From:"Josette Grover"
      Date:Fri, 4 Apr 2008 20:44:09 -0400
      Subject:[imaginings] Supernatural bunny came calling

Dean is always saying Sam acts like a girl, what if a demon heard that and turns Dean into a girl?  He's stuck as a girl until he learns that being nice isn't a bad thing.

Or what if the demon turns Sam into a girl, claiming that since Dean says Sam acts like a girl now he really is a girl.  So now you got a pissed off Sam ready to kill both the demon for turning him into a girl and Dean for giving the demon such a 'wonderful' idea on how to dispose of the Winchesters because of course the team is now gone, Sam would be distraught at being turned into a girl and Dean wouldn't take him hunting even if Sam could. . . Stupid Demon.



Josette asked for it.  A bit warped, but it is me after all. <EG>

A Girl For The Winchesters

Dean was waiting at the bar.  Sammy had stomped off again two days ago.  Dean was miserable by himself but it had been trivial so Sammy would be back tonight or tomorrow.  One of the two.  Then he'd kick his bitchy little brother's ass and remind him where he belonged.  Until then, it was good to relax, have a drink, forget about little whiny brothers. All that good downtime stuff.  He sipped a bit of his beer from the bottle when a leggy, extremely tall brunette woman sat down next to him.  She was nicely built, a bit thin.  Looked like she had lost some weight from the flu by the tiredness in her eyes and on her face.  She stared at him and the green eyes caught his own for a minute.  "Buy you a drink?" he asked with a teasing grin.  "You look like you could use one, sweetheart."

"I could," she agreed.  Her voice was a bit lower than he expected with her build but it seemed to suit her somehow.  Dean got the bartender over and paid for her drink when she ordered a beer he knew very well was a girly beer.  Sam drank it all the time when they could afford it.  "What's your name?"

"Dean.  Yours?"

She giggled, leaning closer.  "The same Dean that's related to Sam?"

He blinked a few times and took another drink, shifting to face her better.  "You know Sammy?"

"I do.  I met him in college."

"Interesting how those things work out."  He stared into the green eyes again.  No hint of lying in there.  "What brings you way out here?"

"I needed to ask Sam about something *really* important and the people I asked said he'd be here soon.  Are you related to him, Dean?"

"I am.  I'm his big brother."  He watched her.  "Something from school?  Because I know he's taking some time off right now to heal over Jess's death."  The look in those green eyes got sad.  "You knew Jess?" he asked before finishing that beer.

"I did.  They were an adorable couple."  She shifted closer.  "I know what you do, Dean."

He blinked a few times.  "Did Sammy tell you that?"

She teased his hand.  "I found out on my own when I needed it."  He nodded at that.  "I need to ask him something about witches," she said quietly, staring into his eyes.  "Specifically about curses."  She took a quick drink of her beer, then stared at it.  "How did you get the holy water in there?  You make it much stronger than Bobby does."

He gaped.  "Are you a...groupie?"  He'd heard of groupies but he never met one before.

"No, I have a need to know," she said with a smile.

He knew that smile from somewhere.  It looked so familiar.  "Can I maybe help you instead?  Sammy's off having some fun right now."

She tossed her hair back over her shoulder but it seemed more in irritation at the long, dark brown locks.  They were wavy and a bit floppy, like she hadn't done more than brush the mass this morning.  Most women took longer on their hair than she had.  "You might be able to, but I'm not sure the curse would let me explain things."  She moved his hand onto hers, rubbing a thumb over the scar on his palm.  Dean's fingers tested her pulse subtly, which meant his middle finger's tip hit a very familiar scar on her arm.

Dean frowned, rubbing against it while staring into eyes like Sammy's were.  She pushed back the hair again too.  Just like Sammy did when he was irritated and needed a haircut as a child.  The scar under his fingers was very familiar.  He had treated the wound that got infected for nearly a month before it finally finished sealing.  He turned her hand over to look at it then at him.  "Funny, Sammy."  She took another drink. "Um..."

She batted her lashes at him, silently telling him to put the clues she had been able to give together.   She finished her drink and put the glass down, putting a tip down as well.  Then she stood up and walked out, giving him a look over her shoulder before walking out.

Dean wasn't stupid.  He jogged out after his brother, pinning him, her, against the side of the car.  "This curse, you couldn't just tell me?"  She shook her head.  "Why not?"  She gave him the patented dumbass look.  "Part of the curse?"  She nodded, looking smug.  "You had to hit on me?"

"I'm too high class for a guy like you, Dean.  You'd never hit on me.  I'm not wearing booty shorts."  She got free, looking at him.  "Yes, you're right.  I can't tell you anything directly because of the curse the witch put on me when she did the gender reassignment spell," she hissed.  She glanced around then at him.  "Can we go somewhere less populated?"

"Sure," he said, letting her into the car.  He stared for a minute then looked up.  "Why me?" he muttered.  He slid in to start the car, looking at Sam.  "Time limit?"  She sighed, but she couldn't speak.  "That's a strong damn curse, Sammy.  Or should I use Samantha?"

"Use Sam or I'm going to belt you.  I'm not having a good week, Dean," she said bitterly.

"Yeah, that's putting it mildly.  Did we at least hit the witch?  I'd have beaten her ass for taking my dick away."

"Not an option."

Dean sighed, taking them back to the motel.  It was sleazy enough that no one would say anything about him bringing a woman back with him from the bar.  "What can you tell me?"

"What you've figured out."

"Is the witch here in town?"  She froze.  "Okay.  Um, how to get around this.  Can you write it down?"  She shook her head.  "Email?  Text message?"


"Hmm.  Did the witch tell you *why* she did this?"  He parked in his spot and turned off the engine, looking at her.  "Any ideas?"

"It's your fault, bastard."  She got out and slammed the door, heading for the motel door.

"Be nicer to her," Dean ordered as he got out and shut his car door gently.

"Gee, I don't know why I'm upset with you, Dean," she said dryly, staring at him.  "Not like you didn't start all this off, Deana."

Dean stopped, staring at her.  "They heard me picking on you and changed you into a girl?" he said flatly.  Sam smirked and nodded.  "Shit!"

"No, really?" she asked sarcastically.  "Can't imagine why!"

"Fuck," he muttered, letting her inside.  She stepped over the salt wards and sat on the free bed, holding her face in her hands.  "Um, not to be pushy or anything, but I don't want to look up your skirt."

"She dressed me because that was the best way to get you mad, Dean.  To hit on you."  She looked at him.  "It was part of the curse and part of my future that she cooked up.  I fought it off enough that I didn't tongue rape you right there in the bar."

Dean shuddered.  "Thanks for that."  He moved closer, avoiding the view he did not want.  "Okay, so you huffed off, the witch found you?  She cursed you?  Then she released you two days later?"

"It took one day of sheer hell to do the spell."

"Oh.  Um, well, sorry."  He was clearly out of his depth here.  She stood up and punched him but it was a lot weaker.  "That's not a good sign, Sam."  He sat down, staring at her.  "Your bag's where it was when you left."  She grabbed it and went into the bathroom.  He found his cellphone, calling his father's phone.  "Hey, Dad, it's Dean.  We're in a real... really bad situation.  Um, how do you break a curse again?  Apparently a witch cursed Sammy and laid a compulsion on top of the curse and the spells she did."  His voice cracked.  "Um...  Can you maybe email me some orders here?  I'm pretty freaked out and lost.  Let's just say, Sammy's in a strange place and it's not good.  I can't hunt with Sam like this, Dad."  He hung up and leaned his head on the table.  "Why me?"

"Why *you*?" she demanded as she came out in Sam's jeans and t-shirt.  "Gee, Dean, I think you'd be in my spot if it was about you."  She flopped down again.  "If we can't remove this I'm going to gut you and play in your intestines while you scream for mercy."  Dean looked at her.  "And then I'll have more fun."

"PMS?" he joked.  She threw something at his head.  He ducked.  "You need to work on your aim, Sammy."  The computer on the table beeped.  He opened the new email.  "Dad said to find the witch and have her remove it."

"That's going to be interesting since I can't tell you who she is."

Dean groaned, typing that back.  He wrote everything expect that Sammy was a girl.  He read the new response.  "He said the witch has to take it off."

Sammy tossed something at his head.  Dean opened the paper's obituary page.  Dean gave her a horrified look.  She nodded.   "She's on there somewhere.  I saw that on the way to the bar."

Dean found the few strange deaths and wrote to his father that the witch had killed herself afterward.   "He's suggesting Bobby."

"Bobby won't know what to do," she whined.

