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  I had this one jump me earlier and I thought I'd share the pai. . .   err, bunny offering.
  Something brings House to the NCIS office where he meets both  Madame
  Director and Abby.  MD and House immediately start butting heads   (shocker there, huh) but he and Abby get along fantastically.  So   fantastically that Abby ends up pregnant.
 (Hey we all know she has  a   thing for older men)
 Awww, but it would be cute.  House passing out cigars back at the hospital, Cuddy's scared look of 'you spawned?' and House smirking 'Yep, got me a baby momma in DC.'
 I haven't seen the episode where his parents came to visit but I can just see the phone call 'Mom, Dad, you have a granddaughter.'
 And of course
 'Mommy, I'm bored. Can I go to New Jersey to spend some time with Daddy and Uncle Wilson, scare Aunt Cuddy, and terrorize Daddy's new batch of ducklings?' she asks with huge eyes.
 'Sure thing baby, let me call your daddy to see if he's busy and your Uncle
 McGee can take you to the airport.'


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See, but I keep seeing Xander, from Vo's Mean Family story, coming over to deal with something for Giles, and meeting Abby, they hit if off... and that's the pairing (as Abby is totally scare worthy and as such, unlikely to become like Xan's previous relationships).  *evil grin*  So not only do we have an adopted Dawn, Xan actually spawns... and then brings the kid around to show off.  And I'm sure Snape would show up somewhere and REALLY terrorize the hospital staff when he starts blaming House for Xander procreating.  *evil laugh*

Harbor Institute's Quatre Winner
Mate to Trowa Barton

The Family That Slays Together....

Dawn landed and smoothed out her cute outfit of the day, checking herself over for appearance's sake.  She smiled and walked inside to the reception desk.  "Hi, I need to see my great-uncle Greg Snape please?  I got sent with a request for him to help another medical person at home."

"For your family?"

"Only now and then.  Possibly his brother if things get bad."  She smiled at the woman walking past the desk then the receptionist again.  "Is Uncle Greg in today?"

"He's in consultations," she admitted.  "Let me call up there, see if I can get him to come down early.  It's not usually a problem."   She smiled.  "Doctor Cuddy, this is one of Doctor House's relatives."

"I was adopted by his younger nephew."

"I didn't know House had relatives," she said, looking at Dawn.

She smirked and nodded.  "Yup, there's a few of us."  She saw him and squealed, waving.  She heard the groan.  "Sorry, family stuff that's going to need a medical person soon."  She jogged over and gave him a hug around the arm, hissing in his ear.  He glared at her so she handed over the letter.  "Grandad said that she got injured while shopping.  They need someone competent and with his *other* job it's got to be someone with a clue.  He suggested you and Professor McGonagall, who is majorly grumpy, agreed you'd be a good choice.  So I get to deliver and scope the hotties," she said, watching one young guy walk past.  He smacked her on the head and she smacked him back.  "Hey!  I'm allowed to look.  Not like I'm married or taken or anything.  I'm at the right age to look and drool, but I have more class."

"Most of the time," he agreed dryly, reading the letter.  He sighed.  "Come to my office, Dawn."  He walked off, her with him, ignoring all the curious looks.  At least until he ran into one.  "You wanted to meet my great-niece?" he said dryly, keeping on.

Dawn smiled at him and held out a hand.  "Dawn Summers-Harris."

"I'm Wilson, I've worked with your uncle for years."  He shook her hand with a grin.  "In for a medical problem?"

"Madam P, as Harry calls her, got hurt while shopping.  They need someone with some sense and Grandad's still doing evil things to help others so they need someone who can put up with him and not pay attention to the goober running the school."

Wilson took a second to translate that babble back into normal english then nodded.  "Sure, that'll be fun.  He could use the vacation."  He walked her to the office, finding House behind his desk.  "Anything I can do to help?"

"It depends, would you like to go work in a warzone around a school full of students that's being run by people in denial and with *plans*?" he asked bitterly.

Dawn gave him a hug.  "If it's not you then it'll be someone who'll kill your brother or possibly Harry.  The goober in charge hired someone who *tortures* to get her viewpoint across to the students."

"Define tortures?" House requested.  She pulled out a picture and handed it over.  "Interesting."  He looked at her.  "Starting when?"

"Now?  Because your brother's going to be fussed to death by me because he's injured and crankier.  He makes Willow PMS look normal and happy and carebear."  House shuddered at that thought and so did Wilson.  "So you've met Willow?" she asked with a bright grin.  "I'm Buffy's little sister."

"They let Xander adopt you?" Wilson asked.

"They kinda had to.  It was him, Willow, or Giles.  Buffy and Mom both died.  Sorry, but hellgods, ya know?"  She shrugged.  She looked at House again.  "I wanted to ask you about what happened to Mom.   How in the hell did she go from normal one day to walnut sized brain tumor and passing out from weakness the next, literally?"

"It's not usually that fast of a transition," Wilson said, frowning a bit.  "Do you think someone induced it?"

She snorted and looked at him.  Then she handed over another file.  "This is technically for him because Xander has issues from an injury he got from them but Buffy was dating one, he's still around, and they had problems with what they did to their own people.  They wanted Buffy to work for them so I wouldn't be surprised.  I asked Xander for his opinion and he only gave me a hug and nodded."

He sat down to look over the folder and the medical records attached.  He looked at her and nodded.  "I do think this was something someone did to her."

"Then can I go commit homicide or is that morally wrong?"  A cane whapped her on the head and she snatched it, hitting her uncle back.  "I'm not your brother.  You smack me and I make your life a living hell."  She gave him a look.  "I should be allowed."

"You have Xander for that," he reminded her.   "He can plan things better than you, Dawn."

"Fine.  Whatever."  She looked at Wilson again.  "Can you tell how?  Is it like their heart chip thingies or the vampire eating retarding chip thingy or something else?"

"Vampire eating retarding chip thingy?" Wilson asked slowly, trying to decode it.

"Remember hearing about Spike?" she asked.  He shuddered but nodded.  "They put a chip in his head so he couldn't eat or hurt any humans."

Wilson blinked at that then looked at House, who nodded.   "They're gone, right?"

"Disbanded hopefully.  Fully gone I'm not sure."  He pulled Dawn closer.  "Why did he send you?"

"The headmaster goober was coming back.  He wants me in the school."

"Hell.  No."

"I know.  I don't want to go.  I like my teaching arrangement."  She shrugged and grinned.  "Can you introduce me to the hottie boys?"

"Sure.  Wilson, she needs someone to make her ineligible for blood magic rites.  You know the residents, right?"

"She's *how* old?" he countered dryly.

Dawn snorted.  "More than old enough to want it and to be on the liquid pill Xander made me."  Wilson gave her a horrified look.  "He's really good at potions and he thinks I should follow in Uncle Greg's footsteps since I'm not sure I could handle being a cop like Uncle Timmy."

Wilson whimpered.   "I can almost see that," he said weakly.  Then he shook his head quickly.  "Let me look over these files, Dawn, okay?  Maybe I can find why it happened."

She nodded and gave him another hug before he left, going to hide in his office.  "I didn't mean to scare him."

"Xander does that to him too.  It proves you were adopted by the right member of the family."  His ducklings walked in.  "Out!"

"New patient," the female said, waving a folder.

"Sorry, his brother's a bit sick and the school he works at isn't really capable of handling him."  She looked at him.  "If you don't," she said quietly, "Xander's going to jump in.  He's already teaching the head guy's secret weapon since the head goober wasn't.  He's also turning a few others off the straight and narrow dark road."

He nodded.  "I heard.  We've been talking about it, Dawn."  He sighed and looked at her.  "Let me think for a few hours?"

"Sure.  Can I snack while you think so I can watch more bouncable butts?"

"Sure.  Chase, take her down to the caf to get her a snack," he said, handing over a ten.  The blond young man gave him a horrified look.  "This is my nephew's adopted daughter Dawn.  Take her to get her something to eat," he said more clearly.  He just nodded and took the money, letting the young woman follow him out, knowing she had her head tipped at just the right angle to watch him while he walked.

The female looked at the other male in the group.  "He paid?" she hissed.   He nodded.  "This is bad."

"Very," House agreed.  He stood up.  "Is it interesting or something complicated?"

"I don't know."  She let him see it.  She was still a bit freaked out by all this stuff.  House had paid?  House didn't pay for his own meals and he had paid for his niece's snack?   He wasn't making that bad of remarks about her bouncy, sunny nature?  Something was going *very* wrong in the universe.

Xander stomped in and pulled his uncle around to hiss in his ear, getting a groan.  "I'm going to destroy them.  You mind?"

"Probably.  Others might as well, Xander."  He looked at him.  "Calm down.  He can't do that."

"He's challenging my custody of her," he said coolly.

"Then go fight as only a Snape can," he said simply.  Xander gave him a look.  "Go for it.  Keep me informed."  He wrote down a number.  "My cell."  Xander took it and nodded, heading off and disappearing from the elevator again.  He sighed and called down to the cafeteria.  "Chase, bring her back up here please?"  He hung up and looked at them.  "I'm answering a desperate plea from family members for assistance since their world is going to hell.  If you're coming with me to the school my brother works at, pack now.  We're leaving tonight at eight."  He walked off, going to find them.  Dawn gave him a look.  "They're challenging your custody.  The bastard's going to try to make you attend the school."

"That's not my area."  She shrugged.   "Where can I head to Xander?"

"It's not safe."

"Bet me," she snorted.  "I can easily pull a Willow.  Where?"

"Elevator."  She nodded, taking her milk and apple that way, disappearing as the doors closed.

Chase blinked then stared at his boss.  "She's a witch?" he hissed.  House looked bland, totally nonplused, and nodded.  "What's going on?"

"She's wiccan."

"I didn't see a wand."

"You know?"

"My mum's one," he said grimly.  "I'm not."

"I'm a Snape."  Chase shuddered.  "Pomfrey got injured.  My brother's injured.  The war's picking up.  Coming?  We're leaving at eight."  He walked off, going to the office.  He leaned in.  "I'm taking an emergency leave of absence."


"My brother's been badly injured, he's working at a school in the middle of nowhere, and the only nurse up there is injured as well.  They've been having a lot of incidents.  I'm an alumni so they sent for me."  He closed the door and went to pack his things.


Dawn appeared beside Xander, sipping her milk.  "Hi."  He grinned at her.  "Uncle Greg sent me back."

"Young lady, how did you do that?" the person behind the desk demanded.

"Duh, I'm Wiccan, bitch."  She glared at her.  "Nor am I going to attend a school where the headmaster is a manipulative, abusive, mother fucker who hates my family.  I'm Wiccan.  I don't do things yours or Xander's way."  She tossed out the milk carton and bit into her apple.  "Now, you're pissing me off.  I'm *so* going to pull a Rosenburg and destroy the building."

"Dawn," Xander said calmly.  "Don't make me spank."

"Fine.  Sorry.  Still not going there!  Not like it'd do me any good!"

"Point," he agreed.  "Which is why I've been handling your magical education myself."  He glared at the woman behind the desk.  "Now then, where is the supposed expert?"  A shaking hand pointed.  "Thank you."  He walked her that way, letting her continue eating her apple.  "You're channeling Faith?" he asked before they walked in.  She tossed the rest of her apple and cleaned her fingers off by licking them, then he opened the door so they could walk into the courtroom.  "We were rudely summoned?" he asked coldly.

"Are you Alexander Lavelle Snape-Harris?"


"Then you were summoned."

"No, I was rudely summoned by someone who has not a clue what is going on."

"You're training a witch?"

"Um, no, I'm Wiccan.  I don't use a wand, sweetie," Dawn said coolly, crossing her arms over her chest, canting her weight off to the side.  "Nor do I want to use a wand.  I'm more than happy with my skills the way they are.  Thanks anyway.  Are we done yet?"

"You are not allowed...."

"Bitch, shut the fuck up," she snorted.  "I'm a damn orphan.  Xander adopted me after my mother and sister died.  We have official paperwork and even if I could use a wand, I wouldn't go there.  Not with how he treats his people."  She stared at the headmaster.  "Like my grandfather," she said simply.  He went a bit pale.  "Or Harry.  Or Ron."  He nodded his head at that.  "So no, I can't use a wand, don't want to know if I could use a wand, and you have no say about *anything* in my life since I'm American and adopted into the Snapes by my family's wishes."

"You are very powerful, Dawn," the headmaster said quietly.

"I didn't give you that permission."  He gave her a look.  "I'm not your friend, Headmaster.  I did not give you permission to use my first name.  You're not a friend or family.  All you're doing is pissing me off."  Xander stroked over her hair and she calmed herself again.  "Sorry, but that bugs the crap out of me."   She looked at the judge again.  "He has no say over where my sister wanted me to live.  She definitely wouldn't have wanted me to be at the school."

"There are subjects that could still benefit you," the judge noted.  "Even if you are a wandless abomination."

"And that's another good reason why I refuse to let her go there," Xander said simply.  He pulled something out and put it on the floor, then stepped away and pulled his wand.  "Summonus."  A mist formed and eventually ended up being Dawn's mother.  He gave her a squeeze around her shoulders.  "Sorry to interrupt the afterlife, Joyce."

"Xander.  Dawn?"  She looked at him.  "Where's Buffy?"

"She died, Mommy."  She sniffled and moved closer.  "Glory got her to save me."  Joyce tried to hug her and she burst out crying, but Xander caught her before she could run out and held her for her mother.  "I'm sorry they had to do this, Mommy."

"It's all right, dear.  It's got to be important."  She looked at Xander, smiling at him.  "You're an exceptional young man."

"She's mine now," he promised.  "She's safe, mildly spoiled, and generally happy."  That got another smile and a nod.  "They want her to go to a totally unsuitable magic academy where the headmaster is presently letting students be abused in their home lives without reporting them.  He's also manipulative.  He's been trying to get Dawn since I moved her here.  He's had us under watch since then as well."  She nodded so he pointed.  "Him, Joyce.  Please."

