. "I'm sure you'll have Ron pouting at you for that, Draco. You are right, that is on my desk somewhere, as is something along the lines of a personal project of mine, retracing family lines. The records office here at the Ministry has a lot of people who have parents listed that aren't part of a family. There's a push to find out which families cheated the most often and had rogue children. Including yours, I saw you had a half-sister at one point in time."

"She died ten years ago," Draco reminded him quietly. "We did meet, and I thought her wonderful, but she died in an accident." Arthur nodded. "If you wanted, either one of those would be wonderful for Harry to do, and your own people are still stretched too thin."

"Besides, he could use it to take his mind off the trial, Mr. Weasley," Hermione pointed out, stroking the newly kicked spot.

"Sit!" Draco ordered. She glared at him. "It's obvious you're in pain, so sit your ass down, Granger." She grimaced but did as he ordered because her feet hurt. "Thank you! I don't want to have to deliver this child myself because you're being stubborn." She shot him a short glare and he turned back to the fire, rolling his eyes so only Arthur could see him. "Please?"

"I think could do that. Which one do you think he'd like more?"

"The changeling thing," Hermione offered. "He's already done a lot of research on it and we know he's not going to be negatively biased, sir."

"Good point," he said with a smile. "I'll have the paperwork sent over, Draco. I'll be listing the both of you as researchers, just in case." Draco nodded. "Thank you for your help, son-in-law." He cut the connection.

Draco leaned back in his chair. "He adores calling me that," he said, sounding confused. "Why?"

"Because you're the first son-in-law," Hermione pointed out. "He's getting practice in for Neville." She heaved herself up, making it on the second try. "I'll tell Harry and Ron?"

"No, I'll tell him," Draco said with a wave of his hand. "You're going to go to bed, young lady."

"I'm the same age you are," she snorted, sounding upset.

"My birthday comes first in the calendar year, and you are younger than I am. Besides, it's obvious the child is exercising again so you probably need it. Now go nap before I tell Harry to tie you down again." She opened her mouth. "Protest, make me lock you out of the library," he warned. She stomped off, but did go up the stairs to their room. "Good girl," he said with a small smirk. He rang the bell for a house elf. It popped in, giving him an expectant look. "Find Potter, bring him here. Bring me some nuts as well," he ordered. It nodded and ran off, going to find Harry.

Harry walked in with the requested bowl of nuts and put them on the desk. "Did you need some help?" he asked, sounding a little hopeful.

"More than that," Draco said smugly, patting his lap. Harry fit very nicely in his lap, he was just the right height to cuddle; unlike Ron who was his height, Harry was smaller. "Ron's father just called."

"Really? What's wrong?"

"Not a thing. He wanted to know if we'd undertake some research for him. It seems someone's suggested we find out about changelings in a more in-depth manner. Of course, since we know so much, we got given precedence over the stodgy historians."

"How long did you have to beg?"

"Not very," Draco admitted, Harry always could see through his plans. "I think he expected us to ask anyway. Since we are nearly experts in the subject and all." Harry looked up at him. "It'll give you something to do while you look for a real job that you like and it can only help Ron," he reminded him.

"I know. Are we doing a historical look or just restating what's in the current books?"

"All the current books, outside of my father's and Ron's journals, are over fifty-years-old, Harry." He gave him a squeeze. "I'm not promising anything, but it might even get published as a book of it's own." Harry lit up at that. "Do you think you could help me with that?"

"I adore your devious mind, Draco," Harry assured him, giving him a kiss.

"I adore yours as well, Harry, and one of these days you'll quit following Ron's hormone swings," he teased. Harry laughed and hugged him. "He's sending over the request tonight, we'll look it over after dinner if you'd like." Harry nodded. "Good boy. Now go play with Snickers."

"He's lonely, Draco. He doesn't want to play."

"Then we'll do what we talked about before and find him a friend," Draco offered. "We'll even go back where we found him." Harry beamed and went to get his dog and his dog's leash. Draco shook his head and groaned. "Let's hope this one isn't as hyper as Snickers. Or else I'll never get anything done," he pouted.


Harry peeked into the sanctuary shelter and smiled at the woman behind the counter. "We're looking for a friend for my best friend. Can we bring him in?"

"Sure, Harry, bring the dog in. I'd like to see him." She smiled as Snickers walked in with his master. "Hello, you. Remember me?" Snickers barked and sat, going up on his hind feet to beg for a treat. "You're so good," she cooed, tossing him down a piece of her lunch. "There you are." She smiled at Harry. "How has he been?"

"He's been really tired recently, but otherwise we get along really well," Harry told her. "I think he's been lonely for company, either that or he's been depressed."

"Or you've played too hard and worn him out finally," Ron snorted as he walked in. "Draco's staring at one of those motorcycle thingies, Harry." Harry handed over the leash and headed out to stop him. "I don't know which, but Snickers didn't want to play this morning at all."

"Bring him into the back, we've got our vet in looking at our new ones. She'll be able to see if it's anything serious." She led him into the back. "Virginia, this is Ron and Snickers. Snickers is his boyfriend's dog, they're looking for some companionship because Snickers has suddenly stopped wanting to play."

"I'll get to him in just a moment," she said with a smile for Ron. And with a doubletake. "I know you."

"I'm Ron Weasley."

"Ah! That's where I know you from! Kiana has a picture of you."

"How is she liking Oxford?"

"Quite a lot. Not a bit of dancing or heels to be found," she said with a smile for him. "Where is his father?"

"Out trying to talk Draco away from the big, black motorcycle on the corner."

She laughed. "I wish him luck."


Harry walked up behind Draco. "They're dangerous," he explained.

"Not if you know what you're doing, or at least no more dangerous than a broom," Draco told him, looking at him with a feral smile. "Just for playing around on?"

"You'll have to get a separate license and all that insurance," Harry told him. Draco shrugged. "I don't want to be a widow," he tried. "They're *dangerous*, Draco." He pouted. "I don't want to have to scrape you off the pavement."

The owner of the bike two down from the one he was looking at laughed. "It's not that dangerous, kid." He looked at Draco. "Your boy seems like a worrywart."

"He is, but it's usually for my own good," Draco admitted. "Can one learn how to ride one?"

"Sure. But the best way is to try it out and fall a few times. Doing it slowly of course," he said with a nod for the scowling Harry. "No scraping needed."

Draco shrugged. "Where would I go to find one for myself?"

He patted his handlebars. "I had this imported from the US. Harley, a great company. Specially made for me." He grinned at the salivating Draco. "Until you're ready for that, try the dealership down near Covington Station. He's pretty knowledgeable. He even has safety classes so your boy won't worry so much."

Harry glared at him. "I worry about Draco! He's precious to me! And besides, he's *my* boy, not the other way around," he said firmly. Draco kissed him on the forehead and gave him a look, forcing him to calm down. "Fine," he sighed, "but I'm not going to your funeral. If you die, I'm going to do something horrible to your corpse then bring you back." He stomped off, going back to the shelter.

Draco shook his head. "He's a bit upset with me anyway," he said with a smile. "Covington Station?"

The other guy nodded, not bothering to hide his grin. "Or there's a nice one on Raymouth Road. It's got the training you'll need for your licenses anyway," he offered, more to appease the guy's mate than anything. "It's not that far from here."

"Where would it be in relation to Charring Cross Road?"

"'Bout six and a half kilometers probably. Not that far. Here," he said, digging out his wallet and handing over a card. "They did my wife's bike," he told him.

Draco tucked the card into his back pocket. "Thank you." He walked away, thinking about the fun he could have on that machine. It would be much closer to flying than his sportscar was, and if this one suited him better than he might even give his precious car toy to Ron. He walked into the shelter and found Ron patting Harry on the back and giving him a frown. "I only wanted information," he pointed out.

"If you're getting one, you're taking all the safety precautions and you're going to be good on it, no going too fast and crashing into trees," Ron told him.

"Yes, Ron," he said, nodding in compliance. Two worriers it seemed. Maybe Vincent would be happy for him. Snickers and a strange woman came out of the back. "Is he all right?"

"Perfectly fine, just wanting a girl dog and a pack of his own," the vet assured him. She looked at Harry. "You understand him very well."

"He's my best friend outside my mates," Harry told her. He smiled at his dog. "Would you like to find a friend in here?" Snickers barked and wagged his tail fiercely. "Then let's go look." He took the leash back and walked his dog around to look at all the other dogs. Snickers came back to a long haired cat and another dog, making Harry beam at him. "I think he wants two friends."

"Granger will kill you, Potter," Draco pointed out as he went to look for himself.

"She is married," Ron pointed out dryly, following them.

"She'll always be Granger to me," Draco admitted, giving him a slight smirk. "She's not exactly the epitome of Mrs. Vincent Crabbe."

"Good point," Harry said happily, pointing at the animals. "He liked those two."

Ron looked at the cat, then at the dog. "You wanted a familiar of your own?" he asked finally. Snickers barked and wagged his tail some more. He picked up the cat and pulled it over to the little weenie dog, setting them in the same playbox. Then he barked again as they both looked at him like he was crazy.

Draco burst out laughing. "He's recreating his family," he announced. "I'm the cat, the fussy one, the little dog is you, Ron, and Snickers is Harry."

Harry grinned. "Isn't it cute?" he asked, smiling at the owner.

"I'll get two boxes and gift packets ready," the owner agreed.

"Hold on, I'm allergic to cats," Ron told them, giving Harry a look. But the begging one he got back won. Both Harry and his dog turned their big, wet, shiny eyes on him and begged with just enough pout to make you feel miserable about denying them anything.

Draco looked at Harry. "You're good," he said in admiration. He pulled out his wallet and handed over the fees, then helped pick up the two animals to put them into the crates.

Harry bounced in place. "Do you think Hermi's going to like the cat, Ron? After all, her cat ran away after our fight in our sixth year."

"Hopefully," Ron agreed with a smile.

Draco looked at them. "Her cat ran away?" They nodded. "Why?" he asked patiently.

"Because it kinda, sorta chased after the Death Eaters that year," Harry admitted, blushing a bit.

"It always did detect evil," Ron agreed. "Always tried to pounce Scabbers before we found out he was Pettigrew in disguise." He shrugged. "I'm sure she'll love the little squashed-nose darling, Harry. As long as I don't need medicine for my allergies, we'll be fine." He patted Harry on the back as he walked past him.

"I thought you used to play with Charlie's cat," Draco said, sounding confused.

"I did, but I nearly sneezed my head off," Ron said with a smile. "Percy used to say that's what happened to my brain, I sneezed it out a few times. Hermi doesn't know, but I took allergy medicine all the time while in school because of her Croonshanks."

"Hmm, maybe we should talk to Percy," Draco muttered as he followed behind Ron. He noticed Snickers staring at one cage and flicked his wand to open it so the dog could sniff. Instead Snickers picked up the little black dog inside it and trotted back to the car, not caring that he hadn't paid for that one yet.

Ron beamed and Harry giggled. Draco pulled out his wallet and handed over more money with an eye roll. "Any special care instructions on that one?" Harry asked.

"Change the foot bandage at least twice a day for the rest of the week, then it should be fine. Tell your vet to call us and we'll send over her records," the shelter owner told him, handing over a card. "Your Snickers is even more troublesome now than he was when he lived here." Harry laughed as he carried the new carriers out to the car. She looked at Draco. "Does he think I'm kidding?"

"Probably, either that or Harry's becoming more like him," Draco said dryly, taking the gift bags. "Thank you." He walked out to drive them home, letting Harry play with his new friends in the back.

Ron leaned over. "At least the snake went somewhere else," he said quietly. Draco kissed him and started the car, taking off for home.


Hermione looked up as a soft something interposed itself between her book and her chest. She smiled at the cat. "Where did you come from?" It kneaded her stomach and settled in for a nap. "Fine, you can rest there," she agreed with a smile for it, putting her book aside so she could go back to her nap. Snickers trotted in with his new friends and bounded up to curl up around her as well. "What did you do, rob the pound?" she asked the older dog. Snickers licked her face, his big tongue going up the center. "Eww." She wiped the slobber off. "Fine, we can curl up." She moved the cat and shifted onto her side, letting it lay against her stomach that way. "Thank you for helping me nap," she said pleasantly. "Let's sleep now." One of the dogs sniffed her rear and she swatted at it, so it gave up and she settled in to go back to sleep.

That's how Vincent found them later. He frowned at the animals, then went to Draco's room since he was soaking. He pointed at his room. "Why is my wife covered in animals?"

"Snickers picked out some new friends," Draco told him with a smile. "Are they all curled around her?"

"There's three dogs and a cat in my bed."

"Snickers picked them out," Draco said with a brighter smile. "I'm sure they're very cuddly. She's probably using them as a teddy bear."

"I'm her teddy bear, Draco," Vincent said firmly, starting to pout.

"So go force your way through the pack and snuggle up to her," Draco suggested. "And do not pout at me. Pout at Harry."

"I'll do that later, after I reclaim my mate." Vincent walked back into his bedroom and shooed the dogs out of his way, carefully helping the one with the bandage on its foot. He laid down behind his wife and the dogs curled up around him. "At least you're not taking my place," he told them. "I wouldn't allow that." The little dog with the bandage problem barked and stood up to hobble up his side. It licked him fervently, like he was a chocolate frog or something. "None of that, nap for right now," he told it, letting it curl up on his side.

They came to an easy agreement, the animals deciding to guard the new one and the humans enjoying their fuzzy bedwarmers when the baby quit kicking a few minutes later.


Draco walked into the motorcycle shop, looking at the bikes available. He frowned when he saw the ones unlike the one he had seen outside the shelter. "I want one I can sit up on," he told the salesman. "The man I talked to said you sell those?"

"A newbie?" the man asked. Draco nodded, supposing that sounded right. "Come this way then." He led Draco to their less fancy and non-racing bike section. "These are used, but good for starters. Some blokes do have a problem with the racing models because you're all stretched out on your stomach." He scratched his forehead as Draco sat on one, smirking at his purring. "You like then?"

"I do," Draco agreed, getting off. "I want one that fits me." He turned the full force of his personality on this man. "You'll find I'm very dangerous and deadly," he said with a small smirk. "I like speed, and I happen to enjoy zipping around."

"Hmm. Let's try one of the racing bikes then," the salesman told him, walking him over. He noticed how Draco went toward anything silver or green and pointed at one in the back row. "Not as fast, but for a beginner's bike it'll do," he said proudly. "New model from Honda. A few street racers started out on that sort."

Draco walked back and sat on it, getting comfortable. "It's a bit wide," he offered. He climbed off and shifted his hips. "I'll have to get used to it." He saw one that was drawing him and went over to it, sitting down on it. "I like this one."

"That's not really a good one for beginners," the salesman told him gently.

"Yes, but I'll learn better on the one I'll end up riding. Does this one come in silver?" The salesman nodded. "Good, I'll take this one and one of the more upright models." He handed over his wallet, getting comfortable on his new toy. "I do like this." The salesman walked a sturdy looking bike over. "What's that one?" he asked.

"Good for doubles," he said with a smile. "I bet you've got a sweet piece waitin' on you at home."

Draco shrugged. "Two really, and they both worry."

"Then show them this one, it's rather safe," the salesman told him. "When can you come do the training?"

"Can I do it now?" Draco asked.

The salesman looked at the back office. "Not really. It's by appointment usually and we're full up for the next few weeks." He tossed back the wallet. "Let me get my boss to schedule you. This one's used so it's not as expensive, but it's a good place to start." He walked into the back and gave his boss a grin. "Got one for ya, sir. Really anxious. Walked in and said he wanted a bike."

The manager looked up at him. "Why?"

"He's a rich kid, carryin' around a lot of dosh."

"Ah." He smiled. "When did he want to do his training?"


The manager laughed. "I'll set him up a time as soon as we've got one free." He grabbed his appointment book and walked out to where Draco was lovingly stroking his new bike. "You look good on that," he said with a smile.

"Thank you." Draco looked at him. "When can we get this training out of the way?"

The man flipped open his book. "We're full up for a few weeks, but I can get you in soon after that, sir. What's your name?"

"The name is Lord Malfoy," Draco told him. The man's eyes bulged and Draco pulled out two hundred-Pound notes. "I'm a quick learner if you have a few hours today, and I'll take the full kit that goes with it, including the manuals."

The man looked at the money, then at him. He took the money. "I've got one hour free right now, you're lucky you caught me, I was about to head to lunch. Let's see what we can teach you in that time."

"As I said, I'm a very quick learner," Draco assured him. "Both or just one?"

"Let's try that one. It's the harder bike to get used to." He helped free the bike from the platform and took him outside, going back to get them both helmets. He started the usual instruction, and Draco had mastered the basics in his hour. Fast learner indeed. "You'll want to practice a bit before you go for your license," he advised at the end of their hour. "Tool around your driveway. Don't go on the roads without your license. The bobbies can get quit peeved about that and then they'll take your new bike."

Draco nodded. "Understood. Now about how much should I spend on gear?"

"Well, there's the leathers. Your helmet is mandatory. Some gloves would be worthwhile. The more safety equipment you get, the more you'll get used to using it. Like airbags and seatbelts in cars."

Draco nodded. "I always wear my seatbelt after my near-death wreck." The man looked at him. "I was going rather fast and hit a pothole." The man winced. "Fortunately we fixed the axle and neither I nor my mate died."

"Good on you, mate. Let's get you signed out and all that stuff. Did you want us to deliver them?"

"Please," Draco agreed, following him inside the shop to sign all the necessary paperwork. It lightened his wallet a lot, but he was kind enough to get three helmets, just in case.


Harry looked up as Draco walked in, waving the packet Arthur had sent them. "I'm going over this and they want more of a historical tracing than anything else."

"That's fine," Draco said, giving him a kiss on the head. "I was good, I even got the training," he told him. Harry scowled fiercely, making Draco grin and laugh. "You look so cute like that."


"I said I'd get training and I have. If you want, I'll support you getting training as well so you don't feel so nervous. It really is more like riding a broom." He winked. "You'll adore it; I bought you a helmet so you could go for rides behind me. You more than Ron will enjoy it, Harry."

"Fine, I'll let you take me for a ride," Harry agreed. He pouted. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"And I won't be, but this is rather great fun. Like flying, only faster and on the ground." He winked. "Now give me the notes and start pulling books down for us." Harry handed them off and stole a kiss before going to do as he was told. He sat down to consider the quagmire of Ron and Harry. Ron was more like him in many ways, fun-loving and outgoing, but Harry and he shared a lot in common as well. Not that Harry was as studious, but he could do the research and he enjoyed the flying parts. Not that Ron didn't, but Harry *understood* his need to fly. Even if he did worry. It was a good thing they hadn't been together before their last game against each other. Harry would have let him have the snitch most likely and that wasn't the fun of the game.


Ron looked outside at the honking. "Draco, why is there a muggle delivery truck outside?" he asked.

"My new toys are here," Draco said, pulling him up so they could go look at them. "Vincent!" he yelled. "Come see!"

"Coming," drifted down the stairs.

Ron looked at the things being offloaded, then at Draco. "You've gone barmy," he decided, walking over to examine them. "How do you protect yourself?"

"That's half of the point," Draco sighed. He knew Ron was going to kick a fit over this. Harry walked out and gave him a hug before going over to look at them. His herd of beasts followed behind him like he was the Pied Piper. They sniffed and jumped up on top of the motorcycles. "Get off there!" he said, shooing off the cat. The delivery driver laughed and handed him a clipboard, letting him sign for delivery. "Are they gassed up?" The driver nodded. "Thank you. And our gear?"

"In the front. Let me get it for you," he said with a nod to Harry and then to Ron.

Vincent and Hermione walked out, and then Vincent looked at his boss. "Your father would shit bricks," he said blandly.

Draco smirked. "Just wait until I take you for a ride around the driveway."

"No!" Hermione said firmly. "My husband is not going to be killed for your pleasure, Draco Malfoy." They got into a short glaring contest, but she won because she started to stroke her stomach. He gave in gracefully and she knew it. She saw Vincent's look and sighed, giving in to him. He did have to know how to use one, in case Draco needed him in the bodyguard capacity. "You may take lessons," she relented. "Until you are fully certified, you're not to touch the back of one of those beasts." She went back to her study, working on her homework.

Ron nodded. "I agree. Draco, lessons?"

"I took the class," Draco told him, showing his certification papers. "I need more practice before I go for my license. Harry?"

"I'll let you give me a ride on that one," Harry said, pointing at the non-racing bike. "The other sort is only for single riders and they scare me." Ron gave him a hug. "Please be careful?"

"I'm going to be very careful," Draco agreed, turning to accept the package and rolling his eyes at the fussy people he was married to.

"Many mates feel that same way at first," the delivery driver noted. "I've heard so many couples rowing it's nearly amusing," he said with a grin. "Have fun, Lord Malfoy. And please be careful." He got in his truck and started off, going back to the shop.

Draco put the large box on the steps and pulled out two helmets, making sure one was his. "Here, Harry," he said, handing it over. "We'll go for a short ride around the driveway." Harry nodded and let him show him how and where to sit, wrapping his arms tightly around Draco's middle. "This has some unexpected benefits," he noted as he turned the key. They roared off at a safe speed, both of them moaning at the feel of the vibrating seat underneath him.

Harry leaned forward. "Draco, I do enjoy it," he admitted. Draco stopped the bike and looked at him. "I do. You were right."

Draco gave him a smug look. "Of course I am." He started off again, showing off by going a bit faster. Harry whooped and wiggled so he went even faster, enjoying this quite a lot.

On the steps, Ron sat and pouted. He didn't like dangerous things. At least not things that dangerous. He was happy enough with a broom. Why couldn't they be happy on brooms? Vincent patted him on the head. "You really want to learn?"

Vincent shook his head. "Not really. Draco likes his slightly dangerous and naughty things though, it's part of who he is. Dangerous and slightly naughty set him apart from his father. That and his sex drive." He winked then walked inside, going to pet his wife while she studied.

Ron waited until Harry and Draco came back, then got up and walked over, giving Draco a hug. "I guess I'll let you take me around as long as you're careful," he said gently. Draco beamed and Harry handed over his helmet, getting out of the way as they zipped off.

Harry jogged inside the house, going to the floo to call for advice. "Molly, do you think it'd be okay for me to get a motorcycle like Draco's if he's keeping his?"

"You are an adult, Harry," she said tolerantly. "If you wanted one, then you should get one." She smiled. "Does Ron like this new thing?"

He grinned and shook his head. "He thinks they're more dangerous than I do after riding one." He signed off and went to plead Draco to take him in for training and his own toys. He found Ron bent over the racing bike and walked up behind him, rubbing up against his rear. "I like you like that," he purred in his ear.

Ron looked back at him. "No." He stood up and got away from him. "No, you can't have your own. You can share with Draco. Two of the death machines are enough, Harry." Harry pouted. "I mean it, or I'll tell mum."

"She said I could have one," Harry said proudly. He looked around and waved at Draco as he sped back. "Teach me this one too?" he begged, giving him his best attempt at begging. "I'll be your sex slave for the next few weeks."

Draco took off his helmet and shook his hair back into place. "You are anyway, Potter," he said with a small smirk. "I take it you have no more objections?" Harry shook his head quickly. "Then I'll start your instruction," he agreed, smiling at him then at Ron. "You as well?"

"I'll ride behind one of you," Ron said, quickly heading into the house. He went to call his mother for support. "Don't let him have one," he whined. "Those things don't have a safety cage around them like cars. You can tip over on them!" he complained. She smiled and chuckled, not easing his fears at all. "Please, mum, stick up for me on this one, okay? Harry's already planning on adding onto the garage."

"I'm sure it'll be fine, Ron. Those things have to have safety features, you know how muggles are about their safety." She signed off and shook her head at the teachers in her office. "I never thought I'd see Ron being the cautious one."

Snape shifted in his seat. "What are motorcycles?"

"I guess they're like a small car if you can tip them over," she said, giving him a fond smile. "I'm sure they're perfectly fine, Severus. Draco won't get into too much trouble. He is a young man and he always did enjoy his flying." He nodded, giving her a tolerant look. "Now then, what sort of problem are we having with this year's new crop of students?"

"I've found one I want to be removed. I begged to have Longbottom removed, but Albus never did. This one is worse, much worse."

She nodded. "I can see why you'd want to be careful, but isn't there a reason why the students take potions?" He nodded, not looking happy. "Can't you put up some sort of barrier around them? Or have some sort of protective device around their seats? I know you have a special corner for the worst brewers."

He stiffened, then slowly smiled. "I believe I can do that," he agreed.

"Remember, it cannot get in the way of their learning, but can be protective for the other students. Nothing *too* thick, Professor." He nodded. She smiled at Minerva. "What sort of problems are you having?"

"I'm afraid it's the same student. I'm not sure why, but the boy's an absolute waste of space most days, Molly. He tries so hard, but nothing is going to go right for him I'm afraid. The boy has no skill, and no class in which he happens to do well enough in. Besides, he's miserable here. He doesn't get on with the other students. I've asked his Head of House to talk to the Prefect and they've all said that he doesn't talk to anyone."

"He could be shy," Molly pointed out. "Not one to make friends easily. I feared Percy was going to do that."

"He's at least doubly as bad as Longbottom in everything," Snape put in. "It's nearly Halloween and he hasn't had a passing grade yet, even when we're being generous. The boy is nearly Longbottom squared." Molly hissed and shook her head. "We may have to hold him back."

"We can do that," she agreed. "Perhaps we should call in the boy's parents for a conference first though?"

McGonagall shook her head quickly. "They're fierce in their protests about their son being brilliant. It won't go well."

"No, but that should always be the next step. Maybe we can come up with a solution, a tutor possibly or something, and ease their own fears. Most parents like that are afraid that what's being said is true." McGonagall sighed. "We can do it via floo Saturday if you want?" she suggested gently. "If it were mine, I'd want to know if they were flunking already."

"While that's a good point, I doubt they're going to be receptive."

Molly smiled. "Yes, but that means that they can't barge in here when and if we have to hold the poor dear back, Severus. Letting them know now prepares them for such blows in a reasonable manner. Then we can all have a drink." They laughed and nodded. "Excellent. Minerva, talk with the boy."

"He's not my house, Molly."

"No, but I'm sure Madam Sprout will be most happy not to have to handle this sort of thing. She is rather sensitive and might cry, which I don't want to see. You can sit him down with the both of you if you want." They shrugged. "Or I can sit him down and bring you in."

"I think that's the better idea," Snape agreed. He stood up. "I'll get to work on that barrier." He left the ladies alone. Things were running much more smoothly for him with Molly in charge. She didn't have any suggestions and the only time she tried to *persuade* him she was very subtle and agreeable about it. She even smiled at him like he meant something to her. He enjoyed this level of calmness and wondered if the school had been like this under Arabelle Malfoy.

Minerva and Molly gossiped a bit about Ginny's scores then Molly got to do the unenviable task of talking to the boy. She had a house elf go for him and gave him a smile as he walked in. "Sit, Trevor," she said gently. "I think it's time we had a meeting about your grades." He nodded, sighing as he sat down. "I know you're trying, but there seems to be a few problems. I'd like to hear your take on the matter since I've talked with a few of the teachers."

He nodded. "I try," he told her, telling her just like he would his mother.


Draco walked Harry into the bike shop and handed him over. "Train him," he said, going to look at the accessories. He could see Harry wanting his own and wanted to help him pick out his jacket. Something that made him look wonderful and worthy of riding beside him.

Harry smiled at him. "My mate got me hooked," he told the person behind the desk. "Is the training hard or does it take a long time?"

"That all depends on you. Have you taken any spins around by yourself?" Harry nodded. "Ready to get your license then?"

"I think so, but I'm all for safety lectures," Harry told him. "I was against this idea in the first place because of the lack of safety features on most motorcycles." He leaned on the counter. "Then Draco took me for a ride and I realized I loved the feeling of not having a car around me." He beamed at the smile he got for it. "Please?"

"Well, we have an opening later today," he admitted. "A cancellation." Harry started to bounce. "Hey, now, none of that. If you bounce too much, we'll have to push you back until you're calm." Draco walked over and kissed Harry until he went limp in his arms, then released him and went back to his browsing. "Well now," he said, giving Draco a new look. "I never figured him for one of those. We figured his mates were girls."

Harry shrugged. "One of us is," he said with a wink and a grin. The salesman laughed. "Can I get in sooner? I want my very own one." He pouted briefly.

"The guy's out on a lesson right now," the salesman said, giving the book a look. "He should be done in about ten minutes. What sort did you want?"

