Some Het, kinda, and some gay this time.  Definitely NC-17

Hidden Talents

Dean drove into the nice looking town.  "Let's stop here tonight.  It looks pretty active."

Sam shifted uncomfortably.  "We might want to keep going.  I know some people from here."  Dean gave him an odd look but pulled into a motel's parking lot.  "Seriously, Dean, it's not the best of normal towns."

"Are we talking freakish things happening?"

"No, this is where half those webcam porn studios are," he said.  Dean gaped.  Sam grimaced but shrugged.  "One of my buddies from my freshman dorm wanted to try out and it's a pretty good drive so we split it."

"Uh-huh.  He get hired?"

"Yeah, until he OD'd his junior year."

"Oh, sorry, dude."

"Not my fault or yours, Dean.  He got wrapped up in the lifestyle.  He's fine.  He's turned into an online preacher instead."  Dean shook his head at that.  "Anyway, we might not want to stay here."

"Loose girls sound just fine to me, Sammy."

Sam glared at him.  "They only do it for pay, Dean, not for fun.  The town's a lot tougher than it looks too."

"Your friend get beaten up?"


"We'll manage."  He went to check them into their usual double room and came out, taking him to a nearby bar that looked promising for him to hustle some money.  They got beers and Dean watched the tables.  They had some good players but no one was playing for money.  "Is there a better place to play?"

"It's an underground club and I can't get you in there."

"Sure, I get that."  He watched as some girl strolled over and kissed his little brother with a wink before strolling off again.  "Friend, huh?"

"Yeah, Dirk."  He took a drink of his beer.

"Anything else I should know, Sammy?"


"Should I maybe email Dad?"

"Hell no."

"Because you know he'll beat you to death if you did something too bad."

"I dated her for a few weeks."  He took another drink.  "Dirk introduced us."

"Uh-huh."  He looked around again, seeing someone watching them.  He grinned.  The girl nearly squealed as she ran over to climb into Sam's lap to kiss him.  Deep, tongue stroking, butt grabbing kissing.  He coughed.  "Let me guess, Sammy used to date you too?" he asked dryly.  It was nice his brother got the hot chicks.  Even if this one was a pale looking blonde girl with pigtails and a very short skirt.

Sam leaned around her shoulder to look at him.  "We dated my freshman and sophomore year.  We broke up when I met Jess."  He looked up at her.  "Hi.  Excited?" he asked dryly.

"Very.  We haven't seen you in nearly forever.  What happened?"

"Jess died a few months back," he said quietly.  "An apartment fire."  She gave him a cuddle.  "Thanks, Sophie."

"You're welcome.  You poor thing."  She pulled back.  "Are you coming to work?"

"Passing through.  Dean is taking me on a road trip so I don't mope and get depressed."

"Awww.  You could come work for a few days.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Our dad would be *so* pissed if he started to do porn or something," Dean said.

She looked back at him then at Sam.  "You never told him you did some beefcake modeling stuff?" she asked, watching him blush and Dean splutter.  She grinned wickedly at Dean.  "He's very well built.  Even being a scrawny eighteen-year-old he was pretty and well built."

Sam looked over at him again.  "I had to make book and food money somehow, Dean.  It was easy and I could take a few weekends off my studies for it.  It didn't cut into my studying the way a regular job would've."

Dean took a drink, looking at his brother for a moment.  "You're telling Dad.  Not that he probably doesn't know since he knows everything we do somehow, but I'm not telling him about this.  I'll give you guys a good hour before I try to save you too."

"It wasn't anything that dirty," she assured him.  "Nothing too licentious."  Sam laughed at that.  "He turned down the offers of orgies and all that."

"I'm glad.  Otherwise, you'd have already met our father and his shotgun."  She giggled and shifted so she was sitting sideways in Sam's lap.  He was suddenly feeling awkward.  "Need some Sambone playing time?" he asked bluntly, finishing his beer.  "I can go play pool."

She smirked.  "I only do it in public if there's a camera, Deanny."

"Good to know.  Let me go play pool so you two can catch up."  He went to do that, feeling very uncomfortable.  His brother had dated a porn star.  He was shocked and impressed.  Sammy never had good taste before.  Then again, Jess and Sophie were both pretty girls.  He glanced back.  They were only talking.  He shook his head quickly.  His poor brother when his father caught up to him.  Rock salt in the ass was the least of his worries.  Dean would have to decide to save his car and himself or try to save his brother.  It was a hard decision.  He moved closer to a table.  "Hey.  Can I play?"

They nodded, letting him have a cue.  "You auditioning in town?" one asked politely.

