Title:  Prayers Answered.
Author/pseudonym:  Voracity
Rating: PG-13 to be safe, some mature topics, like death.
Pairings: none really.
Fandom: buffy/hp xover
Status: done!
Disclaimers: we all know it's not mine and I make no money off these.  If I did, I wouldn't be fighting with unemployment right now.
Summary: harry asks for some divine help and the Powers That Be send an avatar.
Warnings:   some mature topics, Harry coming to terms with the war's possible outcomes.

Prayers Answered.

Harry looked at the prayer one more time, then decided it could only help him.  He was feeling more and more lost among the stuff he was being forced to learn to stop the war once and for all.  Maybe a higher power would at least guide him to what he needed to really learn.  He set out the stuff the book said he needed and closed his eyes, starting the simple chant to the Powers That Be, they who looked over hero's shoulders and helped the Light.

He felt something so opened his eyes, finding himself in a misty, foggy place that was fairly bright.  He looked around, probably looking confused.  "Um, hello?" he called quietly.  This wasn't what he had expected. 

"Yeah, kid?" a young, tired sounding voice called.  It was male, and the owner stepped out of the fog, being male, dark haired, and tired looking.  "You summoned me?"

"No, I was praying to The Powers That Be. Are you one of them, sir?"

"No, I'm a stooge of theirs," he admitted sarcastically.  "Gee, thanks, this is the first sleep I get in days and you do this to me?" he yelled.  He heard a quiet chuckle so he looked at the boy again.  "Okay, so you prayed to the PTB.  Why?"

"I'm Harry Potter, sir.  I was looking for a bit of...guidance.  My people are at war.  I'm the savior."  The other boy made 'go on' motions so he babbled on.  "They're forcing me to learn stuff that I don't understand and in magic if you can't understand you usually can't do it.  I don't know why I need to learn about doing magic as a souless being.  I don't know why I need to learn how to do demonic magic.  I don't know why I need to learn to do wandless magic, or chaos magic, or anything like that.  I'm doing really good to keep up in my normal magic studies."

"You're a witch?"

"A wizard, I'm still male," he said dryly.  Did this guy not know anything?  "I go to a coed school though.  There's plenty of witches there."

"Whoa, I'm more used to wiccans and nature magic, kid.  There, everyone's a witch."  Harry nodded, he could understand that.  "So, what do you think you need?"

"Guidance.  I have no idea what I need to be doing, besides studying my ass off so I'm not the one who dies.  They're throwing all sorts of magic at me that I've never heard of and I don't understand why I need it."

"Have you asked the teachers yet?"

"Yeah, and they said it was important that I knew them.  They're frankly starting to scare me, sir."

"Cut the sir crap, kid. I'm a Xander.  I'm a knight, but not that sort."  He moved closer.  "So, you need intense training in how to survive.  You need to know what you need to do.  You need another few fighters who give a damn about the cause probably.  What's going on?  In ten thousand words or less."

"My people are at war.  We're wizards.  Voldemort, our bad guy, is killing those who aren't pure and think like him.  He killed my parents and I defeated him as a baby, but now he's back.  There's a prophecy that says either I kill him or he kills me; that only one of us can truly live.  I've got other fighters on my side.  Most of my teachers.  Some of my fellow students.  My best friends have kept me sane so far but they're not getting the special lessons."

"Okay," Xander said, holding up a hand.  "We can deal with this, Harry.  We can get you training in the mojo stuff.  We can get you help.  We can possibly get you prophecy management.  But you've got to do a bit of traveling.  We're in LA.  Can you get to LA?"

"LA?  Like Las Angeles?  In the States?"  Xander nodded.  "Probably.  Where are you?"

"Go to LA, go to the Hyperion Hotel, it's in the phone book under Angel Investigations.  I'll give them a head's up that you're coming.  Between deadboy and Wesley and me, we should be able to help you, and then get Wills and Buffy involved."

"Who are these people?"

"Angel's a vampire with a soul," Xander said dryly, smirking at him.  "Willow is Rosenburg.  A very powerful Witch.  Buffy's the senior slayer."  Harry's mouth opened.  "We're the warriors of the PTB.  Welcome to the army, Harry."

"Thank you, I think.  You really can guide me?  I can't expect anyone to fight this battle for me."

"Harry, will this battle be a one-on-one or a real battle with a battle between you two during it."

"Probably the later.  He's also shown a flair for the over-dramatic though so maybe he'll try to kidnap me again."

"Okay, get your ass to LA, Harry.  Come to us, we can help."

"What about the school?"

"Oh, we'll get you back pretty quickly once we see what you need," he promised.  "We can probably do most if it via correspondence once we've got the basics out of the way.  After all, we've saved the world tons of times in the last six years.  And nearly ended it once," he admitted with a small smirk.  "Come to us, Harry.  I'll be waiting."   He flared up and disappeared.