Dean looked at her.  "He might."

"He won't.  I can almost guarantee he'll laugh.  I don't need more laughter, Dean."

He stared at his little brother then wrote Bobby an email.  Then sent a text message to check his email.  He got one back from his father first.  "Dad said that we're in deep and we should leave town."  He looked at him.  "Maybe we can find another witch?  Was it demonic magic or nature magic?"

"Chaos magic from the stuff I found when I woke up."

"Are you okay?  Physically?  Do we need to find a doc?  Did anyone touch you?"  She snorted, glaring at him, arms now crossed over her chest.  "Now I know you're Sammy.  That's clearly his bitchy face."  He looked at the new one that came in.  He wrote back to his father and read Bobby's response.  "I told him it had to do with a gender curse and spell.  He said if the witch was dead we'd have to find someone stronger.  He's calling his contacts to see if there's one who is."  He wrote back and assured the family friend that he was fine at the moment, it hadn't happened to him.  That his father was being an ass via email in the other window.  He switched the messages and sent Bobby's response to his father.  Who was apparently lost.   He saw Sam flop backward.  "It'll be okay, Sammy."

"The first one who laughs I'm shooting."  She covered her face again.  "I won't be nice and use rock salt either."

"I'd be doing worse, little bro...sister."  That got another glare.  "It's strange, okay?"

"Try it from this end," she growled.

"Um, no thanks.  I'd make a crappy girl.  I'd have to go emo and all that stuff."  The other shoe got thrown at his head, making him duck.  "Stating a fact!"  He got back to it.  She *clearly* had PMS and wasn't admitting it.  His father sent back a suggestion.  Bobby agreed with it since apparently they were talking somehow.  He got up to do the small telling on his baby bro...sister.  It came up glowing an odd shade of pink so he sent that back.  They told him to find somewhere and hole up.  They'd find him in a few days, after they did some research.  Then they both logged off.  "Dad and Bobby both said to find somewhere and hole up, Sammy."  He looked over.  She looked so miserable.  He'd be miserable too if he lost his dick but she looked worse than that.  He got up and looked at her.  "It could be worse."

"No it can't!"

"You could be pregnant with demon spawn."

Sam blinked at him.  "That's not worse than being a girl, Dean."

"Okay, you could be a girl and pregnant with demon spawn."

Sam snorted.  "Right about now, I might take that offer.  At least then I'd die from it and not have to live with this humiliation, confusion, or anything else."

He scowled.  "We'll get through this.  We will.  I'm not going to handle having a little sister."  He looked around.  "We'll leave tomorrow."  Sam nodded, scooting up to lay on the pillows.   He stared at her.  "You, you hungry?  You look a bit thin."

"The spell took a lot out of me and it hurt like ... well, I've been tortured and felt better."

Dean nodded, going to find the junk food stash in the car.  Even some of his precious candy.  He brought it back.  "It's not much but it'll help."

Sam gave him a wan smile.  "Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome, Sammy."  She flipped onto her other side to nibble her way through the stash.  "We don't need anything...too girly, right?"  Sam shot him a dirty look.  "Girls need pharmacy stuff, Sammy.  I need to know if we need to find somewhere that has it too."

"Everywhere has it if I do," she said, looking grim.  "Promise me you'll let me shoot myself if I need to?"

"No," he said.  "No way in hell, Sammy."  He turned off the lights, letting Sam have his bedside light.  "Night."

"Night."  Sam finished up the junk food, ending on the chocolate.  He knew that girls liked chocolate and apparently he liked it more now.  She finished up and wiggled out of her jeans, tossing them on the foot of the bed before climbing under the covers.  Not like she had a bra so she had to sleep in a t-shirt and her boxers.  Then again, he didn't want to buy a bra.  He wanted this fixed and he wanted his body back!  He hadn't cried in years but he wanted his body back and he didn't feel happy about this.  There was *nothing* Dean could do or say to make this better!  Ever!  She fell asleep hugging one of her pillows.

Dean looked over once Sammy had finally fallen asleep, letting out a tiny sigh of displeasure.  This was going to suck.  He'd never live this down.  Why did these things always happen to Sammy?  No one had ever explained that to him.  He finally got to sleep, not staring at his sister's back.  He would not stare.  Sammy was already freaked out enough without him staring and her being freaked out would make this worse.


Dean found the old hunting cabin Bobby had suggested about where he said it'd be.  It had running water and a generator for electric.  It didn't have holes in the roof.  It'd work for now.  He started carrying things in, waking Sam up.  "We're here."

"Where is here?"

"Bobby suggested this place.  It's a friend of his' hunting cabin.  He cleared it with them, said we were a set of siblings that needed some time in the woods to calm down after a fight with our parent."

"Let him say one word," she snarled.

Dean nodded.  "I'm sure he won't, Sammy."

"Sam!" she snapped.

"Okay, Sam."  He handed over the bag of food he had gotten when they left the last real town they had passed through.  "Food?  You look a bit shaky."  She stomped into the cabin, slamming the door.  Dean went back to pulling things inside.  He went back for their bags when his phone rang and he got a GPS code.  He called his father back.  "No way can we hunt with this curse, Dad.  Bobby found us a cabin to hole up in.  We're there.  And don't say a word to Samm...when you get here.  He's already upset enough."  He hung up and put his phone back into his pocket.  His father would check his voicemail eventually.  He got the last bag inside, finding Sam eating some of the mini snickers he had found for her.  "Figured you'd like those."  He handed her her bag and went to put his down in the other bedroom.  He came out.  "Think of anything we're missing?"

"Gas for the generator."  She ate another one.  "Something to read?"

"I can do that.  Do you, um...need anything?"  She glared at him.  "Sammy, I don't care if you don't want to wear a bra, want to wear boxers, but if you do, it's best to tell me now so I can go get it.  Some of our stuff is pretty thin at the moment and the last real town had a good thrift store and a K-Mart for boxers and t-shirts."

"I could use a few new t-shirts, or tank tops to wear under them."

"Okay.  Want to stick with boxers or boxer briefs?"

"Boxer briefs would work."

"Are the usual ones okay size wise?"  Sam nodded, blushing some. "Okay.  What size?"

"I'm wearing extra-large."

"You were pulling them up.  Want me to get a few large?"  She shrugged and ate another snack size candy bar.  "I'll get a few and you can take them back if they don't fit.  X-L for the t-shirts?"  She nodded.  "Cool with me."  He grabbed what he needed and headed out, thankful he had passed another hurdle without having an argument blow up in his face.  He had no idea how to talk to Sammy at the moment.  She was clearly livid.  He was confused.  His father texted another code.  He found the GPS for where they were and texted it back.  Then he went to find his little...sister something she could wear so she quit bouncing that way.  It was distracting him horribly.  He refused to stare at Sammy that way.

The thrift store was an easy enough stop.  He knew Sammy's jeans and t-shirt size.  She wouldn't care what she wore.  He almost got her a pretty dress but he stopped himself.  Sammy would gut him in his sleep.  He paid and went to K-Mart to pick up other stuff.  The tanktops were next to the boxer briefs so they were easy to find.  Though he did notice some of the women's ones had a dual layer on top.  A built in bra that was basically just another layer of the same t-shirt like material with elastic around the bottom.  He got her a few of those, a few of the guy's tank tops, and some more boxer briefs after getting his own.  Some socks too.  Sammy had cold feet.

He checked out and stopped to get some beer on the way back when he got gas for the generator.  He even got Sammy's brand instead of his.  The liquor store was tempting but not tonight.  He pulled in and shut off the car, getting out to grab the bags in the falling gloom.  He walked in and handed Sammy hers.  "I saw some girl ones that aren't that different.  They might be more comfortable.  I have no clue.  Just try them or you can take them back."  He fled to his room to put his things up.  His phone chirped again.

Sam walked in to grab the phone, by patting him down until she could get it out of his pocket, then walked off leaving a foul tempered message for their father about how they were holing up, as Bobby ordered, because she was going to have a nervous breakdown and kill Dean very shortly for doing this to her.  Then she hung up and sat down to have another snickers bar.  The bite sized ones were just right and kept her from spitting at Dean as well.

Dean came out, looking at her.  "I'm surprised you didn't give it in Latin."

"I don't want him to ignore it," Sam said dryly, eating another one.

"Want me to cook?"


"Okay."  He went to do that.  Staying out of the way of that temper was his best course of action at the moment.  He did not want to be screamed at tonight.  They were both stressed.  He poured gas into the generator and got it started.  He'd need it to get the stove working.  Sam turned on the radio for some noise.  They also plugged in their cellphones to recharge.  Dean winced when his went off with a voicemail message.

