Hi! This one caries another Lit class warning - Inspired by a boring teacher in a class that has
*way* to many essays on ethics. THREESOME ALERT! m/m/f. She who had at the time not
seen any of the third season, and little of the second (stupid cable company at school) sets this
somewhere on a fall day in the second season.

Summary: Alex's new perfume gets into trouble with the men in her life.


Alex walked up to the lady at the fragrance counter in the department store. This was where it
had all started. She didn't see the lady that had waited on her that day, but maybe anyone would
know where she could get some of that strange perfume, the one that had driven the men in the
house into a frenzy. It had to have been the perfume. Nothing else about that day had been

She had gone into town to do some shopping and relax. Nothing was going on at the house, so
Derek hadn't minded her taking a personal day. She had come to this mall because the
department store was just opening. It was supposed to be fantastic, with great deals. Maybe she
would get a new formal dress. Maybe a new coat. Maybe she would just look around for
something new and different for her room. She had wandered over the clothes and furnishing
sections, before coming to the make-up counters. As she wandered among the name brands, she
noticed a lot of women stopping at one particular place. A fragrance counter. Maybe that's what
she needed, a new scent to attract the nonexistent man in her life. So she walked over and sniffed
the testers. Nothing new here.

The attendant came over to her. "Would you like to try our new scent? It's positively to die for."
The woman had waved the strange looking bottle in front of her. "It's supposed to fulfill your
wildest wishes." Alex took it and sniffed at the nozzle. It did smell different. She let the woman
spray her wrist, and rubbed the scent onto her neck and other wrist.

"Thanks" was all she said as she walked back into the mall. She came back a few minutes later,
after realizing that she liked the smell and bought a bottle. Soon after Alex was in a music store,
looking at the new jazz albums. She noticed a man kept walking by her. 'Not bad' she thought.
She waited for him to come up to her.


"Hello. My name is Christophe, what's yours?"


"I hope I'm not being too forward, but you look divine. I was wondering if you would like to
have some sex . . . I mean supper with me."

'What a jerk.' "No, thanks. I have to meet my friends in an hour to go out of town for the week.
Maybe we'll meet again later." Alex quickly bought her selections and headed to her car. She
would go to that nice little candle shop by the ferry docks. They made the cutest candles, and
some of the best tea. She could use the soothing influence of tea right now. When Alex started
to look for a parking place, she noticed a car following her. 'Damn.' She immediately headed
back into a more populous area, but the man in the Tercel just wouldn't go away. 'Maybe I'm
paranoid,' she thought. 'Best just to go back to the house.'

Alex got off the ferry a little while later and headed through the gates. She parked her car,
noticing that everybody else was apparently here still. She walked in the side door to be met by

"Nice day?"

"Well. Not really." Nick came down the stairs at the sound of her voice. He stopped at the
bottom stair and started to sniff.

"Alex, what did you do? Mug the perfume lady?"

"Very funny, Nick. I don't have any on." She had forgotten about the new scent, but then Derek
started to sniff around her too. "Hold on. I did try on a new fragrance, but not enough for you to
be smelling it way over there." She was getting scared now. The look on the two men's faces
was changing; becoming almost animalistic. Alex backed into the living room. "Guys. Guys!"
They weren't paying any attention to her.

Nick had noticed the smell from upstairs. He thought that the cat was in heat, so he went
downstairs to move it away from the air ducts. He came down as Alex entered the house. // Oh,
my, the smells coming from her. Better make a joke about it, not tell her. She'd be *so*
embarrassed// So he did. The smell just got stronger and stronger. He could see Derek
responding to it. //Hmmm, better get closer to find out what was going on.// As he got closer,
the scent became overpowering. Nick could feel himself getting hotter and hotter. He wanted
Alex, wanted to pin her to a wall.

Derek watched Nick sniff Alex from the stairs, and reacted. //A rival for my mate! Have to
defend her, protect my territory!// Derek paced between her and his rival, Nick. //He's not
getting her, she's mine.// He snarled as Nick came closer, and Nick bared his teeth in some
gruesome looking smile. Neither one paid any attention to Alex's protests, after all, she was the
reason they were fighting.