"Driving around to make my little brother less depressed.  He just ran into his old girlfriend."  He pointed.  She was back to straddling his lap to cuddle him.

"You know Wheaties?" one guy asked, staring at him.


"Sammy lasted longer than a lot of guys.  The running joke was that he ate a lot of wheaties every day with as big and strong as he was.  He even used to help set up sets when he was up to do shoots."

"He said he was doing beefcake stuff, like on the calendars."

"He was," one agreed.  "Now and then he helped though."  He broke the rack.  "Stripes."  Dean paid attention to the game.  "You flee the happiness?"

"She's a bit more gropey than I'm used to Sammy's girlfriends being," he admitted.  He pushed the bad thoughts into the back of his head so he could concentrate on his game.  Because that was just pitiful.  Sammy had dated a hot porn star.  That was so screwing with his head.


Sam looked over from his bed with a sigh.  Dean was staring at him again.  "Just a few calendars a year, Dean.  Nothing too risque."

"Uh-huh.  So nothing on camera?"  His brother blushed.  "Should I go searching online?"

"It's been four years and it was only once."

"It's still probably archived somewhere.  Is there memorabilia too?"

"Only if someone saved the calendars."

Dean sat up, staring at him.  "How many women do you think spanked off to you, dude?"

"No clue and I never thought about it.  It was six hundred a series of photos for each page in the calendars.  It paid for my books."

"You were on full ride financial aid!" he complained.

"Stanford is forty-nine thousand a year, Dean."  Dean choked.  "Yeah, I got some book money but not a whole lot.  When I quit living in the dorms, I didn't have to get the meal plan so that made it a bit cheaper but it helped lube the gears so I didn't end up eating ramen noodles for the holidays every year.  It made things a bit easier."  Dean just nodded.  "It was just some calendars.  Things strategically placed so nothing really naughty showed."

"Uh-huh."  He laid back down, considering this new facet of his brother.  "So, the one time on camera?"

"My first day there," he sighed, shaking his head.  "That first girl had the habit of testing all the new guys who came into the studio.  I'm the one that gave her her first real orgasm in about three years.  None of the others did things like play with her.  They taped it.  It made them a ton of money and I made about a grand off it."  Dean moaned at that.  "Then she moved onto someone else and I hooked up with Sophie.  End of the story."

"Sophie acts?"

"She produces and writes, but she has acted in some."

"Hmm.  How did you get sucked in?  No pun intended."

"Dirk and I split driving duties.  He was from an uptight family and wanted to try out.  He thought he was well built and they'd give him a try.  While I was there one of the girls was getting ready for her next short film.  It was a supposed black mass with a demon."  Dean whimpered.  "She was complaining that she couldn't find anything Latiny to say.  So I got online and I found one of the more obscure exorcism rituals for her.  She gave me a stunned look.  I told her what it was."  He cleared his throat and shifted.

"Then she let me see her set since she decided I probably had done a black mass or two in the past.  I moaned and said it was set up all wrong.  She had anarchy symbols on the floor.  The candles were set up wrong.  It's possible something could come up so I set it up as a proper black mass for her and redrew the symbols on the floor with a capturing circle, complete with safe casting area in the center."  Dean's whimper got louder.  "Then I told her that even if she read it backwards, nothing would be called with that.  It'd be safer.  She introduced me to the guy playing the demon.  I fixed his look because he was one sort and was pretending to be another.  He didn't have enough spots.  He was harmless, one of the ones that's born strange."

"They're local?"

"There's a good colony of them in San Francisco.  That's where he was from.  I got it set up for her and went over the pronunciations when she asked.  It made it look really real and it was a pretty good hit.  The director caught me helping her and offered me a spot in one.  I blushed and said I couldn't perform that way.  I was shy.  I was only there to drive Dirk back.  He told me Dirk got hired on and talked me into letting him take some test shots for the website.  They test all new guys to see who the users liked better.  I got offered some stills for the beefcake factor since I was cut, cute, tall, and had a smile that he said made girls cream themselves.  End of sordid story."

"Not hardly.  Just calendars and that one time?"

"Hannah jumped me later that day before I realized what was going on.  I didn't realize they were taping it.  That was accidental."

"Dad is still going to kill you, Sammy."

"You know, I figured he would've said something by now since he seems to know everything we've done."

"Dad doesn't usually surf online porn."

"No, but he has spies who watch over us."

"Um, yeah, because you get into trouble!"

"I did not.  Wearing a fireman hat and holding a hose at an indelicate height is not getting into that bad of trouble," he defended at his brother's snort of displeasure.  "I told you stopping here wasn't going to make you happy."

"Any other towns we should avoid?"

"Probably not."

