Daddy, Please?

Strife looked out around his house, smiling at all his children.  Not many would have thought he had any at all, but in truth every child was a bit his and some were more his than others.  Then again, some of them really were his and he had snuck them onto their mothers using Zeus and Ares' old trick of appearing to be their husbands.  Needless to say, his house was rather full most of the time.  Not that any of his divine relatives visited and saw the kids, but he was happy with the way things were.  He noticed one of his favorite children, Tavana, was giggling madly while on the phone.  "Daughter," he called, getting her attention.

She said something and hung up, still smiling as she walked up to him.  "Yes, daddy?"  He patted his lap so she sat on him.   "What can my naughty self do for  you today?"

"You can tell me why you were giggling and happy sounding," he said, giving her a poke on the stomach.

She sighed.  "Daddy, I've done something that I think you're going to hate."  He pouted and she kissed him on the cheek.  "I think I'm falling in love."  His mouth fell open.  "I know I said it'd never happen to me, and I'm fighting it really hard, but he's nice.  Very nice.  And he likes me. He likes me enough to want to see only me and to tell me I'm pretty.   He even wants to see me when I'm researching stuff for you, he thinks it's sexy that I have a brain!" she told him.

He nodded.  "There's a few men like that.  Of course I'll get ta meet 'im soon?"  She nodded.  "So, what's his name?"

She looked sheepish.  "Can I just call him Fuzzy for now so you don't go torture him?" she pleaded.  "I'd like to see where this goes."

He gave her a squeeze.  "It's okay, I understand.  I'll leave 'im alone until he upsets you.  Then he's mine."

She grinned.  "If he hurts me, can I help?"  He gave her a tolerant smile and a nod.  "Thanks, daddy."  She gave him a hug and slid off her lap, pulling her cellphone back out.  "Hey, Fuzzy," she said into her phone. "Nope, I got asked who I was talking to.  My daddy wants to meet you but I'm made sure he's going to play nice."

Strife shook his head.  "One of my few children of love, and she's finally found it herself."  He got comfortable on his throne, looking over the rest of his kids to see if anyone else needed to talk to him.  Everyone else was playing games or being good, and he frowned.  "Where's the pranks?" he called.  "I want to see some mirth!"

Bliss flew over to him and kissed him on the cheek.  "Look at this," he said, pointing at the favored daughter.  He giggled as the little figures rushed her, crawling up her clothes and making her yell

"No, not the muses again!" Tavana howled, but the voice on the phone made her calm down and smile.  "Just you wait, I'll get you back," she called.  "And so will Fuzzy!  He thinks the muses are cute!"