Title: I Can't Take This Anymore!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: A (f)
Category: PWP
Note: ' ' means thoughts.

This story comes from, again, frustration with my Literature
teacher. This one isn't slash, it's actually a masturbation story. This story
is about one of the characters form the show Poltergeist: The Legacy,
namely Alex. I mean no copyright infringement, or harm to the actual
owners of said copyright. I also make no money, or any recompense for
this work. If you want to 'e' me, you can at voracitys @hotmail.com

I Can't take this anymore!

Alex sat in class, wondering why she had wanted to take another
class. 'I know I wanted to take this for some reason, but right now, I have
no idea why.' She shifted for the tenth time in her seat since class had
started thirty minutes ago. 'Why did I ever decide to take a Puritan
Literature class?' She shifted again, the boring lecture grating on her
nerves. 'Oh, now I remember. Derek talked me into it. He said it would be

When the teacher turned to the board to write, Alex left for the
bathroom. 'Finally. Need to splash water on my face, maybe I'll stay
awake.' She ran cold water into the sink before splashing her face. Then
she went into the stall, not needing to use id, but it was a safe place to be
not found. Alex felt the first stirring of desire, 'Probably a reaction to the
repression of the Puritans.' She leaned against the wall and undid her
pants. 'I gotta do this quickly so I can get back to class.' She put her hand
between her legs, feeling the need bringing on wetness. She spread the
moisture around and touched herself. 'Oh, needed this bad.' She started to
fantasize, a darkly handsome man, striding towards her to claim her. Then
the fantasy changed; she was watching Nick as he kissed Derek. Touched
Derek. Took Derek. 'Oh, yes.' She watched them come to completion,
coming to her own at the same time. 'Ah, I needed that.' She cleaned
herself and flushed the evidence of her exploits away.

'Maybe I'll write about it tonight. After all, nobody knows I write
slash. My nom-de-plume keeps it outside the house. Maybe I'll submit
something tonight.' She got out of the stall and washed her hands.
'Definitely gonna submit tonight. They'll love this.' Alex thought about
asking Nick to beta for her, but decided against it, he would be
embarrassed by her writing. She went back to class, staring at the teacher,
'At least he's not hard to look at. Maybe I'll include him tonight.' She
relaxed back into listening mode, focusing on the lecture on Puritan ethics
and morals; smiling slightly because she knew that she would have broken
them just now.