NC-17 m/f/f (and various combinations in that trio), m/m

Even Future Old Ones Have Plans.

Clint was supposed to be at work.  Of course, his current assignment was almost all dealing with idiots who thought they could be special agents.  Which meant he really needed something for his stomach and headache.  He walked into the infirmary and sat across from Dr. Pigalli's desk after turning the chair around, staring at her.  "A few questions I need answered, Doc."

"All right, Agent Barton, what sort?"

"Dawn's visions.  Any triage, anything I need to do next time?"

"Like a seizure, make sure she's got the airway and all that.  Make her comfortable.  Help her dictate what she saw when she came out and be prepared to hydrate and give migraine medicine."

"Should we have an emergency IV set up?"

"No.  We have those.  She's hardly ever out of someone's grasp these days."

"Is that because they knew she had some?"

"No, that's because she's gotten three death threats by the rumors going around."  He shook his head quickly.  She smiled.  "I'm fairly certain she's threatened two of them back from what the rumors are saying."

"I wish I had heard about those," he said dryly.  "I'll interrogate her later, when I have her tied down.  Is anything going to be a trigger?  I know some migraines have triggers like caffeine, over exertion, that sort of thing."

"No, actually we seem to believe that the exertion is good for her and may slow them down."  She smiled.  "So have all the kinky, sweaty sex you three want, dear."

He grinned.  "Cool."  She laughed.  "Next serious thing.  Driving?"

She hesitated then shook her head.  "I'm not sure.  If it was seizures I'd have yanked her license."  He nodded once.  "It's possible that she'll have one while driving.  So emergency driving yes.  Casual, going out to dinner driving, take a cab."

"She has a lease car."

"You might think about a driver.  It'd be a nice bodyguard sort."

"I have in the past."  She smirked at him, chuckling quietly.  "But we're sure it's a bad idea?"

"I'm not certain.  It's not like seizures, where certain things can trigger them like flashing lights.  In her case it's like there's a finger going 'now you shall see'," she said in her most dramatic voice.  "So yes, I'd say emergency driving only.  If you're injured and she's evacuating you, go for it.  If you're going out for a picnic, no."

"We haven't had a picnic recently," he admitted, thinking about it.

"You might ask her if she can afford a driver and car.  Because according to some reporter she's won fantastic amounts from kitten poker by even more rumors."

Clint grimaced.  "Yeah, we saw the weapons and jewel stash.  I'll talk to her about that later."  He leaned on the back of the chair.  "Should we try to keep weapons from her?"

"No, and again, exertion seems to help block them off.  So sparring great.  She's getting  a bit of pudge according to her.  She complained a skirt was getting tight to Pepper during lunch the other day."

"I can fix that," he promised, making her smile.  "Should I carry an emergency kit?"

"I'm shocked you don't already have one in case of being shot."

"I do, but it doesn't have anything like an epi pen.  Would that help?"

"Yes, it might.  It did when you were sharing hers."

"Does that mean I shouldn't be driving."

"How often is she going to share?"

"She thinks it was a rare occurrence.  We haven't during any of the minor ones she's had."

"Then, since I heard you fly the team around most of the time, get a backup pilot."

"I usually have one.  Nat can fly."  He licked his lips.  "Anything you can suggest that should go in it beyond the epi pen and the standard stitching kits, bandages, all that sort of stuff?"

"I'd like to see the jets you guys take have a better setup.  Stark said that they're not very good, just a box."

"I can fill a tackle box for post-mission clean ups.  I've been meaning to."  She wrote out a list and he nodded, tucking it into his pants pocket.   "What if it's Xander having one instead?"

"The same treatment should work as far as we know but he handles the pain better."

"Okay," Clint agreed.  "Thanks, Doc.  Got tyelnol?"  She pointed at the boxes on the shelf.  He took some and an antacid, smirking at her before walking off to take them on the way to Dawn's desk.  Which she wasn't at.  He walked in to talk to Stark since he and Pepper were in the office together.  "I can't help decorate but we do have a few things to talk about."

Tony looked at him.  "How bad?"

"She's gotten three death threats?"

"She has?" Pepper asked.  "I knew about two but she's threatened them back and they backed off.  They both thought they could take her out and cripple Tony as he mourns his future wife."

"Why haven't I heard any of these?" Tony demanded.

Pepper patted him on the cheek with a grin.  "Because we women handled them, Tony."  He snorted.  She smiled at Clint.  "Other problems?"

"Visions and driving."

Pepper winced and rubbed her stomach.  "That's not going to go over well.  Cabs can be dangerous.  Dawn was late the other day because she had to pull a gun on the cabbie that was trying to take her to JFK instead of here."

"I heard that on the scanner," Tony said dryly.

"Agent?" Clint asked.

"Admiration society from the Russian Mob.  I'm pretty sure she filched some of that kitten poker winnings, Barton."

Dawn strolled in.  "Morning."  She kissed Clint on the cheek and handed over files.  "Patty is in a sobbing mood for some reason.  I asked, it wasn't Jonathan."

"Three death threats?" Pepper asked.

"The other one I handed to Agent Hill because it was one of the trainee agents who said I'm compromising my mates."  She looked at Clint.  "You finally heard?"

"I didn't hear until I asked the Doc some questions."  Dawn groaned.  "No, it's important."

"I know.  I've been ignoring the common sense thing.  I can take more cabs and give up the lease on the car."

"So more of them try to kidnap you?" Tony quipped.  She punched him on the arm with a scowl.  "He did."

"They wanted me to come work for them in a higher position than they used to think I was good for.  They've realized I'm more than pretty."  She looked at Clint.  "His boss came up to me at lunch the other day.  We had a very nice talk in Russian, so he could not misunderstand the concept of 'go the fuck away', and then I promised I knew geeks who liked to build bombs."  She smiled.  "Then I proved I had pickpocketed him, took pictures of his ID, handed them to the agents that Phil took my files to, and then hacked him to bankrupt him."

"How did you hack?" Tony asked.

"I paid Jonathan half."  She smiled.  "He's saving up for a massive ring."

"That's going to get them into trouble," Tony groaned.

"Is someone really going to turn us in for hacking their non-bank assets?"

"Non-bank?" Clint asked.

"Yeah, they've been using the demonic mafia's storage areas.  The demonic mafia considers them children.  The consider SHIELD amusing.  They consider Xander amusing.  They consider me a goddess."  She smiled.  "Just because I put up with Buffy."

"I heard the censored thought," Clint said dryly.

"Remember in Rio, that poker game I got asked to go to?"

He nodded slowly.  "A local peaceful demon asked you to help her.  Her son was in some debt and he was going to be killed.  They were rare."

"They are.  And I did.  Then I kept playing once he was free to see if I could get an intel source on that group that was sacrificing the magically active kids."  Clint nodded faster at that.  "Which was when I got their area and all that.  I also managed to win a realm that the demonic mafia had lost to a warrior clan that was pissing them off."  He groaned and sat down.  "I put it up for the highest bidder.  Which was them because warriors are poor if they're not the Ottoman Empire sort.  It was kinda their home realm so they were happy to get it back.  Which meant I had a favor on the books."

"Which you called in to get their shit, but you let Jonathan do it for you to muddy the trail," Clint said, staring at her, smirking slightly.  She grinned and nodded.  "Sneaky."

"Thank you."  She took a kiss.  "I like being sneaky."

"So we're not hiding that money?" Pepper asked.

"I did hide that money.  That reporter has some contacts I don't.  I have no idea where she's getting her intel from.  That account is off-shore, is sealed, and only dribbles money to the account here in the US.  I set it up like those drug lords that you and 'Tasha took down, Clint."

"Sounds reasonable and we're looking it over later."  She shrugged but nodded.  "Did you realize we don't have a prenup?"

"If we break up in that bad of a manner I'm killing you both and taking all your assets bikini shopping so I can find a tender young thing to mold into a proper lover who likes oral sex even more than you do.  I'll baby your weapons for you while I sniffle over your mysterious disappearances that will become SHIELD legend and myth."

He burst out laughing and pulled her closer to hug.  "I could like that."  She grinned.  "We have to do the SHIELD wills soon too."

"You guys still won't let me put you on the paperwork here," she pointed out.  "Nat's still giving me dirty looks about the insurance and equities inheritance."

"I thought we settled that."

"No."  She shook her head.  "I brought it up the other day so I could amend a few forms because I diversified a bit into a tech company that I think Tony should absorb.  They have good ideas but crackhead geeks in charge."

"Which one?" Tony asked.

She smiled.  "Didn't you see my subtle hint, boss?"

"The pamphlet?  I did.  Nice idea, not sure if it's practical."

"I have no idea.  I didn't add much but about twenty shares at five bucks each."

"A hundred bucks isn't a bad preliminary investment," he agreed.  "How diversified are you?"

"My guy had me add some bonds and a few other things to steady my growth.  A few of the stocks went down."

"That's sensible," Pepper agreed.  "So you had to update the paperwork there with your heirs."  Dawn nodded.  "She scowled?"

"She doesn't want anyone to get the information," Clint said.  "Neither do I.  Beyond that, Nat has her own stashes here and there that aren't on any form."

"I have some set up in my alternate identity," she said quietly, staring at him.

He smiled.  "Sensible and realistic.  Good job."  Dawn grinned.  "Though we're dropping some of your safe houses.  They're in really odd places."

"Yes but less likely to be tracked there."

"Not Shanghai.  It's in a bad spot politically and hard to avoid notice that you're an american.  Same with Bangkok and a few others.  There's some better ones and we'll help you.  We both have a few bolt holes.  We think you can cut down on yours."

"I might rent out that other vacation house and just keep ours.  The new fence is better and more private.  The gardener has some contacts that can rent it out."

"I still think the house is a bit much."

"It has everything we need, including privacy.  You got lost in the jungle for two days."

"I remember.  I wasn't that far off."

"I knew that."  She smiled.  "You needed more privacy so I couldn't bring handcuffs to a backrub again."

"True."  He pulled her into his lap, earning a swat.  "You're on break time and they both think we're adorable, Dawn.  If someone else says something yay."  He kissed her on the ear, making her grin.  "You and I, and her if we can get her to agree, are going to be going over all the backup plans we have.  That way we share where boltholes are and how to take care of any duplicates."  She nodded.  He thought at Natasha, who complained but agreed it was prudent to at least note the city so they could take out duplicates and see what plans Dawn had if they had to escape the US again. 

Dawn sent a cuddle, getting grumped back at.  Dawn cooed and promised her eclairs, which made Clint shiver and moan.  She smiled at him.  Natasha asked why he suddenly liked them that much.  He asked if she had ever seen Dawn eat one.  They pulled back and closed off Natasha again.  He gave her a pat on the back.  "Topic of drivers and cars?"

"I don't want a driver.  It'll flaunt things.  I don't really need one for the short walk here."

"I think it'd be safer," Clint said.  "The same as changing out the lease car might be.  I know it got caught on film at least once."

"I saw that and complained to TMZ that I'm not a celebrity and that would endanger your life.  They said they didn't show license plates and I had done a good job of getting a bland car that thousands of others had.  So I didn't tell them about the bolthole in this city."  Clint stared at her.  So did Tony.  She smiled.  "Surprise?"

"Is there a car there?"

"My whole backup identity goes there," she said quietly, staring at him.  "It's her apartment.  She is presently working overseas in Abu Dhabi."

"Which is hard to get information from," he said with a grin.  "Nice."

"Thank you.  You taught me well, Obi Wan."

"Now if only I could teach you to quit being a dick teasing Sith," he shot back.

"Did you think Darth and Obi had it on?"

"Eww," Clint said.  "Ruining a good childhood memory, Dawn."

"Sorry."  She hugged him and spotted someone at the door.  "I'm on break, I can get cuddles."  The lab assistant blushed and held up the forms.  "C'mon.  I'm not going to let him bite you.  I'd have to spank him for that."  The lab assistant giggled and handed them to Tony then fled to be embarrassed.  Dawn closed the door magically after the roomba dog came in to hand over papers.  "Did I miss a few labs?" she asked it.  It barked.  Clint patted it and it rolled off to vacuum things, finding a listening device.

"Shield's up so they can't hear anything," Tony said, taking it from it.  "Thank you, Roomba.   Go home.  Good dog."  It barked again and rolled off.  He checked then shut the door.  The bug got tossed into the bathroom and the door closed.

"I might need that soon," Pepper said.

"They can listen to you pee," he said with a smile.  "That way they don't hear anything else."  She pinched him on the arm.  "I can have Happy find her a rental driver and car.  Better in the long run, no taxes."

"Please," Clint agreed.  "Or put her in with a car service so she can call when she needs one."

"I'll feel like a snotty rich girl," Dawn complained.  "I can take cabs."

"Only if you don't have to shoot a driver," Clint said, staring at her.  She rolled her eyes.  He took a kiss and patted her on the butt.  "We'll talk about it later."  She nodded, taking a better kiss.  He moaned and held her head closer.  "I should get back to work."

She smiled.  "Me too.  Apparently I missed some labs on my rounds."  She sent a dirty thought at him and he smirked back.  "Tomorrow?"

"How's your schedule looking tomorrow?"

"Mostly a paperwork day."  She took another good kiss then got up, smoothing out her clothes.  "Go be a badass."

"Of course I am.  Sometimes I just relax it."  He stood up.  "Be safe, be careful.  Don't make me come kill anyone for you."

She smirked, waving a hand.  "I'll call after they're down."

He linked their rings.  "Call when you're taking them down.  Backup.  You promised me you'd wait for backup."

"I will."  She took another kiss.  "Go be a badass and kick the rookies around."

"Sure.  They could use it."  He nodded at Pepper and Stark then left.

Dawn sighed.  "I love him in his uniform."  Clint smirked at her from the elevator.

Pepper hugged her.  "You've got it so bad."

"I know but I make that look hot too."  She smirked.  "Speaking of, my dress for the Expo is super hot and Versace."  She bounded out and down to the labs to go back to her lab rounds.  It got to be a happy hour before she ran into the lab of the germphobic one and found him on the floor.  She called the infirmary while punching in the release code.  She put in the emergency code to bypass his cleaning sprays so she could check him.  "Hey," she said, nudging him.  "Wake up for me.  We can't have you napping in here."  The doctor and nurses ran in.  "Pulse is real faint.  He's breathing good though."  They nodded and took over.  She got up and looked around.  "He's not doing anything chemical or anything.  It looks like transistors?"

"Slightly," Tony agreed as he walked in.  "Passed out?"

"Not sure," Doctor Pigalli said.  "We can move him."  They did it.  Dawn got her his traveling bubble.  "I have no idea why he has that."

"Doc, he's highly germphobic," Dawn said, waving a hand around.  Everything was covered in plastic.  That got a nod from the nurse and they made notes to help him.  They walked him off.  Tony put on gloves, because that scientist would freak out if he found fingerprints anywhere in his lab.  He turned off everything and let Dawn go out first.  "Well, at least today's not boring," she said.

"Not by a long shot," Tony agreed.  They checked the surrounding labs.  One was on vacation and had left on nightlights.  The other were wondering why there had been noise.  He turned when he heard glass breaking and moved to help Dawn sit down.  "Dawn?"  He tapped his earpiece.  "Security to Lab 25.  Now!  With the doc!"  He hung up.  "Dawn, stay with me.  What was that?" he shouted.

"Sorry!" someone shouted.  "Four!"

Tony glared.  "You're toast.  Really."  He saw the mean smirk and let Pepper handle it.  She needed to vent today.  It'd make her feel better and then she'd work out some of the other type of pregnancy hormones for lunch.  Dr. Pigalli showed back up.  "They had some sort of projectile."

"I can see that."  She probed the wound.  "Not very deep."  She moved Dawn's shirt out of the way and looked.  "That's a container, Stark."  He helped her pull it out.  "Have someone run that."

"Andrew!" he shouted.  He was hovering somewhere nearby.  He could almost guarantee it.

Jonathan reached down to take it with forceps.  "Taking it to your lab, boss.  'Drew's at lunch."  He hurried off.

"Good, he remembered to eat on his own and so did MB," Tony decided.  "Doc, is it a bad thing?"

"Not at the moment unless that had poison."  She got herself up while Tony lifted Dawn.  "Let's get her down there to clean it and close it.  Her spouse?"

"Left a few minutes ago."  She nodded and walked the gurney off with her helper.  Tony walked into the lab.  "Let's talk."

"It was an accident."

Natasha strolled in looking like an assistant again today.  "Slipped?  Really?  With the prototype of Barton's new arrow?"  They swallowed.  She smiled.  "Against his wife?"  One of them whimpered and shook her head.  "Oh, yes."  She moved closer.  "We will talk.  Stark, may I?"

"Please do."  He settled in to watch her scare the geeks to death.  It served them right.  He got to report what was in the dart before Jonathan did but he had the relative strength because the thing leaked on the way to the target.  He looked up at an alarm.  "Is that the Hulk, JARVIS?" he asked.

"Yes, I believe he's going to change soon, sir.  He is rather fond of his stepdaughter and he's nearly nuclear green, heading toward romaine lettuce green."

Natasha nodded.  "That's an interesting way of putting it."

"We have a scale of greenness and extra height," Tony said.  "The alarm doesn't go off until he's halfway or more changed."

She smiled.  "Not bad." 

Banner was stomping up the hall their way.  The geeks suddenly decided to babble heavily.  Banner stopped in the doorway.  "Dawn fine?" he demanded.

"She'll be fine, Bruce.  We know what was in the prototype arrow tip.  We know how strong it was.  Our docs are some of the best there are.  You know that."

Bruce nodded.  "I'm going to sit with her."

"Sure.  Let me know if you need anything."  He nodded and stomped off.

"Grandpa Grr Guy," Callia creeled.  She pounced him.  "Hi.  Auntie is fine.  I checked."

He hugged her.  "Dawn fine like Callia will be."  He carried her down there.

"I'm wondering if he'd calm down for Buffy," Tony asked Natasha.

"No.  He said he feels the predator in her."  She smiled.  "He thinks he may for Sean though."

"That's a grandfather's job," he said happily.  He stood up.  "Don't make too much of a mess.  The cleaning crew hates to need the high pressured hoses when they clean an evicted lab."  He walked off.

"I do hate sitting in vigil so that will give me something to do."  They grabbed their things and ran off in a huff, vowing to tell reporters.  "You do that."  She smiled and waved at their backs as they were escorted off.  She went to the infirmary.  Dawn was up and complaining about identifying and marring marks.  She kissed her to make her quit.  "You need an identifying mark that only we know."

"That won't be it," she told her, staring at her.  "It'll make a really nasty scar."

"Scars are proof of having done things."

"Each time Clint sees any scar, he flinches," she said quietly.  "So do you."

"I do, because we hate to see you injured," she agreed.  She took another kiss.  "Leave that one be until it heals."

"It's easier now.  I left that scar on my ankle."

"You conceal that one on your shoulder," Natasha reminded her.  "Clint found it with his tongue."

"There's that one too."  He stomped in.  "I'm okay and pulling up power to heal it."

He stared at her.  "You can have scars."

"No I can't, not that one.  That one is marring."  She stared at him.  "I don't want to look at it.  The one on my shoulder, I don't mind."  He grimaced some.  "You did it."

"I did?"  She uncovered it and he groaned at which one it was.  "I thought it was the sparring one."

"No, not hardly.  That was tiny and didn't even need healed."  He came over to run a finger around the bite mark.  She grinned.  "See, I leave the important ones alone."

He grinned.  "It wasn't just me," he reminded her in Spanish.

"I know.  Which makes it extra special, unlike the shaving scar on my ankle."

Dr. Pigalli looked at them.  "Dawn, go ahead and heal that one.  The one on your shoulder is in your record, as is your ankle one and the one you conceal on your inner thigh."  She gave her a pointed look and she pointed at Natasha.  "Apparently you're tasty, dear."  She patted her on the foot and walked off happier.

Dawn sighed and healed the injury.  "There, pretty again."

"I left a mark?" Natasha asked.  Clint pulled the curtain as she got up.  Dawn took her hand to show her.  She smiled.  "I did scratch you there."  She took a kiss.  "Change clothes?"

"I have some in my locker."  She kissed Clint.  "If you want to do that discussion tonight I need to hit the bank deposit box."

"You have one?" he asked.  "That's a bit typical."

"It has the stock portfolio's contents in it."  He sighed, shaking his head.  "It's at the agent credit union."

"That's fine then," he decided.  "Still a bit typical."