Sam snatched it to dial in and listen to it.  Then she snorted and called her father back, letting him have it again.  How dare he make light of her situation!  By the time she was done she was panting hard and red it the face.  Dean came out to gently take the phone from her hand.  "Sammy, chill.  We didn't tell him the exact nature of the curse," he said calmly.  He hung up his phone and put it back onto the charging cord. "We'll figure it out and I'll get you fixed.  You know I will."  She looked at him.  "I'm sorry my mouth got us into this mess.  I never meant for it to be more than a tease.  Just calm down for now, okay?  I need you to help me find out how to help you.  You're the better researcher of all of us.  Even Bobby."

"Whatever," she said, laying down on the couch to stare at the phones.

"Sure.  You think.  Want soup or pasta?  I'm making both."

"Please.  I'm starving."

"Sure."  He went to do that.  It kept him from setting off that temper again.  Even as a hormonal teenager Sammy hadn't been that bad with his temper.  Dean came out with food, leaving the generator on for now.  Sam sat up when he nudged his knee with a foot.  "Food?"  He sat down beside him.

"How can you sit so close to me?"

"Sammy, I've been plastered against you more than once," he said dryly.  "Just because you're like this now doesn't change any of that.  Even if it is creepy that I find myself staring at you."  He moved his eyes again and went back to eating.

"You wanna try it instead?" she asked dryly.

"No thanks.  I'd make a sucky girl.  At least you've lived with a girlfriend so you know more about girl stuff."

"Jess would be laughing her ass off but she'd hug me," she said, looking at her soup.  She ate it because she had to.  Starving to death hurt and it wasn't a death she wanted at the moment.

"I'd do it for her but I don't hug.  You know that."

"I'd freak if you did," she muttered, stuffing her mouth again.

Dean gave her a look.  Then his phone went off.  "I swear if he doesn't lay off I'm going to hit him myself this time."  Sam gave him an odd look.  "You always seem to have fun with it and you don't need this, I don't need this, and we need him here to help you."  He grabbed his phone.  "What?"  He snorted.  "That wasn't me who called you back, Dad.  Nice to know you're alive."

Sam snatched the phone.  "It wasn't him, it was me.  Gee, I don't know, Dad.  What's worse than being cursed?"  He listened to him complain.  "I'm not Samuel anymore."  He snorted. "No, I'm not possessed.  Dean could handle that.  I'm still not Samuel and I am NOT going to be bitched at.  When we really need you here, you're somewhere jacking off to Mom's memory and over the thought of killing that fucking demon!  Well, we need you more right now, Dad, and you're God knows where while we're falling apart.  Sure, you know what?  We'll let Dean bury me in something nice so I can haunt you."  She hung up and tossed the phone.

"Easy on it, Sammy.  I don't want to replace it.  It's lived through a lot of ghosts knocking into it."  He stroked her back.  "He deserved it."

"I don't know what's wrong with me."

"It's the change.  The new hormones, all that," he said calmly.  "You'll even out.  I promise you will. Even if I have to spike your beer with Midol you will even out."  He got up and got him a beer, bringing it back.  "Even the beer you like because I'm an amazing big brother and we'll work this out."

Sam sniffled. "Thanks, Dean."

"Just stay calm.  Think, research if you can.  Bobby'll be coming up within a week."  Sam nodded, taking another drink.  Then she went back to eating.  Dean did the same. Once they were done, the dishes were done, he turned off the generator to conserve gas.  Sam lit the hurricane lanterns they had in the car for camping.  He got his calm time books.  Sammy got his and they relaxed.  Because Sam seriously needed to calm down right now.  They could research later, when Sam was calm.  Because Sam was scaring the crap out of him at the moment.   He had *no* idea what to do with a hormonally charged, depressed Sammy.


John stomped into Bobby's house the next morning.  "What the hell is going on with my youngest?"

"Could've sworn they told you," he said into his coffee.  He glared at the other man.  "Most people knock."

"Most people didn't get three different swearing messages on their cellphone from their youngest."

"They asked for your help, John.  Were you really that drunk?"

"I missed the damn demon by three hours, Bobby!  I'd had a few," he admitted, sitting down.  Bobby stared at him.  "Yes, I was lit."

"Uh-huh.  Maybe you should go back to read those emails?"

"I deleted them," he said more calmly.

Bobby sighed.  "Short of it is, a witch overheard Dean making one of his smartmouth comments and decided that was a good idea to try some chaos magic on Sammy."

"He said a curse."

"The spell is a curse and there's a compulsion on top of it, John."  He finished his coffee and got up to get some more.  He wasn't going to offer John any.  He'd like to beat him upside the head.

"Is the curse to be suicidal?  Because if Sammy ever yells at me that way again, I can make that happen."

Bobby let out a tired sounding sigh.  "Your boys need their daddy.  Not John Winchester, demon hunter, but a *father*," he stressed.  "Sammy's torn up about this, John.  It's hurting him badly."

"Then what is this curse?" he demanded.

Bobby stared at him.  "What did the boys say?"

"I got some 'I'm not Samuel' things from Sammy, a lot of swearing I'm going to knock him into next week for spitting at me.  At one point he started to swear in Latin."  Bobby nodded at that.  "I didn't get much more than that."

"You ever think about having daughters?" he asked.

John gave him an odd look, getting up to pace.  "No!  Mary wanted one but that's not the point right now."  Bobby stared at him.  John stopped, then stared at him.  "That is the problem?"

Bobby nodded as he gulped some more coffee.  John took the mug from him, moving closer.  "Get your own," he said, taking it back.  "Like I said, Sammy needs a daddy.  Not a hunter.  Not a researcher, because I can't find squat on how to cancel it.  Dean did a telling on him and it came up chaos magic."

"Shit," John said, slumping down into his chair again.  "Sammy's...  That explains why he said he wasn't Sammy anymore.  I thought it was the stress making his voice go up.  It used to."

"Well, get used to it, John.  The witch killed herself.  The original compulsion was that he couldn't tell Dean anything about the spell.  Dean had to guess.  That and a compulsion to go hit on him at the bar.  Creeped Dean out when he realized he was putting the moves on his baby brother."  John groaned, putting his head on the table.  "If I'd been Sammy, I'd have beaten you for your usual shit."

"Where are they?"

"One of the guys in town I see a lot of has a hunting cabin.  I sent them there.  He knows they're hiding from their parent, who seems to not give a damn."

John glared.  "Of course I give a damn."

"Why did Sammy yell, John?  You try to send 'em on another hunt?"  He finished that cup of coffee and nodded at the silence.  "Thought so."

"Dean can go hunt for a while," John decided.

Bobby snorted  "Do you really think your older son, the overprotective one who basically raised the younger one, is going to leave his newly made little sister alone in a cabin in the woods?"

"No," he said, sounding like he was mentally beating himself for even thinking about it.

"Good, then you've got some sense."

"You sound a lot like Missouri."

"Now and then you need hit over the head with the truth, John.  Go be a daddy to those boys of yours.  They need one.  Dean's last text message wanted to know how to calm Sammy down.  He's really upset about this."

John looked at him.  "Suicidal upset?"

"Probably.  Think what you'd be like if you suddenly woke up after a hellish night of your body turning itself inside out and figured out you were a girl.  You're damn lucky Sammy hasn't found a way to make you share this.  Dean either since he started it off with his picking on Sammy thing."

John stood up.  "Thanks, Bobby."  He pushed in the chair and headed back out to his truck.  His boys clearly needed him.  And he had to teach Sammy not to swear at him like that, even when she was mad.  Mary had been bad enough about that while she was pregnant.  He would not put up with it from his son...daughter.  He had to get used to that.  He found the text message with the GPS for where they were.  It wasn't that far away.  Let's hope Bobby could find something if Sammy hadn't.  Because Sammy would be vindictive.  He'd have two daughters.


Dean looked outside at the sound of an engine.  "Huh."

Sam snorted from his spot on the couch.  "He show up?"


"Charming. What's he going to do?  Laugh?"

"Probably stare.  If he laughs, I'll get out of the way if you hit him."  He let the curtain fall and went back to his spot to read.  "Any ideas on the research front?"

"Nope.  Everywhere I managed to look earlier said the same thing.  We either need a more powerful witch or pray she built in a time limit."  The door was opened.  "Morning," she said dryly.

"Just because you're upset doesn't mean you get to scream at me that way."  John knew it was the wrong thing when the glare hit him.  "Understood?"

