Derek took the key cards from the desk manager, smiling at him. "Thank you. Boys," he said, handing out one. "Alex, Buffy," two more, "Mother, and we will be talking about that letter William gave me earlier. Philip and Giles." One to the two of them, expecting Philip to be in his room with him, he just wasn't as brave as the boys were. "Nick," he handed out the second to last one. "All set?" Everyone nodded. "Okay, Jonathan, suite's yours, and I have the other." He picked back up his bag.

The desk manager cleared his throat and everybody looked at him. "Excuse me sir, but was there some mix up in your registration? All those rooms have double beds."

Xander and Oz's clenched hands went up on the desk. "Why would that be a problem?" Xander asked calmly. "Some of us share beds at home."

The man stuttered. "I'm sorry, I didn't notice." He blushed rampantly. "Please accept my apologies."

"That's okay," Oz said quietly, "it's what you've come to expect so we understand." He kissed his lover, passionately, deeply, only breaking it off at the warning cough from the others. "So, ready for me to go pick out a spot for our tattoos?"

"No," Nick moaned. "Not that again."

"Shut up," Xander said, grinning, shoving him a little. "You whine like my kids."


"Our kids."

They all got into the elevator, Jonathan and the kids getting into another one so they could wander around and look at the mirrors and press the buttons without annoying the adults.

Xander looked around their room with a small smile. "Honeymoon in Vegas?"

"Okay movie, depending on version." He walked over to look out the window. "Wonder why he put us so far off the strip?"

"Less temptation for Nick." He licked over the tight neck, feeling it relax under his mouth. "I, of course, have all the temptation I need, want, and can handle right here in my arms."

"You say the cutest things and mean them all," Oz sighed, relaxing into his body. "So, are we gambling?"

Xander turned him around. "Oz, if you gamble away my new car, I will have to hurt you."

"Oh?" He raised an eyebrow.

"That's right, I'll have to sit on your lap in front of everyone and tickle you until you beg for mercy and great sex." They shared a kiss.

"Okay, I thought you meant really mean and that you were going to call my hair flat or something."

"Nope, your hair will always be interesting to me. It's only flat when you're upset." They shared another kiss before Xander headed for the bathroom. "I don't mind, we do have a little nest egg saved up now so we could splurge and I did the online banking thing on the plane and cashed in a smaller cd so we have ready money." The bathroom door closed and someone knocked on the main one.

Oz walked over to answer it, nodding at Nick and letting him inside. "Problems in your room?"

"No, just heard what he said. How mean is he going to be?"

"He was going to tickle me hard in front of everyone until I beg." Oz closed the door, after letting Buffy in. "Hey, Xan, we're hosting the first party," he shouted over the running water.

Xander walked out, shirt off, some foam still on his face. "Wish someone had warned me." He smiled at them. "Playing musical rooms already? If so, we're not participating in this round." He walked back into the bathroom, coming back with his shirt on and his face cleaned off. "So, what's up?"

"Heard you saying you were going to be mean to him but not how mean so we wanted to come check and make sure you hadn't brought the whips and chains out yet."

The couple shared a look. "Interesting image but not really us," Oz said, sitting down, pulling his man down into his lap. "You guys, Xander's not going to abuse me. We may have the rare argument but that's it. No major tiffs here."

"Yet and I hope never," Xander said, looking up.

"It won't happen," Oz said firmly. "First rule of us is talking."


"So, plans?" Nick interrupted before they could start kissing again.

"Well, Derek's gonna be a while at the registration office, and we figured on them doing all that stuff in the morning, including the wedding, so we were going to go find the hottest gay club around so I could tease the whole town with my mate's tender young body while smacking all their hands as they try to steal it."

Oz rolled his eyes. "Wrong way around, Xan, they're all going to want you and ignore my short little body."

"Wow, the self-esteem convention missed you too, huh?" Buffy asked, standing up. "If you guys go out to do that, I'd bring guards. Otherwise neither of you will make it back, someone'll snatch you both right off the floor and keep you as pets and love slaves." She blew an air kiss. "Alex and I were going to go practice her drunken wife routine in the bar. Nick, I'm sure you and your men will be talking soon." She waved, walking out, passing Derek as he was about to knock.

Derek walked in and shut the door. "She's become a handful suddenly." He sat down on the bed beside Nick. "I was looking for you three, wanted to see if you wanted to come help me register so we could get this out of the way faster."

"But Dad," Xander said, pouting slightly, "I wanted to take Oz out and show him off and get him a keep-your-hands-off-what's-mine sign."

"True, we're using this as our honeymoon." Nick fell backwards, shaking his head. "What? We were working over ours."

"Of course you were," Derek soothed, pinching Nick's leg. "Just be at the chapel across the street at nine in the morning, that's when our appointment is. And be dressed in something *decent*."

"You mean we shoulda brought suits," Xander said. "Oops," he said, grinning at his mate.

"Guess we'll have to shop then."

"Boys," Derek groaned. "Don't make me dress you too." He pulled Nick up, walking him out. "And don't keep us up tonight. These walls are thin."

"Gee," Oz said. "Really?"

"Yup, that's why we had the bruise check." He turned looking down at his mate. "So, clubbing, shopping, then what?"

"Hmm, want me to watch you play the slots?"

"Sure," Xander said, getting up and pulling Oz to his feet. "But only if I get to dress you in some yummy clothes before we club."

"No car here."

"Cab," Xander said slowly. "Nice things that you pay to take you places so you don't wander around lost." He grabbed his wallet and pulled the cash and the two cards out of it, sliding them into his front pockets. Then he did the same for Oz's wallet, handing over his stuff. "Now, let's go have some fun," he whispered with a lick to his husband's lips.


Buffy and Alex sat at the bar flirting with the muscular specimen of manliness pouring them glasses of wine, smiling and laughing with the men gathered round them. Buffy felt the first cramp start so causally looked around. "Wondering where the rest of our entourage is?" Alex asked her.

"Kinda. The boss is nowhere in sight." She smiled cutely at the man next to her and her Slayer-sense went off big time as he tried to touch her. "Hey, Alex, I'm gonna dance with this one. You be okay alone?"

"Sure, go have fun, be young, be impetuous. Just don't make Derek mad by getting married."

"Not me, avoid that disease like the plague." She walked the tall, blond man out onto the small dance floor, sliding close to him. "I know what you are," she whispered. "What do you want?"

He smiled down at her. "Nothing from you. We just wanted to make sure you weren't him."


"The dark haired guy who took over for you, Nighthawk." He leaned closer, getting right next to her lips. "Some of us wanted to pay him back real bad."

Buffy backed away from him by about an inch. "Hey, he's a friend of mine. Known him for a while. Who do you think taught him?" She smirked up at him, running a gentle finger across his chin. "Hurt him and deal with me."

"Ah, but we heard you were getting old. After all, you're only mortal."

"Oh, but I still have a few good months left and crossbows make up for it all." She winked, walking away from him. "I'd hide instead," she called, going back to Alex's side and pouting for the phone. She dialed Derek's number. "Hey, boss, probs. Stop the guys from leaving for a few minutes." She shook her head, hanging up. "Way big probs. Gotta go find Giles."

"What's up?" Alex said, suddenly serious. "Big or little ones?"

"Big, toothy ones. Xander hunted here." They signed their bar receipts and left, Alex heading for the front door to see if anyone had seen them leave and maybe heard where they were going and Buffy to go find Giles.

Oz looked down at himself, then back up at his husband. "I look like I'm for rent," he said, grinning. "Perfect for clubbing."

