For a sick ListSib, Sarah, to help her take a much needed nap.

A Bedtime Story for Sarah.

Nick, the supposedly ever macho member of the San Francisco Legacy House, looked up in
alarm as the door to his private bathroom opened, throwing up his hands to shield his face from
Alex and her camera. "Hey!" he whined. "I'm allowed to have private time too!" He got out of
his bubble bath, chasing her out of the bathroom and down the hall, forcing Rachel Corrigan and
her daughter Kat to flatten themselves against the wall of the hallway to avoid being run over.
"Give it to me, Alex," he yelled, launching himself at her, bringing her down to the rug with a
grunt from both of them. He flipped her over under him, snatching the camera from her fingers.
"Don't *ever* invade my private time again," he growled as he got up, heading back to his bubble
bath and his private sanctuary.

He made sure he locked the door, oblivious to the stunned looks he got from the rest of his
housemates for his bubble-clad body, and tossed the camera into his closet where even Alex
feared to go, right on top of his dirty underwear. He calmly headed into his bathroom, sliding
down into the lavender scented bubbles and warm water, letting his mind flow away again as the
scent and the heat relaxed him back into a semi-stupefied state.

Alex, who grew frustrated trying to pick the lock to Nick's room, turned and went to her great
helper, Derek, head of the House. "Derek," she said as she walked into his office. "Nick stole
my camera. He's locked himself in his room and he won't answer me."

Rachel, who was sitting on the couch just smiled at her. "And what were you doing with your
camera in his room? Though, I would pay money for a picture of him in his bubbles."

Derek frowned at them. "Alex, what did you do now?" he asked, treating her like the child she
was acting like. "And why was Nick running around naked?"

"He was chasing Alex," Rachel said as she stood up and quickly exited the office so those two
could talk alone.

"I just wanted a funny picture to tease him with," she said with a small smile. "He looked so cute
in his bubble bath. Just like a little kid."

Derek shook his head. "I'm going to give him the film to develop, but I will get your camera
back." He stood up, walking out and heading up to Nick's room, pulling out the set of keys he
had to all the rooms in the castle. He unlocked his friend and co-worker's bedroom door, quietly
walking inside. He caught sight of a sleeping Nick in the bathtub, the vision bringing a smile to
his usually weary face. He closed the door, walking in to kneel beside his friend, picking up
some of the bubbles to put on the end of the young man's nose. "Nick," he said quietly. The green
eyes blinked at him, then glared icily. "I'm sorry to disturb you, I just came for Alex's camera. I'll
leave the film on your dresser so you can give her back the rest of the pictures."

Nick sighed, sinking down farther after wiping his nose off. "Thanks, Derek, I don't know what's
gotten into her. She's stealing my personal time and space, ya know?"

"Yes, Nick, I do, and I understand. I'll be quick so you can go back to your relaxation." He
stood up, memorizing the sight before him then heading out into the bedroom area. "Where is it?"
he asked.

"On top of my dirty clothes," Nick called, getting out to pad out and get it for him. He knelt
before his closet, pulling the camera out by the strap and held it up for his boss. "Here ya go."
When he stood up, his wet body rubbed against that of his boss, making both of them shiver
guiltily and look away. "Sorry, misjudged the distance," Nick murmured, heading back into his
bathroom. "I trust you to develop the film if you want," he called once he was safely away from
the magnetic personality that was his friend.

"Thank you, Nick, I'll make sure you get that picture later tonight." Derek clutched the camera to
his chest, sparing a quick look toward the man in the bathroom as he walked out, heading down
to get the film developed quickly. He made himself a copy of the picture of Nick, eyes closed, a
look of pure pleasure on his face, then handed the rest to Alex. He carried his picture up to his
stash of illicit Nick pictures, putting it right next to all the other ones Alex had taken for him.

One day, he would show them to Nick, make him see how beautiful he was, but for now, he
could wait. He had his Nick and he was allowing himself to be pulled closer. It wouldn't be too
much longer.

The End.