Assistance Series:

A Hercules/Buffy Crossover, focusing on Xander/Ares, Oz/Giles, and howit came to be. With Many twists of the timeline and many turns of the emotions, Xander and Ares go from sparring partners/assistant and boss to lovers and beyond. Xander's own need to be the hero gets him in trouble as often as his mouth does in this series, so be forewarned. Between that and the temporal switches, it can get a little confusing now and then.

Part 1: Disappearing From View: (NC-17, but no actual sex, Xander/Ares) Xander leaves Sunnydale and runs into some trouble, someone saves him and demands his assistance for it. (Warnings: Just take this one and the next one on face value, the third one starts to explain things, these are basically a 'setting the story lines up' story.)

Part 2: GodWar 1: Gathering the Troops Together: (NC-17. Pairings: Xander/Ares, Jim/Blair, Giles/Oz, Daniel/Jack) GodWar has begun and they have to brief the troops and get them started. (Warnings: This is a 'set-up' story and needs to be taken on face value. Later stories will explain the inconsistencies so please be patient until the next GodWar part comes out.)

Part 3: Reviews of Past Accomplishments: (PG-13) Xander fixes Oz's furry problem and Oz gets to see some of the events that made Ares and Xander the couple they are.

Part 4: GodWarII: Protectors: (NC-17, X/A, G/O) A pretty full story. Xander's Protector status comes under discussion, we meet a Xander from the past, and Xander tries to find Strife. Oh, and they have to fix a paradox before another Twilight happens.

Part 5: Gods and Lessons. (NC-17, X/A, O/G, X/A/O/G, Strife/Cupid) Things start to settle down in the land of the Gods, once Xander gets lessons on how to be Godly from Strife.

Part 6: Consensus, Concerns, and Counting. (NC-17, to be safe (aborted sex scene), X/A/G/O) Dahak has Xander, the Census is starting, and Athena has to plan.

Part 7: Poor Baby: Xander's sick, poor baby, and things just don't go his way. Even when Ares and Strife go watch his pawns for him.

Part 8: Oh, Boy, Did They Screw Up! : (NC-17, X/O): Xander's new job helps him go to a whole new level. Ares has a *really* bad day, then Xander loses something dear to him.

Part 9: Trial By Jury, Accusations By Family: (borderline NC-17, probably R) Xander has doubts about his relationship while Discord's trial goes on. Some shocking things are found out and the power structure is shifted in the Pantheon.

Part 10: Malfunctions of Motherly Instincts. Xander and Bane talk, and a new member is added to the family.