"Any demons doing porn?"

"Yeah, three whole studios.  Two cam sites and one real porn place."  Dean whimpered, rubbing his hands over his face.  "It's fine, Dean.  They're usually harmless.  Sophie did a background check on me for the studio and found out that we hunted demons. The last time one showed up she called.  Coincidentally she introduced me to Jess."

"Your former porn star girlfriend introduced you to your good girl girlfriend?"

"Yeah.  They shared some classes and I was meeting Sophie for dinner on campus.  Jess was talking with her about a project.  She introduced us and I fell in lust.  Sophie pushed me to date her.  Said she was a nice, decent girl that parents liked."

"Dad probably would have."  He flipped onto his side to look at his baby brother.  "You're so screwed if he hears."

"He hasn't yet."

"Dude, I'd have to save the car," Dean taunted with an evil smirk.  "Then I'd run back to protect you."

"Good to know you love the car more, Dean."

"I've had it protect me longer than you have.  It's my life."  He smirked at him.  "So, any idea if they want you back?  We could use some money."

"She never said anything.  I did turn down going home with her tonight."

"Why?" he whined.  "That's a score, Sammy."

"Because I'm not ready to move on yet, Dean.  We're having lunch tomorrow."

"We're leaving tomorrow?"

Sam shrugged.  "I don't know."  He flipped onto his side facing away from his brother.  "Night."

"Yeah, don't have too happy of dreams, dude.  Please.  I remember what a screamer you were when we were teenagers."  Sam threw his spare pillow at him, earning a laugh.  "Your aim needs work, Sammy."

"I'll shoot you tomorrow to prove it doesn't."  He grabbed Dean's spare pillow and went back to his comfortable position.  They could use the money.  If Dad hadn't already heard....  Well, maybe it might be okay to do another calendar?  That would be nice.  The money would definitely help.  He heard Dean start to snore and flipped onto his back, thinking about things.   He got up and snuck out to sit outside, enjoying the quiet of the night.  It was pretty up here on the edge of upper Nevada.  A warm body plopped down next to him and leaned on his arm.  "Dean's still confused and steaming," he said quietly.

"Shit happens.   You can't live for his or your dad's approval, Sam.  It's not healthy for you," Sophie said gently.  He nodded he knew that, putting an arm around her shoulders.  "Is that the car?"  He pointed at theirs instead of the yuppie sedan in front of them.  "Pretty baby."

"She is.  She's Dean's baby though.  I'm just kinda a lump in his front seat."

She stroked over his knee.  "You'll figure it out, baby.  You're smart and you know yourself.  You know your own mind."  He smiled at her.  "Hey, I have to use the psychology degree sometime."

"Good point."  He took a kiss, then glanced inside.  "Dean's being a hoover."  She giggled.  "He wanted to make sure I didn't do real porn except for that one time with Hannah."

"So... not telling him about your birthday?"

"That wasn't posted and it wasn't for money," he said dryly, giving her a look.  She smiled back.  "Still have the tape?"

"Got happy to it two days ago," she quipped.  He shook his head with a small moan.  "Want some coffee?"

"He'll freak if I leave tonight."

"Then let's go cuddle.  No strings, Sam."  He nodded, letting her into the room so she could cuddle up to him.  She had loved her big goofball but he had that damn dark streak in him and she didn't need more darkness or her darkness merging with his.  He needed good, light girls who would ease his dark streak.  Still, he was comforting and a good friend.  She snuggled in, stroking over his stomach like she used to until he went to sleep.  She smiled and fell asleep on his shoulder.  It was good for them.  He needed the cuddles.


Dean woke up and sat up, rubbing his eyes.  He checked, Sammy was still in bed.  Though the sheets he was under looked a bit wider this morning.  He rubbed his eyes again and got closer on his way to take a shower.  Blonde hair was peeking out of the sheet.  He smiled.  Maybe his baby brother had scored after all.  He was proud.  He got into the shower, waking them up he was sure.

Sophie moaned, pushing her back to look at her big goofball.  "Hey," she said when she saw him staring at her.  "You still give excellent cuddles."  She smiled, cuddling in again.  He sighed in pleasure, wrapping himself around her.  "Think we should shock your big brother?" she whispered in his ear.  He moaned, giving her a squeeze.  "Would you stay for a few days, Sam?"

He shrugged.  "I'm considering.  Why?"

"I could use some good inspiration.  You can show him that statue you modeled for.  Maybe do some pictures for me?"

"That's what I was thinking."

