Title: Coming Out
Rating: Nick/Derek
Pairing: R
Warnings: Angst

Statement: I haven't read a story yet that deals with the guys coming out
to anyone, so I wrote one. If there is one from before my time on the list,
and I accidentally copied or plagiarized from someone, I'm sorry. This
song was inspired by Queen's "Friends will be friends". This was a best
case scenario I could think of. Most people get over their feelings, but
not everyone can handle a loving relationship. I didn't want to include any
gay bashing people, I didn't think that anyone here, or any of the
characters, would even think about it. That's another story.

Coming Out.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door. Nick and Derek had
retreated to Nick's room for some time alone. Work and all had kept
them apart for longer than they liked. They were still insecure in this
relationship, it was so new to both of them. Derek had other lovers before
Nick, but still each relationship was different. All they wanted was half an
hour to cuddle together and hold each other.

"Rachel, what do you need?" Nick asked as he stripped off his
shirt and sat on the bed. Derek had opened the door to the unsmiling face
of their resident doctor and then went to sit on the weight bench. She was
carrying a tray with a bowl of soup, some sandwiches, and two glasses of

"Thought that you might want some food. You both looked
exhausted earlier. Alex said you had retreated upstairs for a nap, I
thought I would prove to you that not all doctors are bad." She put the
tray on the bed beside Nick. "Peace offering?"

"Sure." Nick smiled up at Rachel. He looked over at Derek and
silently asked a question with his eyes. At Derek's subtle nod, Nick sighed
in pleasure. They had planned for this moment, in long detail over the last
few days. "Rachel, sit down. We have something to tell you."

At hearing the sigh, and hearing the pleasure in Nick's voice,
Rachel sat on the bed next to Nick. Derek got up from his seat on the
weight bench and started pacing the room. She got more and more
confused by their attitudes. "Is something wrong, guys? Did I do
something wrong?"

"No, no Rachel, you did nothing wrong." Derek took a deep
breath and held it for a second. "We need to share something with you.
You may not want to hear it, but we think it's time we came clean."

"Rachel," Nick said, "Derek and I are...committed to each other."
At the shocked look on Rachel's face, Nick went on quickly. "We didn't
want to hide it from you, but we wanted to make sure things were going
to work out between us before we let anyone in on it."

They waited patiently for her reaction. Her face went from pale to
flushed to red. "How. . . how could you...why...what about..." Rachel's
stuttered mumbling reached the pair, increasing their doubts about making
other announcement.

"Rachel, we never meant to deceive you. We've only been
together for a little under a month." Nick tried to reason with her. He
knew she wouldn't have trouble with their relationship to each other, just
with her feelings towards them. She had made it clear that she wanted to
date Derek, but was waiting for him to see it. She probably felt foolish
and lied to.

"I know this comes as a shock, but it just happened one night. We
never saw it coming. We want you to understand." Derek walked over to
her and squatted down in front of her. "We both know that you and I
were close. I still want to keep the friendship, but only if you're
comfortable with it. If not, then we'll work to have whatever sort of
relationship happens between us." Derek patted her hands clasped in her

"I...I...I'm happy for you both. This just is a *big* shock. I don't
...I need time to come to grips with this." She got up and walked out of
the room. Nick and Derek look at each other in resignation. They knew
Rachel would come to grips with it eventually, but until then the
atmosphere in the house would be strained. It wasn't long before another
knock came to the door.

Derek guessing the identity of their new visitor called for Alex to
come in. When she came in, she looked pissed. "What did you say to
Rachel. She murmured something about you two and left the house in a
hurry. She grabbed Kat like some demon was going to come steal her
baby from her and pealed out of here."

"We told her the truth." Nick said trying to calm her down. "We
sat her down and told her that we... we came out to her. Derek told her
he still wants to be friends and all, but she apparently needs time to get
used to the idea."

