Repairing Him.

Xander had heard that Steve had been recalled for a special mission and was coming back.  He more than most knew what sort of mental shape you came in when a mission went wrong.  All his contacts had warned him that it had so he knew Steve needed something.  Xander drove out to pick him up from the base, getting a dirty look.  "C'mon."

"Harris," he growled.

"Having been in that state," Xander said dryly.  "We're going to make sure you relax before you see my cousin and scare her."  Steve flinched.  "Get in.  It won't hurt you any."  Steve slid in and buckled up.  "It's a special treat but I know how to get you untense without liquor.  It's going to be a bit weird but I've done this myself after battles," he said quietly as he drove them off.  Steve nodded.  Xander drove him to the spa, getting a funny look.  Xander smirked.  "Trust me.  It helped Hannibal and the others after New York and in Miami when he had that bad week of injuries."  He got him checked in and the special treatment team came out to help him. 

Steve got put into a room that smelled clean, like clean laundry.  There was a large, round, stone tub that he got put into.  Then two pretty girls scrubbed him down from head to toe.  Steve let them even though it felt a bit weird.  They got him out and toweled off then pointed at a table.  He looked at it, pretty standard for a massage.  He laid down, going with the flow for now.  He did finally feel very clean.  The massage expert came in and she was a tiny, delicate looking native woman.  She spread oil over his back with a sponge then climbed onto his back to walk across it. 

Steve moaned because it felt good, but it also felt...more.  Something was different about this one.  All his tension was drained and seeping out of his pores.  He wasn't sure why but it was very nice.  Not quite creating sexual feelings but it was still...nice.  When she was done, she climbed down and did an excellent scalp massage.  He moaned at it, it felt very good.  She released him to someone else who came in to do a harder massage.  It wasn't quite as special as the first one but he was nearly asleep when they were done.  Xander collected him once they had helped him get redressed, into something new he noticed.  Xander drove him home, handed him to Danno, then left.  Danno led him to bed and let him sleep as long as he wanted. 

This was the best post-mission care he'd ever had.


Danno walked up to Xander the next day.  "Thanks," he said quietly.

"Been there, needed that," he said with a weak smile.  "But I'm glad it helped."

"It helped tons.  He's back to normal SEAL behavior today."  He smiled.  "Was she like the one in New York?"

"Yup."  He grinned.  "It helps a lot."

"Yeah, it did."  He patted him on the arm, looking down at the confused looking Jensen.  "Why're you pouty?"

"Ba?" he asked Xander, who smiled and nodded.  "Bad!"

"No, not bad.  It took all the post-mission tension out," Xander said quietly, smiling at him.  "They can do that without doing more than a massage."  Jensen gave him another strange look before crawling off.  "Fine."

Danno snickered.  "He'll learn some day I'm sure.  Maybe when he's sixteen or so."  Xander rolled his eyes, getting a punch on the arm.  "Beyond that, why is one of your dates on this island?"

"Which one of my dates?"


"Huh.  I wonder how he found out where I am since he doesn't watch tv."  He considered it then texted Dawn, who claimed innocence.  "Well, I guess we can talk to him.  The boys should be able to protect me."  Danno walked off shaking his head.  "Have a good day at work, cousin."

"Yeah, you too.  Be safe, especially if you bring the boys."

"Yup."  The boys all stared at him.  "Car."  They crawled that way.  Xander got their stroller loaded too.  Then he drove them to the bar.  A few people gave him horrified looks.  "What?  Some day all my contacts list will be theirs."  The bartender laughed.  "Beyond that, there's a damn reporter hovering by the house again."

"Sucks to be  you," one of the women in the bar called, earning a few laughs.

"Next time I won't save kids and a cat then."  He looked at the boys.  Jensen and Clay were both trying to get out.  "Your usual flirting targets aren't here, guys.  Quit."  Clay finally got free and thumped down, crawling over to one to bite as hard as he could.  Xander saw who it was that had yelped.  "Oh, hey, Miller."  He smirked.  "Why are you here?"

"Looking for you."  He glared at the kid, who sneered back.  "You're really warping them into your sons, Harris."

"Watch me smack you," Xander offered.

"No thanks.  Our boss thinks you have too many weapons and you might be tempted to sell some for money."

"Why do I need money?" he asked dryly.  Miller swallowed.  "Because nothing of mine has been stolen from, confiscated, or anything else that I've heard about.  My trust, which was paying me back for all the weapons I got for the slayers, the ones I bought, is in a touchproof place."  He stared at him.  "So why would I?"

"To get new contacts?" he offered.  "Or because you're dating again?"

"I never sold anything to anyone I've dated.  I've had to buy a few times.  Steal another few."

"Can't you guys have your gay spat somewhere else?" someone else sneered.

Xander shot him with his mini crossbow, making him scream as it hit his knee.  "No, because I have taste.  Miller isn't showing taste.  He's a Buffy sort of boyfriend, not a Xander one."  Roque cackled.  "Is he, Jorge?"

"No, Xander has better taste than a Homeland agent and former commando."  He smiled at the boys then at him.  "They're scary."

"Sometimes, yeah."  Roque took his knife and he looked down.  "You don't need that."  Roque pouted so he let him keep it.  He let Cougar have the mini crossbow since he was reaching for it.

"You let them have weapons already?" Jorge asked, looking awed.

"Past life memories," Xander quipped with a smirk.  "Before they were commandos."

"Awww."  He smiled and waved at Cougar.  "You look very good with that crossbow, young man.  What's your name?"

"Carlos.  That's Frank that bit the agent.  That's William, Jake, and Linwood."  He grinned.  "They're great sons."

"I'm sure they are," he agreed, waving again.  Cougar shot at him and smirked.  "Aww, they are just like your boys.  You did the same thing the last time you saw me."

"That's because the time before that you tried to kill my ass."

"Good point but it was good sex before I tried to kill you."

Xander stared at him.  "No sex is good enough for an attempt on my life.  I'm not Dawn."

"Fine."  He pouted.  He watched as Roque stabbed something that came up on the other side of the stroller, making him yelp in pain.  "Is it a Little Person?"

Xander looked.  "Not of the fey sort.  Yes, Horace?"

"He's mean!"

"Roque?  Yeah.  And?"  He shrugged.  "You know he's about like I am over my swords whenever he gets a knife."  He took it.  "Apologize, Roque, since he's not a mean person to you."

Roque scowled at him.  "Bad?"

Horace smirked.  "Yes but you're much too young for me even if you do end up dating like your father."

Jensen cackled and patted him.  "Bad bad, but no bad ba!"

"No, he's not a succuba," Xander sighed, shaking his head.  The bartender and a few others laughed.  "Hannibal told him about them."

Jorge looked at him.  "I agree, succuba are bad for your father."