Joyce floated over, looking into his eyes, then faced the judge, shaking her head.  "No.  Dawn is in Xander's care.  I don't want her using magic."

"Mom, I'm sticking to Tara magic," she promised, wiping her cheeks off.   "Xander's introduced me to some people who have jobs I could do so I could talk to them."  She got a smile.  "One's his uncle Greg, he's a doctor."

"I would be proud of whatever you do as long as you're happy, Dawnie."  She floated back over, stroking over her hair.  "I'm very proud, Dawn.  Always remember that I'm proud of you and you'll be a great woman and mother when you're older."  Dawn smiled weakly at that.  "That way the kids can nag Grandpa Xander," she said with a wink.  Dawn giggled and nodded.  "That's my girl."  She looked at the judge again.  "No, my daughter is not going to Hogwarts.  I don't trust him to do anything with my daughter.  Xander is teaching her what she needs to know of magic and making sure she has a real life.  As I want.  Is there anything else that needs to be discussed?  If not, I'd like to catch up with my daughter."

The judge looked at her.  "It's thought she could be dangerous."

"No, not really.  Not unless you piss me off by trying to destroy what stability I have," Dawn snapped, glaring at her.  "Which you did today.  If I'm forced to go to the school for classes instead of visiting, I will destroy it."  Xander looked at her.  "I will."

"You would be in *so* much trouble," he assured her.  She slumped.  He looked at the judge.  "I've got her set up with others of her kind to teach her control and the skills she needs.  I've been teaching her normal classes and potions, plus herbology, which she can use in her form of magic.  She has not and is not able to use a wand.  I did test her when I brought her over and gave her the option of moving up there.  That would be before I found out he's protecting some very abusive assholes who're raising the savior of the wizarding world.  His little power plays, having the aurors watch us, and other issues need to stop before I challenge him."

"You can't think you'd win," the judge said dryly.

Xander pulled his wand and pointed it at her.  "Scapulous," he cast coldly.  She ducked with an 'eep'.  "I fought for years in Sunnydale.  I fought vampires, hell gods, and demons.  One mortal old man with a power and messiah complex isn't that much," he assured her when she was sitting down again.  "Dawn is my daughter.  I want all this shit stopped.  Yes, if someone attacks me, I'm going to defend us.  If they're aurors or death eaters.  Am I clear?"  She nodded slowly.  "The same as my father asked me to tutor Harry in potions.  I've actually got him into his fifth year of studies now.  He'll pass his OWLs."  That got another nod.  "That's all I want out of life.  I'm being a good father to Dawn, helping her become an incredible woman.  I'm tutoring in potions and advancing my own skills and the art itself.  If the war needs me, someone other than him can ask.  They already know who."

The judge swallowed.  "The Snape family has long been thought dark."

"Really?  Yet my grandfather was a top Defense person that went around saving villages.  Hmm.  You know what, until you face down someone like Glorificus, you don't know dark, lady.  Are we done yet?  She needs to go rest.  I sent her with a plea from Madam Pomfrey to other members of the family.  She's had a long day across multiple time zones."

The judge sighed and looked at him.  "You are a hothead."

"Only when you threaten me."

The judge stared at him then at Joyce.  "It could help her find control."  Joyce snorted.  "She could probably be taught to use a wand."

"I don't want to use a wand," Dawn told her simply.  "I like getting in touch with the fundamental energies.  The Goddess is great and multiple in life, Your Honor.  I trust her and my family to watch over me.  If you remove me, I'm leaving the school.  Possibly in rubble but I would feel more than capable of running away."

The judge nodded.  "I know how you feel.  Many young witches aren't certain that they want to train."

Dawn snorted and muttered something, changing the papers in front of her into a plate with grapes and cheese.  "Really?"  The judge tested it with her magic then tasted it, nodding.  "I think I've got a pretty good handle on my control until I'm pushed and in danger.  Fortunately Xander's keeping danger from me."

The judge changed back the plate and sighed, nodding.   "I can see your mind is made up.  Do you and Mr.  Potter or Mr. Malfoy exchange books?"

"Now and then I look at their stuff to help them study.  Draco explains some things to me when I ask.  If Uncle Greg comes to help Madam Pomfrey I'd even come up to visit him and to check on Xander's mentoring students.  I'm not taking classes however.  I'll help defend the little kids if necessary but those who're trying to hurt me are going to die."

"That's my fun," Xander reminded her.

"True, that's his fun."  She and the judge stared each other down, finally getting a nod.  "Are we done?  I'm wiped and could use a kitty nap."

"Go with love, Miss Summers.  Thank you as well, Mrs. Summers."

"Anything for my daughter."

Xander looked at her.  "Feel free to come haunt us, Joyce.  Just don't giggle at me at night."  He grinned and uncast it, handing the ring to Dawn, who sniffled and put it on.  He put an arm back around her shoulders.  "Are we done?"  The judge nodded.  "The aurors and others?"

"His plans for her will be stopped, Mr. Snape."

"Thank you.  We're going to go take a nap."  He walked Dawn off, smiling at the people outside the room.  "Hi."

"Good afternoon," Draco said stiffly.  "I was called as a witness?"

Dawn shrugged.  "Don't know why.  The Headmaster is trying to make me attend the school when it's unsuitable for my form of magic."  She stroked over the ring.  "We're going home.  Should I plan for you at dinner?"

"If you want," he agreed, smirking at her then at Xander.  "Am I needed?"

"Not as far as I know.  C'mon.  Heading home?"  Dumbledore and the judge came out.   "My student wanted to know if he was released so he could come get another lesson."

"We have no need of him," the judge agreed.  Draco inclined his head slightly even though he was sneering.  Xander, Dawn, and Draco disappeared from right there, making the headmaster squeak.  "Wandless magic is like that," the judge said grimly.  "Pissing her off is stupid, Albus.  She's young and excitable.  She'll destroy the school to get you back for trying to take the stability she has away."   She walked off, going to make her decision known.


House walked into the school, grimacing at the men in his way.  "Madam Pomfrey sent for me to take over for her for a few days," he noted coolly.   He saw a familiar face.  "Malfoy."

"Snape," he sneered back.   "You're a healer?"

"No, I'm a doctor and a healer," he said with an evil smirk.  "These are my students and Wilson, who is helping me this first week.  Where's the old fart this time?"

"Where do you stand in this lamentable situation?" another Board Member sneered.

"Which one?  Your bad wig?"

"This supposed Dark Lord resurgence."

Wilson snorted.  "We all feel that protecting the students is for the best.  That matter should be among adults and children shouldn't be involved."  They all sneered at him.

Professor Snape walked up the hall.  "Brother.  Madam Pomfrey's letter got to you?"

"It did.  Lead me up there.  These are my ducklings."  That got an odd look.  "They're my students and they could use some rural health experience."  That just got a nod and he led them up to the infirmary.  "Headmaster?"

"Sulking after my son lashed him in court."

"Literally?" Wilson asked.

"Lamentably no," he admitted, looking at him.  "Wilson."

"Severus."  He smiled.  "Are you all right?"  He nodded. "Then why are you bleeding?  I thought your son was stubborn."  Snape slapped at the hand checking the bandages.  "You'll let me or I'm calling your son," he said firmly.

"Timmy would strap him down and smirk while he checked his injuries in the Great Hall," House agreed.  "He'd have a lot of fun doing it."  They finally walked into the infirmary and he looked around, nodding.  "Nothing ever changes around here, does it?"  The nurse looked at him and shook her head, then held it.  "Chase, Foreman, check her over.  Wilson, go see where we are on immunizations and things.  Cameron, do a survey of what we do have.  Brother, bed.  Now," he ordered.  He glared, getting one back.  "Right the hell now or I'm stripping you naked, shaving all your hair, and doing a prostate exam during dinner as a floor show."

"The pitiful thing is I believe you would," Snape complained, taking off his outer robes so they could check his injuries.  "I've been healing.  All the spells are going well."

"You should be resting for them to be effective," he noted dryly.  He found the real problem and looked at it then at him.  "Are you a zombie?"

"Pain muting charms."

House pulled his wand and canceled all the spells on him then knocked him out.  "Stubborn bastard."  He went to check on Pomfrey.  "You rang?" he asked dryly.

"I did."  She smiled at him.  "I trust you to protect the students as well if something happens."

"Hmm, I can do that and get my nephew into it," he said with an evil smirk.  She shivered.  "Now, you don't need to worry.   They won't remember it when they're at home.  One's a squib."  She nodded, swallowing.  "It'll be fine, Poppy.  Let us tuck you in."  Cameron came over to do that while he went to check his brother's file.  Wilson handed it over.  "That's a bit thick."  He cast a stripping and bed tucking charms on his brother, sealing him into his bed.  "There, better.  Find me the dark purple, nearly black, vials please?  Those are pain killers.  I need to know what to have Xander make."

"Sure.  What about your medicine?" Wilson asked quietly.

House smirked.  "We have better things than vicodin."  He walked off, going to check on the others.  Professors McGonagall and Flitwick came in and he waved a hand while he read over his brother's file.  "Yes, I'm filling in for Poppy.  We're also going to be inoculating for some diseases that most of your population hasn't had but will keep a mass epidemic from starting.  Chicken pox, the flu, and polio.  Standard childhood shots."  He looked up at the continued silence.  "Who else would she trust?" he noted at the shocked looks.  "Wilson, do you have my list yet?"

"I can't find that one, House.  Only a light purple one."

"That's a mild analgesic," Madam Pomfrey called.  She looked at him.  "You can innoculate against influenza?"

"Against the most common strains.  It's a yearly shot that's given to millions of folk down to the age of a year."  She smiled at that.  "If they do get it, it'll be lessened.  The same with the chicken pox vaccine."  She nodded, accepting that.  "We'll go over that after you've rested, young lady."  He went to check the potions stores and groaned.  "Poppy!"

"This is a school."

He looked at her.  "There's a war coming and this school is a torch on the side of light, woman."  He flooed Xander, who blinked and continued to sip his soup from his cup.  "We need things made."

"Send me a list?"

"Come see what we have.  We'll work on the list together."

"Sure."  He hung up and they came out of the floo ten minutes later.  Dawn was back into something other than sweats.  "What's up.  Hey, Madam P."  He looked at her. "I got that other stuff almost finished."  She smiled.  "Good."  He went to look in the potions closet and moaned.  "They have *nothing*," he said in awe.

"It's a school. They'd have to send kids onto the hospital for serious things," Dawn pointed out, giving House a hug.  "Hi."

"Are you all right?"  She shook her head.  "Why?"

"I had to call Joyce's shade back to diffuse Dumbledore's idiocy of having her go here when she's a wandless witch."

"Ah.  That can be traumatic."  He looked at Dawn again.  "It gets easier, Dawn.  It's harder now because it's the first time and it's so recent."  She nodded, giving him another hug.  "Go hug Wilson.  He's used to mushy things."  She gave him another cuddle and he had to get free, handing her to Wilson.  "Cuddle him.  He's mushy.   He's had wives."

Xander looked at him, then at Wilson.  "I nearly married Anya," he said with a bright, happy grin.

Wilson looked at him then shook his head quickly.  "We'll make sure you're better and fix you up with someone nice later on, Xander."  He led Dawn to the office to talk to her about what he had found.

"Does that mean I can't date any more loose and evil women?" Xander asked his uncle.

House looked at him.  "Probably.  Good girls won't do that."

"No good girls like me," he snorted.  Ron leaned in.  "Hi, Ron.  Come help me make a list."

"Sure.  Need Harry?"

"No, I'm restocking the cabinets for Doctor House here.  Ron Weasley, this is Doctor Gregory House.  These are his ducklings, his student doctors, Cameron, Chase, and Foreman.  Don't ask me which is which I've only gotten letters about them being in the way now and then.  The one in the office with Dawnie is Doctor Wilson, he's a temp but he knows everything."  He led him into the cupboard, hearing him groan.  "Much more usually?"

"Yeah and we should probably get a lot more now too.  We're due another assault soon, mate."  They shared a look.  "Not a clue where yet."

"Let me know as soon as you can, Ron.  I can't help if you don't let me know."

"Good point.  I'll do what I can but you know the problems."

"Yup, morons in charge.  I'm seeing a lot of that.  Self interest too."  Ron looked at him.  "I want to retire and do nothing but potions for a while, Ron.  Can't do that in the middle of a war.  Therefore, I'm going to help solve it before I end up getting conscripted."  He grabbed some parchment, looking it over before starting a list.  "Hey, House, you want all five classes of pain killers or just one?"

House leaned in and looked then grimaced.  "Outfit us like a MASH unit, Xander."

"Sure, Uncle Greg."  He went back to making a list.  "I need to look in Father's books for a few things.  I've got the compendium but the font's really tiny."

"I don't think he'll mind considering I knocked him out.  Give me list approval."

"Of course."  He moved to the next category of medicine and sighed, making notes on that too.  She had a lot of a few types of things but not everything.  He heard a quiet cough and leaned out.  "Headmaster."  He looked at the cabinet out there.  "Madam P, dreamless sleep or anything?"

"Please, Xander.  I could use some myself at the very least."

"Sure, I can do that."  He added it to his list, letting her look it over.  She added two more and he looked at it then at her.  "Tylenol."

"They won't take it."

"Crush it."  He grinned at her.  "Cheaper too."

"Point.  If you can, dear.  Thank you."

"Welcome.  I'll have you fully stocked within two weeks."  He took off her hat and put it on her bedside table then looked at her and put his hands on her throat, moving them up under her chin, then back down.  Then he put pressure on a point under his right hand until she passed out.  "There, that should keep you."  He checked her pulse again then nodded and walked off making more notes.  "Dawn?"  She came out of the office sniffling.  "It was them?"

"It was and I've got a friend in a group that should hear," Wilson said, walking out behind her.  "I'll let them know, Xander."

"Sure, works for me if it does for her."  Dawn nodded and gave him another hug.  "He's the good uncle," he said with a grin. "Uncle Greg doesn't bandage scraped knees as well as Uncle Wilson does."  He put his list into his pocket.  "Okay.  We're going home.  Ron?"

