Dedication: To all those who nagged and asked for it, here it is. This is the sequel, finally, mostly from the original that I decided wasn't that bad after all. Notes: There will be more coming later, but this is how the family started in Precious Bundle comes together. Small language warning and a NC-17 warning for sexual content. [ ] is Mena and James' twin speak or feeling sent over it. # #are said in Chopek. The religion mentioned is my own invention, pulling together some facts I know about primitive cultures. The same rule of child development as in the first one applies here, I've since learned better, but this one is a little more on target at least, to change it now wouldn't make much sense.

Joining the two together by Voracity

Jim looked around the Chopek village, seeing all the little differences, and most of all the similarities. Only the people seemed to have changed. He smiled at the man coming toward them, one of his former warriors.

#Enqueri, happy to be here?# the man asked as he gripped Jim in a tight hug.

#Yes, good to be back.# He pulled Blair forward, and Mena who was crying in his arms. #My mate and his family.#

The young warrior touched Mena's head and then squatted down to wave at Simon, who was hiding behind his father. He could feel his hair grabbed on the way up and smiled at the young girl who had decided she needed to touch it. #Very healthy family. Very good.# He looked at Blair, then back at Jim. #And you found a guide. He's very beautiful.#

Jim laughed and kissed Blair and Mena's cheeks, earning him a frown until he picked up his son. #Yes, he is. And smart.#

The young warrior laughed and led them to the current shaman's hut. There they met the Shaman and his assistant, who was his daughter, and the other Village elders. They sat and ate together, letting the kids play quietly in the corner while they talked.

#Enqueri, why have you come back to us now?# one of the elder's asked.

#I had a vision telling me I had to join with my mate here,# Jim answered and took Blair's hand. #My Guide and I are mated.#

The elder and the Shaman nodded, his assistant smiling at Blair and making a motion toward the kids.

Blair turned and saw Simon decorating Mena's face with paint. "Stop it."

"Pretty," Simon said and pouted. He put down the pot and pulled Mena over to the Shaman's assistant and pushed her forward. "Pretty?" Jim translated and she nodded.

Blair was just shaking his head and smiling at his son, sure now he was a guide. "Son, she may be prettier, but now she's also a mess."

"Pretty," he yelled and sat down to pout.

Jim watched it all, smiling, not allowing the laugh to come through. Mena crawled up in his lap, taking up her usual spot, and smiled at the people around the table. "Pretty," she said and nodded, and he agreed with her.

Blair picked Simon up and held him, kissing the top of his straight hair. "Son, you're a mess. What should we do about that?" Simon lifted the hem of his shirt and started to wipe off his paint smeared fingers.


Jim turned to look at his children one last time and left the village, walking down the path holding Blair's hand. His Guide knew where the temple from his vision was and they were headed there to see what was going on. They ended up heading off the trails, going deep into the dense jungle, watched over by a bird with yellow rings on its beak.


Mena watched her fathers disappear and cocked her head to the side. [Gone,] she told her brother. He nodded and laid down in the dirt, closing his eyes. She looked down at him and frowned, hands on hips, unconsciously imitating what her father did when he was looking at something that didn't make sense. [No nap.]

[Nap,] he sent and yawned.

[No, play. Play me.]

[Nap.] He shifted a little and started to snore.

Mena snorted and sat down, watching over her brother. She looked up every once in a while to see what was going on around them, but she kept a vigilant watch over her twin.

A little ways away, the Assistant Shaman watched them and smiled. Enqueri would be pleased that his child was so gifted. She shelled another bean and kept watch over them to make sure the children didn't get hurt, or into trouble for she could tell that they would the minute she quit watching them.

Mena took another look around and saw her bigger daddy's kitty friend. And the she-kitty was looking at her like she was food. [Me no kitty pood, go 'way,] she thought at it. The panther came over and laid down beside her, snuggling it's back against her leg. She sighed and moved.

The panther moved with her.

She moved again. So did the cat. That happened over and over until she was away from her brother. Finally Mena couldn't take it anymore and started to cry. The kitty just wouldn't leave her alone.

The woman who was watching them came over, asking her what was wrong, or that's what her mind said. Mena pointed at the kitty and got up, toddling over to her brother, fully expecting the adult to fix it.

The panther followed her and she frowned at it. "Bad kitty," she told it and sat on her brother's side, waking him up.

He rubbed his eyes, making him cry when he got dirt in them. When it was fixed, and his sister was off him, he looked at her. [What?] [Daddy kitty bother me,] she told him. [Not go 'way]

[Not hurt you. No pout.] He hugged her and they sat and played in the dirt, acting like a pair of normal children.

Except to the two people watching them. The Shaman looked at his daughter and nodded. She smiled. Enqueri would love this.


Blair brushed a lock of escaped hair away from his face, tucking it behind his ear. He looked around the clearing, seeing the temple and what it used to look like at the same time. He turned to smile at Jim, who was standing there awestruck.

