Title: This Sight
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Derek

Warnings: angst

This Sight

Derek was writing in his journal when he felt a presence beside him.
"What ya doin'?" a small female voice asked from his left side. He looked
up at Kat and smiled. She was growing up so fast. She was almost twelve
now, and just hitting puberty. She was pretty already, he felt sorry for the
boys in a couple of years.

He closed his journal so she could see it. It wasn't his legacy
journal, but one like it. "Nick and I both keep a journal about things we
think about. We agreed to share them with each other once a month."

"You mean like fantasies and stuff?"

Derek knew that Rachel was going to discuss sex with Kat this
weekend, but wondered how graphic he should be with her. "Yes. We
write down our fantasies to help keep the relationship fresh and new. Is
there something you would like to talk about?" He was guessing, but by
the look on her face he knew he hit the mark with that question.

"Yeah, but I'd rather ask Nick. I mean, you're like a father to me
and all, but Nick is closer to my age and I would just feel more comfortable
asking him about this. But I do want to talk to you later about this. I
mean....,"she took a deep breath, "about my gifts and things like this. Like
sex. I mean...I ... I don't know what I mean." Her shoulders slumped in
defeat. How could she talk about it when she couldn't even get the
questions out?

"Don't worry, Kat, I know what you're trying to ask. When you're
ready, come find me and we'll talk." Derek patted the arm nearest him and
looked at his watch. "Nick should...."

"Hi, love." Nick said as he walked on the door carrying bags of
groceries. "I got the stuff for dinner tonight. Hey, Kat, wanna help me put
it up?" Nick smiled at the young woman. She was going to be a classic
beauty one day soon, he felt real sorry for the boys. She said yes, so they
headed into the kitchen after she gave Derek a kiss on the cheek. Nick was
throwing fruit into the refrigerator, when he heard Kat jump up on the
counter. Ah, she wanted to talk to him. They had done this many time
since she got here. Nick knew she felt comfortable around him, like a big
brother, so she felt she could ask him things. He turned around to look at
her. The rest of the groceries went up into a cabinet anyway, so they could
wait. "What's wrong honey?

"Nick, can I ask you something? I mean I could go and ask Derek,
but the age difference and all, and he's like a father to me, and I need to ask
some questions and I usually come to you, and ....." Kat rambled on
quickly, her nervousness increasing by the second.

"Sure. Let me guess. You and your mom had "The Talk" and now
you have questions about mine and Derek's relationship?" They both
headed to the table to talk.

"Yeah, it wasn't something she covered. I mean I know about how
women and men do things, but how do you and Derek? How do two
women do this?" Kat needed to find out the answers she sought, so she
figured being shy about it wouldn't help. She knew Nick was cool with this
idea, he would tell her what she wanted to know.

"Well, do you want to know mechanics or love?"

"Mom told me that they were different, but how? I mean it was
like she was afraid that if she told me, I'd run out and try it. I just..."

"Yeah, I asked my best friends for the same reason, but got the way
wrong answers. Okay, let me give you my version of this discussion."

Nick and Kat talked for a couple of hours before all her questions
were answered. They had discussed feelings, and wants, and needs, and
biological and chemical signals, and everything that they both decided she
wanted and needed to know. When they were finished Kat gave Nick a
kiss on the cheek and went to her room to think about what they had talked
about. Nick went to find Derek to tell him about it. Derek was in his
office, reading a new entry in his journal when Nick found him. He smiled
at the grin on Derek's face from the *thought* of the entry.

"Must be a good one for you to look like that, Derek. Can I see?"
Derek handed Nick the journal so he could read for himself what had
turned Derek on. Nick locked the door, and put down the journal. "So
then, me taking off my shirt in your office wouldn't be a bad thing would
it?" Nick suited actions to words and took off his shirt. Nick leaned on the
desk and pushed the button to close the blinds. "Don't want anybody to
see us, now do we?" Nick walked over and sat in Derek's lap. He kissed
the older man firmly, seeking entrance to his mouth. When Derek gave it,
Nick probed all around the inside, running his tongue around Derek's teeth
and palette. Derek's tongue followed Nick's back into his mouth to
reciprocate. Nick moved his hands through Derek's hair, playing and
twining the strands around his fingers. Derek moaned into Nick's mouth at
the feeling. Derek shifted to get a better grasp of Nick chest and shoulders
so he could rub the sensitive areas around his lover's chest. Nick groaned
at the pleasure flowing through him and started to nibble on the tender spot
just below Derek's earlobe. He had such nice ears and Nick knew he liked
them played with. Nick blew across the newly wetted spot. Derek
shivered, he liked that. Nick moved his lips lower to the side of Derek's
neck. He found a sensitive spot where the pulse beat close to the skin and
started to lick the spot with little tiny motions. Derek growled, and moved
to unbutton the younger man's pants. Derek wanted to feel the younger
man naked on his lap. Derek needed to be naked with Nick sitting on his

Derek moved one of Nick's hands to his buttons and grunted. Nick
got the message and removed the shirt in front of him. At least Derek
wasn't wearing a tie and vest today. That would have been impossible in
this situation. Nick finished the shirt and started on the pants beneath him.
"Hey, when did you get these. I didn't know you had button fly jeans."
Nick slid off Derek's lap to undo the buttons with his teeth. Derek just sat
back in the chair and let it happen. This was already better than the
fantasy. Nick hardly ever did this. When he had gotten Derek free from
his pants, and given him a quick lick across the head, Nick got back on his
lap and reached for the lube Derek kept in the top drawer of the desk.
Nick wrapped his legs around the back of the chair, opening himself fully
to Derek.

