From: Josette Grover

The First and Only DCIS/Eureka crossover.

Note from Voracity:  Josette came up with this wonderful out take to my DCIS story and since it's so good, I'm putting it up on the DCIS index for her.  So any thanks for this one go to her.

Note from Josette:  Here's the first 8 pages, I think it's probably going to be around 20 pages total. You can post the first part this update, and I'll work on the rest.

Sheriff Carter looks up as loudspeakers start blaring music somewhere outside.  He looks at Jo and they both walk outside, hearing the music get louder.

"Is that. . .? "

"Flight of the Valkyries." Henry says, coming over. " They stand where they are as a convoy of vehicles come into view, a man standing in the front of a jeep with his arm outstretched until somebody in the back yanks him back down into his seat.

A car peels off from the others and parks in front of the sheriff's office, both doors opening.

"Fargo." Henry, Carter, and Jo say in unison as a familiar figure gets out of the driver's seat.  They take turns hugging him.

"Daniel, this is Sheriff Carter, Deputy Lupo, and Dr. Deacon, our town mechanic and jack of all trades.  Everybody, this is Dr. Daniel Jackson, my new boss."

"Glad to meet you Dr. Jackson, what is your specialty?" Henry asks, shaking his hand.

"I'm a linguist among other things."

"What brings you to Eureka?" Carter asks.

"The DoD has had enough and put Eureka and Global Dynamics under DCIS's umbrella. I'm here to brief you while the others head onto Global Dynamics to officially receive control from the DoD." Daniel ducks his head and rubs the back of his head. "Though there's bets on how long it takes your Ms. Thorne to hit on Xander since she's obviously  evil."  Fargo chokes as he looks at Daniel.  "The younger slayers looked up her records. That's why we have so many slayers with Xander, to keep her away from Xander and to keep Dawnie from killing her."

"Are you equipped to handle Global Dynamics?" Henry asks.

Daniel nods.  "We have Area 51 and NID under us, we fired and jailed about 90 percent of the sick bastards who worked there.  Rodney, Radek, and Abby are in charge of going over the records.  Some of the people from a classified project we also have under us are there to help lift and move."

"Who's going to be in charge?"

"Definitely not Ms. Thorne, she's going to be arrested and taken to our jail until we can finalize charges.  Fargo told me a little of what she had been doing."

"She had me and another person working for her. You can debrief us if it's needed." Henry says.

"Thank you Dr. Deacon, our judge would appreciate that." Daniel nods.  His phone rings and he answers. "That was Xander, he and Tony have officially taken over control of Global Dynamics for us. Is there a way to have the news spread through town so we don't cause problems?"

All four Eureka citizens snicker.  "Tell Vincent over at Cafe Diem and tell him to keep it under his hat, it will be all over town in fifteen minutes," Carter chuckles. "Do you need me right now?" Carter asks.

"No Sheriff, Fargo figured it was best to brief you and your Deputy first so you knew what was going on."

"Thank you Fargo." Carter claps him on the shoulder and heads outside, meeting Vincent halfway there.

Fargo opens his briefcase and hands over a packet of pictures to Jo.  "This is our Armory." She smiles and sits at her desk, glaring at him over one picture. "If it's the one I think, it's new, still in the experimental stages.  Xander could be your younger brother, he's as gun nuts as you are." Fargo drops into a chair and has a lapful of squealing Zoe Carter.  "Good to see you Zoe." he says.

"Fargo, we missed you. Are you back to stay? You didn't get fired, did you? Thorne is on a rip to have to arrested for leaving."

"I missed you too Zoe, phone calls and e-mails aren't the same.  No, I'm here for a visit, we're not sure how long. The agency I work for now has taken over GD from the DoD, so Thorne can go spin in the wind as John might say."

"Twist in the wind, Fargo." Carter says absently, answering his phone.  He glares over at Fargo. "You had to make an entrance?"

"Xander demanded." Daniel says absently as the door opens and Zane comes into the room.  "Sheriff, is there a quiet room we can use?"

"Down the hall." Carter points. "Table and a couple of chairs, it's supposed to be an interrogation room, but we never bother." Daniel, Zane, and Henry head that way.

"Call GD?" Jo asks Carter while Zoe and Fargo talk.

Carter nods, getting on the phone. He hangs ten minutes later and nods. "It's all on the up and up.  Fargo?" Fargo looks up from whatever Zoe is showing him. "You and Dr. Jackson have the takeover plans for us to go over?" Fargo nods and digs into his briefcase, handing Jo and Carter two folders.

