For my friend Sarah, may she get better faster with this. A little
nap time story for you, may it help you sleep.

by Voracity

The butler straightened a book, putting it back in it's space after
dusting the cover and spine. He snapped his head around as two people
kicked open the door, slamming it behind them. He watched in interest as
Derek and Nick threw themselves together.

"I can't wait. Now!" Derek ripped Nick's t-shirt off him, throwing
it out of the way.

"So don't. Isn't that what spit is for?" Nick undid his jeans, kicking
them off and out of the way. "Come on, what're you waiting for, an
invitation?" He yanked Derek's vest off over his head, and grabbed the
dress shirt he was wearing, pulling it apart, heedless of the buttons that
went flying everywhere.

Derek gave him quick kiss before spinning him around. "Bend
over," he ordered. He pushed the younger man over a table, pausing to
pull off his own pants before kneeling behind Nick. "Mine now." He
parted Nick's cheeks roughly, not waiting for anything resembling foreplay,
bending his tongue to lick at the exposed flesh.

"Oh, yeah, more tongue, bring it in, babe, make me feel it inside,"
Nick cooed to his lover.

Derek reached a hand up and swatted him across the back of the
head. "Shut up. I don't want to hear another word from you." He bent
back to his target, the moist pucker begging him for more. He licked the
spot, lubing Nick's outside with his spit, before thrusting the edge of his
tongue into the willing hole. He got aggressive, thrusting and pushing his
tongue in farther and farther until Nick was squirming on the table, silently
begging for more.

The butler, trying his best to not be noticed, pulled at the collar of
his shirt, trying to get comfortable.

Derek pulled himself up, ramming himself into the just barely lubed
hole of his lover. "Yes!"

"Oh, more, Der, more please."

Derek grabbed Nick's hair. "I said shut up. If you hadn't teased me
throughout the morning meeting, you wouldn't be getting this now. Now
shut up and take it like a man." He pulled out almost totally before shoving
back in. "Yes, take it, take it all. Tease." He shoved himself in deeper,
harder, riding his lover.

The butler couldn't take it anymore. He walked over to the two
men, sneaking up behind Doctor Rayne and licking a finger, thrust it in,
pleasuring him as he had wanted to for so long.

"Oh, got, yes." Derek arched back, letting the digit pleasure him
while he rode Nick hard. "More."

"Okay." Nick pushed back harder, thrusting back into Derek,
taking him deeper. "Yes, Der, more. Harder."

Derek worked harder, riding Nick and thrusting back onto the
finger invading him. He slammed Nick through the table, none of the men
noticing the broken wood under them. The finger had found his prostate,
rubbing it constantly, making him jump. He roared, shoving himself harder
into Nick before letting go, and flowing with the sensations.

Nick slumped forward, feeling Derek's semen flow into him. He
reached a hand down, helping himself off, not caring when another hand
joined his. They pulled at him, hard and rough, until he shot off, letting it
flow over both the hands and the remains of the table.

The extra man withdrew, back to the bookcases, and hid there until
both men had recovered and left.

The butler opened his eyes. "Oh, my, I shouldn't let myself
daydream like that. What if I was caught by Master Derek, or worse yet,
Father Philip," he whispered to himself. He adjusted the bulge in his pants,
discretely, and made sure no one was around to witness his breach of
conduct. "Oh, yes, what would Father Philip say....."

The End?