"It's got the stock certificates and a key."  He smiled.  "Which goes to my other storage area.  Which is on Manhattan but halfway across town."

"I can handle that or send Phil."

"He has no idea."

"I know."  He took another kiss, teasing that scar on her inner thigh.  "That's one of my favorite playtoys."  She blushed but grinned.  He left, going back to the office via the bank.

Natasha took her own kiss.  "Eat lunch.  I'll see you soon."  She left her alone too.

Dawn got up and went to change in the locker room.  She came out wearing a slim fitting knit dress that had short sleeves but a sweetheart neckline and came just above her knee.  With the contrasting stretchy belt that covered her whole waist and her hair now up, she looked better.  She went back up to the office.  "Okay."

"I like that one on you even if the color is a bit odd," Pepper said.

Dawn grinned.  "It is but it was cheap.  Only five bucks."  She gathered forms and left, closing the door since she and Tony had that sweaty, staring thing going on.  She saw Steve and pointed.  "Office.  Sweaty and staring."

He hugged her.  "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Steve."

"Good!"  He knocked then walked in, smiling as he closed the door and locked it.  "That dress is pretty but the wrong color."

"It is," Pepper agreed.  "Come for sparring?"

He smiled.  "Not likely."  Pepper blushed.  "We'd like to bond to the baby too, that way it comes out loving us."  He kissed her cheek.  "If that'd be okay?"

She smiled.  "I might like that."  He grinned and helped her up to the penthouse.  The office only had an uncomfortable couch.  They'd need more room than that.

Dawn waved at their backs.  "Meeting at three with that reporter, Pepper."

"Sure, Dawn.  Thanks."

Dawn smiled, gathering things to be handed back.  She closed and locked Pepper's office door then headed off to deliver things.

One of the security guards walked up to her a few floors down.  "Did you leave the office open, Summers?"

"I locked it.  That's protocol."

He nodded, calling that in.  "We know it wasn't Romanoff, she's taunting Jonathan and making him blush."  She sighed but rolled her eyes, handing over the last few things then going to security to see if she knew the idiot on the cameras.

"That's the agent that sent me a death threat," Dawn quipped.  "I handed that to Maria Hill."

"I can call her to come see this.  It doesn't look like he took anything."

"Let's do a bomb sweep.  Get the roomba dog."  He nodded, getting that and a few guards to sweep that whole area.  The roomba dog found the spot on the shelves that lined the wall between the office and Dawn's desk.  It poked it until a guard came over to open it.

"Bingo," he called.  "Small, directional.  Pretty damn useless."

"Except to injure me if I'm at my desk," Dawn said quietly.  They checked, her desk chair had a pressure switch.  It also had her wife staring at it oddly.  Dawn leaned out.  "That agent that sent the death threat."

"Interesting."  She came over to help them search, finding a few other things.  The roomba dog kept sucking at a spot so she looked.  "That's just dirt."  She used her shoe to scuff it so the white, flakey stuff could be picked up.  No one was going to wonder what it was.  Her included.

Dawn looked then at her.  "Donuts."

"If you're sure."

"Yeah."  She pointed at the couch and grinned.  "Okay, guys.  Anything else we know?  Would it have hurt Pepper?"

"Scared her, maybe some flying debris, but all the force was pointed at you," one of the guards said.  He petted the roomba dog.  "I like this thing.  Even if it has a tentacle." 

"Andrew and Jonathan did a super job with it," Dawn agreed.

"Warren didn't help?"

"No.  He was gone then if I remember right."

The guard smiled.  "Then I like the thing even more."  They left, leaving Natasha to help Dawn vent.  They all winced at the swearing that started once they were on the elevator.  Dawn had a mouth on her when she needed to.  She hadn't sworn for a while so they had forgotten.

Natasha stared at her.  "Feel better?"

"Much."  She smiled back.  "I have to get back to work.  Can you have fun with that agent?"

"I definitely can and will."  She gave her a smug look.  Dawn kissed her then went to check the labs again.  Natasha went back to HQ and walked the list of what they had found and the printed security picture up to Maria Hill's desk.

"I'm having deja vu," Maria complained quietly.

"I do think this one would last longer in sparring," she said dryly.  "Maybe even for five whole minutes."  Maria handed her the rest of the file.  "I heard there was one earlier but not why.  Interesting."  She strolled over to the agent in question.  "Would you like the option of sparring, jail, or suicide like Coulson once gave or should I simply destroy you here and now in a way that means no one will ever forget how much you suffered?"

Phil looked over.  "I wasn't sure it was him."  She held up the picture.  "He can have the option of honorable suicide.  We'll all be amused."

She smiled.  "Yes, I would be."  The agent was sneering.  "Your choice."

"You couldn't beat me anyway."  She laughed, a warm, pleased sound.  She needed a challenge beyond Clint.  He attacked and she kicked his ass all over the admin area.  Doing it in a skirt and heels wasn't her usual but it wasn't too much of a hindrance.  Even if she did flash someone once.  It was a privilege he'd never get again so he could enjoy it this time.

The man fell down finally crying.  "She's still ruining you!"

"She's not."  She sneered down at him.  "Or else you would not be in a bloody, sweaty, crying mess."

Clint strolled up to them.  "My turn?"

"I don't think I left you any," she admitted.

"That's why I'm a sniper."  He grinned.  "I don't have to get dirty."  He wiped at a spot on her shoulder.  "He got blood on you."

"His tooth fell out when his head hit me.  These heels are not what I'd usually choose to fight in.  Too narrow."  She looked at him again.  "Have you given up?"

"I'll never go down.  We'll be on top of everyone!" he shouted and pulled his gun.  He started to shoot himself but his gun was empty.  He stared at it.  "You had a full clip."  Phil tossed it over.  He looked, blinking.  Phil was sneering at him.  "How did you do that?"

"I'm great at many things, which is why I'm a senior agent and you're not even rated to be a junior one most of the time."

"Let him kill himself," Fury ordered.  "If he wants, we'll clean up his pathetic mess."

"Not like much brains'll come out anyway," Clint agreed.  He got up to attack him.  Clint knocked him back down with a few blows.  "Feel better?  Especially after that bomb?"

"I...."  Natasha picked up the picture to show him.  He swallowed.  "I built it, that is not me delivering it."  She stared at him.  "That image inducer."

"Then who was it?" she asked.  "Agent Barton looks bored and edgy."

"I'll never tell."

"We can test for residue," Hill said.  "It doesn't look like he's wearing gloves."  She snapped and pointed.  They tested everyone's hands.

"I was running bomb disarming lessons," Sitwell said when they came to him, looking at Hill.

"I know you'd never hurt Dawn," Clint assured him.  They moved on to test everyone else.  "Explosive arrows being refilled," he said when it hit on him.

Natasha smiled.  "I was terrifying geeks who shot Dawn with his new prototype arrowhead."  That got another pass.  They weren't going to hurt Dawn either.

"I've been helping Xander sort artillery," Phil said.  "Not sure if I'll have any or not."  He passed as clear and they found them a few floors down.  One of the geeks that had stomped off from Stark and been conscripted before they became dangerous.  For some reason he had complained that Stark had high oversight and SHIELD agents to terrify the lab staff if they messed up.

They got arrested when faced down by Phil, who was in his mild mannered, calm, unflappable persona.  That cured most of the problems and Clint told Dawn that so she could relax.


Pepper walked into her office a few hours later, looking around.  "Dawn, did you shift things?" she called.

"No, the guards did."


"They found the nice agent at SHIELD's bomb."

Pepper walked out there to stare at her.  "Excuse me?  And you didn't call?"

"It didn't have a timer, you guys were safely away from the blast radius, that would've only taken out my chair when I sat down in it," she said dryly.  "And you were busy, boss."  She grinned.  "We had it handled.  I put a report on your desk and emailed a copy to Stark so he can fuss at Coulson about it.  I also put the article from a few of our former geeks who complained that Stark has me doing massive oversight of them in the labs and that he routinely lets SHIELD agents threaten some of them."

Pepper huffed.  "We still should've known."

"We had it handled before you could've come back down here. Besides, it only would've taken out the wall and my desk chair."

"Still!" she said, starting to sound shrill.

Dawn got up and took her in there, putting her on the couch.  "Let me get you some tea, Pepper."  Pepper swatted her.  "Ow!"  She glared at her.  "Part of my job is protecting you too.  Which means you don't get near dangerous things."  She grinned and went to the caf to get Pepper some tea and something to nibble on.  Without cheese because she wasn't mean and she doubted Pepper wanted to be constipated right now.  She brought it up and found Tony complaining.  She handed over the article.

"This doesn't make it better."  He read it and growled.  "Who...."

"Half of them have been conscripted by SHIELD, the other two are free and clear to be stupid."  She handed over their files.  She handed Tony half the snack.  "The guards had it handled before you guys could've gotten down here.  It was pointed at my desk from the bookshelf.  We even borrowed Roomba Dog for it."  She walked out and closed the doors so she didn't have to hear the complaining.

"That won't save you," Pepper called.

"Reporter in twenty, Pepper," she called back.  She heard the huff and grinned.  Tony would get her calmed down and they'd figure out how to pick on the scientists who said Tony was a mean genius.

Tony walked out to stare at her.  "Saw the footage.  Nice work, still dumb.  Still grounded."

"I didn't know you were my biological father," she said with a slight grin for him.

"Bruce said so."

"Then I guess we'll have dinner in anyway."  She shrugged.

"Uh-huh."  He swatted her, earning a wince.  "Good!"  He walked back in there.  "Show the reporter in when she's here.  Pepper said she wanted cheese."

"She has the reporter today because she was fighting the evil cheese yesterday," she quipped.  Tony shuddered.  Her computer beeped with an IM.  "They just signed in."

"Thank you, still grounded," Pepper called.  "No teasing clothes or whatever you had planned tomorrow."

She leaned over.  "Clint gets to pick out my clothes for tomorrow."

"Good.  Maybe he'll want you in a pants suit," Tony said, sending him a text message.

"I do have a catsuit," Dawn quipped.  "Very nice, I could probably put it on."

"Not.  A.  Chance," Pepper ordered.  She nibbled.  The reporter came off the elevator so she took a sip of water and wiped her mouth and hands off.  "Sorry, getting a late snack."

"It's all right.  Pregnant women hardly ever eat on the same schedule as the rest of us, Miss Potts."  She shook her hand with a smile.  "Mr. Stark, thank you for sitting in.  I'm fairly certain you've seen that article on the people saying you're letting SHIELD run your R&D labs."  She set up her tape recorder.  "Do either of you have a comment on that article in the New York Times?"

"We do let Dawn go fuss at people," Tony said.  "She gathers the weekly reports we've always had as mandatory."

"Some of our people have little time sense," Pepper said with a grin.  "They forget to eat and things so Dawn does go to nag them about that, and makes coffee for most everyone at least once a day.  We consider it fussing, not staring over their shoulders."  She rinsed her mouth out with water again and drank it.  "As for having SHIELD agents in here, Stark is associated with the Avengers and we do occasionally have an agent visiting him.  If something huge happens, like earlier when we had a threat that was attempted to be acted on, we do let them handle it."

Tony nodded.  "When Dawn accidentally on purpose got shot by someone who hates her relationship, we had an agent already on site that I let find out what was going on by scaring them.  It kept me from losing my temper and destroying them at the molecular level."  He heard Callia babbling.  Dawn said something to her.  "She can come in if she's quiet, Dawn."  Callia ran in and cuddled next to him, then spotted Pepper and got up to hug her and kiss her stomach before coming back to his lap.  "Callia, this is a reporter.  We're doing an interview."

"Thankfully I'm as pretty as my Auntie Dawn and as smart as my Daddy is so I can answer questions really good," she said with a grin for the reporter.

"You are dressed very nicely today," the reporter said with a smile.  "Do you get time in the labs?"

"Now and then I go talk to my geeks.  It's important that they feel like they're loved and wanted.  That makes them happier and like family instead of just employees.  My geeks are all great geeks and they make great things, like the Roomba Dog."

"Roomba dog?" she asked Tony.

"The one that was escorting us for salads, and his lab partner, took a roomba I was playing with and put in a slight AI, made it a dog that can hunt listening devices and bombs, and it plays fetch with them and Callia," Tony said with a smile.  "It's their thinking device."

"That's sweet," she said, grinning at them.  "Very sweet.  Do they do other things?"

"Quite a lot.  I'm mentoring them because they're still very young.  They went to school with Dawn's sister."

"Huh.  PhD's?"

"No, we found them building lifelike robots and plasma weapons on their garages," Pepper said.

The reporter blinked a few times.  "Really?"

Pepper smiled.  "They're great geeks and they've come up with a few very good ideas.  They've done a lot of work on various projects for us, and they've been working on updating their battle robots."

"The ones that went after the senator?"

Tony nodded.  "One's been hospitalized for an incident where his mind broke but the other two are some of our favorite geeks.  Callia's too.  She's went down to hug them many times."

"I told them what good girls were like and now they have some of their own," Callia said with a happy grin.  "That way they didn't have skanky hos, because they look mean."

"They can be," the reporter agreed, smiling at her.  "Mr. Stark, do you think those scientists that left after saying you were overly controlling are going to try something against you?"

"I barely got the article this morning and have files on who they were to look over.  I'm betting they hate being fussed at, were the ones that glared at Dawn for being perky and nice, and will probably not do great things."  Pepper handed over the folders.  He glanced through them.  "Only one's really a good engineer and he's probably going to go to a Pentagon source if someone like SHIELD doesn't snap him up."  He closed them and put them aside, nametag side down.  "The others were secondary people that wanted to whine that they were coasting on coattails and things."

"Good to know."  She smiled at Pepper.  "Which bank did you go to?"

She smiled.  "I'm not telling.  That's between me and the bank."

"None of them will admit to having had you as a patient."

She shrugged.  "Sorry but that's confidential."  She smiled again.  "Does it really matter?"

"No.  Though there's rumors of it being a sibling for Callia."

"Of course they'll be like my baby brother or sister," Callia said dryly.  "If Auntie Dawn has one they will be too.  The twins are too.  Any baby around here is my sibling because I'd treat them that way."

"That's very sweet of you, dear.  What twins?"

"One of the agents that we work with now and then granted a friend of Dawn's her wish of a child, which turned out to be fraternal twins," Pepper said.  "Callia's played with them pretty much since they were born.  They're soon to be three."

"That's wonderful.  It's got to be nice to have other kids around when you're a single child."

Callia nodded.  "I wish some were my age sometimes but it's nice playing with the twins.  I taught them about my bunny Carrot and my mousie Cheese."
"Good job, dear."  Callia smiled and wiggled.

"Callia, I'm bringing Andrew and Jonathan a snack since they're locked in the lab."

"Coming, Auntie."  She hopped off her father, running over to kiss Pepper's stomach.  "I'll tell you story later.  You'll be my third favorite veggie, right after matos and your mommy."  She ran off after her aunt.

"Aww," the reporter said.

Pepper grinned and nodded.  "She's my favorite little girl."

"Is that one a boy?"

"No clue."  She grinned.  "Doesn't matter to me."

"Not even for decorating?"

"I'm not really going to do pinks and blues.  They'll get a nice nursery in woods and metals with stained glass accents.  The window in there has one."

"That sounds classical and pretty."  Pepper smiled and nodded.  "How are you handling the pregnancy and your duties as CEO?"

"It's not bad.  Dawn takes good care of us."  She looked at Tony and nodded.  He got up to handle the robot waiting at the door.  The reporter blinked.  "Warren's doing," she said quietly.

"Oh, that's interesting."  She smiled at her.  "So, how are you feeling?"

"I'm great."  She grinned.  "We're so comfortable, even when it kicks me all night.  Tony's been hovering.  He's been great at helping me with leg cramps and things I need helped with.  Earlier Captain Rogers gave me the most fantastic shoulder rub because I was a bit tense.  Dawn fusses, that's why I was having a snack when you showed up.  I'm blessed to have such a great support system, including offers of babysitting from them."

"That's wonderful.  A lot of women would kill to have that sort of support."

"I do feel really spoiled.  Dawn even hugged when I had a mood swing at a horse riding camp commercial."

"They can be teary."  She smiled.  "Anything new we should look out for at the upcoming Expo?"

"There's a few things.  Including some fantastic stuff."  She grinned.  "You should ask Tony that.  He's deciding now what we're showing off out of the forty or so things we've been working on."

Tony leaned in.  "Two minutes."  He went back to talking to the robo Pepper, who was a bit pouty but mostly just bored.  She got her assignments and left to do them.  He was a bit mean and sent the robo Natasha over to SHIELD to help Coulson.  Served him right for taunting him about prayers during sex.  He walked in.  "What's up?"

"The Expo?  How many things are you bringing?"

"I'm bringing the new tech group's things," he said, sitting down.  "Including a 2terrabyte tablet."  She moaned and smiled.  "That does play flash videos so you can get YouTube on it.  Dawn's suggestion because she was frustrated with hers when she couldn't while waiting one day.  There's a military capable version of that, which is going to be field tested by the SGC if I can ask nicely enough and flatter O'Neill into giving in."  He smiled.  "There's also a new phone that's ten times better and clearer sounding than the iPhone I have.  Mostly because I got so frustrated with the poor sound quality I kept getting in Malibu when I was back there."  The reporter smiled.  "There's the new laptop that's coming out.  As for the bigger stuff."  He smirked.  "There's a few surprises coming out.   Including something better for airport security so I don't have to step through the backscatter x-ray machine again and set off my arc reactor."

"It does?"

"It does," he agreed.  "It sends a surge when it starts.  I've pointed this out and they still won't hand wand me because the hand wand doesn't pick up the arc reactor."

"Oh, dear.  That's unsafe."

"Yes, but me dying of a surge, and in one instance it being enough to shut down the machine in a safety overload, isn't much better."

"That could be true," she agreed.  "So you fixed that problem?"

"With a new handwand that will pick up more than the one ones, and the x-ray machine.  Including pinging off ceramics, like ceramic knives."

"That's a great idea.  Do you think airports will use it?"

"I don't know if the TSA is that smart," he admitted.  "With some of the stories I've seen about them groping little kids and elderly people in wheelchairs.....  I don't know."

Dawn leaned in.  "Like all evil empires, the smart ones are at the top and the field people are minions, who may or may not be stupid, evil, incompetent, or all of the above.  Director Fury's on hold for you?"

"Can I call him back?"

"Um, no.  They found that last leak that you've been trying to find since you got captured by it."  Tony got up and went to her desk.  "Sorry, please omit that?"

"Definitely.  I don't need to know what SHIELD is doing about terrorists."  Dawn grinned.  "As a question, I know you're dating and that's a very fetching ring.  Is it a wedding band?"

Dawn grinned.  "Mostly no comment because agents are like that, and it's a promise ring."  Which was really what a wedding ring was, a promise of many things.

"That's sweet.  Does he have one?"

Dawn smirked evilly.  "If you find him you can ask him as long as he's not on assignment."

"We see him now and then at the grocery store.  I'll ask then.  I have a cousin in the ATF so I know how agents can be paranoid about personal information."

Dawn nodded.  "Very sometimes.  Mine didn't want to be put on my medical power of attorney paperwork at one time.  We had a long talk about that one during that week of stupidity when I got hit by the filing cabinets that bruised ribs."

"I remember reading about that.  Is your wrist healed?"

"Fully healed.  Not even a scar.  I had a lot of great support when that happened.  A lot of fussing too."

Tony walked around her.  "Thanks, Dawn."

"Welcome, boss."  She closed the door and went to talk to Callia so she'd be distracted.

"I can sit in Pepper's lap and behave," Callia pouted.

"Let her ask them the hard questions then go cuddle Pepper."


"Because she wants to ask nosy questions about kissing and stuff."

"Eww."  She bounced off.  "I'm going to play with roomba dog."

"Okay.  Ask first."


Dawn sat down after checking her seat.  She'd be paranoid for a few more days.  Clint came off the elevator with the robo Natasha.  "Um, Clint, that's the real one I think."

He looked at her.  "You let me think that?"

She pinched him on the cheek.  "You're not getting any for weeks because you couldn't tell the difference."

"Reporter in the office," Dawn hissed.  Natasha snorted and took a kiss from each of them then walked off.  "Callia's playing with Roomba dog."  She looked at Clint, who smirked evilly.  "You're going to take that punishment?"

"Hell no.  I'll just hog you."  He winked.  "Stark?  I've got that file."

"Reporter with Pepper."

"I can wait."  He settled in out there.  "You good?"

