Hidden Lovers by Voracity (bold italics are thoughts)

Hmm, I wonder what he has planned for me. A light and happy internal laugh. My lover, my man, has decided that I need to drop Captain Banks for a while and just become Simon again. To make that happen, he's blindfolded me and laid me here on this sinfully soft bed. The only rule I have is that I have to take whatever he gives me and I can't control or order him. Hmmm, yeah,that feels nice, real good. Those hands, both callused and soft, running over my back and legs. Soft, silky stuff being spread into my dark skin. Mmmmm, melting.

Chuckle. He called me chocolate, his big piece of candy. He's in his 'little boy' mood again. If I could see his incredible eyes, they would be twinkling in mischief and delight. Ahhh, mental voice raising upwards, that's cold! Little chuckle. Oooooohhhh... that's an interesting way to use Jell-O. Mmm, now he's licking it off.

Wiggling around. That feels nice, but strange. Who would've thought he would think of that? Sucking my cock with Jell-O cubes in his mouth. Where does he get this stuff? Swallows hard. Never mind, I really don't care at this point. Yeah, oh, yeah, come on, yeah, use that finger while you play with me. Oooohh, so nice, so soft. Swallowing. Oh, now he's swallowing both things. Hmmmmmm, no more Jell-O. Shoot, that felt good. But it's all good, he's still going down on me. Gotta move, gotta move.... move... oh....oh...oh, yeah...more...get down there....yeah, like that...just a little harder....

The bright colors receded and Simon slowly floated back to his body. Slowly he started to feel his huge smile, the heaviness of his limbs. What's he saying? Oh, nap, yeah that's... a.... good...


Simon woke up and found the blindfold still in place. Well, that just goes to show: no matter how good the orgasm, when I'm up, I'm up. He wiggled around some. What is he doing now? Oh, that's his *tongue*. Small laugh. Well, it feels nice, but I'm not going to get too happy about it. Soft sigh. Hmm.. That's an interesting tactic - lick *then* nip. He's never done it quite that way before. Ouch! Damn! Yeah, you've got my attention again. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-a-a-a-a-a- AH!! Yes!

He slowly started to feel his fingers and toes again, and the slight pain in his back where he had arched so suddenly. Hmmm, need another back rub. Maybe if I roll over and wiggle my butt at him he'll get the hint. Oh, that's his head on my thigh, no wonder he bit me when I tried to move. He started to rub the sore spot himself, hinting strongly, making his lover laugh. Yep, that's me - greedy hedonist slut.

He was pulled to his feet and walked around the small cabin to another room. He could hear his lover running water in that sinful tub. Oh, and the jets too. My poor tired body will love that.

He was sat on the edge of the tub's ledge and his legs swung around before being carefully lowered into the hot and steamy water, the jets hitting him in all the right places. Oh, yeah, peeeeeerrrrrrffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccctttttttttttttt.

Simon slowly succumbed to the lassitude of his treatment. His lover, his captor, was scrubbing his back, taking all that silky stuff off his skin. That's mean, I liked that stuff. Maybe I should tell him that. Nah. I won't miss it. He just poured some silky stuff into the water and it's taking the other's place. Besides, he's just told me my body is actually his and if that's true, then he can take the nice feeling stuff off as long as he replaces it. A huge yawn. Nap, that's a nice idea. Maybe I'll take his advice. Yeah, another yawn, really good idea there, man.

Eyes slowly closing, body slumping. Light snores.


Simon awoke, still in the tub. He could feel his lover's hard body next to his, the soft contours of the built muscles padding his back against the evils of those jets. Hmm, wonder how long I was out? He listened to his lover's words, saying sweet things to him. Four hours? Wow, must have really needed it. And I love you too dear. Slight snort. We've got to talk about those names you call me. Sweetlips? That's not me, that's you. I'm not the one with the oral fetish. No, I don't want to move. If you want to do me senseless again, you'll have to do it here. I'm *way* too comfortable here to even *think* about moving.

Simon felt his hips lifted and he was slowly entered, his lover letting the buoyancy of the water help hold up his considerable weight. Nice, slow, sweet, rocking in time to that old jazz he found. I'm not throwing you back anytime soon. No, we don't have to work toward another one. I love the feeling of you just being in me. If you don't want to get off right now, I can gladly wait...for now. He was brought fully onto his lover's lap and they sat in the tub, joined and touching, his lover talking about plans for the future.

Nice thought. Yeah, we could go to Daryl's surprise wedding. I'm sure he'd like us to fly out and surprise them in Vegas as they elope. His mother's the one that's going to shit a house. Nope, not going to think about here. What? He wants us to... .to.... Okay, he said someday, but still. This is way too new to be talking marriage. I love him, I really do, but I'm not ready to jump into that frying pan again. A squeezed hand. No, I'm not hurt by it and I know that you understand. That's why you're willing to wait for me. Man, you just make me want to cry some days. How can you understand me better than *me*? You just said the absolutely right thing to make it all better and now you're worried that *you* upset *me*? No, love, I want to marry you. Let's go get our friends on Monday and we'll head down to get it done. He brushed their joined hands over his lover's leg, helping it wrap around him. No, Vegas. When we surprise Darryl, that way he can stand up for us. A slow smile. Yeah, I like that idea too. Glad you thought of it for us. A stroke over firm flesh and an interesting bulge against hole. Oh, yeah, now I'm more than ready to have you ride me hard.

He was separated from his lover and they both got out of the tub, neither one getting very dry from the warm hands that were running over them. He was led back to the sinfully soft bed and laid down, his lover sliding down his body to show him how aroused he was. You tease. You did that just to show me how big you are. I should punish you for that next weekend. He was slowly entered, his lover's large cock filling him nicely. Yep, you're all the man I'll ever need. I should walk around every day with a huge smile on my face because of you. Even on those days that you aggravate me. What? No I'm paying attention to you. No, I'm not caught up in my own little thoughts of paying you back for that Jell-o stunt. I *liked* that Jell-o stunt, just you wait 'til I try it on you.

All mental noise stopped for a while, Simon paying closer attention to his lover and the sweet things he said during their lovemaking. All the kisses that haunted him when they were apart. All the brushes of the solid hands that worried him when they weren't there. They rocked slowly and gently together for a while, neither wanting to give up the closeness for their orgasm, and when it finally came, both were disappointed that it was over.

They laid and cuddled as all lovers do, holding each other and talking about the future and what they meant to each other. When his lover suggested food, Simon sighed and snuggled harder. Food? Not now. I have all the nourishment I need right here. Maybe tomorrow. He closed his eyes and slept the deep, restful, dreamless sleep of the exhausted.

The End