"Great minds think alike," she teased, kissing him.  He moaned and rolled her under him, taking a better kiss.  "Sam, are you sure?"  He shook his head, resting on her shoulder.  "Shh, baby.  I've got you.  You let that nasty stress out.  Remember, this whole town has fun with us."  He nodded, smiling because she could feel it.  Dean came out and she whistled.  "Think you could bring him over to audition?" she asked Sammy.

"He's got a small dick," Sam said into her shoulder.

"Hey!  I do not!  You're smaller than I am, bitch."

She looked him over.  "Can't be.  Sam made me gag a few times when he slammed in, honey."  Sam was blushing against her chest. She looked him over again.  "You're not bad, but not a giant like he is.  It comes from the extra height."  Dean actually blushed so she grinned.  "I could set you up to do a few pictorials.  The girls would love you."

"They usually do."

"Hey, there's always het and gay porn going on in town if you want introduced.  That way you can stay in a better class of place.  I'd hate to see Sam with crabs from nasty sheets."  Dean shuddered.  "Exactly.  Though, the last time I shaved you....."  He kissed her to stop that thought.  "Morning, my personal goofball."

"You call me some of the sweetest things," he teased.

"You are.  You're the one who bought me chocolate roses then ate them off me."

"They were good."

"Well, yeah.  Especially that one you used to...." He kissed her again so she giggled.  "Fine, I won't share."

"Thank you.  He'll use it against me."  He stood up and hauled her up.  "I'll do your back for you."

"Let me go get breakfast so you can get loud," Dean said, pulling on clothes with his back turned away from her.

She pinched his butt.  "Firm.  Nice."  She followed Sam into the bathroom, making him blush.  "It is.  Some of the younger set would love him."

"If you can talk him into it."

"Thank you."  She pulled him down to kiss him, hopping up onto the sink to make it easier on them.  She was only five-five without heels and he was six-three.  "Shower?"

"Shower, before I do something that makes you late for work today."

"Not like I don't make my own schedule.  I'm mostly writing and directing."  She set the water temperature and got him into it to get them both clean.  If he fingered her, it was a nice gesture and one she appreciated.  She gave fantastic blow jobs and he always appreciated those.  Even if he did try to stop her.  She finished him off then pulled him down to kiss him again.  "Part of grieving is moving on, Sam.  She wouldn't want you to be stuck.  You know that."  He nodded, cuddling her until the water went cold.  Then she got out and pulled an outfit out of her purse, sliding into the stretch knit top and skirt and the shoes from last night.  He pulled on jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie.  "Are you chilly?"

"I've been cold for a few weeks."

"You need to get the blood moving, Sam.  Back to happier things instead of just danger."  He nodded.  "So come to work with me today.  I'm working at Ian's studio now.  Hannah's off playing with the succuba so we'll be cool."  He nodded.  Dean came back and she paid for her part of breakfast.  "Thanks, sweetie.  Did you want to sightsee today?  There's a great statue garden in town."  Sam choked.  "Which he did pose for one of.  I was going to bring him to work with me so I can catch up.  He always gives me such great inspiration."

"I can wander while you two catch up."

She looked him over.  "We can introduce you if you want, honey."

He shook his head.  "Dad will kill me."

"As a holder of a Masters in psychology, Dean, you have to live up to your own expectations, not just his.  Otherwise you end up visiting my brethren who have less fun."

"They'd never understand."

"One of the guys at Stanford teaching it used to hunt demons."  He gaped.  She nodded.  "I know exactly what you two do, Dean.  I think he would.  I can give you his name if you want."

"I'll call if I need it."

"Good."  She pinched him on the cheek.  "I could make hundreds of girls drool over you."

"They already do," he said smugly, smirking at her.

"Maybe, but I can make them drool internationally.  My boys have a great following.  There's still women panting after Sam even though it's been two years since he's done any pictures."

"We'll see.  Maybe tomorrow."

"Sure.  You think."  She winked and took Sam's hand, walking out with him once she had her purse over her arm and her coffee in hand.  "We're at Raven Studios when you want him back for meals."  Sam waved his coffee cup with a grin.  She smiled at him.  "You looked like you could use some time off.  Did he nag?"

"Threatened to save the car then me from Dad."  He sipped his coffee while she giggled at that.  "Raven?  Wasn't that place nearly torn down?"

"Yeah.  Ian bought it and resurrected it.  We don't do many trashy things like The Cage did but it's nice."  They walked through the small town to the studio, her using her passkey to let them in.  "Ian, look who I found!" she yelled as they walked in.  Any taping going on would be in a soundproofed room.

Ian came out of the front office, gaping.  "Wheaties?"

He blushed.  "Dean drove into town to stop over for the night without realizing what the town was."  He gave him a short hug.  "Hey, Ian."