"I'm fine.  A bit careful today but otherwise I'm good."

Steve came off the elevator.  "Meeting?" he guessed.

"Files for Stark.  Natasha's off haunting someone who called her an evil bitch.  Reporter in the office so we're waiting."

Callia came back with Roomba dog and a ball, settling in to play fetch.  Steve helped and it was nice.  Dawn got back to work, there wasn't much to do today but that was fine.  Clint sent her a dirty thought that had her crossing her legs and sending one back.  They traded dirty thoughts back and forth until the door opened.

"So that's a roomba dog," the reporter said with a smile.  "It's adorable with the sea  creature tentacle."

"It's even better than my phone that acts like a kitty."

"Like Hello Kitty?" she asked.

"No, like it purrs, turns itself around to settle in corners," Steve said.  "Curls up around itself."

"Phones are like kitties and make noise.  If you have too many dogs, they can get mean so I went with a kitty. Jonathan helped me program it.  Kitty phone!" she yelled.  "JARVIS, is it up here?"

"It's on the elevator," JARVIS said.  It came off and came over to nuzzle her.

"Thank you, JARVIS," she cooed and petted both robotic creatures.  "See, my kitty phone."

"It's adorable," she agreed, smiling at the obviously loving little phone that was purring.  It meowed and Callia answered it then called for her father to come get it.  She looked at Tony.  "Is that your lab phone?"

"It is," he agreed.  "She adores it."  He took the phone from her.  "What?"  He listened.  "That's fine, Andrew.  She has both of them up here by Dawn's desk."  He hung up.  "He wanted Roomba dog back for a while.  He's stuck on an idea."

"I can go help by babbling at him.  It helped last time when Jonathan was stuck."

"Go for it.  Stay out of the way," he ordered.  She smiled and carried her phone while the roomba dog carried its ball in its tentacle down there.  Tony looked at Clint.  "Meeting?"  He held up the files.  "Thanks."  He walked back into the office.  "Have a good day."  He closed the door.

"Callia really loves penguins but they don't make noises like a phone would," Dawn quipped with a grin.

The reporter giggled all the way down to the doors to leave the building.  She had a few good stories in there.

Steve looked at Clint.  "I saw Natasha."

"One of the geeks called her an evil bitch.  She's taunting him."

"The robo one is helping Phil," Dawn said.

Steve shuddered, going into the office and closing the door again.  "I'm giving them privacy."

"She did look a bit breathy," Tony agreed with a smirk.  "He does a good job of making her warm."

"Not cute, boss," Dawn called.

"Finish up for the day and I'll give you an hour off," he yelled back.

"I need to buy shoes for the Expo dress."

Phil appeared with the robo Natasha, who was pouting.  "It took nearly fifty minutes," he said dryly.  "He did a very good job.  Where is the human one?"

"Taunting a stupid geek," Tony said with a smile for her.  "We rescued the robo Dawn from that company if you want to talk her into helping."

"No, I think that might confuse some of the junior agents," he said, handing over the robot.  "She did a good job organizing my filing cabinet though."  He left, going back to work.  Fury was complaining that if Joyce ever quit he was going to have someone make one of her.  "Dawn might shoot it, sir," Phil warned.  "Especially if she's emotional about it."  Fury grumped back to his office.  He smiled at Joyce, who grinned.  "We all know you're irreplaceable."

Back at Stark International, robo Natasha was telling Tony the information she had found out.  He grinned and let her go back down there with the rest of Dawn's jobs for the day.

Clint leaned in.  "That was so evil, Stark.  Thanks for her having some time off though."

"No vibrating panties or anything tomorrow, Barton.  I'm probably going to be up here babying Pepper all day and she's a moaner."

"Sure, I can avoid that."  He smirked at Dawn.  Who gave him a look back.  "Home?"

"Home.  Did you hit the bank?"

"I did.  We can look at it on the way home."

"She's grounded tonight anyway," Pepper called.  "She didn't tell us about the bomb."

"Pepper, she didn't tell *us* about the bomb," he told her.

"We had it handled," Dawn reminded him.  "I had security do the sweep first and all that."

"You're not getting oral sex for at least an hour," he assured her.

She smiled.  "I can cure that myself."  He moaned and followed her down to the front entry to sign out and get a cab.  They got into the cab and gave the address of the storage area, him leaving a hand on her thigh.  She shifted her leg for him.  He grinned subtly at her and moved it, teasing her.  Dawn crossed her legs so it was trapped and teased his wrist with her nails.  He couldn't do much but stroke that scar on her inner thigh with his knuckles but she was teasing his skin by lightly scratching it until he had to scratch. 

She paid and they got out, heading for her storage area.  It was high security, which was nice.  They not only had guards but the storage area had a biometric palm reader for each unit.  They got let in and she flipped on the light.  He closed the door again and moved to look.  "That's the jewelry I won.  I had it all checked for being stolen."

He opened the jewelry box, the type with the drawers and the top compartment that was meant to look like real furniture.  "Pretty."  He looked them over.  "Very pretty."

She pointed.  "I'm wearing the amber for the Expo dress.  It's silver with gold lace inserts to be flirty and the tiny string halter neck."

"That would look nice."  He let her pull that set out to put into a velvet bag.  He closed it up and looked at the other stuff.  "Files?" he asked.

"A few threats near one of the safehouses."

He nodded, looking through them.  They'd be going with them.  As well as the binder of safehouses.  It had a picture and a city, with a street name.  No street number.  Which meant they could be found but not totally easy.  "Who else can get in here?"

"No one."  She smiled.  "I didn't bring anyone here to authorize them."

"Good.  Very safe."  She pointed at the code in the front of the book.  It was in braille, which he did read.  He nodded.  It gave the code for the street names.  Elm was Oak, and a few other substitutions.  "Even nicer."  He kissed her and tucked that under his arm.  "Bank?"  She pointed at the other file box.  He got into it.  It was her bank records.  He took that with them too.  She got something from the hanging rack in there.  He stared.  "Tomorrow's?"

"Tony wanted me in a pants suit."

"Not the catsuit, Dawn."

"It's not."  She showed him and he moaned.  "It's not as geeky as it looks.  I look hot but not really like myself."

"A lot older?"

"Teenager."  She smiled. "It's capri length so that fits in with the dress code.  It's very comfy and the tailoring is very good."  She tucked the jewelry into it and they left together, him carrying the boxes.  Dawn relocked the doorway and they went home, with a pause for dinner.  Natasha was waiting.  Dawn kissed her, tossing the jewelry onto the dresser and the bag got hung up in the empty closet that Loki liked to sleep in.  The cat couldn't hurt anything through the bag.

Natasha looked at the jewels.  "That's very pretty against that dress."

Dawn kissed her.  "Goes well with those bronze and amber earrings of yours if I can borrow them?"

She smiled.  "I can see that."  They walked out to eat and go over the various areas.  Natasha got shown the code in the front, nodding at the substitution key.  "Very nicely done, Dawn."

"They're all split houses except one."  She pointed.  "That one's not.  It's the full house."

"Which will give another moment of confusion if someone tries something," Clint said.  "College student?"

"Mostly.  They all know I have to travel for business so I'm not going to be there very often.  They're all off-site managed with a weekly housekeeper."

"Even better," he agreed.  "No one to notice if you do come and go or don't go for years."  She nodded.  He got comfortable with the bank records, staring at her over the first one.  "You have how much?"

She looked.  "That's the local account, Clint."  She scratched her shoulder.  "We only pay eight hundred for each of the apartments, plus electric and water.  So that's under a thousand a month.  I make close to seventy-eight thou a year after taxes.  Just about sixty-three hundred a month.  We don't eat that much."

"Wow," he said.  "You make more than I do."

Dawn shrugged.  "It's nice.  I need it to shop."  They smirked at her.  "The blue separator is the other two bank accounts.  The green tab is the other identity."

He got into those, nodding in appreciation.  "Nice," he said.

She smiled.  "Thank you."

Natasha nodded.  "Very nice."  She kissed Dawn.  "Well planned."

"Thank you.  So, you two?"

"Nothing this extensive.  We pretty well lived on our paychecks," Clint admitted.  He wrote out a list of where he had boltholes.  Natasha did the same.  They found a few in common and talked about which ones to dump.  Dawn said she'd have to clean out hers.  She had some supplies in there.  They said the same thing.  They made a decision and they'd deal with it over the next few weeks.  Then Clint stared at Dawn.  "I really should get you back for that tease."

"You started it."  She smirked.

"Remember me calling you a dick teasing Sith?" he joked.

"I always follow through for you."  She got up to lean down and kiss him.  She took off her dress and then his shirt, winking at him as she strolled back to Natasha to kiss her.  "Do I tease you?"

"Quite a lot but I do enjoy watching you do it to him."  Dawn was nibbling on her ear, making her quietly moan and tip her head to the side.  "You should tease him."

"I am teasing him."  She took a kiss then moved lower to tease her collarbone then moved a strap out of her way with her teeth.

Clint got up enough to pull Dawn into his lap to kiss her.  "Tease me yourself, not by teasing Natasha.  You can tease her later, when I'm too tired and limp to do it myself."

Dawn laughed and kissed him, straddling his lap. "Did you need more teased?"  She shot a dirty thought at him.  He moaned and went tense then slowly relaxed as he exhaled.  "Too much?"

"Not likely and if that's what you want tonight, it's yours."  He kissed her again.  "You're so getting it later."

"I'd hope so."  She took a kiss then nibbled on his bottom lip before diving in for a better one.

Natasha got up to join them.  "I should go change the bed."

"It'll just get sweaty later," Clint assured her.  "Though we're starting out here.  Up, Dawn, and find a good position to tease myself from." 

She got up and took off her bra then her panties.  No garter today, just thigh high stockings.  She strolled over to the couch, laying down in a graceful drape along the cushions.  One foot was on the back of the couch and the other tucked up under her other knee for now.  It left her partially open to view.  She stroked down her stomach.  Clint got up to grab something from the fridge and came back.  Dawn smiled at the can of whipped cream.  "Am I a sundae?"

"Yes, you are."  He moved her bent foot, staring at her.  She was going on vacation in two days so she had naired.  She had left some hair for him, which he appreciated, but not enough to get in his way.  He shook the can and spread it on her crotch, leaning down to press it into all the little crevasses with his tongue.  Dawn moaned and arched up into his mouth.

Natasha smiled.  "That does look tasty."

Clint smiled at her.  "Very tasty.  Want some?"

"I'll try that later, for now I think I want her to tease me."  She knelt over Dawn's head, letting her do her wicked best.  Natasha moaned at the tiny kitten licks.  "Dawn, you know I need it harder."

"You said you wanted teased," she said into the damp flesh.  She did nip her a few times but she was going to tease Natasha into pouncing.  She had even gotten her a new strap on for her harness system.  It was a thing of beauty and it'd do great in them. 

Natasha moaned and gripped the arm of the couch to brace on as the teasing got better.  "Dawn...."

"She got you a new toy," Clint said in her ear.  He licked down Natasha's back then went back to licking Dawn clean.

"We need another rail trip," Dawn said as she kitty licked over Natasha's inner thigh.

"You nearly jumped us in the tram car," Natasha said dryly.

"It's not my fault it vibrated.  I'm sensitive to vibrations."

Both spies groaned at that mention.  Clint went back to making Dawn lose her mind.  Natasha finally couldn't take the teasing anymore.  She ground down and Dawn gave her relief, finally.  She came and Dawn cleaned her up, making her moan.  "Sensitive," Natasha reminded her.

"You do it to me."

"I enjoy doing it to you," she assured her with a smile down at her.  She felt a finger come up to help and looked back.  "You're getting it later."

"I think that's her plan.  To make you pounce."

"Pouncing you is great," Dawn agreed, pulling her hips back lower to get back to her playground.

"Dawn," she moaned.  "I will pounce you."

"I want you to snap and pounce us."

"Keep doing that and I will."  Dawn gave it to her harder, like she liked, and it was so good.  She finally couldn't take it and went to dig into her toy drawer.  She saw the new toy, nicely already hitched into her harness.  She put it on and lubed it up, coming out to move Clint out of her way and pounce Dawn as she wanted.  Clint had her on her knees, braced on the arm of the couch.  Knees together to make her even tighter.  She moaned because that was a good position for them.  She straddled the crossed ankles and leaned down to tease Dawn for a second then she shifted forward and plunged in, earning a hard, heady moan of pleasure. 

"I like this one.  It's a nice width and length.  It looks good on me and you'll enjoy it."  She rode her hard until Dawn was begging for mercy.  Her other one was straight and this one had a slight curve to the right, where Dawn had a sensitive spot.  Natasha was an expert at making people moan in pleasure, especially Dawn and Clint.  She pulled back with a slurping sound, licking up some of the excess moisture.  She looked at Clint, who was under Dawn's head now.  "Are you ready?"

"She's been doing it for you."  He stared at the fake dick.  "That's a really nice size.  About my own."

"It's got a clitoral stimulator nub."  She smiled. "Dawn, is he ready for me?"

"Barely three fingers."  She shifted to show her how she was doing with his stretching.  Clint moaned and arched up into them.

"Excellent.  Tight, just like I like you both."  She and Dawn shared a kiss then she pulled Clint down to her.  She slid in using one long, hard stroke.  He arched up and held onto the couch.  "Dawn, make him clean you up."

"He can clean me up after I've cleaned you out," she said in her ear. 

Natasha shivered but nodded.  She got to work fucking Clint like this was the last time they'd do this.  He was clutching the couch, anything to get traction.  She smirked and went harder, faster, making him moan and make pleading noises.  "I like those."  She kissed him and palmed his cock.  "Should we let you come?"

"No," he panted.  "You shouldn't."

"I can accept that."  Dawn came over to mouth his cock for her but pulled his balls back down so he couldn't come.

"Dawn," he moaned.  "God, please!"

"Dawn, he needs more than your mouth," Natasha ordered.  She smiled and climbed on top, letting Natasha set a rhythm that they'd all enjoy.  Dawn was stroking her clit because Clint was too far gone to do it for her.  Natasha let Clint come and slightly calm down, riding him more gently through the orgasm and aftershocks.  Then she kept going.

"Nat," he whimpered.  "Mercy."

"I'm not that sort of angel," she teased over Dawn's shoulder.  "Get off for me, Dawn."  She moaned and worked harder.  Natasha helped by adding a finger.  Dawn finally got off.  "Let him lick you clean for me.  I want you ready to be licked to dirtiness again."  Dawn nodded, climbing off Clint and crawling up his chest.  Natasha appreciated that position so she got in a lick of her own.  "Very tasty."  She grinned back at her before settling over Clint's head.  He pulled her down to bury his noises in her as he cleaned her up.  "Very pretty noises but not as quiet as a good agent should be," Natasha teased.

Dawn leaned back to kiss her.  "I like it when he breaks that and gets loud."  They shared an evil smirk.  "The same as I like to make you gasp and beg me in Russian."  Natasha moans, her hips snapping harder and faster.  "If you were clean, I'd blow you," she whispered.  Natasha comes and stiffens so she doesn't fall.  Dawn got free of Clint and helped Natasha pull out, taking the strap on from her.  They'd clean it in a few minutes. 

Dawn licks her clean, making her shiver.  She could have another one easily and Dawn is going to push her there and maybe to a second one if she's allowed.  Natasha moans as Dawn slides across Clint's lap so she can lick her easiest.  Clint pulls himself up and adjusts Dawn's hips so he can slide inside, making her moan.  Dawn looked back at him.  "Wasn't I going to let you have that second one for her?"

"I will be."  He teased her, making himself hard as fast as he could.  Dawn was making Natasha moan and whimper in keys they hardly ever got to hear.  Natasha came and went rigid.  Dawn was still licking and it was good.  Dawn got off him and Clint moved up to help her then surged up and slid in.  He knew the combination to Natasha's reserves of orgasms.  He could make her have that last one, that one that would shatter her nerves for the night.  She let out one semi-loud shriek of pleasure and Clint rode her through it, letting himself come.  Natasha panted, staring at him.  He grinned.  "Want cleaned up?"

"No, tender," she moaned, pulling away.  She kissed them each.  "Oh," she said, trying to stand up.  Dawn helped her by carrying her into the bedroom.  "Thank you."  Dawn licked her clean very gently then covered her with a sheet.  She curled up and fell asleep before Dawn made it back to the couch.

Dawn found Clint breathing hard and still a mess.  She leaned down to lick him clean, making him thread his fingers through her hair.  "Tired, Dawn."

"I'm just cleaning you up."  She smiled.  "Then you can go nap."

He kissed her.  "We're going to nap."  He pulled her closer, using his fingers to tease her into one last one of her own.  She moaned and leaned against his chest.  "Bed."

"Bed."  She helped him in there and curled up behind his back, making him make complaining noises.  "I'm good."

"Center, Dawn.  It's your spot."

She flipped over him and snuggled between them.  It was the best spot there was.


Downstairs, a few hours earlier, Phil was desperately trying to fend off the thoughts from the trio.  "He needs the opposite of viagra.  I'm having R&D find it," he complained.

Xander appeared, sweating from training.  "It's good they're happy."

Phil moaned, staring at him.  Shirtless, sweaty, slightly hard.  "Sparring with John?"

"Ronon.  He's damn good."

"Yes he is."  He pulled him closer to kiss.  He had been thinking about it since Xander had spoiled him by giving into his kinky fantasy of endurance sex, and included the sex outdoors thing too.  SHIELD agents always had to be circumspect and not really noticed.  Having sex outdoors was something that he hadn't ever been able to do for fear of being spotted and later compromised on a mission.  Xander had made it very good.  So he had been thinking about the things that made Xander moan the most.  Xander wanted to be touched.  He was touch deprived and any skin-on-skin contact was good for him.  "I need to set up a few things.  You, sit and catch your breath."

"I can shower."

"Not yet."  He smiled and got up, going into the bathroom and the bedroom to set things up.  He came out naked and Xander smiled, accepting his help up.  He walked him in there, one hand on Xander's bare, sweaty back.  The bedroom had sheets that could get ruined and he had some oil warming beside the bed.  He stripped Xander's pants off him and laid him down on his stomach, dipping his fingers into the warm oil to oil down his hands.  He straddled Xander's back, slowly working on his shoulders.  After the initial flinch - which happened no matter where you touched him - Xander went limp under his fingers.  He worked all the muscle groups, moving backward to do his lower back and butt.  He made sure he didn't miss an inch, even oiling and massaging his perineum, which got some very loud moans.  He moved down to do his legs, which made Xander twitch again but he was enjoying it.  Then his feet.

Xander looked back.  "Usually I don't let people play with my feet, Phil."

"I know.  I'm not anyone though."  He gave him a smug look and hit the pressure point in the arch of Xander's foot that made him go limp and moan again.  When he was done there, he flipped him over and worked his way back up.  His perineum got another few minutes of light kneading while his balls got slowly and carefully massaged around.  Then his cock got a very light thumb massage.  Xander was hard and gripping the sheets. 

Phil kissed the head and moved onto his hips then up to his stomach.  He was so open, almost broadcasting.  He moved from his shoulders down his arms, doing each muscle group and his wrists and hands. Xander was staring at him in awe.  He kissed each palm before letting it go and moving on to do the sides of his neck then up to his jaw and behind his ears into a scalp massage.  He could feel Xander's cock bouncing against his back while he worked, and Xander's moans were more than heady enough for him.  He smiled down as he finished up.  "Want a shower now or later?"

"I don't think I can move," he said in a hazy voice.

"I'm sure you can."  He dipped his fingers into the oil and prepared himself.  Xander was staring, his eyes at half mast.  He finally pulled Phil closer and flipped them over to slide into him.  It was his second observation of Xander.  He had a need to claim, to make his.  Phil was his and he could let him prove it however often he wanted.  The slippery hands meant that Phil didn't have a good grip on Xander's shoulders but he could wrap himself around him and it was good.  Xander was grunting and growling lightly.  Phil nipped him on the throat and got bitten in return.  Xander was breaking the skin but it was good for them.

"Phil," Xander moaned.

"I'm yours.  Prove it, Xander," he whispered in his ear.  Xander pulled him closer, shoving into him harder, faster, riding him as hard as he could, sucking on the mark he had put on his throat.  The growl was back.  Phil was doing a bit of growling.  Xander wasn't hitting his prostate, not anywhere near it, probably on purpose to make him beg.  He finally shifted and Xander put him back into place.  "Please," he moaned.  "Just a bit of it, Xander?  Please, Alexander." 