Xander nodded, tucking in his own t-shirt, pulling his man out of the way so he could see himself. "Gee, not bad at all. You do good in the fashion department." He looked at his husband, who was appraising his outfit. "What?"

Oz walked around the slightly younger man, looking at the outfit. "Needs something." He looked at the racks then back at the tight black jeans and maroon velvet t-shirt. He walked over to a rack of belts, pausing at one that had little wooden spikes woven into the black leather, bringing it back. "Perfect," he decided, putting it around the low slung jeans. "States a fact and has a purpose."

The younger man looked at himself in the mirror and shivered. "Oz, man, you made me look like the hunting guy again." His mate walked up to him, resting in his arms. "But I love it. You're right, I look good."

"Yup, tasty even." They shared a kiss then went up to pay for their outfits, smiling at the clerk as she whistled, her teenageness impressed with their openness and style. They sent their clothes back to their room before they left.

Giles opened the door and groaned. "Tell me you can't find something to do in this city and I'll pull you down to a bar and offer you up to someone." But he let her in when she frowned at him. "What?"

"Xander hunted here," she said quietly, Philip looking up at her in alarm. "And I just met someone downstairs who wanted to know if that was him with us."

"Where are they?"

"Derek said gone."

"Hey," Nick said, walking out of the bathroom, looking at the outfit Buffy now wore. "Wow, going hunting or what?" he asked, walking around her. "I'd go but I'm due for some fun. Have fun with the responsibility thing."

"Xander's hunted here," she told him, smirking at his frown and nod. "And they're looking to settle with him."

"They were going clubbing then shopping," Nick told her. "At least that was the plan. Where are they now?"

"They went shopping," Alex said, walking through the open door. "And did you know that your voice carried, dear?" Buffy shook her head. "Well, it does. Precious just stopped me to tell me to protect them. Both. She said she only had two daddies and they were special so she didn't want any more."

"Well, one's never without the other," Philip said, standing back up. "Let's go find them before they get inta real trouble."

Giles nodded, heading for his suitcase to pull out the disassembled crossbow. "With those two, it's already too late." He tossed the pieces to Buffy. "What did you bring?"

"Mr. Pointy and two or three others." Philip rolled his eyes. "Hey, he was a gift. Behave or spar with me tomorrow."

"I could do that now," he reminded her.

"Yeah, I know," she said softly, putting the weapon together. "And so do they."

"Well, someone may have leaked the information from Angel's end," Giles told her. "It's fairly possible when you stop to consider it."

She nodded, sliding the weapon onto her back. "Okay, let's go." She started to walk out but Nick stopped her, handing her his jacket to cover the crossbow and quiver. "Oh, yeah, thanks. Keep forgetting normals look at weapons funny."

Xander and Oz stopped in front of the man taking pictures, silently looking at each other. They messed up each other's hair then paid their fees, standing with Oz cradled in his husband's arms, looking up at each other. The next picture caught them looking at the camera, smiling. They signed the receipt in Derek's name, taking their copy, and heading down the strip to the club that had been recommended to them.

Neither one noticed their audience of followers.

Derek looked up as the rest of his house joined him at the bottom of the stairs, glancing at Buffy when he saw the bulge on her back. "I know where they're heading," he said, meeting them at the cab. They sped toward the strip, hoping that they weren't too late.

Xander teased Oz, watching his eyes watch the crowd. He pouted slightly, watching his lover's eyes for the cues he needed. He could feel the vamps too, and he knew at least one of them was one that had gotten away from him while they were separated. They joined hands, rings touching, in silent promise as the music throbbed around them.

Derek looked at the crowd of people then at them. "Philip, you and Nick can get in. Buffy go find a nice place to wait for us."

Giles shook his head. "I don't think it's wise to send them in there unarmed. How many can you sense?"

"At least six. I'm feeling lots of little sparks from the warning system but it's being screwed up by the ones out here."

Philip shook his head, walking up to the bouncer at the door. "Friends, and straight ones at that," he said quietly, grinning his best little boy grin. So in he went. Without even paying the cover. And he knew very well everyone was looking at his back. He found the two boys on the dance floor, smiling at them as he moved/danced/wiggled his way over to them. "Boys," he said, whispering in Oz's ear. "Trouble."

Oz snorted. "Really?" he shouted over the music. "Brought help?" Philip pointed outside. "Yay, they're in here."

"They're looking for me, Philip, go be safe," Xander said between songs, turning to dance with him, Oz beside him, forming a nice little triangle. "Go be safe," he mouthed as the new music started. "We got it."

Philip shook his head but Xander blew him an air kiss, turning back to Oz, joining their hands again.

"Oooh," someone behind Philip said, shoving him out of the way, "what do we have here?" he asked, as the music died. "Slayer's friends?"

"Only if you cause trouble," Oz told him. "Why?"

Xander looked the vampire up and down. Then snorted. "Not much of a problem. Let's do him and get back to fun." And the rest of the vamps in the crowd went to game face. "Gee, did I miss six or so?"

"No, they just walked in," Oz told him, and snatched one of the wooden stakes off the belt to throw at the man nearest them. Who turned to dust. "Playtime," he called, pulling the stake out of his jacket. He turned back to back with Xander, noticing he pulled out two. "You're that good?" he asked.

"Got in a lot of practice," Xander said dryly. "So, who's first?" The crowd parted as one of the most scarred beings on the earth walking through. "Hey, I remember you, kinda. I got a big cut on my side from you. I should be pissed."

"I love you for it though."

"Yup, he does." The vampire, and three others lunged, and Xander kicked one, staked another, and pushed the others back with the one he had kicked. And Oz was behind him the whole time.

Derek rushed past the bouncer, pushing people aside to get at the men fighting. He took the crossbow, using it against one of the people but it was taken from his hands.

"This is between them and him. No others. Not even her," he said, pointing at Buffy. "He's the one that did the damage and now we're testing him." He nodded at some of the other people in the crowd, getting them to come over and hold the house members hostage. "You're free to leave after the fight is over," he said, walking away.

"Skanky master," Buffy muttered, punching one, but her strength chose that moment to go back out. "Damn, again?"

Philip was picked up and dragged back to them, by force.

And everyone continued to watch the supposedly very uneven fight.

"Hey, Oz," Xander said, panting a little now. "Remind me to start working out again when we get home."

"Sure." Oz ducked under a swing, taking a step out to stake the very open chest, feeling the back against his move with him. He looked around. "Um, do you think we can wrap this up soon? My arms are getting tired."

"Sure, babe, and I'll even give you good rubbies when we get back home." Xander staked another one, pushing his dying body into that of the one behind him, using the ashes to blind him. "Hmm, not very pleasant tasting I guess," he muttered, scooping down to pick up another handful and blow it into eyes, which made a roar go up. "Think we're in deep here?"

"Only if we lose."

"Point." Xander spun, kicking someone, then deflected the hit coming at Oz, turning him to face the other direction since there were less vamps that way. "Hey, precious?"

"Don't call me by our daughter's name."

"Sorry, pet o'mine, but do you think we could still club some more tonight? I really liked doing the dancing thing with you again. All the playfulness and rubbing and all that stuff."

"Sure," Oz said, ducking another wild blow. "Maybe Giles should teach these guys self defense." He looked through the gap between bodies. "Cavalry's here and captured."

"Huh, gotta work on that next." He looked at the vampire in front of him. "Who *dresses* you? Is your mother from Wally and Beaver land?" He staked him easy, wincing as some of the ashes hit his own face. "Damn, gotta wash that out soon." He looked down at his shirt. "Gee, we need new clothes, we're all grungy."