"This weekend and I'll bring the prat and Harry," he agreed.

"We'll be stocking stuff."  He put an arm around Dawn's shoulders.  "Any other requests?"

"I didn't know Poppy was that badly off," the Headmaster noted quietly.   House handed over the letter, getting a hum of appreciation.  "You are trained?"

"And I train others.  Hence the ducklings who're going to work on a vaccination campaign while we're here.  Before we have another insurgence of polio or something else equally nasty."  He gave him a look. "Or the flu.  I'll liaise with the Ministry's Health Minister in the morning.  Xander's going to be restocking the potions cabinet since it's a bit low.  The ducklings won't remember anything of this once the vaccination push is done with and they'll go fill in for me back in New Jersey."  He gave McGonagall a look.  "We'll also be doing full physicals on all the staff, Professors.  That thing on your ear is a skin lesion and should probably be removed so we can see if it's cancerous, Professor Flitwick.  Wilson handles those issues in his daily life so I'll refer you to him.  Now, Professor Snape is in very bad condition and he's *staying*, and Madam Pomfrey is also injured and staying in bed."  He looked at them.  "Should I ask Alex to do his classes for him?"

"We have a substitute in mind," McGonagall assured him.  "How long will we need one?"

"With his usual stubborn nature?  A week.  To fully heal?  Closer to three."  She nodded and left.  "We'll work on scheduling tomorrow," he called after her.  "And I do mean everyone, including the batty woman in the tower!"  He looked at the others.  "Wilson, can you look at Professor Flitwick's ear?"  He came over to walk him into the office so he could look at it for him.  The headmaster left, going to call someone about this.  House smirked and went to call his own contacts.  "We're finally here.  We did get enough vaccines for all three we had planned.  We're also going to do full physicals.  I doubt most of the kids have been checked for things like scoliosis.  As much as I hate doing clinic hours, these kids need the checkup."   That got a smile and a nod.  "Also, headmaster's not happy."

"He's still pissed from earlier's spanking in court from your nephew," his contact said.  "Tea?"

"Midmorning is fine.  Let me handle the morning whining brats."  That got a nod and he signed off.  He looked at his people.  "Behind the office is a doorway leading to another room.  Bunk down."  The ducklings all gave him odd looks.  "It's as close as you're getting.  Bunk down.  They're not that uncomfortable and you can have extra pillows and things.  Now," he said when they kept staring at him.  Wilson pointed and they went that way, detouring far around him.  He rolled his eyes.  "Philistines," he muttered.  He checked his patients again then went back to look in the potions cabinet.   He pulled out one bottle Xander had left him, going to dose his brother.  "Idiot," he said when he found him awake, handing him the potion.  "Take it or I'm using it to drown you."

"It was necessary."

"I like your son's idea.  Assassination is easier."  He opened it and watched him drink it.  "Thank you.  Now sleep."  He walked off, going to check the notes on the desk.  Apparently he had a few students who came in most nights for sleeping potions.   Wilson came back, giving him a look.  "We'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"I started out doing this stuff, remember?"  He gave him a look.  "This is nothing and it won't last long enough to make me insane.  I'll use it to hype Dawn's teachings and find the heir to my greatness."  Wilson smirked and nodded at that, going to pick his own bed in the infectious ward.  House went back over the files she had pulled out.  Her usual cases.  The clumsy ones.  The problem bullies and their victims.  The ones who kept getting into trouble.  He stared at Potter's and groaned, using his wand to copy it.  Then he lit up the floo and sent it to someone his brother knew very well.  One he was sure wasn't a Death Eater.  Then he did another check, cast an alarm charm on them, and went to find his own bed for the night.


Harry walked in that weekend, wrinkling his nose.  "Dreamless sleep potion?" he asked.  Dawn grimaced and nodded. "It's helpful.  I get plenty now and then."  Xander handed over a vial.  He looked at it and smiled.  "Directions even.  I'm impressed."

"Good.  Draco's labeling bottles.   You need the help brewing.  Come on."  Harry followed him into the lab, scrubbing his hands before putting on gloves and a lab coat to help.  Dawn handed him a hairnet too, getting a small grin for it.  "No flirting."  He heard the door slam.  "Ron?"

"Not even close," the auror he liked called.

"Hey, Tonks, come label bottles until the other two get here," he called back, getting back to work measuring something very tiny.  The potion in the bottle fumed up then surged and changed colors.  He smiled and capped it, putting it into the padded case in front of him.  She leaned in.  "Redoing the infirmary for Madam P and Uncle Greg."

"I heard.  The Headmaster's livid."

Xander looked at her.  "Yay.  He can't have Dawnie.  The kids could use flu shots and other vaccinations.  Uncle Greg is *very* skilled and can protect it if something happens before she's better.  She asked for him."

"Good point.  Which is why he's so livid with himself for letting her go shopping.  Labels?"  Dawn got her the bottles and the labels. "Gee, this is great."

Draco strolled in like he owned the house.  "What am I doing?"

"Help me, Malfoy.  Then go help brew," Tonks ordered.  He sneered at her.

"Draco, I need you to label some very special bottles," Xander ordered, coming out with the padded case.  He held one up and Draco frowned.  He held up a label and Draco snatched it to look at it closer.  "Exactly. You have to be *very* careful."

"Sure."  He took it to the kitchen table to work on those, getting another box as well.  "I can do this."   He carefully labeled the bottles, paying attention to what he was doing.  These were very dangerous, helpful potions that someone would need if the war was going to be happening soon.  The second box got a raised eyebrow but it was again a helpful potion.  He almost shuddered.  He could put some of the plan together now.  It was definitely making him think bad thoughts about his family name.  Xander patted him on the shoulder, getting a dirty look.  "I know how to use these," he said quietly.

Xander leaned down next to his ear.  "You still have choices, Draco, and there's a few things you should think about," he said quietly.  He put a book down next to him. "You should do some light reading, then go looking for your own information to confirm what's in there.  That way you have all the choices to pick from."  Draco nodded at that wisdom, shrinking the book to put it into his pocket.  He went back to labeling.  "After that, I've got a few very delicate potions to brew.  Dawn and Harry aren't there yet."  Draco gave him a smug look.  "I'm not sure you are but I can teach you the beginning steps."  Draco nodded at that, going back to his task of the day.  Xander went back to his lab to get back to work, ignoring Tonks.  She could tell the headmaster he was trying to sway Draco to his side, it wasn't that important of a fact.  Yet.


Xander walked into the school floating a pallet of boxes behind him.  "Watch out," he ordered when someone nearly backed into him.  "Or else no one gets any medicines."  They got out of his way and he continued to float it up the stairs, earning a smirk from his uncle.  "Everything but your anti-psychs and the wound closer.  That's going to take another day.  I ran out of mugwort since my other stuff managed to grow mold."

"That's fine, Xander.  Thank you.  Put it away for me?  Chase, help him."

"Yes, sir."  He moved to help him carry the boxes into the cabinet, looking at the labels, then giving him a smile.  "Dosage even.  Thank you."

"Didn't figure you'd know and I had to look some up to see how much I was making. This way no matter who's helping they can't overdose someone."

"Thanks," Foreman said as he came in.  "Do you know how freaky this place is?"

Xander shrugged.  "I was home schooled.  But yeah, kinda.  What's getting to you?"

"The moving pictures that talk."

Xander chuckled.  "Think of it like ancient DVD's of a few moments of someone's life.  It's easier that way."

"Yeah, maybe."  He looked at one.  "Is this an antibiotic?"  Xander nodded, pointing at the shelf so he put it up.  "Dosage instructions as well.  Thanks for that."

Xander looked at him.  "There's every chance that sometime in the near future the war that we've got covered up at the moment will be coming here.  That means we're going to have untrained people doing triage," he said quietly.  "Including me."  That got a nod.  "I don't want someone to accidentally OD someone while trying to help."

"That's not a bad idea," Chase agreed.  "How bad is it?"

"Mostly guerilla tactics at the moment.  They're holding it down.  Barely."  That got a dual nod.  "So yeah, I'm overstocking and planning for people without a lot of clue but needing to help."  He held something up.  "This is for nightmares.  I made a shitload."  He shelved those and House came in to look over his shoulder, taking something to look at, then he snorted and gave him a look. "That's textbook dosage.   Someday soon we'll have someone doing triage."

"Point.  That'll work.  Even though it's a bit light for most people."

"A little bit is better than none," Xander countered.  "You can always add more if you feel necessary."

"Good point.  That'll work.  Anything for scrapes?"  Xander handed him a box of bandaids.  "Worse than that."

Xander walked out to look at the kid.  "Damn!  Bullies?"  The kid pouted and nodded.  "Okay, let's go with something soothing."  He went to get a bottle, coming back.  "This will sting but it won't hurt in a few minutes."  He wet a q-tip and got to work on his face.

"Ambesol?" Cameron scorned.

"It's mostly alcohol with a lot of anesthetic in it.  It's one of the best field medicines ever created.  I used it a crapload while I was fighting nightly."  He finished up with that set of scrapes.  "Back, shoulders, chest?"  The kid nodded and took off his robe, sweater, tie, and shirt, letting him get his arms and one shoulder.  Then he did his knees.   "There you go.  All better?"  The kid nodded.  "Good.  Get changed, go back to class, then get someone to prank the bastards for you.  Owing a small favor is worth it, kiddo."  That got a mean smirk and the kid went to change his clothes.  He sighed and looked at her.  Then at his uncle.  "The only thing I am not making you is something that will make someone lose control of themselves.  I'm not going to make anything like roofies, anything to interrogate, or anything mind control worthy."  His uncle smirked and nodded.  "Thank you.  The other stuff will be done this weekend."

"That's fine, kiddo."  He ruffled his hair.  "You need a trim."

"I'm thinking about growing it out."

"Your father will growl."

"And?" he snorted.

"You're scruffier than Timmy," he said dryly.

Xander grinned.  "But the real question is am I as cute?"

"Not yet.  He's got years on you.  Give it a few and maybe you will be."  He patted him on the cheek.  "Anything else I should know?"  Xander pulled out an envelope and handed it to him.  "What's this?"

"Stuff Dawn found while I was looking up formulas.  She wanted to know if they worked and if so could you use it?"  He grinned.  "She's still thinking over her options about med school."

"That caring nature of hers will make her ache," House reminded him.

"You told her.  She's still thinking."

"So did I.  Oh, Wilson called a friend he knew about the Initiative stuff.  His buddy wanted to know if you knew more than that file."

Xander snorted and nodded, smirking at him.  "Oh, we so do.  Remember, Willow hacks."  He grinned a sweet, good boy grin.  Then he cackled.  "What do they want?"

"I'll let you email him directly.  He's back at work."

"Sure, I miss Uncle Wilson.  He was always better at scrapes than you were."  He shrugged.  "I even thought about going to him when I nearly got my ass staked."  His father coughed.  "I'm not a nurse.  Ask Foreman for water, Father."  He looked at his uncle again.  "Or after the whole hell god thing."  He shrugged again.  "I'm off to go home.  Tell Poppy I'll let her reimburse me for the stuff I had to buy above and beyond the normal."

"I can do that.  She's resting in her apartment."

"Works for me. Toodles."  He went to the floo and sent himself home, calling Willow.  "It's me.  Uncle Wilson told someone about the Initiative.  He needs your stuff you found, Wills.  She's here.  Dawn, Willow?"  She squealed and came out to babble at her about what House had told her about what he did and what she could do in the medical field.  He patted her on the back of the head.  "Remind her to send Uncle Wilson the Initiative stuff."  He went to take an inventory of his supplies, sighing at the depleted nature.  "Damn, I'm good," he said happily.  He used the floo to call his potions ingredient place.  "It's me."

"Yes, Mr. Harris.  Already out of something?"

"A lot of somethings.  My father's got the flu or something so I restocked the infirmary."  That got a wince and a nod.  He sent over the list.  "I'll come pick it up tomorrow and can you please pack them in airtight stuff?"

"Sure."  He looked at the list then at him.  "This is a lot of stuff."

"It is," Xander sighed, holding up a vial.  The salesman groaned and whimpered.  He carefully wrapped it and sent it over.  "It is good.  You can test a few drops.  That pay for it?"

"Oh, yes, sir.  Where did you get this?"  Xander grinned and cut the connection, going to make himself lunch.  He had to move Dawn out of the way but that was fine.  She was a teenage girl, she could talk on the phone anywhere.


Xander sat down next to his brother at the picnic tables outside his job with a sigh of relief.  "Restocked the infirmary," he said at the curious look from his brother's coworker, looking at his brother.  "Father's fine.  He's out of the infirmary.  Uncle Greg is running the infirmary while Madam P's sick."  His brother choked so he patted him on the back.  "Dawn's wanting to talk to others about what they do in the medical field.  Do you know any other docs?"

"Our ME," he wheezed, sipping his water.  He finally calmed himself down and looked at him.  "Uncle Greg's around *kids*?"

"Is he dangerous?" his coworker asked.

"No, he's mean, snarky, and slightly evil.  He's where Timmy gets it from," Xander said with a happy grin. "He and his students are all there."  He grinned at Timmy again.  "Uncle Wilson talked to Dawnie too."

"Good!  He's a better role model than Uncle Greg for a young woman like her.  She's sweet.  Uncle Greg is anything but."

"True, which is why she wanted to talk to other docs too for other viewpoints.  By the way, going to visit Uncle Wilson in a few.  You need anything from that way or my way?"

"No, I'm okay from your way and his way."  He frowned.  "What happened to the nurse?"

"Head injury.  She was attacked while shopping.  That stupid ass war is picking up.  I still thinking that there's going to be a preemptive strike soon.  It'll be easier and safer, plus save some grief."

"Maybe," he agreed.  He patted him on the back.  "It'll work.  You'll manage it and you can come down here to have a short vacation."  He looked over.  "There's Horatio and you're still not on his favorite person list."  He looked back and his little brother was gone.  "Huh.  He's mastered invisibility."  He ate another bite of his sandwich.  "Yes, Eric, he's my half-brother. His name is Xander.  He's a lesser smartass.  He's twenty.  He's from California."

