The Incidences of The Blippy Dohickey 8:  Showing What You Have To The World.

Six weeks later, Xander looked up while on an away mission with his actual team.  "Crap.  Jon, I've gotta go save someone."

"Here?" he demanded.

"No, London.  Something's been going on and I have a way of knowing when someone important is in trouble.  If I don't save him, it'll mean a massacre later."  He left, heading back to the earth.  He didn't care that he had his tactical vest on, or his BDU's.  Or even that he had his rifle on him.  His bracelet was getting tired but it could rest later.  "No," he ordered, pulling Ianto away from Jack.  "Not this time."  He stared Jack down.  "Not in there."

"He needs," Ianto started.

Xander shook his head.  "No.  You'll die.  Then someday Jack will do something incredibly stupid," he said quietly.  "Go," he told Jack.  "Take Martha, take anyone, but not him."  He stared Jack down.  "You don't even have to ask."

Jack nodded.  "Take him."  He watched Ianto leave, and decided to get some more backup.  He took two guys from UNIT in with him.  They were trying to help.  He knew it was going to be bad if Xander had popped in that way around normals.

Xander landed them in Landry's office and Ianto turned to glare at him.  "What was that about?" he demanded.

"I'm saving you," he said quietly.  "Otherwise you'd die today from a plague they're going to release."  Ianto gaped.  "Then later on, Jack's going to use the rage from that to kill a shitload of people in a few centuries."

"That's changing the time stream," he complained.

"Doc can shit!  It'll be a massacre."  He looked at the staring General.  "I don't care what you do, let him do a book inventory everyone's been wanting for all I care."  He turned on the tv so they could follow it.  He felt it the moment it went bad, heading back there as the seals slid into place and didn't hold.  "Get a biological containment field up," he ordered, throwing up a shield.  One of them tried to stop him.  "They released a biological contaminant inside!" he shouted at him.  "Get a fucking field up!"  The soldier ran off to do what he was told.  Xander was draining his reserves.  Martha came running.  "They released a plague," he told her.

"Good job, Xander."  She patted his back but he moved away.  "Okay, I won't touch.  How long can you hold it?"

He swallowed.  "Thirty maybe.  Jack's in there with two of your people.  I stopped him from taking Ianto."

"Jack will survive, he's like that," she reminded him quietly.

"I know.  Get the field generators set up now.  Please?"  He was starting to feel shaky so he handed off his bracelet.  "Hold that for me.  It's my version of his wristband."  She nodded, tucking it into a pocket.  He concentrated, pulling up his reserves and linking into the local power.  It wasn't much.  The soldiers were setting up the force field system around the building.  They were short two for the back side.  "Guys, hurry up please," he shouted.  "I can't keep this up forever."

He felt himself slip into the reserves only and concentrated, letting it all be pulled out if he had to.  He felt himself start to shake.  Then he felt the bright, sharp pain in his chest.  He closed his eyes.  Time to test the immortal theory.  He felt the bright flash of light and then he was back, still himself.  He pulled up that energy that had been released, forcing it into his shield.  Finally, fifty minutes after it had started, the last shield generator was in place.  It turned on and he turned his off, collapsing onto the street panting, sweaty, heaving in nausea.  Martha checked his wrist.  "I'm wiped," he whispered.

"You glowed like you were transforming," she said back. "Like the Doctor does when he regenerates."

He shook his head.   "No, I was more likely to go ascended and I'd hate it.  It might be the only good thing they did blocking me," he said weakly.  He let her help him stand up and walked him over to an ambulance.  They gave him some juice and checked his blood pressure.  "I'll be okay with some rest."  He looked at Martha.  "You'll need to get him out of there."

"Within two days," she agreed quietly.  She went to talk to the local commander.  "Captain Harkness of Torchwood is in there."

"It's a pity," he said with a sigh at the end.

"Jack has a gift for healing himself after being exposed to something," she said very quietly.  He looked at her.  She nodded.  "The Doctor himself found it."

"Oh, dear.  Who was that?"

"Harris.  He's SG personnel."

"That's fine.  We can get him back there."  Someone appeared.  "General O'Neill," he said, nodding at him.

"General Claphorn."  He shook his hand.  "Do you need Harris?  I'd rather have him away from the press."

"Take him.  Do you guys have a way to get someone who's still alive out of there?"

Jack considered it.  "Only if you guys have a containment bubble or something."  Martha got one set up.  "Daedalus, this is O'Neill.  Scan the building for life signs."

"There's one who reads like I do," Xander said as he came over sipping his juice.  "He's like Wolverine in a lot of ways."  The captain found him and beamed him into the containment bubble.  The rest of the bodies were gotten out the same way.  Xander was weak kneed but making himself stand up.  He nodded at Jack, who nodded back.  "They gone?" he mouthed.  Jack nodded.  He looked at O'Neill.  "General, can we help them?"

Claphorn nodded.  "UNIT supercedes US policy, O'Neill."

"I agree.  Daedalus, beam us to the mountain.  UNIT is taking control of the situation.  You're under General Claphorn's orders."

"As soon as they're safely away, engage," he ordered.  "I want those beings out of our atmosphere one way or another."  They got beamed off and the ships moved away to engage the enemy.  Martha was looking at Jack.  "You know him?"

"We traveled together a few times," she said with a small smile.  He mouthed something.  "He's going to be pissed at that."  He mouthed something else and she nodded.  "I agree, it's necessary.  He's good at figuring that out.  They'll yell at him later."  He nodded her closer and said something.  "Of course I'll take care of him.  You rest."  He passed out. "General, his second was taken by Harris before this happened to spare him and a future problem," she said very quietly.  "He's at the SG base."

"That's fine.  Get Harkness to our infirmary."

"Yes, sir."  She walked him to the transport and took them all back to the infirmary.  They had to make a vaccine for this plague just in case and Jack's blood might have the antibodies they'd need.


Xander reappeared in a flash of light and hit the floor, hugging his knees, breathing hard. "What the hell was that!" Landry shouted.

"They released a plague in the building," Xander said into his knees.  He caught his breath and his stomach, looking up at Ianto.  "If I hadn't, he would've lost you today, watched you die, and then in a few decades, he would've destroyed a full race using that rage."

"I understand," he said quietly.  "He's going to complain."

"He can bite me and the Doctor too."  He tried to get up but it wasn't working.  He tried again and made it this time.  "I'm okay," he said at the stares he got.  "Permission to rejoin my team while the most excellent archivist and coffee maker ever does a book inventory for me, sirs?"

"Not in the shape you're in," Landry ordered.

"Sir, my team's short handed with me here playing cowboy.  I'm recovering and being around nature will help more than being here under so much earth, surrounded by things that I can't pull energy from."

"Go," he ordered.  "Tell them to come back if possible.  If not, I want a full report the *second* you come back, Harris."

"Sir, they released a plague in the building," Xander said calmly.  "The shields were going to fail within minutes.  I was saving billions of lives and the kids that they wanted to steal and sacrifice for whatever reason.  If I had known this was going on, I wouldn't have went on that mission.  I would've positioned myself in London to be of more help."

O'Neill patted him gently on the back.  The kid tensed up.  "Go."  Xander nodded, heading out after a salute.  "Walter, let him go!" he called.

"Yes, General."

O'Neill looked at Ianto.  "Fill us in on what we missed.  I heard some of it and railed that they kept us from helping.  I was fighting the Pentagon for days over this."

