Title: Girls Night Out
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Rachel/Alex/Kristen
Category: PWP

Warnings: f/f/f

The three girls (yes Kristen is in here) go out to a show, things get going,
and they each discover something that they wanted.

Girls Night Out.

"Imagine, them just up and leaving us like that for a guy's weekend
in the woods. And then expecting us to sit at home like good little 'June
Cleaver' clones!" Rachel was outraged. The men, the couple and the
visiting priest, had left them to mind the house while they left for some
male bonding.

"Well, nobody said that we *have* to stay here. We could go to
the mainland and have some fun. What do you say?" Alex was trying to
calm Rachel down. Kristen was just pacing the living room floor like a
caged animal. Pretty soon tempers would flare if she didn't get them
calmed down.

"Sure." Rachel grabbed the local paper and turned to the
entertainment section. "Says here, there's a ladies night at one of the local
dance joints. Want to go?"

"Yeah." Kristen perked up and stopped pacing. "Then when they
ask about our weekend, we can just tell them that we found some new men
to be around." She was pleased at the idea.

"They'll freak for sure." Alex smiled. "What time does it start?" .
//Just think about the look on their faces when they find out where we've

"In about three hours. Let's go now and get supper while we're

"Just let me go change." Kristen left the room, Alex and Rachel
following close behind her.

They boarded the ferry, and hit the city with joy. They ate dinner,
then left early for the club, so they could find it. When they got there, they
paid their cover charge and entered into a room full of women talking and
laughing, just having a good time. Their waitress came over to take their
drink order, interrupting the discussion about a designated driver.

"I'm the designated driver, ladies. I can't drink, remember?"

"Sorry,. Rach, forgot." Alex dug in her purse. "Here are the keys
to the car."

"Hi, my name's Simmer, what'll you have to drink?"

"I'll have a wine spritzer," Alex said.

"Beer, please. Imported or microbrew if possible." Kristen smiled
at the college-aged red head. 'Ummmm, candy' was what her face said.

"Just a soda water with lemon, please."

"Are you sure, ma'am? I mean there is a two drink minimum

"Yes, dear. I'm the designated driver. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll
have enough to cover for me."

"Okay, I'll be right back. Um, if you need me, just wave me over
during the show. We're always busy on these nights." Then she left.

"Wow, she really was young." Rachel stared after her for a second,
then looked around the room at the various people. "Alex?"

"Yeah, Rach." //Oh, my. I think that she may have read the ad
wrong.// She had been doing her own observations of the people around
them, but turned back to the older woman at her question.

"I don't know, but do you get the feeling that something's not
really....normal here?"

"No, just looks like a large bunch of women here to have fun.

Rachel didn't have time to answer, because the lights came up and
the first dance began. Rachel felt her jaw drop, and looked over at Alex to
see the same expression on her face. They both looked over at Kristen,
who appeared to be enjoying herself immensely. They knew she was a
lesbian, she had told them both after a few weeks at the house, but she
didn't say anything about not wanting to go to an all male strip show.

"Kristen, did you know..."

"Nope, why? Is ... is this going to be a problem. Do you want to

"No, it just took us by surprise." Alex was back to being
diplomatic. //Yeah, it sure was a surprise.//

The waitress came back with their drinks, and noticed the looks on
their faces. "Not what you expected?"

"No, not really. But we're going to stay all the same." Rachel
pulled out her own diplomatic skills so as not to offend the waitress.

"Yeah, our friend is having fun."

"Cool." She set the drinks in front of them, then leaned closer to be
able to talk over the shouting. "I know it came as a big shock, but don't
worry. You'll be safe here."

"Never worried about it. As a matter of fact, I used to go to one of
these in New Orleans all the time." Alex smiled at the cute waitress, who
did smile back. "We read about it in the paper, and it didn't mention it was
a female show. We weren't expecting it, that's all." The waitress squeezed
her hand, then went back to her rounds.

An 'Oh, we're going to have a talk when we get home, Alex' look
came over Rachel's face. "You did?"

"Yeah. I used to love going there. Now watch the show, they're

Rachel watched a look similar to Kristen appear on her friend's
face, then slowly got absorbed in the show herself.


By the time it was over, Alex and Kristen were very glad to have
Rachel as a designated driver, even if they couldn't tell her that coherently.
They piled into the car, then headed back to the house. By the time they
were on the ferry, Rachel was trying to avoid looking at the two women.