"Worry about that later," Oz said, plucking a stake from the belt and throwing it. "Can I have your spare?"

"Lost it a sec ago." He looked around. "Got fourteen left."

"Twelve on your belt." Xander handed him the stake. "You sure, Xan?"

"Yup, yours, Oz, take care of it. Up," he muttered, grabbing a chandelier and using it to kick a few guys in the face, and one female vamp too, dropping down in front of his mate, stealing a quick kiss. "Hate this part," he told him with a wink. He took off his shirt, using it to whip two in the face, distracting them while Oz got them. "Okay, who else?"

The ten or so left ran.

"Gee, we're scary now," Oz said. He wiped at the greasy, sweat-covered ash on his mate's chest. "You look the part too." He pulled him closer, kissing him hard.

Derek looked at the Master vampire. "Now can we go to them?"

"Only if you agree to let us go." He smiled at Buffy. "Not that some of you could help it."

She shrieked and pulled a bolt, executing a spin kick and staking him overhand before he could recover. "Tell me I'm getting worn out," she said, spitting on his ashes. "I've done so many vamps that were *many* times better than you." She looked up at the couple, dropping the bolt and rushing over to them, hugging them both. "You're okay," she sighed, hugging them hard.

Oz pulled back, looking over Xander's shoulder at her. "Get your own man. Mine." And he pulled his mate's head down, reabsorbing himself in the willing and talented mouth.

Derek chuckled lightly as he walked over to them, patting Buffy's shoulder. "Nothing is as strong as those two together," he told her in sympathy. "Boys, enough," he called. They ignored him.

Nick frowned at them, slapping his brother upside the back of his head. He got flipped off for it. So he tried to do it to Oz. And before his hand could connect, he found himself on the floor, and they were still kissing.

Philip laughed, leaning against his lover. "'Tis their honeymoon," he noted. Everyone groaned. "Oh, come on, they deserve it after that." He looked at them, hands joined, rings touching, mouths locked in the impossible kiss. "They have ta breathe sometime," he told Derek, looking up at him. "They're only human."

"Some days," Xander muttered between kisses. He grabbed Oz's head with both hands, kissing him hard. "Come on, want to go shower and buy us pretty new clothes or get these washed, and get me a new belt, then we'll go back out." They looked around, seeing the piles of ashes. "Sorry about the mess," he called, waving. Then he led his lover tenderly from the battlefield, grinning at him the whole way. "So, where to next?"

"Um, better gay club? This time minus vamps and the fighting part?" Oz suggested. He opened the cab door, helping his husband in with a hand to his ass. "Where's your shirt, naughty?"

"Huh? Oh, I think Giles had it last." He nodded his thanks as Buffy handed it to him. "Night guys, see you in the morning." They waved as the cab sped off.

"Men," Buffy muttered. "Ought to be a cure." She frowned at Derek. "If I did that, you'd yell."

"Oh, he'll get them. He has a whole two weeks alone with them in Florida," Philip told her, helping her and Alex into the other cab. "Back ta the hotel?"

"Yeah, I want to go tease more men in the bar," Buffy said, "I like showing them how they pant, then turning them away." She grinned at Alex. "Was fun. Missed that before."

"True, and very enlightening. Do you know that there are really only three pick up lines in existence? The others are just miscopies of the those three."

Philip leaned against the door. "Some of us don't use them."

"Some of you don't pick up people," Buffy noted. Then she was shut up by the hard kiss he gave her. "Wow. Thanks." She looked at his smirk. "When did you learn to do that?"

"Seminary," he told her. "Had to learn all we were missing before the final vows." He smiled sweetly at Alex. "Took lots of lessons."

The older woman's mouth hung open in shock. "Philip!"


Xander slid down the soapy body in front of him, using the friction to clean his own chest. "Not working well enough," he said, frowning a little, just edging toward a pout. "Now we'll have to use more soap."

Oz quietly handed over the bar, turning to rinse off. "How did we do that earlier?"


"The keeping absolutely pasted together during the fight. We don't fight the same way. We don't even usually fight together." He turned back around, taking the soap to do his husband's stomach for him, dropping to his knees to see the flesh better. "We did that before too, when we were in the caves. It was synchronicity, the way we worked together." Oz frowned at the door. "Visitors."

"Who? And I'm thinking that it's got something to do with the way our animals communicate. That silent knowledge thing. You do it when we're both turned." He turned toward the bathroom door, opening the curtain. "Go away unless you have a really good reason or want to watch," he yelled.

"Nope, not into being watched. Well, except for the kissing and cuddling. I'll happily show them that." He looked up, raising an eyebrow, hint of smile playing around his mouth and eyes. "Or is there some hidden kink you have for being watched?"

"Not me," Xander said innocently. "But I've grown to not mind it so much." He looked back at the door as Philip walked in. "Why are you in our room?"

"Because Derek told me I was brave enough to come give you those pictures." He smiled at them. "But he says that one where you two are looking at each other is not ta be your Christmas card."

"Nope, wanted them to be announcements." Xander pulled his head back in. "Lock the door on your way out, Philip. Please." He looked down at his husband, grinning. "You know, since you're down there...."

Oz shook his head. "It's my turn to receive." They switched places, the younger man falling gracefully to his knees and licking over his newly clean cock. "Very nice," he whispered, running his hands through the wet hair. "Getting much better technique with practice."

"Better practice more then," Xander mumbled, taking in more to play with, his tongue teasing down the length. He pulled back up, looking up at his lover. "Would you like me to practice more?"

"Yes, now," Oz commanded, pushing his head back down, rolling his eyes at the playfulness. "We'll play rent boy and the big, bad werewolf later. Just finish what you started.....ah....ah.... ah...Xander!" His head went back as his husband suddenly swallowed him, the intensity of the swallowing around him too much. He rested against the vinyl-formed wall, panting hard. "Damn... good." He looked down, smiling, tugging gently on the hair. "Too good. Have to let you play more often."

Xander stood up, smiling at him. "Really?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. "So, can we play Rent-Oz and the big, bad researcher too?" He leaned in, stealing a small kiss, rubbing against his husband's stomach. "Or was it Rent-Oz and the big, bad hunter guy?" he whispered sexily.

"Better not be the big, bad hunter guy. He was sexy and scary." Oz pulled his head down, kissing his husband hard. "Very scary. Enough to have made me almost get off when I put that belt around your waist." He licked over the lips, tasting himself. "Hmm, Oz flavored. My favorite Xander breath mint." He rinsed them both off, pulling them out to their room, looking at the envelope on the bed.

They laid down together, Xander on his husband's stomach, to look at the photos, each sighing at the perfection of the other's expression as they looked at each other. The one where they looked at the camera just made them both grin at the other, their eyes catching as the pictures were forgotten. Oz leaned down for a small kiss, nibbling the swollen lips first. He absently shoved the pictures and envelope off the bed, rolling Xander under him. The younger man fought something between them, removing the last picture, now a little crumpled, and the towels they wore to drip onto.

Oz pulled back, looking down into the deep eyes, seeing his whole life in them. "You know, this is scary to me sometimes? This perfection that we have."

"Babe, nothing's perfect," Xander whispered. "I still have problems and you still have some conflicts and we have some issues together. We're going to have a long time to work them out so then we'll have perfection and a lifetime to achieve it." He pulled the older man's head down, kissing him deeply, gently exploring the familiar territory. "So sweet and mine," he murmured. "So permanent."