"They sure suck the hellmouth taint out," Xander said dryly.  "Which is really handy."  Someone ran into the bar with a scream.  Xander threw his knife at them.  They screamed and fell down.  "Huh.  I need to practice more.  I meant to hit him in the thigh."  He shrugged.  It was a nice upper shoulder shot.  It still did the desired job.  "Who the fuck are you?" he demanded calmly.

"You're evil!" he whimpered.

Xander stared down at him.  "No, I'm not evil.  I've had caffeine and sugary goodness today."  He smirked.  "I can become evil if you want me to."

"You have weapons," he moaned.

"I have permission to have weapons.  The president said I'd better have weapons and I can hoard as many as I want.  Why does that make me evil?"  The man whimpered and backed up.  "Uh-huh."  He called.  "Are you anywhere near my house?  If so, check my weapons?"  He grinned.  "That's very good to know.  Does my cousin have them?  Great!"  He grinned.  "Yeah, give me names later and I'll make sure I can replace them.  Thanks, Stephen."  He hung up and looked at him.  "You're so dead."  He smirked.  "You went against a presidential order."  The man tried to crawl backwards.  "Sure, you do that.  My cousin would love to speak to you about my weapons."  He smirked as McGarrett stomped in.  "Was it another jackass from Homeland like the former Initiative guy my kid bit?"

"Yes."  He smirked.  "They're very sorry and I showed them your letter of permission.  They said it's not right so I had Chin find your backup phone and called him.  The president does know how to swear, I wasn't aware he could."  He stared at him.

Xander grinned.  "I knew he could.  He spent a whole day swearing at us, especially at Buffy for believing she could handle everything without help.  So how many do I get to go find later?"

"Turn them in, Xander.  We rescued all but one of your axes and they ran it over."

"My axe?  My *special* axe?" he demanded.

"No!  No, the one with all the black tracings that you got from the fandom catalog."

"Oh, that's fine.  Then they can buy me a new one."  He stared at Miller.  "Call home, Toto.  Because, clearly this is not Kansas.  Brad, got any listerine in case Frank caught something from him?"   He got handed some and gave it to the baby.  "Swish and spit."  He did, right on Miller's leg, making him wince as the alcohol burnt the injury.  "Good boy.  Back into the stroller.  Cougar, no shooting anyone else for right now."  Steve took the crossbow and the knife from the person Xander had hit.  "Hey!"

"You can have the toys back later, when you're being a good boy," Steve said with a smug look.  Miller went pale suddenly.  "Good.  Let's go talk, shall we?" he ordered, hauling him up to walk him off.  "We drove the reporter off again, kid."

"Thanks, McGarrett."  He sat down on a barstool, looking at his boys then at his ex.  "So, anyway, what brings you to Hawaii?"

"I came to see if you would take me back?"

Xander stared at him.  "The sex was nice but you still tried to kill me.  I'm kinda over the whole 'killing Xander during sex' stage of my life," he said dryly.  "I have to think about the boys."

"Dawn could help you," he said.

"Dawn's presently fighting off the coven of supposedly light side witches that keep trying to blood bind her to Hannibal."  Hannibal and Dawn stomped in, rehandcuffed.  He had seen them coming.  Xander sighed.  "I'd offer you a knife but McGarrett took it."  The little person that Roque had stabbed moved over to unhook them.  "Thanks, Horace.  Remember, the president said you can't destroy Mexico with magic, Dawn."

"Fuck that, you have artillery," Hannibal said dryly.  "I can do it the mundane way."

"Stephen's giving me some names tonight so I get new babies," he said happily.

Hannibal smirked.  "You need backup.  I can do that."

"Fuck that," Dawn said bluntly and summoned things.  "Xander, what's appropriate to cause witches roasting in their own fat?"

Xander and Hannibal both pointed at a bomb that was running.  She smiled and started to pick it up but  McGarrett walked in and swatted her across the back of the head before disarming it.  "The president said you may not damage any part of Mexico, Dawn.  Even if you really want to."  She pouted.  "Yay."  He looked at the pile of weapons.  "Where did you find that?"

"Near the slayer compound?"

"Huh."  He nodded and called for a truck.  "Let me get this somewhere safer."

Xander looked.  "It's all craptastic stuff anyway.  Clearly one of the Chinese gangs since it's all Russian and Chinese made."

"Good to know."  Hannibal found something and held it up.  "Even better.  A shipping manifest."  PD people got there.  "This is Miss Summers.  She's a fairly powerful witch and summoned some weapons to deal with a personal problem.  Thankfully I got warned since one was a running bomb.  Also I need an evidence envelope."  One was gotten and they bucket lined the weapons out.  Even if the boys did want to pet it.  "You have better at home, boys."

"Yes we do," Xander said.

Dawn smiled.  "Can I borrow a piece or two, Xander?"

"No," McGarrett said.  "Don't make me arrest you, Dawn.  It won't be pretty."  He followed the last of the artillery.  He didn't get to see Dawn pulled over and hissed at.  She beamed and did that.  The simple rope into a snake trick worked very well and they weren't strong enough to change it back before it bit someone.  Hopefully whoever kept trying to tie them together.  She also sent a message reminding them about how much blood came out during childbirth.  Suddenly the witches decided it was good she was single and Hannibal hadn't taken the hint to break her in.

"Hannibal, they think that you did a bad thing."  She let him have her phone.

He took the number and used his own to make his displeasure known.  "It's not your fault that the portal opened and I had to defeat the twelve-armed horny thing."

Dawn nodded.  "It was, yeah."

"As in unicorn?" Xander asked.  "Or the other meaning?"

"Other," they said in unison.

"Aww, you saw Clyde?"

Hannibal looked at him then shook his head.  "I'm not even going to ask.  I'd end up with a migraine."  He finished his text and sent it.  He tossed her back her phone.  "C'mon, guys.  Let's let the daddy flirt."

Jensen stared at Xander.  "No ba!  Ba bad!" he reminded him.

"I know, succuba are bad for me," Xander said, patting him on the head.  He put Frank back in and let Hannibal take the kids with them.  He sat down with a sigh of pleasure.  "I love babysitters."

The bartender patted Xander on the hand.  "You need more sleep."

"I am a very good sleep inducer," Jorge said happily.

Someone slammed a beer glass into Jorge's neck, knocking him out.  "I can't stand the pitiful."  She looked at Xander.  "You do need better so the boys don't follow you."

"Yeah, but you were just as bad for me."  She smirked and nodded.  "Didn't you turn to women after me?"

"Yup.  They like oral sex just as much too."  She grinned.

"You're welcome."  He leaned over to give her a hug.  Jorge moaned and woke up enough to lick him.  "I'm not a licking toad."  He got up and stretched.  "Let me go find someone to raid.  I feel the need to send happy presents."   He grinned and walked out.  Stephen walked him back inside.

