Note:  this idea was started off on the Imaginings list by a few people who thought they'd be cutely evil together.  Mytryk suggested Arf's name and the one scene.  You'll know it when you come to it.

Evil vs. Evil

Xander Harris walked into the Magic Box after work one day, looking at the gathered people, seeing the guilty looks.  "Is the next big bad thing going to destroy my crew's worksite?  We just got it finished," he asked dryly.

"No," Giles said.  "There's another one coming however and it is a bit more dangerous this time, Xander."

"Uh-huh," he said, nodding a bit.  "Not typical, usually we get a slowdown during the summers."  He sat down.  "So, what's going on?"

"It's a very high demon," Willow told him, showing him the book.  "The problem is that only a Higher demon, capitalized, can fight it."

"So you ask Anya to ask D'Hoffryn for a favor?" he guessed.  "I can find her if you can't."

"He's not stronger than this one," she said grimly.  "I've already asked her.  She's presently hiding in the basement in case the thing heard about her being human at the moment.  That'd make her a playtoy according to her."

"And?" he asked calmly, knowing somehow he was going to have to try to argue about this plan, whatever it was.  Hence the guilty looks.

"We can do a temporary change," Willow said, beaming at him.  "It can be reversed once the demon's gone."

"I'll help protect Giles or Buffy while you do it."

She gave him an odd look.  "The Watchers would show up and kill us, Xander," she said dryly.  "Repeatedly.  Then he'd never get changed back.  Plus we need him human in case we need more magical backup."

He gave her a look then stood up.  "Do you remember the last time we saw me as a demon?" he asked impatiently.  "And how I was second-in-command to the Master?"  She shuddered but nodded, looking down.  "No way in hell.  Turn Anya.  She'd probably love the privilege and it might make her some new contacts."

"She can't fight.  It's got to be someone who can fight," she protested.

"Then turn Buffy."

"You can't turn a slayer into a higher demon," Giles said calmly.  "It really is the only way, Xander."

"And the fact that she's never been able to reverse any transfiguration in the past?" he asked dryly.  "Or the fact that I'm an evil bastard when I'm turned?"

"You wouldn't be a vampire.  There's every evidence you'd be a higher demon," he offered.

"And still, she hasn't even managed to turn Amy back yet, Giles."

He swallowed.  "We've got the reversal already prepared.  We can do it the day after that demon appears, Xander."

"No.  No thank you.  Not participating.  Get one of Angel's people.  Get another hunter.  Get a slayer in training who's about to get sent off due to age.  Get another Watcher.  I'm not doing it."  He walked off.  Maybe now would be a good time to hit LA for a long weekend of roadtripping.  That could be nice.  He could go see people and things he hadn't gotten to see on his first one.  Maybe even Mexico.  It was only a few hours away.

Willow and Giles shared a look.  "He is correct," he pointed out.

"He's still our only choice."

"We could ask to borrow someone from Angel or even Angel himself," he said.

She shook her head.  "Angel's busy right now with his own problems.  Buffy talked to Cordy the other day and they're having lawyer fits again."  She frowned.  "We've got to turn a human who can fight, Giles.  Anya might be a good choice but she can't fight."

"Buffy is human," he sighed.  But he knew, deep down he knew, that something would go wrong with this situation.  Very badly wrong.  He didn't want to have to hunt either of them but the world needed Buffy.  Even if the boy didn't consent, he could do it for them. Otherwise the world might be doomed yet again.  "Willow, we should not without his consent."

"He'll come to see we're right," she told him.  "Give me some time to talk to him, Giles."  She went to call him, finding his phone going to voicemail and a message saying he was going out of town for a few weeks.  She sighed, shaking her head.  "He said he's heading for out of town this weekend."

"That might be for the best," he muttered, heading to do more research on this demon.  Perhaps there was another way to kill it.  Another higher weapon or something.


Xander woke up in a lot of pain, curling around his stomach.  His back was on fire.  His guts were twisting.  His skin felt like rice paper for wontons and his head was being blinded by lights.  He mercifully passed out.  He woke up in the morning to someone pounding on the door.  He wobbled that way, wondering why he was off-balance.  The person on the other side of the door gave him a horrified look and backed off slowly.  "What?" he asked, looking confused.  "Problems?"

"Ch...checkout was an hour ago, sir," he said, backing away another few steps.

"Sorry, had a migraine last night.  Let me shower and I'll go?"  The guy nodded quickly then turned and ran.  Xander closed the door, turning around to catch sight of himself in the mirror.  He stared.  Then he looked over his shoulder.  "That explains why I'm off- balance," he said grimly, staring at the fluffy dark gray wings he was sprouting.  He was definitely not his best this morning with how long it had taken him to realize that something was wrong.  "Huh."  He went to shower, staring at the better lit mirror in there.  He looked normal.  Kind of.  His eyes looked a bit deeper.  His skin a bit paler.  His wings were pretty he decided.  Annoying as hell since they hurt when he twitched and it hit the doorway.   He got into the shower, wincing when he ran his nails through his hair to break up any sleep tangles.  He looked at his hands, seeing the sharper, clawlike nails.

"I'm so going to kill Willow," he said grimly.  "Repeatedly."  He found his shampoo and soap, getting to work on carefully cleaning himself.  He had no idea how to do the space between his wings.  Or even the rest of his back since his wings itched when they got wet.  He looked up at the ceiling.  "I'm not amused and I did not consent!" he snarled.  "I'm not a happy hunter!"  He finished his mediocre shower and got out, heading to get dressed.  He guessed a shirt was out.  He had no idea how to get shirts on over wings.  Yet he supposed.  He called the Magic Box since it was nearly noon where he was.  "Do make her run, Rupert.  I will be killing the stupid bitch for this."  He hung up on the spluttering and picked up his bag, checking the room so he could head back to his car.

He slid the key into the box on the office door.  He didn't want to traumatize anyone else unnecessarily.  The carseat was an odd thing.  It was pressing on his wings.  He had to manually move them since he couldn't get them to flap the way he wanted them to go.  One nearly got stuck in the car door but a bit more moving and it was fixed.  Still not comfortable but better.  He growled when it become uncomfortable and the seat shifted and changed to cradle his unique back structure.  "Huh.  Wonder what else I can do."  He took the interstate heading west.  He supposed he should probably talk with someone.  Maybe someone else would have a few good ideas on how to torture Willow for this.  Angel had been good at torture in his day.  If not, Cordy certainly would be.


Xander walked into the Hyperion, Angel's headquarters, watching them all grab weapons.  He held up a hand.  "Rosenburg did it," he announced.  "I'm still a Xander.  She's in fucking big ass trouble when I find her redheaded butt."  Cordelia whimpered, dropping her axe.  He looked at her.  "I even told her no."

"She's so screwed," Gunn said, staring at him.  "Cute wings."

"Thanks.  They ache like hell!" he complained, sitting down on a stool that happened to appear.  He looked at Angel.  "So, what the hell am I?" he asked dryly.  "All she said was that there was a demon coming up that only a Higher could beat.  Had to be someone who could fight when I suggested Anya.  I suggested Giles."  Wesley coughed at that, walking off before he started to laugh.  "She said the Watchers would mind, which most of us don't care about anyway.  I told her no.  I was in Arizona last night and I told her no.  Anyone got *any* clues?  Because I freaked out a few people who drove past me on the way here.  Including a state trooper or three.  They were calling their buddies to drive past me to make sure I was real."

Angel slowly put down his sword.  "Let me look it up.  I know you're a higher level demon."

"How high?" Cordelia asked.  "Like higher than Wolfram and Hart?"

"Like they'd be bowing," Wesley said, bringing back a book to hand to Xander.  "You'll need that to train yourself.  He did call about that demon to see if we had any resources or had heard something.  I was almost certain he had decided he could use a trap and explosives."

Xander looked at him, making him shiver.  "Did he convince Willow of this?"

"Apparently not," he admitted.  He looked at the others.  "He's one of Hell's Archangels by the wings."

"I always expected them to have leathery wings," Gunn admitted, lowering his sword too.

"That's incubuses and succuba," Wesley told him.  "Some of the lower ones.  The higher were supposedly thrown out of Heaven with Lucifer."  Xander gave him an odd look.  "That is the mythology attached."

"They came from where really?"

"The Sividia are from the highest ones inbreeding for a bit.  They're the warrior priests of Hell basically.  The ones who hold Hell.  The generals under the rulers."

Xander just nodded.  He was a Joint Chief of Hell.  "Interesting."  He went back to reading.  "That explains why my car seat changed when my back started to ache."  His wings twitched and he looked back.  "How do I handle those things?"

"I do not personally know," Wesley admitted.  "Angel, do we know any other winged demons?"

He nodded slowly.  "Yeah, I know one.  Can't he make them disappear?"

"He can cast a glamour to hide them and return to himself," Wesley admitted.

Xander grinned at him.  "If I end up taking over hell, wanna be my tutor?"

"As long as I wasn't tortured or had to watch it," he sighed, walking off shaking his head.

"Sure.  I can see that."  He went back to reading.  "Angel, Cordy, I need some *really* terrible ideas to do to Willow.  Please?" he asked his ex with a grin.

She shivered.  "I'll see what I can come up with."

"We should warn Giles," Gunn said.  "I doubt he took part in it."

"We can tell," Wesley admitted.  "We can do a spell sensing."

"She claims it's reversible too," Xander said dryly, looking at him.  "I'm doubting it?"

Wesley shook his head.  "No.  Not this far.  Sorry, lad."

"Not your fault, Wes.  I'm going to go redhead hunting later," he sighed, going back to the book.  He thought up a soda and took a sip, nodding that it was right.  So apparently the book was right so far.

Wesley got the ingredients he needed to look over the spells on the boy, gasping at what he saw.  Angel came over to do the same thing, moaning slightly.  "Xander."  The boy looked at him over the edge of the book.  The wings twitched again.  "She called on the Highest of the High.  Mesistopholese, Cordain - another, well-known Sividia, and the Archangel Lucifer.  She invoked that side of him to change you."

Xander just nodded.  "So am I higher?"

"Lad, you're a demon lord," he said grimly.  "You can claim parts of hell as your own.  Summon your own army."  He took off his glasses to clean, looking at the boy.  "The best teacher there could be would be Cordain."  He looked at Angel.

"Outside of LA," Angel ordered calmly.  Xander nodded at that practicality.  "Take him to the desert and call him.  See if he can help."  He looked at the boy, swallowing hard.  He knew this meant there was no going back for the boy and he was now immortal.  That only left a few problems and one that could easily be solved by this new development.  "You could do something bolder, Xander.  Claim Sunnydale and protect it."

"If I do, you're getting Buffy, Giles, and Willow.  In however many pieces I yank the two witchy ones into."

Angel nodded.  "I can see that.  It would keep it stable for centuries."

Xander nodded.  "I'll think about it.  Let's see what we can do first."  He stood up and the stool disappeared.  "Do we like this idea?  Will I have to fight him, Wes?"

"He might wish to spar," he admitted.  "I have no idea.  If her spell worked it's because they thought it'd be amusing, Xander.  They would help if they considered it still amusing."

Xander nodded.  "Okay then let's try that."  They nodded, letting him take Wes in his car.  Since it fit his back and his wings were still making him walk oddly tipped back.  He'd make the bike tip over.  He concentrated on the glamour, sighing in relief when he could straighten up because the wings disappeared.  "Thanks for that info, Wes.  And the help."

"Not a problem, Xander.  You did need it this time.  If you leave her living do not fear that the Council won't take her over this stunt.  She's inherently dangerous now."

Xander looked at him.  "I'm sure we can figure that out."  Wesley nodded, getting in to drive.  Xander changed the seat back, not even frowning at how easy the powers came to him.  "Anya's going to freak, isn't she?"

"I fear she's going to be throwing fits for ages," he agreed dryly.


Three days later Anya's head lifted slowly, making her look around.  She blinked then slowly backed away from the counter.  "Lock the store down!" she ordered.  "Something highly evil just appeared.  The magic's starting to go."  Tara and Giles got to work on that while she prayed to D'Hoffryn that she'd be saved by getting her old job back.  They watched out the door as demons started to run for the town's borders.  "This is not a good sign."

Giles went to look out the window, catching one he knew.  "Clem, what is going on?"

"A Highest is here," he said, shaking heavily, his wrinkles shaking with him.  "We're all leaving.  The lesser born don't want their attention.  We're toys to them."  He got free and went back to hurrying off.

Giles looked outside, calling Buffy.  "I fear the demon's here, Buffy.  The lesser, harmless demons are evacuating at high speed."

"No, this isn't the one in the book," Anya called.  "They would hide from him, not run like this.  This is a Sividia, Giles."  He looked at her.  "One of the Generals of Hell.  They Who Control."

He nodded, repeating that quietly.  He watched as the area around them suddenly cleared up.  The demons were taking another path for some reason.  "Buffy, it's heading here."  He hung up, watching around them.

The back door opened and Xander strolled in, throwing Willow across the room.  "We will be punishing her for this, correct?" Xander asked Giles, sounding dry and unamused.  He stared at him, getting a shudder.  "Because we found out not only did she do it without my consent, against my will, and against the will of others, it's also not reversible.  She called too high."  Anya whimpered.  He looked at her.  "Relax.  I'm not here for you, Anyanka."   She nodded, bowing and going to her knees in front of him.  "Move."  She scooted back, head down.  "Not only did she call on Lucifer, she called on a Sividia, Giles."  He smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.  "Oh, by the way, Cordain said that demon wouldn't have come here without this.  She made it so he'll come challenge me.  Otherwise he might've popped in to drink from the hellmouth like it was a wine cask then left again.  His words and he's the top General in Hell," he finished blandly.

"But..." she started.

Xander took off his shirt and released the glamour, staring down at her.  "Get out of my town, Willow.  Run your unhappy little ass to LA before I punish you for this.  Because you don't want to know what I can do to you now.  You so totally fucked up the power structure in hell that it's activating other evils.  Congrats."

"I can...."

"No you can't," he said blandly, leaning against the counter.  "No one can.  You called on the two top people in hell and their top general to change me against my will.  Your meddling also called someone at the level of Anti-Christ into being.  He'll be called soon.  You have so totally fucked up the world.   But the Dark Ones said thank you."  She burst out sobbing.  He looked at Tara.  "You never have to fear from me," he said calmly.  "Giles and Willow did the spell together.  Wesley found that out."  He smiled and waved a hand.  "I'd give you a hug but I'm not sure I won't taint you, Tara," he said calmly.  "Now, get everyone and evacuate them.  Wesley and Angel are going to deal with those two.  Pack everything magical in here.  Leave me some of the weapons and the books."  She nodded, shifting away some.  "Like I said, you don't have to worry but Angel and I agreed, and Cordain agreed with us when he showed up to help me figure out what to do with the wings and how to scrub my back, that it'd be a good idea if I sealed the hellmouth shut for good.  That way it'd be less dangerous and I could handle any of the problem demons around here, plus the new evil that they're being amused by."  She nodded more quickly at that.  "Take Buffy and them and go."  He looked at Anya, who was whispering a prayer. For some reason he could hear her.  "I have no idea how to do that."

She looked at him.  "All you have to do is pronounce it and give me my powers back," she said hopefully.

He smirked at her.  "I almost considered making you my official concubine," he teased.

"That's a position of great status," she said in awe.  "May I?  Please?  You already know how to please me.  And...and me you," she added quickly at his amused look.

"How about I make you my messenger to the group?"  She squealed and hugged him around the knees.  "Anyanka, I name you my messenger to the group in LA."  He put a hand on her and felt it take hold.  "Huh, so that's how I do that."  She beamed and nodded.  "Good.  Go with them.  Help Tara.  I want Tara and Buffy in charge."  She nodded, going to start packing things.  "Leave me references so I can look stuff up."  He looked over as Buffy stormed in.  "Morning."

Buffy paused.  Xander was the apocalypse?  Was he dating again?  Cheating on Anya maybe?  "Why do you have wings?" was the only thing she could think of to say.

"Willow and Giles."

She blinked, frowning, shifting her weight off to one side, looking at them, then at him.  "Why is she crying?"

"She called on Satan to make me a higher level demon."

"He's one of The Ones Who Control," Anya said happily.  "He's a General in Hell."

"Oh, shit," Buffy said in awe.  "I thought we found another way, Giles!"

"Nope.  They both changed me."  He gave her a look.  "I went to talk to Angel when I woke up with wings three days ago."  She shuddered at that.  "Angel and Wes are going to deal with them.  I'm going to be locking down the hellmouth.  There will be no more problems here."  She nodded slowly at that.  "You're being reassigned to help Angel and them in LA.  You and Tara are in charge of getting as many magical artifacts out of this town as humanly possible.  Including the ones in here.  I'll need weapons and books but not them.  I don't want them here."

She nodded slowly.  "But ....."

"Buffy, I'm about as powerful as as...  Well, let's change that around," he decided.  "Wes described it as being like an Archangel that got tossed down."

She went pale and backed up, looking at Willow then at him.  "She'll live?"

"That's up to Angel, princess."  He moved closer, smiling at her.  "Let me handle Sunnydale, Buffy.  I've got it."  She nodded at that.  "I'll fix it too.  Then we'll see about the harmless demons being able to come back.  I've named Anya my messenger so I can't taint any of you.  Otherwise I'd hug and let you fix the itchy feathers I have."  Anya came over to fix them for him, making him sigh in pleasure and shiver.  "Oh, I love you, Anya."

"Good."  She kissed him between them.  "It's said Sividia can do some very kinky things with their feathers."  She found one last one then went back to packing.  "We'll take them to LA then Buffy and Tara can come clean things out."

Xander nodded.  "Good."  He looked at her.  "Angel's going to be overrun and he needs help with the law firm anyway.  There's one of us there showing patronage.  Cordain, the top General who helped and got called on in their spell, said he was pissed at them.  Therefore I'm giving you a good way to go destroy things, plus better shopping."

She nodded.  "I can see that.  You'll be safe?"

"Not many things will come near him," Anya admitted, sounding happy.  "Anything less than the masters of hell and other Sividia won't try themselves against him."

"Oh, but she did activate one of the potential Anti-Christ prophecies," he warned.  "We'll see if they come for me."

Buffy nodded.  "I want out of the way for that battle."  She sniffled a bit, staring at him.  "I'd hug...."

"I know.  I would too.  Be safe?"  He put back on his glamour, getting a grin for it.  "The wings throw off my balance horribly.  Plus make it really hard to drive."

She nodded.  "Good enough reason."  She patted him on the shoulder.  "You'll do it.  We'll call and email as long as you don't turn the town into a huge hole."  She got to work on the packing.  "Anya, drive them now," she ordered.  "Tara and I can do this."  She nodded, taking Xander's keys.  He wasn't going to need them soon.  "You sure?"

"You guys will need a truck," he said dryly.  "Just for in here."

She nodded at that.  "Good point.  Plus I'm sure we can bring it back on our last trip."

"That's what I was figuring.  Think I could redecorate somewhere?"

"Probably.  Why?  Needed snack machines?" she teased.

"Could, yeah.  Though I can make twinkies now if I want."  He made one appear and walked off nibbling on it.  He headed to the hellmouth, doing what Cordain had told him to do.  He felt it come at his command then settle around him like a cloak.  He gave it orders and it settled back down to do as he had ordered.  He walked out and decided to fly again.  He jumped up and his wings came out instinctively, flapping him downtown.   He landed on the summoning circle in the park, making his announcement there to every demon in the surrounding areas.  "This is the new Sividia, Alexander Harris.  I am now in control of the Hellmouth.  Sunnydale is now mine."  He looked up at the moon then around.  "I will remove the threats then the lesser, peaceful, harmless demons will be allowed back.  If you have any concerns go to Angel in LA.  The Slayer Buffy will be with him as well."  He stepped out and walked off, heading down to City Hall.  The demons on the City Council were packing as well.  He stopped one, making him whimper.  He put the glamour back on, making him moan.  "Sunnydale is now my duty," he said calmly.  "You're staying.  We're fixing things so the peaceful can stay."

