Chronicles of a Slayer
by Stephni Warner.

She watched the new guy, Xander.

He was pretty good with the girls and had them working as soon as he got there, which she appreciated.  He had also saved them from the Watchers who wanted to BBQ them at the old base.

Matt, her father's friend and helper, had gotten her into the hands of some agents who had gotten her to safety, and Xander, when the Bringers were attacking. She sniffed a bit, she missed her father, but he had died saving her so she would carry on his memory. And one of those memories was in the box she carried in her pack. They were for the new guy, Xander.  She walked up to his office, where he was working, and waited for his attention. When she had it, she carefully placed the box in front of him.

"What is this?" Asked Xander.

"My father made sure that all of his books were; translated, cross-refrenced, and scanned onto DVD just in case."

Xander's grin widened, then he looked at her again.  "Your father?"

"My Watcher formerly adopted me after he got me. Said it made sense and saved a lot of time hiding and such. He was supposed to be a research Watcher, but his father didn't like that so he pulled strings and suddenly he was a field Watcher instead. His father didn't like the fact that he was teaching me languages and history as well as the Slayer stuff and complained to the Council. They didn't care as long as I was being taught the Slayer stuff. So they left it alone."
She pulled a book out of her pack. "This is my chronicle. I kept his journal, but I figured you needed this."

Xander nodded and carefully took the book from the shaking Slayer's hand. "Thank you...Fallicity right?" She nodded. "Thank you, Fallicity.  I'll put the DVD's in the library and read the chronicle tonight."

She nodded again, then said, "We were in the process of loading the translations onto the website so you might want to finish that."  She turned and left.


She was up at her usual time of 5am and out doing her Kata's and warm-up exercises. She had been lucky and had been able to save her weapons that Matt and her father had either made, had made for her, or bought her. It connected her to them as did the copies of the DVD's she had with her. She saw Xander come out of the apartment building and head to the caf for his coffee as she finished up her Tai-Chi and moved into Aikido. After that was her Kendo and then a run so that by the time the other girls were just getting up, she was already at breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead.


Fallicity looked at her clothes, or lack of them.

She had had a choice when they were packing; either clothes or weapons and the DVD's and important paperwork. They knew that she would be on her own if something happened to them and they wanted to make sure she could carry the bags. Her weapons; knives and throwing stars as well as a kendo stick, staff, and crossbow and bolts (which was in the armory), came in a duffle bag and were a must.

The clothes, DVD's, paperwork, books, went into her backpack which was a real backpack and not a student one (though she had one of those packed away as well just in case). Her father and Matt had enjoyed going camping and thought it was a great way to have some family time as well as training time. There had been peaceful demons in the woods that her father had them teaching her things he didn't know so that was further reasoning for the trips. Like they had needed a reason to go camping, she smirked to herself.

She looked back at her clothes and sighed. She had one pair of jeans and TWO shirts to go with them, and only ONE set of underwear. There was no stopping it.  She needed to clothes shop.
She shuddered, the thought of clothes shopping and the fashion plates that were around her nauseated her, but there was no choice she couldn't keep washing her clothes in the sink in the bathroom.  Several of the other girls had already sneaked off to shop on the council's dime, but she decided to do the right thing and ask if someone could take her or if she could head out on her own.

She smacked herself on the head, her trust fund. Her father had set it up for her that she was his heir and therefore got all of the money and items.  And when his father died because of the Bringers, she got that too. She rummaged around in her desk and pulled out the paperwork to take to Xander. At least now she could get some things for her room so it was more homelike.


There was no getting out of going with a group of girls going shopping. She shook her head as she watched them all head for the GAP and Vicky's and headed off to SEARS. She could get everything she needed there and Xander said he would pick up the cost instead of it coming out of her trust. He had set that aside for when she was either on her own for some reason, or 21, whichever came first.

Like the other girls, she had a  prepaid credit card that had her start up funds for clothes and things on it, after that it would have her allowance on it so she could get other necessary things.
She was real happy to be on Deppo and couldn't understand the others dislike of it since it was only a shot once every three months.  She shrugged to herself and headed off to look at the beds first.  She wanted a bunk bed like at home. When she had been little, they had play camped in her room by putting blankets tucked in on top so that you had a closed-in place like a tent.

