Milky Way Fantasies

NOTES: I woke up with one of these fantasies, and then the rest sort of fell in. I meant this to be a small one person fantasy. Doesn't look like it turned out this way. (honestly, this is as strange as I get without sleep. I don't know where it came from. Don't blame me, blame my subconscious mind/dream state for having a foursome.) The pseudonym is because I have a very 'Republican' father who frowns greatly any time I mention my 'little hobby'.

WARNINGS: Guys, strange stuff ahead. Drug induced **strange** fantasies (not mine - really). Fair warning. Definitely rated NC_17 (at the least). Some bondage, but no domination. Multiple partners (you think I'm kidding, but just wait). Small amounts of spanking. A Transgender fantasy. Consensual fun had by all *in their minds*. Oh, yeah, a language warning too.

NOT BETA'D, didn't have the balls, but I did have someone longer to the list look it over to see if it was sendable (and if I should). Please take the warnings above seriously ... PLEASE!

Milky Way Fantasies by Voracity

Rafe sat down at his desk, and piled the mail in front of him. He put aside the letters and manila envelopes to look at the box. Plain brown paper, smallish, not too heavy. Tied with string, addressed to him and the whole unit. //Hmm, not a handwriting I recognize. Good thing I had the dogs downstairs sniff it. Let's see what someone sent us.// He breaks the string and rips the paper carefully, making sure the addresses stayed in tact. Inside was a box of candy bars. //Milky Ways. Cool, as Sandburg would say. Hmm, letter too.// He smiles at the note enclosed and stands up.

"Gentlemen, and Megan, we have been given a case of Milky Ways by the nice family at that last robbery site for catching the men responsible. Would anyone like one?" All the detectives looked over at him, then slowly started shuffling over to his desk. They each grabbed a couple, except Jim, who tried to take four.

"Jim, man leave some for the rest of us."

"Sorry." Jim smiled slightly at Blair and Rafe and gave the extra two to Blair. They detectives headed back to their desks, while Rafe went in to give Simon his two.

Megan sat at her desk, and opened hers. She took a bite, and noticed that there was a line scored around the sides, about halfway up. She shrugged mentally and took another bite before re-wrapping the rest and putting it aside for later.

Brown ate first one down, putting the second in his shirt pocket.

Simon came out of his office, munching on one, smiling at those around him who were happy now that they had a sugar rush.

Blair ate his while looking at a journal entry that a student had given for verification on a paper. He held out his hand to Jim for his second so the older man wouldn't eat it right away and then beg for his. He hid it in his backpack with his second.

Jim snarfed his first one down, and gave Blair the second when he reached a hand for it, knowing what he meant without him saying anything.

Rafe opened one and chewed it slowly while looking over new crime scene photos.


Megan looked up, seeing things getting hazy. //Shit, what is wrong with me today. I had almost enough sleep. So why am I dizzy and fuzzy feeling.// She shook her head and went to the bathroom to wet down her face. She smiled at Blair as she walked past him.

Blair looked up form his grading at Megan as she passed and returned her smile. //Man, she doesn't look good at all. Wonder what's wrong.// He turned back to the blurry page in front of him, swiping the red marker along the lines of a hopeless freshman's essay.

Jim rubbed the back of his neck. //Tingles// He sighed and bent back to the paperwork he was filling in on the computer . //It'll go away soon.//


Megan looked in the mirror. The image blurred, then snapped back into focus. She ran cold water into the sink and splashed herself. //I don't need this right now. I can't be getting sick.// She grabbed a paper towel to dry her face and walked back to the bullpen.

She knocked on Simon's door and entered after receiving an answer. "Sir, I don't feel well...." The rest of the sentence was left unsaid as she collapsed onto the floor.

"Oh, damn, Connor!" Simon rushed around his desk to pick up his fallen detective. He laid her on the couch just as Jim walked into the room.

"Simon, what happened? Is she alright?"

"I don't know. She fainted. She said she wasn't feeling well, and then collapsed. Check her over while I call down to our in-house paramedics." Simon moved back to his desk to make the call while Jim bent to tend to Megan.

Jim, Simon, what happened? Oh, man, is she okay?" Blair helped position Megan more comfortably on the couch, while Jim turned his senses on the body before him.