"I heard, Master."

"Xander unless I'm pissed with you," he ordered.  That one nodded and so did the others listening.  "We will fix this town so it is peaceful again.  Am I clear?"  They nodded.  "Good.  I'll be having all the magical artifacts taken out of the town by Buffy and Tara.  As soon as possible.  They're packing up most of the Magic Box.  I'll still have the books and weapons."

"Of course, M...Xander," he said, bowing to him.  "As you will it.  Thank you for your benevolence."

Xander shrugged.  "I grew up here.  I kinda like the hellmouth.  But get my parents to leave?"   They nodded.  "Thanks."  He walked off again, going to look at the college.  It was technically just outside the boundaries of town.  Still his though.  The head of the demons up there came out to meet him.  "I like there being a college.  I'm going to make it so...."

The demon held up a hand.  "I heard.  Sividia Xander, what can we do to help you?"

"Wesley said there's someone up here who can continue the tutoring he and Cordain gave me?"  The demon nodded.  "I would appreciate it.  I don't do things for shits and giggles.  By the way, always wondered, is there a school for the demon kids?"

"There is.  It's a very good school," he said proudly.

"Cool.  Hopefully by the time school starts again it'll be able to be filled."  That got a smile and a nod.  "You guys have no problems from me but I will not stand hunters."

"You plan to make this a refuge?"

"I plan on making it a safe haven for whoever wants to live here," he admitted.  "Human and not."

"Then that's more than acceptable to us.  Your...cohorts?"

"Buffy and them are going to LA to help Angel.  Buffy and Tara are also in charge of removing every single magical artifact of great danger from this hellmouth."

"I'll have what we keep in storage sent to them.  Are they at the store?"  Xander nodded.  "As you will it, Sividia Xander."

"Just Xander unless I'm pissed," he offered with a grin.

That got another nod.  "Thank you for that honor.  I wish you much luck with the hunters."

"I don't want vamps here," he sighed.  "I want to take some time off patrol to handle the bigger issues.  Willow so totally screwed up when she did this to me.  I'm still wrapping my mind around all this."

"Rosenburg?" he demanded, giving him a horrified look, even taking a step back.

Xander nodded.  "Um-huh."

"She's flunked my class then," he said dryly.

"Wes and Angel are in charge of her punishment."

"Even better!  She's still flunked my class!"   He walked off after a short bow.  "We'll come see you in a few days.  Watch out for the court that will be drawn to you.  Not all are good for you."

"Politics, yuck," he muttered, getting a laugh from the walking man.  He went back to the Magic Box to talk to his buddies.  He needed to talk to them.  "Buffy, the demons at the college will give you anything harmful they have in holding."

"That's fine.  What about urns that're possessed?"

"If they're not going to go bad, can't be used to bring back bad things, and aren't harmful, I don't care," he admitted.  "Most likely if they're remains, I'd have someone set up a special place to house them so their people can come see them."

She nodded.  "That'll work."

"Did you know the demon kiddies had their own school?"

"I wondered about that," she admitted with a grin.  "Is it nice?"

"I'm told it is by the guy at the college.  By the way, Willow flunked History."

"S...she des..serves it," Tara mumbled.

Xander shrugged.  "I told her no.  I told her I didn't consent.  Cordain and them were *amused*."

"Who's Cordain?" Buffy asked.

"The top general in hell.  One of the ones they called on to change me."

"Oooooh.  He liked this idea?"

"We give them headaches.  He'd rather not have to deal with me trying a power play there and this would create a stable, safe spot for the harmless ones he needs out of his way for future plans.  It'll keep all of us out of his hair."

She nodded.  "That makes sense.  If something really bad happens...."

"I'm still a good guy," Xander assured her.  She grinned and nodded.  "Told your mom yet?"

"I told her what Willow did.  I didn't get any farther.  I've never heard my mom swear like that before."  Tara laughed.  "Really, I haven't.  She was *pissed*.  Even more pissed than me buying slutty clothes and going out looking like a ho pissed.  Even worse than me burning down a gym pissed."  She got back to work. "Are we going to have to listen to Anya whine?"

"No.  I named her my messenger between me and you guys."

She beamed and nodded.  "That's a good thing.  Does she get powers?"

"Not that I know of.  She said it's a higher status job.  Below the concubine position I teased her with but still a good one."

"Good for her."  She got back to work.   "Books?"

"I'll need reference works and things to train myself with.  I'm apparently going to be here for a *very* long time."

"Oh.  Didn't think about that."  She held up one.  "It's got a demon trapped in it."

He looked at it.  "I can have Wes translate it if I need to."

"Does the Council know?"

"Wes called while Cordain taught me how to use my wings.  Which is really cool by the way," he added with a goofy grin.  "I can fly."  He sat down on the couch.  "They're in a panic.  Wes assured them that I was going to send you to LA.  I didn't care about the Council.  Travers pissed us all off so I might sneeze and uncreate him someday soon but otherwise I didn't care.  They said that was fine.  It was a good plan.  The slayer line would continue."  She nodded at that.  "Travers got fired so I wouldn't have to sneeze."  She laughed and punched him on the arm.  "I'd help pack but I'm not sure I won't set things off.  I did at Angel's.  He had a demon living in his coffeemaker until I needed a caffeine fix."

"That's fine, I can pack," Buffy said.  "That's another benefit of being super strong."  That got a nod.  "Your 'rents?"

"Heading," Xander said dryly.  "As in I said so."  She just nodded at that.  He looked at Tara.  "When the harmless ones come back you can," he offered.  "Buffy would be tainted but we could use a few good guiding witches who won't do stupid spells but could do helpful things."

She smiled.  "I'll think about it," she nearly whispered, going back to packing.  A truck pulled up outside and she blinked.  "Joyce is here."

Xander waved when she walked in.  "Hi, Buffy's mom."

"Xander."  She stared at him, closing the door gently.  "What happened?"

"Willow and Giles decided they needed a higher demon to fight one that wouldn't have shown up before this.  He would've shown up, tasted the hellmouth to test the wine vintage basically then left again.  Everything would've hidden for the night.  We would've gone on."

"She..she read it wrong," Tara apologized.

Xander shrugged.  "In some ways it's probably better," he offered.  She gave him a nod and a pat on the head then carried out a box.  "So, I'm removing all the hunting and harmful demons from the town.  Buffy and them are going to LA.  Wes and Angel are having Giles and Willow for a bit. Then we'll see."

"That's reasonable," Joyce decided.  "Good job, Xander."

"Well, he does plan for me," Buffy quipped.  "We need to clean out the harmful magic things, Mom."

"Of course.  It's one thing Xander doesn't want to have to deal with."  She watched him create a soda and smirked at him.  "Remember to eat a balanced diet, Xander."

"I am," he sighed.  "I promise I'll eat veggies now and then, Joyce."

"You better.  If you get sick, I doubt Buffy could fill in for you."

"I'd look strange with wings," Buffy pointed out.

"You would but it'd give you a reason to wear those tying shirts that're like hankies," her mother shot back.  Buffy just smirked.  "Are you sure you can handle it, Xander?"

"If not, I'll ask Angel to send her back for a few hunts."  She nodded, helping the girls finish packing.  He settled in to finish the book Wesley had given him.  It was very informative.  He didn't know he could do some of those things.  He thought only fairytale demons could.  Giles had said only they could warp realms that way by traveling.


Xander flopped down after his latest hunt, groaning a bit.  "I ache," he decided.  A smaller demon brought him something, cowering a bit.  "When did you get here?"

"Two days ago, Lord Sividia Xander," he said respectfully, looking at his feet.  "I was sent to serve you."

"I really can serve myself," he admitted.  The thing gave him a pitiful look.  "What is that?"


He grimaced.  "Not my taste sensation.  Cocoa?"

The demon gave him an odd look.  "Like the thing made of chocolate?"

"With marshmallows if we have any?" he asked with a grin.  "I started out human."

The demon nodded and went to put the blood back and get him some cocoa.  If the Great One wanted cocoa, he would do that for him.   Even if he was a bit odd.  Then again he was a higher demon so who knew about them.  He found two demons waiting and brought them to the Great One.  "These two wanted to see you, Lord Sividia Xander."

"Why?" he asked, taking his cocoa to sip.  He moaned.  "You make good cocoa.  Thank you.  Do you have a name?"  It mumbled something.  Xander frowned.  "I can't pronounce that.  Got something I can?"


"Hu's good," he decided with a grin.  "Thank you, Hu."  The demon beamed and went back to the kitchen.  He looked at the other two.  "What did we need?"

"We were sent to see if you would like an alliance with our kind," one said, looking him over.

Xander shrugged.  "I'm a former good guy," he said dryly.  "All I'm concerned about is Sunnydale.  If it's not a harmful demon I don't care if they move here after I've cleaned up the town.  If it's not and they try to move here we'll have problems.  Other than that, I told Cordain I would stay out of the power play stuff."  He took another sip.  "Want some cocoa?  Hu does make very good cocoa."

"We can offer you much," the one who hadn't spoken offered.  "Including a bigger plot than this town."

"I only want this town.  Why would I want more area?"  He took another drink and put the cup down, swatting the hand that reached for it.  "Not yet."  Hu left again.  He looked at them.  "Is he what a house elf was translated from?"  They both shook their heads slowly.  "Good to know."  He shifted and got comfortable.  "I'm staying out of power plays.  All I want is Sunnydale.  I'm protecting the hellmouth to make sure it stays out of all the power plays too.  Now, anything else?"  They shook their heads and left.  He went back to relaxing after his hunt, drinking his cocoa.  He found it refilled when he put it down a second time and smiled.  "Thanks, Hu.  Are you sure you're not part house elf?"

"Those are Thingarmi.  They're very nice but a bit creepy and they eat flesh, Lord Sividia Xander."

"Just Xander."

"Lord Xander then," he said respectfully.  "There are ones in town who have wanted to know if you wanted to take a concubine?"

He shrugged.  "Not at the moment.  I'll think about that later.  Anya wanted first shot at that job if I took her off messenger duty."

"That's fine then.  Is there anything you do need? That way the demons who could do that could come here to help you with your grand plans for this town?"

"I could use another few hunters.  I haven't had a day off in weeks and I'm tired of hunting."  He looked at his cup and found it refilled.  "Great job, Hu."  He sipped.

"Lord Xander, not to be impertinent, but you can call from those in Hell.  Hunters do kill so they do come to us.  There's also those who have made deals for the worst things to die.  One just appeared last week by the rumors.  He was hotly wanted but they are not paying attention now that they have him."

"Would it cause people to come complain to me?"

"I do not know."

"Let me check with Cordain then."  He wrote out a message and sent it to him.  He was the top guy, he'd get clearance first.  That way he didn't get whined at.  A flash went off to the side of his couch, letting him see the young man that appeared.  He was in shackles and had dark hair.  A few bruises.  Shirtless.  His jeans were torn.  His boots were still on his feet.  "You need medical attention?" he asked calmly, waking him up from the trance his boss had put him in to move him.

The man glared at him.  "I don't care who you are.  I'm not serving you."

"Good.  I don't want you to serve me.  I need another hunter on the hellmouth so I get a night off now and then.  I never realized how many pussbags we had in town."  The other guy gave him a confused look so he grinned slightly, coming over to remove the chains.  They fell apart at his touch.  He helped him up from his knees.  "Hi.  Xander Harris, helper to the Slayer Buffy.  Welcome to Sunnydale."

The man blinked.  "No way."

"Way," he said with a grin.  "Willow did it with Giles' help."


"Yeah.  Well.  She thought there was a major problem and there wasn't until she created one."  He grinned a bit more meanly.  "The Council of Watchers has her."

The other guy shuddered.  "Poor person.  All those assholes."

"She deserved it," Hu said firmly.  "Lord Sividia Xander was human before she turned him.  He has plans for this town that will keep it safe and out of power plays as he told others."

Xander nodded.  "Cordain agreed with me.  I'm going to turn Sunnydale into a safe haven for those harmless things.  I've been taking out the hunters and driving all the vamps off but it's been a *long* few weeks so far.  I'd like to get it done in time for the kiddy demon's school and the regular school to start again.  Think you could help?"

The guy blinked at him.  "Are you sure this isn't a torment?"

Xander used the palm of his hand to smack him on the forehead.  "Did that feel real?"

"Yeah," he said, rubbing it.  "Thanks for that."  Xander just grinned.  "Okay, so this is real.  You're really the Slayer's Hunter?"  Xander beamed and nodded.  "And you got me out of hell...."

"Because I needed a helper.  I'm not going to demand sex or anything.  I'll make sure you get a place to stay and food.  All that good stuff."

He considered it.  "I have family that're hunters."

"We're going to be peaceful demons so as long as they don't go after them I don't care if they visit," he promised with a grin.

"Okay then."  He nodded, sitting down, looking at himself.  "I need to change."

Xander waved a hand, putting him in a looser t-shirt and jeans, leaving the boots.  "Sure you don't need medical for the bruises?"

"Nah, I'm good.  By the way, I'm Dean."

"Xander."  He shook his hand.  "Come see my pretty maps?"

"I can do that."  He followed him over to see what was really going on.  He'd heard rumors about this guy.  He looked at one of the wings that batted him.  "It likes me?"

"Maybe.  I can't control the things yet.  I'm still working on landing.  I kinda landed hard the other day and sprained my ankle.  I need more wing work and sparring with them out.  They throw me off balance."

"I can do that.  My dad was a good hunter, he trained me."

Xander grinned.  "Are you the same Dean that drives the Impala and has the huge appetite?"

Dean smirked and nodded.  "That's all you heard about me?"

"Well, yeah.  Mostly.  That and you like guns.  I'll show you the armory later."

"You're going to trust me with guns?"

"You can't hunt without a weapon," Xander pointed out dryly.  "Besides, I'm told I'm impervious to bullets, even silver ones."  He pointed at a spot on the map.  "This is a major vampire enclave.  I've been waiting on them.  The others have been slowly hiding there as I drive them out of their other spots.  They're going for a last stand.  I don't care if we dust them or they run to LA."

"How many?"

"Sixty-eight so far.  Probably at least another hundred are going to hit there after we take out the other ten targets."  He put push pins on those spots.  "I figure get the vamps to stabilize the human population.  That way the companies around here don't have a job lag and the lesser demons they were picking on could come back faster.  Then we move onto the bigger hunters.  Which I ran into earlier."

"I can see the bruise on your arm."

Xander looked then at him.  "I found out earlier I can zap them for touching me."  He grinned a slightly insane grin.  "It's a good talent."

"Where's your Slayer?"

"LA with Angel.  I had them evacuate all the harmful magical things and head there to help him with the overrun he deals with nightly."  He looked at Dean.  "Sunnydale's always been a haven for demons.  Now it'll be a safe one."

Dean nodded.  "I can see having one like that for the harmless ones."  Xander grinned and nodded.  "Is that a human college?"

"Yeah, UC Sunnydale.  Though the gang call it UC Hellmouth.  There's also the old Adam's college.  They basically shut down after the demon at the frat house went out of commission.  They brought down a lot of boosters and contributors when their deals for power got smashed once it was killed.  They ended up shutting down after a year of trying to keep going with the humiliation."

"I saw that on the news.  We figured a major demon doing deals had died."

"Yeah, a big snake demon under one of the frats.  It tried to eat Buffy and my ex Cordelia.  She's working with Angel.  I'll introduce you soon if you want."

"I'm not sure I need a new girlfriend."

"I doubt she'd be your type.  She's snarky and mean."

"Never mind then."

"You should know the hunters in LA in case something happens and I had to evacuate you."

Dean looked at him.  "Died once already," he said dryly.  "Maybe this time I won't be in hell."

Xander grinned.  "Maybe."  He handed him his cellphone.  "You can call your family if you want.  It's magic so it won't waste minutes."  He grinned at that.  "Much cheaper too."

"I bet."  He dialed his old cellphone's number, hearing it ring and a female answering it.  "Tell Sammy his big brother is back."  She screamed and ranted.  His little brother took the phone.  "I'm back!"  He smirked.  "Fine.  A bit bruised.  Don't ask."  He looked at Xander.  "What are you anyway?"


"I'm with a Sividia who saved me.  We're good actually.  He needs another hunter, Sammy.  Yeah, well, can you handle it or do you need me?"

Xander leaned over.  "I promised Cordain to stay out of the power plays."

Dean put the phone against his shoulder.  "They think my brother's a higher demon and are trying to make him form an army.  He's resisting."

"As long as he's nice and not invading he can come visit.  I'll have to make sure you can get out of town first," he admitted.  "I'm not sure if there's a clause since Cordain sent you to me."

"Sure.  I can get that," he said, going back to talking to him.  "We're not sure if I can leave town yet.  He's got to check and see if I came back with any clauses.  He did say if you were nice and not invading you could come visit."  He smirked.  "Nah, he's pretty good.  First thing he offered me was medical.  Wings, nice gray ones.  Hunting hunter demons.  A lot of vamps.  We'll see if I can or not.  You didn't scratch my car, right?"  He smirked.  "Good!  I'd hate to kick your ass."  He hung up and got back to work with him.  He had a situation and helping him would probably make him help Sammy and him get Sammy free.

Xander reached over to pat him on the head.  "I hate being used by demons, Dean.  Ask."

"You can read minds?"

"Now and then I hear prayers.  As long as I don't break my promise to stay out of power plays.  I'm still a good guy, even if I am one of Hell's generals now."

"I can see how that goes.  We'll see what you can do to help, Xander."  The boy beamed.  "You been out already tonight?"

"Yeah, I cleared two nests earlier and one higher demon when he grabbed me.  I came home to cocoa.  Hu makes *really* good cocoa."

"I'll have to remember that."  He grinned and they got back to it.  If worst came to worst, Sammy would come for him if this turned out really bad.  "Why me?"

"Hu said that a hunter had just gotten to hell and no one was paying attention.  He suggested I ask for one to give me some backup.  So I wrote Cordain about you and he sent you."

"That's actually.... cool.  Thank you."

"Welcome."  He smiled.  "You know, the local rules state that we quip while we slay.  You'll have to work on the smartass remarks."

"I'm good at smartass remarks but I'm more about getting it done then getting out of there."

Xander nodded.  "I can see that viewpoint."

"Your idea?"

"Buffy started it.  She's still better at it."

"Okay.  Very interesting to note.  The Council didn't raise her, right?"  Xander grinned but shook his head.  "Figures.  They're all kinda robots."

"Very.  The one I met was nice when she came after I brought Buffy back to life."  Dean gave him an odd look.  "CPR.  Normal bringing back to life, not like I did you."

"Even better."  They got back to it.  "Where tomorrow night?"  Xander pointed at a few spots.  "How many?"

"Ten, twelve dozen.  We've got holy water super soakers," he said, walking off to show him the armory.  "The ones here are stakable.  Can you use a crossbow?"

"I can," he agreed.  He whistled when he saw what they had.  "This is nice."

Xander grinned.  "Guns pretty."

"Very pretty," he agreed with a grin.  He found what he wanted.  "Do we have wooden bullets?"

"Mine don't want to work right."

"I'll see if I know anyone who can make some."  He ran a hand over a battle axe.  "She's beautiful."

"Thank you.  She's my baby," Xander said, taking his battle axe down to show him.  "She's been with me since I found her with the other swords in Giles' weapons cabinet."

"She's been handy then."  He handed it back carefully, getting a smile for it.  Xander put it back and showed him the super soakers.  "Does it work?"

