Title: The Learning Curve
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Derek

Hi! Long time no hear from me, but that's okay. I started this a while ago
and found it this weekend, so finished it. Rated around a Nc-17, Derek
teaches Nick what he likes.

The Learning Curve

Derek watched Nick disappear on his nightly errand with
amusement. //I wonder what he does in his old room every night before
coming to bed.// Nick left every night after his shower, while Derek took
his, and went to his old room with the door locked against intrusion. This
was getting strange. //I know he needs his personal space, but really, every
night?// Derek decided tonight he was going to find out exactly what Nick
was doing in there.

He turned on the water in the bathroom, so Nick wouldn't notice a
change in his nightly routine. Then Derek slinked down the hall to the
door of Nick's old room. //Damn, locked again.// Derek went back into
the bathroom and moved the stack of shelves out of the way as quietly as
he could. //Good thing Nick thought this was blocked off permanently.//
He opened the door slowly, so as not to make noise and glanced through
the opening. What he saw amazed him thoroughly.


Nick went to his room, and found the key to his dresser. He
opened the second drawer and took out the book and the bag of goodies
that was hidden there. //Tonight I get to the good stuff. Just wait until
Derek sees what I've learned.// He sat on the bed and flipped the book to
the proper page before opening the bag and taking out the ... apparatus
inside. //I knew it was a good idea to get this manual, and this
semi-realistic toy to practice on.// Nick placed the suction base on the bed
and positioned the dildo onto it until it was firmly in place. Then he took
out a condom and covered it to make it easier to work with.

He heard the water come on in the bathroom. //Good, I can study
safely now, Derek's in the shower.// He looked down at the book on the
bed. //Let's see now, tonight is 'Masterful Masturbation for your Man.'
Hmm, cute title.// He picked up the book to read the instructions before
starting, then dropped it back on the bed so he could practice. He reread
the instructions out loud as he worked on the prosthetic. "Use long, light
stokes along the bottom vein to enhance the feeling and to up the
excitement." Nick ran a light fingertip up the underside, over the
pretend-vein. "Next, play with the head of the penis, drawing circular
designs into the skin to spread around any liquid appearing." He ran his
index finger around the tip, slowly and gently making designs into the
plastic. "Next, using a finger trace designs down the length, varying touch
texture and pressure." He did like the instructions said, but really wasn't
catching on. //Man, this is almost as bad as last night, the lesson on 'How
to blow your man away.' I don't think Derek would like this, but maybe it'll
be of some help and he'll see I'm trying. Then he'll show me what to do to
make him feel like I do when he does it to me. Not my fault I'm a virgin at
this sort of thing.// Nick never noticed the crack appearing in the
cross-through passage door. "Next circle the head with your index finger
and thumb, running up and down gently, but with a firm pressure before
adding fingers. Then, add a finger at a time every stroke until you have
clasped the whole thing and are working it firmly, but gently. Start to
work the whole organ. Remember to vary the speed and pressure of your
hand so as to give the maximum pleasure." Nick did as he was told.
//Okay, this is getting better. A lot easier than trying to learn how to deep
throat on a piece of plastic."


Derek saw Nick fingering the prosthetic and listened as he read the
lesson. He couldn't stand it any more. He opened the door further to stand
in the door way. He watched Nick fumble with the lesson and the
fingering. He watched Nick lay down the book and lay back on the bed,
saying "Man, this will never work right. He won't like this." Derek just
smiled. //Trust Nick to get a book to learn how to pleasure me better, then
get frustrated when the lessons aren't going well. Derek walked over to
Nick and stood beside him.


Nick worked the dildo like he was holding Derek. He was getting
hard, just thinking about doing this to Derek later. //I hope he notices.//
Nick let the toy alone and laid back on the bed, his legs hanging off the
end. "Man, this will never work." Nick started to fantasize, so missed the
man he loved coming in to stand over him. "But, it's a great thought.
Derek laying on the bed, naked. Me sitting next to him, playing with his
cock. Making Derek make those little growly-sounds that means he's
getting closer. Bringing Derek to the point of release, just with a touch.
That's what I want."

"Then why don't you."

Nick jumped up and tried to hide the evidence laying on the bed
from the man standing next to him. "Derek, what are you doing in here? I
mean, how long have you been in here, standing there....?" //Oh, no. He
knows. He won't like me doing this.//

"Nick, don't worry. I'm touched that you want to learn how to do
this, but wouldn't you rather I teach you than some book?" Derek was
trying not to laugh, but it was hard, until he saw the upset expression on
Nick's face. "It really was sweet of you to do this." He sat on the bed next
to the younger man. "Nick, come here love." He gathered Nick into his
arms. He reached around, after a quick squeeze to close the book and
throw it on the floor. "Why didn't you come to me?"

"I ... I ... it's not something I wanted you to know about." He
swallowed and looked Derek in the eyes. "I mean, I was embarrassed by
not knowing how to .... pleasure you better." //Derek, if you only knew
how much more I want to give you.//

"I know, but how about if I teach you what I like, and you learn
that from me? Wouldn't that work better?"

Nick smiled at him, one of his most charming and brightest. "Yeah,
I guess it would. Can we...." He didn't want to ask Derek to give him a
lesson now and break the mood, but hey no time like the present.

"Come back to bed, Nick. I'll give you a lesson you won't soon
forget." Derek returned the smile and pulled Nick up with him. They went
out the bedroom door and into their bedroom. They undressed themselves
and got into bed laying length wise, facing each other. Derek ran his hand
down the top arm, grabbing a hand. He brought Nick's hand to his cheek
and let Nick learn the art of caressing a face. Derek let him explore, liking
it when Nick moved on to other areas without being asked.

"Oh, Derek." Nick moved his fingers to stroke along the edge of
an ear.