Harry woke himself up and looked around his room.   He felt lighter for some reason.  He packed a smaller bag with all his books that they'd given him, some clothes, and his wand, then left, heading to the office.  He found Filch in the hallway.  "I need to see Dumbledore.  I've been called for special training in LA."

The caretaker gave him a look like he was insane.  That's when Harry realized he was in his pj's but he didn't really care.  He ducked into a bathroom to change while Filch went to get up the Headmaster.  He walked the stairs, smiling happily.  "I did what one of the books you gave me said to do, I called on the Powers That Be."  The Headmaster gave him a look like he was insane.  "It was in that chaos book you gave me, Headmaster.  I've been invited to LA for some training."

"By who, Harry?" he asked calmly.

"Someone named Xander.  He said he's one of the Powers's warriors.  Said someone named Wesley and Deadboy would be helping me.  Also someone named Angel, some sort of souled vampire."  The Headmaster's eyes went very wide.  "He also mentioned a slayer if I remember right.  So I need to go.  They said it shouldn't take too long.  They'll get me sorted out and sent back."

"We need you here, Harry."

Harry gave him a long stare.  "What good am I to you if I don't know what hell I'm doing, sir?" he asked finally.  "You've all given me books on things I can't hope to understand, much less master.  Xander was nice, he said they could tell me which one I needed to focus on.  All I asked for was guidance.  He said they could do that and straighten out some other things for me.  At the very least, I'll know what I need to do.  Now, I can easily make myself a portkey if I have to.  You did have me taught that last year."

"No, I'll do so.  Where are you going?"

"To the Hyperion Hotel.  To Angel Investigations."

"Very well.  One week, Harry, then I'll expect you back.  The final battle may be any day now."  He created a portkey and handed over the old envelope.  "Here.  It'll return in one week exactly."  Harry nodded, taking it and letting it be activated.  "I hope they know what they're doing," he muttered as the boy disappeared.  He wrote notes to the rest of the staff, then went back to bed to worry.


Xander trotted down the stairs.  "Deadboy!" he called.

"Don't call me that, Xander!" Angel complained.

"Fine, whatever.  We've got an incoming wizard who needs help.  Potter?"  Wesley choked.  "Exactly.  The PTB just had me ask him what he needed.  He needs guidance.  They're pushing demonic and chaos magic on him.  They want him to die.  They're making him the focus of a war.  He's going to be here within the next few days."

"Or sooner," Wesley noted quietly, looking at him.  "Are you sure it was him?"

"That's what he said his name was.  Harry Potter."

"Yes?" a tired voice said from behind him.  "That's a very long trip."  He grinned at Xander.  "I hope I'm not too early."

"No, I was just briefing them.  I took a short nap between the two," he admitted, holding out a hand.  "Xander Harris, Harry, welcome to LA.  That's Angel and Wesley.  Let's go over what you told me with them, okay?"

"Sure," he agreed, handing over the bag.  "On top of my clothes, I've got all the books they've been pushing on me."

"That's fine, Harry.  I handle more magic than Xander does," Wesley offered, taking the bag to look at the books.  He gasped at the sight of them.  "They want you to do what?" he said angrily.

"That's why I need guidance.  I can't understand a bit of it or why I need to know it."

"There's more important things for you to learn," Xander pointed out.  "Those of us who've survived major apocalypi know how hard it is."

"The proper word is apocalypses, Xander," Wesley said patiently.  "Considering the fact that your group saved the world nine or ten times, I'd say you were more than able to help the boy with the correct mindset and help him with the battle planning."  He handed one over to Angel, who shuddered and handed it back.  "Harry, have they said that they wanted to turn you into Angelus?"

"No," he said cautiously.  "Would that be bad?"

"Do you have an aversion to torturing others, wearing leather pants, and being the most boring stalker-bad guy on the face of the earth?" Xander asked.   Angel growled.  "Whatever. You still killed fish, Angel."  He looked at Harry again and smirked.  "Ignore him.  He got up on the wrong side of the bed tonight."

"That's okay.  I'm being helped by a Weasley who's the same way some mornings."  He handed over his personal copy of the prophecy to Wesley as well.  "Then there's that.  Found that out in my fifth year, sir."

"It's Wesley, Mr. Potter. Don't be so formal," he chided, smirking at the boy before reading it.  He nodded.  "Tricky thing, life.  We'll have to work over this one tomorrow since it's so ambiguous."

"I didn't think so," Harry offered.  "It seems pretty straightforward."

"Living is a matter of interpretation.  The one of you who lives will of course have some sort of life afterwards, even if you're confined to a hospital bed as a vegetable.  It talk about many forms of life.  That and killing isn't always the same. There may be a loophole.  We're very good with them, however, we deal with a few of these a month.  Now, Xander, show the poor boy to a room.  He looks just as tired as you are.  We'll get him started tomorrow on the physical training he'll need."