Ianto cleared his throat and gave a concise report.  They both were glaring.  "I know why he had me spared," he said quietly.

"I know why too," Landry said bluntly.  "To spare that future massacre.  The kid knows probabilities."  He considered it.  "You're Torchwood?"  Ianto pulled out his ID.  "That's fine.  Go do a book inventory while you worry about your boss.  It'll help everyone.  If you wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all, sir.  Thank you for not arresting me."

"The kid usually has his reasons for such things," O'Neill told him simply.  He walked him down to the office in question, letting him see it.  "I thought he anchored that."  He found the ball and tossed it up the hallway, away from Daniel's, then he shot it.  It exploded.  The spell went back to normal.  "Good."  He smiled at the stunned man.  "This was actually a closet.  He did it.  There's also the library," he said with a point. "Notebooks are on the table.  Computer is crappy government issue."  Ianto smiled at that.  "Good job."  He left him alone.  Landry met him back in the gate control room.  "He's working on the office.  I blew up that little ball from Atlantis."

"Good.  It's a pain in the ass when he has to fix that spell," he said dryly.  "Anything yet?"

"Not from the ships."  He heard the phone ring in the office, looking back.  "It's the red phone."

"That's why I'm out here."

"Good idea."  He looked at Walter.  "Pull up the space screen.  I want to know how it's going."  Walter did that and they watched the battle.  Two of the enemy ships were down and in pieces.  "That  debris is going to be a problem."

"We can do some clean-up shots later on," Landry reminded him.  They watched.  Theirs had a shield failure but still hit the enemy ship.  The one helping them took it out.  They turned on the last ship and they saw the shield flickering back into life.  The other ship took off but they blew it out of the gravity well before they could leave it.

O'Neill turned on his comm.  "Good work, ships, now clean up the debris if possible."  They shot the debris to make it pieces that would hopefully burn up upon entry.  The red phone quit ringing and he sighed in relief.  Then it started again.  "Rock, paper, scissors?"

"You're higher in command," Landry said dryly.

O'Neill groaned but went in there.  He sighed as he picked it up.  "Yes, Mr. President, I'm here.  The battle is done, the aliens are destroyed, and UNIT ordered the attack."  He listened to him rant.  "Sir, that was not my call.  By our charter, we devolve to UNIT control for this sort of situation.  General Claphorn was in charge of the situation in London.  He ordered the attack when they released a biological contamination."  He listened.  "No, sir, that one was Civilian Specialist Harris, who was keeping that plague inside that building."

He listened.  "No, he knew that the shields on that building were going to fail.  He stepped in to hold it in there until UNIT could get a shield generator up.  No, sir, someone in Torchwood was in there.  He had some advance knowledge....yes, that same guy, Mr. President."  He rolled his eyes while his commander complained.  "Sir, not to be rude but Harris is wiped and had to go recharge himself while on a mission.  The ships are needing some support, and we have to figure out what to do with any survivors of the plague.  Yes, sir, I'm sure we'll be having a talk with all of us," he sighed.

"I can do that if he's not in a mission at that time, yes, sir.  No, sir, I can't.  What he's doing right now is very important.  Sir, to be blunt, I wouldn't want the aliens that wanted our children here anyway.  The only reason I didn't order an attack before was because you wanted to negotiate," he said bluntly.  "I would've blown them away at the first hint of aggression toward our species.  It's our job, sir.  That's what we were created for.  You can ask the IOA.  They would've agreed.  I'm sure they'll be at that same meeting, sir.  I'll see you there, sir."  He hung up and muttered at the phone.

"Am I being called?" Landry called.

"Nope.  Not yet."  He walked out there.  "Any word from the mini me?" he asked Walter.

"No, sir, not yet."

"Hopefully it'll be okay."  He stared at the specs for the teams that were out.  "When are SG-1, 25, 3, and 5 due back?"

"Tomorrow late, two or three days, later tonight, and next week," Walter responded, pulling those up.

"See if all but 25 can come back by tonight," Landry ordered.

"Yes, sir," he dialed out to each of them, contacting their comms.  "One and three can be back by tonight, sir.  Five has just made contact, they'll make it as fast as possible.  I told them about the alien problem, that it was possibly ended, they'll be on alert for recalls as a second wave to handle it."  He looked up.  "Do you want me to check on the status of 25, General?"

"Check on them through Kissen only.  Give me a status report."

Walter dialed them, asking for a report.  He told him about the alien menace, glancing at the generals, who shook their heads when he got to they might need backup as a second wave.  Kissen's report back apparently wasn't good.  Walter was scowling and asked if they needed backup.  He nodded.  "Let me ask, Major, hold on.  Generals, they need backup ASAP, CS Harris apparently spotted a prior and his troupe coming toward their location.  CS Harris apparently lost his temper and pulled a battle axe."  He swallowed, listening to the report.  "They've since gotten Harris out of his battle rage.  They hope.  He's fallen down and is basically not moving but is responsive enough to kick Major Tyler off him when he tried to check on him."

"Get SG-1 back here and send them to back them up in case Adria is coming too," Landry said.  "What's the chance they're there by accident?"

"None.  The Ori have put a price on CS Harris's head, SG-1, and Major Tyler for some reason, sir."  He looked at them.

"Tell them they have backup coming," Landry said.  "Who's here?"

"Six is on base waiting on a mission later, four just came in from a diplomatic mission, they're waiting on debriefing.  Eight and 11 are both on base as far as I know."

"Get six and eight there, now, with medical backup."  He took the comm, telling Kissen about earlier with Xander.  Kissen reported that he still looked wasted, sweaty, and about to fall asleep.  "We're sending you backup, wait for it," he ordered.  "Feel free to disarm him to protect yourself.  Need anything else?"  He nodded.  "Done."  He hung up and called the armory, getting them reinforcements.  The two teams geared up so he turned on the microphone.  "Boys, and lady, the prior that just attacked SG-25 apparently has a bounty on them.  Go back them up.  They're approximately 2 klicks from the gate to the east.  Harris is unable to help very much because of earlier."

"Saw that," one said, adjusting his vest.  "He safely napping?  He looked like he needed one by the time they put up that shield."

"No, they attacked and he lost his temper, pulled a battle axe, and destroyed that troupe.  He's presently down but not injured."  They nodded.  "Good hunting, expect trouble."  The armory personnel brought up two cases for them to take with them.  Someone waved a candy bar when his commander looked at him.  The teams trekked through the gate.


Kissen hung up, looking down at Xander.  "Xander, are you back out of your temper?" he called from a safe distance.  He heard a quiet moan.  "Okay, kid, sit up.  I know it hurts, do it anyway.  Don't kick Jon this time."  He nodded and they helped him sit up.  Xander leaned forward, proving he was flexible when his forehead touched the ground.  Tilla and Fischer looked at him.  "Apparently the day we traveled, aliens showed up who weren't friendly.  Earlier they were demanding a sacrifice of children."  Jon glared at him.  "Someone from Torchwood went to protest and block the sacrifice.  They released a plague in a building and when Xander left, he went to hold a shield on the building so it didn't get out."  Xander moaned and nodded, thumping his head on the ground a few times.  Jon squatted down to check his pulse but Xander shrugged him off.  "Xander?"

"Damn tired, boss," he moaned.  He blinked at him.  "I feel like shit."  He put his head back down.