"Isn't it great, man?" He went inside, careful not to walk on any of the native flora that had encroached. "It's a temple to a Fertility Goddess. You would come here to worship the bounty of the harvest, to plead for children, to thank her for a healthy child. Or to sanctify a union." He turned and smiled at his mate. "This is where you saw in the dream, right?" Jim nodded, still not speaking. "Do you have the feeling that we were brought here for a reason?"

"Because we have to consecrate our union?" Jim guessed and got an armful of Anthropologist for his thoughts.

Blair landed in his arms, hugging and kissing him. "I know why we're here and so do you, Jim, but we decide how far we go with it." He kissed him again and set down his pack. "I need to get some pictures and stuff while there's some light." He walked around the room, carefully brushing aside plants so he could take pictures of the faded pictograms that decorated the walls.

Jim walked behind him, staring at the representations of events that had taken place here. He could see ceremonies, both around plants and people, and could clearly see where a few of them were around people laying on an altar. Jim shuddered at one of the pictures, the overly graphic depiction of a young woman being taken on an altar, and went to look around the rest of the building. He made his way through the outer chamber, coming to a smaller inner chamber and a doorway. Along the sides were benches and in the center was a stone fountain. Nothing ornate or chiseled, just a large bowl looking structure that had a leaf clogged hole in the center. He walked through the far doorway and stopped. He was in the inner chamber, the one where ceremonies were held, where that picture had taken place. He started to move forward, but it somehow felt wrong. Instead he called the one person that made everything always seem right. "Blair, come here."

Blair came walking in and took a picture from behind him. "You look so natural in this setting. Now all we need is to get you into a loincloth." He smiled and walked closer, standing next to Jim. "You seem preoccupied, what's wrong?"

Jim pointed at the altar. "That's where that picture took place." He could feel Blair nod beside him. "We're here to do that there."

"Jim, I know this is scary, it's scary to me too." He took the older man's arm and led him back to the chamber with the benches. "Listen to me. We don't have to do anything, not right now. That's not why we're here, not really." Jim turned his head to look at him. "We're here to join together, become a family. And we'll do that while we find out what your vision meant." He smiled and rubbed the strong arms he liked to have around him.

They hadn't done more than kiss and cuddle, neither ready to do more. But he was sleeping upstairs, letting the kids have his room, sleeping curled up in the arms that he was stroking now. They had gotten closer over that time, talking, easing into it. They had spent a lot of time discussing themselves with each other. They had shared secrets and fantasies and dreams, giving the other a new part of themselves each time they talked. It led them to be more free and open, and yet they could still hold part of themselves back if they needed that form of security. But the time to hold a part of themselves back was over. After this, there would never be separate entities known as Blair or Jim.

The legends and stories he had studied spoke of pairs bonding, becoming one. He knew not all of them did it, but those that did were joined in a way that could never be breached. No amount of distrust, no quarrel, no trip to a far away country could really separate them after whatever was supposed to happen happened. They would be one person in two bodies. And that scared him to death, but it scared Jim more now because he was just starting to understand it, he had just been hit with it by the pictures on the walls.

Blair shook himself from his thoughts and brought his attention back to his Sentinel. "Jim, are you .... would you like to talk? About all this and what it means?" He waved a hand around.

Jim shuddered and looked down at his mate, soon to be his husband. "You knew why we were coming here?"

"Yeah, I had seen stuff about bondings." He smiled a little and looked at the portraits he was drawing in the dust with the toe of his boots. "I know what's supposed to happen, and it'll happen here or whenever we get to that part." He looked back up. "When we're ready, it'll happen," he said and looked back down.

"And you didn't mention this before because...."

"Because not all pairs go through it. Some don't make it that long, some don't need that level of connection." He shrugged. "You know that this isn't an exact science here. I've been guessing for a long time now. There was no way to tell if this was going to happen to us or not. Nothing in the Sentinel/Guide business is set in stone, each pair makes their own path."

Jim pulled Blair close, hugging him and burying his face in his best friend's hair. "So, you weren't sure it was going to happen to us, but why not tell me after the vision?"

"Because we got all caught up in the other stuff. The kids and your stuff with the military and all that. Not to mention the house/loft discussion and the last few weeks of the semester. When I went back and looked up this temple again, that's when I knew what was going to happen. Maybe not here or now, but eventually."

Jim kissed the top of his head. "Okay, I can accept that but we need to figure this all out *before* something happens." They both nodded and broke out laughing.

Blair went back to his picture taking and Jim went back to his exploring, both taking care to stay away from the room with the altar.


Mena looked at the food on her plate and frowned, pushing it away. The Shaman's assistant tried to push it back, but Mena pushed it toward her. Her brother watched all this with interest. Neither one of them wanted to eat whatever it was, and his sister was always the aggressive one. She pushed it back again and crossed her arms. "No."

The Shaman's assistant smiled and pushed the plate back. Mena didn't touch it. The woman took a bite off of it, showing them it was food. Nothing. She finally gave up and went back to her own meal.

[Good,] Mena sent her brother. [Not want it, want daddies].

Her brother nodded and stuck his thumb in his mouth. He watched as the older man who was watching them tonight came over with a bowl. He looked over the edge in interest, trying to see what was in it.