Oz pulled back to smile. "You like that thought, don't you? It gets you off." The younger man nodded happily. "Okay, I can handle that." He dived in for another kiss, trying to up the level of passion again. Unfortunately, his husband wanted to take it slow this time. "Probs?"

"No, just wanting to look at you. Wanting to see your body writhing on my cock as I look down into your eyes." A small nip at the pointed chin. "Wanting you to see me that way." A nip to the swollen lips. "Wanting to make you so hot you come without my doing more than kissing you."

"Oh, you want me to lose control. I get it now." Oz laid back, relaxing. "Then kiss away, love. I'm yours."

"Yes, you are." Xander leaned in for another kiss, sensually rubbing against the firm body, just glancing touches of warm flesh to hot flesh, playful temptations of one hairy leg against another, stroking up the inside of a leg with a toe, hands twining. Rings clinking together once and staying together. Mouths fused together in exploration of the other's surfaces and areas, trying hard to find a new ticklish or hot spot.

Xander came with a small moan of his lover's name, Oz so turned on by the sight and feel of it coming himself within a few seconds. They lay snuggled together, just looking into the other's eyes.

"Love you," they whispered. Then they looked down at the ruined picture under their hips.

"Guess we didn't get all of them," Xander said sadly, picking it up to look at it. "And it was the makes you feel good one too." He handed it over.

Oz crawled over his husband's body to grab the envelope, pulling out the negatives, looking at them in the light. "We have a few of them. And a few more shots. Guess he just liked those two." He looked down then at the one in his hands. "Got another copy, slightly bent so we're good." He tossed it onto the bedside table, looking down at his mate. "Like this view," he said with a small grin. "Very much. Don't like the look in your eyes though. What's wrong?"

"I'm torn between wanting to stay in and wanting to go out again." He reached up, rubbing over the firm stomach. "Want to touch you more but I want to dance with you, tease you until you're burning and have to have me, tease everyone else with what they'll never have." He looked up, a slight grin on his face. "But I'll let you choose."

"I think our clothes should be done by now," Oz told him. "And we can go back for another belt. But no more fighting tonight for you, precious one." He leaned down, kissing the tip of his mate's nose. "No more fighting, even though you looked so tasty it was hard to concentrate on the vamps while you talked about wanting to dance with me." He gave him a light kiss then pulled back up. "Okay, we're going dancing. I can screw you into the mattress later."

"You know, I've been wondering." His husband stopped trying to move off his hips, looking down at him. "What is it with you and that second rule of our marriage."

"Oh, *that* word?" He got a nod and Oz relaxed down into the firm chest. "I just don't like it. Never have. I've left lovers in bed when they said it."

"But, it's only part of it. See, the way I see it, you can fuck, have really hard, pounding sex, while making love because sex and making love are two different things."

"So, we're categorizing the word?"

"Yup, and we'd fall firmly into the making love category because if I cared for you any more deeply, it'd burn me out and I'd be empty." His mate looked up at him, his eyes wide. "Overload. Instant supernova."

"I know the principle, I just thought I was the only one that felt that way." He pulled himself up, letting his mate rest on his chest now. "So, what you're saying is that we can fuck while making love or it can be fucking while having sex, because the word denotes a hard," he pinched a nipple, "deep ride?" The younger man nodded, looking up at him. "I can accept that rationale, but I still don't want to hear that word from your mouth during sex." He looked down. "You don't know how many times I walked out on people, even Willow a few times, when they asked me to fuck them harder."

"Okay, but if I mess that up, can you just tell me? Give me a hurt look or something?"

"You're used to that word, right?" The younger man nodded, blushing slightly. "Let me guess, you got Sex Ed from Will?" He nodded again. "That's what I thought." He sat him up, turning his mate around to look at him. "Xander, I've seen you almost say that word a few times and yeah, it bothered me, and I really don't know what I'd do if you said it in the heat of the moment. It's a personal squick for me to hear it. You have some words like that too."

"Yeah, I do, and I admit I try really hard not to say it."

"And I appreciate that. I really do, just please, keep trying hard not to say it." He leaned in for a kiss and ended up on his back, looking up at his mate, directly into the understanding eyes. "I don't want to talk about it, okay, just don't."

"Then I won't. I'll even ask Derek to remove it from my head under hypnosis if he can." Oz shook his head. "No?"

"No, that's not the answer. Maybe my talking about it would be but I'm not ready for that yet."

"Hey, not pushing here." Xander laid down on the firm stomach, listening to it work. "You need to eat, my fiery little lover. Your belly talks more than Timmy."

Oz laughed running his fingers through the dark hair. "Yeah, maybe. We can get something on the way to the club. Want to call or shall I?"

"I think we should check the door first. That's where they said they'd put it." Xander rolled off with a small moan, walking over to the door and opening it to look down. He grinned as he pulled in the bag and the other, commercial, bag from the handle. He closed the door, wandering back to the bed as he looked down inside this new one, laughing. "Dad decided we needed some semi-respectable clothes." He pulled out the two shirts carefully handling it by the shoulder seams, handing the cream one off. "I think that's yours."

Oz looked at the tag. "Nope, yours." He looked at the gauzy material as it was held up against the naked body. "Hmm, tempting. What'll you wear it over?"

"My jeans?"

"After dancing in them all night?" Oz asked, raising an eyebrow. "Do you think he'll mind the sweaty smell of you?"

"Not if he doesn't want me to wear what else was in here." He pulled out the soft, gauzy cotton pants, tossing the light blue ones over to his mate. "Someone thinks I need to be pleasure slave Xander," he said, looking through them. He watched Oz watch him so put them down. "What?"

"Why would your dad be sending you sex clothes? He knows we don't need them."

"Then maybe they're a present."


"Um, Alex?" Oz shook his head. "Giles?" That got a 'get real' look. "Well, not my brother, or Buffy, she'd never buy this stuff. Or Philip."

"Oh I don't know. If you remember, he got into the club before everyone else. And one never knows what's in that man's mind." He put his own aside, laying them across the bed. "Put on your clothes, pet, so we can go have fun."

"Okay." Xander dropped the clothes, pulling out the ones that had been washed, sliding into their now tighter embrace. "Shrunk," he grunted, buttoning the last one on his jeans. "But okay?"

"Very nice," Oz said, running a hand down the tight velvet t-shirt the younger man wore. "Even more nummy now." He looked down at his own outfit, then back up. "We should go get some more." He looked down, seeing the raised hemline. "Yup, shrunk all right." Xander shook his head, getting into his bag to pull out a pair of jeans Oz had never seen before. "Why did we buy new stuff when you have perfect clubbing clothes?"

"Because I've had these for a while now and I wanted to not make you equate them with the earlier us." He tossed them onto the bed, digging back into his bag. "Um, Oz, hands," he said as he felt the one finger moving up his crack. "Or we'll never get out of here."

Oz nipped at a shoulder. "Yay," he whispered.


Xander looked at his mate as they stood on the dance floor. It may have taken them another three hours to get out of the room but here they were, having fun, teasing the other in an ultimate open place, a party in the ballroom of one of the grand hotels on the strip. Xander nudged Oz, looking in one direction, making him follow. They both smiled at the sight of Giles and Philip enjoying themselves, acting much younger than their physical years. Then they turned back to the other, going back to their teasing. They could ignore their chaperones if they could be ignored.

Giles looked at his students, shaking his head as he leaned closer to Philip's ear. "I don't know what is wrong with those two. We were never that libidinous," he yelled.