Horatio came over, putting on his sunglasses.  "I saw the annoying one.  He didn't stick around to help you more?" he asked bluntly.

Speed looked at him.  "No, he saw you and ran before you tried to interrogate him, H.  He wanted to know if Alexx would talk to his adopted daughter.  She's thinking about medical school and Uncle Greg is a bit mean and snarky so she wants other viewpoints."  He ate another bite, looking at Eric.   "I can see the half-chewed food.  That's gross," he noted dryly.

Eric swallowed.  "He just disappeared!" he said, standing up to come over and look.  "How did he do that?"

"Xander's special," Speed said, stuffing his mouth again.  "Huh, H?"

"I would like to talk to the young man," he noted calmly.

"He's in England.  Have a good flight."  He finished his lunch and walked off, going back to work.

"*That* is not an answer I wanted."  He put back on his sunglasses.  "Eric, don't worry about it.  He's done it to me too."  He walked off, going to hunt down Speed and talk to him.  He found him talking to Alexx about writing his niece a letter.  "I would like to meet her also," he noted from behind him.

Speed looked back at him.  "She's fourteen and squealy.  She'll drive you insane, H.  No, you don't."  He went back to talking to her, making her laugh and nod.  "Thanks, Alexx."  He hung up and looked at him.  "Sorry, he was passing on family news.  Uncle Greg's working at the old school since the school's nurse was attacked.  Xander just made a lot of stuff for the infirmary."  He put on gloves but Horatio pulled him out and to his office, shoving him inside and closing the door so they could have a private talk.  "My case really should be processed today," he noted dryly.

"Speed, tell me about this family of yours."

"Um, no.  Mostly because they're part of a secret society and I can't.  Sorry."

"You can and you will because it could become pertinent on the job, Speed."  He moved closer, staring him down.  "There is something going on.  Your brother used chemical concoctions to heal you.  He just made things for an infirmary and I doubt it was blankets or pillows."  He stared him down.  "He randomly appears and disappears.  This is not normal behavior."

"Well, he is from Sunnydale," he said dryly.  "Things like that happen out there."

Horatio let out a small breath then inhaled to give himself time to calm his temper.  "Quit joking, Speed.  I need to know if it's going to impact your work life.  Since it already has when he showed up to save you...."

"Yeah, well, he taught me better."

"Good!  I'm glad to hear it."  He moved a bit closer and Speed backed up.  "I'm not going to hurt you."

"No, you're trying to interrogate me and there's nothing I can tell you.  Sorry, but it's my ass being killed if I do.  There's some things you weren't meant to know, Horatio.  My little brother is one."   He walked around him but Horatio caught him by the arm.  "Let go."

"No.  We will talk about this."  Speed glared at him.  "You can't get out of this one, Speed.  I need to know."

"No you want to know.  Big difference."

"Can other people appear like that?"  Speed nodded.  "Then how do we know it won't show up on a scene?"

"The group polices itself, H.  Not an issue."

"How many of you are there?"

"I don't know.  I don't work for the census bureau."  He walked out, going to work.

Horatio looked at his back.  "That will not stop this discussion, Timothy," he said quietly.  "We will be finishing it and you will be telling me what is going on."  He sat down to search out what he did know.  Now he knew where the boy was from at least.  What he found online made him even more curious.  An unexplained, unnaturally high death rate and a lot of fanatic sites that sounded like role players were making them.  He went to the more official sites, including the FBI's site.  It listed as 'do not enter' for some reason.  Interesting.


Xander woke up a rude shove, blinking at the man standing above him.  "What's wrong, Chase?"

"Your uncle said there's been an attack."

"Fuck me," he muttered, getting up and throwing on clothes.  "Is it done with?"

"No.  It's going on right now.  He also said that Dawn should come up to the school."

Xander looked at him.  "Nope."  He went to find her, making sure she was up.  "Head to Wills and Giles."  She nodded, opening the portal to do that.  He redid the portkey, sending Chase back to the infirmary.  Then he focused on the one he had on Harry, sending himself there.  He landed and looked around.  "Aw, shit," he said.  Harry jumped and looked at him.  "Where are they?"

"Over the ridge," he said, sounding slightly out of breath.  "We just retreated."

"Okay.  You and who?"

"Ron."  He pointed at him.  "He's injured."

"I've got your back, Harry.  Let's send him to Uncle Greg."  He did that, using his shirt as the portkey.  "Okay.  You ready?"  He got a nod.  "Anyone else?"

"No, we knew it was going to happen. They're doing a sacrifice.  We broke it up and they attacked."

"They like to do that."  He led the way back to the area where the Death Eaters were converging, frowning at them.  "Definitely not good," he muttered, seeing their sacrificial victim.  Cameron.  "How did they get her?"

"Not a clue," Harry admitted.  "I don't know what to do, Xander."

"We're done playing wizard's chess, Harry."  He pulled out a wand and cast something at them, making them all gasp and pass out, including the victim.  "Get her, head home."  Harry nodded, running in to untie her and take her back to the school.  Xander summoned something and laid it down, then walked off and hit the switch.  A good portion of the clearing went up with a very satisfying kaboom.  "Sweet."  He went to check for survivors, playing with the talisman he had made from Tonk's shed hair.  She appeared looking confused and he pointed.  "They got one of Uncle Greg's ducklings from the school.  I used semtex."  He handed over the switch.  "I'm heading to the infirmary."

"I'll get others, wait on me, we'll go together, Xander," she told him.

"Sure."  She summoned others through the remaining fire.  They popped in and she let them have the switch.   "Here, they got into the school somehow.  Going there now."  A few went with them, landing at the apparation barrier.  They headed up to the school, Xander taking point.  He checked on Harry, groaning.  "Harry's been knocked out," he passed back.  He found the one he kept on his uncle.  "Uncle Greg's in pain but not dead."  He looked at the school then snuck around to a doorway his father had told him about.  He snuck in through the tunnel, going to Slytherin territory.  Then he turned point over to Tonks.  "I was home schooled," he whispered at her odd look.

She just nodded and led the way up to the infirmary.   She found the doctors huddled together and someone standing over them.  "Petrificus totalis," she cast quietly, body binding him. He fell over.  She let Xander rush in to help with the clean up in there.  "We all good, mates?"

"Um, no," Foreman said, blinking hard.  "How did you do that?"

"Don't worry about it," Xander told him.  "Uncle Greg?"  He blinked at him.  "Hit your thigh or crucio?"

"Crucio," he squeaked.  Xander got him a potion and he finally relaxed.  "There's at least ten in the school.  They were heading for Hufflepuff by what they said."

"Going," Tonks assured him.  "I'd get ready for casualties, boys."  She headed off, Xander with her.  "You should help."

"Tonks, I'm taking a practical view of this.  Assassination good."  She just nodded and they kept going.  She got them in through the torn doorway and he shot one of the guys in the robes and mask and got the others with his wand.  "I loathe bullies," he said dryly when one stared at him.  He kicked him in the jaw, breaking it.  "There, that should do."   He heard someone coming up behind him and spun, wand out.  "Professor."

"Alexander."  She sighed.  "Is this all of them?"

"How would I know?"

"Good point."  She nodded and they followed her to her house, up to Harry's trunk, and an old piece of parchment.  "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," she hissed, tapping it with her wand.  "Oh, blast, it's an emergency!"

Xander took it and did it, concentrating.  This time it came up and she took it to look over, going to help them hunt down the others.  Xander looked at one spot and peeled off, going to save his idiot father's life, again.   He broke into his classroom and stunned the people in there with a flash grenade, then he hexed the crap out of everyone who wasn't himself or his father.  "Ah, I feel better now," he quipped.  His father glared at him. "Yes, it's me, sperm donor.  Get your ass to the infirmary.  Now!"  He banished him that way, not caring if he did hit a wall on the way.  He woke one of the wizards up and got to work on an interrogation.   By the time the other aurors found him, he had most of what he needed.  He stared down at him.  "Where is the ritual taking place?" he ordered calmly.  The man babbled.  "Thank you."  He got off him and let the aurors have him.  "They're doing power raising for a ritual.  The final ritual is coming up in a lunar month.  Did we get them all?"

The auror nodded.  "Yeah, we did.  Can we have them, Mr. Harris?"

"Sure.  I got what I needed.  They're doing the final ritual at the henge with the carving on the hill?"

"I know where that is.  What sort?"

"Raising for possession purposes."

"Interesting.  Let's get you to the infirmary."

Xander looked at himself then at him.  "It's not mine but okay."  He went to check on people, finding the infirmary was a madhouse.  "Okay, who only has mental injuries?  This way!" he ordered.  A few of the kids went that way, most of them crying.  He got them calming potions and sat them in a room by themselves, then dove in to help the others who had physical injuries.  They finally got everyone who needed a bed into bed with the proper medicines and then they went to talk to the others.  They were mostly napping on each other in a big pile.  "That'll work," Xander said quietly.  One looked at him.  "Try to nap.  We can run counseling in the morning," he said gently.  That got a nod and the boy snuggled into the tits under his head again.  He looked at the aurors.  "Put a chaperone in here please?" he asked quietly.  They nodded, leaving one in there.  He walked out and looked at his uncle. "You okay?"

"I'm fine and so is your father."

"They're doing a power raising to get someone possessed."


"Lunar month."

"As you thought," he decided, getting a nod.  "Where?"

"Henge on a hill with a carving?"

"I know where that is."  He made himself stand up and Chase came over to help.  "I'm fine.  Just sore. Get me some of the light blue pain potion, a double dose."

"The curse that hit him fires all your nerves at once like you're being electrocuted," Xander told him.  That got a nod and Foreman got it for him.  "How's the chick?"

"She's fine," Chase said, looking at him.  "Thank you."

"Welcome."  He looked at the aurors.  "Now what?"

"Now, we do a head count.  We make sure no one's missing."

"Not everyone missing would've been voluntary," Xander pointed out gently.

"We know, son," Tonks assured him.  "We'll be checking for that."  He nodded.  "Your daughter?"

"With Giles."

"Even better.   You okay?"

"I'm fine."  He grinned.  "Not the first long night of fighting in my life, guys.  Any idea what happened?  The first I knew Chase was waking me up and saying that there had been an attack."

"Not a clue," House noted patiently, sounding a bit high and woozy.  "All I knew was that someone appeared all banged up saying there had been an attack and he had been with Harry."  He shrugged.  "Not a clue."

"That's fine.  I sent Ron back.  Is he good?"  Foreman pointed and nodded.  "Good."  He  yawned.  "I'm heading for home.  Any questions ask now or wait until lunch, people.  I'm not a morning person especially after a fight."

"Blown up?" Tonks asked.

"Safer than a spell that might've missed more," he countered.  "It worked, didn't it?"

"It did. But the big guy wasn't there."

"He wasn't when we went back to break up the sacrifice a second time," Harry agreed.  "He left with the first sacrifice when Ron, Neville, and I broke them up."  He yawned.  "I'm wiped."

"Go nap, Harry," Xander ordered.  He nodded, going to curl up on the foot of Ron's bed.  It was the only free spot in the infirmary.  He looked at the others.  "He wasn't there when I got there.  We'll get him next time.  Even if I do have to teach Harry how to shoot."

"That's not how wizarding battles are fought," one of the aurors said coolly.

"You're right, but that's how wars are won, dude.  Outfoxing your opponent or out maneuvering them.  You've got less people, less technology, and less ability to fight dirty, which they will.  So yeah, I'm going to stay practical and win this thing.  You?"

Tonks looked at her boss. "He's right.  I'd rather win, even if I do have to break a few rules of standard wizarding combat, boss.  I'd rather win this war than be a good little girl who stands in a line and fires at the guys who aren't running and trying to kill us."

"There's a time and place for those sort of battles," Xander noted.  "It's not when you're outnumbered.  He can always scare new members, we can't."    He looked at the head auror.  "Your choice."  He shrugged.  "I'll do what I have to do to protect my family."

"Why is your uncle here, boy?"

"Madam P's injured.  She was shopping and got beaten.  She asked him to sub."


"Plus, I like having relatives nearby.  He's handy to have around.  He keeps trying to keep me from dating bad and evil women like the one I nearly married."  He looked at his uncle, who had groaned.  "You, bed."

"Going," he agreed, letting his people help him up.  "Foreman, take first watch tonight, wake me if anything serious comes up that you're not sure about.  Do not give any more meds unless you wake me.  Some of those only require one dose to work.  Wake Chase when you start to nod off, then he'll get me up for dawn watch if nothing happens."  That got a nod and he went to lay down.  "Where's Cameron?"

"Tucked into her own bed.  She's still unconscious," Chase said gently.  "Should I call Doctor Wilson?"

"If I need him, I'll get him tomorrow."  Chase nodded and left him alone, letting him drift off on the nice painkillers he had been given. His last thought was that he loved his nephew, he made good drugs.


Xander walked into the hospital in New Jersey the next morning, waving at the receptionist.  "Wilson in?"

"He's in with a patient, sir.  Aren't you Doctor House's nephew?"  He grinned and nodded. "How is he?"

"He's fine.  A bit injured.  There was an attempted assault on the school last night."  She gasped and called Wilson for him.  "Hi, Uncle Wilson," he said when he appeared.  "Small attack on the school by the stupid bastards.  He's fine.  They aggravated his thigh again.  I had to dose him last night."  That got a nod and he got hugged.  "Thanks."

"Welcome.  You okay?  Dawn okay?"

"Dawn's with Tara and Willow, going shopping."  He looked at him.  "Semtex pretty," he said quietly.

"It is," he agreed.  "Do you need to talk?"

"No, I'm okay with that.  He said you needed to know that and I came to see if the people you got in contact with needed to know anything else about the Initiative."

"They probably could use someone to ask questions to.  They didn't really like Willow or Giles all that much."  Xander snorted and let him go.  "But I do have someone you should meet.  Their lab tech is a person you should definitely get to know."