//Heart rates a little fast. Damp face, but doesn't smell of sweat. No fever.// "I don't know what's wrong. She doesn't have a fever, but her hearts going faster than normal." He moved around Blair to get next to her feet, lifting them over the arm.

The paramedics ran into the office, pushing Jim and Blair out of the way. One took her pulse, the other set out the equipment for an exam. They worked as a team, quietly ignoring the crowd at the door and the three in the office.

"She's fine, almost. She seems to be asleep, somewhere near R.E.M. by her eye movements, but we can't wake her. We can take her to the hospital, or we can leave her here. Your call, Captain."

"You sure it's nothing serious."

"Yes sir, probably. Looks like she passed out, then went to sleep right away. She should be fine to leave here on the couch." The head paramedic waited for Simon's decision.

"Simon, if it's nothing serious, why don't we leave her. We can always send her later if something happens." Jim looked over at the paramedics, who nodded at the wisdom.

"That's true, Captain. We can always take her in later."

"Okay, thanks guys. Sorry to have you called up here for nothing."

"Don't worry. This was a good diversion for us." The younger paramedic looked over at Jim. "Things have been quiet around here recently. No terrorists or anything lately." He smiled, and Simon laughed.

"True, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks guys." He showed them out personally while Jim went to get a blanket from the emergency stores.

Blair shrugged and went back to his desk. //She's going to be humiliated later over this. Glad it wasn't me.// He sat down, picked up a student essay, and went back to his grading while Jim came back and he and Simon made Megan comfortable in the office. //Glad Jim didn't take offense at the crack from that guy. That wouldn't have been pretty to watch.// He looked closer at the almost readable writing in front of him. //Hold on, I never said that!// He sent his thoughts drifting back to the lecture he had given. //I said that they socialized their youngsters according to gender, not age. Where do they get these things?// He shook his head when the image started to waver. //No! No fantasies at the station.//


Jim walked back into Simon's office with a pillow and blanket. He made Megan as comfortable as possible, then went back to his computer. //Guess she won't be so uptight tomorrow.// He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. //Where did that come from?// His eyes shot open at what he saw in his mind. //I don't want to do that to him. Where is this coming from?// He shook his head and got back to the paperwork.


Megan looked around in the pool. Simon was doing laps at the other end, and they were the only two in here. She turned to start her laps across the expanse of the pool, loosing herself in the rhythm. She felt herself run into something soft, and came up for air. She pushed water out of her face, and looked at the broad expanse of chest in front of her.

"Simon, I'm sorry, did I run into you?"

"No, I ran into you." He grabbed Megan and pulled her closer, leaning in to nuzzle her neck. "I want this, and since we happen to be all alone..." He kissed the soft pulse spot near her shoulder.

Megan wrapped her legs around Simon, who moved their suits aside to gain access. He thrust into her, and she pulled herself closer, pushing Simon into the side of the pool. They matched their rhythms, making the water splash out of the pool.

Megan yelled, "Oh, yes, Simon," as she came, and her pulsing muscles brought Simon off. They both turned to the sound of applause.

"Wooo, way to go, guys!" Brown yelled at them. Megan pushed herself off Simon and turned around to face her fellow Detectives from Major Crimes. She bowed and Simon tried to hide behind her.

Jim stepped over and gave her a hand out of the pool. "Hope you didn't mind, but it was too good to interrupt."

"Nope, mate, you ought to see my videotapes." Megan smiled.


Simon sat at his desk, trying to ignore the soft breathing noises from the woman across the room. He tried to ignore Megan's "Oh, yes, Simon." and her comment of a few minutes later of "You ought to see my videotapes." He closed his eyes, and leaned back in his chair. A picture popped up.

//Oh, yeah. Me laying on a blanket getting a massage. Oooohh, yeah, feels good.// He can see the hands plainly, small, not feminine. //Huh? Whose hands are those.// He moves the body in the picture over, facing the person running their hands over him. He looks up and sees Rafe smile down at him. //No, nononono. Not gonna happen. No!// The picture dissolves at his denial. He shakes himself before getting back into his work.


Blair is looking at the last essay. He watches the lines blur into a picture. //Oh, wow. I haven't had a hallucination in a while. That's it, I sleep tonight.// The image clears.

