Title: No More, Please!
Author: Voracity
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Date: August 12, 1999
Fandom: Sentinel (Pre-show)/Poltergeist: the Legacy
Pairings: Blair/Derek
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: not mine, just having fun and I'm still poor. You won't get
anything except a lot of clothes and an older computer.

Summary: Blair's having a bad day and his lover cures it.

Warnings: not a hint of beta'dness around this. I reread it for glaring
errors, but nothing else besides a spell check. If this bothers you, bye

Notes: For all my List Sibs who's real life has gotten a bit too real to them
again. Cheer up, it's got to go back to normal soon. No matter how bad it
gets, it will eventually get back to a state of ‘normalness', whatever that
means to each of us.

No More, Please!
By Voracity

Blair shoved his door closed and leaned against it, sighing at the horrible
day he had had so far. He stood up and walked around to his desk,
dropping the bag he had been dragging onto the spare chair and flinging
himself into the soft and comfortable chair he had imported into his office.

He ran his fingers through his hair and stared at the phone when it started
to ring. "Nope, not going to answer that; the boogey man's on the other
side, I just know he is," he said quietly. He grabbed his pile of mail and set
it firmly in front of him to deal with.

"Bill, memo, memo, memo from the chair," he tossed that one in the trash,
already knowing what it was and not caring that he had been ‘gifted' with
another class next semester. "Naomi, shithead freshman's father, memo.
Hmm, what's this?" He slit the top of the large manila envelope open
and looked down at the contents. He pulled the flyer out, tossing the
envelope aside. "Rough day, try this," he read. The picture was of a man
he knew very well. "Let me ease your tensions." He looked down at the
phone number and smiled.

He dialed quickly. "Yeah, hi, I need to speak to... Okay, thanks, yeah, I
can hold." He leaned back in his chair and stretched, cradling the phone
between his chin and shoulder. "Hi man. Got your poster. So, what's the
remedy for a crappy day from hell?"

//Well, there's always the ‘let me tell you a story' approach, but I'd need to
switch phones to do that. Other than that, I would love to just talk to you
for a while.// Derek Rayne cleared his throat. //I'll give you your choice
since you're the one with the bad day.//

Blair grinned. "How long would it take you to go lock yourself in the
office?" He could hear Derek laughing on the other end. "Good, go do it
for me. I need a story to ease the tension."

//Goot.// The sound of a door closing. //Did the tickets come with it? I
couldn't remember if I put them in the envelope or not. You know I'm
waiting for you to come down here full time again this summer.//

"I'm just counting days, you know that." He toed the envelope, kicking it
up so he could look in it. "Yeah, they're here." He looked at the dates.
"Derek, you shouldn't have spent the money to have me come down just
for a weekend, it's too much."

//Let me spoil you, Blair, I enjoy it and it's not a hardship. Oh, and we
have a few new members I want you to meet.// The sound of an automatic
door opening and closing. //Okay, I'm in my office. What sort of story
would you like?//

Blair groaned. "One where everyone lives happily ever after and there are
no bureaucracies or Deans?" Derek's laughter came through clearly.
"Really. I just got an extra class handed to me for next semester. My
Chair wants me to stay and teach summer school, even though I told him
*months* ago that I couldn't do that. He just frowned at me and asked me
how I ever expected to get anywhere in my career when I went haring off
to work at something not in my field each summer. Then he told me that
everyone had to make sacrifices for the job and my research position down
there should be mine." He snorted. "It's a good thing you taught me anger

//I can understand that fully. You know you'll always have a place here,
right? You are always welcome beside me. Besides, the newest house
members are around your age.// The sound of a squeaky chair was heard.
//So, a fairy tale? Do we need a damsel in distress also?//

Blair laughed. "No, how ‘bout a handsome prince that speaks with a
beautifully silky voice?"