"No, you must stay here.  There are dangers, Xander, and we want you safe.  I've already sent someone to watch over Dawn, the boys, and Hannibal."  He put him on a bar stool.  "Here, flirt with that one, they seem nice," he said with a point.  He left.  Soon after they heard a few gunshots and then one louder shot.

Xander walked over to the doors to look out there.  "Watch me come help," he called.  Suddenly that gang decided they wanted to run.  "Stephen, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Xander.  Thank you for asking."  He smiled.

"Give me their address while you're at it."  He looked back inside but one of his other exes came out of the back and mugged him.  "Hello to you too, friendly."  The guy smirked and led Xander off to 'catch up'.  He could use some stress relief before he went to gather some new explosive babies to pet.


Steve and Danny, who had been taken hostage by supposed Homeland agents, heard whistling.  That was probably a bad thing.  Unless it was Xander.  Though, it wasn't Xander.  The smiling, whistling person pulled Danny up to 'talk' to him but Steve got between them and demanded he be taken.

That's when they heard Xander.

Mostly because the building no longer had walls or a roof.

Steve headbutted the whistling guy.  "I want to know what does that," Steve told Xander.

"Dawn."  He pointed.  "She's a bit pissed off."

"I am *so* not on the rag," Dawn complained, hitting one of the guys.  The guy backed away, into Hannibal, and got hit by him instead.  "I've got to work on my hitting.  I cannot kick butt like I should be able to."  She got Steve untied and pointed.  "Commandos."  He ran off to help Xander.  She got Danny free, letting him go help his partner.  Though they'd never openly speculate which meaning of the word they meant when they used that phrase.

A witch appeared holding the snake.  "Dawn, that was most unkind, even if they are plotting against you," she chided.

Xander walked up to her sneering.  "Real witches on the side of the Light don't *plot*," he sneered, making her back away from him.  "Real, good witches handle things and don't have to get asked to leave countries.  Real, *good* witches don't cause my sons to all get sick at once and then send me an email chiding me for shit other people have done."  She let out a nervous laugh.  "I'm not sure how the protections on Hawaii let you in, Ingrid, but I'd fly the fuck off, broomstick or not.  Before I make sure you fly."  She squeaked and disappeared.  He looked up.  "You don't have to worry about her temper, worry the fuck about mine!" he shouted.  He turned when he heard two commandos yell 'shit' and dive for cover.  "Oh, yeah, you're next!"

A headlight got brighter and brighter until they stopped the truck where a wall should be and hopped out.  "Protect Xander, Dawn, Hannibal, and the rest of their family," they ordered.

"Who the hell are you?" Dawn sneered.  "I don't need protecting from these wooses!"

The leader smiled.  "I'm Beauregard, Miss Dawn."

She kicked him in the groin.  "I heard about you.  You're *so* far under the standard of unworthy that it's pathetic and Xander's not allowed to date pathetic anymore."

"Hey!" one shouted.  "She hurt the boss."

Dawn stopped everyone, staring at him.  "Xander's my big brother and we did not need the help."  She walked around him and shoved Steve out of the way of the bullet.  Two more witches appeared and time moved, which made Dawn duck.  She shot a spell at the witches.  Xander just shot the witches.

"Fuck it, I've had enough," Xander growled, his eyes flashing.  He pulled something out of his pocket and armed it, creating a loud squeal.  Everyone stopped and backed away slowly.  "I've had fucking enough!" he shouted.  They all nodded.

Steve cleared his throat.  "Xander, can you please turn that off?  The squeal's getting to your cousin's head."

Xander thumbed it off and looked around.  "Do we have a clear idea of what I'm going to have to do tomorrow?"  The guys from the truck whimpered and pulled their boss with them.  "You, go," he shouted, pointing at them.  "I'll deal with you tomorrow.  Take the two witches with you."  They did that and ran off, leaving the truck there.  He looked at the commandos.  Then at Dawn.  "Hannibal, take Dawn home please.  She's got to be exhausted since she's green, and not in that glowy way."  Hannibal nodded carefully and walked over the guy he had been beating to get her.  "Danny, go with them.  Now."  His cousin opened his mouth.  "Right now," he said a bit too calmly.  Danny nodded and hurried off.  He could call in reinforcements.  He stared at Steve then at the commandos.  "Apparently we're going to have to have a discussion.  I'm giving you someone who can be a witness for you."  One of them lunged at Xander.  Xander growled and pulled a knife.  And that was pretty well all Xander would remember of that night.

Steve watched the fight, shaking his head.  "That was not in his dossier, even the underground one."  He shot a few of the moving commandoes.  Then officers got there with Chin, Kono, and Danny.  "Danny, go.  Now.  He probably had a reason for it."  He nodded, backing off.  "Kono, get the grenade in his pocket.  Chin, help me corral him against something.  Guys, clean up the supposed agents that had us hostage."  They moved to do that.  He and Chin slowly moved on Xander, Steve blocking Xander's kick and punch then the knife with his arm.   Xander gave a pleased growl but Chin had him down.  Kono got the grenade out.  Steve took the knife.  "I don't think we should tie him up in this state.  He'd hurt himself," he said quietly.  "Danno?" he called.

"No idea.  Never seen it, neither has Dawn.  Calling the bar."  He did that and paced a bit, chatting with the bartender.  He finally hung up.  "No, don't.  He'll think he's captured and stay down."  Steve nodded.   Chin and Kono knocked him out.

Steve took a deep breath and looked around.  "Anyone find out what they wanted beyond going against a presidential order?"  No one said anything.  "Guys?"

"Crime Scene is coming," Danny called.

"Why were they holding you hostage in an open building when there's so many warehouses around?" one of the normal officers asked.

"It had walls until a witch helped get us free," Steve told him.

"So that coven of women from England showed up?" the officer said, looking around.  "They must be pretty powerful."

Steve smirked.  "They did but the witch that helped us attacked them because they kept trying to compel her to marry a hunter so they'd have babies to fuss at."  The officer gaped in horror.  "The witch that helped is the sister of a slayer.  Very light side and protective of the one that was taking out all the problems to rescue us."

"So ...  One witch, one single woman did this?" he asked, looking around.

"She's pretty powerful and a language geek," Chin told him with a grin.  "She's actually pretty neat.  She translates things for us whenever we ask nicely.  She can cook and brought us cookies last week since the boys she sometimes babysits for hated oatmeal raisin cookies.  She just gets really pissed off at kidnapings."

"So do most people," the officer agreed, walking off.  He wasn't sure he wanted to know more about witches if one single one could do something like this.

Steve heard Xander start to move and squatted down, petting over his hair.  "You're safe," he said quietly.  "We're safe and it's all right.  Just rest and calm back down."  He walked over him and went to talk to the crime scene guys.  They didn't like the no-walls thing either but couldn't be helped really.  Not like Dawn could put it back.