The Shaman smiled and held out the spoonful of something that looked like baby cereal. Simon spit it back out though after trying it. It didn't taste like their cereal.

Mena laughed and got a mouthful of food shoved in. She coughed, choking on it. Her back was patted and she got mad, starting to cry.

"Daddies!" could be heard all over the village.


Blair took his last picture, made his last drawing of the space and put his stuff away, closing up his backpack and putting it back on. He went to look for Jim. He found him standing in front of the fountain and looking at the door that lead to the altar. "Jim, man, what's wrong?" he asked, touching his partner's shoulder. Jim shuddered and looked down at him. "Do you want to camp in here instead?"

"No, but I'm not sure I want to go in there either."

Blair nodded and sat down, pulling out bottles of water and handing one over. Jim sat down and opened his, drinking deeply. He smiled at the older man, watching the person who had become the meaning in his life. //Things have gotten so complicated and so much easier lately. He still lets me go at my own pace, it's good to know that I can trust him like that, but we've never done anything but kiss and cuddle. What if I can't handle that other part? Or what if he can't or won't? If I'm so worried about this why did I bring that pot that the Shaman's assistant gave me? Never mind, the little voice would just come back and growl at me to just go with the flow, like it did that night at Simon's when we had that first major fight. Why do I even try to fight it anymore? We're meant to be together, even if we don't want it that way.//

Jim took a drink, then caught the medicinal smell coming from the bag. "What is that smell?" He took another sniff, leaning over to get a little closer, but still couldn't identify it.

"Aahh," he swallowed deeply and thought of a delicate way to put it, "it's a little jar the Shaman's assistant gave to me. I felt the need to bring it on this trip. She said we'd need it to join. I'm not sure, but I think it's some sort of oil and ...."

"Oh, okay, alright. Did she say what it was used for?" He had to stop the litany that a nervous Blair would give him. Didn't he know those did strange things to him?

"No, just that it would be needed when the time was right." Blair shrugged and drank some of his water. He was calmer now that they had gotten it out in the open, sort of, but more tense in other ways. This was whole new territory and he didn't know how to deal with it yet. Processing was a mild word for what he needed to do. //He's wearing that head rag again. I wonder if he knows that it turns me on? Oh, and are those pants are tight or what. Hold it, I haven't had a sexual thought about Jim in months, why now?// "Jim, do you feel..."

"Yeah, I noticed it too." He leaned over and kissed Blair, passionately and hard. "You forget I can smell it on you. And me."


"Your pheromones, your arousal. I could hear your heart speed up when you looked at me. Besides I don't need my special sight to see this." Jim ran the back of a hand across Blair's aroused state.

//Oh, yeah, more. MORE! Where is this coming from?!?// "Jim, please?"

"What babe, what do you want? Tell me and you know it's yours."

"More? Maybe, I don't know. Maybe less or slower."

Jim thought about it, gauging what he had learned from the panther to this situation and what he was feeling.. "If we're not feeling it fully, it's not time yet. But soon, though, soon."

Blair nodded and took another drink before putting his water up. He leaned back, closing his eyes for a few seconds.

Jim looked over at his partner, and smiled. He had fallen asleep, sitting there, head back. He looked so good. He could almost.... //Almost what, Jim? Eat him up? Kiss him? Bend him over your lap and use that oil to stretch his tight ass before you invade it?// He snorted at the last thought, shifting uncomfortably on the hard stone. //Be honest, you've wanted to do just that since you first saw him. That's why you tried to get him to go away, why you threw him up against the wall. To hide what you really wanted from everyone, even yourself.//

He sighed and shifted a little closer to Blair. //I've wanted him, loved him, for so long. I know he's scared. Hell I'm scared and I've *been* married before. But he wasn't talking about a marriage, he was talking about becoming one with another person. That's so much more than my marriage to Carolyn ever was or could have been.// His shoulder's slumped and he bent over slightly, letting his arms fall between his knees. //Can I do this? Not the making love thing, but to give up myself to him. Give all of me to him, put it all in his hands?//

He thought about it, and didn't like the answer he gave himself.


"Why is the altar so large and wide? I've never seen one that size." It almost looked like a bed. A hard bed, but still a queen sized bed. It had taken all three of their days in the temple for him to feel comfortable getting this close to the altar.

"Sacrifices," Blair said simply and turned to look at Jim, waiting to see if he connected it.

"Of what sort. I've seen Incan ones, and they're only half that size. So why is this one so big?"

"Virgin sacrifices."

"Huh." He took a moment to think about that, merging what he already knew about some of the old ways with their purpose of interrupting the sacred ground. "Okay." He shrugged and started to move on, but Blair's hand stopped him.

"Not killing ones, but the sacrifice of one's virginity to the Goddess," he explained, trying to make Jim see what he knew.

All sorts of pictures ran through both their minds at those words.

Jim stood there staring at it, letting those last words flow through him. They were here to be joined. Sacrifice of virginity. He felt the feelings and instincts from time immaterial come back. "Blair, why do I feel ... would you get up there for me? I want to see how you look on it." He had no idea why he had asked that, but it felt right.

