A small non-consensuality warning, in memory (about four lines). Oh, and, um, if things don't
always make sense right away, finish reading it, and it'll all come out in the end.

Valentine's Day Depressions

By Voracity

Derek fussed with the bow on Philip's present yet again, earning him a stern look from one
of his lovers.

"He'll be here in less than an hour, stop it. He'll love it and you, just for the thought."
Nick went back to his book. "Besides, you know he would love anything you got him, even some
of that horrible manure jewelry that Alex saw in that magazine yesterday."

"I know. It's just that..."

"He hasn't been here in almost eight months, and you miss him, and you're worried about
why he's coming back now instead of a few months ago, and wondering if he's okay and not
getting into trouble again." Nick put down his book on the bedside table, rolling over to pull
Derek close to him. "Don't worry, he's fine and he's coming home to us." He pulled Derek's head
down so he could steal a kiss. "He loves us, and he'll be here," Nick checked his watch, "in less
than half an hour. He's never late, and if you keep worrying, you're going to get gray hairs and
wrinkles." Nick smiled with the last statement. He plundered Derek's mouth, using all the skills
he had learned in his twenty seven years to take his mind off the clock.

"Now tha's what I like to see, my two favorite men keeping each other company."

Nick and Derek looked up, startled that they hadn't heard Philip come in and close the
door. They smiled in unison, and held out their arms for Philip to come to them. Their lover
laughed, climbing in to sit in Nick's lap, pulling Derek up behind them.

"Oh, it's so good to have you home for a while, Philip," Nick sighed into his throat.

"For a while." Philip tried to get up, but Nick stopped him.

"No, you're fine. Get used to it."

"What, sittin' in your lap, or havin' you squeeze me like a snake with a mouse."

"Both." Nick pulled him in a little closer, trying to occupy the same space as Philip.
"Mine, this weekend."

"Oh, really," Derek whispered, just loud enough for Philip to hear, into Nick's ear, "I
thought you were both of ours this weekend." He kissed Philip's cheek. "Welcome home, love."

"Thanks." He pulled back some, looking into Nick's eyes. "Yours am I?"

"Um-hm, mine. My present to you and Derek this weekend is me." He reached around
Derek and pulled an envelope out from under the pillow. "Well, and this too, for you." He handed it over to the older man.

Philip sighed, "You shouldn't have. I didn' have a chance to get either of you anything."
He opened the gift, pulling out a picture and a piece of paper. He looked at the picture, and
laughed. "Oh, Nick, you shouldn't have. How did you know?"

"Well, you see there's this little bird that lives in the house and it told me what you really
wanted, and so I had someone do it for you. But, it's not finished, it still has to be fired one last
time. You can pick it up early next week." He smiled. "When you can walk, that is."

"Ah, are you going to be that mean to me all weekend?"

Derek handed over his present. "No, he's made a decision, and it's a present to both of us."
He kissed Nick's cheek. "Tell him?"

"Yeah." He started to rub Philip's shoulders. "I've decided that I'm going to give you both
the present of myself, but I want you to be first, Philip."

"Oh, Nick, are ya sure? I mean, that's a big step, to bottom for the first time, are ya sure
you're ready for that?"

"Very. Derek's been stretching me nightly, just before I take him flying, and I'm ready for
you, whenever you are. But be warned, he says I'm still tighter than his first pair of formal shoes,
and you are both at the whim of my fantasies this weekend."

"Oh, you never told me that." Derek pulled Philip off Nick's lap and onto his. "I don't
know, should we let him monopolize the bottom like that?" He kissed Philip, letting him know
how happy he was.

"Who said I was the only bottom this weekend. See, I have this special fantasy that I've
been saving for a special occasion, and I think it's time to unleash it."

"Umm, would you like to tell us about it?" Philip ran his fingers along the bow of Derek's

"How about while you open your other present."

"Yeah, he's been worried sick about you liking it. He's gotten more gray hairs over that
present than he has over me running off to do my own thing." He smiled at his oldest lover to take the sting out of his words. "Come on, open it."

"Oh, all right." He pulled the bow off, carefully peeling the antique ribbon away from the
box, before undoing the taped sections. He got the box inside open, unwrapping and pulling out a
Celtic wooden statue. "Oh, it's lovely. Thank you Derek, and Nick. You've both made me very
happy with both presents. I love them." He laid the object back into the box, but came back out
with another, smaller, box. "What's this?"

"Something very special. I found a matching trio set last week. Nick and I are wearing
ours." He pulled Nick's shirt aside, and then his own, showing off the pendants on leather thongs
around their necks. "That's your part of the group."

Philip opened the box, taking out his and slipping it over his head. "Oh, Derek you
shouldn't have. It's beautiful, but you shouldn't have."

"Of course I should have, you're special to us. We only want to make you happy with our
gifts and offerings." He kissed Philip's cheek, making the younger man blush.

"You do, but I meant that you shouldn't have because I didn't have time to get either of you

"No problem, Philip, we do it out of love, not to get something in return." Derek said.

"Really, having you here is the best present we could ever get."

"Enjoy it while it's here then, because I just got a new assignment." He sighed and leaned
into Derek's shoulder, planting his hips on Nick's lap. "I'm being assigned far away because the
Arch-Bishop is mad at me for not marrying a couple that I didn't think should be together. Of
course he thought they were perfect until she ended up dead at his hands, but that's the way he is."
He sighed and buried his face deeper into Derek's shoulder. "That and he found out."

