Xander walked into the dungeon, sleeves already rolled up. "What did you want help moving?" he asked the teacher.

"The tables." He looked him over. "Lost your wand?" he asked dryly.

"No, George confiscated it this morning and won't give it back," Xander admitted with a shrug. "I think it had something to do with me stripping him each time he tried to walk out the door to go to work."

"I see." Snape looked him over. "Go retrieve it. I'm not hefting those stone slabs anywhere."

"Sure." Xander disappeared and stalked through the shop, going to find his mate and his wand. He found his mate, but he was being stubborn so he had to resort to punishment. He tickled him until his husband begged. "Where's the wand, dear? I have to help Sev move stuff."

"Bedroom!" George gasped, trying to get away from the torturing fingers. "Stop, please!"

"Thank you." Xander walked back out into the shop and everyone looked at him. "I was tickling him," he told them. "He stole my wand." He walked back to their bedroom and after a careful search found his wand under his pillow. He came out waving it to make sure George hadn't screwed it again and grinned. "Just like usual."

"Xander, George needs to get things done today," Fred said patiently. "We've got new stuff coming out today."

Xander looked at him. "I know that! I'm coming down to help you shift boxes. He stole my wand, Fred!"

"Fine. Go back to the school and *try* to behave." Fred watched as Xander disappeared.

"You wouldn't send him away, will you?" one small girl asked Fred, giving him an impossibly big, wet eyed begging look. "We like Mr. Xander. He makes neat stuff."

Fred bent down and pinched her on the nose. "No, sweetheart, I'd never send Xander away, not even on his naughtiest days. This time, George deserved it." She smiled and her threatened tears dried up. "Now, why don't you get something really mean to do to your mommy?" She squealed as she ran to the 'really mean to parents' cabinet, looking through the glass for something she wanted. The only parent in the store looked at him. He grinned. She shook her head. "Her mother taught her how to beg," he said as he walked past her. "George, are you living?"

"Yes," George squeaked.

Fred stuck his head into the room and shook his head, using his wand to get George something to put on. "You should have blocked that spell."

"I didn't think I had to," George told him. He put on the bathrobe and sat back down so it was under him this time. "He's mean to me, Fred."

"I'm sure he is but the kids all love him so you can't get rid of him." George tried for a begging look. "You're the one who forgot this anniversary."

"Good point." George grinned. "I'll have to make it up to him tonight."

"As long as you use the silencing spell or stay up there to keep Ron awake. Tomorrow's my day in the lab." He closed the door and walked back to the front, going to ring the little girl up. "There you are," he said, handing her one of the color changing bags. She cackled as she skipped out, heading for home.

The lone parent looked at him. "Your business does very well, doesn't it?"

Fred nodded. "Ten percent profit annually," he bragged. "Five percent total comes from my twin's husband, the dark haired one who just tickled him into submission." He leaned closer. "He also makes all the revenge toys."

"Ah." She nodded. "Of course he does. Does one of them... tickle someone into submission?"

"Actually, we do have something for that," he agreed, pointing at the wrapped candies in the locked cabinet. "Icy Fingers of Death. A knut a piece." She looked interested. "We had to wrap it because the kids used to try and eat *inches* of it and got really sick when they couldn't quit laughing for hours on end." She chuckled and he held out the key. "I trust you not to steal any."

"Ooooh, can I have one too?" one boy begged. "Please? Mum said I could have one, Mister George."

"Steve, I'm Fred, and of course you can if you have the money for it." A knut was put onto the counter and the boy hurried over, taking the piece the adult had in her hand. "Clear the area, he thrashes," Fred warned. The mother watched as the little boy started to giggle, then fell to the floor holding his sides, then indeed started to thrash around until it wore off. Fred grinned at her. "A knut a piece."

She got five of them. "My husband needs a good laugh," she said, handing over the key and the money. She looked back at the boy. "That's very good work, Mr. Weasley." She winked and walked away, her son following her once he had purchased his Ever-Bouncing Ball.

Fred leaned on the counter, watching the little kids. One treat went into a pocket, and by the looks of the girl she hadn't been able to buy anything for a while so he disabled the anti-theft charm when she left with her friends. As soon as she was gone though, it was restarted. The kids would rob them blind if they thought they could.


Xander strolled back into the dungeon. "George was convinced to it back," he said with a smirk. Snape looked at him. "He forgot our anniversary."

"I wasn't aware that you had one right before the holidays."

"It's the anniversary of the first time we got together. Way back when, right before the Yule Ball that year."

Snape looked up and shook his head. "You're worse than a girl sometimes, Harris."

"But you love me anyway," Xander reminded him with a grin and batting eyes.

Snape looked at him. "Not that much." He pointed at the tables full of students. "As you can see, we waited too long and they demanded the opportunity to flunk another class."

"We can wait for a few more," Xander agreed, leaning against the front of the desk. "What are they doing? It smells worse than Iggy's enema potion for Hippogryphs."

Severus took a deep inhale. "It smells normal for this spell. There are a few who have, of course, gotten it wrong already. Let me get the diagram I drew up. I was working on it in my office." He stood up and glanced around. "Do behave for Professor Harris-Weasley, he is worse than I am." He walked into the back room, going to get that diagram. A phoenix screaming made him come back quickly. Xander was on the floor, as were four of the girls in the front row. Murphy, Xander's phoenix was flying around the ceiling screeching. "Stop that. It's not helping. Get Malfoy, now!" The bird flew off, leaving him to try and figure out what had happened. Xander seemed fine, just unconscious. "What happened?" he demanded, looking around the room. One boy in the back tentatively raised his hand. "Yes?"

"Their potion overboiled and Professor Harris-Weasley tried to help them as the cauldron tipped over. It splashed him and he passed out, sir. So did they." He pointed a shaking finger at the girls.

"Very well. The rest of you leave. You can deal with this after the holidays." The other students carefully ran from the room. "What happened?" he muttered, going over to the mass of potion puddled on the tabletop. He used a swab to sop some for a sniff test. "That isn't right," he said, frowning. "What is that?"

Draco walked in, breathing a little hard. "Murphy said there was an accident," he said, trying to catch his breath. "We were outside," he explained at the curious look. "What happened?"

"What is this potion?" Snape asked as he handed the swab over. "You've had dealings with most of the childish and sexual pranks and potions around the school." He moved Xander away from the growing puddle, checking him over again. "He seems fine."

Draco groaned, walking over to search their notes. "What house?" he asked.


Draco slammed his fist into the table. "Those bloody irresponsible girls!" He looked down at them, then spit on them. "Not as bright as you think, are you?" he yelled.

"This is a bit hysterical for you, what is it?" Snape asked, trying to at least sound patient.

Draco found the page in their notes he was looking for and handed it over. "It's a renewed virginity potion." He grabbed the spill powder and started to spread it around, then added a layer of baking soda on top of it. "Stupid girls!"

"I take it you know about this potion?"

"My grandmother created it," Draco told him. Snape groaned. "I see you remember?"

"Indeed. Send for George so we can explain it to him as well." He looked at the door. "Usually he's here by now."

Draco looked at the doorway. "You're right." He frowned and went to call him from Snape's personal office floo. "Fred, good. We've had a ...small incident up here. We'll need to explain it to George." Fred's mouth opened. "Don't start. Please. I can't tell you over this."

"Then come here. George has locked himself in the lab and he just fell."

"Wonderful." Draco stepped through and walked over, whispering in Fred's ear. He glanced at the other kids. "Safety release?"

"Above the door. The blue dot. Usual release word." Draco nodded, going to check on him "I think we're going to get our helper in here for the rest of the day," he told the children in the store. "Will you guys behave while I get her?" They all nodded, looking very sincere. Fred walked outside, turning up the alley to knock on her door. "We need you today," he told her, eyes still wide. "Xander just stumbled into a big mess."

"What sort?" their helper asked, pulling on a robe.

"The sort with some seventh year Ravenclaws who like to party and are due for a political marriage this summer." She looked stunned. "They splashed Xander."

"If they did the potion I'm thinking of, you're going to be busy for a few days," she said, following him back to the store. They found Draco ringing people up. "Let me, I'm sure you're needed back there." She looked him over. "Your grandmother's?" she whispered. He nodded. She grinned. "Have fun with that." He groaned and went back to the school.

Fred went to the lab, but George was napping. He covered him up and went up to help.


