Proving Him Wrong

Scott Evil threw the last of his shirts into his bag, turning around in his empty room to make sure
he had everything he wanted to take with him. He took a deep breath as he zipped the small bag
closed, looking up as someone walked in. "Hi," he said softly, walking over to hug the woman
that had been like a mother to him his whole life. "I'm done."

"I know. Are you sure you want to do this, Scott?" He nodded, backing away from her. "Your
father will not take such a betrayal lightly." He didn't answer her, so she handed over an envelope.
"Here, you'll need this if you want to continue with this plan." She patted the side of his face then
walked away from him.

"Bye, Frau," he called after her, sliding the envelope into his pocket and picking up his bag. He
walked out of his room, heading to the elevators that would take him out into the real world,
where things were normal. He was met in front of them by his father figure and mentor, Number

"You're sure?"

"Yeah, I can't live under him." He smiled at the small, nicely wrapped package he was given.

"Don't worry about it. Just remember what we had, even if it doesn't seem like it." The older man
patted the younger's shoulder, turning to walk back into the meeting room where Scott's father was
waiting for them both.

Scott hit the call button, feeling lighter already. His heart felt heavier but his mind was getting
lighter by the second. As he stepped onto the open car, his heart tried to tell him to go back, to
live with it, but his mind gave all the reason he needed to leave: no one should be forced to live
under his father's rule. He hit the button to close the doors, looking at the meeting room door and
the figures he could just barely see inside there, silently wishing them good times until he might
see them again.

Scott took his first real steps out into the world, the fear in his heart great, but he flagged a cab
down, asking to be taken to the address he'd written down earlier from the phone book.


Scott looked at the distinguished men sitting around the table, staring at him. "You can help?"
The man at the head of the table nodded, smiling at him. "Great. I'm going to go somewhere safe
and hide until it's time. What do I need to do to let you file for me?"

"We need to know a few things first," the lawyer at the head of the table said. He snapped his
fingers and a woman with a dictation machine came in. "How were you born?"

Scott took the envelope out of his pocket, looking at it. He tossed it down the table, watching the
heavy cream paper slide down the highly polished wood. He stayed silent while the head lawyer
read the note his mother had given him. "I've known for about as long as I remember, but it was
never said," he explained. The older man nodded, handing it over. "Also, there's a little
something you should know. My father may have a way of contesting this. He's had a mini-clone
made of himself." The men froze, staring at him. "Hey, he's an evil genius. What else did you
expect?" He shrugged. "I want him to go away and leave me alone. And I want you to help me.
Is this going to be a problem?"

The head lawyer cleared his throat. "Technically, a clone would have no legal standing in our
courts. This will set precedence, which could take some time, but I don't see a problem with it.
Especially if there was significant tampering with its ... design."

"Well, he's an eighth of my father's size and he hardly talks but I'm not sure about the rest." Scott
leaned forward, letting his hands clasp together on the table. "I want control, full and total control.
From what I get, you get forty-percent interest, which I'll have bought out in the first year. Deal?"
The head lawyer nodded, very smug smile on his face. "Good, you have my cell number, I'm going
to go find a refuge." He stood up, grabbing his bag and walking out, his plan set in motion.

"If you can't screw him one way, do it another. And always use a real plan that has as few holes
as possible," he told himself, repeating an early lesson as he got into the cab the doorman had
flagged for him. "Airport. British Airways terminal."


Austin Powers rubbed his eyes as he answered the door. "Do you know what time it is?" he asked
the young man on the other side.

"Yeah, but I have something, or really someone, you want more than life itself and I'm ready to deal."
He was let in, watched as he took a seat on a velvet sofa. "I'm Scott," he said, holding out a hand, which
was shaken. "Scott Evil." The older man withdrew his hand quickly, looking down at it. "I want refuge in exchange for bringing my father down." He leaned back.

"Cheeky aren't we?" the spy said, sitting down in a chair across from him, making sure his robe
was closed. "Why come to me?"

"Because my father's a dufus and you want him gone as bad as I do." Scott smiled slightly. "And
I've already started a way to make him helpless. I just need protection from him."

Austin held up a finger, going into the kitchen and pouring water into a teapot. "This is a tea
conversation," he explained. When he had had his first sip, he looked at the younger man. "What
did you do to cross your daddy?" He walked back out, carrying an extra cup to hand over. "And
why come directly to me?"

"I've started proceedings to have myself declared his only legal heir again and have him declared
dead." The young man sipped his tea, setting the cup on the table behind the couch so he could
curl up. "See, with him being frozen for so long, I was declared his only legal heir and the
company was put into my hands, even if I did let Number Two run it. But when he came back, as
I've found out, he had no legal standing because he was declared dead and that was never
reversed." The smile got a little self-conscious. "I'm fixing it so that I have total control of
everything he owns. I want him to leave again." He looked up. "Of course, this will make me the
second most hunted creature on the planet. He may even forget you exist to come after me. That's
why I came to you." He picked back up the tea, sipping some more, watching his host think. "Listen,"
he said after a few minutes of silence, "I'll do anything you want me to if you'll protect me until he goes
back into stasis. All you have to do is keep me alive." He finished off the tea. "Why don't you call your
boss and talk to him about it? I'm sure he'd love to have an inside track on this."

Austin nodded, getting up to head into the bedroom. He closed the door, locking it as silently as
he could, and quickly got dressed. He smoothed down his hair as he activated the call screen,
smiling at the flustered man on the other end. "Bad day, Basil?" he asked. "Well, I've got
something to make it more weird." He nodded at the living room. "I've got Dr. Evil's son, Scott,
in my living room asking for asylum and protection." The man on the screen spit his tea across
the camera. "That was my reaction." He got comfortable. "I think you should talk to him, he's got
that scary calm of people who are destroying their lives but he says he's about to take over his
father's empire and he wants us to help him."

Basil held up a finger, turning to talk to someone quietly. "Austin, keep him there for a few
minutes. I need to discuss this with some people." The screen went dead.

Austin looked over his shoulder as he felt a body next to him, starting when he saw who it was. "I
knew I locked that."

"And I was taught how to pick locks." Scott waved his lock pick case. "Just one of the many
things a protegee evil genius should know." He sat on the edge of the bed. "How is Basil's mom?
I've heard she was having stomach problems?" He smiled at the open-mouthed shock. "Hacking
was another one of those things I learned. As was strategy and careful planning from Number
Two." He stood up. "Do we have a deal?"

"We'll see. Basil is talking to someone right now." The screen beeped, coming back on. "Basil,
this is Scott, who I just found out can pick locks." He frowned at the smile. "They went for it?"

"He is to be your new assignment. Felicity will be assigned to you on and off as we can spare
her." The man on the screen turned to look at the younger man. "The news of your case hitting
the court system just came to us in an update. A fairly well-thought-out plan, but what will you
do with it?"

"I'll give the company to Number Two to run while I live life." He crossed his arms. "I'm
thinking animals, maybe a small farm somewhere with lots of animals." He smiled. "I'm not my
father and I won't become him. I don't want the responsibility of the world."

Austin looked at Basil, almost panicking by his expression. "What do I do with him? I have no
idea what kids today do. It's not like he's going to have anything in common with my swinging lifestyle."

"You keep him safe and let *him* pick the entertainments," Basil told him patiently. "Good day,
Austin, I'll check in with you later." He hung up again and the screen disappeared into the

"All right then, what do you like to do?"

"Shop for new music, go to the zoo, maybe some video games." Scott patted Austin's shoulder.
"Think of it as a crash course into the nineties subcultures." He turned, walking out. "I'll wait out
here while you pray for deliverance." He closed the door behind himself.

Austin looked up at the ceiling, lying down on the bed. "I think I should." He closed his eyes.
"Please don't let this be too bad, God, I've not been that bad recently." He got up, getting ready for
what was looking to be a very long day, then walking out of his bedroom to see the young man
looking out his window. "Maybe you shouldn't do that."

"My father's assassins are pathetically easy to spot." The young man turned to face his protector.
"What do you want to do first?"

"How about filling me in." He saw the light blush and mentally reviewed his words. "I meant
your plan. I'm don't swing that way, bab...kid."

"Oh, please," Scott said, walking slowly over to the older man, "I've researched your whole life
and career. I know exactly what you're into and why." He sat down next to him. "Like I said, I'm
willing to pay the price, whatever it is." He raised an eyebrow. "Up to you." He pulled a paper out
of his jeans pocket, handing it over. "That's the plan, all of it." He watched as the legal notice of a
lawsuit filed was read. "Cool, huh?"

"Very what is the word..." He made a face.

"Snarky?" Scott grinned. "Yeah, I think so too but if I have to look at that clone one more time or
dodge him trying to kill me again, I'm going to punt him." He leaned back, getting comfortable. "It's
already mine, I just have to keep it that way."

"Which means declaring Dr. Evil isn't really your father because he was technically dead?" The
younger man nodded. "Very sneaky but what if they ask him about where he was?"

"Dad's not real shy about telling people he was frozen. It's not a national secret, the way yours
was. I'm not seeing a problem here unless they bring up you. In which case, you need to know
everything that's went on anyway so I'm still doing a good thing here." He shrugged. "Not a big
thing, just a little ruling." He smiled, a sneaky, secret grin. "Want in on it?"

"Oh, I'm not sure about that but you're right about one thing, I'd love to see your father go down."
He handed back the paper. "Here, you should put it in a scrap book or something."

"Got one of those started. I'm sure Frau is doing it." He slid the paper back into his pocket.
"Now what?"

"Now we figure out how best to keep you safe and plan the day's events."

"I'd say shopping. I want one of those cheesy souvenir t-shirts that are only sold in major tourist
cities." He stood up. "Come on, I have stuff I need to get if I'm staying for a while."

"Oh, no. We'll get you a separate apartment. You can't stay here." He looked up at the younger
man, not much smaller than he was. "I can't shag with you here."

"Well, you could but you're being stubborn." Scott smiled, grabbing his bag and opening it to pull
out the package Number Two had given him. He slid the wallet into his back pocket, the
passbook into the front left one, and the keys in the other. "And I've got a place. Number Two
has a loft here. I have the keys." He stood up, slinging his bag over his shoulder, then pulled it
back down to zip it, putting it back over his shoulder. "So, how's the woman? I hear she's a great
one." He walked over to the door, looking back at his host. "What?" he asked when the older man
hadn't moved.

"How do you know Felicity?"

"I went back in time too, remember? I just didn't make it to the moon. She and I met one night
while you were casing the volcano. Seemed interesting and capable." He waved at the door.
"Come on, let's go get me some stuff so I can be normal for once."

Austin just nodded, following the young man out the door. He knew a situation to watch when he
got caught up in one.


Scott opened the door of the loft, looking around and whistling. He brushed the leather strap
hanging beside the door, walking inside to toss his bag on the couch. "Make yourself at home,
guys, gonna check the place out. He's redecorated since he brought me here for my birthday." He
jogged up the stairs, listening to the quiet conversation below him.

"Are you sure this is going to work out all right, Austin?" Felicity said quietly.

"I'm sure he needs the help and Basil was certain he was serious. We just have to keep him alive
until he gets control and make sure we aren't hurt in the crossfire, baby. That's all." The sound of
a wet kiss floated up into the partially closed off bedroom.

"Okay, Austin, if you're sure then I'll go along with it but I want you to know I'm not happy leaving
you here with him. You don't know what he'll do to you."

"I'm not that mean," Scott said, walking back down the stairs. "Actually, I'm the warm and fuzzy
type." He smiled at her, handing over the cordless phone. "You can call and tell them you're
staying if you want, I won't mind. I'll even do the couch so you can have the huge bed upstairs."
He walked into the kitchen, grabbing the bag of food to put away. "My casa and all that."

Felicity looked at Austin, who smiled at her. She dialed the home office, going out in the hall to
talk to Basil. She came back in, nodding. "Okay, it's all set. I'm here for the next few days. Oh,
and the court hearing was set. It's in two months." She set the phone back on the stand, watching
the younger man wander around the kitchen, and had a sudden bout of empathy for him. "He
wasn't nice to you, was he?"

"He was a prick to me. Always so sure he was right and everyone else was wrong," Scott said,
looking at her. "Whenever I'd have an opinion, he'd shut me up by talking over top of me." He
looked down. "He had a clone made because I wasn't evil enough for him." His eyes were
burning with anger and hate as he looked at her again. "And now he's gonna pay for it." He
shook himself, walking back to the refrigerator. "Want something to drink? We got beer, wine,
water, milk, and Coke." He pulled out a can, popping it open to set on the counter. He turned
when there was no answer, running into Felicity's chest. "Hmm, nice but not mine," he told her,
backing away from her. "What did you want to drink?" He 'eep'ed as he was hugged, backing
away at the first possible moment. "Why did you do that?"

"Because you looked like you needed one," she told him, taking the open can of soda for herself
with a smile. "Don't worry, you'll get used to the real people of the world. We do things like

"Some of us," Austin corrected her. He walked in to grab a beer, taking it out to the couch. "Does
the telly work?"

"Yup, got a satellite," Scott said, taking out another can and drinking from it quickly. "Guide
should be on the table. The people he has take care of the place used to put it there." He closed
the refrigerator door, walking out to fall into a chair, sitting sideways in it, letting his legs dangle
over the arm. "Channel fifty seven was good last time I knew." He drank his soda as the Playboy
Channel came on, making Austin about spit his beer across the room. "Hey, a good one," he told
them. Felicity snickered. "Hey, I'm a young guy and I watch this stuff, it's normal." He grabbed
the remote, turning up the volume and grabbing the phone as it rang. "Hello?" He tossed it over
at Austin's still form. "For you. Bastard calling." He watched the porn movie, ignoring the
conversation by extreme force of will.

"Hello?" Austin asked carefully.

//Why, Mr. Powers, how nice to know that my son truly betrayed me. Put him back on please.//

"Go blow yourself," Austin said, hanging up. "How did he get the number?"

"Call forwarding. He doesn't have it." Scott looked briefly at them, seeing the confusion. "It
sends the call they're making to the phone you're at without letting them know. He probably
dialed my room at the compound." He finished off his can, tossing it into a blue trashcan beside
the tv. "Recycling, it's a good thing," he quipped then sighed. "Much better than at home. More
relaxed, less crap, much less crap." He cracked his knuckles, sitting up and muting the tv, not
watching the three women go at it on the screen. "Are we going to do the tv thing all night? If we
are, that's okay, or if not, I really need a shower."

"Go take a shower, Scott," Felicity told him. "We'll still be here." She watched his small form
walk up the stairs before turning to her mate. "Austin, do you really think this is for real?"

He looked at her with his deer in the headlights look. "You're asking me? Do I know?" He
kissed her cheek. "If not, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we, baby." She smiled at him and
he leaned in closer, laying her down on the couch as he attached his mouth to hers.

"Stuff's in the coffee table," Scott yelled down, shutting the door.

Austin looked over the back of the couch. "How does he know that?" he asked the room at large.
Until his mouth was taken hostage again, very much not against his will.


Scott smiled as he checked the hidden video camera, shutting the mirror that hid it before heading
into the bathroom. He whistled a happy tune as he ran his water, testing it with his foot. He felt
someone in the room with him, turning to find Felicity at the sink. "Man, that was quick." He
climbed into the shower, closing the door. "The tub is a Jacuzzi and there are bubbles in the closet
if I'm not mistaken." He grabbed the herbal shampoo, not listening as she did whatever outside
the frosted glass. He looked up in alarm from rinsing his hair as he felt a hand running down his
chest. He looked at the manicured and painted nails running up his chest then at her. "Cute color
and all, but I'm not for you. Not your type at all." He removed the hand, getting back under the
spray. "I'll share the shower but that's it, I'm not like that." When he turned back around, she was
gone and the rest of his plan was in action.

He went back to whistling his happy tune as he soaped himself, happier now than he had been in a


Austin looked around the bedroom, shaking his head. "That guy, Number Two, he must be an
odd one." Scott stepped behind him, getting something out of a drawer in the dresser. "You sure?
I mean, one of us should probably stay up in case something happens."

Scott pulled on his t-shirt, shaking his head. "They won't be here tonight. It'll take too long for
them to get organized." He tucked the shirt into his sweatpants, looking around the room and
pointing at various places. "Bedside table has all the good sex stuff but if you want something
more exotic, there's some toys in the box on the closet shelf. Spare gun is in the base of the lamp,
spare condoms are in the second drawer of the bed shelf. Night, Austin." He started for the stairs.

"Freeze, Mister." The spy walked up behind the young man. "How do you know all this?"

"Because I was here as an eighteenth birthday present from Number Two. A few delightful weeks
of vacation for both of us." He grinned, adding just a hint of sexiness to it. "A very," he licked over
his bottom lip, his tongue just poking out between his teeth, "fun time." He shrugged and walked down
the stairs. "Night, have fun and sweet dreams." He patted Felicity as he walked past her. "Gun's in
the lamp base, clips are in the drawer under it, it's loaded." He tossed his pillows down on the midnight
blue silk couch and followed them down with a small sigh of pleasure. "Have fun." He looked up when
she didn't move from the back of the couch. "What?"