"Fuck off," Dean said, staring him down.  "Sam doesn't need this right now, Dad.  Help or go away."

"I'm here to help, just setting a ground rule."  Sam snorted and went back to reading.  "Are we not researching?"

"Pray for a time limit or a stronger chaos witch," Dean said bluntly.

"All right."  He closed the door, coming over to look at his youngest.  "Are you okay physically?"

Sammy started to open her mouth but Dean took over.  "Sam's a bit weaker physically.  Her aim's off by about ten degrees to the right.  She needs to finish breakfast because the spell made her lose weight."  Sam sighed but finished off her eggs.  "Thank you."  He looked at his father again.  "Right now, we're dealing with the hormones and the other first week issues."

"That's a sensible course of action."  He sat down on the couch with his daughter.  "Sammy, do you want to talk?"

"Sam, not Sammy," she snarled.

"Okay, I can see that."  That was not the reason he wanted to die over.  She was in enough pain as it was.  "Any lingering aches, something like that?"


"Why didn't you tell me?" Dean demanded.

"What were you going to do about it?" she asked dryly.  "A hot bath helped some, so did tyelnol."

"I would've worked on your back, Sam."

"You touch me I'm gonna beat your ass."

"Okay," he said, backing down at that.  "If that's what you want."

"No, but she's hurting in other ways, Dean."  Sam glared at him again.  "It's pretty clear you are.  Usually I'd knock you into next week for the messages you left."  He stared her down.  He had faced down enemy combatants.  He could face down one pissed so...daughter.

"I wish you two were in this position.  At least then I wouldn't be given BS advice."

"Hey, no wishing," Dean ordered.  "You never know what's around to hear it."  He stared at her until she slumped again.  "If you want, I can work out cramps."

"No thanks."  She got up and stomped off.

"Want company?" Dean called after her.

"Hell no!"

Dean relaxed once she was well away from the cabin.  "Drunk off your ass, Dad?"

"It was the anniversary of when I met your mom and I missed it by three hours, Dean," he said quietly.

Dean nodded.  "Sometimes you gotta get drunk."

"Bobby call?"


"I saw him this morning."

Dean nodded.  "Not much we can do apparently.  Give her some space to think and calm down.  If she calms down."

"Your mom had some pretty bad hormone swings with you two.  It'll get better," John said quietly.  "Where's the laptop?"

"Car.   We can't plug in until the new month because we're both nearly out of minutes.  Sam did some surfing on his phone but it all says the same thing.  We need a stronger witch."

"I don't know of one in chaos.  Usually we hunt those."

Dean nodded.  "I know."  He stood up.  "Figure out something, Dad?"  He gave him a look then went to follow Sam.  She gave him a dirty look when he got closer.  "I'm going to stalk you because you left without a weapon."

"It's better if I don't have one right now."

Dean made her look at him.  "Not gonna happen, Sam.  I won't let it happen."  She slumped.  "We'll find a cure.  You'll be a boy again sometime soon.  And hey, all those things that I usually tease you about doing you can get away with now."  That got a lower powered glare.  Dean sighed.  "I'm trying to make you feel better."

"I'm not going to feel better for years, Dean."

He moved closer but she shifted away.  "I'm not going to hurt you."

"No, I'm going to hurt you," she shot back.

"Part of the compulsion?"  Sam shook his head.  He reached out and Sam batted his hand away.  He did it again and managed to grab her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.  She stiffened.  He shifted closer.  "You can't live without contact.  It's impossible.  Especially once we're on the road again.  The car's not that big."   He shifted closer again.  "We had to share the same bed for years, Sam.  Not like I'm hitting on you."  He saw the desperate look and backed off.  "That part of the compulsion still there?"  She sighed and nodded.  "Okay, I can get that."  He ruffled her hair.  "We have got to do something about your mop, Sam.  Even girls can't have hair like that."


Dean grinned.  "We can deal with it."  He pulled her up to make her look at him.  "We will deal with it.  All of it.  Got me here, bitch?"

"Fine, Dean."

The lack of his usual pet name bothered him but Sammy was still upset so he'd let it go for now.  He walked him back inside the cabin, finding John in the kitchen. Sam got one of the last snickers bars, earning a look from Dean.  "Next time I have to go out, I'll get more."


"Welcome."  He flopped down and she gave him a look.  "I'm not that close."

"Are you sure we don't need to see a doctor?" John asked.

"It's part of the compulsion the witch laid to hit on me," Dean said.  "Apparently she wanted to see some inter-family lovin'."  John shuddered.

"You should try being under it," Sam complained.  She scooted down, laying on her side on her half of the couch.  Dean let his feet in her lap and it was nice enough for a nap.  She was still very tired and very sore after the spell.

"How much would this have hurt her physically?" Dean asked.

John shrugged.  "I'd imagine it would hurt.  Her body had to rearrange some things internally, grow some extra parts.  What has he said?"

"That he's felt better after torture."

John nodded.  "Want me to start the hot water heater?"

"Please."  John went to do that.  Dean slipped off the couch to start a warm bath for her.  He came back and lifted her up, making her gasp and grab him.  "Shh, putting you into a warm bath to take care of some of the ache, Sam."  She was holding back, he could see it.  "Do it if you have to.  I've kissed grosser than you."  She did and he gently eased back.  "That's a strong compulsion."  He walked her into the bathroom, putting her onto her feet, watching her hiss.  "Calm down.  Take a hot bath.  Ease those aches."  She nodded, turning her back.  "Let me leave first."  He did that, closing the door behind him.  "Want one of the new tank tops for later?"

"Please."  Dean went to get her some clothes so she didn't have to come out naked.  He handed them into the bathroom, waving them until they were taken.  Then he fled back to the couch.

John came out with coffee and food, going to put some in front of the bathroom door.  "There's some food waiting, Sammy.  Just outside the door."  He went back to where he wouldn't see anything when she grabbed it.  She did then the door shut again.  He looked at Dean.  "You holding up okay?"

"I'm scared she's going to gut me soon," he admitted.  "I can't wrap my mind around it being *Sammy*, ya know?"

"I can't either, even seeing it."  He looked at his son.  "Do you want to take some time off to work on her training?"  Dean gave him an odd look.  "You said her aim was off."

"Yeah and she's weaker.  There's not many women who hunt, Dad."

"No, there's not," he agreed quietly.  "Can you work with her in the field if she wants to continue?"

Dean shrugged.  "I don't know."  He laid down on the couch.  "I have no idea at the moment.  Sammy's not ready for anything more than healing time."

"Good point."  They both looked over at the splash.  "Sammy, you okay?" he called.

"Fine.  And it's Sam, not Sammy."

"Sure," he said, not wanting to be torn apart.  His son's anger was reasonable to him.  He'd be pissed too if he suddenly woke up a girl.  Dean smirked at him.  "Any idea who the witch was?"

"Part of the compulsion.  He can't tell me.  He did toss over an obit column."  He tossed it to his father since it was in his pocket.

John read it over, nodding at one.  "This one is one," he said with a point.  "I tried to get her once before."  He read that one closer.  "She has a granddaughter."

"Who is in Guam for the next year."

"Crap," he muttered.  No other family listed.

"Plus she might not be a witch.  It doesn't always run in the family."  He thought for a minute.  "What about wishing really hard?  Could something counteract that without undoing the spell?"

"I don't know," John admitted, thinking about that.  "I know some have been known to do things like this but they're mostly mythological and they're mostly really hard to find if they're not.  All the ones I've heard of were temporary so they might be able to offset it."

Dean shrugged.  "We can suggest that later."

"She's not been thinking?"

"Dad, I don't think she can get past what happened."  He frowned when he heard a car.  He went out to see who it was.  "Hi.  Bobby asked and said we could use the cabin," he told the confused looking woman getting out of the car.  "We're escaping some bad family problems."

"That must be what Kenneth meant when he mumbled over breakfast.  Just you, dear?"

"Me and my sister.  Our dad's here trying to work stuff out but it's not going well at the moment.  She's hiding in the bathroom."

"Oh.  I can understand how that goes.  A week, wasn't it?"

"Sure, if we're not done fighting with him by then we can do that, ma'am."  He grinned.  "Thank you for letting us borrow it."

"Not an issue.  I know how bad it can be.  I ran away a few times at her age."  She smiled at the man in the car.  "Remember to turn things off.  What's your name?"

"Dean.  My sister Sam's inside.  Our dad's trying to get her out of the bathroom."

"That happens.  Sometimes girls just need a quiet place to cry."  She smiled.  "I hope you work it out, Dean."