"Should I worry that you're fixing me up?"

"No, Xander."  He waved at the receptionist.  "I'll be back in thirty."  He got a nod and a note was made so he led Xander off.  "Take us to DC."  Xander looked at him.  "I know you can do the teleport thingy," he said quietly.

"We're in the open.  I'm about to get toasted for where I did it in front of Timmy's boss."

"Fine.  C'mon."  He led him deeper into the bushes and they disappeared from there, earning some strange looks from Wilson's boss for being in the bushes in the first place. He got them signed into the building and up to the floor they needed.  "Hi, this is Xander Harris.  He's the nephew of a friend of mine."

"I saw his name in the files," the older guy said, staring at him.  Xander just stared back.  "Good, you have some sense."
"Well, yeah.  That's why I'm raising Buffy's little sister."

"Uh-huh.  Whatever.  Can we go over this now?"

"I've got a few minutes.  Then I've got to pick up Dawn."

"Sure.  Which one of you hacked the files?"


"That makes so much more sense," he said dryly, looking at him.  "You're grunt support?"

"Grunt support, planning support, moral support, ignored support.  Yeah.  Basically.  Also donut support now and then too."

"Let's hit a conference room, kid."

"Xander.  I'm not that young, Gibbs."  He got given a dirty look.  "You can't think that was the *only* bad things in Sunnydale, right?" he asked with an evil smirk.

"I had hopes."

"So did I."  He shrugged.  "I jumped in early in my tenth grade year.  I retired when Buffy died."

"So you're an integral part of the team?"

"Was, even when they didn't want to admit it."  He followed him to a conference room.  "Did Willow go hippie on you or techie?"

"Techie.  I've got our resident hackers dealing with her and her girlfriend."

"I love Tara, Gibbs.  I'll defend her even from you guys."  He got a dirty look again.  "Tara's the sort of sweet that should be protected, even from guys trying to help."

"We're trying very hard not to upset her.  I let DiNozzo handle her."

"She doesn't get on well with men.  Her father's a shitbag like mine was.  Told her she was demonic."

"He said it's going okay so far."

"If he can do it, I'll let her cuddle in later for a hug."  He nodded at the two people in the room.  "Hi.  I'm Xander Harris.  Former resident of Sunnydale."

The young goth girl in there stared at him.  "Wow.  You were on the tapes."

"I'm on a few different tapes," he admitted, smiling at her.  "You are?"

"Abby, I'm their lab tech."

"Uncle Wilson said I should meet you," he said with a small grin.  He shook her hand.  "What can I fill in for you?"  He sat down and looked at the other guy.  "You're who?"

"Jethro Gibbs."

"Sure.  What do we need to know?"

"How about a chronological account?"

"I wasn't there the first few weeks of that semester.  I was stranded in Oxnard stripping."

"When did you become aware of a problem?"

"When Spike showed up."


"They called him Hostile Seventeen.  Blond british guy, very annoying, smokes?"

"I saw him," she admitted, writing that down.  "Why did he come to you?"

"Protection.  The chip they put in his head made it so he couldn't hurt any humans, which mean he couldn't hunt or feed so he was a demon target.  We made him help us while we kept him in Giles' bathtub and sometimes my basement."  She wrote that down.  "I know, it was crappy treatment.  I know where he is if you wanted to ask him what he went through."

"Does this...chip still work?" Gibbs asked.

Xander nodded.  "Yup, he's teaching now."  He sent an email to someone.  "Willow will call him for you."

"Thank you.  That's going to be very helpful.  Any idea where they are now?" Gibbs asked.

"Riley Finn's doing something for the UN demon patrols.  Most of the ones who lived did that.  I heard one of them was going around talking to former members because they stuck chips in them too, gave them hormone compounds to make them more like Buffy was."

"Okay," Gibbs said, writing that down.  "Any idea who's in charge of that?"

Xander shrugged.  "Someone at the UN.  I retired from that to take care of Dawnie.  I'm assuming you got the information on what happened to her mom?"

"He did give us a medical summary and what proof he had," Gibbs agreed.  "I asked her this.  Any way you can prove it?"

"Beyond digging her up?"   He shrugged.  "I'm not into medicine."

"Fine.  So, what's so special about you?"

"I was Willow's best friend until she met Buffy."

"Oh.  So you got dragged?"

"Yup, kinda.  Also did some of the dragging.  It happens."  He looked at Abby.  "You don't like guys my age, right?"  She grimaced and shook her head.  "Can I introduce you to a great guy, little bit snarky now and then, who is a doctor and very handsome?"

"Is he single?"

"Yes. Though for years we picked on him about dating Uncle Wilson."

She smiled.  "As long as it's not true, I wouldn't mind."

"Cool.  Gibbs, I can't help you with that part, or the files part.  I helped sneak in, I helped break a friend out.  I helped us go back and end their monster they were building. I went back a few times after that to make sure the areas were cleaned out."


"To make sure nothing had decided to move in there.  Also because Giles asked.  Once to put Willow's little thingy on the computers so they could be gotten off of."  That got a nod.  "They can take you down there if you want.  She knows how to get down there.  Maybe your guys can get things we can't.  Though I would advise not staying overnight in Sunnydale.  We don't want you eaten."

"How good is your PD and ME?"

"Our PD once arrested Buffy for killing the robot that hurt her and her mother."  Gibbs moaned at that.  "The whole town had a great 'I don't wanna know' policy.  The ME knew enough to wear holy items and carry a holy water spray bottle for when people rose on him.  Anything else?"  He shrugged again.  "Not a clue.  Not my area."  He leaned forward.  "Personally, I would go there and see if you could pull files that Willow couldn't.  She wasn't very interested in it once they were gone.  She only pulled the easy stuff.  She tried to hack a few files lacklusterly to see if a new program worked but nothing too intense because they made her see what a crap friend she was.  Their program of 'let's break the team up' nearly succeeded.  I know I don't trust them the way I used to after that.   I still don't."

"Sure.  I can see why.  Do you know what sort of computers are still down there?"  He nodded slowly.  "Exactly?"

"Two mainframes with the name Krill painted across them and one computer station that was unbroken the last time I knew.  That's where I put her little silver box thingy."  That got a smirk.  "Also some of the testing rooms weren't damaged so you might be able to go in that way if they were kept separate.  I know after the Doc got killed by her creature they put in a military commander.  Not that he was much better, but then again she was using the research to build her monster and torture, he was more 'lets see how we can use this torture to our advantage'."

"Which friend did they have?"  Xander stared at him.  "I don't want to know why, kid."


"Okay.  Is he around?"

"Not a clue.  Probably Tibet.  He went to find control. He's a hacker but Willow's more noticeable. I'm not sure how good he is."

"Interesting.  Okay, I can deal with that.  Think he had a passport?"

"Not a clue."

"That's reasonable.  Anything else I should known before I go into town?"

"Yeah, there's a girl in one of the Cali prisons, named Faith.  She's like Buffy was.  Get her to go in with you to protect you.  She knows how to kill whatever may pop up and she's another one who has the skills to handle whatever may pop up."  Gibbs opened his mouth.  "I doubt you can use a sword, most bullets won't kill most things, and I don't take you for the crossbow type, Gibbs," he said simply.

"What was her crime?"

"Buffy shoved a human at her and she staked him by accident.  Then the Mayor got her into his plans."

"Interesting.   We'll look at that."

Xander leaned closer.  "You want to live, you take Faith with you.  Because if something moved in down there, you'll end up dead.  Especially since Sunnydale is getting more and more dangerous since Buffy died.  No one's there to thin the pack of hunters."

"Okay, I can agree to that.  If she's not willing?"

"Ask Angel.  Or ask us and I'll ask Spike if he wants to go kill things."

"This Angel...  The one she mentioned in LA?"   Xander nodded.   "Which is better?"

"Faith.  She's unpredictable but better that than King Angst."

"We'll check into her."  Abby walked out.  "Anything else I should know?"

"My uncle's a really great guy," he said with a grin.  "She'll like him I think."  He stood up.  "Need anything else from me?"

"No, that should be good," he said, shaking his hand.  "Thank you."

"Welcome.  Not like they didn't bug the shit outta me."  He walked off, heading outside so he could send himself back home, then to the school.  He hiked up to the infirmary, finding aurors in there.  "Hey, guys.  Coming to see what I need to restock."  One got in his way so he sighed and punched them.  "Thank you for obstructing me.   You're nearly as good at that as the cheese shit that won't come out."

"Green bottle, tastes nasty," his uncle called.

"I know that, thanks."  He walked over the body, leaning down to whisper in his ear.  "I have someone you should meet.  Uncle Wilson agrees with me."  House gave him a scared look.  "What?  She's cute, perky, goth, but highly intelligent.  Got tired of Willow being poser intelligent.  She's a Fed in a lab so she's got a clue what you do as well.  Just meet her."

"If I must."

"You should."  He gave him a hug around the shoulders.  "What do we need restocked?"

"Your idiot father is up and around; he's insisting that's his job and he took samples of yours to check."

"That's because he's a picky asshole and I take after the better side of the family."

"True, you do.  The other stuff?"

"Nearly done.  It'll take another day.  They were out of something."  He gave him another squeeze.  "Everyone come through okay?"

"Just fine.  I sent the ducklings back.  Cameron's sobbing got annoying.  Wilson can watch out for her."

"Good."  He smirked.  "Other than that, do you have any of these?" he asked, handing over a small piece of parchment.

Xander looked then smirked. "Great minds think alike."  He strolled off.  "Come over for dinner, Uncle Greggy."

"Don't call me that," he yelled after him.  He got up and grabbed his cane, limping over to the student that was coming in bleeding.  "Sometimes it's nice when it's simple things."

"The plants ate me."  She held out her hand.  "Can I get a bandage?"

"It depends, was it poisonous?" he asked pompously, glaring at her.

"Well, probably.  Then again, I'm a witch."

He popped her on the head.  "Yes, but that doesn't mean you have brains, my dear."  He went to get the potion to clean her hand, take out the poison, and give her back her magic.  Because he knew she'd be tormenting others if he didn't.  Though he would be slipping a word into his nephew's tutee's ears.  That one was a lot like him.  Ron was kind of fun to be around.


Xander looked up from his brewing and reading, smiling at the auror who came in.  "Yes, dear?"

"What do you have planned?"  He went back to his stirring while reading.  "Xander, we can't help if we don't know."

"You can't help anyway."

"Fine. Can you at least tell me part of the plan?"  He nodded.  "Well?" she asked when he didn't.

"Stop the sacrifice. That part you can help with."

"We don't know where he is."

"But you can change the henge and guard it."  He stood up and grabbed a small bottle, adding it to the cauldron.  "Take the blue thing now, dear.  It'll kill you otherwise."  She found the bottle and gulped it, making a grossed out face.  "Yeah, well...."  He finished it and poured the contents into a large bottle.  "There we go."  He capped it and sealed it with the liquid wax he had waiting.

"What is that for?"

He looked at her then blew a kiss.  "If I told you I'd have to handcuff you in the spare bedroom for the rest of the lunar month, and while that might be fun I doubt you'd like to help Dawn with her English assignments."

"We can't help if we don't know, Al."

He smirked.  "Yes, but if I don't tell you, you can't get in the way and die."  She went pale.  "See, much better uses for aurors.  Go guard the school and Diagon.  He's going to do something to get back the manhood I stole from him."  He looked at her.  "When it's time and you can help, I'll call.  Don't worry about that part."  She sighed and disappeared, heading to the office.  He pulled out the other bottle and put that one into the box going to his uncle.  Then he found the last of the three cases Draco had labeled.  Those went to his uncle too.  Then he went to grab the one he had made and Draco hadn't labeled, heading out with it.  Dawn was safely at Giles' manor house.   He had to go change the very lay of the land and make the earth like a different form of magic for a while. He apparated where he wanted to go, finding Ethan Rayne waiting on him.  "Thanks," he said quietly.

"I don't want to be purged either," he reminded him, taking the case.  He opened it and looked then sniffed.  "You do very fine work."  He closed the case and got to work with the boy.  It was an ancient spell, one meant to prepare places after rituals were done.   The earth would reclaim the magic that had been built in there.  No rituals could be performed for two moon cycles and then it would have to be rebuilt.  He felt power coming his way and breathed in, pulling out his favorite crossbow.  "Ethan, leave," he said quietly.  "There's going to be a battle."  Ethan gave him a horrified look.  "Go.  Now.  Do not go to Giles' house," he ordered quietly.  "Disappear and hide from the magic people finding you."  Ethan nodded and left.  Xander finished his part of the spell, feeling the magic fully release.  It made him feel at peace.  His soul was clean.  It was better than the time standing in front of the bomb facing off with the zombie. He knelt and kissed the ground. "I'm sorry for the blood that'll adorn here," he whispered.

Then he stood up and turned, firing on the Death Eaters appearing.  He got one hex in the leg but that was fine.  That one was dead.  He ran out of the quick-load magazine and dropped it, pulling his wand.  "I've had enough of you sullying this land," he said quietly, working on his spells.  The first one launched.  The second one launched.  He ducked one, rolled to get away from another, then hopped up to get away from the third.  Then his third hit and they all screamed.  "Yes, boys and girls, I did fight on the Hellmouth.  I've seen kids who ate others and stopped them."  He moved closer.  "Pity you keep pissing me off."  He didn't hex them.  He wanted to hex them but he didn't hex them.  His uncle and the aurors haunting him appeared.  "Tell me why it's a bad thing if they die?"  His hand was nearly shaking, he wanted to end this so bad.  He wanted to dust them.  He could turn them into dust.

"Other families want to see them pay, nephew," House said firmly.  He limped over, taking his wand.  "You do that, the officials come after you for being scary," he reminded him quietly.  Xander looked at him.   "You should've retired last year."

"Fealty clause," he said blandly.

"Point."  He gave him a hug.  "It'll be okay.  I'll handle this.  Go home."

Xander nodded and took his wand back, going home.   He sat down.  He poured a drink.  He had it and then drank another.  Then he went to shower.