"I like his upright one, though there is something really naughty about his racing one," Harry admitted, starting to blush. "I think our woman would like something a bit more sturdy though when we ride together."

"There are touring bikes," the salesman told him, walking him over to the only one they had. "This is a Beamer touring bike. A bit old and very heavy, but steady like an RV." Harry walked around it, pressing on the seat. "It's meant for highway cruising and touring about on the weekends. Even has some storage space."

Harry smiled at Draco, who was giving him a frown. "For when we have to bring Ron about," he noted, patting the seat.

Draco walked over and looked it over. "It's very...sturdy," he decided was the right word.

"Yes, and Ron'll love that. Hermi would even adore that feature," Harry pointed out.

Draco nodded. "Good point. Then she'd quit yelling at me for corrupting you." He gave Harry's temple a kiss. "Is that one going to be Ron's?"

"I'll only use it when it's Ron and I. You know he hates both of yours." He winked and opened the compartments to show him. "We can even go for picnics on this one."

Draco looked at the storage space and nodded. "That's an excellent feature. I miss being able to go shopping on my bike. Even saddlebags wouldn't help that much." He went back to his browsing.

Harry beamed. "I want ones like his and this one," he told him, pulling out his wallet. "We'll work on building an addition to the garage tonight."

The salesman laughed. "I'm so glad I work on commission. My own woman'll adore you two since it'll be paying for her ring." He went to ring him up and start the necessary paperwork for Harry's training.

Draco smirked at Harry, getting a wink in return. He looked out the door as the trainer came back with a crying person and nodded. "That's him."

The crying person rushed off and Harry grinned at the trainer, holding out his hand. "I'm Lord Malfoy's husband Harry," he said, shaking it. The man laughed. "He's gotten me hooked, and I've even decided to buy something *safe* for our wife. Teach me as well? He's shown me a lot and I'd like to go for my test when he does."

"I've got an opening in an hour, kid. Go have lunch and then we'll do you." Harry beamed at him and dragged Draco off for a long snog in a cheap motel. "Those kids are fun," he said, smiling at the salesman.

"Buggerer bought three bikes," he said, handing over the forms. "Their wife doesn't like not having the car around her so he bought a touring bike to ride with her."

"Good job," the manager said with a smile. "And in cash so you won't have to wait for your commission either." He clapped him on the back. "Let me get a drink and I'll go off for my next lesson." He went into their staffroom, getting himself something from the machine.


Draco and Harry pulled up outside the Leaky Cauldron, him on his racing bike and Harry on his used Harley. They parked and warded the bikes against theft, then went through to get the twins so they could show off. Little did they know someone had taken their pictures. When they came back out, Harry was beaming like a loon and their pictures were snapped again. The reporter for the Daily Prophet snuck off, going to tell his manager this juicy news and search through the old photos for something else he thought he remembered.

Fred looked at the bikes, then at Harry. "There is no way you're getting me on one of those," he said firmly, looking every bit like his mother at that moment. Harry gave him a hug. "Get off!" He pushed him off. "They're dangerous, Harry."

"They're fun," Harry retorted. "They go fast and it's like riding a really fast broom. Just a spin around the block? I've got my license."

George looked at Draco. "Don't even suggest it," he said quietly. "I'll sic Oliver on you." Draco chuckled. "I mean it. How did Harry corrupt you this way? It used to be that your father didn't like brooms because it wasn't under his own power."

"They really are like a faster version of a broom," Draco assured him. "Very safe if carefully ridden. We've both had lessons."

"What about Ron?" George asked while keeping an eye on the other two's fight.

"He hates them, thinks they're unsafe."

George sighed and looked up. "Thanks, mum, for the common sense being passed on. I won't tell Percy on him." He winked at Draco. "Dad's about to come over so you might want to hide before he sees them."

"Your father will shit with envy," Draco said lightly.

Fred barged over. "You will not allow my father on these death traps, Draco Malfoy, or I will swat you myself. Even if he survives," he said firmly, dragging George with him before he somehow got corrupted by being near them. "How dare they! Those aren't safe and we need those two around! Ron will be miserable without them!"

"Too true," George agreed, smiling at his twin's back. He could be the righteously indignant one, it saved George from having to complain too much or pace about. Wait until Charlie heard about this one. He already wanted to save Ron from the over-sexed duo.


Draco opened the morning paper and burst out laughing. "Harry, apparently I'm corrupting you again," he said as he handed it over. They were eating on the bed, as usual, and Harry was leaning on his legs while he ate.

Harry grinned at the pictures. "Hmm, I'm being corrupted because you figured out that muggle transportation goes really fast," he said as he read. "Ooh, there's a call to separate us before it can be finished." He looked up. "Apparently you're also the cause of my mental health issues now as well," he said with a grin. Ron snatched the paper to read.

"Your mother won't complain, Harry already told her about them," Draco offered, rubbing the tense back. Ron was switching back now and had been up most of the night with muscle cramps. "Why don't you stay up here today, Ron," he gently suggested, earning a smile. "You could use the rest."

"Then we can pounce you for one last blow later," Harry agreed with a wicked grin. "My bikes are coming today and I got you a surprise."

"Harry, I'm not learning how to ride."

Harry crawled up Ron's legs, sitting in his lap so he could steal a kiss. "I got one of the big, heavy, *safe* ones to ride with you on the back," he whispered, stealing another kiss. "One with luggage space even." He stole another kiss, and could see that Ron's eyes were dilating. "Nearly a car, only without the roof. I even helped pick out your protective gear," he said before stealing another kiss.

Draco stole Harry and kissed him senseless. "Let her rest. We'll impress her later, Harry," he said patiently. Harry leaned down and sucked him in, making him moan. "Damn, I should corrupt you more often," he decided, sliding down to give him more room to work himself down the hard cock.

"Hmm," Ron said, watching Harry. "You definitely trained him to do that very well." He spanked the wiggling butt. "Don't tempt me, Potter, or you won't be sitting later." Draco pushed the loose sleep pants off Harry's backside, letting Ron have access to it. "Maybe we should wear him out, I could use a teddy bear while I nap," Ron agreed. He grabbed the lube and slicked himself up. Harry had jumped them both last night so he wasn't fully unstretched, it only took a second before Ron could slide in with a groan of delight. "I think we should chain him to the bed today, Draco. At least until his new toys come. That way he'd get something done on the research paper."

"Let him be," Draco advised. "He's upset about how the deposition went last night. They asked a few very stupid questions and he nearly went off on the interviewing lawyer according to Hermione. Fortunately the man didn't realize how close to death he came." He stroked through Harry's hair. "I'm proud of the way you held yourself back, Harry," he said gently. Harry came with a moan, still wrapped around him. Draco smiled down at him. "Did I do that?" He pulled Harry off and gave him a real kiss. "You handled that man very well and you deserve a reward. What would you like?"

"You to flood into me," Harry said with a wicked grin before going back to what he had been doing.

"I like it when he's easy to please," Ron pointed out as he stroked in and out of the taunt body. "Harry, relax, you're crushing me back here," he complained. Harry went limp and he came. "Ooh. Much better." He kissed Draco while still in Harry, putting pressure on Harry to swallow Draco fully. Draco came and pulled back to continue breathing. "Very nice. Now let's finish breakfast so I can jump you both later for the last time in a month."

"Yes, Ron," Harry said, using Draco's lap for a pillow. He yawned then ate the piece of toast Draco held down to him. "Thank you, Draco."

"You know you're my favorite toy of all, Harry," Draco said smugly, smirking down at him when Harry looked up at him. "Seriously. You're much more versatile as a toy than my new ones. I always go back to my favorite toys." Harry lunged up and kissed him, then went back to his lap.

"Maybe we really should tie him to the bed today," Ron put in. Draco nodded. Harry moaned, closing his eyes. "You rest, Harry, we'll decide what to do with you in a few." Harry nodded and snuggled in. Ron and Draco shared a smile, that was the Harry they had grown to adore.

Hermione screamed from down the hall and they clapped.


Molly looked up as someone squealed in outrage, smiling at the girl stomping up to her. "Yes, dear?" she asked, taking the held-out paper from the young Slytherin girl. She saw the pictures and frowned. "Well, Harry looks happy," she admitted, passing it down to Snape. He looked at it and his eyes bulged. "I guess we know what motorcycles are now."

"Potter and your son need to be stopped, ma'am, before they fully corrupt Mr. Malfoy and he's no longer the Slytherin Prince he once was," the girl demanded, stomping her foot. "My mother will think that it happens inside the house somehow and will withdraw me."

Molly gave her a look. "Now that's just foolishness," she pointed out gently. "I will be talking to Ron later though." Everyone who had a mother in the room shivered at the look on her face. They doubted Ron would be walking straight after she got done with him.


The twins looked up as their fireplace burst out in a gout of flame, admitting Charlie and Percy. "They showed us that day," Fred told him dryly. "We refused to go for a ride."

"We'll have to put a stop to that before they get Ron," Percy said firmly, wanting to stomp his foot so bad. A wizard like Ron and Malfoy, playing with such muggle toys!

"And I thought the gun was bad," George said dryly.

"Guns too?" Charlie asked.

"How else do you think he took out Voldemort?" Fred asked him. Charlie glared at him and he shrugged. "He figured out how to put curses on bullets and shoot wizards! It wasn't me!"

Charlie stomped off, going to tell his father. He would support their taking Ron from that perverted being, Draco Malfoy. He walked into his father's office and slammed the door. "Have you seen the paper today?" he demanded.

Arthur gave him a smile. "I did. Harry hasn't looked that happy in a long time," he agreed. Charlie's mouth fell open. He laughed. "Ron's not enamored of those machines, he does it to humor Harry and Draco a bit."

"We need to remove Ron, dad! There's no telling what they're doing to him!"

Arthur looked at his clock. "They're probably having sex," he put in gently. Charlie blushed and started to cough. "It's all right, Charlie, I had a long talk with Ron the other day when he ranted about Harry and Draco's desire for fast things. You and that nice boy Oliver played quidditch to play the sport, Draco and Harry played because they love the feeling of flying. Give them this one indulgence. Harry looked quite happy for once. He's being careful, he always is."

"Still, father! He's corrupting Ron horribly!"

"Not you too," Arthur sighed. "Charlie, there's corruption and then there's corruption with pain and fear. The first is mostly fine, it will make Ron more powerful but not harm him. The second will harm him and those two regard Ron as the greatest treasure. If we tried to take Ron, or even suggest that he leave them, there would be serious repercussions. The least of which is Harry's mental health would deteriorate rapidly. Ron and Draco keep him happy and not brooding on what he had to do. It's good to see him smile that way again, so please leave them be. Tell Percy it's an order." Charlie opened his mouth. "Now."

Charlie sighed. "Fine!" He stomped off, going back to the joke shop. "Dad said that if we even suggested Ron leave them then Harry's mental health might break. He said Ron's ranted about them so he's not liking it, but he's humoring them," he said grimly. "Told me we can't rescue Ron at all."

Ron slapped him hard across the back of the head. "That's for thinking I needed it!" he said angrily. Charlie winced and looked at him. "Do not even think about that, Charlie Weasley, or you will be sorry. Harry's not the one you have to look out for, he'd break now. Draco would have to help him. Hermione and Vincent would get you for me if you ever tried anything like that." He crossed his arms and glared at Charlie, making him realize what sort of danger he was in.

Charlie swallowed. "I'm sorry, Ron, I was worried about them hurting you on those machines," he said gently. "I'm a big brother and I adore you, even when you're mad at me."

"Oh, give it up," George sighed, shaking his head. "Ron, we know you're not into speed things like those two, but what happens if you wreck?"

"To reassure ourselves," Fred put in at the glare sent at his twin.

"Harry and Draco have both gotten me protective leather outfits, then we treated them with a solution to make sure that they wouldn't wear through and would always make me look quite decent," he sniffed. He shot another glare at Charlie. "Unlike some, they *ask* me what I want." He stomped into the back to sit and pout.

"I'd apologize," Fred suggested.

George nodded. "Before he decides this is a grudge that needs retribution."

Charlie hurried into the back to beg and plead with Ron not to be mad at him. He more than anyone other than Bill knew that Ron could make his life a living hell. He ended up holding Ron tightly against him while he apologized repeatedly, just to get it through his thick head.

The twins looked at each other, then at Percy, who was browsing. "Feel lucky," George told him.

Percy smiled. "I do. Ron would never forgive me after what I did last time, though it was for the best. I wonder if he's going to have the Malfoy heir."

"He can't," George said with a frown.

"They arranged for Ginny to carry it once they've had their first," Fred added for good measure.

"Neville doesn't want kids right off," Percy pointed out gently. "That means a wait and that's not a good thing. Malfoy has to produce an heir within five years of marrying or the family fortune is broken up among his maiden aunts. That is the rule set down by the inheritance." Ron walked out and stared at him until he continued on. "I checked it out to see how Malfoy was going to have to take care of you. You see, there's a part in there about spouses," Percy told him. "What they were to be given if they were a widow and the like. Did you know he's violating a clause of the will because you're big-chested?"

Ron groaned and shook his head. "He knows, but we're not doing anything about it. That's a stupid rule, Percy." He shook his head as he went back to the counter. "Do you have the things for Draco's birthday?"

"Definitely," Fred told him, pulling a package out from under the counter. "That'll be thirty sickles, Ron."

Ron raised an eyebrow. "I don't get a discount anymore?"

"That was with the discount," George told him.

Ron sighed and paid for it, taking the package with him when he left. "Draco, my brothers think I need saving again," he noted as he walked into the house.

Draco laughed from somewhere down the hall. "Tell them I'm siccing Potter on them," he called back.

"Draco!" Harry squealed. There was the sound of laughter.

Ron groaned as he went to find Vincent to help him hide the treats until Draco's birthday.


Hermione looked at these new toys, then glared at Draco. "Do you see what you've started?" she demanded. Harry was presently hugging his favorite bike.

"No, I see the happiness that this caused," Draco retorted. She grimaced but dropped the argument. He watched as Harry talked Ron onto the back of the touring bike and took off with him, shaking his head. "Ron's even more paranoid about safety than Harry is," he said in disgust. He went to rev up his racing bike, it needed gas anyway. He roared past them with a wave.

Harry leaned back against Ron's stomach, getting comfortable. He stopped and grinned at him. "Better?"

"Much," Ron admitted. "But I want this to be rare, Harry. No living on it like Draco does. It doesn't offer any shelter in case someone tries anything."

"Yes, Ron," Harry sighed.

Ron hugged him. "I'm not nagging, mate, but I need you to be safe. What would I do if you got hurt again?" he asked. Harry nodded and started them back to the house. "Think we could take this on a picnic this weekend?"

"Yeah," Harry agreed with a smile. "I even bought you a jacket that'll look stunning with this bike since I figured you'd like this one more." Ron gave him a squeeze. "Thanks."


A house elf appeared with a silver tray bearing the morning mail, the bright red envelope laying on top of the stack. "Misters, sir, message," he said, holding it up.

Draco looked at the howler, frowning at it. "Who would dare send one of those to me?" he said in disgust, tossing it off the side of the bed. He waited for it to open itself, he wasn't getting near it until it went off.

The flap exploded. "How dare you sully the family name by playing with muggle toys!" Draco's father, Lucius, shouted via the letter. "You are not only sullying the family name, I will have you removed, you misbegotten imbecile! You are destroying generations of Malfoy purity by taking up with *Potter* and a *Weasley*, not to mention that you are breaking a few of the family's long-standing demands. I will see you removed and me put back in your place!" The howler exploded.

Draco looked at the elf, who was cowering next to Harry. "Is the owl that brought it still here?" he asked casually. The elf nodded quickly. "Then keep it here for now. We'll send back a message in a moment," he said with his coldest look. He slid off the bed and went down to his study, pulling out the small charm he had Hermione look up and make for him. He wrote out a quick note and went to attach them both to the owl, letting it go back to her master. He would have to remember to check on it soon.


Harry walked into the auror's department and smiled, holding up the mirror charm that Hermione had created for them, well the spare mirror charm anyway. "Draco Malfoy wanted to know if you wanted the tracking charm he had put on his father?" he asked the receptionist. He was shoved into the General's office, still holding the charm up. "Lucius got a bit ...disconcerted wtih his son when he saw our last picture in the paper. So we sent back a tracking charm. Would you like it?"

"What will it cost us?" the General asked, looking at the boy.

Harry leaned down, putting the charm between them. "You dropping the ridiculous charges against me for protecting myself," he snarled, losing all good humor. "Otherwise, we'll get him ourselves, get the reward for it, and then beat you in front of the Courts."

"Now see here," the General started.

Harry glared worse, making him suck in a breath. "Your people tried to kill me to save their own asses. You have to get rid of some of the force anyway, get rid of them," he suggested coldly. "Because if they *ever* come near me again, I'm going to kill them. Including the one that's been watching the house recently." He stood up and looked at him, then smiled again. "Draco didn't send that with the charm, that's just my fee for delivering it."

"Do you really think you should be wandering around with *decent* people, boy?" the general sneered.

"The last I looked, I did what I had to do, and you and Dumbledore turned me this way," Harry said quietly. Then he shrugged. "I had to go through a lot of soul searching to see that I wasn't going to do it again unless it was to protect my family. Be thankful none of the brainwashing your people did worked."

"If it had, you wouldn't be here, you would have died during the follow-up battles," the General told him.

Harry nodded. "That's probably true, and another thing I have to thank Draco and Ron for." He grinned. "Maybe you should send them a card. The first people I would have continued with were the people who came after me. Meaning you." He left, leaving the charm there. He did drop by his lawyer's office and drop off the tape he had recorded while in there, Ron's idea, then went to pick himself up a treat. The candy store salesgirl didn't even bat an eye at him when she sold him the seventeen pound box of chocolates, only took his money with a smile. He waved and walked away, going to use the Leaky's floo to get home since he hadn't rode up. He presented the box to Hermione. "Here, for the little creature so it calms down," he said with a smile. "I taped it, the guy admitted it."

"It's probably not admissible," she warned.

"No, but it's a warning all the same," Harry said sweetly, then he went to find Ron and Draco, finding them together in Draco's study. "I was just reminded that I have to thank you both for negating their suicide switch in my training." He gave them both hugs then went to play with his animals.

Ron looked at Draco. "I knew I should have went."

"You're not getting anywhere near those creatures," Draco said firmly, giving her a squeeze. "I should probably wade into this matter."

"You'll become like your father to a lot of people," Ron warned.

"It's better to be seen as manipulative than to be manipulated," Draco said gently. He stole a kiss and pushed Ron off his lap. "Go play with beast boy while I finish off this last challenge to the will my father filed." Ron nodded, leaving him alone. Draco groaned as he stood up, going back to his desk. "I want to kill the man," he decided.


Draco looked at the judge a week later. "That caveat is senseless," he pointed out, using a nice, neutral, calm voice instead of the one that showed he wanted to rip his father's friend's throat out with his teeth. "My great-grandfather was ninety at the time and I don't particularly care for that body part. I prefer the nether regions on my wife's body. I have no intention of suffocating in her bosom."

"Be that as it may, it was a demand for your inheritance."

"I was married before I received it," Draco reminded him. The man did nod at that. "Besides, most of my maiden aunts are barren due to my father's accidents and schemes. My own heir hasn't been born yet and won't be for a while."

"It says five years."

"I've arranged with Ron's sister Ginny to carry it for us, since we don't want Ron carrying for certain reasons. The only request that they made is that this child not be their first because first children are nearly impossible to give up. I foresee it being at the five year limit or shortly afterwards. Definitely on the way by then."

"That would be acceptable, but the problem remains that you've breached the contract the will represents."

"I never agreed to that caveat," Draco pointed out. "For it to be a contract, both parties have to agree to the terms. Personally, I think my former relative was suicidal. He climbed into bed with an eighteen-year-old courtesan of his own free will, a highly trained one because he had talked with her about her training. From all viewpoints, it was an act of suicide that has regulated the family for a few centuries. Plus, my mother didn't fit the cup requirement either when they first married. No one said anything to my father and his father was still living."

"If it were possible, we could call your grandfather. But we can't."

"Actually, we might be able to do a seance and call for him," Draco pointed out with a small smile. "I believe he's a ghost somewhere, possibly in his childhood home."

"No. That is not legal in this court, Mr. Malfoy."

"Then be reasonable," Draco snapped. "This is my father's attempt at trying to regain the family money to restart his crusade against anyone who's not like him. Do you really want to see a new Dark Lord rising? It's bad enough the man wouldn't die when Potter got him in a lung."

"Yes, there is that," the judge agreed, looking down at the papers as he thought. "Can you guarantee that none of the other terms will not be violated?"

"I can guarantee that I'll try but some of them are ancient and unreasonable. Some of them have been cut out of the old will, or even just eroded since we're using the same copy of the will and simply changing names. For all we know, me being a male might break it. There was a rash of double heirs since the first one came out female for nearly six generations in a row."

"That's a good point," the judge agreed with a small sigh. "Fine, I'll find the will's contents invalid and award you full custody of the estate as you're the only real heir. Do make sure that your aunts are all taken care of and be generous with your donations."

"The reward money for turning in my father will be going to the charity of Harry's choice," Draco said, looking a little bit smug. "Thank you." He bowed and left, letting Ron pounce him. "We won."

"Good." Ron snuggled against his side. "The judge called Harry's case a day early." Draco groaned. "Want to walk over there and support him?"

"We probably should, before they make him snap." He walked Ron down to the Wizzengomit's chamber, taking a seat in the public section. This trial was open because of the ramifications of the events. Draco smiled at Harry when he was looked at and Ron gave him a thumb's up. "Should we implement something to take him on holiday after this is over with?" Draco whispered.

Ron nodded. "Definitely, especially if it's not good," Ron whispered back. The judge looked at them and Ron smiled.

"I believe our last witness has arrived from his own hearing," Harry's lawyer announced. "Mr. Malfoy, would you care to give testimony first?"

"I wouldn't care, but I will," Draco agreed, letting Ron go so he could walk down there. He looked back when he heard the movement. "Ron, with me," he said firmly, pointing at the extra chair from Harry's table. "There. Just in case."

"There's no need for that," the judge noted.

Draco lit up the back of the chamber, showing the armed guards who had just come in. "Really?" he asked pleasantly. "Then ask them why they just entered and they have their wands drawn." He sat down, watching Ron until she was beside Harry. "What did you want to know?"

"Is your name Draco Malfoy?"

"Yes," Draco said patiently.

"Did you save the life of Harry Potter during what has been commonly known as the follow-up battles?"

"Yes," Draco repeated.

"From whom, young man?"

"From a few aurors and members of the Order of the Phoenix. A number of them fired shots at Harry's back while I was trying to calm him down. He didn't take well at all to killing and was nearly hysterical at that point."

"I see." The lawyer grimaced. "How many aurors did you kill that day?"

"Any of them that were firing on me. I didn't think to keep count."

"More than five?"

"Probably," Draco agreed. He got comfortable, his wand resting in his lap. Just in case. He had seen one of the aurors flinch at his statement. "I rightly don't recall. I was a bit busy defending my own life. You'd think they had planned it that way or something," he said dryly.

"Do you think they did?" the lawyer asked, jumping on the offered statement.

Draco nodded. "I do believe so. There was evidence that the aurors wanted Harry to die during or directly after the fight. That's what went wrong when he tried to train with the aurors."

"You said tried?"

"Mr. Potter was becoming depressed by their insistence that he sacrifice himself and our mutual wife to the battles. They repeatedly told him that he was to offer up his body as a sacrifice and do his duty."

"Challenge, your honor. Hearsay. He wasn't there."

Draco snorted. "Actually, I was there. You see, I have them marked. I can access his memories if I want to."

The judge and opposition attorney looked at him like he was insane. "You did what?" the judge asked. "I'm not overly familiar with that ritual."

Draco stepped off the stand and walked over to Harry, giving him a small smile. "May they see yours?" he asked, holding out a hand. Harry let himself be pulled up and his marks shown to the court. "Often called branding one's mate in the older families. As you can see, both Weasley and myself have done Mr. Potter, for his own protection and because we wanted it to be so." He helped Harry sit back down again. "It does let me know what's going on inside them. It's not too refined on our part, none of us have wanted to pry into the other's mind, but I have had the occasion to listen to a few of the *lectures* given by the aurors training them." He sat back down again, looking cool and composed even as his mind raced. His mark was fading for some reason. Ron's was overly strong but his mark was fading. Perhaps he would have to kill his father after all to remove him from the family lineup. He saw the lawyers pulling themselves back together again and paid more attention to them than to his family plans. Ron winced and grabbed his side. "What's wrong?"

"The mark is burning," Ron said, still wincing.

Draco stood up and walked over, shielding him so he could look at the mark. His was completely gone. "Somehow my father's gotten hold of the family crest." He touched the ones he wore and smiled, then nodded at the judge. "May I have five minutes?" The judge nodded. "Thank you. I believe I have to harm my father." He walked out, finding a small, unused room down the hall. He pulled out the crest and smiled when the heir's one was dark. His father was trying to remove him using the main crest in the bank. "Really?" he asked, checking the link the crests gave him with the 'family fortune'. What he saw made him cackle. He apparaated over to Gringott's, looking down at the goblin in charge of that vault. "My father was just here?" he asked gently. It looked up at him in fear. "You do know that you turned over the master crest to a wanted fugitive and a madman who should not have access to any of it?"

"He had a key."

"No, he didn't," Draco informed him. "It's a blood key and he was taken out of the succession. That means one of you had to let him in. That means you're liable." He turned when he heard the door opening and fired at the man standing there, a strong stunning spell. Lucius screamed in pain, grabbing his chest. "We'll see, father, won't we?" he sneered, following him out into the main bank. "Someone get an official, this man is a wanted felon and just broke into the family's vaults." A few goblins went running and Draco smirked at him. "I've promised the reward money for your capture to Harry, for a charity of his choice. I suppose, with his nature, he'll give it to the shelter we got his dog from." He smiled then turned to a goblin. "Do call my house for me and suspend all elves." It nodded and ran off to do that. All house elves had to listen to Gringott's goblins because they could determine who was the actual heir of the family, who the elves had to listen to. The goblin gave him a look when it came back. "The animals?"

"Are protected," it told him. "One of them is hiding them. The rest are waiting on orders from whomever wins."

"Good enough," Draco agreed. He looked at his father, then at the auror coming in. "Since none of the dementors will touch him, is he mine?" he asked.

"We need to know how he did it, kid," the auror in front noted.

"Golem. He put a pensieve in the family's first vault, the one protecting the master crest." He looked down at his father. "Good bye." He cast the killing curse and stepped back, taking the knife the goblin held out on a platter. He stuck it into the man's heart and followed the goblin back to the special vaults to smear it on the family's main crests, the one that charged the ones he wore. It glowed white then his glowed. He could feel his connection to Ron and Harry again so it had reverted back to his control. He sighed in relief and slumped, then went to talk to the aurors. "There, all fixed. No more nasty family business I hope," he said lightly. The aurors looked at him like they were next. "He did try to take my mates and everything away from me," he pointed out, hoping they saw the subtle threat. A few shuddered so he knew they did. "Please pay the reward to Mr. Potter as I've given it to him to give away." He walked past them, going to get a drink before going back to the court. He walked in, slamming the door. "Sorry, had to deal with my father." Harry walked over and hugged him before he could sit down. "I'm fine," he whispered, "it's all over with. He was the last strong one."

"I felt you kill him," Harry whispered back. "I'm sorry you had to." He looked up. "I would have if I could have gotten there."

Draco smiled at him and gave him a short kiss. "I know, Harry. Go back to your seat. We'll talk later." Harry nodded and they both returned to their seats. "Sorry. I needed a drink." He saw the head auror in the public section and nodded at him. "You'll find my father is dead," he announced. "He just tried to remove me from the family." The man blanched, shaking like a leaf in a gale wind. He looked at the judge. "Where were we?"

The opposing lawyer coughed. "I believe your side was nearly done," he admitted. Draco nodded.

Harry's lawyer shook his head. "I can call him back if necessary. Your turn."

The opposing lawyer looked at Draco. "You killed him? Your own father?"

"The dementors refused to go near him when he was in prison the first time. He was under a death sentence. The warrant did say dead or alive. He's no longer a threat to my family."

"Do you think such attitudes are good for Mr. Potter and his delicate mental condition." Harry snorted. "We'll get to you, don't worry, Potter."

Draco laughed. "Harry's no more mentally fragile than you are. Than a great many of the older family's children are. His was physical abuse by his remaining family, mine was emotional, and yours put you under the Imperious when you were probably about five," Draco retorted. "He's as normal as can be under the circumstances. With people telling you that you're to commit suicide after that one great act, and you've had the sort of life he had, then one has to break away hard to not do so."

