Title: Kat Presents "Freud"
Author: Voracity
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Rating: PG-13 at the worst
Pairing: Nick/Philip/Derek
Fandom: Poltergeist: the Legacy
Disclaimer: <sigh> not mine, I'm afraid. I couldn't afford to keep Nick in
bullets or give Philip enough to feel guilty about, or even let Derek have
enough fun with ghosts (or the boys) so I'll send them back to all the varied
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Notes: For my wonderful friends, who all seem to need a small laugh
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stressed, read it with your feet up and a fuzzy in your lap (or a kid, I'm easy
about relaxing). For both my betas; don't yell at them, it's the psych
teacher's fault for giving us Freud while I was trying to write other smut.

Kat Presents "Freud"
By Voracity

Katherine Corrigan adjusted her jacket as she walked up to the front of her
class. She smiled at the camera as she picked up the control for the slide
projector. "Morning," she said cheerfully. "I guess it's my turn. My
project was on Freud's theory of the human mind, specifically the
'id-ego-superego' part of it. Lights please?" The lights were dimmed to
where you couldn't see anything but her and the slide screen.

The first slide appeared, a picture of a brain. "Doctor Freud said that we
grow subconsciously, that there are things going through our head that we
don't know about. This subconscious stuff comes out in our dreams and
issues." She flipped slides, now showing an iceberg. "I'm sure we've all
seen this, but let's say this is a brain. The piece above the water is our
conscious mind. The big, dangerous part is our subconscious mind, the
part Freud wanted to hold an archeological dig in." There were a few
snickers of laughter.

She flipped slides again, to a hand drawn figure. "This is his theory: all
our minds have three parts to them. The id- the violence and lust part.
The ego- your reality center. And the super ego, your good side. The id
and the superego fight against each other with the ego as a referee."

The slide flipped to a picture of a young man with a cocky grin, lounging in
a doorway with his arms crossed. "All three of my examples are my
Mother's co-workers and this is really them." She smiled at the camera
again. "This is Nick, my image of the id. He's a former Navy Seal and
now does security, hence the violence side of the self, better known as the
id. His love life has been filled by bad women that make the bad girl
stereotype seem like, well, me." That earned another group of snickers and
a loud one from a female student. "No comments, Char, really." She
grinned at her best friend. "This man personifies the id; he's the one that
wants to fish, hunt, and do violent sports. He drives too fast in his flashy
sports car and his whole life screams 'ID!'," she yelled the last word for

The next slide popped up, another young man with a small, gentle smile
who was leaning over a table filled with books. "This is Philip, my version
of the superego. Believe it or not he's a Priest, he just refused to put on his
collar for me." She smiled gently. "Philip is the essence of good: he cares
- sometimes too much -, he takes in strays, he works with the hard cases of
kids because he cares too much. I believe, and this is just me here, that if
we needed a Mother Theresa here he would be it." A new picture popped
up, a shot taken from the movie Titanic, right where the ship hits the
iceberg. "Now, he and Nick clash all the time on things ranging from what
movies they see to how they handle stress. Nick takes the physical
approach to everything while Philip is laid back and lets people walk over
him if they want to so he doesn't have to fight."

A new picture flipped up, this time an older man, smiling warmly at the
camera. "This is my ego example, Derek. His role is peacekeeper between
Philip and Nick; actually he's the boss and for good reason. He hears both
plans of action and decides which way to go." A new still came up, a
picture of Derek between the ship and the iceberg, making everyone giggle.
"And it's like this some days," she confided, dropping her voice a little and
rolling her eyes. The slides got turned back to the prior picture. "His role
is the middleman, the peacekeeper, the buffer of reason."

The slides were forwarded to a picture of the iceberg, now shaded in with
the three men's pictures. "This is how Freud said it works in your brain.
Most of Nick is above the water, very open about what he wants. Most of
Philip is below the water, hiding there to make you feel guilty when you
don't give money to the people who ring those bells at Christmas or when
you see a homeless person. Derek is partially above and a little below the
water line. According to
Freud, that's because Nick needs stronger arms to hold him back and that
takes leverage." That got her a small laugh from the teacher.

"One thing I've noticed is that these three aren't happy unless they're
together. Philip and Nick quietly fight with each other in playful ways until
Derek breaks it up. Derek and Philip sit and read all the time until Nick
comes in to pull them away from the big, boring, dusty things. As a matter
of fact, the best picture I've ever had of any of them is our group picture,"
she said as she flipped to the last slide, a group picture of the House
members, "as you can tell."

She turned off the projector, waiting for the lights to come on. "Any

"Who's in charge when they're all together," her friend Char said, rubbing
her long red braid between her hands.

"It depends on what they're doing, and this is still in line with Freud's
theory. If it's something physical, Nick is there with Derek right behind
him to rein him in if necessary. If they need to do something with books
and stuff, Derek and Philip split it up with Philip taking on the learning
stuff while Derek sorts through all the tasks and leads them." She smiled at
her friend. "Any other questions?"