//Ah, so it *is* my voice that makes you go all limp in my arms at night.//
Derek laughed. //What are you wearing and is your office door locked?//

Blair jumped up and checked it just in case. "Yeah, it's locked and I'm
wearing my usual. The blue and white shirt you got me and a pair of soft
jeans." He sighed as he sat back down in the chair. "You know you don't
have to do this, right? Just talking to you has this amazing restorative
effect on me."

//I know, but it sounds like you need one of my special stories.//

Blair groaned and reached down to unbutton his jeans. "Oh, yeah, Derek.
I *need* one of your special stories. It'd be just the right thing to make my
day better."

Derek laughed and Blair could hear his chair creak again. //Once, in the
kingdom of Merry, there lived a beautiful prince and he was a talented
musician. Unfortunately, his people were at war so he couldn't play his
music; it took his mind off the battles he had to command and that was
dangerous for all the people around him.//

"So, what did he do?" a suddenly sleepy Blair ask.

//Well his father, knowing what his son needed, brought to him another
man, one that had the skills needed to help the war. He introduced them
and locked them in a room during a cease fire. You see, he was
determined that his son would have someone that would help him and
support his actions. Moreover, the new young man was a great tactician
and he could help the lonely prince with the battles.//

"Derek, where do you learn these things?" Blair asked.

//Just hearing your voice makes me think of them. Should I go on?//

"Um, please," Blair said with a yawn.

Derek laughed again and continued. //The prince was most amazed by his
father's actions. Never had he known the man to lock one of his children
into a room, much less do it with another person. He turned to the new
man and asked him if he had any idea what his father planned to do with
them. The young man replied that he did and that the king wanted them to
get along, hence he locked them in. The prince nodded and walked over to
the door, trying it to make sure it was locked before looking around. At
least he left us food and my instrument, the prince said quietly. He walked
over to the harpsichord and started to play one of his favorite songs, one
that he hadn't gotten to play for quite awhile. The young man was
impressed and sat down on the floor to listen and watch him play.//

"Was it that beautiful piece you played for me?" Blair asked, stifling a

//Yes, my love, it was and it entranced the young man like it did you. But
soon enough it was dark and the prince was still playing. The young man
got up and headed for the food, making them a plate to share and bringing
over a bottle of the wine the king had left for them. He sat the food on top
of the harpsichord and tried to get the prince away from it, but it didn't
work. All the prince wanted to do was play, do what he had always loved
to do. So, the young man kissed him, bringing his attention from the
instrument to him. You must eat my prince, he said quietly. He placed a
bite of food in the prince's mouth and smiled as he ate it. I would feed you
if you would let me, then you could play some more of that wonderful
music for me after we eat. Saying thus, he led the prince to the couch and
fed him the food and wine, tempting him with each bite before placing it
gently on his tongue. The prince grew enamored of the young man, the
one that took care of him, made him do things that were necessary. But it
was later that night, when the prince could no longer play, that the young
man proved to the prince that they were comparable in all areas. When
the prince was tired and could not play anymore, the young man led him to
the bed. He undressed him slowly, sensually, and then himself before
tucking them both in. That night, the prince found the only thing that made
his soul happier than music was being held by that man and being made
love to gently and passionately.//

"Wow," Blair said. "I remember that revelation." Blair smiled and yawned
again, his eyes getting heavy.

//So do I little one, so do I. The next morning when the king had the doors
opened he found them still entwined, his son peaceful for once. He snuck
back out of the room and let them decide when to come to him with their
newfound love. When they did, he welcomed the young man into his
family and his heart as his own son was.// Derek cleared his throat. //Blair,
love, turn off the phone and climb into your spare cot there. Take a nap
and call me later. I'll tell you another story then and we'll make plans for
this weekend.//

Blair smiled and yawned. "Thanks Der, and I love you. I'll dream pleasant
dreams now, just because I talked to you and you told me a story." He
hung up the phone and smiled down at the poster, kissing his fingers and
brushing them over the likeness of his love. He did as he was told,
and dreamed pleasantly of a castle in San Francisco where he was loved
and wanted and cherished above all else.

The End.

May your days end like that, with a love and a story to show you the way.