"I play quidditch."

"Is that a sport?" Angel asked.

Harry nodded, smiling a bit.  "Done on broomsticks."

"Harry, in a battle you're using running and you'll need to up your personal reserves of magic," Wesley said gently.  "This is something we've learned over the years as Watchers."

"You're a Watcher, sir?"

Wesley nodded.  "I was.  Xander worked with a slayer or three."

"Angel dated one before taking over as warrior-stud of LA," Xander offered. "C'mon, let's get you into a room.  We've got the whole routine down by now.  We've been working with the newly called slayers recently."  Harry nodded, nodding at the others before following him.  "So, you're a wizard.  Do you use earth magic?"

"No, we use wands," Harry offered, pulling his.

"Okay, that's kinda weak," he noted.  "Not good to stake, easily lost if you're knocked out, flimsy if you're hit so it can be broken, and probably can't be used by anyone but you, like everyone else's?"

"We can use other's but not very well," he admitted.

"Which makes it a bad weapon to have in a real battle," Xander admitted.  "Don't worry, we'll probably help you learn some wandless stuff if possible.  That's a very weak weapon when you're being attacked."  He tapped on a door before opening it.  "Fred, this is Harry.  He's come for guidance and help.  They're making him basically do the slayer role for his people's war. Third floor?"  She nodded.  "Thanks.  Harry, this is Fred.  She's research girl and pretty darn neat.  You'll like her.  See you tomorrow, Fred."  He walked Harry off after closing the door.  He led him to another flight of stairs and up to a new set of rooms.  "Okay, this one should do," he offered, opening a door, then closing it.  "Never mind, Lorne's been storing some of his wardrobe in here."  He went across the hall as Harry snickered and opened that one, letting him have it.  "If you need me, I'm right by this flight of stairs, one up on the right on the opposite side of the hall from the landing."   He patted Harry on the back.  "Give us a few to think."  He walked off, leaving Harry there, heading back down to help.  Fred was down there now, going over the prophecy against the ones they had on hand. "He's tired, guys."

"It's often that way when you're the one everyone depends on," Wesley reminded him.  "How did he seem otherwise?"

"Happy to have someone who wanted to straighten things out for him," Xander said honestly.  "He didn't ask for knowledge, not for help fighting, just for guidance."

"How did you meet him?" Fred asked.

"The PTB pulled me up when he asked for guidance to talk to him and interview him," Xander said honestly.  She shuddered.  "Yeah, exactly.  No funny demons at least."  He looked at Wesley.  "I'm thinking slayer training, level one, with wicca added.  You?"

"I think that might be best," Wesley agreed.  "How do they do their magic?"

"With a wand.  His is about seven inches, wood, leaks magical signature stuff, I could see a faint aura around it upstairs.  Oh, he's across from the stairs.  Lorne's using that first room for his laundry again."  Everyone nodded at that.  "Should we involve the Buffy and the Willow?"

"Yes, we should," Angel decided.  "He'll need Willow's help at the very least," he put forward.  "Any magical war will need some sort of containment and some sort of major force.  That kid didn't seem that powerful."

"But if they're all like that, then he's probably a bit more powerful but not much," Fred offered.  "Like a slayer starts out slightly better than average and as she goes on and gets stronger and more trained she become uber slayer."

"True," Wesley agreed quietly.  "That's fine.  We can start on that tomorrow.  Xander, work on his physical.  Fred and I will work on his magical.  Angel, if you could help us find ways to help the poor boy.  Gunn can help him with the training if he wants."  Everyone nodded. "All right.  Then let's conference Cleveland into this so they'll know that there's something going on."

"Good enough," Willow agreed as she walked in.  "What's going on?  I heard someone wish I was here."

"Since when did you become a wish demon?" Xander joked.  She swatted him but gave him a goofy grin.  "We've got one Harry Potter upstairs, who needs guidance and probably some unorthodox help."

"I know Harry.  I've met him before."  Wesley held up one of the books.  "What's that?"

"What they're trying to make him learn now," Wesley told her.   "Chaos, demonic, and soulless magic."

"Excuse me?" Willow said sharply.  Wesley nodded.  "That bastard," she swore, shaking her head.  "Fine.  We'll help.  What do you need from me?"

"He could use some magic help," Xander offered calmly.  Willow on a rant was a scary thing. He didn't want to see that tonight.  "I'm working on his physical training.  Wes's got the mojo and prophecy stuff going on."

"Sure, I'm there," Willow agreed.  "Buffy will be too.  We're in a lull."

"This won't be a short war, Miss Rosenburg," Wesley warned.

