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Sick Leave (or alternately: Nick let those poor men rest, they need it! -
a Rachel title.)

Nick walked into the hospital room, locking the door behind him. He had gotten
the nurse's cooperation in keeping people out for an hour. "Good morning,
my lovelies, and how are we today?" He pulled a chair between their beds
so that he could see them both, and more importantly they could see him.

"Fine," was the uninspiring chorus.

Derek made his bed move so he could sit up. "Philip's been in a morphine haze,
and I've had no one to talk to all morning. Where were you? I needed a little
reassurance." He gave Nick a shy smile, then moved a hand to rub at the
bump under the blankets.

"Nick, he's been mean ta me all day." was Philip's reply.

"I have not." Derek turned himself to look hard at Philip. "You yelled at me
when I tried to tell you a funny story. You've been laying over there with a
drug glow, and I've had to keep myself busy all morning."

"'Ave no'. Your 'keepin' yours'f busy' has been drivin' me nuts." Philip
turned to Nick, but just his head. He wasn't allowed to move. "He didn' ev'n
come over an' help me out." Philip pouted in the other men's direction.
"Couldn' do it mys'f, no, but Derek coulda helped out."

Nick laughed. "If you two are up to fighting, you're well enough to come home
and help clean up the mess."

"NO!" both men yelled in unison, then looked at each other and laughed.

Nick laughed with them, then stood up and adjusted himself.

"Nick, you can't do that while we're in here. It's not fair to those of us who
are in pain and can't do anything about it." Derek motioned to the rather
large lump in his lap.

"Yeah, Nick, ya can' do tha' ta us." Philip protested. "'Specially since I
canna do it on my own."

Would you like me to help you out with those, my poor, injured men?"

"Yes, please," they said in unison.

Nick shifted a little closer to Philip's bed. "Derek, do you think you could
climb in with Philip? That way I could focus in one direction instead of

Derek got out of bed, gingerly, and walked over to Philip's bed. He waited until
the young man had moved over so he could have some room, then laid down
with his head on Philip's shoulder.

"Okay, you two, would you like a story, a show, or a play?" He un-zipped
and -buttoned his pants.

"Story, " Philip said, "'cause I canna get very far."

"Show," Derek said. "Unless the play is going to be interactive."

"Oh, the story will be interactive, Derek, don't worry about it." Nick raised his
hips slightly to draw his pants down. He let them get down to his knees, not
letting them fall onto the floor. "Once upon a time, there was a scholarly
Prince." He let a finger wander along the veining. "He loved to read, or to
discuss things, in his softly accented voice, with others so he could learn
more. He welcomed all to his kingdom those who sought knowledge."
Nick let a thumb sweep across the crest of his cock. "One day, another
handsome young prince came riding up at breakneck speed on his horse. He
flew out of the saddle," he let his other hand fall down, letting it stoke his
balls, "and ran into the castle seeking the scholarly Prince. They found each
other in a hall full of stained glass windows." He started to roll the testicles
around, gently separating them with his fingers. "Prince, I have need of your
help, he cried, embracing the scholarly prince. Can we go somewhere and
be alone?" Nick took his stroking hand off, and leaning over, let both Derek
and Philip lick it before returning it to its duty. "Come, he said, we can go in
here. The Prince opened the door, his bedroom door as it happens, and let
the younger prince proceed him. Now what is the trouble that you need my
help with, he asked. The younger Prince kneeled down before the scholarly
prince. I have to bed my wife this weekend, but as he is a man, I have no
idea what to do. I've asked my subjects and advisors, but they had no idea
either." Nick switched hands, noticing that Derek was following the action,
not the words.