One of the crime scene guys pointed.  "Is he a victim?"

"No, we knocked him out because he was getting a bit over-tempered," Chin said.  "He's one of the rescue team."

"Oh, okay then."  They walked off to do their job and it was better.  McGarrett and Chin took care of their unconscious rescuer, who they would not let the ambulance people near.  It got some speculation about him being part of their team.  Dawn finally came back without Hannibal and Steve stared at her.

"I'm fine," she told him.  "I'm going to drive Xander home.  Hannibal relieved the babysitter."

"I can do it," he told her.

"You probably have paperwork since you were kidnaped.  I usually do."  One of the crime scene guys snickered.  "I do!"  She looked.  "Put him into the car and I'll take him home."

"Fine.  We'll check on him later."

"Sure."  They hauled Xander out for her.  Steve did have to give a statement and people weren't patiently waiting at the moment.  He walked over to them.  "He lost his temper."

"I heard from one of the kidnaping agents.  They didn't know he could do that."

"Neither did I but I'm kind of glad he could," Steve admitted.  "Saved me some work."  His boss nodded once and walked him off to get his statement.  Hannibal could help Dawn get Xander inside.  He'd worry about that tomorrow.  Once he found out why agents had kidnaped him.


Steve looked at the man that walked into his boss' office, sneering some since the idiot was sneering at him.  "You aren't part of the Honolulu PD or even the Hawaii State Police, so why are you interrupting our meeting?" he demanded coolly.

"I have a court order for some blood, Commander."

"Like hell."

"You can't deny a court order," he sneered.

Steve took it to look at.  "This isn't a federal court order or a state court order.  I don't have to comply with this."  He ripped it up.  "Anything else?"

"I'll get one," he assured him.

"No you won't.  Because if I have to, I'll have your little project ended."  He stood up and stared him down.  "I recognize you from your profile pictures."   The man backed up, looking scared.  "I'd leave my state, now.  Go back to wherever your little *lab* is and stay there."  The man backed up again.  Steve didn't move.  "Now please.  You're interrupting."  The man stomped off.  Steve looked at the papers and called someone.  "It's me.  Why did I have NID here asking for blood?"  He listened.  "No clue, Dawn.  Thanks.  Please."  He hung up.  "She has no idea but they'll ask someone."

His boss cleared his throat.  "You don't have to comply?"

"No.  Because the Supreme Court said that they can't compel blood samples even if the fate of the world hangs in the balance."  He called someone else.  "Watch out for NID with blood test requests."  He hung up again.  "That'll get the others they might want warned too."

"How many?"

"Two, possibly three more on the base."  His commander grimaced.  "We do get into things in the SEALs," he said dryly.  "Let me go handle this.  Anything else gotten from them, sir?"

"No, not so far.  Any idea who they were?  Homeland is not claiming them."

"It might be related, not totally sure."  He walked off with the paper pieces.  He could recreate it at the office.  They had to know.  When he got there, he found a toddler and no father or other sons in the main office area.  "Did Xander forget you?" he asked Roque, who shook his head and pointed.  "What are you doing?" he asked, leaning into his office.

"Typing out an all-alert," Xander said.  "They cut my phone and cable lines earlier."  He looked up.  "The cable company was not happy to see what sort of hell they wrecked."  He went back to typing.  "Hmm.  That's sucky.  Looks like I need a sitter."  He called them from the desk phone.  "I'm bringing the boys to you."  He hung up and gathered them.  "C'mon.  You guys can go visit the minis.  It'll be safer for you if the NID tries again."  They all nodded at that.  Xander strolled out.  It was a short commuter flight.  Fairly easily handled.  The stewardess glared at him.  He stared back.  "What?  Yes, some of us are single parents," he said dryly.

"You need to have another adult.  If something happens you can't get masks on them, sir."

"Lady, I can do all that and more.  I'm fantastic."  She went to talk to the pilot.  Who gave Xander a dirty look but he grinned.  "I know you won't crash.  Because then I'd call on demonic help."  They shuddered and left him alone.  Xander looked at the boys.  "You guys guard the minis."  They nodded.  "It'll take me about a day."  He settled in to read to them.  Jensen's ears hurt so he got some water.  It worked well.  He dropped them off on the slayer in charge, smiling at her.  "NID showed up."

"They tried to get in here."

"Which one?"  She pointed.  Xander turned and smirked, walking after him since he took off running.  "Diaper bag's fully packed, Klia."

"Thanks, Xander."  She got the boys inside and the girls glomped themselves to them with a squeal of pleasure.  The boys huffed but let it happen.  It'd help protect them all while Xander did stupid shit that their team would've had to handle in the past.


Xander walked into the Office of Homeland Security in Honolulu two days later, getting a few odd looks for the bruises.  He smirked.  "Director here?" he asked.

"He's not taking walk-in visitors," the receptionist said cheerily.  Xander pulled out his Council ID and she gasped.  "I'll see, sir."  She called.  "I have a person here with a Council ID, sir.  Harris?"  She looked at him.  "Retired?" she asked happily.

"Not today since I just had to take down some of your agents for bothering the mini slayers out here."  She gasped and repeated that.  The director came out.  Xander looked at him.  "I'm not happy that some of your people doubled as NID."  The director shuddered.  "I'm not real happy they tried to capture eight little girls and my sons.  The cause of my unhappiness is presently able to live for about a day more," he said more coldly.  "Want their address?"

"Sir, you can't attack agents."

"Two of them had a six-year-old slayer at knife point to get one of my sons for *testing*,' he said dryly.  "A few days ago you guys tried to take a few officers hostage."

"It wasn't us."

"They sure as hell were yours.  They came over from the UN hunting teams.  We knew them *real* well for the most part."  The director shuddered.  "Now, do you want to let them die?  I'm okay with that."

"No, we'd like to see them charged."

Xander wrote down the address and handed it over.  "Giles' phrasing went something along the lines of 'I'll call Janus down on them myself if they try it again'."  He stared at him.  "Do you really want to see Giles go *back* to chaos magic?"  He smirked.

"He did?"

"He did a teenage rebellion thing."  He grinned.  "Ripper was a really bad thug for his day."  The director nodded.  "And I served five years mostly in Africa finding slayers.  I may be more civilized *here* but not when my sons are threatened."

"I understand, Mr. Harris."  One of the listening agents handed him a note.  He looked at it then at him.  "You have presidential permission to hoard weapons?"

"Yeah."  He grinned.  "Look up this number."  He repeated it.  The agent that had handed over the note did that and gasped.  Xander looked then at him.  "It's still mostly wrong since Rosenburg wiki'd it a few years back.  She kept thinking I was *normal*."  The agent shuddered.  "But there's someone here that's seen my full one from the demon underground."  He smiled.