Xander broke at his real name, hitting his prostate over and over until Phil came.  Then Xander growled and made himself happy.  Xander finally came, panting, sweat dripping down on Phil, helping him lay down carefully.  Phil pulled him down to full body cuddle him.  Xander blinked at him.  "The after is just as important," he whispered.  "It always will be."  He held him, let Xander rest on his shoulder, hold onto him.  Xander was staring at the mark, he knew he was.  He got a tiny lick over it. 

Phil smiled and got them up, taking them into the shower.  Stark had spoiled them with the bathrooms in this place.  There was a pull out bench in the wall for when you were too tired or injured to stand.  Phil sat Xander on it and wet him down then thoroughly scrubbed each and every inch of him with the softest cloth he could find in the house. Front then back, always keeping a good, firm grip on him but not too firm, not punishing, only soothing and massaging.  He even did his hair then rinsed everything off with the handheld shower.

Xander pulled him down to kiss him.  "I should bathe you the same way.  You're not my body slave."

"Sometimes I don't mind."  He took another kiss.  "You can scrub my back if you want."  He could tell Xander was hard.  Xander pulled him onto his lap, sliding back into him.  He took the cloth to scrub him while they had slower, more gentle sex under the falling warm water.  Xander was moaning as he did it.  Phil leaned against his chest to give him room to help him.  "Alexander," he whispered, making Xander stiffen.  "I'm still yours.  Clean me for your later pleasure."

Xander whimpered and did that, coming hard but quickly.  He carefully pulled Phil up and made him stand, sucking on him until he came too.  Phil moaned and sat down again.  "I know you're mine."

Phil smiled.  "Good."  They shared a kiss.  "I like that tankless hot water heater.  We don't run out of hot water."

Xander gave him a squeeze and turned it off.  He looked at Phil.  "Trust me?"

"Of course."  Xander made him face him and they went to elemental forms again.  Phil sensed Xander doing it and followed.  They sank into each other, becoming one that was rubbing against itself inside the outer protective shell around them that Xander had put up.  It was better than any blow job, any time spent in Xander's body, any touch.  It was all that and more, surrounding his full body.  It was like his whole body was now his dick and it was the ultimate smooth, warm tunnel that was surrounding him, sucking at him, pulsing against him. 

Phil felt himself coming and kept himself in that form so he couldn't hurt Xander.  Xander was feeling the same thing and it was almost explosive in him.  Phil smiled and reached out to touch and stroke him more, using his powers to touch every atom of Xander's essence.  Xander howled and came, shaking the whole building a bit.  They came back to themselves, panting, hard, and kissing frantically.  They rubbed against each other, pulling back to pant. 

Phil bit Xander harder this time, paying back his mark with one on Xander's upper chest.  He gnawed on it, drawing blood, making a dark bruise that would last for days, even with faster self healing.  Xander was on his throat, on that mark, making it darker, more noticeable.  It might not go away.  He came as Xander shivered at the taste of his blood. Xander spurted when Phil bit him a second time, making a second round mark. They calmed down, panting at each other.  They shared a kiss, tasting the blood, the power in their blood, the passion and the fire in them.  Phil pulled back first, staring at him.  "Did we cause an earthquake?"

"Minor tremor I think.  Everyone's still inside."  He took another deeper kiss and it was good.  He had to pull back first to pant.  "Damn."

"If you are, we'll go together."

Xander moaned.  "Phil, recovery time?"

"I got us chinese.  It's in the fridge."

"I like chinese food."  They got up and hosed off without touching each other.  It'd set off another round and they weren't ready for that yet.  They settled on the messy bed to eat next to each other, Phil feeding him a bite now and then.  Xander feeding him some of his shrimp.  It slowly became kisses after bites of food.  Then the food got put aside before it became lubricant or a sex game.  They'd need it later.  Xander rolled on top of Phil, kissing him then moving down to lick over the very dark mark.  "I'm sorry it's so big."

"I'm not."

Xander grinned.  "Thank you."

Phil smiled.  "I'm yours."

"You are."  He kissed the mark again then moved down to taunt his nipples into begging for him.  Phil hissed and shifted.  "Sore?"

"Bit but in a good way and you'll cure the soreness."

"Yes, I will be."  He moved down to tease Phil's stomach, which he still didn't understand the meaning of but he'd get it soon.  It was an alpha response that he enjoyed.  He moved back to please the hard cock.  Phil arched up into his mouth, making him chuckle around it and suck harder for a few minutes.  Then he pulled off with a slurp and licked up the extra drool.  "Want me to cure that soreness of yours?"

"Please."  Xander pushed his thighs apart and back, sliding into the nicely stretched, damp hole that he could see himself starting to drip from.  He took his time, doing it slowly, staring at Phil as he rode him.  Phil tipped his head back, holding his own knees for him.  Xander licked over his stomach again then pushed in harder, staring down into his eyes as he rode him.  "Xander," he moaned.

Xander moaned back.  "Phil.  Mine?"

"Yours."  Xander finally pushed in and made him come, but didn't get off.  He moaned and let go of his legs, hugging Xander.  "Let me shift position."

"Side?" he offered.  "I doubt you have the energy to ride me."

Phil flipped over, going onto his knees and shoulders, head turned so Xander could see the mark he had created.  His hands were under his head but not near the weapon under the pillow.  Xander moaned and slid back in, giving it to his mate properly, making him want to shriek and get loud.  Xander appreciated each quiet noise Phil made and wanted to make him make more.  He sucked a second mark, one that no one would see unless he was injured, onto the fleshy area just above his hip bone.

Phil was moaning and starting to thrash so he bit down as hard as he could, drawing the blood up to be licked clean.  He was starting to growl again, he knew he was, but Phil needed to wear his mark.  Xander pulled out to work on the mark, then leaned up to chew lightly on the other one, earning a wince.  "Mine," he whispered then slammed back into Phil.

His mate was properly marked, was scent marked, would wear his marks every day for the rest of his life.  He healed the one on his side so the mark would stay.  The bite scar, the bruise around it, about the size of the side of his fist, very dark and only his to see.  He roared his claim and Phil screamed back, all in pleasure.  This time, Phil made the building shake.  It was thrilling and they both came.  Xander whimpered, slowly stopping the thrusting until he could stop and slide out.  "Phil."

Phil shifted enough to be able to pull Xander down, curling up on his shoulder, their sides fully touching, one of Xander's arms trapped under him.  "I need to buy you a ring."

Xander panted, looking at him.  "I don't wear rings.  A necklace?"

"I can do that.  I won't even make it look like a collar," he joked with a smile.  Xander frowned at him.  He smiled brighter and kissed him.  "Maybe more body jewelry."

"We'll see," he offered with a smile.  "I'd expect the same some day."

"We'll see."  They shared another kiss.  Phil looked down at his hip then at him.  "The doctors will wonder."

"I'm sure they've seen claim markings before," he promised.  He took another kiss and shifted so he was cuddled around Phil.  "Thank you."

Phil kissed the mark he had created, healing it as it was.  "No, thank you."

Xander moaned, giving him a squeeze.  "We're really sweaty."

"I don't mind sweaty tonight.  Pass me my dinner?"  Xander laughed and did that, letting them eat again.  They had worked off the earlier food and most of everything they had eaten for the last week.  They could use the calories.


Roque looked up from lounging on the couch in his temple with Clay, smirking.  "That's the second link," he said quietly.

"What?" Clay asked.

"It's an ancient thing.  No Gods are that together these days.  Aphrodite and Ares got to the first step, the joining of elemental forms.  Phil just prompted Xander into claiming him and Xander did it.  He made sure Phil was marked as his while he was marked as Phil's.  The first bonds might be broken by someone powerful, most likely a group of powerful Gods trying to break them up.  This second bond cannot be broken.  Ever."  He took a hard, fast kiss.  "It means that each one owns the other and no one can break that.  The marks will not fade.  The powers that were joined in the first step can't be undone."

"Is there a third?" Clay asked.

"Yes.  And if they manage it, the whole universe will go apeshit because it's said that no one can manage it fully unless they're of each other.  They think only twins could."

"But with the way they got stuck together the first time," Clay asked.  "Would that count?"

"It could help it but if they screw it up, or intentionally do it, it'll drive them insane.  I don't think that Phil knew what he was prompting tonight.  Xander clearly didn't realize.  Might not realize it yet."  He stroked over his hair.   "When I was younger and stupider I might've tried that with you but it's like being responsible for their soul's weights and energies.  I can't be that to anyone."

"Never asked you to," Clay assured him.  "I couldn't do it back."  They shared another kiss.  They had what they had and it was good.  It was great.  It was all they wanted and all they expected.  "Can you get your mother to make it so I can't go into heat?"

Roque laughed.  "I'm not allowed to talk to her.  She's in seclusion.  We can find a way around it."

"Thanks.  My ass is too sore to sit."

"I noticed you were laying down," he taunted.

"With my ass pointed away from you before you get any ideas," Clay quipped back with an evil grin.

John strolled in.  "They managed it, didn't they?"

Roque smirked and nodded.  "Yup.  Started by the nerdy one Coulson."

"Aw."  He sat down.  "I have an idea," he told him.  "I need to do a bit more research to figure out if it'll really work to keep you out of heat."

"How?" Roque asked.

John smiled and stripped Clay with a thought then created a tiny ball of power.  It was about as big as a quarter would be as a ball.  He slowly touched Clay's ass and sent it up, concentrating on making it go where it needed to.  Clay was hissing and tensing but it finally settled.  "In three days, you'll shit it back out.  That should make your body think it was pregnant and it should spare you for a while."

Clay panted, staring at him.  "Can you move it up farther?"

"No, then it'll be permanent.  If this works, have Roque do it.  You're not using my powers as an IUD, Clay."  He smirked and left them alone.

Roque put his hands on Clay's abdomen, sensing it.  "It's where you'd carry a cub if you could."  He kissed him.  "We'll see what happens in three days.  If it works, I'll shove one up you and be your IUD."

Clay stared at him.  "Does that include me riding your hand?  I have the funny feeling it would."

"Yeah, it would," Roque said, pulling Clay into his lap and shiving him on his cock so he could ride him hard.  The power in his come would charge the ball better.  Make it so it looked like a realistic pregnancy.

"Thought I said I was sore," Clay panted, holding on for dear life.

"You are.  So?" Roque snorted.  "Hasn't mattered to me yet, wife."  He slammed into him, pulling his hips down as hard as he could, coming hard into him.  The ball flared enough that Clay's stomach glowed through the skin.  He smirked.  "Good."  He took a kiss, using his hand to get Clay off.  Clay went limp and accepted a second kiss.  "In three days we'll make sure it comes out."

Clay looked at him.  "That's really kinky, Roque."

"I like it."

"I'm not sure if I do."

"That or being in heat and having the pack have to help you if you're on a mission," he offered.

"Fuck it, I'll ride your hand a few times a year for that."

Roque smirked.  "I'll make you enjoy it so much you beg for it when it's time."  He bit him on the shoulder.  "Mine."

Clay smirked and fingered the bite mark he had put on Roque's shoulder.  It covered one side of his neck and down onto his collarbone.  He had spent his whole first heat putting it there.  "Mine's bigger."

"I'll add to mine."  He smirked and pulled Clay off him, giving him a swat.  "You smell like come.  Go shower."

"Uh-huh.  So said the guy who put it there."  He walked off, wincing a bit.  The ball still felt uncomfortable but not painful.  He could handle that.  Even the crapping it back out would be fine with him probably.  It kept him from turning into a mindless slut that would take any cock to get some.  He hated himself in that state.  It was not the husband he was.

Roque cleaned himself up with a thought and picked back up his book.  That had helped a lot.


Clint stared at Dawn from the bed as she was getting dressed.  The one-piece jumper was mid-calf length in a light gray silk.  It had seams on the top that made it look nice against her figure.  It showed her cleavage at a bit more than a decorous level.  It looked nice on her.  With the belt it fit better.  "Don't wear that."

She looked at him.  "No?"

"No."  She took it off with a shrug.  He got up and looked in her closet, pulling out a dark red dress she liked on Natasha and herself.  It was a fairly simple slip dress with thick straps and a slightly plunging neckline.  It came to mid-thigh, so a bit short for work.  "Stockings."  She put black ones on with the garter belt.  He nodded he liked that.  She put on a pendant that was a simple silver drop that fell about an inch into her cleavage, which was right above where the dress hit.

"Hair off your neck but not fully up," Natasha said, staring at her. Dawn pulled it up in a clip comb that pushed it back into a cascade down the middle of her head, where it spread out on her shoulders.  She put on earrings then her makeup, taking kisses before stepping into her higher black heels. "The lower, without the front platform."

Dawn smiled and put those on.  They had tiny top straps to hold them in better.  She looked at her.  "This?"

"That," they said. 

Clint pulled her closer, finding something and using his fingers to slide it into her, teasing a bit.  "Light vibrator," he said in her ear.  "Works when your cell rings."  She shivered.  "Or when I text."  He smirked.  "No meetings?"

"Not that I know of."

"Good girl."  He kissed her again.  Natasha was dialing the phone and Dawn moaned.  "Quietly, Dawn.  That way even Stark can't realize it.  Let it roll around you all day and we'll go out to dinner?"

"Out?" she panted.  Natasha hung up and she gathered herself.  "You sure you want to go out?"

"Yup."  He gave her a smug look.  "Because I'm paying you back for all the dick teasing you do to me before you give in.  You can dick tease everyone else all day."  He gave her a swat on the ass.  "Have a fun day at work."

"I think I can do that."  She kissed him then mouth-molested Natasha's mouth before leaving.

Clint laid back down.  "We're mean."

"It comes with the job," Natasha quipped.  "We learned our lessons well."

"Hmm."  He kissed her.  "Still sore?"

"Very sore."

"Want me to soothe it?"

"Later.  After I've taken a hot bath."

He grinned.  "Want an extra-large body pillow?"

"I could like that."  They went in to run the bath and brought in things to nibble and read.  It was nice and comforting.  Dawn had made them both sore last night.


Dawn and Pepper met in the elevator on the way in.  Pepper looked her over.  "Clint dress you this morning?"

"Yes.  We're going out to dinner later."

Pepper stared at her.  "Carry your mace with you in case one of the geeks jumps you, Dawn."  They got off and went to their desks.  Dawn checked hers, which made Pepper mad but it had been handled.  They settled in to do things, then she heard Dawn shift and let out a quiet moan.  "Long night?" she teased.

"Very long night but fun."

"Good.  It's always a great thing."  She heard her phone ring and Dawn let out another quiet moan.  She shook her head because Dawn was moving to grab her phone from her bag.   The ringer was muted.  Pepper smiled at that kindness.  Dawn got up to go on her daily rounds of making sure the geeks had coffee, food, and to tease Andrew and Jonathan.  Who had Callia as far as Pepper knew.

Callia looked up from learning the names of the things on the pretty and important circuit boards when her aunt walked in.  "Hi, Auntie Dawn."

"Hi, Callia."  She hugged her then the two geeks.  "Morning, boys.  We ate and all that, right?"  They smiled and nodded.

"Auntie Dawn, when I'm old enough can I have that dress?"

"Sure, sweetie."

"Cool."  She smiled at her geeks.  "I'm learning about components."

"That's great.  While they're helping you with that, have them go over math and history.  Because someone forgot yesterday's lessons."

"Oops.  Help?" she asked them.  "I hate history."

"We can try," Jonathan said with a smile for Dawn.  "That is a really hot dress, Dawn."

"Clint insisted since we're going out to dinner later."  She felt her phone vibrate and something else going off too.  She looked.  "That's Stark.  Let me go nag him."  She turned it off and strolled off.

Andrew looked at Jonathan, writing down something in Elvish.  Jonathan shivered.  He nodded.  "Tony showed me those."

"She is so damn lucky."

"Yup."  They helped Callia with her new learning job and the ones she had to learn so she wasn't an ignorant genius.  They knew math really well, history was an okay subject at her level.  Not boring yet.


Dawn walked into the tinkering lab, starting the coffee.  She looked at Tony.  "You rang?"

"Checking on you."

She smiled.  "I'm good."

He looked her over.  "Which one dressed you?  They did a good job."

"Clint picked out the dress."

He nodded.  "You look nice," Bruce said with a smile.

"Thank you.  We had plans for dinner."

"You had plans with us for dinner," he teased.  She texted that.  He sent back that it was fine.  He'd be nicer to her while her mother was in the room.  "Okay."  She swatted Rodney when he kept staring at her.  "What?"

"Stockings?  Really?  Most women loathe them."

"Do you know what sort of biological disaster area pantyhose can create on a woman's body?"  Tony choked and spluttered, shaking his head.  "Stockings are much nicer."  She smiled.  "No trapped moisture or anything when I sweat."  She gathered their things to sort on them, handed them new coffee.  "Eat soon, boys."  She left them alone and turned back on her phone's ringer.  That way she hadn't been affected while she was in there, because Natasha was that evil to her sometimes.

"At least he didn't have her in the remote control vibrating panties this time," Tony decided.

"I don't need to know, thanks," Bruce said quickly.

Rodney looked at him.  "During work hours?"

Tony nodded.  "Clint was being an evil tease to match hers."  He got up to get more coffee and settled back on his stool to go over a few things that needed worked on before the Expo.

"She is an evil little tease," Bruce agreed.  "It tickles her mother so much to see her that way.  Joyce said that pink dress from that one time was darling."

"It was, but it made her look like a recently debauched virgin," Tony quipped back.  "Which, kind of was, but still." 

Rodney shook his head.  "She played up to the effects of today's dress very well.  Especially baring some of her neck to draw attention to it."  The other two men nodded.

"If I was a less strong man I'd have sexually harassed her by now like I do Pepper," Tony said.  "Thankfully I look at her like a stepdaughter most of the time.  Even during that pink dress when she had to get me up for a meeting."

"In here?" Bruce asked.

"No, if I'm sleeping in bed, Pepper sends Dawn to get me up because I only scowl at her and Dawn can perky me into getting up to escape her.  That day she just poured water on my head and smirked a lot while I went to take a cold shower."

"Have I seen this dress?" Rodney asked.

"JARVIS, pull up that photo please," Tony asked.  It flashed up on the projection monitor.

Rodney's cup paused on the way to his lips.  He was momentarily giving up coffee he realized.  "Thank you, JARVIS.  I need a one-night stand now."  He gulped some of the coffee to clear his mind.  The picture disappeared.

"I'm not sure if the black dress she had on the next day or the unitard and sarong she ended up in later that day was worse," Bruce admitted.  JARVIS put up both pictures for him.  Tony whimpered and shook his head.  He was mentally chanting Steve and Pepper's names over and over.

Rodney swallowed more air than the last of his coffee.  "That's her battle outfit."

"The dress got stained when she had to move out of the way of agents acting like toddlers."  Both pictures got banished by Tony.

"She's not allowed to wear those here," Tony decided.  He wrote her an email to make sure she got it.  She sent back a 'the dress was permanently stained and I only wear the unitard for battles.  For sparring practice I have a few unitards but I only wear them in the gym and they're more spandexy than that cotton one, Stark.  Relax, quit having dirty thoughts.  Go pounce Pepper, she's looking flushed and sweaty.'  "I love it when she has sense."  He got up.  "Let me check on Pepper.  She said she was having hot flashes."  He strolled off to help her take care of that.

Rodney shook his head.  "It's nice that husbands have that second trimester spot too."

Bruce laughed.  "It is, yeah.  Makes him a happy boy who doesn't work all night and frustrate Steve."

Rodney smiled.  "That's always a good thing.  It's why I could never settle down, I'd have to have them in the lab bothering me."

"So pounce Radek."

"Very straight.  Much too straight for even an idea of what male sex was.  Which is a pity.  He would've made a nice stress relief companion on Atlantis."

Bruce shook his head.  "If you have to go back, we're sending you with more scientists and more weapons."

Rodney smiled.  "Thank you.  We'd appreciate that.  Though we might accept Xander showing up in a shower of light that burned all the wraith on a planet too."  He got up to get them more coffee and they took Tony's part to tinker with.  "I heard tablet computer rumors."

"You did and they're 2terabyte systems.  Only a few gigs for the operating system so you get most of it."  Rodney moaned in pleasure.  He smiled.  "I did star drift calculations on the one I'm testing so Joyce and I could enjoy some star gazing the other night." 

Rodney nodded, taking his to look over.  "Proprietary operating system?"