"Sheriff, is Beverly's guest house still empty?" Jo nods.  "Good, we can use it as a base of operations if somebody has the keys." Getting on the phone, he texts that to somebody.  Jo squeaks, though she'll deny it if anybody says anything, as a portal appears in the corner of the room and Dawn walks through.

"Hello Dawn." Fargo smiles.

"Hey Fargo, Xan sent me here to help you get the guest house ready," she says.  "You're supposed to stop and get food and anything else we might need?"

"You'll have to turn on the electricity, open some windows to air it out, and take sheets off the furniture." Jo says. "I'll call and have groceries sent to the house."

"You look familiar." Carter says, staring at the young woman who had appeared from nowhere.  "Have we met?"

"I don't think so, Dawn Summers." She holds out a hand for him to shake.

"Summers, as in that show you always went on about?"  Jo looks over at Fargo who smirks.

"Actually, Buffy is real, Dawn's her younger sister." Jo stares at Dawn who smirks and waggles her fingers. "Yup, we didn't know about the show until Fargo said something. Seems one of the Sunnydale kids who survived graduation came up with it.  He was connected with one of the old watcher families so most of it is true, but things changed when the Bringers appeared.  The Agency that DCIS became had rescued a lot of older potentials from the bringers, bringing them to Sunnydale while they took away a lot of the younger girls and those who couldn't fight.  Me, Xander, and the other girls went to a base while they took down the First Evil.  Willow's spell activated the ones who weren't there too, so we had three girls under the age of ten who were Slayers." Carter and Fargo moan. Dawn nods her head.

"Yeah, so Xander went to LA after the battle and took some of the Slayers there who were injured, ohh and Tara's cat, and brought them back to the base.  Unfortunately, some of the flaming assholes of Watchers who were left decided that they had to go back to one slayer, one watcher by killing the girls at the base and setting off a bomb at the hotel.  Xander managed to get most of us out and headed to safety while he rescued the remaining girls but some of the agents there were killed. Since the base had only been temporary while the new one was refurbished, we set up shop there with my sister, Giles, and the other Slayers who were in magically induced comas from the explosion."

"What happened?" Carter asks as Dawn drops into a chair.

"Faith and Wesley weren't caught in the explosion so they took over Cleveland while Xander rebuilt the council. The President hired Tony to handle DCIS until Danny took over.  We found Dean and Sam and hired them to help train the girls, their Dad joined us after an apocalypse in LA."

"I remember seeing that on television." Carter says. Jo looks at him.  "It was just before we arrived in Eureka."

"I don't remember seeing it."

Dawn holds up one hand and the portal appears again, walking through and reappearing with a computer.  She puts it in front of Jo and brings up footage from the LA fight.  Jo pushes her chair back, staring at the screen as it runs the first time before running the footage again.  "Please tell me that's fake?"

"Nope sorry." Dawn shrugs. "That was our first big battle with the newly called Slayers. It was a good fight, we didn't lose anybody that time." Fargo puts his hand on Dawn's arm. "Thanks Fargo," she pats his hand before shutting down the computer, walking through the portal again, and handing it back off to Tony. "Thanks Tony, Fargo's buddy Jo hadn't seen the footage."

"That's strange, even the Space Station saw the fight," Horatio says, looking over his sunglasses at her.

"A lot of geeks here, they probably don't pay attention to the outside world unless it directly affects them." Faith shrugs. Dawn nods. "The Sheriff had seen it, but that's
because it happened just before he moved to Eureka."

"That does tend to happen here." Allison says. She's sitting on the couch in the office that used to her hers and before that Nathan's. "One of our employees didn't know that the old Sheriff had retired and we had a new one for six months."

Faith shakes her head. "Damn and I thought Tweedy was bad about not getting out of the library."

Employees start milling around the front entrance, looking towards the office where they see Dr. Blake sitting on the couch and people they don't know going through paperwork.

"I should say something to let everybody know what's going on." Allison says, levering herself to her feet.

"Let me." Faith says with a smirk. She opens the door and sticks her head out.  "YO! SHUT IT." She bellows. Everybody stops and stares at the girl in the doorway of the office. Faith shuts the door behind her. "The DoD has had enough of GD and Thorne, they turned control of you over to us, you're now under the control of  DCIS along with NID and Area 51."  You could hear a pin drop, the building got so quiet. Faith smirks. "Unless  you have something that's going to explode if you're not there, git. We're going to be going  over everything and we don't need you getting in the way. We'll call you when it's time to come back to work." She turns to go back inside, then stops and turns around, smirking. "Oh, and there will be guards escorting you back to labs so you can gather your belongings or keep from  blowing us up so you can't quickly run and cook the books."