"Found out?" Derek asked, "You mean about us?"

Philip nodded. "His exact words were, 'Let's see how your lover's like you being gone for
two years or more. How *will* they get along without you?'"

"Two years?" Nick asked and shuddered. "I couldn't' do that. You are *way* stronger
than I am about these things."

"Missionary work," Philip whispered. "In the middle of the Rain Forest of Brazil."

"Oh, my. You don't have to go, you know. You can fight the assignment, or turn it down,
or complain about the reasons for the posting."

"Derek, if I did that, everyone would know. It would hurt you both, and they'd kick me out
of the order. I can't do that."

"Of course you can. Or I can on your behalf as a friend; just have a word with the

Nick snaps his fingers. "That's right, he still owes us a favor."

"No, don't. If you do anything it'll only end up hurting us in the long run." He started to
cry. "I don't want to go, but I don't have a choice. This house has been my lifeline to sanity for the longest time, and now I have to leave it to go and tell people that their ways that they've had for hundreds of years are wrong. It's not fair." He sniffled loudly, wiping his eyes across Derek's
shirt. "It's not fair."

"No, Philip, it's not." Nick said, patting his lover's back. "It's not fair, and it's not right,
and if that man is hurting you like this, then something should be done about him." He rubbed the
sore and tense muscles in Philip's shoulders, urging him to relax.

"Nick's right. Something should be done about the man. He shouldn't be allowed in a
position of power if he's going to use it to push people around." Derek looked at Nick and
mouthed, 'I'll call later', and Nick nodded back.

"Thank you loves, it's good to know that you care that much; but I'll deal with it. I know
how, and I'll do it myself."

"Of course you will, Philip. After all, you're the smartest man I know, and he's bound to
be stupid if he's takin' you on." Nick leaned over and kissed the back he was rubbing.

"Sir's, it's dinner time in about ten minutes," the butler called through the door.

"Thank you Dominic. We'll be down in a few minutes." Derek called back, and sighed.
"We have to go down. Kat planned a welcome home dinner for you." He hugged the slight man
to him. "We'll figure it out later."

"Yeah, I knew I could count on you two to help me be sneaky." They all laughed, and
went to clean up for dinner.


Alex stopped Derek on his way back upstairs. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, what's wrong?" He sat down on the stairs, patting the one beside him.

She sat down, and reached over to pull out his medallion. "When you dropped this the
other day, I noticed the rune on the back. It looked familiar, so I looked it up. There were three,

"Yes, so is it something ... bad?"

"Very. If all three of them correspond to the ones on this," She pulled a piece of paper out
of her jeans' pocket, "Then you've made a very big mistake putting them on."

Derek looked at the paper, and then closed his eyes to see the runes on the back of Nick's
and Philip's pendant. "Yes, they do. What is it?"

"It's a targeting device. It makes you more visible to the denizens of the dark side."

"Oh, great, so now we're bigger and shinier targets to them. Just great!" Nick ran past
them and up the stairs to his room, where he slammed the door loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I'm sorry."

"That's okay, I should have known enough to check them before giving one to each of
them. I'll handle it. Can you research them?"

"Yeah, no problem. I'll give it to you tomorrow morning." she left him on the stairs,
looking up towards the door that led to the bedrooms.

"I've done it this time," he muttered and pulled himself up using the banister.

"Derek, wha's wrong with Nick?" Philip was leaning over the railing next to Rachel.

"I've just received some news about our pendants. It's seems they're some sort of target."

"Oh, my, he's got to be upset. I'll go talk to him if you want," she offered.

"No, it's ours to do this time, I'm afraid. Besides, he'll listen to me and Derek where he
wouldn't listen to you on this."

"Yeah, being in love does have that advantage." she went back to the drawing room.

"Together?" Philip asked and Derek nodded. "Ready?" He took Derek's hand and walked
down the hall to Nick's old room, the place he went to hide whenever we was upset.


Nick slammed door to his old room, locking it behind him with a kick to a bottom panel.
He looked around, then closed and locked the bathroom and closet doors too, just because it made him feel better. He sunk down, back against the room door, and cried for the first time in a few years.

//They're going to leave, force us apart for our own good. Why can't my life be simple and
easy? All I want is love, from both of them, and I almost had it there for a while. Now Philip will
go to Brazil, and Derek will want me to transfer for my own good; but I don't want to leave. I'll
die without their love, it's what's kept me together, and sane, and happy, and not lost feeling, and
happy, and safe, and loved, and comfortable with myself. Why now? Why not last year, or in ten
years? Why does my life have to end now, just when I finally found what I needed and wanted out of life? Why can't this just go away?!?//

He jerked as a knock came at the door behind him. "Go away. Both of you."

"Nick," Derek said, "let us in so we can talk. Please?"

"No, go away. I need to be alone right now. I need to think."

"Nick, love, let me in and we'll talk. I promise we'll talk about it and we'll find a way to
beat it. I promise." Philip scratched at the door. "Please love?"


"No," they shouted. In fear. "You can't be here, you're dead!"

"Not another one, not in this house," Philip moaned. "Why can't the dead stay that way?"