"Yeah.  Pisses them off too," he said with an evil grin.  "I like aiming for their vanity so they rush me.  Then I stake."

"That sounds like fun."  He shook his head though.  "More playing than I'm used to."

"Buffy quipped and I've been bored with all the hunting.  I had to make it fun somehow.  No more research parties with them in LA.  No more nights trolling for vamps at the Bronze.  Been kinda boring getting stuff set up."

Hu stuck his head in.  "That would be the purpose of a concubine, Lord Xander."

Xander looked at him.  "I said just plain Xander, Hu."

"It's not respectful," he chided.  "I would get eaten by something for that."  He walked off again.  "There are a few others who would talk with you if you have a moment from your new toy."

Xander rolled his eyes.  "I hate that attitude.  You're not a toy, Dean.  Like I said, I don't demand sex for rescues."  He went to see the other demons.  "Yes?"

"I wish to challenge you!" one said, pulling a sword.

Xander manifested his claws and gutted him, then looked at the other one.  "And you wanted?"  It wet itself and went to its knees wailing.  "Uh-huh.  All hunters but me and mine are to leave this town.  I don't care otherwise."  It got up.  "Take your friend.  I don't want guts laying around," he said, walking off shaking his head again.  Dean gave him an odd look.  "I get about two of those a week."


"They think I'm being boring.  The rest are ones who want me to claim more area and give them boons for helping me do that.  I don't care about area.  I'm guarding the hellmouth and staying out of it."

"It's better that way.  Less aggravation," he agreed.  He went back to the armory.  Xander was heading that way and he could think while cleaning weapons.  "Anything I can work on?"

Xander handed him a chest, wincing when he stumbled.  "Sorry, forget about that sometimes."  He helped him put down the chest.  "Found them.  Sort them, clean, polish, whatever you want to do.  I did last night.  Call your brother later if you want to."

"Thanks, Xander."  The guy grinned and headed off.  "Where am I bunking?"

"Find an empty bed and park it," he called as he walked off.  "I went overboard when I created new rooms to practice."

"I can do that."  He sat down to sort out the weapons Xander had confiscated from the other harmful demons.   Some were really bad, a few were pitiful, and a few were interesting to look at, but only one thing was magical and Xander came back to grab it and put it in a special closet.  "What's that one?"

"Leaving town the next time Buffy or Tara come up.  I don't want harmful magical artifacts hanging around."

"Even better."  He went to grab the phone and hit redial, smiling at the cranky voice on the other end.  "Xander doesn't seem too bad.  Nah, nice guy.  He's letting me play with the weapons right now."  He smiled, getting to work cleaning the first handgun that wasn't pitiful.  "He said he's not going to demand sex for rescues.  We're doing a lot of vamps."  He laughed at his complaint.  "Well, I'm here."  That got a groan of complaint.  "Sure.  If you need me, call me, dumbass.  If I can, I'll be there.  We're still trying to figure that out.  No, he heard I had appeared and no one wanted me now that they had me.  Nah, a few bruises, nothing bad.  So he asked and got me as a fellow hunter.  Sure."  He hung up, getting back to it.  He'd see if he had an email connection later.


Sam Winchester hung up the cellphone and looked around.  "I want to know where my brother is since he's alive again," he announced.  "Everything about Sividia demons."  They all hissed.  Books were still brought, along with his laptop.  He had to rescue his brother.  No matter what he wasn't going to let his brother stay under the power of some demon.  He was clearly under that one's control since he sounded happy about being there.  He found a quiet spot to sit and research, getting lost in what he knew.  What he saw scared him.  It really did.  Sividia were powerful demons.  No wonder he had brought Dean back to life.  If he needed a hunter, Dean was a good choice and with the taint from the last deal he could stand to be around him.  He kept reading.  There had to be a way.  Maybe he could find out about this certain one as well.  He looked up at the waiting demons.  "The one named Cordain sent my brother to this other one.  Do we know anything about him?"

"He's the highest of the Sividia," one of the females said, coming over to help him.  She found what he needed in the books, holding it out for him.  "That is Lord Sividia Cordain.  All who know him fear him."

"The one who had my brother asked him for a hunter to help him where he is."

She smirked.  "That must be the young, new one.  We sent an emissary.  He said he wanted no part in any power plays and was only concerned with his small town.  We know he is changed from something else.  He was making the hunters in his area leave so he had free access to the lesser food sources."  Sam grimaced at that.  "A higher predator would not want a lesser one in their hunting areas."

"Good point.  So he asked for Dean and this Cordain simply sent him back?"

"If the one who wanted him was done playing with him, then there is no reason to keep him there.  Serving his new master will give his death meaning and mean one less soul they had to take care of."

"I see."  He went back to reading over this new information.  "What was this one before?"

"None are sure.  Rumors say he is taking on the visage of a hunter that helped a slayer.  We do not know what he was originally, but we do know that he did compel the slayer and one of her witches, plus the slayer's mother, into helping him remove all the magical artifacts from town that could be an annoyance to him.  The top witch, Rosenburg, left in disgrace after changing him from whatever he was, helped by the Watcher.  The others he banished to LA to help the Champion there.  A general would know that he would need it coming up but I have heard rumors he promised to stay out of all other battles unless needed.  He is content to have his own little area, as granted by Cordain's will, and keep it for himself."

"Dean said he didn't want him for sex."

"There are many prettier beings and he was surrounded by girls when they left."

"Hmm."  He nodded slowly at that, considering it.  "Can we get my brother from him?"

"We would do much for you but angering a Sividia is not wise, Samuel."

He looked at her.  "This is my family.  I'll have Dean back with me one way or another."

"You could ask for him when that one is done with him," she suggested, shifting closer.  "They do not have eternal attention spans."  He stared at her so she backed up again.  "It was only a suggestion."

"That would take too long.  Can I summon Dean?"

"You could try.  There is no telling what that would bring in conflict however."

He nodded. "I'll think about that.  Thank you.  Bring me any other references we have."  She nodded and he went back to his internet searching.  Including writing a few other hunters to get their take on that situation.  If there were rumors surely they had heard something too.  He would have his brother back, very shortly if he had his way, no matter what any demon wanted.


Dean came in from the hunting rubbing his shoulder.  "No wonder you needed backup."

"Yeah.  That and I need a night off soon.  I could use some fun."

"So look human and go to that club we cleaned out earlier."

"I could, I guess.  Not that the girls like me," he said dryly.  "Only the deadly ones and I've sent them off already."  He turned and found Dean gone.  He concentrated and he came back.  "You okay?"  He came over to check him.  "I don't know what rude demon did that but I'm not impressed and they'll be paying if they hurt you."

"Nah, I'm good," he promised.  "It was one of the ones who wants Sammy."

"Oh.  Can I smash them?"

"I don't know if that'd bother your boss or not."  That situation had been explained to him earlier by Hu and another demon that was in the kitchen, which he had found out they had expanded and stocked very well when he went trolling for breakfast.  They had explained everything to him.  He was seeing that Xander was a decent, good, nice guy who was stuck in a shitty position and had made the best deal possible while still keeping with hunter's morals and goals.  It's something he and Sammy would've done if they had been forced into this same sucky job.  "You do need more work with your wings out.  You tripped and ended up hovering there for a few seconds."

"I know.  It's only been a month though. I think I'm doing great for only having them a month."

"Yeah, not bad," he admitted with a grin.  "We'll spar before hunting tomorrow?"

"Can we take tomorrow night off?" he asked hopefully.  "They're scared and hiding."

"They are.  It'll make them relax their guards so it'll be easier to get them the next night."  Xander squealed and bounced some, heading for his bedroom.  "Goofball," he muttered but he was smiling as he headed for his room.  "Hey, Xander.  The clothing stuff?  Can I go buy some that aren't baggy?"

"Ask Hu where my wallet is.  He took it to enlarge the pictures and hang them up."

"Thanks, man."  He went to find Hu in the *huge* kitchen, finding him halfway in the freezer, only his feet were sticking out.  "Hu?" he called into the neverending thing.  The demon crawled out to give him a look.  "Xander said I could go shopping tomorrow for my own clothes.  Ones that fit better.  He said you had his wallet?"

"I can get you clothes.  Silks, satins to please our master?"

"I'm not that picky, man, but I need non-baggy jeans.  Things to hunt in.  Tighter t-shirts.  That stuff.  I don't know how he hunts in clothes this baggy."

"He is great, that is all any of us need to know," he said prosaically.  He led him to a closet Dean hadn't seen before, letting him pick out what he wanted from the stores of clothes.  "These are created for the pleasure of those who need them."

"Not from the dead bodies, right?"

"No.  They go with their own outfits until a demon picks them for their pleasure and dress them.  These are the closet that they pick from."

"Oh.  Okay.  That explains all the assless pants then."  He stayed away from them, getting an odd look.  "Xander said he didn't need me that way, Hu."

"Pity.  It would be good for the Great One to have that release."

"We're going clubbing tomorrow night.  Maybe he'll pick up a chick then," he decided.  He found a few tighter t-shirts and some jeans that fit better, plus some better underwear, then took them to his room.  "Thanks, man."

"Welcome.   His needs must be seen to."  He went to call the demonic concubines he knew, letting them know that the Great One needed things but would not admit to it.  A few of them came immediately.

Dean shook his head from his room when he heard the giggling.  "Don't pounce him," he called.  "He's a hunter.  He'll react badly!"  They nodded at that wisdom and knocked then entered once he had called out a tired sounding 'come in'.  Dean smirked.  The guy did need laid.  It'd help his tiredness.  It always had his.


Sam was ranting and raving around the warehouse they were in.  "I know he was here!"

"The Sividia was not done with him," that female said patiently.  "He wanted him back, Samuel."

He glared at her, making her back away quickly.  "He's my brother," he growled.  "And I want him back tonight!"

"I'll send an emissary to him," she promised, going to do that.  It was tactful and keep them from being killed.  The Sividia could only kill the messenger.

Sam went back to pacing around while going over what he knew.  If he had to kill the demon to get Dean back, he would.  No matter what, Dean was family and he was not leaving him in the custody of some demon.


Xander looked up from his comic reading in human form as the next petitioner was led in.  "What?" he asked, going back to his fantasy.

"Are you the Lord Sividia Xander?" he asked.  Xander nodded, not looking up.  He swallowed.  "The Most Evil One would like to politely request that he have custody of your slave Dean Winchester.  He has need of him to right some wrongs in the past."

Xander looked at him, putting down his comic.  "I don't care what demon has a vendetta against Dean for hunting but I will not allow it.  No one touches him without my consent.  Am I clear?"  The demon nodded, starting to shake now.  He stared at him.  "Leave now and live to tell your master that."  It disappeared.  He growled and glared some but went back to his comic.   Dean came out of the back areas of the house he had...renovated. "Some demon just showed up asking for his master.  Apparently he has a vendetta against you and wanted you badly.  I told him to go to hell and I'd protect you."

"Thanks, dude."  He went to get something to nibble on.  "Want me to nudge one of the concubines to come make you happier again?"

"I'm good.  Thanks anyway."

"Can I play with one?"

"If they want to.  I don't make that decision for them, Dean."  He turned the page.

"Thanks, man.  Could use some stress relief."  He disappeared with his apple in hand, looking at it.  "I didn't know portkeys were real."

"Not funny," Sam said, giving him a hug.  "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine.  Xander's been good to me while we're waiting to hear if I have any 'but' clauses on my life.  I was going to hit on the girls tonight."  He bit into the apple.  "How's things here?"

"It's been okay.  Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm fine.  We've been clearing out the other hunters."

Sam snorted, giving him a look.  "I heard.  He's making a feeding sanctuary."

"He eats twinkies and I haven't seen a twinkie demon yet," Dean said dryly, taking another bite.  "As a matter of fact, the slayer's mother called to nag him about his twinkie habit earlier when she heard," he said while he chewed.  "Why?"

"You're with a *demon*, Dean!"

"One who saved me from hell and asked my help.  Until we know if I can come back or not, I'm safe there.  He's protecting me, even from the one who wanted me for some vendetta thing."  He squeaked, though he'd never admit it, when he reappeared next to Xander.  "I was talking with my brother."

"Sorry, I thought it was the vendetta thingy again.  Yell for me when you're ready to come back."  He sent him back with a wave of his hand.

Dean looked down at his pocket, taking out the new coke to drink too.  "See, he's spoiling me rotten.  Said to call for him when I was ready to come back."

"He gave you a soda?"

"Yeah.  This morning he fed me ho-hos for breakfast too."  He grinned.  "Then he went to get bouncy and hyper in sparring practice, got jumped by the concubines Hu called up for him, and then went to take a nap before hunting tonight."

Sam shook his head quickly.  "Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm fine, Sammy."  He gave him a one-armed hug.  "Really, I'm good.  Until we know if there's some sort of clause, I'm decent.  There's lots and lots of hunting.  I've been scaling back his plans for the town to make it safer.  We're okay right now.  I'm more worried about the demons surrounding you."

"I heard he had slayers compelled."

"Nah, it's his best friend."  He shrugged.  "Her mother nags him.  They're kinda cool from the stories he's told me.  She'll be showing up tonight.   Xander...."  He disappeared.  "Okay.  I'll call."  Xander grinned and handed over the cellphone.  "Problems?"

"City Council is coming in.  Wanna hold my temper for me?"

"Physically?  You can do that?"  That was a talent he'd need now and then.  He wondered if Sammy could do that too with his funky, creepy mind powers.

"I don't know," Xander admitted, looking at him. "I have no idea.  I'll ask though."  Dean walked off snickering to call his brother again.  "Come if you hear yelling."

"Of course.  With weapons."  He sat down on his bed, calling his brother back.  "Anyway," he said in greeting.  Sam laughed at that.  "Sorry, the local City Council is coming in.  He wanted backup in case his temper came out.  Said I'd be there with weapons.  No, Hu, the little demon that runs the humongous kitchen, called them down.  They're four really nice female half-demons.  They all seem really happy to be doing the job.  All kinda pretty."  One peeked in.  "Xander said I could hit on you guys if you would let me."

She laughed.  "We'll see, Dean."

"City Council's coming."

"Hmm.  Should we go show our devotion to him?"

"Don't know.  They're worried that he's going to change things."

"For the better.  I used to live here and it was a mess under the old mayor."  She blew a  kiss.  "Ask about stress relief after hunting later on, baby."  She strolled off to talk to her master.  "Lord Xander?"  He looked at her.  "Do you need a shoulder rub or anything?" she asked, sliding next to him to cuddle him.  He did like to cuddle.

He smiled, patting her on the hand.  "I'm fine.  We're going over plans for the new high school and where it'll be moved to.  Somewhere other than overtop of the hellmouth."  She cooed at that, teasing the hair on the nape of his neck.  He looked at her.  "Not necessary."

"Yes it is.  You need stress relief. You have to think big thoughts," she cooed, smiling at him.

He laughed.  "Buffy's going to be here tonight.  See if I need help after that."

"Of course."  She winked at one of the gaping Council members.  "Later, boys."

Xander shrugged at their incredulous looks.  "Hu called them on me.  He said I needed less stress.  The hunting got a bit much there for a bit.  How's the death thing going?"

"We're down to seven percent," the Chief of Police said happily.

"If I get the other hunters out will it be under three?"


"That's what I'm aiming for.  Under three percent and no hunters.  I might let some of the vamps I personally know into the town but they'd have to hunt elsewhere."  That got a nod.  "So, where is a good place to move the school to?"

"We don't really have anywhere big enough," one of them whined.

Xander looked at him. "Do you know how many of us leave to go to college and get eaten because the hellmouth tainted us while we were in school?  We have a ninety percent chance of death before thirty if we leave the town.  All because the school sat on top of the hellmouth thanks to Wilkins."

That got a mass nod.  "We could change the park around," one offered.

"Put a memorial to the explosion?" another suggested.

"What about those condemned buildings over on Prospect?  More centrally located," one said.

Xander considered it.  "Would it be big enough?  You'd have to take Willie's out and another six houses for parking.  Not that Willie's couldn't move.  What about the area by Restview?  There's all those run down houses.  It's near a lot of the housing.  If we annexed the parking lot at the park near it for the school it'd help.  Plus they'd have the park to play in.  Maybe a fence there?  Build all three there around that park?"

They considered it.  "The elementary school is only four years old," one said.

Xander nodded. "And only about six blocks away.  Easier for siblings to get the little ones on the way home.  Or those few who have their own kids to pick up since most of the daycares and after school programs are near there too."

"It is," they said.  They looked at each other. "Put the middle school on Prospect?  That'd be another two block walk past that."

Xander shrugged. "If that'll work with the lack of parking."

"If we remove Willie's and the small shop next to it, it'd help," one pointed out.  "That shop's presently closed.  Willie's always complaining about his lack of space inside."

"He'll be able to get a nicer bar anyway since he won't have as many bar fights," Xander agreed.  "And if we add a back parking lot, we can take out that one that burned the last time the vamps got drunk.  The old music store."  They nodded and smiled, that would take care of a problem.  "Plus those are vagrant and vamp hideouts.  I don't want places for the harmful and hunting ones to hide."

The head of the Council nodded but the Chief of Police coughed.  "How are you doing on that?"

"We've taken out over a hundred.  The ones who've escaped have made two enclaves.  We're taking them on last.  If you needed us to, we could demolish those buildings too."

"It would help," the Chief of Police agreed.  "We've had a few people doing a petty theft ring recently.  They've been using the same buildings."

"We can do that somehow," Xander decided.  "I don't know if I can tear down a building by hitting it hard or not but I'll try."  That got a smile and a nod.  "Does the station need work?"

"We could use a few real officers.  Ones who aren't toadies."

"I don't play that way and you can tell them I said that.  You can also arrest Stein for trying to tamper with evidence so Buffy would be arrested for killing that robot."

"I can do that," he agreed.  "Or at least fire him and put him in disgrace so no one else hires him."  That got a smile and a nod.  "What about the demon school?"

"I talked with one at the college the night I took over.  He said it's very nice.  Is it?"  That got a mass nod.  "Is it a good school?"  They all nodded.  "Better than the human one was?  Because it sucked, guys."

"It's a lot better.  We have a very high rate of graduating demons who go onto higher professions," one of the Council told him.

"Then unless they need a new building it should be up to them.  Let me know where it is in case I run some of the hunters that way."  The Chief of Police put a purple pushpin onto the map for him.  "I wondered what that was.  Willow said it was shielded."

"Who has her?" one of them asked.

"Watcher's Council," he said with an evil smirk.  "Rupert too."  They all laughed at that.  "Buffy's getting him back after he apologizes to the world.  She... well, they've stuck her with some hardass witches for bootcamp.  She'll be fixed."  They all nodded at that.   "Speaking of, Buffy's coming up tonight to get the stuff we've found since then that's harmful and magical.  Do you guys think a good wall for all those possessed urns would be okay?"

One beamed.  "I think that's a great option, Lord Xander.  Golden Slumbers has a wall open that they just put up.  How many have you found?"

"About sixty."  He got up to open that closet.  "The stone box has them.  Everything else in piled in the bottom."  That got a nod.  He looked at him.  "Is there enough room?"

"There should be," another agreed.  "We can talk to them tonight."  Xander grinned and nodded at that.  "Have you been keeping up on cemetery rounds?"

"I've been doing hardcore patrols with Dean most nights," he admitted.  "We usually try to hit at least one if we know there were deaths.  Have we missed some?"

"They made some reinforcements.  They'll be coming up in Parkview tonight."

"Shoot, I wanted tonight off."

"Call another hunter," one of them said dryly.  "There's got to be other hunters wherever you got Dean from."