He's laying on his back, hanging off the end of some sort of frame. He's naked. //Oh, boy. Not again.// He sees the main element in all of his fantasies come towards him.

"Blair, what do you want? Would you like to play tonight?" the figment asks him. The figment-him nods his head.

Blair feels himself falling into the fantasy. He can now feel the padded wood beneath him, the cuffs around his wrists. He can taste his sweat, feel his heart beating faster at the suggestion. Nobody notices that he's laid his head down on the desktop.

"Do you want just me, or would you like to really play tonight?"

"I want ..." He swallows. "I ...I ..."

"Time's up. Guess you get both." Jim walks over to him. He brushes a stay curl away. "I want this. Do you?" Blair nods. "Remember, you can stop it anytime. Do you remember your word?"

"Wolf." He sucks in air before Jim leans down to kiss him as a reward.

"Yes," Jim checks the gear before moving towards Blair's feet, "that's your word. Now since you were so good last time, who would you like to top you?"

"You. Please," he smiles up at his captor.

"Remember, now. Your operation was complete. I can have either part of you. Where do you want me?"


"Yes, Blair. *The* operation. The one that made you be everything that you wanted. Now, where do you want me?"

Jim walks away to position a mirror while Blair thinks about it. Blair looks at the area between his legs in it. //Oh, my God!!!!! What happened to me!!! I had this done?!?!?// He moans slightly. //NOOOOO! I didn't have this done. I like being strictly a male. Why would I have a ...a....a....hole put in?//

Jim smiles at the shocked look on Blair's image in the mirror. "You said you wanted to be everything at once. Mentioned some God that had both. Said it sounded like who you were inside, in your mind." He walks back to Blair. "I like it, though. It gives me more options." Jim runs his hands along the area in question. "It's a thrill, having myself in you while you cum in my hand, and a vibrator up your ass, like last night." Blair shakes his head and moans some more in denial. Jim holds his head and kisses him gently. "Now, tonight is a celebration. It's the official 2 year anniversary of your operation. You get to call the shots. Where do you want me? And where do you want the others?"

Blair looks up at the serious expression on his best friend's face. "Others?" It comes out as a whimper almost.

"Yes, Blair. You said that you wanted to have us all for a while in celebration. So decide, before we do it for you. Not that we won't change in the heat of the moment, because we probably will."

"I don't know. I don't know what's going on here. I don't have a clue. Help me? Please Jim?"

"Okay, we'll decide among ourselves. Would you like me to start you off?" He runs a fingernail along the vein on the bottom of the cock in front of him. "Do you still want this, Blair?"

He opens his mouth, but words won't come out. He feels his head nodding yes. His eyes meet with the smiling ocean blue ones above him. He takes a deep breath as Jim moves the table he's on lower; to his hip height.

Jim moves the table to a comfortable height, then leans over to lick the head of the soft cock before him. It twitches against his tongue. He looks up at the man under him and smiles wickedly. "We have ways of fixing this. Would you like one of them?"

"Yes, please, Jim." Jim moves towards the mirror. "No, Jim. Just you for right now. I'm....I'm not ...ready for anything else yet."

Jim grabs a rolling cart and pulls it back to the table and Blair. "Of course just me. You don't have as much fun unless I prepare you myself." He pulls a rolling stool from under the table with his foot and sits down. "Just watch me in the mirror, Blair. It'll relax you." Jim picks up a glove and puts it on with a snap. Blair jumps at the sound. Then he picks up the lube and a small enema bag. He prepares Blair's rectum with a finger first, then lubes the nozzle before inserting it.

Jim watches the bag empty into his lover, cleaning him for the festivities later on. When it finishes, he removes it and places a hospital urine pitcher beneath Blair's butt. "Okay, let it go now. That's it," he murmurs to Blair as he complies. When Blair is done, he removes the pitcher and his glove, getting up to place them both out of sight.

When Jim comes back, he grabs the lube again, and another glove, and sits down. He squeezes some onto his covered fingers before starting the stretching of his lover. Blair moans and shifts as much as possible, trying to thrust into the fingers dancing in his rear. He feels Jim move from one to two to three to ... "Four?"