Nick started to get up, intending to go out there and protect his lovers, but one of the spirits
came through the door, over his head, and settled in the center of the room next to the bed. "Son," came a quiet whisper.

"Ah, shit, not you again."

"Yes son, it's me. Again. And this time you'll need to listen to me, because I know what's
going on in this house."


Philip ran into their room, searching for his bag. "It's gotta be here, I know I brough' it,"
He muttered to himself, digging into the contents. "Ah, here it is." He spun around, holy water
vial in hand. "Be gone...."

"Oh, Philip, that's not necessary." Winston said, floating into the room. "I'm not here to
hurt you, and Robert isn't here to hurt Nick. We're just here to tell you something very important,
and to key a memory for Derek." He smiled nastily, turning to his son, who was following him
into the room. "Derek, Terry says hi."

"Terry?" Derek asked, getting a flash. //Bright living room, candles, a young man
entangled with himself on the couch. Kissing, taking, loving.// "Bastard," he muttered. "Terry is
dead, and I doubt he's with you, so give it up and go away before I let Philip exorcise you." He
walked to stand beside Philip. "You can do nothing to harm us."

"Oh, you'd be surprised." Winston settled himself in the desk chair, crossing his legs.
"Philip, for God's sake, put that vial down before you hurt someone."

"No." He looked over at Derek, pale and leaning slightly. "Who's Terry?"

"William Sloan's twin brother. Was, died when I was at Oxford."

"Your first lover too, wasn't he Derek."

"Shut up, just shut up and go away."

"Son, I know I told you to respect your elders and betters. You *really* are a
disappointment to me." He pulled a cigar out of thin air. "Want one? Father?"

"No, go away." Philip lifted the vial, intending to throw it on the presence, but was

"No, let him have his say and then he'll leave. He always was stubborn. If you sent him
away like that, he'd just come back again and again until he had his say."

"True, son. Maybe I raised you better than I thought." He lit the cigar, puffing away,
blowing smoke curls into the air and watching them disappear. "We'll be gone soon enough...."

"I doubt that," Derek said to the floor.

Winston gave his son another look. "Just as soon as Robert brings Nick in here. In the
meantime, why don't you think about what to tell your lovers about Terry."

"He doesn't hold secrets from us. If we had asked, he woulda tol' us."

A small smile. "I'm sure he would. After all, he's always so honest with the people in this
house, right?"


"Dad, just go away. You're at peace now, go to Hell or where ever child abusers go and
get over it." Nick got up and started towards his bed. "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go
make up to my men." He grabbed a bag from under the side of his bed, and moved back to the
room door. "Bon voyage, or what ever you want to be said, and good riddance." He walked out
into the hall and went down the hall to their room, opening the door lightly. "Guys, you wouldn't
believe..... Okay, maybe you would. I guess I'm not the only one with a father problem." He set
his bag down beside the bed and took his position on the other side of Philip.

"Nick, we're sorry." The Priest said, knocking Derek out of whatever place he had retreated

"For what? Neither of you knew what the pendants were when we got them." He kissed
Philip on the cheek. "Just don't abandon us because of them."

"But Nick....."

"Sshh, pretty one, my beautiful one." He laid a finger across Philip's lips. "We've been
targets since birth probably, and more so when we entered the house. This just makes us bigger
and shinier targets. Doesn't it Winston?" He turned them both to face the two ghosts.

"Well....." Winston started.

"Cut the shit, Win, they know. Well, he does," Robert pointed at his son. "And we have
to tell them the rest before it's time."

"Oh, all right, spoil my fun."

"Go away. What ever advertisement you're handing out for the dark side we've heard and
rejected already." Nick moved a hand along Derek's, making the older man jump. "You okay?"

"Fine, thank you."

"So tell them son, tell them everything you remember." Winston said, phasing out until he
and Robert couldn't be seen. "Is it your turn to bottom this month or mine?" he asked the other

"Derek, who's Terry, and why do they want us to know?" Philip asked.

"He was my first lover. I .... I need to lay down for this." He kicked off his shoes, laying
back on the center of the bed, letting the two younger men take their positions on either side of
him. "I was fourteen. He was gorgeous, at the time."

"Hold on, start from the beginning. Why are we talking about this guy?"

"Because Winston triggered his memory on purpose. Terry was William Sloan's twin
brother." He patted Nick's hand.

"Yes, he was. Identical twins. My Father introduced us at a function. We became friends
immediately, something I didn't have many of at the time." He hiccuped, trying hard not to cry.

"My poor baby," Nick said snuggling down. "We're here. Relax and tell us everything."
He stoked a hand along Derek's chest, gentling and calming him.

"Nick's right, tell us in your own time. when ever you're ready, we're here." He moved to
mimic Nick's position.

They laid quietly for a long time, watching the shadow's spread across the room. Philip
got up long enough to turn on the soft light sitting on the desk. Nick settled himself more every
once in a while, gently keeping Derek tied to the here and now.

Finally Derek spoke. "Puberty is a vulnerable time to those with the gift, especially those
with double gifts."

"The sight and true magic?" guessed Philip.

Derek nodded. "I have both. So did Terry. We were fourteen when the irrevocable
happened." Derek sighed and looked at the table. "Nick, could you get me a glass of water

"Sure, love, anything for you, you know that." He got up and headed into the bathroom.
He came back carrying the plastic cup. "Here love." He handed it off and laid back down.