"I've never been there, but I'm guessing he drained his powers fully," Tilla guessed.  Xander nodded, thumping his head again.  "I've never been that flexible.  I need to take yoga."

Kissen looked at her.  "There were people who heard I knew Xander and asked if I was just as fun.  They were sadly disappointed, especially Baxter."  Xander smiled a bit, he could tell.  "I can't believe you're that open minded."

"He was soft," he mumbled.  "I hear boots.  Lots of boots."

Jon tapped his comm.  "We're here, is that you guys?" he asked.  He got a response.  He then mugged Xander for his weapons, getting handed a dagger by him.  "Thanks, kid.  Stay there.  Backup just came through the gate."  They arranged themselves and fired on the prior and the battle troupe behind him.  "Oh, yeah, here we go again," he said when he heard the groan.  Xander dove in with his axe, getting the prior and a few of the others.  From behind them, finally, came fire from a P-90.  "Thank you!" Jon called.  "Harris, stand down!"  Xander growled and his eyes flashed.  He took another swing and got shot by one of the new guys.  "Guys!" Jon complained.

"He'll be fine, it was only a rubber one," one of the guys said, reloading with real bullets.

"What was with the glow?" one of the other team leaders said, letting the docs move Harris out of the way.

"Past possession by a hyena," Kissen told them, yelping as a bullet caught his leg.  The other teams pulled out the bigger guns and shot the troupe.   They went down but another one was coming.  "How many more are there?" he demanded.

"Apparently they sent out the whole crappile to get some of us," Tilla joked.  "Damn glad I'm not Jon or Xander."

"Me too," Fischer agreed.  He was holding a new wound on his arm.  He handed someone his guns.  "Take it."  They fired back.  He checked Xander, but he was back to growling.  "Xander, come on, come back to us.  We could use a bit of your mind instead of your hyena taint."  Xander sprung up, kicked his axe up to catch it, and went back at them.

"Damn it, it's the American Ninja," Jon said.  "Someone tie him down before he gets dead!"  Xander ducked his attempt to knock him out.  He had to duck a blow back at him.  He shot the guys Xander was going after.  Xander snarled but it sounded happy.  Then he heard the chattering.  "Yup, she's in control.  Oh, doc?" he called dryly.

The new teams shot the rest of them, letting Xander pant and stare around.  He spit on the prior.  He looked around.   He sniffed.  "Pack," he said, sniffing Kissen.  "Pack."  He looked at him.

"Of course we're your pack, Xander," he soothed, pulling him closer.  "Calm down.  We'll protect you.  I promise," he said, trying to calm him down.  Xander yawned under his petting.  The Doctor had told him how to do this when he had asked about Xander's temper.  He hadn't known he had a temper like this until the Doctor had told him.  He got him down, curling up around him and Jon.  The doctor sedated him.  Xander was snoring within minutes.

The leader of team 8 looked down at him.  "He's cute when he's sleeping."  He got snuffled.  "It's okay, Xander."  He looked at Kissen.  "Bounty?"  He pointed at the paper they had found on one of the bits and pieces Xander had created earlier.  He picked it up by a clean corner.  "How much is this in people money?"

"Probably a lot," Jon admitted.  "Let's go, guys."  He stroked over Xander's hair.  "Let's move back to the safe lands, Xander.  Back to pack lands."

"I sedated him pretty heavily," the doctor said.  She was not looking at the injured people, or the pieces Xander had created.  Xander was purring at Jon's petting.  "Okay, let's see if he can walk then."  They helped him up.  Jon was being cuddled most of the way back to the gate.  Xander was yawning by then.  His axe came back to him before too long and the guns all showed up within a few seconds.  They caught them and dialed home, sending through the gate code.  They walked through and down the ramp.  "Doctor Lam, he's partially sedated.  He's purring at Major Tyler."

"Hyena possession," Kissen told her.  "Xander, the doctor wants to look you over."  He growled.  "C'mon, you like her.  You tease her."  He sniffed and growled more, moving Jon behind him.  "Okay, how about we go see the generals?  You like General O'Neill, right?"  He waved off the doc and walked him up to the general's office.  Jon got used as a pillow after a few sniffs.  Jack got a greeting noise given to him.  Landry got a sniff but ignored.

"You okay?" Jack asked his clone.

"Small graze on my thigh."  Xander sniffed it and licked over the blood on his pants, chattering at it.  "No, we can bandage it.  You're not cleaning it that way."  Jack sat down and Xander sniffed him again, shifting over to sniff him better.  He petted him like Jon had been, and it worked.  The boy let himself pass back out.  The doctor came in and bandaged his thigh for him, then used one of the hand scanners from Atlantis on the boy.  "He good?"

"He's fine."  She looked at the general.  "Doctor Moira said he lost his mind?"

"He's got that battle rage step," Jon said quietly.  "He got pushed past his endurance and reached for a battle axe."  It got brought up by Kissen, and grabbed by Xander to hug.  "Where is the dragon?"

"Tilla has him on her back.  He got one of those sedative darts on the side."

"Good."  Jon looked at the ball of boy and axe.  "Thank you for the rescue."

"Not a problem," Landry said.  "This bounty?"  The other soldiers came up, one handing him the bounty sheet.  He read it.  "That's not good."  He heard the gate whoosh.  "Which team is that?" he called.

"SG-1, sir."

"I want Vala to translate some of this."  He reread it, handing it to her when she walked in.

"Is that blood on it?" she asked.  Xander purred.  She looked for the dragon but he wasn't there.  Jack pointed at Xander.  "Did they get their minds changed?"

"His possession came out.  He cleaned up a troupe and a half with his axe," Jon said, pointing at it.

She sighed.  "He told me something about that."  She read it.  "That's enough to buy a small city."  She kept going.  "They want him alive, but injured so he's easier to control.  They want Jon dead or alive.  SG-1 they want alive so they can kill them symbolically, all but apparently Daniel and Cam."  She handed it back with a grimace.  "That's good to know my daughter wants me dead symbolically."  She stared at Xander.  "Is he all right?"

"He'll be fine," Jon assured her.  "As long as it settles and we get the human boy back."

Kissen stared then squatted down, petting Xander's head.   "Xander, the doctor will be here soon," he murmured.  The boy hopped up and ran to his office, shutting himself in his library.  Kissen stared after him.  "That wasn't what I wanted."

Jon groaned, getting up and limping off.  He came back a minute later.  "He's locked himself in his library.  There's no way we can get in.  The plants are in there with him."  He flopped down with a moan.  "Ow."  The doctor hauled him up and off to the infirmary now that Xander wasn't protecting him.  Fischer got taken too.  So did everyone else with injuries.

General Landry looked at the remaining people.  "All right, what do we do about this?  Did we leave any warriors living?"

"No, sir," the leader of team 6 said, turning green.  "I never considered Harris scary until I saw him chopping six soldiers into bait chunks."  Landry shuddered.  He found a seat and sat.  "That was scary enough that I'll have nightmares, even with liquor."

Mitchell looked at him.  "He used his axe?"  Jack pointed at it.  "Damn."

"He growled, pounced, and made them damn sorry," Tilla agreed.  "I was about to puke."

Kissen nodded.  "After seeing that one sparring session where he knew to back down because he was reaching that battle rage step, I'm not surprised he can go there.  I'm a bit surprised he can do it with the hyena taint.  He called us pack and that's how we got him to stand down.  The doc tried to sedate him but we proved once again he doesn't react right to drugs."