"Don't you think it might have been better if he had?"

"No." Draco sneered at him. "Why would I think that the world would be a better place without him? He's the one keeping me calm." The lawyer backed up a few steps. "Not only that but Harry's been seriously underestimated in all this jockeying for position. The man who talked with him when *someone*," he looked at Dumbledore, "filed a mental health warrant on him said he was perfectly fine." He looked at the lawyer again. "Since then, he's talked with a counselor about what he had done and has come out the other side with an appreciation for the finer things in life, like happiness. I don't think the world is better off, I think you'd be better off if you gave up this crusade."

"I don't like that insinuation," the judge noted.

Draco looked at him. "One of the family's attorneys has filed a civil suit against the aurors for their actions that day," he told him. "Harry's told them that if this one goes away, he can make that other one go away as well. That's all I meant. I have no desire to see anyone begging me for their lives." He smiled at Harry, who wiggled in his seat because Ron was stroking his thigh. "Do behave," he chided gently. "I'm not there with you."

Ron laughed. "Pity, I guess he's mine tonight then, huh?" he quipped. The lawyer looked at him like he was odd. Ron winked at him. "What?"

"Do leave his leg alone, Mrs. Malfoy." Ron groaned. "Sorry." The judge looked at Draco again. "When was this filed?"

"The same day this ridiculous suit was started in the first place. Did they expect to win the right to kill him?" he asked, looking at the pale opposing lawyer. He was clutching the edge of his table. "I see." The judge looked and frowned at him as well. "Fat chance. If you try, then I will be forced to publish my father's diaries." The lawyer shook harder. "Yes, I do believe you were in there. Something about a favor owed. Is that still true?"

"Your honor!" the opposing lawyer shouted. "I am not on trial."

"No, but your reason for being here is," the judge agreed. "Did you take this case as a favor to one of the top Death Eaters?" The lawyer opened his mouth but nothing came out. "Then answer this one," he said coldly. "Are they the ones behind trying to kill Mr. Potter?" The lawyer moaned and sat down. He saw movement in the back of the public section and stopped everyone from moving. "I will not allow such machinations to be the court's purpose. We are here to determine law, gentlemen, not to punish those who did what you couldn't do the first time," he said coldly. "Mr. Potter is awarded his freedom and this transcript will be sent to the civil courts."

Harry coughed. "That's not necessary. I just want them to leave us alone," he put in. "I want to have my own life and have them not do things like tell the career counselor employed by the Ministry to refuse to help me. I'd like to be a normal boy again."

"Fine, Mr. Potter." He smiled at him. "Stay after this is over with. We'll do something about that for you." Harry nodded. "As for the rest of you, leave. Never try such tactics again through the courts. What you are doing is as evil as Voldemort ever did!" He banged his gavel and freed the room, letting them run for it. He noticed someone out in the hallway. "Come in, Minister," he said genially. Arthur Weasley walked in. "I'm surprised you weren't here."

"I wanted to be, but I had to deal with the matter of a dead Death Eater," he said with a nod for Draco. "Economical. I'll have it forwarded to Harry's accounts so he can disperse of it." He looked at the judge. Then at his head Auror. "You're fired," he told him, smiling kindly. The man stood up. "There will be a review. I had to wait until this case was over with, the law said so, but now that it is, you're gone and your whole department is being redone by someone who knows what they're doing." He smiled. "I had a wonderful few talks with a Sergeant named Henderson." Ron and Harry both sighed in relief so he smiled at them. "Ron, no feeling up in public. Your mother taught you better than that, son." Ron shrugged and removed his hand from Harry's thigh again. "Thank you." He looked at the man. "It seems you knew what was going on. He explained the whole idea to me and I have to say it made me quite ill." The smile never left his face the whole time, scaring the man. "Now, go to my office and wait on me," he ordered, pointing at the door. "Before I make it an order." The man walked out, not doing as he was told. That's okay, there were people waiting on him. "I have a petition to make. It will not please Harry, but will accord him a lot of protection." He pulled out a small scroll and handed it over. "This is to put Harry Potter on the list of national treasures, as the old ones back before Dumbledore were. That means that he is immune from most reporters, immune from such plots because killing him would be a national tragedy, and therefore a conspiracy to commit treason against the wizarding world, and it would lend him the status of being able to hide in his house if he wanted." Harry made a protesting sound. "I know," he said, walking over to give him a hug. "But you do deserve it. With what you did, even with how you did it, you do deserve it." He looked at the judge again. "I doubt many could object."

"No, I don't think so." He smiled at Harry. "It will actually fit very well into my own plans. I have the ability to give you a second identity in cases where your life is in jeopardy, young man. As such, I am giving you an official one, to be added to the records under a birthday your father-in-law shall choose. James Weasley all right with you?" Harry nodded, looking dumbfounded. He couldn't say a thing. "Good." The judge smiled at Arthur. "That all right with you and your wife?"

"Definitely. We've considered Harry like our own since that first time we took him in. As long as it won't hurt him and Ron?"

"It shouldn't." He considered it, looking at Draco. "Yours?"

"My mother's family," Harry offered, finally able to open his mouth. "Evans."

"That's a wonderful idea," the judge agreed. "James still, in honor of your father?" Harry nodded, starting to smile. "That's fine then. Do arrange everything, Minister Weasley. Dismissed." He banged his gavel gently, watching as the trio hugged each other, with Potter in the center. Then they shifted to put Malfoy in the center and Arthur got into the hugging. He smiled. A very strong family.


Arthur looked up as the judge walked into his office. "Did you hear the real reason they were so worried?" he asked when he saw the confused look.

"You'd think someone like former Minister Fudge would be better able to read people. How could he think that Potter would take over the Dark Lord's spot?"

"Because everyone was right, they chose to put the boy in an abusive family environment. Then they found out a few things that made them decide that he was going to become abusive as well." He shrugged. "They decided that the boy being a parseltongue meant he was evil and weren't going to be swayed." He clasped his hand on the desk. "I had some doubts about Draco myself, but I can see that he wouldn't do that more than to benefit himself."

"Thankfully. At least he can read people. Is he really good to both boys?" Arthur nodded, giving him a cheerful smile. "Then I wish them the best of luck getting away from the reporters." He handed over his official judgement, newly finished. "For the records, Minister."

"Thank you, Judge. I'll have it copied and sent to them."

"I already have," he said with a smile. "Tell them I wish them every happiness and a large, protective family." He walked out, leaving his boss alone. Arthur was so much nicer to work under, there wasn't any pressure to decide a case a certain way.

Arthur smiled at the door, fingering the parchment roll.


Hermione pounced them as soon as they walked in the door that night. "What took you so long!" she complained, hugging Harry and Ron first, then Draco. "Vincent's in your study, there's been a rash of reporters calling. Most of them about your father, Draco. Harry, I have dropped the civil suit as per your orders. Are we finally free?"

Ron nodded, patting Harry's butt for him. "Not only that, the judge accorded him a second identity." She gasped, looking at Harry. "For times when things start to look bad again, so he can disappear."

"That and the status of a national treasure," Draco said with some amusement. He goosed Harry. "Go lay on the bed, I want to make sure this doesn't go to your head, Harry." Harry hurried up the stairs, going to do as he was told. He winked at her. "Carry on and tell them to fuck off." He strolled casually up to his room, taking off everything as soon as he walked in the door. Harry had ripped off his clothes and was laying on the bed trying to get a handcuff around one of his wrists. "Do you think you'll need one of those?" he asked as he moved closer.

"No, but I want one," Harry said with an impish grin. "Does this mean we can go shopping soon for Ron?"

Draco laughed. "Of course you can spoil Ron in reward for yourself. We might even have to get her a new costume in appreciation for all she did beside you." Ron opened the door and walked in, shaking her head. "No?"

"No, spoiling me is not the way to celebrate this victory. Getting Hermione to the hospital might be though. Her water broke an hour ago and she's being stubborn. Vincent just begged me to knock her ass out and drag her off."

"Definitely," Harry said, giving up on the handcuff so he could get redressed. Draco was already flinging back on his clothes. "My car?"

"It is bigger," Draco agreed, taking the thrown keys. "I'll start it; Ron, get Hermione and Vincent; Harry, you're with me." They nodded, following him down the stairs. He saw Ron and Harry grab Hermione between them and drag her away from the fire, smirking at their ignoring her complaints. "Vincent!" he snapped. Vincent came running, getting in to hold his wife. The trip to the local hospital didn't take that long, it was only a few miles down the road and Draco was driving. They piled into her room with her, Ron going to tell his mother to get some help in case she got stubborn again. Hermione's parents were on vacation and Molly was the only mother they all listened to. He came back with her and Molly started to fuss.

"Did those mean men drag you off, dear?" she soothed.

Hermione nodded, panting through the current contraction. "I had it planned out to the last minute," she gasped. "They dragged me off in front of a reporter!"

Draco shrugged at Molly's look. "Her water broke an hour ago, mum."

Molly laughed. "I'm sure it was for the best. Children come in their own time, not on a schedule." She felt along the girl's stomach. "It should be soon, not more than an hour and a bit I think." Ron looked at her and she laughed. "You get to know these sort of things when you've done it a few times."

The nurse walked in and smiled at Molly. "Are you a trained midwife?" she asked.

Molly shook her head. "I had seven children." The nurse nodded, accepting that sort of authority. "Hermione, did you want medication for the pain?" she suggested.

"There's drugs for this sort of thing?" Hermione asked, looking at the nurse. "Hell yes I want drugs! Get them for me now!" she demanded. The nurse laughed and walked out. Hermione looked at her husband. "If you want more, you're doing this part," she said, starting into another contraction.

"Of course he will," Draco soothed, taking her hand to let her squeeze. "Just try to float, let the pain do it's work," he suggested. She glared at him and he smiled. "I know it's hard, but the pain is necessary."

"That's why some woman invented the pain killers," she sneered. "Ron, you're next," she warned. "Don't let him do this to you." She screamed, arching her back up. "I want drugs!" she shouted. The nurse came back with a doctor, and they hooked her up to the nice IV. "Oh, thank Merlin," she said when they started to work.

"The pain is a good thing, Hermione, it's pushing your son down," Molly soothed, stroking her forehead. "It will be fine. At least you weren't dragged up to the school, dear. We don't have this sort of thing up there." Hermione gave her a look and she smiled. "I'm surprised Ron didn't try."

"Draco gave the orders," Harry said sheepishly. "He drove too." Molly winced.

"We made it in good time," Draco agreed. "I've never made it this far in under twenty minutes, even in my car."

Molly laughed. "Take it slower on the way home, Draco, or let Harry drive." She walked over and hugged Harry. "I'm proud of the way you handled that today, Harry. I really am. You did very well." He blushed but hugged her back. "Good boy, now go get them something to drink."

"I didn't even think to bring my wallet," Harry admitted.

"I have mine in my purse, but I don't suppose you grabbed it?" Hermione asked, starting to wince. "Yes, this is much better, I can barely feel it now," she told the nurse. She smiled at her. "Thank you. How many have you had?"

"Myself, none, but I've delivered hundreds," she soothed, patting the girl's hand. "Which one of you is the father?" Everyone pointed at Vincent. "Then you come closer and let her break your hand. The rest of you go find an ATM or something."

"I can run home and get a wallet," Draco offered. Harry smiled at him. "Good, I'll be right back." He popped off, going to pack a bag and all that good stuff.

The nurse looked at Molly. "Did he just disappear?"

"No, he runs rather fast," Molly explained. The nurse accepted that and left to check on the other women on the floor. Molly shook her head, laughing. "And I thought Arthur was bad." She gave Vincent a hug. "I'm sure the baby will be wonderful, young man. A true credit to my good care of her during the summers." Vincent blushed. "She's as much mine as Harry is, so therefore I am a grandmother as well and can spoil the child. Right, Hermione?"

"Don't spoil it," Hermione begged.

Molly laughed, giving her a hug. "Of course all the grandparents will smother it in attention. It's the first grandchild."

"You mean the only one," Hermione told her. She looked at Vincent. "I want you to feel this."

"There's no need to be nasty," Ron offered, staring her down. She went limp. "Women went through this for centuries without the painkillers. Even in fields and then they went back to work." Hermione nodded. "So let's think positively because I want to see my Goddaughter or Godson."

"You're a pushy lot," Hermione complained. "What if I had someone else picked out?"

Ron frowned at her. "Then I'd slip a potion into your next dinner so I could have a Godson or a Goddaughter," he told her. She whimpered and clutched Vincent's hand. "See, pushy is sometimes good."

"After all, we're going to be the main babysitters outside of Ginny and Neville," Harry pointed out. "You live with us half the time."

"Good point," she sighed. "Fine. There'll be three Godfathers and two Godmothers." Ron raised an eyebrow. "Technically you are counted as female," she said, then her back arched again. "I think that's the baby demanding it's cue."

"Most likely," Molly agreed, ringing for the nurse. "She's just finished another one and is pushing," she said calmly. She smiled at the girl. "We can work out all the honorary titles later, dear, after you give birth." Hermione nodded and clutched her hand, while the guys spelled Vincent so he could watch. He had wanted to watch. Up until he passed out at the sight of his son's head. Molly laughed. "Arthur did the same thing with our first," she sighed in happiness. The nurse laughed and helped bring the baby out, holding it up. "Oh, it's a girl!" she said happily.

"A girl?" Hermione asked, peering at the child. "You're not what I expected."

The nurse laughed. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Even if you do have to redecorate." She put the baby on Hermione's stomach, letting her check it over while she helped the afterbirth come out. Ron, in loco parentis for Vincent, cut the cord. The baby girl wailed and screamed at this indignity.

Harry smiled when he got to hold her. "Hush, you," he said gently, still smiling. "No more drama from you tonight. It's time for a tit and a nap." The nurse laughed and took her back, handing her off to Hermione to see if she could feed yet. The baby sucked and sucked but nothing came out so a bottle was gotten for them.

Draco walked in with Arthur, smiling brightly. "I missed all the nasty stuff?" he asked happily. Ron smiled and hugged him. "Good. I brought your bag, Hermione, and some money." He handed a wallet to Vincent. "For the little things, like spoiling both your girls rotten." Vincent smiled a watery smile. "Go ahead and cry, this is an occasion where it is more than acceptable."

"I wish my father could see her," Vincent said quietly.

"He's only incarcerated, Vincent, you can bring a picture to him," Arthur said gently. "He cooperated wonderfully and helped us nail Lucius' case shut, along with a few we didn't know. So you take a nice picture or three and bring them to him."

"They'll suck the joy off."

"Yes, but at least he'll be able to see her," Harry pointed out. "You can always make more happiness, but grandchildren are a bit harder." Vincent nodded, accepting that reasoning. Harry took the baby to burp it, doing what the nurse was trying to tell Hermione to do. "You rest," he told her. "That's got to wear a woman out."

Hermione nodded, smiling sleepily at him. "Hand my daughter to her father, Potter, you don't get to hog her."

"Fine." He handed her off, smiling at the look on Vincent's face. He leaned back against Draco's chest, getting a hug for being so good. "She is adorable," he noted.

"We'll spoil her as our reward for being so good today," Draco whispered in his ear. Harry smiled at him. They watched as Arthur took a few pictures of Vincent and the baby, then of the baby in her crib. "May I? I know Vincent's father well enough to deliver them."

"Go ahead, Draco," Arthur agreed, handing them over. He checked his watch. "It's nearly midnight, but I'll give you a pass to let you in. The humans running the prison are very happy with Mr. Crabbe's conduct so it shouldn't be too much of a problem." He wrote out a dispensation and handed it over. "There you go. I'll watch Harry until you get back."

"I think that's my job," Ron pointed out lightly. "You can't claim him as a full son, that'd be incest, dad."

"Good point," Molly agreed. "That's why they changed his name to Evans." Arthur nodded, smiling at the strong family.

Draco walked out more calmly this time, sending himself to the apparation point for the prison, now that he knew where it was. He hadn't learned until they found out Lucius' had escaped, but it came in handy now. He gave the note to the door guard, getting entrance without a fight. The note was handed to the warden and she nodded, taking a look at the pictures. "She's adorable, very demanding already. You can tell Granger's influence in that." The warden laughed and had someone take him down to the cell so he could get in. "Mr. Crabbe?" Draco called quietly. Vincent's father looked up at him and the door was opened. "Vincent sent me with these," he said, handing over the photos. "Your granddaughter is very strong willed and infinitely impatient already."

Vincent's father looked at the pictures, then smiled at him. "Even if I only keep it for a while, it's a wonderful gift, Draco. Thank you. Tell him I'm happy for him." He put the pictures on his pillow and looked at the boy. "Are you watching out for him?"

Draco nodded, squatting beside him. "I am. I've freed him from his obligation, that was my wedding present to him, and I'm paying him an enormous salary." That got a gentle smile. "He did wish you could be there today, but he understands and is grateful that you did turn over evidence so he didn't lose you." He touched the man's cold hand. "Be as well as possible. He'll send you more pictures as time allows." He stood up and left, going back to the house for a small nip before going back to the hospital. He hated that place, it made his skin crawl. Maybe Vincent's father could get out sooner, there was an appeal in place already. He went back to the hospital, hugging Vincent. "He said thank you and that he wanted them, even if he only remembered for a bit," he said against his ear. "Work on the appeal." Vincent nodded, pulling back. "I also told him about your current salary. He smiled at that as well."

"Good on dad," Vincent said firmly, smiling at his wife. "He'd adore you. You'd remind him of my mother while they were dating. She always stood up to him during the early days, Herm." He walked over to sit on the side of her bed, holding both his girls. "Draco, Harry, don't spoil my daughter." He looked at them. "We don't need the help spoiling her and you don't need to spoil her. Really, have your own if you want a baby."

Ron laughed. "I wasn't included?"

"You're pushy, but she'll let you have some authority," Vincent said with a shrug. "We've already agreed on that. Speaking of which, you're not Godparents over this one." Draco looked stunned. "You're getting the next one, we promised this one a long time ago to someone else. Blaize saved me that time and I promised him."

"I had forgotten about that," Draco agreed, stroking Harry's back. "We'll accept being uncles, but you can't take away our fun, Vincent. We will spoil that little girl, even if you move with her. That's what owls are for."

Vincent laughed. "We thought you'd say that. A little bit, no overly generous things. Nothing that we'll have to explain later. And no clothes like you'd put Ron into."

"She's a bit young for that," Harry pointed out with a smile. "And we'd only buy her those if she looked good in them and wanted one, when she's of an age to come to us directly," he added for good measure, to ease the frowning.

"That's fine, once she's graduated," Vincent agreed. He looked at Draco. "I'm not indenturing her to your first born," he said quietly. Draco shrugged. "You're not hurt?"

"Why should I be hurt? They'll play together anyway," Draco pointed out gently. He walked closer. "It's an ancient practice and far out of date," he pointed out. "Unless it's necessary to protect her, I wouldn't have suggested it. I'm not my father, Vincent."

"I know, Draco, but I felt I had to say it."

Draco hugged him. "The only reason your service was demanded was because your father was already in service and it could be. You're not now. You're here because you want to be here. I'm not going to make anything of that. Though I will expect the children to be close so that my own spoiled brats will have decent role models to learn from." Vincent grinned. "Good enough?"

"Good enough," Vincent agreed, giving him a hug. The baby protested and tried to suckle on Draco's tit, but she was gently removed by her father. "That's not for you, dear, he's not your mother." He looked at Ron. "Don't let her try on you either," he said with a faint smile.

"I don't want mine to do that leaking stuff," Ron pointed out dryly. "She's not getting near mine. Harry does enough of that for two babies."

Hermione rolled her head and opened her eyes. "Good." She looked at her husband and the baby. "Why don't you let her sleep in the crib, Vincent? I could use a hug too." He nodded and pulled the crib closer, laying her beside the bed. Then he climbed in and snuggled his wife. "Thank you. The rest of you go home." She waved a hand. "We'll be back in a few days, you can make faces at her then."

"Yes, Hermione," Harry said, smiling at her. He shooed Ron and Draco out in front of him. "We'll have to come pick them up. She won't be able to travel home otherwise," he pointed out at Draco's astonished look. "I'm driving." He stole the keys from Draco's pocket and climbed in to drive.

Ron laughed, pulling Draco into the back with him. "We'll cuddle back here. Go slowly, Harry."

"I'm always careful with either of you in the car," Harry retorted, starting the engine. He pulled out of the parking lot and aimed the car for home.


Hermione, Vincent, and baby Eterna came home to a stack of presents from Hermione's parents and just one from Molly Weasley, a well-thumbed-through book of practical advice for new parents. On it was a note that said 'it even worked with the twins' and a small piece of chocolate inside. Hermione settled in to read the book, letting Vincent unpack and see what her parents had given them. It had checklists of things to look for when the baby wouldn't quit crying, and things to amuse them when they were fussy and wouldn't fall asleep for you. It even had a developmental chart in the back so she could track progress, marked with each Weasley child's first initial and a date as they passed that one. She had to smile at the missing one for Ron beside 'sitting up by itself' and smiled at her husband. "Anything really good?"

"A stroller, the big kind that you change around as the baby grows. A car seat. Six or seven toys. A lot of baby jumpers," he said, holding one up for her approval. Hermione smiled and nodded. "That and a letter saying they'd like to come out soon."

"That's fine," Hermione agreed. "We'll go to the other house?"

"No, we'll bring them here," Draco said as he walked in with a present of his own. "For the little one."

Hermione put down the book and carefully opened it, smiling since Draco's wrapping had gotten much nicer over the years. Inside was a baby's motorcycle jacket and leather pants. She looked at him and started to open her mouth but Vincent laughed. "No."

Draco grinned. "Just in case. I promise to take out Harry's heavy and safe bike if we do go for a ride around the driveway. Nothing too fast, and the outfit's good for brooming as well." He winked at Vincent before leaving them alone.

"No," Hermione told her husband. "She's much too young to go for that sort of activity or brooming." She looked at the doorway when she heard footsteps. Then Ron's head peeked in. "You might as well come in as well. No Harry?"

"He's still wrapping his," he said with a naughty grin, one that usually made her wish she hadn't met him by the time he had talked her into doing something. He handed over his own present. "For the little one and her mum." He winked at Vincent then walked over to help him assemble the stroller.

Hermione opened that one more delicately, then sighed. "Ron!" He laughed. "My daughter doesn't need a tape on Yoga and neither do I."

"It's good for the baby and for you," Ron told her. "Makes sure that you're all flexible for Vincent and it's good to get her moving early. It'll make her stronger and make her walk faster," he said, looking completely trustworthy now. Vincent punched him on the arm. "Ow!" He hugged him. "It's as much a present for you as it is for them. It's supposed to be calming. Harry does it now and again when he gets worked up." He handed over the tool he had carried in. "Thought you might need a screwdriver, big guy." He got out of the way since Harry was carrying in a large box. "If you need more help, yell."

Harry set the box in front of Hermione, giving her an expectant look. "Well?" he asked when she didn't dive to open it.

"I'm not sure I should," she told him. "After Ron and Draco's."

Harry laughed. "I was trying to be thoughtful, not naughty, Hermione."

She opened it and smiled at the large stuffed owl inside the box. But it only filled up half the space. Underneath it was a real owl in a real cage. She pulled it out to look at it. "It's tiny!"

"It's young," Harry countered. "It'll grow. It's one of Hedwig's brother's last clutch, I asked specifically. Fully trained and all that, but it'll have to grow for nearly a year before carrying anything more than a quick note. This way we don't have to worry about you not writing if you deprive us of the baby's company too often."

She hugged him. "You cheater," she hissed. She pulled back. "Guilt-tripping won't work."

He pouted. "I'm sorry, Hermione, but I want to enjoy *someone's* normal childhood. Please?" he pleaded. "I'll even help with the nasty stuff like diapers. You've seen how good I do with the animals."

"I have," she relented. She saw Vincent's smug look. "Did you put them up to guilting us into staying around?"

He shook his head. "Not at all, Hermione, but I knew Draco would try. He's never seen a baby before." He sat down next to her, picking up the baby to hold her. "Good morning, Eterna. How are you, sweetling?" She cooed at him and then wet herself, all down his arms. "Thank you, dear. Here, Harry." Harry beamed as he got the honor of changing her first diaper home. He went to clean himself up, leaving Hermione with her new presents.

"Those men," she sighed, shaking her head. She picked back up the book and the piece of chocolate to nibble on while she read. She couldn't put together a stroller to save her life, and she would have to find a few charms later to help them move it around. A floating platform charm and the like she supposed. But the library was massive and it'd have to be in there somewhere. Surely Narcissa had used something similar. She'd ask Draco she decided, it was his library and he should know. After nearly an hour she went to repossess her daughter from her uncles. It didn't take that long to change a diaper.


Draco looked up as the mail came in, they were actually eating in the dining room this morning since he and Harry had been working on their research paper all night. He accepted the Daily Prophet and paid for the paper, then gathered the other mail up. One of the letters was for Harry so he tossed it over. "Yours." He flipped through the rest of them, ending up with the hospital bill. "Vincent," he called. He had just been in the kitchen, he should be nearby. His friend and bodyguard walked in so he handed over the bill. "Let me know how much it was after you've ranted a bit." Vincent nodded and walked away, taking it to show to his wife. Hermione's scream confirmed what he had thought, it was dreadfully high. He found another letter for Harry and handed it over as well. "Why is the shelter sending you mail?"

"I don't know," Harry admitted, opening that one. He smiled as he read. "They really appreciated the gift I gave them, and wanted to know if we needed more animals. They have a snake in there."

"No," Draco said firmly.

"Yes, Draco." He folded up the letter, fully intending to go check up on them. The other one was a bill from the aurors. "They billed us for the spellsbooks," he said, looking amused as he handed it over.

Draco looked at the amount. "Pay them for it so this will end." He opened the first house's bill and groaned. "The grocery bill's still enormous. We'll have to keep Ron out of the refrigerator before his butt gets as big as this is." He put it aside and opened the next one, snorting. "There's a request to interview Ron and I."

"Not me?"

"About the changeling stuff, and no they don't seem to have mentioned you," Draco told him, handing it over. The next was the bill for landscaping, since the elf that used to do that had died a few years back they had to hire muggles. "They've raised their rates as well." He put it aside and opened the last one. "Ah!" He smiled and showed it to Harry. "Ron's test results." Harry read the small lines and grinned. "Aren't we wonderful?"

"Definitely. I'm sure he'll like a month in each spot." Harry leaned over to give him a kiss. "Can I tell him that there was a few back in his family line?"

"If you want," Draco agreed lightly. He didn't want that task. Ron wandered in a few minutes later and got kisses from them. "Harry's got something he wants to tell you later," he told her as she settled into her usual chair on his other side.

Ron looked at Harry. "After tea?"

"Yeah, you'll want it," Harry agreed. Ron raised an eyebrow. "Two things really. The aurors charged us for the books." Ron snorted but did fix her tea and take a few sips before he went on. "And as part of our ongoing research, we've been doing a historical survey of past changelings and what became of them. Did you know there were three Weasley changelings back during the Middle Ages?" Ron spit out her next sip and stared at him. Harry nodded. "Really. All in your dad's family too. Two official Weasleys and one married in. She was a distant cousin."

Ron blinked a few times then looked at Draco, who nodded. "Is that why I had the seizure?"

"Possibly," Draco agreed carefully. "We've also gotten the latest schedule updates. They were addressed to me so I opened them," he said, handing them over.

Ron looked at them, then looked up. "Why me, Merlin?" He looked at them. "A *month* in each state? That means I'll spend two months as both each cycle."

"Ron, we adore you in every form," Harry said honestly. Ron looked at him and he grinned. "I do. I love you no matter which form you're in. I may like your breasts, but I appreciate the rest of you too."

"I know you do, Harry, it's just that this is getting longer and longer. What next? A year as each?"

"Hopefully not," Draco said, smiling at him. "Then we'd have to build you your own wardrobe."

"We could change over that small dressing room you had left alone," Harry offered.

"I'll have to clean it of spells first," Draco told him. "My father used to cast some of the most vile things in there and I don't want that sort of taint to spread throughout the rest of the house again." He sipped his own tea. "We could do that. You don't have enough clothes right now for a whole month in either phase."

"That's what laundry is for," Ron pointed out dryly. "I don't need more clothes."

"Ron, we want to buy you clothes and we will," Harry said firmly. "Whether or not you come along with us is up to you." Ron groaned and shook his head. "Please?" he begged. "I haven't spoiled you recently. It's not like I have an heir to pass on any of my family's money to anyway."