"Thanks," he took a sip. "Better." He handed it back and Nick put it on the table. "Terry
was like me. His father was pushy and demanding. We bonded, very closely. We started kissing
and holding hands within weeks of finding each other." Derek closed his eyes, letting the
memories wash over him. "We were planning for my first time. Candles, romance, the whole
thing. I had already been topping him for a few months. He said he was used to it." He coughed,
and Nick handed him back the water, letting him take another drink. "Thanks." Nick sat up,
pulling Derek up to lay on his stomach. "Anyways, the night before we were supposed to carry
out our plans, something happened. Something I've suppressed all this time."

"If it's that bad, we don't have to talk about it." Philip whispered in Derek's ear. He settled
himself onto Derek's shoulder. "It's okay, we understand."

"No, now that I've remembered, I need to get it out. I know now when my father and
Nick's went over to the dark. I was their offering."

"Excuse me? My father and yours offered you as their sacrifice to the dark? Like giving
you to a demon to play with type of offering?"

"Something like that," Philip answered. "See, for someone with double gifts, like Derek
had, there are important times in life, time's when they're vulnerable. Puberty, in relation to your
virginity, and any vows you make to another to bind them to you are two of the most powerful. It's been recorded throughout history how people were turned at these times. Derek, did your father offer your virginity to it, or you as a student?"

"My virginity. I came awake on a table, the altar in the woods on the other side of the
island. I was robed, naked underneath, and so were they."

"So, my father offered you up for what? Power? Control? How old was I?"

"About four, or almost I'd say." Derek leaned up and gave Nick a kiss. "Don't worry,
love, they just needed that part of me, not the whole thing."

"Okay, just so long as you don't become a dark angel some night while we're sleeping."
Nick teased him. He tried to sit up, but was pushed back by the body weight of his lovers. "That's when he started....." he trailed off into silence. That was around the time he started being 'trained'.

"No, Nick, never that." He smiled, and shifted onto his back, letting Philip cuddle into his
chest. "They offered the demon the chance to take me, and that act becoming a catalyst, turn on
my abilities for them. They offered it in exchange for power, knowledge, love from their deepest
heart's desire. I got away, ran to Terry's. I didn't know.... He comforted me, hid me and let me
make love to him. I didn't know he had made his own deal."

"*He* was one of them too?" Philip asked from his chest.

"Not quite. He made a deal to become a plaything, a concubine if you will, of a demon so
that William would survive some illness. Nothing stronger, just a sexual bond between them. I
didn't know, and neither did William until a few years after his death."

"Is that what caused your friendship to split?"

"That and other things. Many things happened that summer." He reached a hand out,
taking Nick's in his, and Philip's in his other. "We made love, me on top, on the couch. You
know how I like to be stretched while topping? Well, He's the one who taught me that. I didn't
realize e was preparing me for the demon. I passed out during sex as was usual for me in those
days, waking up to find myself filled by it."

"He took you in your sleep? I didn' think they could do that, that they had to have consent
at that age." Philip shifted, uncomfortable with knowing what he did.

"He did. But he could enter me, ethereally, and play with me until I consented. Which he
did. I screamed yes, as he was doing something, and he took it as consent. Terry and I had a
major fight after he was gone, we didn't speak for six months. When He came out here to work it
out, he chased me around the house, cornering me in my room, Nick's now. We fought, literally
fought, and he won. He told me everything. How he had to do it, or William would suffer. How
his deal worked. How our father's deal worked. How he knew what was going to happen, but
once he left, the memory...." He sat up suddenly, making Philip roll down onto his lap. "He said
the memory of that night would be erased until one of the participants brought it up specifically."
He laid back down, letting Philip move back up, placing a kiss on the top of the younger man's
head in apology. "We made love that night, then he left. Everything went back to normal, like it
had never happened. He held me when we scattered my father's ashes. I came home from college
to visit him. That's when he died." Derek wiggled around, finding a new comfortable place. "I
had just gotten back to the dorm at Oxford. William was my monitor, lived across the hall. The
police knocked on his door, and mine at the same time. They told us together. I had us both
flown back for his funeral. He hadn't told William about us, but the police officer let it slip."

"How did he die?"

"He was coming back from the airport, and slammed into a tree doing seventy. Died
instantly, painlessly. William was mad at me for so long over that. We ended up fighting in his
room. It came to blows, and by the end, we were crying in each other's arms. We became friends, close ones, after that."

"So, did he come back too?"

"Yes, after I first got back to the house. He showed up, trying to get me to listen to his
former master about changing sides. He stayed all night. It was right before you and Philip
interviewed for the first time. The day before yours Nick, and two or three before Philip's. He
came to me in my office. I was sitting there, staring out the window, so lonely. So very lonely.
He came in, walked through the door, literally, and kneeled down in front of me. He told me he
was here to give me a reason to wait for a while for my intended mates. I told him it was mean of
him to come to me like this. He said it was just a hold over, that he was there for me, always, and
then he .... made love to me. We made love all night, and in the morning, he was gone before I
got up. I missed him terribly, and told William he had come and loved him still. That's why I
was late for your interview, love, I was on the phone with William. We were crying about him."

"I'm sorry love, I didn't know." Nick hugged them closer to his body. "I wouldn't have
said anything if I had."