"Wait, said the scholarly Prince, your wife is a man? How did this come about?
Well, said the younger Prince, our kingdom was just recently cursed by an
evil fairie, she turned all of the women into men. The ugliest woman would
be the most handsome man, and any woman that crosses our borders will
live the curse until she leaves." Nick started to stroke himself lightly, while
reaching over to rub against both Derek and Philip's erections. He motioned
with his free hand for Derek to do it with him, and to help Philip out. "I see,
said the scholarly Prince. And you don't know what to do with your wife in
your marriage bed, I take it. But, tell me, you mentioned an heir, is that
possible? Yes, said the younger Prince, our court wizard concocted a way
for myself and my subjects to still bear children. The only catch is that it
will work on any man, not just the ones that used to be women. So now, I'm
expected to start making heirs." Nick slowed down, watching Derek stroke
Philip lovingly.

"So nice, so goo'." Philip moaned.

Nick smiled at the scene and went on. "I see said the scholarly Prince. So you
come to me seeking knowledge of how to relate to your wife. Yes, said the younger
Prince, I have no foreknowledge of relations of that nature. Okay, said the scholarly
Prince, I will show you, but you must trust me completely, for it may hurt
the first time, and there is much to show you. Thank you, said the younger
Prince, grabbing the scholarly Prince around the waist, kissing his royal
navel. The scholarly Prince patted the younger Prince's head, then moved
his arms, pulling him to stand next to him. Do you understand your body, he
asked. The younger Prince said, no, so the scholarly Prince stripped them
both. The first rule, he said, is to be able to view the body as a work of
art." Nick smiled at Derek, who had taught him about that. "Do you know
about kissing, asked the scholarly Prince." Nick leaned over and gave both
Derek and Nick chaste kisses, then pulled his chair slightly closer because it
was an awkward stretch with his erection in the way. "Yes, my Prince, I do
know some about kissing a woman, but is it the same with a man? Kiss me
and find out, said the scholarly Prince. The younger Prince took the
scholarly Prince in his arms, kissing him in a deep and thorough manner." Nick
suited actions to words, and kissed them both, until none of them could
breath. "Yes, said the younger Prince, it is much the same, but your beard
stubble was an odd sensation to have at first. It does start to feel normal
after a while, does it not? The scholarly Prince laughed, said, Yes, and
pulled him in for another kiss to show him. They kissed for a long while,
both letting it end there, for now." Nick moved around in the chair, moving
his feet up to rest on the bed. "When they slowed the kissing down, the
scholarly Prince took one of the younger Princes hands and placed it on his
chest. I would have you feel me, he said, take the time to explore the person
you are with." Nick brought a hand up and slowly unbuttoned his shirt,
playing with the skin he uncovered. When it was totally undone, he pushed
it aside.

"Good, said the scholarly Prince, now touch the areas you like to have
touched by your court courtesan. But, the younger Prince said, my kingdom
doesn't have any. We, because of our religion, believe that one should not
do ... that outside of marriage. Then how did you learn how to consummate
your relationship with your intended wife? Ah, said the younger Prince, I
was given a book with instructions, but it didn't teach me much."

"Hey," Philip said, "tha's no' fair. I taugh' sex ed. for a whole year."

"Sorry, Philip. I didn't mean you, I meant the others that do that daily." He leaned
over Derek to give Philip a kiss in apology. "I didn't mean to insult you or
the church."

"You bett'r no' 'ave," he said, settling back into Derek's caresses. "Bu' I
for'ive ya for it." He smiled at Nick, who licked his lips and smiled back.

"Demanding aren't you? But, that's how I like you, screaming what you
want at the top of your lungs." Nick gave him a *very* big smile, and
stroked himself hard once. "But back to the story. So then you are truly
naive when it comes to this matter, aren't you, the scholarly Prince said.
What do you do to pleasure yourself? I do not do that, said the younger
Prince, I don't know how." Nick had to shift slightly, let some of the
tension melt away. "I remember that night well, don't you, Philip?"

"Yeah," Philip said with a dreamy expression on his face. "I foun' wha' I was
lookin' for tha' nigh'. You show'd me all sorta thin's I coul' do when I was
alone." He smiled brightly over at Nick, "An' when we're tog'ther."

