Title: The Writing Demon
Rating: R
Pairing: Nick/Derek

Warnings: This story is a first timer between Nick and Derek, but also a
heavily Alex based story. Enjoy.

The Writing Demon

The Writing Demon

Alex sat in front of her keyboard. The muse was in full force tonight.
She could feel it flowing out her fingertips onto the keys of her laptop.
'Just a few more minutes and I'll go to bed, I need the sleep. I need the
sleep. This thing got me up at 6am today.' She yawned and saved the story
again after one last spell check and changing the names. 'I wonder if this
is what people who have Godly inspiration feel like.' She threw herself
onto the bed. 'Damn, 4am. Okay, so I'll take a nap instead." Alex set her
alarm, but she knew Nick would wake her up in time for breakfast. 'Hope
tomorrow is better.' She fell asleep, not even aware that she wasn't under
the covers yet.

The next morning, Nick knocked on Alex's door. When she didn't answer,
he put his ear against it to listen for noise, then opened it when he heard
her mumbling.

"Not now, Muse, need sleep to type for you."

"Alex." No answer. "Alex" A light shake on the shoulder. Still no answer.
"Alex!" Now he was getting worried. Still no answer. So Nick did what any
man would do, he sat on the bed and grabbed her to shake her harder.
"Alex! Get up now! Or I'll go get Derek!"

Alex opened one eye and looked at her tormentor. "Go away. It's not
morning yet, and don't even think about getting Derek in here." She closed
the eye and tried to go back to sleep, but Nick was insistent. So she opened
both eyes. "What time?"

"Seven thirty. I think you need to do something about this, Alex. This
has been going on for weeks now. Something's wrong."

"Nothing wrong. Go away, I'm up."

"No, tell me what's going on. Now, or I will tell Derek about our morning
meetings in your room." The threat was empty, but Nick could see Alex was
worried about Derek finding out.

"I'll tell you tonight before bed, I promise. Now go away so I can get
dressed. Please?" She looked at him with a hopeful puppy look. He relented
and left. She got dressed and headed straight for the coffee pot.

She carried her fourth cup into the meeting and took her usual place
beside Nick. She patted her pockets to make sure the little notepad was
there, then waited for Derek to show.

"Goot morning all. We don't actually have a new case, but the London
house has ordered us to do some file maintenance. Also, Alex, you and
Philip are to devise some way to get all the books translated, into a database
for cross-referencing, and the complete text into the computer so we don't
have to beg other houses for their books. So said the head of the London

Alex took out her notepad and wrote furiously on it. She had to get
this idea down. The others on the list would love it.

"Alex, is something wrong?" She had been acting funny, but the look
on her face, combined with the speed that she wrote with was something
else entirely.

"No, nothing, Derek. Just making notes to myself." She turned her attention
to Philip, "Where would you like to trade ideas on this? Upstairs?" At
his nod, she turned her attention back to the meeting, not caring about
the funny looks.

"Okay, Nick you are in charge of case file maintenance. Make sure we
have full case files on computer and that they're all updated. Rachel,
you and Kristen get to check the paperwork end of it. I'll be working on
some translations in my office if anyone needs anything." Funny look in
Alex's direction. "Have fun." Then he left for his office. 'I don't know
what's wrong with Alex, but it looks like I should find out. I'll call
her in later." Derek sat at his desk and turned the book back to his mark
to finish the translation of that chapter.


Rachel and Kristen decided that they would be more comfortable in the
living room, and could still spread out the files if needed. They sat in
there, a carafe of tea between them looking over files.

"She was acting strange today."

"Alex?" 'Stupid question, Rachel.' "Yeah, looked like she needed to
sleep some more. That's probably all it is. Don't worry about it."

"Okay, you're the doctor." Then they went back to the paperwork at hand.


Alex walked into the control room. She needed the system specifications
so she could design a database and figure out where to put the over two
thousand books that this house had. 'Maybe a separate memory tower that
could be linked in. Would be easiest. Now if Derek would go for it.'

"Alex, are you sure you're okay?" Nick watched her with hesitant
apprehension. She looked ready to collapse. He really didn't deal well with
sick people, so he hoped not.

"Sure I'm okay. Just a little tired." Just then, Alex got another flash
of inspiration and hurriedly took out her notepad. She looked around for
a pen, and found it in Nick's hand. She took it with a smile and wrote
down the idea. When she handed it back, she saw his concern for her in
his eyes. "I'm fine Nick, really. I just need a nap. Okay?"

"Sure you do." He smiled at her, he would get the truth out of her later.
She had promised to tell him. They looked up as Derek walked through the
illusion. "Hey, Derek."

