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Oh, No!

Blair looked up as his students walked in. Three more weeks of school left. They all looked like they could use the break for summer. He saw Patty, one of his top students, waddle over to him to hand him an excuse. "How's the baby?" Blair was concerned. Patty looked like she was going to explode soon, and he really didn't want it to happen in class.

"Doctor said she was fine, and healthy. He also said that since I'm not due for another couple of weeks, and he thinks the baby will be born late, that I can come to class, as long as I don't get stressed. "

Blair took the excuse and looked at her stomach. He was scared that the Doctor was wrong, but what did he know. "Just have someone call the department when you go into labor. We'll arrange for someone to tape the lectures if you want, and send you the tests. That way, you won't have to do this over again. "

"Sure thing, Prof.." Patty walked over to her seat, and Blair got ready for lecture. He had a tape to show them of, appropriately enough, mating dances of a certain tribe he had done some work with.

Blair took role, and then started the tape and dimmed the lights. He walked over to a seat to watch the film with the students. He knew what was going to happen, but he always thrilled at the sight of the women choosing their mates. They were just getting to the good parts, when he heard a muffled groan. He looked down the aisle at Patty, who had her head on the desk. Blair calmly went down to her, thinking this can't be it. She looked up at him. Her bottom lip was bleeding from where she had bitten it to stop the cry. 'Oh, shit.' was all he muttered under his breath. He walked over and stopped the tape and turned on the lights, giving a dirty look to the small sounds of displeasure he heard.

"That's all for today." As the students started to file out, talking about his odd behavior no doubt, he picked a student that knew Patty well. "Could you go up to the secretary and have her call an ambulance. Patty just went into labor." The student nodded, and hurried on the errand. Blair walked back over to the suffering woman. "How about we sit you on the floor. I'll time the contractions and talk to you, and you do ....whatever." Blair smiled at her.

She grinned at his not knowing. "I thought by now, surely you would have seen a baby being born. Didn't . . ." she was stopped by another contraction. Blair took his coat off and balled it up to put under her head. He laid her down on the floor, on her side. "Better. Thanks." was all she managed to get out.

Blair looked at his watch to see how long it was lasting. It took about a minute for it to end. He started to wonder where the ambulance was. "Where are they." He was starting to get scared now. What did he know about babies, anyway.

"Don't worry. The childbirth instructor said labor usually lasts for hours." Patty took his hand to reassure him. She knew he was more frightened than she was. "I got this part, just worry about timing them. The baby will come whether or not I'm ready, and even if the paramedics aren't here yet." She needed to stay calm. She knew she wasn't ready to be a mother. She wanted the extra weeks to get ready, to worry about. But, no, the baby had inherited her father's stubbornness. She started to breath in the pattern the instructor had told her too. This was too close, couldn't be more than a few minutes apart.

Blair started timing again when he noticed her breaths change patterns. Two and a half minutes apart, not good. "Come on, Patty, breathe in and out. Stay calm. Yell or hit me or something when the pain is the worst. We can do this." He knew he had to stay calm for her. She needed him now, like Jim never would. But this was scary.


Simon poked his head around his office door. "Ellison, get in here." He didn't yell, he didn't want to alarm Jim about this.

Jim knew something was wrong, Simon didn't call him like that unless it was something bad. "Sir, what's wrong?" Jim turned to face Simon as he closed the door.

"Dispatcher just called. There is an ambulance on the way over to Rainier. She didn't say what was going on, just a medical thing. The call was to go to the class where Sandburg was. I..." Simon didn't get to finish the sentence; Jim was out the door, and down the stairs to the garage before he got the last word out. "Hope everything's okay." Simon walked out and told Megan what was going on. He had her call the University to see what it was this time.

Jim didn't wait for Simon to finish. He went out of the office and took the stairs two at a time to the garage. He started the truck, talking to himself. "What did you do this time, Chief." He pulled out into traffic and turned on the lights to get people out of his way. When his cellphone rang, he answered it one handed as he went around a corner. He was almost there, he was not going to let something happen to Blair again. "Yeah."

"Jim," Megan's voice came at him, "it's a call for an ambulance. One of Blair's students went into labor. Only the paramedics can't get there for another half an hour, some big traffic accident. Can you handle this, or do you need help?" She knew Jim had experience, but delivering children? He just hung up on her and pulled in next to the building. Nobody looked surprised to see him running for the building, but he would worry about this becoming a regular sight later. As Jim got to the right floor, he heard a scream coming from one of the classrooms. That's where he was needed. He walked in and grabbed Blair's shoulder to tell him he was there. Blair didn't even look up, his attention focused on the job in front of him.