"No, but we've got seventeen slayers with a chip on their shoulder and the desire to do it by themselves.  We can let them for a while.  Maybe switch out to get some good combat experience.  Want Giles?"

"No, don't wake him," Wesley ordered.  "We can get him into this tomorrow."

"Rooms open on the third floor, up by Harry," Xander offered.

She grinned.  "Thanks, Xander."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "Let me settle in and call some clothes to me."  She headed up to do that.  "See you guys in the morning."

"Of course," Angel agreed, watching her go.  She was still like a whirlwind.  He looked at Wesley.  "What am I doing?"

"You're helping him with the reality, deadboy," Xander told him.  "If that prophecy is right, he'll have to kill someone.  He seems like one of those nice boys with some past trauma to me.  He'll need help seeing the necessary.  Which means demon fighting would go very well with his physical training."

"Sure," he said dryly.  "I'll take him slaying once he's ready."  He went to make himself something to drink.  It was going to be a long night again.  He came back and found Xander gone, Fred gone, and Wesley asleep on the books.   He held in an 'aw' by sheer force of will.  It was cute, but his demon would bite him if he cooed.  He took his blood up to his room with one of the books on soulless magic.  He hadn't seen that before.


A few days later, Harry collapsed and looked at Xander.  "Are you sure you're not demonic?  You have more stamina than anybody."

"I helped train seventeen teenage slayers with PMS recently," he said dryly.   "I was a construction worker before then with slaying on the side.   Before that was school with slaying on the side.  It sucks, but I don't get much sleep," he offered with a grin.  "Rest's up, get up, let's go again."

"Sure, Xander," Harry moaned as he stood up and got back into position, learning more basic hand-to-hand to help him.  He had never trained like this but it made a lot of sense that he was.  They were interrupted by Fred, who was carrying two axes, one of which went to Xander.  "What's going on?"

"Oh, we're going to slay something. Wanna come?" she asked.

"Sure, I guess I can watch and help if I can," he said hesitantly.  She beamed and he lightened up.  If someone as sweet and innocent as Fred did this stuff it couldn't be all bad.  He followed them out, stopping to get a bottle of water from the stock they all drank from.  He guessed it was special water, or just an LA thing, he wasn't sure which.  He got into the back of the car, looking around as they took off.  They hadn't really let him outside yet so it was a big, new city for him to discover.   They pulled down an alley and into a parking garage, then got out, heading into a shopping center.  Inside were three very large demons who were green and trying to lick a kid who had spilled his soda over himself in terror.  "What are we doing with them?"

"We're killing them before they eat anyone else," Xander said patiently.  "This is called slaying.  It's what we do."

"But aren't they thinking beings?"

"Possibly, but if we don't stop them, they can snack the world to death in a few months," Fred told him.  "The ethics are shaky, but survival is a personal thing to some people."

"Oh."   He watched as Xander attacked the one with the kid, making it let the kid go and swat at him instead.  He debated for a moment, then one of them tried to attack him.  He went on instinct, pulling his wand to attack back.   By the time the demons were gone, he was sweaty and tired, and his mind was running around in circles.  He followed them back to the car, getting into the backseat again.  "Is it always like that?"

"No, sometimes they're vampires, sometimes they're bigger, sometimes they're slimier," Xander said honestly.  "Welcome to slaying, Harry.  It's not an occupation to make you happy and satisfied but it's necessary.  We do it because we have to, or the world will end."

"Just like I'll have to," he sighed.

"You can at least picture him as a demon," Xander offered quietly.  "It's something that's necessary, not right.  Ethics and slaying don't go hand-in-hand.  Ethics is a pretty subject, but war is hell and has little to do with ethics or morals, Harry.  Wars should only be fought by those who should fight them, those who have to, or those who can do it.  Not the peaceful little people, not the sniveling cowards, not those nice, sweet, innocent people.  Those who have to, like slayers and you, and those who can, like soldiers.  It sucks that you got called into the 'have to' category, but being here means that we can teach you how to survive and then have a life afterwards that doesn't include the phrase 'he looks very natural' at your early demise from doing what you had to do."

Harry nodded, thinking that over.  When they got back to the hotel, he went out to the gardens to think some more, knowing no one would mind.  He hadn't seen the practical side of it before.  He could draw a lot of similarities between himself and a slayer, only he hoped to survive his single battle and move onto a normal life, something they didn't get to do.  Now he knew why the PTB had sent him to Xander.  Xander had been there as one who didn't *have* to, until he had found out and then his own innate drives had driven him to help.  Xander had seen both sides of conflict.  He was a soldier.  He had worked with people in his position and watched them die.  He had watched them live and despair as the next battle came and had to be fought.  He shivered and wrapped his arms around himself.  He looked around, feeling someone watching him.  "Hello?" he called softly.

A pretty brunette woman walked out of the hotel, giving him a long look.  "Who're you?  I know I've been gone for a few days, but you're new here."