"That one's linked," the agent said quietly.  He pulled it up and they read it over.  His boss was green.  He looked at the young hunter.  "Why NID?"

"What does it say about me and being sick?" Xander asked.  He did a word search and found the small line.  Then he and the director both shuddered.  "Which is why I have that permission.  Why they're bothering SEALs who don't have that problem I don't know."  He gave them a look.  "I don't really care actually.  As long as they leave him alone.  Since they kidnaped him....  And my cousin...."  The director winced.  "Yeah, same people."  He grinned.  "So, you have the choice to leave them there.   Or not."  He smiled.  "You have a better day, Assistant Director Gilders.  I've got to rescue my boys before the mini slayers decide to braid their hair."  He strolled off.  An agent in the hallway tried to stop him but he kicked them around a bit and walked over them.  "Hey, Finn.  How're you?  Are you missing people?  Your director has their address."  He got onto the elevator and headed to the airport.  His house was boobytrapped and all the weapons were gone.

If Riley Finn tried something, it'd be known and he'd be a sorry bastard.


Xander knocked on McGarrett's door, handing him a paper.  "Ours."  He grinned.

"That's a nice area.  How did you afford that?"

"Ex.  He donated it for the boys."  He grinned.  "Did they get the agents that the house collapsed on?"

"Yes.  Thank you for removing the weapons first."

"They were my first kids."  He grinned at his cousin.  "Hi.  Did the local AD of Homeland find his people all right?"

"Yeah.  We got there at about the same time.  It's nice that your other ex's were waiting," Steve said dryly.

"Sometimes, my ex's are very nice people to know.  Some of them though....."  He grinned.  "Let me take them to the new house."  He strolled off.  The new house was bigger, had two extra bathrooms, had a chest freezer already built in, and all the food had been moved for him by Stephen.  Stephen had helped him rig the house too.  He was a handy guy to know.

Steve handed Danny the address, shaking his head as he closed the door.  "I'm glad it's stopped."

"Me too."  He looked at it.  "Pretty neighborhood.  Bigger houses too."  Steve nodded.  "So the boys might even have their own rooms."

"Maybe.  I wonder who owns that one."

"It's probably not in Xander's name so he can hide better.  I know the surveillance team we had on the house showed that Stephen guy there helping."

"Yeah, it did.  So maybe it was his ex's house."  He shook his head quickly.  "We got notice that we'd have higher ups in to scream tomorrow."

"I got you a new beer on the porch."

"Thanks, Danno.  I need one."  They went back out to watching the water.


The head of the Department of Homeland Security showed up in Hawaii, going to the local office to start screaming there.  His underling handed him the file on the arrests as soon as he spotted him.  "Sir."

"Sit."  The man sat.   The director looked over them.  "Not Finn?"

"He was here.  He was not at any of the actions that we can find.  So he's on probation since it was his whole unit."


"Mr. Harris kicked him around when he ran into him on the way out."  He clasped his hands on the desk.  "He knows arms dealers."

The director looked at him, grimacing some.  "I talked to the other agency heads about him.  That tends to be the sort he dates.  Sometimes against his will but his full file lists some of them."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"No.  Most of them would do anything to protect him.  The ones that wouldn't he'd handle like he did yesterday."  His underling nodded, understanding that.  There had been three exes waiting on them with the dirty agents.  "Harris has the best defenses of anyone.   Plus sons I'm told."

"He mentioned them and the mini slayers we had moved out here."

"Rupert Giles told me how many he moved out here for their own safety.  Are they all right?"

"Yes.  I sent an agent I trust over to talk to them.  The slayer in charge is a bit young but otherwise they're fine."

"Good."  He handed back the folder.   "Mr. Giles requested that we move Riley Finn away from his people."

"We can't move him back to Cleveland?"

"No, apparently he decided to disable some of their weapons before the last huge battle."  He rolled his eyes.  "Which meant Harris had to raid some of the ones here from what we were told."

"I heard about that from someone in the ATF.  They said he turned over the rest to them for a reward."

"Good!"  He scratched his left eyebrow.  "Transfer Finn back to Iowa.  He's from there.  He should get on well in their office."   His minion smiled at that idea.  "Harris moved where?"

"No clue.  Our surveillance team couldn't follow him.  Apparently the Council's witch that we have healing and going to college out here blocked them."

"That's reasonable with how paranoid that boy should be.  The president was pleased he handled it on his own."

"If he had told me first, I would've helped, sir."

"He knows."  He smiled.  "He learned to be self-sufficient about that stuff according to Mr. Giles."

"Wonderful."  He patted the file.  "Any other problems?"

"We're doing a full check on your staff to make sure there's no more snakes in your pretty grass and palm trees."

"Thank you."

"Welcome.  Let me get that started and then I have to debrief the people that they tried to take hostage first."  He left, calling that order in.


Xander opened the door to Stephen and Hai's successor.  "What's up?  The boys are in bed."

"Xander, how long do you think you'll need to borrow this residence?" the successor asked.

Xander stared at him then grinned.  "From my understanding, Hai's will left it to me."

"It did," Stephen said, handing it over.  "This is the plan that we have to make sure nothing will impact his cousin's job."  He handed that over as well.

"There's tea in the fridge if you guys want some," Xander offered, heading that way.

"Please," the successor said, sitting down to go over those.  "I had not seen this version."

"Yi had an older version.  Master Hai dictated that before he died, after formally adopting the boys into the clan," Stephen said quietly.

"That's reasonable."  He switched to the plans, nodding.  "Very kind of Hai's plans and good for the boys and everyone?"  Stephen nodded.   Xander handed him some tea and he smiled.  "How are you doing after this last week?"

"I let Hannibal babysit for a few minutes while I went out into the water and screamed.  I can't believe the Initiative people were reforming."

"They weren't totally reforming," Stephen said.  "Our hackers checked.  Instead of joining demon and human soldiers to make better soldiers, they were going to breed them.  They were hoping for a cross of you and Commander McGarrett from what we saw."

Xander burst out cackling, rolling around on the couch.  "That's so cute!  Did you tell him yet?"

"No.  Not yet.  I shall later," Stephen assured him with a grin.  His new boss looked at him.  "He does deserve the right to know."

"He does."  He went back to the plan.  "Why education?"

"When Master Hai found out about his cousin, he went on a multi-week swearing rant," Stephen reminded him.  "That will not get him, his boys, or his cousin looked at oddly."

"No, it won't.  I know it's important to you that you protect your cousin's job," he told Xander, who nodded.  "Then this is suitable?"

"We worked that out.  I just hope we don't get the same judge as the one who did Loki's will."