Draco looked at the gathered family, putting his teacup back into the saucer sitting on his crossed knee. "I've discovered a few things about this potion and which version they were using. First, they made it very strong. When the Headmaster questioned the girls, they said they were aiming to erase about six-to-eight lovers each. The potion was a bit stronger than that. They also used the wrong one to do that. This one links your memories, all of them, to your sexual experiences." He looked at Severus. "This was a trial run. They're due to be examined during break to make sure they're still pure," he said with a sneer. "If their mothers don't brew it for them, you might suggest that they call our beloved nephew and ask him to do it specially for them." Severus grunted in annoyance. "One girl suggested that they ask you and the others nearly killed her. The headmaster laughed, of course."

"Of course. I consider this a frivolous waste of energy."

"As do I, but to some this is most important. You know how some of the older lines feel about their brides coming in virginal and pure of thought and deed." He raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised it took that long to make one."

"As am I."

"You seem to know a lot about this spell," Ron pointed out carefully. Draco was in a *bad* mood and it was showing.

Draco gave him a bland look. "I should. My paternal grandmother created it. She based it off an ancient spell that only worked part of the time. There are three other versions that have come off hers. In this case, the girls used the strongest. It can literally erase all the memories if it's not countered in a timely fashion."

"Which would be?" George asked from his usual chair.

"Which would be this next week," Draco admitted. He put his tea cup down on the coffee table and leaned forward. "The main problem with this spell is that it links all the memories he's created since he started having sex to the sex acts he's done with each of his lovers. To free them, we'll have to redo each act at least once."

"Um, I hate to bring this up, but he used to date girls," Bill pointed out from the corner.

"The girls hadn't done the final incantation, we *might* be able to get past that one somehow," Draco told him. He looked at George. "Do you know *everything* that he's done and how many lover's he's had?"

"Yes, and yes, but I think we're underestimating a few things," George said carefully. Draco and Snape both raised an eyebrow. "After his senior year, Xander went on a trip to find himself. He ended up being an exotic dancer." He glanced around. "This cannot get out. He'll kill anyone who knows." Everyone nodded. "Thank you." He relaxed. "He did some things during that time which he didn't want to talk about, ever. With anybody."

Draco nodded. "I've probably heard worse. Did you get it when you viewed his life that time?" George nodded. "Good, then can we recreate them in some fashion?"

"There were things that had three people in it," George told him.

"What happens if we don't get those back?" Bill asked.

"It could cause a personality change," Snape told him. "Did this trip impact him other than the obvious?"

"It made him take a long look at gays and see them as okay people," George told him.

"Blast," Ron muttered. He looked at George. "I wouldn't normally say this, but if you need the help...." He left it there.

George shrugged. "I don't know, will we?" He looked at Draco, who nodded. "Shit." He slumped in the chair. "I don't like this."

"We can always obliviate this time from ourselves," Bill suggested cheerfully.

George looked at him. "Yes, I will, just so I don't have to wonder if you're thinking about him during a family dinner."

Draco snorted. "I wouldn't trust Bill anyway. I'm not sure of his technique." He relaxed some. "George, do you want to do this in private? You'll have to graphically tell us what he's done so we can make plans."

"Please," Fred agreed. He stood up. "George, I love you, but I'm not helping. I'll help carry you to the bathroom so you can bathe afterwards, but I don't want to know that much." His twin smiled at him. "You two are scary during your kinkier times, and I already know too much." The others laughed. "You think I'm kidding, but I know a lot of things that the rest of you don't. Even their personal physicians might not know some of this."

"Oh, they don't," George agreed. He looked at Draco. "Our room?"

"We probably should." He stood up and followed George up. "If we can do them in the same order it would be for the best," he said as he closed the door and put up a barrier so no one could listen.

"What about near calls?"

"That depends on the sort." He sat on the bed and patted the large space beside him. "Come sit." George gave him a funny look. "I know, but it is the only place to sit in here."

"Good point." George ended up laying on his side to get comfortable. "He had a few close calls while he was captured."

"I see." Draco considered what he knew. "According to Grandmother's papers, it shouldn't matter. If it had actually happened, it might."

"Cordelia might have," George said quietly.

"Then we'll have to see, but I think that it would be covered with you doing the same thing, which I suppose you have, or at least in the same manner." George nodded. "Then it should still be covered." The other man relaxed and Draco laid down to get comfortable. "This is cosy."

George groaned and pulled a pillow over his head. "I feel like the kids on a sleepover sharing naughty secrets."

"If that's how you want to think of it, George, then that's fine with me," Draco said with a small smirk. The pillow hit him in the face. "Thank you." He used it to support his ankles. They were sore anyway. "Now then, give. What should we have to plan for? We'll have to make sure they're done fairly in a row. That way his mind doesn't have time to catch up so he won't realize what's going on."

"What about the nights?"

"There's that much?" Draco asked. George nodded. "Can we combine some things?"

"He started out normal, but after that trip he started exploring his kinkier side. With Anya alone, he discovered handcuffs, toys, and cock rings. Plus alternate porn, watching others, and performing voyeuristically for others to watch. Added on top of all the times she did him."

Draco thought about it, then shrugged. "If possible, we may have to take a weekend. I know you don't want to have to explain this to your mother." George shook his head quickly. "All right, start at the beginning."

"In the beginning was Faith. Shouldn't you be taking notes?"

"No, I'll be able to remember it," Draco said with a grin. "I won't even blackmail him with it."

"That's good, because he'll be very hurt," George pointed out. "You think you know some things, but you've never heard the majority of it and he's still wanting to keep that hidden, especially from you."

Draco patted him on the side. "I'd never hurt Xander, you know that." George nodded. "Now, do you really want me to take notes?"

"Not really. Not unless you can promise that they're destroyed and won't ever be seen."

Draco held up a finger and used his wand to summon something from his room, from under his mattress. He held up the little book. "I keep a small diary of liaisons, just in case something happens. We can use a few of the pages for him, that way it'll seem like it's mine." George relaxed again as Draco grabbed a muggle pen. "Okay, so, Faith." His nose wrinkled. "That other Slayer?"

"Yup. She got horny after a fight and jumped him. As he put it, a three minute thrill ride for her." He grinned weakly. "Will he remember anything?"

"With as strong as they made it, he might not know his own name," Draco admitted, giving him a sincere look. "Poppy's figuring that out right now." George nodded. "Anything else?"

"No, she shoved him out of the room. After that, we run into Cordelia. They made out a lot and she gave him a few blows. One handjob. Nothing spectacular." George combed through Xander's memories, smiling when he came to a few of them. "After that was that trip."

"All right," Draco said, writing the word 'trip'. "Then what?"

"Then was a threesome, an orgy with five women and another guy, and doing some watching. Plus stripping that one night." Draco looked at him. "He filled in, hated doing it, but he was so geeky back then."

"I see." Draco wrote it down. "Anything else?"

"I think he saw someone be flogged. He was dragged to an S&M club by the girl he was dating while he was there. Her best friend was putting on the show that night."

"Really?" Draco tapped the pen against his bottom lip. "I'm not sure that would count, but we could probably find one and have him watch. There's got to be at least one in London." George nodded. "We'll cover that later." Draco looked back down at the book. "Anything else?"

"Not that he remembered. He did have a few nights where he didn't remember," he cautioned. A note was made of that. "She picked him up at the club because she wanted her other boyfriend to dance. She decided that being around Xander would get him used to the idea, then she figured out that Xander had a very open mind. She and her little pack of women appreciated that. They used him for all sorts of fun, with her permission of course."

"Of course." Draco gave him a look. "Did he have fun?"

"He was eighteen."

"At least he was careful." He looked at the paper again. "Who comes next?"

"Anya," George sighed. "The Ho."

"I see." He wrote the name. "I'm guessing they started out normal?"

"And then Xander's innate need to explore got him into trouble. She did things like take him in the back of the shop that they all hung out at. In the park once, with kids playing a few hundred feet away. She's the first one to tie him down."

"I take it that's a favorite?"

"He gets bouncy," George defended. "Sometimes it's in my own defense."

"I'll have to remember that the next time you leave them up." He gave him a look. "Does that blue set mean anything special?"

"Just that he's been extra naughty or bouncy. They've got the smallest room to move."

"Ah." Draco made a note of that. "We might want them then."

"He prefers the red set." That last note was crossed out. "Thank you."

"Not a problem. We'll need you to be comfortable with this as well." Draco looked at the paper. "What else did she do?"