Draco smacked him on the hand. "Don't say such things."

"Yes, Draco." Harry pleaded with his eyes, making Ron sigh and slump down. "Thank you, Ron."

"Just one day, Harry Potter, and we'll go muggle since most of the outfits you've liked so far came from there." Harry nodded eagerly. "Thank you." He looked at Draco. "Why don't you take his vault keys from him? You're good at handling money."

"He hasn't even worn out the interest for the year yet," Draco told him. "Much less started in on the principle. He's fine." He looked at Harry. "I will watch your spending though, that's the wrong reason to spend."

"I know, but it seems like I should do something worthwhile with it. Whatever's left when I go will be left to charity, or to Eterna and any brothers or sisters."

"You could have a child," Draco pointed out. "To carry on at least one of the names." Harry shook his head. "Why not?"

"Because that means I'd have to cheat," Harry said simply.

Draco knew there was more to it than that, he could see Harry's eyes. "And?" he prompted.

Harry sighed, giving him a dirty look. "I don't know if there's special rituals in my family, or if there's anything special I have to do to make sure the power passes on. Nothing like that. I've looked through the books, but nothing's popped up yet and I'm doubting anything will."

"So?" Ron asked.

"Ron, only the first born in each generation has the gifts I have. How do they not get passed on to the others?" Harry asked.

Ron frowned at him. "Maybe it just happens. If you can't find anything in the books it can't be that difficult."

"It'd still be cheating," Harry said firmly. "Unless you get it accidentally."

"No, we don't want that," Ron said firmly. Harry grinned at him. "Good point. Fine, I'll accept your reasoning, but I'm going to protest every now and then. You'd make a great dad."

"So I'll fill in when Draco has to produce an heir and he's busy," Harry pointed out.

"Yes, I'm going to have to talk to Ginny and Neville about that," Draco noted. They looked at him. "The old will said five years and with our lives waiting longer seems a bit foolish."

"That's true, your dad could come back from the dead for a third time," Ron joked. Draco frowned at him. "Sorry, had to say it."

"I know," Draco agreed, smiling at him. "If he does, I'm siccing your mother on him." He looked at Harry. "You could ask Hermione. There are muggle technologies to go about that without having to touch someone."

"I'd still consider it cheating," Harry said firmly.

"Fine," Draco sighed. "I won't interrupt this on-going fight." He looked at Ron's outfit. "Go get dressed suitably. You're in full female form now so we'll do your female shopping today." Ron nodded, taking his toast upstairs with him. "Harry," he started.

"No, Draco, I'm not cheating. That's one of the worst things in my mind. I will not cheat on you or Ron."

Draco felt a little thrill that he had been placed first in that sentence, but let it go. "Fine. Do you think your mother would agree?"

"Yes. That was in her diary." He blushed. "I stole it out of the vault with the books when I was allowed to tour around it."

Draco reached over to give him a small pat on the cheek. "I know it's hard, Harry, but we'll have to figure out something. You're too wonderful to be lost to the world." Harry shook his head. "Argue with me about that statement and I'm taking you to Arthur," he warned. Harry smiled at him for it. "Thank you. Simply consider it. We will understand and it isn't cheating if we agree to it. Many society marriages have a lover for at least one spouse on the side, openly known by their spouses."

"Draco, that's just nasty first of all, and to me it is cheating. No matter what society wives and husbands do. I'm not one of them."

"You are so."

"No, you are," Harry pointed out. "I'm your consort. Ron is your legal wife. I am the lover on the side for the both of you."

Draco frowned. "No you're not. Among wizards, a consort is a valid choice of spouse legally."

"That wasn't how I was raised. If we were muggles, we wouldn't even have the legal right to live together, much less be considered married."

Draco now saw the problem. "They're stupid then, I adore you as much as I do Ron and I'm keeping you, legalities for the muggles or not. Among the community you live in, wizards and witches, we are all but married. We have been bound, Harry, and are the same as being married only without the ceremony. If you want, we could do that." Harry shook his head quickly. "Are you sure?"

"Leave him alone, it's a lot to wrap your mind around," Hermione said as she joined them with Eterna in her baby carrier. "Harry's right, there's a big fight over giving lovers of the same sex legal standing in the muggle world. His guardians were probably homophobic beyond that." Harry nodded. "Be lucky that he's gotten his mind around this much."

"It's been over a year," Draco pointed out.

"I know, and so does he." She smiled at him. "What brought this on?"

"I let it slip that I intended to spend most of my fortune since I didn't have anyone to pass it along to and I wasn't planning on having one," Harry admitted.

She frowned, then reached over and hit him hard. "Stupid bastard," she noted. "You can do it without having to touch a person, Harry."

"It's still cheating," he said firmly. "I agree with my mother, that's the most evil thing one can do in a relationship outside of abuse." He stood up and walked out.

"Then the argument you heard while you were lurking outside the doorway started," Draco finished with a small sigh. "We're taking Ron shopping today. Would you like to come or do you three need anything?"

"Not really," she said with a smile. "I'd find him, Draco, before he starts to sulk."

"I tried to get him to see that he should have one, he's not going past that cheating part," Draco admitted. He finished off his breakfast and went to find Harry. For some reason, he liked to sit beside his mother's grave and sulk near her. He sat next to Harry on the damp grass, pulling him into his arms. "We won't force you, we simply think it's a shame you've determined to let your family line die," he said quietly.

"Maybe if I hadn't married you two I might have," Harry admitted quietly, "but I can't do that to Ron and I won't do that to Ron. There's no other options that I can see that won't violate the cheating thing." He hissed when he saw the smoke rising from the ground. "That's what I saw before," he whispered, pointing at it.

Draco looked at the ghost. "Mother," he said with a sad smile. "I'm sorry if we disturbed your rest."

She frowned at him. "You haven't. I enjoy hearing so much about your life, Draco." Narcissa Malfoy looked down at Harry. "I knew your mother, Potter. She was that way because your grandfather cheated all the time. There is a difference between duty and necessity." Harry shook his head. "Yes, there is."

"Don't argue with her, she'll only throw a tantrum," Draco warned. "Mother, he really is concerned about this, no matter what we say."

"That's because those stupid muggles raised him."

"They did the best they could," Harry defended.

Draco made Harry look at him. "Do you really believe that?" he asked.

"With how my cousin turned out, yes," he said honestly. "Some of their methods were wrong, and I fully agree that they treated me badly, but they couldn't do any better, Draco."

"Your cousin wasn't treated like you," Narcissa pointed out.

Harry shrugged. "He still turned out to be a bully and a creature as dark as your husband in his heart. If only for different reasons. I doubt even if they had treated me correctly I would have turned out decently." He curled up, pulling his knees up to his chest to rest his chin on and hugging them. "The only moral guide I have is my mother's diary. She said cheating was wrong, and Aunt Petunia used to warn Dudley about the same thing, so therefore I know it's really wrong." He looked up at her. "Even if I didn't enjoy it and I didn't have to touch her to do it, it'd still be cheating to me."

Narcissa sighed. "Fine, have it your way. Let your line die off and vanish into obscurity. It's not like your mother's powers would help the world or anything."

"So?" Harry demanded.

"Give it up, mother. He's determined and we won't change his mind."

"Please," Harry agreed. "It's not like I can do anything about this one." He got up and walked off, going to sit under a large tree a little way away.

Draco sighed and looked at his mother. "Please don't say anything."

"I wasn't going to say anything bad, only that he obviously loves you quite a lot to give up that fundamental drive for you," she said gently, looking down at him. He looked back and she smiled. "You might ask Ron what she wants, Draco. Every woman, somewhere inside her, has a small kernel of nurturing and yearning for a child."

"It's dangerous, mother, Ron's not exactly a normal woman."

She laughed. "I know. I've watched you three for a few years now, son. Since before your marriage. I've decided that I like your Ron enough to show her the special hidden room in the house, to see if she wants to follow through with tradition." She floated closer. "There's a reason why the marking was done first, my son, and that reason is very special. I will show her and Harry, though he won't get too much out of it I believe."

"There's a consort's room somewhere but I'm not sure where," Draco told her, smiling gently.

"I know where it is. Shall I show him?" Draco nodded, giving her a brilliant smile. "That's fine, dear. I do try to stay out of trouble for you." She floated toward the house. "Oh, tell that witch that her daughter is very special and I would appreciate her knowing who I am so I may talk to the darling as she gets older."

"I'll tell her then I'll hide while she throws a fit," Draco said quietly, going to talk to Harry. "Come on, mother said she knows where the special room for consorts is," he said, heaving Harry up. Harry looked at him. "She agreed with you. I won't push." Harry nodded, giving him a hug. "Do you regret joining with me?"

"No, it's just the realization of what could have been if I hadn't," Harry admitted quietly. "I could have started a family before all that shit with the war started. I might have even had a chance to hold my first born." He shrugged. "I'm dealing with it, Draco. Reality has set in and I'm not going to dwell on it."

"Dwell if you want, it might change your mind," Draco said lightly. Harry looked at him. "I said I wouldn't push and I'm not, I'm encouraging," he said with a faint smile. "I'll only do it when you bring it up though."

"Thank you." Harry let Draco walk him into the house, smiling at the noises Ron was making in their bedroom. "What's in there?"

"Beyond the family wedding dress I don't have any idea," Draco told him, sitting him down to wait on his mother.


Ron looked up from doing her hair when she saw the filmy shape in the mirror, looking behind her. "Narcissa," she said with a frown. "I'm sorry if we disturbed you."

Narcissa laughed. "It's not a problem, daughter-in-law." She moved closer. "Come, let me show you the room Draco doesn't know about." Ron nodded, following behind her. "I hid many things in there after Lucius devoted the family to Voldemort," she informed her. "Things that won't fall into his hands, no matter what. It's said that even if the house was destroyed this room and the consort's room will both still be standing until the next Malfoy bride or consort comes in." She stopped in front of a wood panel. "Touch your mark and then the wall, young lady." Ron did so, wincing as a small shock connected them. Then the door opened and she gasped. "Yes, I hid most of the family jewels in here so Lucius could not squander them away," she agreed, floating in behind Ron's stunned body. "Look in the corner, dear. That is the wedding dress used by all true and accepted Malfoy brides. It fits itself to any of us, making us look most special on our formal day." She floated over, reaching out to touch the ivory lace. "This should be yours if you ever marry, or your duty to show Draco's future heir's wife or her where it is." Ron nodded, still looking around. Narcissa laughed. "These are mostly Malfoy jewels," she told her, floating closer. "They stole quite a lot during the crusades." She pointed at an ornate crucifix against the opposite wall. "They stole that out of Rome itself as a statement against the Church. They had to go along since we are landed gentry, but did not like it in the least." She pointed at small wooden trunk. "Those are my family's jewels. I would be most honored if you would wear them now and then to keep them in good shape until a Malfoy heir is born." Ron walked over and fell to her knees so she could open the trunk, gasping at the large necklace on top. "The traditional bride's dowry," she said fondly. "The rest are my mother's pieces." She floated over to look at the contents. "Wear them well, young woman, for I am watching."

Ron looked up at her. "Does that mean you approve?"

"Most definitely," she said with a gentle smile. "You make my son so frustrated at times, yet you and your Harry make him *live*. I was so worried that he would lock himself up in a tower somewhere to study. Death brings so much insight into what you did wrong. Don't die for a long time, dear." She floated out. "Put on the dress and stun them if you want," she offered. "Your father could do the ceremony." She winked and floated away, going to find Harry. She found him curled up against Draco's side, both of them nearly asleep. "Come, Harry," she said, smiling at the boy when he looked up at her. "Let me show you the consort's room." He stumbled after her, still mostly asleep. "Don't let him keep you up all the time," she chided. "He may love his research but living life is more important." Harry nodded, watching her. "Good boy. Your mother would be proud of you, if only because you did what you wanted to do. She was rather headstrong and willful." He laughed. "You think I'm kidding?" she teased. He shook his head. "Good. You're not scared of me." She stopped before a panel identical to the one upstairs. "Touch your mark and then the wall." Harry did so, having to switch marks when he didn't get the right one. The panel opened and he walked in. This one hadn't been used in a while, but apparently the last one had decided to store some things in here as well. Mostly old books and a few pieces of armor. "I didn't think it had been that long since there was a consort in the family," she mused. She pointed at the suit, very old fashioned. It even had pantaloons. "Try that on, it's made to fit any true consort of the family's heir," she told him.

Harry walked over and looked at it, touching the delicate lace. "It's very girly," he said, giving her a smile.

"Men were like that way back when," she pointed out gently. Harry laughed and decided to try it on.

Narcissa smiled and went to find her in-laws. They needed to be here when Ron appeared and Harry joined them. She floated into the school's office, startling a crying Molly. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Just a bit sad. Charlie's girlfriend died last night," Molly sniffed, wiping her face off. "What's wrong, Narcissa?" She looked the ghost over. "You look a bit smug. What woke you?"

"Harry was upset about not having an heir of his own. He's been reading his mother's journal and she said cheating was wrong."

Molly nodded. "I remember her statements on that subject. So?"

"I've shown them the bride's and the consort's rooms," she said smugly. "Get your husband, he is authorized to do weddings, isn't he?"

Molly hopped up. "Do you think?"

"I know. The dress has a compulsion woven into it for the more reticent brides. It worked on me, I was put into it and left to sleep in it overnight," Narcissa told her.

Molly smiled. "I'll gather the family and Draco's guardian. We'll be right there." She moved to the floo, going to call her husband first. "Arthur, something wonderful's about to happen. Narcissa Malfoy woke up and showed Ron and Harry the bride and consort's rooms." His mouth opened. "There'll be a wedding before the day's out!" she said.

"I'll call Charlie and Bill, you get the twins and I'll get Percy since he's just up the hall," he agreed. "You get Remus and don't forget Snape and McGonagall." She nodded and hung up. He called his oldest sons. "Charlie, I know this is a bad time, but it's a bit of a happy occasion. Ron's about to be married. Narcissa Malfoy woke up and showed them the traditional bride's gown."

"I'll be there," Charlie agreed, smiling faintly. "Should I tell Bill?"

"Yeah, if he's there. I've got to get something from downstairs. I haven't performed one of these yet." He hurried off, stopping in Percy's office, his old one. "Percy, Narcissa just woke up and showed them the traditional wedding attire," he said happily. "We've got to hurry to the manor."

"Coming," Percy agreed, putting down his mug of tea. "I wonder if the rumors are true and they do have a gown that each bride wears," he said as he followed his father.

"They do. Narcissa told Molly that once." They hurried into the records office, getting all the necessary things taken care of.


The twins looked up as their mother joined them. "We can't find clothes," they said in unison.

Molly quickly picked out an outfit for each of them. "There, hurry up and get your Oliver." They blushed as they rushed away, and it was only then that she realized the twins were both girls. "When did you change?"

"A few minutes ago. It felt like someone stuck us," Fred called. He came out first, showing off. "How's this?"

"Good. Find shoes. George?" George came out and found her shoes as well, hurrying off with her. She did remember to turn the sign and put up a note about a sudden family wedding to explain it, then she flooed off after the rest of the family.


Snape looked up as McGonagall barged into his classroom. They both ignored the students. "We've got to go to Malfoy Manor now," she said firmly.

"What's happened?" he asked as he carefully stood up. His feet were swollen for some reason.

"Molly sent me the message, she was going to send you one as well. Narcissa woke up and showed them the bride's and consort's chambers." Snape gasped, eyes going wide. "We're their witnesses from outside the family."

"We'll use my floo," he decided, looking down at himself. "I need to change."

"Only if you hurry." She followed him to his rooms, waiting while he changed. Then they flooed together.


Draco looked as people started to appear, frowning at the excited babbling. "I wish someone had told me about this family event," he said gently, frowning at Molly and Remus when they both appeared in a double-floo. "What's going on?"

Bill pulled Draco up and hugged him. "Congratulations. You can't fake us out," he said with a bright grin. "Ginny, twins, upstairs," he ordered. "Go help Ron with her hair. Guys, go find Harry and help him. Mum, you handle the rest." He walked away, following the ghost to Harry's present chamber. The outfit looked really silly on him, but he seemed to glow. "You ready then?"

"I don't know," Harry admitted, looking at his hands. "I'm shaking!"

"It's all right," Charlie soothed, giving him a little hug. "It'll be okay. Ron's going to be stunning and Draco's already clueless enough." He grinned at him. "Come on, most of the family's here, including Remus and Snape." Harry nodded and walked out with them around him.


Ron looked up as the girls burst into his present room, giving a little squeal. "I can't get my hair right!" she said in frustration.

"You need Draco to finish sticking you in female form," Fred noted, coming over to help. He did hair the best. Hermione came in a few minutes later and helped as well, working on Ron's makeup for her. Neither he nor George really did much that way.

"Oliver!" George said, slapping himself on the forehead. "I'll go call and make sure Draco will stick Ron in fully female."

"I'm not due for a change yet," Ron called.

"The dress is pretty deflated," Hermione told him. "Give it a few more."


Draco was hustled into his room by Arthur after it was explained to him what was going on. He was too tired to protest, and too amused to really say anything. He noticed one of the twins go running past. "I hope that's not a problem." He found an outfit he liked and felt comfortable in, but the cold hand on his back stopped him. "Not that, mother?"

"No, dear," she sighed, like he was being slow. "Something wonderful." She led him to what had been his father's dressing room. "You'll have to clean this up. There's a reason why it was your father's dressing area." She pointed at the chain around his neck. "Your heir one goes on the wall behind that ugly goat Lucius painted." Draco did so and a panel opened, giving him a new closet to paw through. "The dark green I should think. It will go wonderfully with Harry's outfit." She watched as he walked out with it, going to get dressed in a non-tainted area. "I hope you rot, Lucius, for all the things you've done to this family." She went to check on Ron, noticing she was filling the dress again. "Don't worry, it'll stop soon," she soothed. Ron was looking a bit hysterical. She heard/felt a small pop and Ron was suddenly in fully female form, looking glamorous in the dress. "There," she agreed, smiling at her daughter-in-law. "Come. Draco's nearly ready and Harry's already been lead down there. Guard her well. Don't let them get near each other yet." She floated down to order the house elves around a bit. There had to at least be canapes and champagne. By the time she floated back into the ballroom, Draco was down there with Vincent and Hermione beside him. She smiled and nodded at Arthur, who used his wand to turn down the lights. "By all rights, I as the Malfoy matriarch, declare this wedding will go on," she announced.

Ron and Harry both moaned as a sudden desire flowed through their bodies, stepping forward. Draco didn't have to be pushed because he was reluctant, just because he was stunned. Ron looked stunning and Harry seemed to glow in that outfit. Draco took their hands and led them before Ron's father. "They are mine, make it so," he demanded as the magic flowed out to him as well.

Arthur smiled. "Of course, Draco." He opened the book he had gotten from the Record's office, smiling at his Ron. "We are gathered here to celebrate this union, and I say it's about time." The others laughed. "Over a year after marking them, the clan's matriarch has taken matters into her own hands and started the proceedings we are here to witness. Narcissa, you approve?"

"I do," she agreed, smiling at the trio. "They make my son enjoy life, he is much happier for having them."

Arthur nodded. "Good. Draco, do you vow to protect and help them in daily life? Do you swear to take care of and cherish them as if they were more than your pets, as full mates and spouses?"

"I do," Draco breathed, staring at each one in turn. Each had their own shining quality. He felt he looked plain next to them. It was a humbling experience not to be the special and radiant one today. "They are mine and shall stay mine. No matter what. Their upkeep and protection are mine from here forward."

"Harry, do you vow to protect Draco and Ron, no matter what? To take care of them and treat them as well, if not better than, you do your pets?" Arthur asked.

Harry nodded. "They're mine and I will take care of them and let myself be taken care of," he said, then he swallowed as he looked at them. "I adore them, Arthur."

"I know you do, Harry. Ron? Do you swear to protect and cherish them? To defend them, to help them in their daily lives, and to take care of them as only a nurturing Weasley can be?" he asked using the older Weasley family vows he had given when he had been married.

Ron nodded, smiling at her mates. "I do," she agreed. "They're mine and no one had better try to hurt them. A Weasley is a force to be reckoned with at the most calm times, in adversity we're akin to Nature and just as powerful. Even when they don't want it."

Molly sobbed, hearing the vows she had once spoke. Her son Bill hugged her and handed over a handkerchief. Vincent did the same for his wife.

Arthur smiled at them. "Since this is the quick version I should pronounce you now but I would like to see a statement of their binding that's not on my daughter's stomach. Draco?"

Draco pulled out the box his mother had found for him. Her wedding ring and the one from her mother. She floated closer and whispered in his ear, making him nod. He pulled out his mother's band and slid it onto Harry's finger. "Mine," he said simply, getting a smile and a kiss in return. He turned to Ron and slid out his grandmother's ring. His mother had sworn that Ron was a lot like her, only with red hair and a bigger chest. He slid it on her finger. "Mine as well," he said with a small smile. Ron nodded and kissed him, making him groan.

"None of that yet. That's for after the luncheon," Arthur chided, smiling at Ron. "After your nap as well if Harry and Draco are any indication."

"They worked all night," Ron said with a shrug.

"I'm sure you'll be stopping that," Narcissa told him firmly. She nodded at Arthur, her conditions were met.

"Then I now pronounce you mated and married. Kiss briefly because some of us were at work." They kissed, each in turn so no one was left out.

Draco felt he was the luckiest wizard there was because they were his. He let Harry lead him out but felt he had to say something. "That coat is comical. We'll have to take a picture of it on you," he teased. Harry hit him on the arm, making him laugh.

"Your father wore it on his wedding day," Narcissa pointed out as she floated past. "We have something to nibble on so you can talk with the happy couple before going back to lunch." She clapped her hands and music started, played by some of the house elves. "Thank you for attending." She smiled at Ron, who was blushing at something Percy had said. She floated down. "That makes you the official hostess of any event and Harry guardian of the family name," she informed them. "Try not to wear something so revealing at the next event."

Ron pointed at Draco. "He put me into it."

"My son has excellent taste in everything but showing his spouse off," she agreed.

"Mother, quit nagging about my motorcycle," Draco said, frowning at her. "I like it."

"As did I, son. In my youth I enjoyed a fast ride around as well. It's not like your father ever took me for a fly. He hated flying, said it made him ill and weak as a wizard." She smirked at him. "Try not to have sex on it though, all right? At least not where you can be photographed. He might come back and haunt you and yell like he did me." She floated off to talk to Molly and Arthur.

"You can have sex on a bike?" Harry asked, leering at Draco. "Can we try that soon?"

Draco kissed him until he was stunned. "Later this week, Harry, not right now." He let him go and danced Ron off, going to have a short snog with her as well. Harry pouted so he changed out, taking him out for a dance and a snog afterwards, then they got together so the Weasleys descended en masse to pick on him and give him advice. He managed to get past it by looking at them and saying, "But we've already done that," after the first shagging suggestion. They blushed and clapped him on the back, going to tease Ron some more. Really! Like he needed suggestions on how to snog Ron into unconsciousness.

Harry looked over as Professor Snape grabbed his arm. "Yes, sir?" he asked, allowing himself to be led away. "Did you want to threaten me now?"

"No, I wanted to give you something. Albus left in my possession the rest of your inheritance and the ability to release it to you early," he said firmly, pulling something out of his pocket. "This is the release form and the permanent keys, not the temporary ones you have." Harry took them, holding them to his chest. "Treat my Godson right, Potter, or you will be seeing me as your worst nightmare."

"I try very hard to treat Draco right," Harry defended. "Even when he's irritated at me."

"Then you have nothing to fear from me," Snape told him. He walked off, going to threaten Ron as well.

Ron danced with the stodgy man, smiling up at him. "Going to threaten me now, sir?"

Snape nodded. "Indeed I was."

"That's fine. No hard feelings and all, right?"

"Why would I have, Weasley?"

"Because if you ever piss off Draco by harming one of his friends and not sticking up for them, I'm going to kick your ass," Ron said quietly. Snape inclined his head in silent agreement. "Thank you." She stepped back and bowed to him, walking over to pull his father onto the floor with him. It was traditional, Hermione had said so when they had planned her wedding. He smiled up at his father. "Sorry this was a bit sudden. You can send a card in a few days."

Arthur smiled and kissed Ron on the forehead. "We've got a small something for you, Ron. Don't worry about it. That raise I received is wonderful for us with all you kids out of the house now."

"Ginny isn't married yet."

"No, she's not," Arthur agreed lightly. "But we have hopes that they'll set a date right after school ends." He smiled and winked. "I think it's going to be necessary."

"Oh, really?"

Arthur nodded. "Really. Neville agrees with me. Though he's leaning toward an elopement right now." He winked at his wife as they passed her. "I'm sure we'll figure it out and break through to get you out of your marriage bed."

"Dad!" She swatted him on the arm, but they were both smiling. "Don't say such things. I get out of it every morning; it's only a problem on holidays and weekends. And the occasional Thursday." Her father laughed at that. "Dad, Harry and Draco found something astonishing last night. Did you know George and I weren't the first changeling in the family?"

Arthur stopped moving. "Really?" She nodded. "Boys?" All his boys looked at him. "The two new ones," he said with a smile. "About their research?"

Harry jogged over, getting away from McGonagall. "We did find three others in the family history," he agreed. "Two genuine Weasleys and one married into the family," he told him. "Back during the Middle Ages."

"The last was somewhere before 1590," Draco agreed as he joined them. "The family used to be known for having them."

"That's interesting," Arthur said, looking at Ron. "Does that explain your problems?" Harry nodded. Arthur smiled at them. "I can't wait to read this, boys."

"Another month to prefect it," Draco assured him. "The trial made us lose time." He took Harry's hand and led him off to dance with him. "Did Snape threaten you?" he teased.

"And McGonagall. She wanted me to treat Ron correctly and get her some decent clothes."

Draco laughed, hugging him closer. "Tomorrow, after we have a nap and a long shag." Harry's eyes lit up again. "Would you like that, Harry?"

"I'd adore it," Harry agreed. Arthur walked over to them. "What's wrong?"

"Which name do you want on the certificate, Harry?"

"My own."

"Very well." Arthur finished filling it in and handed it over. "File this within four days, boys." He winked at them. "Owl post is fine for that." He walked over to his wife and led her out to dance about with her. He missed having her by his side all the time. "Molly, are you enjoying your new career?" he asked.

She laughed. "I adore it, Arthur. Those children are always finding new and challenging ways of driving the adults mad." She kissed him. "I found the twins' file. Albus didn't write us about at least half of the incidents." She kissed him again. "When you're ready to retire, you'll join me at the school, Arthur, and we'll be a good couple for the students. We'll share the job." He smiled and nodded. "I've missed you. So many times I wanted you to diffuse some of the students. They're all so angry at that age."

"I know, Molly, love, but we'll get through it soon enough," Arthur assured her. "Do you think the board would accept us doing your job together?"

"Yes," Draco said as he walked past. "They're expecting it some year soon."

Arthur smiled at his back. "That boy is quite fun sometimes. I hadn't realized how strong his personality was. No wonder he and Ron used to have those rows in the hallway."

"And he and Harry used to loathe each other," Molly agreed. "I talked with the hat. Did you know Harry was almost a Slytherin?" He shook his head. "He was. He would have been put over there but he begged the poor thing not to send him there. He wanted to be friends with Ron."

"Hmm. I've always said Ron was special among our lot," Arthur reminded her, giving her a peck on the cheek. "We should be getting back to work. The boys stayed up all night. Plus Charlie's got the funeral today."

"True, I had forced myself to forget about that. The poor thing. Should I go with him?"

"I'll go. I don't have much to do today," he promised. "It'll take me an hour, but I'll bring him home tonight."

"Of course you will," she agreed. "I'll come home tonight myself." She smiled at Charlie and they walked over to talk to him.

Draco looked around the crowd, then at his spouses. "Do you think they'd mind if we snuck off for a nap?"

"Not in the least," Ron agreed, leading the sneaking off. He stopped a house elf. "We'll cut the cake later for whomever's still here after our nap," he told it.

"No cake, cake at next party, ghost lady Mrs. Malfoy say so," it told him, looking worried.

"That's a wonderful idea. Thank you," Harry told Dobby. "We're going to nap if anyone asks." The elf nodded so they ran up the stairs, stripping out of the formal outfits. "I can't believe I wore that this long," he said when he looked at the outfit.

"I can't believe you didn't look silly in them," Ron teased, pulling Harry onto the bed to rest on her chest. "There, now you and Draco nap while I tease myself into a nap. We could all use one, don't you think?"