"Speak for yourself," Philip yelled back. He smirked at the shocked look, giving his best innocent look. "I was the hellion in my family. My ma liked to have killed me for some of the stuff I did."

Giles smiled back. "Oh, I know. My parents and Ripper had many occasions together." He tried a move that he'd seen both Buffy and Xander use now, adding a little swish to his hips as he moved. He noted the little twinkle so moved closer. "Why, Philip, I do think I see some of that hellish youth in you again," he shouted with a small smile. He moved closer still.

"Me?" Philip gave him his best innocent look, moving just a little closer, the alcohol in their systems speaking now.

Oz looked at his husband and shook his head. "Want to send them home?"

"Yup," Xander said, sitting back down. "Giles," he called, waving him over to their table. "Eat man, you're drunk, you're hittin' on my step-dad." He looked up at Philip, who was grinning. "And you're way drunk too."

"Quit complainin'. You just ...inspired us." Philip sat down across from him. "Ya really see us that way?"

"Well, Derek is my dad so I'm guessing you're either the Uncle that comes over all the time that he doesn't want to talk about or you're my future step-father. Up to you really."

"I think tha's sweet," Philip sighed, looking at Giles. "Now I know what Oz sees in him."

"Yup, you do, but I'm still jealous and possessive," Oz told him, raising a brow. "You know, you two could call it a night. We promise to get to the church on time and even to behave for the rest of the night. No more fights or anything." Giles gave him a dirty look. "Oh, please. You guys have followed us for the last three hours." He pushed his plate of hors d'oeuvre over, watching as they were nibbled on.

"Come on you two, time for all good little boys to be in bed so the newly married couple can go have fun teasing the town." He waved a waiter over. "Can you please call these two a cab?"

"We're not leaving you alone," Giles said.

Xander leaned closer. "Go back to the room or I'll call security and tell them you're annoyingly drunk," he stage whispered. He sat back up. "Now, don't argue, let the younger generation handle this situation. I've have more than enough experience in dealing with intoxication."

"Been there have you?" Giles asked snidely.

"More times than you think you've heard about," Xander said, a little touch of frost to his voice. He looked at Oz. "I'm going to go get us a round, what do you want?"

"Something to make you not pull a Willow."

"Hey, that I can do." Xander got up, walking up to the bar.

Oz leaned closer, shaking his head. "Guys, we all know there's a history of alcohol abuse in his family. And that he yelled at Derek for busting in on his mom. Don't provoke him please." He sat back up as his husband sat down, looking at the vicious liquid that was set down in front of the other three men. "What's that?"

"Something I used to mix myself. Drink guys, you guys want to have fun." He slammed his shot back, putting the glass top down on the table. "Come on. Let's see you guys act manly."

Giles and Philip gulped theirs, then made sour faces. "God, what was that?" Philip asked, wiping his mouth and popping a few pretzels in it to clear the taste.

"Diesel fuel for drunks." He looked at his mate's watch. "Nighty-night," he said, waving. And out Giles went. Philip had enough time to shoot him a dirty look. Xander waved the waiter over. "Now, could you please make sure they get home to our hotel? Their cards are in their pockets." He handed the guy some money. "Thanks."

Oz cleared his throat. "What was that?"

"Really bad, don't ask."

"So, you knew how to make them pass out how?"

"Oz, drunk father, drunk mother. Eleven year old kid wanting peace and quiet. How do you think?" He raised an eyebrow giving him a bland look. "Let's just say it's a personal invention to save my scrawny ass." He put some money down on the table. "I want to go be risky now, and yes, this is the liquors talking." He pulled his mate up, squeezing his waist. "Come watch me play slots?"

"Sure," Oz agreed, walking after him, holding his hand and watching him very closely in case he, too, fell over.

Xander sighed as he fed another dollar token into the machine. "How many does this make?"

"Um, sixteen. Try again?" He handed another token over the tense shoulder. "Slots are boring gambling."

"Yes, but unboring gambling is a bad. You lose things like cars to unboring gambling" Xander pulled it again, and this time lights and sirens went off. He looked up in alarm. "What's that?"

"I think you won," Oz told him, stepping back to let someone in. He looked down at the handful of tokens, pushing through them for the bigger ones they'd been given. "Um, Xander? You used the big token." He looked at the scroll across the sign over the machine bank. "Huh. Won lots too." And he sat down hard as he saw exactly how much. "What?"

"I'm the thousandth winner?" Xander asked the woman handing him cups for the tokens pouring out. He pulled the big one out, handing it to Oz. "We should keep this."

"Ours was a different one but yeah, we should." He looked at the man walking over to them. "Hey, Xander, even security escort and all. Way cool."

Xander grinned, bouncing slightly. "So cool. Dad's getting forced into marriage and we win him a dowry." He looked down at his mate and grinned harder. "Think maybe we should cash out?"

"Yeah, maybe. It's seven and we have to be there at nine." Oz looked at the man gathering the buckets of tokens. "Hey, our lucky one is in there."

"We'll separate it out for you," he said, smiling. "Let my guys get the rest and we'll go into the office to find it for you."

"So cool," Xander whispered, following behind him. They walked into the office and dropped into chairs, his smile falling away. "Since I know this isn't normal routine, what's up?"

"How?" He shook his head not really looking at them. "Never mind. We think your token may be rigged." He poured the first bucket out. "Which denomination was it?" He looked at the one Oz held up, sorting those out. "Okay, we've got seven in here. Do you know which one's yours?"

Oz took them, looking at them under his watchful gaze. "This one," he said, handing it over. "I was playing with the scratch." He looked at his husband, who simply took his hand. "Your people gave those to us," he told him.

"I know, and we think it's the rigged one we found last night that got mixed back into the batch for today by accident." He handed it off to another man. "Go try it and see." It took him two minutes to come back and shake his head. "Nothing?"

"Not a thing. The lowest things in uneven rows." He handed it back, motioning Xander up. "Let's check for machinery." He patted him down then did Oz. "Nothing," he told his boss.

"Then I guess we pay them." He handed over the token. "Don't use it here guys. Please."

"Hey, could be magic," Xander said, grinning. "Want to go try it elsewhere?"

"Not right now," Oz told him. "We're here for a wedding and we're going to be late by the time we get back." The younger man pouted. "Later, I promise." He turned to the security personnel. "Guys, we're not crooks. We're not cheating. We just had a really good night on our honeymoon. Is this going to be a thing?"

"A thing?"

"A thing. You know, like something you toss around?"

"Well, you beat the odds, certainly, and you went to that machine. But no, we're not going to warn other places about you. I don't see why we should." Both men sighed and he took a long look at the dark haired one recognizing him from somewhere... When it hit him, he swallowed hard. "So, Mr. Harris," he said with a small smile, "nice to have you back in town." He leaned back. "Working again?"

"Nope, wedding. My adopted father." He took the check the waitress brought him with a small smile, taking one of the extra tokens from his husband's hand to tip her."

"Hey, lucky piece," he said, taking it back, handing over another one. "Sorry."

"Honey, luck is God in Vegas. We understand." She winked at Xander. "Heard you worked earlier."

"No, that has happenstance. We walked into that one. Why? You guys got probs?"

"No," the security manager said quickly. "None of those. Come back later and play some more, man, we'll happily watch over you." He waved at the door. "Matter of fact, let us have you driven. You said you were going to be late."

Oz nodded. "Thanks man." He shook his hand, sliding the coin into his pocket, waiting until they were in the car to say anything. "Do I want to know?"