"Did the first group surprise you?" Jack asked.

"They appeared, sir, like Adria does but without her."  He shrugged.  "I have no idea where the hell they came from.  What about earlier?"

"It didn't get out," Jack assured him.  "The only one still living is Jack Harkness from Torchwood 3.  The boy left to get his assistant out of the way because of some future massacre he knew about."

"The Doctor is definitely going to have words for him then," he said dryly.  "Is Harkness here?  I've wanted to meet him."

"He's being brought to our infirmary because we have more experience with strange alien diseases," Landry admitted.  "His assistant was doing a book inventory of Xander's collection."  He looked over them.  "No sign of Adria?"  They all shook their heads.  "Okay.  Go rest, get cleaned up, we'll try to get Harris back to normal and out of hyena mode."  Jack smiled.  "And then we'll have a meeting with the Pentagon and IOA."

"Sorry to hear that, sir," Kissen quipped.  "Why?"

"UNIT said to attack, finally, and we did," Jack said dryly.  "They're in chunks."  He stood up.  "Mitchell, we're sorry we cut yours short."

"We were done anyway, General.  They understood about the Ori threat and this one."  That got a nod.  "Are we sure it's gone?"

"Unless they can survive atmospheric reentry.  You guys may be on loan to UNIT for a few days to make sure things are going to be okay.  25 as well since so many of you are so open minded."  Kissen smiled.  "What?" he asked dryly.

"I got to meet some of Xander's ex's that we haven't.  Including one that was a bit hairier than I'd expect."

"I saw his picture.  Someone warn Atlantis.  Just in case they show up there."  He went to check on the kid.  He found a blue police box in the blank corner and left it with him.  He did not want to know.


Xander blinked at the door rattling.  He growled.  He heard someone note that the sonic screwdriver couldn't get it open and someone fainter, from the door, note that he had a few in his desk drawer.  He groaned, putting his head back down.  The door was opened by his one that he had rigged for magical matters.  He growled when a hand touched his head.

"You reverted to the possession?" the Doctor said dryly.

Xander blinked up at him.  "Nine?"

"Yes.  Ten sent me a nice note saying I should intervene about now.  I saw it on the telly from Jackie's flat."  He closed the door and sat down across from him.  "You have some explaining to do, young man.  You changed the time stream."

"Only one thing."  He got up with a moan, grabbing a book to hand him.  "The original one."  He laid down again.  "I feel like shit."


"I burned my reserves holding that shield."  He went limp.  It hurt too much to try to sit up.

The doctor looked up the event, seeing what had happened.  From his own future hand.  "Which incarnation of me?"


He looked over, running his screwdriver over him.  "You really did screw the pooch."

"Had to.  Saved most everyone," he said quietly.

"I don't disagree with that.  The stealing of a certain archivist and Torchwood member...."  He stared at him.  "What else happened?"

"Attack," he groaned, looking at him.  "I went primal."

"Ah.  I remember the last time you did that on Dresdra."  Xander shook his head.  "Worse?"  Xander nodded limply.  "Hell, boy."

"They wanted to capture me for a bounty anyway," he said dryly.  "Ori."

"Ah!"  He nodded.  "Those plonkers."  He reread it then put it down, going out to get a book that wouldn't have been shielded from the future changes.  "Ianto, nice suit."

"Thank you," he said, staring at him.  "Aren't you...."

"Nine," he said smugly.  "Ten's a bit busy with some blonde companion on the other side of the Vega galaxy."  He shrugged and went back in there, shutting the door again.  He sat down to read that section.  "It did help more."

"I couldn't let anyone go through that," he said quietly.  The Doctor stared at him.  "I've been there   I know how it destroys you."

"Been there myself," he admitted.  "You're right.  You were right to do this."  Xander gave him a shocked look.  "Did you think it out first?"  Xander nodded weakly.  "Good.  Now, why are you so sick?"

"Burned my reserves?"

"Beyond that?"

"Attempt at sedating me?"

"That could help the problem, but there's another one."  Xander took the sonic screwdriver to run over himself.  "I can't believe you had your own made."

"I know very well sometime I'll need to sneak you one."  He groaned at the end.  "Fuck."  He tossed it back and pulled a pillow up more comfortably.  "My dragon's around here somewhere."

"It hatched?" he asked, smiling at him.  "That's wonderful.  What is he?"

"Armand is a baby green and black dragon.  He's somewhere."  He looked at the door then at him.  "Did you leave Rose at home?"

"I remember you two didn't get along too well," he said dryly.

"She reminds me of Buffy."

"In some ways," he agreed.  "In others she's sweeter."  He stared at him.  He crossed his feet.  "You've been carrying around more pain than I have."

"Yeah, well, kinda been there and done that syndrome," he admitted.

The Doctor snickered.  "I've had that."

"Did you have my ex's that only wanted my ass?"

"No, I had companions that were nicer."

"And wars?"

"Not as many," he admitted, seeing where this was going.  "How long have you been around?"  Xander grimaced.  He checked.  "Oh, dear Lord," he muttered.  "I'm starting to sound like her."  He sighed.  "The human mind isn't meant to...."

Xander held up a hand to stop him.  "Not human, Doc."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not.  The hellmouth changed me, the mermaid taint changed me, the possessions changed me, and then traveling changed me, including making me immortal."

He scowled, pulling out something else to run over him.  "Well, damn."

Xander smiled.  "That seems to be my unofficial title," he said dryly.  He yawned.  "Are you staying?"

"For a bit."  He watched the boy sleep, smiling sadly at him.  The boy was older than he was.  He was so tired.  If he got to that point, maybe he'd park the tardis somewhere with a nice companion or Jack.  He put his feet up, considering the boy.  He knew Ten would get the memories so when he showed up to chew him a new one he knew about this talk.  He decided the kid had done the right thing, and had helped save the world.  Jack might not be totally appreciative, but with Ianto still living, he might be.  It was good to see him happier.  He decided to go talk to Ianto.  Sometime they'd be talking to Jack about his memories of him.  He locked the door behind himself, smiling at the loud snore that came out.  "He's the most compassionate, screwed up person I've ever seen," he said quietly.  "Totally burned out, willing to die for the protection of everyone, and yet wanting to live in a way that means he's not just watching."

"He's nagged Jack about that a few times.  So, you're the Doctor?"

"The ninth one," he said with a smile.  "Ten will be in to nag later I'm sure.  Xander interacted with him more often.  Of course, the last time I saw him like this, he had just wiped out a battle field with a sword.  It was necessary, but he spent the next two months hiding from everyone."  Ianto smiled and nodded.  "He's very compassionate."

"I figured he was when the first note to Jack said to treat me better."

"That figures.  Sometimes Jack needed to be reminded of why we're still alive.  He's done it to me too."  He clapped him on the back, looking at the person staring at them.  "Yes?" he asked patiently.

Kissen walked in.  "I saw your picture when I was traveling with Ten.  Xander introduced us."

"Wonderful."  He shook his hand.  "Is his boy here?"

"Just got brought in with Martha."

"Brilliant!" he said, walking him that way.  "Lead the way, Kissen."

"You know about me?"

"Ten sent a note."  He smirked.  "I ran into Xander the last time he went primal with a sword."