They were waiting for the ferry, when Kristen leaned over to Alex.
"Why didn't you tell me?"

"What, that I'm bi. I don't ... usu'y tell anyone. 'Sides, I don't have
the time or energy ta date."

"I mean, when I told you, why didn't you tell me?" Kristen was
feeling hurt, she had told her friends, but Alex didn't trust her enough to tell
her back.

"I don' make a 'cision about partn'rs, it jus' happens. I kinda fall inta
bed with 'em."

"Oh, okay, then." Kristen leaned over to kiss Alex on the cheek,
but missed and hit her nose instead.

Alex pushed her away, and patted her face, "Nope, not you. Sorry,
I like to be the dominant one."

"Oh, alright. Maybe..." She glanced from Alex to Rachel to Alex,
making sure that Alex had caught it.

"Nah, not even close." Alex tried to snap her finger, but couldn't
and ended up laughing instead. Then she leaned over and kissed Kristen on
the neck. "Maybe this though."

"Okay." They felt the bump as they boarded the ferry. They
looked up, and saw Rachel trying very hard to ignore them. They smiled at
each other, then started to unbutton their shirts. When they were open, but
not off, Alex reached up and played with the edge of Rachel's hair.

"Stop it you two. You're embarrassing," Rachel hissed at them.
//What, do they want me to join in? Would I if they offered?// Rachel
gripped the steering wheel harder, and leaned her head forward onto it.
She felt a movement as a body came up behind her and kissed the flesh
under her hair. "Guys, not interested. Really."

"Of course not, Rachel. Why would you want to be held and
touched by two of your best friends." Alex's voice was a soft whisper in
Rachel's ear.

Kristen came up behind Alex and ran her hands along the women's
backs. "What's amader, Rachel? Afraid of two girls?" Kristen laughed at
her joke, then went back to stroking the two backs in front of her. //Feels
so good. All hard and strong.//

Rachel sighed and gave in. "Maybe when we get home, okay?"
Alex whooped and crawled over the seat to give Rachel a hug, before
turning to Kristen and kissing her. They made it home, with the two in the
back seat nuzzling at each other, and Rachel trying to decide what to do.
"Home guys." She pulled up in front of the side door and turned off the
engine. //Now what? Do I want to do this? With them? They'll stop if I
want them to.//

Alex and Kristen got out of the backseat on the driver's side, then
Kristen grabbed Rachel for a kiss. Alex dragged them into the house when
she noticed that Rachel wasn't objecting anymore. She led the kissing pair
up to her room, and locked the door behind them.

Kristen was kissing Rachel for all she was worth. Rachel, who
really hadn't made a decision to join in, found herself the center of attention
once they got to Alex's room. Both of the women worked on her clothes,
getting them off her rapidly. Then they helped each other, giving her a
chance to back out if she wanted.

//Maybe I do want this. Maybe I want to find out why I used to
listen to my roommate in college masturbate. Maybe I'm thinking too
much.// Her thoughts were interrupted by a pair of wet lips on hers, and
another on her breast. "Oh, yes!" was her last coherent thought of the

Alex leaned in to kiss Rachel while Kristen went straight for a
breast. When she pulled back to breathe from the very deep, tonsil
swabbing kiss, she looked into Rachel's eyes. "Do you want this?"

"Yeah. I do. I think." Rachel hung her head slightly, and Alex
lifted it. "I thinks so."

"If you want us to stop, we will. All you have to do is ask."

Kristen made an agreement sound and switched to the other side,
pushing Alex off balance. Alex fell onto the bed, and sat there for a
moment in surprise before grabbing Kristen and pulling her on top. "Brat."
Kristen laughed and licked Alex's breasts. They felt Rachel climb onto the
bed, so Kristen shifted to the breast closest to her so she could touch
Rachel as she licked Alex.

Rachel watched Kristen lay into Alex like she was feeding from her,
and then decided to join in. She felt Kristen's hand on her stomach,
rubbing, so she put a hand out to stoke Kristen's back while she leaned
down to kiss Alex. Kristen moaned and rolled over, pinning Rachel so she
could lavish attention on the tight stomach.

Alex watched her two best friends go at it while she caught her
breath. //Yes, let her do that.// Alex pushed Kristen's thighs apart and
licked the tender inside flesh until Kristen was moaning into Rachel's flesh.