Blair was lifting her skirt up, looking to see if the baby was out. He could see the top of the head, and felt something touch him, but the baby was more important. He looked up to see Patty holding onto one of Jim's hands, panting together in an easy rhythm. Blair smiled at the picture that would make. "Hi!," he looked at Jim, "Do you know how to do this?"

"No, but I'm sure you're doing fine." Jim turned his attention back to Patty, her contraction ending.

"Prof.., I want you to deliver it. I know you. Please." She was desperate. No paramedics, a person she didn't know holding her hand, and one very scared graduate student delivering her daughter.

Blair looked at Jim, who nodded his support. Blair took off his tie, and loosened his collar. He would need to be comfortable for this. He looked again at the child. "Oh,..." He reached down to cup the baby's head as it came out. "Jim, man give me your shirt." Blair took the offered shirt and used it to cushion the baby's head as it came down the birth canal. "Ok, Patty, the head's out. Now just push for me on three. Alright?" She did as he asked and the baby came out the rest of the way with a healthy yell. The baby promptly stuck a finger in it's mouth and looked up at the light above him. Blair looked down at the child in his arms. "Patty, didn't you say it was a girl?"

"The doctor said it was a girl from the ultrasound. Why?" She didn't want to hear this. She wanted a girl. When Blair handed the baby to Jim, to give to her, she noticed the little tiny penis sticking out of the folds. "Looks like he was wrong." She half-saw Blair look at her again. "What, what's wrong?"

Blair saw a trickle of blood and a sight he didn't want to see. "Patty, one baby right?"

"I'm gonna kill him." Anything else she might have said was lost in the scream as the other child tried to come out.

The labor wasn't long, but it was painful. For everyone. Blair cringed at each yell of pain Patty made, and was very glad he was male. Jim wondered how much longer she could take this; and was he glad he had never put a woman through this. Patty was just glad when it was over. Blair took off his shirt to wrap the new child up.

"Looks like your doctor was right about something." He and Jim switched babies so she could see her daughter. Patty unwrapped her to look at her, count fingers and toes and all that, before looking back up at him.

"Thank you, Blair. I mean Professor Sandburg."

"That sounds way too formal for right now. Blair's fine." He was smiling down at the little one in his arms. It was the most fantastic thing he had ever seen. All the earlier fear was erased. Only the awe at the tiny life in front of him was there. "What are you gonna name them?"

"I don't know. We didn't even pick out boys' names." She looked at her daughter, snuggling in her arms trying to sleep; and at her son, trying to do the same in Blair's arms. "I'll let you know in a couple of days." Patty yawned and shifted her position on the floor. "Both of you look so cute with them in your arms. Too bad you don't have any of your own." Patty fell asleep after the comment and another hard look at her new children. She never knew when the paramedics got there for her.

Jim and Blair looked at each other, both had stupid grins on their faces. Jim got up and walked over to the door to call Megan, so as not to disturb the family. He talked for a minute and walked back over and sat down. "Megan says they're on their way. Had an accident earlier to deal with." He looked at the joy on Blair's face when he looked at the child. He knew, that since they had become lovers that neither one would ever have children, but this look was the most happy, and peaceful, that he had ever seen Blair. "She was right, you do look like you belong with that child." Jim leaned over Patty to give him a kiss, just enough of one to convey his pleasure and happiness with his mate. "I think you would make a great dad, too." Jim looked around the room. He focused his hearing towards the outside, and heard the ambulance pull up. "They're coming."

Blair looked at the child in his arms. A little boy. One he had delivered. "Wow." That was all he could say. This had to be the ultimate mind blowing experience of all time. He had never felt so good. When the paramedics came in, Blair handed him the child and told them what had happened. He even had remembered to note the time of birth for them.

When everyone else was gone, Jim came over to give him a hug. "Want to go home?"

"Yeah. I need a nap. That was one great big adrenaline rush." He was pulled tighter against Jim. "What are you thinking, big guy?"

"Just that I've never seen that look on your face before. And that was the most special thing we could ever share together." Jim wanted to see Blair smile at him the way he had at the infant, but Jim knew he wouldn't. He wasn't jealous, but that expression was one to cherish for all time. Blair leaned down to get their shirts from the floor, and bundled them together in his jacket. Jim kissed the top of his head as Blair walked back into his embrace. They would go home now. They would use this to reafirm the rightness of life to each other. Then they would love each other for all time.