"Yes.  That's the basic one.  There's a Pepper level, which is more administrative task based for office uses.  There's a JARVIS one which takes more space, but still under 5gigs and it can do nearly anything.  The symbol for that one is JARVIS on a silver shield."  Rodney smirked at that telling example.  "It's not based off his AI's operating system either.  So they can't hack JARVIS from it."

"Interesting.  You have just the standard?"

"I do and permission to pimp it starting next week."  He grinned.  "Steve has one too.  He was having some agents help him figure out where a few programs had went that he accidentally erased off the main screen.  They found out it's a menu option to restore them.  One of those hold and press for a second menus."  He got into something.  "You can slow down the response time for that too.  So you can fix it if you get too many swipes when you're getting a tiny one or something."

"That's an idea I need.  I often work faster than it and get unintended consequences."  He played with it.  When Tony came back forty minutes later he looked up.  "Solved her needs and I want one."

Tony got him a box.  "With a shock guard collar that also improves your grip when you're sweaty or you need to hitch it to a belt clip during work."  He settled in.  "And yes, Pepper's fine."  He grinned.

Rodney pulled his out to charge and get into it.  It came out fully charged, which was nice.  It took ten minutes to set his personal preferences and that was the first ten minutes because that was the start and tutorial section.  By the time he was done he had found a picture of Atlantis put on as the background, his colors were chosen, his speed was chosen, his music was downloaded from his phone with an included cable that had adapters for the various plug shapes, and he had made sure the collar would stay put, which it would.  He looked up.  "I hate you for making me this."

Tony smiled.  "iPads suck."

"They do," he agreed.  "They're better than some things though."

"Yes, but the Starkpad is so much nicer and more useful for real things beyond watching funny cat videos.  Though you can get YouTube.  Might need to update flash player at first but after that it'll automatically update if you want."

"I did update it, that was part of the setup tutorial section."  He got onto netflix, since it was an app option.  He was happily watching it when the video went dead.  "Stark?"

He looked and tapped it.  "Screen time out, Rodney."  Rodney adjusted that and went back to watching it.  He moaned when it was done.  Tony gave him a smug look. "Priced the same as an iPad too.  Eighty percent made in the US components."

"I hate you."

Tony laughed.  "Welcome."  He finished Rodney's project and got into other ones.  "Callia likes watching bollywood on hers."

"She can use it?" Bruce asked.

"Yeah, I built her a kid safe one so she'd quit taking mine, with filters.  So she can't get into more porn."

"She did?" Bruce demanded, glaring at him.

"You didn't hear about her finding a tentacle fuck or die story on my computer by hitting links?"  Bruce shuddered.  "She found it and told Andrew the heros were all huggy and kissy but the roomba dog's tentacle was nicer."  Rodney burst out cackling.  "Yeah.  She's too smart for me, guys."

"It's because she's a girl," Dawn said from the doorway.  "JARVIS, put the video up in here please."  She left.

They stared at the video of the protest about Atlantis not being in space.  "We've tried," Rodney said dryly.  "Someone make me more ZPM's and I'll gladly lift her off again."

"We need to do that somewhere else," Tony noted.  Rodney nodded that was true.  He texted Dawn, making her come in to make them more coffee.  "How serious are they?"

She walked over and pointed.  "That's a senator and his aide next to him.  Not from California but Utah and if I remember right he's part of that group that hates us for being too technical for his pea brain."

Tony heard her phone barely chirp and saw her back tense up for a second.  She didn't moan at least.  "Phone," he said, holding out a hand.

"What?" she asked.  He snatched it off the holder she carried it in.  "Hey."

"I'm going to fine him for this."

"For...." she said, playing innocent.

"You suck at lying," Rodney said.  "Go have sex in a storage room."

"No," Tony said.  "No sex in the storage rooms or I take five hundred off your paycheck."

"Why would anyone want to have sex in a storage room?  They're dusty.  Things in there aren't well stored for the most part."

"Plenty of places to sit or lean on," Rodney quipped.

"Yeah but most of those are improperly stored failed projects that might create another energy monster.  Then I'd have to be more than zapped back onto a normal rhythm thanks to it.  I didn't like that the first time and we weren't having sex then."  She took her phone back but Tony took it back and turned it off, giving her a pointed look.  She rolled her eyes.  "Nothing to do today, boss.  All the reports are done, all the monthly and yearly ones are done.  Unless you want me to go do an inventory?"

"No, they'd probably come to help.  I might like you with them but we don't want to give the geeks bad ideas, Dawn."

"I give them plenty of bad ideas.  That's why Andrew and Jonathan are working on clothing dissolvers."  She walked off.  She sent that mentally at Clint, but when she got back to her desk, her backup phone went off.  She quieted that one.

Pepper walked out and took it.  "Tony told me.  That's so mean of them."

"I wore them out last night," she said, glancing around then stared at her.  "I had to help them to bed, Pepper."

"Awww, that's sweet of you."  She patted her on the head.  "Remember, dinner with your mother later."

"They know."

Pepper cackled.  "I love you three together, Dawn."  She took the phone back to her office but she dropped it on the shelves behind Dawn's desk.  It could probably work through the wall.  Yup, the next time it rang, Dawn let out a tiny moan.  "I always thought she was loud."  She was bored too so she was looking up maternity clothes.  There weren't many.  "Am I nursing?" she asked herself, staring at the nursing bras.

"Try one of the kink ones to see if you can stand them," Dawn quipped.  She came in to find one of the bras that was basically an underwire bra but it had no covering over the nipple area.  "Same thing only nursing ones you wear pads in case you leak."  She walked off.

Pepper compared them.  "Nursing bras have a flap and a spot for the pad."  She ordered one of the kinky ones.  It'd hold her up better.  "I can't find any decent maternity clothes."

"Your usual shops and Ann Taylor take special requests," Dawn called.

She called up her usual shop for her business suits.  "Hi, it's Virginia Potts.  I needed to ask about maternity lines."  She smiled, leaning back in her chair.  "Five months, near the end.  Just barely showing.  Everything's getting too tight."  She made notes.  "That's really reasonable for that extra fabric.  I can be in later.  Thank you."  She hung up.  "Thanks, Dawn."

"Welcome."  She tensed as her phone went off again.  She came in to find it and look since Clint had said it wasn't them.  "Stark."  She walked down there.  "What's up, boss?"

He stared at her.  "I know Pepper has your backup phone so no mental sex games either."

She hugged him and kissed him on the temple.  "You'll make a really fussy dad some year soon when Callia starts having boy or girlfriends."  She smirked at him.  "Problems beyond you thinking I have something to do beyond shop online today?"

"Schedule the christmas shopping group wtih Callia."

"I've already done all of mine and I can schedule yours with extra guards because she's going to go nuts."  She smiled.  "Should I include anyone beyond you and Steve?"

"Do an all adult one, one or two with her, get extra guards in case we need it with her, and make sure you're on one so you can help her buy things for us."

"I can do that.  Are we hitting FAO?"

"No," he said bluntly.  "I know she adores that mega toy store but it'll be a huge tragedy in the making.  Find us nice, quieter stores."

"Got it.  Am I looking at stuff for Pepper for you again this year?  She's still fondling the necklace you bought her from Tiffany's."

"Please."  He smiled.  "And tell them to leave you alone.  They have each other."

"Not like I won't hear if they want me to," she said dryly, strolling off.

"I never got that much," Tony told the guys.

"You weren't in love with two people," Bruce said.  "You only had Pepper and yourself, plus whatever mealy-minded hooker you picked up."

"Unfortunately true," he sighed.  "Even then I was only capable of two hours a night.  They go for *hours*.  Somehow, last night someone had sex so great the building shook.  Twice!"

"That was probably Coulson and Xander.  The sensors you were looking at this morning were energy readings," Rodney pointed out.

"Probably.  Still!"

They smiled.  "She's twenty," Bruce said.

"Fine.  She still can't have sex at work.  It'll give the other geeks bad ideas.  We've already broken up one orgy in chemistry a few weeks back because they were screwing around with pheromones.  Thankfully MB and Patty ran for their boyfriends before they got pounced and they hosed down the lab with the fire system before we walked into it."

Rodney shook his head.  "I've seen whole dorms that would've done that but not outside of college."

Tony snorted.  "Some people never really leave college behind."

"We bring it to outside labs and expect a teacher to be there to tell us no," Bruce agreed dryly.  "I've worked with a few of those.  For a few days I had a rolled up newspaper approach with all new lab assistants."  Tony cackled and nodded.

Rodney shook his head.  "I'm glad most of mine are older."

"One of mine was sixty and she was using one of those phone connected vibrators on herself," Bruce told him.

Rodney gaped.  "Eww."  He walked off shaking his head.  Him, his newest cup of really good coffee, and his new technical baby could go back to Atlantis for a while so he could clear his head.  Before he remembered that the Marines used to have orgies before and after big battles.

Tony and Bruce smirked at each other and got back to work.  Rodney was hell on the nerves sometimes but he was fun to tease and watch him react.


Dawn walked into Pepper's office with a smile.  "He has me planning holiday shopping trips.  Two with Callia, one adult only one."

She smiled.  "I can go on those."

"Want me to find the sites for him to pick something from?"

"Is that how you did it last year?"

"No, last year I picked two sites and handed him them, told him you'd want something like them.  He picked out which thing."

Pepper beamed and sniffled.  "Usually I had to buy my own from him."

"Well, now he's more adult.  Being a daddy does that."  She smiled.  "I'm going to pop over so I can coordinate those with Maria for a few minutes.  Get you anything?"

"Just flash over so you don't get snatched for being pretty today." Pepper wiped off the few tears.

Dawn hugged her.  "He took my phone."

"I know."

"He threatened to fine me five hundred bucks if I stooped low enough to sex in a  storage room.  I told him I had more class than that."

She giggled.  "You do, we both do."  Dawn nodded and flashed over to HQ.  Pepper went to hug Tony then to the caf to get something to nibble on.  Carrots and wasabi ketchup sounded good right now.

Dawn appeared on the admin area.  "Hi, Mom."  She hugged her.  She walked over to Maria.  "Stark has me planning the holiday shopping trips.  Should I plan for an extra one with Callia helping your hellions?"

She smiled.  "They might like that.  Melissa hates to shop, but if Callia's there she plays the guy and gives babbling advice like 'cute'."

"It's Christmas," someone said snottily.

Dawn looked at him.  "Before there was Christmas, which you stole, there was Solstice, which has been around since before writing.  Since your religion stole it to get converts by irregular means, shove it up your ass before I shove it for you."  He stomped off to  complain to Fury.  Dawn rolled her eyes.  "Some people are like toddlers even when they're adults."

"Please don't turn him into one.  I'd hate to see how nasty he was when someone had to change his diapers."  Dawn cracked and cackled, hugging her.  "Thank you.  Let me know where we're going.  I only know the stores in the news."

"He wants smaller ones."  She smiled at Fury.  "Did I offend the baby man," she cooed in baby talk at him.  "You poor thing!  Maybe if you're lucky, someone will change your nappy and give you a bottle of juice or some applesauce and cheerios."  He growled and attacked her.  Dawn kicked him around then did a spin kick to his jaw, knocking him down.  She smoothed down her dress.  "Feel better?  Does that mean you're more free now to confess that you really need a collar and leash set from a Domme to get off?"  He crawled off.  "Not that there's anything wrong with it, but if you admit it you'll feel better.  You'll be a better agent if you quit lying to yourself about your needs and skills."

"He would," Hill agreed.  "We all learned that long ago."

Dawn smiled at the director.  "Arranging holiday shopping trips."

"That's fine," he agreed.  "Coulson's around here somewhere."

"I know where his office is," she quipped with a smile.  He came off the elevator.  She focused on his neck.  "Oh my god," she said, pouncing him to hug him.  "That's so great!"

He pushed her back to look at her.  "Are you drugged again?"

She stared at him.  "Oh, you don't know," she sighed, taking him to the library to find that book. She pulled it down and flipped to it, handing it to him.  "He marked you."

"We marked each other."  He read it, blinking at it.  "Um...  Huh.  I didn't know that."

"I'm not sure if Xander knows that."  She hugged him again.  "Super congrats!"  She smiled.  "Holiday shopping with the twins?"

"Please do plan one for me too."  She smiled and disappeared to tell the others.  He carried the book up, rereading it.  Xander appeared in the elevator looking confused but reading over his shoulder.  Phil looked at him.

"I had no idea," he admitted.  "Huh."  He looked at the third step and pointed.  "That one looks familiar."

"It does," he said, blinking and licking his lips.  "Huh."  Xander smiled.  He closed the book and tucked it under his arm.  "It makes it even more memorable and special."  He quit slowing down the elevator and they got off, heading back.  "Maria, I can take the twins during one of the shopping trips."  He looked at Xander.

"I can help guard them."

"That'll work," Maria said with a smile.  She knew Xander was nervous around kids.  It was fine with her and Tara.  "We can bring Callia so Melissa doesn't scream at the shopping."

Phil smiled slightly.  "That works?"

She nodded.  "Then she'll call things cute or scowl if they look too slutty.  Mine for the Marine Corps ball is backless and I got scowled at but Callia thought I looked like her Auntie in it."

"Sounds beautiful."  He grinned.  "Let me know when and I'll be back up tonight for bedtime stories."

"Sure."  Phil and Xander walked off.  She followed.  "Agent Coulson, I did not want to ask as your superior officer, but what is the injury on your neck from?"

"Teeth marks," he said with a smirk.  He opened up the book to the right spot and showed her.  "We weren't aware but ...."  She nearly squealed and hugged them, they could tell she was holding herself back.  He ducked his head a bit.  "It's probably permanent."

"I'll make note in your identifying marks file."  He tapped a spot and she nodded subtly.  "Both of them."  She looked at Xander, seeing one through the gapping part of the old t-shirt's stretched out neckline.  "Wonderful news, gentlemen.  Have a good day."  She walked off to tell Joyce, who could squeal for her for a bit.  She'd squeal later with Tara.

"No more cooing," Fury complained.  He yelped as something hit his ass in a way that stung.  "Who did that?"  He looked up.  No Barton.

Joyce put away her slingshot with a smile.  "Did what, sir?"

He stared at her.  Then calmed himself.  "Whatever," he said, glaring at her.  She smiled more happily.  He walked off shaking his head.  He was a full grown man but Joyce would probably always be a mother that insisted on certain things.  Including not picking on her girls or any stray kids she adopted.  Her having used the slingshot was a good thing.  He sent Maria a text message to test her aim with it so they could put it into her files.

Maria looked over.  "Joyce, if you show you can use a weapon we have to test you on it to put down your competencies."  She smiled.  "The range is on the third floor down.  Take Coulson, he did all of Dawn's with Romanoff."

"Yes, Maria.  Get you something when I come back?"

"If you swing by the caf get me some orange juice please.  I don't want to come down with John's cold."  Joyce smiled and nodded, heading down there.  Maria shook her head subtly.  Phil could have fun with that testing.  Joyce could tease him over his new claiming bite.  She adjusted Phil's file for him and resealed it.


Phil got summoned to the infirmary.  "Yes?" he asked the waiting doctor.

"Anytime a new scar or identifying mark is put into your file, it triggers a warning for us to verify it."

"That's fine."  He undid his tie and his top two buttons to show him so he could verify it.

"Were you bitten by a wild animal, Agent Coulson?"

"No, I was not.  It was a consensual mark."

He looked at him.  "By...."

"I was married off to someone, which is known by the director, and we enjoyed it," he said bluntly.  He moved his shirt off his side to show that one.  "There's also that one."

"I have a good bruise cream and we do have counselors here who can help you get out of an abusing relationship," he said.

"It's not abusive.  I created one just as good on him," he said dryly.  "And no thank you.  If it fades that's fine."  He tucked back in his shirt but left his top collar button undone and his tie a bit loose.  It was nearly three-thirty.  "Anything else you need?"

"I'd like for you to talk to them anyway."

"Why?  Because I enjoyed having sex with my spouse?  It was a fantastic night."  The doctor blushed.  He gave him his bland look.  "Were there forms needed to be filled out and signed?"

"I really do have to tell the director that you have bruises from a relationship."  Phil sighed and called him down himself.  "Sir," he said when Fury walked in.  "Agent Coulson's health and life are in jeopardy.  I believe he's in an abusive relationship and he's denying it.  I want to put him in for mandatory counseling."

"I pointed out me enjoying my mate wasn't a problem, sir."

"Bruises?" he demanded.  Phil moved his collar.  "I did that to girlfriend once.  She smacked the hell out of me."

"I created a slightly larger one on him, sir."  He smiled and got the book.  "We were unaware." 

Fury read that section and looked at him.  Coulson pointed at his side.  Fury shut the book.  "It's not abusive, it's claiming behavior.  Like teenagers giving each other hickies.  Though I thought you were older than that," he told Coulson.

"Sir, it was so good we created two mini earthquakes," he said dryly.

"I did not need to know," he said bluntly, handing back the book.  "Put them into his file and no mandatory counseling. I doubt you'll make him hate having sex with his husband at this late date since he learned he'd enjoy it."  He walked off after grabbing a few packets of headache pills.

Phil looked at the doctor.  "Is there anything else?"

"It can't be healthy."

"On the contrary, it's very healthy.  We talked for quite a while when we were forced together.  I know more about him than I may know about myself.  He's taught me a great many things that I didn't know I liked, including chopping wood and adding onto his cabin."  He smirked.  "But because of your problem with my relationship I'm switching my health care to Stark's infirmary.  Thank you for sending my records over today." 

He walked off.  He sent up a memo to that effect, getting back a 'fine' from Fury.  He found out later that the doctor had thrown a fit and sent him for mandatory counseling anyway.  He walked into their office before he left for the day.  "Our doctor sent me here because apparently he hates that I like my current relationship.  His bias against me being with a man is irrelevant and I do not think I need to see any of you."

"I had someone pull up the infirmary security files, Agent Coulson.  You were made to be married?"

"Gaia decided that I am Alexander's true mate.  We are well suited so she picked well.  We spent quite a bit of time talking before we moved any further than angry."


"Here and at his cabin on Asgard.  I even brought the twins with me."

The therapist smiled.  "Then claiming bites don't surprise me.  They're a bit more wild up there."

"Actually they have their rules and codes of civilization but they are a warrior culture.  I'm now mated to one of the top warriors."  He smirked slightly.  "We are well suited as we found out."

"That's fine.  I don't need to see you for hickies."

"It may not fade."

"That's between you two," he said bluntly.  "Like the director said once, as long as it's a healthy thing I don't care who sticks what where but I will note in your file that you're not be sent on anything that has a high chance of having to use sexual methods to get information."

"Thank you.  I hadn't thought about that.  Might you also put that in some other's files?"

"When I heard the rumors I asked.  They said to leave it for now.  That the director knew.  I think with their higher profiles it'd be a bad idea anyway."

Phil nodded.  "Thank you."  He left, going home to play with Xander and the twins.

The therapist smiled and made his notes, then sealed the incident in his files.  He had another one to look over.  Apparently someone was lying to himself about his submissive urges so much it had come out at anger for a strong woman that wasn't overseeing him.  He'd have to wait until he was healed to start their working over of his problems but he could do that.


Joyce hugged Clint.  "Welcome, dear."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "No sex games at my table.  I remember when they all had wires," she said quietly.  "So none with her phone tonight."  She hugged Natasha and walked off.  "I made lasagna.  Hope you're hungry."

"We are," Clint said with a grin for Dawn.  "We forgot lunch."

"I've done that," Dawn said with a grin.  She put down the schedule in front of them.  "The holiday shopping trips if you're joining us.  That one is adults only."  She kissed both of them and went to help her mother.

Clint put it into his back pocket.  "That'll work for us too probably."  Bruce came in.  "Hey, Doc."

"Clint, Natasha.  Dawn already here?"  They pointed in the kitchen.  He smiled.  "She did learn well from her mother."  He patted Clint on the shoulder as he walked behind him.  Joyce took him to kiss and hug.  Dawn giggled and gave them some privacy.  He smirked.  "Lasagna?"

"Of course.  I know how much you like it and so does Natasha."  She pinched him on the nipple and winked.  He smirked, going upstairs to change and clean up for dinner.  It was always fun to have the trio over.  He and Clint found something to talk about while the ladies chatted about things.  This time it was about the upcoming holiday shopping trips.  He had a few suggestions of places for them to go.  Clint had one too, an old fashioned candy store.  The kids would love all the single serve candy.  So would Stark.  Dawn grinned at that idea.  She made out a list of them and it was good.  They could help and help her guard Callia.

