The Family Series:

A Buffy AU, resting on two AU principles: the first story line relates one and the other is that Faith did more to Xander before Angel stopped her (season 3 spoilers, to a little extent). (as you can tell, I suck at doing summaries)

Started over a long Christmas break, these are actually long stories that have been broken up into chapters but are still part of a series overall. A X/other, X/G (gen and not), O/W, X/O, W/B, etc. series, starting at PGish and moving upwards. All stories are PG-13 unless noted, and some have additional warnings so you've been warned.

Now, on to the stories:

First Story:

1) Truth Changes Things (R, for angst) Xander's suicide attempt changes the group dynamic.

2) Talking and Patterns (R, for angst) Oz and Xander talk, and Xander and Willow work out some old issues.

3) Repercussions (R, for angst) Buffy does something incredibly mean.

4) Safety Xander gets back some of his own from Snyder and a small mystery about Melody is solved.

Second Story:

Set at the end of Graduation, Part 2 (yes, I *finally* saw it!). Introduces Psycho!Buffy, who does tricks.

1) Leave Takings Xander leaves on his roadtrip and we hear about some of the goings on as his Guardian Angel tells him he's going the wrong way.

2) Prices Willow finds out about the guys porn stashes and about what Buffy has been doing. Xander gets hurt.

3) Turnings Xander's roadtrip problems come back to haunt him and Giles makes him see some truth of life.

Third Story (technically the first story written in the series, the others were backfilled):

1) Unexpected Complications Xander gets an unexpected complication.

2) Introductions Xander introduces Miri to people she won't meet again and the store gets started.

3) Soul Weights Xander has to deal with the legacy Faith left him and Oz comes home for good.

4) Beginnings The store opens, bad things happen, some things are found out about Miri, and Xander pisses off the cops as only he can.

5) Retrieval (R, for kissing and planning, some discussion) Oz and Giles go to retrieve Xander and Miri, strange stuff is introduced.

6) Uncomfortable Truths (NC-17, At Last!, X/O/G) Xander discovers the extent of his strangeness and that his men will still love him for it.

7) Fixing the Problems Xander has his problem fixed, Oz fixes the Slayer problem.

Fourth Story:

1) New Places to Play In (NC-17, X/O/G) The bandages come off and they have a confrontation with the evil mother. Angel babysits.

2) Ouchies! (R, ANGST!) Giles has ouchies, Miri has ouchies, the boys fight and cause more ouchies.

3) No, Please, No More (NC-17, X/O/G) Hospital bills and PMS, what fun!

4) Getting Help (Angst) The family pulls closer to help Xander. (please be aware that certain characterizations are way out of canon. it is based on an upcoming series that will be out after I'm back, so please just accept Blair that way for now. thank you, management)

Fifth Story:

1) Returns: Faith comes back and someone finds out about Miri's specialness.

2) Demons Coming and Going: The group finds out some more about the Initiative's purpose in town and Xander's demons come back to haunt them all. Some things are worked out and others are started down the path to be fixed.

3) Healing Times: (NC-17 )Giles and Xander, and Oz, spend some healing time together.

4) Returns, the Sequel: Miri looks for Alexi, Blair and Xander talk, and Faith returns.

5) Old Demons Going Away Again: Buffy's problem is discussed and someone from Xander's past decides they need to see him again.

6) Surprise! Xander gets a surprise and Willow makes an offer the family can't refuse.

7) Done Deals: (NC-17 - het and slash ) Miri and FurryOz play and Willow tests herself.

Sixth Story:

1) Applying the Problem Be Gone Solution: Xander finds out things are a little more possible than they had thought and they work the old problems out before new ones start

2) Dealing With the Future: The boys deal with some money issues and then they're forced to deal with the town and their future in it.

3) The Problems From New Locations: They find a new house, after some intervention from some friends, then they start to fix the new nest up.

4) New Nests: The house if finished and they find out some shocking news.

Seventh Story:

1) Problems Solved The Hard Way: Xander's problems are fixed the hard way.

2) New Additions and States: The furniture finally comes. We find out about Wesley's new state. Baby Giles is born.

3) Xander's Problems: Xander has emotion problems then he has major problems.

4) Friends Needing Friends: The dinner finally happens and an old friend needs some help.

5) New Friends Needing the Old Friends: (NC-17, x/o/g) The Family's new friends need some help
from the old friends and one of the old friends needs some information from some newer ones.

Eighth Story:

1) Scary Mental Places: (NC-17, x/o/g) Everyone has moments of going to scary mental places.

2) Cyclical Beginnings: The old cycles start again.

3) Attempting Normal: The family attempts to reach for a normal life but things start to get in the way.

4) (Not so) Strangers Doing Strange Things: a not so very strange stranger comes back to beg for help and a stranger come to live with the family.

Ninth Story:

1) Settling In: The family gets used to Sileya and she starts to become one of them.

2) Unintentional Solutions: Sileya starts school and Xander gets injured at work.

3) Unexpected Complications: They find out about Xander's new business, and Buffy and Cordy have their children.

4) Peacemakers: They drag Sam and Blair back into it. Xander starts to realize something about one of his coworkers.

