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piccie by Mytryk
Loving, Fighting, and Family.
Tim Speedle is brought back the Powers That Be to help the Hellmouth, but his true charge is in trouble so he has to send him to his own mentor to help the boy before he breaks. Long crossover with CSI:Miami and a bit with CSI:NY. NC-17 Part 2
Miami Connections, Vegas Outtake.
Someone wanted to know what happened when Xander went with everyone to the CSI convention.
Fighting For Family.
Someone wanted to see them keep going. So Xander teases on and brings more trouble to both Miami and New York. Sutty fashion shows, swim teams, and Xander teasing Horatio all the way home, oh, my! NC-17 Part 2  Part 3
Taking Control.
Xaander's benefactor dies and he has to take over for Father Benis. Plus some other twists and turns that can only happen in Miami within this family group. NC-17, bondage warning. Part 2
Being A Xander Is Hard Work.
The continuing saga of Xander and Horatio's insane lives. NC-17 Part 2
Animals in Miami.
Another few months go by with a few problems and some really fun stuff. Plus a lot more of little Eric. NC-17 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
Swimming And Guns Miami.
Some social sniping and some swimming. Basically, a Xander in Miami's life these days, along with some insanity from his son. NC-17 Part 2
Hunted And Wanted.
The baby Horatio is born and there's some minor traumas, and a hunter who wanted to use Xander as prey. Some mild angst because nothing ever goes that smoothly and Xander hates to be babied when he's beaten up. NC-17 Part 2
After a hurricane, Miami and the family has to do some rebuilding. Plus some plans for the long-term family are made. NC-17 with some kinkiness as only Horatio and Xander can. Plus some angst while Xander deals with lost children. Part 2
          [ePub] [Kindle] Miami Connections Parts 1-4
          [ePub] [Kindle] Miami Connections Parts 5-7
          [ePub] [Kindle] Miami Connections Parts 8-End
an au version of Miami Connections
The Flip Side of Miami.
Someone challenged me to write the Miami Connections series if he went to New York instead. A bit darker than the original. Talk of BDSM but none graphically shown, NC-17 for whole series
I broke up the original epically long story into various shorter ones. Xander finally rejoins part of his family after all his training is done. Slightly more angst, but not too much. Part 2
The Wild Life.
What happens when you let Xander and Greg out on their own while Xander's in town to recover from the fire? Well.... Assorted insanity and other fun problems. Because only Xander and Greg could end up in a quickie Vegas marriage with an assassin. Part 2
A Charmed Life.
The vacation trip to Las Vegas to see Greg doesn't quite go as expected and then it ends in Horatio and Xander's first fight. But they do make up and it gets better once the boundaries are reset. Part 2
A New Start on Life.
Don and Tara finally get to the important step and a few things are starting to build around Xander and Horatio, with some very nice Greg too. NC- 17 m/m, m/f Part 2
The Dog's Life.
A new few weeks with Thumper, plus some unexpected stresses hit the New York family. That with the lab redo being botched... Well, it's another few months in Xander's Miami. Part 2
That's Life.
Life has to move on for the families in the labs. Sometimes not so happily and sometimes happily. But that's life. Notes: Death included in here of minor original characters. So do beware of the angst but it's mostly in the center and all together. Part 2
Tells and Lies.
The final installment in this flip side series. Xander has some questions answered by the Powers That Be about certain promises they made - especially about how Patrick died so soon. Some mushiness, not a lot of angst, but definitely pay attention to the series warnings. Part 2
          [ePub] [Kindle] New York Connections Parts 1-4
          [ePub] [Kindle] New York Connections Parts 5-End
Miami's Good Boy.
A Josette inspired AU off the Connections Universe. What if Patrick and his sire had gotten to raise Xander? Well... He's a bit more spoiled. NC-17 Part 2  part 3  part 4
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