Title: Nightmares and Illnesses. Part 3
Author: Voracity
Rating: PG-13 to R (someplace in there)
Pairing: D/N/P
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Summary: DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HUMOR'S COMING OUT TO
PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nope, not gonna tell ya, you gotta read it)

Warnings: see above.

Nightmares and Illnesses 3
by Voracity

Derek watched his husbands sleeping, sniffling lightly himself. He knew he
would be in that bed himself soon, just as sick as they were. He just hoped
he wasn't going to have their nightmares.

His eyes dropped, then closed, as he fell deep asleep.

He opened his eyes, sitting up. //Wasn't I in a chair?// He looked down,
seeing the coarse clothes, the heavy platform boots. The green/grey skin.
Rachel standing at the end of the bed looking like Lillian Munster. And he

Derek sat up in his room, checking it and himself to make sure they were
normal. He patted himself down, lifting up a foot just to make sure and
touching the bed for the same reason.

Two pairs of eyes were watching him from the bed, and he groaned. //I
didn't mean to wake them, they need their sleep.// He crawled in behind
Philip, leaning across to kiss Nick's forehead. "I'm sorry I woke you," he
whispered, burying his face in Philip's neck.

"Have an interesting dream?" Nick asked, moving over to cuddle Philip
from the front so he could be closer to Derek, who was nodding. "Where
were you?"

"An ol' tele show perhaps?" Philip asked.

Derek looked up. "You both had one? That's what those dreams were?"

Nick smiled. "Yeah and you were so cute with that foil." He pulled back
to grin at Philip. "And you, you were so bad love."

Philip laughed. "An' in mine, you were adorable in that uniform."

Derek groaned, hiding a laugh. "At least neither of you were wearing
platform boots."

Nick grinned. "In mine you were in a smoking jacket and ascot if it makes
you feel any better."

Philip laughed. "Hey, neither of you were in a harem outfit and I'm no'
wearing another like it again."

"Not even if we get you a beautiful blue one to match your eyes? Say with
sparkles and bells?"

Philip laughed and shook his head, taking a few coughs too. "No' even."
He coughed once again. "An' don' tempt me to dress ya like that either."
He nipped the end of Nick's nose. "Ya'd be so cute in a smoking jacket and

Derek smiled, then started to laugh. "That I would like to see," he
managed to get out, hiding behind Philip so Nick couldn't retaliate.

Nick grimaced, then grinned. "Well, there's always the Halloween party
coming up...."

Philip shook his head and moaned. "No, no oh no, no."

"You'd be beautiful love," Derek whispered into his husband's ear. "Just
for us? Please?" He took a lick up the back of Philip's neck, hitting a
sensitive spot. "Please?" Then he started to cough.

Philip and Nick rolled him in between them, holding him on his side until it


Derek and Nick looked at each other and smiled before turning to whistle
at Philip. Nick jogged over to stop him from hiding and taking it off.

"Philip, you look wonderful," Derek purred, running a hand down the firm,
bare stomach. "Absolutely delicious."

Philip smiled shyly behind his veil, turning away.

"Don't turn away love," Nick whispered in his ear. "You are about the
sexiest I've ever seen you." He spun the slightly older man around, taking
his mouth hard to prove it. "The only other sexy outfit you have is your
old suit."

Philip smiled. "So that's why you smiled e'rytime I put it on."

Nick licked across the fabric covered and swollen bottom lip of his
husband. "Um-huh. The black brings out your eyes and gives you this
aura, hallow that shines around you."

Philip smiled, and leaned back in the arms that snaked around his oiled

"I'll buy him something else like that so you can pounce him, love," Derek
promised. "But as much as we would like to lay him on the bed and ravish
him, repeatedly," he sighed and Philip and Nick groaned, "we have guests
downstairs who are demanding our presence."

"I feel silly," Philip said.

"No worse than I do," Derek said, turning around to let his men see his

"You guys are cute, especially you muffin." Nick tickled Philip briefly,
brushing a hand down. "Now let's go greet our friends." He grinned at
Philip. "Fix your veil so only we can see your face."

"Yes dear," he said sarcastically.

Nick picked Philip up when he turned away, carrying him to just out of
sight of the top of the stairs.

Philip slid down his captor's body, kissing him deeply as his body brushed a
lot of interesting things on the way down. He groaned when Derek
removed him, taking his mouth hostage too.

When they had all caught their breaths and straightened their costumes,
they joined hands and walked down into the party to join their friends;
joined together as always in one purpose."

The End.