"Well, for a lot of the time we were apart, I ended up back here, on and off the whole time. Seems *they* like to vacation too. And they can do one resort, not needing to go outside to play or eat. I did some clean up work at a couple of hotels and I got a small rep. Then this one wanna-be, a Spike wanna-be, started to cause probs there. I got a pleasant call at that motel," he said, pointing it out as they passed it, "which is where I was staying then, to come clean him up. And they were really nice. But, we ended up fighting in the halls, knocking a few doors in, scaring a few people. Hardest guy I fought yet. That was the scarred guy from earlier, I must have hit him with a gallon of holy water by the time he ran." He squeezed the hand in his. "And that guy that just looked at our stuff, well let's just say he cleaned up after me pretty well." He smiled, leaning over for a small kiss. "That was the night that Nick found me, hurt pretty badly too." He looked at the chapel they were pulling up in front of. "This it?"

"Well, that's the hotel, so maybe." Oz tipped the guy another token, patting the one in his pocket as he got out to make sure he still had it. "Come on, Derek's got to be frantic."

They walked in to see Derek pacing in the hallway, looking at his watch and mumbling in some other language. "Gee, you summoned?" Xander asked dryly, grinning at him. "Sorry, had to talk to someone who thought our winnings were ill gotten." He handed over the check. "Your dowry."

Derek looked at it, brushing Nick off his shoulder. "Boys, this is too much." He looked at them. "You won this?"

"Just now," Oz said. "Hence the lateness. Oh, and the clothes still sitting in our rooms. Thanks for the thought though." Derek frowned at them. "No pretty gauzy sex clothes from you?"

Derek shuddered. "No, and you know I wouldn't give you two the encouragement." He led them inside, ignoring both Philip and Giles. "Sorry," he told Alex, handing over the check, "they said they had to win us a dowry."

Alex looked at it and laughed. "Cute joke guys." She handed it back to Oz..

"Not," he said, putting it into his pocket. "But we'll take it back if you want." He looked at the minister. "No Elvis? Thought this was that place."

Xander shuddered. "I wanted to be him for a while, then I saw a movie of his. So not cool." He looked at the minister. "Sorry, had to share."

"We all have strong feelings about the King, and they're all valid," he said. He looked at Alex and Derek. "Ready now?"

"Please," she said. "Or else I'm going to toss breakfast." Buffy patted her shoulder. "Thanks dear, but no more shots with you."

Derek closed his eyes and shook his head. "Not you two too." He looked at his son and his mate. "How about you?"

"Only a beer between us and one shot," Xander said sweetly. "But I'm sure you've heard *all* about that already from our chaperones." He glared at Giles, who winced, then went back to smiling at his father. "Face forward, dad, not getting out of it. I'll have to make it a shotgun marriage if you try. I'm sure Nick can find one somewhere."

"Please hurry," Derek said, eyes wide. "He means it, I'm sure."

"So am I," the officiate said, looking at Xander with a small smirk. "Don't I know you? And aren't you a special person?" he said sweetly.

"Later," he mouthed.

"Don't spoil the day," Oz agreed.

The officiate opened his book and smiled. "Gladly. We'll talk later."

Derek looked at his son over their lunch buffet, smiling at him. "Son, what don't you want me to know?"

Xander simply stood up, smiling at one of the waitresses, who swooned, then ran into the back. Soon the chef came out, thanking him profusely in French. He said a few words back, the only ones he knew, then sat down, looking at his father. "Did he just say lunch was free?"

"Yes," Philip said slowly, "and he also said something about you cleaning for him and I don't think he meant the kitchen."

"Well, actually, he did, but not the floors." He smiled at Buffy, then at Nick. "Saw the guy that got me home that night you found me. He was the one that cashed us out this morning." He ate another bite of his lunch, squeezing Oz's hand back. "But I'm happier now."

"You'd better be," Oz warned, kissing his cheek. "No more 'cleaning' for you, my pet."

"Awww," Nick said, tossing a napkin at them. "Quit, before I feed you whatever you gave Philip that gave him that hung over."

"Diesel fuel of alcohol," Xander said. "Works every time on people who are already getting drunk." He winked at his brother. "Never figured that one out? Thick, nasty, oozing stuff?"

Nick groaned. "Tell me you didn't give them grain."

"Nope, stronger," Oz said, wincing at the remembered smell. "Really swampy looking stuff too. Mixed."

Derek looked at his son. "That was mean, but I understand the sentiment. I'd not want those two to ruin my fun either."

"Dad, can we have another day here?" Oz asked. Derek beamed a bright smile. "Well, I could have said 'in-law' but I figured I'd be lynched."

"Granpa no hurt you," Serena said. She looked up at them from her coloring. "Why he do that?"

"It's a long, adult thing," Oz told her. She nodded. "Aren't you going to eat?"

"Not hungry."

"Eat," Xander said quietly. "Now please." She started to eat again, putting down her crayons. "Thank you."

Xandra scooted over in her chair to be nearer to him. "Me eat good."

"Yes, I saw that," he said, ruffling her hair. "And someone made you pretty too."

"Auntie Buffy did." She blew a kiss at her Auntie. "She give me pretty stuff." She touched her hair and frowned so he put it back. "Thank you. Very good you." She patted his hand. "You eat too, Dada, or no 'sert."

"That's right, eat or no *dessert*," Oz said, licking his bottom lip to get a piece of potato off it.

"Stop it," Derek moaned. "Please. Take the extra day, just don't lose anything more than you've won."

"Won't," Oz promised him. "We only play slots."

Alex choked. "You won that at the *slot* machine? How high of tokens were you using?"

"Um, that one was a ten dollar one. Sixteen pulls too."

"Exactly how many years I had to wait for you to find me," Xander said, grinning. He stole a quick kiss then tore into his lunch. "Eat guys, or Daddy said no dessert." The kids all started to eat. "Think we could win more?" he asked his husband.

"Sure," Oz said. "This is Vegas, home of dreams."

"And stealer thereof," Derek said, glancing at Philip.

"Said I was sorry," the other man whispered, putting down his fork. "Xander, never let me drink that again. Please."

"Course not," he said. "Just don't be drunk around me. We do have enough stuff to mix it at home, just missing one ingredient." The former Priest and the former Watcher both shuddered. "Good, I see the point's taken." He looked at Nick. "I'll show you how to do it later. Pretty simple but effective." He scraped his plate. "That was good." He looked at Oz's plate, then at him. "You're too far away," he said, pulling him closer, leaning so his shoulder was available. "Like this eating style better."

"Much more comfy," Oz agreed. "What happened, Giles?" He took another bite, leaning into the offered shoulder.

"That's not a discussion to have in public," Derek said quietly. "I'm sure you'll hear about it later tonight." He and Philip shared a look. "As a matter of fact, we may come to you as neutral parties."

"Okay," Oz agreed. "I can send Xander on an errand."

"Both of ya," Philip sighed. "We'll need his outlook too." He kissed the top of Tim's head since he was between him and Derek's mother. "After the tykes go down."

"Sure," Xander said, moving away from the table to cross his legs, pushing himself closer to his husband. "Whenever. Just give us a warning."

"Sir," the waiter said, leaning down beside Xander's ear. "There seems to have been an incident at your hotel and the police would like to talk to you." He straightened back up. "They're outside. If you could come now?"

Xander nodded, getting up and walking out after him. "What's up, guys?"

"Sir, are these yours?" the officer said, holding up a clear bag of the nice clothes that someone had given them.

"Well, kinda. They were left on our door in a bag. Why?"

