Title: A Peaceful Night at Home
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Derek
Category: PWP

Statement: This story came to me while I was sitting in American Lit.
class wanting to throttle the teacher. It has no plot, only gratifying sexual
scenes. This is a PWP (Plot? What Plot?) story, not to be confused with a
regular story. It begins and ends here. If you would like to comment,
please e-mail me at hcompanion@hotmail.com. Enjoy.

A Peaceful Night at Home
(At Last)

Nick and Derek walked in the front door. Nick, weary with the
existence of doctors, groaned when Rachel walked up to him. She gave
him a look, but didn't hug him, knowing that it would be unrestful for him.

"How'd it go? Did the Doctor say anything about removing the
stitches?" Rachel pounced on Derek with the question.

Derek looked over at his friend. They still hadn't announced their
relationship to her. He knew Alex knew about them; it was hard to keep a
secret like that from someone living in the house. Someday they would
have to tell her, but not today. "Yes, the Doctor took out most of the
stitches, but he put in a few new ones also." Derek looked over at Nick,
standing there, really only wanting to go lay down for a nap. "If you
want, I'll fill you in after I make sure Nick takes his antibiotics this time
and help him up the stairs." He pulled the younger man to his side and
started up the long staircase.

Once at the top, and heading down the hall out of earshot Nick
looked over at Derek with a smile. "We have to tell her eventually. She'll
be disappointed, but it's better than having her hope all the time." They
stop at the door to Nick's room. Nick leans into Derek and whispers, "I
don't want her looking at you with that lost puppy expression anymore,
I'm jealous."

Derek smiled at the admission and opened the door for Nick to
proceed him. Once inside with the door closed and locked, they fell into a
kiss. It started out chaste, Derek didn't want to hurt him. Nick opened
his mouth under the soft lips and ran his tongue around his lover's lips.
Hearing Derek sigh at the touch, Nick pushed for entry into Derek's
mouth. Derek let the younger man push his way into the deeper kiss
before pulling away for air. He grabbed Nick by the shoulders to bring
him closer. They stood for a minute, just embracing and feeling. Derek
brushed a lock of hair out of the way and licked behind Nick's ear. Nick
stood and let Derek explore him with only shudders from the currents of
passion that were building in him. Derek moved down the column of
Nick's neck, stopping at the pulse point; his hands feeling their way
around the muscular young man's back. Nick flinched in pain when Derek
ran into his stitches.

"Lover, we need to be more careful. My back isn't numb from the
anesthesia any more." Nick looked up into Derek's eyes with the almost

Derek looked his lover in the eyes and got an idea of how to ease
the sore back, and the frustration from earlier all at once. "Let's go in the
bathroom. We have to be quiet, but we can do this." Nick followed
Derek into the tiny bathroom. Derek sat Nick on the toilet while he
started the water running for a bath. He added unscented massage oil to
the water and moved towards Nick.

Nick sat still as Derek stripped his shirt off him. He was in
amassment. Derek wanted him to take a bath. "Derek, I don't do baths. I
do showers." Nick looked at Derek with a smoldering look in his eyes.
"And I'll gladly do you in the shower, but not a bath, man."

"Shhh." Derek placed his fingers on Nick's mouth, which Nick
promptly took advantage of, sucking them into his mouth. Derek growled
in response. "The doctor said you can't get the new stitches wet. Just let
me do this for you?" He looked at Nick with a longing the younger man
had never seen before. "I want to bathe you, to run my hands all over
your body, rub your muscles until they're limp."

Nick realized that this was a major fantasy for Derek from the look
on his face and gave in willingly. "Okay bossman. You can lather me up
and hose me down to your hearts delight." Nick smiled up at Derek.
Derek just in his breath and leaned down to kiss Nick. This started off a
chain reaction. Nick's hands went into Derek's hair to pull him closer.
Derek moved closer and started to stroke Nick's chest muscles. Nick
moaned and moved, and flinched. Derek broke the kiss to look at his
lover. Nick tried to pull him down for another kiss, but Derek wouldn't
come down. Instead, Derek moved back to the tub and shut off the water.
He pulled off his clothes slowly, aware that Nick was watching every
movement he made. When he was done, Derek moved back to Nick and
got him to stand. Derek stripped him too.