Kristen couldn't believe it. She was licking Rachel's stomach, and
Alex was working her way up her thighs to give her a lick and nibble. "Oh,
yes, Alex, higher."

Rachel squirmed around until she could see what Alex was doing,
and blushed. "Oh, my."

"Rachel, would you like that?" Kristen looked into Rachel's face,
waiting for an answer. When Rachel nodded and swallowed, Kristen
moved to let her get higher onto the bed. Alex sat up, and they arranged
themselves on the pillows. Kristen moved back and forth, licking one
woman while touching the other. "Alex, do you have anything here?"

"Yeah, in the drawer beside you." Alex pointed to the beside table
and Kristen looked inside. She brought out a vibrator and some other toys.
"Not much, but it's something."

"Alex, I don't need anything, ..." Rachel started to protest, but Alex
leaned over and kissed her to quiet her.

"Don't worry. I know how to play nickly, I mean nicely with my
toys." Kristen came back onto the bed and moved back between Rachel's
thighs. "Let us show you."
Alex moved to her breasts and Kristen took back up her pursuits in oral

Rachel arched into the touches. Kristen would suck on her clit then
run the side of the vibrator over it to let it settle down some without
loosing all the pleasure gained. Alex was suckling on a breast, switching
from side to side as Kristen brought her higher. Rachel was writhing in the
bed from all the stimulation, panting and screaming in pleasure until she
came. She came to with Alex and Kristen leaning on her, watching her,
and smiling.

"Ladies, I ..."

"Now you know." Kristen said and rolled off Rachel. "Would you
like ... " She turned to Alex, who shrugged.

Rachel rolled over and pinned Kristen underneath. "My turn." She
moved down the body in front of her, stopping to lick at the pulse points.
"It pays to take three years of Anatomy." Then she showed her everything
she had learned.

By the time she was licking Kristen's clit, she was moaning. Alex
was laying there watching her work, kissing occasionally, and waiting her

"Oh, YES!" Kristen screamed and came. She shot up during it and
fell back to the bed, panting.

Rachel gave her a kiss flavored with her own juices, then scooped
some up on a finger for Alex. "Your turn." Kristen moved over slightly so
Alex could have more room to lay down.

Rachel had seen Alex touching herself during her time with Kristen.
She picked up the fingers on that hand and gently sucked each one in turn,
learning her best friend's flavor. "Good," she said and moved on to lick
Alex's neck and shoulder. She gave Alex a tongue bath from her ears to
her knees, coming back up the inside of her thighs to the wet spot waiting
for her. "For me?"

Alex nodded and ran her fingers through Rachel's hair while she
was licked. When Rachel hit a spot she liked, she grabbed hard; when she
was teasing, she combed it through her fingers. Her hands got more and
more tangled, grabbing and pushing Rachel closer as she got closer to
orgasm. When she finally came, she pulled some of Rachel's hair out.

"Hey, easy, babe." Rachel was panting. She had been stroking
herself as she licked Alex off, and was sooo close. She sped up her fingers,
trying to touch all the sensitive areas at once, experience teaching her how
to do it better. She came with a loud groan and collapsed on top of the
sleeping women.


Philip walked in the main door the next morning, followed by his
two wet friends. They had been having a good time until the tent collapsed
during the rain storm. None of them were in a good mood, so they
dropped their gear in the hall and headed upstairs to change and find the

Philip came out of his room, and listened. Nick was just opening
the door, and Derek was standing behind him giving Nick a squeeze. Philip
went to Alex's door, and listened. When he heard some noise, he opened
the door slowly, ready to close it if he should find something Alex would
be embarrassed by him seeing. Nick walked up behind him and peered
around the door. He stopped cold, muttering under his breath, "Oh, my,

Derek looked around his lover to see what had gotten that
response. Philip was turning away from the door, blushing a shade of deep
red nobody had ever seen. Derek's jaw dropped, and he stood there,
looking, before quietly closing the door.

"We'll let them sleep," he said to the other two, then shifted himself
in his jeans before heading downstairs to help stow their camping gear for
the next time.

Philip and Nick looked at each other, then turned slightly so the
other wouldn't see them moving their erections around to get them more
comfortable. They followed their Precept, and left the ladies alone.