"I'm Harry.  The PTB sent me to Xander for help."

"Oh, you're the one Fred was talking about.  She said you saw the necessariness today."  He nodded, curling back in on himself.  "It's icky the first few times, but then you realize how 'your or them' it is and you deal," she offered.  "You've got to or you go insane."  She came out to pat him on the head.  "You'll do what you have to do, or you'll lose.  Those are the options, Harry.  It's not always a matter of choice, sometimes it's a matter of training.  Sometimes it's a matter of opportunity.  Sometimes it's even a matter of who you've got behind you.  Xander's good at that part," she admitted with a gentle smile.  "Remember to come in for dinner, Harry.  We ordered so you're not tortured with my cooking."  She went back inside, going to talk to Xander, tell him that the kid was too deep in thought.  "He's worried, Xander."

"He'll do fine, Cordy.  He's a moral guy with ethics.  He's in a Slayer position and he hates it just as much as we hate it for him."  He looked at her.  "He'll do fine.  We're giving him what we can and some of us will probably end up going over to help him.  Me included.  He'll need a good backup."

"Which you're great at," she agreed.  "You and Willow both."

"I was thinking more like me, Willow, Buffy, and maybe Wesley.  He seems to know more than he's letting on.  He knew who Harry was before he got here."

"I'm guessing it's a Watcher thing then," she said with a smirk.  "Giles knew his name too."

"Cool beans, then we won't have a problem getting Willow and Buffy involved when he needs us most," he said with a smirk.  "Should we bring you anything back from the Land of Watchers?"

"Maybe a cute outfit," she said with a grin.  "Remember your weapons."

"Of course."  He kissed her on the cheek.  "Wanna come with?"

"No, then I'd have to telephone back the visions.  It wouldn't be quite as helpful."  She grinned.  "Fred ordered dinner."

"I'll be down in a few minutes."  She nodded, leaving him there to calm himself down after the last battle.  He did it every time.  She headed down the stairs, blinking at the new arrival. "You are?  Oh, and welcome to Angel Investigations."

"I'm Bill Weasley.  Dumbledore sent me to check on Harry.  Is he here?"

"Harry!  Visitor!" Cordy yelled.

Harry came in and smiled.  "Hi, Bill.  Is everything okay?"

"Just fine, Harry.  Dumbledore was worried when your portkey came back without you."  He walked over to give him a hug.  "How's it going?" he asked, leading him back outside. "Are you learning what you need to?"

Harry nodded.  "I am, and Xander said he wants to come back to help me train more," he offered with a small smile.  "He's got a very...practical view of the world sometimes."  He noticed Bill was staring behind him and looked, then smirked.  "Hi, Lorne.  Angel's hiding still."

"That's fine.  Fred invited me over for dinner. How are you doing, Harry?"

"Better.  We had to slay something today and I went with them. I'm still thinking."

"It's always better to think than to react," Bill agreed weakly.  "Hi, Bill Weasley."

Lorne smiled and shook his hand.  "Lorne.  I run a karaoke bar. Stop by tonight if you're in town.  First drink's on the house," he said with a smile, heading inside.  "Who's the redhead dish?" he called as he walked inside. 

Bill shook his head.  "What was that?"

"A demon who sees futures, but you've got to sing for him," Harry said with a gentle smirk.  "He's really nice, but that's a very subtle outfit for Lorne.  Usually he's much more... bright and enthusiastic.  Lorne's a great guy.  Very good at explaining when Wesley's going into high education mode."

"Oh, good," he said, regaining his thoughts.  "So, how did it go?"

"One tried to snatch me so I defended myself.  I killed it, Bill."

"Sometimes you've got to do things like that to live, Harry."

"Which is what Xander's been trying to tell me now for about a week," Harry agreed quietly.  "How long can you stay?  You really should take Lorne up on his offer.  It's a wonderful place.  Very neutral.  You could sing and see if he sees something for you."

"Harry, sweetie, he's nearly vibrating in the key of F-sharp right now," Lorne called.  "It's close enough.  He'll live and have kids.  Lots of little kids who he calls little ron's.  Come eat.  Fred got Chinese tonight from the human place, not the demon place."

"Shoot, I like the demon place," Harry joked as he walked inside with Bill.  "Can he stay for dinner?  Lorne said he could come to the club tonight."

"Sure," Fred agreed with a grin.  "I got extra for the Xander-belly-of-doom.  There'll be plenty."

"He better not steal all of mine, or I might have to eat him," Xander said as he walked down the stairs.  "The human or the demon place?"

"The human. The demon one's still scared of us," Fred reminded him.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot.  We had to stake the delivery guy last time," he agreed as he sat down.  "Hey.  I'm Xander.  You are?"

