AN: This takes place post season two of Torchwood, sometime before season four of Doctor Who.

The First and Only DCIS/Eureka Crossover,  Parts 4-6.

"Yeah?" Dawn says, answering her phone in the Sheriff's office.  Her eyebrows go up into her hairline when she hears the voice on the other end.

"Faith, is anything wrong?"

"You might say so, boytoy got himself possessed."

"Oh no, not again," Dawn moans.  Everybody turns to look at her.  "Xander's possessed."

"Again?"  Daniel asks.  "I told him to stay out of trouble."

Dawn snickers.  "That's what the entity that's possessing Xander is saying, he claims it's not his fault. Horatio and Tony disagreed."

"Do they know who or what is possessing Xander this time?" the Eureka inhabitants look at him.  "Last time it was one of Horatio's CSI's that had been killed when his gun jammed."

Dawn's eyes grow wide when she passes on Daniel's question, looking at Fargo.  "He claims he's your old boss, Nathan Stark. Dr. Blake seems to be convinced, guess he told her something we wouldn't know."

"Dr. Stark?" Fargo squeaks.

"Yeah, he wants you and Sheriff Carter up there as soon as possible. He claims his body's still in that thingy," Dawn waves a hand.  "What you thought you saw was just time restarting."

Fargo stares at Dawn in shock before abruptly jumping to his feet and heading out to the car.  Daniel catches up with him, grabs the keys, and pushes him back into the sheriff office where Dawn is waiting.

"All aboard the Dawn express, direct to Global Dynamics," Dawn says, creating a portal.  Daniel and Fargo grab the others, pushing them through the portal as Dawn takes up the rear.  They arrive in the lobby of Global Dynamics, seeing Xander and the others standing at the elevators.  Faith, Tony, and Jack are used to Dawn's portals so they don't even blink, Allison had seen her do it earlier, but Xander, or whoever's inhabiting his body blinks and smirks as Fargo stumbles exiting the portal.

"Good of you to join us," he smirks as Allison runs her badge through the reader to bring the elevator.  "Fargo!" he snaps when the younger man doesn't move fast enough for him.

"Yes sir, Dr. Stark."  Fargo jumps and quickly moves across the lobby to the elevator.  There's no mistaking that tone of voice.

They head to the room neither Fargo or Carter has been in since that day.  Thankfully they'd been able to stymie Thorne's intention and had left the room exactly the way it was then they'd left.  Stark makes a tutting sound in his throat when he sees the layers of dust on everything, swiping a finger through it and holding it up. He automatically reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief, looking down and blinking when he sees a plain shirt.

Carter hands him a damp paper towel from the bathroom down the hall, he wipes his hands and then the chamber.

"Are you sure your body is in there?" Carter asks.  He abruptly shakes his head, he can't believe he's talking to a man possessed by Nathan Stark, that is weird even for Eureka standards.

"Positive, I can see it."

"How are we supposed to get you out of there, if Time is stopped inside the chamber?" Carter asks.  Everybody turns to look at him.  "You're the scientists, not me."

"You know Carter, that is a damn good question." Stark rubs his. . .errr Xander's face.  "I'm not really sure. . . but I do know who can help me.  Henry, I'm going to need a few items." He rattles off a list of objects and Henry leaves.  Dr. Blake rubs her hand on her stomach as the baby moves, Stark automatically reaching out and putting Xander's hand over hers, she sighs as the baby settles down.

"Thank you," she sighs.  Oh nobody had said anything to her face, but she knew that Nathan's death and the pregnancy had made her difficult to be around.  She snorts mentally, she'd been difficult to be around well before Nathan's death.

"Of course any child of mine is going to be difficult, even in the womb."  He smirks, a look that everybody from Eureka recognizes.

"You all are taking this much too calmly," Dr. Blake says when everybody is finally back at Thorne's old office. It was weird to hear two different speech patterns coming from Xander's mouth, but it was even more disturbing that the others who had came to Eureka seem to think this is absolutely par for the course.

"This isn't the first time Xander's been possessed," the man introduced by the others as Dr. Daniel Jackson, head of DCIS sighs, looking over at the young man who's busy scribbling math equations on a whiteboard.

"And knowing Xander, it won't be the last time," the young girl named Dawn sniggers.