"My God, Sam.  What happened?"

"Jess died in a fire a few months back," he said quietly.

"I'm sorry, man."  He gave him another hug.  "Remember, you're among friends here.  Let the little wench there help you.  You're too nice to grieve yourself to death."

"I didn't think I was."

"You tried to keep me from pleasing you this morning.  Yes you are," she told him. She dragged him into her office.  "I've got a few good ideas, Ian, not sure how we'd do them though."  She sat down and turned on her computer then stood up and put Sam into her chair and sat on his lap, letting him cuddle her.  "There, better?"  He nodded against her neck, kissing it.  "Good boy.  You cuddle all you want while you watch me be brilliant."

"You're brighter than the sun in the desert," he assured her, making her moan and shift.  "Some year in the future, historians are going to look back on your smutty pieces and say you were our version of those Greek playwrights who wrote smut."  She shifted but giggled and got to work while he read over her shoulder. He backspaced to correct a word on her every now and then but she was used to it.  The one she was working on was getting him hot.  She could feel him nudging her.  "Who did you want?"

"We have a new pouty-lipped girl with long, waist-length dark hair, and maybe Angie if she's not busy."  He smiled, then he nibbled on her neck.  She opened another one and got back to work on it too.  Damn, the boy was good for her muses.  "Keep it up and I'm handcuffing you in here," she teased.  "You're a great muse, Sam."  She opened another one and started on a new piece, sending Ian the two finished ones for approval.  She heard his moan as he yanked off to one of them so it was good for her and him.  Sam laughed at the continued moaning.  "The more moans I get, the better he likes it and the higher I get paid," she quipped.  She sent him a suggestion and heard him get off, making Sam laugh louder.  "I know, it was so naughty."  She shifted to take a kiss then got back to work.  She hadn't created like this in months.  Lunch finally came and she dragged him to the lunch truck, treating him since she made a better paycheck, then she dragged him back inside and put him in front of Ian.  "He needs to make traveling money.  He and his brother are roaming again."

Ian stared at him.  "That true, Sam?"  He nodded.  "Anything you won't do?"

"I'd like to keep it at the tasteful stuff I used to do," he offered.  "I'll think about the others."  Ian tossed over a script and he read it, moaning at it.  "Oh, man," he moaned.  It was so one of the fantasies he used to have.  He looked at his ex.  "Yours?"

"Jess submitted it."  Sam gaped.  She nodded, pointing at the name.  "She said you told her."

"This the only one?"

"Three others," Ian admitted, finding them in his filing cabinet to hand over.  "One she clearly wanted you to be bent over during."

Sam smiled.  "She was fascinated with two guys going at it sometimes."  He read them then shrugged.  "As long as my brother cannot and does not find out."

"He shouldn't.  Does he usually surf our stuff?"

"He tends more toward Hustler."

"Then he'll probably never see."

"Then I'll think about it later."

"That'll work," Ian agreed, taking them back. "Rob's up the hall.  We're doing a new pictorial spread on the site.  Whole new galleries.  Some fully nude and some not.  You do remember the fully nude gets you paid more?" he asked at the blush.  Sam nodded.  "Then try it.  You can even be soft for some of it.  We try to make those good for both sexes."

"Sure.  We'll see."  That got a nod and she walked him up to Rob, helping him set things up and get into the right frame of mind whenever he got embarrassed.  Like she used to.

She even teased him so Rob could get the naked and the naked-from-behind shots.  The gay boys would love that one.  Especially the one where he was on his knees and they took it from behind.  His hair was very thin around his ass.  She grabbed the shaving cream and a razor, making him moan and shake as she cleaned him up.  "You need it," she teased.  "I should do it all."  Rob was taking film of the shaving.  She winked at Rob then shoved him over once she was done, looking down at his bush.  "I should shave you."

"I'll itch," he reminded her.  "You hated that last time."

She winked.  "So?  I'll have to maintain it when I can."  She sprayed him, making him yelp since it was cold and had sprayed his cock.  "Ooops."  She kissed him, spreading it where it had missed, then she got some clean water and a new razor.  She knew his pubic mound would take two razors and a lot of water.  His bush was nicely down onto his thighs.  She even did around his balls and his inner thighs, letting Rob take stills and video of the area.  Then she went down on him, making him moan and grab her hair.  She did it slow and gentle, like he liked.  The people watching later on would love it but this was for Sam.  He needed this.  She made it as good as she could for him, making him come and go limp, spreading out like a cat in the sun.  Rob quit filming and took a few more still shots.  The gay boys would love that fucked stupid look on his face and how limp he was. She licked her lips.  "You taste good," she teased.

