Title: Boredom
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nick/Derek
Category: PWP

Warnings: none

Statement: This is another PWP. This one came from a job where I sit and
stare at a t.v. for six hours on Friday (Work Study at school).


"Derek, I can't take this anymore." Nick fidgeted on the couch. There had
been nothing to do now for days - no new cases, no trouble, nothing. Nick
couldn't take the inactivity any more, he had to do something. "I can't just
sit here and read." Nick slung his book across the room.

Derek looked at the frustrated young man in front of him. He glanced over
at Kat, who was studiously ignoring them with a grin on her face. "What
do you want me to do, Nick, conjure up something so you can fight it?"
Derek asked the question, turning his attention back to his lover. Derek
know Nick needed to blow off some energy, they both did.

Kat got up and calmly walked out of the room. They knew she didn't want
to interrupt them, and they couldn't do anything while she was there. Now
they could get down to business without interruption.

After Kat had left, Derek walked over to Nick and hugged him. He knew
it wasn't what the younger man needed or wanted, but it was all he could
do in the living room.

Nick looked at Derek with his big eyes and wiggled his eyebrows, reading
Derek's thoughts. Derek smiled at the suggestion in his lover's eyes so he
got up and pulled Derek over to the door behind him. They both looked
down the hall to make sure Kat wasn't coming back and closed the door,
locking it just in case.

Nick pushed Derek onto the couch and kneeled before him. Derek ran his
talented hands through Nick's hair and pulled him in for a kiss, each
showing their intensity and love through their contact. Whey they broke
apart for air, Nick ran his hands down his lover's covered muscular thighs,
along the top and inside of them, until he ran into Derek's cock just starting
to rise.

"Nick, not here. We can't..."

"Shut up, Derek." Nick enforced the comment by unzipping Derek's

"Nick..." Derek swallowed the rest of his protest as Nick licked gently up
the center vein on the underside of his lover's cock. He smiled up at his
lover, making and keeping eye contact as he lowered his mouth to swallow
the throbbing muscle standing in front of him.

Derek picked up a pillow and covered his face to muffle the groans,
knowing that someone, Alex, or Kat, or the staff, would come running if
they thought he was in trouble.

Nick swallowed Derek and slowly sucked on the way out, stopping only
when the head remained in his mouth. He ran his tongue around and over
the tip, tracing designs onto the delicate skin. Derek just moaned and
groaned; that's all he could do. Nick knew he was driving Derek nuts, he
was doing it on purpose.

When Derek started bucking his hips Nick swallowed him as far down as
he could, working his throat muscles around the head while his tongue
and lips worked the rest. Derek's hips moved faster and harder towards
Nick's mouth, showing his desire, his need and want.

Nick swallowed the hot liquid that Derek squirted down his throat. He
loved the taste of the salty liquid; it always made him feel better after
tasting it. When he was all done and no more liquid was coming out, he
looked up at Derek's sated face. "Now I feel better." He smiled at Derek's

"Glad I could cure your boredom."

"Me too." Nick's grin got wider as he got up to open the door,
waiting while Derek arranged himself. As he opened the door, Nick
noticed Alex sitting on the floor outside it.

She just smiled up at him and got up. As she brushed past Nick she
whispered, "Feel better?" The only answer she got was a kiss on the