House looked at the stunned bad people.  Then at the stunned looking good people.  "Well?" he demanded.  "Aren't you going to do official-type things to them?"  They rushed over to uncurse the Death Eaters and take them into custody.  "Thank you!"  He turned around, bowing at the carving.  "He's sorry he had to hurt them and spill such piss poor blood here.  Battles have gotten to him recently."  He turned and walked off, going to check on him.  He found him kicked back on the couch with his feet up and a beer in one hand.  "You did the right thing."  He sat down next to him, putting his own feet up.

"What telltale do you have one me?"

"The same one you have on Timmy.  Danger and death."  He took the beer to sip.  "Think he can't use it?"

"It won't do him any good if he does.  All the energy used there in the next two months will be wicked back into the Earth automatically.  No matter what they use."  He took the beer back and took another drink then handed it off.  "I've had plenty."

"Probably true.  You okay?"

"I wanted to kill them so bad," he said quietly.  "Sacrifice them to the Gods of that henge.  Their blood would taint them though."  He leaned over, putting his head on his shoulder.  "Can I be normal and happy someday soon?"

"Why don't you date that girl you wanted to introduce me to?"

"She likes older guys."

"Ah.  No wonder."  He patted him gently.  "Go see Timmy soon."

"Can't.  His boss saw me saving him and wants to rip me to pieces during an interrogation.  I can't make Timmy's job harder."  He cuddled closer.  "I hate my past."

"I know, nephew.  I know.   Then again, if we could change the past," he sighed, finishing the beer.  "Got any more?"

"Nine more in the fridge."

House flicked his wand.  "Accio beer."  One flew at his hand, letting him catch it and pop it open.  "Thanks for picking up the good stuff for me."

"Welcome."  Tim appeared, looking confused, arms crossed over his chest.  "Hey.  You missed a battle."

"Why didn't you miss it?"

"I was prepping for part of the plan.  We've got a sacrifice in just under a lunar month.  I was helping release the stored energy where they were going."

"We'll have to do the others in case," House said dryly.

"No we won't," Xander said quietly.  "I drugged the power.  It'll tell me if he moves it."  House and Speed both glared at him.  "It's safe for me."

"Until the battle," Tim snorted.

Xander shrugged. "Then someone will help me stop the sacrifice and I won't have a splitting fucking headache, Timmy.  Beer?  There's some in the fridge."

"Sure."  He went to grab one, coming out to sit on his uncle's other side. "Need me?"

"Only if you want to go destroy the old white guy at the school," he sighed.  "Xander, Potter?"

"He'll be there.  The putz calls to him. Tara's gift will fix it."  That got a dual nod.  "It'll be fine, guys.  I promise.  Remember, I can plan things," he finished quietly.  The aurors walked in and he waved.  "Let me guess, I'm under arrest for releasing the build up?"  They nodded.  "You'd rather have it siphoned off in just under a lunar month?"

"He can go another place."

Xander shook his head.  "No he can't.  There's only two sacrifice spots that he can get that sort of power in this hemisphere.  One's now a natural spot of calm.  The other's on my hellmouth."  They gaped.  "There you've got Willow protecting your asses.  She'll clear it and I'll help."  He blinked at them.  "Unless you wanted to go to Centra America or Africa?"

They slowly shook their heads.  One frowned.  "We can't act in the colonies," he complained.

"No Ministry," Xander said slowly and clearly.  "Besides, it's the hellmouth.  No one's there but demons."  He sat up, groaning a bit.  "Have any of you guys figured out who the sacrifice is?"

"You are," House told him.

"Figured that part out.  He'll need one to do before me.  I'm a medium, I can't be the first or the only.  He'll need a spirit to take me over to get what he needs to be pulled up."

"Potter?" one suggested.

Xander shook his head.  "No, he's in tune with Voldemort thanks to the curse," Speed reminded them.  "What's the qualification?"

"They've got to be strong, in accordance with the lands.  They've got ob e able to pull up deeper, darker, almost chaos magics," House said quietly.  "Malfoy junior would be perfect."

"He'd never agree and he's in hiding," Xander said quietly.  "That leaves someone who can touch the harder, deeper, darker magics.  Dad?"

"No, he can't.  He's kept himself away from it on purpose," House admitted.  "That means I'm the next likely candidate."

"Especially since you could control my gifts if he does," Xander agreed, cuddling him again.  "So we'll protect each other."

"Where is your daughter, sir?" the auror in the back asked.

"Safe," all three answered.

Xander waved a hand.  "Guys, I survived years in Sunnydale.  There is nothing you can threaten me with.  I've seen the worst that humanity can pull up for selfish reasons.  Hell, we just got done with a hell goddess, guys.  What makes you think your puny wizard bastard and the people he's controlling in the Ministry scare me?"  They gaped.  "Now, anything else, boys?"  They shook their head.  "Then trust me.  I have a plan.  You can watch me if you want.  I don't mind.  That's fine if you want to.  Please guard my uncle more since he's easier to get to.  The school has a lot of people who've switched sides, and a few, like my father, who've switched back," he said quietly.  They nodded, taking House with them when they left.  He scooted over, resting on his big brother's thigh.  "Do you think some day I'll be a normal guy?"

"I think it'd be nice."  He stroked over the dark hair. "You good?"

"I wanted so bad to kill them."

"I know, Xander.  It's how you've been trained and conditioned.  I want to help you after this.  You'll need it."

"I'm retiring and teaching.  Unless I'm attacked it won't come up again."

"It will."

"Tim, I've had nightmares since day one," he said quietly.  "Not like they can get worse."

"They can get better."

Xander looked up at him.  "My first staking was Jesse," he said quietly.  "It won't be getting better."

Tim tipped his face up again.  "You did what you had to do," he said firmly.

"To save Cordy."

"She's a life, even if it wasn't a good one.  If you hadn't, you would've had to do it some other time for some other life."  He gave him the cuddle he needed.  "How about you try to sleep and I'll be here?"


"Crap."  He called his boss.  "I know there's a time difference but I can't remember how big it is," he said grimly.  "No, I'm with my brother. PTSD, helping him calm down again.  Look up Sunnydale, H.  He was there helping protect it."  He hung up.  "He said I can come in late."

"Eight hour time difference."

"Before or after?"

"We're before."

Tim checked his watch, did a bit of mental math, then nodded. "I've got a few hours.  We'll see how it works."  Xander nodded, laying on his shoulder to nap.  He needed to sleep.  He desperately needed to sleep.  Between Tim and the beers, he might get some.


House stomped back into his hospital, growling at everyone around him.  "No, I'm not back yet.  I came to pick something up then I'm disappearing again," he said when he saw Cuddy coming out of her office.  "My nephew's in the middle of some racist bastards who want to sacrifice him so I've got to stay for about another month."  He walked into his office and slammed the door shut, limping to his desk to start going through the drawers.

"Are you back?" Chase called.

"Nope.  They want to sacrifice Xander and I for power."

"Never mind.  We won't ask how it's going then," Foreman said.  House looked at him.  "Yeah, it didn't work on me.  Worked better on Cameron.  She's not having nightmares or anything."

"Good."  He finally found the books he was looking for, slamming that drawer shut and turning to find his boss there.  "What?" he asked impatiently, walking around her.

"What is going on?  First it was your brother, now it's your nephew?"

"They live near each other and my brother was injured by the same racist bastards."  He walked out, nodding at Wilson.  "This girl Xander said I should meet because he's too young?"

"She's sweet, nice, odd, has a great sense of humor, is brilliant beyond compare as far as I can tell, and she made your nephew giddy and happy.  Meet her, then you can see."

"Fine," he complained, going on.  "It'll be a month."

"Sure.  Tell Xander and Timmy I said hi."

"They want to sacrifice Xander.  But me first," he offered with a smirk, stabbing the elevator button before turning around.  "Needed the books."  He walked onto the elevator and headed down, then down to his bike, which got driven off to a clear spot for him to go back to the school.  He and his bike reappeared, making a few of the aurors gasp in horror. "Yes, the cripple rides a motorcycle," he said dryly, parking it next to the front door then heading back inside.  "How many do I have waiting on me?" he asked as he walked past McGonagall.

"The usual three or four," she admitted, watching him walk.  "What's going on?"

"Needed a few personal journals.  Nothing big.  Brought my bike back before Wilson took it for a joyride."  He waved the hand with the books.  "I'll be upstairs."

"Of course."  She blinked, then stopped an auror she had recently scared straight.  "What is going on?"

"He's one of the possible sacrifices.  Did you know he was good in Defense, Professor?" he asked, looking confused.

"Well, yes.  He was tops in his year," she said dryly.  "I should hope he stayed in practice with what his nephew used to do."   She let him go, watching him walk upstairs.  She looked up, shaking her head.  "Merlin, I don't know why they lose so many brain cells when they graduate.  Why not look him up in the library?"  She went back to her classroom, going to grade papers.  Sometimes it scared her how much her students lost when they graduated.  Then again, some present students scared her just as much.  It was clear someone had helped Mr. Weasley write his last paper.  She'd have to call him down to talk about it.


House looked up as an auror walked into his infirmary.  He had a definitely upswing of bully action in the last two days.  It seemed like even the Hufflepuffs wanted to kick the Gryffindor's butts.  Which was odd.  Then again, the main ones being picked on were the fighters so a lot of people were in his infirmary after trying for them.   It was easily funny how often Ginny had walked her attackers up and deposited them then stole a piece of peppermint before walking off again.  Then again, all this stuff was clearly leading up to something.  So the auror coming up to check on him with the probable bogus story coming up. "What's happened now?  More bullies?"

"Headmaster.  He wanted to have you come to the staging area.  It'll go tonight, Doctor House."

"Sure.  So I've been wondering, is the Headmaster in on it?"

"That's absurd."

House looked at him.  "You know, no one would ever suspect them all in authority."  He got up and grabbed his field kit and cane.  He set off the button on the desk that he and Severus had worked on with Timmy.  His two ducklings were on their way to handle the infirmary.  It'd be fine.  He followed him out, nodding at the teachers giving him odd looks.  "Foreman's on his way back with Chase," he told one.  "It didn't work on Foreman."  He walked out of the castle and looked up.  "Pretty night."  He took a deep breath then looked at him.  "Just get it over with."   The auror gave him a horrified look.  "Smart am I.  The MD proves it, kid."  The auror pulled his wand and knocked him out.


Xander looked over from his carving a new stake when someone tapped on the door.  "Hey.  What's up?  By the way, polyjuice doesn't always work on us."  He stood up, grabbing his wand and gun.  "C'mon, I already know."

"You won't need those."

"If you think I'm going to lay down and die you're very wrong," he said quietly, knocking him out.  He had to fight, it'd keep his uncle alive longer.  He gathered himself and two bottles, then disappeared, leading wherever the magic wanted him to go.   He felt it grab him and went with it, landing in the cleared area.  "And you wanted what?" he asked.

"You," one of them said, moving closer.  "You have made some very bad decisions this last month, young man."  He walked around him.  "You took what was ours."

"Actually the power belonged to the people long gone from here.  Maybe it's comforting them in their afterlife."  He ducked a grab attempt and grabbed the arm and threw them.  "Aah.  You guys do know how to brawl," he said facetiously.  He punched the next one. "Stupid pricks."

"Let him wear himself out," their Lord and Master hissed, looking amused.  "It will make him easier later on."

Xander looked at him.  "I doubt it."  He smirked.  "My uncle?"  He was pointed at.  He was unconscious and laid out on a slab.  "Huh.  He'll get pissed he missed this."  He pulled out both vials and threw them at the same spot, watching as it leached the powers out of the ground. Voldemort howled, grabbing his chest.  "Awww, did you make the cardinal mistake and tie yourself to the power?  Pitiful bastard."  He moved to beat the next one and tossed him off to the side of the potions.  Three rushed him and he got two but the last one managed to hex him before he could duck.  The next thing he knew he was waking up on a slab.  "You know, this is kinda cold."

"Soon you'll be mine," Voldemort hissed.  "He will control you."

"He can't control me alive, what makes you think he can control me when he's dead?" he asked dryly.  "He never has been able to.  The only one I'd listen to is protected.  I made sure of it by sending him a nice threat to his boss."  He felt the magic around him and smiled. "You know, you've already lost.  There's no way you can complete the ritual.  Even if you kill us it won't help you any."  He pulled his magic back to him, tugging on the magic of the clearing.  Then he yanked hard on the one that led to Willow's charm to show how he was.  She'd be pissed, she'd have to break up a test, but oh well.  Sometimes you had to make a few sacrifices to save the world.  He looked at the man over him.  "You can't use my uncle.  He's not suitable."

"He is, even though he is inferior," he sneered.

"Actually, that was his ex-girlfriend.  She made the decision that killed some of the muscles while he was unconscious.  What can you say, sports injuries," he said blandly.  "Unlike mine, who're ex-girlfriend injuries.  Makes me seriously think about being gay.  Maybe I'll ask one of my students.  We're about the same age.  One of them is very good in potions and looking for a way to the future."

"He will not be yours, he's mine," Voldemort said smugly.

"Really?"  He looked over when Willow appeared, looking very grumpy.  "Hi, dear."  He waved a bound hand.  "Let me introduce you to Voldemort."

"Hi."  She smirked and waved.  "I'm Willow."

"I've been watching you."

"Yeah, every now and then I scry you too," she said blandly. "Doesn't impress me any."  She crossed her arms over her chest.  "You doing this *really* doesn't impress me.  The only thing that does impress me is that you made his uncle quit snarking for a bit."  She moved closer, raising a hand and sending the Death Eaters who tried to stop her flying.  "Pitiful.  Simply pitiful.  I mean, my witch is better than this.  Stupid freaks."  She stopped beside House's body, checking his neck.  He was still alive, just in a trance.  She could feel it.  She walked over to Xander.  She stared down at him then at Voldemort.  "Can't say as I haven't wanted to do it myself in the past, but he won't help you.  It won't do what you want either.  Xander got all his stubbornness from his uncle.  There's no way them merged together will do what you want.  They won't even do it for me," she finished dryly.  She felt the out-of-body spirit slipping towards Xander and looked at the big bad again.  "You know, that transformation doesn't make people wanna follow you.  Kinda looks gross and disgusting.  Definitely doesn't make women wanna come for you."