"I forgave you on the spot. You didn't know, and it wasn't polite of me to have someone
tell you that I was running late. Not a problem."

"Now you understand why we're here," Robert said, popping up with Winston, holding
hands like the lovers they had become over time.

"No, not really. Why?" Nick asked.

"I know you listened to him son, you should be able to figure it out."

"He's here to make the offer Terry should have, join them."

"Not a chance," Nick snorted and ran a hand through Derek's hair.

"That and we've been *told* to tell you about our deal." Winston said, sitting back down
in the chair. He floated the vial of holy water away from Philip, who had been reaching for it.
"Not necessary, Father, we just need to speak our peace and then we can go. You know about our deal? That night? And what we asked for?" Derek nodded his Head. "Well, our deal was sealed with your virginity."

"And there was a clause for upkeep of it. We had to...." Robert Boyle couldn't bring
himself to say it.

"When we ... When it was sealed, he told us about the maintenance portion, and who our
darkest desired one was."

"Each other." Robert frowned at Winston and cuffed him across the shoulder. "We both
wanted to experiment, and he knew that."

"So your maintenance is each other?" Philip asked, smiling at the irony.

"Yes, once a month we have to ... come together. He used to bring us from our houses to
his spot, and watch us."

"Son, Derek, he made us. We didn't have a choice. Never will, it's our fate for eternity.
Tonight is one of those."

"So you two came to torture us with your sex life? Ewww," Nick said. "No thanks, dad,
there are some things I didn't need to know about."

"No, son, you're being thick again. We're here to warn you. About not doing this out of

"Dad, trust us, we only come together out of love. Never any other reason. I'm willing to
give myself to them, this weekend and for all times, out of love and only out of love - no other

"Nick, you don't understand what they're trying to tell us. Not only do they not want us to
make he same mistakes, they want us to make a commitment of our love."

"No, Derek, we can't. Not while they're here. You're vulnerable."

"Dad, listen, When I'm ready for a marriage to them, I'll send a telegram to Hell and tell
you. Until then, but out - no pun intended."

"Son, shut up and let the smart one's say something."

"Mr. Boyle, your son is the love of my life and completes me in ways I could never dream I
needed before meeting him. But we can't bond ourselves while you're here. I won't let Derek, the
other love of my life, be vulnerable to an attack because of it. He may fill in the voids in my soul
that Nick doesn't, but I won't force him ta." Philip said, throwing a hand across his men to hold
off the spirits. "Go away and leave us in peace. For ever."

"Father, you don't get it either." Winston said. "The minute you complete your circle, or
triangle, or whatever it is you three have, with young Nicholas, you're bonded, permanently."

"So, I can't give myself to them ever?" Nick started to get up, but Derek stopped him.

"We can do it, just not until their deal is consummated again, right?"

"Yes, son. I knew you'd get it. Very good."

"Father, shut up. If I bind myself to them, it'll be a permanent one that nothing in Hell can

"Derek, no, ya can't." Philip started to get up, but was pulled back down.

"Yes, I can. Father forgot he had me taught to use my skills. Very well I might add." He
smiled, a small, mean one at the two men. "Be gone before I pull something out to come and get
you; because if I do then I'll give you to them as a present. You'll not want to be used by another
demon for their pleasure, now, would you. I hear it can be quite painful."

"You wouldn't." Robert said. He ran an appraising eye over the three-some.

Winston turned to the elder Boyle. "Oh, yes, he would. He'll be kicked out of the Legacy
for it, but he'll do it just so we go away." He turned back towards the bed. "Fine, it's your life."

"And it's well protected, even from Hell and you two." William and Terry Sloan said from
behind them.

The two spirits spun around, stunned by the appearance of Hell's most annoying pair. "No,
you can't be here!" Robert said. "You can't get out without help."

"Nope, sorry," Terry said, "There's this 30-day escape clause. Didn't anyone tell you about
it?" Both men shook their heads. "Too bad."

"Oh, and Derek, we're happy for you. We'll watch out for you tonight, then we're off to
London to make my wishes know to the idiots on the council. You won't get to lead the
organization, and will allowed only to rule your own house, but it suits you best. Less
paperwork." William smiled. "Oh, and Nick, I'm not mad at you for not shooting me. It gave me
a chance to get with my brother. Thank you."

"Welcome." He sat up. "So, you're not back, right?"

"For one month only. One lunar cycle actually. Then I have to go back and annoy them
some more."

"Derek, you wouldn't believe it, but my uptight brother is the most fun Hell's seen in a
while. He's the constant thorn in their sides, and everyone loves it." Terry Laughed. "Oh, and we have a cure for the other problem, but not until later."

"Okay." Derek nodded, even though he didn't know what was going on. Sometimes it
was better to just go along. "So, now what?"

"Give Nick what he wants. Both of you. We'll be downstairs. We need to talk to
Katherine and Alexandra."

Derek waved 'bye' after them when they floated out the door. He turned over, moving
Philip up for a minute. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Ruining your first time."

"Derek, love, you couldn't ruin it if you tried. That little scene just made me want it, and
you both more." Nick kissed his precept. "That is one order I'll gladly take and follow. Are you
getting me ready for him?"

