A ptl mpreg. Because Strife wanted it that way!

Some Things Are Meant to Be (or Fuck Fate! I Don't Wanna!)

Strife, temporary God of Lust, brooded about his deputized position and his latest job. Aphrodite had deputized him for a few days because she had to go overthrow a wedding or something like that; one that was almost as bad as that whole Romeo and Juliet thing a few years back. He shrugged his thoughts off and watched the three men he was supposed to pull together. There wasn't any way, they weren't even talking to each other, but she had said she needed them to be together in the next few days. So here he was, trying to put three men who were presently fighting an old battle into the same bed. Which sucked.

He reviewed their past and an idea started to form. "So they deal with the strange crap, huh?" Strife said slowly. "Then let's give them the strangest of the strange crap. Me!" He giggled and disappeared, going to check on something.

A few centuries back, Zeus had declared that any God that slept with a mortal would get them pregnant. There were too few of them in the world and the gods needed the power the demi-gods could send their way. Hera agreed, she wanted to know for sure who the old fart had been sleeping with. So now, every God that slept with someone made them pregnant, no matter who or what they were. Hence, Zeus had a child by a rock a few decades back. He had really been attracted to that Venus statue. Hera, on the other hand, had torn off the statue's arms and head. She hadn't apparently liked it that much, no matter how pretty it had been.

Strife grinned once he found the order was still in place and went back to thinking about his plans. Gods had some leeway in what their children became. They could determine a few of the major attributes of their children's personalities and they had even more control about what they looked like. Which brought him to the highest point in his plan. He missed his triplets. And now he had the perfect way to bring them back to him. He disappeared into the ether, landing inside the house but staying invisible so he could watch and wait for his perfect opportunity.

The first one was the light's finest warrior. He was alone in his office, brooding about the fight. This was gonna be too easy! He appeared behind the older man's seat, staying invisible, but starting to work a knot out of his shoulders.

"Begone foul spirit," Derek Rayne yelled, standing up and looking around. He touched the back of his neck, then checked his hand to make sure it wasn't covered in anything.

Strife frowned. "Maybe a little coercion," he muttered, zapping the mortal. Not enough to make him give in, but enough to make him willing to hear the offer he was going to make with his hands. He moved forward again, this time, running a finger down the man's face. He saw the shiver/shudder reaction and smiled. "Yup, just enough," he whispered in the man's ear, walking around him to tease him some more, that same finger dragging it's way around his chest and down his spine. He laughed at the arched back, coming around to kiss the open mouth. He could like this one, a lot. "So responsive," he whispered, before taking the mouth again. Derek tried to pull back, but he wound his arms around the solid, but unseen form to pull him closer. Strife grinned as he moved down to suckle on the tempting neck. The guy wasn't sure what he wanted.

He got Derek down onto the desk and slowly stripped him of his clothes, tasting and touching each part of his newly-exposed body. He hummed in appreciation of the body he saw, nodding. "I like," he said.

Derek laughed. "What are you?" he gasped as his cock was licked.

"I'm a God," Strife whispered, "and this is for your own good." He swallowed the cock, having had much practice in his life. He materialized some gel that he liked as a lubricant and started to prepare his temporary lover. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle," he said as he started to push in.

Derek's back arched up off the desk. "Which Got?" he whispered, panting hard as he was fully filled.

Strife laughed. "Guess." He giggled as he pulled back and shoved in again, starting a hard, fast, yet gentle rhythm.

Derek yelled as he came a few minutes later, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. He grabbed at the hands he could feel on his hips, holding them there. "You're not Cupid, correct?"

"Nope, not flyboy," Strife said, grinning down at him and appearing. "I'm much more interesting than featherhead." He winked and disappeared, leaving the naked man lying there.

"Oh, Got," Derek moaned, standing up. He went to his private bathroom and got cleaned up and redressed.