Xander undid the cuffs and sat up, swinging his feet around.  "Doesn't do a thing for me either.  You think I should go for guys, Willow?"

Willow looked at him and nodded.  "Yes, Xander.  It's safer that way.  For all of us, dear."  She patted him on the face.  "So?"

"So," he agreed, hopping off and pulling up the magic around them.  "I've had enough!" he twitched it and most of the death eaters sank into the ground.  She and he went to work on the others.  All that was left was the main big bad by the time Harry got there.  "Hey."

"Must I?"

"Let's make this easier," Willow said, bouncing over with a small limp.  She walked him back, putting both their hands on his bound body.  She whispered in his ear and he nodded, casting the spell Xander and Dawn had worked on with him.

"Now you purge it before it infects you," Xander said quietly.  "Over the spilled potions, Harry.  Just puke it up."  He shivered and walked over to his uncle's body, getting him free and letting him go.  Then he heaved and gagged a few times, holding his head.  "Damn I hate that."

Willow patted him on the back.  "It's all right, sweetie.  We'll make sure all your uncle's snark gets back into his own body."  House sat up, holding his head.  "Do we need to finish unposessing him?"

"No, it's fine," he said, holding his head.  "We done?"

"We're good," she said perkily.  "Good thing I finished my final too."  She bounced over to Harry, giving him a hug.  "It'll be okay."

"I killed him."

"Harry, sweetie, you only sent his energy where it needed to go.  He was already dead, you simply turned the zombie back into dust."  She gave him a cuddle, nodding at the aurors when they came in.  "Hi."  She smiled and waved.  "Harry sent his energy back to the earth, where it belonged."  She walked Harry over to Ron, letting him have him.  "Here you go, one shaky, puky hero.  The other two...."  She turned and they were gone.  Weapons and all.   "Huh.  Poopie heads."

Harry smiled at her.  "Willow, would you like to go to dinner with me?"

She blushed and looked at him.  "Harry, um, kinda with the witch lovin' thing, ya know?"

"Pity."  He let Ron walk him off.  "Was the school attacked while we were here?"  Ron nodded. "Everyone okay?"

"Mostly.  Infimary's full.  Pomfrey's tossing a fit, Harry."

"Then let's go help.  Least we can do," he sighed.  They nodded, going back to the school.

The aurors looked at Willow en masse.  "What happened?" Tonks asked.

Willow shrugged.  "Xander called me.  They had him tied down to a slab.  His uncle was on another one."  She pointed.  "They were going to kill his uncle to possess Xander and then use them combined for the power raising.  Well, Uncle Greg went OOB for a while and possessed him and they used it together to beat the guy's ass.  Then Harry undid the spell," she finished with an upnote and a smile.

"Well, sounds like a full night," Tonks said.  "Let's go debrief you."  Willow blushed bright red.  "Not that way.  I'll leave that with your witch, dear."  She walked her off, going to get a more comprehensive account than that.  The others could do the clean up.


Tim got the call he dreaded, standing up and moving to get what he'd need.  He found someone at his door when he opened it.  "Not now."

"There's a threat to you, Tim."

"Sent by my little brother to keep me out of the fight.  I'm going over to help in the infirmary and then to depossess them.  Xander's a soul sucking medium at times.  The more magic around him the worse it gets."

"You can't go," Horatio said quietly.  Tim gave him a look.  "I can't let you go if you could get hurt."

"The last time I knew I wasn't sleeping with you."

"You're not yet," Horatio agreed blandly, "but we know what would happen if you died, Tim.  You're the glue on the team."  He walked inside, staring him down.  "You can't go.  Not when there's danger."

"There's a chance I'll get creamed on the way in to work, H.  Get over it!" he said dryly, grabbing his wand. "Gotta go."  He said the short phrase but Horatio had managed to grab on.   So they both landed at the school.  He looked at the gasping, heaving man on the ground.  "Welcome to England, H.  You good?"  He shook his head.  "Yay.  Let's go."  He led him into the school and up to the infirmary, smiling at the guys in there.  "Where can I help?  Uncle Greg taught me the basics of field healing."

"Good. You can help us tie bandages and things," Foreman said.  "House got taken about an hour ago.  We're here, there's going to be at least a small battle.  Bandages and things are in the other room."

"Sure," Tim agreed, going that way.  "H."  He followed him.

"Why is the painting moving?"

"Because it's kinda almost alive.  It's been imbued with the soul's energy," he explained at the odd look he got.  "We're like that as a society."  He pulled out a basket, handing it over.  "Take those."  He got another one and walked out, sorting the sizes onto the desk.  Chase smiled and nodded.  "They were trying to keep me out of it but I'll need to go pull Uncle Greg out of Xander.  Otherwise we'll have a new God of snark."

 "Who fights and would probably go back to his wicked ways," Wilson agreed as he walked in.  "Okay, what's going on?"

"They've both been taken," Foreman told him.

"Good.  That means we'll have one here too.  They want this school and the people in it as much as they want the power Xander can unlock for them," he pointed out.  That got a nod from Horatio.  "Who's on defense?"

"Ron Weasley," Chase said.  Everyone looked at him.  "He always seems to be in the middle of it," he pointed out. "He's fought with Harry before.  He'd know who to alert."  He looked at one of the paintings.  "Can you get Ron Weasley up here please?  It's important."  The woman in the painting nodded and left her painting to go visiting somewhere nearer to him.  He looked around.  "Tim, did you go here?"

"Yup.  The houses have protection if you can get to them.  That'll leave those who aren't there, those who're fighting, and those who're fighting inside the houses because they're scared or want to join in."

"Gotcha.  So maybe a third?" Foreman asked.

"Yup.  Probably so."

"Good."  He pulled out the first few potions they'd need and want.   Pain killers.  Magic removers to cancel hexes.  The nurse came in with Ron.  "There's probably going to be an attack."  She muttered something under her breath and nodded, going to help.  "Okay.  We do what?" Foreman asked Ron.

"First, I get the others told.  Then you do what you needed to.  The same as always."  He winked and went to tell the others.  "Harry!" he yelled from the doorway.  "They took Xander and Doctor House!"

"Bugger!" Harry yelled.  He came down the stairs in clothes Xander had made Dawn get him.  "All right, people, we may be attacked tonight.  Get where you need to go!"  The others rushed around, going to warn the others, lock down the younger kids, and form a patrol to let them know when the attack started.  Then Harry left.  They knew what that meant.  The patrol got extra people and they started to pass out other weapons.  Other students came out to see what they could do.

Ron looked over at one very blond young man.  "What're you doing here, Malfoy?"

"Getting away from my father, the asshole.  Not like I want to be the next one sacrificed."   He looked at him.  "Xander found some...research pointing out why it was a bad idea for me to be anywhere outside safety tonight."  He picked up a crossbow.  "This'll work.  Do we have bolts?"

"Pile over by the door," Ron told him.  He stared at him. "You're with me."  Draco looked at him.  "That way I can keep an eye on you and you're probably the better shot here."  He walked off after grabbing his bag of gear.  Draco grabbed extra bolts and followed.  Firing from a concealed position suited him more than rushing in.  Ron pointed at a spot and he set up there.  Ron set up his.  They didn't have long to wait.  Ron activated the alarm.  The others came out.  "Don't forget the other areas!" he yelled before taking a shot.  "Remember the plans!"  He reloaded and took another shot, watching Draco hesitate.  "Shoot or go inside, Malfoy!"

He shot.  He killed.  He sneered. "Good.  One less to challenge me," he said grimly, going on.  He even kept himself from hurting the defenders, no matter how much he wanted to.  He finally ran out of bolts and started to fling hexes.  Ron ran out of bolts too and threw the crossbow at one, knocking him down.  Draco bound him.  They started to hex, until Ron had to run off to defend the side of the castle.  Draco followed through the hidden tunnels, coming out in a battle there.  This one was more messy.  The kids weren't as well trained.  They were also younger.  Draco growled as a young Slytherin fell, hitting the death eater who had done it, making her scream.  He was definitely getting into it now.  He wanted nothing to do with these people.  They were not his kind any longer.  He would never kill little kids.  That entry was defended so he nodded for Ron to go.  "I'll be here."

"Good."  He headed off, back to the front of the castle. He found the battle winding down while most of the death eaters were grabbing their heads.  He saw a pure, shining woman on the stairs and frowned at her.  "Who the bloody hell are you?"

"Tara," she said with a beautiful smile.  "Harry talks about you a lot, Ron."  She stroked his cheek.  "Go bind them.  I cannot and will not kill.  If they're down, they can stand trial."

He nodded. "That'll work.  Bind 'em," he yelled.  "Get 'em down, let the aurors handle them!"  The kids nodded, going to do that.  "We're taught that as a first year," he said with a goofy grin.

She giggled and quit glowing, giving him a hug.  "You're a good boy, Ron."  She tweaked his nose.  "If I wasn't with Willow and liked boys you'd be a fun boyfriend."  He blushed like Willow would.  "Good.  Now, let's get the wounded to the infirmary.  We can set up a room for the wounded bad guys to go."  He gave her an odd look.   "I know, but they have to be healthy to stand trial."  She slumped and grabbed her head.  "S..s..sorry, Ron."

"Hey, sometimes you gotta take a confidence potion," he teased, helping her stand.  He looked around.  "Pick a classroom to bind the death eaters in.  Guard it with a rotating patrol.  Everyone else, infirmary!  Now!" he bellowed.  They nodded, going to do that.  Transfiguration got the death eaters. The infirmary got an influx and he took first watch.  Tim came down.  "Which one are you?" he demanded.

"I'm Xander's older brother Tim."

"Oh.  That's cool.  Why're you here?"

"Seeing who needs more than bandages."  He nodded and Ron let him inside.  He looked over everyone then came out ten minutes later.  "They're still bound and I refirmed a few weak ones.  They mostly need bound and you still need to gather the dead, Ron.  It's not honorable to let them lay out there."  Ron nodded.  "Take your lieutenants to do that.  We'll lay them in another classroom.  The aurors just headed to the sacrifice site," he finished quietly.  "It's done there too."  Ron nodded, going to get the others.  He locked the door and set two teachers as a guard then went to help.  Ron and he found his sister out there already covering heads and noting names on them.  They came over to help while Tim guarded them.  The aurors finally appeared and he nodded at them.  "Hey, Tim Snape."

They stared at him in horror.  Ron smacked one.  "Quit, now.  He's Xander's big brother. He helped in the infirmary.  Help us bring them inside.  They deserved better than this."

The aurors helped them gather the students' bodies, taking them to a classroom.  One took over guard of the prisoners after checking them.  Tim looked at him. "Can't stand trial if they're going to die."  He handed over the bandages.  "Here."

The auror nodded. "We've got our people coming for them for that but I'll give them over.  The situation upstairs?"

"Decent enough.  Mostly minor injuries.  Two of House's ducklings and my boss, who came when he grabbed on."  He moved closer. "Can one of you maybe make him forget seeing Xander pop out to save his own ass?" he asked quietly.  "He was trying to protect me."

The auror nodded.  "It can be done.  We can check the one guy's block too since it didn't work.  Too stubborn."

"Then Horatio's might not help either."  He walked off, heading back upstairs.  "Aurors are here, Foreman."

"If they give me another headache I'm popping someone," he called back.  "Come hold this."  He came over to take over the bandaging while he went to take care of a patient that was moaning. "Where is House?" he demanded finally.  "I don't know what to give for a double dose of pain killers."

Tim came over to look then cast a counter to the curse she was suffering from.  "That's the Cruciatus.  It fires all your nerve cells at once.  You go into extreme pain."  He went to get a vial for him, bringing it back.  "Here, a sedative.  It's the only safe, humane thing to do."  Foreman administered it and let it work, going to the next patient.  Tim found another one needing it and moved to help them, then uncurse someone who hadn't been yet.  "You'll be fine," he assured her.  "It'll be okay.  Try to rest."  She nodded and flipped onto her side with a groan of pain, letting him soothe her into sleep.  He saw Horatio sitting with one patient and walked over, patting him on the back.  "Hey, Neville.  Xander told me about you.  How you doing?"  He blinked at him.  He checked him for curses and nodded.  "Chase?"  He came over.  "He's got an intestinal perf."

"I saw.  We can't do surgery here."

"We do have hospitals, Chase," he said blandly.

"St. Mungoes was blown up," Madam Pomfrey said quietly.

"Then set up a room.  He'll die."  She nodded, going to do that.  "Go help.  She knows how to do minor surgery if necessary.  She's fully trained as a nurse.  She can probably find others too." He rushed off to help.  "Just hold on, Neville.  Okay?"  He nodded.  "Good boy.   You did good."  He walked off, seeing who else needed it. "How many?"

"Three who could use some orthopedic surgery," Foreman said.  "Another who needs to have the bone chips removed from her brain."

"House'll be here soon.  Do what you can," he ordered.  "I'm flooing to them, making sure they can come back.  Ask Tara to help.  She's good and gentle."  He went through the floo.  The two were staring at each other.  "Hate to mention it but St. Mungoes got blown up earlier.  We've got an infirmary full of people and one who needs brain surgery.  Plus an intestinal perf."

"I'm still stuck in him," House said grimly.

Tim came over to cast him out, catching Xander as he fell.  "I've got him, you go."  House nodded, going through the floo to the infirmary.  Tim got Xander to bed, finding the first aid kit.  He definitely needed some help.  A few hours later Horatio came out of the floo.  "Someone taught you to do that?"

"Chase sent me with that little redheaded spitfire Ginny."  He smiled.  "She's definitely a credit to her family, even if her brothers did all scream at her for being there."  He came over.  "He okay?"


"Can we help?"