Draco kissed her. "There will be no teasing yourself unless we fail or we're involved," he said firmly. "You'll nap because you need one as well." He took the necklace off her and dropped it onto the bedside table. "I've never seen that one."

"It's your mother's, the traditional one the bride wore on their wedding day," Ron said, yawning because Harry was. "Those things are contagious."

Harry nodded, snuggling his head into the soft breasts. "They are, but it's a nice thing to nap with you and Draco, Ron." He closed his eyes. "I'll molest you in a bit."

"See that you do," Draco agreed, laying on Harry's back. He felt the shiver and pulled the blankets higher. "There, now we'll rest and get up and have wonderful sex, then we'll plan the reception party."

"If we have to," Ron agreed with a sigh. "Your mother said to dress me better. She objected to the corset dress earlier this year."

"I'll have to find new ways of making you look suitable but naughty," Draco noted. He yawned and closed his eyes. "Wake me before dinner." He fell asleep on Harry's back, comforted by his warmth.

Ron grinned, allowing herself to drift off into a nap as well. Her men were cuddly enough to be used as teddy bears, and they certainly inspired her to rest up for later activities.


Draco led Harry and Ron into the house and snapped his fingers for an elf to come help them carry packages. "Unload the trunk and the backseat. The backseat goes to the baby's room and the rest to ours," he ordered, following Ron's rear up the stairs. She was still pouting because they forced so much onto her today. "Tough, deal with it," he said firmly, ignoring the pout. "Before I dress you in that leather outfit Harry liked and send you to the twin's shop."

"Fine, Draco," Ron sighed. "But I didn't need that many new clothes. I have enough."

"We like dressing you up, the same as you like dressing us up now and then," Harry pointed out as he slid into their bed. For having done nothing but shopping all day he was extremely tired. He patted the mattress. "Lay down and I'll play with you in a bit."

"I'll need to put things up," Ron said dryly, grinning at him. "I'll climb in soon, you rest." Harry nodded, sneezing again. He had only started that this morning. Ron looked at Draco. "Didn't I tell you that I'm not your dressup doll?"

"Yes, and I'm still ignoring that fact," Draco assured him. "You can dress us up as well. The position of wife comes with a shopping allowance."

"I'd rather not," Ron told him. "Running this place is really expensive."

"It is, but not horribly so. My father used to throw gala events every two months, just because he wanted to dress up." Draco stripped down and joined Harry on the bed. "Let the elves unpack," he said calmly, holding out a hand. "I want to nap with you too, Ron."

"Fine. I'll tell them to put everything in a pile and I'll unpack later," Ron said, going to tell the elves that. He saw the bags from the stores he hadn't visited and frowned. "Put everything in my dressing area," he told them. "I'm going to unpack it myself to see what else they've gotten." They nodded, giving him a fearful look, so he smiled gently. "I'm not mad at you guys, I'm pissed at Draco and Harry, who think I'm a doll for them to play with. Oh, and the baby's stuff was mostly in the back seat. I think I threw one bag in the trunk. If it's obviously a baby thing, go ahead and toss it to Hermione." He walked off, going to humor the buggers he had married. "I'm still not a doll."

"So dress us up to counter our loving you that way," Harry whispered, nearly asleep. "I could use some help with my wardrobe anyway."

"I was going to suggest that," Draco promised. "We'll let Ron pick out your clothes." He patted Ron's rear, making her wiggle. "Nap for now and then we'll play." Ron nodded, laying down so she could cuddle in too. Draco was a very good person to cuddle. Almost as soon as she was asleep, the house elves brought in everything. "Put it away for her," Draco quietly ordered. They nodded and did so, putting it all into the new dressing area Draco had renovated while they were gone. Fully spell cleaned and everything, a room that they didn't use because it would have belonged to a concubine or a baby. Ron's entire wardrobe had been moved in there, along with a new vanity setup and a large mirrored wall for her to look at herself in. She would adore it later. That would give her old space to Harry, who was going to need it by the time he got done with him. And the rest of the space was all his. Draco smirked at the canopy over their bed, delighting himself in his plans.


Ron woke up and frowned. It was clearly dinner time since Harry's stomach was growling, even though he was asleep. "Harry," he called gently. It was just them in the bed.

"Let him rest," Draco said quietly from across the room. "Come see my surprise. I had it done while we were out." Ron let Draco pull her out of the bed and into the room they never used, stopping to look around, then to glare at him. "It's only fitting that you have this space," he said gently, pulling her closer to hold against his chest so she could lean against him while she looked around. "I had everything moved in here, including the special cabinet. Do you like it?"

"I don't need a room for all my clothes, that's when you know you have too much," Ron nearly whined.

Draco kissed the back of her neck. "Complain again and I'm spanking you for real." Ron got the point and quit complaining. "I like dressing you up. I used to help my mother dress herself and I adored it so now I'm doing it to you. It's a fine family tradition and we're going to have to get Harry involved as well because I'm tired of his jeans."

Ron turned in the loose arms. "I like the room, it's very pretty, Draco, but I'm not used to this."

Draco smirked and kissed him gently. "Then it's time you do get used to this. You are my wife, legally in all senses of the word. People will expect you to be glamorous when the occasion calls for it, and yourself the rest of the time. I had all your old things brought over as well." Ron nodded. "Plus, I had Mother's jewelry box brought in. You left the door open to the bride's chamber and I appeased my curiosity by having a look around. For that matter, I had a look around the consort's chamber as well and had those books moved back to the library." He stole another kiss. "Come, let's bathe you and put you in something comfortable that I like."

"I'm still not a doll," Ron reminded him.

"No, you move of your own free will," Draco said, starting to get upset.

"I'm sorry, Draco, but I like to dress myself."

"I'm not putting the clothes on you!"

"I know," Ron said, looking around again. "It's just that I never wanted to be the Fairy Princess and this looks like it was made for one of those."

"Ah." Draco gave her a hard squeeze. "You are my princess. You will allow me to dress you up. You will also allow Harry to dress you on occasion because you like to humor us in our little demands and you could care less about your clothes as long as they're comfortable." Ron nodded, that was true. "So let me dress you and complain when I put you into something uncomfortable, which I probably won't. I even let you keep those nasty things that you dig in the garden in. All right?" He was nearly pleading, he adored dressing Ron up, it was like some sort of kink for him.

"Fine," Ron sighed. "Bathe me and put me into something you like." Draco beamed and Ron knew he had just lost this war. It made him so happy. "Now?"

"Yes, we can shower you off now and then dress you. I'm thinking the velvet and silk lounging pajamas for tonight," he said as he led Ron off to clean her up for him. The shower didn't take too long even though they had a quickie in there. Then Draco dried Ron carefully and walked him back through the new door into her dressing room, sitting her down in the armchair he had the workers put in so she could stare at her clothes. He pulled down two sets, holding them up for her inspection. "Which one? Blue or teal?"

"Blue," Ron said, earning a smile. "It'll look better against Harry."

"Yes, it will," Draco agreed, nearly purring in delight at that thought. Those two did look very good together. He heard Harry start to cough so handed Ron the clothes and went to help him. "Harry?" he asked as he walked toward the bed. Harry leaned over and coughed more, sounding like he was trying to breathe. "Shh," he said, calming him down. "It's all right, it's me. I've got you." Harry leaned against him once the coughing was done, just breathing for now. "Was it a bad dream?"

"No," Harry croaked. "Chest cold. I hate them."

"Then we'll have you seen tomorrow," Draco assured him, stroking over his back. "Would you like something to eat?" Harry shook his head, flopping back down onto his pillow. "Some soup maybe?"

"That would be nice," Harry agreed. He smiled at Ron. "I'm sick."

"I heard." She leaned down to kiss his forehead. "I'm calling mum to ask for advice. I've never heard you cough like that before."

"I was going to force him to the healer's tomorrow," Draco told him. Molly was a busy woman and they couldn't continue to run to her for the littlest thing. Ron looked at him. "Really, he should be fine."

"I doubt it," Ron scoffed. "Harry's never sick." Draco frowned. "Never, in all the time I've known him has he even had a case of the sniffles. Not even after playing in the rain."

"I've had this cold before," Harry offered. "It's just a cold," he lied. He didn't want to go back to the hospital. Draco and Ron both looked at him and he knew he was busted. "It turned into pneumonia the last time," he admitted weakly. "I'm not going back."

"You are if the healer bloody well says so!" Ron said firmly, hands on her hips.

She really did look like a pissed off and older Ginny, Draco mused. "Let me call the family healer and see if she'll come now," he offered. "Maybe he won't have to go back to the hospital." It did worry him that Harry, who was apparently never sick, had moved from light sneezing to a chest cold so quickly. He didn't like this at all. He went to his study to find his book of addresses and called out to her through the floo. "Healer Jacobs, are you busy right now?"

She smiled at him. "I haven't seen you since you were fourteen. What's wrong?"

"My consort has moved from a case of the sniffles to a chest cold where I honestly thought he was going to cough up bits of his lung in under a day." She frowned. "Our wife says he's never ill. Hasn't been in six years at least."

"I'll be up within an hour. Feed him some hot soup and let's see if that helps." Draco nodded. "Have someone looking for me, I've heard you've done renovation."

"We're in the Master Suite if Vincent isn't down here," he said, cutting the connection. "Hermione! Vincent!" he yelled as he headed for the stairs. They both came out of the dining room. "Harry's very ill, the healer's on the way. Keep Eterna away from him for a bit and watch out for her."

"Your healer?" Vincent asked. Draco nodded. "Okay. We'll keep the baby down here."

"What's wrong with him?" Hermione asked, coming closer.

"It started as some light sneezing now and again this morning and now he's coughing up stuff," Draco said with a frown. "Send us up some soup please." He hurried back up the stairs, he could hear Harry starting on another coughing fit. "Shh," he said as he walked in, helping Ron hold him still. "It's all right, the healer's on the way." He summoned a bucket, it sounded like he was going to need one soon if he didn't quit coughing. They settled in to wait, taking the tray of soup when the elf brought it up.

"Harry Potter sick?" Dobby asked.

"Very sick," Ron agreed. "The healer's coming." Dobby nodded and left, bringing back some juice in a spelled containing to keep it cool, along with three glasses. "Thank you," Ron said as he took it. "He'll appreciate it when he quits coughing." Dobby nodded and disappeared again. Ron arranged everything on the bedside table because Harry seemed to thrash a bit when he started to cough, handing over bowls of soup and glasses of juice. "I hope it's not contagious. I don't want the baby to get it," he said quietly.

"I'm sure the baby will be fine," Draco soothed. "He hasn't been around her all day." He grabbed Harry's tray when he started to cough again, shaking his head. "Maybe we should eat surrounding him."

"He needs to be able to lean over, it seems to help," Ron pointed out quietly. "Harry, are you okay?"

"Fine," he croaked, then started coughing again. This time he did get sick. "Ow." He flopped backwards, holding his head. "Shoot me?"

"No, Harry, we're not giving up that easily," Ron soothed, moving over to test his forehead again. "His fever's going up."

"The healer said she'd be here within an hour," Draco reminded him. "It's only been fifteen minutes."

"Fine, I'll wait. But if this is really serious, I'm calling my mother."

"I'm sure she'll want to baby him, but she's busy with the school. It's nearing exams and she'll have a lot of paperwork to do right now," Draco said gently. Ron nodded, looking upset. "It must have been nice when your mother took care of you."

"Yours didn't?"

"My mother was sickly, if I got seriously ill she couldn't come near me or she risked getting it herself. That's why we keep the healer on retainer, so nothing got that serious." Ron nodded, he could understand that. "Just think, a few more weeks and your mother will be free for the summer." He stole a kiss. "Eat your soup. Harry, are you ready to try soup again?"

"Not yet," Harry said, eyes still closed. "I just want to lay here and appreciate breathing."

"That's fine, it's here whenever you want it." He cast a warming charm on the bowl and put it aside. His own went in with it, he didn't feel like eating. He hated it when people were sick. Ron hugged him, stroking his back. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I figure you've sat vigils like this before with your mother," Ron whispered, holding him tighter when Draco nodded. "It'll be okay. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, full of miracles."

"Hopefully this is something they can cure." Draco allowed himself to be put under the covers and held, only holding onto Harry's hand since squishing him wouldn't help him any. The healer and Vincent walked in together. "Out, Vincent, we don't want the baby to pick it up." His friend nodded and left, going to tell his wife the bad news and send her to their other house. He was going to stay there, Draco couldn't handle long illnesses. "He's trying to rest," he told the healer once she had her things out. "He's thrown up once from the coughing."

"I can see that," she agreed, shifting the bowl out of the way. "Mr. Potter?" Harry opened his eyes. "I'm Jamilia Jacobs, I'm the family healer. May I examine you?" He nodded. "Would you like the worrywarts to leave or would you like to tell me everything in front of them?"

"I've never seen him sick and I've known him since our first day at school together," Ron told her.

"I'm sure you have, Mrs. Malfoy, but for right now, there are things that must be asked, and they could get upsetting." Ron shrugged. "All right." She smiled at Harry as she listened to his chest. "When did you start sneezing?"

"Late last night," Harry croaked. He rubbed his throat and tried to sit up, but Draco held him down and tipped the glass of juice for him. "Thank you, Draco."

"You're welcome." Draco gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. "You're burning up."

"It's often this way," the healer pointed out, knowing how Draco was going to react. "Mr. Potter, have you taken anything recently? Any pain killers, cold medicine, other drugs of any sort?"

"I took something for my headache earlier," Harry told him.

"Something called Tylenol," Ron agreed. "And he had a bloody nose earlier too."

Okay, so she had two worriers on hand to help her. She could handle those odds, she'd had much worse. "Did I see a baby in the house?"

"Vincent's daughter. I've told him to not bring her up, just in case she gets sick as well," Draco assured her quickly.

"Good thinking, Draco." She smiled at him. "Go get me a pan of water and a cloth? He could use some sponging off." They nodded and took the hint, going to do that for her. "Now, Mr. Potter, have you taken anything that they didn't know about?"

"The Tylenol was Tylenol Cold, " Harry admitted. "It didn't do much good."

"I didn't think it would. Most wizards don't work well with muggle medicine. I'm going to undo your shirt and listen to your lungs. Have you had this sort of rapid onset before?"

He nodded. "Once. I ended up with pneumonia and in the hospital. My uncle hated it."

She pulled back, frowning. "I'm not so sure you're not moving that way this time. Fortunately I have a remedy that may work. Which one of you brews the best?"

"Draco does," Harry told her.

"I was worried about that. How about if I call Ron's mother? I know she's good at home remedies."

"She's the new Headmistress," Harry said quietly. "We don't want to bother her. Draco can brew it."

"Draco tends to get a bit panicky when someone around him is sick," she said gently. "He might overbrew it."

Ron stuck his head out. "I can get one of the twins, they know how to brew very well."

"That would be wonderful, that way Draco can fuss." She smiled at them. "Please call them and I'll give them detailed instructions." Ron nodded, going to call in the family. "Draco, come sit with him and sponge off his face," she called. He came out and climbed back in, holding Harry close. "Good boy." She stroked his forehead. "It seems like he and the cold virus don't get along well. I'm having someone come in to brew something for his congestion. It'll be strong enough, but if it continues after *three* doses of the medicine I want to see him again. All right?" Draco nodded quickly. "Good boy, Draco." She helped Harry sit up when he started to cough again, not liking this in the least. "Is that the coughing?"

"It happens every once in a while," Ron agreed as he came back with one of the twins. "George said he would, he's better at it." He came over to help support Harry, patting his back to help loosen some of it.

"Then I want you to prop him up so he's sitting up most of the way. A mound of pillows so he's not flat on his back. Sitting up will help his breathing. George?" she asked with a smile for the twin. George nodded. "That's fine. Draco, is the lab in the same place?" He nodded, stroking Harry's arm so he would calm down. "Come on, let's start this medicine for him," she said, leading him away. "He gets three doses before I'm to be called back, unless there's bleeding, or there's a change in color." George nodded, looking worried. "Yes, this is unusual, but it's not contagious. It's simply a very bad cold." She let him into the lab and pulled out her book, copying the recipe for him. "This is what you're making him. Can you make it double strength?"

George looked it over. "I've helped mum brew this."

"Good boy." She patted him on the back. "Draco has my floo address if you need me sooner. I'll be back in two days. He gets that once every ten hours." George nodded. "Thank you. Those two were going to worry themselves ill." She walked off, leaving it in his hands.

George started the water boiling then went to call his brother. "Harry's coughing up light green nasty crud," he explained. "The medicine's not that complicated, it's what we used to make for Ginny with her summer colds. The doctor's worried though so I'm staying here."

"That's fine," Fred agreed. "Oliver's here and still ranting at his coach for not letting him know about the wedding." He smiled. "Don't catch it yourself."

"Hopefully not. She said it's a severe cold, nothing more so far." He shrugged and went back to his brewing.


Draco looked up as the doctor walked into the room a few hours later. "You said you wanted to see him again if there was blood," he said before she could open her mouth.

"I did," she agreed, stifling her yawn. She hadn't had one of these sort of sessions in a long time. "Harry, is it getting worse?" she asked as she came over to listen to his chest. He nodded, still coughing. "That hasn't loosened at all. George, did you make it double strength?"

"Yes, ma'am. I even let it brew longer so it'd be stronger."

"That's fine," she agreed. She stepped back and looked at him. "I have one last potion to try, but I doubt any of you can brew it."

"I can get Severus up," Draco said, getting up and heading that way before anyone could stop him.

The doctor looked amused. "I'm glad they're close. Severus will undoubtedly calm him down." She looked at Harry again, testing his forehead. "Still a bit higher than I like," she noted, starting a full exam. Maybe she had missed something. At least the other one was asleep. "Did you knock Ron out?"

"Yes, ma'am," George agreed with a smile. She smiled back, and he laughed. "Ron tends to get a little flustered when things start to go wrong. He rants and yells a bit. I didn't think it'd be good for Harry to have to listen to that."

"Have before," Harry said weakly.

"I know you have. I'm sure Ron ranted at you many times about all those things you couldn't talk him out of helping you with."

Harry gave him a pitiful smile. "I tried, George, I really did."

"I know, Harry, no one blames you. Hell, if it weren't for you, Ron probably would have done it on his own. The boy can be that way."

Harry laughed, but it started off another coughing fit.


Draco burst into Severus' classroom, hauling him to his feet. "Come on! Harry's ill! He's about to die!" He dragged him after him, not caring what they looked like. He saw Molly and paused to give her a hug. "Harry's sick but he'll handle it," he assured her, not wanting her to worry. She gave him a skeptical look but let them pass, sharing a look with Severus. He rolled his eyes as he was dragged off again.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He started sneezing late last night, it's in his chest and the medicine's not working. He's started coughing up blood!" Draco said in near hysterics as they got to the staff floo. "Come on!" He shoved him toward the fire. "The doctor said they needed someone better than George Weasley to make the potion."

"Yes, you probably should have someone better to do that," Snape agreed dryly as he sent himself back to the manor. He walked up, following the sound of coughing. "Oh, dear." He looked Harry over himself and took the recipe from the doctor. "Are you sure you want this one instead of the other?"

"I made the usual congestion potion," George told him, glaring at him. "It didn't work and I made it double strength on her orders. And yes, I do know how to brew it, we had to do it every summer for Ginny for ten years!" She stomped her foot.

"Fine, I'll go brew this," Snape agreed, heading down to the lab he had taught Draco elementary potions in. He shook his head once he was behind the closed door. Such fussy people. He found the old potion and tested it, it was correct. He started on the new one, frowning when he looked at the stores. Draco hadn't been keeping up his lab, so he had to call out for supplies. He would have to talk to the boy after this about not keeping up his lab.


Harry woke up and was in a hospital bed. He groaned and looked around, but neither of his mates were there. He searched for a call button but there wasn't one. He coughed to test his throat and found it too sore to yell so he'd have to wait. It only took a few minutes for a nurse to walk in. "Husbands?" he asked, barely making a sound.

"We sent them home," she said, giving him a smile. "It's not good for them to hover near you."

"I want my husbands," Harry said, trying for a more firm, commanding sound. It was still a whisper. "I don't like hospitals. They come back or I'm walking out."

She laughed. "I'm sure you'd like to think that, Mr. Evans, but for right now you're very sick and they don't need exposed." He glared at her. "They'll be back soon enough, young man, settle down or you won't get released."

"Give me back my Ron and my Draco or I'm leaving!" he said, trying to shout. Still a whisper.

She frowned at him. "I'll have to make a note that you're not cooperative if you don't stop. You'll find the nurses don't treat you as well if you're not cooperative."

Harry forced himself to sit up. "I want my mates now," he repeated. "I need them, otherwise I'm not staying. I'm not staying anyplace with strangers."

"My, you're paranoid."

Arthur breezed in. "Harry," he said with a smile.

"His name is James," the nurse said, frowning at him. "What are you doing in here, it's not visiting hours." She didn't care who he was, he was going to leave.

"That's Harry Potter, the James Evans is his second identity," Arthur told her. "Where is Ron, my daughter?"

"Oh." Her eyes went wide, it made much more sense now. The boy was paranoid for a reason! "We sent them home, they're coming back during visiting hours. That's in about two and a half hours from now, sir."

"That's fine," Arthur said with a smile. "I'll be here or someone else will be here with him the whole time." She nodded and finished checking Harry, making a note on his chart before leaving. He smiled at the boy. "How are you feeling? The doctor had you knocked out because you didn't cough while you were asleep. It's been two days and Draco's ready to pull out the rest of his hair."

Harry grimaced. "I ache," he said. "My chest hurts."

"Yes, well, we had to go in and drain off some of that stuff in there. Professor Snape was very unimpressed that his potion didn't work." Harry smiled, shifting so he was on his side. "You can't do that, you cough more," he chided gently, putting Harry back onto his back and raising the bed a bit. "There, how's that?"

"Better, thank you," Harry told him. He yawned and closed his eyes. "I think I'm going to nap."

"That's fine, Harry, I brought paperwork to amuse me. Some of the lower Ministers send up some of the most amusing requests." Harry laughed and coughed lightly. "None of that now," he said fondly. "We don't want to have to keep you."

"Where's Draco?"

"Shopping probably. It's how he wears out his worry. I think you'll find he's gotten you a whole new wardrobe and most of another one for himself. He's also taken a few very long drives in your car, saying it smelled like you. Somehow he even managed to find a road into Hogsmeade." Harry snorted. "Don't ask me how, he simply did. Brought his racing bike up. He makes a very pretty picture on it." Harry nodded, nearly asleep, so he settled in to read some of the amusing requests. Paying for a whole wardrobe for a visiting Minister from France? Ridiculous.


Ron noticed the looks they were getting when they walked into the hospital. "Either he's in surgery again or they know who he is," he said quietly as they took the elevator up to Harry's ward. "Hi," he said as he walked in, giving Harry a hug. He opened his eyes, giving them a weak smile. "How are you feeling?"

"Better," Harry croaked. "Less stuffy." He held his arms out and Draco gave him one as well. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Draco agreed, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He sat on the foot of the bed, curling up to get comfortable. "You'll be happy to know that Hermione yelled at me for dragging Severus home that way." Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Vincent shut her up pretty quickly," Ron added, pulling a chair over. "No one else is here?"

"Percy just left," Harry told him. "Said he didn't want to get beaten up."

"I haven't hit him yet," Ron reminded him. "I'll go find him and make him get it out later." He grinned. "So, less congestion? Does that mean you can come home and we can fuss over you there?"

"Yeah," Harry said with a grin. "Spring me now, please? I hate hospitals."

Draco laughed. "I doubt they'd let us today, but maybe tomorrow. I'll start suggesting it later." He grinned at the nurse, who looked very scared as she walked in. "Problems?"

"The healer's doing rounds now," she said, not looking at them. "You can ask her his status yourself. I'm doing a vital's check." Harry let her then she scurried out.

"What did you do to her?" Ron asked patiently.

"She woke me up," Harry said with a light blush. "I screamed and tried to hit her. Percy was in the loo and he had to make me let her go."

"I'm sure she understands now," Draco soothed, patting Harry's foot. He gave him a smile. "I'm sure it'll be fine." Harry shrugged. "Soon, we'll let the doctor tell us when."

The Healer walked in and stopped to smile at the concerned looks. "He's getting better. He can't leave for another five days, or until his congestion is completely gone, and please don't scare the nurses again, Harry."

"She woke me up," Harry defended. "I didn't know what was going on, only that there was a needle."

"I understand and so does she," the healer agreed, giving him a pat on the head. "How's the chest feeling? Still sore?" He nodded. "That's to be expected with what we had to do to drain off the mucus." She ran her wand over him, smiling at the results she got. "Good, you're getting a lot better. It may only be four days."

"I hate hospitals," Harry told her. "Please?"

"I'll take good care of him," Draco agreed.

She shook her head. "We need him here in case the congestion decides to flare back up, Draco," she said patiently, knowing he wanted to fuss so badly. "In case we have to go in again. Remember, the floo out your way has been going out recently with the line repairs. We can't risk you being stuck at home with him if that happens."

"I could take him to the Burrow," Ron offered. "They aren't working on the lines out there yet and mum and dad could pop in at random intervals to check on us."

She looked at Ron. "You're worse than he is, I didn't think it was possible," she said with a grin for him. "Why don't you want him here, Ron?"

"Because he's seen the inside of the infirmary too many times and it's usually after something's happened," Ron pointed out. "He hates being sick because of it."

"Hate being weak," Harry agreed. "Please? I'll be good and let them fuss, I won't even yell at them."

She patted him on the hand. "Not today, Harry. Possibly tomorrow if you're much better. You can all wait that long." They sighed in unison. "When was the last time you were in a hospital bed?"

"After Draco's father put the snake on me," Harry told her.

She blinked and looked at Draco. "What?"

"My father, after escaping the last fight somehow, put a deadly, deaf snake on him and it bit him. It was one of those that had venom that paralyzed. The doctors where we were didn't believe it was that snake so they refused to give him the antivenom for it." He shuddered and Ron moved quickly to hold him.

"Harry was brought back to the school and Professor Snape made the antidote personally. He spent nearly three weeks in there then. Before that was the fight before that."

"Ah. Gotcha." She nodded and looked at Harry. "I'll get you out as soon as I feel it's safe enough for you to leave, but not before. We don't want that congestion to come back and you not able to get back here." He nodded, looking sad. "I know it sucks, but it'll have to do for now. Maybe three days?" He shrugged. "That's a good boy, Harry. The more you rest the faster you get out. Got it?" He nodded. "Draco, come cuddle him so you calm down as well. I don't want to have to sedate you." Draco shifted up until he was firmly planted under Harry's weakened body. "Good boys."

Ron looked at her. "Are you a child's doctor?" She nodded. "I thought so. You talk to him like Harry does to the cat."

She laughed. "It seems to work best with him," she admitted with a shrug. "I don't mind taking care of your family, you're wonderful patients." She kissed Draco's forehead. "I saw him delivered." He blushed. "I've also seen the baby that's living with you guys. She's more than healthy. Vincent got worried because she sneezed and he called me out of bed last night. It doesn't look like she's caught his cold at all. Just a baby case of the sniffles. Her mother went into fussy mother mode as well." Ron giggled. "I take it you like that?"

"A lot. Hermione is a fussy mother," he agreed, shifting up so he could lay on Draco's exposed chest, and put an arm around Harry's.

"Not too tight," she warned. "It might set off more coughing and we don't want that." She smiled at them. "You three behave and I'll get you out as soon as I think it's feasible." She left them there, going to give orders to the nurses, including one that said they could stay for as long as they wanted.

Draco kissed Harry's neck. "We missed having you with us," he whispered. Harry smiled at the mirror so he could see it. "You rest, we'll talk when you're better and Ron will undoubtedly tell you all about me wearing out my stress."

"Arthur told me some," Harry admitted. He squeezed Draco's hand. "Nice job with the bike."

"Thank you." He gave him a light squeeze around the stomach. "You rest, we'll make sure you don't beat up on the nurses."

"Yes, Draco." Harry closed his eyes, comforted by the familiar weight around him.

Ron kissed Draco's cheek. "I told you it'd be okay. You get to tell him about the naughty clothes though." Draco smiled and gave him a real kiss, then they settled in to wait on Harry to wake up again.


Vincent met the car at the front door, opening up the door where Harry was laying and pulling him out to carry inside. He was stronger. The others followed. "Eterna's fine," he told them. "The doctor diagnosed her sniffles as an allergy to dust." He put Harry into the bed and tucked him in, giving him a grin. "Hermione said you can watch her in a few days, when you're stronger. She sat up the other day."

