Title: Oh, My, How Humiliating!
Rating: pg
Pairing: ?
Category: humor

For Sarah: Five more pounds, and you get to give me the plot for
the next one!

Oh, My, How Humiliating!

Alex opened the closet door, coming out of her hiding spot to look
at her targets.

//Oh, how cute!// she thought.

She pointed the computerized camera at the men on the bed and
took a picture, pausing when one moved. She stood absolutely still,
waiting for them to settle back down.

The one that moved sighed and snuggled in closer, planing his nose
in the other's hair, licking the ear beside his mouth in his sleep.

//Ah, perfect.// She snapped a few more, catching the licking and
nibbling going on unconsciously.

She smiled as she slipped out of their room and down the hall into
hers. She plugged in the camera and brought up the software she needed
to make her surprise for the dinner.


Kat stood, raising her small glass of wine. "Okay, you guys, listen
up." She waited until she had everyone's attention. "Mom and Alex put
together some things for our loving mates here, so let's turn our attention
to them please." She sat down, turning over the floor to her mother.

"Thanks, kiddo, couldn't have said it better." Rachel turned
towards the men kissing on one side of the table. "All right guys, stop
trying to suck each other inside out for a minute and watch us." Everyone
giggled, watching the men wipe off each other's lips. "Okay, we decided
that since this is actually your *third* anniversary, even though it's the first
we knew about," she shot her friends a dirty look across the table, "we've
decided to forgive your oversight of omission and give you each three
presents." She pulled out two large and one very tiny boxes out from
under her chair. "This is your first year's present from Kat and I." she
handed them a large box.

"Not even Mom, I got them my own."

"Oh, okay, well then I guess it's just from me then." She ruffled
Kat's hair, giving her the my-baby's-growing-up-look.

The box was opened and the contents, a silver wine goblet for each
of them, was shown around. Everyone 'aahhed' and smiled before the box
was set aside.

"Now my first year one," Alex said, handing over an envelope.

The tickets inside, to a wildly romantic resort in the Caribbean, was
sighed over by the couple and Alex got a kiss for it.

"Now mine," Kat handed over a small padded envelope. "I decided
to make instead of buy mine. I found the design on-line." She helped them
pull out a hand-stitched wall hanging with Celtic knots on it. "They're the
ones for love, forever, and happiness."

"Oh, that's so sweet, thank you Kat," one of her favorite men said.
She just beamed at them.

"Guess it's my turn again." Rachel handed over the other large box.

It was opened, showing an Amish quilt with a wedding ring design
on it.

"Not that you need it to stay warm, but..." A giggle was stifled
around the table.

"Okay, here's mine." Alex handed over a box from a little specialty
shop that catered to gay men. "Sorry in advance. I saw it and
automatically thought of you guys all last year." Her eyes twinkled,
waiting on them to open it.

They pulled out a few bottles of bath oils, bubble baths, and a bath
brush set.

"Well, Alex, that second year they *did* hide in the bathroom a lot,
you're right," Rachel said from behind her napkin to keep from laughing

"Alex," Kat said, shaking her head and handing over a hand-made
silk envelope.

Inside were thin leather bracelets with their names inscribed on the
inner edge in a delicate script.

"You can wear them as a reminder when you're apart, which might
be often with this job, and no one will know unless you tell them." She
shrugged and was pulled into a hug by each of the men in turn.

"You are growing up so fast," Alex said. "It seems like only
yesterday you were sitting on my lap, asking me to braid your hair."

"Hold it, didn't she do that this morning?" Rachel asked, letting
everyone laugh at it. "But I'm proud of you anyway, Katherine, and I
guess it's my turn again." She handed over her small box. "I figured that
you could put what ever sort of commitment sign on these and wear them
around outside the house."

They put the chains from Rachel and Kat's bracelets on each other,
earning an 'ooh' when they kissed afterwards.

"Okay, mine next," Kat called, pushing a large box across the table.

"Hm-nah, Alex is."

"Nope, we worked this out yesterday. I'm last."

"Oh, okay Alex, whatever." Rachel shrugged and helped Kat's
present across the table.

It was opened to find 3 quilted scrapbooks, each with the house
picture from that year on the cover.

"Oh, Kat, they're beautiful."

"Thank you love, we'll cherish them and the other things we've
gotten tonight."

Kat blushed as she was kissed soundly on the cheek by each of
them. "It was nothing, really."

Alex got up and handed them each an envelope, walking out the
door. "I'll be back, show them around. You'll like the tickets, they'll bring
you closer and give you a greater understanding of each other."

The cards were opened, the tickets looked at and then they looked
at each other's before running after Alex.

"Alex, get back here! How did you take those!?!" sounded through
the house and up the stairs.

Rachel turned a card over, staring at the picture and the caption
underneath. She flipped it back down on the table in a hurry when she
heard her daughter giggling behind her.

Just faintly heard from upstairs came, "Alex, how many more
pictures are there and we want the negatives, too!" and "Come out of that
bathroom now or I'm gonna breath this door down! Alex!!!"

"Ah, well, looks like the party's over for now." Rachel sat back
down to finish her desert.