"How do you know where these things are?"

He sat up, pulling her closer. "Do you *really* want to know how I celebrated my eighteenth
birthday?" he asked her softly, almost whispering. She blushed. "Didn't think so but if you're
curious, channel one-oh-four has the best graphics of it." He lay back down. "Night, Felicity.
Pleasant Austin's." He closed his eyes, listening as she walked slowly up the stairs with a few
hesitations. The smile only got bigger as he heard the very deep exclamations of surprise as
Austin found the things he'd had sent and planted here.

When the apartment was quiet, he sat up, pulling his laptop from under the couch. He logged on
to his mail account, sending an 'I'm fine' message to Frau and checking for his daily quota of
smut. He almost smirked as he felt a body walk up behind him. "Internet smut, want to read?" he
offered, turning around to offer the computer to Austin. He looked over the extremely hairy chest,
mentally shuddering while keeping his expression and manner interested. "Lots of pictures

"No, thanks though. Who were you talking to?" He looked at the screen as the window was
backed up to the message he'd just sent. "So, she's like a mum to you?"

"She is my mom, man. Has been my whole life." He turned the machine off, putting it back under
the couch. "She's the one that filed this stuff for me the first time when Number Two got sick for a
long time. She's always made sure I had what I needed to do my job." He leaned back against the
soft back cushions. "What about you? What's your family like?"

"I'm surprised you don't know that too," Austin said warily. He got a small hurt look and sighed.
"Sorry, all this is just a bit strange to me." He waved a hand around the room and to the young
man looking at him. "What are you going to do when you get your way?"

"I'm going to add an 'e' to the end of the company's name, just to prove I have the power, and them
I'm going to give Number Two control while I go have fun." He smiled, just enough to allure.
"What did you expect me to do? Take over where I made my father leave off?" He got a nod.
"Nope, sorry, don't like that sort of responsibility. I don't want to be responsible for anyone but
myself. Usually that's more than enough for me. That's why Number Two will do what I say if he
wants to keep his job. That's why Frau is backing me on this."

"This is all a power play to you, isn't it?" Austin asked in surprise. "You really don't want any of

"Not at all. I just want to be left alone by dear old dad and I have to wield the power to achieve
that. A very wise person taught me that." He lay back down. "Night."

"Good night, kid," Austin said, walking back up the stairs.

Scott mentally ticked off one more thing he'd gotten accomplished on his list.


Austin looked around the store, shuddering at all the neutral colored clothes. "Not a hint of velvet
in sight," he told his girl. Felicity held up a shirt against her chest, looking at it in the mirror. "Bit
baggy, baby. Hides all your attributes."

"But it seems to be in fashion." She put the shirt back, looking around for their charge. "Where'd
Scott go?"

"Dressing room, second from the left." He pulled her closer, hugging her back against his chest.
"What say we take the tyke home and play?" She smacked his hand lightly. "It's not like he'd
mind and all. I'm sure he'd be thrilled to listen."

"I'm sure," she said dryly, "but that's not going to happen." She looked around as someone new
entered the department, studying the guy in the beanie. "Austin, do you recognize him?"

"No, but either he's a very odd duck or he works for Scott's father." He let her go, matching her
approach to this new person. "Hello," he said quietly, pulling the man away from the dressing
rooms. "What have we here?"

Scott raised an eyebrow as he came out, walking over to them, hanging his clothes over a rack.
"We have one of my bodyguards from when I was a kid. Hey, Henry. What's up?"

"Frau sent me to warn you. The rest of the corps were sent to get you." He handed over an
envelope, or tried to since Felicity took it from his hand. "She sent that to you."

"Thanks, man." Scott took it from her hand, opening it with a small smile. "Hey, a birthday card.
She's early again." He looked up, showing it off. "Frau always picks the funny ones." He looked
at Austin, who was still holding onto the man's arm. "He's not gonna hurt me. He nursed me
through Chicken Pox and let me play with his kids." He hugged the former guard, whispering in
his ear. "Tell her I'm fine and you were thwarted. I'm sure you won't get into as much trouble."
He stepped back. "Have a nice trip back." He picked up his clothes, wandering back to the racks
to look for more stuff. He smiled as he felt a warm body against his back. "Beanie corps. They
were my guardians when I was young. Gave them all their beanies myself." He looked at Felicity.
"They weren't too bad. At least one guy on each shift had kids and I usually got to play with them.
Henry has three girls, the youngest was my first girlfriend." He handed over the card.

She read it then handed it back. "Why is Frau so protective of you?"

"She's my mom." He headed for the registers, pulling out his credit card and handing it over. He
sighed as it was rejected, pulling out the wallet Number Two had sent with him and the things
he'd put into it last night, handing over a special silver card. The girl smiled as she rung him up,
handing him the slip and the bags. He took his things, turning to looked at Felicity again. "I
hoarded up my allowance, it's in a protected Swiss account. No one but myself can access it and
even then, it takes a call before I do it. I've been planning this for a while now."

"It sounds it," Austin said, taking a bag. "They must have paid you really well."

"About twenty percent of my dividends yearly gets invested by Number Two. I'm worth a few
million right now." He slid the car keys out of his pocket, hitting the remote for the door. "I'm
very careful about what I do to hide it. Only Frau and Number Two know about that account but
there's a few more just like it that they don't know about and they can only deposit for me into that
one. No one can withdraw without my personal order, by phone or in person. There's voice print
recognition software hooked up to it just to make sure." He slid into the driver's seat, grunting as
he was pulled out of it by Felicity. "But it's my car."

"It's too dangerous to let you drive around the city," she told him, settling him in the back. She
waited until Austin was in with them to start the car. Her man raised an eyebrow. "He had it sent

"Why don't you follow us in yours," Scott suggested to Austin. At the dirty look, he shrugged.
"Just a suggestion. After all, we all know I'm not going to hit on her, no matter how tasty she
might be."

Austin muttered something as he got out of the car, going over to his Shaguar.

Scott crawled between the seats, settling into the passenger's side. "Makes me feel like I'm in a
limo to sit in the back," he explained. He tapped a console on the dash, watching as the computer
came down. "Cool, huh? I used to live in front of James Bond movies."

She just smiled as she pulled away, checking to make sure Austin was right behind them.


Austin looked around the swank hotel, looking back at the man who was checking them into the
spa attached to it. "Is this really necessary?"

"Yup, need my beauty treatment so I don't go bald like *it*." He smiled at the receptionist,
pouting just a little. "For them too? I know they could use the relaxation." She sighed but handed
over the blue smocks for them too, which he handed off. He winked at her, going to the clearly
marked changing rooms. "Go put them on, you can help me wander."

Austin followed him in, checking the room for Doctor Evil's henchmen before letting Scott
undress. At least that had been the plan. He turned to find the young man sliding out of his baggy
jeans, showing very clearly that he didn't need them to be that loose. He turned quickly, stripping
himself and getting into his own smock. He turned back around to see the younger man watching
him. "What?" he asked, very wary of anything that had that look on its face. He really didn't want
to be eaten.

"Just wondering what you'd look like in a more modern, silk suit." Scott handed his clothes over
to the attendant, tipping him nicely. He picked the things up off the counter that he wanted to
bring with him, sliding them into the mesh carrying-bag the man had given him. "Thanks," he
said, walking back out. He walked into enthusiastic arms, the squeal from this woman enough to
deafen all those around them. "Hey," he said, wiggling a finger in his ear. "How's it going?"

"Oh, Scott," she gushed, patting him down to make sure he was still all right. "We all heard what
you're doing to your father and we all think it's about time." She kissed his cheek, not minding at
all when she was turned around by Felicity. "And your guards have gotten prettier too, especially
since you let them lose the beanies. I didn't think you ran that way." She looked over her
shoulder to wink at him. "What can I do for you today, Scott, love?"

"Well, I could use something to relax and a full body scrub, and of course the stuff for my hair.
But they need to relax too. You *know* what a handful I can be." He wrapped an arm around
Felicity's and Austin's waists, pulling them closer. "Massage maybe? A trim might not hurt them

"This isn't supposed to be fun for us," Felicity reminded him.

"Ah, but it is. This place is absolutely safe. They have security like you wouldn't believe."

"That's right, Number Two insisted on it when he let Scott invest with us," the loud woman said
as she pulled them to one of the back rooms. "Scott," she said quietly once they were inside and
the door was closed. "You know he's looking for you." He nodded. "Are you safe? Can I do
anything to help?"

"Nope, thanks though, Miriam." He leaned closer, kissing her cheek. "Beanie guys were sent
after me. That's all so far."

"Scott, love, he's put a two million dollar price on your head."

"And I'm safe. Besides, Number Two had a bigger one to bring me back when I ran away and no
one came for me then." He shrugged. "Felicity Shagwell, Austin Powers, Miriam Temple.
Former CIA hostess and Security Chief of the Israeli section." They all shook hands and he
looked at Felicity, the serious one of the group. "I'm as safe here as I was in my mother's womb.
Safer really."

Felicity nodded, looking the other woman over. "Okay, I can deal with this but we're going to
have a long discussion when we get you back to the apartment." She looked into his eyes. "Aren't
we, Scott?"

He stepped back, instantly hugged and protected by Miriam. "Oooooh, scary lady now." He
looked over at Austin. "Does she use that tone of voice on you?"

"Not funny," he said dryly. He looked over Miriam. "So, why do you work here, baby?"

"Because I wanted a normal life. No more midnight raids. No more cranky agents first thing in
the morning on my doorstep. No more Israeli police questioning my cover as a gentle masseuse."
She smiled at him. "So I opened this place. It's very secure. It meets my tolerance and beyond,
and I was Chief there for almost three years." She looked over Felicity. "Knew your replacement.
She was a cranky lot first thing in the morning." She turned Scott around. "They're right though, pet,
this is serious. Your dad's out for blood and he wants to destroy you."

"The feeling's mutual." He stretched. "Now, I could use your Godly fingers across my back to
take that knowledge from me and she could use a trim and he could use a lot of stuff to make him
relax. I don't think he's smiled once since I met him and I'm usually very likable." He kissed
Miriam's cheek, lying down on the table.

Felicity pulled Miriam aside. "Is he always like this?"

"He's so much like Number Two some days. And yes, he's very uncaring, or so it seems, but he
catches everything and knows much more than he ever lets on. Number Two trained him well."
She picked up a lock of blonde hair, looking at the ends. "You could use a trim, my dear. You
have split ends." She let it go, poking her head out of the door and motioning someone over. "Get
a stylist in here, she desperately needs her ends chopped." She looked back at the two spies, both
of whom were looking at her. "Covers, aren't they great?" She walked over to the table, picking up
a bottle and starting on Scott's back.

"I'm weirded here," Felicity told Austin. "This is all just a bit too carefully planned."

"I know. It's like he knows what's going to happen before anyone else. And if this kid pulls
another person out of his bum, I'm letting them take it."

Felicity smiled, patting his arm. "I'm just wondering how he knows these people."

"Number Two has a large network of 'friends'," Scott did the finger quotes. "He has government
friends and intelligence friends and normal friends. Then he has the *other* friends who I don't
ask about because who he sleeps with is none of my business." Scott turned his head to look at
them. "This room echoes a little. Keeps Miriam in the know. And yeah, I learned networking
from him. He and Frau taught me everything I need to know." He turned his head the other way.
"How many other former spies do I know? Just you and Milith, right?" She nodded. "Okay,
thought so."

"Milith? As in my female counterpart in France?" Felicity asked, walking over to look down at
him. "How do you know her?"

"She was a nanny for a while." Scott looked up at her. "Number Two was buying a lot of stock in
French companies so they sent her to find out what was going on." He turned his head the other way.
"That's about how I met you, Miriam, right? You were sent to check on us?"

"True, very true. I was sent to seduce Number Two to find out what he had planned with all the
small businesses he was buying." She worked a little knot from the young man's shoulder. "I
ended up on the wrong end of the plan and am grateful to him now. He's just interested in the
money." She looked at Felicity for a second. "I'm sure I don't have to tell you about getting too
involved in your job."

Felicity shook her head. "No, you don't," she said softly. She looked at the door as someone
walked in. "Stylist?" she guessed.

"Yes ma'am." He set out his roll of instruments. "If you'd care to sit for me, I'll do something
about your ends." He patted the chair, waiting.

Austin looked around the room. "You'd think that you were the Queen Mum, Scott, the way
everyone treats you."

"No, she's in the pink room," the stylist said. "Her personal people are in there with her and the
rest of us just know she's being pampered to take away the stress of her family." He wrapped the
cape around Felicity's shoulders, snapping it closed. "I promise to be gentle," he told her. "Such
beauty should be handled with delicate care."

Austin made quiet gagging noises in his corner, waiting for it to be his turn.


Scott walked through the door of the apartment, ducking as something came flying toward him.
He got out of Felicity's way, letting her handle it. When she had the little person on the floor, he
walked over to look down at him. "Oh, look, it's the clone." He grimaced. "Did my dad send you
because he couldn't do it himself?" The creature on the floor struggled to get up so he could grab

Austin moved the young man away from the clone, setting him in a chair. "Stay," he told him,
walking back over to look down at the little man himself. "How did you survive space? The last
time I saw you, I was sending you out through the crapper."

Felicity sighed, picking him up and handcuffing him to a chair. "We've got to move, Scott, do you
have another safe place?"

"Give me ten to talk to someone," the young man said, pulling his laptop out from under the couch
and logging on. He snorted as he looked at the new mail folder, hitting the compose button. He
typed in a quick message, knowing very well that Austin was looking over his shoulder. When he hit
the send key, he sat back, not quite accidentally running into the older man. "Should take about ten
minutes. I'm sure she's on now." He checked his watch then opened his new mail, reading it. "Hmm,
got more than Beanie guys coming after me now. Frau was a little late getting that info to me." He
closed that message, opening a new one to read. "Ha-ah, new internet smut. Very nice. Was waiting
for this part." He read quietly, humming to himself. He checked his watch again as he deleted the story,
hitting his update key with the touchpad. He smiled as he saw the message, opening it with a bigger grin
as he saw what she'd written. "Got us somewhere nice." He closed the message, getting up to walk over
to where Felicity was talking to someone on the phone. "Private and no one knows where it is except
myself and the person who owns it." He patted her back as he went past her to the bedroom, grabbing
his stuff from the dresser and filling the two suitcases from the closet. He walked back down as Felicity
hung up. "Want to take my car or yours?"

"Both," she said, "as a precaution." She handed him the laptop, smiling at him. "Austin and I
will be right down. Lock the doors behind yourself." She waited until they were alone. "Who was it this time?"

"Some person named Shayana." The spy shrugged. "She said something about kids and leaving
him the new pictures too." He looked down at the clone. "How many more is he sending after the kid?"
He got flipped off for it. "Rude little bugger isn't he?"

"I don't think he was taught any different," Scott said as he walked back in. He headed back up
the stairs, grabbing the bag he'd brought with him and carrying it down. "Can't forget this." He
looked at the clone, making a face at him. "You're such a dick," he told the little man. "Go tell
my father his clone isn't even half as bad as he is." He walked out, followed by Austin. They
passed the security team on the way down.

"Why tell him that?"

"Because." Scott turned to look at him, leaning against the side of his car. "Some ancient Chinese
guy said 'kill the heart of your enemy and you kill him' or something like that. My father's so
proud of that thing upstairs but if he knows people think it sucks and it's only half as evil as he is
then he'll be wounded in spirit."

"Does your father actually care what others think?" Austin pointed out.

"If he didn't, I wouldn't be here and neither would Frau or Number Two." He slid into the
passenger's seat, pulling down the visor to look in the little mirror. "Come on," he muttered.

Austin got in beside him, starting the car. "Okay, where to?"

"Out of town, toward the high country near the border. I'll have to drive once we get closer." Scott
closed the visor. "There is one other person who might know about this and he's one of the beanie
guys; sorry, but it just came to me that he accompanied me on that trip." He frowned. "You're letting
her drive your car?"

"As she's done many times." Austin hit the main street, heading out of London. "So, who was
she? The one that you talked to?"

"She's the one that my father would kill to get to know." Scott settled back in his seat. "Go about
three hundred miles north then I need to take over." He closed his eyes, putting the seat back. "She's
the topic of another conversation we need to have but not tonight."

Austin thought about it, checking his mirror as he drove.


Scott pulled up in front of the quaint manor house, getting out and pulling a set of keys out of his
pocket. He unlocked the front door, walking inside and picking up the note with his name on it.

Austin walked into him, still half-asleep. "Beds are where?"

"Upstairs, third floor, first door on the left is the best." He sat down to read, smiling. He ignored
Felicity as she stood beside him, reading over his shoulder. Until the letter was taken from him.

"She's doing what?"

"She and her lover are going to torment dad." He smiled up at her. "You'll like this, but it's a
discussion for in the morning." He picked up the pictures that had been folded into the note,
sliding them into his pocket before going back outside.

Austin looked at his love, walking over to read over her shoulder when she hadn't said anything.
"He is?"