"Nick, Alex." He looked at Alex. She was putting the recently ever-present
notepad into her pocket. "Nick, could you leave us alone, please."

"Sure thing, boss. Need a drink anyway." He walked out of the room and
towards the kitchen.

"Alex, will you tell me what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Derek. I just need to get some more sleep."

"Yes, I can see that. I also can see you writing something in a notepad
every chance you get. Is something bothering you? Is there something
wrong in the house?"

"No, Derek. Nothing's wrong in the house. I'm ... I just use the notepad
to keep track of ideas for things. That's all, I just don't want to forget."
'That is so lame, dear. He's going to see right through that excuse.'

"Alex, would you tell me if something was wrong? I mean I know you're
not sleeping until late at night. I know Nick has woken you up most
mornings for the past two weeks. Is there something going on between you
and Nick? Because if there is, either one of you can come talk to me about
any problems you're having."

"No, Derek, nothing like that. Nick just makes sure I'm up on time."
She saw the relief on his face, but decided to goad him a little. "I know
how much that would upset you both, so I have no desires on Nick's body."
Derek looked *very* uncomfortable with her words and she was glad. She
did want to see them both happy, but not at this very moment. "I just need
to sleep more. I've been up thinking most nights. That's all. Now if you'll
excuse me, I'm going to take a short nap until lunch, it that's okay?"

"Definitely, Alex. I think you need one. If Philip comes looking for
you, I'll tell him where you are."

"We've already got things in the planning stage. He's in the Library
at his table upstairs, sorting through his old translations."

"Goot, then by all means go take a nap. I'll see you later." Derek kissed
her cheek and walked out of the control room. After a stunned pause, she
followed and went up to her room. She never noticed that someone came in
to cover her with a blanket, or that they checked on her every couple of


By the time Alex woke up, it was well after supper. She woke to Nick
bringing in a tray of food. When she looked over at the clock that said
10pm, she sighed and laid back onto the pillows. "Nick, a midnight snack?"

"Yeah, Derek told me to make sure you eat tonight, so I made you a can
of soup and a sandwich." He placed the tray across her lap and sat on the
bed. "Now, tell me what's wrong."

"Go close and lock the door, and I'll tell you while I eat." She saw
his confusion. "I don't want anybody to walk in here while we talk, or
while you read, now close and lock the door please." Nick got up to do
her bidding and sat back down. He waited until she got her first bite of
soup in, then started to stare at her. "Nick, it's my writing demon."

"Writing Demon?" He was shocked. Should he get Philip? What should he
do with this, tell Derek?

"Not like one of them." She had noticed the fear, and noted it's easement.
"It's like this muse comes and whispers story ideas to me. Usually when
I'm at peace, like in a hot bath, or just before sleep. But if I don't
write it down, then I'll lose it. I've been writing for a mailing list
for three weeks now. It came in during my first story and hasn't left yet.
That's it, nothing harmful. I promise."

"You've been writing. For a list. On the 'net? Now you have this entity
that whispers suggestions to you for other stories. Oookay." He was
shocked still, but now it sounded more like she needed Rachel than Philip.
"May I see some of it?" 'Have to make sure she's really okay. She's like my

"Nick, it's not something you would usually read. It's ... it's ...slash."
Alex hid the last word in her sandwich as she took a bite.

"What's that?"

"It's homoerotic writing. Nothing you would be interested in. Nothing
that's going to hurt the house or me. I've been writing under a pen name,
and send it from my laptop out of a separate e- mail account so no one
could trace me back here. Don't worry. And *don't* tell anyone. Especially
Derek." She could just see Derek's face now, if he got a hold of some of
her work.

"Alex, let me see it."

"Start the laptop, it's the green diskette taped to the top off the
center drawer." She finished her supper while he started one of her stories.
She heard him gasp, 'Oh, shit. Must be one where I describe the people,'
but he kept reading. He finished three stories by the time he got tired
of reading.

"Alex. You know...."

"I know you and Derek aren't together. That's just because you two haven't
figured it out yet. Go watch a surveillance tape of the control room when
you're the only ones in there if you don't believe me." She moved the tray
to the bedside table and turned to face him at the desk. "I know it looks
like I've been writing about you two. There are even stories about Philip,
Rachel, and Kristen in there. I've made sure to change names and physical
descriptions so no one can identify you. I've started my own group of
character's and they look and sound nothing like you."

"Alex, that's not what I'm worried about. You're fantasies are your own. I
just.... Derek and I aren't ..... we aren't....how could you put us together like

'So that's the problem.' "I've seen the way you two look at each other
when you think no one's looking. You look at him like he's a sandwich and
you're not eaten in years. He looks at you like you're a priceless antique.
Hey that's good, got to write that down." She found her notepad and wrote
the quote down before she forgot. "Where was I, oh, yeah. You belong
together, but haven't realized it yet. That's all, the long and the short of the
whole story. Nothing's wrong, I told you that."