"The maid appears to have touched them and then had a heart attack." He looked him over. "You said they were given to you? Do you know by whom?"

"No, I and my husband were in the shower together and when we came out, we dried off together, and when I went to get the clothes we had sent to be cleaned off the door, they were sitting there with them. Is she all right?"

"No, sir, not at all." He opened his pad. "What else can you tell me?"

"Well, I opened the bag, tossed the clothes to my husband. We're the only two that touched it, well I guess besides her." He frowned, leaning against the outside of the building. "What's going on? Do you really think I had something to do with this?"

"No, sir, we don't, but we have to ask certain questions. The front desk said you didn't return after you left last night."

"We went clubbing," Oz said, walking out and handing over the matchbooks he has collected. "Those are all but one place and that was before we left the second time, before we sent the laundry out. Then we had breakfast at the Luxor, and we gambled at the MGM. As a matter of fact, we won. The security manager can vouch for it. He thought we had a rigged token." The officer looked up so he handed it over. "It was checked and wasn't the one they lost."

The officer handed it back, taking off his hat to wipe off his forehead and run a hand through his bleached blond hair, dark skinned men never had that hair color naturally. He looked at them. "Anything else you can tell me?"

"No," Xander said quietly. "We're here with our co-workers and family for a wedding. And this is our honeymoon." He squeezed Oz's hand hard. "I was going to go put that on after another shower later," he admitted quietly. "Could you let me know what you find?"

"Of course, sir." He shook Xander's hand then got into his car, pulling away.

"Wow. Really lucky token," Oz said, looking at it. "That was my idea too."

"But for who?" Xander asked, sliding it back into his mate's pocket. "I hope she'll be okay."

"Me too, Xan, me too," Oz said, hugging him before going back inside. "Come on, let's go tell them."


Derek examined the bag the clothes had come in, frowning. "I'm not getting anything," he said, turning to the clothes careful to only touch the external cloth since they'd found out that it was the insides that were dusted with whatever had cause the housekeeper's heart attack. His sight wavered but didn't show him anything. "And a blocked something from them." He looked at his sons. "Boys, could this have something to do with that fight?"

Xander frowned as Oz waved to him. "Not that I know of. Most of the enemies I made have been dusted." He sat down at the table, looking at the glass window. "Wonder who's on the other side?"

"Nick," Derek told him. "Now, who might hold a grudge?"

"It might have went to the wrong room," Oz said, looking at the tags and the clothing. "This smaller one is female. And he's about your size." He held up the blue top. "This might fit Alex."

"Or Buffy and Giles," Xander pointed out. "Colors would look better on them." He looked back at his father. "Derek, I don't know what to tell you. I shouldn't have any here."

"Nonetheless, I want you both in Florida tomorrow." He got stereo glares. "I'm not taking that chance." He walked over to the door, opening it. "You can come in," he called.

Xander stood up, looking at his boss, father, mentor, and friend. "Derek, I'm staying that extra day. No one's going to hurt me or Oz. And you know we'll be careful." He crossed his arms over his chest at the heated look. "No, we deserve a honeymoon. With everything that happened, we really do. And we'll be keeping Junior with us."

"No," Derek sighed. "You won't. He's headed home as we speak. And before you say it, Jonathan insisted."

"Yay," Oz said, standing up. "I'm for him here, dad. No one's gonna hurt us. You know that. You're being paranoid. If this was Rupert, would you still be so pushy?"

Derek sighed, sitting down. "A goot point, boys. You can stay. Just be careful. I'll expect a call tonight and another before you leave for the dig." He stood up, hugging each of them. "Be careful, both of you, you know how you draw attention to yourselves."

"Then we'll deal," Xander told him calmly. "I'm just as capable as Nick, more so with Oz behind me." He hugged the older man again. "Dad, I appreciate the worry, more than you know, but I'm not the one in trouble here. I really don't think it was for us. Oz is right, the buttons are on the wrong side on one. We'll be careful if you will," he whispered, pulling back. "Be safe, we'll call and expect you to answer the phone personally. And to bring the baby to us."

Oz hugged Derek again. "Be safe, dad, we will." He stepped back. "And we can make the house sing with noise while you're gone." He grinned, tweaking his mate's cheek. "Can't we?"

"Yup," Xander said with a small grin. "Now then, if you'll excuse us, we'll be going club and casino hopping. And I won't lose my car, don't worry. Just what we've won so far."

"Thought we gave that to Alex."

"So now we're working on college funds. I started the paperwork for each of them with what he gave us." He smirked at his father. "Two grand of it for each one of the munchkins, to grow until they're old enough to run away screaming on their own."

Derek shook his head. "You still amaze me sometimes, son." He pulled Xander closer, kissing his forehead. "Remember, you have to leave for Florida by noon day after tomorrow." They both nodded with their patient looks. "And one of us will fly over to give you Junior." He grimaced. "I really wish she had named him something different."

"I feel the same way about Xandra," Xander said, "but she's like that. She always wanted to name kids after those that most affected her. I'm surprised one of them isn't Giles."

"Rupert," Oz corrected.

"She hates his first name, says it's stuffy." Xander took his mate's hand. "Ward yourself," he whispered as they passed by him. "Bye dad."

"Bye daddy," Oz called, waving.

"Goof," Xander said, kissing his mate, earning a few claps from the cops. "Thanks but we don't believe in an audience so we're going to go play." They walked out into the sunlight.

Derek looked at Nick, the only other house member not at the airport, and sighed. "I still worry about them."

"If it was her, they're right, boss, she'd be after you, not them." He led Derek from the room, out to the limo they'd rented to go to the airport in. "They really gave that to Alex?"

"To both of us. A dowry they said." He chuckled lightly. "My son has no idea the extent of the Rayne fortune." He shook his head, looking out the window. "And neither did I until I talked with my mother."

"Has she told your sister?"

"No, not yet. They're going as soon as he gets back from London in a week." Derek relaxed into the seat. "They may well be right, it could have been meant for Buffy or for Alex. We three all wear the same size."

"You and the girls?" Nick asked in confusion.

"No," Derek said, picking up a piece of ice from the bar and tossing it at him, "I, he, and Giles all wear about the same size."

"Oh, and Buffy and Oz almost do and Alex is only a size or two bigger but taller." Derek nodded. "Ah, then we should be concentrating on security for the group. Those two proved that they could handle themselves well enough."

Derek smiled. "And then some, my friend, and then some." He poured himself some water. "Would you like some?"

"No thanks, had a Coke."


Xander snuggled back into Oz's arms as they smiled at the familiar security manager as he walked into his office. "And not even slots this time," he reminded him. The man frowned. "Hey, you know I'm honest. It's just luck. And we're leaving tomorrow afternoon."

"With a lot of the casino's money," Oz pointed out. "We'd appreciate a ride to the airport since we're staying here now." He leaned down, nipping at his mate's ear. "Babe, what's up?" he asked. "Thought we agreed to try to lose?"

"We did," Xander sighed, sitting up, handing the token to Oz. "Listen, did you see my hands?" The man nodded, frowning. "Then what do you call it?"

"Blind luck," the security manager sighed, rubbing through his black, waist length hair. "Just don't gamble anymore here tonight, guys, okay?"

Xander nodded. "Hadn't planned on it. Nice, quiet dinner out. Some excellent cuddles. Maybe a little shopping."

"Actually, I want to try the token at another place, see what's up with it," Oz said quietly. Xander looked at him. "Last time it took two hours to come back on us, I want to see if this is a pattern or not." He tossed the coin back. "I want to try another casino to see if it's really lucky or if it's something else."