She nodded, putting the note down. "Apparently. And I'm sure his father will be even more


Scott watched as Doctor Evil looked around at his people, his expression getting increasingly
pissed by the second. "What do you mean you can't find my son?" he asked the first guard. "Frau,
where is he?" He turned to look at her, seeing her confusion. "Oh, don't even. You're his mother,
have been his whole life. You know where he went, I'm sure of it." His hand hovered over a button
with her name beside it.

Number Two cleared his throat. "Scott disappeared from my loft in London just after they captured your Mini-Me." He looked at Frau. "But I did get a letter from him this morning telling me to look out for a bombshell. Two of them really." Frau smiled, leaning back in her chair.

"What?" Doctor Evil said, looking back and forth between them. "What are you hiding now?"

"It was in the briefing we gave you when you came back last time, sir," Number Two said.
"Didn't you read it?"

"If I did, do you think I'd be asking?" he said snidely. "Frau, tell me now!"

"I think the former girlfriend is coming with her children." She smiled at Number Two.
"Delightful little creatures. Both of them."

"And I'm supposed to infer what from that?" He stopped, mouth hanging open. "I'm a
grandfather?" She nodded, smiling. "Are you sure?"

"Relatively. We had them tested to make sure but they're his." She shrugged, patting Unibrow's
hand. "I have a picture of them somewhere if you want to see them. It's a few years old but they're

"I'm a grandfather," Doctor Evil said slowly. He turned around, looking for the sound of the
snickering. "Who's that?"

"Scott, you have the send mic on," Number Two yelled. He smiled at the screen as it popped up at
the end of the table. "How are you?"

"Oh, I'm okay." Scott turned around to look at someone beside him, smiling. "Want to?" He
shrugged. "Well, it, let me put it this way. Yeah, I'm a biological donor." He snickered at the
confused look on his father's face. "It's not like I sleep with girls."

"Son, not even I waited that long to have sex."

Scott turned to the person next to him, smiling. "Want to see my father have a heart attack?"
Austin nodded, grimacing. "Come here and play along." He wrapped an arm around the older
man's waist, adjusting the camera. "Dad, like I said, I don't do girls."

Doctor Evil just stared at the couple on the screen, his face turning red. He started to cough and sputter.

"Doctor Evil, your blood pressure," Number Two warned. He looked at the screen, raising an
eyebrow. "Scott, did you have to do that to him?"

"Yeah," the young man said happily. He looked at Frau. "And when I overheard you two the
other day, I didn't get a chance to tell you I'd like that." She smiled at him then looked at his
father. "Oh, and it, I don't want you near my kids. I believe you should leave her and her wife
should be left alone. I don't even want them to know you exist." He wiggled his fingers and the
screen went blank.

Scott switched camera windows, watching the little one he'd planted a number of years ago.
"What's that?" Austin asked, pointing at it.

"That's the little spy camera I put into the meeting room so no one could keep me in the dark." He
looked at the older man. "One of the things I know I can use against him is his lack of up-to-date
technology. The man can't even turn on a computer by himself." Scott smirked. "It's a weakness
he didn't know he had."

"Know your enemy?"

"Was my second lesson." His smile got gentler. "The first was don't show a weakness unless you
want them to use it against you, but if you do then you can gain some control over them."

"Number Two again?"

"Yup." Scott looked back at the screen and upped the volume.

"What do you mean my son's gay!" Dr. Evil yelled. "Frau, what did you do to my son?"

"Herr Doctor?" she asked, clutching her lover's hand. "I did nothing to him. It was he who made
me see it was permissible to express my own feelings." She glanced at her lover. "If that will be
all, we're going to leave you two alone to talk." She stood up, dodging the seat as it fell
backwards and flamed. "I wouldn't do that again, Doctor Evil, as I'm the only one who can get
your son back." She led Unibrow out of the room.

"Number Two get him back on the screen thingy. I want to talk to my son."

Scott activated the other camera, grimacing at his father. "You whined?"

"I want to know who made you like this." Doctor Evil leaned back, pointing at Frau's chair.
"She's still living. I can bring her to good medical care if you come back."

Scott's whole face flushed. "It, she's not hurt and she'd better stay that way. If she doesn't, you'll
be very sorry you ever came back." He looked at Number Two. "Do me a favor, take Frau and
Aunt Uni over to see them. I know the kids would love to see all of you."

"Of course, Scott. Is there anything I should tell her?"

"No, we've been talking." He winked then looked back at his father. "As for my being gay, you're
right, I am. Have always been. And my kids are from artificial insemination." He smirked at the
slowly repeated words. "Yeah, dad, reproductive science is a good thing. I'm even on the list to
carry my own once they get it figured out." He turned to smile at Austin, who was barely in the
camera's range. "I was going to surprise you with that for our anniversary."

"We'll see about it," Austin said, his arm moving away from the camera range.

"Son, just stop. Stop looking at him like that. Please." Doctor Evil rubbed his forehead.
"Number Two, why wasn't I told that my grandchildren were from a cup?"

"Sir, I didn't..."

"Aht! He screwed a *cup*! Not a woman, a cup!"

"And how was your little clown born?" Scott said. "Number Two, wasn't that how I was born?"
He smirked at his father. "My kids know me as an uncle. Number Two kept harping on me about
heirs and lineage so I had a few made." He smiled at Number Two. "He knows her, checked out
her family and history and agreed she'd make an excellent mother. And she and her wife didn't want
a father to be in the picture, which is even better for me." He pulled Austin back into the picture,
holding him firmly against his side. "Sorry, dad, but I don't need a woman."

"Scott, son, just tell me who did this to you so I can kill them." Doctor Evil smiled, slightly. "We
can fix you if you'll just tell me who it was."

"Dad, drop it. I have what I want." Scott looked into the older man's eyes and smiled, right before
pulling his head down to kiss him.

Number Two whistled, leaning back. "Those lessons really paid off for him." He smiled at Frau
as she walked back in, nodding at the screen.

She looked up then carefully schooled her face to indifference. "Scott, not now," she said as she
took her son's usual seat. She cleared her throat when her order wasn't followed, raising an
eyebrow at him when he looked at her. "Now's not the time for that, Scott."

"Oh, yeah, *business* and all that," the man on the screen said. He patted Austin's arm as he
walked away. "Sorry, get carried away sometimes. He's just so perfect for me."

"I'm glad you're happy, son, but that was sickening," Doctor Evil said. He looked at Frau.
"Where is your lover?"

"Packing. We just agreed it might be best for her to go on tour for a while again." She looked at
Number Two. "I charged her plane ticket to your card since I couldn't find mine. I'll pay you back
on payday." He nodded.

"Oh, stop this!" Doctor Evil shouted, standing up. He looked at the screen. "Scott you are *not*
gay and you *will* come home immediately. This crap is going to stop *now*!" he pounded his
hand on the table. He was flipped off for it. "One last chance. Come home now and all this will
be forgotten."

"Or you'll what?" Scott asked. "No self-respecting assassin would come work for you now. Not
when you can't even control your own son." He wiggled his fingers. "Later guys. Oh, and
Number Two, you need to tell your cleaning lady to change the sheets on the bed and there's milk
and yogurt in the fridge. Oh," he snapped his fingers, "and if you find a pair of Union Jack
bikini's could you please mail them to my neutral address. I'll call and have them forwarded."
He turned off the camera, switching quickly back to the other one. "Let's see how daddy dearest
likes that."

"Scott, I want to have a word with you," Austin said.

"Yup, give me a few. I want to see what he does now." He brushed off the hand on his arm, not
looking up from the tiny picture.

"Frau," Doctor Evil said, sitting back down, "I'm sorry. I know now it's not your fault. It's
Number Two's and I'll deal with him later." He took a deep breath. "I want to see those kids."

"I don't know where they are," Frau said. "I've checked my mail and there was a message saying
she wanted to see me but not when." She shrugged and looked at Number Two. "You turned him
against women?"

"No, I had him taught by people when he wanted to know about sex." He smiled, leaning back.
"Quite nice people at that."

"You hired a prostitute to break my son in?" Doctor Evil said flatly.

"No, I hired porn actors to teach him." He leaned forward. "And yes, when he wanted to know
about men I hired someone to teach him that also so he could make his own decision." He
glanced at the guards around the edge of the room. "Ask them, they could tell you."

"Riiight. And can we tell me how long my son has been sleeping with my worst enemy?" Both of his
henchmen shook their heads. "Then how about how long he's been with men?"

"Since his eighteenth birthday," Number Two said. "I didn't want him to break any laws." He
scratched over the edge of his eye-patch. "As for the mother of his children..."

"Shhh, I don't want to hear about it," Doctor Evil said over him. "I'll meet with them." He looked
at Frau. "Set up a meeting. I want to meet them."

"It'll confuse the children," she warned. "He's their 'uncle' not their father."

"Then they'll just have to explain it to them."

"I'll tell her you want to meet them," she said as she stood up. "And I heartily approve of Scott's
orientation, if not his choice of boyfriends." She walked back out of the room.

"Number Two, why is my son like that?"

"I don't know, sir. Some say it's genetics, some say it's a choice, some say it's neither and God
made him that way." He stood up also. "If there isn't anything else?" He was waved off. "Good
Night then, Doctor Evil." He walked out of the room.

Scott watched his father put his head down on the table, and heard his sigh of frustration. "Good,"
he said, minimizing the window. He turned to look at Austin. "You wanted to yell?"

"Just a bit." The spy frowned at the young man. "I didn't appreciate that. He might tell people."

"Think of it this way," Scott reasoned for him, "how many swingers in the sixties were really
straight?" The older man tipped his head to the side. "If you go back now and look at them and
what they're doing, how many of your friends were totally straight?"

"That's not the point. I have a reputation to maintain as a *straight* swinger."

"Well, not really. Most people don't know you exist and the way the world looks at the British,
they all think you like to be tied up and spanked." He grinned. "Who would he tell anyway? The
judge?" He got a nod. "And are those records going to be allowed to go public?"

Austin opened his mouth then shut it. "That's a very good point, Scott," he said, getting up. "I
should go talk to someone about that." He hurried out of the room, closing the door behind

Scott mentally ticked off another item on his list.


Felicity looked up from chopping carrots as Scott walked into the kitchen. "Did it go well?"

"Yeah, but Austin probably wants to talk to you." He hopped up onto the counter. "Didn't
someone tell you about Women's Lib?"

She patted his leg. "I've heard of it but if I waited for one of you to fix dinner, I'd starve." She
tossed the carrots into the pot and turned to look at him. "What did you do now?"

"Let's see." He pulled his feet up under himself. "I came out to my father, using Austin." Her
mouth fell open. "I have a camera set up to watch them on my computer so I heard them talking
about me. I decided to show up and aggravate him more to throw him off." He smirked.
"Worked well too. When I left, he was absolutely dejected."

She nodded, pouring some water into the pot. "How did you use Austin?"

"I pulled him into the camera's view and announced it." He caught the glass before it fell. "Hey,
take it easy. These were a wedding present from her grandmother." He set it back on the counter.
"Who's he going to tell? It's not like it's going to get out."

"I know, that was just a bit shocking." She tugged his head down, kissing his cheek. "What else
did you do?" she asked as she let him go.

"I proved it to him." He hopped off, putting the glass into the sink. "I've got to do the phone thing
early in the morning with the Judge so I'm going to nap through supper. Just put whatever's left
into the fridge and I'll eat it later."

"Do you want one of us to stay up with you?"

"Nah, this is just a preliminary meeting." He patted her arm, heading out into the garden, sitting
down beside Austin on the bench. "I'm sorry if I upset you. That wasn't my intention."

"I was just wondering why you're doing this to me?" The older man turned, looking at the
younger. "Why me?"

"Because you're the only one that wants him to fall as much as I do." He looked out over the
manicured lawn. "And I don't expect anything from you. Whatever you decide to do with this
knowledge is up to you." He stood back up. "I'm going to e-mail dirty pictures to people then
I'm going to nap so I can teleconference with the Judge in the morning." He walked back into the
house, passing Felicity and stealing a piece of celery before walking up the stairs.

"Austin," she called through the open window. "Want to come help me do domestic things?" He
walked in, hugging her, burying his face in her hair. "What's wrong, babe?"

"He kissed me."

"Ah, so?" She turned in his arms, holding him tightly. "We both know that nothing's going to
happen." She let him go, watching him step back. "And I've always known you're a swinger and
that not all of them were perfectly straight." She brushed his hair around. "Why don't you go take
a bath and think? I'll join you in a while." He nodded, heading up the stairs. "Hurt him, Scott,
and deal with me," she said softly, slamming the knife into an onion.


Scott watched his father walk into the room, grimacing. "Number Two, who changed the signs?"
he said calmly as he sat down.

Number Two shrugged, putting down his paper. "I don't know, Doctor Evil, they were like that
when I got in this morning." He handed over the article he had been reading, frowning. "But this
might explain it."

Dr. Evil read the indicated article, his frown getting worse. "Scott," he said, his voice going flat.
"He's trying to become a player." He balled up the paper, tossing it away. "Then we'll just have to
give him enough rope to hang himself with." He snapped his fingers and a guard came over. "Go
get the head assassin here, I want to talk to her."

Scott mentally reviewed all the assassins he knew that usually hung around waiting for someone
to piss his father off. He knew of her, but not what she looked like. He looked back at the screen,
seeing his father talking to someone off camera.

"So, my dear, can I entrust you with this matter?"

"Of course you may, Doctor Evil. I've not failed you yet." Her voice, smooth and mellow, sent
chills down his back with its pure iciness.

"Oh, hell," Scott said, getting up and running out to the garden. "Austin! Felicity!" he yelled. She
walked out of the small maze, looking at him. "Dad's sending a real assassin after us." He
stopped to catch his breath. "I don't know what she looks like."

"Does she have a signature?" the woman asked him, coming over to pull him to a bench. "Or a
particular means of killing?"

"She's a master of poisoning and chemicals. She's some sort of former biochemist, makes her own
blends of poisons so no one can cure whomever she hits." He took a deep breath. "And I've heard
she can become just about any woman on the planet."

"Why would he send a female after you?" He gave her a pointed look. "Austin," she said slowly.
"Oh, hell and he's out in town today too." She got up, running into the house.

Scott calmed himself. It wasn't that bad. It couldn't be that bad. He walked in after giving
Felicity a few minutes alone with him. He found her lying on the living room floor. "Felicity!"
He got down beside her, checking her pulse. "Come on," he muttered. He checked the room as
an afterthought, then grabbed the phone with his shirt, just in case. He dialed Austin's carphone,
then looked out and tried his after seeing the Shaguar sitting outside. He cursed, using a number
he'd memorized before he went to Austin. "Basil, it's Scott. No, don't worry about that now. You
have to find Austin, my father's newest assassin is one of the top women in the world and she's knocked
out Felicity." Long pause. "No, I'm calling an ambulance next. She just looks knocked out." Pause.
"No, she's a woman, some say can become any woman she wants to, and she a biochemist, makes her
own poisons." Short pause. "Yeah, no, I'll go with her. Just protect Austin, I'll be fine." He hung up, immediately dialing up the emergency number. "Hi, I'm at Landers Hall and my friend seems to be
unconscious." He nodded. "Thanks, we're in the front living room." He hung up, grabbing her gun
as he headed up to his room, grabbing what he needed into his little bag before heading down the stairs.
He ran into the ambulance crew, pulling one aside. "You need to check and see if she was poisoned.
She's my guard and the person after me can do that." The paramedic nodded, brushing her hair out
of her face as she went back to have a quiet word with her partner.

They loaded Felicity up, heading out to the hospital, Scott in front.


Austin smiled at his girl as she sat down across from him. "This was a great plan, baby. He's all
safe and warm back there and we get an hour alone." He picked up her hand, kissing the back of
it. "What should we do with all this time?"

"Mr. Powers?" the Maitre'd said, walking up to him with a phone. "Call for you, very urgent."

Austin put the phone to his ear. "Scott?" he asked, worried. "Oh, Basil," he said with a small sigh
and a frown. "No, why?" He looked at his companion then back down. "When? Okay, I'll head
right over." He hung up, handing the phone back to the discreetly waiting man. "So, baby, where
were we?" he asked, running his eyes over her.

"Wherever you wanted to be," she said.

"Well, that's good but I just heard you were in the hospital." He stood up, backing away from the
knife in time to not get cut. He glanced down at his stomach, seeing the bare skin showing
through the hole in his suit. "Hey, this was my favorite." He backed away from her, trying to
defend himself. He managed to get her onto the ground then remembered what he'd been told just
as she was about to kiss him. "A poisoned kiss?" he mocked. "Isn't that a bit theatric?"

Austin hopped up, backing away from her. He knocked her back down, rubbing his sore hand. "I
hate predatory women, baby." He looked at the officers walking up to him, pulling out his M.o.D.
badge. "Take her into custody, please. She's an assassin, a poisonous one." He backed up as they
pulled guns on him, hands coming up. "Can't we talk about this gents?" He caught a flash of dark
color from the side of his vision, backing away from it and into another couple's table.