"She introduced him to toys. Both for her pleasure and his. She only used the small ones on him because he was very wary of being seen as gay in her eyes. Something about her going that way all the time."

"In other words, she'd want to top him all the time," Draco noted. George nodded. "He really did date butch women, didn't he?"

George gave him a soft shove. "It's not his fault they were all like that. His openness draws people like that to him. Look how many dominant people he has around him now."

Draco looked at him. "Is he normally submissive to you?"

"No!" George blushed. "Occasionally he asks, but I take just as much time under him." He cleared his throat. "We're not there yet."

"Good point. All right, she introduced him to tying down, handcuffs specifically, toys, and you said cock rings?"

"She wanted him to go all night. She's the one who built up his stamina."

"Which is impressive from what I've seen." Draco made a note to remind himself of that fact. "All right, anything else?"

"Well, like I said, she did like to perform for others. They made a few tapes. They watched a number of tapes. She taught him how to give good oral sex to his women." Draco made a note of that as well. "How are we going to do that part?"

Draco shrugged. "I don't know. We could take him to a few houses I know and let most of this happen there, that way we don't sully your home with it."

"That would be nice. Can we rent out the place?"

"No, but I know one where I can rent out a small room and they're discreet enough to not mention it and not film it."

"That might be for the best," George sighed, pulling a pillow over his head again. "Anya got him into anal play with her toys and fingers."

"That's one we'll definitely have to redo then, won't we?" Draco said, trying to be comforting. He patted George on the stomach. "Were you next?"

"Next was the battle his first year teaching over the holidays. Cordelia had been turned and had him."

"Did she do anything outside of molesting him?"

"I don't know, I'm assuming it was pretty standard. I know he was tied up, but we've done that as well. Just not tied up like he was."

"We can deal with that as well," Draco assured him, making the note. "Then came you, correct?"

"Unless he hid some memories," George agreed. "We started out normal as well, but Xander was very honest about what he had done and what he had liked about it. Within a few times with him, we had tied each other down and had to gag him once or twice." Draco made a note. "Do you feel as oddly as I do telling you all this?"

"Definitely," Draco said with a small smile. "I think it's a bit icky. I never realized how much of a friend I saw Xander as. Somewhere over the years I quit seeing him as a sexual object. I might pick on him but I'd never go through with it I think."

George grinned back. "Now you know how we feel when you tease him, Draco."

"I know. It is rather an odd feeling. The only one who brings up this same feeling is my own daughter."

"Yeah, we'll have to make sure Simone isn't there."

"She's out of the country at a game." He went back to the book. "Just give me a list, George. Toys, handcuffs, what else?"

"Toys, handcuffs, swings, a sling, bigger than average toys, a gag once or twice." He coughed at the look Draco gave him. "What? That's the more mild things. Want me to write it?"

"I'll have to know to help. Consider me like a counselor in this case."

"Fine. We've played around with fisting, with enemas, with champagne enemas because he wanted to. Those really will make you very drunk."

"I hope it was warm," Draco put in. George nodded. "Good, I'd hate to feel it cold." He looked at him. "What else? I can feel that there's more."

"I've done about everything I could to him at least once, Draco. With a few exceptions."

"All right," he made a note. "Let's make an exclusion list. Scat?" George shuddered. "Showers?"

"Done that, twice."

"Eating him afterwards."

"Done that a few times. Also with some strawberry oil before." A note was made. "Pretty muchly, that's it."

"I see." Draco looked at him. "You've cut him?" George shook his head. "Used pins on him?" George shook his head, starting to look sick. "Have you whipped him?"

"We tried it, it didn't really feel right to either of us and he never would allow me to try that on the bottom."

"Good. Have you paddled him?"

"No, same thing as the whipping."

Draco made another note. "All right, what about spanking?"

"Only playful ones." George ran a hand over his face, wiping off the sweat. "I wish I could just show you, that would solve this problem."

"I wish it were that simple. Otherwise you could show him and we'd not have this problem." He looked at the list. "Did he give or take when you fisted?"


"All right." Draco made another note. "I have to ask. I know this isn't really you, but how far up did you get?"

"Only my wrist. He takes a bit more than that."

"Thank you." He smiled. "I don't think I wanted to know that much about his insides." George gave him another nudge. "Do you think you can do this on your own?"

"No," George said honestly. "But I want you to promise to obliviate it or something afterwards."

"If you want," Draco agreed easily. "I don't think I want to look at him across the table and remember being up him that way."

George pounced him, rolling Draco under him. "Only I get to do that, Draco. No one else. That's private between us."

"Then you can do that," he agreed. "You can do as much of it as you can handle. I don't think you'll be able to do all of it though."

"I know." George's shoulders slumped and his 'son' gave him a hug. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Xander is the only person in the entire world that I would do this for, you know that." He grinned. "Not that I won't try to give him a higher standard to work for."

George pinched him. "Nasty git." But he was smiling. "There's one last thing, something he realized a few years back. He once picked up a prostitute." Draco nodded. "Who was male. A crossdresser. He didn't realize it until after he had been inside me."

"I think we can even arrange for that. They've probably seen such accidents. Do you want to go there?"

"I'll even pay for it," George said quietly. "I don't want to do that in our beds."

"That's fine." Draco gave him a pat on the back. "Get off, you're heavier than I am and I prefer light people on top of me." He grimaced.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, hugging his son tightly. "I know you miss her."

"I do, but she'd want me to move on. She said so a few times," Draco agreed, hugging him back. "Myan would have laughed her ass off about this one."

"I'm sure Xander will if we ever tell him."

"Or he'll never look us in the face again."

"That too," George agreed with a grin. He stiffened. "He's awake."

"Good. Does he remember his name?"

"Yeah, he seems to have memories up to about the age of ten." George frowned and considered it. "That's not when he said he started."

"He probably saw his first naked girl then," Draco offered. "Is he acting childlike?"

"No, like a normal Xander who can't remember anything of the past thirty years. Only with less violence floating around randomly in his mind."

"Good. Then it hasn't harmed his essential nature." George looked down at him. "Ten years ago there was girl who made it much too strong, it wiped out all of her memories. They didn't know what had happened so they couldn't fix it."

"Oh," George said with a hiss and shudder. "Did her parents marry her off anyway?"

"Yes, they were rather pleased with it. It seemed that she had some personality traits that they found annoying. Her husband got to retrain her in everything. She seems to be happy."

"She doesn't know any different."

"Well, she does now, but she's still happy enough I suppose. I saw her last year at a garden party and she seemed happy." He shifted. "Has she told him yet?"

"She's handed him a note, he's reading it." George looked at him. "Acknowledged but not actual?"

"How else did you want me to describe it, George?" He shoved. "Get off, we should probably introduce you. The gay thing is probably going to throw him for a few minutes." He got free and put the book into his pocket, brushing himself off. "You have dog hair on you."

"Sorry." George stood up and followed him down to the living room. "Xander's awake."

"Good," Ron sighed. "How long before we have to do something?"

"We'll be planning that in a few moments." Ron looked at him, but so did Bill and Severus. "They don't want to do this in their marriage beds."

"Good point," Severus agreed, standing up. "I'll start on some memory blockers." George gave him a grateful smile. "You're welcome. Come get me if you should need me."

"Where we're going, I don't think it's necessary." Ron sighed in relief. "Though we'll probably need you once. They only have one man on staff." He looked at Ron, who nodded. "Good boy. Come, George, let's introduce you to your husband." He walked out, followed by George.


Xander looked at the nice nurse beside him. She had him sitting on the of the bed. "Okay, magic?" he asked.

She nodded. "I'm afraid so. You've had a long life with it, Xander. You teach it."

"Oh." He looked around. "Then why aren't there dark candles and stuff?"

She pinched him on the arm. "That's bad Hollywood special effects. Real magic isn't like that. Check your pockets, your wand may be in there." He patted himself down, coming up with a wand, which he held up. "Yes, that one's yours. Try something."

"How?" he asked, swishing it around. All the candles were extinguished. "Wow," he breathed, looking around. "That is cool." She relit them, making him laugh.

"Isn't it though?" Draco asked as he walked in. He smiled at Xander. "I'm Draco, I wrote you the letter." Xander shook his hand. "This is George, your husband."

Xander's nose wrinkled. "I like boys?"

"Only this one, you consider the others to be rather icky I believe," Draco assured him with a comforting pat to the arm. "George, come closer."