He looked at Rob.  "Needed it that desperately?"

"The shaving thing will get millions of hits.  Both instructional and not."

Sam smiled.  "I'm about to pounce, man."

"You sure?  They'd like that."

She put a hand to her forehead.  "Oh my, I should run before you ravish me, sir," she said in a bad fake southern accent.

Sam pounced and dragged her down to make her squeal and scream.  Starting with the sensitive spots on her throat that made her purr.  When she was, he ripped her shirt off her and tossed it behind him then shifted her bra out of his way.  She had great nipples.  A lick here, a short nibble on one, a long suckle.  She was purring putty in his hands.  He stayed there for a while, even nibbling on the space between them because it made her hot.  Then he moved down to her stomach, teasing and fucking her bellybutton with his tongue.  Slowly in and out, then lapping out the spit every few strokes.  In and out.  A slow, sensuous tonguing.  Like he'd be giving her in a minute.  He looked at her skirt.  He knew it was a favorite so he shoved it up for now, going down overtop of her panties.  Slowly sucking on her clit.  The bit of hair she didn't keep shaved getting yanked on by his teeth.  Slowly tonguing her pussy overtop of the thin cloth until it was soaked with more than spit.  He went back to teasing her clit.  She was squealing in delight, clutching the bed.  He rested his chin on her pubic mound.  "Should I go on?"

"I will kill you if you don't go on," she growled, trying to move.  He smirked at her. "Please?" she begged, shifting her legs.  "Pretty please?"

"Beg me by name," he encouraged with an evil smirk.

"Sam," she moaned, arching up under his chin.  "Please?  Rip them off and have me?  Tongue me, baby, please?  I love your tongue nearly as much as I do your cock."  He shifted and ripped them off her, making her moan and spread out for him.  He dove in again, going back to teasing her.  "Sam!" she whined when he didn't go back to it.  "Please, baby?  I'll do *anything*!"

"That's nice to hear.  You want it all or just my tongue?" he asked between licks.

"God, Sam, I'd die for your cock.  I nearly did from it that one night."  He laughed and sucked on her clit, making her arch up and scream in pleasure.  She tried to flip them over but he outmassed her by a lot.  "Sam!" she pleaded in a breathy moan.  "Please?"

He moved back to tongue her hole, making her a happy girl.  She was a very happy girl.  She was squirming and making begging noises.  So he finally shifted up to kiss her. "You sure?"

"God, Sam.  Please?" she begged.  "You're my god of lust.  My Cupid."  He laughed in her ear, making her shiver as he planted himself in her, making her moan and arch up to meet him.  He was staying gentle.  "You know I don't care about hard and heavy, baby."

"I don't want to stretch you too far," he told her, giving in for now.  It was a long, hard ride until she came.  Then he grabbed the lube off the sidetable, holding it up.  She moaned and wiggled until she was free enough to flip onto her stomach.  Sam smiled and stretched her tight ass.  She was a great girl.  He loved this about her.  That and how he slid in and hit her prostate.  She squealed in pleasure each and every stroke he hit it, making him very happy.  He finally came and groaned, pulling out to shoot the rest across her ass.  "That's my girl," he soothed, using his thumb to make sure she got off.  She went limp underneath him so he laid down to cuddle her.  "And you thought the surgery was going to change things," he whispered in her ear, low enough that Rob didn't catch it.

"It was the best decision of my life," she agreed, taking his hand to hold. "Think Dean would mind?"

"I don't know.  You going to try to tap him too?"

"Nah, he seemed a bit uptight."  She winked back at him.  "Thanks, Rob."

"Welcome, Sophie."  He left, going to run the film in Post Production.  It was so long he could make it a few different tapes.  The oral one and then the sex one plus the full tape on the other site.  Though he wondered if Sam didn't know they all knew about how Sophie used to be Steven.  Ian came in to watch and whimpered at how good it was.  "The shaving one is already back here being trimmed."  He pointed at it.  Ian watched and it was good for him too.  When he had given them enough time to cuddle and her to go write more things, he went to see if Sam would do some of the beefcake stuff for the newest studio calendar.  He made a good fireman and a good cop.  Sam even decided to dress up like a priest, which would hit a major kink subset.


Dean looked at his very tired brother that night.  "You and Sophie have fun?"

"A lot."  He grinned.  "She even did some research earlier."  He shifted in his chair.  Being shaved made him too sensitive to his boxers.  It was going to drive him nuts.  Dean gave him an odd look.  "She gave me a trim."  Dean looked at his head.  "Not that hair, Dean."  Dean choked, leaning away from his plate.  Sam ate another bite.  "It was research."