Kissen shuddered.  "I hope I never see it again."

"You probably won't.  He has to be down to a last resort sort of situation."  They got onto the elevator and went up to the infirmary.   He walked in, seeing Jack in an isolation bubble.  Ianto walked closer, staring at him.  "Well, this is a happy ending."

"Why?" Jack asked him, staring him down but he kept looking back at Ianto.

"Xander believes in some happy endings."  He smiled.  "I think you deserve it, even if you are an asshole."  He scanned the wristband.  "I let you keep that open this time?"

"Xander jammed it."

"Ah.  No wonder.  That doesn't really surprise me."  Someone popped in and he took his bracelet to disable.  "I doubt you're trained in the use of that.  Thank you."

"Who're you?" Rodney demanded.

"The Doctor."  He smirked.  "Naughty you, but there's a handbook you have to read first."

"Does Xander have it?"

"Yes, three copies in various languages.  We had to make him read it a few times.  Jack as well."  He looked at the pair.  "Good, that's going along well."  He clapped his hands.  "I'll leave you two to stare at each other.  Rose is going to be getting impatient."

Jack looked at him.  "So when will Ten be here?"

"Probably within a few hours.  He's in Vega."

"The sand place?"

"No.  Probably not.  Though I have wanted to go to that beach planet Xander found by accident.  It sounds pretty."

"It is.  He took Owen there a few times."

"Wonderful."  He smirked.  "Take better care of each other.  Ianto, if you didn't know, Jack has a temper and he's also got a burr up the bum.  Often."

"I've seen both of those states," he admitted dryly.  He looked at Jack.  "Thank you."


"I know.  I know why too."  He smiled.  "We'll deal with this after we get out."

"We're closing the hub, taking everything we can out, and moving it.  It's too well known."

Ianto nodded.  "We can do that."  He looked but the Doctor was gone.  "He's a bit creepy."

"Ten's better."  He smiled.  Then at the doctor coming over.  "This is Ianto."

"I met him earlier to scan him for problems.  He seems nice and didn't give me any problems.  If you do, I'll treat you like I would Xander."  Jack snickered.  "I'm not joking," she assured him.  "Time for more blood to be drawn."

"How long will he be in there?" Ianto asked.

"Until I can be sure he's not infected, won't spread it, and won't die from it."  She looked at him.  "Since we were told he was like Wolverine....  Probably a few days."  She drew another few vials of blood and walked off.  "No touching the bubble outside of those glove holes."

"Yes, Doctor."  He looked at Jack, who pointed.  Ianto smiled and stuck his hands into it so he could check that Jack was real.  "You're okay," he sighed.

"I'm fine.  I'll be okay.  Have you checked in with anyone?"  He touched the gloves and Ianto gave him a subtle smile.  "I'll be okay."

"I'll call Gwen to have her start emptying leftover things.  Before we get into another contact situation."

"Go use Xander's desk phone or his cellphone."  Doctor Lam looked over.  "His cellphone is enhanced and can get a signal down here."

He nodded, staring at Jack, who smiled and nodded.  He went back to his office to do that.  Kissen followed.  Xander was still locked in his library.  The police box was gone.  He called.  "Gwen, Ianto.  We're good.  Jack will heal, like usual.  No, we're where UNIT stuck him to make sure he's not contagious and to see if we can make an antidote from him.  I can't, but we're in the US.  We'll be back soon.  Jack's worried about a possible attack on the hub.  He wants us to clean it so we can move it."

He listened.  "That was Xander, Gwen.  He's here as well.  He's resting and recovering from that.  That's fine.  We should be back within a week, possibly a week and a half."  He saw the notes on the desk and the fact that the gray screwdriver was back in the drawer.  He looked over when a whirring started and a box faded into view.  A man in a pinstripe suit walked out and he tossed it at him.  "He has history books in there and he's resting.  Jack's in the infirmary but they say he'll be fine, Doctor."

"Of course they will but someone has some explaining to do."  He looked at the screwdriver.  "What sort is this one?"

"The sort that can open that very odd door.  The last one needed it."

"Ah."  He used it and walked in, slamming the door.  The boy snored in a different key.  He saw the two open books, glancing at them.  Then he read deeper on the new version.  "Well," he sighed.  "I suppose that was a good idea, but it's still wrong to mess with the time stream."  Xander moaned and flipped over, but moaned in pain.  He stared at him.  "Didn't I say not to make that noise at me?"

"Sore," Xander moaned.

He ran the screwdriver over him, sighing at the end.  "I can see that.  No wonder you're sore."  He walked out, getting the oil from his desk.  "Anyone else who comes looking, I'm beating him severely for this."

"Doctor, he really was trying to prevent a future pain.  He said he knew how much it would hurt him."

The Doctor nodded.  "I fully agree with that statement and why he did it, but he still should not warp the time stream.  It's dangerous."

"I think he figured out how far that one would spread."

"Quite possibly," he sighed.  "I love the boy like a son sometimes but I want to beat him others."  Xander slammed the door.  "That won't help you."  He undid it again and walked in, kicking it shut.  "Shirt off."

"You're not Donna," he complained quietly.

"No, but I can use this and heat it to help the soreness.  It's this or a heated mud bath."

"Eww.  I'd be washing mud out for months," he complained.  He sat up slowly, with help at the end, and got his t-shirt off.  The doctor looked him over.  "What?" he asked, sounding a bit defensive.  "I've been working on things."

"I can tell that."  He sat behind him, working the oil into his muscles.  The boy groaned and went limp under his fingers.  "I'm not doing this for that reason."

"I know.  Still feels nice."

The Doctor sighed.  "We really do have to find you someone who likes you for you, not as a commodity but as a human being."

"Not exactly human anymore, Doc."

"I noticed that.  That was Ianto, wasn't it?"  Xander nodded.  "It was a good thing, a kind thing, but you know better."  He slapped him on the back of the head, getting a whine of noise.  "Did you go primal?"

"Yes," he whined.  He laid down, head on the Doctor's thigh.  "I'm sorry.  If you're going to kill me, do it quickly?"

The Doctor stared down at him.  "I should punish you but you're in horrible shape."  Xander almost managed to shrug.  "How soon after the shield did you go primal?"

"Within minutes.  Maybe twenty," he mumbled, yawning.

The Doctor watched him fall asleep again.  He considered it.  He really had to kick his butt over this.  Or else he might do it again and warp something else.  Though he couldn't fault this one.  It was too important.  If he had been able to save Jack that sort of torment, and the massacre later on, he might have.  He considered it deeper, then nodded.  The boy was already suffering.  That depletion of his personal energy was going to haunt him for a few months probably.  The pain would be with him for days if not weeks.  The worry about things would haunt him but they both carried too many of those.  He got a sudden thought from his last incarnation and ran a screwdriver over the boy, scowling.  "How on earth!" he demanded.  He nudged the boy until he woke up.  "You're older than I am?"

Xander nodded.  "It sucks so I ignore that last zero."  He yawned.  "Sorry."

"You shouldn't be able to handle that."

Xander nodded.  "Yay.  I am.  Just a bit burnt out."

"I can tell."

"Battle burnt out."

"Oh, that."

"I even tried celibacy."  The Doctor whimpered, shaking his head.  "I messed up a silencing spell.  So I spent a week and a half teaching at a brothel."

"Wonderful for you.  Did it help?"