Strife stood in a corner and watched him, considering what he knew of the mortal. "Which one for you?" he wondered quietly. He grinned and willed one of his favorite of the triplets into this one's body. "Oh, yeah," he said as he disappeared. "This'll work for her and me. And maybe Unc, wherever he is, will be amused." Strife disappeared totally, going back out into the forest to consider the other two men and to finish his brood about his uncle. Ares had just up and left his temple one day after the Roman Empire fell. He got stressed, closed his temple off, and walked away; no one knew where he was. Well, maybe this would give him a kick, if he was still around. Strife shrugged off his melancholy mood and searched for one of the other two men he was going to whammy, as Aphrodite would say.

He found the second guy in the gym, working hard to take his anger out on the punching bag instead of his friends. Strife invaded his mind and grinned, liking this one even more. He knew *just* who to give this guy. He strolled over and grabbed the man, throwing him down to the mat. "Nickie," he sighed, staying invisible. "Why won't you listen to them? You know they have a point, even if they are asses." He straddled the body and grinned down at the confused look this man was wearing. "Don't worry, I'm not...*harmful*."

Nick wiggled backwards to stand up, looking around at the empty room. "What's going on," he complained.

"Well, I'm here to make sure that you meet your destiny in a timely purpose," Strife said, mimicking Apollo's arrogance. He really didn't want this guy to recognize him, and Nick had seen him before, a long time ago in a jungle. "Ready yet?"

"No!" Nick said, backing up against an exercise machine. "I don't believe in destiny."

"Yay," Strife said in a bored tone. "And?"

Nick grimaced. "Leave or I'm calling someone to banish you!" he warned.

"Yay, and?" Strife repeated.

Nick growled and launched himself at where the voice was, using his standard approach to something unknown: kill/maim/hurt it. He landed back on the exercise machine's bench with a light shove and went pale. "What *are* you?" he begged.

"Me," Strife said, grinning at the groan. "I'm the same one that just went and did something very nasty to your boss." He leaned down and gave the young man a kiss. "It's your turn now," he whispered in his ear.

"No, not Derek!" Nick begged.

"Shh, he's fine," Strife said, stroking through his hair. "I wasn't mean to him, just a little dirty." He nipped the tip of the man's nose and his free hand freed the hard cock. "See, I knew you'd like it."

Nick shook his head. "No I don't."

"Yeah, ya do," Strife insisted. "Otherwise, you'd be softer than overcooked spaghetti." He chuckled at the blush. "It's all right, Nickie, I'll take *good* care of you." He bent down to kiss him, taking all of the mortal's will to fight in that instant. Nick really wanted this and he was more than ready to play. "Get up and turn around, after droppin' your pants," he told his new playmate. Nick didn't move so he pinched the hard cock lightly. "Now."

Nick stood up and did as he was told, bracing himself against the metal supports holding the stack of weights. He closed his eyes as a damp finger traced down his crack. "I don't want..." he started but moaned as it breached him. "How?" he asked.

"Oh, I know these things, Nickie," Strife told him. "I can see into you, see what you really want." He nipped lightly at the back of the firm neck as he switched to his thumb. "I know what ya want and what ya need, but ya won't go ask for." He removed his thumb and lubed himself, sliding into the slightly prepared hole, making the mortal go weak in the knees. "I know ya like it a little rough and hard," he whispered, wrapping his arms around the bare waist as he too straddled the weight bench. He really liked this one. He started a hard, punishing stroke, rocking the whole machine. By the time Nick was ready to come, the mortal had bitten into his wrist to keep quiet.

Strife liked that.

He did it harder, making the machine tip over as they both came, making sure Nick's scream was loud and energetic, and it went up as he bit his mortal playmate. He grinned as he pulled out, arranging for the protected part of the triplets he missed so much to take root in this body. He kissed the bite he had placed on the back of Nick's neck. "Better now?" he asked as he disappeared.

Nick quickly pulled up his pants when he heard feet running toward him. "Alex," he sighed, holding out a hand. "I need to check on Derek. Something really strange is going on here."

She looked at the machine, and the obvious stains on it, then at her friend. "Define strange?" she asked. "And you're cleaning that up."