Blair, acting on his own instincts, pulled his hair out of its confinement and hopped up onto the stone. "Hey it's warm." He laid back, but sat up again. "This doesn't feel right. Something is intruding, something modern." He sat up and took off his boots and socks, muttering about modern intrusions into sacred ceremonial areas and contamination.

Jim came forward to help by unbuttoning Blair's shirt. "I want to see you without this," he growled. He threw the shirt away, then took off his. Both men looked into each other's eyes, then Jim climbed up beside Blair and took off his shoes too. They lay down, side by side, watching the sunset through the openings in the roof. The last stream of sunlight came pouring through a man-made, decorative opening and hit them at chest height.

Jim reached over and ran a hand through the spot of light, and let's Blair do the same to his and he felt overcome by some feeling, and let go to it, giving it control. "Mine."

"Yours, your Guide, your mate. Yours always." He pulled on one of Jim's nipples to make sure he had his attention. "Mine."

"Yours. Your Sentinel, your mate. Yours always." Jim rolled over further until he was almost on top, then leaned down for a kiss and spoke the vows they had written for the ceremony that they planned after they got home. "Now and forever following you until my time is done and I follow you into the World of Lights to guide you." Jim sealed the vow of eternity with a kiss. Just like they had planned to do in front of their friends.

Blair lay there, letting go fully and going with his primal instincts. He kissed Jim back, accepting his vow and trying to remember his own. When Jim let him up for air and looked him in the eyes, he repeated, giving his vow to his soon to be lover and mate. "Now and forever, guiding you through your time here and into the World of Lights where I will be guided by you." He leaned up and kissed him, sealing them together in their hearts for all time, neither noticing the stars coming out, or that their avian guide was back to witness them.

Jim broke the kiss for air, then looked down at Blair. He smiled, letting his emotions come through in it. "I think I know what that pot is for."

"Me too. Should I or you..."

"I'll go. You stay here and be warm." Jim leapt off the altar and ran over to their packs and camping site. He brought back the jar, and found a little indent in the stone above Blair's head for it like it was meant to be placed there. Maybe the old rituals had some sort of oil. He placed their jar there, then leaned in for another kiss before climbing back up. "Did you feel cold, when I was gone? I did."

Blair thought about his answer. "Yeah, it was like some part of me was missing. Then you came back and kissed me, and I felt warm again." He was awed by the implications of his words. "We're bound now," he whispered.

"Guess that means I'm the missing part of you, Blair, and you're the missing part of me."

Sentinel and Guide, bound throughout the ages, kissed again until neither one knew where one started and the other stopped.

Blair had to stop him, it was too much, too soon. "Jim, I'm scared." He pulled away a little so he could look at Jim. They had agreed to talk about it if something wasn't right. Now he had to. This was all too much, too fast.

Jim wasn't going to admit it, but the primitive side was scaring him too. "Really fast, but this feeling has been right so far."

"True." A lap down the neck, a bite on the earlobe. "Do you want to go with this?" There was a slight tremor in his voice. His instincts couldn't fight his fears, there were too many of them.

Jim gave him a rare lighted smile. "Yes, oh yes, Blair I do." A lick over a protruding nipple, making him want to howl at the full moon. "Yes! More! Please Blair, baby, I want you."

He couldn't fight it anymore. "Good, I'm so yours." Blair stretched himself back out on the stone altar. "God, this feels *so*"

"Good? Right," Jim supplied. He licked over the pulse point on Blair's throat.

"Yes, to both, but also something else. It's like we were meant to wait to be here in this place, at this time to be married. To consecrate our union with a bond." Blair tried to sit up suddenly, but his larger lover's body laying over him stopped the movement. "Jim, we said our vows, this is our consummation. We're married." He was shocked. He hadn't really expected this to happen when they came to Peru.

"Umm-huh." Jim moved his head from the indentation on his lover's throat to look at him. "Yes, we are. Does that bother you? That we married like this?"

"Is this... I mean does this bother *you*? I mean because we had no choice?" //Please don't say no. Please, please, please let him say that he wants this.//

"Darwin, look at me." Jim moved Blair's head until their eyes aligned, using an old nickname of his to make him smile. "If I didn't want to do this, I wouldn't be here. Neither would you." He looked deep into Blair's eyes. "Is there some problem here, are you having doubts about this?" //Oh, please, no, not now. He can have doubts tomorrow. Please.//

"No, I have no doubts, but I mean , what about..." Jim placed a finger across his moving lips.

"Blair, listen to me. *There* *is* *nothing* *I* *want* *more* *than* *this*. This moment, this bond, you." He leaned over and kissed the spot where his finger was. "This is all I've wanted for a while now. I've had dreams about claiming you and making you mine. I've had so many dreams about putting my mark on you, to show everyone else who you belong to. And after tonight, if you never want this again, that's fine, we'll deal with it, alright?"

"Yes. I wanted this. I'm just...Jim, I'm scared. I've ... I mean I've never..."

"Shhh, it's okay. I've been doing some reading, more than you have. We'll be okay if you're okay with this."

"Yeah, I'm okay with this. I..."