"You really think it's enchanted," Xander asked. Oz nodded. "But if your theory rocks, then someone's going to get hurt."

"She got hurt in our place, so it's inconclusive."

A waitress came in, very pale. "Their seats just got caved in, sir. The camera mounting and ball all came down on the table."

"Was anyone hurt," Oz asked calmly, squeezing his mate's hand. She shook her head. He looked at his husband. "We're winning to keep us healthy. I want to try it again."

"Okay," Xander agreed. He looked at the manager. "Put most of it in the safe, we only need a few hundred for tonight." He got a nod. "Where?"

"Luxor or the Taj would be good," Oz told him. "For dinner at least. Liked where we ate breakfast our first night."

"Um, Nighthawk? Don't go to the Luxor and gamble. Try Camelot or Paris, or even Venice," he said with a wicked grin, "I hate their floor manager. This will drive him batty." He stood up. "I'll have it brought to you in the bar, gentlemen. Go have a snack and a drink." He looked at the waitress. "You heard none of this."

She nodded. "Hey, this is Vegas. Vampires and Nighthawk are nothing compared to the strange here." She walked out, shrugging. "Not my deal, man, never heard it."

"Just don't use it here," he said softly. "I'll understand if you walk past a slot machine and it suddenly wins but otherwise, don't play again tonight or when you have it with you. Stay as long as you like though." He walked out leaving them alone.


"Remember the summer Buff took off?" Oz nodded in sudden understanding. "Until my last time here, no one knew who I was but a thing from SunnyHell came out to get me."


"Angel. He and Cordy were here doing something and needed my help." He shrugged, getting up. "Lets go get a snack then shop for gifts then supper. How's that?"

"Sure," Oz said, pocketing the token. "Whatever makes you happy, babe."

"Well, talking to the kids would do that."

"We can do that. Stop upstairs for a sec after snacking."



Oz looked at the table in disgust. "What's this stuff?" he asked his husband, who simply smiled. "You didn't," he said, smiling. He sat down, opening the small presents. "Wow." He pulled out all the small little gifts, letting Xander tell him about each one. The last one mystified him though. "A pen and pencil set?" He looked up. "We're never that far apart."

"I know but I felt like you should have it, in case ya know?" He grinned, taking his mate's hand. "And I'm smart enough to realize that some day you'll have to work a case or something without me. Use these to write letters to me so I can hold something while I sleep alone." Oz's eyes misted up so he reached across the table to wipe a tear off. "I know, reality bites, but we've got to accept it."

"I know," Oz said, "it was the thought of the gift." He stood up, leaning over the pile to kiss his mate. "Need you closer, babe," he whispered, pulling their chairs together. "What should we eat?"

"I think something pasta would be good." Xander snuck a kiss to his mate's cheek. "Do a Lady and the Tramp thing?"

"Hmm, could," Oz said, grinning. "Could we get our own stationary? Something just for us? We could write love notes for the other when we're more than six inches apart."

"Are you ready to order?" the waitress asked, holding up her pad.

Oz looked at her and nodded. "We want to do the whole Lady and the Tramp thing. Can you do that?"

She shook her head. "No, but we do have a honeymoon special. One big steak, two glasses of wine, and a big plate of veggies to share. Or there's a lower calorie fish special like that with pasta and veggies. Are you two honeymooning?"

"Yup," Xander sighed, leaning his head on his husband's shoulder. "Two months now."

"And one day," Oz reminded him.

"Midnight already?" The waitress nodded. "And one day then." He grinned at his mate. "Naughty or good food?"

"Naughty food," Oz decided. "We'll do the steak thing. Do you have asparagus with cheese sauce?"

"Yes, sir. And any particular wine?"

"House red, deep and rich," he said, handing her the menus. "Thanks," he said as she took the wrapping paper. "So," Oz whispered, licking his husband's cheek. "What about after supper?"

"Intense cuddling ending in many choruses of screamed names?" His husband nodded. "Good, I like that plan. We can try the slots again in the morning."

A crash came from the kitchen. "Want to eat healthy?"

"Only if we win something," Xander said solemnly. He looked up as a spotlight hit them. "Um, okay, maybe," he conceded.


Derek hung up the phone, shaking his head. He looked at Giles as he walked into the office. "Their lucky token made them win to save them. Multiple times."

"Then I'd suggest they keep it." He handed over an envelope. "I'm tendering my resignation. I don't want to come between you and him." He stood stiffly as Derek got up, not watching him as he tore it up.

"Rupert, I've known you how long?" Derek asked calmly, taking a lesson from his sons.

"Since our first year of University together. We've been hallmates and more, Derek, I know." He turned to look at his old friend. "Derek, I never meant to harm you or Philip, or even Nick, by our actions. It was drunken foolery. And I'm ashamed I haven't learned anything since I was nineteen." He looked down, not wanting to see the disappointment on his friend's face. Instead he felt the hug and relaxed. "I'm so sorry, " he whispered.

"As am I for ignoring him, Rupert. I understand what happened. Philip and I will just have to move on." He squeezed him briefly. "Now, clean up your mess of true foolishness and go do that report for me." He patted his shoulder, going back to his chair. "Oh, and Rupert," he called when the other man was almost out the door, "I don't blame you. Not for here, not for back then with William, and I'd not have offered to take in your charge if I didn't still love you, even now." He smiled, receiving one in return. "Now, go tempt Nick, he could use the flirting. He's feeling lonely."


Oz loaded the last of their packages onto the plane, following them on. He laid down on a couch, accepting his husband's body on top of him. "You know, we shouldn't do this in here. Derek will kill us if we get stains on things."

"Let him yell, I'm not near sore enough."

"Ah, but you will be if you do," William said, turning his chair around, holding their child. "I'm supposed to tell you two to behave and give you Junior." He handed him over. "And to tell you not to break the plane in." He smiled. "Now, I'm going home to my new wife and my adoring son."

"Hey, Grandpa," Xander called as he got off the plane. "Tell Dad we're leaving when you call him."

"Don't *call* me that!" he yelled.

"Gee," Oz quipped once they were alone, "now he knows how Derek feels."

Xander giggled. "I know. He asked me to do that to him." He kissed his son's forehead. "Hey, Junior, where's your bag?"

"In the seat," Oz said, pointing. "Where you should be." They both got up, putting the baby in his seat and buckling him as the plane started to taxi. Then they sat back down on the couch, holding hands and kissing as the plane took off.

"Back to reality," Oz whispered.

"Hey, reality can be good sometimes," he said, waving at the baby. "We have our family, our health. Our family's health and happiness. Even my brother, the grump, is getting happy."

"And we have our winnings. Which means you have to do some creative accounting."

"No, I talked to our investment guy and told him to pay the taxes on it now and shelve the rest into a tax-deferred thing."

"Thing? Like a retirement account?" His mate nodded. "Xander, I'm twenty-five. You're planning our *retirement*?"

"Hey, do it well enough and we can retire at forty," he whispered. "Just mooching off Dad, living at the castle. Doing the whole Precept thing?" Oz shook his head. "No?"

"Nope, I don't want us to retire from life. We'll build the college funds. We'll build trust funds. We'll fund a scholarship if we have too. But we are not retiring from life."

"Okay," Xander said with a grin. "Whatever you say, babe."

"As long as it isn't that one word, whatever you want is fine."

"Hmm, not that one?" Oz shook his head. "How about... sex then?" He pounced.

To Be Continued....