Scott opened fire on the 'cops', taking out the first two with clean shots to the leg. He grabbed
Austin, towing him out of the restaurant after him, getting him into his car and pulling away.
"Hi," he said once they were on the road. "Felicity is being guarded by Basil's guys."

"Give me the gun."

"I can use it."

"So I saw but you can't drive and shoot, trust me, I've tried." He was handed the gun, looking at it,
recognizing it immediately since he'd been the one to gift her with it and have it engraved. "How is she?"

"Just a bad concussion. No poison in her system as far as they can tell." Scott took a corner a
little quickly. "But Basil said to come get you." He pulled into a little side road, slowing down as
he pulled out into a field behind a group of trees. "Let's see if they come for us." They watched,
silently, as four cars followed where they were supposed to have gone and the younger man sighed.
"Lost 'em." He turned to look at Austin. "They found my first camera, I can try to fix that later. Are
you okay?"

Austin nodded. "Yeah, kid, I'm fine." He put the gun onto the dash. "Where to now?"

"Now, we go to ground in the US. I have to be back in two weeks for a hearing." He laid a hand
on the velvet-clad arm. "She'll be fine and I've set up a camera so you can watch her." The older
man nodded. "I promise, she'll be fine. My first call was to Basil."

Austin took a deep breath. "I know she will. We'll go after I've seen her."

"Not a great idea. As I walked out of the hospital I had to dodge four beanie corps guys." He
restarted the car, pulling down the computer and tapping in a few codes. "Here, works like the
one in your car." He pulled out, heading back out to the highway.

"Basil," Austin said softly. "How is she?"

"She's fine, they think they've got the swelling to start going down already, which is a very good
sign." He looked over his agent. "How are you, Austin? You look tired."

"Just a bit, but Scott saved me." He ran a hand through his hair. "What do you want us to do?"

"I want you to go into deeper hiding, Austin. Protect the kid, no matter what as it seems that his
father wants him more than you." Basil turned to look at Scott. "Do you need arrangements
made?" The young man shook his head. "Very well then, just send me some sort of message to
let me know where you're at."

"I have a general e-mail address, non-traceable. I'll keep it open for you." He turned onto another
road. "Basil, I have to be back in two weeks, is it going to be a problem?"

"No, I'll alert folks on that side that you're coming and hiding." Basil turned back to Austin.
"We're keeping the camera he put up on so you can check in on her." The spy nodded. "Don't
worry, she'll be back beside you in no time." He turned off the camera on his end, turning off the


"Chicago. I have a few friends there."

"That's where your father's at," Austin pointed out.

"And where he won't think of looking for me. And I have to warn Shayana." He nodded at the
back seat. "Go ahead and lay down, I'm heading to Wales to catch a flight. I know they'll have
Heathrow covered."

"Thank you, Scott, for everything," Austin said as he climbed over the seats to lay down.

"Not a big thing man, not at all." He turned on the radio, turning the volume down to a low pitch,
nodding along with the music as he went.


"What do you mean my son defended Powers?" Scott heard his father yell. He smiled, activating
the camera no one knew he had in the room and a third one Frau didn't know she was wearing,
which he turned back off when he noticed that it was showing the inside of a bra.

"He walked in and shot her backup guards," Number Two said. "Then he got Powers out of there
and disappeared again."

"Get it working again?" Austin said, walking over to where the young man was laying
stomach-down on his bed. He sat down beside his hips, bracing himself across the taut body to
have a look. "Well, it seems to be in 'real time' as you called it."

"Nope, see the lag between movements? That's tape slowdown. It doesn't move that slowly." He
shifted the camera over, watching as it showed a little person. "And dad's little it is there too. Did
they tell you he got out?"

"Yeah, a few days ago." The spy rubbed over his face, going to lie on his own bed. "Why are we
here again?" he asked as he looked around the poor imitation of a hotel room.

"Because the management here doesn't ask questions and can be bribed. We'll move to a better
hotel right before the trial, make it look like we just appeared." Scott rolled to his side. "Why?
The room below spy standards?"

"No, not a bit. Reminds me of my flat before I had it decorated." He chewed on his lip. "What

"Now, I get a new camera put in, or three or four, and then I aggravate it so much he goes to look
for me in Africa." He turned around, logging into his account and smiling at the man on the
screen. "Hey, what's up?"

"Oh, sir, good to see you again. We were worried when your father called to tell us you had died."

"Not really, but he's trying." He frowned. "Did you let him seize the one account like I asked?"
The man on the screen nodded. "Now what?"

"Now, we have your other card sent to you and ..."

Scott cut him off. "Wire transfer me the smallest one's contents to any bank in Los Angeles. I'm
leaving the country for somewhere more primitive." The man on the screen nodded, reaching
under the camera for something. "As a matter of fact, make it a National Bank of something. I
have a small, well known, account in one of them."

"Of course, sir. We have all that information on file for you."

Scott nodded, activating another program and smiled as he heard a beep. "Let me get back to you
in a minute. "Hey," he said after flipping windows. "Want to do something for me?"

"Let me jam this so no one else can channel in on us," the male voice on the other end said. There
was a horrendous squeal then nothing. "Still there?"

"Yeah, mostly. No hearing but yeah." Scott smiled at Austin. "I'm having money sent to my LA
account and I'm not there now. Want to forward it for me?"

"Sure, where?"

"One of the secure ones I can get to from anywhere. I have this little, tiny paranoia about my
father getting to them in Switzerland."

"Cool. How about your online one? As non-traceable as you'll get."

"Great, thanks man." He signed off, reactivating the other screen after the squealing stopped.
"Sorry about that," he told the man at the bank. "Friend needed a secured line."

"Of course, sir. Just that one account?"

"Yeah, just the one but I'm authorizing one additional drawer on the other *four*." He looked
over at Austin. "Want to come give them a voice print?"

"Is this wise?"

"Yeah, in case something happens to me it is. I can always have it rescinded if something

"Voice print recording ready, just have him say something."

"What do you want me to say?" Austin said.

"Recorded. Thank you, sir, I'll get this transferred immediately." He signed off, the screen going

"Cayman's," Scott said, snapping his fingers. He dialed a new number, smiling at the woman at
his bank. "Has my father found you yet?" She gave him a confused look. "Just answer."

"No, Scott, not at all. Why?"

"Because, I'm being hunted and I need..." She held up a hand, smiling. "You knew?"

"I read about your case in the papers. Most intriguing. I've already gotten a withdrawal ready,
just needed you to call and activate the voice print."

He nodded, hanging up and picking up the phone, dialing her first. "Hey," he said, smiling.
"Good, now how much longer will it take?" His smile got bigger. "Thanks, dear, you're a love."
He hung up, dialing Switzerland. "Hey, still need my voice print, right?" He waited and then
started to speak. "Listen, I know that my dad got to you, just don't steal it. All right?" He hung
up, looking at Austin. "Ready to move to another room?"

"Of course. I was wondering why you went down to the office this morning."

"There's always a way to trace calls, even over secure lines." He closed his computer and grabbed
his bag, walking out of the room, pulling a key out of his pocket as he walked down the stairs.
"Come on, this one should make you a bit calmer." He let them into the new room, raising an
eyebrow at the men sitting on the bed. "Gee, I know I had the only key to the room."

"Actually, yeah, you do but someone called our people and sent us over to guard you," the first
man said, getting up. "Detective Kowalski. Or Stanley. My partners Constable Fraser and
Detective Vecchio." He waved at each in turn.

"Austin Powers, Ministry of Defense." He smiled at the Canadian. "A Mountie then? Is your
government in on this?"

"Not really, although we were sent a coded message to help you if we found out you needed us."
He stood up, shaking hands. "Shall we move you to somewhere safer?"

"Okay, but I got to stop at a big bank. I'm having funds transferred in." Scott smiled at the men.
"And yeah, I was careful." He looked over the younger detective. "Do you like rock? Austin
hates my music."

"I don't call people screaming into the microphone music, Scott." The spy rolled his eyes. "It's
been a tough month and all." He ruffled the younger man's hair. "But he's good at what he does."

"Then we'll trust him to do it with us watching him," Constable Fraser said. He handed over a set
of keys. "I believe you ordered a car from a rental facility and need to go First National, it's part of a
major chain now." He looked at Austin. "We'll be behind you in our own car and at least one of us will
be there with you at all times." He looked at his partners. "Shall we go?"

Vecchio shrugged back into his trenchcoat. "Sure, I'm sure your best pal has driven Ma nuts." He
looked at Austin, noting the clothes. "Do your guys carry wolves with them?"

"I don't *carry* him, Ray, I'd have a hernia if I did." The older detective rolled his eyes. "And no,
the palace guards there don't have wolves to aid them, at least as far as I know."

"Not that I know of, but one never knows," Austin told him. "Let's split up. One of you take
Scott while I discuss things with the other two and we can switch at the safe house." Kowalski
nodded, leading the young man out to the car. "Thank god," Austin prayed quietly. "He was
going to drive me batty soon."

The older detective snorted. "Yeah, know how you feel. I felt the same way about the kid when I
first started working with him." He waved at the door. "After you."

"Thank you kindly," the Constable said, leading the way.


Detective Kowalski looked around the bank nervously as his charge withdrew some money from
the transfer, asking that the rest be set aside for him while he was in town. The teller nodded,
smiling happily as she filled out the card and handed him a *big* wad of cash. "Ya know," he
said once they were back in the car, "carrying around that much money attracts people."

"Yeah, I know, but I need clothes and Austin needs clothes and I need some gear." Scott smiled,
pulling onto another street. "Give me ten minutes to go do this and we can go wherever. I'll even
spring for lunch."

"Whoa. Not an option." The detective looked at the buildings they were going past. "Why come
to this part of town?"

"Because I need someone to put new cameras into the meeting place." He got an irritated grunt.
"I'll show you later. Just relax and look non-coppish." Scott turned off the motor, jumping out
and leaving the keys there. He walked inside the building, whistling happily. He came back out
ten minutes later to get into the passenger seat, still smiling. "Got it. I should have a new feed
later today."

The detective grunted, pulling away from the curb. "That's good." They rode in silence for a few
minutes. "What did you do? Computer-type stuff?"

"No, I'm trying to send my father back into cryogenic stasis and take over his empire to dismantle

"Not funny, kid."

"I'm probably the same age you are and who's kidding?" Scott smirked, leaning back. "Didn't
anyone tell you the whole story?"

"Just that you were some important person we had to guard until you can testify." The cop pulled
out onto a pretty street by the lake, the homes getting more expensive every foot they drove.

"I'm Scott Evil. Doctor Evil's son." That got him a choking sound and the car pulled over. "Let
me guess, you've heard of us?" He turned to face the detective. "I'm not like him, don't want to be
like him and I refuse to be like him. Got it?" The older man's frown eased some. "Like I said, I
want him to go away again and this is the only way I can do that."

"So you what? Take over his stuff, send him packing and hopes he goes back to being frozen?"

"And takes his clone with him." That got him a small chuckle. "Literally. Little bald midget
dressed in grey. Sucks on his little finger and doesn't talk much. And bites. Have to warn you
about that since he got away."

"He bites?"

"Oh, yeah." Scott pulled up his t-shirt to show off a mark on his stomach. "Woke up to him
trying to eat me." He let the soft material fall. "I'm enemy number one on *it*'s hit parade, and
they just put you in the way."

"Hey," Stanley said as he started the car, "not a big thing. Been there often thanks to Benny." He
pulled back out into traffic, until he got to a massive pair of gates. He pulled in front of them,
having a quiet word with the person guarding them and was let through. He drove them into the
gated community, parking in front of a nice looking, huge house. "Here we are, home sweet home
for the next two weeks."

"What about during the trial?"

"Probably then too," the detective admitted. "But it beats my apartment." He got out, taking the
keys and the bag from the backseat, handing it over when it was almost snatched from his hands.
"Okay," he said slowly. "What's in it? Drugs?"

"No, the only good things in my life." Scott walked in, directly into Austin's arms. The older man had
gotten very protective of him since Felicity had been hurt. "Hi," he said. "Got money, can get us clothes
if we can find a tailor to come to us, and have someone going to put in new cameras." He smiled,
backing up. "What's up?"

"This is about as large as the manor house but with less personality." He looked over the younger
man's shoulder at the young detective. "No offense intended. I heard it belonged to your ex-wife."

"I didn't decorate it," Stanley muttered, walking past to pat the young man on the arm. "Scott, I'm
going to go tell them what you told me. Let me guess, they're in the kitchen with the wolf?"

"Yes," Austin said, "but he's a sweetie."

"No, he's a walking stomach. Stole my bagel this morning."

Stanley walked away and both men waited for the gasp or laughter to start. Instead they got a
loud, "Scott, get your ass in here, NOW! And bring him with you!" When they walked into the
kitchen, the older detective was pacing back and forth across the open floor plan, avoiding both
the wolf and the island on each pass. "Why didn't anyone tell us this?"

"Not a clue," Scott told them, sitting down. "I went to Austin because he wanted my father as
much as I did. He and his girlfriend were guarding me until an assassin almost got him and
knocked her out." He shrugged. "I don't know why you weren't told, they had all the information
they needed to tell you."

Austin looked at the Mountie. "Were you told anything?"

"It was supposed to have been top secret and eyes only, but I was told since I needed to know. My
commander decided that since these two were being given the assignment that I would be pulled into it."

"Yeah, *we* pull *you* into stuff all the time, Benny," Vecchio said derisively. "Let's get back to the
topic at hand, shall we? Kid, what do you have on him?"

"I'm his son." He smiled. "And I have two children that he's desperately wanting to get close to."

"And you have all those cameras set up," Austin reminded him.

"Cameras?" the older detective said slowly, almost softly, then he broke out in a smile. "Sounds
like evidence to me if we need it. Can it be recorded?"

"Only if someone taps in and sets up a tape deck, but if they do that then we lose our edge." Scott
cleared his throat, taking the soda offered him with a small nod of thanks. "I've been using them
to spy on them, keep a step ahead, but they found the main one a few weeks ago. I've just
arranged for some more to be put in over the next few days." He shrugged, taking a long drink.
"After that, I'll gladly send my father to be frozen or to jail if he won't go. I think the viral lab
would do that."

"Viral lab?" Austin asked. "As in that germ warfare stuff I keep hearing about?" Scott nodded.
"What does he have?"

"Something to spread if he gets a big enough bomb." The can was taken from him before he could
take another drink. "Honestly, guys, that's my first order of business, dismantling all his stuff so we're
just a business entity." He took the can back. "I don't want to be him, I want to get rid of him.
Once he's frozen again, you guys can have him."

"How are you going to do that, Scott," Austin asked.

"I'm going to give him an ultimatum: he freezes or he doesn't live. I turn his whole organization
on him before I destroy it if I have to."

"I didn't want to hear that," the detectives said together then glared at each other.

"Kiss and make up already," Scott told them. "You two are *way* too tense." He stood up,
grabbing his bag. "Which room's mine? And can we talk about clothes and stuff?"

"I can get my tailor over," the older detective said.

"Second floor, last room on the right," the younger said. "It was supposed to be the nursery so it's
in pastels but I can't stay in there."

"Hey, fine by me. I grew up in one of those." Scott headed out of the kitchen, sure that the cops
all looked at Austin as soon as he was gone.

"So," Detective Vecchio said, walking over to stand beside Austin. "How's the spy business?"

"Most complicated most of the time but Scott's made it a bit easier this time." He snorted.
"Thinks he's James Bond but still easier. He always put us into nice places before that motel."

"That motel was a known criminal hangout. No one there asks questions as long as they don't
hear the shots," Detective Kowalski told the spy. "It makes sense that he'd go there."

"That's why we checked there," Constable Fraser said. "How much danger is he in?"

"A lot," Austin said, taking Scott's stool for himself. "The last assassin, the one that made us flee
over here, was too good. He had to save me and my partner."

"I'm sorry to hear about him," Stanley said, "I know it's hard to lose a partner."

"Yes, well, Felicity will be fine. Thankfully. The assassin that came after her won't kill a woman
unless it's an absolute necessity for survival. My boss asked her why she left her alive."

"So, are you two couple-type partners or otherwise?" Vecchio asked. He got stereo dirty looks.
"Just wondering if we needed to set up some sort of secure line so they could talk."

"Please, but I think Scott may have something on his computer for that. He seems to have
everything else."

The younger man walked back in, handing over his cellphone with a small button attached to it.
"Did you know that you could hear every word said down here if you were near a vent?" He patted
Austin's back. "She's fine. Basil said so, and he wants to talk to you." He waited, smiling at them
as Austin walked out of the room. "It's been a trip so far."

"So, kid, what do you do?"

"I'm a slacker." Scott smiled. "I've learned all my lessons on how to be an evil genius in this day
and age but I'm not putting them to good use except to escape." He looked at Stanley. "Hey, you
any good at video games? I'm missing my N64."

"Got a Sega Dreamcast at home," the young detective told him. "I'll have to go grab clothes for us
anyway and I'll bring it back."