"Yeah. You said you wanted to be loose tonight." Jim uses his other hand to rub Blair's stomach. "Just relax into it. That's it. Good. Now for the other parts of you that need attention." Jim pulls off the glove and enters Blair's vagina to stretch him there while he leans over to lick the tempting cock in front of him. "So good, so tight. After all this time, you still feel like a virgin. Just don't do what you did to me on your year anniversary. Okay?" He looks up at Blair and smiles before returning to his oral preparation of Blair.

//Oh, yes! I never knew. Yes!!! More, Jim, More. Deeper!// "Please, Jim?" He takes a deep breath. "What happened then, on the year anniversary."

Jim stops and looks up. "Did you forget already? Or does hearing the story turn you on?" Blair nods, so he goes on. "Last year, you got me and Simon. Only us. You were still so tight. Simon couldn't get into you, so he had to settle for your still tight, but looser hole." Jim runs a wet finger over Blair's anus. "It was so good. Seeing you impaled on him while I licked you. Then you let us both ride you." Jim moans and moves a hand down to his lap. "I get so hot just remembering that night. We can do a replay later, if you would like." Blair moans, and Jim stokes both of them before shifting on the stool. "I just don't want to repeat the first thing you did that day. It took three days for the swelling to go all the way down." At Blair's confused look, Jim holds up a hand, index finger pointing up. "Blair, do you not remember dislocating my finger?" Blair nods to keep the peace, and Jim goes back to his blow job.

After Blair was fully erect, Jim lets Blair fall out of his mouth. "Ready for more? For them?"

Blair feels his head nodding again, and Jim gets up to go get the others. His eyes widen as Simon, Megan, and Jim walk back in; the other two wearing robes. "The others?" Jim nods and pulls the cart closer. Simon strips off his, then holds a hand out for Megan's.

She hands it off, then runs a hand lightly over Blair's chest. She's standing beside the table, giving Blair a good view of her body. "Are you ready for tonight, Sandy? Do you want this, us, to give you tonight. I promise you that you'll remember it forever."

Blair nods. Megan leans down for a kiss before moving her mouth down to his cock. She takes up where Jim left off, licking and sucking him. Simon comes up behind her and touches her. She moans his name. Simon looks up at Blair and smiles. Blair watches as Simon enters Megan, then thrusts in counterpoint to her oral work.

Jim stands and watches, then leans over to kiss Simon. "Good?"

"Yeah, you ought to get some, too." He thrust especially hard, making Megan drop Blair to moan.

Jim smiles and briefly plays with Megan around Simon's width before positioning himself in front of Blair. "Do you want more, my love?"

"Yes," Blair sighs as Jim sinks into him. He can't tell which hole it is right away, but he figures out that Jim is in his vagina by the third stroke. "Oh, Jim, yes!" He tries to shift, but the restraints stop him. Jim reaches over to grab one of Megan's hands and bring it back over to help him play with Blair. She plays around the edges of his holes, rubbing the tender flesh that Jim was invading. She drops Blair's cock to lick the places where her fingers were.

Jim groans as Megan licks him and Blair at the same time, so Simon pulls out briefly to come up to Blair's head and kiss him. He rubs himself across Blair's chest, leaving a streak of Megan's wetness across the smaller man's nipples. He makes his way back down the table to pull Megan's head back to it's original job before re-inserting himself.

Jim pulls out and grabs some of Blair's moisture to feed Simon before switching holes. Simon picks up a dildo off the cart and uses it on Blair's newer hole to counter Jim's actions.

Megan comes off of Blair's cock long enough to remove the prosthetic and lick the moist hole, leaving more of her spit than Blair's juices.

Simon pulls out of Megan and steps behind Jim. He checks the tightness of Jim's hole, then pushes himself in while Jim is pulling out of Blair. Jim moans and pulls out completely to let Simon in. "Do you want more of this, Detective?"

"Yes, Captain. I want more. Please."

"Then crawl back into your partner and let him have fun while you have yours." Simon thrust hard into Jim to make his point. Jim does as he's told.

Megan climbs up on top of Blair, and sinks herself down onto him. Blair yells and she tightens herself around him. She rides him while Jim is riding and being ridden.