"Good for her," Harry said, giving him a smile. He looked at what had been Ron's dressing room. Then at the space that had been his. "Where are my things?"

"In my old space," Ron said as he walked in with the mail. He opened the door to show him. "Draco went a bit wild in his worry shopping. You now have a leather outfit." He climbed in on Harry's side. "Draco will be right up, he's getting us a light lunch." He stole a kiss and grinned at Vincent. "Did I hear Eterna's mobile going?"

"She's asleep," he admitted with a grin. "Her and Hermione. I think she's pregnant again." He shrugged and turned, nearly running into Draco. "Hi, boss."

Draco gave him a pat on the arm. "Again? Already?"

"We kinda slipped up a few weeks ago," Vincent said with a blush and a grin. "So yeah, I think so."

"I hope this one's a son then," Draco assured him as he climbed into the bed. "Send any problematic things up here so you don't have to deal with them. I kicked the reporter out." Vincent nodded and Harry groaned. "Not for you, for Ron. With the publishing of our paper, we garnered her some notoriety." He gave each of them a kiss. "Now you rest, Harry, so I don't have to worry."

"Who knows where you'll be shopping next time if you do," Ron teased.

"That costume shop, for when Harry's more than healthy again," Draco said firmly. He snuggled into Harry's side. "I got kicked out of Madam Malkin's for being fussy with her. She said I should be fussing over you, not over her clothes." Harry chuckled and Draco gave a little sigh of contentment. "I didn't hear a rattle at all." Ron mimicked his position, making Harry hiss a bit, that side was still sore. So Ron shifted down, smiling because he couldn't hear any rattle either.

"You guys rest. I'll make excuses. Blaize is coming over tonight." Draco waved a hand. "Night, guys." He walked out, closing the door behind him. Down the hall, his door was open so he walked in and kissed his wife soundly. "Harry's fine. Draco couldn't hear a bit of rattle from his position on Harry's chest." She rolled her eyes. "Herm, when can you take one of those tests?"

"Next week," she said, reaching up to stroke his face. "I already know the answer. I started this morning."

"So? You bled until your third month before," he said with a shrug. "Take one for me anyway?"

"Of course." She pulled him down to hold him. "The house elves can handle everything for a few minutes." Their daughter snuffled but didn't seem to wake up so they relaxed and held each other.


Harry woke up four days after getting out of the hospital and found Ron on top of him again. He liked being Ron's pillow. He liked being Draco's pillow as well, but he could shag Ron in this position and he had missed sinking into her body. He wiggled a bit, gaining entry since they were both naked. Ron moaned in her sleep, but shifted so he was deeper in her. "Thank you, Ron," he whispered, starting to move slowly. The urge to cough was fought down, that would have Draco stopping him. He felt a kiss against his neck and smiled at Draco. "I missed this," he said with a naughty grin.

"Have her and I'll have you in a few," Draco agreed quietly, stroking over Harry's ear with a fingertip. Harry nodded, working a little harder.

Ron opened her eyes and looked at him. "Desperate?" she joked. Harry nodded hard. She laughed as she sat up, riding him gently. "Let me, Harry. You're still not in any condition for the way we usually do it."

"Can I watch you and Draco later?" he teased, reaching up to play with her nipples. They were deflated, she was back in her in-between phase and it excited him to see that hard dick bouncing against his stomach. One hand drifted down to tease it, earning a gasp and Ron throwing his head back as he got into it. "I want to do more," he said as he got off, a gentle coming for once. "I wish I was healthier right now."

Ron leaned down to kiss him. "That was wonderful, Potter, and I adored it. You'll get back to the point where you can bend me over the dining table and I'll accept it." He winked and gave him another kiss before shifting up. "Think you're up to a bit of sucking?"

"Not yet," Draco said, pulling Ron over to do it himself. "Not with his breathing problems," he said before sucking her hard. She shivered and came quickly, going limp against him. "Good girl, now let me have our darling one for a bit." She crawled onto Harry's other side, rolling him to face her and settling him against her chest. "Yes, I like that position," he agreed, grabbing the lube. He slowly worked his way up to taking his husband, enjoying the mewing sounds he was making. Harry definitely needed this to rebind him to them. He slicked himself up and slid in, nearly coming right then. He had missed this. Ron preferred to top most of the time in male form and in female form she didn't seem to like anal sex that much, but he adored this feeling of tightness and squeezing. He groaned, leaning in to kiss Harry's neck. Harry was busy playing with the tempting breasts so he got busy playing with Harry. He forced himself to go slowly and not his usual rate of thrust. It was getting to be too much, Harry was moaning because he and Ron were rubbing off and Harry was squeezing him with each rub. He came with a growl, nipping the side of Harry's neck. "Thank you," he whispered, wrapping an arm around them as they got off again. "We'll nap now."

"Yes, we will," Harry agreed, smiling at Ron, then back at Draco, what he could see of him. "You can hug tighter, I don't mind." They both snuggled in closer and held him tighter, making him feel like he was back to normal already. He settled in for a nap, content for the first time since he had gotten sick.


Blaize Zabini stuck his head in. "Hi, Ron, Queen of the Noisy Orgasm." Ron blushed. "Is Harry up? I've got a prezzie for him."

"Come in, he's in the baths with Draco," Ron told him, covering up his bare parts. "I didn't think you had stayed."

"I wasn't going to but my mother kicked me out of the house again," he said with a shrug and a grin. "I've been hogging one of the guest rooms for the last week."

Draco came to the door of the bathroom, scowling at him. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you had more important things to worry about than my mother being cranky," Blaize pointed out gently. He held out his gift. "For Harry. To make him feel better if he has to go back."

Draco shook his head but he took it in so Harry wouldn't have to get out of the baths. Just because he was getting stronger didn't mean he had to move. He watched as Harry opened it, coming up with a blond teddy bear. Draco burst out in giggles, bringing the other two. "To remind him of me?"

"To remind him of me," Blaize said cockily, giving him a wink and a small leer. "Why would he forget you?"

Draco punched him on the arm. "Git," he said, still smiling.

Ron shook his head. "Did Hermi say you couldn't give it to the baby?"

"Yup," Blaize admitted, winking at Harry, who was hugging it. "I figured he'd need one, just in case you two had to do something out of town and I wasn't available to cuddle." He ran out before Draco could get him.

Ron laughed, kissing the top of Harry's head. "I think you look adorable with the bear, Harry. Keep it with you." He kissed Draco, earning a moan. "Hurry up, it's my turn with Harry."

"You could join us," Draco offered. "I've had him for an hour and you can have equal time with him."

"I promised him a backrub," Ron reminded him smugly.

"Would both of you get in here and fuck me into next week?" Harry asked, setting his new friend aside so it couldn't get wet. It was pathetic, but he had already named it.

Draco climbed in next to him, getting next to his ear. "You and your helpers, Harry. A dog, a snake, an elf, and now a bear," he whispered with tolerant fondness. Harry gave him a weak smile. "It sleeps on the dresser."

"Yes, Draco," Harry agreed, giving him a smile for understanding.

Ron climbed in and straddled Harry's lap, stealing a long kiss. "None of that, you can't play with him when I'm in here. Besides, you have a bear that looks like his hair, not like mine." He kissed him again, earning a moan. "Should I do something naughty, Harry? Are you ready for that sort of thing?"

"I'm more than ready for Ron naughties," Harry agreed with a smile. Ron slid against his body, rubbing against his lightly haired chest. Harry shifted up to get more of it, so Draco slid underneath him, putting him up high enough to reach Ron and still get some teasing in. Ron laughed, shaking her head at Draco for his blatant moving in on his time, but that was okay. "Ron, can I have you do really naughty things, just to make sure I only breathe hard for you?" Harry asked. "Would you dance for me?"

Ron smiled and nodded. "Tonight, after I get some good stretching in." Harry blushed and nodded. "That would be after a good dinner and a wonderful massage of course."

"Of course," Draco agreed. "Wear that new gold outfit I got you," he said with a wink. Ron rolled his eyes but nodded. "Thank you." He squeezed Harry. "It's a Gryffindor outfit," he promised, making Harry shiver and wiggle. "I bought it for him to wear with you."

"I adore you, Draco," Harry told him, giving him a wet kiss. He turned around to kiss him, leaving himself open to Ron playing with him. That's why he squeaked when Ron entered him. Draco pulled back and laughed, but Harry looked back at Ron. "That doesn't feel like a massage."

"It will by the time I'm through with you, Harry," Ron promised, giving him his most wicked grin. Even Draco shivered at the sight of that grin. He laid against Harry's back, letting him get them into a comfortable position. Then he started to thrust, rubbing his tits along Harry's back, making him groan in delight. "Do you like this, Harry, or should I switch to my hands?"

"If you remove those breasts, I'm going to complain," Harry told her. She laughed in his ear, a light, refreshing, lusty sound that he had always equated with having sex with Ron. She pushed in deeper, making him wince but he was loving this. He pushed back, forcing her to go in deeper. She relented and let him have it full force, but did keep rubbing him with the swollen breasts. He started to groan out loud, making noises like Ron usually would. Draco tried to quiet him down by kissing him but he couldn't get enough air so he pulled away, shaking his head. He screamed as he came, arching back into Ron's tender mercy, making her come as well. He flopped down, letting Draco catch them. "Damn, you're good," he panted, falling asleep with the goofiest smile on his face. "Love you both," he said before snoring.

Draco looked stunned. "He's never said that to me before," he whispered.

Ron kissed him. "It's special, he hardly ever says it to me." He winked and snuggled into Draco's side so he could hold Harry in his lap. "I think he's recovered."

"Me too, but I'll humor him for a few more days before I get too rough on him again," Draco said with a small smirk. Harry teasing was his artform and he enjoyed it. He moved the teddybear farther away. "Put that onto the dresser? He said it could sleep up there until we were away some night." Ron nodded, getting out to do that, and picking up the juice the elves had left on the way back. Draco took his mug, sipping gently.

"I guess he needed the nap," Ron said with a wink as she started to get back in.

"Hold on," Draco said, putting down his mug. He reached out, touching the small belly Ron was getting. "When did this happen? I haven't seen an ounce of fat on you yet, Ron."

Ron looked down at his stomach and shrugged. "Not a clue. It's new." He stroked it. "It's firm."

"You're going to the doctor tomorrow, I want to be wrong," Draco said, staring at him. Ron's eyes widened. "If so, we'll have to make some plans for your uncontrolled times."

"According to your own research, I shouldn't since it's in my heritage," Ron reminded him, sliding into the water. "Your own research said that the historical ones didn't have a problem, it's only the newer ones where people tried to hurt them, and even the power surges weren't that bad if you had it in your blood. Something about Melissa the Elder of Comstock."

"I remember," Draco agreed, stroking the small pad of fat, "but I don't want to have a problem." He smiled and kissed Ron. "I know it's not mine."

"I guess that would depend on when," Ron reminded him gently. He saw Harry peering up at him. "We think I'm pregnant." Harry shifted over, kissing him gently. "Are you excited?" she asked.

"Very," Harry agreed with a smile. "I hope it's Draco's."

Draco pinched him. "Even if it is, it's probably not going to qualify as an heir because the rituals weren't done." Harry looked stunned. "So let's hope it's yours." He coughed gently. "I've heard back from the person doing the auguries. Ginny won't work." Ron's face fell. "There's too much relation in the past and it'll create a weak heir according to them."

"Then what do we do?" Ron asked. He let Harry snuggle against his chest. "If Ginny can't, then I can't. And what if this one is yours?"

"It'll still be a wizard, it'll just be weaker. The formal heir is always the strongest child, in case the others get upset and try to overthrow him or her," Draco informed him. "If I had a sister or brother, they'd be all but powerless within the family, only doing what I allowed."

"That sucks," Harry pointed out.

"It does." He shifted closer, touching Ron's stomach. "I wish there was a way to tell."

"What about your heir?" Ron asked.

"It happened once in the past, we had to adopt because the heiress was sterile," Draco said with a shrug. "I can always adopt this one, no matter which one of us is the father." He smiled at Harry. "I still hope it's yours."

"Draco, what would be the perfect mother for the heir?"

"Someone blooded but not too close. That means we'd almost have to take a foreign bloodline due to all the inbreeding."

"Or a strong half-blood," Ron reminded him.

"It couldn't be a half-blood, it'd have to be a three-quarters." Draco said firmly. "The family wouldn't accept one that weak. My aunts would get rather pissed and try to harm it." He kissed the side of Ron's neck.

"What about me?" Harry asked quietly. Both of his spouses looked at him in shock. "My mother wasn't exactly the unblooded witch everyone thought," he pointed out. "Just a different sort. My father was fully blooded though."

Draco considered it. "*IF* there were some way, that would probably work," he admitted. "But I'm not letting you take that potion, Harry. Not even for a day's worth of being female. It's dangerous and I won't allow it." Harry nodded, looking down at Ron's stomach. He tipped Harry's face up. "Promise me, Harry. I mean it. It's much too dangerous. Your body could well reject it totally and just have seizures. Even that supposedly safe one we found could harm you since it wasn't meant for wizards and witches like your mother."

"Besides, having two of us with a cycle could be disastrous," Ron pointed out. He smiled at Harry. "I know you like being on the bottom better, but promise me as well, Harry."

"What if it's the only way?" Harry asked.

"Then I'll adopt," Draco said firmly. "According to the family records it worked out all right, the next generation was born the usual way and they turned out fine."

"Draco, that's the line that started down the wrong path," Harry pointed out gently. "It took your family seventeen generations to come up with you and you're much like the older version of the family than your father was." Draco nodded, accepting that point. "It could make a child worse than your father."

"Harry, no," Ron said firmly. "No using that formula, even for a day. I'm not losing you, ever. So get over it and forget about it."

"Yes, Ron."

Draco knew that look, Harry was still in planning mode. He'd talk to him later, knowing this had something to do with the cheating thing. In truth, the auguries did say Harry would have been perfect, it would have created a new, stronger line of the Malfoys. They had praised him for marrying him and had suggested many ways of inseminating a female with the both of their seeds. To him, it sounded like breeding animals and he didn't like that idea so he had dismissed it. Maybe now was the time to tell him about that. Well, later, tomorrow when they could get some time alone. Ron thought Harry was going to comply but he knew better.


Draco tugged Harry into his study the next morning, sealing them in. "Harry, you can't," he said gently, sitting him on the couch. "You know that I've done more of the family line tracings and it's not in your family, and there's probably a reason why they broke off two engagements with people who had it in their bloodlines." Harry looked startled, he hadn't seen that. "We really don't know how this would react with your odd powers; your mother's line is very stringent about some of the powers. A few generations back they wouldn't let a daughter marry anyone except someone underage because he was the only one who would give them good enough heirs." Harry slumped down some. "Listen, if there was a way, I'd call back your mother, or even your grandmother." He frowned. "Mother?" he called. She floated down the chimney, coming from the nursery apparently. "Do you know if Harry's mother or grandmother are floating around somewhere?"

"His grandmother is. I met her once during a school event." She shrugged. "Why?"

"Because Harry's got some wild idea about doing the heir summoning with me."

Narcissa smiled. "That would be perfect," she told Harry. "Both lines would combine to form a strong son or daughter." Harry smiled sadly at her. "He won't let you?"

"He'd have to take that changeling potion and we're sure it'd hurt him, mother," Draco said, sounding slightly irritated.

"I'll see if I can find her or her mother. Or possibly earlier in the line. The closer to the source of the information would have more knowledge." She floated out, going to search among her fellow ghosts for some help. She'd tell her son what this was about later. Really, the boy should have been born a girl. Didn't he listen?

"Draco, I don't want to, but I do on some strange level," Harry said quietly, looking at him. "Like it'd feel right."

Draco hugged him. "It might, but you'd drive me batty during your monthlies," Draco whispered. Harry laughed. Draco pulled back. "I'm serious, Potter, you would."

"Did you really trace my family's line?"

"Just your mother's. With each of the ones like you being born female, you're interwoven with most of the weaker lines in existence. Including the Weasleys about four generations ago. You didn't hit Molly's until about three ago." He shrugged at the happy look. "I haven't found anything else that might tell you what you've always wanted to know, just the family listings and some odd facts about betrothals broken because of the blood not being decent for that family." He pulled Harry closer again, holding him tightly. "Even if it's the only way, Harry, I don't want that. Promise me for real, not the one you gave last night."

"I promise I won't do it if there's another way," Harry agreed. Draco gave him a squeeze. "That's it, Draco, accept it."

"Then I'll have to find another way," Draco agreed. He gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"What happens if your heir is a girl?"

"Then her husband or consort female would be expected to change their last name to Malfoy."

"Really?" Harry asked with a grin. Draco nodded. "Isn't that a bit arrogant?"

"Yes, but our name and nature is the main one that will be passed on," Draco pointed out dryly, giving him a squeeze. "According to the family motto, all families are weaker than we are. All bow down before us." He grinned and winked. "Including yours. With so many girls, your family name is lost in antiquity." Harry giggled and leaned closer, resting his head on Draco's shoulder. Yes, he was going to have to find another way. He would not allow that. Not in the least. He hoped Ron's was Harry's.


Narcissa floated into the bedroom, waking Harry up by making him flinch. She smiled at him. "I found a male in your family line if it would help," she offered. He nodded, following her down the stairs. He curled up on the couch while the ghost looked around the room. "Evert, this is Harry. He's Lily's first and only child."

The male ghost looked at him and smiled. "Harry, you look just like your father." He floated closer. "You are very much like your mother though." He smirked. "Used it already? Couldn't wait?"

"I'm the last one, great-grandfather," Harry said gently. "I had to take the books to defend everyone."

"I know, lad, I was just teasing. It was a brilliant move, with the muggle weapons."

"You watch over me?"

"Now and again I check up on you. Those relatives of Lily's had me worried." He winked. "Now then, what sort of information do you need?"

"I need a lot, and some advice," Harry admitted. He looked at Narcissa. "Can you wake Draco but keep him up there for maybe half an hour?"

"Of course, young man." She floated off, giving them privacy. She knew what they needed to talk about.

Harry looked at him. "Are there any special rites to having the first born?"

"Oh-ho! You're thinking about that?"

"I think it may have happened," Harry offered. "Our changeling wife is pregnant."

The ghost paused to look at him. "Changeling you say?" Harry nodded. "Would that be the redhead?" Harry nodded again. "I knew the Weasley blood would tell," he said smugly. "I'll have to get her to pay up on that bet."

"Actually, the twins did it to themselves and to Ron," Harry put in.

The ghost waved a hand. "They'd be more attuned to it, it could only have been done by them. I bet they got it in a dream." He looked at Harry. "The only real ritual is that the child will have the temperament of whatever it's conceived on. Most of us were conceived outside, but nothing as standard as the Malfoys was ever used. You were conceived on a picnic blanket if I remember right, that's why you're so comforting and needing care." He floated closer again. "You want to do like she has," he said quietly. "It's the urge to be female. All of us males have had it. There's been three now. One turned and was removed because his mother was phobic. I had that same desire and I only wore women's clothes because I couldn't make myself take the potion to change me. Now you've got it. It's the power, boy, it does that to us men." Draco opened the door and he smiled at him. "Good morning, Mr. Malfoy." He smiled at Harry again. "I do approve. Look for a small black diary. That was mine and it'll help you through this time. Though, if you do what the power's calling you to do, and you do it with Ron, you'll have a natural one."

Draco fell into a chair. "He can't."

"He can," the ghost retorted. "It works well with our powers. Only comes out when we want it to." He moved closer to him. "Do you take care of him?"

"He takes good care of me, Great-Grandfather," Harry said with a smile for his husband. "He's trying to talk me out of it though."

"Ah." The ghost nodded. "Mr. Malfoy..."

"You might as well call me by my given name. We are now related and he'll have to go to you for help."

"Draco then," the ghost agreed with a nod. "There's a reason each of the power holders has been *female*, but three."

"Three? I only found two."

"One's lost to us. His mother was phobic and kicked him out when he took the changeling potion." He shrugged. "The powers want us to be female, to be more natural and in tune with the Earth. I felt it the same as Harry here has. After times of great stress, it helps us to connect with the earth. For him, apparently it's with the dead since he's been surrounded by it and tainted by death." Harry hissed and he smiled at the boy. "Your parents, Harry, not the war you fought. It felt natural though, didn't it?" Harry nodded. "That's because you and Death have a connection through the Earth. Your mother had a connection with the time of rebirth, with spring, but you were tainted by that stupid asshole." He gave Draco a gentle smile. "This need is something that will always pull him, Draco. He will always feel empty unless he follows it. I managed to fight most of mine off by having a few kids, each time the itch got too bad, and by wearing ladies' clothing. Harry doesn't have that outlet."

"I'll gladly buy him some women's clothing if he wants," Draco offered.

"Son, you don't understand. For us, it's natural. This is the way we are. Horatio himself didn't know if he had gotten the potion right or if an extra hole just happened to open up that night. Harry here is a lot like him, more like him and his Ma than me. With the way the family split, the other side had a male this time too. He's presently gay and insane as well."

"You mean that's why I like men?" Harry asked.

His Great-Grandfather nodded, giving him a sad look. "Yes it is, my boy. It's also the reason for you liking to take instead of give. Most of the women in the family were submissive during relations. That's a problem we've never solved," he said with a frown. "My own wife used to complain all the time about having to do all the work."

"So see, it's natural," Harry told Draco.

Draco frowned. "No."

Evert shook his head. "Boys, stop this petty argument. It is natural, Draco, it's the need to reconnect in a fundamental way with the earth. It's this or burying him in a hole for a few weeks." Draco glared at him. "Don't give me that look either, I'll send every misbegotten creature in the universe to haunt this house." He gave him a smug look. "Harry might be able to manifest one out of thin air, no one's sure. He is stronger than most of the line in a long time. Since the split. As I said, Horatio never knew if the potion worked of if one suddenly just started coming open when the need hit. If he does take it, it'll only happen when the need gets too strong. He won't have tits or nothing, just an extra hole. Nothing to embarrass you or anything like a cycle."

Harry curled up on the couch. "Draco, it is the answer we've *both* been wanting." Draco looked at him. "Ron's stomach's not hard, I don't think he is."

"The appointment is tomorrow," Draco said firmly.

"I can do it by going around you," Harry warned.

"Then you'll be leaving," Draco said firmly. He looked at him, seeing the little boy he felt like most of the time. "Harry, it's not healthy. They can use you if they find out!"

"Not us they can't," the ghost told him. "No one can use us against our wills. Not even you, young man. I wish like hell Lilly's mother was still alive. She'd be smacking sense into you fast enough." He looked at Draco. "This is something he feels he has to do, something that his magic is demanding, young man. Are you going to stand in the way of that?"

"It'll only cause him more pain," Draco said firmly.

"Draco, it's causing pain because I'm not," Harry told him. "It's like this itch all the time, to join in that fundamental dance, to egg on the power so it can reach out and spread. Great-Grandfather, what about other children? Since I'm a wizard like him will it matter?"

"The rest will be like your father and your mates. The first will be like you. Only with blonde hair probably," he said with a smile. "Yes, Draco, this is the best way to soothe both needs. The Malfoy crest is screaming at you to produce an heir since you started the telling process. Harry's blood is screaming at him to do this so he can connect with the energy and be one with it, so it can do to him what a lover does, soothing and calming him back into his former state. If he does, then he'll have one night as a changeling, one single night to get pregnant, and then everything will return to normal. All those worries and the pain that the killing caused in him will be eased. All of it pushed to the back of his mind until Death comes again and he has to fight again."

"Again?" Harry asked, looking ill.

"Death is a circle, the same as life is, Harry. Evil never truly dies, it only gets handed off to the next generation. The next one isn't born yet, but it will be someday soon. You know the mother and the telling is starting to give you dreams."

"Dreams?" Draco asked.

Harry blushed. "I only hear a voice, a quiet, soft, judgmental voice, Draco. Nothing like what I used to get off Voldemort. I can't even tell what it's saying."

"It's one of the bad coming for you, Harry. He's like me and he's ready to rip you a new one. You have to tell him when it comes. Death is a gift that comes to you and you alone, but you can push it back for now. Until your own. Then you'll have a daughter to do that for you." Harry swallowed. "Not the first one, it was foretold." He looked at Draco. "I mean it. Do not force him or you will lose him."

"It's still dangerous," Draco said quietly. The ghost shrugged. "You don't care?"

"I know the risks, I studied them myself, boy. I couldn't take the potion, I wasn't strong enough to make myself do it, but Harry does have that thread of steel through him. His mother must have been on the silverware." He winked and Harry laughed, so he faded off. "Call out for me, I'll try to be closer now and again."

Harry shifted on the couch, looking at Draco. "Now you know."

"I still don't like it."


"Harry." Draco stood up, shaking his head. "I need time to think."

"That's fine. It's only summer." Draco looked at him. "It's a factor, you said so yourself."

Draco leaned down to get in Harry's face. "If you go through with this without my permission, I will banish you," he said as plainly as he could. "I will take the child and never speak to you again. Do you understand me, Harry Potter?" Harry nodded slowly, staring into his eyes. "There are other ways."

"You're not burying me," Harry said simply, standing up and forcing him back. "This would be my decision, Draco, not yours. I can talk Ron into it." He walked back up to their bedroom, slamming the door. Ron woke up slightly so he crawled in next to him. "Narcissa found my great-grandfather."

"Did he stop you from doing the potion?" Ron asked.

"No, he told me it was natural. I should have been born a girl," Harry said lightly. Ron finished waking up so he could look at him. "The potion doesn't do what it did to you, it'll only give me that hole when the need to reconnect with the Earth happens. Like after disasters and times like the war."

"Oh, Harry," Ron sighed, giving him a hug. "I'm sorry. Is there any other way?"

"Burying me alive for a few weeks."

"Not an option, I'm not doing without you." He gave him a squeeze, feeling the trembling. "What? Something else happened, what was it?" Ron asked, pulling back to look at him.

"He knew, the need's still there, Ron." Ron opened his mouth. "It won't show externally, nothing unusual to mark me, just that opening every now and again. That and there'll be another battle. He all but said Voldemort was coming back, that I knew the mother."

Ron pinched him on the arm. "You've been having dreams again."

"Nothing concrete enough to worry about. He explained that as well," Draco said from the doorway. "Tell him he won't talk you into it, Ron."

"Draco, it is his body. If it's not going to hurt him or put him into danger, then I don't care."

"He'll try to talk you into it instead of me," Draco said coldly.

Ron looked down at Harry. "I really don't want kids yet, Harry."

"I know, Ron, I'm still thinking."

Ron gave him a gentle squeeze. "Don't think so hard okay? It might happen with your luck."

"That's been done before in my family too, we think," Harry admitted.


"There's a reason why it's only been girls in my position, Ron," Harry said, getting away from him. "The power reaches out, that's how we reconnect. If my mother had lived through that night, she would have had another one."

"Oh." Ron blinked a few times, then looked at Draco, who looked like carved marble in the moonlight. He was tense and angry and it showed. He looked at Harry again. "Any other insights?"

"We're said to take on the nature of whatever we're conceived on," Harry told him with a small shrug. "Apparently I was conceived during a picnic. Great-grandfather said the stubbornness in me is from the silverware and the rest is from the blanket." Ron chuckled, but he noticed Draco wasn't unstiffening. "Draco?"

"No. It won't happen," Draco said firmly, sitting down beside the bed. He was too angry to climb into it. He would hurt someone unintentionally. Someone knocked on the door. "Go away," he called.

"No." Vincent walked in. "Narcissa's talking to the baby again, Draco, can't you stop her?"

"She said she wanted to talk to it," Ron told him. "That she wanted to get to know the child." He shrugged. "Ask her why, maybe that'll solve it."

"I don't think she's old enough to understand any of it and Hermione's getting pissed, Ron. I've got to humor her first. Draco, please?"

"Fine. It'd calm me down to scream at her for a bit." He stormed out, going to stop his mother.

Vincent ran after him, not sure what was going on, but he knew he needed to protect someone from Draco when he was like this. "What happened?"

"Harry's great-grandfather showed up and told him it was natural for Harry to want to be like Ron and to get pregnant," Draco said, his voice dripping with ice. Vincent shuddered. He opened the door to the nursery. "Mother, leave the baby alone." She looked startled. "It hasn't been a good night so far so please, talk with the mother so she quits screaming at her husband." He stomped out, going back to his room. Harry wasn't in the bed. Ron pointed at the bathroom. "What's wrong with him now?" he sneered.