"Yes. Take off your clothes." Derek rolled off him, and faced Philip. "He decided you
were first because you bonded first with him. You brought him to our bed, loved him and showed
him it was all right to love back. That is why you get to have him first."

Philip teared up, watching Nick undress slowly beside the bed. "I love you both."

Nick slid his zipper down, leaving it there and crawled across the bed, coming to lay on
his back in front of his lover's. "I love you too. Both of you. And that was how I feel too, the part about completing some part of you. You do that for me; make me whole and healthy, and
special." He opened the top of his jeans, showing them his bare skin.

"Nick, no underwear at supper? What would the girls say if they noticed?" Derek asked,
shocked and pleased.

"Weeelll, Alex would make a joke about getting dressed too fast, and Rachel would give
us a strong speech, out of Kat's hearing, and Kat probably wouldn't understand." He smiled up at
Derek. "Now I believe that you were going to run your talented fingers into me and open me up
for Philip so we could share my body." He wiggled out of his jeans, kicking them off the end of
the bed. He laid back against the pillows, spreading his legs.

Philip watched all of this with amusement. He loved it when his lover's did things while
he watched; loved to watch Nick prepare Derek. This time, he watched at his older lover prepared his younger one, making Nick arch off the bed in pleasure. He moved to the bedside, taking off his own clothes, and sat back down.

"Oh, yeah, play with me baby, you know *just* the right thing to do," Nick whimpered.
Derek was sliding a slick finger along the rim of his hole, teasing him into relaxing. Nick held a
hand out, motioning for Philip to come over and take it. "Hold me while he does it?"

Philip nodded, watching Derek's finger move in smaller and smaller circles, flicking
across the petals of muscles hiding his hole from them. He added more lube from his other palm,
pushing the slicker finger in a little, then moving back to tease more.

"Derek!" Nick yelled, arching his hips off the bed at the near entrance. "Quit teasing?
Please? I want you *both* on there. Soon, please?" He squirmed on the bed, Derek smiling up at him and dipping a finger in to the first knuckle, twisting it. "Oh, yeah, like that. Come on baby,
more please." Derek kissed Philip and thrust the finger shallowly, making Nick move more.

"He's so responsive to teasing." Philip said, taking over the holding of Nick's cheeks so
Derek could concentrate on stretching him. "Is he always like this?"

"Yes, and he like's more." Derek slammed the first finger in all the way, making Nick yell
and tremble. "He also likes to be fully stretched, the farther the better." He kissed Philip,
thrusting the finger and twisting it around to coat the thin tissues with lube. "Nick, would you like to be stretched more or less tonight?"

"Oh," he panted, riding the finger and arching when Derek pushed in a second, "more

"More?" Philip asked.

"More means he wants more than three." He kissed Philip again. "He likes to be stretched,
and with the beautiful cock you have, he might need four or five."

Philip blushed. "I'm not that big."

"No, but he tends to snap back fairly quickly. You know that large plug we got you when
you were here last? He wore that last night, and this morning I waited too long to get another in.
I couldn't even get a finger in there after ten minutes."

"Oh," he said, watching Nick thrust back onto Derek's hand, watching the three fingers
disappear into the hungry hole. "I don't know if I can get in then."

"Oh, don't worry, we'll get you in." Nick said, sliding up onto his knees. "Derek, more,

Derek kissed him, slipping his other hand down to join the first. He slipped in a fourth
finger, adding more lube first, and stretched the tight muscle ring. "Ohh, so tight, so wanting."

"Yeah, I'm a slut, I know. More?" He asked, kissing Derek into an altered state. He
hissed as Derek added his second finger on his other hand in there too, stretching and thrusting
them around. "Yes, Derek, higher, more." He panted, thrusting up and down. Derek smiled and
sent a finger searching for his prostate. He found it and Nick thrust down hard, trying to swallow
the hands teasing him. "MORE!" he yelled, riding them harder.

Nick was thrusting wildly now, riding the fingers hard, needing the stimulation. Derek
looked at Philip, who smiled and moved behind him, lubing up his bare cock. He nodded when
he was ready and slipped under Nick as Derek withdrew to the edge of the bed to watch.

Philip slid up into Nick, hissing as he slipped past the guardian ring into the hot tunnel.
"Oh, yes, so tight and hot, ready for me." He pushed in, letting himself up onto his knees to
capture Nick in his arms. "Relax," he whispered into the younger man's ear. "Just let me lead."
His knees pushed Nick's farther apart, letting them slide together more. Nick leaned back, letting
Philip in all the way, and wrapped his hands around Philip's hips, smiling. "Ready?" he

Nick nodded and pushed back onto Philip's lap, who thrust up, setting up the rhythm.
Philip let him ride hard, letting him take his pleasure forcibly with sharp hard quick pulling and
tensing actions. They both moaned, getting faster, the rhythm falling apart, Philip going over the
edge, about to take Nick over with him.

Philip yelled out Nick's name, giving one last hard push before releasing into the tight spot
he was in. Nick whimpered, close, but not quite there. Philip slid out, and helped Nick onto
Derek's lap.

Derek slid Nick down him, holding him close. Watching them together, and stroking
himself along with them, had brought him close, so close. He groaned as the wet, hot, tight hole
surrounded him. He settled Nick's legs around his back, kissing him, and pushed up.