"Thank you again for the lending, ma'am."  She nodded and her friend climbed back into the car with her so they could leave. Dean walked back inside.  "Thought it looked too clean for a hunting cabin," he muttered once she was safely gone.  John gave him an odd look.  "Bobby asked her husband if we could borrow it.  The guy with her didn't know about it."  John grunted at that. "Sammy, want your book?"

"I'm fine," she called.  "Thank you."

"Welcome."  He sat down, staring at the door.

"Forcing it won't help," John said quietly.   Dean nodded at that.  "Do we have any sort of signal?"

"Yeah but Sammy's down to under an hour of daytime minutes on his phone."

"Crap.  New month starts in two days."

"That gives us five to pull back together and figure out a better hiding spot."

"That I may be able to work on," John said, sitting down outside with his phone to call someone who knew someone to see if he could borrow a more permanent place.

Dean walked over to the bathroom door, tapping gently.  "Sammy, need anything?" he asked quietly.

"No, I'm good, Dean.  Thanks."

"Welcome."  He looked at the door then opened it slightly to lean in.  "You can talk to me. I might not come out with wise shit, but I'll listen."

"Unless you're suddenly like this I doubt you'll understand," Sam said dryly.

Dean nodded.  "Probably true but at least it'll be getting it outta your head."

"Maybe.  I'll think about it.  Is the hot water heater still on?"

"Should be."

"Then I need to add some more.  Who was that?"

"The owner's wife and some guy who wasn't her husband."

Sam grimaced.  "Thought it was too clean to not be in use."

"She gave us a week."

"I can pull myself back together by then."

"Dad's arranging for somewhere safer to work on things.  Including your aim.  I don't want you in danger, Sammy."  Sam slid further down into the water.  "We'll talk about that later," he assured her.  "But hey, maybe you won't have to hunt if you don't want to."  She gave him a dirty look so he smiled.  "It's an option.  You sure?  Beer?  Soda? The rest of the snickers?"

"I could use a beer."  Dean went to get her one and the rest of the candy.  She smiled.  "Thank you."

"Welcome.  You still look kinda tired and shaky."  He left, closing the door behind him.  Thankfully Sam had covered his front with a towel.  He hadn't had to see anything.  He went to sit on the porch with his father.  "She's sitting in there with a towel over her chest."

"I wouldn't want to look at myself either," John said.

Dean looked at him.  "I thought she was being modest."

"Sammy's the one I had to stop from running around naked all the time, Dean.  He's not that modest."  They shared a look.  "My contact knows a pretty strong witch.  Maybe she'll be able to break the spell, but she should at least be able to break the compulsion."  Dean grinned.  "Plus he's got a garage apartment you two can borrow.  I told him it was a curse and he said it happens to the best of us.  He's going out of town anyway so you'd be doing him a favor."


"Not a problem."

He shifted.  "Dad, I'm worried.  She's been making 'shouldn't have a weapon' talks."

"I figured as much.  Think about it, Dean."

"I did and it's bad...."

"Your body's tortured with the spell.  There's little chance of getting your own body back," John said quietly.  "Plus all the changes?  I think it's probably natural and it'll ease off in a few days as she evens out."

"Are we sure that's not part of the spell?"  John gave him an odd look.  "She can't tell us."

"Good point."  He considered it. "Unless Missouri would know, I have no idea how to tell.  We'll ask some more careful questions later.  When she's out of the tub."

Dean nodded.  "We can do that.  Thanks, Dad."

"You guys needed me.  And well, I guess I should get used to this in case we can't solve it.  She'll need some new training time."

Dean looked at him.  "There's a reason girls don't hunt, Dad."

"Most of them are weaker, but Sammy's strong enough to do it.  She'll make it once she's retrained this body."  He patted him on the back.  "Then we'll get that demon and it'll be done with."

Dean nodded.  That was his plan too.  He heard a splash and Sam clearly got out since it sounded like the water was draining.  "She's getting out."

"That's fine."  They looked back as Sam walked out.  He blinked at the sight of the tanktop on her.  "That's a bit...showy, isn't it, Sam?"

Sam shrugged.  "Dean got them.  Built in bras."

Dean looked back and blinked.  "Please put on a shirt?" he begged.  He was not going to be able to quit staring.  She glared.  "Please, Sammy?  I ...  You're very well built."  His father swatted him.  "She is!"  Sam sighed, going to grab a shirt to put over the bra top.  "I saw some that had the same thing but were meant to be worn outside," he told her.  "That one's clearly just a bra."

"I guess."  He sat down on the porch with them.  "Didn't mean to freak you out," she muttered.

Dean nudged her with a grin.  "You didn't.  Before this I didn't realize how well built you are."

"You saw me in that stupid dress."

"Yeah, but I blocked it out once I knew you were Sammy."  She blushed, looking down.  "We'll all get used to it again, Sam.  Like dad said.  If you're going to continue to hunt, you've got to get back into the training.  And refirm up your aim."

"They get in the way."

"I figure they would," he agreed.  Sam swatted him hard, scowling at him.  "Not picking but they get in the way of the standard way you aim a gun or a shoe."  He shrugged. "They make sports bras, we'll see if they help more the next time we go to K-Mart."


"What would Jess do?" John asked.

"She'd be freaked but she'd cover it up and make me go shopping.  She had a favorite bra store and they'd measure and poke and teach you how to put one on.  Then she'd make me dress up so I had to deal with it.  And I don't want to do that.  I'm glad she never saw this."

John reached behind Dean to squeeze his girl's shoulder.  "We'll get through this, Sammy.  You'll be a good girl if we can't get you fixed.  One that'll make your mom and Jess proud."

"I'll need my shotgun for whole new reasons," Dean teased.  "Because my baby sister's hot."

Sam gave him a horrified look.  "I'm not dating!" she blurted, standing up.  "No way in hell am I dating!  No!  Uh-uh!"  She stomped off.

"Okay, but I'll still get to blow 'em off your ass," Dean called after her.  He grinned.  "That's a normal Sammy reaction," he said quietly with a grin.

John nodded. "I remember when he had that fit at fourteen."

They settled in to wait and make plans on who to call.  Plus what to ask later to see if they could get more round-about information on the curse or the spell.


The witch turned away from looking over Sam's curse to look at John.  "If I try to modify it in any way, it'll snap to the secondary setting.  Which means that Dean will share it with her."  Dean moaned.  "It will be occasional, random, and without warning but they won't be afflicted at the same time most of the time."

John looked at his miserable daughter.  She was clearly still ready to off herself because of this.  "The compulsion?"

"It can be broken.  It will always leave a taint however."  That got a single nod.  "The witch sealed it in with her blood and soul.  She did it to defy the one she used to serve according to what we've heard through the grapevine."

"So I'd be a girl sometimes too?" Dean asked.  She nodded.

"No, Dean.  You can't," Sam said, coming over to stare at him.  "It's bad enough that I'm cursed.  You being cursed too would be even worse.  Then no one would be able to hunt."

"We'd be male most of the time?" Dean asked the witch.

"Mostly.  Now and then she'd change for a few days.  Not on any schedule I could suss out.  So would you."

"But most of the time we'd be studly guys?" Dean pressed.  Sam glared.  "Do not give me that look, Sammy.  I mean it."  He looked at her again.  "We would be?"

"You would be," she agreed.

"Dean, as much as I want to have Sammy cured, having both of you cursed isn't going to help matters any," John protested.

"Dad, shut up."  He looked at Sam.  "I'll be hot as a lesbian and you can be like those little old librarians who used to want to mother you some days."

"No, Dean. I refuse," Sam said.  "Do not do that for him," he told the witch.  "I'll die like this if I have to."

"That is his choice, not yours," she chided gently.  "He's a big boy who has to make his own decisions."

Dean nodded.  "True."

"Your whole life you've tried to protect me," Sam said.  "I won't let you try it this time.  I don't want to see you go through this, Dean."

"Shut up," he ordered.  He scowled.  "If it's my choice then I can do that, Sammy.  It'll make you mostly better. I can stand being a lesbian a few nights a month.  My manliness will only be amplified and I'll learn how to better please women in bed."  The witch coughed, walking off blushing.

"No!" Sam said, glaring at him.  "I won't let you."  She huffed off.

Dean turned and fired a small tranquilizer dart at her.  "Sorry, Dad."

"I do not like this decision, son."