"Why now, Nick. Why not over supper or some night when we're
all relaxing together?" Alex was getting calmer, but not by much. She
knew that the actions of two of her best friends, her family, had hurt
another friend. She felt torn between her loyalties. She didn't know if she
should be mad at Rachel for taking it like that, or at Nick and Derek for
telling her before she was ready. "For that matter, why didn't you sit me
down and tell me something officially? Huh?" Alex tapped her foot
waiting for an answer.

"We thought you already knew about us. Had guessed or
something. And we tried to break it gently to her, she just didn't take it

"I gave him permission to share our relationship with Rachel. We
both thought you had picked up on our not so subtle signals to each other.
We're sorry if we hurt you also, Alex. This was never our intention."
Derek ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "We just wanted to
come clean ..."

"He means that there shouldn't be secrets among us. Not ones like
this anyway." Nick looks over at Derek and smiles at all the secrets the
Precept had kept from everyone. "We knew it would come out sooner or
later. We wanted to be open around you guys. You two are family to us.
We just..."

"I know what you're trying to say ,Nick," Alex interrupted him. "I
did know about this. You two have been acting like teenagers around
each other now for almost a month and a half now."

"One month tomorrow, Alex." Derek told her. "We were
planning on officially telling you and everybody else in the house then, but
we both figured that we should tell Rachel privately." Derek gave her a
small smile. "We all know that she had feelings for me, and we didn't
want her to hear it in a group setting or from someone else."

"I know, Derek. You were both trying to be sensitive about this,
but I think you underestimated her feelings. You may have hurt her bad."
Alex walked over and gave first Derek, then Nick, a hug. They both
looked like they needed it. "I'll leave you two alone for a while, you look
like you need to hold each other." Alex started to leave the room, but
turned around with a final comment. "I don't mind you guys kissing and
stuff in front of me, but nothing heavy for a little while until I get used to
it, please." She hadn't wanted to ask the favor of them. After all, if they
had asked her to not kiss her boyfriends around them she would be hurt;
but she saw that they took the request in the way it was meant. She
turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Nick looked at Derek and patted the bed beside him. "Come here.
We could both use a hug." Derek came to Nick and gently encircled him
in a loving embrace. "That didn't go as well as we expected."


Rachel sat in her living room and cried. She could do that now.
She was home, safe. Kat was upstairs in her room. She cried because of
her hurt feelings and her disappointments of hopes and dreams. She cried
because she had loved Derek. She loved him totally, had fantasies about
him, thought about him and her together, everything. She looked up as
Kat came downstairs to get more milk.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Kat was a sensitive young women, not to
mention talented and gifted with psychic abilities. "What happened
upstairs at the castle that upset you?" She knew her mother had went
upstairs to Nick's room with food, but not what had prompted their flight
from the people who were like a second family to her. Kat walked over to
her mother to give her a hug, she looked like she needed it.

"Kat, sit down. We need to talk." She held her daughter close for
a moment before letting her sit on the couch. "Derek and Nick and I had
a talk while we were upstairs."

"Did they tell you they were dating?"

"How...how...when...Katherine Corrigan, what are you talking
about?" Rachel finally managed to get a sentence out. She was shocked
at her daughter's question. She hadn't even guessed, but Kat had know
what was going on. Rachel was jealous, and a little hurt, that Kat had
picked up on this before she had. She felt like screaming at those men for
letting her daughter see them.

"Mom, they've been acting like they're dating now for a while. It
was kinda obvious if you were watching them." Kat felt badly as soon as
she said the words. "You know I don't have much to do there except for
watch people work. I noticed that Nick and Derek look at each other a
lot when the other isn't looking. I've seen them touch each other for
absolutely no reason." Kat looked at her mother's face. All she saw was
astonishment and pain. She hadn't meant to hurt her mother, but it came
out wrong. Now she didn't know how to fix it. "I'm sure you were just
too busy to notice it." There maybe that had smoothed over the hurt
some. Kat gave her mother another hug and went into the kitchen for
something to drink when it was apparent that nothing more was going to
be said. She heard her mother get up and go to her bathroom to run a
bath. Kat knew that everything would be alright when her mother came
out. It always was.