Xander looked at this man. He was going bald. He wasn't totally fit, but he wasn't a slouch physically. He was probably his height because their eyes were at the same level. There was a happiness shining out of them. There was something familiar about this man. He shrugged mentally and hugged him. George looked surprised but let him. "Don't I usually do this?"

"Every chance you get, usually with a kiss as well, but I was just eating fish so you might not want to."

Xander shrugged. "I'll leave that up to you. You seem familiar. That Deja-Vu feeling."

"That's the effect of the block," Draco informed him. "You two talk. I'm setting up the method of fixing this." Madam Pomfrey looked at him. "We'll have to go back over everything," he told her. "I'll bring him back as soon as we're done so you can check him over."

"That would be fine, Draco," she agreed primly. "Try to give him muscle relaxers before he gets here, that way I don't have to know either." Draco gave her a naughty grin. "I'll ready some restorative for you as well." George was suddenly hugged tightly. "Did you kiss him?" George nodded. "Does he remember you now?"

"Just that we're married. It keyed our wedding day," George told her, eyes closed. "It's all right, Xander. Draco and I are handling it. Within a few hours we'll have you back to normal."

"Or at least within a day," Draco put in. Xander looked at him. "Remember me now?" Xander nodded slowly. "Not all of it though I bet. Do you remember helping me when I had problems with the children? Or me kidnaping you so you had to relax?"

"Not yet," Xander admitted. "You're going to fix me?"

"All of you," Draco agreed with a slight smirk. "Let me make a few calls and then we'll get to it. George, no scandalizing the nurse. Remember, doing them out of order may cause more problems."

"I don't care, I just want it back. I can stand being confused for a while." Xander went back to hugging his mate. He remembered this much. He was gently laid down and George climbed up to lay with him, cuddling him close. "Thank you."

"I love you, you big goof, of course I put up with these occasional problems." He kissed him again, making Xander's eyes light up. "You remember more?"

"Just that apparently I like to do more with you," he said, looking down at both their crotches. "So do you."

"We'll get to that in a while. That's what will unblock you."

"So the note said." Xander's nose wrinkled again. "Have we...done a...lot of stuff?"

"Very much and you enjoyed most of it," George agreed with a smile. He gave him another kiss. "Just lay there and enjoy me. I'm supposed to be at work right now." He suddenly laughed. "This is one hell of an anniversary present, Xander."

"It's our anniversary? But we got married in the summer."

"It's the anniversary of the first night we spent together. You wanted to celebrate." He tweaked his nose. "Relax, it'll take a bit for Draco to arrange things."

"Not in our bed?"

"No, love, not in our bed. We're going somewhere special." He patted the other man's stomach. "Have you eaten? I think you're going to need it."

"I'll send for some lunch," Poppy told them. "For both of you." She hurried to do that. She didn't want to know that much about their sex lives.


Draco opened the door to the suite and let them inside. "As it was pointed out to me, there are some people who will gossip, even in the best houses," he confided at the confused look George gave him. "This way it's totally private, we can clean up afterwards, and we can ward the room so no one can eavesdrop or anything else."

"What about the girl parts?" Ron asked as he sat on a couch. "You might as well sit, Xander, you're not going to be able to tomorrow." Xander sat in a chair and continued to look around. "This is a nice place," Ron noted.

"Known for housing some very discreet liaisons," Draco told him. He looked at George again. "The suite has three bedrooms. I've set one up specifically for some of the kinkier stuff you've done." George relaxed. "The only remaining problem is the girl issue. The place I prefer to use for quiet people was too busy, there wasn't anyone available tonight." George frowned. "So I leave you with a suggestion. Somehow, your sister-in-law heard."

"Fred would kill you," Ron offered.

"She's offered and Fred's on his way as well," Draco informed him. "Xander, why don't you take a look around, but stay out of the bedroom with the closed door." That got a nod and he got up to walk around. "I'll leave this between you and them, George." He walked over to talk to Ron, they'd be needing his help for a few things probably. At the very least to set up the silence and dampening spells so nothing got out of the room.

George opened the door when it was knocked on, letting in Katie, Alicia, Angelina, Fred, and Oliver. "Well, the gang's all here. Are we hosting a party as well?" he asked uneasily.

Katie hugged him. "We'd do anything for Xander, George, you know that."

"But still," Fred put in, "we don't really like it."

"Neither do I," George agreed grimly, watching his husband look out the window. "Xander?" He looked at him. "Are you all right?"

"Kinda nervous," he admitted. He looked at these new people. "Are we having a party afterwards?"

"No, love, we're here to help," Alicia told him, walking over to give him a hug. "In case you didn't remember, you used to date girls." Xander groaned. "Don't you worry. We're all taking a memory block as soon as we're done so none of us will remember it. It's strictly to help you, not to be kinky or nasty later on." He gave her a hard hug. "Air," she gasped.

"Xander, love, you're very strong," George pointed out with a grin. He let Alicia go. "They're out best friends, they wanted to help."

"I guess," Xander said with a shrug. "I was looking at the book...." He snapped his fingers, trying to remember the name.

"Ron," Ron said helpfully, with a smile for him.

"Ron said was mine and I didn't remember any of it."

"That would be a function of the renewed virginity spell," Draco agreed, sitting in a chair. "Come sit."

"Why would anyone think up one of those?" Oliver asked.

Draco looked at him, but Katie answered. "Because that cute little double standard that says girls should be pure and boys should be knowledgeable sucks, Oliver. This way the girls know what they're getting in to, but they can have that supposedly important piece of muscle tissue restored in time for the wedding." She sat in Fred's lap, letting Alicia sit in Oliver's.

"That and for certain ceremonies that call for a sacrifice of virginity, or a virgin, and there isn't one handy," Draco added. He looked at Xander. "Do you understand why we have to recreate all this?"

"Because otherwise I'm not the man I was and George would miss me," Xander said firmly.

"That's very true," George said, giving him a hug. "I already miss you and your violent side. If this had happened to anyone else, we'd be rolling around laughing by now." He looked at Draco, then back at his mate. "Are you ready?"

"I'm not. I've got an order coming up from room service so we won't have to unseal the doors for anything. Severus is giving us the memory blocks as soon as they're done. That's in about three hours. I'll key the shields to let in only him." Everyone nodded. "That means that we can either do this now, and the girls can wait for a bit to get their blocks done, or we can cuddle and chat while we nerve ourselves up until he's done so that they can be done immediately."

"Either's fine with me," Katie told him. Alicia and Angelina both nodded.

Xander looked at them. "I know he said you're our best friends, but isn't this weird for you?" Katie shook her head. "What do I do that's this great, I mean, what did I to deserve you guys?"

"Just by being yourself," Angelina said, giving him a soft and gentle kiss. "We adore you, Xander. You're our trouble buddy and you give us wonderful backrubs."

"Plus, you coach our team and make our lives much more fun," Alicia put in.

Katie giggled. "And sometimes you drop by our shop in the skimpiest of leather outfits to titillate and tease us."

"It's only fair, they're getting you back for all the times you got them off with a backrub," Oliver assured him. He gave him a grin. "I'm just glad it didn't happen to me."

"Yours would probably take less time," Draco pointed out smugly. "Each act once is not that hard for people who like to do things ...normally." Oliver and Fred both blushed. "Ah," he said with a smirk. "Not so vanilla after all?"

"You hush," Katie chastised. "Smutty pervert."

"Thank you, that's the nicest compliment I've been given recently," Draco retorted. The girls all laughed.

Xander looked at Ron. "What about you? I know you said you're George's brother, but do I do this to you too?"

"Nah, you gave me a direction in my life, Xander. Besides, I like you the way you were. Screaming fits at two in the morning and all." He winked. "I'll consider this prepayment for all the training you've still got to do with the kids."

George laughed. "With the way your last one is, I'm sure we'll be seeing her in Morgana's training lessons soon."

"That's no fair, Xander can't hog them all. We've only gotten two of all the kids as our personal helpers."

"I tried with Iggy," George reminded him. "He decided to go for serious potions."

"We're not expecting him, right?" Xander asked cautiously.

"No, dear, we're not expecting our oldest son," George assured him, giving him a short kiss. "Or any of the other children."

"Thankfully, William and Mary were able to come in from their studies for the weekend," Fred offered. Xander looked at him. "William is your son and Mary is Ron's eldest daughter. They're setting up a new sub-shop to ours in Diagon as soon as they've graduated in two years."

"It's the only thing that would keep us in business," George agreed sadly.

"One of them could set up in opposition to Zora in Mortal Alley," Ron offered.