Nick blushed and hung his head. "Alex, something was in here with me, it made me do that. He said he'd visited Derek already."

"Okay," she said, pulling him up. "We'll go check on Derek. He's in his office." She helped him walk out of the gym and down the halls.

Strife panted as he leaned against a tree, wiping his sweat off. "Man, this is hard work," he complained. "I don't know how featherboy does this." He shook himself and concentrated on finding the other man he needed to screw...up, grinning at his own thoughts. "Yeah, that's perfect," he told himself, disappearing and reappearing in the chapel behind the former priest. "Oh, father," he called, lounging on one of the pews, becoming visible when Philip turned around. "Hey," he said with a grin. "I've gotta do something really nasty and dirty to ya, so let's get this over with, 'kay?" He laughed at the shocked look. "It's not that bad," he said, getting up and strolling over to brush his thumb against the wet bottom lip. "Nothin' at all like what I did to Nickie. Or to Derek," he added with a grin. He waved both of their clothes away, smirking as the shy priest tried to cover himself. "Now, Father, is that any way to treat the man who'll make sure you live out your destiny?"

"No," Philip said firmly, his lilt coming back stronger now, as he backed away from him. "Get away!"

"Shh," Strife said, still grinning. "It won't hurt and I promise ta make ya sing," he offered.

Philip glared at him. "Back to Hell with ya, beast," he snarled.

"Nope, not quite. I'm on the *other* side."

Philip looked startled. "You're an angel?" He looked over the thin, pale body. "Ya can't be."

"Nope, not quite, whole different structure of belief going on here." He spread out his arms. "I'm Greek, can't ya tell?"

Philip groaned and sat down on a step. "Whaddya want, Ares?" he asked.

Strife's mouth hung open. "You've heard from Unc?" He picked the man up and held him a foot off the ground, shaking him. "Where's Unc, you gotta tell me, man. I promise to make it all better for ya, but you gotta tell me where Unc is."

Philip shook his head. "You're not Ares?"

"No, I'm Strife," he said, looking confused. "Have you heard from Unc?"

"Once or twice," Philip admitted. He looked at the hurting young God and took him in his arms to give him a hug. "He's fine from what I hear, but he's lonely. Why don't ya go to him?"

"Because we don't know where he is," Strife pointed out dryly. "Otherwise, I wouldn't've asked ya." He pulled back. "You hug nice."

Philip grinned. "Tis a matter of the callin'," he told the God. "Now then, what's this about?"

"See, I'm the *temporary* God of Lust and I've been told I gotta get you with someone. So here I am," he said, stepping back and holding out his arms. "All we need is for you to be on your back."

Philip shook his head. "I'm already involved," he pointed upwards. "Even if I'm not a priest anymore, I won't break my vows."

"Dear, you've already done it," Strife said, trying to sound like he was polite. "Hate to tell you this, but it's already well and truly fucked by now." He saw the grimace. "Hey, you can always serve me instead. Or Unc," he said hesitantly. "I'm sure he could use a follower that listened to him for once."

Philip gave him another gentle smile. "God's forgiven me for my past," he told the God. "But I can't break the vows again."

"If you lust in your heart, you've already broken them," Strife pointed out, earning a frown. "Hey, your rules, not mine. We don't mind lust, not at all, even when I'm not stuck doing Aphrodite's work for her." He grimaced. "I really don't like this part." He looked at the former priest again. "So, how's about we do this so you can go and get everything settled and you can serve your God best by finding real love?"

Philip laughed. "At least you're persistent."

"And pushy," Strife said proudly. "But Nickie kinda liked me like that."

He saw the spark of desire flash in the dark blue eyes. "Nick? Nick Boyle?" he asked. Strife nodded and Philip burst out laughing. "Oh, Nick'd never go for that. He doesn't like men, has a real problem with all gays."

"Dude, you haven't seen the gym yet." He opened a portal so he could see what had went on before. "See, not so bad, huh? He just needs a little commanding now and then." He closed it and looked at the mortal, who was all but drooling. "See, I can and have, and now it's your turn."