"Quit thinking and kiss me." Blair took the order. When the kiss broke, Jim laid Blair's head on his shoulder, and they snuggled together.

"Jim, what do you like?"

"You mean, where do I like touched, and things like that?"

"Yeah. I mean I have this thing about ... well about..."

"Getting sucked, blown, whatever the current trendy phrase is?"

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"Because I think every man has felt that way at some time or another. At least I did."

"I know it's supposed to feel good, but, I mean, I never even let my girlfriends do that."

"Thought it was gross?"

"Yeah. Then I started thinking about..."

"Shh, I know. Don't worry, if it bothers you we won't do it. I told you that months ago."

"Really, you aren't mad?"

"No, why would I be. I have little things too. I'll tell you about them in a while," he gave the younger man a deep passionate kiss. "Now just lean back and relax. You know I would never hurt you."

When Jim leaned back over Blair, both were ready to begin again. It started with a deep kiss, then Blair decided to lick the tip of Jim's nose. When he looked up with a grin, and saw the passion in Jim's eyes, he let himself go with the feelings, once again letting his instincts take over. Jim rolled Blair flat on his back, making sure he was comfortable before moving again.

//Oh, man, it's like I can feel him, and what he wants.//

//Oh, yes! He wants this. He wants me. He wants me to do this!//

Jim and Blair moved in synch with a rhythm that only they could hear. Blair wiggled around underneath Jim to get to his neck. Jim carded his fingers through Blair's hair and nibbled on an ear. They moved in on each other, marking their lover with little bites and sucks, each moving in a pattern that was special to them as a pair. By the time they were done, both of them were wearing collars of marks around the base of their necks, connected with a line of marks down their breastbones.

Jim leaned over and licked a nipple that was near where he was marking. Blair arched up and yelled in pleasure. "Yes!" The sound reverberated off the stone walls, coming back again and again to gain strength from the new noises joining them.

Jim was panting. Blair had somehow gotten on top of his back, and was licking the back of his neck. When Blair hit an especially tender spot, Jim growled. Blair bit the spot to mark it, then moved on down to a spot he liked having hit on himself; one between the shoulder blades.

Jim arched up into the torture of his lover on his back. //Yes! Don't stop. Right there. More, baby, more.// Jim arched his pelvis up, unseating Blair. "More."

"Patience, love."


"Roll over." Jim rolled over under Blair, who leaned down to run a tongue along the separations on Jim's abs. "Good?"

"Very." The word came out as a purr.

"You sound like your Spirit Guide."

"Good, more." A look into the other's eyes. "Please?"

"Soon. I want to try something first." Then Blair ran a finger along the vein on the underside of Jim's cock. "Yes?" //Please, give me permission. I want to try this so bad, please you, make it good for you.//

"Oh, yes!" Jim arched his hips upward. "More. Touch, fingers, mouth, please." Jim was losing the coherent part of his mind to the primal, primitive part. He could only feel. And it felt good. So good.

Blair leaned over and blew across the tip, moving the small bead of liquid there. Jim let out a moan, and Blair was intrigued. //I wouldn't normally do this, but I want to give this to Jim. Wonder what he tastes like.// He leaned down far enough to graze his tongue along the slit, then swirled it around the whole head. "Yes, good." He was unaware that he spoke out loud, but it didn't matter; Jim couldn't answer him anyway. He went back to lick some more, using Jim like a lollipop. Suddenly, he found himself on his back, and receiving the same treatment. Jim was licking him, then taking the crown into his mouth. "Yes! More, moremoremoremoremore! Please, more." //Not bad. Better than good. Oh, yes, great!//

Jim answered his plea, by moving farther down the organ. He drew it in as far as he could, about half way, and suckled it like a baby with a bottle. Blair was writhing and ready for him to go further. The older man scooped up some of the pot's contents, placing it in the palm of one hand; then moved to lick the tender areas of Blair's thighs to distract him from the stretching he was going to be doing soon. First one finger swirls around the outside of the virgin hole, then Jim bit the inside of the thigh when he pushes it in.

//Oh, god, yes,yes. More!// He panted, unable to get the words out. Jim seemed to read his mind, pausing in his oral pursuits to smile up at him and mouthe the `two'. Blair took a deep breath and Jim took that as an yes. He pulled out then gathered some more stuff from the palm of his other hand before moving the first one back in, thrusting it until Blair relaxed, then slipped in two before he knew what was happening.

//Oh, even better. Yes, Jim you were right. Anything you want, anything at all, my body is yours.//

Jim felt more than heard the sentiment, and looked up at Blair. "Do you mean that, Chief?"

"What? Yes, anything you want. I'm yours, do whatever you want with me." Blair was sobbing from his need now. Jim took pity on the younger man and licked the underside of his balls. Blair shot up, he so close. Jim could tell that just one more touch would send him over the edge. He pulled himself over Blair, but left his fingers where they were, then looked from the hard muscle in front of him to Blair's eyes and back.

"Yes, please, yes." Jim smiled and bent to take the head into his mouth. Blair screamed and lost himself in the waves of orgasm taking him over. Jim swallowed every bit, working to get the last drop.