"True, I could," he admitted, considering it.  "I'll talk to Dean later."  They nodded at that.  "So, did you guys get the fax?  Sorry about the pixie sticks if it came through."

"You need to eat better," one said dryly.  "Before Joyce Summers spanks you."

"She's already nagged.  I don't know who at the donut shop narked but one of them did."  They all smiled indulgently.  He hadn't changed so much from when he was human.  It was nice he bounced less on sugar - now he flapped around - but otherwise the boy hadn't really changed.  They finished up the meeting and left to start those plans.  He went to find Dean, finding him stretched out on his bed listening to a radio station.  He changed it to polka just to see him jump, getting a scowl.  "One-oh-six is better."  Dean retuned it and beamed at him.  "It was suggested we need more backup."

"We could."

"Parkview is going to be packed tonight."  Dean moaned.  "They're making reinforcements."

Dean stared at him.  "My dad's a hunter.  He made a deal to save my life."

Xander shrugged.  "Will it upset anyone?"

"Don't know.  Could help me with the Sammy issue too."

Xander nodded.  "True, it could."  He went to write to his mentor, who sent him another one and another concubine.  He sent back a thank you note for her.  Not that he *wanted* Dru or anything but he was polite sometimes.  He called Angel while chaining Dru against the wall.  "Angel, when Buffy comes up tonight, come with her.  Special delivery for you, man."  He hung up and looked at the other guy, removing his chains with a touch of his hand.  "Need medical attention, John?"

The older man looked at him.  "Who're you?" he sneered.

"Xander.  Sividia Xander.  I've taken over the hellmouth and your son and I are cleaning out all the hunters so I can make it a safe haven."  He helped him up, not caring when the guy shoved him away.  The guy had been in hell for a while and he knew some of the demons down there had bad ideas about fun playtimes.  "Fine.  Dean!  Present for you!"

Dean came out.  "Hey, Dad.  Bathroom's this way since you need a bath.  Hey, Hu!"  He came out.  "Can he get some clothes for hunting?  He's grungy and nasty."

The small demon looked him over then nodded.  "Definitely.  I doubt even Dobby could get those clean."  He went to get him something and started a bath.  "I started the bathing chamber, Dean."

"Thanks, man."  He looked at his father.  His father stared back, giving him a long look over.  "It's a long story, let's talk while you clean up."

"I'm alive?"

"Yup.  You and me both.  Plus we've gotta talk about Sammy.  They think he's evil and they want him to start a demon army."

"Only when he doesn't sleep," John said dryly.  Xander walked off snickering.

"Don't you dare laugh, Xander!  You get very evil on too much coke and sugar!" Dean yelled after him.  He nodded.  "Bath?"

"Could use one."  He walked that way, taking his son with him.  He locked them inside, checked for watching beings, then stared at his son.  "What is going on?" he demanded.

"He used to be a human.  The Slayer's Hunter, Dad."  John moaned.  "The Slayer's witch did it to him.  So he's taken over their hellmouth to protect it and turn it into a sanctuary."  Dean grinned. "We've been cleaning out the hunters to make it safer.  Xander promised the top guys he'd stay out of everything as long as they left him alone to do this."

"The slayers are all gone?"

"His friend is in LA.  She'll be up tonight to get some of the magical crap we've found around town.  They agreed it was a decent plan.  It keeps the hellmouth from going overboard and things using it.  No one screws with a Sividia."

"I know why," he said, sitting on the edge of the tub.  "Can you trust him?"

"The first question he asked was if I needed medical attention.  He treats me like a buddy, not a slave.  He's let me play with the weapons; I talk to Sammy whenever I want.  He's asked if there's any clauses on me getting out of here when the clean-out's done.  Hasn't gotten an answer or else I'd be with Sammy at the moment.  Saw him earlier.  He is tired and growling."

"I'd expect that.  Is he all right otherwise?"

"He's good.  Needs to eat some I think.  Needs laid badly."  His father rolled his eyes.  "Speaking of, I've got to get ready for hunting tonight.  We had it off but the vamps we've been whittling down tried to make some reinforcements.  It's too much for just him and me tonight.  So I suggested you."

"Thanks.  Am I alive?"

"I am so I'm assuming you are.  That's why you stink."  John gave him a shove but stood up and stripped, climbing into the deep bath to scrub himself clean.  "I'll show you the armory later.  We've done good so far."

"He was really a hunter?"

"Yeah.  Then Rosenburg found a mention of a demon who'd be showing up to taste test the hellmouth and found out the only way to kill it was with a Higher demon, capitalized," Xander said as he walked in with a tray.  "So she changed me without my consent."  He handed it to Dean.  "That's why the Watchers have her and Rupert.  Want to bring Buffy, Dean?"

"Sure, I wouldn't mind," he said with a small shrug, putting the food aside.  "Thank Hu?"

"Of course.  He's a great cook.  Find him a bed too.  Leave the one I attached to the wall alone.  Dru's ... batty to put it nicely."  He walked off to check on her then went to rest and work on his journal.  He was using it to work things out in his mind.

Dean went to get the phone.  "It's me again.  New news.  Dad's back."  He hung up on the shocked silence then took a nibble of the fries.  "Need help?"

"No thanks.  So, what's your perk?" he asked dryly.

"Now and then Xander lets me play with his feathers because they bend and make him twitch.  If I don't, I get batted with them because they twitch."  His father laughed.  "Really.  He's not bad but he could use some more sparring and training with them out.  For the few weeks I've been here it's been great."  He left him alone to bathe.  "I'm up the hall when you're done, Dad."

"Thanks."  He went back to cleaning himself.  He was dirty and nasty after over a year in hell.  Something small and harmless brought in a small pot.  "What's that?"

"For bruises.  It helps the Great One and his Dean."  He left, going back to the kitchen with the dirty clothes.  They would try to wash them even if it was impossible.  Some of those stains had set in a *long* time ago, even before he had died probably.


Xander grinned at Buffy when she met him. "They made reinforcements."

"Ooh, yay," she said grimly.  "How many?"

"Sixty-two," Dean said, giving her a look.  "We've taken out over a hundred.  Got two major enclaves and another eight smaller areas."  He nodded at the guy walking up behind her.  "Your present is still attached to the wall."

"We stopped there first, she's in the trunk," he admitted, looking at Xander.  "You can kill more when you're in your true form."

"My wings still throw me off," he said, shrugging a bit.  "Besides, picking guts out of my nails is gross."

"It is," Buffy sighed.  "That's why I kept mine short and painted them so no one would know if I missed a bit."  She looked around.  "How many have risen otherwise?"

"Three," Dean said with a grin. "We've been good.  We need an all-out assault."

"We can help," Buffy said, looking at Angel, who nodded.  "Sure, we can help."  She grinned.  "Who are you?"

"Dean Winchester, ma'am."  He shook her hand.  "Another sort of demon hunter."

"Oh!  Them.  Yeah, Giles said there were other hunters.  Map, Xan?"  He unrolled it on top of a headstone, letting her see.  "Pretty good."  He grinned at that.  "Angel, want to take an enclave?"  He nodded.  "Which one's bigger?"

"Take this one," Dean said.  "It's the one that's filling so they'll head there if any get away from us then we'll take on the bigger one together since it's got over a hundred-fifty there last count."  She nodded at that.  "Dad?  Hunting with us or them?"

"You."  She nodded and smiled, waving at him since he was walking over.  "Thanks for the leather jacket, kid."

"Not an issue.  Some people feel more comfy with modern armor."  He shrugged.  "Okay, in this cemetery we have sixty-two coming up.  John, they are stake and retreat or cut off their heads."  That got a nod.  "Crossbow?" he offered, handing one over with bolts.  John checked it and put it on his belt.  "Good.  See you guys later, then we'll help load the magical crap into the car, Angel?"

"That'll work.  Call her phone when we're ready to hit the other enclave."  That got a nod and they split off.  He looked at her.  "He's done good so far."

"Very but you should've seen the night he showed up.  They were literally running down the street to get away from him.  Clem was shaking so much his wrinkles looked like mini earthquakes were going on in the folds.  It looked like that running of the bulls thingy you see on tv now and then.  Or like the people running away from Godzilla."

"In demon hierarchy terms, he is Godzilla," he said with a small smile at her.  "They're being nice about it because he doesn't want to upset the present order of things."

"It's better this way.  Xander would die if he had to run more than Sunnydale.  I heard he's even having the high school rebuilt somewhere else."

"Hopefully."  They found the enclave and he looked at the building.  "Want front or back?"

"Front.  You be the wall I smash them against."  He nodded, slipping into the shadows to move to the back entrance.  She pounded twice on the metal door then walked inside.  "Morning!" she shouted happily, beaming at them.  "Welcome to your dustings!  I'm Buffy, your slayer of the day!  There will be no whining with your last meal tonight."  She jumped into the ones staring at her.  Angel came in the back door and guarded it, moving in to help her meet at the center.  At the end she was sweaty and ash covered.  "It's a good thing he asked for help before we left.  Otherwise I'd be trying to clean ashes out of my new silk skirt."  She pushed her sweaty hair back.  "Breath of air?"  He nodded, going outside with her.  They both stared at the huge demon there, letting her call Xander.  "What's big, blue, and looks like a T-Rex?"  She nodded. "It's killed how?"  Xander appeared and stabbed it in the chest, pulling out the heart.  She hung up.  "Okay then."  He grinned and handed it to Angel before disappearing back to his task.  "Eww."

"They taste okay," Angel admitted.

She walked off dusting off more ashes.  "I don't wanna see that.  Have a snack.  I'm getting a drink at the Mocha Pump."

"Sure."  He waited until she was gone to suck the blood out of the heart then nibble on the rest of the demon.  It was good.  Very satisfying.


John flopped down that night, looking at his son.  "You weren't kidding."


"I meant about him needing balance work."

"Or that either."

John shook his head.  "What happens after the bad ones are gone?"

"The good ones come back and he makes sure the town's a safe haven for them."

"Interesting.  Where's Sammy?"

"Chicago.  Probably still ranting and raving where I hung up on him earlier."

John snorted.  His younger son was throwing a girl fit.  "Wonderful."

"You know, the higher demon who wanted me came after me looking like you, Dad."

"It's a common trick, son."

"Cool."  He disappeared and looked at his brother.  "The flight would be better with peanuts and pretty stewardesses to flirt with."   Sam punched him on the arm.  "We just got back from patrol.  Easy on the prettiness!"  Sam snickered.  "Dad's lounging in my room too."

"He is?"

"Yeah, he is.  Xander asked when we needed more help.  We dusted over three hundred vamps tonight with him and the slayer, plus Angel's help.  We deserve a night off tomorrow night."  Sam grinned.  "Anyway.  What's going on?"

"Still no demands?"

"No.  Xander came in, had a cookie, got jumped by the concubines his caretaker called on him, then went to bed."

Sam shook his head.  Dean disappeared.  "Hey!" he called.  "I wanted to talk to him!  I want him and my father, thank you!"

Dean blinked at his father.  "Thanks, Xander.  Sammy was gonna throw a fit."

"Sorry," a different voice said as he came in.  He looked at them.  "I knew you two would help my boy."  Both of them stiffened.  "How is he doing?"

"Still needs work with his wings out," Dean said honestly.  "Do we have any 'but' clauses to being brought back?"

"No.  He needed the help.  There has to be someone to oppose us since Rosenburg tipped the balance a bit."  He smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.  "Xander could use more than a concubine.  I thought he might choose one of you."

"I don't bend over for any demon," John said dryly, staring at him.  "Even one who used to be human."  He stood up.  "Can I go to my other son?"

"You can.  It might keep him from destroying his court.  They're pissing him off badly today."  He smirked.  "Or you could stay here since a few are going to try for this territory to test themselves against my protege."

Xander snuck up behind him, settling against his back against his wings.  "Shouldn't you tell me and not them, Cordain?"

"Probably."  He looked back as well as he could.  "Comfortable?"

Xander grinned.  "Very.  The girls do it to me all the time.  You?"

"My concubines try now and then.  Don't mess up my feathers."

"I won't.  Mine twitch."  He gave him a hug.  "So, who's coming?"

"One of the Highest is coming.  A few of the lower.  Another of the Sividia."  Xander shrugged, he could feel it.  "They are not idle threats."

"I know.  I also know I'm damn good at defending things and saving the world.  It's what I do."

"Good point."  He shifted, looking at his boy.  "Are you training?"

"At least two or three hours a day, then working on the town's plans, then clearing the hunters at night."

"Good.  Let the humans hunt while you train, Xander."

"Yes, sir.  Dean's been very helpful with helping me spar."

"Even better.  I knew they'd do good for you.  Did you not keep the babbling one?  She upset one of the Highest."

"No.  Dru annoys the shit outta me so I sent her to Angel," he said with a slightly evil smirk.  "He made her, he can unmake her or put up with her."

"Good thought."  He stroked his cheek.  "You do need to find yourself a mate.  It would help you."

"I'm not going to take anyone against their will.  If they go and come back wanting me then that's on them."

"Good enough."  He smirked.  "Train harder.  Let them train with you.  The plans will wait."  Xander nodded at that wisdom.  "Let them hunt as well.  You need the time in."

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy."  He patted him on the head.  "You need someone who just preens feathers, Xander."

"The girls do that.  So does Dean."  He shifted closer.  "Is it supposed to feel like sex?" he whispered. That got a smirk and a nod.  "Good to know.  Thank you for the warning, Cordain.  Oh, they wanted to know about their brother's thing."

"If he should come here, he'll be on your turf.  If you should go there, you're interfering."  Xander nodded at that wisdom. "Though we do not think he's the warrior that they wanted.  He's a bit...pouty and whiny."  He disappeared.

Xander looked at them.  "So," he said dryly.  "The boss, the one I wrote to get you guys free.  Sorry, Dean."

"Nah, he'll come out here," Dean said, smirking back.  "That'll work even better, Xander."  Xander grinned, knowing what he was thinking.  "Works for me.  Make sure he can't take me.  Also, this demon," he said, walking him out to grab a book.  "He's the one who marked and tainted Sammy."

Xander looked at it then at him.  "He need him dead to take it off?"

"He'll try to keep his toy.  He's the one who killed our mom and Sammy's girlfriend.  He's the one who wouldn't give my soul back to Sammy."

"Interesting.  If he shows up, he's your brother's."  Dean grinned.  "You work that however, I apparently need to train."

"I'll do morning sparring, Dad might do afternoons with you," he offered.

"I can do that," John agreed.  "Will it come here?"

Xander nodded.  "If they're testing me for weaknesses and I have you two, why wouldn't he?  He'd want you two back."

"Good point.  We're the ones who can get Sammy free," John said, getting a smirk and a nod.  "You were a hunter.  I'm almost impressed, kid.  Especially with the decorating."

Xander smirked.  "I had to live with girls.  Feel lucky it's not rose marble and gold around here, John."  He walked off laughing.  "I'm off to nap.  Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome."  He watched him go, reshelving the book.  He had figured out Xander could read a book by touching it a few days back, even if Xander himself hadn't yet.  "Make sure Sammy can't take us for a bit."  Xander waved a hand, settling in the shields over them.  That'd make Sammy pissed and he'd come out sooner.


Sam wandered around his warehouse, muttering to himself.  "Why can't I get them back?  I could call Dean before.  I should be able to summon him now."

"Perhaps the Sividia got tired of retrieving him," the female who was supposedly helping him offered.

He glared at her then threw something on her to make her scream.  "Dean said he's not like that."  He went back to muttering while he paced.  He was missing something here.  He had to be.  Dean would want to come back to him.  The Sividia was supposed to be a decent guy.  So either he had changed his mind and wanted to keep Dean and his father or something bigger was going on.  Which he didn't like the idea of.  Neither one really.  That would screw his own plans all to hell and he didn't know this guy's rep well enough to be able to gauge what he was doing.  He needed more information on him.  He decided to call a friend who was a hacker, letting him get into the Watcher's Council's files.  If he had really worked with a slayer, the uptight assholes every hunter hated to run into would have files on him.  They might not be fully correct, the guys often had a huge blind spot about their own people, but it'd be more information to plan from.

The demons watching him calmed down when he went back to his laptop.  It was a good sign.  The laptop was nearly a holy object to them with how it calmed down their Most Evil One.  Especially when he was ranting about that Sividia that had his brother.


Xander looked up.  "Anya?" he called/summoned.  She appeared next to him, going to her knees.  He handed her the head.  "Take that to The Great Evil One Samuel.  Dean's brother Sam."  She nodded.  "Tell him his father and his brother send that and their love but they've been too busy to call.  It's going to be months before they can come visit again unless he comes out here."

She looked at the head.  "It should be presented," she said quietly, looking at him.  "It is a Highest's head, Xander."

He created a cushioned platform with blood red velvet, letting her put it on it then a box overtop of it in black laquer.  "How's that?"

"That's wonderful."  She beamed and picked it up, taking it with her.  She landed in their court, looking at the forward guard of demons.  "The Lord Sividia Xander sends me with a message for your Master," she said.  "Is he busy?"

"Very," one sneered.  "What did he say?"

"A message for him from his family and a present."  She waved the pillow around.  "It'll only take a few minutes."

She stomped off.  "Samuel, there's a messenger here from your family with a present?"

He walked out, looking at her, smiling when she went to her knees.  She knew what respect was.  She was clearly an experienced, higher thinking demon than most of the ones around him.  Which meant she wasn't going to annoy him today, unlike his court.  "What message?"

"Lord Sividia Xander said that your father and brother send their love but are not able to visit.  They've had a lot of challenges and a few higher hunters to deal with.  He also sends this to you, Lord Samuel."  She held up the pillow.  "His last challenger.  I do know that your brother was nearly dancing in happiness."

That was a strange mental image that started a headache.  "Dean, dancing?" he asked, taking off the cover.  He stared at the demon then at her.  "He killed the one who killed my family?"  She nodded, smiling some.  "Why?"

"It challenged him for those who are his."

"Interesting.  Where is he?"

"Sunnydale, Lord Samuel.  The hellmouth."  She beamed.  "I'm his former fiance and now his messenger to the group in LA that he used to fight beside."

"I want to hear more on this.  The rumors are spotty at best."  He hauled her up, looking at the head.  "Someone mount that for me so I can make fun of it later."  They took it off to do that for him while he walked her off and got information from her.  By the end he was seriously pissed.  Xander had kept Dean and his father from him for over a month on purpose.  He clearly meant to keep them as his own as some sort of hunting sex slaves.  Especially with what she said about his...appetites.  Well, he had another thing coming!  He let her go and she went back to her master to tell him what he had asked probably.  Either that or she went back to her post in LA and he was arrogant enough not to care about what he had gotten from her.  No changeling was going to keep his family!  He looked at the newly mounted head, pointing at a spot on the wall.  Then he considered it.  "Put it in the car.  I'm going on a road trip."  They gave him horrified looks so he walked it out with him.  He had to come back to grab a bag and his keys but then he left again and took off for LA.  This was not going to be a pretty meeting.


Dean looked up at the demon scurrying in.  "My car here?"  It nodded.  "Where?"

"Downtown, sir.  Looking for here."

"Make sure Sammy gets here."  She nodded and disappeared to do that.  He went back to carving a stake.  "Xander, Dad, he's here!"

Xander came out wearing something.  "I do not like the formal robes or that I'm going commando.  This is not me."  He looked at himself then back at his wings.  "Besides, they pinch and mess up my feathers."  Sam stomped in and he waved his hand, changing it to a different outfit.  "Better.  Even if I did forget and am still commando.  Hey, Sam."  He walked off toward the kitchen.  "Want a soda?"

"Who are you?" he sneered, pulling out a gun.  "This can kill any demon."

