Title: Sore Feet
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Derek
Category: PWP

Warnings: grumpy man?

Statement: Love you all dearly, but I want someone else to need Midol
right now. If you have comments or questions about my state of mental
health email me at hcompanion@hotmail.com

Sore Feet

Nick sat there with his feet in the cold water. Why did he have to
get swollen ankles just because he was sensitized to Alex. This happened
every month. He was the one who needed Midol. It was like some ancient
curse for him to feel what she felt. He guessed this is what men felt like
during sympathetic pregnancies. He liked Alex a whole lot as a friend, but
he wished she would keep her PMS to herself.

Derek walked into the room to see if his lover was alright, bringing
him some coffee. He almost laughed at the sight of his lover; feet in cold
water, heating pad around his waist, another peaking from behind his back.
Almost, but not quite. Derek knew that if he laughed at Nick, he was
going to pay dearly for it. Nick would get him for it some night. "Here
you go, Nick. I thought some hot liquid would help some." Derek smiled
at the look Nick gave him. Derek knew it would be over in a few days, but
he also knew Nick felt miserable. Just last month, Nick had accused Alex
of using black magic to do this to him. He had been joking, mostly, and
fortunately Alex hadn't taken offense, but still.

Derek leaned down to kiss the sulky look off Nick's mouth. He
loved being here to comfort him during this time. It was like his sex drive
was hyped. It was a great time of the month. Nick kissed him back with a
passion that Derek could feel if he was downstairs. He knew what Derek
wanted, knew what they both wanted. Nick removed his feet from the
water and the heating pad from his stomach before standing up. Nick
grabbed the back of Derek's head to pull him closer to his mouth. He
wanted Derek so bad, it hurt.

Derek gave in to the dominating attitude that Nick was using. He
loved this part. Nick ripped the vest and tie off his lover, leaving him
wondering at Nick's strength. A few minutes ago, he could barely move.
Now he was biting the buttons off Derek's shirt pulling it up out of his
pants to get the last few. He let Nick push the shirt off his shoulders and
throw it across the room to land somewhere near the bathroom door. Nick
started to nibble his way down Derek's throat, stopping at the pulse point
to lick like a kitten. Derek knew what Nick was waiting for before moving
on, so he purred for Nick. Derek felt Nick smile into the crease of skin
between his shoulder and neck. Nick liked this game. Nick moved lower
to tongue the area of his pectoral muscles, running his tongue around in
small circles over the slight bulge of muscle before moving onto Derek's
nipples. Nick nipped hard at the little buds in front of him, causing them to
rise. Derek groaned in pleasure and pain until Nick flicked the sensitized
area with his tongue. Nick came back up for another kiss, deep and
thorough before moved back to suck on Derek's nipples. He looked up at
his older lover's face as he sent a hand down to caress Derek's stomach.

Derek couldn't take it anymore, he needed Nick. Needed to feel
him, to taste him. Derek picked Nick up and threw him on the bed. He
pulled Nick's t-shirt off and bent to follow the same path that Nick had a
few seconds ago. Derek bit Nick's nipples hard enough to make the
younger man yell in pleasure. Derek looked up at Nick's face, and bent
back to his work on Nick's nipples. He suckled the little buds like they
were his only focus in life. When he finally came up for air from them, they
were harder than he had ever seen. Nick growled at him to do more, so
Derek bent down to play with the slight trail of hair on Nick's stomach. He
nosed and ran his tongue against the grain of the growth, using a slower
stroke to smooth it out. Nick's only vocalization of his desire was an
almost constant growl deep in his chest. Derek loved the sound of it, it
made him want to move lower. Nick moved quickly to forestall him. He
flipped Derek over, started to lick his nipples again. He would give Derek
as good as he got, always.

When Nick gave up on making Derek's nipples harder, he moved to
lap the inside of his navel. He knew Derek liked this, a lot. Nick looked at
licking Derek's navel like a meal, it was a suitable appetizer for what was
coming next. Nick looked up to get silent permission before undoing his
lover's pants. He always did, just to make sure Derek wanted to go on.
After Derek pulling him up for a kiss, and telling him one word "More"
Nick went back to nibbling the newly exposed flesh beneath Derek's

Nick pulled out Derek's cock with a teasing slowness. He wanted
Derek to feel teased and loved and wanted. Derek shouted his name when
he finally got it out all the way. He waited until Derek's breathing slowed
some before running his tongue around the tip and around in circles down
the length. Derek gasped in pleasure and pulled on Nick's shoulders to get
his attention.

"Want you too." Derek knew Nick knew what he wanted. Nick
obliged by moving until they were sixty-nined in the bed. Derek undid
Nick's pants to remove his young lover's cock. He loved the size of Nick.
Derek was still trying to fit it all in his mouth, but after three months he still
hadn't yet. He would keep trying until he did though. So Derek tried again
to fit all of Nick into his mouth. Nick had taken all of him in and was
sucking happily away, Derek mirroring his movements in counterpoint.
When Nick went down, Derek went up. When Nick groaned, Derek
moaned, both sending waves of pleasure through the other's flesh. In short
order, they came together, yelling each other's name at the top of their

Nick slung his body around to recover and cuddle up to Derek. He
laid his head on the older man's shoulder sighing in pleasure. "That was
great, lover," he murmured into Derek's shoulder. Derek could only shake
his head; he was still catching his breath. Nick placed small kisses around
Derek's neck and cheek working is way up to the mouth. Derek had
recovered until that moment, but gave in anyway. He wanted to do this
again, and again, and again, all night if necessary. Nick snuggled down and
caught the throw blanket at the end of the bed so he could cover them up.
They fell asleep together, relaxing into each other in sleep as they did in
everyday life. Trust and love absolute.