Blair is lost in all the sensations going on in and around him. He's done anything like this, but this is the most erotic thing he's ever experienced. He can feel himself getting closer and gets a warning out in time. A hard thrust by Jim, and Blair shoots. "YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" The scream echoes around the room.

Simon comes into Jim, who is groaning and shooting himself off into Blair's rear passage. Megan continues to ride Blair's softening cock, adding a finger to help her along. Simon adds a tongue, and Jim a finger into her rectum. She screams and comes, squeezing Blair hard with her internal muscles. Jim catches her as she falls off the table, and lays her down on the floor for a minute. He releases Blair from the restraints and the bed-frame and helps Blair over to a bed hidden behind a curtain. He lays down, with Blair on top of him, and Simon behind Blair, and they go to sleep before Megan can make it over to nap with them. %%%%%%%%%%%%%

Joel walked into the bullpen, and looks around. Everyone is collapsed across their desk. He goes out, closing the doors, and runs down the hall to his office. He calls the paramedics and stations himself and another officer outside of the doors.

Both of them tried to ignore the sounds that the downed detectives were making.


Rafe looked at his computer screen, the words were getting fuzzier and fuzzier until they formed into a picture.

Rafe could feel Megan's hands on his shoulders //hold on, isn't she asleep?!?//. She turned his chair to face the wall, and her. She sat down in his lap, and he looked her over.

Her style had gotten better, now it was a leopard spotted slip. Her hair was pulled back from her ears, but otherwise left loose. She leaned in an kissed him, pulling her lips back at the last moment to lightly brush. Rafe leaned forward to grab her lips, and kiss her deeply. Megan opened her mouth under him, and he took what was offered.

When they came up for air she stood up to took off her slip, revealing that she didn't have anything on underneath. She sat back down into his lap, winding her legs around the back of the chair. Rafe moaned and thrust lightly up into her, showing her how much he like it. Megan smiled and started on his buttons. She kissed each newly opened spot before moving on. When the shirt was undone she helped him take it off and threw it across the room, hitting Brown in the head, but neither cared.

Megan reached between them to undo his pants, sliding him out to touch her. Rafe moaned and lifted her slightly so he could gain entrance to her. Megan slipped down him, wet and ready, and shifted until they could establish a rhythm.

Rafe thrust up when Megan moved down, her muscles squeezing him tight. Their movements got more and more frantic until Megan screamed and Rafe grunted in completion, together.


Joel looked over at Rafe, who was making pleased noises, then shook his head as the paramedics came off the elevator.

"What happened?" It was the pair from earlier. The senior paramedic started through the door, but Joel stopped him.

"We don't know, but they've been making sounds, funny ones since I found them."

The younger paramedic walked over to Blair, checking for a pulse. "They look just like she did earlier. Asleep, into R.E.M., and not being bothered." He made the rounds to check the others, and Simon, before coming back and setting up the equipment to do a more thorough exam.

"Detective, can you tell me anything that they had in common today, besides this room?" Joel followed him in, nodding at the other officer to stay there.

"No. Not right off." Joel thought quietly for a minute, then turned to the older paramedic. "How do you know it isn't something in here?"

"Because we were up here earlier to look at Detective Connor." The younger man moved from Brown to Jim, checking their blood pressure and their eyes.

"He's right. If it was something in here, we would have been affected and so would you." He looked around at the desks, trying to spot something out of place. He saw the open candy bar on Megan's desk. "Oh, no."

The younger paramedic looks over at him and follows his line of sight until he sees the opened candy bar. "Man, not another one." He sighs and starts to check Jim's capillary refill response. (ED: this is where they press on a fingernail to see how long it takes it turn back to it's normal color.) "Yep, that's what it looks like. The Candy doctor struck again."

"Candy doctor?" Joel looks completely out of the loop.

"See," the younger paramedic starts as he's arranging Jim more comfortably on the desk, "there's this Chemist, brilliant woman, makes all sorts of good drugs. For the right people. But, she admitted that she had a problem and went into rehab."

The older paramedic finishes the story while he helps arrange people comfortably. "While she was there, she started to hallucinate about Candy, her major weakness, then her job started to intrude. Seems that her therapist there had her write down the formulas while she was under, then sold them. There's ones for Milky Ways," he holds up the partially eaten bar, "that give you really strong sexual fantasies, almost dream-like ones. Then there are ones for Hershey Bars, an aphrodisiac that makes you want to have sex, with anything you can grab."