"Give me that look again, Draco Malfoy, I can and will take a damn long vacation at my mother's," Ron warned. Draco took a deep breath and calmed himself. "Thank you. Maybe you should research what they said? Make sure it's true? It might make you feel better." He started to move but Draco backed away from him. "You don't want a hug?"

"I'm angry enough I'd hit you," Draco admitted, walking away. He went down to his study, pulling out the pile of research he had compiled already. Nothing in here was like that.

Ron walked into the bathroom, climbing into the shower behind Harry to hold him. "Give him a few days, don't spring this on him," he whispered. "Don't do it without him knowing, Harry." Harry turned to look at him and Ron gave him the most crushing hug he could. "I know, Harry, it's hard and it's getting harder. A few more months won't matter." He led him out to the bed, putting him inside it and snuggling up against him so he couldn't move.


Draco joined them for breakfast the next morning. "There is absolutely nothing about that Great-elder of yours, Potter," he said stiffly.

"I doubt he'd make up relatives," Ron said, trying to keep this from becoming a real fight. Harry stood up and walked out, taking his animals with him. "Are you happier now?" he asked quietly.

Draco looked stunned. "You'd rather see him hurt?"

"Like he's not now?" Ron retorted.

Draco glared at him but did slump down. "Seeing common sense isn't hurting him."

"It is this time. You're making fun of everything he's feeling, Draco. We don't do it to you when you're feeling odd and you don't do it to me when I feel off. Don't do it to him." He went to get dressed for the day, he had that stupid appointment in a few hours.

Draco sat and brooded. He touched the mark he wore around his neck, trying to tune in on Harry but all he felt was an overwhelming rage. And fear, sudden fear. He let him go, not sure what that was about or even if he had caused it. Before he knew it he had jumped on the back of his racing bike and sped off, going to check on him. Harry was still afraid. He found the car off the side of the road and stopped, moving down there to check on him. "Harry?"

"Go away!" he shouted. "You're trying to kill me now?"

"I'm not," Draco said, trying to calm him down. "I had no idea what was going on, I was only trying to see how you were feeling."

"You blinded me and there was a truck," Harry said, rolling up his window. "Go away!"

"Fine." Draco backed off, glancing around. He used his wand to lift the car back onto the road, grunting with the strain. "There." Harry was gripping the wheel so hard his knuckles were white. You could see it through the window. Draco tried the door but it was locked. He walked around to the other side, but that door was locked as well. "Let me in."

"No! Go away!"

"Now, Harry, I need to make sure you're all right. You're in no shape to drive."

"Go away!" Harry tried to start the car but it whirred and died. He beat on the steering wheel until his dog Snickers jumped the seat to calm him down. He clutched his dog, hugging it for all he was worth. "Go away," he repeated, more calmly this time.

"I'm not going anywhere. You're not seeing sense! Now let me the fuck in before I rip this fucking door off, Potter!"

"Fine." Harry unlocked the passenger's door, but didn't move from his own seat. Draco climbed in. "Make sure the little ones didn't escape." Draco counted noses and retrieved the cat, putting it into his lap so he could close the door. "Do you feel better now that you tried to kill me?"

"That wasn't my intention and you know it." Harry glared at him, making his chest tighten. "I didn't mean to blind you, Harry, only to see if you had calmed down," he soothed, reaching out a hand. It was batted away. "Fine, I won't touch you." He flinched, feeling Ron trying the same thing. He sent calming thoughts at her, then looked at Harry. "You've worried Ron."

"Fuck off, Malfoy."


Harry let his dog go, turning to look at him. "Go away. I don't want to see you ever the hell again," he said, finally not sounding hysterical. Draco went white as a sheet. "Not only don't you want to understand me, you're making fun of me, and then you tried to kill me."

"I did not!"

"It sure as hell seemed like it!" Harry shouted. "Now get out and go back to your perfect house and to Ron, since you like her a hell of a lot more than you apparently do me!" He got out of the car and went down into the field to sit in the high grass.

Draco leaned forward, pushing the dog's tongue away from him. "Not right now, Snickers. I fucked up so very badly." He straightened up and walked down there, making sure none of the animals escaped before the door shut. He grabbed Harry and pulled him to his feet, making him look at him. "Look at me," he hissed. Harry looked over his shoulder. "Into my face if you wouldn't mind," he ground out. Harry stared at him. "I did not purposefully try to harm you. I haven't yet and I have no intention of ever doing so. Harming you is the furthest thing from my mind most of the time."

"You do it a lot, Draco, especially recently." Draco let him go so he stepped back. "The cops are coming, I can hear them."

"Fuck them, we're having this argument." Draco crossed his arms. "Explain that comment, Potter."

"You sound just like Snape," Harry taunted.

"I should, he taught me how to speak English." Harry blinked a few times. "My mother was ill most of my third year, he taught me to speak in complete sentences." He shrugged. "So?"

Harry shook his head. "Have you even stopped to consider what my great-grandfather told you?"

"I researched it, there's no mention whatsoever."

"I'm not a research topic!" Harry said in disgust, stepping back. He nearly stumbled but swatted at the hands trying to keep him upright. "It's not like you give a damn, so don't even try."

"We're back to this again?" Draco asked, his voice a deathly hiss of anger.

Harry glared at him. "If you did, you wouldn't have immediately decided I didn't know what I was feeling. You have no idea how I feel!" he shouted. "And then you pull that cheap stunt!" He stomped off, going to his car to try and start it again. He felt the hex flow past him and turned to glare at Draco. "Still trying not to hurt me?" he asked snidely.

"I was making it so your car wouldn't start so you couldn't run away!" Draco shouted, stomping after him. "How dare you accuse me of that! I've done nothing but take care of you since I entered into this relationship to protect you!" He grabbed Harry by the arms and shook him. "What the hell is going through your thick little skull? I can no more hurt you than hurt myself!" He let him go when he heard the sirens get closer. "The muggles are coming, we'll deal with this incident and then we'll go home."

"I don't live with you anymore," Harry said quietly, glaring at him. "You don't respect me or my needs."

"There's no evidence of that at all!" Draco shouted.

"Yay! Is there evidence of anything else beyond that about my family!"

Draco backed off, he could feel the magic starting to flow out. "Harry, you're leaking," he said quietly, still backing away. "You're going to hurt your animals and you'd hate that. Ground yourself," he instructed. "Get away from the car and ground yourself. Now, before you get the cops coming up the road."

Harry glared at him and stomped off, going to kick the nearest scrubby tree he could find.

Draco took a deep, calming breath. He turned to watch the cops pull up. "My husband's having a headache and his vision blanked out," he told them. "We had just had a fight. He's down hitting the tree." He pointed at Harry's moving back.

The cops looked at him, then at the bike. "Fight?"

"A fight about something minor that's gotten blown out of proportion," Draco agreed calmly. "His vision blanked. It was still gone when I found him."

"The lorry driver said the car was off the road."

"It was, but I helped get it back up here. The engine's dead." He looked at the animals, touching the window. "He's very sorry about this. He isn't sure what it was that made his vision go but it scared him. That's why he's not yelling at me, he's going after the tree." His sportscar pulled up and Ron got out, heading down to stop Harry. He glared at Ron's back. "Bastard," he said calmly. Vincent got out and walked over to him. "Not going to calm him down too?"

"Harry's exit made the nursery shake, Draco," Vincent told him quietly. Draco nodded, understanding the comment. "Ron went to stop him before he hurt himself."

"It scared him. He lost his vision for a moment. I'm having him checked out today."

The cops nodded, taking down all the particulars of the accident. They handed Draco the form, letting him sign it in lieu of Harry, who was sobbing on Ron's chest. Then they left, going to file it. Only the car was injured, it'd be fine.

Draco and Vincent walked down to the couple. "Is he feeling more secure now?"

"Back off," Ron warned. "I won't have him this hurt again." He turned Harry over to Vincent and faced off with Draco. "Haven't you learned anything in the last year?" he asked calmly.

"I didn't meant to get him that hard," Draco said quietly. "I was checking on him through the bond and it blinded him."

"I'm talking about deciding he wasn't feeling what he was," Ron told him. Draco went limp and shook his head in defeat. "I know you're more of an evidence person, but sometimes magic doesn't create evidence, Draco. Nothing about his mother's family's gifts are written down. Not a single bloody thing!" Draco flinched, he didn't like it when Ron yelled at either of them. "Nothing was ever said about his gifts, the things he could do to change the nature of things, none of it. You have no idea what he's going through because you won't ask him and let him explain it!" He took a deep breath. "We're all going to go back to the house and we're going to sit down and talk about this like civilized people. Do you *both* understand me."


"Harry, what part didn't you understand?" Vincent asked, sounding like the patient father he was turning into.

"I'm not going back. I'm not wanted there." He walked away, going to get his animals and apparate off. He had to come back for one of the dogs, but that was quickly done and he disappeared again.

Draco shrieked in frustration and hit the tree himself. "That stupid bastard!"

"Shut it," Ron warned. Draco looked at him so he glared at him. "I mean it. You've just hurt him more than anything, Draco. I won't allow that. The same as I won't allow him to hurt you. Now go back to the house and wait. There's only a few places he could be." He stomped off, going to apparate to the twin's house first. Fred pointed in the back, nodding and rolling his eyes. "It was a bad fight," Ron murmured as he walked past him. He found Harry curled up in the guest room, all but one of the animals with him. "Hey, where's the cat?" he asked as he sat beside Harry's thigh. He stroked him but Harry swatted his hand. "Fine, I won't touch you. Did you miss one?"

"She's following George around, apparently he's going to feed her some fish," Harry said miserably.

Ron tipped Harry's face so he had to look at him. "He didn't mean it."


"Okay, so he probably did mean some of it, but he wasn't trying to make you wreck and he wasn't trying to hurt you. Snape raised him part of the time, remember. He's got to go on the evidence and the research. No one's written anything about your Mother's family, Harry, and there's nothing he can grasp onto that's more than a feeling."

Harry got his face free. "My feelings should be enough."

"They should; but remember, Draco's not really used to those pesky emotions." Harry shrugged, hugging his little black dog harder. "That's fine, you wait here, we'll come see you tonight." Harry shook his head. "You don't want to know how the doctor's turns out?"

"Not right now," Harry said honestly. "I want to sulk and be alone with my friends."

"Am I not one?" Ron asked. Harry shrugged. "Harry, explain," he ordered calmly.

"You're taking his side, Ron, how am I supposed to feel?"

"Harry, you two are putting me in the middle, I'm trying to calm you both down." He stood up. "I'll be back afer I'm drug to the healer's. You stay here with the twins. I'm going to tell them not to let you out of their sight. If you disappear on me, I'm going to go ballistic and hunt you down to hurt you." Harry shrugged again. "As long as you understand you can't run away from me, Harry. Not in the least." He walked out, going to talk to his older brothers. "We had a fight," he said at the opening mouths. "Harry's mother's family has girls every first generation but him and two others."

"So he wants to change?" George asked.

"It's more than that," Ron sighed. He accepted their hugs. "It's more like his family has this tradition of having a child to reconnect after the bad things happen. Things like wars." They nodded, understanding that much. "Harry feels the need to do that as well. Draco's throwing a fit about how dangerous it can be. There's no evidence so he's frustrated. Harry's emotional. I'm caught in the middle and I have an appointment today to be checked to make sure I'm not pregnant." He pulled back his hair for a moment then let it go. "Draco was checking on Harry through the bond and it blinded him while he was running away in his car." Fred's mouth opened. "Fortunately he didn't hit the truck and only went off the side of the road. Can you two watch over him today, without doing the formula on him? That would only infuriate Draco more at this point."

"Sure, Ron. He can stay in there and think all day if he needs to," Fred agreed, with George nodding.

"Do you think he'd like to talk to someone more objective?" George asked. "Someone like Percy or Father, or even Charlie?"

"They're all working and he won't want to bother them," Ron said, hugging his brother. "If they happen to stop by you could ask him, I'm not sure what sort of mental state he's in at the moment." He went to the floo, heading back to the manor house. Draco grabbed him as soon as he came out of the fire. "Let go," he said. Draco let him go. "He's at the shop with all the animals. The twins are going to try and talk to him today. Tonight, we're going to have a talk."

"He ran away," Draco sneered.

Ron balled up his fists but kept them at his side. "Haven't you figured out a damn thing about Harry yet, Draco? Why should he stick around? Because it's so pleasant? Because he had role models that fought and worked it out? His aunt and uncle never fought, his uncle ruled the house and his aunt gave in." He sneered at the confused look. "What makes you think he wants to come back to this argument? You've recently told him that everything he feels and is desiring is a waste of time, impossible, and worthless, not to mention all in his head." Draco groaned. "Good! Now you know how I feel watching you two go at it!" He faced off with his husband. "Get over it! *Nothing* has been written down outside of his family's books. There's not a damn thing we can do about this. If we don't support him, what makes you think he won't do it and leave us? Permanently this time?" He walked off, leaving him alone to think about it. He found Hermione blatantly listening and glared at her. "Out!" She smiled and raised a brow. "I mean it, Hermione. Your clinical and reasonable attitude towards everything in life can only hurt one of them, most likely Harry. So stay out of it or go visit your mother for a few days."

"Ron, leave her be!" Draco yelled, walking out to get into it here too.

"Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Hermione asked gently.

He glared at her. "Go away," he said. She nodded and walked off. "I mean it, you leave Harry the fuck alone, Hermione. If you hurt him worse, it is going to come down to a fight between us."

"Fine, Ron."

Ron looked at Draco. "What? You're done thinking already?"

"You can't dismiss anyone, Ron. Not without my authority."

"I didn't, I simply told her to stay out of it. Something you weren't going to do." He walked off, going up to their room. He slammed and locked the door, then started to scream to get rid of the frustration and rage.

Vincent walked down the stairs. "Draco," he said calmly. "Should we take a short vacation while you fight?" Draco shook his head. "Are you sure? Hermione's about to cry because of him."

"He has a right to be upset. Leave us alone while we fight, it should be fine by tomorrow."

"Draco, you're misreading him," Vincent warned. Draco looked at him. "Even I can see that and I don't know people like you do. If Harry was mad enough to leave, you've got one hell of an uphill climb to get him back. And if he leaves, that leaves Ron taking the brunt of your anger and she'll leave too. Not to go to Harry probably, she'll blame him for wrecking what had been a nice life up until a few days ago. She'll leave and go live with her family again until you spend a lot of time begging and pleading. Do you really want to have to do that?"

"Vincent, you don't even know what started all this," Draco pointed out.

"I do so. Harry's obviously wanting something of his own to link him to this life. The need's been burning in him since back in school. That whole 'trying to live a lifetime in a year' thing that you three did." Draco blanched. "And you're telling him it's not worth it, Draco, that he isn't feeling it. You fucked up, and you've got one hell of a fight coming. So Hermione and I are going to the other house for a few days, until you work it out." He went back up the stairs, telling her what was going on.

Draco went back to his study, sitting down in the most comfortable spot to think. Vincent was right. Harry Potter had always wanted to be a normal boy and having a family was part of it, no matter how the need came about. The end result of a war was often a baby-boom, just look at all the children born in the last year and soon to be born in the coming year. "Oh, damn," he sighed. He went to fix himself a small drink while he considered how to fix this. First, he had to get Ron onto his side. Putting her in the middle wouldn't help matters any at all. Then probably the twins. Someone in the family would be guarding Harry like he was one of them. It was the way the Weasleys were. He sipped his scotch, considering his options. This was worse than planning battles.


Draco walked into the twin's shop. "Is he still here?" he asked. The twins glared at him. "I only want to talk to him."

"He's only recently gotten to sleep without the nightmares, Malfoy. Leave," one of them told him.

"I'm here to fix it," Draco told them. "I know what I did was wrong. I know why. I want to talk to him."

"Then you can come back in a few hours, when he's awake," the other twin told him. Someone in the back yelled. "He doesn't need more stress after nearly dying this morning."

"That wasn't meant to happen, I was only checking on him," Draco explained, moving closer.

"It still happened," one of them noted. "Even if you didn't mean it, you nearly got him killed. He's having nightmares about you and a knife to the heart. So leave and come back when he's awake." One of the dogs trotted out and barked at Draco, begging for some attention. He got down to pet it, letting it lick his face. "Not even sucking up to his family will help you now," the twin noted.

"I'm not, this one adores me the way Harry used to." He stood up. "I promise I won't hurt him, but the only way to cure his nightmares is to hold him and wake him up gently. He has them all the time because of everything else. Plus, he's getting new ones, ones about Voldemort being reincarnated." He pushed past them, going into the back, following the dog back to Harry's side. He walked into the bedroom and slid in behind Harry's back, touching him gently. "I'm here and you're safe," he whispered. Harry stiffened. "I want to talk to you, Harry, to apologize. I had no idea what I was saying or how much it upset you." Harry turned his head to look at him. "Ron was correct, there's nothing written about your family other than their journals." Harry shrugged. "I'd like to look through them. Even if I don't want you to do that spell. Being pregnant is hard on a changeling, no matter what type it is."

"Ron?" Harry asked.

"Isn't. You were right about that." He put an arm around Harry's chest, holding him tightly. "I didn't mean to tell you that you were wrong to feel that way, or to make you feel like you should never have one. This scared me, Harry, and I'm man enough to admit this sudden turn-about in attitude and the drastic solution you wanted scared me worse. I'm not ready to be a father. If you're clinging to me or Ron then you're probably not either, no matter how satisfying it would be to be a father. It's hard. Ask Vincent when he comes back."

"He left?"

"Ron suggested that Hermione take a short trip to stay out of this argument." Draco kissed him on the back of the neck, making him shiver. "Yelled at her and told her to go away, that she could only hurt you by being so clinical and reasonable."

"Just like you do," Harry agreed. He felt Draco stiffen. "I'm not a research topic, Draco, I'm a human being."

"I know, Harry. I don't deal well with real people. I'm used to more cardboard models of humanity, ones without much depth and character. People like my father and my mother, who was deeper but didn't let it show. You and Ron are harder to understand because you're so complicated. My father would be laughing his ass off at me right now for admitting how scared I am about what happened this morning." Harry patted his hand and the cat licked it for him. "Thank you, dear one," he told it, giving the cat a smile. He kissed Harry again, making him shiver. "Am I repulsive to you now?"

"No," Harry said quietly. "Not at all." He carefully flipped over so he wouldn't hit any of the animals. "You piss me off like no one else, Draco." Draco nodded. "I'm a normal human being with normal feelings and this strange urge. Why can't you accept me for that?"

"Because I don't understand it," Draco said gently. "I've never wanted to be a father, much less carry a child myself." He gave him a hopeful smile. "May we talk, Harry? So you can help me to see where I'm going wrong?"

"It's that instant negation," George said from the door. The nametag on her shirt said so. Which meant it was probably Fred. "That and the researching to try and understand this. It's an emotion, a feeling. There's nothing reasonable about them. Just ask Ron, he'll explain those nasty emotion things to you."

"Ron's not speaking to me either," Draco admitted with a little sigh. "She's locked me out of our room until I've figured my ass out and have apologized to Harry. Plus she's demanded that I fix this before she is able to look at me again." He looked at Harry. "I'm trying."

"For Ron?" he asked.

Draco felt that chest-tightening feeling again. "No, not for Ron, for you and I. We need to work this out. I'm not losing you because I don't understand. Make me understand."

"Draco, I can't explain it to you!" Harry said, starting to get upset again. "If you don't already know, I can't explain it. No more than I can explain why it hurts to have this fight or even why I'm not mad at you for nearly getting me killed this morning." He slid off the bed and grabbed his shoes. "I'm taking the dogs for a walk. Fred, would you please try to explain that to him?"

"I'm George, Harry, and I doubt I could. They're your feelings." He shrugged at Harry's dirty look. "I don't necessarily understand the need for a family myself, but then again I had one." Harry nodded, pointing at her for Draco's benefit. He gathered up his animals, taking them for a walk down the alley to the small park at the end so they could use the bathroom. Snickers looked up at him. "I know it's not the garden, but it's the best I can do for right now. Try them, they're still bushes."

Back in the shop, George sat down beside Draco. "Draco, he hasn't ever had a family. That's the one thing that has always been his dream. To be a normal boy with a real family of his own. Ours is wonderful to him, but we're Ron's family, not his. He had a family with you and Ron, and then he started to realize all the dreams he was giving up by being with you."

"I remember that discussion," Draco admitted. "I thought he had solved it."

"You can't solve that sort of thing," George told him. "The same way you can't solve a deep-seated desire for having a lover by your side or to be official in the eyes of the community. You've given Harry a lot, but he wants that little bit extra. He's even willing to let it be your kid and he'll be a part-time father, but he wants to be a father."

Draco groaned and pulled a pillow over his head. "I can't do that to him, George. It's dangerous. Having a child for a changeling, no matter what type is dangerous for them and for the world at large. They do things like lose control of their powers."

"Then how were you going to get an heir?"

Draco moved the pillow. "We were going to do it with Ginny, but the auguries said it wasn't a good match. They said Harry would have been a perfect match, but doing that to him is wrong."

"Even if his mind and body want it?" George asked.

Draco sat up, looking at him. "George, it's bad for the body and for the baby. Eight out of ten cases of changeling pregnancies, no matter what type of changeling they are, are miscarried, and half of the mothers die in the process. I have to think about that before anything because I don't want to lose them." That feeling was coming back. "I can't lose them."

"Then explain that to Harry and Ron," he advised. "Tell them what has you worried. Is Ron?"

"No." Draco gave him a sad smile. "I'll still have to deal with having an heir some day, but I can't do that now," he said gently. "Harry wants a family to be reconnected to the circle of life. I have to have one someday soon, I have four years to produce one. Even if Harry wants it and goes ahead with it, it could kill him and I don't want to lose him." Harry opened the door and Draco looked up at him. "You heard?"

"Most of it." He walked in and gave Draco a hug. "Calm down. You're getting hysterical."

"I can't help it, Harry! You're trying to commit suicide and leave me with less than a ten percent chance at having a child of yours instead. I'm not supposed to be calm!"

"Then you'll figure it out," George pointed out. "You're supposed to be a genius, put that big brain of yours to work, Malfoy."

"George, I can't outside the family. Cheating is wrong."

"Which is the other problem," Draco said, pointing at Harry. "Even if I could produce one that way, he'd have an extreme reaction to me doing so."

George tapped him on the forehead. "Then adopt another child genius and raise it, dumbass." He stood up, smiling at them. "Go talk with Ron. You've taken up space here long enough without offering an idea in exchange.

"How about a pill or a potion that made you think you were pregnant?" Harry suggested dryly.

"That's mean and we try to stay away from the mean pranks, Harry. You know that." He tweaked his ear. "Take the beasts home and calm Ron down. She's probably shredding clothes by now." Draco looked horrified. He took most of the animals with him when he apparated back to the house, leaving Harry and Snickers. The cat was simply missing. "We'll send the cat on when we find her, Harry. Go soothe Ron and try to explain this to him. He's getting a lot of pain from this." Harry gave him a pathetic look before hugging him. "He loves you, Harry, it shows in his eyes. Let him figure this out, he'll deal with it and you'll have your family some day."

"But the itch and need," Harry explained.

George tipped his face up. "It is in your head. You were doing fine until this family thing popped up." Harry shook his head. "You weren't?"

"I was still feeling it, it's gotten stronger," Harry explained.

"Then find some way to ground yourself so you can reconnect," George said gently. "There's got to be a technique somewhere to make you feel like you're one with nature for a bit. Maybe in that Eastern stuff you've been doing on and off." Harry shrugged. "You could ask." He pinched Harry's nose. "Take Snickers home. We're going to close early to watch Oliver play." Harry nodded, taking his dog home with him. George shook his head. "Oy, George, we're clear," he called, walking out there.

"Brilliant work, Fred. Simply smashing," George agreed with a smile for his twin. They laughed.


Draco finally got the bedroom door opened and stormed in, intending to stop Ron from whatever she was doing. She was laying on the bed eating chocolate and that made him pause. "No ripping clothes?"

"I thought about it, but I decided ripping into you was more satisfying," Ron said between delicate nibbles. "Harry?"

"Is on his way back so we can have a real talk," Draco said as he slid into the bed. He stole a kiss and the last of that piece, giving her a small smile. "I'm trying, Ron, I really am."

Ron saw the pain in his eyes. "I realize that, Draco, but I don't like being stuck in the middle while you two fight. It's ripping me up as much as it is you two and I don't like it."

"I'll try not to fight with him," Draco agreed, giving her a kiss. Harry coughed from the doorway. "Get in here, let's finish this talk since she's not ripping clothes."

Harry walked in and sat in the chair beside the bed. "Okay." Ron looked hurt. "I can't cuddle and fight, Ron, I get confused."

"Then don't fight, explain instead," Ron encouraged. "I know I only understand part of it." He patted the bed on his other side. "Please?" Harry sighed but he got up and walked over, crawling in behind Ron. "Thank you, Harry."

"You're welcome." Harry kissed him gently. "How many chocolates did you eat?"

"Nearly three pounds," Ron admitted. "I was worried about you."

"I was worried about the both of you," Harry assured him. "I'm sorry, Draco, I know you didn't try to kill me this morning." Draco relaxed some and nodded. "You did?" he asked.

"No, I was agreeing with you," Draco said quickly. "Can I tell you what I think and you tell me if I'm right?" Harry shrugged, settling in with his dog and Ron to hold onto. "I know that you want what supposedly normal people do, Harry. You want a family, something that's yours and that will carry on your name. This need has only increased that and the signs that Ginny can't bear my heir only made it ache badly." Harry nodded slowly, he had apparently gotten that much right. "You're willing to do what you don't really want to do, no matter what the powers are telling you to do, so I'm provided with the one thing I have to have, an heir, which is the one thing you need to make you feel like you're normal." Harry was frowning and so was Ron. "I know this is going to be hard, but there are other ways to connect to the Earth, older ways that you should be able to follow. You've probably felt it when you meditate." Harry was still frowning but he nodded again, slowly this time. "Does that help?"


"Have you done that since the whole heir debate started?" Ron asked.

Harry nodded. "I've been trying but this keeps getting in the way."

"Harry, I'm not willing to lose you over this. You're too special to me to ever want to see you dead. And you will probably die from it. There's no guarantee that carrying will be any easier on you than it would be for Ron." Harry shrugged, shrinking down against Ron's back. "Did this thought come from the nightmare, that voice you can't understand yet?"

Harry looked hurt. "No!"

"He's just checking, Harry. I think it's somehow connected too. This problem and the need to have a child started around the same time," Ron said gently, stroking his back. "He doesn't think it's causing it, only making it stronger."

Harry closed his eyes and shook his head. "I can't remember anything from it."

"That's fine," Draco said quickly. "I don't need you to remember anything from it right now, I only need to know if it's making it worse. If it's making it worse, then we have to solve it and get back down to the basic problems of starting our own family. I can't think about that until you're free of this." Harry looked at him, looking stunned. Draco smirked. "I told you there was a way around it, you only had to kick me in the ass to make me look for it." He leaned over and kissed him, the first one in days. Harry moaned against his lips. "Trust me this far?" Harry nodded, pulling back to look at him. "Ron?"

"I guess so," Ron admitted. Draco looked at him. "There's things you aren't telling us, Draco, and it seems shifty."

"I know, Ron, but if I'm right then we'll need some help. This is a grand plan and you'll have a small part to play. It might even get Vincent's father out of prison for a bit." He gave them both a smile. "Give me two days to work everything out and we'll see what's about to happen. All right? Truce?" They nodded, giving him a trusting look. "Then can I have a cuddle? I missed having cuddles." They shifted apart so he could get between them, making them all happy and content. The animals jumped onto the bed, getting comfortable, even though Ron wouldn't let them have any chocolates.


Later that night, Harry woke up panting and sweating. "I remember," he gasped. "It was God." Ron looked at him like he was crazy. "He said he was God." He shoved Draco until he got a grunt. "I remember this time. It was God."

Draco sat up and lit the candles around them. "God. As in the muggle's God?" Harry nodded frantically. "Well, what did he say to you?"

"Do you really believe it was him?" Ron asked.

"No, but we've got to put it into context. This is all a game to someone and them thinking they're God is a big clue," Draco informed him. "Go on, Harry, tell us what you remember."

"First I saw a judgement. Voldemort's soul. Whomever was doing it only looked at the last few weeks of his life, the pain I gave him when he died. Then the voice looked at me and said he was being reborn for being so horribly punished." Harry rubbed his eyes with his fists. "Then the voice said that it deserved a new chance at life. I protested, pointing out that he had killed hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent beings. It said I had killed one and it was the same!" he said, starting to sound hysterical. "Then it said that the crimes were the same but I was going to be punished more because I had interfered in some grand scheme of his!" He started to shake. "It's going into Ginny!"