"They knew and treated me like the customer I was.  It was what I expected."  He almost shrugged again.  "It's not like I can find someone who appreciates me for who I am."

"I think you could if you looked."

"Half the people I work with don't respect me for my language skills or my weapons skills," he said quietly.

"Has it gotten better since the last time we talked?"  Xander grimaced.  "I agree that you had to come in that way to keep yourself out of problems, but I don't want to hear about you pulling an ex into this time zone."

"I haven't yet.  I saw Asha when he was trying to kill a person I work with on the other project.  Then I locked him out of there because he was pretending to be me."

"Hmm."  He stroked over his head.  "You're going to be in pain for months, young one."

"I know, Obi Wan, but damn it was necessary."

"I know.  I saw."  He stroked over his hair again.  "You still cannot do this again.  I should punish you most harshly."

Xander snorted  "I'm not punished enough by burning my reserves and then going primal in front of people who aren't on my team?"

"Yes that is a punishment," he said quietly.  "I should still beat you for doing that.  Even if it was the right thing.  You cannot change the time stream.  You know that."

"I do.  I don't usually."

"I know, that and the fact it was compassionate to Jack is keeping me from paddling you like a child."

"I know."  He shifted.  "If you want to, go ahead.  Not like I won't feel it for weeks."

He hugged him.  "I worry that you'll do something stupid and then I'll have to take you out."

"Doc, if I'm doing something that stupid, tell me and I'll take myself out."

"I know."  He gave him a squeeze, hearing the whimper.  "Still?"

"Yeah."  He heard the screwdriver come on again and moaned.  "Must you?  I can feel it vibrating."

"Yes I must."  He scowled.  "That's not good.  I need to get you into some water."

"It'd be unethical and indulgent of me to make myself a pool."

"Not like you have the power to do that presently.  Shower?"

"In my rooms.  Nicely filtered."

"No, I need you in a real pool."  He got up and helped the boy up, walking him out of the library.  "I'm glad you're all right, Ianto.  Jack was miserable with the way you died before."  He got Xander into the tardis.   She reacted.  "I know, but he won't get frustrated and kick your door again, dear.  We're taking him to heal him."  He set the engine and took him to that beach world.  It was nice.  It helped some.  But it wasn't enough.  The boy was healthier but not fully healthy.  He considered it.  "Let's go meet your friends.  I like the sound of that scientist.  He sounds like he's annoyingly nice."  He got him into the tardis, naked and wet, slightly sandy from the walk up from the water.  He set it for the city of Atlantis, landing on a pier.


"SIR!" Chuck shouted.  John came out of his office.  "We just had something appear on a pier.  I have no idea what it is.  It's square, but about three meters high."

"Let me go look.  McKay!  Get Ronon and meet me at the west pier."  He jogged that way, taking his gun out of his holster as he came out of the transporter.  He stared as he walked out onto the pier.  "Tell me that's not a police box," he said quietly to the Marine next to him.

"I can't do that, sir.  I'm hallucinating so apparently you got exposed too."  He walked inside.  McKay and Ronon ran past him.  "I hope they don't get exposed too."  He went to the infirmary to lay down.

Rodney paused then walked out there.  "Does this mean I can have my bracelet back?" he demanded dryly.

"I'll think about it if you can prove you read the handbook," he said dryly.  "Help me get him into the water."  Ronon came forward to help him.  "It's refreshing to meet people who never heard what Jack spread around in a fit of pique."

John walked over carefully.  "Sir, Doctor, what are you doing *here*?"

"Xander needed better, more similar water, to heal the burned out reserves he has.  He's still bruising from it."

"Okay.  He did...what?"

"Saved the earth by keeping a plague from spreading."

"I heard about that," Rodney said, being stunned.  "He needs a tether."  He let John jump down to tie it around him.  Rodney shook himself out of his shock.  "So you brought him here?"

"Yes, he's showing a lot of energy that's similar to here."

"We like him too," John said dryly.  The Doctor smiled at him.  "He's our second favorite  geek.  McKay keeps us from sinking so he's first."

"I can fully understand that.  I think he left something of yours in the tardis the last time we traveled."  He went inside and came out with two books.  "Yours?"

Rodney moaned, taking them.  "Thank you."

"Welcome."  He held up the bracelet.  "We have read the book?"

"I have, twice.  I was going back to try to help him."

"That's noble but do not unless it is an emergency.  Am I clear?" he asked, staring him down.  "I will make him take you out, and if he can't, Jack or I can."

"I understand."  He got his bracelet back.  "I need a better power source."

"Well, yes, but you'll figure that out, the same as that one did."  He walked over to look down at Xander.  He was glowing slightly.

"In the teleplay, he glowed for a second," John said.  "Was he regenerating?"

"No, that wasn't the right sort of glow.  I think he was almost ascended and it got blocked.  Which is supported by his scans.  That's why he needs things to ground him again.  The fact that he went to sit in the woods helped him tremendously.  Even if he did end up in a battle almost immediately."  He checked his watch.  "I do need to pick up Donna in a bit," he muttered.

"Anything we need to be aware of in his medical treatment?" Rodney asked.  "Anything in particular beyond letting him soak up sun, water, and energy?"

"Not at the moment.  As he rebuilds the things he burned, he might go primal again.  He did that right after that incident.  I'm told his axe was nearly as bad as that time with a sword." Rodney shuddered.  He stared at him.  "You saw?"

"We did a memory review to see what we could trust him to handle in a military way and what had happened to him.  I saw all of it.  John saw about a quarter."

"That's not a bad idea.   Though probably a bit smutty."

"I skipped most of those because I wanted to beat them severely," he said firmly.

"So do I," he admitted with a smile.  "Good man."  He clapped him on the arm.  "Let me pick up Donna and we'll be back soon.  For now, let him soak.  His cabin on the beach was good but this place's energy resonates better."  He walked into the tardis and then leaned out.  "Oh, his dragon is probably still on the base."

"He's been gone for two weeks and Daniel has him right now," John assured him. "We can have him sent up."

The Doctor smiled.  "Donna would love to meet him."  He closed the door then stuck his head out again.  "You know about his sensitivity to sugar and his caffeine needs?"  They all nodded with a smile.  "Excellent."  He left that time.

John called their doctors.  "Doctor Keller to the west pier.  Bring a scanner that can do long distances."  He hung up and looked at Ronon.  "Get me a wet suit.  You can take a later shift."  He nodded, going to find one in the stock rooms.  He gave it to John about the same time Keller got there.  "Running late, Doc?"

"Woolsey wanted to know what's going on."

"Apparently when Xander was having that issue putting up a shield he damaged his reserves.  It's making him bruise a lot."  She nodded once at that.  "He's floating but asleep."  He slipped into the wet suit and headed down to check on him.  Ronon tied off his own tether and tossed it down.  "Thanks."  He tied himself to it and accepted the scanner, then handed it back up.  The pier had lowered slightly for them.  Rodney was looking nervous but it would be fine.

She grimaced.  "He's basically in shock but not.  It looks like he's soaking up nutrients, possibly energy."

"The Doctor said he was," Rodney agreed.  His bracelet got put into his pocket.

"Which doctor?" she asked.

"*THE* Doctor," he said bluntly.  She went pale.  "Xander traveled with him now and then.  He brought him here to heal, said his usual cabin on the beach wasn't working very well this time.  That his energy was more aligned to here's."