George shook his head. "They promised they wouldn't."

"Besides, they want to work together," Fred reminded him.

Xander coughed. "How many kids do we have, George?"

"Iggy is our oldest by nearly eleven years. Then comes William, and he's a long story waiting to happen, then Maeve, then about six years ago the twins, Greg and Tim. Iggy has children of his own and his first one, Spenser, will be going with the twins."

"Wow," Xander said. He looked at the girls. "Which one of you carried for us?"

"Well, our sister Ginny carried Iggy," Ron told him, frowning.

"William came from elsewhere," Fred put in.

"Maeve was carried by Severus' mate, Tara," Draco offered.

"Then you carried the twins, dear," George said with a smile. Xander looked at him. "It was an accident, but you were *so* happy when you found out. You danced me up and down the halls at the school. The students thought you had went mad."

"Does magic bend the laws of physics?"

"Sometimes the laws of nature," Katie assured him with a grin. "You were huge, Xander. George, don't you have your wallet? You used to carry around a picture of him like that next to the sonogram piccie."

George pulled out his wallet and handed it over, letting Xander look through them. "That's our wedding day. That's the day that we came back from the honeymoon, mum took that one," he said with a grin. "The one across from it is the Iggy stack. There's a space spell on the holder so I could put the whole stack in." Xander touched the face of the man in the picture. "He's a wonderful boy, Xander. Very much like you, only serious." Xander shot him a grin and flipped over. "That's Maeve and Lucien. Lucien is Draco's, but they were carried at the same time so they consider themselves twins."

"The same mother?"

"No, I carried Lucien," Draco told him, pulling up his shirt to show the thin scar. "See?"

Xander's mouth fell open. He leaned over to touch it. "Wow." He looked in the gray eyes. "Did you like it?"

"Very much. It's an incredible feeling, but I'm never doing it again." That got some laughter. "I have grandchildren coming, that's more than enough for now."

Xander looked at the pictures again. "Who's this?" he asked, pointing at a dark haired teen.

"That's William, the long story waiting to happen." George flipped the pictures to the next set. "That's Ron's brood. Mary's the dark haired one."

Ron craned his neck to see. "That's not the latest one."

"I spilled stuff on that one. Besides, I like this one, the triplets aren't behaving in this one."

"We nearly had to use an unforgivable on them the other night to separate them," Ron said with a faint sniffle. "I love my kids."

"Ron, please, get a vasectomy," Katie said, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek. "Your kids are horrible!"

He grinned. "Thanks." Fred laughed. "Hey, I'm keeping you from having to have more, don't laugh too hard."

"Oh, I'm sure that won't be a problem," Katie said, smiling at Alicia. Both of their men looked stunned. "What?"

"Since when!" Fred demanded. "You said you only wanted the one."

"Sometimes things happen," Alicia pointed out, grinning at him. Oliver gulped and she gave him a hug. "It's all right, Oliver. I promise, it's okay."

"You were taking that potion," Oliver pointed out. Then he considered it. "Fred was taking that potion. For that matter, all of us were taking that potion."

"Calm down," Alicia whispered, kissing him to stun him. "As Simone proved, sometimes things go wrong. We'll talk about it later."

"At least I don't have to worry about how to explain you two having dark haired children," George muttered.

Draco looked at Ron. "I thought your mother told you the world had enough Weasleys."

"That's okay, because we don't think these ones are," Katie told him. Oliver passed out, making the girls giggle and hug each other.

"You get to explain that to mum," Ron told Fred. Fred groaned. "Not that she won't be thrilled. She was so happy when Sarajane decided to have everything pulled out."

"Almost as happy as when Ginny's tests came out negative during her scare," George agreed. Draco looked stunned. "She slipped up her potion as well."

Draco shuddered. "I'm glad it wasn't me." He looked around. "Let's change the subject, shall we?"

Angelina looked at him. "Draco, is it true that William and Lucien got a plaque together on Slytherin's walls?" she asked innocently.

Draco groaned. "Those two are worse than Denver *ever* was," he told her. "Between them, they've corrupted so many of the boys I'm not sure any of them will want a wife."

"Not to mention all the girls," George added grimly. On some level, he was proud of his son, but on another he really wanted to make him permanently impotent.

"I heard they tag-teamed the girls," Fred offered.

"That's why they got the plaque together," Ron told him. "Because they're never without the other. Girl or boy. Or teacher from what I heard." He looked at Draco, who shook his head. "That was a rumor?"

"That was definitely a rumor. Amelia Rosenberg would never sleep with either of them. She hates penises." He shifted some in his chair. "I know my record still stands because none of them have gotten that many lovers, mostly because the school's population has went down, but those two have gotten as close as anyone. With two more years for William and three more for Lucien and Maeve, we may yet see my old record of 679 lovers broken." Everyone stared at him. "What?" he asked innocently.

"That many?" Ron asked. "I thought it was closer to four hundred."

"No, not hardly." Draco buffed his nails on his slacks, then looked at them. "Denver only got to 452. William and Lucien...."

"We don't want to know," George interrupted.

"Sorry," Draco said with a smirk for him. "You're not proud?"

"I heard about their drunken trip to Diagon last summer," George reminded him. Draco looked embarrassed. "Try to keep my son out of trouble if possible."

"Ours," Xander said quietly. George smiled at him but he was looking at Draco. "Why is our son such a slut?"

"Because he is," Draco told him. "We think it's because he's gotten your lusty nature." Xander opened his mouth. "Trust us on this, Xander, you're nearly as bad as I am, only you confine your adventures to one person."

Fred and Ron both nodded. "You two have sex all the time," Fred assured him. "Loud, messy, leaving-George-lying-around sex. It's gotten so bad that George has to stay with you more often or the neighbors whine at us in the mornings."

"You guys can't go to the Leaky and get a room anymore either," Ron reminded them. "Old Tom said he'd never heard noise like you two made the last time and you scared away most of the patrons in the bar."

"That's why places like this exist," Draco offered.

"Usually we got to the cheap and sleazy places," George admitted with a grin. "Less clean up and they expect to find nasty things."

"Less clean up that way as well," Katie agreed. Oliver moaned and she grinned at him. "Back among us? You missed the 'why is William a slut' question."

"Because he's just like Xander?" Oliver suggested. Angelina pinched him. "Ow!"

"Sorry, but you deserved it. They haven't been very smutty recently."

"Good point," Fred said, looking at George. "Wasn't that why this anniversary was called into celebration?"

"Yeah," George admitted, looking at his mate. "Today is the anniversary of the first time we had sex, dear."

"So at least this is appropriate," Xander said with a grin. Someone knocked on the door and he jumped. "Who's that? Surely we're not expecting more people."

"Room service," Draco soothed, getting up to answer it and sign the slip. "Thank you." He wheeled in the table and set everything out. "There, now we won't have to leave for a bit." He checked his watch. "Xander, why don't you go to the bedroom on this side and take a long hot bath?" he suggested. He stood up and headed that way, but Draco waited until he heard the water running. "All right, girls, come over here. We'll get you started. The memory block should be done in about an hour." They stood up and walked over, grabbing something off the table to nibble on while he told them what they needed to do. They nodded and went to pounce on Xander in the tub first.

Ron stood up. "Silencing, shields, and what?" he asked, pulling his wand.

"Shields and silencing should be fine," Draco agreed, starting on the bedroom doors, then the general room. When he was done, he looked at George. "On the table is a room key for the room next door. When we're finished, take him over there so he has a chance to recuperate."

"What about the gear?" George asked.

"I bought it new so you wouldn't have any reminders the next time you played," Draco said quietly. "If you choose to leave it up, then the management will take it down and probably keep it for special requests. If you choose to take it, consider it an early birthday present." George pulled him down for a hug. "You know I'd do anything for Xander, George. This is minor compared to what I'm willing to put up with." He pulled back. "Fred, Oliver, did you bring something to do?"

"I think we're going to need to have a talk," Fred assured him, looking at his best friend. Their women shared each other, so they were used to waiting on them sometimes. "Two of them, Oliver?"

"I didn't plan this," Oliver defended.

"No one does," George pointed out, getting comfortable. "How long should this take?"

"I expect the potions will need rewarmed once they're through," Draco assured him. He looked over at Ron, who was looking out the peephole of the door. "Who is it?"

"Either Snape's gone clean-cut or it's Iggy," Ron told him.