Nick screamed in joy. He was filled again, this time he was wet and filled to overflowing.
He renewed his rhythm he had left with Philip, riding Derek's lap. Derek tried to slow him down,
trying to make this special first time last. He dropped it when Nick hugged him, pushing down
with enough force to bruise him. He kept it up until they both came, moaning into each other's
ears; Nick passing out with the intensity of his feelings.

Derek let Nick fall gently onto the bed, sliding out of him slowly. Philip had went for a
washcloth and some water, so he washed them all up, letting Philip lick his cum spattered chest
while he cleaned around Nick's ass.

"More?" Nick moaned, slowly coming around and getting slightly erect from the cleaning.
He sat up, watching Philip attack Derek's chest, smiling at the love they shared. "Mine," he
whispered, leaning up enough to lick Philip's spinal indentation near his neck. "more." he
whispered into Philip's ear when he leaned back.

"Not yet, Nick, later. You need to rest." Derek placed the cloth in the water and put it
beside the bed. "Let us old guys rest for a few minutes."

Nick snorted and went rummaging around in the bedside drawer. He came up with a plug,
grinning as his men watched him insert it. "For later."

"Oh, yeah," Philip moaned, licking his lips. "Later." The three of them laid down,
nestling into each other and slept the pleasurable exhaustion off.


Philip came awake, feeling a warm mouth closing over him. "Mornin'," he whispered. He
opened his eyes to see Nick swallow him whole, closing them again to throw his head back and
enjoy the morning treat; one he had missed terribly for a long time.

When Nick let him come, he scooted back up the bed, kissing Philip and sharing his taste
with him. "Morning. I remembered how much you like waking up like that, so...."

"Thank you love. You're too good to be true sometimes." He kissed Nick again, exploring
the familiar territory. "Good morning." He whispered against swollen lips.

"Hi," He licked the lower lip, sucking it in for a minute. "Should we wake the fearless
one, or let him sleep?"

"Let him sleep. How are you feelin'? Sore?"

"Not really. Derek has been stretching me for weeks now, and I usually sleep with a plug
in anymore, so it's no big thing." He kneeled over Philip's chest, parting his butt cheeks so Philip
could see the plug still in place. "Would you like to remove it?"

"Yes, please." He reached up, intending to pull on it, but Derek's fingers got there first.

"Mine." He pulled Nick's plug out, throwing it to the floor. He crawled up until he could
lick the loose and wet hole.

"Oh, Derek, what is that?" Nick groaned, planting his hands on Philip's shoulders. "He's
gone insane from it," He told the slightly older man.

"No, He's always liked to rim after sex. Feels good doesn' it?" He smiled, stroking Nick's
chest muscles. "Bet I know what else would." He moved a hand down, lightly running the edge
of a nail along the bottom of the head of Nick's cock. "Would you like to be licked little one?"

"Oh, yes, please." He bent over at the waist, sliding up some more until Philip could lick
his cock. He grabbed the headboard, grabbing on as Derek tongue-fucked him and Philip suckled
on him. "Oh, yeah, so good, so hot." He thrust back and froth, wanting more.

Derek grabbed Nick's hips, thrusting his tongue in deeply, swirling it around to get a taste
before sliding up behind him to push himself inside.

"Oh, God, Derek, what you do to me!" he yelled, pushing back to get more of the hard cock
into him. "More, come on, deeper. You know I like it deep."

Derek chuckled, sitting himself down slowly on Philip's hardness. "Patience, love, let me
get on Philip." He sat down firmly, groaning as he got all the way down and pulling Nick back
until he was straddling Philip's stomach and riding him. He set the pace, letting the other two
follow. Up into Nick, down onto Philip, driving all three mad.

Nick came first, spraying it over Philip's chest and face. He climbed off, watching his
lovers go at it. "Oh, yeah, loves, I like that." He encouraged, moving between Philip's legs, laying
down facing Derek's hole. He ran a finger along the stretched muscle, teasing the little folds while
Derek was riding.

"Oh, Got, Nick, what ever you're doing, more."

The younger man smiled, and leaned up for his first taste. Derek jumped, almost unseating
himself from Philip. Philip gasped, and moved his hips to get more. Nick licked where they were
connected, adding his spit to the pre-cum from Philip and lubing Derek up farther. He caught the
overflow when Philip came with a soft moan into Derek and caught Derek when he fell backwards as he came. He helped Derek to the bed, licking the sticky residue off his lover's chests and then cleaning Derek with his tongue.

"You were right, Philip. I can see why Derek likes this." He cleaned Derek, searching for
the last little bit of seed. "Ummm, mine."

"Yours," they both agreed.

All three broke out in laughter, grabbing each other and tickling.


Nick woke Derek up. Terry was back in their room and had woke Nick, not able to get
Derek up. They both woke up Philip.

"What do you need, Terry," Derek asked, holding a sleepy Philip close.

"Ten minutes, then we solve your problem. Kiss him well, it'll have to last for months."
He disappeared to give them privacy.

Nick grabbed Philip, hugging him close. "No," he sobbed, "they can't take him." He
rocked them back and forth, heart breaking. "No one's gonna hurt him, I won't let them."

"Shh, it's all right. I'm sure everything will be fine." Derek caressed his back, getting him
to settle down. He pulled Philip away, kissing him like there was no tomorrow unless he
memorized him. Nick pulled him back, taking his turn.