"The appeal is being heard tomorrow," Stephen said.  Xander winced.  "We're aware of the baby's appointment.  We warned your lawyer.  He's probably taken appropriate steps."  Xander nodded again, sipping his own tea.  They all looked up at the thump.  "They're not in cribs?"

"No, I went with twin-size beds," Xander said.  "Small rails.  Most of them can climb out.  Frank doesn't like to drop to the ground but the beds are pretty low."  He finished his tea.  "We're out here," he called.  Cougar crawled out scowling.  "Let me change him."  He picked him up and took him to change.

Hai's successor looked at his local assistant.  "That means we're without a local residence," he said quietly.

"Not true.  I still have the corporate apartment."  The man smiled.  "It is always ready to be used."   That got a nod and the documents were handed back.  "I am concerned that Master Hai would think this was not protective enough but Xander was sure it was."

"It probably is."  He stood up when Xander came back.  "He is a strong son."  Cougar smirked at him.  "What of the embryos that Loki has in storage?"

"I'm not sure I can handle more kids," he admitted.

"Good point.  Five is a lot."  He patted the younger man on the arm.  "Rest.  Relax.  It is handled for now.  It will be quiet for a while.  I hope Loki's will is worked out in a satisfactory manner, Xander."  Xander smiled.  "I'm told we have a corporate apartment.  If I need to come here, I'll stay there."

"Thank you for not being an asshole like Yi was."

"He was paranoid that he could not live up to your standards."  Xander shook his head.  "Which clearly he couldn't since you would never attack a child without reason."  He and Stephen left.

Xander looked at Cougar.  "That's good."  Cougar nodded.  "Hungry?"  Cougar nodded and grinned.  "We can eat."  He brought him into the kitchen to feed his son.  The others came out later on to get their own food.  Jensen still pigged out.  Xander just made more food and let them have whatever they wanted.  It was the sort of daddy he was.


Stephen got out of the limo and walked down to where Kono was checking her surf board over.  "Officer?"  She looked up at him, giving him a strange look.  "I have a bit of information about what they wanted your boss for," he said quietly.  He hissed in her ear, earning a horrified, nearly crying, look.  He smiled.  "We are all glad they were stopped.  That child would be much too stubborn to raise properly."  He left.

She got up and carried her surf board back to her car.  She had to tell Steve.  There was no way they could let that plot go on any longer.  She got to Steve's house, knocking.  He opened the door, giving her a confused look.  "That Stephen guy just found me on the beach."

"Clearly by the bathing suit."  He let her inside.  "What did he want?"

"He said they found out more about the NID plan."  Steve nodded.  "They were going to breed some pretty tough soldiers, but very stubborn ones.  It was going to be you and *Xander*."

He heard Danno cackling and looked back at him then at her.  "Seriously?"  She nodded.  He walked off muttering swear words.  "Thanks for the warning.  We'll make sure it's ended."

"Please.  Even Stephen said that the kid would be too stubborn to raise properly."

Steve looked at her.  "I am nowhere near as stubborn as Xander is, Kono."

"Sure," Danno snorted, still giggling.  "You're a pussy cat compared to my cousin."  Kono left.  Danno went outside to cackle some more.  "At least they probably wouldn't want a *daughter*," he said when he saw Steve's face.

"Thank God," he muttered, sipping his beer.  "That's a horrible idea."

Danno nodded, still grinning at his discomfort.  "Xander would probably take majority custody," he offered.

"Hell no."

Danno grinned.  "You sure?"

"Definitely.  He'd turn her more stubborn and too tough.   She'd probably beat my scores over the SEAL courses when she was of age."  Danno started to laugh again.  Steve flopped down and finished his beer.  That was just *wrong*!  He texted Dawn to make sure the plans were ended before they got started.  She promised they were, there were no kids or embryos, and she had class that night.  He sent back a simple 'thank you' and put his phone down again.  Danno was still laughing.  It was good to hear but not at him.


Maui, Xander's lawyer for the probates, looked at the new judge.  "Actually, we were not aware of a few things," he admitted.  "Including that the deceased person had already signed over some of her assets.  The on-site manager for the resort listed in her effects had that paperwork and it saved them from some machinations of stupidity."  He handed over the amended paperwork.  "Her lawyer and I hired someone to look things over to find any other assets, finding two more safety deposit boxes with some information and papers, plus some on-hand cash."

The judge looked at the new papers, then at the two lawyers.  "What about her cousins?  I heard that the first judge gave them everything against the will's wishes?"

"Yes, sir, but they also decided to shoot the one that Loki wanted to be her beneficiary," Loki's lawyer said.  "One was seriously injured and the other was shot by the people she was trying to kill.  It happened here at the courthouse, Your Honor.  Also, we did file an appeal based on the first judge's obvious bias against Miss Beldane's religion since he sneered so much about it during the hearing.  That also biased him against her wishes."

"He later had to recuse himself because he's under endangerment charges because he wished demons to come kill him so he wouldn't be tainted by anything in her will," Maui said dryly.  "After my client and another hunter saved him.  The other hunter saved them, not my client."

"I saw that."  He shook his head quickly.  "Her religion has no bearing on the will's content beyond why she chose to cut her cousins out."

"Mr. Harris and myself have both seen them sneering about her religion of choice before she died," Loki's lawyer said.

"Some people are strict interpretationists about their religions," the judge said dryly.   "Did we find out why she signed it over?"

"We think she had a vision," Loki's lawyer said.  "Nothing was overtly stated but it was done a few hours before she was murdered and robbed."  The judge looked at him.  "She didn't usually have them, unlike her beneficiary, but some of the things on her boat showed that she might have needed specific herbs to ease the headache they can cause.  Mr. Harris has them."


Maui shook his head quickly.  "I've seen him have one and nearly hit the ground on top of his sons then start to have a seizure.  Visions are not good for a body, Your Honor."

"That does sound bad.  What is he doing about this now that he knows?"

"We went to the IRS together to make sure he wasn't going to be attacked by them," Maui said, smiling slightly.  "He brought his sons to charm the agents."

"Babies can be cute," the judge said.  "My wife used them to get out of nagging by her mother."  He looked them over again.  "The cousins haven't replied to the appeal."

"One's in jail and the other is now deceased.  We're not sure if they have any wills or someone to work in the best interest of their estates," Maui said.  "I believe neither were married."  He looked at his counterpart, who shook his head.

"The lawyer that represented them?" the judge asked.

"He's left the islands in shame," Maui said.  He handed over the notice that was put into the papers by that lawyer to announce his departure officially.

"Wonderful," the judge said bitterly.  "I've got a few others where he's listed as the attorney of record."  He put it aside.  "Any other cheerful news, gentlemen?"

"There is another will that's due to be probated soon," Maui said.  The judge gave him a dirty look.  "He was killed at the same time as Loki was.  By the same person and for the same reason.  When the witch went rogue and took out anyone who was protecting my client or had feelings for him, she got him after Miss Beldane.  Him, some of his prison guards, his new and pregnant wife, a few of his people."