5) Vicious Fighting: Xander and Oz get into it, making things difficult for them to stay civil or together, and it drags the rest of the house into it.

6) Bad Guys: We find out more about Xander's stalker and now serial killer.

Tenth Story:

1) Settling the Old Business. The horses come home, Giles and Sileya talk. Xander takes care of his old business.

2) Language Problems. Little Blair's gender is discussed. Miri asks a painful question about Giles leaving. Xander has to go back to work for a few days. They have problems with the twin's language difficulties.

3) Dealing With New Issues. We find out what Willow and Tara have *really* been doing for the Slayer. Sileya comes into her powers and Miri is attacked.

4) Spell Works And Consequences. We see a very hurt Spike. We see the spell happen and the efforts to counter it. We see a new storyline appear.

Eleventh Story:

1) Retribution. Tara and Willow are punished for what they've done. The LA crew comes up to ask for their punishment.

2) Enjoying the Slippery Slope, Until You See the Bottom. Things in the family start to go downhill, especially between Giles and Xander.

3) Halfway Down. (happens around Portal series) Xander loses what's most precious to him and the family tries to pull back together. Heavy thoughts ensue.

Because Kaiya Wanted To See It Series: (takes place during GHS 23, during Alignment 46, during Family 11, after Assistance 9, and after Destiny's Childe 15)
A Bored Little Person is a Dangerous Little Person: A family/alignment xover. Miri's bored and wants to go find some playmates. Everyone gets to think on what might have been.
Traveling Troubles Again: Miri goes to visit the Destiny's Childe guys and then gets kicked into the GHSverse. See her find something pretty to play with and figure some things out.
Troubles Coming Backwards: (NC-17) This time, the visitors come to them and the family has to do some heavy thinking.
4) Falling Off The End Of The Slide Into A Big Pile: Family M-Preg (R, but end of sex scene at beginning, heavy angst at times, length warning) Xander's finally fulfilled his last wish, accidentally, and then has a real accident that changes his life forever.


Summary Option.

Twelfth Story:

1) Complications of Life. Xander starts to heal at home. We see some therapy. We see a funeral, and the depth of stubbornness he can find. Major Character Death Warning.

2) And More Complications. Some news about Ethan, and some news from the Watchers. Death of Minor Character off-screen.

3) Inheritances and Invitations. Sileya takes her extended family up on their offer. Xander and she find out what they've inherited from Ethan. Some plans are made for the house.

4) Additions. The house plans almost fall apart. It's Stubborn to the rescue!

Thirteenth Story:

1) Stubborn's House. Stubborn finishes the addition to the house and the leave takings take place. Including one for sanity reasons. His doubts make Oz see that there's something he forgot to do for them all.

2) Wrong! Xander's therapist's health problems get worse so he gets assigned to someone else, who doesn't have a clue.

3) A Different Form of Protection. Spike follows Giles on an excursion to the local bar, and gives him an etiquette lesson on the treatment of Xanders. Xander gets some helpful intervention from a non-human friend and meets a new doctor. Death of minor character warning

Fourteenth Story:

1) Not Going There! Another attempt at therapy, another, more harsh, lesson. Or two. Will Giles never learn?

2) Kiddies. Medical problems and Daycare, it's all about the kids. Except for the new horses.

3) Double Teaming. Angel's gone Schizo! Giles comes back, and he's ready to make a deal.

4) Try It Again, Giles. First day at daycare and a new start to the couple's therapy, with real emotion this time. A revelation about the kids.

Fifteenth Story:

1) Snap! Things finally come to a head between the adults. Miri remembers someone from her past. Discussion of what to do with the kids.

2) Home, Safe Home. Wesley's demon gets out of control. Spike brings him home to keep him safe and work on him. A new member is added to the family. Death of Major Character Warning

3) It was an Accident, I Promise. Xander has a few accidents, one with Miri and one at school.

4) Instinct Makes for Uncomfy Times. Wesley's instincts almost get everyone in trouble.

Sixteenth Story:

1) Doing Whatever It Takes. The split gets messier, and a judge is called in to referee.

I'm Bored! The Massive X-over: The Godly twins from Assistance decide they want to play with other kids and create a massive plane and portals. Everyone gets confused. (Comes with a chart of who went where; many thanks to Sharon for making this pretty). G, pretty muchly.

2) Moving on with life. Some major life changes start to happen, moving the boys closer to a good, solid 'ship. Spoilers for the Xover Story.

3) Pleading Innocent. Things start getting back to normal but little Blair is taken to help a lost cause.

4) A Short Joining Piece. A transition to the next part. A body. A mother. A shocked daughter.

Seventeenth Story:

1) This House, This Family. Ethan comes back to give Xander some information at the same time as Kaiya's mother comes for a visit.

2) Stubborn's Pool. Stubborn once again comes out and decides he's going to do some work on the pool. A few problems start to come to light, but the group, as a whole, deal with it.

3) I'll Kill Them! The nerdly nerd decides to make his move. The group counters.

4) We Should Do This More Often. Everything comes together as the series draws to a close with a happy ending (NC-17)

This is the end of the series, though I did leave enough room to put in some individual stories later on in their timeline, just in case.