Alex got into the living room, and grabbed the door. She started to close it, but wanted to be able
to get out if she had to stop them from tearing each other up. Alex decided to close and lock the
door. //I can always climb out a window. Better call Rachel. Damn! This is the weekend she
had that conference.// Alex sat on the couch to think. She ran through the names of everyone she
could call, and came across one who would know what to do. //Philip.// She grabbed the phone,
just as Nick howled and the two men banged against the door. She heard one being pushed into
the wall across the foyer, and prayed for Philip to answer the phone faster.

"Hello? Is Father Callahan there?" Pause. "Oh, a baptism? Do you have any idea how much
longer it will be?" Pause. "No, this is an emergency. I really need to talk to him." A crash from
the hall. "Yes, ma'am that's the emergency. He'll understand. Just tell him it's Alex." Pause.
"Please hurry."

"Aaaalllleeeexxx, it's safe, you can come out now. I promise he won't hurt you." Derek called
through the door. Alex shuddered as she heard Nick snort and a thump that meant Nick had hit
Derek into the door.

"Please, please, please, Philip, hurry up"


"Oh, Philip, Thank God! There's something going on.
DerekandNickarefightingovermeandthey'retearingthehouseapart! Come home! Please!" A crash
that sounded like someone getting a vase broken over their head. "Hurry, Philip!"

"Slow down, Alex. Wha' was tha' noise an' why are they fightin'?" He took a deep breath and
Alex followed.

"I bought this new perfume today. When I came home, Derek and Nick started to sniff me. They
went nuts, and now they're fighting like a couple of dogs over a bitch in heat." Alex jumped as
Nick tried to get into the room. "No, Nick, go away. Just go to your room and leave me alone."

"Alex, come on, we're best friends, let me in. I'll protect you from him. I promise." Nick jiggled
the handle, "Alex, let me in, or I'll take this door apart. I swear!"

"Oh, God, Philip, what do I do? I don't know how to deal with this?" Alex gets up to pace.

"Come on, Alex. I know you're in there, I can hear you." Nick kept up with the handle, but she
could hear a sound like a knife scraping something.

"Alex, can you get out o' tha house?"

"Yes, oh, yeah, I'm in the living room." She went to a window to unlock and open it. "Yeah, I
can get out. Why?"

"I wan' you ta get to tha woods. There's a clearing, an old circle, out there abou' a mile from the
house in a southern direction. Do you know where it is?"

"Yeah, Derek showed it to me one day."

"Okay, sneak out and go there. I'll come righ' out, and meet you there. Okay?"

The door started to tilt, Nick had a hinge undone. "Yes, Philip, hurry, please?"

"O' course. Just take yourself and wha'ever smells like that perfume and leave. Go now. I'll be
there soon." Philip hung up, and Alex grabbed the bag with the perfume, shoving it into her
jacket pocket. She grabbed her purse and climbed out the window.

When Nick got the door off the hinges, he looked around the room for Alex. He looked
everywhere, under tables, behind chairs, then he noticed the window. Derek stumbled in behind
him, Nick threw a punch that knocked the Precept back out. Then Nick headed out the window
after his mate, the one he had fought over and won.

Philip made it to the island, and headed for the castle. At the front gate, he told them, almost,
what was going on. He ran inside to find the living room door off the hinges and Derek laying on
the floor, groaning.

"Derek, wake up, Derek." Philip shook him lightly, prepared for any move the precept would

Derek looked up at Philip and groaned. "What. . . ."

"Alex bough' some new perfume that sent you an' Nick off on each other." Philip sighed and
walked into the living room. "At leas' it looks like she go' away." He headed back out the door,
and out of the house, heading towards Alex and Nick.

Alex hid behind a large rock that stood in the center of the circle. She could hear someone
coming, but she didn't know who it was, so didn't move. She peeked around the rock, and saw
Nick sniffing the air like some animal, then taking off on the path Alex had laid earlier in case.
//You taught me that trick, Nick, now let's hope you don't remember it yet.//

Philip came into the clearing and looked around. No Alex. "Damn," he muttered.

Alex heard Philip's soft lilt and stood up. "Philip?"

He looked around at the sound of her voice. He smiled when he saw her, and she ran into his
arms. "Sshh, it's okay, I'm here now." He rubbed her back, careful not to make a sudden move,
he didn't want to startle her.

If Alex had looked up, she would have seen 'that look' come over Philip. She felt herself relax in
his tight arms, comforting and safe. *Snap* She spun her head around, and looked for the source
of the sound. Nick. "Oh, nononono. Not now."