"Hey, look at it this way, maybe now Sammy can give you grandkids," he joked with a grin.  "Let's do this before Miss Cranky there wakes up."  She nodded, moving them both to her altar to get to work on the spell to split the curse.   Dean grabbed onto his knees when the change happened, locking his jaw so he wouldn't scream.  Now he knew why Sammy had been so sore for days.  The change took hold and Sammy went back to being a boy.  Dean shifted back, making him pant and huff out the pain.  The witch anointed them both to seal in the spell and it was done.  He looked at her.  "Thanks."

"You're most welcome, Dean."  John came over to help Dean up and out to the truck. Then he came back to pick up Sam and carry him out.  He came back to pay her then left with the boys.  The witch's eyes flashed.  "What pretty heirs they'll make when they're a consort."  She went back to normal and decided to go to lunch before the bank.  It was a beautiful day.


Sam woke up and realized he had a baritone groan again.  He glared at the ceiling.  "I will kick your ass, Dean."

"No you won't.  Even as a guy you can't kick my ass, Sammy."  He held out the soda.  "Drink?"

"It mixed?"

"No.  If I need to knock you back out,  I'll do it later."

"You shouldn't have."

"Shut up.  You're mostly a guy again, about the same as before only now you get tits every once in a while, and I can stand tits so I learn how to please women better.  It saves you from going insane."


Dean leaned down.  "Shut up."  Sam opened his mouth.  "I mean it."  Sam clamped his mouth shut.  "Thank you.  I knew what I was doing.  Now, you sore again?"  Sam shook his head. "Then I'm going to take a bath."

"Are you all right?"

"I know why you were sore but I'm fine.  I chose this."

"You didn't have to."

Dean sighed then smacked him on the head.  "Shut up."  He handed over the soda before going to soak out the pain.  "Dad's next door."

"Is he going to scowl at me for this?"

"No.  He didn't like this solution either but too late now."  He went to run himself a bath.  He was horribly sore.  It felt like the time his father had accidentally backed into him with the Impala.  This so sucked but he'd be able to handle it so his baby brother was himself most of the time.  He might even be able to use this to help with the hunting.  If they could find a predictable pattern he could use it to bait some of the worst things.  As long as no one thought he was a transvestite or anything like that.

Sam sat on his bed and thought.  This really did suck.  He had to get the curse removed from Dean immediately.  Dean would never handle losing his manhood for even a night.  Plus that stupid compulsion was still on them.  He checked out the window, finding a small porch with a chair.  He went to sit outside and think.  Dean needed some privacy to wrap his mind around things.

John came out, looking at his son.  "He argued with me too."

Sam looked at him.  "You let him?"

"It's his decision and I tried to talk him out of it."  He sat beside him.  "He soaking?"  His son nodded.  "You'll figure it out, Sam.  However this ends up you'll figure it out."

Sam looked at him.  "He won't be able to hunt like this.  I know you were both planning on what to do with me if I couldn't be changed back."

"I was planning some retraining time, nothing else.  I wasn't going to dump you on someone.  Dean either.  We were going to give you time to recuperate then work on your aim and things."

He nodded.  "I know why."  He looked inside then at his father.  "This friend's place?"

"We can make it tomorrow."


"Welcome, son.  It's what a father should do."  He stood up.  "You still look exhausted.  Go rest."  Sam nodded, going back inside to turn on the tv and nap for a while.  John went to make notes for Bobby.  Someone had to be warned that they'd be changing without warning or on a schedule anyone could presently find.  In case he wasn't there.


Dean looked down at his body the first time he changed over, then grimaced.  "I thought I'd have bigger breasts," he muttered.  Sam looked over from his researching and spluttered.  "Dude, quit wasting the beer," Dean complained, taking a sip of his.  "It's all right."

"If you say so."

"I do say so."  He wiggled.  "Can't see how you can stand not having balls though."  He went into the bathroom to take off the binding, pushy underwear that was now trying to settle into uncomfortable areas.  He came out and tossed them at his dirty clothes.  "Better."  Sam looked away, blushing a bit.  "It helped."

"Did me too," he muttered, going back to his research.  "Do you, um, want some private time?"

"I'll get plenty after you're asleep," he said dryly. "Not like you'll be up all night this time, Sammy."

"No, probably not."  He finished up and closed his laptop, then finished his beer.  "As a matter of fact, I'll hit the sack now."  He went to do his usual nighttime things then climbed into his bed after taking an antihistamine to encourage the sudden nap.

Dean shook his head, finishing his beer and getting another one.  Once Sammy was fully asleep he went into the bathroom.  The back of the door had a full length mirror.  He had to get used to seeing himself like this now and then.  It was incredibly strange and wrong in *so* many ways that his mind was screaming at him but he had done it to save Sammy. That's all that was important.  Even if he did mentally wince at touching himself like this.  At least until he tried it.  Then it was different but pretty good.  He grinned at himself and went to curl up in his bed and do whatever he wanted.  It was a great way to get to know his new body!


Sam watched Dean as they drove to the place their dad had found for them to heal for a while in.  "Want me to drive?" he asked him.

Dean shook his head.  "I'm good, Sammy.  Why would I want to let you drive my baby?"

"Gee, Dean, I don't know.  One hand's been on your crotch for the last sixty miles," he said blandly.  "I figure I can get us to somewhere nicer than the side of the highway while you remind yourself that it'll always come back."

Dean shot a glare at him and sped up.  "It's fine.  That wrist aches."

"Why?" Sam asked impatiently.  "You weren't hunting anything last night, Dean."

"Too much titty playing time," he said blandly, smirking when Sam went bright red in his seat and slumped down some.  "Don't tell me you didn't."

"Nope.  I didn't want to see it, think about it, any of that," he complained.

"Huh.  Well, you'll eventually get there, Sammy.   I still think I should have a nearly legendary rack and I don't."

"Eww, Dean."

"Tough, Sammy.  It's something we've gotta think about."

"I'd rather not."  He shifted again.  "Does Dad know about...."  He waved a hand at him.  "Your pasttime last night?"

"He told me to be more quiet before he got into his truck to hit breakfast, but I don't think he cared.  He wasn't looking like he was ready to hit the Johnny Walker Black bottle like he did when he had to tell you about sex stuff."

"Don't remind me, please," Sam moaned, shaking his head.  "You're perfectly okay with all this stuff?"

"It annoys me that the witch did it to you in the first place, Sammy.  Other than that, I'll handle it.  We might even be able to use it while hunting.  Maybe use it to bait something nasty that needs to be shot."

"No thanks."

"You'll feel better about it once you quit being so pissy," Dean assured him.  "Just accept it and that it'll eventually be reversed."

"I don't want to think about it, Dean."

"We'll be fine, Sammy," he said patiently.  "We will."

"Maybe you will.  I'm still freaked out."  He looked out the window, watching the scenery.  "How many more hours?"

"Two or so.  Need a pit stop?"

"I could use a candy bar soon."

"Sure.  Just don't gain weight."

"I'm still doing my PT.  It won't bother me that much," he said, scowling at his big brother.

"Fine."  He grinned then went back to paying attention to the road.  "We'll figure it out, Sammy."

"If you're sure."

"I'm certain.  Even if I do have to get you drunk and hand you to a trucker.  Or did I do that already?"

"No, that wasn't something you did to me," Sam said, shaking his head but grinning a little bit.  "You threatened to plenty of times when I was young teenager until Dad nearly beat your ass to death for threatening to have me molested."

"We would've saved you and you might've had fun."

"Uh-huh.  Sweaty truckers are not my taste in fun playmates, Dean.  If they're yours, I don't wanna know."

"Not really.  Hey, think I can find a good lesbian while I'm a girl?"

"Go for it if you want to, just watch out for changing back."

"I will."  He turned up the music and sped up just a bit more, happy to be mostly normal and back on the road.  Even if Sammy was still angsting about having tits now and then.  He could handle it.  Dean had a lot of fun with his.  He looked down as they sprouted, moaning and shifting some as his dick faded away.  "I think they grew," he said with a wicked grin.

"Dean, you need drugs," Sam ordered.  "Pull over and let me drive so you can.... do whatever in the back seat.  You can even use the blanket we have back there so I don't have to see you doing it."

"Prude," Dean laughed.

"Yeah, but I'm happy to be a prude, Dean.  I like myself the way I was."

"You're still that way most of the time," Dean reminded him.  "Just now and then you're not.  We can handle this, Sammy.  We'll get through it until we can find someone to take it off fully."

"If you're sure."

