(Set a week after Buffy wakes up)

Legacy Journal: Buffy Summers:

Okay, I'm pissed now. I get shot, the guys get selfish, then they leave before I even have a chance to say goodbye, wrecking the house in the process. I mean, come on! Okay, that sounded selfish. But I guess I need to be right now. I get shot on patrol. Not what's supposed to happen to a Slayer. Not what's supposed to happen to decent people, but hey. So Oz and Xander go psycho on the city's vamps to get the guy who did it, who wasn't one of them - he was just trying to prove he'd be a good one. Then Derek yells at them for it, and they leave. So now, here I am, abandoned by the people I've counted on for six years. Which is so unfair. I haven't even heard from them, which is worrying me greatly, and I can only guess at what Derek knows is so bad, that's why he's in bed most of the time now with migraines. And Nick, let's talk about my boyfriend. He who went out on patrol for me. And he who ended up in the hospital on the third night because he's not me. I mean, it's sweet and all, but I can do it. I don't need my big, strong, buff guy to do it for me. I mean, he's not a slayer, or a woman (which is a prereq from what I understand - 'every generation a girl is chosen') so he can't do the job. But I love him for it. I just wish that Xander and Oz would call Derek, and that Willow would call me. Something's not right and we need to fix it before something bad happens here and we all die because we're moping about them. Xander would never forgive me for destroying his family. And this is all my fault. I wasn't paying enough attention to my surroundings, something Giles has tried to beat into me many times before, well, now I've learned. I'll never do it again. I just wish they would come home. Oops, there goes Nick toward the door to go out on patrol again, gotta stop him, bye.