Xander looked at him.  "No, it can't," he sighed, coming over.  He looked at him. "But I can untaint you.  I couldn't until you came to me.  Cordain said so."  Sam gaped.  "Guys."  They came over to restrain him, John taking the gun from him.  Xander got to work on what he and Dean had found, taking out the majority of the taint.  Sam went limp in their hands.  "Taint grows," he instructed. "It's why I had to send my friends to LA, Sam."  He helped him up with a smile.  "It'll be okay.  You're safe here.  Sunnydale is now a safe haven as long as you're not hurting others."

Sam gaped.  "But..."

"He's right," John said.  "Taint does grow, Sammy."  He looked him over.  "Still a bit I thin.  You need a haircut too."

"He'll be safer here.  Nothing and no one can beat me in my own domain.  Not while I hold the hellmouth," Xander said dryly.  "Only Cordain can take that from me.  The Highest like me here.  I'm out of their way."  He went back to the kitchen.  "Hu made some lemonade, guys.  Want some?"

Dean grinned at him.  "And you thought I was being coerced," he teased.


John shrugged.  "Who knows what Rosenburg did to him."

"Good point," Dean agreed.  Xander came back out with a tray and a fussing Hu behind him.  "He can carry snacks and stuff."

"He should not have to!  That is our job!"

Dean shrugged.  "Sometimes it's fun to get your own.  Bring him stuff when he's busy."  The smaller demon huffed off.  "Sorry."  He took his glass of lemonade from an amused Xander.  "Have them bring you stuff while you're nibbling in bed."  He looked him over.  "Can't say as I like that color scheme either."

Cordain appeared, sighing at him.  He changed the boy's clothes.  He watched him twitch and flinch and his wings shake.  "I know.  They do it to all of us, Xander."  Sam and Dean both came over to help the poor guy since he looked like he was in pain from the state of his feathers.  He looked at John.  "The young these days."

"I tried with mine.  You tried with him."

"Good point."  He took Xander with him.  They had to answer about why Xander had taken out one of the Masters of Hell.  An hour later they showed back up to find all the Winchesters nibbling dinner.  "Here, have him.  The Highest are pleased with him."  He gave Xander a look.  "They were serious about mating, Xander.  It causes fewer problems."

"I'm not even dating!" he complained.

"Then take that one and protect him," he said with a point at Sam and Dean both since they were next to each other.

"Oh, no, I like girls," Dean protested.  John snickered.  "Many times a night if I can.  I'd never sleep with Xander."

"Would he be able to keep the others from trying to use Sammy again?" John asked.  Cordain nodded and handed him something before leaving.  He looked at it.  "Translate this?" he asked, holding it up to his sons.

Sam looked at it.  "It's the same prophecy but they skipped parts in the newer translation."  Xander snickered and nodded since his mouth was full.  "Common?"

"They didn't think it was important or it didn't fit their view of how it should happen.  The Watchers did it a lot in the middle ages; so did some monks."

Sam read it over.  "It says I'd be claiming ground, not all ground."

"So they made you from a smaller ruler into the Anti-Christ?" Dean asked.  Sam nodded.  "Huh.  Well, you staying here to help Xander might fit that."

"Only if I claimed him as mine," Xander corrected.  "Though the Highest did want me mated soon.  Tomorrow if possible."  He ate another bite of dinner.  "Thanks for having it ready, guys."

"We were hungry," John admitted.  "You'd be able to protect him?"

Xander looked at him.  "Me having this area is ordained by Cordain, the highest Sividia in Hell.  Plus all the Highest agreed that having me out of the way would be for the best.  I screwed up *so* many prophecies."  John gaped.  He smirked.  "I'm the reason there's *two* slayers."

Sam whimpered.  "I've heard of that prophecy!  The Dark will rise but then lose footing and lay cowering while begging for mercy."

"Maybe once Faith gets out of jail," Xander said dryly.  "I was one of the strengths that kept Buffy going.  Now she's got an expanded team and Angel's a Champion for the Powers That Be.  Willow's tampering activated that one and yours, Sam."  He sipped some of his tea.  "It's only right that the same power protect you."

"Huh," Dean said.  "You're... interested in Sammy?" he asked.

"With as horny as I am right now thanks to this stupid robe and my wings, even you look good, Dean," he said dryly, earning a laugh from John.  "Sorry but my wings are sensitive."  He pouted a bit.  "Beyond that, Sam, we're going to be here for a *very* long time and this is a safe haven."

"I heard that but my emissary said it was so you could snack on them.  Dean said you only eat twinkies."

"Joyce screamed at me about only eating snack cake goodness," Xander said dryly.  "Hence us having real food at least once a day."  John gave him a smug look and a nod.  "She got onto him to make sure of it when she heard another parent was here."

"You can't fight your best if you're living on sugar and caffeine.  You need a better diet, kid."

"At the very least you can consider yourself a resident," Xander offered.  "These two can stay here if they want or go back to hunting.  Either one that they want.  Angel could still use more help."

"Does he always brood that way?" John asked.  Xander nodded.  "Why?"

"He's got his soul back," Xander said dryly.  "He regrets his past deeds.  That's why he's a Champion."

"Hell," Dean said, shaking his head quickly.

"Yeah, I helped Buffy send him there for a bit after he lost it thanks to getting too happy one night," Xander admitted.  "He was working his way back up to being one of the scourges of Europe by way of Willow's fish."  He took another drink.  "Hu, can Sam have a plate too?" he called.  "He's sharing Dean's since I stole one."  He came out with one and a glass of tea for him, letting another of the servant demons bring over a chair.  Sam smiled and nodded his thanks and they walked off together.  "Eat.  Please.  No one here starves or Hu complains."

"Yes, I will," Hu called.  "Change, Lord Xander.  Before you pounce someone."

Xander removed his robe and put on a simple pair of jeans instead.  He sighed in relief.  "Aaaaaah.  Off my wings."  Sam blushed at that.  "They're very sensitive."

"He can fly too," Dean said.  "He needs some help landing but he can fly."

John snickered. "I saw him limping from his last one."

Xander looked at him.  "Don't make me turn you into a fairy, John."  John spluttered.  "Then we'll see how good *you* can land.  I'm betting you'll land on your ass a few times too."

"Sorry, kid."  He stuffed his mouth, looking at his son. "Eat, Sammy."  Sam ate a bite of dinner.  "Where's your court?"

"Left them in Chicago.  Said I was going on a road trip after your messenger came."  He looked at Xander.  "You dated her?"

"I was her fiance before this happened," he said grimly.  "She used to be over women scorned."

"I heard."

"Dude, we all heard," Dean assured him.  "She came up to nag because he hadn't made her his concubine."

"She pouted about that a few times," Sam agreed.  "You dated a former Incan Mummy?"

"I didn't know she was until we found the broken seal and figured out it was her nibbling on people," Xander said with a small shrug. "She was a pretty, nice, sweet girl."  He grinned. "Before you ask, the science teacher had huge breasts and that's what drew all of us.  It was the only time I got an A in science."

Sam shook his head quickly.  "Shape changers can be like that."  John gave them a curious look.  "It's his dating history, Dad."

"She was a giant preying mantis," Xander said.  "She wanted virgins to fertilize eggs.  I was still one then."

"Then Sammy being evil and slightly tainted should be up your alley," Dean said happily.  His father kicked him under the table.  "What?"

"Xander's a lot like you are, Dean, so I'm sure they'll get along while they figure that part out."

"Does that mean you're going to drive me nuts listening to Mullet Rock?" Sam asked Xander.

"I'm a fan of many forms of music.  From country through rock and heavier classic rock."  Sam smiled at that.  "We'll figure it out while we keep you safe, Sam."  The doors slammed open and he looked back.  "Hi, Willow.  How's the coven?"

"You're doing evil things!  I've got to change you back."

"You can't change me back," Xander said dryly.  "Not even the demons you called on can change me back, Willow."  He sipped his tea.  "Beyond that point, I doubt I've been doing evil by clearing the town of dangerous demons."

She glared at him.  "I know very well you are, Mister!  Don't you try to lie to me!  That's another evil thing!"  She spotted the others finally and glared at Xander again.  "Are you keeping slaves?"

"No, these are the hunters who were helping me clean out all the hunting demons on the hellmouth and Sam, who some of the others want me to marry."

"Then I know he's evil," she snorted, glaring at him.  "You're the one they call the Great Evil One."

Sam shrugged.  "So they think.  I don't think I am.  They annoy the crap out of me.  I was using them to get my family back.  Xander, who is this?"

"Willow.  The one who changed me."  He looked at her again.  "We're having dinner.  Want some?  Hu made some tea."

"I bet it's got nasty things in it," she sneered, pulling stuff out of her pockets.

"No.  A bit too little sugar but good and lemony," Dean said.

"You don't need more sugar either, son," John said patiently. "You had half a box of cereal for breakfast."

"I was hungry after playing with the ladies," he said with a smug grin.

She shrieked.  "Xander, I will change you back!" she said hotly.  "This isn't you!"

"It is now, thanks to you," he said dryly.  She did something and he felt his body and soul separate.  He floated, looking at his body, then watched her send the others off.  He concentrated and put himself back together then brought them back and sealed the house again.  He looked at her.  "Nice try but since I saved those two from hell that was incredibly mean of you.  Boys, you two good?"   They nodded and got back to dinner.  Sam looked nauseous.  "You okay, Sam?"

"I'm fine, Xander.  Your wings are gone."

"I hid them when I came back," he admitted.  He stood up, looking at her.  "Guys, look away."  They did and he brought out his full magnificence.  He had found this out the other day too by accident.  Nearly fried his concubine.  She whimpered, backing away shielding her eyes.  "Willow Rosenburg."  She let out another whimper.  "We'll be back."  He took her with him to LA, popping in.  He waved at Anya.  "Stay."  He handed her to Angel.  "She came in to try to fix me by taking my soul out of my body and banished John and Dean back to hell, plus Sam out of my protection."  He looked at her.

"Xander, glowy, bad, getting a tan from the evil," Cordelia complained.

He muted it.  "Sorry."  He looked at her.  "You assaulted a high level general in Hell's armies, Willow.  The one you made.  While I'm *really* amused, I'm also a bit pissed at you still.  Actually, I'm *very* pissed at you.  I'm still livid about you changing me without my consent."  She went pale.  "I'm still really pissed that I had to handle this situation that *you* created.  Including Sam being tainted because you doing this activated the prophecy about him.  He was a hunter before this, Willow.  You took a *whole* family of hunters from the light plus me."  She tried to shrink back into Angel's hands.  "By all rules I should turn you over to Cordain and let our judges punish you.  They probably won't be mean since you did so much to help the dark win.  At least temporarily."  He leaned down to get into her face.  "If you try one more thing against me, I will see you on that neverending wall in hell.  I will see you chained and forced to watch horrible things every day for the rest of eternity.  Magicless.  Unable to do anything.  Unable to move, go to the bathroom without wetting yourself, unable to look away, all of it.  I will make sure that what you're shown is torment enough that if you're reincarnated you'll be a good Council- raised slayer."  She tried to push back against Angel but he held her still.  "Am I clear?"  She nodded.  "You fucked up.  Take responsibility for your actions."  Sam showed up.  He looked at him.  "Just learned?"

"Hu told me I could too."  He walked over, laying a hand on Xander's shoulder.  "She's not worth your anger, Xander."

"She is!  She did this to me!  Then she comes over to kill me?  No, sorry."

"Calm down.  She's being punished.  She has a conscience and she knows that she took herself from the light as well," he said calmly.  "Not only did she remove the threat from my family, she removed yours and hers as well."  Buffy moaned.  "She can atone.  She's still human."  Xander looked at him.  "She can atone."

"This was her version of atonement."

"Then the ones here can show her better."  He looked at Angel.  "Will you train her, Champion?"  He nodded at that, looking serious.  "Her being on the side of light again comes at your command and at your strength."

"I learned, I can help her," he agreed.  "Lord Samuel."

"They want me to marry Xander so I can't take over the world."

"The prophecy said you'd claim an area, Sam.  If you married me, you've done that," Xander said dryly.  "Therefore you've fulfilled the prophecy."  Sam gaped.  He nodded.  "Which I think was what Cordain wanted.  He doesn't think you're the warrior they should've gone after.  He called you pouty."

"I am not!" he said, starting to pout.  He saw Xander's look shift.  He smiled at him. "Dean said you're pouty."

"Only when you take my chocolate."

"Please take the chocolate from him," Buffy offered.  "Is he evil?"  Angel nodded.  "Then he fits into Xander's style, even if he is a guy."  She shrugged.  "Want picture frames for the wedding, guys?"

"We're still seeing if I can do more than stand him and protect him," Xander told her.  "If so, I'll invite you up for it.  It's going to be a huge demon bash."  She grinned at that.  "Oh, last harmful one is going to go tomorrow night, Angel, so you can tell the harmless ones that they can start coming back in about three weeks.  In time for school to start."  He nodded at that, looking happier.  "The new high school will be by Restview."  Buffy clapped at that.  "If you find Willie, tell them we seized his bar in eminent domain so we could build the new junior high but he's more than welcome to move somewhere bigger and better.  The clientele should be better behaved this time."  He looked at Sam.  "We should talk.  Huh?"

"Yes we should," he admitted.  "And we should fix your feathers."

Xander gave him a shy look.  "Don't promise that tonight, Sam, unless you want to end up a pillow after sex."  He took him back with him.  He looked at the guys.  "Thanks, Hu."  He sat down, letting Sam sit down again.  "We put Willow under Angel's tutelage."

"He can show her how to get back on the right path," Sam assured him.  "He had to find it a few times according to my research."

Xander nodded.  "Yeah.  Plus he knows how devious and sneaky she is."  He zapped something, making her scream and head back to Angel.  "Tried to sneak in as a mouse."  He went back to eating.  "Anyway."  He sighed and took a bite of dinner.

Dean smirked at Sam.  "You'll like it here.  He's slightly insane like we both are.  Watch out for bouncing."  He finished up and went to his room then went to bathe.  John followed.  They had found the super bathroom like the old soaking baths.  It was big enough for ten or twelve people to be in there having sex so they could enjoy it together while those two talked.  "Think they'll suit each other?"

"They could," John admitted.  "Xander's very protective of what's his."

"Then what, Dad?"

John shrugged.  "I don't know, son.  He's gone.  There's no evil bastards here.  We could go hunting more of them."

"Be nosy, visiting in-laws?" Dean suggested with a grin.  He heard a scream and got out, going to peek out in the hall.  "Need us, Xander?"

"It's his court, guys."

"Need us?" he called again.

"No.  Go back to your bath."   He looked at the female and her three hench-demons.  Then he eliminated the hench-demons.  "Don't bring muscle into my house, lady."

"Give us back our evil one," she sneered.  "I do know how to kill your sort."

"With your breath?  How many demons did you suck off?" he shot back with a sneer of his own.  She gave him a horrified look.  "Yeah, extra special scent glands.  At least your evil one smells good."  She pulled something and came after him.  He kindly broke her wrist and tossed the knife onto the table.  Then he sent her to Buffy too, planting a big sign over her head that announced she wanted to be Sam's concubine and was vicious in trying to get him to have baby evil ones.  Anya saw and went after her with her tongue, teaching her the proper way to be a concubine while ranting about not getting that spot herself.  Because that one was clearly pitiful!  Xander flopped down, looking at Sam again.  "I sent her to Anya with a sign over her head saying she wanted to be a concubine but she was violent.  Anya can teach her better."  Sam laughed.  He looked at the dagger.  "What is that?"

"I don't know."  He looked at it, then got up to find a research book. "Where did we get the library?"

"From Giles when I sent him off for punishment," he called, looking at the knife.  "I can tell it's blessed."  Cordain appeared.  "Got a clue?"

"It can damage us but it'd only hurt.  Like any good weapon."

"What if she scored in a vital area?"  Sam asked as he came back.

"An injury.  The only thing that can truly kill us hasn't been seen in generations."  He looked at Xander.  "What happened to you?"

"Willow tried to remove me from my body.  Why?  Did I come back funny?"

"Yes."  He laid a hand on his head, fixing the damage the witch had done, plus reading her judgement.  "That was a good punishment.  They'll need more white lighters in the future."  He smirked at him, removing his hand.  "Also very mean with that wench."  He looked at Sam then at him.  "He is a good choice.  It would protect you both."

"Who else wants me?"

"They want the power you now control."

"I was born here.  They can kiss my ass," Xander said dryly.  He looked behind himself then at his boss. "Why do I suddenly have a tail?"

"You can change into other shapes as well, Xander.  You were feeling a bit... hyper."  He disappeared.

Sam looked.  "It's not a Tigger tail at least."

Xander looked at the cat's tail then at him.  "Not cute."  Sam just grinned.  "Anything?"

"Made in the sixteen-hundreds by a holy weapon maker for the Vatican.  Supposed to go from specially appointed priest to specially appointed priest who guards the Pope from the demons who might try to influence him.  Lost sixteen years after created when the eighth one died."

"One every two years?"

"A lot of demons would go after the Pope I guess," Sam admitted, looking at him once the book was closed.  "We can work on your powers and sparring, Xander.  Dad trained me too."

Xander let out a small smile. "Sure.  But don't let me pounce you unless you really want it."

"I won't."  He finished his dinner then stood up.  "Should we carry into the kitchen?"

"Do you want to hear the fit?"

"No," he admitted.  "I don't like things throwing fits at me.  That's one thing I hated about the demons we hunted, they complained while you were beating them."  He held out a hand and helped Xander up.  "Where are the two chuckleheads?"

"The Roman baths I put in for soaking.  It's the only way I can get my wings wet to clean them.  I can float on my back and let them get wet so I don't make them stink and twitch."

"Sure," he agreed, sniffing one.  "They don't stink, Xander.  They smell kinda...."  He took another sniff.  "Musky, with a bit of darker undertone like a cocoa tree's flowers."

"They make flowers?"

"We'll look them up online," he promised with a smile.  The guy was such a contradiction sometimes.  They found the baths and Xander stripped down so he could float and get his wings clean while Sam stripped and climbed in.  "Hey, guys.  They're gone."

"Needed more help?" Dean asked.

"No.  He sent her to Anya to talk about how a proper concubine acted."  Dean snickered.  "Not that I really want evil little babies."

"All babies are evil sometimes," John said wisely.

Xander looked at him.  "They said Willow wasn't.  Maybe she's making up for it now."  He twitched his wings in the water, then sighed in pleasure.  "That feels nice.  The grungy feeling between them is gone."

"Don't you dare shake off on us," Dean complained.  Xander gave him a smirk.  "You do and I'm going to drown you."  It'd at least hurt for a few minutes.  Sam gave him that special 'oh really' look.  "I don't need sprayed.  He's worse than a dog."

Xander looked at him.  "How else are you supposed to dry feathers?  They break if I use a blow dryer and that messes them up even worse."

"Blotting?" Sam suggested.

"Still damp.  Damp is itchy."  His wings twitched again.  "Can someone get up near my back on my left wing?"  Dean came over to get the spot of dust between them, making him sigh in pleasure again.  "I'll let you two run first."

"Thanks, really," Sam said dryly.  He came over to help, listening to Xander moan.  He gave him a smug look.  "Feel good?"

"Remember that talk about pouncing? You're getting really close," Xander said in a hazy, lusty, content voice.  "But by all means keep going if you want pounced."

One of the concubines strolled in and came to help Sam.  "Hi.  I'm Denari."

"Sam."  She gasped and bowed, backing away.  "Don't do that!" he whined.  She gave him a scared look.  "Don't.  I'm Dean's brother.  Treat me like it."

"Do you do that tongue thing the girls were giggling about last night?" Xander asked dryly.  Sam pushed his head under the water.  Denari gasped and tried to help him. "I earned that, Denari."

"If you say so, Lord Xander."