"For many hours at a time." The younger paramedic smiled at the older who just grunted.

"Yeah, well, then there is a Snicker's bar that makes you giggle for a few days uncontrollably." He motions Joel over to check the bar. "It probably has some sort of opening or score line on it. They tend to put it in the middle where you won't taste it."

Joel picks up the bar, after getting some gloves out of the desk, and opens it. He moved the desk light closer so he could examine it. "Yeah, see, here it's all along the sides." He carefully re-wrapped it and placed it in a bag that the paramedic was holding. "So how long has this been going on?"

"Few months. Every once in a while a few bars will make it into a store or something." The younger man shrugged and opened the office door to look in on Simon and Megan. "They're alright with how they are. See, it's got no harmful side effects, just this dream state. Vice was told, but they didn't worry overly about it. You need to check the desks to find the rest of them."

The three of them went to work, and soon found all the ones in the desks, and the box in Rafe's. The older paramedic looked at Joel, then opened it to count the remaining ones.

"Shit, they ate half the box already." Joel ran his hands along his hair and started to pace. "So do we take them to a hospital, or leave them, or take them home, or what?"

"With as many as they ate, we could probably take them home without waking them. It won't do them any damage, so they don't need a hospital." He looked over at the younger man, who nodded. "We'll leave it up to you." The two paramedics leaned against a desk and waited for Joel's decision.


Simon looked around him. He was on a beach, a very empty beach. //Okay, so where am I?// He saw two figures running towards him. //Jim and Blair? Why are they here?// Simon stopped thinking when Blair ran up to him and launched himself onto Simon for a kiss.

Simon kissed back, not really thinking. He felt Jim come up behind Blair and released the younger man's mouth. "Jim?"

"Happy Birthday Simon. Do you like your present?" Jim rubbed Blair's back.

"Yeah, man, we decided that we should share with you on this special day." Blair wiggled under Jim's soft stroking. "This is so cool." He kissed Simon again, then leaned back to kiss Jim. "So, how would you like this to be, oh choreographer of tonight." He moved his eyebrows up and down.

Simon spluttered, so Blair got down and they pulled Simon over to the lounge chair that Simon hadn't noticed before. "Simon, this is your night, what ever you want, just ask us." Jim pushed him down, and Simon looked over at him, for the first time seeing Jim wasn't wearing anything.

He looked at Blair, then himself, seeing the same thing. "What's going on here?" He stopped Blair from rubbing himself against Jim.

"Well, this is your fantasy, so you have complete control. So all you have to do is tell us what you want." Blair looked down at the hand on his arm, then kneeled down beside the chair. "What would you like Simon. Just tell us, and it's yours."

Simon moaned and Blair took that as an excuse to lick the older man. Jim sat down on his thighs, and Blair switched from licking one to the other. Simon and Jim kissed over Blair.

Blair released Simon, and looked up. "What? Am I just a toy tonight or do I get one too."

"Chief, I'm just making up for the ones you already got."

"Blair, don't worry, you'll get more." Simon decided to give in, so he ran his fingers into Blair's hair and pushed him back down. "More."

"Yes, sir." Blair went back to sucking Simon, and Jim climbed off.

He grabbed a tube of lube that appeared beside the chair. "Did you want me to do something with this?"

"Yessss," Simon hissed as Blair nipped him. "Him. I want you to do him while he's doing me."

Jim smiled and walked around to stretch Blair, making sure Simon could see everything. "Like this?" He was up to two fingers now, and Blair was thrusting back on his fingers.

Blair was panting around Simon, trying not to hurt him while he got off on the fingers invading him. "Yes," he moaned, releasing Simon. He thrust back onto the fingers, urging more. "Harder, please Jim."

Jim chuckled and pulled his fingers out completely, then positioned himself to enter Blair. "Just relax and let Simon see how pretty you are all opened up." He slid in smoothly, and pushed Blair's cheeks apart to give Simon a better view. Blair moaned and Simon pushed him back down.