Draco came over to pierce the shields for a moment and take the box of potions. "Thank you. Where is your mentor?"

"At home. He threw out his back trying to clean up the mess. That's eight memory blocking potions, all of them safe on pregnant people, six vials of pain medicine, and two of muscle relaxers. Anything else?"

"Not for now. Thank you, Ignatius."

"You're welcome. And as always, I don't want to know." He disappeared from the hallway.

Ron closed the door and redid the shields and spells on it. "That was neat of him."

"He always did know when anyone in the family was pregnant."

"I saw him checking the chart of future students," Oliver told them, taking the box to look inside. "Peppermints as well."

"For that fresh feeling," Ron quipped.

George blushed. "Not exactly." He took the bag of peppermints and put them into his pocket. "I think I'll be needing those."

Draco looked at him. "How did Ignatius find out about that?"

"He walked in," George said firmly. "He doesn't spy."

"Good, because otherwise his wife might complain," Ron said with a grin. "You naughty creature, what would mum say about playing with your food that way?"

"Candy especially," Fred added, frowning at his twin. "Peppermint?"

"Yes, peppermint sticks," George said. "Drop it unless you want me to share."

Oliver covered Fred's mouth. "That's quite all right," he assured him. "No need to share." He smiled. "Really, there isn't."

Draco laughed, sitting down again. "For those of us who know, it is an amusing story." George looked at him. "Xander had to admit why he needed that special creme put on," he said smugly. He looked at the men. "All right, when the ladies are done, George, I want you to head in there and start on him. When you feel he's ready for a nap or a break, take him to the room on the other side, they've got a connection between them." George nodded. "I left the door ajar, but you can easily lock it from that other side." George nodded again, giving him a grim look. "I scanned back, George, he didn't do this on purpose. He knew what was about to hit him when it slopped onto his arms and hands, but this wasn't on purpose."

"How were they not getting caught?" Fred asked.

"Today was the traditional 'brew what you feel like' day that Ignatius set up. Most of the class was brewing a potion they knew was going to be on the test and that most of them had gotten wrong. Those three decided to brew their test run today as Snape said he'd have to check anything ingested before they left for the holidays. I saw Xander ask them what they were doing, he had noted earlier that the smell of the room was off. They told him it what it was and that they were due for a political marriage, hence needing it. He wisely nodded and didn't say anything to them about it."

"Then it boiled over and splashed him," George sighed. "I saw that part. I called up to see what was wrong. I saw the memories be barricaded."

"We're lucky it didn't get you as well," Ron pointed out.

"If he had a bond like his son and daughter-in-law have, then he would have," Draco agreed.

"You know a lot about this thing," Oliver accused.

Draco smirked, but it was mostly a nice one. "My grandmother invented it, Wood. I went through her notes." Oliver's mouth opened and Fred closed it by pushing back up his chin. "My father's mother was apparently where the lusty nature in my family comes from. From what her diaries said, I'm surprised she doesn't have a plaque up."

"And then all the girls in the world rejoiced," Ron said dryly.

"And quite a few of the men I imagine. If we had to fight over the easy women, we'd never get anywhere."

"At least your year had a few who were easy," Fred grumbled.

"Mine did," Oliver pointed out. "Not that I took up with them or anything."

"Ours only had two," Ron sighed, smiling in remembrance. "One of them was even pretty."

"And had great suction," Draco agreed. Everyone looked at him. "What? She was always willing to give a helping hand when needed."

"We'll take your word for it," George told him.

Ron looked over at Draco. "I'm having a wiggy moment. We might have shared someone on the same day."

"For some of them you did, we might have shared them in the same hour," Draco corrected. "I'm hoping they took a bath, but I don't think you were too discriminate."

"No, back then I was really happy to be touched, I didn't much care by who," Ron agreed. His brothers looked at him. "What?" he asked. "It's not like I was dating anyone, like you two."

"Did mum know that there might have been more little Weasleys running around?" Fred asked. Ron blushed and sunk down a bit.

"Ron?" George asked.

"She swore it wasn't mine," he defended. "She doesn't look like me either. " Oliver swatted him. "Ow, don't do that! I tried to be careful. She's the one who botched things by doing that fertility spell wrong with Tara and Willow."

George picked up a throw pillow and hit Ron in the face with it. "Bad boy. Naughty! Mum would have died, Ron!"

"She knew something was up, warned me it had better not be that, but she didn't know it was that close," Ron admitted sheepishly. "It's not like I did stuff someone up."

"There really is a fertility curse on you, isn't there?" Draco asked.

"And how many did you think you were going to have, Draco?" Fred asked. Draco laughed and shook his head. "None?"

"Not really. I thought I'd have my heir out of duty, not out of anything else."

Ron looked over at him. "At least your kids are a lot like you. Mine apparently are the twin's most of the time."

"Yes, Sarajane is a wonderful snog," Fred teased. Ron picked up the pillow George and used it to attack his brother brutally. "Sorry!" he said, ducking out of the way.

"Get off me!" Oliver complained. "It's not my fault. I'm normal, they drag me into all this stuff."

Ron paused to look at him. "Then it wasn't your idea to be shared like a trophy?" he asked, before swatting him as well.

"Ron!" George said, taking the pillow. "You know we'd never even look at your wife. Katie would eviscerate Fred and Xander would punish me in ways that would make me beg for mercy."

"As opposed to...?" Ron asked.

"Not in a fun way, pervert."

"I'm not the one who needs special equipment," Ron pointed out. "What do you *do* to him?"

"None of your business," George said firmly. "All you have to know is that it's consensual and we enjoy it, thank you very much."

"I believe I've heard Percy defend himself that way once," Draco mused, looking at the ceiling. "I believe it was after Yule presents." He looked at the twins, who were blushing. "I see. Thankfully, I got them something tasteful to make up for the manacles and sensory depravation gear."

"I thought it was nice," Ron told him. "It matched the table in the dining room very well, you couldn't even see the rings to hook the chains without looking hard."

"I thought it was nice of them to set it up for them," Oliver said with a grin.

"Too bad Melvin found it first," George sighed, looking at Fred. "He really didn't seem to appreciate Marion chewing on the gag strap at all. Or his father being on the table."

"He didn't want the baby to have a taste for leather," Fred said with a shrug. "Arabelle seemed to get a kick out of it."

Draco snickered. "I'm sure she did. Percy looked worn out when they finally let us come over for the celebration."

"I was even nice and put the tablecloth onto the table so they wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up after themselves," Fred reminded him.

"Hopefully they changed it," Draco said.

"They did. I used the blue flowered one."

"It's odd, but I haven't seen that one recently," George noted. "Or his dark red robe either. I wonder what happened to them?"

Ron snorted. "I think she tore them off him when she found him tied to the table."

"Hmm, he is always complaining about not being able to find a wearable shirt," George agreed, getting comfortable. Oliver broke, laughing hard. "Feel better?"

"Much," he gasped. "You two are horrible to poor Percy."

"He started it, he put me in a gag," Fred defended.

"Xander bought that for him," Ron reminded him, reaching over to pat him on the leg. "He thought you'd enjoy it."

"He should have kept it for himself, noisy bugger," Fred complained. "George, I demand that you put the silencing shield back up on your room. You can key it so it'll echo if you yell for help, but I don't need to know how much he wants it like a few months back."

"We turned it on," George defended.

"Were you doing the thing that woke up the tower from your room?" Oliver asked.

George thought back. "Not that night. I guess it's where we use safe words sometimes." He shrugged. "I didn't mean to keep you up."

"Well, you did," Fred grumped, glaring at his twin. "Use something other than my name as a safe word."

"It'd have to be something that would stop me dead," George pointed out.

"Snape," Ron and Draco said in unison. George stared at Ron in open-mouthed shock.

"It'd stop me too," Oliver agreed.

"That may work, but what if he hears when we're at the school?" George said.

"Well, gee, I won't hear it when you're *there*," Fred pointed out. "You can use my name then. Or even 'stop it' if you feel like it."

"The very fact that you need those sort of precautions means that you do things much more indecent than I've ever heard of," Oliver said, standing up and walking over to the refreshment table. "Anyone want some juice?"

"Please," George agreed.


After deciding who was going to get to jump the Xander first, and the other two listening at the door to see what guys talked about when no women were around, Angelina walked into the bathroom, making Xander squeak. "That's so cute," she cooed, sitting beside the tub to help him with his soothing bath. "Are you ready?"


She giggled. "Can't decide?"