"Oh, yes, I was wrong, Jim, so wrong. I should have your tongue bronzed."

Jim used the time that Blair was recovering to slip in three fingers. //Yes, loose from the orgasm.// "This will be easier now, Blair."

"In a minute, I want to be conscious when you do that to me. Come up here."

Jim pulled his fingers out, then moved himself until he was sitting on Blair's chest. "Taste me like I did you." Then he moved his cock over the wet lips in front of him.

Blair sucked the organ in, bathing it with his tongue as it entered. He nibbled on the ridge of Jim's circumcision scar, making Jim hiss, "Easy." He smiled and hummed, something he was guessing would feel good.

Jim pumped himself into Blair's mouth. //Can't take much more of this. What? Oh, he's humming. Feels strange, but good. Yes, more of that.// He leaned over and grabbed handfuls of hair, using the leverage to go deeper. He felt Blair swallow once, and that was it. He was shooting wave after wave of his seed, making it spill out of Blair's mouth when he couldn't keep up.

Blair swallowed as much as he could but it wasn't enough.. //How do women do this?// When Jim was finally spent, Blair started to suck some more, but was stopped.

"Too much." Meaning he was too sensitive at that moment to do anything else.

"Okay." They laid there, running hands softly over the flesh they could reach. Jim was playing with the nipple ring in Blair's right nipple, and Blair moaned. "Not yet, too soon."

"No, not soon enough." Jim moved around to lay his head on Blair's chest so he could suck at close range while he recuperated. He sucked the nipple ring into his mouth, and used his tongue to tug on it. Jim could feel Blair getting hard from the stimulation, so he moved to the other side and lapped.

Blair arched into the stimulation. //I never knew that thing was this sensitive. Maybe I won't ever remove it. Oh, yes!// Jim had moved down to his stomach, lapping at his navel, drinking the sweat pooled there. Blair wiggled because it tickled and Jim smiled up at him.

"Good or bad tickle?"

"How did you know?"

He thought about that, how had he known? There was only one truthful answer. "Since I drank from you, I could tell what feelings you were having. Nothing concrete like thoughts, but definite feelings. Can't you?"

"Yeah, it's like this almost knowing what will work the best. That's what made me play with the scar. Wow! This is cool. I wonder if it'll..." Blair was suddenly bereft of words as Jim plundered his mouth. "Okay, you win, later," he mumbled.

Jim smiled and went back to his bathing of Blair's stomach. He moistened the trail of hair, making it a dark line against the lightly tanned skin. He moved his head down further, nuzzling the hair around the base of the rising cock that lay against his cheek.

Blair moved around trying to get Jim to touch him, but he wouldn't do it. //More, need more.//

"No, I want you in me. I want you to take me, fully. Then I want you."

"Are you sure? I mean I could hurt you, or ...."

"You could never hurt me on purpose, and I'll talk you through it if you want. Okay?"

"Okay, deal. How?"

"I want to see you. I don't care what the book says."


"It said it would be easier on our sides the first time. But I want to see your face when you get all the way in."

"Okay. Switch positions with me." They did, and Blair traced the bruises that adorn Jim's chest. "Do they hurt?" Jim shook his head. "Good. Should I just...?"

"No, kiss me first please." The kiss is going well when Jim stuck his tongue out, something they hadn't done yet. Blair moved his tongue to touch it, and when it doesn't move, sucked on it. Jim pants after the kiss is done, just lying there, tongue hanging out with Blair still sucking for all he's worth. "Bwair."

"Oh, sorry, got carried away."

"S'okay. Liked it." He leaned up and french kissed Blair, showing him how to suck tongue gracefully. When he was satisfied, Blair moved to lick around the bruises. He ran a tongue around one side of Jim's neck then down the chest, and back up along the other side, stopping at his lover's ear. //Umm, licked I like. Remember for later.//

Blair nibbled on the ear, playing with the closed hole there. "More?"


Blair went back down to Jim's chest, and glanced up before taking a nipple into his mouth. //Now what do I like done? Hm, lick, nibble, bite, pull. Ooohhh, pull works well with bite.// He moved to the other side, biting gently and pulling the bud away from the flesh. His lover arched up underneath him, breathing hard. "Good?" he asked as he released it.

"Yes, more." He moved back and forth between them, noticing that Jim is getting hard again. He remembered how much Jim liked playing with his navel, so licked his way down to it. "No." Jim stops him just as he was going to dip his tongue in.

"One of your things?"

"Yeah (pant). Don't like it."

Jim panted more as Blair ran his tongue around the separations of muscles on Jim's stomach. "Okay?"

"More than. Lower. Please?" A pleading look. Blair smiled and moved the pot to where it was more accessible.

"Should I ... while...?"

"Yes, but lightly." //Please, I want to feel it when you touch me there for the first time.//

Blair scooted around until he was lying between Jim's legs. He scooped some gel onto a finger and ran it along the flesh behind Jim's balls. He leaned over and took a lick of Jim as he found the opening, licking the head of Jim's cock in circles, moving in synch with his finger. When he pushed in, he took a long swipe, leaving Jim breathless and moaning.

