(Set night before the birth)

Personal Diary, Willow Rosenberg:

I am so glad that I got Buffy to help me do that portal spell earlier tonight. I hear childbirth can be really painful and I didn't want to go through that much pain. Thankfully I found that spell. I hope it doesn't hurt the kids, but I don't see why it would, it's just a portal on each side of my cervix so I don't have to go through that awful pain. Damn gas pains! That's the second one I've had since I did the spell three hours ago. Oh, and the specific aging spell seems to be working too. Didn't take too much energy, and Buffy doesn't know so I'm okay. All I did was age them by about three weeks this time, which shouldn't hurt them. I'm just so sick and tired of being pregnant! I mean, I'm almost 21 and I'm sixty pounds overweight. I'm supposed to have a good body right now, not this lumpy, spread out version. But it'll all be over soon, just a few more weeks at the most. Promise, body, just a few more weeks and I'll work really hard at making you something that Oz will want to look at again. Though, he seems to like to rub my stomach now, but he won't touch me. Which is really sad because I love him and he should want to touch me if he loves me, which he does. It's not a really bad if it's doing something good, right?