"I'm torn. I want this so I can have all my memories back, but I don't want this because I know there will be odd feelings afterwards, even with a memory block."

"There shouldn't be."

"Yeah, but I know there will be. I'm not that lucky."

She picked up the washcloth laying on his stomach and rewetted it, using it on his near shoulder. "You forget, your luck has changed since you got together with George, Xander. You've had mostly good luck since then." Xander pointed at the scars. "You were protecting the school and your new nieces, two of Ron's triplets, from being killed," she said quietly. "George yelled, but he did understand why you did it."

"He doesn't mind me protecting him?"

"Not as much as you'd think. He's gotten used to it now that you've managed to narrow the focus to protecting the family and letting Draco and Ron get everything else." She switched to his arm, gently stroking down it. "Especially since you finished your lessons in doing it magically instead of physically with Draco." He looked a little stunned. "Draco is like your son, Xander, he'd do anything for you. Including mediate between you and George when you get grumpy with each other."

"Why?" She looked down at him. "I don't understand why I get such loyal friends. I've never been that special."

"You'd be surprised," she said, leaning over to kiss him. "You're very special to a lot of people, and very annoying to nearly as many," she consented at his incredulous look. He laughed. "To us, you're like a big brother in some ways, but not quite that touchable. Maybe a stepbrother or something, but you're definitely a part of the family we girls have together. Besides, you keep George from pranking us."

"That means that you're about God in our book," Alicia said from the doorway. "Not started yet?"

"He wanted to know a few things. He didn't understand why we were willing to do this."

"Because he's him. Trust me, I wouldn't normally do this for anyone. Not even Fred or Ollie. If they go through this, they're screwed." Xander chuckled some more. "Get the naughty one out of the tub or play with him in there if you want, I want my turn." She cracked her knuckles. "It's payback time for some of those backrubs." She winked and strolled away, closing the door.

Xander looked up at her. "What do I do to you girls during these backrubs?" he asked. She laughed and kissed him, stunning him stupid. He tried to follow her lips when they pulled back, but she moved back too far. He stood up, letting the water run off him. She crooked a finger, urging him to follow her. He stepped out and followed her, grabbing the towel to dry himself off as he walked. Someone pounced him from behind and he flinched, but she had found *that* spot on the back of his neck and he was nearly helpless to move her off him. He fell face-first onto the bed and moaned, letting her go for it. If they had to do this, at least it would be good. He was sure they were very good. Or at least good enough for his simple tastes.

Alicia looked at the other two and winked, then spanked Xander hard, making him yell. "Naughty boy, Xander. First you get us all off each few weeks with a backrub, now you have to torment us this way." He gave her a pitiful look so she kissed him. "Not that we mind," she admitted with a grin. "At the very least, you're a taste of spice in our otherwise boring lives."

"Speak for yourself," Katie countered, with a grin. "I happen to like my life. All the hectic parts."

"Yeah, we like you and Ollie teasing each other too," Angelina agreed. "You can make him get these expressions that are just too cute."

"Thanks," Katie said with a blush. "Ladies, we should be concentrating on our current happy meal." She waved a hand at Xander's back. "Perhaps we should tease him like he does us?"

They giggled and set upon their current lover.


George looked up as the bedroom door opened, standing up as three very tired women walked out. "And?"

"He remembers a few women," Katie said with a kiss for his cheek. "I want a nap." She curled up on Oliver's lap, letting herself fall asleep on his chest. Alicia did the same with Fred, but he was nice enough to let Angelina sit between them.

George looked at Fred, then at the bedroom. "Damn it, they wound him up," he muttered, going in there to help his husband. He found him nearly asleep and smiling. "Keep it up, husband, I'll start to think you did this on purpose," he whispered in his mate's ear. Xander lifted an arm so he curled up with him. "Ready for more?"

"Want a nap first, need recovery time," Xander whispered. "Nap, hubby."

"Yes, dear," George said with a smile. He snuggled in, getting comfortable. He didn't even mind the wet spots near him. They would be fixed by someone else.


Draco looked at the girls as they woke up, holding up a beaker. "Want it now?" he asked with a smile.

"Will it make us not feel it?" Katie asked. He shook his head so she looked at Fred. "How long will it take off?"

"To this morning," Draco told her, walking the beakers over to them. "He can pull you back to the house and start on you himself. You'll think he did it to you," he promised. She nodded and they drained the potions quickly, then Fred and Oliver took them back to the house. He sat down and watched the door, one foot swinging lazily as he waited. He glanced at Ron, who was reading and not paying any attention to anything.


Xander woke up and looked around. "Xander?" George called softly, earning a smile. "Come on, let's get you across the main room and into a shower."

"We're not staying in here?"

"I didn't think you'd want to," George offered, standing up and pulling Xander into his arms. "Come on. I'll wash your back and everything," he offered with a smile. Xander nodded, letting himself be led out of the bedroom and across the hall. He saw the curious look at the other door. "We're not ready for that yet," George said gently.

Xander peeked in anyway and went bright pink. He whimpered and pointed, shaking his head.

George laughed as he walked over to look inside. Then he hugged his mate hard. "We've used each of those before," he whispered in his ear. "Most of them a number of times. You were the one who wanted to get kinky, and now we've got to recreate those memories. Before you lose a large part of our sex life for good." Xander kissed him hard, making him melt. "Come on, shower off the women's sweat and we'll cuddle before I do anything to you myself." He walked Xander into the bathroom and got him into the shower, climbing in to wash all his property.


Draco tapped on the door and Xander opened it, his mouth opening and his eyes going wide. "What?" he asked innocently as he walked in. He held up a vial of muscle relaxer. "For you. I think you'll probably need it soon."

"We probably will," George agreed, his voice languid and slow. He gave him a small smile. "I think we'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"No," George admitted. "But it'd feel too odd, Draco. I'm willing to risk it."

Draco leaned down to kiss him. "I'm sure you are, but is Xander."

Xander cleared his throat. "Huh?"

"Dear, there were a few times you were in an orgy situation," George told him, lifting an arm so Xander would come cuddle again. "Mostly it was with girls, but one time you were with two guys and four girls." Xander looked confused. "Your summer trip after high school."

"Oh!" His eyes went wide. "Shit!" He looked at Draco. "Um..."

"None of us will remember exactly what went on this day," Draco promised, moving closer to hug Xander. "Not in the least, Xander, I promise."

"Won't that work with the potion?"

"No," Draco said simply. George gave him a short frown. "What we'll do is remove the time from when he walked in the door of the hotel to when he leaves. That way it's not working with the potion at all, just the current short-term memories. It's been done before and it worked."

"Okay then," Xander said uneasily, looking at the vial. "Muscle relaxer?"

"For the cramps you usually get after a long bout with George," Draco told him, sliding behind him to stroke his back. "Just relax. Take that." Xander swallowed the potion, grimacing at the taste, then he went limp. "It's a very strong uninhibitor," he told George. "So you can get that last thing done and you don't have to worry about him shying off."

"I thought we had a week."

"So did I, but Snape's evaluated it and said it's doubly stronger than I thought. We have hours or whatever's left is permanent."

George sighed, nodding his acquiescence. "Fine, Draco. Our memory potions?"

"Are in the box by the couch. We're alone in the suite and we'll be doing this quickly so I can take mine and leave. I'll rearrange mine back to this morning."

"Thank you." George gave him a gentle kiss, high from the stuff coursing through Xander and through their bond. "Wow, that's strong."

"Iggy made it."

"Ah!" He nodded. "The son was trying to be helpful. I'll have to forget this as well." He grinned at Xander, making him give them a goofy grin. "Do you want top or bottom?" he asked Draco.

"I'll bottom, you've got to be sore," Draco assured him. George smiled and he shrugged. "It's for a good cause and it has been a while. I'll make myself think I went brothel hopping again." He activated the silence spell for the room, nodding that he had done it. George nodded, understanding why he had done it. Xander had gotten really loud the last time and the silence spell on the suite only kept it from going through the door. Only now no one would be able to hear anything, not even in the room. Draco stripped himself and climbed back on the bed, straddling Xander so he could lower himself down very slowly. His mouth opened and he tightened up for a moment when he felt how big he really was. George smirked at him and reached down to tease himself for his husband's pleasure. Xander was watching him so he stuck himself in his husband's mouth, making him pant and beg silently for it.


Xander looked up from the bed he was lying in, blinking around the room. "Why are we in a hotel?" he asked his husband, who was snoring in his ear. George woke up with a small grunt of complaint. "Honey, why are we in a hotel?"