"Okay," she said slowly.  "I'll... accept that for now."  She sighed, looking down at him.  "He is bruised."

"Yes he is," John agreed.  "His back was just as bruised.  Get me a sponge?  He's got some sort of coating on him."

"Probably that oil he likes," Ronon said.  He got him a sponge and a soft brush from Teyla's room.  He tossed them down.  They floated.  John got the boy cleaned off and he sighed in pleasure but started to sink.  John got some floaters for supplies and put them under his back, chest, butt, and head.  Xander moaned and shifted.  "Shh, lay still, you're in water," he said quietly.  Xander sniffled.  "No, no hyena.  It's John.  You know me."  Xander mumbled something and he smiled.

"Yeah, pack.  You're safe.  The Doctor brought you to us, Xander.  Just relax.  You're floating."  He smoothed a hand over his head.  Xander mumbled something else.  "Armand is fine.  Daniel's watching him and your plants."  He mumbled something else.  "No, he's not mad at you.  I promise he's not."  Xander went limp again.  "Good boy, Xander.  You're safe and it's all right.  You're on Atlantis again."  Xander mumbled.  "No, the merpeople won't come talk this time.  We need you to rest here and I'll protect you.  When I can't, Ronon will."  Xander nodded, shifting onto his side.  The floaters held.  He held his head so he wouldn't drown.  Keller took another scan and nodded.  "Better?"

"Much.  He said to leave him in the water?"

"He's always calmed down in water."  He looked up at her.  "If we had a way to lower a lounge chair or something that might be easier and safer."

"I'll see what we can rig up," she promised.  "Think I should get him some tylenol?  His body is reading like it's in pain."

"Xander, want Doctor Keller to get you a painkiller?"  Xander mumbled and shifted.  "He said no, it won't help.  It's his reserves being burnt out."

"Okay.  I don't understand but okay."  She left with her nurse.  She ran into Woolsey.  "Someone delivered Harris to us.  He's in the water and it's helping.  He's already stronger."  She jogged back to the infirmary to look up something.  There had to be something they could do.  Making him soak made no sense.


Landry's incoming email beeped and he sighed, smiling at it.  "That's good news."  He paged the infirmary.  "Can your patient be released?"  He smiled.  "Please."  He hung up and paged the others.  Daniel and Armand was the last one to join him.  "He finally brought Xander back to Atlantis.  Apparently he's still mostly out of it.  He had him sank into the water and Doctor Keller said it's helping immensely."  Daniel smiled and petted the dragon, which crawled over to cuddle Ianto.  "I think he likes you."

"He has since we met," he admitted, smiling at the creature.  "So Xander's fine?"

"He's going to be fine but it might be weeks."  Everyone nodded.  "Mr. Harkness, I know of your plans.  I can't say as I blame you.  Do you have a plan in place?"

"I'm picking an area."

"There may be some help for that."  He tossed over something.  "Xander left that for you should you outlast him or in case of him disappearing."  He stared at him.  "I think it may have something to help you."

He looked and nodded.  "It does.  He has us a new setup."  He smiled.  "I'll thank him when he gets back."

"Do you know if we will need any precautions later on?"

"I'm fairly sure that his reserves will be gone for about a year," Jack said.  He tucked that letter into his inner coat pocket.  "It'll have to rebuild slowly.  He'll be able to do some, but at first it may hurt to do anything and later on it may wear him out.  As it rebuilds, like any energy supply, he'll have it to call upon."

"I can understand that," Landry agreed.  "How long do you think he'll be out of it?"

"Probably another few weeks, General.  If he's that bad right now, after three weeks of the Doctor fussing over him, then he's got a few weeks at the very least to go.  Is he responsive?"

"Mumbling to comments."

"Then he might be a third of the way there."

"That's fine.  I can understand that.  Jon, do you want to move your team to Atlantis or stay here?  There is that death threat from Adria on you."

He shrugged.  "Either one's fine with me, sir.  Kissen?"

"It's good with me," he admitted.  He smirked at him. "You make a good team leader."

"Thanks, but you still have the team when you're here."

He smiled.  "Someday it'll be yours again."  He looked at the general, who looked a bit sheepish.  "I don't care either way, sir.  We can function as a team for them or for here."

"There may be safer," Landry offered.

"Sir, with the wraith, it's just as dangerous."

"He had some book that mentioned the wraith," Ianto offered.  "I thought it strange it was talking about spirits in open space."

"I think I've been over that one but just in case can you get it for us?" Daniel asked.

"Of course.  Any of the others?"

"No, not right now," Landry said with a smile.  "I wish I could keep you.  The linguistics department could use you, Mr. Jones."

He smiled back.  "Jack would be lost if I didn't make him coffee."  He left to get that book, the dragon clinging to him.  He brought it back and one that had appeared.  "I have no idea what that one is."

Daniel looked at it.  "Probably meant for McKay or Carter."  He handed it to her.

"I'm not sure," she admitted.  "But I'll look it over."  She smiled at him.  "Are you sure you want to go back to Cardiff?  We could really use you.  You've made Daniel's coffee habit bearable to steal."

He smiled.  "I'm afraid I can't.  They need me.  We're already down two team members."

"Then I wish you all the luck in the world, Torchwood 4," Landry said, shaking their hands.  They smiled.  "Let me get you escorted back."

"Can you beam us there?"

"Probably but Miss Jones wanted a word."

"Ah, the lovely Martha Jones," Jack sighed.  "What a temper she can have sometimes."  Ianto gave him a look.  He smiled.  "She can."  He shook the others' hands.  "Tell Xander I hope he gets better soon."  He left with Ianto.  UNIT met them topside and took them to a meeting.


In DC, Jack O'Neill was being shouted at.  He finally had enough.  He stood up.  "Listen," he said bluntly.  "In our charter, it states that UNIT has control if something like an invasion of earth starts.  They're Homeworld Security.  Or else we would've acted sooner!"  He stared around at the horrified bureaucrats.  "There is no way our program, which has fought other invasions, would have sat by and let you people sacrifice *children* for god's sake!" he shouted.  "I don't care if you don't like it!"

The head of UNIT cleared his throat.  "I agree."  They all stared at him.  "General Claphorn had the right and the responsibility to call up support at that time.  We were hoping for a more peaceful settlement than blowing them out of the sky or we would have called sooner."  He looked at Jack.  "I agree, in hindsight, we needed to call your teams in days sooner."  Jack nodded at that.  "The battle that happened was appropriate to us and it's our decision.  We are the ones who call that matter into order."

Richard Woolsey coughed.  "The IOA brought me in because I know more about what certain individuals can do than they do.  Or they ever will.  I understand now why we're protecting that one.  The IOA has no fault with what happened.  We wish that we had been given permission to attack sooner but UNIT fussed and then the President fussed.  Thankfully, the smaller units were able to handle things while we were being diplomats."  He tapped his papers into order and looked at General O'Neill.  "I am to tell you that he is doing better.  The Doctor has shown back up and approved of how he was healing, said he'd check on him in a few weeks.  Donna cooed over him.  We were all mostly amused.  Ronon got a cheek pinch and he almost thought it was a threat but Doctor McKay got him calmed down before he swung on them.  The Doctor suggested anger management for him," he finished dryly.

"I'd possibly interpret that as a threat.  I do from my aunts," Jack agreed.