"Hey!" the young man yelps.  "At least I get possessed by people that can help us. . .or we can help them." He turns to look at Horatio, lifting an eyebrow.  Everybody blinks, that is such a Stark move but the voice is definitely Xander's.  "I don't see you complaining too loudly about getting Speed back, and I'm sure people will be glad to get Dr. Stark back, especially if it means getting rid of Ms. Thorne."

"Who has my notes?" Stark asks, seemingly out of nowhere.  The Eureka natives are used to his leaps in logic, probably like the DCIS crew is used to the leaps Xander's mind makes, and don't even blink. "I know Thorne cleared out my house as soon as possible without looking like a total shrew."

"My house or Henry's attic; Thorne had a fit when she realized that you didn't keep anything of value on Global Dynamics systems and she couldn't get your projects without looking like she was stealing from the dead," Allison says absently.  Stark snickers softly.  "Yes, we all know you did it deliberately to make her miserable," she says absently. "Ms. Thorne didn't realize that all scientists are paranoid little creatures that think the man is out to get their research, so they have to break it up and hide it in three or four different locations.  That way if somebody broke in and stole their notes, it wouldn't work for them."

Somebody's stomach growls in the quiet room, everybody looks around and Faith starts snickering. The mood lightens. Fargo stands up and clasps his hands together. "Let's go get something to eat at Vincent's."  He picks up the phone and reserves the back room for them, "And then we can start making plans for getting Dr. Stark's body out of the chamber."  Fargo hustles everybody out of the room, the Eureka natives looking at him with disbelief, their quiet little Fargo has grown a backbone since he's been gone.

The meal is a lively one, Fargo being filled in on what happened while he was gone from Eureka and the Eureka natives being filled in on what happens at DCIS.  Jo shakes her head hearing about the sizes of the busts that Xander's been on, Xander would be complaining about the others but Dr. Stark took over his mouth, right now he's interested in eating Vincent's cooking after being without a body for so many months.

He suddenly stares at the wall a second, a smile forming on his face as his subconscious finally comes up with the solution to his problem.  "The Doctor," he says aloud.  Everybody turns to look at him.  "Henry, do you still have contacts with Unit and Torchwood?"

Henry nods.

"Send them an e-mail, giving them a general rundown on what happened and ask them if they can contact the Doctor for help."

Faith finishes her second full plate of food, covering her mouth with her napkin when he belches softly.

"That. . .is good food. You weren't kidding, Fargo."

"No, our cafeteria has good food, but there's only one Vincent."

"Sooo," Dawn says in her most innocent tone that has everybody who knows her giving her 'what are you up to this time' looks. "Fargo says you guys have a kickass spa.  Does DCIS taking over Eureka allow us to use it? We don't have one on the base ...yet, and I've missed being able to pamper myself, too busy beating up bitchy teenagers who think I'm trying to steal their boyfriends because I don't put out like they do."

"You could always go join your sister in Cleveland." Xander says in a sing-song voice, eyes full of mischief.

"I . .will. . .hurt. . .you." Dawn says slowly, pointing her fork in his direction. "I am trying to be a good girl, not one of the slut patrol from Cleveland."

"Slut patrol?" Fargo asks.

"Before you arrived Fargo, some of the girls in Cleveland believed in sharing. . .boyfriends and STDs.  About six of them had about five diseases; Xander yelled at them, John yelled at them, House yelled at them. . ."  She smiles.  "I think the shortest lecture was two hours. The girls begged to take the medication, I think some of them even promised to become celibate, and Slayers are horny little creatures, especially after a battle."

"Did it work?" Allison asks.

"Unfortunately no, some of them were found to have went right back to sharing boyfriends and diseases," Dawn said.  Allison shook her head.  "House was not amused."


"Gregory House, the Doctor in charge of our infirmary.  Mr. Cranky boy himself,"  Xander snickers.

"I believe that we can get you in the spa," Dr. Stark says, sipping on a mug of tea.  "DoD agents routinely had access to the spa when they were in town, I don't see why you can't while you are here."

Dawn grins and gives Faith a look. "Oh hell no, why would I want to go and sit around getting prettifed?"

"For Dean?"