"I keep telling you guys to drop the title."

"It is disrespectful and they'd put us back in the general corps if we did so," she said with a sorrowful pout.  "Please don't make them do that to us?"

"Fine.  Whatever," he said, looking at Sam.  "Did your court do that?"

"Mine were pretty pitiful.  They didn't have a whole lot of brains."

"Hmm.  I demand brains.  I'm doing great things for the world and I need people who can help me."

"He nearly went to law school," John offered.  Sam shot a glare at him so he smirked.  "You did.  I'm proud and I can brag."

"I don't think this is the time for that, Dad," Sam said dryly.  He went back to helping Xander.  "Do you want them straightened and smoothed?"

"It'll have to be done when they're dry."  The wing Denari was working on twitched.  "There's something that feels like gravel by your hand, Denari."  She found the grit and removed it for him.  He looked at him.  "It took me three days to master being able to scrub my back again once I woke up this way."

Sam grinned.  "You still probably miss spots."

"Special back brush."  He moaned and flipped onto his feet, letting them straighten out his feathers.  Dean and John both fled.  They'd been feather coated in the past.  Denari simply dunked herself to get any that shed off her.

Sam looked.  "You're molting."

"Am I going darker or lighter?"

"Looks like the same color."  He got a towel to help blot the feathers dry, then got a blow dryer.  "Xander, diffuser?"  He gave him a look.  "That big thing that goes on the blow drier to spread it out and cool it down a bit?"  Xander shrugged and created one.  "Your girls have one?"

"Buffy does.  Cordy did."

"Turn around.  Let's see if this works."  He got to work on his wings once they were on the side of the pool.  Denari got him a soft, padded brush.  "What's this?"

"To oil them later.  It will help with the molting. The oil is inside."  She fled, going to tell the others who was visiting.   They had no idea Dean had such great lineage!  He was clearly good to play with, even for the snobby one who didn't like him before.

"Your caretaker or did Dean call for them?" Sam teased.

"Hu did.  He said I was too stressed out.  It was after Dean got here."  He looked back.  "There's one who hates him.  Considers a human beneath her."

"She can go to my court then."  He kept working on the grooming, listening to Xander moan and twitch.  He got them both dry after about an hour, then picked up the padded brush, finding the oil seeping out.  He gently stroked it over the gray feathers, earning louder moans and the body shifting.  "Careful, don't want to fall back in," he teased.  "I can only do this once a day."  Xander looked back at him.  "You're neat and my family likes you.  I'll at least give you a try to impress me."

"I kept up with Anya."

"That's very impressive but have you ever touched a man?"  Xander shook his head.  "I did it once to get past the virgin barrier but not otherwise."  He kept stroking over them.  He finally finished with the undersides and Xander was a puddle of goo, all but his cock.  "Go pounce them," he whispered in his ear.  Xander gave him a hurt look.  "I'm moving slower than that."  Xander shifted and kissed him, making him moan and clutch at his hair.  "You're not bad for never having touched a guy before, but I still want to move slower.  You can play with the girls until I take you the first time.  Or you take me that first time."  Xander nodded, getting up to go play with his concubines.  Sam got up and went to check on Dean, who was giggling with one of the girls.  "Xander's pouncing someone."  She went to be included.  "Sorry."

"Not an issue.  I'm good.  You okay?"

"I'm fine.  I figured out how to do his feathers for him."  He sat down beside him.  "Are you really liking it here?"

"I am so far.  I might get a bit bored but LA's overrun.  San Francisco's just up the coast by a few hours.  Hell, even Stanford's only a few hours away."  Sam smiled at that.  "They have a college here too."

"I did a thorough check on the town before I got here."  He gave him a shoulder nudge.  "Why be pushy?  If you had asked, I would've come."

"If you had simply come, you'd have to ask him.  This way he could do it without breaking your pride."

"I would've begged, Dean."

"Then why are you in here?"  He gave him a knowing look.  "The guy in there is the only one that can protect you from the horde that still want your ass, Sammy.  You're letting him jump *girls* tonight?"

"We're not ready for that yet.  He's never had a guy."

"He's still partially innocent?" Dean demanded.  Sam nodded.  "Damn it, no wonder some of them come for him!  You've got to fix that, Sammy."

"I will be if we can stand each other.  Tonight was lust.  Let's see how he is when he's not in lust thanks to his feathers."  He nudged him again.  "I babied your music the whole way too."  Dean smiled.  "Missed you too this last month.  They were driving me nuts."

"I know."  He gave him a punch on the arm.  "It'll be okay."

"It won't be."

"It will be.  I know it will be.  Xander's a very unique, special guy.  You two will do fine protecting each other."  He gave him a look, seeing the grimace.  "Not like someone won't try.  Including the Watcher's Council.  He knows how they work and they probably think he could get the location of all their other girls from Rupert or Wesley.  He's a threat to a great many of us on the light now that she made him move over.  The same as you are, Sammy.  Doing this is going to protect him some but not fully.  Think about how many hotshots are out to make a name for themselves.  Or the cocky brats who think they can kill Gods.  Or even the ones like Dad," he finished more quietly.  "Dad got a quick lesson in why Xander's doing good things, even with this.  I made sure of it because I didn't want to see him attack Xander and Xander have to kill him for it again.   That would've hurt Dad and Xander."

"I know."  He shifted position.  "I'm still trying to learn about him.  I need to know more than the background and research, Dean."

"Of course you do.  You're still letting someone take your place tonight."

"He needs someone to pounce to get that out of his system.  If we're going to be together, he's not touching them ever again."

Dean nodded.  "Good.  They're good and fun for him, but he needs someone serious to balance him out and help him learn everything he can do.  Especially since you two will be here *long* after we'll be dead and gone."  Sam looked at him.  "We will be."

"He could've made you immortal."

"No, he can't.  I asked the higher one that when he showed up to check on him one night.  He said he hadn't called either of us back that way."  He hit him on the arm again.  "Don't you think about it either."

"Shut up, jerk.  I'll think about whatever I want."

"What you should be thinking about loves oral sex and is in the next room, bitch."  Sam blushed at that.  "Heard about that?"

"In the forty minutes I talked to Anya, she told me about his talent in bed for about six of it."  Dean nodded at that.  "Then tried to go back to it a few times but I had to steer her off it.  That's why I was sure I was going to show up in time to see you on your knees and begging because you were too sore."  He looked at his big brother.  "That wouldn't freak you out?"

"Only if you grow wings too."

Sam smiled.  "They're beautiful."

"They are.  They're also very picky about dirt and water."  Someone up the hall squealed.  "Dad, you okay?" he called.

"Fine!" he shouted.  "Xander!"

"I didn't do anything," he called back.  "Ask Amanda."

"Ooops, didn't mean to splash you with the lube, John.  Sorry."  She came in to gather it, giving his covered body a look.  "You should probably bathe before something thinks that you're special to it."  He got up and stomped into the shower.  "Sorry!"  She hurried back to Xander's side.  "I meant to summon it, not cover him in it."

He gave her a look then pointed at the corner.  "No magical mistakes.  Reach for it physically," he said patiently.  She went to sit in the corner and pout.  He went back to his fun with his other two girls.  The snobby one he didn't like either.  He wore them both out, then relented and had Amanda, and still needed more.  "What is this, Pon Far?" he complained.  Sam laughed from the hallway, leaning in.  "It's not enough."

"You do have another one."

"She wants evil babies and she decided that who I really am isn't good enough for her."

"Then why is she still here?"

"I can't get anyone to take her back."

Sam came in and concentrated, sending her back to her spot.  "There."  He gave Xander a kiss.  "Molest them again."

"They're worn out."

Sam looked at him.  "If I touch you they're not coming back, Xander.  Mine is mine and only mine.  I'm the most possessive Winchester ever born."

"Your mother was worse," John called, coming out of the bathroom.  "Spare sheets, Xander?"

"Closet?" he suggested.

"Only silk ones for your bed."  Xander grimaced and thought up a new pair, letting Sam deliver them.  Sam came back.  "Thank you."

"Welcome," Sam said.  He closed the bedroom door.  "I want to get to know you, Xander.  I'm not one of those guys who can hit it in the bathroom of the club."

"I never get any in the club," he admitted.

Sam smiled.  "A bit too geeky?"  Xander nodded.  "I can understand that.  So am I now and then.  Dean gets all the girls."  He looked at the bed then started to pull a chair over but Xander pulled him down to cuddle with him.  "Dean said you liked to cuddle."

"Do.  It's one of my favorite things."  He stroked his stomach.  His neediness was growing.  "I didn't eat anything while we were having the meeting."

"Maybe the girls did it?"

"Maybe."  He looked at them then at him.  "They're on demonic birth control."

"Good."  He stroked over his hair.  "Relax.  We can talk."  Xander nodded, resting against his shoulder.  "How were you in school?"

"Sucked majorly."

"Hmm.  I did good.  We switched every few months but I did good."

"Then maybe you can explain some things to me?" he asked hesitantly.

"Sure.  I can do that."  Xander grinned, he could see it and feel it against his skin.  "What's your favorite weapon?"

"My battle axe is my baby."

"I've got a pump action shotgun I favor but we always keep in mind that we might have to drop one and run."

"Do you like knives?"

"I can use knives."

Xander looked at him.   "I'm a big weapons fan."

Sam smiled.  "You and Dean both."

"Yeah but he treats me like a goofy kid."

"Me too."  Xander grinned at that.  "He's always protected me."

"He tried to make Anya leave me alone one night."

"Did it work?"

"He tried really hard.  It nearly made him pout he was trying so hard."

Sam laughed.  "Dean's always looked after me.  I was about four when I heard about stepmothers for the first time so I asked him if he was mine."  Xander giggled and he smiled at him.  "Dean was just barely eight.  He burst out crying and went to Dad, who was mortally embarrassed.  Dean complained I was having bad people thoughts and was possessed.  Dad did an exorcism to check then we had a *long* talk about how daddies didn't do those things with their sons and what a stepmother was for.  Dean spent the next three weeks trying to get him to take any woman that would let him flirt with her so I'd never ask him that again."

"Have you been?"


"Have you been possessed?"

"Once.  I turned into the truly evil Sam."

"I got a hyena and a soldier," he said, playing with Sam's chest.  He hadn't put back on a shirt either.  "They're kinda neat."

Sam stroked over his hair and the back of his neck.  "It happens to the best of us.  They're scared of Dean keeping them and making them see horrible things when he has sex so they don't go near him."  Xander cackled at that.  "They are.  That's why he never gets possessed.  You can build shields though.  We can make sure you don't get possessed again."

"I think they think I'm scary now."

"I don't."  Xander gave him an adoring look.  "We do what we have to do to protect others.  In your case, it was done to you and you're still protecting others."  Xander grinned.  "I don't think I could've jumped in without training like you did."

"How did you know that?"

"Thorough background check."

He shrugged and snuggled in a bit better.  Sam went back to stroking over his hair.  Xander sighed in pleasure.  "I miss hugging and things.  I haven't been able to hug my friends since I was changed.  It would've tainted them."

"I'm already tainted.  It doesn't matter to me."  Xander wrapped an arm around his chest and squeezed.  Sam wiggled until he was holding him and squeezed back.  "This was the best part of living with Jess.  She would cuddle whenever I asked or sat still for more than ten minutes."  Xander sniffed him.  "Do I need to go scrub?"

"You smell nice.  Sweaty but nice."  He gave him a better squeeze, getting a moan.  "Sorry."  He eased off.

"No, you popped my back.  I needed that."  He gave him a gentle kiss.  "We're going to get to know each other before you quit playing with your ladies, Xander.  Even if it's a marriage of convenience I can't do that if I don't know you."  Xander nodded.  "Good."  He kissed him again, letting the boy cuddle.  Xander shot off and went limp with a sigh of pleasure.  "Feel better?" he teased.  "I didn't know I was that hot.  It must be a Winchester trait since Dean said he does that to girls."

Xander pinched him.  "Needed to do that for the last hour."  He snuggled in again, getting an amused look.  "You can nap in here.  Safer anyway."

"I know."  He let the boy snuggle in, concentrating on the box of baby wipes on the dresser.  Xander brought them over for him.  "I don't get the cool powers.  It sucks."

"You're too smart.  You'd overthink them.  Then they'd never work."  He looked up.  "You'd be the sort of figure out why they worked instead of just using them."

"I guess I would be."  He finished wiping off his stomach.  "Warn me next time."  Xander nodded and snuggled in again.  "Night."

"Night."  He laid there, enjoying being held. Sam gave nice hugs.

Dean peeked in a few hours later on his way for a midnight snack.  Sam and Xander were tangled together.  One wing was over Sam's chest and stomach along with an arm and a leg thrown over Sam's body.  Xander was clearly possessive of what was his.  He smiled and went onto his snack run, finding his father in there.  "They're asleep."

"They'll figure it out.  You did.  Sammy did when he broke that innocence barrier."  He ate a bite of his sandwich.

"I think it'll be Sammy teaching him.  Which means they'll need stuff."

"Xander can create it."

"It'll be better if Sammy buys it.  It'll mean more to Xander."

"Probably.  The boy does have that streak from those girls around him."  He ate another bite, looking out toward the door when it opened.  "They're in bed, Buffy."  She walked that way and Dean made her a sandwich too.

"Thanks, Dean."  She sat down at the counter in there with them.  "In bed?"

"Sam and Xander spent some time talking."

"Oh.  So I'll see stuff I don't want to know about?"

"They're still getting to know each other," Dean assured her.  "Only naked guys.  And the concubines who came in to tease him earlier when his feathers were messy."

She grimaced.  "I've heard plenty about that from Anya."

"I tried," Dean assured her, taking a bite of his sandwich.

"I'm sure you did but nothing stops Anya when she wants some," she complained.  "I need to date.  I wanted to know if you guys knew anyone like you guys, only without the evil taint and staying here with Xander and your brother, who might like me?  Being around Angel is driving me insane."

"It's possible we're going to be going out hunting again," John told her.  She gave him a confused look.  He nodded.  "We can."

"If you do that leaves Xander unprotected and without backup."

"Sammy'll be here," Dean promised.

"Yeah but we checked.  Sam's not a great hunter.  You two hunt like me and Xander do.   Sam hunted like Willow did.  When he had to and researched the rest of the time."

"Good point," John admitted, looking at Dean.  "I'll go nuts."

"I think we can switch out once we make sure it's safe," Dean offered.  John nodded at that.  "As for other hunters?  We've got to plug back into the network.  Most of our friends are presently under the idea that we're dead and Sam's going evil."

"Well, evil is what Xander likes," she said dryly.  She ate another bite.  "I don't know why I want Angel again."

"It's that fantasy," John told her.  "You had him once. You think you can make it better this time."

"Last time we had....snuggly time he lost his soul."

Dean snickered.  "Not your fault."

"I know.  Stupid happiness clause."  She pouted at him.  "Now we're in strange emotional places not even I can swim in.  Even Cordy's trying to set me up with someone and they're all jerks."

"We'll ask around once we've plugged back in," John promised.  She smiled and nodded. "Anything else coming up?"

"We heard another huge demon problem was coming but we think it's from Sam's people.  We think they got a higher thing onto their side and they want Sam back."

"Too late," Sam said as he walked in.  "Make me one, Dean?  No mayo."  Dean handed over his spare one.  "Thanks."

"How did you get out from under him?" Dean asked.

"Had to go to the bathroom.  His wings are taking up most of the bed.  I'll give him a few and he'll want me to cuddle when I come back.  Jess did."  He took a bite, looking at her.  "Who's coming?"  She pulled out the note she had printed from her email.  He read it, nodding slowly.  "Huh.  We'll handle it like we have the others."

John sniffed.  "Son, why do you stink?"

"Sweaty, sorry."  He looked at her.  "Sorry, Buffy."

"I'm not.  I'm getting a good view of your hottiness.  I gotta say, Xander's getting a good deal."  He blushed and walked off to take a shower.  She looked at Dean.  "Think you'll need help?"

"I don't know," he admitted.  "If we think we will we'll call beforehand."  She nodded at that, taking her sandwich to go.  "Thanks, Buffy."

"Not a problem.  He's solving some major issues for us by doing this."  She grinned from the doorway.  "Who else would know how to keep this hellmouth closed and happy?"  She left, going back to the car after grabbing the box out of the magical stuff closet.  Spike looked over from his reading.  "They're warned.  Sam's a hotty hiding it under loose t- shirts."  She took another bite. "They'll find me a boyfriend hopefully."  He just nodded at that, starting the car and driving off.  "So, do you want to come back?"

"No," he said, shaking his head.  "Whelp's sort creep me out."

"He'll be marrying Sam we think."  She finished it and dusted off her hands, wiping off her mouth once she had swallowed.  "Dean said they were cuddled up."

"Good on him but still creeped out," Spike assured her.  "Higher ones always do our sort."

"I noticed the fleeing.  Will they come back?"

"Once they know it's safe they'll trickle back," he said, giving her a look.  "Think whelp can do it?"

"I don't know.  I think Xander thinks he can and that's the most important thing, right?"  Spike just nodded, leaving her with her thoughts.  "I really need to hop onto the new boyfriend bandwagon."

Spike snickered.  "Could yeah."

"They'll ask around. That way I don't end up with a loser who doesn't understand my job."

"Even better."  He turned on the radio and she flipped it off on him.  "Mine," he protested.

"Yay.  Noisy.  Need those eardrums to hear demons sneaking around."

He rolled his eyes and sped up once they hit the interstate.   He had been threatened and blackmailed into driving her up here tonight.  He was going to be paying the Watcher twit in leather back for ages for this one.


Xander woke up to a nice smell.  Smelled like cuddles.  He shifted and stretched out against the nice smell's side, yawning a bit.  He also smelled like muffins.  He made an inquisitive noise.  Sam smiled and tweaked the edge of a wing, getting a sleepy glare.  "We have wildberry muffins if you'd finally get up."

"How long did I sleep?"

"Nearly a whole day."

Xander yawned.  "Must've needed it."  He snuggled in better.  "Wildberry?  Like from the mix?"

"I don't know but they're very good.  Dean's already demolished one batch."  Xander hummed and stretched again, his wings spreading out behind him.  He looked back there.  "They've been up and gone for hours, Xander.  It's just us in the house with Hu."  Xander nodded, taking a kiss before getting up and heading to the bathroom.  Sam smiled, going to get Hu alerted.  He already had milk and muffins waiting, plus little pads of butter being warmed for easier spreading.  "Thanks."

"He deserves it."  Xander wandered in, and no one seemed to care he was naked so Hu didn't either.  "Food.  You need food, Lord Xander."

Xander patted him on the head.  "Thanks, Hu.  You spoil me rotten."  He sat down and hissed, standing up again.  "Chilly."

"Naked," Sam countered.  Xander thought up some pants and sat down again.  "Thanks."  It had been very educational but he didn't want anyone to look at what was his.  He was jealous that way.

Xander made a humming noise while he buttered his first muffin.  "No problem.  Why was I naked?"

"Lots and lots of sex with the concubines then cuddles with me while we talked?" Sam prompted.  Xander grinned at him.  "Remember now?"  Xander leaned over and took a kiss.  "Thank you.  Eat, silly."  Xander nibbled and he looked at Hu, who gave him a muffin too.  "Thanks, Hu.  Anything else going on today?"

"Brother and father are out shopping for some silly reason."

"Some things are important to buy," Xander said.  "Like weapons."

"They are," Sam agreed happily.  Xander grinned before eating another bite.  "Why did you sleep so long?"

"Probably needed it.  I've been tired recently.  Either that or it's the same reason I went into heat last night and couldn't get enough."

"Hmm.  We'll have to figure that out."  Sam buttered and nibbled on his muffin.  Xander shifted some.  "You okay?"