"I'm positive.  Now, rest stop ahead.  You can have a candy bar and a potty break.  I'll get some coffee and a candy bar and it'll be good."  He pulled in a few minutes later, heading out once he had shut off the engine.  Sam followed, stopping him from going into the men's room by turning him around.  "Oh, yeah."  He went in there instead.  "Huh, it's not much different after all," he muttered, going into a stall.  He knew women couldn't use urinals.  He had found that out last night when he had forgotten and tried to pee standing up.  It didn't work as well as a girl.  That wiping thing was strange too.  But he guessed he'd get used to it.  He came out and washed his hands, because he wasn't perfect at doing that stuff yet, then headed out to find Sam had gotten him a few donuts and a cup of coffee from the anti-sleepy driving table.  "Thanks, Sammy."

"Welcome, Dean."  He watched him walk, then grimaced but followed.  Once they were back in the car, he looked at him.  "Think we should get some books on being girls from the health department?  Like the pamphlets they gave us in health class?"  Dean gave him an odd, confused look.  "I'm sure there's things we don't know, Dean."

"I know plenty, Sammy."

"So you know that you have to wipe front to back or you can get a bladder infection?" he asked patiently.

"Really?" he asked.


"Huh.  No, I didn't."

"Then I'll pop around to one when we stop again.  And get you some free condoms so I don't have to worry about you getting knocked up from trying it."

"I'd only hit on girls," he reminded him, starting the car and putting it into gear so he could back out of his parking spot and hit the highway again. "But if you want, go for it.  I don't think I need it."  He shrugged off the strange thought.  He had no idea why Sammy's mind went places like that but it had always happened.  He should've expected that one sooner.  Though it was a good sign that he was starting to accept it.  Finally.  Less angry about it too.  And hey, maybe they'd have some good tips on how a girl got off faster.  It had taken him nearly forever last night.  That's why his wrist was still sore.


Sam walked into the county health department where they were pausing, smiling at the receptionist.  "I need some.... books for my little sister," he said quietly.  "She's just hit *that* age."

She smiled.  "Are you going to bring her in for her first exam too?"

"I don't think she's ready for it yet and if she's trying boys, we'd be shocked.  And horrified since she says she likes girls, but condoms for me might be okay," he offered with a grin.

"I can do that.  Give me a minute."  She went back to the nurse's office.  "A young guy getting some stuff for his little sister hitting that right age, who's turning lesbian."

"That's fine."  She pointed at the bags.  "Condoms too, just in case, and a new girl pack with tampons for the schools."

"Thanks."  She grabbed one and the pamphlets, coming out to hand them over.  "There you go.  And here you go with the condoms," she said, handing him another bag with a smile.  "Play safely now."

"I always try.  Thank you, miss."  He walked out, taking them to the garage apartment they were sheltering in.  He found his father there but still handed them to Dean.  "Here you go."

Dean looked at them.  "Your Body And You.  The Power of Being a Girl."  He gave Sam a look.  "These are the health class pamphlets."

"Yeah."  He handed over the two bags too.  "One's condoms.  One's for girls who just hit that stage.  She did ask if we wanted to go in for exams."

"I don't think I need to go on the pill," he said, still looking confused.  He flipped through them.  They had gotten the boy books in health class in high school.  These were different.  "So that's how that's wired," he said, looking at one picture.  He looked in the bag, blushing a bit.  "Tampons.  Thanks."

"What else is in there?"  He looked inside.  Tampons, a two pack of razors, lotion samples, a few condoms and a female condom, a few coupons, and another small brochure about using the tampons versus pads.  Dean pulled out what he wanted and put the bag into the bottom of his bag.  Just in case they might need the tampons sometime in the future.  You never knew with their freakish Winchester luck.  John was giving them both horrified looks but they ignored it from long practice.  Dean sat down to figure out his new body's skills.  He flipped past the parts about womanly cycles with a small shudder.  That would not be happening to him.  It wouldn't.  He wouldn't be a girl often enough to worry about it.

Sam sat down with the other ones.  They were a good, informative source.  Plus he had pulled up a health site for Dean's information on how to get a woman off... manually.   That way he didn't always have a sore wrist in the mornings.

John went into the kitchen to get some coffee, shuddering in horror at his sons.  That was not right in so many ways!  If they started talking about periods, he was heading for a bar.  That's all his wife's friends talked about.  Periods, their guys, kids, and zits it seemed like.  He couldn't handle it back then, he surely couldn't handle it now from his sons.  He looked up to send a quiet apology to his wife's spirit.  It wasn't his fault they were like this.  That witch was hopefully being tortured in the afterlife.


Sam found the first hint of a chance of a cure online.  He was reading a journal of someone.  He reread it and then looked up that guy's name.  He wasn't exactly in plain sight but he wasn't hiding that well either.  He considered it then found an address for him.  He was only a few towns over.  He glanced at Dean, who was taking a nap on the couch, still gripping his dick in case it disappeared on him.  He couldn't let his brother go through this again.  He got up and snuck out of the house, stealing the keys from the table as quietly as he could.  He ran into his father outside.  "I found a higher chaos source I'm going to ask some pointed questions to," he said at his confused look.

He slid into the car, starting it and hurrying off at his normal pace.  He didn't drive as wildly as Dean.  He never had.  He found the address was a bare lot but for some reason he knew something was there.  He parked and got out, walking up the former sidewalk.  It was cracked, uneven, and the grass around it was brown and wilted.  Then he hit a magical shield.  "I need help," he told it.  It let him through.  He found the house had been hidden.  He stared at the man in the doorway.  "A witch cursed me and the one who tried to undo it for us could only transfer it so it hit me and my brother.  She used chaos magic."

"I can see that," he said patiently.  "Why search me out?"

"You know more chaos than most people," he said honestly.  "I don't want to be a girl now and then.  My brother's constantly making sure he's not changing.  We're only looking for a bit of help."

He stared at him.  "I can't undo it.  I know someone who can."  Sam grinned at that and relaxed some.  "I don't know if he would though.  He's not fond of hunters, boy."

"We only take out those things harming people, sir.  Plus the demon that killed our mother.  We can even pay him some."

The guy grimaced.  "A few years back he got turned on by some friends.  He's not real fond of hunters."

"Can you ask him?  Please?" he begged.  "We're not going to hunt the guy down."

"I can call and ask his opinion."  He went inside.  Sam stayed on the porch.  That was polite of him.  He made the long distance call.  "It's Patrick.  I have a young hunter here who has a gender reassignment curse on him.  He said some witch used chaos magic."  He looked outside.  "It's still floating around him.  He said a witch tried to undo it and it cursed him and his brother instead of just him.  He's offered to pay.  No, I don't know about that.  I know he says they only hunt the harmful things and he's promised not to hunt you.  Home.  Where else would I be after that group of imbeciles didn't get arrested, Ethan?"  He smiled.  "Please."  He hung up and went to get the boy.  "Give him a few minutes to get here.  Want some tea?  I'm making him some."

"If it's not any trouble."  He followed him inside, only glancing at the altar he had set up.  He wasn't going to say anything to guy even if he had a living torture victim.  He wanted this curse ended too badly for that.  A man appeared.  Sam nervously wiped his hand and held it out.  "Sam Winchester, sir."

He stared at him then shook his hand. "You're not one of them after all."


"There was a government group hunting demons," Patrick told him.  "Torturing them and things."

"No, if my family had been part of that we wouldn't have stood for torture.  Taking out the bad things but not torture and not playing with them in any other way either," he said honestly.  "Even if Dean does draw succuba now and then."

Ethan cracked a smile.  "That's good to know.  Come, let me look over this curse.  What do you know of it?"

"She said I couldn't tell.  She wove it into the spell."

"Ah.  And the later compulsion?"

"She wanted me to sleep with my brother for some reason."

Ethan gave him an odd look then looked over the spell in the light from the windows.  "That demon really does want you for many reasons," he said dryly.  Sam stiffened.  "She was serving him.  You're marked."  He touched a spot on Sam's cheek.  "It's faint but it's to make you a proper consort instead of an heir like he originally planned."

"You know about the demon?"

"Not that much.  I recognized his mark.  I've heard what he's up to now and then."  He stared at the boy.  "It will hurt."

"It hurt like hell turning me into a girl.  I ached for weeks.  I can ache longer to get it off us.  Dean doesn't deserve this and he took some of the burden so we could change back most of the time," he said quietly.

Ethan nodded.  "Where are you staying?"  Sam wrote out the address.  "Patrick will come get you both tomorrow night."

"I'll warn our dad so he won't say anything.  He didn't like Dean doing it either."

"Good."  He patted him on the arm.  "You remind me of someone I knew once.  Before his mentor turned on me so badly."