The kids were going to go spastic.

Especially the twins.  John would hug everyone.  Melissa would pout at the shopping but try to pickpocket Santa like she had 'take a picture with the farm animals' helper.  Maria had been so proud even if Tara had been a bit horrified.  Phil had been proud but reminded them they weren't agents yet so they didn't need to do that.  They had listened to daddy.

"I think I found Tara a wedding dress," Dawn said.  Her mother smiled at her for that.  "It's silver and white.  Remember her corset dresses?  It's one of those with a less than full skirt.  It'll look great on her."

"Sounds adorable.  Show her?"

"I sent her a picture but I never heard back yet."

"I'm not sure if her new phone does picture texts or not," Joyce admitted.  "Send it to me and I'll make sure she gets it."  Dawn did that and she smiled.  "Oh, that is charming and just so Tara.  Good choice, dear."

"Thanks, Mom."  She dug in and looked at Bruce.  "I got to meet Sean the other day.  He had colic and Buffy was desperate for a nap and some Hylal carrying time."  He snorted, covering his mouth before he spit since he had food in his mouth while laughing.  "We went for coffee and some anti gas stuff.  He kept trying to chew on my collar.  He's cute, but huge."

"Fourteen pounds," Joyce agreed.  "They come bigger on Asgard."

"Thor certainly is but Xander's normal sized," Clint quipped.

Dawn grinned.  "You'd have to ask Phil that."  Clint choked, shaking his head.  "And about the pretty new claiming mark on his neck."  Natasha stared at her, mouth slightly open.  Clint was staring too.  She touched her neck.  "Here.  Huge bruise and teeth marks from what I saw.  I'm pretty sure Xander has one too.  I found a source on what had happened.  There's no way even the other Gods can split them up now."

"Aww," Joyce said, sniffling some.  "That's wonderful!"  She squeezed Bruce's hand.

"It is.  Phil deserves to be happy and so does Xander."

"Why is Xander scared of the twins?" Natasha asked.  "I didn't take him as scared of his reactions with them."

Dawn grimaced.  "Way long ago, back when Rome was an empire, somehow Xander was trapped there for about a decade.  Had a wife.  Had a few kids."  Natasha shuddered.  "Yeah.  I know there's a larger story but that's all I know.  That something happened to that family."

"So he's probably worried about getting too close," Clint said.  "I have that worry.  That or it might make them a target some day."

Dawn shook her head.  "We have the kids concealed from anyone looking for them.  Unless it's an emergency, no one can find the twins if they're *looking* for them."  She stared at him.  He suddenly got it and smiled.  She nodded.  "They're still mostly innocent so we can do that.  Even if Melissa does love to gum on Maria's guns."  She ate a bite of food.

"So, if it's someone against Coulson, who went looking to snatch them, then they couldn't find them?" Natasha asked.

"No, they can't," Joyce said.  "I made sure of that myself.  Unless they've been snatched by someone and then we can find them."

"Frankly, I marked them like Clint's arrows.  They can be summoned if I'm close enough,"' Dawn said.  "It's on the silver and black pendant in my jewelry box that I never wear."  Joyce smiled at her for that thought.  "If there's other kids in the family we'd do the same.  I have a marking on Callia so I can find her.  The same one I have on her father and Pepper.  That's how I found Tony during the goo clone thing."

Clint nodded.  "That was handy."  Natasha nodded since she was chewing.  "Doesn't that take a lot of energy?"

"No, the marking doesn't.  The summoning can if you're not really close by."

"Good to know," Clint decided.  "Did you do it to us?"

"No, I can find you two in other ways," she said dryly.

"We totally ran Rodney back to Atlantis earlier," Bruce said with a grin for her.  "Talking about your sex life."

She kitty smirked at him.  "Cool.  Did you get my main phone from Stark?"

"Nope, didn't think about it.  Sorry."

"That's all right.  I'll get it tomorrow."

Joyce laughed.  "It's not like you had anything to do today."

"No, I spent all day looking up gift ideas.  I even found one to suggest to Tony.  Plus two other sites."

"That's better than her buying her own like Tony said she used to," Bruce agreed.

"Last year I handed him two sites and said she'd like something from them, no matter what it was.  He got happy and got her that pretty necklace that she fondles."

"If those two could work it out, they'd be a great couple, or trio with Steve," Bruce agreed.  Dawn nodded with a grin.  "Who knows what'll happen if Stark finally grows up."

"Probably a lot less lab time."  She looked at her mother.  "Some day he's going to have to watch Callia go to dances and on dates."  She cackled and patted her on the hand.  "I pointed that out earlier."

"He used to bang his head against the wall whenever someone reminded him Callia would be a teenager some day," Bruce said with a smile.

"I can't imagine having a teenage girl," Clint said, looking at Natasha.

"I was working then," she pointed out.

"So was I," Dawn quipped.  "And earlier I wasn't even allowed to date thanks to Buffy stalking me."  She shook her head and ate some salad.  Her phone rang.  "Yup," she said through it.  She heard the fussing.  "Buffy, I'm having dinner with Mom, Bruce, Clint, and Natasha.  I'll see if I can.  Or... Xander, can you go kidnap Buffy, Hylal, and Sean?" she called.  They appeared so Dawn hung up, taking her nephew.  "Hi, sweetheart."

Sean stared at her, looking startled.  He made grunty noises.  "I think that's a hungry noise," Joyce said.  "Did you bring up formula, Buffy?"

"I got told I had to breastfeed him, and I don't know why," Buffy complained.

"Not like you've been putting out any," Dawn said.

"No, I haven't.  I never did.  I think that's the slayer stuff but I never had milk for either kid."  She sat down and took him back.  Hylal handed over the bag with the supplies so Joyce could find the formula and make a bottle, which he watched.  He had no idea how that was done.  It was warmed and Dawn fed the baby.  Sean settled into her arms, patting the breast he was leaning against.  Buffy sighed.  "You're better at it than I am."

"I had some practice with Callia," she said, staring at her.  Buffy smiled at her for that.  "You can do it.  You're a slayer; you can handle a bit of trouble like Sean."

"I hope so."  She took him back and he fussed.  "Hey, I'm the mommy."

"He probably likes the more padded nature," Clint said.  "Babies love Natasha for the same reason."  Natasha nodded.

Buffy looked at her chest then at her son.  "I know I'm a bit skinny but you took all my extra weight."  Dawn took him back and settled in to eat while he did.  "Thanks, Dawn.  Hi, Mom, hi, Bruce."

Joyce handed her a full plate then Hylal one.  They both smiled and kissed her on the cheek before digging in.  "Thank you, Joyce," Hylal said.  "You need this recipe," he told his wife.

"I don't have the energy to cook right now, Hylal."

"I know."  He smiled.  "If we have it, we can ask Talsa to make it for us."  She giggled and nodded.

"You could ask her if she'd lend you a housekeeping nagging old lady," Dawn quipped.  "They're a bit bored at the temple."

"I'll see if I can bum someone from Xander," Buffy agreed.  She looked at her son.  "You look good like that."

"Some year," Dawn said.

Clint smiled and nodded, not staring at her.  "Some year we can do that."

Natasha smiled at the baby, who was trying to wake up.  She took him and he cooed then fell asleep on her chest and shoulder.  "There, you rest.  Your aunt does."

"I don't drool like him," Dawn quipped, handing her a napkin to put under his head.  It was arranged and the baby slept, which Buffy sent up a prayer of thanks for.  She was giving Natasha soft, squishy looks like Clint was.  It'd probably never happen but maybe some year.  She texted Tara to let her know Buffy, the baby, and Hylal were in.  She demanded the baby come over.  She showed her sister and ate some more.

"If Tara wants to babysit with the twins, sure," she agreed quickly.  "Definitely.  We'd get to sleep again, babe."

"Sleeping would be nice.  My sons have offered to watch him so we may rest."

"Your sons offered to watch him so we could give him a new baby sister," Buffy corrected.  "Not so we could sleep."

Hylal smiled.  "Perhaps."

She smirked.  "We'll see.  He was huge and I'm still sore."

He chuckled.  "There are cures for that."

"Yup, hot baths with chocolates to nibble on and bubbles."

Dawn texted Tony, getting permission back.  "The penthouse at the building is open so you guys can bum it for a few days, Buffy.  It has a hot tub."

"I'd like that."  She smiled at her husband, who smirked back.  "Sure, we can stay for a few days.  I'll make sure we don't leave it a mess."

"The twins come up to crawl around sometimes," Dawn offered.  Buffy laughed and they had a good family dinner then got cabs back to the building.  Stark was there with the keys.  "Thanks, boss."

"Welcome."  He looked.  "Your big sister wants to see you tomorrow."  He lifted him, grunting at the weight.  "You're huge, Sean.  Much bigger than Callia.  Don't pounce her with it, okay?  She'll want to go back to karate and I hated the instructor."  He handed him back.  "She'll pounce him tomorrow."

"That's fine.  Tara demanded to see him tonight."

"Stay for a few days, Buffy.  Cleveland's covered."  He handed her the keys and Clint Dawn's phone.  Then he walked off.

"Left it at the office?" Buffy guessed.  "You had one at dinner."

"That's my backup phone.  This one's my main one.  And no, not quite."  She got them up to the penthouse while Natasha told Tara.  The twins got brought up and they gummed on Sean, who fussed at John doing it but cooed at Melissa.

"Ours!" Melissa demanded to her mother and Buffy.

Tara blinked at her.  "That's very forceful, daughter.  We're babysitting, the same as we do Callia, Carrot, and Cheese."

"Ours," Melissa told Maria.  Who smiled.

"You can babysit Sean, Melissa.  It's not a problem.  You can have him all night."

Phil and Xander walked in.  "Mine!" Melissa shouted at her father, keeping him from picking up the baby.

"Of course I'm your father, daughter."  He picked her up to cuddle.  "Can't I cuddle Sean?"


"He's yours to *babysit*," Tara corrected more firmly.  Buffy was giggling against Hylal's arm.

Xander picked him up to look at him.  "It's great when girls start fighting over you but remember, love spells will get you killed when they lose their minds."  He put him back down.  Melissa wiggled down to pounce him.  Xander plucked her up to look at her.  "No pouncing.  You're bigger than him and can hurt him."  He put her back down.  She cuddled instead.  "Nice, thank you, Melissa."  She smirked at her mother, patting the baby's stomach.  It made him belch but she burped back and giggled.

"It's like baby love," Dawn quipped.

"It is," Phil agreed, smiling at his little girl.  "It's great that you love him, Melissa.  John?"  He pouted and patted the baby, which made him fuss.  "Want to hug me instead?"  John beamed and crawled over to him to pounce.  "Good pounce, son."  He hugged him.

Dawn got up.  "Coo at the babies, people.  We're busy tonight but I'll see you tomorrow, Buffy.  Probably with Callia."  She strolled out with Clint and Natasha.

Natasha stopped them once they were inside their apartment.  "It is not time yet.  No matter how squishy we all feel it's not time yet."

"It's not," Dawn agreed.

Clint nodded.  "Soon but not yet."  They smiled at him.  "What if something happens?  I know that Dawn takes Callia if something happens to Tony and Pepper."

"Actually, if something happens to Tara and Phil both, and Tara's not changed her will, I get the twins."  They nodded.  "And Sean."  That got another nod.  "She would've named Mom but with her health...  She wasn't sure it would stand up and something like CPS wouldn't complain about her health."

"That's reasonable though," Clint agreed.  "Nothing's going to happen to them."

"No, nothing should.  Buffy finally has competent, permanent backup who can put up with her pouty moods."  They grinned at her.  She stretched and pulled down her hair, scratching where it had been pulled together.  "So, beyond kids...."

Clint teased her by kissing her and pulling closer.  He set off her phone, making Dawn moan.  "I've been waiting all day to hear that."

She smiled.  "I did good and didn't have to retreat to the bathroom more than once."

He teased her panties.  "I can feel they're damp.  'Tasha, she's really damp."

"If I had that inside me all day I would be too."  She took her own kiss.  She found the remote and flipped it on the mildest level, making Dawn shift her stance and moan again into Clint's lips.  She took her from him to have for now.  "That's a very nice sound."  She turned it up slightly and Dawn ground against her thigh.  "That's my princess."  She took them to the bedroom. 

Dawn got carefully stripped out of the dress and the panties.  The bra got left on.  It was one of those open ones that she had shown Pepper earlier.  They had picked it on purpose for later playing.  Dawn was proudly encased but mostly open to teasing nips and licks.  The garter belt got removed.  The stockings wilted some but that was fine.  They'd come off later.  "You didn't clean the toy," she chided.

"I meant to.  Sorry."

"It's all right.  I got it this morning and Loki was most confused about it.  He was under the couch batting at it to see if it was his sort of toy."  Dawn giggled.  So did Clint.  She took another kiss.  "On your back on the bed.  Spread out for me."  Dawn did that.  She even left on the shoes.  Natasha smiled, taking the hose down and off, then putting the shoes beside the bed.  "We might want those later."  She leaned down to kiss over the dampness.  "Hmm.  It's been a long day of you being ready for me." 

She moved in to lick her better.  Dawn panted, clutching the bed.  Clint was stripped down and sitting beside them on the bed.  Natasha got off her and stripped then licked her lips.  "I can feel the vibration.  It's quite delicate."  She turned it up slightly more.  "I wish to feel more."  She got back onto the bed but arranged them so their pussies were touching and could slide against each other.  She turned up the egg all the way, making Dawn yelp, arch up, and then moan.  Natasha pouted.  "I can't feel it as well."

"There's ways around that," Clint said, taking the toy out of Dawn with a bit of mild groping.  He got them something he had found earlier.  He and Natasha had went to a sex shop and had shot some dirty pictures at Dawn.  He handed her the double sided dildo. 

Natasha smiled and helped them insert it.  He handed over the remote to her and she flipped it on, earning a moan from Dawn and her.  It was a strong vibration.  She could feel it into her thighs.  This was not a subtle instrument by any means.  They teased each other with it, which was nice.  Then Natasha clamped down on it and used it more firmly on Dawn, who groaned and let her.  Clint smiled, leaning down to kiss Dawn then her.  "I believe it's my turn in the center."

"If you want the middle, you've got it," Clint promised.  He plucked out the toy, slowly withdrawing it from Natasha, who was shivering.  "How do you want it?"

"This way."  She crawled up Dawn to kiss her then down to tease her some more.  Clint slid into her and she looked back.  "You can do better."

"Of course I can.  Just warming you up."  He smirked and leaned down to brace himself better then got to work.  Hard, fast, making Natasha writhe against Dawn's body.  Maybe he had eaten too much at dinner.  He was going to be worn out.  Natasha was sucking the energy from his body.  When she finally came he smiled at Dawn.  Natasha limply laid there while he pulled out.  He teased her still twitching body, earning a swat.  He laughed and teased her clit until she let out a tiny, soft moan of pleasure then left her there.

"That's evil," Natasha complained.

Dawn kissed her and teased her into that last orgasm.  Then she kissed Clint.  "You look tired."

"I am a bit tired."  He pulled her closer.  "Which is why you're doing all the work until I have more energy."

"I might finish knocking you out."

"No you won't."  He smirked and flipped them over so she was on top.  "Clean me up, Dawn."  She kitty smirked and slowly nibbled and licked her way down to do that.  He liked that.  It made him a happy boy that might get hard again before an hour was up.  Her mouth was like sin so he hopefully would. 

Natasha rolled over to dig into the drawer they kept the sex toys in.  "I had sent for something special."

"That's for Saturday, when we all have it off," Clint said, squeezing her hand.  He looked at Dawn.  "You do have it off?"

"I have to have a paper done by Monday; I was going to write while you two watched tv."

"That's more than reasonable," he said with a grin.  "We like you in geek mode."

"Which class?" Natasha asked.

"Intermediate Arabic."

"That we can help with."

She smiled.  "It's a book report in Arabic on a book read in Arabic.  The teacher has the worst taste in books.  They were all romance novels.  Eww."  She shrugged and went back to cleaning and teasing Clint's cock.  He slowly came back up and she smiled.  "Good, it's my greedy turn."

"Greedy?" Natasha asked with a grin.

"You two teased me all day."

"There was something there to sate some of it."

Dawn got up and cleaned it then helpfully put it in her and turned it on at the level it had been in her all day.  "Really?" 

Natasha shifted.  "No, it's not big enough for real relief," she said.  She was wiggling some but Dawn had the remote.  She smirked.  "I could use a higher level."

Dawn smirked.  "I had it there for eight hours."  Natasha moaned because that meant that she'd be wearing it all night.  Dawn slid down Clint's cock, smirking at him.  "You that tired?"

"Hell no."

"Good."  She shifted and rode him until she was getting close.  He was trying hard not to grab onto her.  "I could use it," she panted.  He flipped them over, trapping her underneath him so he could give her what she really wanted, which was harder, faster, and deeper than Dawn could get on her own.   In the position they landed in, one of her legs was over his arm while he helped by teasing her clit.  Natasha was teasing her own because that toy was going to drive her nuts soon.  Clint moaned as Dawn finally came and followed, kissing her.  She smiled at him, kissing him again.  "Thank you for curing the gnawing ache of need."

"You're more than welcome."  He kissed her again then they kissed Natasha, pulling up the sheet to settle in for the night.

"I'll never get to sleep like this."  Dawn grabbed Natasha's phone and hit redial.  Natasha nearly shrieked as she jumped.  Dawn grinned  at her.  "That's evil.  We will have to limit the use to less than an hour."  She hung up the phone and tossed it.  Dawn pulled her closer to kiss her while Clint pulled the tiny vibrating ball out.  She panted.  Clint teased her until she could relax.  Natasha swallowed her panting, staring at Dawn.  "I'll make sure it never goes more than two hours."

Dawn kissed her.  "I didn't mind."  She took another kiss and cuddled Natasha to her shoulder.  Natasha draped herself across Dawn in a boneless, sweaty heap.  Clint got Dawn's other side and it was nice.  Dawn made a good pillow for them too.


Xander slid into Phil's lap, running his hands up Phil's chest before kissing him by holding his head.

"Not yet," he said.  Xander pouted.  "Sorry, I have to go over a few mission briefings for the morning."

"You get to bring those home?"

"I'm going to pin them in the elevator in the morning before they have the chance to think it'll be a good day."

"Ah."  He slid down next to him.  "We can cuddle if you want."

Phil smiled.  "Let me read first."  Xander nodded and settled in to watch some tv quietly.  Phil turned it up on him so he could hear too.  Then he handed the remote back.

"You're pushy tonight."

"I take those moods."  They shared a look.  "You're pouty so I guess it's my turn to be the husband?"

Xander poked him.  "Not likely."

Phil laughed.  "Fine, but still."

"PMS?" he guessed a few minutes later.

"A bit sore but no bleeding yet," Phil said dryly.  He put things aside and pounced.  Xander moaned and accepted it.  A nice, slow blow job and Phil getting off then he got back to his mission briefings while Xander lounged next to him in a happier mood.  Finally he had all his facts and sealed them in his safe, then came back to distract Xander.  Who was seriously involved in the movie.  So he got them dinner and cuddled in to watch it with him.  Xander ate while watching and it was peaceful and calm.  A bit different but he had this with Tara.  Only Tara wouldn't growl and pounce him now and then.

Xander looked at him.  "You want me to growl and pounce?"

"No.  Sunday."  Xander laughed but nodded.  "I have it off and Monday off because I'll be flying out that night on a mission."

Xander kissed him.  "That's fine."  They went back to the movie and it was good.

"Oh, please!  Not even Widow can do that," Phil snorted, cracking Xander up.  That got him hugged and cuddled.  Which was a nice way to spend the night.


Clint got onto the elevator in the morning, finding Phil following him and Natasha.  "Damn, we can't even wait until work?"  Phil handed over the files.  He grimaced.  "We were hoping for a day off together."

"We leave Sunday.  Natasha, yours is in town so be careful."

"I can do so."  She grimaced but sent a thought at Dawn that she'd have to cancel dinner plans.  Dawn quipped that was fine, she understood their jobs.  She could make dinner at home that night.  Clint sent a thank you and a blown kiss, then said he'd be leaving Sunday.  That worked well and it was nice.  Natasha might be done by Saturday, if she was really lucky.  He was going to be lucky to be done in a week.

Phil shrugged.  "Sorry, people.  They come as they do."  That got a nod and they went to work together, working out how to handle Natasha's case while Phil was off with Clint for at least a week in the middle of nearly nowhere.