"He'd skin me if I called them away from there to help him."  He looked at his boss. "He's like that.  Has been for years.  Nearly killed me the last time I tried that."  He went back to wringing out the cold compress for Xander's forehead.  "Can you see if you can find some of the light purple potion for me please?"

He nodded, going to do that.  He found a few vials in the lab and brought them back.  "I'll check the kitchen."

"Thanks, get him some water too please."  He looked at them.  "Major pain.  Major pain plus sedative.  Major sedative that can cause death.  Well, gee, little brother.  Were we planning on being *very* injured this time?" he snapped.  Xander blinked at him.  "Yes.   You."

"Thought it'd be better to plan for the worst case.  Will's made too," he said grimly, taking the glass of water.  "Thanks, Red."  He sipped and coughed so Tim sat him up, making him wince and hold his ribs.  "I hate pain."  He looked at the bottles then at Red.  "Blue bottle, spice cabinet."  He nodded, going to get it.  He brought it back for him.  "Thanks.  For kitchen accidents."  He gulped it then the rest of the water.  "I'm fine, Timmy.  Let me nap?"

Tim smacked him on the shoulder.  "Shut up."

"Fine.  At least let me nap."  He laid back down, handing off the glass.  "Dawn?"

"Where is she?"

"Giles' house.  Call her cell."

Tim found Xander's cellphone, calling her.  "He wanted to know if you're okay."  He listened to her babbling.  "No, he's a bit banged up," he admitted, looking at Xander.  "Thanks.  Sure, you can stay there as long as you're good, Dawn.  Well, two battles but the war's done.  Did you *really* wanna go spell someone in the infirmary?"  He smiled.  "Then call Uncle Greg over the floo."  He hung up.  "She's fine.  She went out clubbing tonight to make it more difficult for people to find her."

"She's fourteen. Of course she did."  Xander yawned.  "If I die, you get her.  Make her stay normal."

"Shut up," he complained.  "You're not going to die."

"If you say so."

"I do."  He watched him fall asleep.  Then he went to call the infirmary.  "Hey, Uncle Greg?" he said when his head popped up.  "When you get a few can you please come check  your other nephew?  He's fading in and out of consciousness.  He made out a will.  He told me I get Dawn so she'll be normal."

"I'll take her once she graduates," he said blandly.  "Give me twenty and I'll send Chase."  He hung up.  "Chase, you need to go check Xander!" he yelled.

"Let me finish this one," he called back.  He came out ten minutes later.  "What's wrong with your nephew?"

"He didn't want to admit he was hurt," he said blandly.

"He does that," Tara agreed quietly, coming over from a bed.  "He'll baby all of us and then go be injured in private."

Chase groaned.  "I hate people who don't whine."  He went through the floo, coming out on the other side.  "Well.  That's a bit banged up."

"Ya think?" Speed asked grimly.  "He's fading in and out.  We've given him a pain potion but he sent everything but the kitchen accident and the major pain potions to you guys.  Also, I'm thinking broken ribs."

Chase came over to check him, nodding.  "Two."  He stepped back.  "I don't like his color.  He could be bleeding."  He went to find something in the library, coming back with a book.  "Is there a version of this one?" he asked.  "I saw Tara casting it earlier out of this book."

Tim looked then nodded, concentrating before casting it.  It showed them exactly what was wrong with Xander.  "Well, that explains that," he said dryly.  "Floo?"
"With the broken ribs they might shift.  Let me call his uncle."  He wrote things down, sending it through the floo.  A small package with a scalpel and a clamp, plus four bottles, came back.  "Well, that's helpful.  Let's sterilize.  Apparently I'm fixing this bleeder here."  Horatio turned pale.  "You can wait outside in case anyone comes."  He and Tim got to work sterilizing things and Xander, then they got to work on the severed blood vein in his leg.  By the time he was done House was there.  He got out of the way so he could see.

"Pour some of the antibiotic in there," he ordered.  Tim did that.  "Good.  You sure you don't wanna follow me, Timmy?"

"Can I beat you with your cane?  I hate the sight of fresh blood," he complained, leaving them alone. "It's safe, H."

"Is your brother going to be okay?"

"Just fine.  He shouldn't infect either."  The doctors came out.  "They finally get the people left from the hospital's staff?"  House nodded. "So you're done?"

"Off shift.  I'm still waiting to be debriefed.  How many did we lose?"

"Twenty-six dead students, one teacher," he said quietly.  "About fifty death eaters at the school."

House nodded.  "Harry got Voldemort, it'll be done.  Maybe a few mop-up battles from those who think they can go on and who deserted."  He looked at Horatio. "You're an inconvenience.  If they don't take it from you Timmy can go to jail for ten months with the soul-sucking creatures nibbling on him."  Horatio nodded.  "So, bye-bye."  He cast a charm, then turned his shirt into a portkey to take him home.  He looked at Tim.  "I was nice," he said at the opening mouth.  "I sent him to your place."

"I'm surprised you didn't use his underwear.  You did to me the last time."  He went into the kitchen.  "Beer?"

"Please.  Chase?"

"Please," he agreed, coming to help by getting them some food.  "That way we don't get hangovers."  He put down the sandwiches and took one, and his beer, sitting down in a corner.  "This is insane."

"Only happens every few decades," House assured him, nibbling on his sandwich.  He hated hangovers.  "How's Wilson?  I saw him."

"Doing the brain surgery," Chase reminded him.

"Well, at least he's been there more recently than I have."  He finished his sandwich and looked toward the bedroom.  "Xander, you up?"  Something hit the door and then they heard snoring.  "We have *got* to fix that boy up with someone with sense."

"I think Wilson's choice was meant for him but she likes older men," Tim said.  "He wrote me a letter about her."

"Charming.  I remember him sharing that information with me.  By the way, his leg's been growing that problem for years.  It wasn't a battle injury, it only popped because of it."  He finished that beer and went to get more, bringing out the other bottles as well.  Then he went to find something stronger, coming back with the scotch.  "Medicinal stash," he said grimly, sitting down with his own glass of it.  Tim took his glass. "Get your own."  He took it back once Tim had quit drinking.  "How was the school's battle?"

"Bad.  Front and one side trying to get in.  The side's kids were younger and less trained I guess. Harry and everyone probably thought it'd be the safer side."  He finished his beer and went to get a glass, handing one to Chase too, getting a smile.  "Nap there, Chase."  He nodded, putting down the glass to do that.  He sat back down and poured his own scotch.  "To Xander."

"To Xander," House agreed, clinking glasses with him.  "Because where would we be without him driving us insane and dragging us into crap we have no business being in the middle of?"

"True.  Then again, you were needed."

"I was.  Felt nice to get into the field again too.  Maybe I'll see if I can do more of that at home."

"In New Jersey?"

"Point, but New York City's not that far away."  He gulped his next drink, looking over as Tonks came in.  "He's out.  He's staying out.  Am I clear?"  She nodded, taking Chase's beer to finish off for him.  "He's single.  You can have him."

"No thanks.  After a battle's not a good time for a date.  Your nephew all right?"

"No," he said bluntly.  "He'll be fine soon though."  He poured another drink, nodding at the empty glass.  She held it out and got her own shot.  "It cleaned up?"

"All but a few who got away.  Malfoy Junior was working to save the school.  Shocked the hell outta us."

"He's not foot soldier material according to Xander," Tim told her.  "Plus Xander said something about keeping him at the school tonight because his birthday was perfectly planned out for another source."  She just nodded at that.  "Probably offended him."

"Probably," she agreed.  "Self interest is great."  She saluted them and gulped the scotch.  "Oooh, he went for good."

"I taught him that," House said with a smirk.  "They still mad at him?"

"Nope.  Wanna give him a medal and make him go away."

"No way in hell, except for vacations," Tim assured her.  "This is his house and he's staying with Dawn."

"Pity.  I'll let 'em know.  You did good in the infirmary, guys.  Thanks for that.  There'll be some happy parents in the morning."  She stood up.  "Best get back.  You guys have a guard on the house.  We'll come back before a decent hour," she promised with a grin.  "Toodles."  She disappeared.

"Wanna come for a vacation?" Tim asked.

"Love to."  They got up and broke into Xander's stash of ready money, taking it and Xander with them, though Chase did get used as the portkey so they could all hit Timmy's place. Then he got sent back to the hospital to sleep it off.


Dawn walked up to where Tim was eating lunch, squealing and hugging him.  "I love this city."

"Then go to medical school and come down here to practice," he said, kicking out a chair.  "Sit.  I work with these two."

"Hi, I'm Dawn.  His little brother adopted me."  She sat down, watching all the hotties.  He put sunglasses on her.  "Hey!"

"It's rude to stare.  If you do it behind the glasses, no one minds," Eric said with a grin.  "Guys get away with it all the time."  She beamed at him. "So, you're Dawn?"  She nodded, shaking his hand.  "I'm Eric, this is Calleigh.  We were wondering what's wrong with Horatio, Speed?"

"Headache.  Didn't he say that?"

"Yeah, but why does he have one after disappearing to find you?" Calleigh asked.

Dawn looked at her over the rim of her uncle's sunglasses. "Because he saw something he shouldn't and this way he doesn't have to get involved.  It's safer for him."  She went back to staring at the hotties walking past.

"What she said," Tim agreed, eating a bite of his lunch.  "Dawn, hungry?"

"Nope.  I need to look hotter in a bikini."

"It's all about what style you buy, Dawnie," he said gently.  "We'll make sure you get a good one."

"Oh, I've got one. I made Xander go with me like he did for my sister.  He complained the whole time but I got one that even the salesgirl hit on me in."  She beamed at him.  "Can we go out tonight?  Xander's miserably itching."

"Sure.  We can do that."

"You're trying to get her into trouble?" Eric asked.

"Sweetie, I'm Wiccan, and I'm not doing a mating ritual when I lose my virginity.  It's kinda important I lose it before someone decides I'm tasty to use as a sacrifice again."  He looked stunned.

Calleigh looked at her.  "I did research on your former town."

"Good for you."

"How did your sister die?"

"Saving me from the last person who wanted me as a sacrifice."

"That's what I thought."  She wrote down an address. "It's a looser club.  Lets in teens now and then if they're nice or brought in with someone like Tim.  Be careful."

"I will be. I know all that and Xander put me on the pill and all that stuff," she promised.

"I'm sure he did," Tim agreed, looking at her.  "We'll go tonight."  She beamed.  "Then you get to tell Willow because I'm not."

"She knows.  She shrieked and ranted when I asked her about it but Giles agreed.  It was safer for me."  She grinned.  "Xander's taking Uncle Greg to meet with that woman under cover of checking on that investigation."

The others just smiled.  They had met Tim's Uncle Greg.  Maybe a girl would make him happier and less grumpy.


Wilson looked up as House walked into his office four days later, smirking terribly.  "Either you found the holy grail or you got laid.  How was it?"

"Abby is a wonderful woman.  She's even agreed to give me someone to unwarp Xander."  He walked off, going back to his office, whistling happily.  All three of his students stared at him in horror.  "Yes, I'm going out on a date tonight.  She's a beautiful girl."

Cameron moaned.  "Can't you be less happy before you freak out the patients?"

"No.  I can't."   He smiled at his boss when she came in.  "Guess what?"

"You found a cure for your thigh?  Something better than vicodin?"

"I already had one of those, it leaves me fuzzy minded.  No, I have a date tonight."

"Oh, yay," she said, looking confused.

"With the future baby's momma."  She went pale and spluttered.  "That's right, I am the man.  There is a baby House on the way," he announced.  The others gave him horrified looks.  Chase looked nearly ready to cry.

"You...you spawned?" Cuddy asked, sounding hesitant.

"Listen Miss Sample 617," he said dryly, smirking at her.  She backed off.  He grinned at the others.  "The baby's momma is back in DC.  So I got a hot date tonight. This new patient going to be done by then?"  They all nodded. "Good!  Even better."  He smirked at them.  "I should go do clinic hours to celebrate."  He headed to do that, and Foreman grabbed the phone to dial down there and warn them.  House in that mood warped minds worse than his nephew ever could.  The nurses needed to be warned.

Chase put his head down.  "Poor Xander.  He's going to warp their baby too."   He went to see Wilson.  "Did you hear he's got a baby's momma in DC?"

"Please tell me you're kidding," Wilson said flatly.

"Nope.  He went to do clinic hours to share the good news."

Wilson got up and sprinted out of his office, going to stop him before he damaged some poor innocent soul.  "Maybe I shouldn't have introduced them to Abby," he complained as he jogged.  He found Cuddy had knocked him out and was capping the needle. "Thank you."

"Is he lying?"

"No, I introduced his nephew Xander to her.  I thought they'd hit it off but apparently she likes them older and meaner.  Abby's a beautiful young goth girl with a wonderful mind.  The baby will be brilliant."

"Just what we need.  Brilliant smartasses."  She pouted.

"No, that's his nephew Timothy."

She stomped off, going to cry in her office.  She was going to have to do something to keep him from ending the world.

Wilson made sure House was comfortable then called down to NCIS.  "Abby, Wilson.  Actually, he was so happy one of the other doctors sedated him.  When was your date tonight so I can make sure he gets up in time?"  He wrote a note.  "Thanks.  No, he's been so happy it made the administrator cry," he admitted. "Yeah, that sort.  Sure.  I'll make sure he's up by then."  He hung up, giving the nurse the note.  "He's got a date then, make sure he's up in time to shower and tell him to pick up black roses on his way down."  She gave him a horrified look so he smiled.  "I introduced him and his nephew to a very nice woman.  Apparently she and House hit it off so well she's pregnant."  She sniffled and nodded, going to tell the others so they'd wake him up on time.  They did *not* want to meet the woman House found his soulmate in.  She'd probably be worse than he was. Wilson went back to his office to cackle in private.  That would keep House out of his hair and his relationship for a while.  Plus it'd give Timmy and Xander a way to pick on him.  It was good payback for letting Xander drive him insane one summer.  He might even have to tell Severus and ask Xander to take a picture of his face for posterity.

The End.