"Dean likes me just the way I am."  She smirks. "Besides, he's not here.  No use getting all gussied up if you don't have somebody to pounce when you're done.  Your hand ain't going to do it for you, you only do something like that for your guy or girl." Fargo splutters. But everybody else at the table whose had serious relationships sigh and nod.

Henry comes back to the table, he'd excused himself a minute ago. "I sent a note to my contacts with details of everything that happened.  They'll leave a message for the Doctor."

"Thank you Henry." Stark says calmly.  He ignores the flutter in the young man whose body he's inhabiting stomach, he is not nervous, even if Henry and Allison are giving him amused looks. He's not, he's just gratified that the long months of being without a physical form is finally over, even if it's not his physical form.

"So should we start putting your belongings back in your house?"

"Nobody's moved into it yet?"

"Thorne was more for getting rid of employees than bringing in new people." Allison snorts. "We have twenty empty houses thanks to her closing projects."

"Get me a list of those projects and the personnel removed." Daniel tells Tony. "We can go over them with the rest of Global Dynamics projects and see if they need to be reinstated or not."

"Did you have much trouble taking over Area 51 or the NID?" Henry asks.

"Not after we removed 90 percent of their personnel for being sick torturing bastards." Abby snorts. "Stupid idiots that didn't get arrested in the first round got arrested in the second round when they tried to get government funding to open their own company so they could torture people.  Said it right in the proposal."

"Nobody claimed they were smart," Henry snorts, taking a sip of coffee.

"Whined like babies for hours because we were taking away their fun," Abby says.

"My old team already had some experiences with NID. . ." Daniel says.  "Us too." Dawn interjects. "So it was a pleasure to swoop in and throw them in prison where they belonged."

"Dawnie," Xander moans.

"I know everybody thinks they had something to do with Mommy's death, Xan. Spike was drunk one night and talked."

Xander looks at her sadly.  "We didn't want you to know, Dawnie, you were only 14 when Joyce died."

Everybody looks at them. "Joyce collapsed from a walnut-sized brain tumor literally overnight.  No prior symptoms, she just collapsed.  We talked to Wilson after DCIS was founded, he thought it was a little suspicious."

"How did you meet the NID?" Dr. Stark asks.

"They set up a lab in our town under the college, they were capturing and torturing demons and humans," Dawn says absently.  "Xander and the others ended up taking them down. The government covered everything up, they didn't want it to get out they were sponsoring a group that was torturing civilians."

"They were supposedly punished for their actions, but I recognized some of the names of the scientists as those who were arrested when DCIS took over, their goon squads were taken over by the UN, they're demonic 'peacekeeping' groups now, so it looks like they got off with a slap on the wrist," Xander says.

"And that was only because civilians took them down," Dawn snorts.

"Yeah, the government gets testy when their top secret base gets busted by a bunch of kids and a former high school librarian," Dawn agrees. "They don't like it when you give them a black eye."

"Never mind the fact that they shouldn't have been doing that in the first place," Horatio says.

Dawn waves a hand. "Please, that's beside the point.  They were taken down by kids."

You can tell the Eureka natives are in shock, dying to ask the question.  Fargo finally is the one who does.  "Why?"

"They had a friend of ours," Xander says.  "We went in to get him out, then took them down when we realized what they were doing.  The government hushed it all up, at least until the President was killed by that demon who was avenging his family, then our agency was created to handle them and make sure something like that never happened again."

"We had some NID personnel try to get onto Global Dynamics projects, we sent them packing when we realized what they were doing," Dr. Blake says, sipping her herbal tea. "As you said, 90 percent of their personnel are torturing bastards."

Meanwhile, over in Cardiff Jack Harkness looks at the message Ianto had brought him and picks up a phone.  He'd been surprised when the Doctor had sent him a Superphone so he could contact the other man, he wouldn't have thought the other man would want to hear from him.  He punches in the numbers like he's done a hundred times in his mind, takes a deep breath, and hits send.

The phone is picked up on the other end by the third ring.  "Hello?" the Doctor asks calmly, Jack smiles, the Doctor could be running from crazed aliens and still sound completely unruffled.

"Doc, it's me. I got a message from a scientist named Henry Deacon in the United States, he lives in a small town called . . . "

"Eureka, yes I know who you're talking about." The Doctor puts the phone down on his end, the TARDIS putting it on speaker for him as he starts changing course.