"Jesus," the judge said.  "What happened to the one who did it?"

"I'm told there's a few soldiers that killed her but the president had her revived and put into a permanent medical coma," Maui said.  "Just in case."

"Those Council people don't mind?  I recognize Harris as one of them."

"So was the witch.  It was Rosenburg, sir," the other lawyer said.

"Jesus squared," the judge muttered.  They nodded.  "We have to get someone to look at the other noted people's interests.  Talk to the one in the jail or I will actually."  He made himself a note.   "We'll discuss this in a month.  Is there anything that would be harmed if it waited?" he asked them.

"No, Mr. Harris has hired the on-site manager to do the day-to-day running of the business interests," Maui said with a grin.  "He's very good at it and slowly teaching Xander since he insists he's retiring next year.  Xander's hoping he stays on since business is not something he's used to dealing with."

"That sounds reasonable.  So no impact to the businesses?"  They shook their heads.  "Then let me find out if there is another representative they want to hold their interests.  I'll see you in five weeks, on the fifth at two."  They nodded and left.  He leaned back to rub his eyes and mentally swear at the stupidity of relatives.  Some families really had no sense.


Stephen, Master Hai's former assistant, looked at the judge over his former employer's will.  "Yes, Your Honor,  he did leave me in charge of how to suitably set things up so his wanted mate would not have a problem."


"His wanted mate's cousin is an officer locally.  He wanted to make sure nothing would impact his job."

"His....wanted mate is in what field?"

"Retired from the Council."  He smiled.  "He was their trainer and is raising five sons."

"Oh, him.  I've heard about him."  He looked over the paperwork again.  "This plan to set things up is suitable to his cousin's job?"

"Yes.  We went over it with the Internal Affairs person who was worried about anything in Mr. Harris's past infecting his cousin's job."

"Why would it?"

"When he was training for the Council, there were numerous arms dealers who wanted to date him and which he got weapons from for the slayers."  The judge shook his head quickly to clear his thoughts.  "Xander does that to many," Stephen said with a smile.  "But he is a good man and insisted that nothing get near his cousin's job."

"That's good of him.  What business was your former employer in?"

"Many, both legitimate and helping some people that were interested in more freedom in certain Asian societies."

"So he was an arms dealer as well?" the judge asked dryly.

"At times.  He and Xander did date a bit as well.  Xander was not pleased with some of his sidelines and Master Hai did not want to join him while he was training slayers in the backwoods of Africa and Asia."

"I can understand that.  I've heard there's another will naming him?"

"A young woman he had dated a few times.  That one's in appeal because the first judge was a bit ...biased."

"I heard.  That judge and I sat down to talk."

Stephen nodded.  "Her lawyer and ours have also talked.  Xander had to make sure that we were all on the same page about not bothering his cousin or hurting his sons.  He has an attorney looking out for his own interests that we worked things out with."

"I've heard."  The judge looked things over.  "Are all these assets things that the federal government cannot take because of his job?"

"Yes, Your Honor.  All the assets from his business are already handled by his successor, who also reveres Xander and his sons."

The judge just nodded.  "So nothing in this could be confiscated as being from an illegal activity?"

"No, Your Honor.  That is from his family's heritage."

"That's more reasonable then."  He looked over the plan again.  "Why education?"

"Because Xander was worried about the same thing so he suggested that Master Hai had wanted orphans to get better chances at education."  The judge looked at him.  "One of his cousins was left orphaned and Master Hai was not told.  When he found out his cousin could not go to a decent school he threw a very ...long complaint."

"I would as well.  The majority of the assets go to the boys?"

"Yes.  Outside of the house that we've already given to him because there was a secret government project that attacked him and his family."  The judge gave him an odd look.  "Called the NID, Your Honor.   They wanted to experiment on him and his boys."

"I heard rumors about them as well," he muttered.  He went back to rereading.  "Which house is that?"

"The one that's second down," Stephen said.

"All right."  He looked over the other bequests.  They all seemed reasonable.  As long as no agent would be filing to claim any of his assets for being from an illegal activity.  He had talked to a judge that had handled the will of a retired mafia member to see how they acted during will hearings.  "Which Internal Affairs person did you work with?"  Stephen handed over his card.  "Let me get in contact with him to make sure of a few things.  We'll finish this in a few hours?"  Stephen and the others waiting nodded.  The judge went back to his office to call him.

This was a bit tense but hopefully it would work out.  Most of his estate going toward education trusts was a good thing for the world.


Xander was ordered to appear in front of all the judges, and of course Dawn had classes and Hannibal was off trying to ignore how nice Dawn had been to him - even if Abby did pick on him about it all the time.  So Xander had to bring in the boys.  The judges stared at them, smiling and waving, getting waved back at.  "Yes, Your Honors?"

"Mr. Harris," the one over Hai's estate said.  "What field was Miss Beldane in?"

"Chaos mage."

That judge shook his head.  "Nothing related to arms?"


"Wonderful."  They smiled.  "The FBI said that Hai's will is not valid as he was not a citizen?"

"I think he did have US citizenship.  I believe he was naturalized in the late nineties."

"Huh."  He looked in that file.  "I'm seeing a visa application."

Xander pulled a file out and handed it over.  "From Homeland."

"How did you get that?" Hai's judge asked.

"They owed me a few favors after some of their people tried to kill me."  He smiled.

"We heard," both judges agreed.  They talked quietly to each other then nodded.  The other interested parties were called in.  Maui smiled at the boys, getting waved at from the stroller.  Stephen got the same.  The judges smiled.

Hai's lawyer nodded at them.  "On the estate of Hai," that judge said.  "The will is upheld and the plan for the division of assets is accepted.  We will note to the agents that he was a US citizen."

"They know," Xander assured him.  "The FBI agent who came to you probably wasn't an agent."  The judge gaped.  Xander shrugged.  "I saw Philippe DeMorys earlier?"

"That was his name," the other judge said.

Stephen snorted.  "He's an arms dealer who wanted all of Hai's business interests," he told them.

Xander nodded.  "He tried to flirt with me too so I let Frank bite him."

That judge laughed.  "That makes sense.  All right, we will dissolve the estate of Miss Beldane in accordance with her wishes.  The benefits going to the cousins can be fought over by their heirs if there are any.  If not, it will go to the remaining cousin, probably to be taken by her attorney for her criminal charges."  That lawyer nodded at that.

 The other judge smiled.  "That means that we need to do a lot of paperwork."  They settled in to do all that, turning things over to Xander and the trustees.  Things were settled by dinner time that night.  Xander got them all dinner, and Stephen and Maui, before going to Steve's.