Philip shook his head. "I'm sorry, Strife, but it won't be happenin', and especially not in here."

"Whatever," Strife said, grabbing Philip and pulling him up to his bedroom. "Here better for ya?" he asked with a smirk.

Philip fell down onto his bed and looked at the man in alarm. "You really are..." he started then shook his head. "Why me?"

"Because I've got to, didn't you listen?" he asked. He moved closer, grabbing the light brown hair and tugging the head up to look at him. "I've got to do this, dude. And besides, you'll be bringing back my fav triplet of them all," he finished with an even brighter grin. "Just don't tell the others yet, 'kay? I want that part to be a surprise." He leaned down and kissed the startled man, and Philip moaned into his mouth. "See, ya want it," he smirked. "Admit it, you want it."

Philip nodded, backing away from the intense body. "Oh, I do," he agreed, nodding some more, "but it isn't right for me."

"Right, smight," Strife said, waving a hand. "I say what's right, I'm a God."

"But not mine," Philip pointed out.

Strife made an old book, even older than any of the ones in the house, appear. "This is proof that I'm right. They excluded it for no reason and your Big Guy's not happy about it." He handed it over, laying down beside the body to snuggle into it while the mortal read.

Philip looked at the first page and went pale. "Where'd ya get this?"

"Same place it's been all along. There's a few more copies there too." He rubbed over the firm stomach. "Go ahead and read." He licked across the warm neck, making his playmate shiver. "Come on, read," he ordered, a little more firmly this time. He continued to arouse the young man while he read the erotic tale of a new hero from biblical times, a gay one with a strong family that helped him fight evil. One hand snuck down farther until it reached the hard cock, manipulating it lightly.

"I can't read while ya do that," Philip said, moving the hand back to his stomach.

Strife sighed. He would have liked to have done this the other, more fun, way, but if he had to do it the Godly way then so be it. There was only so much time to do this in if he wanted them to really be the reincarnation of his favorite triplets. The hand on the mortal's stomach started to glow. He wasn't going to let his precious ones be born without their femme brother. It just wouldn't be right and the kids would never feel whole. All the spell needed to work was one priming action. The mortal had to masturbate. And that was definitely going to happen soon. He slowly faded out, going back to the woods, appearing dressed again.

He listened as his first two playmates found the third in the bathroom, crossing his fingers to make sure his spell would take right then, as he looked at them. It did and he sighed in relief, leaning against a tree.

"You know," a dark, deadly, calm, sorely missed voice said out of the ether as it's owner appeared, "I liked him as my warrior." Ares looked at his nephew, who had just falling to his knees to hug him. "Get up," he said tiredly.

"Unc," Strife said, sniffling as he looked up at his most favorite person. "You are alive."

"I've been alive, just tired of the family." He held out a hand. "Are you going to get up now or do I have to leave again?"

Strife scrambled up and gave him a proper hug for a moment, then stepped back and checked to make sure no one had seen them. "Sorry," he said, waving between them. "I missed ya."

"I noticed," Ares said dryly. He looked his nephew over. "Well, nothing's changed. How's the 'rents?"

"Bitter and snarky."

"Ah, so nothing *has* changed." Ares shrugged. "I'm content where I am. What's with the trio and 'Dite's mark?"

"She had to deputize me while she went to overthrow a marriage." He shrugged. "She told me to get those three togethah and then have fun. So I did." He slowly started to grin. "Did ya see what I did? How I..."

Ares put a hand over Strife's mouth. "I saw. So did Hades when you pulled the souls from his realm." Strife's eyes went wide over his hand. "Yeah, so it's gonna be really real in there in about ten months." He smiled. "Want some lunch?"

"Yeah," Strife said happily, starting to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet. "Now?"

"Yes, now," Ares agreed, disappearing but letting Strife follow him.

"Bitchin'," Aphrodite said as she appeared. "Just right, Strifey. Just what I wanted." She grinned and wiggled her fingers at the house. "Later," she called, disappearing to go back to work.

The End.