"It seems that there was a. . .incident with an experiment someplace called Global Dynamics." Jack looks at the note in front of him.  "There was a time loop that was only stopped with the sacrifice of a scientist, one Nathan Stark.  Everybody thought they saw his body disintegrating in a chamber, but he's been hanging around as a ghost?"  Jack blinks, that sounds strange but after being with the Doctor and all he's seen in Torchwood. . .

"Yes Jack, keep talking."

"He ended up possessing a young man who'd come as part of the team that was taking control of the company from the DoD?"

"Department of defense, or Defense Department as it's more commonly known." Ianto and the Doctor say in unison.

"And he claims his body's still alive in the chamber, what they thought was his body
disintegrating was actually time starting again outside the chamber.  They're asking our help to get him out of there," Jack says, blinking as he can hear the TARDIS arriving in the HUB.

"Hang up Jack, I'll be up there in a couple of seconds.  Did they send anything with the request?"

Jack looks at Ianto who nods.  "They sent copies of all the information they had on the incident. I'll set up a workstation so the Doctor can look at it," he says before walking out of the office.  He passes the Doctor as he runs up the stairs and settles at Toshiko's empty station.

Jack stands up, putting the phone away in his desk as the Doctor bursts into his office.  Jack holds out his hand to the Doctor to shake, squeaking as the other man pulls him into a hug.  The Doctor looks at Jack, his eyes, his eyes are so old. "What happened?" he asks him.  Martha had told him that Jack's team had lost a couple of members when she last talked to him, but he wasn't expecting to see the other man so shattered, but only somebody who'd seen him after the Year that Wasn't and knows how good Jack is at hiding his feeling would be able to see it.

Jack sighs and sits down on the couch that had been brought into his office folding his hands together to keep them from shaking.  The Doctor drops down onto the couch beside him, one arm around his shoulders as Jack softly tells him what happened, finding out Gray was alive, Owen and Toshiko's deaths, being buried alive for so many years. . .

Ianto looks up when the door of Jack's office opens and the Doctor walks down the stairs.  His coat is wet and he brushes at it irritably until Ianto takes it off and hangs it up on the coat rack in the corner of the room as he sits down at Tosh's computer. The information they'd received is up on the computer and Ianto can hear the Doctor mumbling softly under his breath as he starts to read.

"This shouldn't be possible, what were they thinking?" Ianto hears as he walks over to the Doctor's workstation with a mug of tea. He touches his shoulder gently and the other man looks up before he puts the tea down in front of him.

"You must be Ianto, Martha described you perfectly." The Doctor sips his tea. "Ahh, just how I like it, thank you."

"You're welcome, Doctor, do you think you can help them?"

"I believe so, though I'd have to see what they were working on to make sure."

"I can send them a message and tell them we're on our way," Ianto offers.

"Don't bother, by the time they got the message, we'd already be there."

"Not the way you drive, Doc," Jack snorts from the landing in front of his office.

He looks. . .at peace, for the first time in a very long time Ianto thinks.  Ianto should be jealous of the Doctor, he knows Jack has feelings for the other man, but he's glad that he could help him when Ianto himself couldn't.  He moves to take the empty mug and the Doctor calmly puts a hand over his.

"You helped him a lot more than you know, Ianto, you kept him sane until I could get here," he tells him quietly.  Myfanwy lifts her head from her nest in the corner of the Hub. "Is that a pterodactyl? Brilliant," the Doctor says, getting up and walking over to get a closer look at her.

"Sir, is there anything you need for me to do while you and the Doctor are in the States?" Ianto asks quietly as he brushes off the Doctor's coat and holds it out for the other man to put on.

"You're coming with us, aren't you?" The Doctor asks.

"Of course you're coming with us, Yan," Jack says, wrapping an arm around both men's shoulders.  "Leave Gwen a note; it might be a couple of days." Jack shuts down Toshiko's computer and looks over at the Doctor as he throws open the TARDIS's door.  Ianto looks at Jack but the older man grabs him by the hand and pulls him into the TARDIS, the blue box vanishing noisily from the room as Myfanwy flaps her wings and heads out into the night.