"Cool. My computer doesn't have anything except FreeCell and it's addictive." The older
detective laughed. "Well, it has internet stuff and I can hook it into my cell if I need to but
otherwise it's pretty bare of anything besides camera stuff." He shrugged. "Was more necessary
than games."

"Surviving is like that," Constable Fraser told them. "How have you lived?"

"We started out at Number Two's apartment then moved to my kid's place in the countryside but
that's where the assassin caught up to us." He tipped his head to the side until his neck popped.
"Got to call her later."

"Send that mail thingy from your computer," Austin said as he walked back in. "It's mostly
untraceable, right?" He handed back the cell phone. "Basil said that Felicity woke up this
morning and asked for me directly and that our court date has been moved up."

"Cool." Scott got up, heading back out of the room. "Napping guys, night."

"He's cute," Stanley told Austin. "But I bet he's a handful."

"The tyke came out to his father using me," the spy said as he sat down. "Kissed me and

"Shocking, was it?" Vecchio asked.

"Not really but still. I'm used to some discretion." Austin looked at the three men. "He's right, it's
very obvious to me that you three are together."

"Not anymore," Stanley said, looking at the older detective. "It's being considered irreconcilable
differences." He petted the wolf when he came over, smiling down at him. "But if you eat my
breakfast again, I'll have to tell Ray's Ma to not feed you snacks."

"Ray, that's mean," Benton said.

"Benny, leave the poor guy alone." Vecchio shook his head. "And I asked you not to call him
that with me around, it's too confusing."

"Were you being mean to his wolf?" Stanley asked snidely and got a small head shake. "There,
end of confusion for you." He stood up, walking out. "I'm going to do a perimeter check." They
all heard the front door slam.

"Great," Vecchio said, leaning on the counter. "Just great."

"He'll eventually get over it, Ray," Benton said.

"Benny, I don't think so. He's a sensitive guy, he won't get over being dumped." He looked at
Austin. "What are you going to do about the kid? He's kinda obvious too."

"He's a great guy but I'm with her." The spy got up, walking out and heading up to Scott's room.
He tapped gently on the door, opening it when he didn't get a response to check on him. "Do you
feel like talking about it?" he asked quietly when he saw the young man staring at a picture. It
was handed to him as Scott wiped his eyes quickly. "Your mum?"

"Yeah." He rolled onto his back, looking up at the ceiling. "I snuck into her diary when I was
seven and read about my conception." He glanced over. "She was *it*'s first conquest when he
had your mojo." He wiped his cheeks again. "I've been really careful not to let her know I knew
but now I'm not there when she needs me and she and Aunt Uni want to have a kid. I just want
to be there with them, able to curl up beside them and read after a long day."

"I feel the same way, about Felicity, not your mum." Austin handed back the picture, rolling to his side.
"What do you do all day?"

"Listen to my father plan stupid plans with holes as big as the Chunnel through them to get you."
He laughed softly. "If you heard some of the names he called you, you'd blush."

"I bet."

"But Number Two was always my father figure. He made sure I knew he wasn't but he was
always the male in my life. I used to want to be like him. When I was five and I bought an
eye-patch and clothes like his to be like him." He sniffled some. "I just miss them both."

"Then call them. I'm sure you could find a way to do it without your father knowing." Austin
smiled. "Or you could call to taunt him again."

"I could, couldn't I?" Scott hugged the older man briefly then got up, pulling his computer over
from where he had plugged it in earlier. He dialed up the cameras, checking on the new ones. He
frowned, not liking the pictures he got at all. "They put them too far back," he muttered, typing in
something else. He dried his eyes as he waited for the call to go through. "Hey," he said, smiling
at Number Two. "What's going on? Like the new color scheme?"

"Not really. Skin tones aren't my favorite." He smiled. "How are you, Scott?"

"I'm okay. How's Frau? She still okay?"

"She's with the kids today. She and Unibrow both." He looked off-screen in disgust. "Scott, your
father just walked in, want to talk to him?"

"Not really. I just called to let you know that if I take over, we're keeping the company and losing
all his extra crap. You can have your job if you want." He got a small nod just before the camera
was pulled around and a grossly close up picture of flesh came on. "Back up, dufus, I don't want
to know that much about your nose." The skin backed up, turning into his father. "What do you

"Pink? You're painting my building pink?" He snorted, smirking. "Isn't that a little stereotypical,

"No, not really. Flesh tones are soothing and flattering to people. Makes you look good." He
smiled. "Doesn't it make your skin glow?" His father started to growl. "Oh, well, just thought I'd
pass that on. Oh, and Number Two, if I win, I want an audit waiting for me as I walk out of the
courtroom of all *his* things vs. all our things." He turned it off, dialing another number, smiling
at the mother of his children. "Hey, Shay. Mom there?"

"Scott," she said, shaking her head. "You need to come visit them and bring them stuff. They're
being insistent." Her smile got bigger as her son walked over. "Look who's calling. Uncle Scott."

"Hi Uncley!" the little boy yelled, patting the camera's lens. "You come over, play with us?"

"Sure, in a few weeks. I'll try to get there sooner but I'm not sure I can without tell people where
you are."

"Oh, he knows," Shay said. "He's even called wanting to talk to *his* grandchildren."

"Who?" the little boy asked.

"Mor, it's a long tale that we'll tell you when you're older," Scott told his son. "But, Shay, I told
him they don't know and they're from a cup."

"Cup? Drink?"

"Yeah, you can have a drink," Shay said as she let him down. "Go tell Auntie Uni to get you one."
She rolled her eyes as he toddled off. "So smart, asking all sorts of questions. He actually asked
your mother why she didn't have kids."

"Well, they're thinking about it, but they've not decided yet." Scott smiled as Frau walked up to
the screen. "Hey, missed you," he said simply.

"Such emotion," she said, shaking her head but still smiling. "I do hope this works out for you,
Scott, I really do."

"Yeah, dying would suck," he said, laughing just a little. "How's things?"

"Oh, well, very well. Uni won her first tournament the other afternoon. How are you and Mister
Powers coming along?"

"Oh, we're okay. Got a few more guards. Nothing big." He looked up, holding up a finger as
someone put a heavy hand on his shoulder. "Hey," he told Detective Vecchio. "That's my mom
and the mother of my kids. They're both in on this."

"So I see, but is this wise?"

"I'm not telling them where I am, just checking in to tell them I'm living and making sure they're
okay." He looked at the bed, seeing Austin asleep on it. "He said it was okay." He looked back
at the camera. "Guards say I've been on too long so I'll call some other night and I'll be over after
the trial's done." Shay nodded. "You know what to do in case?" She nodded again. "Okay, night
then. Kiss Mom for me and Mom, kiss Auntie Uni for me." He waved and hung up, turning around
to look at the detective. "Had to check in."

"I understand but you need to be careful."

"He already knows they exist. He's trying to get into their lives." He turned around fully, sitting
backwards on the chair. "I'm their 'uncle'," he did the finger quotes, "and they don't know about
anything else."

"Two mothers?" Vecchio guessed and he got a nod. "That makes sense. You get what you need
and they get what they want and those who want the responsibility take it."

"Yeah, but I love them both. Had them the natural way, even though dad doesn't know that." He
smirked. "And he was totally shocked when I came out to him."

"Parents can be that way," the older man agreed. "Trust me."

"Your mom not take it well?"

"Does a heart attack count?" He got a sympathetic wince for that. "She didn't mind one man so
much, but Stanley got to her." He sat down in the rocking chair, looking out the window. "How
obvious were we?"

"Just in the fighting. Number Two and I used to get that sometimes." He smiled sadly. "Nothing
permanent there but it still hurts." He looked at the bed, seeing Austin looking at him. "I told you
about that." He got a small nod. "He taught me everything I knew and made sure I had what I
needed to when I needed it." Scott shrugged. "Not a big thing."

"Just painful," Austin said. He sat up, rubbing down the young man's arm. "For both of you, I'd

"Nah, Number Two's like granite. Only water hurts him." He stood up, stretching. "I'm going to
shower, have a nice talk you two." He walked into the bathroom, closing the door gently.

"He's so fragile," the cop said, turning the chair to face the bed. "Must be hard to keep yourself
away from him."

"Felicity had more trouble, I just hid behind her when he got all puppy-eyed." Austin smiled
sadly. "I was looking at the camera set up in her room, she was talking to me. That's why Basil
called." He slumped in on himself. "I know she's the one. No one else could have gotten me to
give up swinging." He looked up. "Do you know what it's like to almost lose someone and not be
able to make sure they're okay?"

"I shot Benny one time," Detective Vecchio admitted. "A very bad criminal was getting away and
I shot at her but he got in front of the bullet. I still kiss the scar and where it's resting every time I
see it." He stood up. "Why don't I let Scott play with Stanley tonight and we'll go do older guy

"Thanks, but I don't have a clue what you yanks do."

"Well, we could go have an informal discussion with my and Benny's bosses, it might help if we
start to have problems."

"I'd hope that Bond Junior in there would have a backup plan in place." He winced as something
was thrown at the bathroom door. "Scott? Are you all right?"

A patient sounding, "Fine," drifted through the wood.

"So, let's go do that now and have a beer at the same time. Benny and Stanley will be here for a
while then Stanley will have to pick up clothes for himself but we should be back by then."

"Watch out for the beanie corps," floated out from the bathroom.

"I will," Austin promised. "Behave and figure out what we need to do now." He stood up. "I'm
going with..." He walked over, tapping on the door and walking into the spacious bathroom,
looking at the man in the tub. "Will you be all right here with them? Detective Vecchio has
asked for me to explain things to his boss." The younger man nodded. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, bring me back some ice cream if you could. Money's in the drawer under the computer."

"Any particular flavor?" Vecchio stuck his head in.

"Something with nuts by Ben and Jerry's." He shook his head. "Not pistachio though, not in the
mood for it."

"Sure, kid," the detective said, closing the door to give them some privacy.

"If you want, I can stay," Austin offered.

"No, they need to know in case they want to pull them away for their own safety." Scott sunk
lower into the bubbles, sighing. "Just don't stay out all night, okay?"

"Of course not, Felicity would have my hide." He smiled before walking out, joining the older
detective at the doorway as the younger walked in. "He's soaking and thinking."

"That's cool." Stanley watched as they left together, closing the door and all the registers he could
find before tapping on the door and walking in. "Hey, want to talk about it?"

"Not really." Scott dropped the sponge he'd been wringing out back into the water. "He's pretty
clueless some days but he's an okay guy."

"Yup, but crushes can still be hard." Stanley sat down next to the tub, propping an elbow on the
edge. "I remember having my first. It worked out for a while then he figured out he couldn't stand me."
He smiled sadly. "Wasn't a good day."

"I know that feeling." The slacker looked at his companion. "You figured it out in the last few

"Yeah, my pop woulda killed me if he knew I was thinking about guys."

"Mine too. Well actually he's more of the mind-control bent. I woulda come out totally different
than I am now." Scott relaxed, closing his eyes. "I just don't know what I want."

"You have a few more weeks to figure this out. That trial isn't going to take a day."

"Shouldn't take that long. He was legally dead for most of my life then he just comes back and
announces that he's in control again. Not what I wanted or needed." He shrugged. "And I'll insist
he takes the clone with him. He can come back in a few centuries with him and be surrounded by
people who will laugh at him."

"Maybe that's what's wrong with him, too many did that."

"No, he's not misunderstood. He's just bad. Pure bad. Like the last name says sort of bad." Scott
opened his eyes, looking at the slightly older man. "There's no way you could know this but my
father has stolen nuclear weapons. He found a way to go back in time and was going to blow up
Nixon from the moon." He closed his eyes again. "That's how I came to be. He went back, stole
something from Austin, and used it to seduce my mother." He shuddered. "I don't even want to
think about those two."

"No kid wants to think about their parents like that."

"No, I don't mind thinking about Mom in those terms but him..." Scott shuddered. "Not a chance
I want to be tormented with that image."

"So think about him suspended over a pool of hot lava instead. It's a thought transference or
something like that, you'd have to ask Benny." Stanley's face fell. "Maybe we both should."

"You know, they're both as upset as you are. Your Benny's got this icy facade to protect himself,
or at least from what I saw, and it's coming out with Vecchio."

"Ray? He'll wear him down. He did me." The cop shifted, uncomfortable with the line of
discussion. "So, you have kids?"

"Two, both with the same women." Scott smiled. "They're adorable but I'm an uncle to them."

"Does that bother you?"

"Not really. I'm there as often as I can be and not screw with them. They know me by name, my
son's second word was 'uncley' so I'm cool with it." Scott shrugged. "None?"

"Not yet. My wife didn't want one really. The nursery was just one of those in the future things,
ya know?" He got a nod. "Do you feel like you're missing out on stuff?"

"Because I have them or because I don't see them?"

"Either, both maybe."

Scott thought for a few seconds. "Yeah, on both counts. I feel like I'm different from the other
kids my age because I have them but I also feel lucky because no one can say that I'm not there as
much as I can, but I also feel left out because I'm not a real father to them. I wasn't there when my kids
took their first steps or fed themselves or any of that and tapes aren't that great a substitute." Scott
played with the dwindling bubbles. "Okay, now I really need ice cream. How long do you think it'll
take them to talk to your bosses?"

"Depends on how picky Benny's boss is being. She can be a real nit-picky person or she can just
roll with it." Stanley shrugged then stood up. "I'm going to go for some clothes, anything besides
my Sega you want me to bring?"

"Music, please," Scott begged. "Modern, hard music."

Stanley smiled down at the young man. "I don't really listen to that much of that but I'll see what I
can't find. May be a few years old."

"Fine, just so long as it's not happy music from the sixties." Scott rolled his eyes. "If I have to
listen to one more Beatles tune, I'll puke."

"The later stuff was okay."

"Did they have stuff that wasn't repetitious? No more 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'?"

"No, they actually had some really tough sounding stuff later. I'll see what I can't find in my tapes
and cd's."

Scott shook his head. "Don't have my player, it's still in Britain."

"I can lend you mine."

"Or you could stop at a Radio Shack and pick me up one?" Scott sat up, begging as cutely as he
could. "Please?"

"Sure, Scott, money's where?"

"Drawer under the computer, as long as they didn't take all of it to go get me ice cream." He
grinned, looking every bit like a teenager. "I should still have some left."

"Okay." Stanley walked out, walking around the wolf as he let him into the bathroom to be
adored by this new person and stopped at the desk to pick up some cash before leaving to get
himself some stuff.


Benton Fraser looked around the outside of the house, wondering where everyone was. Stanley
should have been back an hour ago. Austin and Ray should have been back at about the same
time. Where was everybody?

Austin reloaded the gun he'd been given, frowning at the revolver. "I thought we'd all given up on
these during my day," he said to Ray, who was slamming a new clip into his pistol. He ducked up
over the table, shooting at the guys in the beanies, actually hitting one now.

"Nice shot," Ray said, bringing two more down. He looked at the door behind him as it opened,
tensed to turn and fire on someone.

Stanley walked through the door, firing on the three men in beanies still trying to hit his former
lover, hitting them squarely in the chest. He held out a hand, helping Ray up. "You okay?"

"Fine, thanks. Why'd you come here?"

"Saw your car, saw the other car. Saw the guy go through the window and missed Benny." He
turned to help Austin up, handing over his own spare gun and taking the revolver. "Much nicer
and holds more." He handed the old gun back, turning and walking out. "I'll meet you back there.
Tell the Lieutenant that I'll fill out the paperwork sometime." He slammed the door behind
himself, knocking some loose plaster off the wall.

"Yup, he's still pissed," Ray said. He turned just in time to see his and Benny's bosses walk
through the door, picking their way through the rubble. "Sir, I can explain," he said quickly. "See,
those guys...."

Stanley smiled at the clerk as he took the bag with the cd player in it, turning around and running
into someone. "Hey, sorry," he said, walking around her.

"You're with my son, aren't you?" she said, holding onto his arm and not letting go. He just
looked at her, doing his best impersonation of a wall. "If you are, tell him he's in deep trouble
now. His father just raised the bounty on him because the trial was moved up to day after
tomorrow." Stanley nodded, still not saying anything. "And tell him Shay won't be there, it
would look bad."

"Sure, I can do that." He removed her hand, patting it. "Anything else you want me to tell this
fictitious son of yours?" Her eyes blazed so he pulled her away from the people. "Do you know
how dangerous this was?"

"I know my son, as his father is finding out. I'm hiding myself now." She smiled slightly. "I'm
fine though, tell him not to worry. I'm the one who taught him to plan escapes and I've got my
own. I'll be watching out for him." She patted his shoulder before walking away, getting lost in
the crowd of the mall.

Stanley took a deep breath, walking out into the throngs of people himself, heading out to his GTO
and sliding into it. He ducked just as someone tried to put the wire around his neck, managing to
hold it away from him. He dropped the bag, using his free hand to reach back and grab the head,
slamming it into the back of his headrest a few times. When the grip on the thin wire loosened he
pulled it away, dropping it into the well in front of his seat and turning around as he pulled out his gun.
"Who are you!" he yelled.

The would-be assassin just burbled, his nose broken and blood running into his mouth as he lay
there unconscious.