"True, too true. Do you know Alex actually came to me the next morning and
complained about the noise you and *Derek* were making?" Philip
laughed. "I almost snorted my milk out my nose. I guess she was just

"Or fantasizing," Derek added, leaning down from Philip's shoulder to lick
a nipple through the nightshirt he wore. "After all, he did call *my* name."

Philip sucked in a breath. "Yeah, it was kinda embar'sin." He blushed,
bright red. "I was hopin' tha' you woul' join in, no' jus' watch."

Derek laughed and attacked the nipple again. "I know," he breathed onto it,
"I wanted to so much, but I told Nick that he could teach you that lesson."

"Tha's all righ', you taugh' me many others since then." Philip ran a hand through
Derek's hair, pushing him back onto the nipple. "More, Nick, please?"

"Okay, so where were we, oh yeah, we were here," he took his cock back in one
hand, the other slipping down to play with his perineum. "The scholarly
Prince pulled the younger Prince to his bed, sitting them side by side. Do
you want me to teach you that also, he asked. The younger Prince lowered
his head and nodded his acceptance. The scholarly Prince raised the
younger Prince's head, making him look him in the eye. It is no shame to do
that, he said, and it is safe and pleasurable. No one should frown on you for
it. The younger Prince smiled at him, and said, but you don't know my
ministers." Nick let a finger go back, circling his anus, the other hand
lifting his balls to let the other men watch him. Nick moaned, and slipped a
finger inside, almost. "Oooh, the scholarly Prince laid the younger Prince
back on the bed. No, but I know mine, and have know them like this for
many years. He leaned over and kissed the younger Prince's throat, playing with
the tendon running from the ear to the shoulder. And, he said, I have known
about this type of relations for many years, and with many people. The
younger Prince looked up at him, and sighed the words teach me, please. So
the scholarly Prince licked the younger Prince's Adam's apple then said of
course I will, it would be my pleasure, and yours."

Nick smiled and held out his finger for Philip to lick for lubrication. "The
scholarly Prince kissed and licked and nibbled his way down the younger
Prince's chest, coming to rest at his nipples. He licked one gently, and not
getting enough of a response, he bit it, hard. The younger Prince shot up, or
tried to anyway, and the scholarly Prince licked it to soothe the hurt he had
given. He moved to the other nipple, waiting until the younger Prince had
settled down before doing it again. This time the younger Prince moaned in
pleasure and grabbed the scholarly Prince's head to have him do it more. He
moved back and forth, biting and suckling on the nipples until they were
hard as little stones." Nick moved a second finger down to play with the
pucker, after letting Derek lick it. "The scholarly Prince moved down,
nipping at the muscles on the younger Prince's stomach until he came to the
navel, which he rimmed, then dipped in for a taste."

Derek let Philip go, and climbed out of the bed to kneel between Nick's knees.
"You need better lubrication to do that, my love. Let me." He licked Nick,
letting his spit wet the entrance to his body. Nick shifted and groaned,
moving a leg so Philip could watch. When Nick had all he could take
without coming, he tapped Derek on the head, making him look up.

"Kiss me, then go pleasure Philip. This is for the both of you." They
kissed, then Derek climbed back into the bed, sharing the taste with Philip.
He laid back down on Philip's chest, letting a hand move back to Philip's
erection, and the other to his own.

"When the scholarly Prince finally left the navel and moved lower, the younger
Prince jumped. Oh, my, he shouted, so the scholarly Prince showed him by
example how to lick a cock. He licked up the bottom side, playing with the
veins and soft spots there before moving on to lick across the head." Nick
let Derek lick his hand again before showing the story line as best he could
by himself. "The younger Prince thrust up, greedily, begging for more, so
the scholarly Prince swallowed him, letting the suction," a hard stroking
begins, the other hand letting one of it's fingers sink into the hole it's been playing
with. "speak for itself. When the younger Prince came with a shout, the
scholarly Prince sucked the liquid up like a thirsty man at a well in a desert,
swallowing all that he can get. The scholarly Prince looks up at the younger
Prince and asks, are you ready for the next part of the lesson? The younger
Prince nods, barely able to do that, so the scholarly Prince reaches across the
bed for a jar of lubrication. He prepared the younger Prince's hole," Nick
slips in a second finger, "adding first one, then two," he adds a third, "then a
third, before positioning himself at the opening of the younger Prince's
body. Are you ready, he asks him. The younger Prince is panting in
pleasure from the fingers and grabs the scholarly Prince to pull him in,
thrusting his hips up to meet the hard cock of the scholarly Prince."