"You do this part, Nick. I want to watch." Derek handed Nick the
lube. Nick knew what Derek wanted; he wanted Nick to stretch himself.
It was so rare that Derek wanted this, that Nick just kissed him and opened
the lube. He handed the tube to Derek to pour some out on his fingers.
Nick carefully reached down between his legs to his opening. He ran a
finger around the rim to get it slick before entering. Nick pushed one
finger in slowly, thrusting it in and out.

Derek sat there and watched his young lover do this; his breath and
pulse ever quickening. He loved watching Nick pleasure himself, wished
he would do it more often for him. Usually Derek had to ask for this. But
that discussion was for another time. Nick had slipped a second finger in,
scissoring them back and forth to stretch his anus open for Derek. After
the third finger slipped in easily and Nick was thrusting himself to the point
of climax, Derek placed one of Nick's hands on his own cock. Derek
wanted to see him do this while he took him. Derek let him carry on for a
minute more before moving the fingers out of his way and shifting Nick
into position to be taken. Derek groaned as Derek slipped into him as deep
as he could. Derek slouched a little in the chair to get a better angle and
started thrusting. The hole that enclosed him felt like velvet, a tight, hot
glove encompassing him. It made Derek want it more. He thrusted faster,
watching Nick's hand move himself in rhythm with the other motions.
They sped up, faster and harder until the end. Nick came first, his cum
sweeping onto Derek's chest and neck; the orgasm clenching the muscles of
his spinchter until Derek couldn't move. Derek came with the squeezing, it
was so tight it almost hurt. They shouted in unison, their pleasure shown
openly for all with in hearing distance.

Nick laid his head on Derek's shoulder to recover. Derek rubbed
the younger man's back until the heavy pants of both of them subsided.
This was where they both wanted to be. "Oh, God, Derek. How do you
do that to me?" Nick wanted to capture this feeling for all eternity. This
peace, this safety, this feeling that nothing bad in the world could happen to
either of them. Nick knew it was the wrong thought, but he wanted to stay
this way forever.

Derek could almost hear the thoughts in Nick's mind. "You did it
yourself. I liked that, I was just around for the ride." Derek held him
closer for a minute. "Nick, we should talk about something."

"Derek, in a minute."

Derek waited for the time to be right. He wanted Nick to take his
question seriously, out of love. When Nick had calmed down into a sleepy
post-sex glow, Derek asked the question. "Are we going to be doing this
for a while?" That wasn't the exact thing he wanted to ask, but he knew
Nick was commitment shy. Derek didn't want to spook him.

"Yes, Derek. We can announce ourselves as a couple to the
world." Nick smiled up at his lover. "I was wondering how long it was
going to take you to ask me something like this. I was just waiting for

Derek was amazed at Nick's empathy. Derek had wanted to make
the announcement at the next reception, next week. He didn't know what
to say. "Are you sure? I mean things will change. Some of our friends will

"Yes Derek. I'm sure." Nick gave Derek one of those sun dimming
smiles. "Now shut up and cuddle me before someone bothers us." Derek
did as he was asked.


Kat came into Derek's office after Nick left. Derek sighed
contentedly at the younger man's retreating figure. Kat sat in one of the
chairs facing the desk and smiled. He smiled back at her. She noticed his
shirt was unbuttoned and nodded her head at it. Derek buttoned it up
while she put her head on his desk on top of her crossed arms.

Kat sat upright quickly. "Derek, God." She had seen a picture of
Nick sitting on Derek's lap, head thrown back in release. Derek gave her a
funny look until he remembered laying the journal there, and her gifts.
Putting two and two together he blushed, deeply. "That's what I want to
talk to you about. How do I block that." She gulped air guilty. She didn't
want Derek to be offended, but, "Derek, with you and Nick, and Alex and
her man, and all, I keep getting quite...umh... graphic images of what goes
on in your private lives. I don't want to see it." She went on in a hurry, so
as not to offend. "I mean it's great and all, but you know I don't need the
details." She looked at him, hoping he would understand.

Derek just looked at her, dumbfounded. He had never expected her
to manifest her abilities like this. "I'm not offended Kat. Just curious.
How long has this been going on?"

"The first time I touched something of Alex's that she had on during
a date. Right after Ireland." Kat looked embarrassed by her confession. "I
wasn't trying to pry, it just came through. I don't know what to do." Kat
was near hysterics. She didn't want to see these things, it was too much.
She just wanted a normal life at that moment. No more images of sex, no
more images of cuddling. She knew it would only get worse, she wanted it
to stop. It disturbed her to see these images. She *really* didn't need to
know what went on in other's love life.

"I don't know how to dampen it. Let's work on that after supper in
the lab. We'll run tests to find your sensitivity level and go from there."
Derek came from behind the desk to sit on the chair next to her and took
her hand in his. "Kat, honey, I know this disturbs you. It's okay to be
upset over these images. It's even normal." Derek smiled at the word.
"We don't think that you're prying . We know you don't want or need to
see what goes on in our private times. Don't worry about it. If worse
comes to worse, we'll find some way to clean the images out through
hypnosis so you don't pick it up. Alright?"

Kat just nodded yes, that was good. She was so worn out trying to
fight the 'sight' that she just fell asleep there in the chair, surrounded by the
peaceful emanations from Derek. He covered her up and went to find
Nick. They left her alone until dinner time. After dinner, Derek and Kat
sat down and worked on her abilities for a while. He taught her how to
control them consciously, and how to ignore them the rest of the time.
They were both tired by the time they went to bed.

Derek crawled in beside Nick carefully, knowing he had went to
sleep a while ago, not wanting to disturb him. Nick woke up long enough
to give him a kiss and snuggle up to his shoulder before going back to
sleep. All in all a fulfilling day. Derek kissed Nick and went to sleep,
curled around him.