"Xander, I doubt this is what Daniel had in mind when he asked us to bring a few of the older slayers along to make the turnover easier." Jack says, turning to look at Xander.

"Nothing better than a set of Slayer lungs to get the message across loud and clear," Xander snickers.

"Don't you think one of the others would have been a better choice?" Tony asks.  "Or at least more diplomatic?"

"Faith is the second Senior Slayer, only Buffy has more authority," Xander says. "And Buffy has PMS." All the men in the room moan.

Allison looks down at her stomach, rubbing it gently as the baby kicks. "Thankfully, I haven't had to worry about that for a while."

"Fargo told us about Dr. Stark, I'm sorry for your loss," Xander says, looking over at her. "At least you'll be able to tell the baby about their daddy when they get old enough to start asking questions."

"I hope this turnover is less 'eventful' than the last one." Allison mutters as Faith comes back into the room, shutting the door behind her and smirking at Xander.

"What happened? I thought that the DoD has been over Global Dynamics since the beginning?" Tony asks.  "That's what Fargo said when he talked about where he used to work."

"Nathan used to be the Head of Global Dynamics, he was removed after a lab accident," Allison says. "The DoD picked me as the new head, and we had to shut down the computer systems for 24 hours to change.  We have a large area for test models that don't work or are too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands.  Unfortunately, one of our former employers had been stealing them for spare parts, a check of the inventory when the computer systems came back on line would have shown that, so he slipped a force field device in Fargo's pocket when he was in the bathroom.  Fargo turned it on, unfortunately, there wasn't an off switch."

Xander shakes his head.  "No wonder Fargo didn't tell us that story.   What happened?"

"The field kept expanding, eventually it would have grown as big as Global Dynamics.  We worked to find a way to shut it down, the force field started draining Fargo for power when the battery ran down. We ended up stopping Fargo's heart with a sonic weapon to shut off the force field."

"No wonder Fargo never told us that story." Tony shakes his head. "I thought catching the plague was bad."

"You caught the plague?" Jack turns to stare at Tony. Allison does the same.

"Yeah, some woman sent it to the office, she was dying and didn't like the fact her daughter's rape case was never solved. I was just the unlucky guy who opened the envelope."

"What happened to her daughter's case?" Allison asks softly.

Tony turns sad eyes on her.  "There was never any rape, she couldn't tell her mother she liked rough sex.  She and her boyfriend had had sex, he left her tied up to the bed, and went across the street to buy something.  Unfortunately, he got hit by a car and died, he didn't have any id, they found her in the room two days later, she was hysterical by then and since there was signs of sex and she was tied up, it was handled as a rape."

"And I thought falling into an old burial chamber when I worked construction and catching extinct forms of smallpox and syphilis was bad."  Xander shakes his head. Everybody except Faith turns to stare at him.  "You what. . .???" they say hoarsely.

"Caught strains of syphilis and smallpox that have been extinct for nearly a hundred years," Xander says calmly, looking up from the paperwork he'd been going over.

"You mean the two of you are as bad as Danny?" Jack moans, looking over at them.

Xander looks over at him.  "It took you how long to figure out Jack?"  He makes a tsk-tsk sound.  "I would have thought you'd be smarter than that?"

"Tony, will you swat him for me please?" Jack sighs.  Faith snickers when Xander yelps. "Serves you right, kid."

"Not that." Xander manages to say.

"Oh hell, tell me you did not just get possessed again?" Tony moans.  "Damn it, you did just get possessed again," he sighs.  Xander nods, holding his hands over his eyes.

Allison looks over at the young man trying to curl in a fetal position on the couch, the other man who's silently holding a hand on his back.

/Umm hello?/ Xander asks telepathically.  /You're not out to destroy the world, eat my brain, or kill everybody I hold dear, are you?/

/Nooo, I died trying to stop the world from being destroyed, or at least having it stuck in an eternal loop like a bad remake of Groundhog day,/ a male voice says, not quite sarcastically but in a tone of voice that makes it clear he thinks Xander is insane.  /I don't generally eat brains, and from what I've seen of your friends I'm sure they could stop you if I wanted to kill anybody./  Xander blinks as a tall man with a neatly trimmed beard wearing a three piece suit comes into view in his mind.  /Well, this is . . . unusual, but better than what I had been doing./

/And that was?/ Xander knows better than to be asking questions of the ghost that just possessed him, Daniel will be killing him if he makes it out of this in one piece.