"More, Blair, please." Blair gulped air and went back down on Simon, causing him to arch up. Simon watched his best Detective pound into his partner and then watched his partner go down on him. Simon was moaning and thrusting in no time, but pulled Blair off before he could come.

"I want more. Jim, switch with me." Blair moved back and Simon got up while Jim pulled out.

Jim ran a hand along Simon's pecs, then fell to his knees to lick Simon once before turning to let Blair lay on the chair. "I want this, but if you really want Blair..." Jim moved to get up, but Simon stopped him. He ran a finger inside of Jim, finding the way already lubed and stretched. "Yes, Simon, take me. I'm yours." Jim moved down to take Blair in his mouth while Simon fingered him. Jim was pushing back onto his finger, letting Simon know he was ready for more. Simon kneeled behind Jim and pushed into him, fast and hard. Jim groaned and Blair arched around the mouth that was making him hot. Simon pounded Jim, and Jim pulled off of Blair to catch his breath. Blair grabbed an ear, leaned up, and pulled Jim closer for a kiss. He patted Jim on the head, then pushed him back onto his cock.

"Yes, that's it my Sentinel. Feel yourself taken by both of us, possessed by us. Take me in and make me come in your mouth."

Simon looked over at Blair. "Does he like that? To have you talk dirty like that to him?"

Jim nodded and then swallowed Blair, causing him to scream and grab Jim's head while he shot himself off.

Simon watched Blair's face, and felt Jim swallowing everything Blair gave him. It was too much, Simon went next thrusting into Jim harder and deeper, making Jim brace himself against the chair to keep upright.

"Yes, Simon, give it to me. Yesss!" Jim shouted and let Blair pull him up to finish him after Simon pulled out. Simon collapsed onto the sand and watched Jim come into Blair, and fall over onto him. They hugged, and Blair tried to scoot over to make room for Simon. Simon shook his head and Blair shrugged, returning to his hug of the warm body on top of him.

"Simon, was that okay?" Blair looked over at him. Jim was snoring into his shoulder, Blair was sitting up partially.

"Blair, that was more than okay. Thank you." Simon leaned in for a kiss, then fell back onto the sand for his own nap.


Joel stood in the center of the bullpen and decided. "How soon before they should wake up?"

"Few hours at the least. Why?"

"Because it'll take that long to get everyone home, with a minder there."

The senior paramedic smiled. "No, it won't. Ambulances always have the right of way. You call the Commissioner, and we'll call our transport units. They're used to making house calls to get people back and forth to the doctors and things."

Joel went for a phone and the senior paramedic called his dispatcher.


Jim looked around the loft, wondering how he had gotten here. He looked down at himself, seeing just his black silk boxers and feeling the collar, then looked up as Blair walked in the door.

"Have we been a good boy today?" Blair said as he walked over to Jim. He checked Jim's collar, then walked around him. "Looks like you followed orders today. Good, then you can have a treat."

"Yes, sir." Jim wanted to follow the orders Blair was giving. He knew that he wanted Blair to tell him what to do, to make him obey, so he stood there until Blair told him to move. "May I ask a question?"

"Yes, dear heart, you may ask a question." Blair moved to stand in front of him.

"May I choose my own reward?"

"Look at me, Jim." When the older man complied, he looked into Jim's eyes seeing what he wanted written plainly there. "What would you like for your treat?"

"I would like for you to .... to ..." Jim lowered his eyes to the floor, not able to ask for what he wanted.

"Jim, if you don't tell me, I can't do it, and that would make me unhappy."

"Would you ... spank me?" Jim looked Blair in the eyes, seeing only love and acceptance. "Then take me?"

"Of course I will. You've been good all week, you solved a *very* tough case yesterday after having it for only 48 hours. You've used your senses all week without a zone, without even coming close to one. I think you deserve it." Blair smiled. "Have you cleaned yourself yet?"

Jim attuned himself to his body. He felt wet and stretched there, and there was a small ache like he had taken an enema. "Yes, sir."

"Jim, you know better than to call me that." Blair ran a finger through the ring on Jim's collar. "What do you call me?"

Jim stood silently, trying to come up with an answer. "Love?" he finally came out with.

Blair smiled at his answer. "Close enough for tonight. But next time, remember that you only call me by my name or by my role in your life."