Benton Fraser sighed in relief as he saw the two cars pull into the driveway, walking out to the
front step to meet them. "What happened?"

"Bad guys," Stanley said as he pushed past. "Scott, pack, we've got to move you again!" he yelled
at the bottom of the stairs. He met the young man as he walked down. "And your mom says she's
hiding too."

The younger man nodded, his face hardening. "Then my father will pay dearly for it." Scott
looked at Austin, tossing over his bag. "Thought it took too long so I packed for you but you
might want to go check and make sure I didn't leave anything." He checked his watch, looking
up. "Bank still open?" Stanley nodded. "Okay, let's go there then we'll go check into someplace
that has massive security." He walked out to his rental, getting in and starting it.

Stanley looked at the other men, shrugging. "Where, I'll tell him."

"The consulate," Benton said. "It has security and I'm sure Inspector Thatcher won't mind."

"You might want to call and warn her," Ray told him. "That benefit dinner's later tonight." He
snapped his fingers. "But I do have a spot. Let me take him to the bank and you take Austin to
follow us." He walked out, getting into the car with the young man. "Let's hit the bank then I'm
taking you somewhere decent." They pulled out.

Benton looked at Stanley then at the two cars. "This won't work."

"Take mine. If Vecchio wants his, he can come back for it." He walked out, getting into his seat.
Benton, Austin, and Dief all walked out, getting in too, after a short recess.

"Are you sure, Stanley? The Riv is a bit tougher."

"Just because it's built like a tank doesn't mean it doesn't corner like one." He started the car,
pushing the bag under his seat so he wouldn't step on it. "Dief, don't lap the blood on the seat, you
don't know what he had."

"Did he have a beanie?" Austin asked.

"No, but the kid's mom said his dad has upped the price on his head." He turned around, backing
down the driveway. He stopped at the gate, rolling down the window. "We're not coming back
tonight so be careful."

"The other officer may be coming back for his car," Benton told the gate guard, leaning over into
Stanley's side to do so.

"Yes sirs," he said, opening the gates for them.


Scott looked around the room, frowning. "This is grosser than anyplace I've ever been." He
looked at the Detective. "I could make a call and get us into somewhere nice. You know, no
roaches or rats," he offered.

"Kid, it's clean, it's got running water, it works. Settle down." Ray looked out the window as he
heard a car pull up. "Why didn't he let Benny drive the Riv?" he said softly.

"Because he's pissed," Scott told him. "But you probably already know that."

"Ever think of becoming a counselor, kid?" He frowned at him until he shook his head. "Good."
He looked back out the window then pulled his gun, walking outside.

Scott heard the gunshots, going to the window to look out, peeking around the edge. He dropped
his bag, pulling out the pieces of his own gun, reassembling it before going out to help. He stood
sheltered in the doorway, picking off his former guards one by one, having the luxury of aiming
since he wasn't in danger. His stomach fell with each hit, the next-to-last the worst as he killed
Henry, the guard who had come to warn him in London. When they were all gone, he handed his
gun to Stanley, walking outside to look at them, putting put names to faces.

Austin tried to pull him away but he turned to glare at him, making it very clear that he was going
to do this. The older man backed away from him, leaving him alone to deal with this as he
wanted. Scott looked at the bodies, mentally reviewing what he'd shared with each, knowing each
one both by his real name and the one he'd given them when they joined his bodyguards.

When he walked back in, he wiped his eyes, not looking up as he was hugged tightly. "I want to
be alone," he said, getting away from whoever it was and heading to where he'd been told would
be his corner.

Stanley walked out to his car, grabbing the bag he'd gotten at the mall and a small case of cd's. He
walked over to the corner where Scott was sitting, handing them over. "Here, not all of it's happier
stuff, but some music might help you block us out for a while." He got a mute nod as a big pair of
wet-looking eyes looked up at him. "Hey, you did what you had to do. It's not supposed to be
easy. If it was, you'd be your dad." He patted a shoulder before standing, leaving Scott by himself.
He pulled Austin aside, talking quietly to him. "This is his first time, just be extra careful around him."
He heard the quiet music coming from the corner, wincing at the loud volume it must be playing at to
let him hear it through the headphones. "Just be sensitive about it."

"Those guys were his bodyguards when he was little. He knew each one." The spy rubbed his
forehead. "I really want to talk to my mate tonight."

"Hey, I can understand that. There's a payphone at the back of the building." He frowned,
slightly. "Spent three weeks here on a stakeout." He turned, walking away. "Just yell at one of us
and we'll go with you." He walked out to see his Lieutenant talking with the Crime Scene Unit.
"Hey," he said, pulling the gun out of his waistband. "His."

"Which 'his'?"

"His, as in Scott's. Don't know where he had it hidden or how it got through customs but it's his."

"It was in pieces," Austin said, making his way between the bodies. "I've seen him practice
putting it together." He nodded at it. "I think it's plastic."

"It is," Stanley said after tapping it with a nail. "What do you want to do, sir?"

"I want you to keep his mind occupied with other things, detective." He pulled the younger
detective aside. "You remember your first shooting, I know it was more recent than Vecchio's
and you're more the kid's age. Talk to him, help him get it out of him same as someone did for you."

"Yes sir, as soon as he's ready to talk. He's in there with some music right now." He got a small
nod. "Did you get the guy I dropped off at the hospital?"

"Yeah," the Lieutenant said, rubbing his hand over his face. "We did. And we even know how
they found out who you are. Who's in charge of the plan?" He looked around at the building. "I
know you didn't want to come back here."

"Sir, I'm not dealing with that."

"So I noticed." He pulled the younger detective closer, talking very softly. "As have we all after
the third trashcan in a day that you went through and that stunt of pulling a gun on a witness to
make him talk. Just relax and it'll all work out. I *know* Vecchio and Fraser and neither of them
are that stupid or mean. Just let it happen." He let him step back a few paces. "As I was saying,
just take them somewhere else that's more secure. Even if no one made it out of here alive, they
know where you are."

Vecchio stepped up to them, with a long look at his partner. "Where to? I don't know anyplace

"I do," Austin said. "There's an M.o.D. safe house in each city. I'll see if I can't reach Basil and
have him let us in."

"Or, if you can't reach him since it's the very early morning hours over there, go to as upscale of a
hotel as you can. No one would dare try to provoke a massive hit in the Waldorf." The
Lieutenant walked away from them, talking to the men cleaning up the scene.

"What did he say?" Vecchio asked Kowalski.

"Just to quit taking out trashcans and that they found the leak." He walked away, or tried to since
his arm was grabbed. "Let go, Vecchio, now," he said coldly. "You don't have the right to do that
anymore." He was let go so walked back inside, heading for where Austin was trying to coax
Scott into talking with him. "He'll open up when he's ready," he told him, just a little on the harsh side.
He lifted one side of the headphones. "Come on, got to move again. Orders." He helped the younger
man up, holding him steady as he wobbled. "Pick an upper-crust hotel."

"There's an excellent one near the consulate," Benton said as he walked up behind them. "Or there
are a few closer to the courts."

"Let's hit the one near the consulate tonight and we can move tomorrow after getting them some

"I have stuff to pick up tomorrow too," Scott said quietly, gathering his bag together again,
slipping the music down into it. He walked out to his rental then winced as he saw the blood on
it. He walked over to Stanley's car and got in.

Vecchio watched him then looked at his partners. "I'll go back for the Riv, they'll take the rental
to the parking garage and clean it off for us. Stanley, which one?"

"The one near the Consulate." He took his keys out of his pocket, slinging his bag into the back.
"Want me to take Dief or Austin?"

"No, we'll take them both," Vecchio said. "You have a better rapport with the kid so you deal with
him." He turned away, not watching as the younger man left him alone. " Sir, need a ride back to
the original safe house to pick up my car."

"What's wrong with the rental?"

"Oh, about three pints of blood." He pointed to where it was splattered. "I agree with the kid, I
wouldn't want to drive it either."

The Lieutenant pointed at a uniformed officer. "Fine, Merk, take these four to the original safe
house so they can get their car."


Stanley checked the room before letting Scott inside, then watched as he went directly for one of
the bedrooms, slamming the door. He ordered some soft comfort food from room service then sat
down in the main room to watch the doors. He never expected Scott to come out beating a little
man off his neck. He jumped up, going over to help but was caught and held by someone else.

Scott got the clone off, tossing him at the open window then swore when he didn't go off the
balcony. He walked up behind where Stanley and Number Two were fighting, pulling Stanley's
gun from his belt and leveling at him. "Let him go," he said coldly. "Now." Number Two looked
up in surprise. "Yeah, I'm still here. Living and everything." He glanced at the young detective as
he backed up beside him. "You okay?"

"Sure," small cough, "fine. He's just got a good grip on him." He looked at the little man walking
up beside his attacker. "Is that the clone thingy?"

"Yeah, that's the biter." He glared at Number Two. "I might let you live, but since you wouldn't
be the first person I shot tonight, I doubt it."

"Scott," Frau said, walking up behind him. "Don't." She took the gun from his hand, shooting the
clone herself then handed the gun back. "Don't, son." He fell into her arms, crying hard, letting it
all out. "I know," she said. "I'm sorry, I didn't expect him to do that." She looked over his
shoulder at Number Two. "He's the one that got all them. I was watching."

Number Two paled and sat down. "Oh, hell." He looked at the Detective. "I wasn't going to do
more than knock you out. We have to pretend for his father."

"Yeah, I can see that," Stanley said, going over to nudge the small body. "Um, he's still living, I
guess since he's breathing."

"I'll take him back," the other man said, getting up. He stopped beside Frau and her son, saying
quiet words to them before going over to pick up the clone and taking him down the way he'd

The detective walked over to let in security, frowning at them. "Slow," he told them. "Got away
over the balcony." He turned to see Scott sitting alone in one of the chairs. "Where...?" He shook
his head. "Never mind. I'll deal with that problem later." He walked over, patting the younger man's
knee. "You okay?"

"Better now. Mom said she never wanted me to experience that part of life." He wiped his
cheeks off. "Don't tell Austin I cried. Okay?"

"Sure, not a big problem there. They should be here soon though so why don't you go clean up."
He watched the younger man leave, turned to look at the Head of Security. "What do you want us to do?"

"I'll have an extra man outside under your balcony access and I'll place another in the hall. We'll
do what we can to help." He glanced toward the door. "Is that really him?"

"Yeah, that's him. He's just having a really bad day."

"I can see how that happens. What about the woman?"

"What woman?"

"Ah, I see. Very good, Detective." He touched his ear piece, nodding. "Your partners are on their
way up. They just arrived. We'll try to be as unobtrusive as possible." He snapped his fingers and
walked out, his security people following.

"What happened?" Vecchio asked as he walked through the door. He tossed his bag into a chair,
watching as it landed perfectly so none of his suits would be wrinkled. "Where's the kid?"

"Don't call him that," Stanley told him then looked at Austin. "He's in his room, it's got the locked
door. Some little guy and a guy with an eye-patch eyepatch were here." He got a silent nod,
watching as the spy went over to the closed bedroom door and knocked.

They all winced at the loud, "Go the *HELL* away!" but let it go.

"Did we get them?" Constable Fraser asked. The younger detective shook his head. "Then maybe
we should consider moving again."

"No, we're not," Scott said as he walked out. He patted Austin's arm as he walked past him. "As
a matter of fact, I'm not moving again until the trial is over. Come hell or high water, I'm not
going to keep running." He glared at Vecchio, who had his mouth open. "Do you have a problem
with that?"

"Not a one." He looked around the room then grabbed his gun when someone knocked on the

"Room Service," was called through the door.

Scott smiled shortly at Stanley before walking over and answering it, fighting with Vecchio as he
was pulled away from the door. He smiled at his mother, taking the food from her and signing the
receipt, reading the simple message on it. "Thanks," he said, pulling the cart inside the room and
shutting the door. He lifted all the lids over the plates, taking what he wanted then retreated to his
room again, closing the door solidly.

"Should we check for poison?" Fraser asked.

"Benny, that's a little too paranoid, even for this case." Vecchio looked at the food offered then at
his partner. "Comfort food was a good thought but he's got to get the pain outside of himself."

"He did. His mother was here for a few seconds." He shrugged at the look he got from Austin.
"I couldn't pull him away from her, it would have been cruel. It's bad enough I missed the clone
in his room."

"Where was the little bugger hiding?"

"Not a clue. I checked the closet, the bed, the bathroom. Unless he was in the ceiling, I don't
know." He looked up at the plaster. "And I don't think that's reasonable."

Fraser kicked at a spot on the carpet. "Is that who was bleeding?"

"Yeah." Stanley got up, getting himself some food then retreated to a room. "Come get me when
it's my turn again." He closed the door, not caring that everyone winced as it slammed.

Austin sighed, looking at the food. "I'll go try talking to Scott, yell when you want either one of
us." He walked into the younger man's bedroom, heading to where he was looking at the screen
with the headphones on. "What are you watching now?" He bent over, watching as the younger
man's father worked on his clone. "She got him good then?"

"Very," he said, pulling the plug on the headphones. "How did you know?"

"Because the younger detective said she was here and I saw her through the door when you got
the food." He stole a fry, sitting on the bed. "Would you like to talk about it?"

"I'm not a talk-about-it guy, I write it out, but thanks anyway, Austin. I know it's got to be hard
for you. I'm sorry I pulled you into this."

"No, don't be. You're the best thing I've done recently." He smiled slightly. "Even Felicity and I
don't cause this much havoc with your dad." That got him a short laugh. "So, you going to call
and torment him again?"

"Frau thinks I should. Number Two said he was sorry, that he was forced to come help the
clown, er, clone." He waved a hand at the screen. "Want to help?"

"Sure, if it'd make you feel better." He moved close to him as he sat down on the bed, watching as
the camera was aligned with where they were.

"Hey, he die yet?" Scott asked, smirking meanly. "You know, I missed on purpose so you could
suffer longer."

"So I can see, son." Doctor Evil turned to look at the screen, walking away from the table where
they were working on his Mini-Me. "Are you having fun yet?"

Austin rubbed over Scott's neck and shoulder, the one he wasn't sitting near. "Except for having
to kill people, yes, we are." He smiled. "Baby, do you want to not talk to him? We could do other

"Shagging can wait. I want to let the shit know one thing." Scott leaned closer to the screen.
"You will die for making me shoot them. You have a choice of now or while you're in stasis but
you will die. Even if I have to start robbing banks to pay for a good contract, I'll put the highest
price in history on you and laugh when they carry your head back to let me see it." He leaned back
into the warm arms, noting the extra warmth behind him. "I was gonna give you a chance to just go
back to being frozen but I'm through being nice now. I can't let you live." He turned the screen off,
looking behind him at Stanley. "Knocking is good," he reminded him.

"Sorry, just wondering who you were talking to." He sat down on the other side of the large bed.
"What was that about?"

"Taunting," Austin said. "We've been doing it every few weeks. Scott had all the registers
painted pink when he had the cameras put in."

"I came out to him using Austin to really piss him off. Thought he was going to have a heart

"So did your Number Two. He kept reminding him about his blood pressure." He smiled at his
charge. "I am proud of the way you've handled all this, Scott, never doubt that." He ruffled the
light hair before getting up and walking out.

"So am I if it matters," Stanley told him, rolling to face him. "You meant that?"

"Yeah. I did. I'm not willing to fear for my life anymore. He can go back to being frozen and
come back when the world wants him back." He stood up, stretching. "I'm so sick and tired of
him and it's only been a few years. I just wake up one day and he's suddenly there." He looked
around the room. "Then he tried to get into my life and failed because I refused to give into his
way of thinking, so he had the clone made." He looked down at the man on the bed. "I'm sorry
you have to risk your life on this too. No one should be put between me and him."

"But Austin was right, you're the only one that can bring him down." He grimaced. "I know if my
dad was like your dad, then I'd have to bring him down, just to keep myself from becoming him."

"Yeah, true, but I think I just took my first steps down that road." Scott sat down in the chair
again. "Why didn't I let you guys handle that?"

"Because we were going to all die if you didn't." Stanley moved closer, touching a tense leg.
"Scott, you did what you had to do to save us from becoming casualties of this war. We wouldn't
be here right now if you hadn't. I was all but out of bullets and so was Vecchio. And Fraser
doesn't carry a gun." His face went back to neutral. "What you did was the hardest thing anyone's
ever done but you did it for the right reasons." He got up after one last pat to the leg. "I'll be two
rooms down if you want to come talk to me later." He walked out, closing the door behind
himself and ran, literally, into Vecchio's chest. "What?" he asked, his soothing manner

"You okay?"

"Yeah, fine, why?" He tried to walk around his former lover but was stopped by the other one.
"Let go, Benny," he warned.

"We just want to talk, Stan. Just give us a few minutes."

"I did that once before then my foot had a sudden attraction to trashcans. Now, if you'll excuse
me, I need to go be by myself."

"I'm sorry," Vecchio told him quietly. "I didn't want it to go like that and I still don't. I miss you."

"We, Ray."

"We miss you, Stan, and I'm sorry."