"Tail came back."  He concentrated and it shifted but he only shook his head and went back to eating.  "I should figure out how to quit doing that."

"You get kitty cat contentment so you get a kitty cat tail?" Sam teased.  Xander blushed but nodded.  "I think that's cute."

"Not cute.  Macho.  Not cute.  Girls are cute."

"Fine, it's not cute.  It's adorable," Sam teased.

"M'not," he mumbled, eating another bite.  "Not fluffy either."

Sam leaned over to give him a hug.  "I'm only teasing and you are cute and adorable."

Xander blushed, shaking his head.  "I'm a guy, can't be."  John walked in with a plastic bag.  "Morning."

"Not in this half of the world," he noted patiently.  "What happened?"

"We're guessing whatever sent him into heat last night wore him out," Sam offered.

John just nodded and walked off again.

Dean walked in and handed Sam the bag by swatting him with it.  Sam took it and looked inside then at him.  "Welcome, dumbass.  Morning, Xander."

"Morning.  Muffin?"

"Already ate myself sick on them.  Hunting tonight?"  Xander nodded.  "Good."  He went to make sure he was ready to hunt tonight.  This would be the first full family hunt in a while.   He came out.  "What's still here?" he called.

"The bull looking thing and the Cretan thingy," Xander called back.

"Are they related?" Sam asked.  "Like in mythology?  I know that was another island but it's all part of Crete and Greece now."

"No.  The bull thingy is a huge demonic bull that eats trees but it likes to run through buildings.  We've let it destroy a few of the condemned ones for us," he said proudly.  "Dean likes to make it chase him to do that.  John likes to yell at him when he does it."  Sam laughed and nodded, that sounded like his family.  "The Cretan thingy is this odd square looking demon who should be called a crate head thingy.  It doesn't like people and wants to eat them.  It came to vow subservience but it wants to kill people for me.  I told it no and he stomped off in a snit.  So we've got to deal with it."

"Sure," he agreed.  "Finish up and get dressed."  Xander nodded, going to do that.  Sam went to change shirts and came out to find Dean walking into a room he hadn't seen.  He walked in and whistled.  "Damn."

"Very damn," Dean said happily.  "He lets me clean anything I want in here too."  He looked.  "Let's see, crate head is killed by silver."  He pulled down a few guns and loaded them.  "The bull is killed by armor piercing rounds."  He loaded a few clips for those same guns and put them aside.  Xander came in wearing leather pants and a tight t-shirt.  "Not exactly what I'd wear tonight."

"All my jeans were gone," he said grimly, frowning some.  "Hu said they're in the wash.  Claims that's all I have."  He looked around.  "Spear?"

"Armor, Xander.  Armor piercing rounds for the bull.  Silver for crate head."  Xander nodded, taking the guns Dean gave him and the spare clips.  "Do we need to destroy any buildings?"

"Two more but I'm going to see if I get super strong enough to beat it down."

"Sure," Dean agreed.  John walked in so he handed his father his guns and spare clips.  He handed Sam his.  "You'll want something you can run in for shoes."  Sam went to change out of his boots to his sneakers.  He looked down at his feet then shrugged.  "I can wear these."

"Change anyway," John ordered.  Dean went to change into his running shoes and he looked at the kid.  "You're going to treat my baby boy right, right?"

"Of course.  I don't hurt what's mine."  He pouted at him.  "I'm not like that."

"Good.  We'd hate to have to figure out what kills you."

"Cordain said it's been gone for a really long time."

"Smart of them."

"Demons, like most evil corporations like Microsoft and Starbucks, have brains at the top then hire whatever they can get for minions," he said dryly, cracking him up.  "You guys only see the minions."  He walked out, letting out his wings with a sigh of pleasure.  "Much nicer."  They walked out together, Xander making sure the door was closed just in case.  He didn't want anyone to get in and the ones inside could get out.  He ran into one of the town's officers.  "Hola."

"That bull thing is going to be killed tonight, right?" he asked dryly, staring at Dean.

"Yeah, now that we know how," Dean said with a grin.  "What did it get this time?"

"Tried the Mocha Pump for dinner.  Didn't like the coffee at all.  The other thing is staring in consternation at the mall."  He looked at Xander.  Xander waved the gun.  "Thank you, Harris."  He walked off, going back to his rounds.  They were actually able to have rounds at night now.  It was nice.

Xander looked at Dean.  "Bull then crate head?"

"Crate head then bull," Dean ordered.  "More dangerous first.  Already loaded the silver."  That got a nod and they went to the mall.  The demon was still sneering at it.  Xander opened fire first.  Normal people dove out of the way.  The demon screamed and tried to rush him but Dean and Sam opened fire, John taking on a vampire that had been hiding from them.  The demon died after about seven or eight rounds.  Dean walked over to look.  "Dead."  It moaned.  He shot it in the head.  It finished dying.  "The book's wrong."

"They can be that way sometimes," Xander said dryly.  He looked at the vampire John had shot to distract him while he was pulling his stake.  "Think we missed many more?"

"No.  Not more than a handful.  What's that area on the map under the woods?"

"The Initiative's base.  We ran them out of town recently."


"Military torturing demons to see how they were put together."

John shuddered.  "They're gone?"

"As far as I know."  He walked off.  "We can have someone check the underground for rumors.  We can check the base another night too."  They found the bull in the park and reloaded, letting Dean lure it toward them since it liked him.  It tried to horn him up the butt again too but Dean managed to jump out of the way.  "Thought you liked girls," Xander teased, then he shot the bull.  It fell down dead.  He came over to check then nodded.  "Good."  He looked at a staring a demon.  "Is it edible?"  The little demon nodded.  "Then have it and eat it, kid."  It ran off.  He looked at them.  "What now?  I expected that to take longer."

"Go see that base?" Dean suggested.

"Sure.  Gotta head out by the college though."  They shrugged.  "Fine, you drive.  I'll fly."  He hopped up and flew that way.  "Find the air vent in the woods.  It's two klicks from the road southwest."

Sam gaped, staring at him.  "Wow."

Dean patted him on the back.  "He always needs some grooming when he flies."  He jogged back to the house to get the car and drove it back, letting the others get in so they could join Xander.  He had the map memorized and had planned on coming out here alone some day to see what it was.  He found Xander sitting on top of the air port tying his shoes.  "Something mean?"

"Gremlin.  Didn't like it when I turned it bright orange and gave it the sniffles."  He pointed at it.  It was trying to beat its head on a tree to cure the sniffles.  He hopped off the metal box and waved a hand.  "On the other side is the elevator shaft."  They went to look and Sam got it working for them.  Xander zapped the pass sensor and it went down for them.  They walked in and found a holy mess.  Xander looked around.  "I didn't think we made this much of a mess."  He frowned, then pointed for Sam's benefit.  "Office and computers."  He went that way.  "John, want the pens or the med wing?"  He looked at him, seeing him pale green and shaky.  "It's very bad and they worked on their own soldiers too.  Want the med wing or the pens?  The pens might be worse."

"Pens," he said.  He went the way Xander pointed with Dean.  Xander went to check the medical wing to see if anything alive was still there.  He looked at the doorless cubicles.  "I guess they had some electronic shields."

"Spike said something about that if I remember right."  He looked up, pointing.  "Feeding hatch."  John shuddered again.  "They stopped it, Dad.  Feel lucky.  Buffy said they were making some sort of super warrior that had demon parts."  They continued on, finding a small pile of fur.  It was whimpering painfully so Dean knelt slowly, looking at it.  "Dad, it's a demon puppy."

"Is it in pain?"

"A lot.  It's got bite marks.  Xander!"  He came jogging in, his wings having to disappear so they wouldn't bang into the door then coming back.  "He's got bite marks.  He's only a baby."

Xander looked, then slowly picked it up to look at.  "What happened to you?" he cooed.  It whimpered so he concentrated and healed it.  Cordain appeared.  "They wanted to check the base.  He was bitten."

"By a werewolf it smells like."

"Found their remains.  Looked like something bigger ate it."

"They're poisonous to each other.  Mutual destruction."  He ran a hand over the pup and healed it the correct way.  "There.  That's better.  No more poison."  The demon puppy barked and tried to snuggle into Xander's arms. "Looks like you found a friend."  He looked around then at John.  "They had plans for worse.  Your son is staring at them."  John took off to help Sam.  He looked at Xander.  "There's something bigger and insane down below us."

Xander nodded.  "I can feel that.  Should I magic it away?"

"Please.  We don't need it getting out.  Neither do you."  Xander concentrated.  The dog whined so Dean took it to hold for a minute.  It loved him, lapping his face.  "He's not food, dog."  Xander finally sighed and shook his head.  "Too much pain?"

"Too much carnage.  I'll have to be on the same level."  He sent himself down there, next to the demon.  He looked at the large thing.  "Damn it, you're rare."  It stared at him.  He laid a hand on it and killed it as gently as he could.  It was insane and in pain.  It was kinder before it ripped the town apart.  Cordain appeared.  He looked around.  "Was this his mess?"

"The demon dogs had been nesting down here for the remains but he drove the remaining ones off."  He made the carcass disappear then looked at him.  "Coming along with the training."  Xander grinned.  "Do you like Sam?"

"A lot.  I could really like Sam."

"Good.  It's a good match and he'll help you train."  Xander nodded at that, moving closer to whisper in his ear.  "That's possible but it's a hard gift to convince them that they want.  Humans are sometimes stubborn that way.  They do know what they'd be in for."  Xander nodded.  "Good thinking though.  Shows you could care for him."  Xander whispered something else.  "Really?"  He gave him an interested look.  "That's fairly rare.  It means you've found a true mate.  One of your own level.  Most Sividia don't find any at all. Then again most of us make do or take on temporary mates."  He smirked. "That's a very good sign, Xander."

"Will it keep happening?"  He nodded.  "Until?"

"Until you mate with him."  He called Sam to him, looking at him.  "You should research Sividia mating rituals.  There's a little known fact that was influencing him last night."

"I had the security system up so I could help if necessary.  I heard."  He looked at Xander then at him.  "Is it projective or actual?  Something ordained?"

"Something ordained."  He smiled and disappeared.  "Happy puppy, Xander."

"Thank you."  He looked at Sam.  "Come on."  He set himself back up to Dean, taking the wiggling thing from him.  "Thanks for watching Arf."

"Welcome."  He looked at him.  "You're naming it?"

"Cordain said I could keep it."

"They eat dead things."

"So are steaks."

"Good point," he admitted.  He went to help with the rest of the looking around.  Sam went back to the office.  Xander walked him up there then looked around before burning all the dead parts.  Something yelped but it disappeared from the invisible spot in the corner.  He checked the other levels and cleaned them too.  He even freshened the air.  "Good job."

"I didn't want it to attract anything."  He looked at Sam then at John.  "Saving it down?"  They nodded.  "Can they be found again?"

"The science corps reformed," Sam admitted.  "We should tell someone."  A card floated down next to his hand.  "Okay, we'll tell them."

"We'll have to get the rest of the info from Willow's closet," Xander admitted.  They nodded at that.  "We ready?"  They nodded and went back up the elevator.  Arf whined when they got to fresh air, burrowing in.

Sam looked at him.  "I didn't get a good look at you before."

"His name's Arf," Dean told him.  John walked off shaking his head.

Sam smiled at Xander.  "Goofball."  He walked off smiling.

Xander smiled at the puppy.  "See, it'll be okay.  You'll like Sam too."  He walked them off too, getting a ride in the car this time.  The puppy liked the car.  It got down to bounce up to the front seat to stick his head out Dean's window and his tail tried to help him drive. Dean handed back the dog one handed and went back to driving, shaking his head.  Xander smiled, rolling down his window for his new best friend.

Sam smiled, watching the boy and puppy.  He looked adorable with it.  "Card?"  John handed it back.  "Thanks."


Xander and Arf appeared later that night in a burst of light between a set of desks in an office in DC.  "Leroy Jethro Gibbs," he said.  The man looked up then reached for his gun.  He held up a hand to stop him. "I'm not here for you, Gibbs.  I could care less about the price on your head.  I'm here to give you information on a group that my group stopped a while ago but some of them have reformed.  You can stop them before they do something that *I* have to stop."

"Who?" he ground out, standing up.  "And who're you?"  He looked at the sniffing puppy.  "You brought a dog to this meeting?"  That was stranger than he expected from demons.

"Arf, behave," he ordered.  He handed over the box he had shrunken earlier.  "It should still be okay but those are copies if it's not."  He grinned.  "There was a group in Sunnydale called the Initiative.  They were using torture and other means to find out how demons could be of use to the military."  Gibbs shuddered.  "They lost when the slayer and our team went against them.  The scientists reformed."


"Hired and paid."

"Then I'll look into it.  Who are you?"

He grinned a small grin.  "Xander.  I'm the new Sividia over Sunnydale."  That got a single nod.  "I'm only taking over that area and it'll be a safe haven for all who're peaceful.  So you can send the ones you tried to guard there if you want."

"You know?"

"I was told."  Someone walked up behind him and he looked.  "Yes, they're beautiful.  My prospective spouse loves them."  He looked at Gibbs again.  "We went to clean their base out earlier, just in case something had moved in.  My prospective spouse found out that they're still together.  That's the old information and the new that he's found tonight."

"Agreed.  Any on active duty?"

"Some of them got recruited by the UN.  Otherwise, not a clue."

"Fine.  Go."

"Sure.  Arf?"  Pause.  "Arf.  Come on, Arf.  Arf, Arf!"

"Need belly scratches?" the new guy suggested dryly.  "Maybe ear scratches or flea medicine?"

Xander grinned.  "Not from you.  My mate's sexy and brilliant.  Sent me into heat last night.  Arf!"  He came trotting over with someone following him.  He smiled at the girl, nodding politely.  "Ma'am."

"Sividia," she said in awe.

"The new one.  Thank you for watching my new puppy for me."  He picked him up and heard a gasp, looking at the woman on the stairs.  "Butt out," he said, reading her aura.  He looked at her again.  "You know.  I can tell you know."  She nodded quickly, her pigtails bouncing.  "The Initiative was restarted.  The scientist corps.  If you need help, call the Hyperion in LA and talk to Fred.  She can help you or she'll call us."  She nodded quickly again.  "Good girl."  He looked at his dog, smiling.  "Were you good?"

"He was very good.  He only tried to eat a monitor that had a beany baby.  He wasn't sure what it was."

"Poor thing.  Come on, we'll let Hu feed you some steak."  He disappeared with the dog.

Gibbs collapsed into his seat.  "Abby, take the box, make sure it's still good.  He did something to it to get it here easier.  If not, let me know."  She nodded, taking it.  "DiNozzo, you okay?"

"I'm fine, boss.  What was that?  He had wings and unless he's a comic book character, he shouldn't."

"Long story."  He nodded and they went down to the lab to see what Abby was pulling up.  He found her babbling.  "Who's that?"

"McGee."  She went back to her typing while she babbled at him.  Tony was getting the same education and McGee got into the security footage from home to see for himself. They found what they needed and it was their sort of case.  They could stop the torturing sickos.  The director stomped in so Abby put up one of their 'testing tapes', making her get sick on her way out of the lab.  That worked for them.


Xander landed and put the dog down.  "Hu, Arf is hungry."  He walked that way, whistling.  "Come on, Arf.  Food this way."   The puppy trotted after him.  Hu cooed at it and gave it a whole chicken.  It growled in pleasure before sitting down to rip it apart and eat it.  "Thanks, Hu.  His name's Arf."

"I was hoping you weren't cursed to bark, Lord Xander."  Xander grinned.  "Is everything all right?"

"Some of the Initiative's people reformed.  We handed it to those who could stop it this time."  That got a serious look and a nod.  "So it'll be fine.  Just bummed.  One of the demons hiding in the old base was rare as hell but insane and injured.  Cordain had me put the big, hairy thing down."  That got another nod.  "I'm going to clean weapons."

"If you want.  Or you could look at the tithes."

"Why am I getting tithes?"

"From the lesser demons, Lord Xander.  Those that you protect."

"I don't need tithes.  I'm not making them pay me rent."

"It is a show of appreciation this year.  Next year there won't be any."  Xander sighed but went to look them over.  He reached down to pet the dog, getting a lap to his hand and another piece of meat being ripped off.  Hu made sure they had plenty of meat for the beast since it was so tiny.  It clearly needed it.  He went to make sure his family was doing all right.  Dean got a bottle of water, his preferred cleaning helper.  Plus a bottle of beer for him to drink.  Dean nodded his thanks and went back to it.  John was doing katas in the gym so he got him some water as well.  Sam was researching.  He looked over his shoulder and coughed, pointing at a book.  "The purple and gold one, Lord Samuel.  Would you like some tea or something to nibble on?  There's some muffins left."

"Please.  That'd be nice.  Xander?"

"Protesting that he doesn't need tithes, Lord Samuel."  He pointed at that room.  "Read the book first."  He went to get him a snack, then went to hand Xander some chocolate.  It'd be good for him.

Sam smiled, taking his snack then going back to his reading. This book was very informative.  Now he knew why Xander had went into heat.   Ordained was putting it mildly.  Part of the prophecy made a lot of sense to him suddenly.  Dean came out sipping his beer so Sam handed him the book.  Dean read it then looked at him.  "Makes sense."

"It does.  So?"

"I still need to get to know him better."  Arf came out.  "Lick your face off before you get blood on me, dog."  It sat down to lick his face then climbed up to nap in the warm lap for a bit.  He shook his head but he was smiling.  "At least no one's going to be asking us for kids."

Dean laughed as he walked off.  "You hope.  Where's Xander?"

"Looking at the tithes he never asked for."

"Ah."  He went to check on him, finding him pouting.  "Go pout at Sammy."  Xander pouted at him. "I mean it.  I still like girls."  Xander went to pout at Sam.  Dean looked at things, shaking his head.  "There's some pretty artwork."  He closed the door and headed to workout with his father.  "You two have sparring in the morning."  The dog gave him a look then came to follow him. "Sure, Arf, we'll fight."  His father shook his head at that sentence.  "He's being cute.  So's Xander.  He's pouting at Sammy."

"Those two can pout at each other tonight.  They start training again in the morning.  I want them able to defeat anything that might show up.  Sam's still weak in that area and Xander's going to be doing things with the town before long."

"They know.  I told them."  He jumped his father, getting the workout he needed.  Hunting was too easy at the moment.  "What do you think about setting up a few demons as police officers for their kind?"

"I like the idea.  That way they can take care of the domestics, any robberies, those things.  Would the PD locally accept them?"

"I think they would.  That would leave the humans to ignore them some more.  Xander's right, everyone in town has some serious denial issues."

John nodded, blocking a blow and shifting to get him on the side but Dean moved and got him on the leg with a kick instead.  "Weak, Dean."

"Sorry."  He did it again, harder this time, getting a smirk back.  "Set up a 911 of their own on a different number?"

"That could work too.  The other plans?"

"Are going well.  They've approved the new schools' plans.  The old mayor's money is being used for it.  The harmless ones are starting to trickle in again.  School starts in a month for everyone, including the college.  They're starting to come back too."  That got a nod and he had to block a blow then beat at his father again.  "Willie came back.  He's opening a new bar somewhere.  He's the snitch the slayer used to lean on."

"Then that could work very well," John decided.  "Any other harmful ones?"

"One I think.  I think I saw one but I'm not sure."  He shrugged and kicked his father on the side, getting a grunt of pain but John got him back with a smack to the head.  "Hey!  Watch the hair!"  He smirked, stepping back.  "Sammy figured out what sent Xander into heat.  It's instinctive when their mates are close by.  Pretty rare by the book.  It'll keep happening until Sammy pounces."

"That'll take forever.  He's going to go cute and date."