"So why the lack of sleep?" Nick was willing to forget about what she
had wrote about him, for now. But he was going to the control room to
look at the surveillance tapes after he left here.

"When this muse, or writing demon as I call it, strikes with a whole
story, I have to write it. It's like I'm compulsed to follow it until it
ends and like I told you, it comes when I'm at peace. Like right before
I sleep or when I'm just waking up. I can't help it. So I get up and write.
I know it will eventually slow down. It already has. That disk is full,
it was written in about a week. I have two or three on hard drive that
are in the process, but not complete yet that's taken me the last two weeks."

"Okay, so do we need to do something about this? Sleeping pills at least
once a week or during cases?"

"That's the plan I have. I won't let it interfere with my work, except
to write down ideas. So, I'm covered with that." Nick came back to sit
beside her on the bed. He gave her a supporting hug and got up to leave
the room.

"May I steal the disk sometime to read more?" Nick really was interested.
'How did she know I dreamed about licking Derek like a grape popsicle?
Wonder if I can slip a copy of that to Derek?'

"No, Nick. You can read it in here, sometime. I don't want it floating
around the house. Can you imagine what Rachel would say if Kat got a hold
of it?" They both laughed at the thought of Rachel throwing a hissy fit
at everyone in the house. "I'll let you read it in here. Matter of fact,
I could use a beta, proofreader, sometimes. Interested?" Alex saw his eyes
light up.

"Definitely. But could you write one that tells me what to do now?"

"You're going to go look at the tapes. You'll make a decision. You'll
take the initiative because you want to control the action. You and Derek
will get together and will live almost happily ever after, allowing for
the Legacy." She yawned and he took the hint. He grabbed the tray and left
her to get back to sleep.


Nick walked into the control room to find Derek, looking at the tapes.
The very tapes he wanted to see. 'Oh, no. Does he know something I don't?'

"Derek, what are you still doing up? I thought you went to bed a few
hours ago." Nick walked over to the console and looked at the monitor.
"Did we have a security breach?"

"No, Nick. One of my students left a group of papers in my class last
week. When I was looking for a name so I could hold them for her, I read
a story. It sounded very familiar. So I came in to check something on the
tapes." Derek handed him the story in question, but Nick handed it back
after reading the title.

"I know, it came as a shock to me too."

"How long....."

"Earlier tonight. I met the author. She opened my eyes to this. She
told me check how I relate to you when we're alone." Nick took the seat
next to Derek. "So, do you think that she's right? Are we just fighting
the wrong battle?" His answer came in the way of a kiss, deep and

Derek looked into Nick's eyes for his answer before kissing him. He
slid his tongue into Nick's mouth and tasted the scent of his soon to be
lover. Nick groaned as he pulled away.

"Derek, do you know what you're doing?" He gulped down air like he was
drowning; he was though, in the sensations that Derek started. "I mean,
I've never..."

"Me either, but it appears our author has done some research."

"If you can wait, I can sneak in and make a copy of the rest. Then maybe
we can do our own research." Nick hadn't meant that to be a come-on, but
he knew it was the right thing when Derek gave him another kiss.

"Oh, I think we have enough here to last us tonight. After all, it is very

"True, I'll make that copy tomorrow while the author's at work." Nick
sighed and leaned his head on Derek's shoulder. "Hold it, how did you know
who the author is?"

"I figured it had to be someone in the house. Someone who knew us pretty
well. That doesn't leave many people. I had it narrowed down to two, Alex
or Philip."


"Yes, it sounded like a frustrated person to me."

"And how much more sexually frustrated person could you get than a priest.
Right. I understand now. So how about we go and do our research now."
Nick stood up and took Derek's hand to lead him upstairs. They cuddled
and kissed, and read the story together this time, each sharing parts they
especially liked.


The next morning, Alex was surprised to see Nick smiling when he came
to wake her up. He hugged her and thanked her. When she got downstairs
for breakfast, there was a bunch of yellow roses waiting for her on the
table in the library. The card just said 'You were right.' She smiled.
The list would love this. She looked forward to working on the book
problem, it would be an interesting day after all.

Nobody ever payed any attention to her after that if she went for he
notepad to write an idea for another story.


Upstairs, a very masculine hand turned on a laptop in his room. He logged
on and went to a site that he knew the address to by heart now.

"Oh, yeah," the softly accented voice said, "They've go' some new one's
up. Who nee' breadfas' when you have romance and passion."