George rolled on top of him, smiling at him. "What do you remember of the last forty-eight hours?"

"Um, bits and pieces. Did you try to memory charm me? They don't work on the born, George."

"No, Xander, not that. You know I'd never memory charm you." He settled in for a long discussion. "Some girls in Snape's class were making a renewed virginity potion that linked your memories of each of your former girlfriends and me to your sexual experiences with them." Xander's eyes went wide. "What?"

"I remember! The girls!" he said, his face looking like he had just seen the most horrible thing. "Oh, shit, I've just managed to screw up every good relationship in my life. Oliver and Fred are going to hunt me down and kill me. Draco will sneer at me forever." George shut him up with a kiss. "I wish you had left me," he complained.

"They did it because they wanted to help you, Xander. They knew what they were getting into. Their memory blocks worked."

"Draco's a born and they don't work on the born," Xander said, starting to panic. George hugged him. "Why aren't you more upset?"

"Because the potion accidentally got you," George soothed. "If you had done it on purpose I'd be furious." He calmed Xander down. "We can have another block done, this way to divert it from you. That way you won't remember it." Xander shook his head. "Yes, we can. We'll have the gryphons themselves do it."

"They'll make fun of us," Xander whispered.

"Yay. Let them. Do you want to remember?" Xander shook his head quickly. "Then let's get up and shower, then we'll do that."

"I can do my own," Xander said quietly.

"Fat chance," George said firmly. He pulled Xander up and into the bathroom, getting him into the shower once the water had started. "I don't want you remembering them any more than you want to remember them or I want them to remember you. You are mine," he said firmly, shoving him against the tiles to kiss him hard. "Got it? All mine and only mine."

"I'm so sorry, George."

"So am I, but I'll make sure you can't think about it." He kissed him again, and Xander went limp under him, even though he wasn't getting hard. "It's been nearly two days, Xander, are you still tired?"

"I'm worried," Xander admitted.

"Why? I'm not." He kissed him again and this time Xander's body started to override his head. By the time George was done 'convincing' him, they were both sore and Xander was begging for mercy. George got them out and dried off, then dressed so they could check out and head to the Gryphon colony for the diversion.


Two nights later, Xander came down the stairs and flopped down beside the reading Draco. "You still remember too?" he whispered. Draco nodded, his eyes wide. "I'm sorry, Draco."

"It's not your fault. I volunteered," Draco admitted, putting down his book so he could turn and face him. "I've consciously diverted my own memories so I know I was out brothel hopping that night, that's why I was so sore."

Xander gave him a look. "The mind won't fully take that, especially not the more highly developed ones the borns naturally have," he pointed out quietly. He looked down at his hands again. "I can't touch George because I remember this."

"We can try to divert each other," Draco offered. Xander shook his head. "I could try to work on you then. I don't want to see this ruin what you and George have, Xander. He's too important in both our lives for that."

Xander gave him a grateful look. "I do like you, Draco." They shared a look and Xander looked away. He gave a short bark of laughter. "Just think, if you hadn't been so needy of me being the older helper-type person, I might have went for some of your very blunt overtures."

"I remember," Draco agreed, smirking slightly. "I was rather nasty back then, wasn't I?" Xander looked at him and nodded. "We'll have to make the conscious effort to get past this. We did what had to be done, Xander, just like we did back then. This time it was sexual in nature instead of killing someone, but it had to happen so you'd be normal again." He touched him on the arm. "I promise, I won't jump you in the middle of the night for a repeat." Xander gave him one of his goofy grins and nodded. "But I'm not giving up my friendship with you. Even if I don't feel comfortable curling up to nap with you anymore."

"But that's what's wrecking our relationship," Xander pointed out. "This has really changed things and I don't like it. You need us right now more than ever."

"Yes, but I can't," Draco pointed out. "I do remember what it felt like to push myself onto you."

"But I don't react to you that way most of the time," Xander reminded him. "I don't want to react to you. I love George enough to let him forgive me." He sniffed. "I don't want to lose any of the relationships in my life."

"Then we'll have to push past this and decide that it was a very vivid dream," Draco offered gently. He realized Xander was even more upset by this than he was.

"I guess I can convince myself it was a very vivid post-sex fantasy. I get those sometimes," Xander admitted. Draco nodded so he looked at him. "Do you think you can come back and nap with us? Will that work?"

"I won't have to force myself not to react for long," Draco promised. "Neither will you. After a while everything will go back to the way it was."

George cleared his throat from the stairs. "Draco, it was a vivid sex dream as far as I'm concerned. It's not the first you've had with him in it because I've heard some." Draco looked embarrassed. "Yours either, Xander. We'll deal. Now come to bed the both of you. You can sleep behind me, Draco." He walked back up the stairs, intentionally laying down in the nest. The other men joined him and laid on either side of him, Xander behind him and Draco in front of him. "Good night. We'll talk tomorrow."

"No, we shouldn't," Draco whispered. "We'll all go on like it was a dream and leave it there." He closed his eyes. "Good night, George. Xander."

"Night, Draco," Xander whispered, squeezing his husband.

"You can do it, Xander. I know you can. You got over kissing Fred, you can get over this."

"Eww," Draco noted.

"That was back when I was trying to figure things out," Xander told him. "Fred used to hit on me too."

"There have even been the few times you were so tired you walked into the wrong room and curled up with him. I knew you wanted me and just got confused. I'm considering this the same sort of thing." Draco opened his eyes, looking at him. "If Fred can get over the big, gay dick coming at him in the middle of the night by accident, you can too, Draco. This will make you guys better and closer friends. That's all."

"I'm really thankful it wasn't Severus," Xander teased. George pinched him but not too hard; it was the first joke he had made since he had woken up. "Can I pick on him tomorrow?"

"No," Draco said patiently, smiling at him. "I get to pick on Severus. You can pick on George and Fred."

"No picking on Fred. He doesn't remember any of it. The memory charms worked for everybody but us."

"And Katie," Xander corrected. George tipped his head to look back at him. "She blushed when she saw me last night at dinner. Oh, and mom suspects something. She warned me not to cheat on you."

"I'll tell her," George said gently.

"She always thought I was a slut," Draco noted dryly. But they could hear the easiness in his voice. They pulled him over George's body until he was between them, like usual. "Thank you."

"It's nothing," George assured him. "If things had been different we might have done this more naturally. We're too close for this to have never come up."

"Maybe someday?" Draco asked.

"Maybe someday," George agreed lightly. "If we can all agree." He kissed the back of Draco's neck. "I do think you're very cute."

"Please, you think I'm hot and sexy," Draco corrected lightly and this time his voice was his normal teasing tone. "I'm just as sexy to you as your husband is and for much the same reason."

"True, you are like a naughtier, blond Xander half the time," George admitted, smiling at his mate, who was beaming.

"You mean the corruption and magic transfusions worked that well?" Xander asked with unholy glee and sparkling eyes.

Draco smirked at him. "You built on the natural foundations. Your other experiments didn't come out nearly as well. Ron and Harry aren't even the horny beasts we are."

George leaned his mouth next to Draco's ear. "If it happens, you're going to be taking it just like he does," he whispered, making Draco moan and go limp. "Now behave or I'm tying you both down," he said so Xander could hear him this time. "Sleep. Some of us have a long day at the shop tomorrow with the kids leaving."

"Yes, George," they said together, then they laughed.

George shook his head. "Boys," he sighed. "Why couldn't Xander have been a girl?"

"Because then I would have stolen him?" Draco suggested.

George tickled him until he wailed and thrashed. "That's for the really horrible suggestion. I sentence you to three days helping me in the lab for that."

"Ooh, make me something too," Xander pleaded, grinning at his husband.

"Of course," George agreed. "Half of everything I do is because of you somehow." Draco gave one last giggle so he let him go, putting his arm over Draco and onto Xander's side again. "Sleep. Now."

"Yes, dear," Xander said, leaning across Draco to steal a kiss. "Love you."

"Love you too, Xander. Naughty beast. And you too, beast number two." He closed his eyes, comforted now that they had gotten it all worked out.

Xander grinned at Draco. "I have a very special husband."

"Yes, you do," Draco agreed, settling in his usual spot against Xander's chest and closing his eyes. "Good night, Xander."

"Night, Draco." Xander fell asleep, comforted by the fact that his life was mostly back to normal. They could help Katie some other day if she kept blushing at him.