The man shrugs. /Making Fargo think he was seeing things?  I thought making my picture nod in approval was a nice touch./

/Fargo knew you?/

/Oh yes, and so does the woman currently checking your pulse.  Oh, you might want to move, being curled up in a fetal ball is going to leave you sore. And you're upsetting your friends./  Moving closer to Xander, the man once known as Nathan Stark coaxes him into uncurling the body they're currently sharing.

Xander's eyes flicker open as he straightens up, looking around the room before settling on the woman standing beside him.  Reaching up, he gently cups her cheek.  "Allie," he says softly.

"N. . . Na. . . Nathan?" Allison blinks.

"I told you I'd always be with you Allie."  He looks down at her swollen stomach and smiles softly.  "How's Kevin? And the baby?"

"She.  . . She's fine, so's Kevin.  Carter has been helping . . . a lot."

"Maria, Maria Elena." Nathan/Xander says with a sad smile.  "Hello Maria, it's nice to finally meet you."

Allison's face crumples, Fargo might have told Xander of Nathan's nickname for her, the younger man had known Dr. Stark was the baby's father and his death is what had spurred Fargo into leaving Eureka, but there was no way Fargo could have known of the message Nathan had left for her, she hadn't even told Carter of what Nathan had said  when she had viewed the crystal. And there was no way he could have known of that long ago day when Allison and Nathan had been dating and she had told him of the young girl who had given her life, then given her up.

Nathan holds his ex-wife in his arms while she cries.  Allison leans against his shoulder while a hand runs up and down her back.  Ohh the voice isn't the same, but the words, the mannerisms, she can close her eyes and imagine the last few months hadn't happened and Nathan is comforting her after a bad dream.

She finally straightens up, reaching for a Kleenex to wipe her eyes.  "Thank you," she says huskily. "I . . . didn't know how much I'd been holding back. The last few months have been . . . difficult."

"I know Allie, I was here after all." It takes a couple of seconds of concentration, but Nathan soon has Xander's body up and moving, walking over to the window.

Tony, Jack, and Horatio watch Xander's body, seeing the different mannerisms, body language, and speech patterns.

"Is Xander aware of any of this?"

"Of course, right now he's complaining that Daniel told him to stay out of trouble, it's not his fault he got possessed again, is it?"

"Yes," Tony and Horatio say in unison. "It is."

Nathan chuckles at something Xander tells him.  "I don't think I'll repeat what . . . Xander just told me.  And what type of name is Xander anyway?"

"It's short for Alexander."

"Well that makes sense at least." Xander/Nathan heads for the door.

"Where are you going?"

"Umm, I don't know about you but I'd rather not spend the rest of my life sharing a body with your friend." Nathan says sarcastically.  "Can one of you call Fargo, I need him back here as soon as possible."

"For what?" Tony asks, automatically dialing Fargo's number.

"Fargo and Carter saw my body disintegrating, but what actually happened is inside the chamber is a time bubble.  With time moving outside, they couldn't see I'm actually in there.  If Fargo can figure out a way to get me safely out of there, I should be fine."

"You should be fine?" Allison asks dryly.  This day started out strange and has gone downhill from there.  If anybody had told her she'd be talking to her dead ex-husband who's currently possessing a young man and is talking about bringing himself back to life, she'd have had security get them, order a drug test, and have them locked away until they came off of whatever they had been exposed to.  Looking over at the others, she's stunned to see they're not the least bit surprised by this turn of events.  "This happens often?" she asks.

"Xander getting possessed?" Horatio asks. She nods.  He nods. "The last time he ended up being possessed by a former CSI that worked with me, he had been killed when his gun jammed.  Xander ended up in the same cemetery Speed was buried in and caught his attention by going 'here ghosty ghosty ghosty' by his grave site."

"So this?" she waves a hand at Xander's body who's currently heading for the elevators, looking over his shoulder at them.

"Is absolutely normal for Xander," Horatio sighs, putting his sunglasses back on as Faith snickers.

"What happened to your former CSI?"

"Dawn sneezed him up a new body, he's back at the base on another case while we're here," Tony sighs. "He's either going to laugh or swear when he finds out what happened."  Faith grabs Tony's phone, dialing a number.  "Faith!"

"Chill.  I'm calling little D so she can get hold of her teachers, in case we need their help."