Steve looked over as Danno walked back with Xander and the boys.  "Hey."

"It's settled."  He let Frank have Danno.  Frank cackled and lapped him with a smirk.  "That's right, you need to remind him not to hit on the succuba."

"Ba bad!" Jensen said with a scowl at them.  "Bad bad bad!"

Roque groaned and shook his head.  He swatted Jensen.  "Quit!"

"Bite!" Jensen shouted back.

"Boys," Steve said.  "We've had a long day."  Jensen settled down.  "That woman was a succuba?"

"Yeah," Xander said with a grin.  "She's the sister of an arms dealer that hated Hai too."

"Charming," Steve said dryly, glaring at his partner.  "We'll make sure you aren't flirted with by any other supernatural beings."

"Might help," Danno said, handing Frank back.  He picked up Jensen since he was still frowning.  "I didn't mean to, Jensen."  Jensen hugged him and then checked him over.

Xander grinned at Steve.  "It's all settled.  The judges got together today to settle things."

"Good.  Any other good news?" Steve asked, sipping his ice water.

"A few things.  Including that the arms dealers are all waiting tied up in a warehouse.  One of them pissed me off by calling my boys retarded."

"I was going to have a night off," Steve said dryly.

"You can.  They'll probably still be there tomorrow," Xander quipped.  He handed over the address.  "And their weapons and pretty things are already gone."  He took Jensen back and walked the stroller off.  "C'mon, guys.  We have burgers waiting."  They cheered.

Steve looked at it then called one of the other officers to handle it for the night.  They clearly weren't worthy of his team arresting them.

Danno sat down shaking his head.  "I think I'm turning into Xander."

"No, you're not.  I'd never let you turn that insane," Steve quipped.  "We'd get you help first."

"Thanks."  They clinked beer bottles together then drank.  It had been a long day.


Xander looked at his financial guy when he joined him in the park.  "Hey."  He waved Cougar's hand.  "He's in time out."

"I can understand why we're not meeting in my office.  No daycare?"

"Sprayed down last night in that sewer truck leak."

"I heard about one exploding."  He grimaced.  "All right, I got the forms from the judges."  Xander nodded.  "And three more from another judge?"

"What other judge?"

The financial guy took them out to hand over.  "That one?"

Xander looked, shrugging a bit.  "I remember him.  He *really* wanted me on my break in Amsterdam before that one fight."  He was scowling.  "Why did he leave me things?"

"Apparently he thought you were his."

"Not for more than two nights.  And at the time he thought I was a pro because he tried to pay me.  I got *so* pissed off about that."  He let Cougar go.  "Stay on the blanket.  Roque.  Now."  He got scowled at.  "Now," he said more firmly.  Roque huffed but got pulled back onto the blanket.  Xander checked the others and they were still there, watching him be frustrated.  "Okay," he decided, handing them back.  "How much trouble is that going to cost me?"

"None.  It's all been handed over by the government."  Xander grimaced.  "I've also gotten all the forms from Miss Beldane's decision and businesses, plus her will."  He handed those over.  "This is where they're going."  He showed him the account statements and let him approve of them.

"Nothing's going to upset my cousin?"

"No," he said with a smile.  "Though it may get you looked at oddly sometimes when you take down arms dealers."  He pointed.  Xander looked and snapped.  Jensen came crawling back.  "You're good."

"They're not average kids," Xander said with a grin.  He stared at Frank, who came crawling back.  "Roque?"  He grunted and kept going.  Xander got up and grabbed him, swatting him lightly on the diaper then staring at him.  "We're having a talk later," he said quietly.  "Before I lose my temper because you're crawling towards an open sewer."  He put him on the blanket.  "Move again," he warned as he sat down.  Roque tried to and got swatted again.  He stared at him.  "What did I say?"  Roque turned around to put his back to him.  "Fine, whatever.  Just stay on the blanket.  There's protections on it."  Pooch was giving him a scared look.  Xander stared at him.  "You're fine."  Pooch relaxed and went back to his nibbling.  Jensen was doing the same thing looking unconcerned.  He looked at his financial guy.  "Sorry."

"No, sometimes you have to teach them some boundaries.  I do with my girls.  There's protections?"

"Yes.  Just in case."  He pointed at one staring demon.  "So things like that can't get the boys."  Roque looked then whined.  "I do have reasons for my rules, Roque."  He went back to the paperwork.

Jensen stared at the demon, moving to the edge of the blanket.  He put one hand out and the demon moved closer.  Xander pulled a gun and stared at it then swatted Jensen gently.  "Blanket."  Jensen moved back.  Cougar pulled Jensen back and handed him a cookie.  "Thanks, Carlos."

The financial guy shook his head.  "I got the paperwork on their adoption."  Xander grinned.  "Is that harmful?"

"To kids.  I had no idea it was here."  The demon edged closer.  Xander patted the gun.  The demon backed off.  "We'll handle it when there's less people around."

"That's a fine plan."  He went over where things were.  The boys were staring at the demon.  It tried to move closer when Jensen taunted him by moving to the edge of the blanket again.

Xander pulled out something and threw it on the demon, making it let out a shriek.  "No!  Bad demon!"  It slunk down and made pitiful noises.  "I'm still going to kill you in a few minutes."  An officer walked over.  "He eats kids."  He pointed.  "I'm trying to wait until there's less people."  He swatted Jensen again.  "Quit getting his hopes up.  You're not bait."  Jensen slunk back to Cougar and laid on him.  "Thank you!"  He went back to the paperwork.

"Mr. Harris, how do you take those out?" the officer asked.

"Personally I use silver.  Buffy likes to rip their arms off."  He grinned.  "There's way too many kids in this park to see me slay it."

"Let me handle that for you."  He made a call to dispatch to get some more officers to clear the park of kids and innocents.  Xander finished off his paperwork duties and the financial guy handed over the extra bank information then left before he had to see Xander killing something.  Xander let the officer watch the boys while he got up.  The demon whimpered and made begging eyes.  "There's no way we'd let such a harmful demon on our islands," the officer told him, stopping one of the boys.

Xander shot it.  It died.  "Okay," he said, heading for his car.  "Keep them there.  Let me go get the fire potion."  The officer nodded, guarding the boys.  Xander came back with a small vial.  It got poured on the demon's body, letting it melt as the extreme heat of the potion worked on it.  "Thank you."  He looked at his boys.  "C'mon, car."  They crawled off.  Xander picked up the blanket and the diaper bag.  "Thanks, Officer."

"Welcome, sir."  He stared at the puddle of former demon.  The park people showed up to dig up the small bit of dirt and take it away.  The officer shuddered once they were gone.  He hoped the demon hadn't gotten any children.  Hawaii didn't need anything like that happening.  It was bad enough they had rampaging, pissed off SEALs dealing with stupid people.

The End.

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