"Yes, Guide." Jim was grateful for the clue. He wanted to kiss Blair *so* much, but he knew he shouldn't move or Blair might get mad and not do him tonight. "Guide, may I..."

"Yes, Jim, kiss me." When Jim let him go, Blair smiled at him. "It's a good thing I can read you like a book. Otherwise we would never get anything done."

Jim blushed and Blair turned him towards the stairs. He pushed Jim from behind and followed him upstairs. Jim took up a position beside the bed, waiting for Blair to be ready.

Blair stripped slowly, making sure Jim was watching him. He could see Jim getting excited, the boxers not able to hide it. When he was fully naked, he sat down on the bed next to where Jim was standing. "Would you like to take them off?"

"Yes, Blair, may I?" Jim wanted so much to take them off, and let Blair see how excited he was. He wanted Blair to see him, taste him, feel him. So much.

Blair watched Jim's face as he answered and saw the desire move across it. "Yes, Jim, you may. Slowly."

Jim complied, making sure to touch himself because Blair liked that, until the boxers slid down to his ankles and he stepped out. Jim stood still, letting Blair look him over, and wished he could ask for more.

"Come here Jim." Blair patted the bed beside him. Jim sat down and faced his lover. "How would you like it tonight? Hard and fast, or slow and lasting?" Blair ran a hand along Jim's carved chest and waited for his answer.

"Slow, Blair, please." Jim sucked in air as Blair toyed with a nipple. "Please, Blair?" Jim begged for more.

"Of course, later." Blair released him and moved so Jim could lay down. "On your stomach. Now." Jim rolled over and laid across the bed, feet hanging off. Blair got up and grabbed what he needed from the nightstand, then came back to sit cross-legged beside Jim's rear. He spread some lotion around the smooth cheeks and rubbed it in. "Is this what you wanted? Me to spank you, turn your ass pink, then to top you?"

Jim moaned. "Yes, Blair. More?" Jim was startled as the first spank landed. He arched up as he heard the next one coming down. Soon, Jim was lost in the sensations coming from his body: the sting of the slap, the spreading warmth as Blair's hand retreated, the thrust up into it, and arch into the bed as the hand left. He felt Blair stop and whined, a small sound, but one Blair couldn't mistake.

"No, love, you've had enough." Blair ran a soft finger along the firm muscles and into the cleft. "It's time for more. His finger danced across Jim's opening. Jim shifted, trying to get Blair inside him, but Blair just laughed and the finger left to find some lube.

Blair moved to the side of the bed and patted the spot beside him. Jim moved up, laying on a pillow, on his side, waiting for his lover to take him. He felt Blair move behind him, then a cold hardness pushed against him.

"Move your top leg over, Jim, so I can get in." Jim did as he was told, and Blair entered him, slowly. Pushing in and pulling out before going in deeper. When he was fully in, he rested for a minute and kissed Jim's shoulder. "I'm very proud of you for solving that case so quickly."

Jim reached an arm back and squeezed his lover. "Thank you, Blair. I love you." Blair kissed him again and started to move. Jim had never felt loving this gentle, but he liked it. "Yes, Blair, more. Deeper, please?"

"Of course." Blair shifted closer slightly to do as Jim asked, then thrust in deeper. "Better?"

"Yes, thank you." Blair was thrusting across his prostate, making Jim clench.

"Slowly, love, slowly. Relax into it, let the feelings in you go." Blair licked and kissed the expanse of back in front of him. "I <lick> want this <kiss> to last all night. I want you <kiss, lick> to last all night." Blair changed his rhythm again, keeping Jim unbalanced.

"Oh, yes, Blair, my Guide, yes, more." Jim couldn't think, could only feel. He could feel Blair's pulse through their connection, could feel his heart beating through the skin on his back. "Blair!" Jim shouted and came.

Blair sighed as he went over, pushed there by Jim's clenching muscles. When he came back down, Blair pulled out gently and hugged the larger man. "Good?"

"The best, Blair. Just how I always imagined it."


Joel ignored Jim's words, telling Blair it was the best ever. He didn't even want to know, let alone think about that. He pulled the covers up over the sleeping Detective and went downstairs to make a cup of coffee. They were the last to get home, and he would need the boost to explain to them what had happened.