"Yeah, that's nice. I'll take it under advisement." Stanley walked away from them, slamming his
door behind himself.

Both men heard the lock engage very clearly and the sound of something thrown at a wall.


Scott looked at the suit Austin was considering and shuddered. "Get something modern and cool
looking." He looked at the salesman. "Listen, I want to dress him to look really good, can you do
that?" The man nodded, hurrying over to another rack and pulling Austin over to the changing
area so he went back to look at the various colors available. He picked out a black suit and a dark
purple one and a teal one but it was taken from him and put back on the rack by Vecchio. "I like
that color."

"Not with your hair, kid, it clashes." He picked up another suit and handed it over. "Try this one."

"But I'm dying my hair again tonight. I was thinking a dark purple maybe." He noticed the small
shudder. "What? You don't like hair dye?"

"I can't understand why a guy with practically perfect hair changes it to some color God never
intended." He took back the green suit, handing over a blue one. "But if you're going to go with
purple, try this color." He walked over to where Austin was being fitted for a jacket. "Not too bad
but what about the royal blue one behind him?"

"We don't have that in his size, sir," the salesman said as he brushed his graying hair out of the
way. "I have it in a size too large but not his correct size."

"He's going to be wearing a holster so it might be wise to do that."

"It's still a size too big even then," the salesman said sadly. "I have an excellent one in navy but he
says he doesn't look good in that color."

"My coloring just lends itself to the brighter colors." He looked over as Scott walked out in the
dark blue suit. "Oh, I like that color."

"We have another one of those here but I'm not sure if it's in your size." He hurried into the back
room, coming out with a suit and handing it over. "You're in luck, just the right size."

Scott turned, looking at the suit. "Okay, I'm short, I admit it, but this thing makes me look tiny."

"It's the mirror, sir," the fitter told him. He turned the wheeled mirror around, turning it back to
the unmagnified side. "How's that?"

"Much better. Not so much like a funhouse." He looked over his shoulder. "You really like this
color on me?"

"You said your hair was going to be purple so this color would suit you then." Vecchio crossed
his arms, smiling just a little. "Trust me, kid, I know clothes."

"Yes, the sir does. He's in here quite often for new suits."

"That's Benny's fault. I'd never destroy my clothes if it wasn't for him."

"Ray, I don't destroy your clothes. They just get stained in the course of our cases." He picked up
a suit, handing it over to Scott. "How about that one? The material feels nice."

Scott looked it over, rubbing over the fabric. "Yeah, I like this stuff." He handed it back to the
fitter. "Can I get that in the right size please?"

"Of course." He handed it off to the salesman, who ran into the back. "Just relax. You'll get at
least one done today and the rest should be done in the next few days so you'll have enough for
the trial." He got a funny look from Vecchio. "It's been in all the papers sir," he explained quickly.

Stanley walked out of the back after the salesman, pushing him in front of him. "Well, *Ray*, you
were saying this place was safe?" He handed over the suit the salesman had went to get. "They say
the powder comes out with cleaning at least but it's hallucinogenic." He looked up at Scott. "What
color was your hair going to be?"

"Purple probably."

"Yeah, that'd go." He looked at the fitter. "You want to tell him something?"

"His father, personally, came to see the manager this morning about his clothing choices and left
someone in the back after talking to the salesman. I wasn't harassed at all, just allowed to do my
job." He looked at Detective Vecchio. "I'm sorry if you've lost trust in us."

"No, just that salesman and the manager. You're still my tailor. You're the only one that's been
able to account for the forces of gravity and make them look nonexistent." He looked at the
salesman. "Go get him one that's not got the stuff on it and take Stanley with you." He walked
into the dressing room, checking the suits Austin had laid out. "We look okay here. No white
powder, but we'll stop to get them cleaned just in case." He walked back out, looking at the
young man up on the box. "You look classy in that," he told him.

"Thanks but I'm not a suit kinda guy." He looked over his shoulder at Austin as he walked up
behind him. "This look okay to you?"

"Besides the fact that you look uncomfortable and caged, yeah, it does." He patted the firm back
before walking in to change prospective suits.

"Okay, then we'll take this one and all the others."

"Very good sir. And for you, Detective? Anything new?"

"Nah, Benny's not ruined a suit in a month."


Scott walked into the courtroom, taking his seat with his lawyers. "How we doing?" he asked

"Your father's not shown up yet but his lawyer is here." The older man leaned closer, brushing a
few hairs off the shoulder. "Why the dye? It makes you look irresponsible."

"I am irresponsible but I'm handing the company over to Number Two as soon as the Popsicle's
refrozen." He smiled slightly. "Don't worry about it, it's part of my personality and the new
generation. The judge will just give me a few funny looks." He sat up straighter as the Bailiff
walked over to their table.

"The judge went into labor last night so there's been a replacement. You're wanted in the office,
Mr. Anders, along with Dr. Evil's attorney." He waved at the door. "Please go right in." He
walked over to the other table, talking quietly to the other lawyer.

Scott watched as his attorney walked out of the courtroom, turning to talk to Stanley, who was
sitting closest to him. "The judge went into labor so they gave us a new one. You think this is a

"No, I knew she was about ready to go," the detective told him. "I had to be in here on a civil
case a few months ago and she was about seven months then." He patted the silk-covered arm.
"Relax. You dad couldn't have had her induced and set up a new judge. It doesn't work like that."

"It could be a good sign," Austin said. "A new life, a new judge, maybe one unbiased to all those
preliminary motions *his* guys sent to her."

"Yeah, but I want to win. Dying would suck." He squeezed Austin's hand as his lawyer walked
back out, turning around to listen to him. "Good or bad?"

"Very good, for the most part. The man's tough on keeping families together but I think even he
will see that it's necessary this time." He stood, tugging on Scott's arm, as the judge walked in to
take his place.

"All rise," the Bailiff said formally. "Court is now in session. Judge Robert T. Jorge presiding."
The gavel sounded and everyone sat.


"Mr. Evil," Judge Jorge said, looking at him. "I want, in your own words please, why you want
this motion to go through."

"My father is a very evil man who I'm in fear of my life from. He's..." He leaned closer. "How
graphic do you want me to be, sir? I'm not sure if this is going to be classified or not."

"It will be, so be as graphic as you want." He waved a hand. "Please."

"My father has stolen nuclear weapons and almost used them. If it wasn't for Mr. Powers, none of
us would be here." Scott wiped off his brow. "My father had a clone made because I didn't live
up to his standard of evilness. He went on Springer to tell me I didn't live up to his expectations,
calling me the diet coke of evil." He frowned. "That clone has since tried to kill me every time it
sees me, the last just the other night." He took a deep breath. "My father has a viral warfare
research lab, just above my bedroom actually, which he plans on using. And most importantly,
because he was dead for almost thirty years." He looked at the judge. "My father shouldn't even
have legal standing. He was frozen for almost thirty years then comes back to take over where he
left off and try to rule the world. I just want the company to go back to what it had been doing,
making money as a business. To that end, I have in place plans to destroy everything he's ever
worked for and turn what needs to be turned over to either the British or the US governments,
whichever wants it." He leaned back.

"I see," the Judge said. "But why do you feel you have to do this? Why not let the governments
do it?"

"Because he either has enough people bribed to get away with it or Murphy's second law is in
effect: people rise to their level of incompetence." Scott shrugged. "I don't know why they didn't
get him after the bomb went off in Nevada, in a limited way so it wouldn't hurt anyone. I don't
know why they didn't get him in the sixties before he was frozen the first time."

"Then he has mastered time manipulations?"

"Yeah, he had this great gate thing made that can send him back to any year where the gate was
first, basically any time after nineteen sixty-eight. He's already went back once and tried to blow
up Nixon. Like I said, I want the company to quit being a menace to society and just go back to
earning money."

"I can see that," his father's attorney said, "but why now? Why not before you all allegedly went

"Your Honor," Scott's attorney said, standing up, "we can prove they went back with a sworn
statement from his mother." He sat back down.

"Thank you, I'll take this under advisement. Continue the questioning Mr. Lawrence."

"Why do you feel that you're competent to run this company? You have no business degree or
experience so how will you run it?"

"It's in capable hands if my father would leave again. Number Two is more than capable of
running it and he's been sticking up for me on this."

"Indeed, and if I put him up on the stand, would he say that?"

"Unless he's more concerned about money than he the right thing and the truth, yes." He looked
directly at his mentor. "Would you?" The other man nodded, moving away from Doctor Evil.

"I see and what did you offer him in exchange for his testimony?" Mr. Lawrence said with a

"Only his old job at the old salary and my input into the company going back to being a board
member." Scott looked at the Judge. "I'm doing this not only for myself or my children, who I
never want him to get to know. I'm doing it for all the children he's willing to kill to get one
person. Hell, he almost killed too many already when he sent masses of assassins after me."

"I have the police report, son," the Judge said. He looked at the Lawyers. "Anything else for this
witness?" They both shook their heads. "Good, go back to your seat, Mr. Evil."


The Judge looked at Doctor Evil and sighed. "I can make you testify on each and every question
sir, and you will or you will be thrown in jail. Your choice."

"I'd rather face jail then have to answer questions that will get me thrown in there anyway."

"You're going there no matter what you answer, dick, so just do it," Scott told him. "Your Honor,
he's not up on modern times and probably doesn't understand contempt of court."

"Do you?" Scott nodded, head going down. "Thank you, please don't do it again. Doctor Evil,
let me explain this so that a kindergartner will understand. Either you answer or you go to jail until
you answer. If your answers put you back in jail then it's your own fault for your actions. Do you
understand the concept now?" The man in the witness stand nodded. "Good, then answer the
question or go to jail until you're ready. In *general* population."

"Yes, I did have a clone made because Scott wasn't living up to my expectations. He never
wanted to take part in my plans or to help me take over the world. You've heard him here, talking
about wanting to work with animals. How evil is that?" He 'ha'ed. "I don't have a son, not after
all he's done to me."

"And what about what you've done to him?" Mr. Anders said, brushing his white hair around.
"What have you done to get him to your side?"

"I had him given the best education in the best schools, where I was trained. I had my henchmen
teach him everything he needed to know about being evil. I even tried to do the counseling thing
but it didn't work out."

Scott waved his lawyer over, saying something to him. Mr. Anders turned back to the Doctor
with a slight smile on his face. "And what happened to that Counseling group, Doctor?"

"They're gone now. They got *insolent* so had to be destroyed."

There was a gasp from the courtroom and the judge banged his gavel for order. "You do know
that you just admitted to Murder, correct?"

"They had to be destroyed, I can't let insolence like that go unpunished."

The Judge waved the two lawyers over, talking to them away from where Doctor Evil could hear.
He got back into his seat, looking at Scott. "I'm convinced now that Scott Evil has a point in
saying that the business concerned is fatally mismanaged. I'm requesting a short three day recess
to have Doctor Evil examined by Psychologists and/or Psychiatrists." He banged his gavel.

"What does this mean," Scott asked Mr. Anders as he walked back over smirking. "Good?"

"Very. The judge had been concerned that you were blowing things out of proportion before but
now he's sure you're not and he's being swayed to our side." He patted the younger man's arm.
"Go celebrate the small victory. Oh, and Scott, do you want to change your name for real?"

"Not sure yet. I'll get back to you the night before the final decision so you can just tack it on."

"That'll be fine." He looked at the cops as they surrounded him. "Be safe."


Austin looked at the plate of food handed to him, smiling up at his charge. "What's this?"

"Chinese, good for you. Eat it." Scott sat down beside the older man, looking at what he was
writing. "Telling Felicity how mean I've been?"

"No, telling her how much I miss her and how much I want her here."

"You know, if this trial takes much longer, she might get to come over for the end of it. It's been
almost a week since she woke up."

"They won't let her fly yet, said it's too soon and the changes in altitude could hurt her." Austin
shrugged, taking a bite then drinking some water.

"Gee, I didn't think it was that hot."

"Just the broccoli." Austin waved a hand at his tongue, cooling where he had burned it. "That's
something I never understood. Everything else can be almost cold but broccoli becomes too hot to
eat instantly and stays that way."

"Not a clue. Not a single clue. Ask Stanley, he seems to know a lot about take out." He turned
his head, looking at the young detective over by the windows. "Stanley, why does the broccoli
stay so hot? Neither of us can figure it out."

"Don't know, that's a mystery of the universe." He turned to smile at them. "I just saw the Riv
pull up so I'll say goodnight now." He walked over to the door, readying himself in case they
weren't alone. He calmly walked to his room when Ray walked in, not saying another word.

"You guys okay," Vecchio asked, setting a small bag on the table. He looked at the food and
shook his head. "Stanley the takeout monster strikes again." He sat down, loosening his tie. "Any

"Not a one," Scott said. He got up to answer the door, smiling at his lawyer. "Tell me it's good

"It is. He was declared psychotic." Mr. Anders walked in, nodding at the rest of the men. "In the
words of the Psychiatrist, totally deranged with no hope of cure." He handed over a folder.
"Tomorrow's agenda. I need you ready to testify if I have to call you back up." The young man
nodded, taking it to read. "Good, I'll let you get back to you night then. Be safe." He walked out,
closing the door behind himself.

Benton walked over to lock it then looked at the folder. "Do you need help preparing?"

"Maybe later. I need to read over what I need to know first and see what I do know." He walked
into his room, kicking the door shut before lying down on the bed. "Hey," he told the body, then
looked. "Okay, are you in my room or am I in yours?"

"You're in mine," Stanley said. He looked at the folder. "Good news?" It was handed to him.
"Hmm, really good news. So, do you know about the contents of the Alpha file?"

"Yeah, it was his original plan on how I should be made. It's his plan on making the world safe
for himself. When I heard about it, I used to think that all my guards had come from there
because they all looked kinda the same." Scott smiled, rolling over. "Next question."

"Nope, you need to be able to answer in depth. What's the Alpha file?"

"It's his progeny plan, hinging on artificial insemination of willing women to carry his sons so he
would always have a direct lineage no matter when he came back."

"Very good. What's the Process Plan?"

"It's how it chose to have us educated. The same schools and environment he had, or as close as
possible." He popped his neck. "Fortunately, they were all closed and I was educated in the US
mostly. Here actually, just down the street."

"Really? Which one?"

"That public school that they're trying to shut down due to lack of funding."

"You know, you could fix that."

"I already sent in a large contribution. I can't support it every year."

"Yeah, I can see that." Stanley smiled, flipping through the pages. "At least they found him
insane." His face fell. "Scott, small problem. Apparently he went ballistic when he found out
Shay wasn't white." He handed over the folder, watching as he read it. "Can she handle that?"

"Yeah, she can. As a matter of fact, we'll know tomorrow since she's due to testify." He put the
folder down. "Why don't you want to talk to them, work it out?"

"You know, you ask more questions than a five year old." He grinned when he said it, taking the
sting out of it. "There's nothing there. I'm an inconvenience for Ray and he was playing with me."
His face fell. "It's not something pretty to talk about."

"Sure, I can understand that." He hugged the cop, pulling back at his surprised look. "Felicity
taught me that move. Said real people do it all the time when one of them needs comforted."

"Did you grow up on another planet?"

"No, just in the compound outside of the city. Just me, the guards, Frau usually, and Number Two
occasionally." Scott shrugged. "Not too bad, a little sheltered. When I left, that was the first time
I'd ever been in a cab."

"Ever been to a ball game?"

"No, not really. I watch the more delicate sports because that's what they watched. Gymnastics,
Horse Jumping, Ice-Skating. Although I do admit to sneaking a hockey game or two onto the tv
when I was going through my violent period." He grinned. "How about you?"

"Baseball. Benny kept trying to get me to watch Curling with him but guys with brooms and
weights isn't my idea of a great sport, ya know?" Stanley chuckled lightly. "I watch Ballroom
Dancing so don't worry about the girly sports."

"Hey, dancing is cool. Very poetic and inspiring." Scott groaned at the quiet knock on the door.
"Want me to tell them to go away."

"Nah, it's probably Austin looking for you again." He got up, walking over to let Benny in. "Hey,"
he said softly. "Problems?"

"Just wondering if you'd like to talk." He looked at Scott. "Maybe Ray could help you prepare for your testimony."

"We weren't really doing that," Scott said, getting up and grabbing the folder, "but I can go talk to
him instead." He walked out with a subtle, to him, pat to Stanley's shoulder. "Hey," he said,
walking up behind Ray. "Want to help me for a little while so Benton and Stan can talk?"

Vecchio looked at him, looking over him. "Why go to him in the first place?"

"I just walked into his room, I didn't even realize it." He shrugged. "Not a clue here, just an
accident of reading while walking." He pulled over a small chair, sitting in it. "We just mostly
talked. Sports and school and stuff."

"Yeah, I heard." Ray sat down across from him then glanced at Austin as he walked into the
small kitchen area. "Are you trying to make a move on him?"

"No, I want a real friend, someone who likes me for who I am not who my father is. And I
couldn't keep Stanley, not even if I wanted to. He's yours if you'd just fix whatever went wrong."
He looked up as the man in question walked up to them. "Do you think I'm hitting on you?"