"Oh, god, TMI, Sammy," he moaned, going to get a beer with his dinner.  He needed a beer.  Well, he could really use whiskey but they only had beer here.  He came back and gave Sam his then sat down to go back to eating.  "Did we do anything else?"

"Held her while she wrote so I could proofread for her.  She finished about three things today."  He took a drink and shifted again.

"What's wrong?"

"Never been shaved?" he taunted with his evil smirk.

"Never really wanted to go there."

"Pity.  It feels really nice."

"I'll take your word on it."  He was SO going to forget about everything that happened in this town once they were out of it!  He finished his dinner and beer, going to pay for it.  The waitress gave him a pitiful look.  "Finding out bad things about my little brother."  She looked happy that the need for beer hadn't been their cooking.  Sam met him at the car a few minutes later and they went back to the motel room.  Sophie was already on Sam's bed and he laid down next to her, cuddling in.  "Need me to give you two some alone time?"

"After him helping me write earlier, I'm exhausted, Dean.  He's a very demanding proofreader."  Sam blew a raspberry on her neck.  "Sam!"

He grinned. "What?  Problems?"

"Your spit not being in my mouth or any other hole of my body."  He kissed her and Dean went to play some pool.  She laughed.  "Did you tell him?"


"Going to tell him?"

"If it comes up."

"You usually do," she teased, palming his cock.

He kissed her again.  "You made me so horny at dinner that I almost jumped him."

She giggled.  "That'd be a film we'd be able to sell on the kink sites."  He smiled and kissed her again, going back to playing with her.  She loved that trimming down her cock had left her with a good clit.  It was definitely the best of both worlds to her.  Having Sam in it just made it all the better.  Even if she couldn't keep him.


Dean looked at his phone the next morning, frowning at the message on it:  I didn't really like the priest picture.  "Hey, Sammy?" he called over to his brother, who was still sound asleep by the snoring.  "Sammy!" he called louder, making Sophie poke him so he'd shut up.  Sam frowned at him so he showed him the message their father had texted him.  "I don't think Dad's happy."

Sam shrugged.  "I had fun.  I don't care if Dad didn't like me looking like a priest."  He flipped back over and went back to cuddling his girlfriend.  Maybe he could get back to sleep.

Dean texted back a more polite answer of 'Sammy was earning roadtrip money, Dad'.  He got back one that made him splutter.  "Boyfriend?"  Sam pointed at Sophie.  "She looks like a girl to me," he said dryly.  Then he caught a clue when Sam shrugged.  "Really?"



"Was his best gayboy girlfriend when he was still Steven."

"So you two....  After her surgery?"

Sam flipped over to face him.  "Depends, are you going to freak out?"  Dean nodded. "Then yes, after her surgery."  He smirked.  "Anything else you want to know about my private life?"

"This birthday party tape?"

"You'd freak, Dean.  I nearly freaked but I was *so* drunk."

"It hit anywhere?"

"Sophie's DVD player.  Otherwise, I would've made *millions* from it."

"Uh-huh."  He nodded.  "I don't care where you stick it, Sammy.  Boy, girl, both, neither, it's good as long as you're happy.  Dad apparently knows."  He showed him the new message.

Sam snatched the phone to text back that yes, he had been with his boyfriend and did he like the shaving tape too?  Surprisingly there was no answer.  He grinned as he tossed it back.  "There, now he can't complain until we find him."

"Sure, maybe it'll make it easier," he decided.  Sam laughed.  "How long did you want to play with her?"

Sam shrugged.  "Few more days so I can get my paycheck cashed?"

"That'll work.  There's a private party tonight and I'm bouncing at it after stopping a couple having an argument last night."

"Sure, have fun.  We probably won't be there."

"Should, it's Randy Andy's birthday," she moaned into his buttcheek.  "Dean, are you freaked?"

"Not really.  Not my thing but Sammy's not me and he has vastly different tastes."

She looked around Sam's hip at him.  "Good, then let me have a morning wake up?"  He smirked and went to get coffee.  "He always that hyper protective?"

"Ever since my father handed me to him when I was six months old and had him protect me when our house caught on fire," he said quietly, watching the door.

She stroked up his back.  "It'll be cool by the time you leave, Sam."  He smiled at her for that.  "Now, can I have a morning wakeup before he wants to watch it in person?  I don't do those sort of scenes."

He laughed, rolling over to play with her.  "Did anyone ever put the black mass scene out on real film?"

"Twice now.  I'm still getting royalties.  Did you tell him I was a girl?  Someone overheard you telling him about that one."

"Didn't mention names.  Just a girl."  She smirked at him.  "I wasn't sure he wasn't going to freak about me being not that particular."