"Yes, just the finger. Please, more." Blair thrust the finger in up to the second knuckle and waited for Jim to get used to it. When Jim wiggled, he thrust the finger in and out, slowly, until he felt Jim loosen. He pulled out, ignoring the sound of protest as he went for more gel. He put the first finger back in, making sure the muscle hadn't tightened, then on an in-stroke added the second finger. Jim started to thrust his hips into the movement, so Blair added a third, widening the fingers to stretch him further. He pulled some gel out of the jar with his other hand, and coated himself. He pulled his fingers out and pushed himself into position.

Jim felt him withdraw and move up so he lifted his legs, giving his lover a better look at where he was going. Blair positioned himself and pushed his head in part of the way. Jim shifted, trying to make it hurt less.

"No, I can't hurt you."

"It's supposed to hurt a little the first time."

"No, we'll have to find another way." Blair pulled out, and lay down on top of Jim's chest. "I can't hurt you," he whispered.

Jim ran his fingers through Blair's hair, comforting the younger man. "It didn't hurt that much. Really."

"Yes it did. Any hurt is too much."

"So let's switch positions. I'll be on top so I can control the rate of entry. All you'll have to do is lay there."

"Okay. If you're sure. Maybe we ought to wait until we're home."

"Yes, Blair. I'm sure I want you in me. Today." Jim rolled Blair onto his back, and climbed on top, but can't get any further down without the pain building too high. He lay down across Blair's chest. "Okay, so maybe this part wasn't meant to be. Yet. But I still want to finish this, soon," he said when he heard the smaller man fighting for breath.

"Of course we will, when we're better prepared." Blair pulled his head up for a kiss. "After all, I want it just as bad as you, but it looks like we're not ready for this part of it yet. When we are, it'll come." After they kissed for a while longer, Blair pulled on Jim's shoulder to make him lay next to him. They cuddled together and fell asleep in each others arms.


Around mid-morning they woke together, feeling a call pulling them back to reality. Blair looked over at the love shining out of Jim's arctic blue eyes and smiled. "If I had know it was going to be like that, I would have let you do it sooner."

"I don't think it would have been the same as it was last night. You know what they say, you're supposed to remember the time you lost your virginity forever." Jim smiled sadly at his little joke and Blair groaned.

"Man, it is too early in the morning for jokes." He leaned over for a kiss. "Besides, did you feel it? The joining?"

"Yes, do you still?"

"Lightly. I...I want that other part to happen at home, after our ceremony in front of our friends." He took a deep breath, not really wanting to bring up the earlier failure. "It'll make it even more special, knowing that we saved something for that night."

"If that's what you want."

"Yeah, that's what I want. I also want to find out some things first. After all, you've done all of the preparation here, I want to know too." He mock pouted.

"I'll give you the book at home. Maybe we can find some way to make it easier."

"I have a friend I could ask," he offered, knowing that Jim would be embarrassed.

"If you're sure about doing that, okay." Jim blushed, bringing a delighted smile to Blair's face.

Blair leaned over and kissed him. A chaste, good morning sort of kiss. "We need to get going." They got up off the altar, and gathered their scattered clothes, then Blair took out his camera and took pictures of the pictorals on the walls. They started back to the Chopek village, hand in hand, quietly comfortable in each other's presence; Jim using his senses to find the way. When they stopped for a rest and water break, Blair brought up something he wasn't sure about. "Jim, I've been thinking."

"I know. About what?"

"About asking you to adopt the twins with me."

"You mean like add my name to yours on the paper work?"

"Yes, and to give them both of our names. I mean let's face it, we aren't going to break up. We're married already, and..." Jim shut him up with a kiss.

"Shhh, let me think for a while." Seeing the hurt look on Blair's face he added, "I just wasn't ready for this, Chief. I mean this is a big step here, and I don't want to rush into it without thinking." //You'd make me the happiest person in the world by doing that, but you don't know what we would go through for it. Is it worth it to have my family, *my family*, together officially as a unit?//

"You're already a father to them. I just wanted to make it official. I thought you might be happy about this," Blair whispered under his breath. He turned away to hide the tears that came. //No, I didn't want to scare him off. I just wanted us to be together as a real family. Not a step-family, but the family I always wanted. Maybe I'm being selfish to want this. Maybe he wants to keep it the way it is. I know he loves them, but they aren't his, and he's still nervous around them. Maybe I moved too fast.//

Jim turned him around and pressed Blair into his shoulder. "I do want it. I am happy about it. I've been thinking about it since Mena called me Mommy. I just want to think about making it official, okay? I mean there's stuff you haven't thought about yet. Like your Department Chair is already trying to get you fired just for having them, and some of the people at the station won't be as forgiving of a gay couple raising children as they are of a childless gay couple."

"You're right. I didn't think about that. Won't that still be there even if you're not on the paper work?"