"No," Ron said, shaking Harry. "Her baby's not him returning. It takes years to return a soul if it's possible, even the good and just ones. No God, not even the one egging on all those holy wars, would do that to humanity. Not to a humanity that it liked." He looked at Draco because of his simple comment.


Harry looked at him. "How can you say that!" he asked, clearly panicking now. "I'm going to have to fight Ginny's daughter!"

Ron looked like he had been slapped. "How did you know it's a girl? She only found out today and I haven't told you."

"Whomever is sending this awful *dream* knew," Draco said calmly. He pulled Harry into his lap to hold him and soothe him. As soon as he calmed down, he smiled at him. "That was a very good remembering, Harry. Do you remember anything else? What the voice sounded like? Anything like that?"

"It sounded like Sirius' voice after he had been laughing for a long time," Harry told him, looking into his eyes. "I don't want to have to fight her daughter, Draco!"

"I know," Draco said, soothing and calming him down again. "You won't have to. This is some elaborate practical joke, Harry. I promise you won't have to fight Ginny's daughter, not to do more than to train her." Harry nodded, resting against his chest. He looked at Ron. "Now is the time to call your parents," he said calmly. "Do so now. Get them, Snape, and McGonagall here. Tell Snape to bring the thing I sent him." Ron nodded, looking confused. "Don't worry, we'll figure it out." Ron nodded, getting out of the bed to go make the calls. "Harry, do you remember anything else, pet?" he asked, stroking Harry's hair to keep him calm.

Harry shook his head. "I went numb after that, all there was was laughter."

"That's fine, you did excellent," Draco said, giving him a smile and a short kiss. "Now stay calm and we'll stop this nasty joke soon enough," he told him, settling him back under the covers. He summoned over some pajamas for the both of them. "Here, put these on, that way Molly and McGonagall aren't shocked to see you naked."

"Ron isn't wearing anything," Harry pointed out as he slipped into the bottoms under the covers. "Is it really just a joke?"

"It is," Draco said firmly. "Someone's deliberately trying to drive you insane, Harry. Mother!" he snapped. She floated in through the external wall. "Is there a ghost around Harry?" She nodded. "Is it the bastard?"

She nodded again. "It is Lucius' touch," she agreed. Harry opened his mouth. "It's been on you since you came back."

"When I was trapped in the sand?" Harry asked. Draco nodded. "But why?"

"Because he's an asshole and this is his idea of funny," Draco said, giving him a smile. "Good thing I got my sense of humor from my Godfather, huh?" Harry nodded, giving him a hopeful smile. "We can unpossess you, and we will, but first we're going to hypnotize you to see that we've got all of it. All right?"

"Yeah," Harry agreed, relaxing against his side. Draco had it and would protect him. Just like last time. "Thank you, Draco."

"You're welcome, Harry," Draco said as the door opened. "Come in, we're dressed." His mother looked at his lap. "Okay, he's dressed and I was getting there," he said as he slid into the pants. He even put on the robe McGonagall handed him. "Didn't like seeing it the first time?" he teased.

"Now is not the time for that," Snape said firmly. "What's going on?"

"My dear father is trying to take over Harry's mind after running him out of it. He's been slowly working up to showing Harry a scene that is You-Know-Who's reincarnation." Snape's eyes went wide. You didn't say that name in front of him unless it was serious, everyone knew that. "It said that Voldemort deserved it because of the pain that he had been through in his final weeks, not to mention the fact that it said Harry was as guilty of atrocities as the asshole was and that Voldemort was being reincarnated into Ginny's unborn infant's body." Molly gasped, only hearing the last part as she walked in. "It's my father," he told her. "Mother confirmed what I've been thinking. He was partially responsible for pushing the fight we had earlier as well I believe." His mother shook his head. "No?"

"No, son, that was all your doing. It's nice to know that you did find a partially sensitive side within you." She looked at Molly. "He is right about the first part. Lucius is tormenting Harry. It's his idea of fun and games."

"Plus revenge most likely," Molly said firmly. She walked up to Harry's side of the bed. "Harry, can you tell us what you saw in detail?"

"We have the means to hypnotize him," Draco offered. "Zabini! Present yourself!" he called. Blaize strolled in a few minutes later. "Good, you're up."

"You scream like a girl, Malfoy, and of course I'm up. Now what's wrong?"

"Harry's being tormented by my father in his dreams. Can you do what you did to us that one night we were drunk?"

"Sure, probably. Why?"

"Because we need him to recount it exactly as it happened and he tends to get a bit hysterical when he hears what the voice says. Especially since it says it's God and it's reincarnating Voldemort." Blaize's eyes went wide. "We need you to hypnotize him so we can get a full account of the dream. He's been having it now for months, but he's only just started to remember it. Even knew Ginny's going to have a girl." Molly glared at that bit of news. "Harry, will you let Blaize mess around in your head a bit? I promise he'll only help you."

"Sure, Draco. Will you stay with me?"

"No, sweetheart, I have to go calm down Ron and the rest of his family. But you can have the bear that looks like me." Harry grinned at him. "Someone hand him the teddy bear off the dresser. It was Blaize's gift to him and it reminds him of me." He slid out of the bed, letting Arthur take his place. "Ron having a drink?"

"Or three," Arthur agreed, giving him a smile. "Thank you, Draco. This is something we wanted to stop immediately."

"Yes, I want it stopped as well," Draco agreed grimly, heading down to calm Ron down. He gave him a hug and Ron shook in his arms. When the family started to show up, that's what they saw. "Gather around, it's not a pretty story," he told them.

"God's been talking to Harry," Ron told them. Charlie blinked a few times.

"In truth, it's my father taunting Harry saying he's God, who's reincarnating Voldemort into Ginny's future daughter," Draco told them. They all sat down and stared at Ginny's bulging stomach. "It's not true, but this is my father's idea of shits and giggles."

Fred reached over and patted Ginny's stomach. "Even if it is, we'll teach it right from wrong really fast," he assured her.

"And a sense of humor, you can't kill people if you can laugh," George added, nodding firmly. Bill gave him a squeeze around the neck. "Thank you." He looked at Draco. "Why won't your father die?"

"I don't know, he's a ghost we think," Draco offered, sitting Ron down beside him. "They're putting Harry under hypnosis to get an accurate and full account of the dream, then they'll work on fixing him." Ron started to nod. "It's all right."

"It had better be," Ron said firmly. "Was he egging on Harry's fragile family thing?" Draco shrugged. "Yes or no?"

"I say yes, mother says no."

Narcissa floated in. "Did you call, Draco dear?" she asked with a smile.

Draco looked at her, then at her outfit. "You got it wrong. She was wearing her light green dress, father." The ghost changed, becoming him. "Now leave. I don't have the energy to pick on you. Harry and Ron wear me out every night." He ignored Severus Snape walking in with a capture urn, going back to taunting the old man. "I was thinking about adopting this time, Father, how would that suit you?" Lucius opened his mouth but nothing came out when his lips moved. "Really? It's a good thing I don't read lips, huh?" he said with a smug smirk. "How would you like to see Hell, father? I think it'd suit you. You always did like warm places." Severus positioned the urn and opened it, working on trapping the spirit. Draco waved, but the ghost fought, not going into the urn in the least.

"What do we have to do to kill you?" Ron shouted, standing up and tossing his glass at the ghost. It went through it and hit Snape on the nose. "Sorry." He pulled his wand off the table and aimed it at him. Lucius seemed to be laughing at him. "Banishment?"

"Take out his legs," Harry said as he walked in. "Like I did, Ron."

"Scalpere!" Ron shouted, aiming the magical blade through Lucius' legs. His support weakened and he started to get sucked in. He cast it again and again, letting his anger out on that thing. It finally was in wisps and was sucked in. Ron panted, letting Draco hold him and guide him back to the couch. "I hate that bastard. Draco, why did you have to come from him?"

"There's every evidence I was my uncle's child," Draco assured him, giving him a smile. "He was the first heir. My grandfather had Lucius just in case." His mother cackled and shook her head. "No? He said so."

"He was a liar and I know you realize that, my son." She floated closer to Ron. "Good job, daughter-in-law." She looked at Harry. "Is he free of taint?"

"Not quite yet. It will take days to finish the ritual cleansing," Snape said from behind his handkerchief. "Mrs. Malfoy, do not hit me again."

"Sorry, sir," Ron said with a blush. "And can you please quit calling me that!"

Harry leaned down so he could get a kiss. "How about Mrs. Potter then, Ron?" he teased.

"All families take the Malfoy name," Draco said firmly. "That means you're a Potter-Malfoy now, Harry." He got a grin and a wink in response. "Do finish cleaning him. He's not upset about that."

"Fine," Snape agreed, dragging Harry off. He let Molly fix his nose so she would quit trying to do it behind his back.

"Okay, that's one less family crisis," Bill noted, standing up. Draco shook his head. "No?"

"No. We'll have to all put protections on the child. My father wouldn't have used her unless he had something planned. I figured you'd want in on that since it's the first niece."

"What about the heir thing?" Ginny asked, clutching Neville's hand. He had been stunned stupid the entire time so she was trying to bring him back around to support her.

"I have three and a half more years to figure that out, Ginny. Don't worry about it." She smiled at him. "Neville, you'll be happy to know the auguries said it can't be her. The twins will be delighted to hear it can't be any of your family. Too much intermixing through the ages," he said with a grimace.

"You mean our great-something ancestors shagged yours?" Percy asked, looking distraught and ill at the thought.

"It was all on the Black's tapestry," Ginny told him. "But you weren't there. Lucius and Dad were something like third cousins and Mum and dad are about the same amount."

"There's only so much blood to go around," Draco agreed. "Besides, it was Harry's grandmother and one of your mother's family three generations back." They all looked shocked.

"Oh, and the generation before it was another of Harry's great-somethings and Dad's," Ron added for good measure.

"Dear Merlin, we're all incestuous," Percy said, nearly wailing. "What have we done!"

"Go find one without any history at all and spawn with her," Charlie told him, smiling at his frown. "It's the only way." He looked at Draco. "So, since you can't breed into our family to make it stronger, how are you going to do that?"

"I plan on going to Marissa Morel's family and asking if I can adopt hers when they're born," he said honestly. "Somewhat in the family since she's fully pure-blooded and related to my mother. The father's related to you lot." He beamed. "Plus, they're geniuses so their children will be brilliant and they're both ill from magic poisoning so they're looking for adoptive families."

"How many are there?" Ron asked.

"Three so far. The oldest is six and I've met her before. Fairly precocious. Reminds me of me at that age. Reading Shakespear no less."

Ron chuckled, pinching him hard. "Won't that defeat the purpose of having an heir?"

"Not really. This latest one isn't born yet, we can do some sort of tainting ritual to make it a blonde. I hear it's even a son." Everyone shook their heads. "You don't like it?" he teased.

"Morel," George said thoughtfully. "Aren't they the one with the water tricks patents?" Draco nodded, smirking at him. "Then they could be pranksters?"

Draco nodded. "Definitely, only smart ones. Besides, the mother was a Slytherin. I was going to ask Ron and Harry if they'd like that tonight. Only to take them over when they die of course. That way they can have their children there in the last few months or however long."

Vincent stuck his head around the door. "There's Goyle's sister, Draco. She's nearly dead herself from losing her family and the disgrace but she's pregnant. She was the smart one if you remember."

"I do," Draco said happily. "That's another option." He winked and grinned. "Do you like that one better?"

"I think Greg would have loved it because it meant the child wouldn't follow his bad example."

"Good point," Draco agreed.

"Did you know Blaize did adoptions?" Ron asked. Draco looked stunned. "He works with a wizarding adoption agency. There's a few war babies that need good homes. Including a blond one he said looked just like you." He pinched him hard. "I've been meaning to ask you about that."

"It might be a sibling," Percy sniffed. "Lucius did brag that he had another family started during his trial."

"Yes, it could be," Draco agreed, grinning happily. "I'll have to talk to him about that. Is that why he's been hanging around?"

"No, his mother really did kick him out," Ron told him, patting him on the thigh. "Burned all his stuff too, just because he was dating a half-blooded wizard."

"Which didn't she like?" Ginny asked.

"He said it was the wizard part. His father was all over the half-blooded part." He shrugged. "So he's looking for his own place."

"He can stay here and be the nanny," Draco suggested lightly. Ron and everyone looked at him. "It's obvious he likes children and this would allow us some time alone and Hermione some time alone with Vincent."

"If I do I'm bringing your little sister," a male voice said as it passed by the doorway. "And six others."

Ron laughed. "Harry would adore it. He'd treat them like they were the dogs."

"Speaking of Harry's pack, the cat's staying with us," Fred put in. "She took to Oliver and won't leave his lap when he's there."

"That's fine," Ron said with a grin. "I'm sure Snickers can visit now and again. Or else Harry will let him pick out a few more friends."

"I'm not running an orphanage for animals or children lost in the war," Draco said firmly.

Molly walked in. "Your mother's been telling Harry everything you say and he said he'd like all of them," she said with a smirk. "But the Morel's do have a foster family in mind." She patted him on the head.

Blaize stuck his head in. "I've been meaning to talk to you, Draco. Your father's second heir is really pretty and her mother had three other children. So when he bugged out, he left them in a lurch. They've only recently gotten hold of us through the Ministries and they're demanding you take care of the children she had."

"Why are you talking about her in the past tense?" Ginny asked.

"Because he killed her after she gave birth to the little girl and left the other three there in the house while he took the heir. She was picked up a few weeks ago and is in my custody presently. She's with my mother."

Draco's mouth opened. "Why me?"

"We told him he wasn't legally married to her, she was a Jamaican witch by the way. They were told that he was already married to a wonderful woman, under a death sentence, and his former wife had recently died as well. They said you should be held liable for the kid's upbringing since you're the nearest relative and it's your father's fault. Fortunately all but the little girl are in school. The oldest two are really pretty and one's engaged as soon as she graduates. The younger girl is really stunning and is presently fighting off everyone so she can keep her girlfriend. The little boy is an angry snot, but then again he's fourteen. Your call of course. I'll need an answer in about two or three days time." He pulled back, going back to making himself a snack.

"I didn't want that many!" Draco complained. "Three at the most so they can each have a person they can cling to. No more than that!"

"Tough, deal with it. They're going to move to have you given custody even if you don't accept it," Blaize yelled back. "The little girl's a darling, she sneers more than you do."

"That means you can make her your heir, right, Draco?" Ron asked. Draco nodded, looking confused. "Then there's no problem." He kissed him. "We'll ask Harry as soon as he's cleaned up."

"Where are they going to school?" he called.

"Cuba," Blaize said as he walked in with his sandwich and drink. "They're doing very well. Marlene, the oldest, is the equivalent of a Prefect. She and the little boy want nothing to do with you."

"That's fine. I'll want to talk with them but I see no reason not to support them."

"We'd have to have them in for the summer holidays," Ron pointed out.

"And?" Draco said with a shrug. "My mother would have taken them in without a question. It's the way things are in society families when the concubine dies and leaves children behind." He looked at Molly. "Did you wish children on us?"

"No," she said with a smile, "but Harry's been hoping so hard it had to come true." Her kids all laughed.

Harry ran in and hugged Draco hard. "I love you," he said, giving him a deep kiss. Then he did the same to Ron and ran back out.

Draco shook his head. "That was rather sudden. Blaize, is she anything like me?"

"Smart, deadly, and cutting with the beauty and grace that only a Malfoy heir can have," he quipped, taking a drink. He ate a bite of sandwich. "I wouldn't mind being the live-in nanny, Draco, you know I adore kids even if I can't have any of my own."

"You can't?" Percy asked.

Blaize looked at him. "My mother cursed me that way because I bugged the shit outta her as a five-year-old," he said honestly. Molly started to glare. "I'm over it, really, Mrs. Weasley. But I do want to remove Cedra as soon as possible." He ate another bite of sandwich. "Besides, with Hermione being preggers again, I can only do really good work with the kids."

"Deal," Draco agreed. "We'll discuss duties and salaries tomorrow." Blaize winked at him. "I'm not paying you that way, Zabini. The same as I'm not letting you get near Harry's trim rear either." He patted Ron on the arm. "I don't have to worry about you, he never dreamed about you, Ron."

"That's good to know," Ron said, still stuck on the whole 'new family' part. "Draco, where are we going to put them?"

"In the family wing. It's that closed off section I still have to have the workmen fix." He kissed her on the temple. "Is it safe to go back to bed?"

"Not yet," Molly said gently. "You could curl up down here if you want, or you could open that section back up."

"It hasn't been cleaned in forever," Draco pointed out.

"I had Dobby clean it yesterday," Blaize assured him. "I was going to have to move Cedra soon, mother said so." He finished off his snack and put the dishes aside, watching as they disappeared. "Come on, I'll show you up to your rooms. The end room is going to be mine. I've been staying in there anyway." He led the rest of the family up, showing them to their rooms for the night.

"It's like this place expands so there's always at least an extra fifty rooms," Percy said in consternation.

"It does," Blaize agreed, smiling at him. "I'm down behind the blue door if anyone needs anything. The pull cords beside the beds summon a house elf. Good night all." He disappeared into his room, going to call his mother. She sent the girl on right then, tired of taking care of children. Blaize looked at the little girl and her bags. "Cedra, this is your brother's house. Would you like to see your room?" She nodded, giving him the totally adorable big eyed innocent look that was such a lie. "We have visitors tonight, but they're mostly nice. They're your brother's wife's family." Her eyes went wide. "Really. Including her mother. Come along, let me show you to the nursery. Your other siblings will be up for the summer holidays in a few weeks." He showed her into the nursery, letting her search around while he put up her clothes. He saw one of the house elves and nodded him in. "Dobby, this is Cedra, she's Draco's half-sister. Lucius did a bad thing to her mother so Draco has custody of her. Would you please look out for her."

Dobby looked at the little girl, who pulled on his ear. He hugged her, making her wail in fright. "Yous be good and I makes cookies," he told her. "Harry Potter likes cookies and he shares with good girls." He nodded a few timed and looked at Blaize. "Master knows?"

"Not yet. She just arrived. We'll introduce them tomorrow, Dobby." He nodded and disappeared.

Cedra sat down in a chair and crossed her arms, pouting at him. "Cookies!" she demanded. He laughed and summoned Dobby back. "Cookies?" she asked, sounding more polite this time.

"I's bring right up." He disappeared and came back with a large plate of cookies and some milk. "For you." He presented them and she giggled, taking the plate and the glass very carefully to put down. He poked her on the nose and left again.

She laughed and held out a cookie. "Cookie?"

"Yes, thank you, dear," he said, taking it from her. "He's very good at making cookies, they're still chewy," he said in appreciation. House elves were amazing. He let her finish the plate and got her into a bed, making sure she was tucked in. "I'm through the blue door, Cedra. If you get scared or anything, come crawl in with me. Okay?" She nodded, giving him that same big eyed innocent look that was such a lie. He smiled and patted her on the head. "Sweet dreams, Cedra." He extinguished all but one light and went back to his room to unpack. He was going to enjoy this. Someone knocked and he opened it, smirking at Draco. "She's in the nursery. My mother got fed up. Dobby fed her a plate of cookies and some milk, charming her completely."

"Thank you, Blaize. You're a big help," Draco said, giving him a short hug. "Is she sleeping?"

"Not yet. You'll see her tomorrow. She's been told that most of Ron's family are here as well." He yawned. "Draco, would part of my salary include a hot man to date?"

"If I find one, you can have one," Draco promised, smirking at him. Blaize grinned and laughed. "We'll see what I can find to keep your innate sense of mischief down. Tell me if you have any problems but don't force them. Father's personal vault in the Caymans will be given to them for their expenses. If they'd rather, they can rent a house for the holidays so they're all together." He looked toward the nursery. "Do they like her?"

"Not really. The boy blames her for killing their mother and the youngest daughter cries whenever she sees her."

"That's fine, then we won't push it. Are there any others?"

"One," Blaize admitted. "Unborn. Conceived the night before that last fight where Harry wounded him. Mother's a wreck and a half. Muggle, rich, dark skinned. Beautiful woman, but so very against his usual tastes. She's a genius though, and married. Her husband knows. My agency talked with her about the child when we found out. He was rather stunned but Dumbledore was handling the introduction so he made him believe." He shrugged at the incredulous look. "Really, I'm not making it up. If she's a witch, she's like Harry's family, Draco. I don't know anything else."

"Find out for me. If she's a true heir then she and Cedra can be mine."

"I think that one's going to be a boy. Oh, I did bring the folder." He pulled it out of his bag and handed it over. "I stole it from the office yesterday."

Draco looked at the profile and suddenly smiled a beautiful smile. "She's Lily's cousin," he said, handing it back. "The child could well be like Potter." He strolled away, going to tell Ron everything.

"Huh?" Blaize asked, looking at the name again. "That never showed up in the background check." The door to the nursery opened and he put it away, smiling as he let the girl climb into his bed for a bit. He loved children, he was going to enjoy this job.


The day that Harry was declared free of taint was named a celebration. Draco and Ron gave him the usual presents, a blow job and some stunning sex, multiple times throughout the day. That day also brought him knowledge and meeting Cedra and the new twins: Brighid and Teutates. Needless to say, Harry had to ask who they were named after.

Draco pulled down the book of Celt mythology. "Their mother named them," he started, finding the correct page. "Brighid was the goddess of fertility, therapy, metalworking, and poetic inspiration. She is the wife of Bres. She is known as Caridwen or Cerridwen in Wales. There are three sisters by the name of Brigit in Irish myth, daughters of In Dagda, who are the patron-goddesses of learning and/or poetry, healing and smithcraft." He looked up and smiled. "Quite a name for her to live up to."

"Let's hope she doesn't like wearing armor around the house," Ron joked.

"Those are Valkaryes, Ron." Draco smiled at him. "Teutates was the Gaul god of fertility, war, and wealth. His name means "the god of the tribe". Human sacrifices were made to him - usually they were drowned in giant cauldrons. He is credited with inventing all the crafts of mankind." He closed the book with a snap. "He is the equivalent of the Roman god Mars."

"Then maybe we can help him find a peaceful side," Harry suggested with a smile. "A smith and a war god, how very appropriate for you, Draco." Draco pounced him to use the oldest form of torture, tickling. Ron helped because it had been an awful joke.

Cedra poked her head into the study. "Play?" she asked, walking over to help tickle Harry. He laughed and they attacked the girl instead, making her squeal in joy. Blaize came running at the noise, he had been hunting her down for a bath. She grinned at him and patted him on the nose. "Play!" she said firmly, smirking up at him.

"Damn, she really is a Malfoy," Ron said in amazement. "That's your smirk, Draco, only with a few less teeth." Draco smirked at the little girl and she laughed, smirking back.

"You are very pretty," Harry told her, straightening out her shirt. "Can you say Harry?"

"Harry!" she said happily, hugging him.

"I believe you've won over another Malfoy, Potter," Blaize said as he separated the girl from Harry's neck. "Come on, Cedra, it's time for a bath." She spit at him and decided to try Ron's lap. He summoned over a book, making her clap. "Ron!" he said in disgust. "The water's getting cold or the dogs are drinking from it!"

"Snickers," Harry called. His dog trotted in and licked the little girl to clean her up. She had been a messy eater. "Will you help her take a bath? We'll read to her when she's done." He tipped Cedra's face up. "I'll let you take Snickers this time for your bath, but you have to bring him right back when you're done. Okay?" She nodded, patting the dog on the nose. He licked her fingers and backed away before one found his eye. She got down and let Blaize help her up the long staircase, the dog beside her, and the rest trailing her.

"Gogs!" she said happily, pointing for Blaize's benefit.

"Yes, I know, those are Harry's dogs and he's letting you play with them for a bit. You have to be good to keep them though. Okay?" She nodded and went to take her bath. One of the dogs even fell in to help her get clean. It liked the bubbles, it kept flapping it's ears to make them fly for her amusement. Blaize laughed and continued to scrub her clean of the jelly the house elves had let her play in. "You are going to be so spoiled," he assured her with a grin.

"Play!" she said, kissing the bubble infested nose. She came away with dog hair attached to her lips and tried to wipe them off.

He gently cleaned them off for her. "Of course you can play. You can even tell Harry all about how his dog Blackie helped you take a bath." She patted the good dog and got barked at for it. He smiled. "Let's finish up so I can check on the twins, okay?" She happily cleaned between her toes because the doggy was watching and the big person had said doggies like clean toes.


Draco looked over as Harry slid onto the couch next to him. "You're looking thoughtful. What's wrong?" he asked as he pulled his husband closer.

"I was going through the attic of 'what if's," Harry admitted. He smiled up at him. "What would have happened if the hat had been insistent and all that stuff."

"You really did almost get into Slytherin?"

"I had to beg the hat to not put me in there. It really wanted to but I was begging and chanting not to because Ron and Hagrid had both said that your house was full of bad guys." Draco laughed. "Okay, bad *wizards*," Harry admitted, rolling his eyes.

"And now that you see we're not all so bad, you wanted to know what might have happened?"

"Yeah. Like would I have saved Ginny in my second year? Would I have defeated Quirrel in my first? Things like that."

"Hmm." Draco summoned over a book. "There is a way to view alternate time lines, but you have to be very careful not to interact with it. You can't even cheer yourself on because it can change things drastically over there and destroy their lines." He gave Harry a slight kiss. "We could try it if you wanted. It's very difficult to do."

"I don't know if I want to know that much," Harry admitted. He blinked at his husband. "Who have you watched?"

"I do time line ones. I watch old games to see where I messed up." He grinned. "It seems that I was watching you a lot more than I was the snitch." He gave him a squeeze. "We've been invited to try out for a professional spot."

"I love flying, but I'm not sure I want to play professionally. I like staying at home and taking care of Ron and you."

Draco gave him a light kiss. "I understand. Will you be upset if I go?"

"Go ahead. I know how much you've missed flying." Draco looked down at him, the question clear in his eyes. "You've been riding your racing bike every day, Draco. It's kinda obvious."

"You mean you think it's that instead of getting off on the vibrations." Harry blushed. "Tell me you've felt it."

"I have. I came the last time we raced," Harry admitted shyly. He grinned at his husband. "Can we try that sex on the bike thing? Maybe today?"

"Possibly, when the heirs are down for a nap," Draco said tolerantly. Harry poked him. "Fine, when the children are down for a nap," he said, fixing his earlier statement.

"Thank you, Draco."

"You're welcome, Harry." They shared another kiss, interrupted by a head butting Draco's leg. He looked down at her. "Hello, Eterna. How are you this afternoon?" He picked her up to look at her. "Where is your mother?" Eterna made happy baby noises and slapped at his lips. He kissed her fingers and let her go, watching as she crawled around the room.

Vincent ran in. "Baby?" Draco pointed. "No, *BABY*!" he shouted.

Harry stood up. "Come on, Vincent, we'll check her over. It's not time yet. Draco, pull my new car around?" he suggested as he went to get Hermione up off the bed she was lying on. "Oh, dear, you are in labor already," he sighed, helping her up. "Come along, Hermione. Let's take you back to the nice hospital."

"I want to have this one here!" she said firmly.

"No," Vincent snapped. "No babies at home! Hospital. Here, ours, but a hospital."

"Fine, St. Mungoe's then," she sighed. She let Harry help her down the stairs. They met Draco in the foyer. "St. Mungoe's. No more muggle facilities."

"Fucking hell, woman. You can't floo in that condition," Draco snorted. "You're going where we take you and no backtalk. Next time you if you want to go to the one in London, you go faster, at the first labor pain, not at the last one." He bundled her into Harry's SUV and they took off, going back to the hospital. Draco had helped Harry pick it out, but he had treated himself to the gas guzzling monster to replace his dead car.

Ron peeked down the stairs and went to tell his mother the good news. Molly laughed and shook her head. "She's a bit early but they were arguing about her flooing. You really can't floo in that condition?" She shook her head. "Huh. Mum, do you know a handy midwife for Hermione?"

"Yes, dear, I'll send you her number in a letter in a few days." She gave him a gentle smile. "I'll be up tonight to check on the baby and your babies, Ron." She signed off and went back to her staff meeting. Severus was shaking his head and McGonagall was holding hers. "We all knew Granger was stubborn," she reminded them with a smile. "Now she has to butt heads with Malfoy, the king of stubborn." They laughed and got back to work.

The End.