"He was very amused.  The other woke up enough to almost laugh.  We're looking toward him waking up in about a week."  Jack nodded at that.  He looked at the others.  "The only people who can complain about the attack have already agreed we should've called sooner.  The only thing the IOA wants is a report on how he held that shield that long."

"That's why he's unconscious."

"Who are we speaking of?" the head of UNIT asked.

"Civilian Specialist Harris," Jack told him.

"Ah, the one who held the shield until Doctor Jones could get ours into place."  He nodded.  "Is he going to be all right?"

"I'm told a year until he's fully healed probably.  Until then he'll be a bit tired and rebuilding that skill."

"That's reasonable by what we understand of those skills," he agreed.  "All right, anything else?"

"I won't fund projects that don't answer to me," the president said firmly.

"Sir, they were asking for children.  Were you going to give yours up?" Jack asked bluntly.  "Because if mine was still alive I sure as hell wouldn't and no one I know would."  He flinched back at that.  "In this case, an invasion, UNIT supercedes everyone, even you.  Even us.  We wanted to go when they first showed up.  We've never had an invasion that was peaceful."

"Or any other alien action on earth," Woolsey agreed dryly.  "Mr. President, we were formed so you didn't have to worry about it."

"That is not why the IOA was formed," he said firmly.

"We were formed as oversight," Woolsey reminded him.  "Because situations had necessitated them doing outrageous things to save us all.  The IOA asked them to wait until their intentions were clear but the higher ups on the IOA board were taken out by a contract from someone who wasn't protesting.  The same people also tried to take out Torchwood 3.  Thankfully, Harkness is stronger than most people give him credit for since he lived through the plague they released."  He stared him down.  "I don't like that we had to do it, but I'll be damned if any of my nieces or nephews were going to be handed over.  It would have went something like that old miniseries _V_."  The president shuddered.  "Exactly, Mr. President.  The IOA is the oversight committee over the Stargate program.  We see no fault in this case.  We fully expected them to jump the gun anyway and most of the higher ups were surprised when they didn't."

"We thought UNIT had it," Jack said.  "They said they did.  By the time we realized they were trying to negotiate, things had gone too far, we had a small attack on the base.  Harris was off world and made it back to put up that shield.  We were damn lucky, Mr. President.  We managed to break up the pieces so they wouldn't create too much damage down here.  When one ship's shield went down they managed to get it back up.  We managed to win before they released that plague over a wider area.  We would've been screwed if any of those happened."  The other higher ups complaining shuddered.

"Fine," the president said.  "It will not happen again."

"No, sir, it won't," Jack agreed.  "We'll be blowing them out of the sky if they show the least little bit of a threat next time, UNIT complaining or not."

"If they show a threat, you can't get us, and you feel there's a necessity, you warn us, then fire," the head of UNIT ordered.  Jack smiled and nodded.  "IOA have a problem?"

"Not unless they're really peaceful and we mistook something cultural," he admitted.

"In that case, we'd apologize and we do have anthropologists on staff too," Jack reminded him.  "More than you do on your project, Woolsey."

"True.   Harris was complaining to our linguists that he wanted some of them back because they worked?"

"Harris said he was feeling like a sled dog," he said dryly.  "He and Jackson keep getting pawned work.  Jackson took them on a delightful five mile run the last time they tried that.  We fired six over their slacking habits.  I'm sure Harris does want yours back since they actually *work* instead of play online."

Woolsey smiled.  "We'll gladly keep Harris and his whole team.  We need a tertiary team for the worst situations."

"We're considering it."

"Good.  Though I have no idea how he'd move his books."

"The same way he did to the base.  Though he won't have the energy to put them up."

"Good point.  We'll see.  Someone is taking care of his plants?  He mumbled about Gomez and his nursery the other day."

"Yes.  Fischer is being his plant's stepparent."

"Wonderful."  He smiled.  "Let us know within a month about their placement."  He stood up.  "I suppose we're dismissed unless we're talking about future planning options in case the next one isn't peaceful?"

"No, go," the president said.  Everyone but his guards left.  He looked at them.  "Who the hell is Harris?"

"The Initiative project ran into him, they stated their profile was incorrect.  Apparently he is a linguist, natural born since he did horribly in school.  He backed up the problems in Sunnydale by backing up the Watchers Council's girl out there.  We have anecdotal evidence that he planned and led a battle during their graduation when that filthy Mayor Wilkins decided to show his true demonic self."  The president moaned.  "Then somehow he got hold of a temporal device which allowed him to learn more languages.  He was handed to the SG program instead of being sent to UNIT by his own choice.  He has a pet on base that is well liked and is used often on diplomatic missions.  It's said he has some medic training, he has some weapons training, and some he handed over, and he has a book collection the size of Jackson's."

"That shield?"

"Clearly magical in nature but we have nothing on him being able to do magic."

"Find that out."

"Sir, his whole personnel file is beyond classified now and there's nothing in it either.  I bribed someone at SG Command to look.  There's nothing on any skill sets in his files.  Perhaps in the General's personal files but nothing stated in his official one.  He does not live off base at this time.  His pet is said to be a baby dragon.   It's said somehow he took a closet and turned it football field sized then added a separate library somehow.  He does have a bent towards offensive botany."

"What's that mean?  They swear?" he asked dryly.

"No, sir, the one they were talking about, Gomez, is a human eating plant."


"It's also said he found a very offensive plant that tends to suck all the life out of a space ship.  They said that Atlantis has most of those samples and the one they tested was extremely effective."

"Interesting.  Anything we can use or lure him with?"

"No, sir.  He's a do what's necessary sort from way back.  The rumors from Sunnydale call him a white knight.  It did mention that he was put into the program even though he is very openly bi and they have run into a few of his ex's who were pouting to get him back."

"Interesting.  Can we use any of them to get him on our side?"

"No, sir, and he's presently at odds with certain members of the IOA and the Watchers Council.  Apparently they hate him enough to have put out a contract on his life."

"Oh, wonderful!" he said dryly.

"He said if they didn't leave him alone, he was going to the press.  Apparently that stopped it fairly quickly."

"Even better.  Anything else of note?"

"There is a second slayer but she is presently in jail for killing someone during a melee."

"That's interesting."

"Harris may or may not be in touch with her.  We do think he's sent her physical mail a few times.  I think he might try to get her recruited when she does get out if she's not needed down here."

"I can agree with that.  What would their Council want?"

"To kill her.  They've had a few attempts at the jail."

"Those morons."

"Quite, but they're like that, sir.  Secret society sorts."

"The Masons aren't that blunt," he said impatiently, standing up.  "Can she be gotten out?  If so, see if they'd like her.  Or UNIT.  It might win us points with them.  Plus she'd be safer."

"I can do so."  He stayed behind to make those calls then go to see General O'Neill in person.  He wanted her in SG, protecting them, not in UNIT doing research that would probably bore her and lead back to another combat accident.  "General."

"What now?" he asked, looking up at him.  He got handed a file and read it over, then looked up at him.  "Why tell me this?"

"There have been attempts on her life in jail and before."

O'Neill considered it.  "I want to talk to them first."

"Granted, let us know.  It was left up to me who I offered her up to because they've been pushy.  I figured she'd get more use out of the SG program than UNIT."

"Probably, yes," he agreed.  "Thank you."

"Welcome, sir."  He left, going back to his post.

Jack booked a flight to LA.  This was going to be an interesting talk.

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