"Not as much. It'd be seen as more of a step-father type of thing. At least at the station. But I do want this." //God, yes I want this. Them and you, always.// "Alright? I want to, I need to think about this. I'll give you my answer when we get back to the village." He pulled Blair up with him. "Come on, we have to get moving. Otherwise we'll be out here at night." Blair repacked the water bottles and they started back down the trail they had blazed yesterday, certain that things were different, but neither sure how.


Mena stood at the edge of the village. [I hear them. They're not talking. No, bad, not right.] She turned to her brother who was playing not far away. [Not talking, not right. Coming.]

Simon turned to her. [ Soon?]

She nodded her head. Then got up to talk to the Shaman's assistant who was watching them. "Dads here." She walked over to her brother and gave him a hug, missing the smile on the older woman's face.

It had been a over a year, Daddy Jim had said, since they had come to live with them. The twins knew about the judge, because he had talked with them, and they knew something was different about their parents, because none of their Aunts or Uncles acted like them. Other than that, they led a carefree existence of daycare at the college, being a test subject for the education majors, and a home where they were loved and safe.

But if their dad's were fighting, then something bad must have happened. This could make their home different, maybe not as safe. At home they were accepted as they were. But, even their dad's didn't know about their ability to talk to one another. They didn't know why they didn't tell them, but it didn't come up. Ever. So, they went on, acting like the other kids around them in daycare, if a little more quietly, and were happy.

[Safe] Mena sent to Simon and hugged him. That was something Daddy Blair had taught them, that a hug was a good thing. Even Auntie Naomi, who didn't want to be called Grandma, hugged.

Mena stood at the edge of the village waiting on her fathers while Simon took a nap. They were close, but the lady had told her she couldn't go any farther without getting an ouchie. She still didn't know how she understood what the woman said, but she did when she touched her, so she didn't run out to meet them. Finally, they came into view, holding hands like always. [Here,] she sent Simon to wake him up. She ran up to them and jumped and blew kisses and asked to be picked up.

Daddy Jim picked her up, smooshing her between him and Daddy Blair for a hug. Then he put her down so he could hug Simon, who came running out of the hut, rubbing his eyes and carrying his stuffed wolf. He was picked up and hugged just like her, then they were both carried back into the village.

#Good mating, Protector?#

#Yes. Great. They behave?#

#Beautiful one has good children. Need talk to about speaking to each other without words, and she needs to be trained.# "Huh?" Blair could speak a little Chopek, but got lost in the last sentence. //Speaking without words? Mena's a Sentinel? Well that I almost guessed at. But still...//

"She said they've been speaking without words. We'll talk to them about it later."

#She's a protector, you're sure?#

#Yes, she heard you hours ago. Didn't look happy either. Why is your bond not complete?#

Both Jim and Blair blushed at the question. Mena pulled on Blair's pantleg, wanting to know what was going on. #Couldn't. Will do it at home. After other ritual to join us in front of friends and family. How did you know?# Jim asked.

#Bond not bright enough.# With that she walked away, leaving them with the twins. They headed back into the hut, to put Simon back down to finish his nap, and make Mena take one. Blair told them a story, while Jim stroked their hair. When both of them were asleep, Jim and Blair sat outside, in front of the door, and leaned into one another.

"Yes," Jim said.

"I have the papers at Simon's in my backpack. I wanted to give them to you as a wedding present."

"I ... that would have been the best one that I could have gotten. I love you." He leaned over for a kiss.

"I know. But I'm still trying to figure out why," Blair joked and tickled Jim's ribs. Soon, they were rolling around in the dirt like a couple of boys. They had drawn an audience of villagers, but neither cared. Jim gave up first, and Blair got up to dance around him in victory. "Yeah. I won! I won, I won, I won!"

"Shhh, sleeping!" Mena yelled out.

Blair immediately sat down and started to laugh. "Guess the Shaman's assistant was right about her." Jim pulled him into his lap and nibbled on his neck. One of the children came over and asked Blair to tell them a story about his travels. So Blair settled himself between Jim's legs and gathered the children around to tell them a few stories.


Before dinner time, they woke up Mena and Simon then headed over to the Shaman's tent to eat, he had invited the whole family to come. He had been Inchaha's assistant when he was living; now that Inchacha was dead he guarded the tribe as the only full Shaman. He and Jim and Blair talked about the old times when Jim had been there, and they talked about the children and what they could do and training them. Dinner passed by quickly for the adults, the children were allowed to play in the corner with the present assistant so they wouldn't get into trouble. After dinner, they went back to their hut, put the children into bed, and climbed into their own.

"It feels strange, sleeping together after last night." Blair turned over to look at Jim.

"Why, we've been sleeping together since the kids were old enough to need their own room? What's different now?"

"We're married. It's not a bad different or strange, it's like we should be closer somehow."

"We can't get closer without giving the kids a show in the morning. We can strip out of our shirts, though." Blair moved to take his off, but Jim stopped him.

"Not that sort of closer. I mean closer inside. Oh, hell, I can't get the words to say what I mean." He flopped over onto his back.

Blair curled up under his arm, laying his head on Jim's chest. "I know what you mean. And we are, but like she said, it's still not done. The bond isn't complete."

"Yet. Blair. Yet."

"Yet." They fell asleep like that.

(to be continued...)