Sam shrugged.  "You don't turn on friends if you're a good man."

Ethan smiled a little bit.  "Very true.  Let me look up the meaning of that extra binding first.  Go get your brother ready."

"Should we shower or anything, sir?"

"Just be yourself, boy.  It'll be fine."  Sam nodded and left much happier.  "Truly not one of them."

"No, I think they're the other sort of hunter.  That could make the demon that tainted him very upset with us, Ethan."  He handed over his cup of tea.

"Demons like that annoy me anyway.  I have no intention of dying due to an apocalypse or an over abundance of demons."  He sipped.  "Decent as always, Patrick, thank you."  He went to look up that marking.  It was quite unusual.


Sam rushed into the house, making Dean flinch.  "I talked to the higher chaos guy.  He thinks he can remove it.  He'll come get us tomorrow night.  Also, he said the demon's somehow involved in this.  He mentioned a consort marking," he told his father.

"Who is this person, son?" John asked.

"Patrick Weiss is the local guy.  I told him we wouldn't be hunting him for this, Dad."

"I haven't heard anything about him," he agreed.  "Especially not if he's helping you two get out of this."

"He went to a higher source.  Did you know the government got involved in demon hunting?" he asked with a scowl.  "Torturing and things they said.  His higher friend Ethan got turned over to them."

John stiffened.  "Ethan Rayne?"

"Don't know.  All I heard was Ethan."

"It must be.  He's a high priest to Janus but he's in England," John told him.

"Huh.  He just appeared there in Mr. Weiss's kitchen.  He did have an English accent though."

"Good to know.  They're safe from me if they're helping you boys.  I do want to know how the demon's involved."

"He said there was an extra binding.  That it'd make me a better consort instead of an heir.  That he'd heard what he'd done before."  John gave him an evil smirk.  "You might be able to find out some information from him.  He doesn't like hunters after one turned him over to them from what I heard between their discussion."

"I'll definitely ask," John agreed.  "Good job, son."  Sam grinned at Dean.

"How sure is he?" Dean asked.

"Not totally sure yet.  He's looking up that extra binding.  He did think it was odd she put the incest compulsion on."  Dean nodded once at that before shuddering.  "So he's looking that part up.  He said they'd come get us tomorrow night.  He didn't say we had to shower or anything but he did say it'd hurt again, Dean."

"I'll take pain," he promised.  No one said anything about him gripping himself to make sure it was still there.


Ethan looked over both boys, then nodded.  "I can't fully remove it, but I can move the spell onto someone else."

"Would they care?" Sam asked.  "Like a transvestite or someone?"

"They might care," he admitted.  "They do deserve a bit of hell as a form of justice however."

Sam and Dean shared a look.  "As long as he earned the justice," Dean decided.  Sam shrugged at that.  "Both of ours onto him?  The last witch could only split it between us."

"I noticed.  She's the one who put the consort marking on you both."  He stared at Dean.  "That one demon is very annoying.  Most of us don't want to die in an apocalypse."

"None of us want one to happen," Sam said quietly.  "Is he trying one?"

Ethan nodded.  "He does every now and again."

"The special children," Dean said.

"He needs help to pull his plan together," Ethan said dryly.  "That's how he's chosen to do so."  He stroked over Dean's cheek.  "It will hurt worse, young man."

Dean nodded.  "I can understand that.  The one getting it really deserves it?"

"He turned me over to them."

"People doing those sort of things should be shot," Sam said.

"That is an option he could have for himself," Ethan pointed out.

"I nearly did," Sam agreed quietly.

Ethan smiled.  "The demon would never allow that, Samuel."  He got what he needed, coming back to move them into the circle he had drawn out earlier with Patrick's help.  He cast the spell, freeing Dean.  It moved it all back into Sam's body.  Dean screamed in pain as the spell left him, falling to his knees.  "Stay in the circle," he ordered.  Dean nodded, panting into the floor, curled up on his knees.  He looked at Sam.

"Do it, I'm ready."

"Very well."  He uncast it, making it flow off to be a form of justice.  His dear old friend would not appreciate it but he did deserve it.  And if it hit his annoying charge, so be it.  She could use it too since she had dated the one who took him in.  Sam was gritting his teeth but didn't fall down like his brother had.  He nodded at that, finishing it up.  He stepped back to look them over.  "I could remove most of it," he said, staring into Sam's eyes.  "The next time magic hits you, there's a chance it could come back."

Sam unclenched his jaw, nodding slightly.  Every muscle in his body ached like it had been coiled onto a rack, stretched, then put back with an extra jolt of electricity.  "I understand."

"If it doesn't happen that first time, it grows more likely each time," he warned.

"I understand, sir.  Thank you."

Ethan smiled.  "Patrick does give me some of the best challenges."  He uncast the circle and let them out, letting Sam handle his own brother.  "It will not hit him ever again," he said quietly next to Sam's ear, getting a weak smile for that fact.  "Go in peace.  Rest.  You clearly need it."

"Thank you," he said, offering his hand.  "If you need us, call."

"If one like me needs a hunter, our God is clearly not pleased with us," he said kindly, getting another weak smile.  He shook their hands and let Patrick walk them out to the car where their father was waiting.  His protégé came back and flopped down across from him.  "I think I should go scry."

"I set up a scrying bowl earlier.  That way you could rest, Ethan."

"Thank you, Patrick.  You are a credit to my teaching."  He walked up there to scry his old friend.  Yes, it had hit him and his little chippy of a soul's burden.  He smiled as he sat down to relax and watch the chaos flow.  The one the boys reminded him of was freaking out a bit but that was to be expected.  As was the blaming of the local witches.  She hadn't done that spell yet but it was something she was more than capable of.


Dean woke up the next morning in the tub.  He came out to find his father cooking quietly.  "Sammy still good?"

"Very.  Any precautions that might be needed?"

Sam stumbled out, blinking at his brother before grinning.  "The compulsion's gone too."

"Good.  Brush your teeth, Sammy?" he suggested.  "You have doggy breath again."

"I do not."  He punched him on the arm but went to do that anyway.

"Son, any precautions we should take?" John asked him when he came back out of the bathroom.

"If I get hit with magic it might hit me again.  It won't ever hit Dean again.  If it doesn't return at that first bat, it could more likely happen at each new magical hit."

"So no witches for you two," John decided.

"We need to rest anyway," Dean told him.  "I'm in more pain now than I was when it was done to me."  He looked at Sam.  "How did you stay standing last night?"

Sam shrugged.  "No clue, Dean."  He sat next to his brother at the counter, letting John dish up their food.  "We did find out a bit of information from him about the demon."  John stared them down.  Sam grinned.  "The special children thing he has going is because he needs a human's help to complete his apocalypse plan."

Dean nodded.  "It's not the first time apparently from what he didn't say.  The witch who split it put on the consort marking too."

"I'll make sure she's not still possessed or handle her if she's working for him," John said.  They nodded, digging in.  "Anything still hurt?"  They both nodded.  "That's fine.  Rest.  Pete said he wasn't going to be back for over a week, boys."  He smiled.  "You did good getting it to go away."

"Unless we get hit with magic," Dean reminded him.

"I'll remember that."  He patted them both on the head.  "We'll figure it out but that's a new clue I didn't have before.  Thank you, boys."  He went to call around to see if anyone knew anything about his last plans.  Higher demons always had plans to take over something or somewhere.  Most of the time they got noted somewhere when they got stopped.

Dean looked at Sam.  "How did you stay on your feet?" he asked quietly.  Sam shrugged, stuffing his mouth again.  "No clue really?"

Sam looked at him once he had swallowed.  "Not a single one, Dean.  I clenched down and wouldn't let myself scream again.  I did plenty during the spell to change me."

"Maybe I got more then because you got it up front."  He went back to eating.  "Any other good news?"

"We don't need those tampons the health department gave us?"

"That is good news," he agreed.  "Let's find a way to make sure no magic hits us, Sammy.  That way we can hunt with less risk?"

"I'll see if there's some sort of shielding or diverting magic method."  He finished breakfast and did dishes since Dean was still so sore.  Then he went to look up that topic on the online resources he had available to him.  John looked over from his own research.  "Something to deflect magic coming at us."

John nodded.  "That might be handy in case you get caught in a stray spell or something like a protection on an area sets it off again."  Sam shuddered.  John went back to his own research.  That demon would be going down one way or another to one of the Winchesters.  Hopefully soon.  Before they changed back or it decided it liked them as consorts instead of human helpers and chosen ones.

The End.