She kissed him.  "You're very picky.  You just don't care if they have two holes for you to possess or one."  She kissed him again.  "Please?"  He laughed and went to tease her orally, making her wiggle, squeal, and shake until she finally came.  Dean knocked a few minutes later then came in.  "Sorry it took so long."

"Like I care?  I'm a go all night guy myself."  He handed her the coffee and Sam his usual.  "There.  You need it."

"No, I'm wide awake."

"I can feel that," she teased.  Dean groaned.  He left them alone again.  "Okay but I was going to replay our favorite shower game."  She sipped her coffee on the way into the bathroom.  Sam gulped his and pounced her into the shower, making her laugh.  It was good to be with him again.

Out in the car he looked down as his phone beeped with a new text message: looked like you had fun but they were lucky his mother would never know how bad he was at shaving himself.  "Shaving?  That got put online?" he asked.  "Damn it, Sammy!  Dad's got to be freaking out and having a heart attack."


Their last day there Sophie cuddled up against Dean's side, handing him a DVD case.  "Here."

"Do I need to wear a blindfold?"

"No."  She smiled.  "Only if you get turned on by it."  He blushed.  "Jess sent in a few ideas.  Sammy purged the last of his grief roleplaying them."  He nodded, tucking it into his jacket pocket.  "His twenty-first birthday party is on there too."  She winked.  "He's better.  Keep him healthy for me?"

"If I can."

"Good.  I love my giant goofball.  I'd love to keep him but our dark streaks get along too well.  He needs more light before his takes him over sometime soon, Dean."  She gave him a hug.  It was nice he didn't stiffen up on her.  "Be a good boy.  The world needs more good boys to watch my stuff."  She winked and handed him a paper.  "Sam's got a lifetime registry to the site."  She slid out of the booth.  "He's getting his paycheck cashed."

"Should we have caviar?"

"Only regular film smut makes that sort of money unless you own the domain.  So I do, but he only makes some royalties and mild porn star money."  She strolled off, going to mug Sam one last time before he left.  It'd have to do her for a while.  She'd miss him but it was better for him if he didn't get sucked in full time.  Even if he had given her some *great* ideas.  Ones that would make her site worth millions if she got them filmed the way she wanted.  Her partner Ian would be one happy guy.

Dean looked up as Sammy appeared an hour later.  "Hey.  We done?"

"Yeah.  Though I might come back some year."

"That's cool.  You two should keep in touch. It's nice to see you smile again.  And hey, next bar town we hole up in, I'm finding you a cute little bottom slut to play with."  He punched him on the arm, walking out to the car shaking his head.  Dean grinned.  Sammy was back to his old self so it had been a good stopover.  Even if Dean needed some brain bleach.  He strolled out to the bar after paying for his last coffee, sliding in to drive.  "So, this birthday party.  Should I worry?"

"Nope.  You'll never see it."

"If you're sure.  What priest pictures?"

"Beefcake stuff."

"Uh-huh."  He started the car and subtly checked to make sure he had the log-on information and the DVD still.  He could watch it tonight after Sammy went to sleep.  He looked really tired for some reason.  Looks like Sophie got a good goodbye kiss.  Or whatever.  Dean drove them out of town.  "How much did you make?"

"You don't share yours, I'm not sharing mine," Sam said, closing his eyes.  "Let me nap, Dean."

"Sure.  You nap."  He headed north.  They had heard about a haunting up north and it was going to be good to hunt it down.  Something normal.  That way he didn't have to look at his brother funny.

So that night when he watched the DVD, he was shocked out of his mind.  Severely shocked out of his mind.  He was making squeaky, horrified, teenage girl noises he was so horrified.  Damn!  No wonder they wanted Sammy to do pornos!  He logged onto the site and went to the shaving video it was featuring.  Ooooh, Sam.  Poor man.  No wonder he was shifting like he had crabs!

Sam walked over and shut it off.  "I love you, Dean, but I'm not fucking you so get over it."  He went back to bed.  He'd whine at Sophie tomorrow for giving him that.

"I didn't know some of that was anatomically possible!" he complained.

"It was my twenty-first birthday, Dean.  You spent yours in a whorehouse in Vegas spending a grand on six different girls.  I spent mine in a slightly more tipsy way and didn't have to pay for anything."

"But...  The ...the sling and the, champagne?"

"Got *royally* drunk off that.  Did you know you can die from liquor enemas?"

"No, didn't need to know that," he said, shutting down the laptop and going to take a shower.  He would *never* look at Sammy the same way again!  Never!  Not after seeing him doing *that*!

The End.