"Bill Weasley," he said, blinking a few times.   "Has Harry been a good boy?"

"Pretty much.  He's always worked hard, he doesn't whine like some of the slayers we've worked with."

"He offers to help shelve books," Fred offered.  "That makes him better than Xander in the library."

"Hey, I worked with a librarian.  Giles threatened to cut my hands off if I ever shelved another book on him.  Since I couldn't do my favorite things without my hands, I decided I'd better stop doing that."  He grinned at Bill.  "So, Weasley.  Harry's mentioned a Ron, family?"

"Youngest brother.  I'm the cool one," Bill admitted with a grin.  "Speaking of, Harry, the overprotective mother boy that is your best friend said I was to smack you for not leaving him even a note."

"Oops," he said with a small grimace.

"Fortunately Hermione found out the reputations of who you're training with and that sent Ron into *really* overprotective mode.  The little tit is even worse than our mother right now.  That's one of the reasons why Dumbledore sent me, so Ron would quit bugging him." 
"I'll, um, write a quick note to send back with you," Harry offered.  "Worse than your mother?"

"Even mum told him to calm down and Dad nearly cried he was so much like mum when we first went to school according to him.  It's pretty scary.  Made Charlie long for the twins to visit."  Harry snickered at that.   "So, how much longer do you think?"

"Is there a move on the school?"

"Not this week, but probably before too long.  It got out that you're not there."

"I can get him up to working the three spells we think he'll need tonight," Wesley offered.  "Or shortly after noon tomorrow.  So by the end of the week, Xander?"

Xander got up to grab the phone, dialing Willow's cell.  "Hey, me.  Harry's got to go back soon.  Like this week soon. Yeah, fine.  Send it my way and I'll toss it once we get there."  He hung up.  "Willow said that'd be fine.  She'll send me something so I can mark a spot for her to come to once we get there."  He sat down and hummed in appreciation at his first bite.

Lorne flinched, then glared at him.  "Do you mind!  Some of us didn't need to see that sort of stuff while we're eating, Xander!"

"More than I wanted to know," Cordy said to stop any retort Xander might have.

"Well, he is cute," Fred admitted with a blush.  "But I'm sure he's got a special friend at home."

"Not unless he's stolen Hermione or someone," Harry said, looking at Bill.  "Do you?  I'll offer you Xander so I can sleep in tomorrow," he offered with a bright grin.

"Harry, I can proposition him all by myself.  I'm a *big* boy now, dear, really.  Besides, who knows if Bill could handle the Xander-lovin' or would even like Xander-lovin'."

Bill blushed.  "I'm not against anything like that, but I barely met you.  I'm one of those good boys.  Never on the first date, mate."  He sipped some water to calm himself back down.  "So, Harry, learn any new tricks recently?"

Harry grinned.  "I have.  Xander's been working on training me physically, like they do the Slayers they work with.  I'm getting pretty good at being thrown on my back."

"Oh, I don't know, Harry, you're pretty good at ducking blows too," Xander offered dryly.  "You'll do fine, that's one of the reasons why I'm coming back with you, to keep working your butt off."

"Sure, Xander, it'll only make me more fit for Quidditch and girls."

Lorne gave him an odd and long look.  "You so sure it's in that order or that style, Harry?" he asked finally.

Harry blushed.  "Unless I missed something, I think I like girls."

Lorne nodded once.  "Give it a year after the war to figure that out for sure, Harry.  Trust me here.  There'll be some doubts and you'll want to figure that one out for sure."

"Okay."  He trusted Lorne.  Maybe he did like guys, he'd have to figure that out too he guessed.  "Ron?"  Bill choked.

Lorne shook his head. "Don't start with your best friend, it'll only upset them if it doesn't work out.  I speak from experience after watching it time and time again as some poor sod sings out his heart off key due to being very drunk."

"Okay.  If you figure out who, just tell me.  I don't like it when people throw themselves at me."

"Sure, Harry.  I'll describe him later tonight, after you sing again," Lorne promised.

"Did you ever get the words to that one song?"

"Yup, sure did, and uploaded for you, little guy.  Just waiting for you to come in tonight.  Xander, you too, babe.  There's still that anomaly."

"Sure, Lorne.  I don't know why you saw the future splitting.  Unless we're going to have another Cordy-verse moment."  Cordelia choked.  "You haven't been making more wishes, right?"

"No, Xander, I learned my lesson after the skanky vamp Willow came onto me.  That was a bit more than I wanted to know about the lesbian witchy-poo thing she's got going now."

"As a harbinger, it was a wonderful omen," Wesley offered.  "Willow did end up going dark.  Xander ended up going a bit darker as well.  Buffy did die, twice, and come back.  Angel's still a tortured vampire." 

"Yeah, but we're not caging him at the moment," Cordelia noted.

"What are we talking about?" Bill asked.

