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Oh, My! 2
Author: Voracity
Sequel: Oh, My!
Rating: R, I'm just a tease this time.
Fandom: Poltergeist: the Legacy.
Pairing: READ IT!
Archive: sure, if you really want to.
Disclaimer: No, I don't own these fine men, nor do I plan on taking control of their contracts or copyrights. I don't have enough of anything to do so or to keep them in the manner they're accustomed to. Please don't sue, all you'll get is a lot of dirty laundry and an older computer.

Summary: READ IT!

Warnings: not really, teasing mostly.

Just Another Fantasy, Or Is It?
By Voracity.

Dominic sat down in the living room to take a break. "Oh, my, that wasn't very good, drifting off like that. Especially about that topic. Father Philip would be most upset. Thankfully I don't have to confess it before he does Mass on Sunday." The butler sat back, putting his feet up, and closed his eyes. He drifted off again.

He opened his eyes, seeing Father Philip standing at the front of the house Chapel, saying opening prayers. He put his head down, hoping no one saw his slip in protocol, but when he saw himself, he really hoped no one saw him at all, he was naked. He looked around, noticing that Masters Derek and Nick were also nude. Mistress Alex wasn't there thankfully, so couldn't see their display.

Father Philip ended the prayer and started a moving sermon on 'coming together to celebrate God's love'. He was horrified at himself, getting aroused by the lecture. The Priest smiled at him and went on to tell how all men were the same underneath their clothes and that was why they were together like that this morning; to show both the differences and the similarities between men. How their bodies were beautiful works of nature to be appreciated and loved.

Dominic blushed, feeling himself getting harder. He blinked and the service was over. Father Philip was coming over to him wearing only his collar.

The butler awoke, yelling, to find Father Philip sitting on the table in front of him.

"Is there a problem you'd like to talk about, Dominic," he said in his soft, gentle way, the accent only making it seem he cared more. He patted the older man's knee.

"Oh, Father, I'm having troubles," he started but swallowed hard. "It's nothing I can't handle though." He could feel the yell wanting to surface, to scream what blasphemy his mind had just made him see.

"I'm sure you can, but any burden is lessened by sharing." Philip patted the butler's knee again. "If you want to talk to me, come to me later." He got up and moved toward the closed door.


"Yes, my son?" The younger man turned around.

"What brought you in here?"

"You were moaning and saying my name. Do you want to talk about it now?"

The older man nodded so the Priest came back over to sit on the coffeetable again, resting his elbows on his slightly spread knees. Dominic shifted, trying to adjust himself subtly. "Father, I've been having these... dreams," he started.

"Are they disturbing you?"

"Yes, Father."

"Philip, please. How are they disturbing to you?"

"They're sexual in nature," the older man said quietly as he looked down and blushed. "That's what is so disturbing about them." He looked back up, staring directly into Philip's eyes. "My wife and I are happy, have been for years. I don't know why I've been seeing, well, men. I've seen men together before, this is San Francisco, and it never did anything for me before." He leaned over to hide his renewed erection from the younger man. "Why am I now seeing men and wanting to join them? Just suddenly, out of the blue?"

Philip swallowed, hard. "You've had many of these dreams?"

Dominic nodded. "Yes, and earlier I had a daydream while working, something that hasn't ever happened before. I'd never abandon my duties in such a manner."

"Ah, Alex saw you gazing off into space." He smiled. "She was most surprised but enjoyed seeing you take the personal space."

"Oh, no," he hung his head farther, resting it on Philip's shoulder. "Father, this can't go on. They've gotten worse, profane even. Now I'm seeing myself joining in to bring the other's pleasure. I've even..." He stopped, shaking his head.

"Dreamed about me?" Philip finished for him. The older man nodded, not raising his head. "So, would you like to tell me about it?" The older man shuddered. "What's wrong? Tell me, Dominic, so I can fix it." He grabbed the older man and sat him up so they could talk. "Tell me so I can help."

"We... we were in the Chapel." He looked around to make sure they were truly alone and all the doors were closed. "It was myself, Masters Derek and Nick, and you. You gave a rousing sermon on coming together to celebrate God's love but we were all naked. Except you, you still had on your collar," he cried, burying his head in the willing shoulder again.

"And you reacted to it." Philip felt the small nod. "Sit up." He pushed the older man back up to look at him. "It's normal to feel things like this. Really, it is. I hear this all the time."

"Really? Then I'm not doubting my sexuality?"

"I can't tell you that, only you know that, but I can tell you it's normal. No matter whom you have these thoughts for. Even me."

"So, my fantasizing earlier about Masters Derek and Nick together and my helping them wasn't wrong?"

Philip patted the older man's leg, brushing the soft muscles a little longer than necessary. "Not really. I've had the same ones. Them coming together gently, throwing themselves together hard." He swallowed, very difficult in his closing throat. "Trust me, I've about had them all. It's easy to think about those two with the way they are with each other." He smiled, rubbing Dominic's knees again. "I've never had the one you told me though."


"The one in the Chapel. That must have been why you were calling my name."

"Yes, it was quite...moving. After the sermon, you gave a lecture on appreciating the male form." He noted the younger man's condition. "You came over to us afterwards wearing only your collar."

"Ah, that's where you woke up then, your teachings bringing you out." Dominic nodded and hesitantly lifted a hand to run a finger through the stubble he hadn't noticed earlier. "May I? You have some crumbs."

Philip shook his head. "Not here. Meet me in my room." He stood up, giving the older man an unimpeded view of his jeans-covered swollen cock. "Ten minutes."

Dominic woke up, panting. He checked the room to make sure he was alone then wiped his brow. "Oh, my. I must quit doing that." He stood up and looked down at himself, cringing at the naked body that he saw. "Not again," he whispered. The Chapel's bell rang, calling him to service.

The End!

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