Dawn strolled into work that morning, looking at the waiting people.  "I'm a good girl."

"I doubt that," Tony said.  "Or else no one would've had to take your phone yesterday."

"For some reason I'm having thoughts back," she said, staring at him.

"Not likely," he said with a glare.  She sighed and relaxed.  "You really...."  She pointed around.  There were a few other geeks waiting and him.  That did look a bit familiar back to that nanite thing that hadn't happened.  "Oh, well, yeah.  Sorry.  They just want to hand you reports to do."

"That's fine."  She took them.  "Coffee gets delivered at ten," she told them.  "The caf took the rest of the stuff in storage from what JARVIS told me at six."  They nodded.  "But, we do have a small backup box stored of the regular stuff in Storage 4."  They smiled and headed off to break into that hoard of their god-making potion.  She looked at Tony.  "So....."

He slugged her on the arm.  "Do you really have flashbacks to that?" he asked quietly.

"No, not usually."

"Good!"  He looked her over.  "A bit plain.  There's an interview today and I need you to let someone see your tablet later when you're out with Callia.  Nanny's day off."

"Buffy's still in," she pointed out.  He smirked evilly at her.  "Sure, I can take her over there."  She got into her sealed rolodex, finding a number.  She dialed it.  "It's your lucky day, I was ordered to slip Expo information to build anticipation.  I'm going out with Callia later."  She smiled.  "Yes, I might have a Starkphone.  I might even have a Starktablet with the full JARVIS system on it.  And I might know a geek who I'm not sure is busy or not with another version of it." 

She smiled.  "I thought you might like that.  Sure, later for coffee.  I'm taking Callia out to bring her to Buffy for a while.  No, she's up with Sean.  Yeah, the new one.  Thanks, man."  She hung up and texted Jake, who said he was busy today, they had a mission, but he could let a geek he knows babysit his precious backup tablet.  She said that'd be great and to tell her who.  He told her and she nodded.  "Hmm, someone at Hammer's company.  Boss?"

He looked then shrugged.  "They can't duplicate it but I'd rather it be a reporter sort."  She replied that and he laughed, but said he knew someone.  She said 'thanks' and put up her phone.  "Who's yours going to?"

"One of the online geeks that helps out at a tech forum to help you fix computer problems."  She smiled.  "He's connected back to someone from CNET."

"That's a good resume."  He strolled off.  "Bring one with the basic one if you want."

"Let him look at the top of the line then see that the lesser is just as good."  She strolled off.  "Callia, we're going out for lunch at eleven," she called.  "Then you're going to see your mom and baby brother."

"YES!" was squealed.  She bounded to where her auntie was.  "Why not now?"

"You know your mom works nights.  There's no way she's up by now and he's with Tara."  She beamed and ran off to play with her pets before she went.  She'd be there all day and they needed things done later so she'd do it now.

Tony smiled at her back.  He loved his little spawn.


Dawn helped Pepper up the stairs of the private plane, taking their seats so they could relax.  It was their vacation.  Clint and Natasha were both on assignment.  Dawn had bikinis.  Pepper had bikinis.  They were going to the lake house in Guatemala, it was all good.

Tony was in the lab pouting that he had a week without Pepper.  Callia was still chatting about her baby brother and his awesome drooling ability.  Plus how he had sucked on her fingers for her and Melissa's too.  It was sweet but a bit too much.  He got her tucked in finally after a bribe of candy and she went to bed.  He collapsed back in his lab by himself, looking around.  He spotted a card and opened it, laughing at the joke from Steve.  He needed that.


Pepper walked around the other house, smiling happily.  "I'm so buying this."

"If you want," Dawn quipped.  "They won't mind."

"Cool."  She beamed, Dawn smiled back.  They went back to their house and changed into bikinis, heading for the small beach.  Dawn sent all the ants into the water and it was good.  Very relaxing.  Even if Pepper couldn't quite tan on her stomach.  The caretaker was mowing and not staring at them.  There weren't any rebels, drug dealers, or anyone who might want to kidnap Dawn around there.  Dawn had made sure of it.  So it was safe, quiet, and needed before the Expo.

Pepper started on the paperwork to buy the other house from Dawn.  She needed a getaway outside the US in case something big happened.  It was nice here.  Even if there was way too much jungle for her usual comfort level.

Their hired guards were sitting on the lawn reading gun magazines and sipping iced tea.  They were making sure the women had absolutely no problems and could relax.


Tony smiled at the preview of his tablet.  They called it highly overpowered and able to do a full desktop's job but admitted it was the heavier system.  It did brag that they could get flash videos and games.  That it plugged in well via USB connections, and there were four of them available on some systems, two on the rest.  They bragged for days and wanted to know what the general system was like.  Tony smiled at that review.  It was good.  It did build anticipation for the press-only day at the Expo. 

He had his set order and it was good.  Pepper had everything arranged with Dawn.  Steve had helped when she needed some.  It was going to be okay.  Callia popped in to cuddle him and play with his tablet, which he didn't really allow but he had games she didn't, including some frog poppin' game that Dawn had found for her nook and one that was making sheep not run into each other that was a great time waster.  It was all right.  It'd be great.  Just in case, he added the portable suit to his bag.  Because you never knew and the last one had been attacked.


Dawn strolled into the Expo's dinner with Pepper.  They were just barely back that morning.  She walked them up to Stark and presented him with Pepper, who looked very nice in her light green empire-waist goddess gown.  "All safe and sound, boss."

"Thank you, Dawn.  Pepper, how was your vacation?"

"It's so nice there.  I'm buying the other house from her."  She smiled at Dawn.  "Go mingle and make people hot."

Tony looked at her Versace silver gown with gold lace highlights that let some tanned skin show through.  The halter neckline was fairly high.  It was gathered around the bust to make her look nice, then hit each and every curve of her body below that to the floor length skirt.  "You do look nice and the amber jewelry goes very well."

She touched the necklace with a smile.  "Thanks, won it in a poker game."  He shook his head but he was smiling.  She strolled off, grabbing a glass of sparkling water.  She strolled around the room, finding all the SHIELD agents watching them to make sure it was safe.  She walked up to Agent Sitwell.  "Jasper, are we expecting an attack?  I only have two guns on me," she asked in his free ear then adjusted his tie.

He looked at her.  "We hope not but with last time's, we're paranoid."

She grinned.  "I think that's your boss's natural state."  She winked and strolled off, relaying that to Pepper and Tony.  Who sighed in pleasure. She found a reporter grouping.  "Are you gossiping like columnists?" she teased one she knew.

"Dawn!" he said, blinking at her.  "Oh my god, and your boyfriend's not here."

"He doesn't like these things anyway."  She sipped her water.  "You're all grouped and staring."

"We spotted an agent," he said quietly.

"Yeah, I asked the one I knew.  After last time....."  She took another sip.

"That's more reasonable," another said.  "They wouldn't want Stark harmed."

"No, but Fury really wants to be able to recruit Pepper's kid in a few years."  They laughed but broke up to go talk.  Dawn talked with her reporter, answering questions about her tablet and the phone.  Hers was the overpowered, top of the line ones but she needed it at Stark with all she did.  She told him who had normal ones and they got asked to see if they could look at them.  She winked and strolled off.  She ran into a person she thought was still in jail.  "What is it with us meeting up at events, Mr. Hammer?"

He sneered.  "I'll still see Stark destroyed and his spawn."

"Pepper's child is hers, not hers and Tony's.  Sorry."  She smiled.  "If you're talking about Callia, I doubt you could go through her mother."

"What sort of name if Buffy," he sneered.  "She's an airhead society chick probably."

Dawn's laugh drew some attention.  "The senior slayer?  An airhead, when she wants to be.  Society chick?  Not hardly."  He gaped in horror, backing up.  "Is that an admission someone's going after my sister?"  She moved closer, handing off her glass.  "I don't think I should have something breakable that can be a weapon in my hand while we talk."

"You're not an agent."

"No, I'm a perky super assistant sort."  She smiled and tripped him when he tried to move then stomped her heel down onto his neck, making him shout.  "What, exactly, was the plan against my sister and Callia?" she asked smoothly.

Agent Sitwell coughed.  "Miss Summers, can we have him?"

"Only if you make sure my sister's fine."

"I'd hope so.  We have an agent in the building as you know."

She got off him.  "Then I hope Agent Hill has a lot of fun shooting his team since he hires such ineffectual ones.  Like the ones we took down in Guatemala at the airport."  She walked off.  "Thank you, Agent Sitwell, and make sure my sister knows that she doesn't have to kill humans?"  She looked at him.

He sweated.  "I'm sure she won't have to, or you, ma'am."  He hauled him up and out with another agent following.

Dawn sighed then called.  "Tara, can you please make sure Maria knows that someone's going to try for Buffy and Callia while I'm here?  Thank you, dear.  No, we're good.  Have a good night."  She hung up before the kids got the phone.  She walked over to someone who designed weapons.  "So, anything in the light but useful class this Expo?" she asked, teasing his arm.

The general cleared his throat.  "Women like you don't usually use guns, Miss."


"Oh!"  He nodded.  "A few things."  He pulled up information on his computer to show her.

She purred and pointed.  "That would make a great present for the one that's mine," she said, touching the screen.  Natasha would adore it.

He smiled.  "It's for sale but really only for military contracts.  Though I've heard rumors you're dating a SHIELD agent."  She nodded with a smile.  "Think you can have them try it?"

"They're not over that but if they get a present they like they might brag."

"I can see that.  See me later this week."  She winked and walked off.  He wiped off the sweat.  Hot women didn't usually like his weapons that way.  Like any geek, a pretty, competent woman in their field was like a Goddess.

"Oh, my God," someone moaned.

"If we are, we want to see proof of the altar you've set up to us," Dawn quipped.  "I'm still waiting for one to my excellence as an assistant."  A few people laughed and it broke the tension in the room.

That one stared at her.  "I'm going to set one up to Pepper's child."

Dawn waved a hand.  "Sure, we can combine it with mine."  She giggled and walked Pepper off to talk to some of the other women in the room who were trying to decide if they wanted a family life to juggle against their careers.

Tony looked at her.  "Callia has one set up for you."

"I saw, and it's sweet that she combined it with hers to penguins."

"She did, yeah."  He smiled, sipping his drink.  "I can't believe you wore that."

"Why wouldn't I wear this?  I look fantastic in it."

"No date," he said dryly, smirking some.

She shrugged.  "I doubt they'll want to show up at the majority of these, boss.  This is not their lifestyle of choice."

"No, it's not."  He stared her over then nodded.  "You did good, kid."

She swatted him on his free arm.  "Of course I did.  I usually do good."  She strolled off to tease someone who was sweating and staring at her.  "Hi, Dawn Summers."

"Fidel Armastice."  She shook his hand.  "I design medical software."

"I've heard of your company and was looking it over for stock option investments," she said with a smile.  "I went casually with a small set until you're ready to display things.  Are you displaying this weekend?"

"A few things that we have in the prototype stage."

"I'll have to make sure I get the materials to look over."  She smiled and walked him off talking to him about medical scanners.  "We really need one that can do faster than a CT but read things like cancer cells or gunshot wounds.  They seem to be the most common injuries I see."

He swallowed.  "Cancer?"

"My mother had a brain tumor, twice actually.  It grew back right after they removed the first one."

"That's bad.  Is she all right?"

She smiled.  "She's out of treatment and wonderful.  She's working as an assistant right now.  I'm just happy she got out.  Her being able to go back to work was an amazing gift.  I remember sitting by while she went through multiple CT's and MRI's.  They really needed to be faster and better images.  I'm not sure how anyone can read some of those."

He patted her hand.  "My mother had breast cancer, which is why I was working on scanners."

"Did she make it?" Dawn asked.  He shook his head.  She gave his hand a squeeze. "I'm sorry.  I had two years of worrying about that.  I can only imagine how hard it is to actually be there."

He smiled.  "She went out fighting, which was what she wanted."

She smiled.   "Women who have to go through cancer treatment are always tougher than anyone else.  We have no idea how hard it is to fight that way."  He nodded.  She walked him off again, talking about his ideas.  She was an investor and would be adding more to her investment in the morning.  He was flattered by the tech-savvy opinion that knew what machines did. It let him define his talk for the prototype showing off sections.  She finally had to get a drink and he slipped out, much happier with how things would go.  He had more confidence now.

Dawn strolled up to Pepper, handing her a bottle of water since she was out.  "Here you go, boss lady."

"Thank you, Dawn."

Dawn smiled.  "Welcome."  She smiled at the others.  "I do fuss over her."  They giggled so Dawn walked off.  The music playing was boring, quiet, and classical.  This whole event was really boring her.  The only people in the room that were near her age were huge geeks that would be flustered if she asked questions or insulted that she was an assistant. She settled off to the side and checked her email for a minute, nodding at a few things.  Including Phil sending her one that they were fine and done, just taking the long way home for security reasons.  She sent back a coded one and it was good.  Then she read the one from Natasha, which was also coded.

"Are you sharing secrets?" someone sneered.

Dawn looked up.  "I'm talking to my agent significant other.  They're on assignment."

"I doubt that."  He snatched her tablet.  "Code?"

"Yes.  They're on assignment."  She took it back.  "Beyond that, why would I share secrets?  I work for the most amazing company that can put yours to shame, Mr. Tabis.  Really."  She finished up and put it back into her purse.  She stood up, smiling at him.  "You have nothing to fear from anyone stealing secrets since the information you put out ahead of the expo looked weak and pathetic in most senses.  The only thing you really had that was worth anything was the new computer chip modules and they might have a military application but I've seen Intel make better ones for computers."  She shrugged and walked off.  Tony was smirking at her.  "Checking my email, boss."

"I've done that a few times."

She laughed.  "They really need happier music."

"They do."  He heard the rumors.  "She's not an industrial spy," he said dryly.  "She's mine and Pepper's assistant.  She was talking to her boyfriend, who is an agent."  They groaned.  "Dawn wouldn't need anything from yours anyway.  She fusses over all my geeks and scientists so they feel appreciated."

Dawn giggled.  "Most of them anyway.  A few overreacted and thought I was being a bit mean and watching them."

"They're weak though," Tony assured her.

She nodded.  "Definitely."  She walked off to get some more water.  One of the reporters moved up next to her.  "I was checking my email and talking to Clint.  Stupid, paranoid idiot who smelled like meth."

She sighed in pleasure.  "That's great.  Is he showing up?  Or, um, Agent Romanoff?  You two made charming dance partners."

She smiled.  "They'd hate this.  It's boring.  The music isn't happy.  You can't even waltz to it like it's a school function at Hogwarts."  The reporter cackled and patted her then walked off.  She got her water and walked off to go outside for a few minutes.  She held up her pass to the door guy, who nodded.  She stayed within easy view of him, cooling off.  The air inside was stuffy from all the hot air blowing through bragging mouths.  She sipped her water, smiling at someone coming up the stairs. "Lt. Colonel Rhodes.  Is there a problem?" she asked hopefully.

"No, I got invited but couldn't get an earlier flight."

"They're all bragging and nagging each other," she said with a flapping hand.  "A few are paranoid because I checked my email."

He laughed.  "Escort me in, Short Stuff?"

"Sure."  She flashed her pass, getting a nod from the door guard.  He checked Rhodey's pass and they walked inside.  She took him to Tony, who gave him a pointed look.

"Got invited."  He showed him.

"Hmm.  Pentagon's pimping you out again."  He smirked at Dawn.  "Protect each other from the whores, all right?  She's made a few people moan and pant and the other one paranoid."

"He smelled like chemicals," she said bluntly.  Tony winced.  "Yes, I was loud, but he did."  She walked him off.  "C'mon, I can spot your general."  He laughed and walked with her.  "So, did Rodney make you new toys yet?"

"He and Radek both have.  I'm real happy with the geeks who're doing my suit now."  He saluted.  "Sir.  Reporting as ordered."

"At ease, Colonel.  Miss Summers."  She tipped her head with a smile.  "Your escort for the evening?"

"Hiding with someone I can actually talk to.  There's very few and the last one's went to prepare for his presentation."

"That makes more sense."  She strolled off to give them privacy.  "She's one hell of a girl."

"Yes, and her boyfriend is a bit scary, sir."

"Figures.  Women like that need the alpha male sort."  He smirked.  "We're showing off the newest battle suit designs, which you are familiar with.  You'll be there during the presentation from Stark's people."

"The super geeks?"

"Yes, you know them?"

"Slightly.  I looked over the designs earlier, after they tried to stomp on a senator."  He looked around.  "Not in here?"

"Stark has them in protective custody away from all the sharks."  Dawn handed Rhodey a beer and strolled off to talk to someone making a scene.  "She's excellent."

"If I ever need an assistant I'll have to tempt her from Stark."  He sipped his beer.  "Nice choice too."  He held it and smiled.  "We all appreciate Dawn, sir.  Even after she thumped me for tipping some filing cabinets on her by accident."

The general winced.  "I wondered about that injury leave."

"She did it with bruised ribs, sir.  We were all impressed with that."  He took another sip and looked around.  "Stark left?  No, there he is, hovering over Pepper.  Who's pregnant?  I did not hear that gossip.  Excuse me, sir."

"Granted.  0900 tomorrow."

"Yes, sir."  He walked off.  "When are you due?" he asked.  "And why didn't I get an announcement for the baby shower?"

"I haven't sent them yet," Dawn quipped with a grin.  "Not until next week."

"I'll expect one."  He smiled at her.  "You'll make a great mom.  You had a lot of practice on both Starks and this one," he said with a head-nod at Dawn.

Pepper smiled.  "I did, yes.  It'll be fine."  She pinched his cheek.  "Be a good boy."

"You're already sounding like a mother," he taunted.

She smirked.  "I try."  She looked at Tony.  "I'm a bit tired and bored.  The music is putting me to sleep."

"You and Dawn go.  We'll be there soon to introduce the boys to the geek room."  She nodded, taking Dawn with her.  He looked at Rhodey.  "I know they bought the plans for the boys' suits."

"They're strong.  Could be useful."

"They are useful, they've been updating them when they were bored and stuck.  That and the roomba dog."  He walked off with his friend, going back to the hotel.  There was an engineer's party that he'd be taking the boys to.  They were mostly like them so it'd be nice and get them some good people to talk to.  The elder engineers all smiled at the kids talking about video games.  Tony looked over.  "Andrew, you can talk about the one you're working on.  We could use another programmer."

Andrew beamed.  "SHIELD needs one for recruiting.  It'll be up to you how to solve things within limited parameters.  Totally body reactive too.  So you'll have to run, jump, play it all yourself."  The other geeks moaned and wanted to try it.

"It's still being worked on for the interface.  You need a mic and headpiece, but we can't do the standard earpiece they use.  I'm thinking something like the over-the-ear bluetooth with microphone for dictation that Dawn uses."  They nodded, giving him ideas.  It was great fun.

Dawn came down there in jeans and a t-shirt, handing Tony his phone and his 'briefcase'.  "Just in case.  The building's sensors went off," she said quietly.


"Yours.  Someone tried to raid the lab.  Tripped over Roomba dog."  Andrew and Jonathan looked over.  "Someone was going for lab 37."

Andrew grimaced.  "Why?  They're doing boring stuff according to Patty."

"Because it could have street drug and field interrogation benefits," Tony said dryly.  "We certain, Dawn?"

"No.  They called in an alert, they're trying to find the rest, and they're here."  She walked off.

He read the alert's message, sending something back.  The case went behind him in case he needed it.  She was right, he did, because they moved the assault to the SHIELD building and he had to go.  He tripped the code on the case and let it unfold around him.  Everyone stared.  "Sorry, gotta fly."  He stomped off and flew off.  "JARVIS, check on the twins and Sean's status please."

"They are presently locked in a room that is not on the plans," the AI reported.  "Agent Hill has requested backup but they're fighting a slight infestation of their own at HQ."

"Let me back her up then."  He flew that way.  Him showing up made a few run but they got shot and knocked out.  He stomped up to help Maria, who was looking calm and centered as ever.  "Charming meeting you here, Agent Hill."  He shot the others she was fighting and then went to check the other apartments with her.  He got her set up with reinforcements from his people.  He went to HQ and landed as the last few came down.  "Didn't you leave me any?" he demanded to Fury.

"I tried very hard not to.  Agent Hill?"

"Building's clear.  Stark security got the ones that tried biochem in my building."

Fury nodded.  "Why go after the kids?" one of the lesser agents asked.