Nick gets up and flips Derek around on the bed, so he's sitting at the bottom
of the bed before shedding his pants the rest of the way and climbing on
top. He lets himself sink onto the hard rod pointing up, begging for his
touch. Once he's on, he leans down and sucks Philip into his mouth,
alternating between a gentle rocking motion on Derek and a gentle suction
on Philip. He rides them long and hard, letting them both use him, and be
used by him, for pleasure to take away the sting of their injuries.

They all come, first Nick, then Derek into him, urged on by Nick's muscles
responding to his orgasm, then Philip into his mouth. All three lay in the
bed, panting, trying to catch their breaths.

"How (pant) how does it end?" Philip asks, then pats the bed beside him so Nick
can stretch out.

Nick waited until he caught his breath before going on. "Well, the younger Prince
had never felt anything like that before. He told the scholarly Prince that,
and asked to stay for more lessons. The scholarly Prince looked over at the
younger Prince and smiled. Of course you can. As long as you want. The
younger Prince smiles at him. You don't know what you are giving to me,
he says. The scholarly Prince said, yes I do, I'm giving you the option of
forever, if you want it. The younger Prince smiled and said simply okay.
The scholarly Prince smiled and repeated, forever. They kissed, and fell
asleep in each other's arms. The end. For now, that is." He kissed Philip,
who was almost asleep, and moved his feet so Derek could go back to his
own bed. "I'll tell you about more of their lessons when you come home, as
a reward for getting better." He got up and put back on his pants.

"Thank ya, Nick," said a sleepy Philip. "Tha'll make me come home soon'r."
Philip got comfortable and went to sleep. Nick kissed his forehead and
tucked him in. He went over and did the same for a sleeping Derek. He
checked his own clothes, smiled at them, then walked out the door.

He ran into Rachel in the hall. She looked at him carefully, then slapped a folder
on his arm. "Nick, you need to leave those men alone, they need their rest."
She walked past him.

He smiled at the cooperative nurse, and walked down the hall, whistling.

Epilogue 1:

When Nick got home that night, he couldn't find Alex anywhere. He
knocked on her door, checked her usual working areas, nothing and no
Alex. He shrugged and went into the control room.

Alex was up in a spare bedroom, watching a tape from a carefully concealed
micro-camera that she had planted on Nick before he left for the hospital.
She listened to the story, watched the 'interactive show' as Nick called it,
and pleasured herself to their pleasure.

"I can't wait until they get home. What a night that'll be." she purred as she
shut off the recorder/t.v. combo unit and hid the tape. "I can't wait." She
went to her room, and headed for the shower.

Epilogue 2:

The night that Derek got home, Nick told Derek another part of the story,
videotaping it for Philip, who he showed it to the next day at the hospital.

He kept up the story telling every day until Philip got out. The day he came home,
nobody saw the three men from the moment they walked in until the next
morning, when they all came downstairs looking very tired.

Nick had found the camera one day, and asked Alex about it. He had
watched the tapes, gotten mad, and stormed out. He came home a few
hours later.

"Alex, I don't mind if you share our pleasure with us," he told her, "but
under *no* circumstances are you to show those tapes to Philip, and
especially not Derek. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes, Nick." She smiled at him, happy. She continued to tape them with Nick's
permission, growing quite a library of tapes, because as we know, those
men couldn't keep their hands off each other, even when they were sick.