She liked the fact that she could ignore the top bunk and put a board up there instead and place things like a new stereo (which she would get later) and books up there so she could maximize her living place. She could also hook up a fan to the end of the bed and to the bottom part of the top so that she had the breeze coming just where she wanted it to and it didn't take any more room in her small dorm room.

She already had a small dresser, desk, and closet, so she didn't have to worry about any other furniture, but she WAS going to get her a cd walkman for now to go with the cd's she was going to reacquire, and then she was going to get a new laptop. She had already cleared it with Xander so that the council would pay for it and then take the money out of her allowance for the next few months. The council would pay for half of the system she wanted, or all if it was just a basic system. She wanted a good system so she decided that she could live with only getting a cd here or there once a month.  Xander had said that the wi-fi was throughout the base so she could log in anywhere as well which would be good.

Xander arranged for delivery of her bed and new bedding, then led her to where the others were and they STILL were shopping. Xander sighed and she giggled at his look, as he went up to each group and told them to finish up they were leaving in a half hour.  If they weren't in the van at that time, they would be doing KP and washing walls and such for a month.

The other girls whined about her bed and the fact that SHE got a computer in her room. Xander had pointed out that she was paying for it in monthly payments out of her  allowance and that if they wanted to they could do the same. The others didn't want to give up their shopping time so turned that down and STILL whined about it. Xander had finally had enough and laid down the law when he had found out that several of the girls needed the doctor after trying to break into her room to trash it. She had been smart and had made friends with Dawn and had her ward the room so that no one could get into it without her wishing it or in an emergency.  Since she didn't wish it and it wasn't an emergency, the wards had bit back...HARD.

Of course they whined about THAT too, and continued it to anyone who would listen for the next two months of doing scut work around the base.


When Dean came, she watched the girls go goo-goo over him and his brother and sighed.  The hormone patrol was at it again. She WAS happy that she was one of the first to move up to hunting lessons though.  She knew that now that she was called she would need to know as much as possible to last as long as possible so she studied hard in classes such as demonology and (with Xander's permission) had signed up for classes online for the semester so that she could continue at her own pace since she was so far above where they were teaching the girls right now.

Knowing what she did now about the other girls, she was VERY happy she had a good Watcher that had wanted her to know as much as possible in order to survive.  Many of the other girls had never been to school, or if they had, it had been spotty at best.  While she had also been home-schooled, her father had actually kept to the regimen that the state had wanted so and went even farther.  When she was two, he had started her learning Latin along with English, and as she got older, he added more languages.  Taking a page from the Watchers and having everything he could be in the language for a year with the school studies in English but the questions in another language.  One of the things he did during this time, was to have her help him translate his books, choosing the ones in the language that they were studying to help her learn it faster.

When she was five and starting kiddy martial arts with Matt, Matt had been dismayed that she was such a book worm, and when he started to date her father, he started teaching her about the outdoors and things with her father teaching her about the demons that lived out there.  She had gone hunting as soon as she was old enough and had bagged her deer every year.  Her father had also arranged for her to play "tag" as much as possible with the area demons so she could get the feel of hunting something other than deer. Now she would be getting even more lessons in hunting, this time for real.


She worked on her Kata's, she had been doing them a few times a day now along with her workouts with Dean and the others.  She had been in the invasion battle and had seen exactly what her Matt had been trying to tell her. Now she knew she needed to be like the Bionic Man. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Xander came up to watch her and then broke into her Kata's.  "Lissy, you need to relax and have fun. You can't be Superwoman, it just doesn't work.  If you allow yourself to loose track of the fun things in life, you become like one of the old Slayers and end up dying fast and young."  He pulled her down to sit with him on the grass and held her as she cried.  She had never really cried for her missing father and Matt, or for her friends, or anything else that had happened since the First Evil.  And Xander just held onto as she let it all go.