They walked towards the bathtub until Derek remembered
something. He ran out into the bedroom and came back with some
candles and a lighter. He placed lit candles around the room and then
stepped into the tub. He pulled Nick with him, settling Nick between his
legs. The armpit deep warm water worked the stiffness out of muscles
and relaxed the pair. Derek began by dripping water over Nick's chest.
He grabbed the soap and washcloth off the edge of the sink. Derek
soaped his lover's chest with the same care he would take with a child. He
ran the soapy washcloth around Nick's nipples and then over the top. He
moved the cloth down the trail of hair to Nick's navel. Derek covered a
finger with the cloth and ran the finger around the inside of Nick's cavity.
Nick groaned in pleasure, knowing it was a foreshadow of things to come.

Derek moved the cloth down further. He soaped Nick's pubic
mound and then ran his fingers through the hair there. The cloth went
onto Nick's thighs before coming back up to rest on his cock. Derek
moved the cloth up and down the stunning muscle before him making it
harder. Nick moaned at the sensations Derek was imprinting on him. He
sat quietly while his lover washed him, then twisted slightly to kiss Derek
on the mouth. Nick took the cloth from Derek's hand and resoaped it.
Nick got on his knees in front of Derek in the tub. He used the cloth like
Derek had. First the shoulders and neck, then the nipples. Then the cloth
moved lower to Derek's cock.

Nick moved with agility after washing his lover clean of the
outside world. He grabbed the hand-held shower head and turned it onto
a gentle stream. Nick rinsed of Derek, taking every opportunity to run his
hands over what the cloth had just cleaned. When Nick got to Derek's
cock, he took it in his hand and started the rhythm that he knew Derek
liked; firm grip and soft subtle strokes to start with . Derek threw back
his head with pleasure. Nick let his lover sink lower into the water never
stopping the touching or squeezing. Derek thrust his hips with the rhythm
that Nick set. It was too much. Derek came with a growl and an extra
hard shove of his hips. Nick held his lover while he recovered.

"Derek, I want to be in you. I want to be in you when I cum. I
want you to feel my explosion from the inside." Derek grunted and got
out momentarily so Nick could be on the bottom. Derek grabbed the lube
out of the medicine chest and handed it to Nick.

Nick lubed his fingers and motioned for Derek to come back into
the water. Derek smiled as he got back in. This was his favorite part.
Nick played his finger around the opening to Derek's ass, seeing the
pleasure cross his lover's face. Slowly Nick inserted one finger to start
stretching the tight recess. Derek groaned in pleasure and laid his head on
Nick's shoulder, nipping it and licking the love bites until Nick shivered.
He just smiled at Nick until Nick inserted another finger. Then Derek just
gave into the sensations flowing through him. Nick was thrusting and
twisting his fingers in Derek's anus, stretching it further.

"Ready, love." Nick shifted until his throbbing cock was
positioned under the opening. At Derek's nod and replacing his head on
Nick's shoulder, Nick thrust up slowly until he was inside Derek. He
eased himself past the tight ring of muscle and was all the way in. Nick
rested so Derek could adjust to his prescience. At Derek's renewed
nibbling, Nick started a soft and gentle rhythm that Derek matched. They
thrust against each other until neither could see straight. With a loud
groan, Derek came; his stiffening and muscles clenching brought Nick
over with him.

They lay entangled for a few more minutes. By then the bath
water was getting cold. Nick reluctantly slipped out of Derek and moved
to get both of them up. Derek followed his lead and got out. They dried
each other off and let out the water. Derek blew out the candles and they
headed out to the bedroom holding hands.

"Derek, I will never look at a bath the same way again."