Title: Nightmares and Illnesses. Part 2
Author: Voracity
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: D/N/P
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Warnings: see above.

Nightmares and Illnesses 2
by Voracity

Philip moaned into Derek's neck, taking a light lick of the sweat from
carrying him up from the library where he had collapsed.

"I'll ravish you when you're better love," Derek whispered against Philip's
hot cheek.

Philip opened their bedroom door, pushing it enough to be out of the way,
but not slam into the wall and wake Nick. Derek walked in, laying him
gently on the bed and equally as gently stripped him down to his undershirt
and briefs. He felt the weight of the blankets covering him,
holding him like the lovers that normally did. He closed his eyes and
smiled. //I can tempt Derek later to come crawl in with us,// was his last
thought before sleep.

Philip yawned and rolled off the narrow rim of cushions, looking down
when he felt material still around his legs. His mouth opened in shock and
he looked around the room. //No, not happening. Derek did *not* put me
into a harem outfit.// He snorted. //But that would be just like the two of

He looked around his very *round* room and groaned. He knew where he
was, the pink outfit and the furnishings giving enough of a clue. He started
to laugh and mutter intermittently.

The bottle tipped and the top was taken off. "Philip?" Nick called down.

Philip looked down, watching his body turn to mist. He floated gently out
of the bottle and reformed, catching himself before tipping over. "You

Nick smiled, enfolding their personal genie into his arms. "Yeah, we're
hungry, could you pop some food in for us?"

Philip stepped back, raising an eyebrow. He stepped back out of Nick's
arms. //At least he's not in a uniform, I couldn't resist that. Well, maybe,
but...// He nodded, resigned, and blinked, crossing his arms.

Nick smiled at the abundance of food and changed it to a sexy and
tempting smile when he turned to face Philip. He pulled him in, kissing him
deeply in thanks. He eventually let Philip come back up for air, dropping
him in an armchair on his way to the table.

Derek hopped down the stairs, doing up his uniform jacket. "Thank you
Philip, we have to be back on base tonight, in two hours." He looked over
Nick's clothes. "And some of us still need to get ready." He kissed Philip's
head on the way to the table.

Nick dished up some food, getting some for Derek also, and headed back
to the living room, sitting on the couch and turning on the television. He
watched the news, eating mechanically.

Derek shook his head as he sat down. "Nick, you'll get indigestion again,"
he warned before taking his first bite. He hummed in appreciation. "This is
goot, thank you Philip."

Philip smiled. //I'm glad this isn't real, they treat me like furniture. And it
better not become this way either or my men will have quite a shock
coming.// He shrugged and brought some of the food over for himself. //I
could get used to being able to do this and I should probably use the
powers while I have them.//

Soon enough it was time to go and Derek came looking for Philip, bottle in

Philip looked up from the book he had conjured a copy of when he heard
the noise of someone coming. "Don't even thin' abou' it. You're no' lockin'
me in tonigh'." He didn't look at his lover as he said it, just calmly turned a

"We agreed you would go in so you wouldn't fell compelled to visit or
cause mischief." When Philip didn't move, except to turn another page, he
started to get angry. "I don't have time to argue with you tonight. In you
go." He shook the bottle.

Philip looked at the bottle and blinked, removing it from his hand and
hiding it. "Have fun tonigh'. I won' wait up." He turned another page.

Derek groaned. "Philip, we agreed this was the only way."

"An' I'm changin' it." He wiggled his fingers in goodbye. "You're gonna be

Derek growled and stomped out, causing Nick to grin before he grabbed
their hats. "Just be good and don't show up tonight, we're in quarantine,"
he asked as he shut the door behind him.

Philip looked at the door. "Me? Be goo'?" He smiled and blinked, moving
and changing the furniture to something more comfortable and less
sixties-garish. "Ah, better," he sighed, getting back into his book now that
he was comfortable.


Philip woke to Derek screaming, "Philip, what did you do to my house!"
He hastily changed it back.

Derek came storming in, bottle in hand and waving it around. "Now!
Back in the bottle now!" He took a deep breath. "You've caused enough
trouble for one day." He waved the bottle again.

Nick came in, rolling his eyes. He started to rub his lover's shoulders to
calm him down. "Lay off it Der, he was just making it comfortable. That
blue chair is positively sinful. When you yelled, he changed it back." He
rubbed a tense knot hard. "Don't yell at him, he was only trying to help."

Philip smiled up at his younger husband.

"No, I found him and I'm putting him back." He advanced toward the
younger man. "He's going back in that bottle until he learns not to meddle
when he's not asked."

"No," Philip said simply, standing and changing his clothes. He grimaced
at them. "I'm leavin'." He walked out the door.

Nick nodded after their genie, and Derek hung his head, jogging to catch
up to him outside before something worse could happen.

Philip ran into Derek's commander on the street. "Sir," he said, nodding his
head and walking past him and Dr. Bellows.

The doctor caught him, pulling him around. "I'm sorry, but we need to talk
young man." He dragged Philip back up to the house, meeting Derek at
the door. They pushed past the stunned man, going into the living room.

The three men were sat down on the couch, the two older men facing
them. "Now then," Doctor Bellows said, "would you like to explain Mr.
Callahan's presence?"

"Why are you telling him secrets?" the Base Commander asked.

Nick and Derek looked stunned. "We....we don't..." they stuttered

"The young man comes and goes about the base as he pleases, sees you in
classified areas, gets into some of the damndest places. What else could he

Doctor Bellows tried to calm them all down some. "We just need to make
sure he's not a spy. If you tell us what place he has in your life, this will all
go away."

Philip started to laugh. "Spy? Me? No' a chance. I just sit here and do
the housework."

Derek groaned, covering his eyes. Nick tried to dance around the subject,
not wanting them to find out either of their real relationships. "He's our
housekeeper. He dropped out of school and needed a job and place to
stay. We needed someone to take care of things here when we can't be
here." He shrugged. "Nothing sinister in that."

Derek nodded. "He's our housekeeper. He cooks and cleans and does

Doctor Bellows smiled, just a little sadly. "Then why is he never in the
kitchen? We've been watching you three, you see, monitoring the situation
before confronting you. We've not seen Mr. Callahan enter the kitchen
once. We have, however, seen some very interesting things."

Philip swallowed and looked over at Derek, who looked like he was ready
to panic. He made a quick decision and blinked.

Philip woke up, almost fully, in his own room and sniffled. He smiled at his
husband. "Tissue?"

Derek nodded and handed him the box, watching as he blew his nose

Philip tossed the used tissues away and rolled over. "I migh' wear a harem
outfit for ya, but I won' wear pin an' I won' be treated like furniture." He
snuggled into Nick's hard body. "An' I fixed it for ya." He fell back asleep
totally, snoring softly.

Derek shook his head, still confused, but understanding the impact of
dreams all to well.

End of Part two, onto the brother piece.