Philip looked over at his brother and sighed. "We don't have to fight over her." Nick stood in a
way that Philip knew he was ready to attack. "Really, Nick. Would I fight you?"

"No, you wouldn't. You don't like to fight. So just hand her over and we won't have to."

"Nick, Nick . . . Brother. You aren't listening to me. We *don't* have to *fight* for her."

Alex spun back to face Philip, and tried to get out of his arms. "No. NO! This won't happen, it
can't be happening. This is too much, even for this house." She tried to get away, but Philip
caught her and held her.

"Sshh, little one. We won't hurt you." Philip started to stroke her hair.

Nick watched this scene, and thought over what Philip had said. 'They didn't have to fight over
her.' "Does that mean what I think it means?" He addressed Philip, but Alex was still struggling.
He walked over to them. He hugged her between them. "Sshh, Pretty one. We won't hurt you.
Brother's right. Never hurt you. Just protect you." He rubbed a hand along her back as he
looked back into his brother's eyes. "Does it?"

"Yes, Brother. I'll submit to you, Nick."

Nick could smell the scent on his brother, kept sniffing him. He released the hold and started to
move around them both, sniffing. He could smell where the bottle had broken in Alex's coat, and
was now covering Philip's shirt and chest. He stepped up behind Philip and sniffed along his neck.
"Yes, scent good."

Philip shivered as the warm breath blew across his skin. He knew the perfume broke on him, but
he wanted this, had for so long. He looked down at Alex. "What say you, Pretty one?" He
picked up on the name Nick had called her and used it. "Would you like this?"

"Philip, I . . . I. . . . I don't know what I want." She could feel the perfume getting to her too.
She hadn't noticed earlier, being more concerned with getting away. Now she could feel the need
sweep through her. She hadn't felt like this since she was almost turned. She *wanted* them to
make her theirs, to have a mate. //Yes, this is what I've wanted for so long. A mate, someone to
share with. But both of them? Do I want that? Do I want to share myself with both of them?
Two mates?// She looked from Philip to Nick, who was still sniffing Philip, and back. //They
want us to be mates. But how?// "How?"

Philip laughed. "Nick will be the alpha mate, the dominant one. We'll share him."

Nick laughed at Philip's answer. "Yes, Pretty one and Smart one will share me. We'll be mates."
He grabbed them both in a hug.

None of them realized that the perfume was acting on them this strongly. None of them would
normally agree to this, but with the help of the chemical changes in their bodies from the perfume,
they felt free to indulge themselves.

They wouldn't know until the next morning what had really happened. Alex woke up with Nick
on top of her, and Philip watching from the side. She yelped, and Nick got off her.

"Nick! Philip!" She tried to gather her clothes, but realized that they were in a pile off to the
side. She grabbed for a shirt to cover herself with and sat looking at them, waiting for an answer.

"All we remember is hearing from you. Philip said something about a perfume." Nick shrugged
and held out a hand. Alex threw the clothes closer to him so he could sort through it. "We need
to get back to the house. Philip said he called Sloan because Derek was almost unconscious when
he left."

"Yeah, you were beating him pretty badly last night. So, what happened?" She shook her head at
the sudden images that came across. Nick taking her, with Philip holding her close. Nick taking
Philip while she watched and touched them both. Philip taking her, and Nick taking him. Nick
and Philip taking turns taking her, and her mouth. Philip sucked by Nick, who was being played
with by Alex. "And who was that?" she whispered.

"Who was what? The images?" Nick laughed. "Seems the perfume was a little stronger than we
anticipated. He's" he pointed at a blushing Philip, "the only one who remembers something and
it's those images."

"So, what you're saying is that somehow we're linked?!?" Alex started to moan on the leaves.
She felt, more than heard, Philip come over to give her a hug.

"We decided that whatever is going on needs to be investigated, but not without everyone's
permission. Okay?" Nick was trying to be reasonable, but really. Did Alex really not like him
that much?

"No, Nick, I love you. It's just like the love I have for Philip, like a brother." She caught the
clothes Nick tossed at her and Philip caught his.

They each turned a different direction and got dressed. When Nick coughed, they turned back
around, seeing William standing there, with a very pissed Derek.

Alex tucked in her shirt and grabbed her jacket. "Sorry. If I had known what the perfume would
do, I wouldn't have bought it." Derek made a 'humphing' sound and Sloan held out a hand. She
took it, letting William tuck it under his arm, then they walked back to the house.