"Nick, pay attention. Let me teach you how to kiss me." He put
his hand under Nick's arm and pulled the face that was dearest to him in the
world to meet his. Derek started with a simple, closed mouth kiss, a chaste
kiss, and went on to nibble on the lower lip of his lover. When he released
the mouth and they parted for air, Derek let himself get back into teacher
mode. "See, a kiss can be the most erotic touch in the world to your lover.
It can inflame him, or turn him off completely. I like to be kissed gently, at
first." He smiled at Nick. "Of course, later I enjoy harder ones, but that's a
later lesson. Just let me guide you through this time. Tomorrow morning
will be your exam."

"Yes, teacher mine." Nick gave him an impish look, "What do I get
if I pass?"

"Well, that is something to think about. What do you want?"

"To be on the bottom." Nick knew that the request would shock
Derek. So far, he had been on top because Derek didn't want to push
things. But, Nick wanted to feel Derek inside of him. It had been his
favorite fantasy before they got together. Seeing his hesitation, Nick used
the one word Derek couldn't resist. "Please?"

"Definitely. If you do a good job of learning tonight's lesson, you
can be on the bottom in the morning. Now, use your hands on my body."
Derek rolled over onto his back to let Nick get at him better.

Nick started with Derek's hair. He had wanted for so long to run
his fingers through it. //If only he would let it get longer. Just shoulder
length.// "Derek, can I ask a favor?" At the nod, Nick went on, "Would
you grow you hair out again for me?"

"Did you like it longer?" Derek was surprised by the request, but
then Nick was good at surprising him. Just look at the surprise he had
found earlier tonight.

"Yeah. I used to sit in front of the computer and dream about
playing with it, running my fingers through it."

"Of course I will. I want to make you happy."

Nick showed his thanks with a brief kiss, before running his
fingertips along the crest of Derek's throat. He rubbed the Adam's Apple
and leaned down to nip at the flesh. Derek just sighed so he went on to
kiss and lick the curve where the neck meets the shoulder. He found a
sensitive spot and stayed to concentrate on it before he moved on to lick
the edge of Derek's shoulder, then switching sides to do it again. He made
it back to the adam's apple, and stopped to take a nip before moving down
onto Derek's chest.

Derek moaned and shifted a little onto his side to give Nick easier
access. Nick moved across the expanse of flesh, using his tongue to bathe
the area. He moved the light coating of hair, wetting it down and then
forming it into funny patterns. When Nick found a nipple, he licked across
it lightly, just grazing the top.

Derek arched into the soft touch, then pulled Nick's head closer to
his chest. "Yes, Nick, more. Please, more." Nick looked up and smiled at
his older lover before returning to the pursuit of proving how well he had
learned his lessons. Nick sucked the nipple up, pulling his head up a ways,
and let the nipple go with a 'snap'. Derek tried to sit up, but Nick used his
position on top of Derek to hold him down.

"Ah,ahah, naughty teacher. You have to let the student experiment
to grasp," Nick reached down and surrounded Derek's cock, "the lessons."

"Oh, yes, Nick, you're learning so well." Derek was panting, Nick's
hand was stroking his cock while it was trapped between their bodies. The
pressure felt so good.

"Do you like that?" Derek nodded and Nick licked the nipple in
front of him again then moved his attention to the other side, giving equal
treatment. When he had tortured that part of Derek enough, he moved
down to lick Derek's navel and dip into the sweat pooled there.

Derek laughed and tried to get away, but Nick's body held him fast.
"Nick <pant> tickles. <pant, pant> Move."

"No, Derek, you showed last night that tickling is permitted." Nick
gave another lick into the navel, then moved his body down so he could
concentrate on licking the impressive, and hard, organ he was holding onto.

//Here goes nothing. Hope I remember how to do this right.// Nick
slid his tongue along the crest of Derek's cock, making sure to play with
the slit leaking fluid. He moved his tongue in outward moving circles from
the hole, until he was circling the separation between the head and the rest
of Derek's length.

Derek thrust upwards, with a shout, wanting Nick to take him in his
mouth. Nick complied and worked it inside, slowly. He sucked and played
his tongue around, then moved up to get some air before taking in more of
the hardness. When he had almost all of it in, and he was holding Derek in
place so he wouldn't choke him, Nick pulled back up and nibbled his way
along the bottom vein. Derek moaned at the change, and tried to grab
Nick's head to make him come back to what he had been doing.

"No, <pant, pant> Nick, need <pant, moan, pant> more." Derek
succeeded in grabbing onto one of Nick's ears and used it pull him up from
where he was teasing Derek's balls with the tip of his tongue. "More!" He
positioned Nick's head and pushed against his lips.

Nick smiled. //Yes, it worked! He likes it!// He let Derek push
himself back in, and let him thrust, sucking on the in-stroke and breathing
on the out-stoke. Derek's movements became more frantic and chaotic.
//Soon, yes, soon.// Nick gave one last hard suck and Derek exploded over
his tongue, bathing Nick's mouth with his seed.

Nick swallowed the hot gushes of liquid, smiling and happy that he
had made Derek do that. He gave one last lick to the spent organ before
moving back up to get a kiss from his lover. "Good?"

"So good. You win, tomorrow you get bottom." He smiled at
Nick. "You blew the curve, my young stud." He tried to roll Nick over to
help him, but Nick stopped him with a kiss. "What? Don't you want..."

"Nope, just hold me." Nick moved into his arms. He sat up.
"Derek, why is the shower still running?" Derek laughed and got up to
turn it off. By the time he got back, Nick was asleep with a smile on his

"You certainly did blow the curve. That book comes in here
tomorrow." Derek crawled back in beside his young man and held him.
They fell asleep together, satisfied.