"At one point in time, I made a wish," Cordelia offered.  "To a wish demon.  I created an alternate universe where Xander and Willow were vampires," she said proudly.

"It was a good taste of things to come," Wesley pointed out again.

"I still don't think I could be a good vampire," Xander said, frowning at Cordelia.

"You're an excellent hunter," Fred reminded him.  "You're in very good shape.  You can do the messiest of jobs around here and not blink.  Thank you for unsticking the drain line again by the way."

"Not a prob, Fred, it's what I used to do for a living," he said dryly, smirking at her.  "Next, I'm going to go paint your room again so the writing doesn't come back through."  She grinned sheepishly.  "Then I'm buying you a really *big* journal."

"Sure, I could use another one," she agreed happily. 

Wesley shook his head.  "I'm sure Gunn would appreciate that when he gets back from his trip."

Cordy smirked at Xander.  "Unfortunately the omen didn't warn us about fangless.  Not even Xander."

"One can never really be prepared for Spike," Xander said dryly.  "Take it from me, his forced roommate for a bit."  He saluted her with his water.  "Eat, Harry."

"Eating," he agreed, taking another bite.

"Fangless?" Bill asked.

"Spike," everyone at the table said in unison. 

"Not to change the subject or anything, but who's going back with Harry?" Fred asked.

"I am, Buffy is, Willow is," Xander told her.  "Wanna come, Fred?  Wes?"

"I'm going," Wesley agreed.  "If only to work on Harry's other magic skills."

"Fine," Harry agreed.  "I learned more from you than I do McGonagall and Snape combined this year.  Lorne, you wanna come with us?"

"I probably won't need to," he pointed out.  "I'm more rear-support if you take my meaning."

"So I can report that he'll be back by Friday?" Bill asked.  He was shifting uncomfortably in his seat.  That demon was just...odd.

"Probably in two days," Wesley offered. "Perhaps less if we can get him to memorize the spells tomorrow."

"One last night of freedom," Lorne teased. "Then back to the school and the boys and girls there.  By the way, who's the redhead girl who keeps giving you looks like you're a higher- echelon demon?"

"That'd be his sister, Ginny," Harry said dryly. "She's got a bit of a crush."

"Gee, Harry, you do know what an understatement is," Bill teased.  "One of these days, she's going to knock you down and have her way with you, then get up and walk off whistling merrily.  Then what'll you do?"

"Cry on your mother's shoulder about how mean she was so she'll get her bum kicked by Ron?" Harry suggested, smirking at him.   "Either that or get the twins to punish her for me.  They like me."

"Is that who those other boys are?" Lorne asked.  "I've seen them in your head before, Harry.  Back when you had that nightmare."

"Yeah, they can be that," Bill agreed dryly. 

"No, they were trying to protect me in the dream, them and Ron," Harry told him.  "Then this giant robot Ginny came up and stomped on them before eating them, and then me."

"That's one hell of a nightmare," Bill agreed, starting to laugh.  Harry had a very vivid imagination, but it was good that he was thinking about a member of the family.  Maybe Ginny wouldn't be so disappointed after all.

Lorne looked at him and nodded. "Yes, she will be.  I've seen that much.  But she's got a very nice set of boys, matched set but not twins, who'll be hers.  I saw them in Harry's future.  He babysits."

Bill shook his head.  "I don't think I needed to know that much.  I might get upset at my sister.  Thanks though."

"Welcome.  I'm always happy to help.  Come sing tonight, maybe we'll see something good in your future.  I'm a very broad services sorta guy these days."  Wesley coughed, hiding his laughter behind his napkin.  "You, no offering the whole list," he teased with a grin and a wink.

"Guys, eat, before it gets the wrong sort of cold," Fred warned.  "Or else I'm letting Xander inhale the rest of dinner."

Everyone dug back in, not wanting to upset her.  Fred may be nice, but she had a wicked way with a book going upside your head if you upset her.


Bill wobbled back into the office the next day, smiling at the Headmaster.  "He's okay, he'll be back in a few days."  He sat down with a tired sigh.

"Are you all right?"

"Sure.  We went to a demon karaoke bar last night to visit a seer who saw the future.  Apparently I'm due to have a pack of little Ron's in the future."

Dumbledore nodded slowly.  "Indeed?" he asked calmly, not panicking at the thought of Harry being around demons.  "Anything else of interest come up?"

"Yeah, Harry's got a future if the others come with him.  He's bringing some of his new teachers with him.  They think he'll be back in about two days.  I know of four that're coming. Two'll be traveling with him and the other two'll come in once Xander sets some sort of marker."

"That's fine," Dumbledore agreed.  "We could always use the help.  Anything else of interest?"

