(Set during alignment 19)

Legacy Journal: Daniel Osbourne:

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be writing in here, I rarely do this thing, nor do I feel like doing it now. Derek told us to come up and reflect on our actions of last night, the way we went out and hunted Buffy's attacker. The thing that sticks out isn't the hunting, it's the hunting beside Xander.

Somehow, it just seemed right that we were discharging our duties to the Slayer. But the fact that he hunted with me, a pack of two predators looking after another member of the pack, is what is still with me. I could smell his excitement, see the change in his eyes, and I admit it scared me for a minute. Especially when he opened the ammunition locker and started pulling out a grenade. But then my wolf spoke up, telling me to look at him. He was so not himself last night. I'm guessing he had finally managed to actually merge the hyena and the soldier within him, either that or he just went psychotic for a while. Anyway, last night, we hunted together, smoothly. It was like we were connected on some other level. I knew what he was doing, he knew what I was doing. Neither of us talked, except to the vamps we were going after. That's what sticks with me, the fact that we *hunted*, that we corresponded on some level that we"ve never done before. Except on the dance floor. Then I understand all of him.

Maybe hunting is a dance in some way, because it felt the same last night.

Ooops, Derek cometh to yell. Later.