"Not now," Sam said as he walked in.  "We have a long time to date.  Xander pointed that out."  He looked at his father.  "Do you mind?"

"No, son.  I've come to appreciate Xander a lot.  He makes a good son-in-law, feathers and all."

"Thanks.  Dean?"

"Not a problem but if he tries to make us immortal, you're in deep shit."

"Too late," he said with a smirk.  He walked off again.  "Pity but yay.  It was done to annoy the crap out of me forever and ever.  My court wanted me to quit complaining and demanding you two back."  He waved a hand before going into Xander's room and shutting the door.  The dog got put back out of the room then it was shut and locked again.

Arf came in whining pitifully so Dean gave him a cuddle. "It's all right.  They want the bed for silly human things.  You can sleep on me tonight, Arf."  He got lapped and the dog laid down in the corner to watch them some more.  He looked at his father.  "Wedding then what?"

"Hunting?  Not like either of us are really able to do anything else until we're too injured."

"I guess.  Think he was teasing?"

"No," he said, shaking his head, looking grim.  "I don't.  I think one of his court did it to  pay him back for leaving them."  Dean sighed and nodded at that.  The dog barked.  "Looks like he's willing to take Sammy's place."

Dean looked at the dog then at him.  "We'll see if he can hunt."  That got a nod and they got back to beating at each other.  "Maybe I'll retire and teach some year."

"We still have to tell the others we're back."

"I sent Bobby a letter.  He sent back a postcard that had been soaked in holy water then dried.  Burned Xander when he got the mail."  John laughed.  "He warned me we were going to be made sure of before we got anywhere near other, decent people."

"Of course. You tell him about Sammy?"

"Nope.  Not that stupid.  He would've gone to hunt him down for me."  That got a nod.  "Bobby's once the wedding's done?"

"We can do that.  Then visit Ellen at the Roadhouse?"

Dean shrugged.  "If we have to.  Just keep Jo off me."

"Sure.  Not the sort I want you with anyway, Dean.  Buffy's cute."

"She wants a ring, Dad.  Not my type."

"You can settle down some year."

"Uh-huh.  Some century far in the future.  I'll make Futurama look like history at that point."  His father laughed and Dean took advantage of it to kick his ass.  "Ha!"  He smirked.  "Learned that off Xander."  He walked off to get something to drink, the dog following him.  The dog even helped him take a shower.  He was a very helpful puppy who didn't understand about him peeing into the toilet.  He kept giving it funny looks.  "I'll walk you in a few, Arf.  I won't expect you to do it the human way."  He shook his head, finishing up and washing his hands before taking the dog out for a walk.  He might have a new partner.  If the dog could hunt.  He had to stop him from eating a cat, but that was fine too.  He wasn't really a cat person.


Sam appeared in the Hyperion, looking at Angel a few days later.  "Is he always that annoying?"

"Yup," he said dryly.  "Buffy?"  She came out of the kitchen.  "Relationship problems are your thing."

She led Sam into the kitchen to make him some cocoa.  "What happened?"

"Xander's insisting that he knows what he's doing even though he's allowing a few limited hunters back into the town as long as they hunt elsewhere."

"That's not a bad idea.  They can keep the problem areas under watch.  Like vamps or something else?"

"Werewolves and Spike and Angel are allowed in town if they want.  I don't mind them, you guys are doing the same job we are, it'd probably be for a visit, but not Dru.  Ever."

"Good!   I like that idea."  He gave her an odd look.  She smiled and pulled her purse off the counter, pulling out her wallet to point at a picture.  "That's Oz."  He still looked clueless.  "He's a werewolf; he locked himself up every single month.  He's been in Tibet learning how to control the wolf."

"Oh.  So he's doing safe containment procedures?"

"Yup."  She put it back and tossed her purse back onto the counter.  "Since they are, it'd be another protector in case something happened and someone came to take him out."

He considered it.  "Then I guess he's not being an asshole.  Only Dean."

"Dean seemed like he had plenty of that problem now and then."

"You have no idea," he said dryly, giving her a look.  "He still picks on me because I'm his little brother, evil wannabe overlord or not.  Has someone from the military cops called?"

"Twice.  Why?  They wanted Fred."

"The Initiatives' scientists reformed in North Carolina."  She gaped at him, shaking her head slowly.  "Not the squads but their science corps.  We turned it in."

"Good!  Are they going to stop them or should I prepare that spell again?"

"No, they're pissed.  Xander said one of the guys he handed the information we found knew what was going on.  Oh, he found a demon dog puppy but it seems to have adopted Dean.  Loves him so I guess he smells like a dead thing.  His name's Arf."  He handed over a picture of the dog napping on Dean's chest, getting a coo.  "It's a ferocious little thing that hates cats.  He keeps following Dean into the bathroom trying to figure out why he pees standing up into something he considers a water dish.  Gives him very confused looks for it."

She giggled, giving him a hug around the neck.  "Go cuddle my boy."  He nodded, heading back to talk to him.  She walked the picture out.  "Cordy, Xander got a pet but Dean stole it."  She came to look.  "That's Arf, his puppy demon dog.  It loves Dean more."

"Awww.  That's so cute I'm going to break out in hives."  Fred and Angel came over to look.  Angel walked off shaking his head.  "Arf?"  She nodded.  "Xander named him?"  She nodded again.  "Aww."  She started to scratch her arm.  "Too cute."  She walked off to take something for the itches she was getting.  Cute was contagious and deadly.

Fred took it to put on the picture frame of Xander.  It was adorable!


Xander finished explaining himself again and sighed, watching everyone walk out.  They agreed, eventually, but he was tired.   He looked up.  One more person to explain things to.  He called him back from Tibet.  "Hey."

"Hey."  He looked at him.  "Wings.  Uh-huh."

"Willow.  She's in deep with me."

"Even worse.  Angelic?"

"Demonic.  Sividia."

"Huh."  He just nodded at that.  He licked his lips.  "So.....  Call?"

"You're one of the few weres I'd trust to set up a pack in Sunnydale," he told him, going back to serious mode.  "You can teach what you learned in Tibet.  You'd be responsible and lock up those who still changed.  You'd be alternate protectors.  Sunnydale's now mine and a safe haven; no hunters allowed outside of me and my boys."

Oz considered it then looked at him.  "Why?"

"You deserve the right to come home eventually.  The other two still in town are your relatives."  Oz nodded slowly at that.  "By the way, your nephew wanted a call.  He was pouting he hadn't seen you in ages.  I don't care how or where as long as you have safety procedures.  If something major happened you'd be backup protectors for the far end of town by the college."

Oz sat down, staring at his wings.  "Can you fly?"  Xander beamed and nodded.  "Cool."

"Very."  He looked around then beamed, leaning closer.  "Plus I wanted you back because it seems my new body found its mate and it's being a bit cranky so we're going to have to bond soon.  Willow won't be invited but Tara will.  I know you two need to talk."

Oz nodded.  "I could like that.  Can I get my stuff?"

"Sure.  I know you've got some of it in storage."

"Got some in Tibet too."

"Get it, come home?"

"I can do that.  It'll take me about a month."  Xander handed him a duplicate of his cellphone.  "Huh."

"Magical, works anywhere, unlimited minutes.  Call your nephew before his pout gets worse than mine."  Oz let out a half-smirk and Xander sent him back to Tibet.  He relaxed, putting his feet up on the table again.  John gave him an odd look.  "That was Oz, he used to date Willow.  We used to lock him in the library's book cage every month after his two-year-old nephew bit him."  He rolled his head to look at him.  "They'll be safe."

"Most of them are.  We only really see the new ones and the rogues."  Xander nodded at that knowledge.  "You okay?"

"Tired for some reason," he said dryly.

"Wasn't Sam going to pounce you the other night?"

"I gave him a killer backrub and he fell asleep."

"Oh.  Okay."  He sat down across from him.  "Intel has his court coming this way to rescue him.  That's a small legion of demons, Xander."

Xander considered it then nodded slowly.  "Then we have to do it before they get here."  John nodded.  "Did you tell Sam yet?"

"He'll huff at me."

"Sam, your people are coming to take you away," he called.  "They can't do that if you come pounce me."

Sam came out of the kitchen with an ice cream cone, licking at it.  "That's a charming offer, Xander," he said dryly, giving him a look.  Xander was watching his tongue so he teased him some more.  It was slightly evil, but well, he was himself.

"They're on the other side of Nevada as of tomorrow," John told him. "Three days at the most."

Sam nodded.  "We can fix that tonight.  Dinner out, Xander?"

"I can fix whatever the Masters need," Hu complained from the kitchen.

"I wanted a romantic dinner with him, make it special," Sam told him.

Hu glared at him.  "We can do that here."  Sam nodded at that, letting that point go.  "Go bathe and change.  Get whatever boys need to mate."  Sam took his ice cream that way.  Xander went to cover his wings and shower too.  He rolled his eyes.  "Stupid young."  John laughed.  "Not safe."

"It's safe enough until they get here."

"They'd have forward scouts," he said wisely.  "They sent emissaries.  They know the town."  He went to fix up a room for a special feast, having to send the dog out repeatedly.

"Arf, let's go for a walk," John called. "We'll call the squealing ones."  He got sent there by Xander when he walked past him looking for the clothes that had once again disappeared from his closet.  John and the dog looked at each other then around the old house.  "Huh."  He heard movement in the kitchen.  "Just me, Bobby."  He looked down, seeing the upset look.  "Don't pout at me, Arf.  I keep forgetting you're slightly intelligent."  Bobby came out of the kitchen with a shotgun.  He moved out of the devil's trap.  "See?"  He got sprayed with holy water, wiping it off.  "The new Sividia out in Sunnydale had me and Dean called back to help him take the hunters out so he could set up a safe shelter."  Arf howled so he picked him up.  "Sorry, Xander's dog Arf."

"That's a demon dog."

"It likes Dean too.  Thinks he smells good."  Bobby groaned, going back into the kitchen.   "We were going for a walk but Xander waved too hard."

"Xander's the new demon's name?"

"He's a nice guy.  Former human.  A witch cursed him to be a higher demon.  He's got good plans to make the hellmouth a safe haven for the harmless things."  Bobby just nodded at that, going back to making himself some coffee.  "He's going to marry Sammy soon."  He got sprayed again.  "He took most of the taint off Sammy, Bobby.  Then he figured out that they're mates.  They're both nice kids who pout at each other. That's why Dean's getting a dog."  Bobby groaned, shaking his head, leaning it against a cabinet.  "They've got good plans.  A lot of weapons.  Sam's former court of demons are coming out to try to take him back.  Xander wanted some privacy so he waved too hard when we went for a walk."  He let Arf outside.  "No eating any cats you find, Arf."  The dog huffed but went to sniff around.  "Tell me if you find any other demons too."  He closed the back door, looking at his old friend.  "So, how've you been since I died?"

Bobby stared at him.  "Are you tainted or simply warped?"

"Warped.  Xander does it to you."  Bobby broke and laughed.  "He's a goofy little comic book geek.  With very nice gray wings."


"He's a Sividia.  They're the level of those archangels who were expelled."  Bobby shuddered.  "He's staying out of every power play and all that so he wouldn't upset the power balance but he took over his former town to make a safe haven.  He was the Slayer's Hunter before her witch turned him."  Bobby gaped, letting out a small moan.  "Exactly.   He's still a goofy kid and they're having their first time tonight so they wanted to be alone."

Bobby gave him a look.  "How's Dean?"

"Laughing his ass off because Xander can pout Sammy into things."  Bobby snickered at that.  Sammy had done it to all of them when he was younger.  "Exactly.  Xander called him first, right after he died.  Pissed Sammy off to no end.  Oh, and get this, he killed the demon that got the family.  Sent Sammy the head.  Made Sammy come see him since he could only interfere if he came to him.  So we have no worries coming from the hellmouth unless they have a spat."

Bobby smirked.  "Sammy still tainted?"

"A bit but that means Xander can touch him without worrying about it."  Dean and the car appeared.  "They don't want help?"

"Nope."  He walked in and got cups.  "Please?  Xander's made me a caffeine addict."

Bobby gave him the pot.  "That bad?"

"They played custody tag for a while.  Sam would have one of his guys pull me there once he heard I was back.  Then Xander would freak and pull me back.  Then back and forth.  Needed stewardesses to hit on during the flight."  He walked outside, looking around.  "Arf!"  He came trotting over with a bunny in his mouth.  "What's that?"  He looked at it.  "That's not a demon, it's a rabbit.  Even if Anya says they're demonic they're not."  His father groaned and came out to take the rabbit to bury the corpse.  He looked back at Bobby.  "Xander's ex and messenger is a former vengeance demon named Anyanka."  He shuddered at that name.  "She has a bunny phobia and convinced him they're evil the last time she came up to try to get some."  He petted his dog and it ran off again, brining him when he yelped at something.  "Hey, we have a ....  I'll be damned.  Dad, they are rabbit demons!"  John and Bobby came to look, both of them staring in horror at the bunny rabbit demon with ten inch fangs and horns between his ears giving birth.  "Is that a boy rabbit?  That looks like a set of balls."

"It is," John said, shaking his head.  "Huh.  I wonder....  Silver, Bobby?"

Bobby shrugged.  "Don't know."  He pulled out his holy water and splashed them, making him howl but move his nest.  "Thanks, Arf."  It yipped happily and went back to sniffing around the old cars in the salvage yard.  He shook his head, taking a sip of his coffee.  Dean drank some of his while he followed along.  It was clear the holy water wasn't affecting either of them from drinking it either.  Clearly warped instead of tainted.  "The boy needed a dog anyway.  Most boys do," he decided, heading back inside.  "You let anyone else know yet?"

"We were going to appear in the Roadhouse and totally scare Ellen until she screamed," John said with a smirk.

"Uh-huh.  That boy warped you badly, Winchester."

"Well, yeah," he admitted.   "I had to watch him hovering upside down last night for thirty minutes.  He couldn't figure out why he was doing it in his sleep."  Bobby sighed and got himself more coffee, giving some to John too.  It had holy water in it.  Just in case whatever was shielding the first dose went down.


Xander looked up as the first alarms he had put up went off.  He hopped off his cairn and Sam joined to stand beside him, arm around his shoulders, his pinky teasing the wing that came up to bat at his wrist.  "Howdy," Xander said when the demons had to stop due to his shield.  "How are you?"

"Give us back our evil one!" one of them shouted, getting out of the car.

"Um, correction, *my* evil one," Xander said dryly, smiling at Sam then taking a kiss.  He looked at them again.  "Sam?"

"The Sividia is mine, guys.  Sorry.  We've claimed Sunnydale as ours."  They all stared, a few looking hopeful that he'd still fulfill the prophecy.  He tossed over a copy of the prophecy.  "If they hadn't changed it, it might've helped."  He took another kiss, making Xander moan and wrap his arms and wings around him.  "Hmm.  More rice krispie treats?"  Xander gave him one.  "Thanks, Xander."  He nibbled on it, looking at the defeated demon army.  "So, any other questions?  Because only harmless, non hunting demons are forevermore allowed in Sunnydale.  It's now a safe haven.  By orders of the Masters in Hell and us, the ones who claimed it in their names."

Xander nodded.  "It is."  He grinned.  "I do such good work.  Hell, I even got Dean and John back."  They all stared at him in horror.  He pointed at them.  "See?"  Arf let out a baying call and Dean reached down to pet him.  "My dog," he pouted.

"Mine now," Dean said dryly.  "You keep kicking him off the bed for sex, Xander."

"You can have the next puppy," Sam soothed, getting a smile from his boy.  He looked at his army.  It was so nice that all it took to defeat them had been gay sex.  Really wonderful gay sex but still, how badass was an army that got stopped by gay sex?  "Any other questions?"  They drew swords.  The Winchester clan drew guns.  Xander, well, Xander drew artillery and opened fire.  He blinked at the remains, watching the puppy go eat them.  "Dean, not something I want to see!"

"Arf, you can have a ham at home," he ordered.  "Heel!"  He came back, giving him a look.  "Much better.  You don't need to eat them.  They're stupid demons.  They might make you dumb."

"I'd say," Buffy said from her spot, coming out to look.  "Very dumb demons.  Way to be macho, Xander."

He grinned.  "Even more so than you were in the mall that time?"

"Of course. You couldn't wear my skirt or heels that day."  Sam shook his head quickly.

"He'd better not try," Xander assured her.  Dean snickered.  "Because I will get him back and I can so see him in stilettos and slutty secretary gear."  Buffy snickered at that and Dean snickered louder.

"Boys!" John shouted.  "Clean up the mess please?"  Xander waved away the remains.  "Thank you!"  He walked off rubbing his forehead.

"Xander does that to all of us now and then," she assured him with a smile.   She petted the dog that came over to sniff her.  "Hi, Arf.  I've seen a picture of you.  You're adorable.   You're so cute you made Cordy have hives."  The dog gave her a happy bark and licked then went back to Dean's side.  "You're going to train him to hunt?"

"Yeah.  He's good at tracking so far."

"Decent.  If he outlasts you, send him to Angel if he's still around?"

"One of the bits and pieces made them immortal to annoy Sam," Xander told her.  "He was complaining he wanted them back so often that they decided to make him whine less."

"Oooooh."  She shuddered.  "I'm sorry, Dean."  She gave him a hug then went back to her ride.  Fred had driven up and was still tinkering with whatever Xander had given her earlier that she had in the trunk.  "What's that?"

"Dimensional portal so I can go searching for stuff."  She grinned.  "It won't suck humans in though."

"That might be fun.  Shopping off-realm means I could find whole new levels of cuteness."  They got into the car and Fred drove her back to LA while the boys got the local demon used car salesman to come take the cars after they had searched them for anything important.  John, well, he had disappeared to go hunt something and regain his usual version of sanity.  Xander was making him go odd.  It was better he went to hunt things instead.  Before he started to sing REM songs again when he heard them on the radio.  He changed the station and found the hard rock station.  Dean would enjoy it and it gave him a different headache so that was good enough for him.  He headed north to hit the more normal strange stuff.

Dean looked at Sam, then at Xander.  "I should head out soon too, guys."

"You can stay however long you want," Xander reminded him.  "And visit often.  Or even take Sam now and then."

"I'll remember that."   He smiled and found one last book, letting the used car salesman get the last car onto the truck.  He waved and looked at them.  "I should still head.  It's time to take up hunting and helping those who need me.  I'll be back in a few months for dinner and a long soak.  Then we'll see."  Sam nodded, giving him a hug.  "I've got one of those cellphones and so do you, bitch, call," he said, staring him down.

"Fine, jerk, I'll call every few days," he said with a grin.

"Good!"  He looked at the dog.  "You pee in the car and I'm sending you home.  Got it?"  Arf's tail started to wag and he barked, heading for the Impala.  "He's a smart hunting partner.  Smarter than you since he won't complain about my music or nag me about picking up chicks," he taunted, heading that way.

"Dean, I loaded some of the arsenal into your car," Xander called.  "Come back when you need more.  Or when you need more meat for the cooler Hu packed."

"Fine."  He smirked then climbed in and started the engine.  Loud music came out and the dog barked along with it.  "With the bass beat, Arf."  He taught the dog how to bark in time with the song as he drove off.

Sam looked at Xander.  "I think his week in hell made him insane."

"John thinks it's me."

"No, I don't find you a cause of insanity unless you're wearing those leather pants."  Xander blushed but leapt up and flew off.  "No fair!"


"Beat you there," he teased, heading home to straighten up the bedroom so he could pounce his boy again.  He really did need to keep pouncing Xander.  It was good for his boy's sanity.  Because sometimes Xander sounded like he was slipping down Dean's path.  Or else he wouldn't have been talking about setting PBS children's show characters on fire over breakfast with Dean and Buffy.

The End.