"Well, I met the nicest demon, Lorne.  He's a singer from another dimension and he can see the future when you sing for him," he offered with a small grin.   "Very nice guy, green skin, red horns and all.  Too bad, but he says he's rear-support."  He stood up with a small moan.  "I'm going back to the Burrow to nap.  Need me for much else today?"

"No, thank you, Bill.  Have a nice rest."  He waited until the curse breaker had left before putting his head down with a moan.  Harry was consorting with demons?  Was that really better?


Harry landed with Xander and Wesley on the front lawn of the school, looking up at it.  "Welcome to Hogwarts."

"Thanks.  Nice looking place.  Very well constructed."  He patted Harry on the back, then tossed something toward the woods, both of them looking away as Willow and Buffy flashed in.  "Hi, guys."

"Hi," Buffy called, hiking up with the weapons trunk.  "This is a nice castley place.  Any queens?"

"Only some Slytherins.  Come in, meet my Headmaster.  I'm sure he'll be delighted to meet you," Harry said with a grin.  They walked up to the front stairs and found Snape, Dumbledore, and McGonagall standing there.   "I'm back, I brought some more help."

"So I can see.  Would you introduce us, Mr.  Potter?" McGonagall asked, looking at the young ladies in their very immodest outfits.  Not a single robe in sight.  Their skirts were above their knees as well.  She pressed her lips together.

"Hi," Xander said, grinning at her. "I'm Xander Harris.  I'm Harry's physical trainer.  With me is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, former Watcher, now warrior for the Powers That Be.  Behind us are Willow Rosenburg, uber-Wicca, and Buffy Summers, senior slayer."

"Oh, my," Dumbledore said, smiling at Harry.  "You really did bring some very powerful friends, Harry.  Are you still training?"

"He's doing quite well," Wesley assured him.  "Very studious once we found what was needed.  By the way, who do I go over that prophecy with?  There's a loophole or three."

"We can do that later."

Snape stomped down the stairs, putting a cross against Xander's forehead.  "At least you're not demonic."

"No, sweetheart, I'm a slayerette and a warrior in my own right," he said dryly, smirking at him. "I've been doing this for a while now.  No Bill?" he asked the cranky looking woman on the steps.

"No, he's at home," Dumbledore promised. "He'll be up tonight, Xander.  If you'd come this way, we could fit you into a nice suite."

"Sure.  The weapons are kinda heavy," Buffy agreed, following along.  "Wow.  Are you sure some sort of royalty doesn't live here?  It looks like it should house a few crowned heads."

"No, Buffy, the only queens around here are a few of the boys," Harry promised, pointing at one.  "There's one now.  Hey, Malfoy," he said, grinning and waving.  "Draco Malfoy, this is Buffy Summers, senior Slayer from Sunnydale."  The boy blanched and backed away from them.  "We'll chat later."  He followed Xander up, listening to him snicker.  "Sorry, couldn't resist."  He grinned at Willow, who was glaring back at Snape.  "Know him?"

"Yeah, I met him a few years back when I had a slight...accident with my magic."

"I wouldn't call nearly ending the world a slight magical accident, Miss Rosenburg," Snape said coldly.

"Yeah, well, grief is a funny thing," she reminded him.  She held open the door for Buffy since she was carrying stuff.  They headed inside and she unsubtlely slammed the door in his face.  "This is nice."

"It is," Dumbledore agreed, looking at her. "How are you, Miss Rosenburg?"

"Fully charged and ready to fight, Headmaster.  My grieving is over with, and I've lost another since then but I didn't do it again."

"Very well.  I trust you to know your limits.  Has Harry been good?"

"He's been working with Wesley.  We're along to help," Buffy told him.  "Xander helps trains the junior slayers for us with Wes."

"Very well then," he decided, smiling at his student.  "Do you feel ready to fight him, Harry?"

"I'm still studying but I think I could handle a few small battles at the moment.  Not the final one."

"Very well then.  I'll release you to their care.  Your schedule will be adjusted so you have more time with your trainers."  Harry nodded. "Anything else you need?"

"Bill was a nice guy, he could help," Xander offered casually.

"Of course, I'll have him sent along," Dumbledore agreed.  That would give him someone to watch them with the boy, it was a very good idea.  "If you need anything, have Harry call a house elf."  He left, going to talk to his most trusted teachers to work on adding them to the plans. 

"Okay, we're here," Xander decided.  "Break out the stuff so we can work on his training.  Buffy, you can start sparring with him.  Willow, help Wes.  Harry, go get all your friends that are fighting with you so we can work on them working with you."

"Get Ron, he seemed sweet from what you've said," Willow offered.

"Sure," he agreed, grinning before walking out and heading up to pounce Ron and drag him down to get beaten up on for a change.  "We're back!" he announced from the doorway.  "Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, need you to come train."

They got up without a question and followed him.  They knew Harry knew what he was doing now.

The End.