(Set six months after leaving house in alignment 19)

Legacy Journal of Daniel Osbourne:

Well, now that I know what it's like to be a husband, I can say I never want to go through this again. Actually, I feel more like a wife, waiting on her husband as he goes out to party. If I could see Xander right this moment, I would beg to be taken with him, me and the kids. Actually, who am I kidding, it's not just this moment. I would beg him anytime to take me. I was happy with him in ways I've not been happy with Willow in a long time. I love her, but I don't like her if that makes sense.

Contrary to popular opinion, I knew that she was sleeping around before we left. I would have to have had no sense of smell, which is very heightened at the second. Brb.

Sorry, had to change Serena. She's sick again. Another bout of diarrhea, more stress from Xander leaving us. He was so *selfish* but I know why he did it. He was trying to protect us. I just wonder if it was easy for him to do that. It's not been easy for me, or for Willow who's thankfully quit drinking again. I guess the doctor got through where I couldn't. Yeah, that was a shock, coming home to find her doing half of the town. And since we're in SunnyHell, I'm sure everyone knows by now. Though, Devon hasn't commented on it recently when I talk to him. He's still in Frisco, waiting on our drummer to get out of jail from his possession charge. Maybe when he's out, I'll go back there with the kids and play.

I really don't think that Derek's going to have us shot, he cared for us. Well, for the kids anyway. He loved them. And Xander. Got to admit, the guy was giving him definite dad vibes. ::Snort:: Looking back, I miss him so much, I'm talking like him. I've never rambled before, it's an interesting experience. It's almost like there has to be a Xander to have an Oz now. I'm not the same person I was. And I doubt he is either. I just wish he would call. If he would just call, just once, and tell me he was still living, I would gladly go hunt his scrawny butt down and make him come home. Willow's willing to use magic to get him back, and she really seems to miss him, but I'm willing to make a deal with the Devil to get the guy back. There is nothing, well almost nothing, that I wouldn't do to bring him back here, have him standing here beside me.

Well, tomorrow's another full moon, guess I had better make sure my chains are up to standards. And make sure that Serena can't get out again. Xander would laugh about us finding her in the parking lot marking cars with her scent. I just want him to come home to me. Me and the kids.