"Hammer admitted he had a plan and thought Buffy was a society chick," Tony said dryly.  "Dawn busted him on it."  The agent shivered.  "In a beautiful dress that made her look hot and heels, yes.  This is Dawn, she's always got the right outfit.  She learned it from her sister."  Fury walked off snickering.  "Let me get back to the geeks.  Unless we have more problems."  He looked at the car speeding his way and shot out the front tires.  

"I don't feel like having an accident today."  He flew off, heading back there.  This suit would remove itself.  It was a great feature.  On the way he talked to the geeks in biochem over JARVIS, who had no idea how someone had heard.  JARVIS found very few mentions on the system of what they were but a few in the reports.  Dawn hadn't been hacked, nor her tablet, but they had gotten the reports.  Tony had them scan all the employees to see who it was.  They found him about two in the morning as one of the security guards.  It figured. 

It was nice that Hammer had coordinated his attacks and the diversion at SHIELD.  He landed and pushed the button to remove the suit.  He caught the case when it was finally folded up, walking back inside the hotel.  A few people gaped and he smirked.  "They were trying to attack my people.  I nearly unleashed Pepper's mood swings on them."  They quit staring and laughed.  He got into their suite, finding Dawn waiting up playing the sheep jumping game.  "Solved."

"I know, I was calming down Buffy.  She wasn't sure why they wanted the twins and Callia."

"Hammer's so mentally damaged he probably thought the twins were mine," he said dryly.

"Could be," she admitted with a grin.  "Everyone's in, boss."

"Go to bed.  You'll have to cover up circles in the morning."  She went to bed, yawning a bit.  He went to his own, finding Pepper sleeping on it.  Which suited him just fine.  He liked to cuddle her.


Dawn picked up some information and asked some questions, getting a few odd looks.  "I do invest," she said dryly.  "Especially in things that could've made my mother's cancer treatment easier."  They smiled and told her about their nanite technology.  "What if they get out of hand?"  They looked confused.  "I've seen that someone was using them in other ways."

"Not ours."

"No, but can they be reprogrammed if someone finds them?  Or is there a quit code?"

"We have built in a quit code in case the patient doesn't respond well," one of them said.

Dawn beamed.  "That's a great thing."  She took down their information in her tablet and made notes as she walked off.  "Thank you."

They looked at each other.  They had no idea that someone was using nanites that way outside spy novels.  They went to talk to the other company that was perfecting some for non-medical work.  It wasn't theirs but they liked the idea of a quit code and they could figure out how to safeguard them better.  It was an idea they hadn't thought of yet.

Dawn finished her rounds, picking up coffees and danish for the team and bringing it back.  "Here we go, food.  Because we all need to eat," she told one of the scientists, who pouted.  "I got you Kona."  She smiled and took her cup.  Tony smiled and took his own, handing Pepper her tea and danish with extra strawberry drizzle on it.  They settled in to talk and go over ideas when people came near the booth.  Well, Tony watched and talked to Pepper. 

One young geek walked up to Tony holding a folder to her chest.  "Mr. Stark?"  Tony looked over.  "Is there an internship in your company coming open anytime soon?"

"We hire new interns for the labs every year.  Next year's applications aren't started until January and are expected in by April."  He held out a hand.  "Which school did you hit and in what field?"

"Biomedical Engineering and I went to MIT."  She smiled shyly.  "They said some really crazy things about you but all the people who you went to school with said you were great at the lab stuff, even if you weren't always the nicest person back then."

Tony smirked.  "No, I wasn't.  As a matter of fact, I'm not sure who gave your mentor a real job.  We used to pants him all the time.  Ran him up the flagpole while he was in them once too."

"Is your name really Tony James Potter-Stark?" Dawn quipped from her seat.

"Well, Lily was a redhead," he shot back with an evil look at her.  He grinned at the young geek.  "That's Dawn, our personal assistant."  He went over her files and Pepper pulled out the application packet.  He wrote something in one of the boxes and signed his name.  "Get that to us as soon as you can after January first.  Doug's not usually one to take in Interns but he studied under a lot of the same teachers so I'll make sure it gets to him.  If I can't, Dawn will."

She grinned.  "Thank you, Mr. Stark."  She smiled at Pepper.  "Congratulations."  She ran off being giddy.

Tony handed Pepper the portfolio of her work, making her nod and send the scientist in question a text message.

"He's with his mother this week," Dawn said.

"Then he'll want distracted since she'll start nagging about him not being married and not having kids yet," Tony quipped.  "He did the last time."

Pepper smiled.  "He did and said he'd gotten recommendations on her.  I'll scan and email it to him later."

Dawn took it and popped on her USB scanner to do that for her, then sent it to that email.  She sent him a text saying it was in there and he sent back a thanks and to say hi to his sister if they ran into her.  "I can do that," she said quietly, sending that back.  She handed Pepper back the folder and got up.  "Going to fix an issue."  Someone really needed some sense about how geeks operated in the real world.  Dawn set up her own fussing station.  There were other geeks in there that needed food.  The food cart people were not realistic about how geeks ate. 

They had things like salads and sandwiches that would usually go in vending machines.  She made an order from a local grocery store that delivered and bought out the cart for the day, setting up his helpers to gather the delivered things and deal with the coffee needs.  The neat little rolled sandwiches went over well too.  The scientists all heard 'coffee' and came.  One of them stared at her.  "This is what I really do at Stark.  Daily rounds making coffee, making sure the geeks eat, and picking up reports to hand to Pepper." 

They smiled and walked off with their snacks.  She settled near it to make adjustments for the upcoming things.  They'd need dinner too.  That got ordered and it was good.  The owner of the cart was amazed so Dawn told her what geeks ate.  Which was not really healthy for the most part but it was filling and soothing.  Dinner that night went well on the cart too.  When the Expo closed for the night, she returned the cart, gave the workers a tip for their fantastic service and keeping the coffee flowing, and let them have it back.  The next day's cart would hopefully be better but she had made a fantastic profit above what she had paid for the day's use.

Tony saw her that night, staring at her.  "You had to fuss?"

"Yup."  She smiled.  "It's what I do best for you."

"Good point, and it did make sure a few of the geeks ate."  He shook his head.  "Nice day's work?"

"Very.  Made three thou above what I paid him."

He smiled.  "Excellent.  New shoes?"

"Maybe a new set of towels.  Ours are a bit thin and I'm a spoiled princess sort according to some people.  Phil is really seriously thinking that I need to find a tower to be put in."  Tony cackled all the way down to the bar.  Dawn went to their suite.  "Pepper, we might need to save me from being put into a tower."  She looked and saw blood, then it cleared.  She shook her head.  "That's not good."

Andrew looked up.  "Vision or flash?" he demanded.

"Not sure."  He sat her down, checking her pulse.  "I'm good, 'Drew."

"You're not good.  What was it?" Jonathan asked.  Pepper came out of the bedroom.

"Blood.  Lots of blood.  No bodies that I saw."

Pepper hugged her.  "You'll be okay."  She sent a text message to Tony, who sent one to Coulson to check on her mates.  "It was probably a flash, nothing to worry about."

Dawn's phone rang.  Andrew got it.  "Dawn's phone.  No, she's fine, Clint.  She wasn't sure which it was.  Okay, that's good to know.  Did you get hit?  Pepper will want to know.  Even better.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "Phil said it was a spot vision and they didn't get a bit of it."  Dawn relaxed.  "But we might need to take some precautions."

Dawn nodded.  "I've got stuff, 'Drew."  They smiled at her.  "Go back to geek gaming."  They did and Pepper settled in to look at shoes online.  So when the door got kicked in, Dawn spun, moved to a better covered area, and fired on the team trying to come in.  They went down and it was not pretty.  Dawn got up carefully, looking around the door.  Security for the hotel was hurrying up.  She spotted another one waiting and shot at him.  His light deflector shield went off because she hit it instead of the guy.  Security got him down and cuffed for her.  She took a deep breath and looked.  "I have no idea," she told them.

"Are you their bodyguard, ma'am?"

"No, I'm Tony Stark's super assistant."  She put her gun up.  "It's happened that I needed to do this in the past though."  That got a nod.  She got her wallet so they could note her permit to carry concealed.  One was looking at the holster that didn't appear to be there.  She smiled.  "Magic."  That got a nod, they'd figure it was some new tech device.  It was certainly concealed carry.  The PD got there to help and they took statements and the idiot in cuffs.  One of them wanted to see Dawn's gun so she pulled it properly and handed it over.  They stared at the suddenly unhidden thing.  She smiled.  "Magic."

They nodded.  "Figures," one quipped.  He noted the serial number and her concealed carry permit, counted her bullets and the clip she had to change, then bagged the gun.  "Thank you, ma'am."

"Welcome.  Do we think there's more?  I only brought two handguns."

"Hopefully not," the PD said.  "We'll add some extra officers here to the hotel."  Tony came stomping off the elevator.  "It's handled, sir."

"Got 'em, boss," Dawn said.  "One living but he had a light deflector."

He stared at the ruined device, removing it for the officers.  "Their people are in 512."  He handed it over.  "I still don't like that harness design."

"It lets the sensors spread out further," Dawn said.  "When it was working, I could barely see his shoes.  His head was fully covered."

Tony nodded.  "Then it may have a use for short agents."  They took the idiots off, gathered the injured people, and then Tony got to calm down Pepper, who was sobbing.  "Nice work, Dawn.  Registered?"

"Yes, but I'll get it back.  My other one?  Oops."  She went to grab it and put it on.  Really, she had a nicely compact, demon made carrying system for a few weapons.  It fit nicely on her necklace of the day.  She came out and looked at Pepper.  "Want me to find you something?"

"No!"  She hugged her.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome.  You know damn well I'm not letting anyone bother my made family."  She smiled.  "Calm down.  Want some tea?"  Pepper nodded so Dawn made her some and Tony helped her into a warm bath.   She sat down with a huff.  "Huh.  Someone hates us."

Andrew looked at her.  "We're all loveable, you made sure we knew that.  That means they're stupid."

"Extremely stupid because Pepper having a mood swing is scary," Jonathan said.  "Patty's not allowed to get pregnant if I can see it."

"The great thing is that you get in so much fussing," Dawn said with a smile.  "Tony's fussed over her and she's let him.  Plus the second trimester is supposed to be pretty hot."

The boys smiled and looked at each other.  "Then maybe someday."

"Once we've created something to calm down mood swings," Andrew agreed happily.

"Remember, that's why you use birth control," Dawn said dryly.  They cracked and hugged her then got back to their game of scrabble.  Dawn popped her neck and got comfortable.  Someone would be stomping up to check on them soon.  Sure enough, within twenty more minutes it was Rhodey.  She got up to answer the door.  "She's in the tub, Tony's giving her a backrub."

He blushed.  "But we're all okay?"

"We're all good.  I injured them in ways that they'll hate to have in jail," she quipped.  Tony leaned out of the bedroom.  "He's making sure we're good."

"We're good," Tony assured him.  "Thanks."

"Tony?  Who is it?" Pepper called.

"Rhodey making sure we're good."  He went back to helping her calm down.

Dawn smiled at her moan.  "He gives great neck rubs."

"I got a few back in college," he said, walking off shaking his head.

"He really does," Jonathan said happily.  "He worked on my arm when it cramped because I slept on it wrong.  I nearly puddled into goo and offered to bear him babies."

"You'd have to ask Roque's mom, guys.  She's the sort that can do that."

Andrew looked at her.  Then at Jonathan.  "That would mean less mood swings.  We wouldn't have the girl hormones."

"You'd have to have them to carry properly," Dawn reminded him as she sat down.  "And a fake uterus put in."

They considered it and the scrabble pieces got used to think with instead.  They didn't want their girls to be in pain or anything mean like that so they'd do it for them.  That way the girls could take empirical notes and they could have kids later on.  They were guys, they could take more pain than the girls could.

Dawn smiled at her geeks.  Callia would love that story.  Jonathan started a search on pregnancy and how it worked.  Andrew was looking at uterus structures and fake tissue research.  You never knew what a geek could do when motivated by the love of their lives.


Dawn strolled back into the apartment and found Natasha reading.  She kissed her.  "You free or really expensive tonight?" she teased.

"I'm always expensive because I am the best there is," she purred, taking another kiss.  "Though I am done with my assignment."

Dawn snuggled against her.  "That's a good thing."

"That nagging reporter said you overstepped your authority.  That assistants should be seen and not heard or be more flashy than the boss."

"Pepper enjoys me being more flashy.  It means less leeches hit on her."  They shared a smirk.  "I invested in a few companies that looked nice.  I made some nice profits by taking over the food cart for the days.  They didn't even have decent coffee, Natasha."

She laughed and hugged her.  "Good work."

"Andrew and Jonathan are working on how a male pregnancy would work."

Natasha moaned and kissed her.  "I'm sure they'll give it up when they realize they're not gods."  She took another kiss.  "We are alone tonight."

"I heard they were still taking the long way back."

"Yes, they are."  She put aside her e-reader and got into Dawn's mouth for real.  She had missed her since they couldn't go on the vacation together.  Dawn was a bit squirmy but she hadn't had sex with more than her hand in two weeks.  She was needy that way.  Someone thumped and Dawn jumped up with a gun drawn.  Natasha looked at her.  "Was the Expo perhaps attacked?"  That was a very telling reaction and it usually took about four days for it to calm down so clearly something had happened at the Expo.

"Yup, and our room."  She put the gun aside in easy reaching distance and laid back down on top of Natasha.  "I handled it."

"You usually do."  She took more kisses and it was good, calming.  When someone opened the door, Natasha looked over at them, stopping Dawn from reaching for the gun.  Only the ones in the building could get in.  "Good evening, Coulson.  Clint?"

"Tomorrow.  He's coming up from Bogota."

"He hates Bogota," Dawn quipped.

"It was safer.  The twins?"

"Just got home," Dawn admitted.  "I figured they were okay when the building was attacked by Hammer to kill Buffy and capture Callia."

"We did not hear that news," Natasha told her.

"They tried HQ as a diversion and he had people trying to get into lab 37."

"Huh," Phil said.  "Who handled it?"

"Maria and Tony when he got here."

"Excellent."  He went up to check on them, closing their door for them.  "Maria?"  She jumped.  He smiled.  "What happened?"  She handed him the report.  He read it while cuddling the kids.  He had sent himself reading a bedtime story through a secure email channel each night.  They had still missed him so he got good cuddles.  Even Melissa cuddled and she didn't usually anymore.  It was nice and comforting to come home to.

Maria smiled at them, going to make tea.  "They were safely with Sean and Callia."

"Excellent work."  He kissed them on the head.  "Get me a book?"  They looked around.  He grabbed one off the coffee table and settled in to read to them.  They could have dinner with him later.  Tara and Maria wouldn't mind some alone time.  Xander wouldn't mind if they were joined for dinner either.  Xander appeared, smiling at him.  "I'm stealing them for dinner."

"I figured you were."  He took a kiss then patted each kid on the head.  "Hi, kids."  They smiled and John made kissy faces so he kissed him on the head too, getting smiled at.  Melissa poked him so he patted her again.  She smiled at him for remembering she hated to be kissed on.  "You two are so weird but it's nice you'll be able to help Sean be the best Summers girl he can be, John."

"Melissa is still insisting he's hers," Maria quipped.  "Maybe the next one she has will be the next fussing Summers woman, one way or another."

Xander grinned.  "Could be."

"Is she?" Phil asked.

Xander nodded.  "She was complaining at her checkup."  They smirked and he tapped out a message of congratulations to her.

They'd handle it.  Her being pregnant had kept Cleveland absolutely calm.  Not even a single vampire attack once she had announced it.  Clearly they were worried about hormones.


Dawn handed Andrew something the next morning.  "Xander sent you that on your new private research topic.  That's how the godly ones are handled."  She handed him something else.  "For MB's birthday."  He grinned and put it aside for her.  She hugged them and strolled off to handle other things.

Tony stopped her in the halls.  "Why didn't you call when the room was attacked?"

"Happened too fast."

"I had to hear from the hotel security people, Dawn."

"Pepper had a switch too."

"From now on, I hear as soon as humanly possible from you and whoever else as well."  She nodded.  "Thank you."  He patted her on the cheek.  "Some of the geeks want to steal you to fuss over them."  She beamed.  He walked off to talk to Pepper.  Who was happily nibbling some yogurt and fruit with grapenuts.  "You didn't tell me when it happened."

"I panicked.  The hormones are horrible, Tony.  All I could do was cry.  I didn't remember I had a switch until you reminded me in the tub."

"That's fine.  Hormones can cloud your mind, that's why we have to fine people for screwing in the storage areas."  She giggled at that and ate another bite, then nearly dropped the cup of yogurt.  He moved to touch her stomach, calming down the baby.  "Do you have jet boots in there, kid?  That was nearly as strong as mine."

Dawn came in and hip-nudged him out of the way, squatting down to work on her stomach and calm the baby down.  Pepper sighed in relief.  She smiled.  "It's holistic healing but it works on cranky kids.  Worked on Sean too."  She stood up and handed her the yogurt and the files she had been carrying.  "Dr. Pigalli said you're due an ultrasound later since you haven't had one yet."  She strolled off.

"I need to learn that," Tony decided, petting the baby.  "We can do the ultrasound now since you're not busy."  Pepper smiled and nodded, letting him take her down there.  She finished her yogurt on the way.  "Doctor?"  She came out of her office and smiled, leading them to the ultrasound area.  Pepper had to get a bit uncovered but Tony never minded that.  The ultrasound got turned on.  They had to search for a good picture and a good heartbeat sound.  "I know he's good.  He just kicked the snot out of her."

"Him?" Dr. Pigalli asked.

"I don't care," Pepper said quickly.

"Then I won't tell you."  She found one and smiled, refining the image and letting the heartbeat sound loudly while she checked.  "Ten fingers, ten toes.  Nicely thick umbilical cord."  She shifted the wand and smiled.  "Looks pretty good."  She printed the pictures.

Tony helped her clean up Pepper's stomach and waited until Pepper had walked off.  "Girl, right?" he hissed.  She smiled and nodded.  "Callia will like that.  Sean confused her."  He walked off to follow Pepper back upstairs.

Dr. Pigalli smiled and set everything back up for future use.  She went back to her office and Jonathan, who had some really strange contacts since he had information on how male gods got pregnant.


Xander looked up as Phil walked in, smiling at him.  "Long day at work?"

"A lot of reports."  He got kissed and smiled.  "Thank you for making dinner."

"I had Talsa make dinner."

"Deer?" he guessed.

"Cow.  Roast beef.  Gravy.  That stuff."  He smiled.  "She likes the modern ovens."

"I like her cooking no matter how she does it," he admitted, taking off his jacket to lay across a chair then his tie and shirt.  Xander stared at his neck.  "It hasn't faded."

"I know."  He pulled him down to kiss against it then his lips.  Phil smiled back, touching the one he had made through Xander's shirt.  "Eat naked?"

"No, I don't want to risk pubic hairs or any biological deposits ruining her roast."  Xander laughed and hugged him but they did strip down to boxers to eat.  Xander was staring at the mark he could barely see over Phil's briefs.  Which pleased him as well.  Xander was working himself into a good pouncing mood.  "At least the goo that got shot at us didn't touch Clint," he said.  "That might've been bad."

"Goo?" Xander asked too casually.  "Someone shot goo at you?"

"Some sort of attempt at chemical restraint that failed dramatically."

"Really?" Xander asked.

"Clint shot them," he assured him.

"Good."  He stared at him.  "Did it hurt you?"

"I scanned myself after the decontam shower, Xander.  I'm fine."

"I'll be making sure of it." 

Phil smiled at him for that.  "I'd expect nothing less."  Xander did growl and moved them to the bedroom in a flash.  Without their clothes.  Xander settled in to sniff and lick each inch of his skin to make sure it was the way it should be.  Phil laid there and took it because it was good for them.  Xander spoiled him rotten.  And if he got another bite mark, it wouldn't be a permanent one he'd have to have put in his file.  Xander laughed at that thought and nuzzled his one on his hip before biting it again.  "I had to assure him repeatedly that you were very good to me," he said quietly.

"Some people are just stupid, Phil.  He probably thought I was the barbarian warrior type too."

"I know you're not.  You read me Winnie the Pooh in Norse the other night."

Xander nuzzled his neck. "I thought you might need a bedtime story."  He kissed him and went back to his exploration.

Yeah, they were good together, knew what the other needed without having to think too hard.  It was good for them.

The End.

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