The next night at dinner, everybody sat in silence. Rachel and Kat
had come back by request so that the whole house could talk together.
Derek and Nick sat next to each other, the younger man trying hard not to
fidget at the silence. Rachel looked at them then back at her plate. Alex
joked quietly with Kat, while Kristen just stared in confusion. She had
only gotten back today, but she knew something had happened while she
was gone.

"Umh." Nick cleared his throat. With look at Derek and a slight
smile, he started off. "Derek and I felt that the best thing for the house
was to sit and talk."

"Yes, we wanted to make a formal announcement tonight while
everyone was here. Then something happened so we decided that we all
needed a time to talk, together about this." Derek picked up another
mouthful of food and ate it. He looked around the table expectantly.

"Derek, "Kristen asked, "I'm lost. What announcement? What is

Nick picked up Derek's hand and squeezed it. "This is this,
Kristen. Derek and I have decided to become attached to one another.
We're together as a couple now, and have been for a month tonight."

"Oookaaay." Kristen let out the word slowly as she thought about
the implications. She didn't like what she heard, but she couldn't do
anything about it now. "You and Derek are dating?"

"Yes" was all Derek said. He looked at Nick, who looked back.
After a moment, Derek turned his attention back to the others. "We want
to not hide this from you, our friends."

"It would only come out anyways, with hurt feelings," Nick threw

"We don't want to shove it in your face, but we don't want to have
to sneak around either. We wanted to share our love with you, not to
hurt you."

"Derek, I've been thinking since yesterday." Rachel looked over at
the pair. "I wasn't really hurt, just surprised. It came as a real shock to
me. I didn't mean to hurt you and Nick. I'm sorry for my reactions and
running away like I did." Rachel reached over and ruffled Kat's hair. "She
made me see what I didn't want to."

"So, Kat, honey are you okay with this?" Nick looked at his
might-as-well-be niece. At her nod, he smiled.

"Nick I knew already. I noticed that you two were looking at each
other months ago." She rolled her eyes at the pair. "For two observant
men, you sure caught on slow." She went back to eating supper after
noticing the grin that spread across Derek's face. She had said the right

"Derek, like I said yesterday, I already had guessed. It doesn't
bother me. I just want, and truthfully need, to get used to the idea before
walking in while you're sucking on superman here." Alex patted Nick's
arm and turned to Kristen, the only one who hadn't said anything yet,
really. Alex knew that Kristen came from a conservative background, but
she hoped that her time in the Legacy would have given her an open mind.

"I ...I ...just don't know what to say. I'm shocked. Upset. I don't
know how I feel about this." With that Kristen got up and left for her
room. They all watched her go sadly. They had expected a negative
reaction, but weren't prepared for it. None of them spoke for a while, just
looking at the empty seat at the table. Alex got up and went after her.
None of them felt hungry after that.


When Nick got up in the morning for his run, Kristen had left the
house. He found the note in the kitchen sitting on the table.

I can't deal with this right now. I'm going away for
a few days to think about this. It's not something I've
been faced with before, and I need to deal with it. I'll call
Alex tonight and tell her where I am.


Nick looked at the note and sighed. It wasn't a bad sign, but it
wasn't the unconditional acceptance they had gotten from everyone else.
He carried the note upstairs to his lover. They had spent last night moving
his things into Derek's room, their room. He only hoped Kristen wouldn't
try anything to hurt them.



Kristen came back two days later. She pulled Nick and Derek into
the office and told them that she wouldn't do anything, but she couldn't
accept it and/or couldn't encourage them. They told her they would keep
their relationship not so obvious around her. She walked out of the office
and went back to work. Three months later, she couldn't take it anymore
and left the house. London made sure they sent only people who wouldn't
disrupt the house from then on.

When Philip came back for a visit, Nick told him personally. Philip
just hugged him and gave his blessing for them, telling Nick it was about
time he noticed Derek loved him. The rest of the house went on calmly
with the knowledge held secure to their hearts of the love that existed in
the house.