When there weren't the teacher stood up, walking in front of the camera to
pat Kat on the head. "Very good work, dear. Go ahead and take your
stuff to your locker."

The camera went dark as Kat walked up to it.


Rachel looked at the bag her daughter had dragged to her car. "How did
your report go?"

"Really well." Kat handed over her comments page, grinning. "We need
to go out to the island, I need to give Nick back his camera."

"Well, gee, I guess it's a good thing Derek wanted us to come out today
then." She pulled out, driving away from the school. "Who was your
project on?"


"Wondered why you needed my old textbooks. What did you need the
camera for?"

"You'll see," Kat said cryptically, as only a thirteen-year-old could.

Nick bounced the tape he'd found in his camera on his thigh as he walked
into the library. "Philip? You seen Kat?" he called, looking up at the
balcony. "She left the tape of her presentation."

"She said it was for us ta watch, but ta le' Rachel see it afterwards." He
looked over the railing near his worktable, smiling at the younger man. "It
had somethin' ta do with needing our pictures."

Nick grinned. "Let me go find Derek so we can watch our brilliant resident
genius then." Philip's smile got bigger as he sorted out his things to be put
away, watching his lover walk out of the room.

Nick shook his head. "I'm gonna tickle her until she screams," he vowed,
turning off the tape to lean on his lovers.

"She has a poin', especially abou' ya, Nick," Philip said as he rolled on top
of him. "Ya are like that."

They rolled back and forth on the bed, fighting to hold the other down.
Derek watched his lovers with fond amusement, shaking with suppressed
laughter; even when they landed on him. When Nick's head landed on his
stomach again, he stroked through the soft hair, petting him gently.

Nick looked up and grinned. "Just you wait, I'll take care of him and
vanquish you too." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making his
oldest lover laugh.

"Boys," Derek sighed, reaching between them to help Philip subdue Nick.
The youngest man squealed, bucking under the double assault, laughing
loudly as he wiggled.


Rachel looked up as her daughter squealed, running past her to get away
from the newly arrived Nick. "Guys, no running. I'm not doing stitches
today," she yelled after them, and of course neither of them listened. She
looked over her shoulder as Derek and Alex walked in, both with tolerant

Alex handed her a tape, bursting out in laughter and falling onto the couch,
gasping, "Watch it." It only got worse as Derek patted her shoulder.

Rachel got up, sliding the tape into the VCR and turning on the TV. She
sat down as her daughter walked in front of her class, making her

Rachel leaned against Alex, both still laughing as hard as they could. "So
true," she gasped then looked at Derek, making it worse. She hopped up,
running for the bathroom.

Derek grimaced at Alex. "It wasn't *that* funny," he said, laughing himself
as she fell off the couch from giggling harder. He looked out the door,
watching his Nick herd Kat back inside. "Next time, please get permission,
Kat," he said solemnly. That set Alex off more, earning her a grimace from

Kat nodded. "I will. But at least I didn't have to do Freud's developmental
stage theory." She grinned, leading Nick into the kitchen as Derek choked.

"Katherine, don't even think about it," Rachel yelled as she walked back
into the living room. She looked at Derek as she sat down. "Philip does
suck on his pen when he's working," she justified with a small tip of her
head to the side.

"Kat! Don't you dare!" was yelled from the kitchen, following right behind
the sound of dropping plates.


"I wonder," Nick said as she snuggled into Derek's shoulder on the couch,
"what they would say if they found out Philip was really our 'id' guy when
it's just us?" He grinned, looking up at his oldest lover with fond
amusement. "I'm sure Alex would wet herself then."

Derek smiled, rubbing a hand slowly over Nick's chest as he examined the
smiling man sitting across from them in a chair. "I believe they'd both
choke if they found out."

Philip pulled the book down enough to look over the top edge. "Alex
knows, she's walked in on us," he reminded. The book was put aside as he
got to his knees to crawl over to them. "Want to talk about," he licked his
lips, kneeling between their legs, "developmental stage theories?"

Nick choked and Derek smiled. "Only if I get to be the second one," he
whispered, leaning down to kiss his lover.

"My favorite," Philip murmured, licking his lips as he looked at Nick,
visually devouring him already. "Or he could be. I'm sure he wouldn't

"Who? Me?" Nick asked innocently, pouncing on Philip to kiss him


Doctor Sigmund Freud's stage theory of Psychosexual Development
(something we all supposedly went through):

0-18 months - oral development, concentrating on sucking, biting,
chewing, etc.

18-36 months - anal development, potty training and the feelings associated
with that.

3-6 years - Phallic development, finding out whether or not you have one
and learning to enjoy it or not.

6- puberty - latency, a disappearance

Puberty onward - genital development, really finding out whether or not
you enjoy it.

Anybody want to try a story with these?