Nick had just released Philip back into Derek's arms when William came through the
door. "Father, we love you and you're staying. He's much less of a grouch with you around."
With that William raised a hand, sending Philip flying across the room to hit the wall.

"NO!" Nick screamed, running after him. He heard Philip's last words for a while, a quiet
'Thank you', and he passed out. He turned to look at William, bloodlust evident in his eyes. "How could you?"

"Nick, calm down. He's fine. He's unconscious, but fine. He'll be out for around six
weeks, long enough for Derek to make the diocese not transfer him. I assure you, no harm has or
will come to him over this. I cushioned the fall. He'll be fine, and he'll be here." He turned to go,
but stopped. "You might want to get dressed, the paramedics will be here in a few minutes." He
floated out the door, leaving them alone.

Nick looked from his lover to his lover's body and back. Derek held out his hands and
Nick came into them, receiving a hug. "Why?"

"They kept him from hurting himself so he didn't have to leave," Derek whispered. "Now,
get dressed, and help me dress him in a pair of boxers." Derek squeezed the younger man,
releasing him to gather clothes for them. He handed Nick his and got dressed. "Nick?" He said

Nick shook his head and started to get dressed. He was pulling on his shirt when He
heard the pounding of feet running up the stairs. "They're Here." He helped Derek pull the boxers up Philip's still form before opening the door just as they got there.

The paramedics pushed him and Derek aside, checking him over and strapping him onto a
board. Derek pulled one aside to quietly talk to him, then they all left the house together, Philip
flying to the hospital, and the house members driving.

Derek and Nick looked up from opposite sides of Philip's bed when the Doctor came in.

"I've got good news." He put up Philip's cat-scan and x-ray pictures. "There's no damage,
no swelling. The bad news is, we don't know what's keeping him under. By the lack of damage
to his body, he should be up and running around right now. What ever did this, it's strange." He
turned to Derek, "But you deal daily with strange don't you."

"Yes, we do. Thank you." He held out a hand to the doctor. "You'll check in daily?"

"Yes, and we'll keep him fed through the IV like you asked." He smiled at Nick and left
the room.

"Sloan *did* say he was going to be all right," he reminded the younger man.

Nick blew out his breath. "Yeah, but did he have to do this?" His phone rang. "Yeah?"

(Mr. Boyle, how is he?)

"Fine," he answered and handed the phone to Derek. "Sloan."

"William, we want answers."

(He's fine, he's staying, and it was necessary. And it probably beats him throwing himself
down a few flights of stairs so he didn't have to go. Now give the phone back to Nick.) Derek
grunted and handed it back. (Nick, I understand that you're upset.)

"You have no idea what upset is in relation to me right this second," he growled. "Now,
fix him."

(I can't, not yet. It'll be my last act if I can't get out of going back. He needed to stay; was
going to throw himself down the stairs to do it. I couldn't let Derek lose another loved one from
an accident.)

"You mean, if he had done it his way, he'd be dead?" Nick's face drained of color. "Why?"

(Because he didn't know how to do it right. He would have snapped his neck. I saved
him, and he'll be fine this way. As soon as he wakes up, and eats something, he'll be fine and
ready to go home. But you have a big part to play now. You both have to get the diocese to let
him stay permanently. If he leaves, you both could die. Derek's teacher never taught him about
bondings, at Winston's instruction, so he doesn't know. When a mage bonds with a loved one
something special happens to both. The longer lifespan is taken by all the partners.)


(Mr..... Nick, mages live longer lives. By up to fifty years or more. When he bonded with
both of you last night, you both changed. You'll be able to use his abilities, and he yours, and yes
you do have one or you wouldn't be here - your father wasn't liked that much -, and so will Philip.
Right now, though, Philip's playing cards with some Princess or another.)

"Senefera?" The name caused Derek to look up and frown.

(Yes, I think so. Anyway, tell Derek...)

"He's holding out a hand, wanting the phone, hold on." He handed it to Derek.

(Derek, He's fine, and so are you both. He would have died if he had gone through with it,
and right at this minute he's playing with a little Princess. Nick said it was Senefera. Isn't that
who the mummy turned out to be?)

"Yes, thank you for helping us," he said. "It means a lot that you would break your vows
like that for us."

(Don't worry. Oh, and you'll have to resume your studies. The council wants you to stay,
and you know them. We're sending over someone to teach you, you'll love her and her mate.
Good night, and go home to bed. He's fine. Talk to Nick) Sloan hung up.

Derek sat staring at the phone, looking from it to his mates and back. He eventually folded
it up and handed it back to Nick, taking his hand. "Now tell me what he said."

Nick laughed, and let Derek in on the surprise. Derek smiled and shared his news.


Philip picked up a stick, moving a marble on the game board around. "How much longer
am I here for?"

"Until the older one gets his way with your High Priests. Relax, you aren't hurt and they
aren't mad at you." she took her turn. "Your turn."

"Thanks." He studied the board closely, then took his move.

"I know that they have something special planned for your return. Be patient and it'll come
sooner." she took her move.

"Yes, ma'am." He took another move and laughed.


"At least I don't have to help them with their case load or the inventory, or...... This is like
a vacation, the first I've had in a while."

"True." she took her move. "You've needed one of those since the last time I saw you.
Your turn."

The End?