Stanley snorted, shaking his head. "Not at all. Seeking friendship, at least as far as I can tell. Are
you?" The young man shook his head. "Didn't think so. Want to go take Dief for a walk around
the garden? I'm sure it's time."

"Sure, let me drop this off so I can read it later." Scott walked into his room, dropping the folder
onto his bed and putting on his shoes. He came back out, pulling on his overshirt. "Okay, let's get
the big lap dog and take him out." He whistled and the wolf came running. "Want to go walk?"

Dief looked at his master then the door then headed for the door, walking in front of the three men.

"I told you he wasn't," Austin said from the kitchen. "The boy is obvious when he wants
something." He brought a beer back. "Here, you look like you could use it."

"Maybe, but I'm not supposed to have it." Vecchio sipped the beer slowly, looking out the
window. "He's right, we do need to talk it out. Stan was all wrong about what happened."

"I get the feeling that's all he saw, that he wasn't good enough for you." Austin smiled slightly. "I
see a lot of that in Scott some days too."

"So," Ray said, changing topics, "you gonna make your move on him?"

"Scott?" Austin shrugged lightly. "I'm not sure. The want is there but I still have a woman and
she's my baby." He sat down in the delicate chair, looking at the seemingly older man. "She's
from my time, she understands me, but there are some itches she can't scratch."

"Yeah, know that feeling." Ray sat down across from him. "I like women but it doesn't seem to
be enough for me. Benny comes close by himself but there are still things that he can't or won't do
with me. It's like he's scared of hurting me and I don't know why."

"Maybe he's new at this?" Austin suggested.

"Nope, not really. Wasn't when we met and isn't now. But Stanley, now he knew what I needed
and he was always real generous with giving it." Ray smiled gently, caught up in his memories.

"So work it out, tell him what really was going on in your head." Austin stood up, walking
toward his bedroom. "Night, Vecchio."

"Night, Austin." Ray waited for the three guys to get back from walking the wolf.

Benton walked the wolf back in a few minutes later, alone. "They'll be back up in a minute, Scott
wanted some chocolate." He watched his friend walk over to his water dish, drinking deeply.
"What were you and Austin talking about?"

"Us. The three of us." The other man got a confused look. "You, me, and Stan, not with him."
Benny nodded, sitting down across from him and stealing a sip of his beer. "I want us to work it
out. I miss him."

"So do I but he doesn't seem to want us back."

"He does, he's just hurting bad." Ray looked up as Scott and Stanley walked in, laughing and
talking, carrying a cd case. "What's up guys? New game?"

"Nah, wanted some more music," Scott said, turning to look at Stanley. "Night, man, have a good
talk." He walked into his room, locking the door.

Stanley closed the suite's door behind himself as he pulled off his jacket. "What's going on?"

Ray took a deep breath. "Can we talk?"

"Why? You made yourself very plain when we did last time."

"No, I didn't." Ray stood up, walking over to his former lover. "I heard what you said to him and
you got it wrong. I never meant to say that I didn't want you."

"No, you did. What you really meant was that your family didn't like me being with you and
they're more important to you." The younger man shrugged, heading for his room. "I got the
message, Vecchio, drop the subject."

"Stan, don't. Just talk to me." He followed him into his room, slamming the door. "Just give me
a minute and then I'll go." He ran his fingers through his hair. "Stan, I do want you, have always
wanted you, and I was wrong to tell you that my family mattered more. They shouldn't and I'm
not listening to them anymore." He smiled slightly. "Actually, Frannie misses you. She's says
I'm miserable to be around now." He looked into his lover's eyes, seeing the pain he had caused.
"I'm sorry," he said, moving closer. "So very sorry that I did this to us." He held out his arms,
sighing in relief as they were filled. "Thank you."

"I'm not going to come back, not until we've worked some things out. We still need to have a
serious discussion." Stanley pulled back, looking at the older man. "I mean it, you can't have it
both ways if they're going to rag on me."

"They won't. Even Ma knows better than to say a word. She's not happy that her baby boy isn't
happy and she *ordered* me to get you back."

"She said that?"

"More or less," Ray admitted, hesitating.

"In other words she said that you were unhappy because you liked men and she wanted to fix you
up with a nice woman." Stanley frowned, backing away from him. "I can't go through life
mocked for loving someone, Ray, and I won't. One way or the other if it needs to happen."

"It's you and me and Benny, no matter what my family says. I'm not a kid and Ma can't tell me
who to love."

"Wow. That's the first time you've said that word to me."

"Or about you?" Ray asked, smiling warmly. "It's true, I do love you. Same as I do Benny.
Always have, even if I never said it." He stepped closer, taking the younger man back in his arms.
"It even took me a while to say it to Benny so don't worry. It's there, just a little hidden."

"The Lieutenant said you were going to make it right." Stanley smiled at him, kissing the
ever-expanding forehead. "I guess he was right."

"Yeah, no more abusing trashcans for you." Ray looked up, initiating the first kiss they'd shared
in almost three months, drawing the other man's mouth firmly onto his. "I missed this," he sighed
when he pulled back.

"Yeah, me too." He looked at the door, seeing Benny. "Want to come hold me too?"

"Of course, Stan, I've missed you also." Benny walked over, hugging them both from the side.
"This is much better."


Scott picked up the folder, opening it to start on the list of things he might need to know about the
next day. He flipped through the pages, stopping when he saw the picture. He picked up the
graphic picture, looking at the woman tied to the chair. "Aunt Uni," he whispered, touching her
bruised face. He flipped through the rest of the pages, looking for more damning evidence but
that was all that had been put in there. He got up, checking his window and all the air vents. He
knew that picture hadn't been there earlier, Stanley would have seen it, so someone must have
gotten in. He dropped it onto the bed, noting the address on the back in his father's handwriting.

He picked up his jacket, sliding the photo inside, and his wallet, sliding it into his front pocket.
He listened to the sounds of the couple two doors down talking quietly and to Austin's snores,
figuring out what he needed to do now. He hit on a plan, gathering his things from his bag,
pulling out the gun he'd gotten during the trial break the first day to slide it under his jacket and
into his waistband. He stopped at the door, listening to the empty room just to make sure it had
stayed that way, then snuck out of the suite.

He managed to get into the elevator and most of the way down to the lobby before considering
what he was doing. Stanley and Austin would be really pissed at him for this, but he had to do it.
He walked off the elevator, right into the arms of the people waiting for him. "Hey, I showed up,
take me to her."

"Sure, Scott," his father said, walking out of the shadows. "Right after you make up for all the
things you've done." He walked over, standing in front of him. "We'll discuss what to do with
you after I make you suffer for all you've done to me. All the pain you've caused me."

"Yeah, all this was about you," he smirked. "Always you. Never anyone else, just you."

"Son, I'm the only one that matters." He snapped his fingers and the men led him away.

Stanley looked at Ray. "I really hate it when they give up too easy." He headed down the last
stairs to the foyer of the hotel, following them out into the street. They all piled into the GTO, it
was closer to the door, and followed the car. They ended up in front of a warehouse, coasting to
a stop behind the now vacant car.

"Backup," Ray called, pulling out his cell phone. "Dispatch? Yeah, I'm at..."

"1235 E. Western Shore Drive," Benny said.

"1235 E. Western Shore Drive and need backup. Come in silently, they have hostages." He slid
the phone back into his pocket, getting out. He looked up then at Benny, who nodded, heading for
the fire escape, then at Stanley, who had pulled his gun. "Let's go save the kid." They walked in
through the front door, knocking out the guards easily and hiding them in the pile of convenient boxes.

"Scott," his father said. "Why do you want to hurt me like this? Why betray me, son?"

"Because you're a dufus and you needed to be sent back to being a Popsicle." Scott shrugged, as
well as he could with his hands tied behind his back. He looked down as the clone walked up to
him, kicking it away. "Told you I'd punt you."

"Be gentle with him, Scott, he's fragile. Same as I am."

"Good, let me shoot you and we'll be fine." He struggled against the ropes, feeling them loosen.
"What? No electroshock machines? No lava? No cheesy plan to kill me?"

"No, son, I've been taking lessons from your playbook. I'm going to do this the easy way. You'll
sit there and starve as you watch your favorite aunt be tortured." He snapped his fingers and one
of the guards brought over a pair of jumper cables. "Oh, well, never really liked her anyway." He
walked over to where Unibrow was tied to her chair, nodding at the guard to dowse her with
water. Then he set the cables against her arms.

"NO!" Scott yelled, struggling to get free. He sighed in relief as the cables were pulled away from her
and his father walked back over. "What do you *want*?"

"I want you back, son, in your rightful position. You've proven that you can be evil and I'll accept
you back with little trust at first, but you can earn that back."

"Eat me."

"Son, this is your only chance. Unless you give into me now, she'll suffer for each day you defied
me by doing this to me." He took back the jumper cables, touching them together to let them arc.
"Your decision and time's ticking." He made ticking noises then a buzzer noise. "Oh, well, time's
up, Scott, what will it be?"

"Tell Mom I'm sorry she ever met you." He spit on his father, wincing as the cables hit his chest.
"Thanks," he muttered when he could breath again, "but I'm not into pain." He looked into his
father's eyes, letting all the hate he felt show. "You lose," he said, getting his hands free and
jumping up to get him, kicking the clone out of the way. He got his hands around his father's
neck, squeezing hard and enjoying it, when he felt the hands pulling at him. "NO! He's mine!"
He punched his father, turning to take care of the person behind him, swinging at Benny.

Stanley held him against his chest, talking quietly to him to calm him down. "Shh, let us deal
with this part. You won." He turned the younger man around, looking at him. "You okay?"

"I'll live," Scott admitted. He rushed over to his 'aunt', falling down beside her and working on her
bonds. "Uni? You still with me?" She turned her head to look at him, pleading. "Shh, I'm going
to get you to a hospital and call Frau, just wait, okay? Just stay with me and I'll take care of you."
She nodded, her mouth cracked and bleeding. "Ray, knife?" he called. One was handed to him
and he cut the plastic ties holding her to the chair. He held her up as he walked her over to where
he'd been sitting, letting her down gently. "Uni? Where's Frau?"

"Kids," she said softly, her mouth hardly moving.

Scott pulled out his cellphone, dialing the house where Shay was. "Hey, put Frau on, it's an
emergency." He walked around the chair, pacing in circles as he waited for her to be woken up.
"It's me, I've got Uni and it hurt her pretty badly. Want to meet us at the hospital?" He nodded,
closing his phone. "Saint Bart's?"

"Not too far away," Stanley told him, stopping him to pull him out of the way of the paramedics.
"Saint Bart's," he told them, nodding at the man on the floor. "And he's to go to lock up guys," he
told the other officers. He turned Scott to look at him. "Go with her, we'll meet you there.
Austin's still in bed." The younger man nodded, walking over to take his 'aunt's' hand and soothe
her while they worked on her.


The Judge tapped his fingers impatiently for a few more seconds then checked his watch. "Okay,
attorneys, where are your clients?"

Detective Vecchio walked in, smiling. "Well, I think I can answer that, sir. If I may approach?"
He was nodded at tolerantly so walked up, handing over a picture and a police report. "Scott will
be in soon, he had to go become presentable instead of what he wore last night at the hospital
while he sat beside his Aunt." He looked at Doctor Evil's attorney, motioning him over. "And
unless his client finds a benevolent judge, he won't be here today."

The Judge handed over the report, watching as it was read. "I see, those are extenuating
circumstances. Is Mr. Evil all right?" The Detective nodded. "Then I'll wait here to deal with this
matter. I'll declare a short recess until Mr. Evil can get here and Doctor Evil's whereabouts can
be checked. Bailiff, I'll be in my chambers." He pounded the gavel and walked out.

Ray walked over to Scott's attorney, handing over a copy of the report. "Thought you might be
interested in this." He sat down behind him. "We just left there half an hour ago so he should be
here soon." He looked over his shoulder as the doors opened, admitting Scott and Stanley. "Let
me guess, Benny's boss found him?"

"Yeah, Dragon Lady was waiting on him when he walked out of the shower." Stanley helped
Scott to his seat, handing over his coffee. "He's almost asleep on his feet." He looked at the other
table. "Where's *it*'s attorney?"

"Gone to see if he can't appear after all." Ray smiled at Scott, leaning forward to pat his shoulder.
"I think it'll all work out now. No one can ignore that." The younger man nodded, yawning.
"You can nap later, just give us a few more hours."

The Bailiff walked out, coming back in with the judge. Everyone stood until he sat then Scott
sipped his coffee, looking up at him. "Sorry I was late, Your Honor. I had a family emergency."

"So I noticed." He looked at Doctor Evil's lawyer as he walked up to the bench. "Very well," he
said after their conversation. "I'm sure you can give him the message well enough. I've examined
all the evidence in this case, including the report of last night's activities. Scott, I know you want
him to go back to being frozen but I cannot order him to do that, it's outside my jurisdiction." He
held up a hand at the falling face. "However, I am placing the company in your hands to allow
you to turn it over to the man known as Number Two until such a time as you can run it on your
own. As for your father, I'm sure the city prosecutor's office will be dealing with him." He took a
deep breath. "As for the matter of the clone, I find no precedence on rights for him and I am
excluding his petition to share in your inheritance unless he can prove he has a sound mind and is
capable of rational and coherent thought. Until such a time, I am declaring Doctor Evil to be
officially dead in the eyes of the law due to his temporal suspension, and am handing the matter to
a higher court for the probable appeal and to the criminal system for his misdeeds. Be very happy
with what you've won, young man, and do keep your promise to turn over all his things to the US
or the British governments as you see fit." He pounded his gavel, standing back up. "Any

"I have one," Scott said. "What about the other things he owned? I know he had no will since he
expected to come back, but there's a matter of an island and a few other possessions of his."

"They're yours, Mr. Evil, to do with as you see fit but do remember your words to not turn into
him." He smiled, walking out. "Good day, gentlemen."

Scott smiled at Stanley, turning to hug him then Ray. "We need a party at the compound," he
said. He stood up, shaking Mr. Anders' hand, then walked over to Number Two, accepting a
folder. "You know about my deal with them?" The older man nodded. "Good, start proceedings
to buy them out and get the things set up to dismantle his viral lab first. We'll start on the rest

"What about Mr. Powers?"

"If the British want some of his stuff, they can send him to get it." Scott smiled up at him. "Don't
worry so much, we're not going to do anything but normal business now." He patted the older
ma's arm as he walked out beside Stanley. "So, party or not?"

"You should have one, but not tonight, kid." Ray smiled. "Sorry, Scott. You've shown that you're
not a kid." He held out a hand, waiting for it to be shaken and gasping when it was. "Strong grasp
there, ease up or I'll have to do paperwork until I can shoot again." He wiggled his fingers as they
were released. "Let's get you back to the hotel. You can check out tomorrow after taking a nap."

"Cool." Scott linked arms with Stanley. "Still want to come over and hang with me? I have a
killer system set up to play games on in my part of the compound."

The younger detective smiled, ruffling the young man's hair. "Sure, I don't like to lose friends."
He opened the door to his car, getting in. "Let's get you to a bed first then we can deal with the
rest of that stuff." He slid into his seat, waving at Ray and Benny as they pulled away. "Island?"

"Yeah, carved to look like him and everything. Big volcano and all." Scott laid his head back.
"He got it when he went back in time." He closed his eyes, falling deeply into a dreamless sleep


Scott stood up, smiling at Number Two. "Okay, all yours for another month, I'm going to go
back to the island. Stanley will be there with me this weekend since he was injured and he needs
time to heal away from fussing lovers." He looked up at where he'd put the camera. "Later Austin!"
he called before walking out.

"Scott, is it wise to leave that running?"

"Number Two, we're not doing anything wrong." He smiled, walking out whistling.


Scott looked up from watching his dogs play to see two men walking up the path. He bounced
up, jogging over to hug them both. "Stan, how's your arm? I got a room all set up for you, nice
soft bed and everything. Martina!" he yelled and the housekeeper came running. "Show Stan to
his room and be gentle with him." He waited until he was alone to turn back to Austin. "Decided
to finally come see me?"

"I had some things to work out with Felicity first." He held out his arms, relaxing as they were
filled and his mouth taken hostage.

Truthfully, Austin Powers didn't realize any thing that led to him laying on a large bed naked,
being taken, but that was all right with him. The person he was with made up for it. "Harder," he
sighed, pushing back. "More, baby, yeah."

"Call me baby again," Scott told him as he pulled out and flipped him over, "and I'm getting you
nappies." He slammed back into his lover, smiling, wiggling his eyebrows. "Got it?"

"Sure, Scott, you're not that young." He rolled his eyes. "Oh, there," he said, closing them as the
good feelings he missed started again. "Thank you, Scott, for waiting."

"Hey, I told you," the younger man said, brushing his hair off his forehead. "What ever you want
and are willing to give." He started to move again, going hard because he wanted to end this now.
He waited until Austin came with a yell to go over himself, smiling and falling down onto the
hairy stomach. "Better," he sighed, closing his eyes.

"Yes, much."